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Grant a Wish 2011 Imagine the Change

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Bartholomew County resident: Imagine the Change this holiday season by joining with Heritage Fund to support the important work of our not-for-profit community and Grant a Wish 2011 by shopping from the many needs on their list. IMAGINE being able to change lives in a positive way. As the Community Foundation for Bartholomew County, Heritage Fund is committed to working with local partners to address needs within the community and provide support to not-for-profit organizations that in turn provide programs and services to area residents. The last three years have been particularly challenging for area not-for-profit organizations. The majority of organizations have experienced a significant reduction in funding. Human Service agencies were also faced with an increased demand for services due to the rise in unemployment. Grant a Wish 2011 provides 68 opportunities to make wishes come true in our community and the CHALLENGE this holiday season is to fill them all. It offers a unique shopping experience during the holidays to gift a wish to a friend, family member, co-worker or even yourself! You can choose to give a wish individually, or with a group. Wishes start at $25 and cover a wide variety of community needs. If you would like to fulfill (or partially fulfill) one of the listed wishes you can use the form in this booklet or you can make your gift online at If you prefer to support the long term needs of not-for-profit organizations, the organizations marked with an asterisk have established an endowment fund within Heritage Fund. Please indicate that you would like your gift to be added to their endowment fund. If you have any questions about Grant a Wish, please call the Heritage Fund at 812-376-7772 or e-mail We would be delighted to help you!

Happy Holidays! May all your wishes come true!

Tracy Souza

Lyn Morgan

Kayla Lumpford-Mitchell

President and CEO

Program Officer



Grant a Wish 2011—Imagine the Change! If you choose to pay by check, please use the form below and enclose your check made payable to Heritage Fund; or you may make your gift online at Heritage Fund will acknowledge your gift with a letter for tax purposes. Heritage Fund will forward your gift to the organization of your choice and we will provide gift cards for you to send to your gift recipients. Your gift may also qualify you for the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce ‘Spend With Us. Win With Us’ campaign. For every $100 spent locally from November 14 - December 19, you are eligible in a drawing for an Ipad2 and other prizes. Your gift of $100 or more to Grant a Wish qualifies for the drawing. Click here for more information or visit If you prefer to support the long-term needs of one of the organizations marked with an asterisk, please indicate that you would like your gift to be deposited in the organization’s endowment fund.

Grant a Wish 2011 Enclosed is my /our gift of $_______________________________________ Organization: __________________________________________________ Wish:_________________________________________________________ I would like my gift to support the organization’s endowment fund. (Check box)

My/Our Name: _________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________ E-Mail:________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________________ Mail your gift or bring your gift to: Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County 538 Franklin Street Columbus, IN 47201


CIVIC WISHES Atterbury Bakalar Air Museum Bartholomew County Historical Society Bartholomew County Humane Society Columbus Area Visitors Center Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives Columbus Parks and Recreation Foundation Kidscommons Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators Yellow Trail Museum CULTURAL WISHES Columbus Area Arts Council Columbus Indiana Philharmonic EDUCATIONAL WISHES Dancers Studio Inc. Minds on Math/ Book Buddies Simmons One Room School House White’s Residential & Family Services HEALTH WISHES Hospice of South Central Indiana Planned Parenthood of Indiana Pregnancy Care Center SOCIAL SERVICE WISHES Advocates for Children Bartholomew County Extension Homemakers Children, Inc. Columbus Youth Camp Community Center of Hope Developmental Service, Inc. Family Services of Bartholomew County Foundation for Youth Horizon House Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center Mill Race Center The Arc of Bartholomew County The Ecumenical Assembly of Bartholomew County Churches-Love Chapel The Granny Connection Sans Souci Turning Point Domestic Violence Services, Inc. United Way 2-1-1 First Call for Help 4

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Civic Wishes *Atterbury Bakalar Air Museum Mission: “The Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum is dedicated to the memory of all military and civilian personnel who served in any capacity in the wars and conflicts from 1942-1970. It serves to recall events of WWII, The Korea, Cuban and Vietnam conflicts which touched many of our lives.” Wish: Numerous VHS tapes have been received relating to the mission of preserving history during the time period 1942-1970. In order to preserve this history, converting the tapes to DVD format is necessary. The converted DVDs will be available for loan upon completion of the library at the museum. Grant a Wish: $200 will purchase a DVD recorder allowing all the VHS tapes to be preserved.

*Bartholomew County Historical Society Mission: To discover, collect, preserve and share the history of Bartholomew County for the enrichment of present and future generations. Wish: Children’s craft and teaching supplies for the free Saturday Sampler programs. These programs allow children to learn more about Indiana History. All programs involve hands-on learning activities, a take-home craft and more! Grant a Wish: $50 will pay for supplies for up to 50 children to participate in the Saturday Sampler program. Wish: One Educational Outreach Program presented at Bartholomew County School. Grant a Wish: $200 will allow BCHS staff to travel to one Bartholomew County School and present an outreach program for up to 100 students. Program topics include: Native Americans in Indiana, Pioneer Adventures, Mapping, Hands-on History and more.

*Bartholomew County Humane Society Mission: To provide humane support, care, shelter, and medical attention to abandoned and homeless animals, to place adoptable animals in permanent homes, and to promote education for responsible pet ownership. Wish: Cat litter is needed to keep the cats’ living area clean and sanitary. Grant a Wish: $100 will purchase 25 bags of cat litter. Wish: Heartworms is a deadly disease if left untreated. In order to ensure the safety and health of all the dogs in the shelter, testing is needed to check if the animal should start being treated. Grant a Wish: $500 will test 100 dogs for heartworms. Wish: With so many animals at the shelter, it is very costly to feed them nutritious food. Grant a Wish: $50 will feed ALL the animals in the shelter for one day. Or $1,000 will feed ALL the animals in the shelter for 20 days.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Columbus Area Visitors Center Mission: The Visitors Center actively markets the uniqueness and advantages of the

Columbus/Bartholomew County community while engaging and educating visitors, overnights guests, and residents. Wish: Multifunction Printer: Purpose is to replace one that was beyond repair and discarded last year in order to have the ability to streamline work in a more efficient manner. Due to heavy usage in our office often times we are bottle-necked needing the same equipment. This gift would be greatly appreciated. Grant a Wish: A LaserJet Printer- $250: Fulfilling this wish would allow the opportunity to make the purchase this year and to begin the New Year with a jump start on our heavy work load.

Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives Mission: To collect, conserve, preserve, and promote the use of records that document the architecture, engineering, and arts associated with the built environment of Columbus, Indiana and Bartholomew County Wish: Last year, when the Irwin-Sweeney-Miller Foundation began closing down, donations of hundreds of drawings, photos and slides were received. Thousands of slides were in the donation. Scanning these slides into the computer will allow the public access to view the photos. To do this, a large capacity external hard drive for the current computer is needed to store the scanned photos. Grant a Wish: A gift of $150 will purchase the necessary hard drive. The impact would allow the photos to be available for the general public to view when visiting the Archives.

*Columbus Parks and Recreation Foundation Mission: Enriching Lives‌.Building Community Wish: The Chuck Wilt Youth Scholarship enables children from low income families to participate in sporting activities. By offering funding up to $105 per child, per calendar year, eligible families can choose up to three fee-based programs for their child or children. Grant a Wish: $35 will contribute toward the total scholarship package or $105 will provide a full scholarship, providing a child the opportunity to participate in programs encouraging hands-on learning, creativity, sports, aquatics, education, social interaction and much more. The choice of such a wide variety of programs offered by CP&R can alter and/or enhance the course of a child’s life.

*Kidscommons Mission: A fun, safe, and inviting place, kidscommons nurtures exploration, collaboration, and creativity within all children and their caregivers. It is a place to learn about our community and our world.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Wish: The museum seeks scholarship support to enable low income families and local schools to participate in creative learning experiences. The scholarship program enables kidscommons to waive the entrance fee ($6 per person) for disadvantaged families. The museum offers a series of project based science programs for elementary students that are aligned to state academic standards. Due to funding cuts many schools and teachers are unable to organize field trips to the museum. Grant a Wish: $75 would cover the field trip cost for a local elementary school. Grant a Wish: $99 would enable a family (two adults and all immediate family members within a household) to receive one annual membership. Wish: Help to purchase supplies needed for a wide range of hands-on learning opportunities. Grant a Wish: A grant of $350 for 300 gallons of Dawn Ultra which will make a years supply of bubbles. $100 would purchase 12 gallons of Elmer’s Glue. $55 would provide 1,200 sheets of construction paper.

Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators, Inc Mission: To create awareness, appreciation and respect for wildlife and nature through our educational programs for all ages. Wish: Utopia Wildlife would like funding for a new or used ophthalmoscope. Many of the hawks, owls and eagles that we admit are victims of head trauma from impact with windows, cars or buildings. The impact frequently causes eye injuries. An ophthalmoscope is used to examine the eyes and determine the type and degree of injury. The current ophthalmoscope is no longer functional. Having a working ophthalmoscope on hand means more rapid diagnosis and earlier appropriate treatment that may save a bird’s sight. Grant a Wish: $500 will positively impact our ability to better treat our wild patients. Wish: Utopia Wildlife must charge a fee for the live animal nature programs to support rehabilitative efforts. A number of educational programs are done each year for free or low cost to schools, nursing homes, social service agencies and other organizations. “Scholarships” are needed in order to provide more no cost programs for teachers and other groups who have insufficient funds to cover program costs. All programs utilize our “wildlife ambassador” animals and are taught by a wildlife biologist and a veterinarian. Grant a Wish: $60 will provide an interactive live animal presentation for a class or group. A gift of $500 will bring programs to seven classrooms.

Yellow Trail Museum Mission: to keep the unique heritage of our community alive for present and future generations so that in understanding the past, they may prepare the way for a better future. Wish: Several years ago, a group of students made sketches of sites in town that held significant historical interest. Those sketches were then used to create art projects in many new mediums. These projects have been displayed at the museum since they were created and need to be properly framed to be preserved. Grant a Wish: $200 will purchase all the frames needed. This would preserve art work of local student artists as well as add to information about the Hope community. (Partial funding of this project would be appreciated.)

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Wish: A separate acrylic display case is needed for the Civil War uniform jacket of Captain William Aikin, a Hope resident. The jacket is fragile and must not be handled, but is of great interest to the community. Grant a Wish: $160 will buy the materials to build the proper casing for the jacket. The labor will be done by the Yellow Trail Museum. This case will allow one of the oldest articles of clothing from Hope, IN to be proudly and safely displayed.

Cultural Wishes

*Columbus Area Arts Council Mission: To provide visionary leadership in the arts. The Arts Council fosters, supports, and promotes growth in the arts that educate and enrich the cultural environment of Bartholomew County and Region 9. Wish: For artists to work with disabled children at the Very Special Arts Festival for moderately to severely mentally and or physically disabled children. The State funding for this program has been eliminated. The festival provides unique interactive arts activities for these children, many of whom do not have other field trip opportunities. Grant a Wish: $300-$500 would pay for two to three artists to work with disabled children at the Very Special Arts Festival for mentally and or physically disabled children. Wish: The Arts Council has a need for a 12 foot step ladder to reach and adjust lights in the performance hall and also for reaching items outside of The Commons building. Grant a Wish: $250 would buy a 12 foot step ladder that would increase the safety of our technical personnel.

*Columbus Indiana Philharmonic Mission: The mission of the Columbus Indiana Philharmonic is to make music.  We create performances in pursuit of the highest artistic achievement  We educate all ages in the joy of music  We advocate a life long interest and involvement in music  We perpetuate these activities by providing the resources needed to make them flourish. Wish: The Philharmonic loans violins (at no charge) to students enrolled in strings classes who cannot afford to purchase or lease their own instruments. It is important to the learning process that the children participating in these programs are provided with instruments that are in good, playable condition. In order to do that the string instruments have to be restrung and otherwise maintained throughout the school year. Funds are needed to continue to provide strings instruments in good working order to students enrolled in the Phil’s Strings Classes. Grant a Wish: There are currently 140 children enrolled in the Philharmonic’s Strings Classes of those about 50% receive free or reduced tuition. For as little as $15 one child will have the use of a violin in good working order for the entire school year. $500 would enable all instruments to be restrung. Wish: The Philharmonic requests help in purchasing violin instruction books for beginning strings students. Grant a Wish: $25-$350 will help purchase the sufficient amount of books needed for beginning strings students. Philharmonic wants to make these books available to all of the students participating in the strings programs at an affordable price (or no cost to

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


students who qualify for free tuition). Any donation to help offset this cost will make it possible for a young student to participate in this valuable music education program.

Educational Wishes Dancers Studio Inc.

Mission: -

To provide a quality dance education in ballet and modern dance, and other important dance forms by professionally educated instructors for students of all social and economic backgrounds and/or mental or physical abilities in the Columbus, Indiana area. To provide performance opportunities for professional and student dancers in the Columbus, Indiana area through the maintenance of a resident dance company. To develop a large informed audience for dance in Columbus, Indiana and surrounding areas. To raise funds through individual support, corporate and foundation support, and available grants to support educational and performance opportunities offered by Dance Studio Inc.

Wish: Dancers Studio, Inc. works to provide dance opportunities for anyone who wishes to dance. Scholarship students need pointe shoes and special needs students frequently need one-on-one assistance. Grant a Wish: $80 would provide pointe shoes for a scholarship student or pay for an assistant for a special needs student for the semester. Wish: Dancers Studio, Inc. is home to the Smiling Dog Costume Shop, a group of volunteers led by fabric artist, Susannah Lipinski. The group creates original costumes for ballets such as, The Nutcracker, Peter and the Wolf, Snow White and a new ballet this year, The Jungle Book. Grant a Wish: $45 would provide a bolt of tulle or a pair of sewing scissors.

Minds on Math/Book Buddies Wish: Minds on Math Mentors are critical for the after school tutoring to be a success. Mentors meet once a week with at least two students for one hour. The student receives tutoring four times per week. The fourth graders are building math skills in all area of the math curriculum. However, confidence building is a primary goal as well as specific concepts. Grant a Wish: Donations to the Minds on Math are accepted to keep the program moving forward. The impact of helping over 120 students feel ready to tackle mathematics is incredible. Wish: To give each child in the Book Buddies program a book for Christmas. Grant a Wish: $25 will provide 5 students with one or two books each. 150 students are in the program.

Simmons One Room School Mission: We (The One Room Schoolhouse Committee Members) are dedicated to providing the school children of the Flatrock-Hawcreek School Corporation a structure of living history by obtaining and respectfully restoring a late nineteenth century one room schoolhouse that was used in the school district. It will be rescued from its decaying state, moved to a place of prominence on the current school campus, and furnished with artifacts true to its period. The old schoolhouse will provide school children the opportunity to view first-hand what a school day was like nearly a

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


century ago. Further, it is our desire that civic organizations will choose to use the old schoolhouse as a setting for community meetings and workshops. Ours is a community well aware of its rich heritage. In this the loving restoration of a nineteenth century schoolhouse, we give the gift of generations past to those generations yet to come." Wish: A very important part of the school day is recess. The children have the opportunity to play with old fashioned toys and games like stilts, hoops, sack races, and hand held toys. These items need to be replaced continuously. Grant a Wish: $120 is needed to replace the toys each year to give students the best old fashioned experience possible. Wish: While at the school house, children write with a pen and ink. Each child receives a penmanship book to take home which cost 22 cents per book and 2,000 books are made each year. Ink cost $8.56 per bottle and 15 bottles are used per year. The total cost per year is about $569. Grant a Wish: $350 will allow the school to continue practicing writing with all the children. This will become more important as handwriting is no longer taught in the classrooms.

White’s Residential & Family Services, Inc.—Columbus Regional Office Mission: White’s Residential & Family Services is a Christ-centered organization committed to enriching the lives of children and families through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth. Wish: Friend of A Child – This fund provides life enriching experiences for area foster children, such as sports, extra curricular activities, cultural experiences, music/dance lessons, and camp registrations fees. Many foster children have never had opportunities to participate in sports or other extra-curricular activities. These would benefit from attending a summer camp related to their interests or special needs. These opportunities are positive and life changing but also costly, forcing foster families to make choices about what their children can do or attend, based on limited funds. Grant a Wish: A gift of $50-$500 would help provide Columbus area foster children with enriching experiences in athletics, culture, education, and camps that will help them develop more well-rounded lives. Wish: Toys, books, and other items lost in the United Way fire, need to be replaced for the supervised visitation/childcare room. This room is used to promote and model healthy play for the families who are attempting to regain custody of their children. Grant a Wish: A gift of $400 will help set up a child friendly visitation/childcare room that provides a positive, healing environment for families. Families who use this room learn and practice healthy parent-child interactions as parents and children spend time talking and playing together.

Health Wishes *Hospice of South Central Indiana Mission: Hospice offers a centrally administered program of quality, palliative and supportive services which provides physical, psychological, social, spiritual and bereavement follow-up care for dying persons, persons with life threatening illnesses and their families in south central Indiana Wish: The holiday season is a particularly difficult time for families with loved ones at the Inpatient Facility as well as those families involved in the bereavement program. Hospice staff and volunteers recognize the additional stresses and try to brighten the day by placing small Christmas items on * Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


patients’ food trays and providing small gifts to family members and individuals in the bereavement program. Grant a Wish: Gifts of $25 and up will allow Hospice to purchase gifts and bring a smile to a patient’s face.

Planned Parenthood of Indiana Mission: We choose… To provide comprehensive reproductive health care- confidentially, compassionately, affordably; To protect through prevention- educating honestly and accurately; To support those who need us most- without bias or judgment, without fear, without fail. Together, our voices ensure that the doors of opportunity remain open for those we serve and their families. That is our commitment. This is our choice. Wish: Planned Parenthood of Indiana (PPIN) will provide a program to teach fathers how to be good dads. Providing participants the necessary handbooks for the program will increase their involvement. Grant a Wish: $40 will purchase five participant handbooks and $80 will purchase ten participant handbooks.

Pregnancy Care Center Mission: To compassionately engage, educate and inspire our communities with the truth regarding sexual integrity and the value of human life. Wish: Car seats are needed for clients. Grant a Wish: $30 will buy one car seat and ensure the safety of a child. Wish: Pack-n-plays for clients so their babies have a safe place to sleep. Grant a Wish: $30 will provide three pack-n-plays and ensure children have a safe place to rest.

Social Services Wishes Advocates for Children Mission: To speak on behalf of abused and neglected children in south central Indiana. Wish: Senior pictures—Youth in foster care do not have the money for senior pictures. These children deal with many challenges and would benefit from being able to participate in senior year activities. Grant a Wish: $250 will buy one child’s senior pictures. Wish: Disney on Ice or Zoo Family Pass—Foster parents open their home to children on need but are unable to afford special trips and outings. Grant a Wish: $115 will buy a Disney on Ice Pass (family of five) OR a Zoo Pass (two adults and unlimited children). Wish: Sports activities—Children in foster care often cannot participate in sports/recreation activities due to financial challenges of the foster families. Grant a Wish: $50 will allow one child to do gymnastics (15 visit pass), swimming (season ticket), baseball league (one season), soccer league (one season), or ice skating (lessons).

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Wish: Craft Activities— To provide the opportunity for foster children to participate in special craft activities. Grant a Wish: $25 will provide one child an opportunity to participate in a craft activity at Build-A-Bear, Simply Pottery, or elsewhere.

Bartholomew County Extension Homemakers Mission: To strengthen families through continuing education, leadership development and volunteer community support. Wish: First Books that provides every Head Start student with a book each month that they are in school. Books are reaching the homes of EVERY Head Start student in Bartholomew County. Grant a Wish: $75 will supply books for one month for every Head Start student. A gift of $600 will supply books for every Head Start student for the eight months they are in school.

Children Inc. Mission: Children, Inc. is a community child care service which provides loving care, safe environment, nourishing food, and a program geared to the educational, social, emotional and physical needs of children of families who desire quality affordable child care. Wish: Three weather radios are needed for each of Children’s Inc. after school sites. The weather radios will ensure the children’s safety by keeping Children Inc. informed of inclement weather during their hours of operation. Grant a Wish: $350 will buy each school site a weather radio. This would result in approximately 100 students and staff being aware of weather alerts, watches and warnings. Wish: To keep children safe and warm by providing before school care. This care allows the children to be dropped off at Children’s Inc. so they do not have to wait in the dark for a school bus. Grant a Wish: $30 would allow a student one week of before school care.

*Columbus Youth Camp Mission: To inspire and enable our youth, community…through exploration and responsible citizenship. Wish: Free week of Summer of Exploration Day Camp. Many kids have a hard time affording such a wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and laugh. Each camper will hike, swim, shoot bow and arrows, play games, make new friends, and spend time with counselors who help shape their lives in a positive way. Grant a Wish: $100 will provide one child a week of camp. Wish: Additions to low and high ropes course. Low and High ropes challenge courses serve youth and adults in a unique way. By providing challenges to both individuals and groups in a safe environment, people receive the chance to explore their own abilities and see how working in a group towards a common goal is empowering. Additional elements and improvements on current elements are needed. A climbing wall or other high elements will hopefully be added, but even expanding on current elements will be great. Grant a Wish: $250-$5,000 will make additions to the Low and High ropes course.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Community Center of Hope, Inc. Mission: The Community Center of Hope, Inc. mission is to identify, organize, and facilitate programs and services for improving the quality of life of Hope, IN and all the surrounding area. Wish: The Community Center of Hope would like to provide a healthy lunch for preschool children in the scholarship program. Grant a Wish: A gift of $40 will pay for lunches for one child for one month, $200 for one child for one semester, $1,600 for eight children for one semester. This gift will allow the Community Center to offer these scholarships to parents in need. Wish: The Community Center is in need of lighting outside; to stay efficient, solar lighting will be used to light pathways and entrances. Our hours of operation are from 6am to 6pm for the east building which operates the food bank, senior center and preschool. During the year people are coming and going in the dark. Grant a Wish: $550 will purchase all the lighting needed and aide in the safety of all who come to the center.

*Developmental Services, Inc.-- DSI Mission: To provide services and support to people with barriers to attain self-directions, inclusion, personal fulfillment and productivity in all life areas. Wish: The Senior Day Program provides stimulating, interactive activities for adults who due to their disabilities are unable to work. Individuals learn basic life skills and develop hand-eye coordination through hands-on activities such as cooking, crafts and exercise. The program which started in October has limited resources and needs cooking equipment and supplies, craft and scrapbooking materials and video equipment. Grant a Wish: Gifts from $50 to $1,000 would enable DSI to replace worn educational and therapy equipment.

*Family Services, Inc Mission: To strengthen and enhance the well-being of families and individuals throughout the life cycle, and to advocate for a community environment that nurtures family life and promotes social responsibility. Wish: The Attend Plus (A+) is a program that provides the individual services of a family case manager to youth and families seeking to improve school attendance and academic performance. The A+ program wishes for the ability to provide student’s involved in the A+ program with school supplies and items necessary for school success. Grant a Wish: Gift cards starting at $25 and up will assist in the success of providing needed supplies. The A+ program provides classes and family case managers. Both help students stay in school and prepare for life after graduation. Wish: Clinical staff facilitates a group program called Moving On that lasts 26 weeks. It is designed for women who have temporarily lost custody of their children. When the woman graduate the staff would like to give a gift of the publication Common Sense Parenting. The book from Boys Town teaches positive parenting skills and adjuncts that would help each woman in rearing her children.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Grant a Wish: A gift of $10 will provide a copy of Common Sense Parenting for a mother graduating from class. A gift of $240 will purchase 24 books and provide all women who graduate from the program a copy. Wish: The Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Council provides educational programs aimed at preventing abuse or neglect. High School students train as puppeteers and present skits to elementary students using Muppet-like puppets. CAP would like to reward these students for volunteering through the year. Grant a Wish: $75 would provide the volunteers who have worked hard all year a holiday party to say “Thank You”. Wish: Family Life Education program provides research based educational classes on Parenting, Anger Management, Teen Anger Management, and Divorce issues as well as providing Community presentations on a variety of topics. Grant a Wish: $100 Gift Card will provide snacks for one year to parents & children attending classes. Many Families come to class from work or school.

*Foundation For Youth—PAAL Athletics Mission: "Inspire and Enable Our Youth, Our Community" Wish: Youth in grades 1st-12th have the opportunity to participate in an athletic league that focus on participation, sportsmanship, having fun, and also being able to improve their sport skills. Fees range from $45 to $150. Grant a Wish: One athletic scholarship differs from each sport. Basketball; $65 per participant; Volleyball: $45; Golf: $150; Football: $45-$85. Each participant will compete in a season of games and practices; receive the necessary equipment, and be coached on the important of sportsmanship. Wish: The athletic program is in need of proper equipment for all sports provided by FFY. Due to the number of children in the program, sports equipment receives heavy use. The program needs basketballs, shoulder pads, football helmets, basketball jerseys, and volleyballs. Grant a Wish: Gifts of $25-$150 will help replace worn out sports equipment.

Horizon House, Inc. Mission: Human Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, providing leadership along with other organizations, families, and individuals to help participants acquire the skills necessary to become self sufficient through intervention and education. Wish: Bright Boxes are given with age appropriate learning/educational materials to children moving into Horizon House. The box is decorated with the child’s name and has a developmental milestone checklist for the parents to evaluate their child’s development. Children are expected to have their own box of toys which they are able to take with them when they move into their new home. Grant a Wish: $500 will allow children who stay at Horizon House to receive a Bright Box. Wish: Exit baskets are given to clients when they have completed the program and ready to move into their new home. Baskets include cleaning supplies, tools, paper towels, mop, broom, garbage can, etc. Grant a Wish: $50 will provide two families with an exit basket and provide a great encouragement to clients. Wish: To support birthday’s for children lodged at Horizon House. Many clients cannot afford a cake and gift for their children. The money would buy a cake and one age appropriate gift.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


Grant a Wish: $40 will provide one cake and one toy for a child. $3,000 will provide ALL children a cake and toy on their birthday.

Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center Mission: To create a safe and caring neighborhood where all individuals are treated with respect and live in harmony with their community. Wish: Just about daily, Lincoln-Central Neighborhood Family Center (LCNFC) is called upon to assist with Emergency Needs neighborhood residents are experiencing. Sometimes these require financial assistance that is not available through other organizations/means. LCNFC uses funds in its Emergency Needs fund to help with medical co-pays, provide work uniforms/boots, pay gasoline for out-of-town medical treatments, head lice shampoo, essentials following fires, technical school supplies and more. Grant a Wish: $25-$200 per household depending on circumstances. $40 provides a coat for a child. A $50 gas card can help a family get back and forth to the hospital. The impact can be great. When a family is in the midst of a crisis, sometimes a small helping hand can bring hope to darkest times. Wish: Help us STOCK THE SHELVES! LCNFC operates a Cleaning Supply Showroom and Tool Lending Library (collaboration with HPI). Neighborhood residents can receive three cleaning supplies per month to help maintain their homes. The shelves quickly empty and staff is faced with disappointed neighbors hoping to keep up their homes. Gifts can be used to purchase these hot-indemand cleaning supplies. Additional tools are needed for the Tool Lending Library. Neighbors can borrow tools to help with exterior maintenance projects around their home. Not only does this spruce up their property, but can cause a ripple effect in the neighborhood. Grant a Wish: $30 will provide supplies for four households for a one-month period. Tools for the Library range in price from $25 and up. Sprucing up one’s home inside and out can improve self-esteem for the entire family. Plus saving funds for households already financially-strapped can alleviate one more stressor.

*Mill Race Center, Inc Mission: To maximize opportunities for citizens over age 50 to lead independent, healthy, and meaningful lives. Wish: Mill Race Center has a wonderful patio overlooking the river, but no outdoor furniture. Heavy duty patio furniture is needed to provide seating for the members and more opportunities for outdoor programming. Grant a Wish: $500-$2,000 will allow Mill Race Center to purchase patio furniture. This will create a gathering place for members and events. Wish: Purchase and install patio lighting, which will allow additional outdoor programming at Mill Race Center. Grant a Wish: $500-$2,000 will allow Mill Race Center to purchase patio lighting. This will open up the opportunity for hosting evening outdoor events and provide the members a chance to enjoy the evening air.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


The Arc of Bartholomew County Mission: The Arc was founded in 1955 by parents of children with disabilities. For over 50 years, we have worked to assist Bartholomew County residents in working, living and playing together in this community. Wish: Eight, 8 foot tables are needed to use for meetings and recreational purposes by adults in the conference area. Grant a Wish: $40 will buy one eight foot table. Wish: To get more persons and organizations to “Embark with the Arc- Help keep us afloat” with donations. Grant a Wish: Gifts of $50 and up will help the Arc continue to provide services to their clients.

*The Ecumenical Assembly of Bartholomew County Churches—Love Chapel Wish: 100…… $10 vehicle gift gas cards: Gas gift cards are provided for the following purposes: transportation to critical medical appointments out of town, individuals/families stranded traveling through town, individuals/families searching for employment or need funds to get to their first week of a job. Grant a Wish: $100 will impact approximately 10 households. It will allow individuals to locate employment, maintain employment, and get to critical medical appointments. Wish: 100 pillows. In the past year at least 100 pillows have been provided to those needing to stay in temporary overnight accommodations. Each time a new individual/family is provided overnight accommodations, a pillow is provided. When they leave, the pillow becomes theirs. Grant a Wish: $400-$500 will provide clean and sanitary pillows for each person staying overnight.

The Granny Connection Mission: To providing support, advocacy, and funding to grandmothers in Africa who are raising children orphaned by AIDS. Wish: Four electric deep fryers are needed to ensure uninterrupted nut production. The present fryers are in poor condition and will need to be replaced in the next month. Selling glazed pecans is the number one fundraiser for this organization. All monies raised goes to Africa to help grandmothers who are raising children orphaned by AIDS. Grant a Wish: $50 will buy one electric fryer. $200 will buy four electric fryers. This gift will allow uninterrupted production from the busy holiday season through March. Wish: A professional exhibit board that is portable and weather resistant is needed to draw attention to the mission of this organization. Grant a Wish: $300-$500 will provide one exhibit board that will be used all summer at Farmer’s Market as well as many other times when talks or exhibits are set up

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


*Sans Souci Mission: To be the community partner that improves the ability of our neighbors to support themselves “Without Worry”. Wish: Blankets are an essential item to have for the cold winter months. Many people have insufficient means of heating their home and blankets can help keep them warm. Sans Souci would appreciate help in keeping clients warm. Grant a Wish: $30 would purchase two blankets and provide two families added warmth for the cold winter months. Wish: Infant coats are needed to give out to those clients with babies. Even with annual coat drives, there is a shortage of coats for infants. It is vital to the health and wellness of client’s babies to have a warm coat for the cold winter months. Grant a Wish: $30 will buy two infant coats and provide two babies the proper clothing for the outdoors this winter.

*Turning Point- Columbus Regional Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence Mission: The mission of Turning Point is to work toward the elimination of domestic violence. Wish: The majority of the families leave the shelter with no household possessions other than those received through donations, as they have left everything behind when they flee their homes for the safety of the shelter. They are truly starting from scratch. It is a wish of the agency to be able to provide them with new “Safe Living --Home Start-Up Kits” when they leave the shelter and move to new homes. Each kit includes about 20 items ranging from a mop to bath towels all packaged in a new laundry basket. Grant a Wish: $50 would provide a basket to a woman/man starting up in a new home. Gifts of up to $1,000 would be appreciated. Wish: Turning point created a prevention service program during 2011. Education about domestic violence is key to reducing instances of domestic violence. The agency would like to purchase a newly released and very powerful DVD education series to share with the community. Grant a Wish: $125-$670. DVDs from the set can be purchased individually for $125. A gift of $670 would enable Turning Point to purchase the entire set.

* United Way 2-1-1 First Call for Help Mission: Linking people in need to community resources. Wish: United Way 2-1-1 desperately needs to connect with all individuals in all six counties served. Promoting 2-1-1 services through professional, eye appealing displays at events is needed. An example of this would be to include 2-1-1 information in new employee packets/orientation. This information would be extremely helpful for families struggling with life issues. Grant a Wish: $150-$400 will provide necessary promotional material for this service.

* Indicates the organization has an endowment fund


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