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Brown County Democrat Kristen McDaniel Nashville Elementary May, 19th 2010

I will probably help my dad buy me a four wheeler because I’m saving up money to buy one. It will have lights on it so I can ride at night. My brother might get a go cart so we can ride together with his friend Samuel. We ride on trails too. We see a lot of bats at night too. I like going around a lot of trees in the field. We ride around. We might fly to Florida. My mom and her friend are coming too. Kody Allen

Over this summer I want to get a Golden Retriever puppy. I’m going to name him Charlie or Marley. I love dogs so much, so that’s what we’re going to do first maybe this summer. After we get the dog, I’m going to name him first. Then I’m going to play with him and take him for a walk. I hope he will listen to me. Golden Retrievers are easy to train, so this summer it is going to be fun and easy. The reason why This summer I think it would be this summer is going to be easy is fun to take a cruise to Hawaii and because the dog is going to be easy just chill in the sun and come back to train. to Indiana and be the tannest per- I wonder if my mom and dad will son in my class. say yes for the dog to keep. If I don’t But if I don’t do that, just hang out get it this summer I could get him for with my buddies and watch scary my birthday or for Christmas. My movies and go to the YMCA and eat friend Dakota said that Golden Rejunk food…but hopefully not get fat. trievers are good to train too. Go to Tennessee and go to Bass Pro My mom said that she wants a dog too this summer and Evey and shops and get cool stuff. I hope I will have a great party in Maggie too. My dad wants a big May and not be bored at all and get dog, but a Golden Retriever is a big dog. the pool cleaned and on and on. Madalyn Allen Well, that’s probably all I’m going to do for this summer. Oh, I just I’m going to California in a plane remembered that I’m going to my so I can see my brother before he friend’s houses too. Vivien Crimmins goes to Afghanistan. Then we are going to come back and swim. I am going to do a double front flip and a What I am going to do over the back flip and going to hold my breath summer is go up to my uncle’s under water. Then I will come back house on my four wheeler and my dad is going to teach me how to to my house and watch a movie. Pierce Brunton drive up to my grandparent’s house on my four wheeler. Then me and One thing we might do is go to my dad are going to spend the night King’s Island. We all want to go on at our cottage and go fishing. Then a cruise, too. We possibly might go me, my mom, and dad and sister are to Holiday World too, but probably going to my sister’s softball games not. and grill out under our canopy with We’re going to go swimming and our friends. Then I’m gong to try out I’ll probably go tubing at my friend’s for the football team. To make the house, too. Our cousins are com- football team you have to hit hard in ing down to visit. We might go back practice, catch the football, stretch, with them to Maryland. be respectful, and have a good Lauren Burker stance and be brave. Colten Harper I want to go to Tennessee and do stuff. I want to play with John John This summer, I would like to go and Dakota. Then I want to ride the tubing. I would like to swim a lot, too. Pretty much play in the lake. golf cart. Then I would like to go swimming. I know we are going to have lots of Then I would try to catch some snap- company. I can’t wait for my friends ping turtles. But then I would like to and family to come. go to the water park. I have a full schedule for June Then we would sit down and and July. Probably watch TV, swim watch a movie and eat dinner and in the lake, and entertain family and friends. play video games. Ronald Carr I’ll probably get fat over the summer because I’m so lazy!! And I eat

Me, my mom and dad might go to King’s Island to ride all the rides there. The king’s Island we’re going to is in Ohio. The rides they have are roller coasters, bumper cars, and boats. I didn’t name all the rides. One of the rides I would ride is Hulk Coaster. It’s a big roller coaster. It has twists, turns, and loops, where the roller coaster goes upside down. Zacc Sheppard This year I am the manager and bat boy for the high school baseball team called the Brown County Eagles. I also count every pitch in the game. I’m in the newspapers all over Brown County. It is really fun. Pete, Kyle, Joe, Caleb, Kyle, and I would like to go to Holiday World Evan are my friends on the team. because I have never been there. I There are lots of coaches like my think it would be a lot of fun for my dad. Their names are Coach Steele, whole family. Then I would like to go Grant, Anderson, and my dad. We on a camping trip. Then swim a lot do a lot of work with the team. When we get into our uniforms we and then go on a biking trip. had a lot of stuff to put on. We have Mikayla Osburn to put on hats, cleats, Eagle shirts, Over summer I’m going to work pants, and big belts, really big belts. on my yard and play with my dog. We change in a small locker room I’m going to stay with my mamaw where our uniforms are. Grant Suding because my mom and dad are going to be at work. I’ll probably swim most of the time because my dad This summer I’m going to have a lot of weenie roasts. We are probloves to swim, like me. We always plant cucumbers or ably going to make smores. flowers so our yard will look pretty. I’m going to get in my mammaw We all go outside and swing most of and papaws pool. I love the pool! the time. I will probably go over to I’m going to go in the pool a lot. all my friends’ houses because they I hope I can go on a vacation and relax ahhh! I’m going to lay out, play want me to swim. in the water, boogie board, or play in Morgan Parrish the sand. I love vacations! On nice sunny days I might play This summer me and my family outside or play with my animals. At and friends are going to ride four night we might go to the drive-in wheelers at my Uncle James. We movies. We could also catch firenormally make new trails and go flies. mudding. I might get a new four We might go to the Brown County wheeler. My cousin lets me drive State Park. We could go on a nature her mud truck. walk, go fishing, collect insects and Dustyn Patton bugs, camp out, or have a cook out. I have to watch where I step. Over summer I’m going to King’s I might go to downtown and walk Island and going on a bunch of roller through all of the shops, then go coasters. I think it will be fun. And get a bite to eat and sit on a bench also I’m going to the water park too. and people watch. Homemade ice I’m going to ride water rides. Did cream always tastes good on a hot you know King’s Island is in Ohio? summer day. While we’re there, take Some other things I’m going to do a train ride. are going swimming, ride bikes, go Dakota Bruton fishing, and hang out with friends. I also have to go to softball games Summer and visit family. During the summer I go camping at Sydney Payne three different places- Spring Mill, a lot. That’s probably it but I don’t know! That’s my guess. Sami Jones This summer, I’m going to Michigan. Me and my dad go diving in the lakes. When we go diving we look for rocks. One rock we look for is a patoske. Patoskes are fossils. They are beautiful, we even get them polished. I am going to try to make a sandcastle on the beach this year. Last year I buried my little sister in the sand. Chloe got stuck! One year we went and one of my friends made me a mermaid tail out of sand. Our family always has fun in Michigan! Grace Lee

May, 19th 2010

Turkey Run, and Lincoln. We have fun. We like to hike, swim, and play. We love to sleep in and stay with our family members. One thing you have to be careful of is Poison Ivy. Mikayla Benniti Summer Vacation I went to Conrad for my summer vacation. We stayed 2 days there. It was really fun. The first thing we did was eat at PF Changs, and then went swimming at the awesome pool. We all went to our room and watched the movie Nancy Drew. That was my favorite vacation ever! Matthew Perkins Awesome Mississippi This summer I am going to Gulf Port, Mississippi and will swim in the sea. I might not though because of the oil spill. My Aunt Peggy lives right across the beach. I can even walk there. I can’t wait til we go to Mississippi! Jessica Taylor Catfishing In the summer, my dad and I go to our special fishing spot. That’s where we go when we catfish. We

May, 19th 2010

can catch big channel catfish there. Sometimes we leave without even catching one fish. This is what I plan to do on my summer break. Brennan Hobbs Some Month Summer is a three month sleep-in for me. When I’m awake I am either playing video games or outside, and that’s what I’m doing this summer. I got my first fun video game last summer. It’s not education so that’s why it’s fun. Last summer I stayed with my grandpa. His dog is playful. HE barks if he doesn’t get a treat every 10 minutes. I watched TV and played on the computer. I just need another video game! Logan Crum My Summer’s Future My summer’s future would be to go on 3 different vacations. My first vacation would be to King’s Island. I would ride every ride including the Diamondback. It’s the fastest ride there. My second place to go would be Indiana Beach. I would ride the Steele Hawg over and over again until closing! My last place I’d like to go would be to Holiday World. I

would ride most of the rides there. I would have to remember to save time for the Pilgrim’s Plunge and the Voyage. Those are the 3 top vacations I would like to take. Ben Wildman 4th of July Weekend On 4th of July weekend, we usually go out on the river and go tubing. We do it with my family and have so much fun! Sometimes when we tube, we go flying out into the water. Then the next day we go back and do it again! At night we watch the fireworks shimmer off the water. I am the happiest, luckiest girl in the world! Kara Payne Roller Coaster #1 One time during the summer, I went to Holiday World with two of my best friends. I had never been on a roller coaster so I was prefty scared to try to ride one. When we walked through the gates and headed right for the Raven (we wanted to start with the shortest one first). Then we rode the Legend, followed by the Voyage. We wandered right into Liberty Launch. I wanted to try it so I got on, buckled

the strap and then it started. Suddenly, 13 seconds later, we flew up into the air and I rose off my seat. Then we got slammed back down on it. The guy in the booth started laughing at me because of how I was screaming. When we go off I was green. After that, we went on Holly’s Comet, which didn’t help my situation. Then, we went on a water ride that got you soaked. After a liftle while we had to go back to the hotel and play in the swimming pool. I had lost of fun, so I hope we get to go back this year! Jazmyn Sanders Anna Maria Island During the summer, my mom, Paul, Josh, Anna, Jenny, and I are going to do many things and go many places. One of them is going to a tiny island called Anna Maria Island. It is located by Tampa, Florida. We have gone every summer since I was 2. I know it’s going to be fun. First we pack all the suitcases and put them in the car. Then we wake up at 4am and head out at 7am. Sometimes it takes us 2 days to get there, but if could only take a day. The trip to the island could take

16-18 hours. It is long, but we take many gas and restroom breaks. I always try to save as much money as I can. I usually get something at every stop to remember it by after the end of the trip. I have collected a lot of things. Will Leggins Alabama “I’m so excited!! I’m so excited!! I’m so excited!!” I would whisper as I count down the days. This summer, a week after school ends, I am going to Alabama! I already have my bags packed. “I’m way ahead of you!” I told my dad. “Guess what?! Guess what?!” I asked my sister. “I have our whole week planned out!” She reminded me, “Ivy, we still have almost 2 months left!” I told her I couldn’t wait that long. Looks like I’ll have to wait a liffle longer! Okay, so this ‘waiting a little while longer’ idea is NOT working for me! I still have one more month left! Ugggg! A few days later I gave up and unpacked my bags. Okay, I guess I’m just gonna have to suck-it up and just wait. Waiting, waiting, waiting. STILL WAITING! Ivy DeGlandon

Florida and Gulf Shores It all started on a Friday. That was the day I leave for Gulf Shores, Alabama. We were all happy. The day I left, Miss Karr was leaving, so I was a bit sad. I gave her a hug and then I left early. When I got in the car, it was all packed up with stuff. I don’t’ mean packed a little, I mean A LOT! It took all the space, so we all squashed in. I didn’t really mind ‘cause I was too excited. When we got to grandma’s to get the stuff in the rented car we paid for, it was time to go. There was one problem though. My uncle went somewhere in my aunt’s car, so we had to wait awhile. I was asleep most of the way. We stayed in Florida for 3 days. Mom didn’t really like Florida, so that is why we went to Alabama. We stayed down there for 4 days and did a lot of fun stuff. That Friday we had to leave Alabama so there was a lot of hard work to do. We got in the car and drove home. The best part was that it wasn’t so long of a drive home. When I got home, I got to see may daddy. Kaitlyn Spires

I Love Texas! It was a warm, summer day in Texas. Most people think of cactuses and rolling weeks when they hear about the dusty roads of Texas, but they’re wrong. Texas has millions of palm trees and when you go there you will probably only see 1 or 2 wild cactuses if you were lucky. Where I was staying was with my grandparents and my family at their summer house. I live in Indiana, which if you look on the map, is very far away from there. I pulled my shirt over my bathing suit and turned to my brother who was rubbing on his third layer of sunscreen. “Are you ready yet?” I asked. He put down the boftie and started singing a song he made up and it went, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait to go swimming in the big blue sea!” He was still singing when we went down the elevator. We got down to he second floor, ate breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast. Then we started to walk to the beach. As we drew closer and closer I began to smell the morning slat water in the air. My older sister and I took a whiff of air as we ran to find a perfect spot to lay our things. The beach was crowded,

but that didn’t stop us. We went to a large area and put up our shade. The Grammy Molly handed me a bag to put my shells in. My mom and I walked along the sides of the shore picking up the most beautiful shells. We even saw a shark that a nearby fisherman pulled up. We decided to head back, but that was when I saw it! A huge coconut the size f my head laid in a nest of leaves. My mom and I carried it back to the shade. I looked up at Grampy Jack and did my best puppy eyes. “Can we open it?” I asked. He thought for a moment and then said, “We can crack it open when we get home, but it’s going to be one stinky coconut.” He was right. The coconut smelled like a dead cow. The whole family laughed, even me! That night we went back to the beach and had a bonfire and marshmallows. I looked around at everyone and sighed, “I love Texas!” Allison Drew The Trip to Florida This summer I’m going to Florida. I’m going to visit my step-mom Yolanda, my dad, and my step-brother that is going to be named Nicholas. I’m go-

Shelby Fletcher

William Leggins

May, 19th 2010

ing with my grandparents and two aunts. They are going to be staying on Anna Maria Island. Most of the time I’ll be in Tampa with my dad. I like going to Florida because of the beach, some of the restaurants, nice weather, and gefting to see my dad. When I go down to Florida, I go to the beach and swim A LOT, go shopping with my step-mom and my dadI get new clothes with them. When I stay at my dad’s house I have fun playing games with him and Yolanda like: spoons, charades, card games, and they make me laugh. I really like Florida, but I prefer to live in Indiana and visit Florida. Adri Fonseca Summer Vacation Last year over summer break I went to Sanibel Island, close to Fort Meyers. We went canoeing at the Gulf of Mexico. I learned how to make sand balls that look like a snowball. A guy from Minnesota taught me how. There were seven pools, 6 hot tubs, and a grown-up pool that has a bar in the middle of it with a sweet slide, but you have to be over 21 to enter because it has liquor of course. We went on a sailboat with 10 other people and the driver let me drive. I was good at it for never doing it before. We went to a lot of gift shops. I got a licorice pipe. We ate at the Bubble Room. It had a lot of old toys and stuff. We also ate at the Island Cow. It was good. We got a lot of seashells. I bought a shark in a tube- yes, it’s real. I also saw a dolphin. I, for once, got to surf the tides. I stepped on a jellyfish. Taylor Smith Short Story One summer in Florida, I went parasailing. It was a scary, cool, and fun experience! I went with my mom and my brother, and some other weird people. It was a lot of fun. I got to go like 100 feet in the air. It freaked me out and I got dipped in the water two times, and then my ride was over and I wanted to do it again, but we had to go back to the beach and finish out our summer. London Cambridge Disney Cruise “This is going to be great!” I said. “Calm down, calm down.” Amber said in a calm voice. “How can I calm down?” I asked. “This is awesome.”

May, 19th 2010

A few days later we finally got there. It was so cool! I could not breathe. I got my stuff and went onto the boat, It was cooler than I’d imagined. They had a theater, plays, swimming, hot tubs, and most of all foosball. Amber, dad, and I beat mom in foosball. It was the best vacation ever! Meghan Cassiday Summer Fun This summer my grandma, grandpa, and my brother and I are going to a Red’s game! It will be a home game so we are going to have to go 100 or something miles from Nashville, Indiana-all the way to Cincinnati, Ohio, which is a 2 1/2 hour drive. The trip will be fun and worth it! We have going to a home game last year for the Reds. It was fun, so I’m sure this year’s game is going to be fun too. I hope the Reds win! While I am there, I get to eat snacks and sing sings, and do fun stuff like that! I like it when they get a homerun and fireworks go off! I will probably bring stuff to do while I am watching the game. I don’t know who they are playing, so I don’t know if it is a good or bad team, but whoever they are playing I still wish them the best of luck!! Logan Fittz Special Summer One summer I was watching TV and my grandma was talking on the phone and I heard her say, “Yeah she would love that! Ok, bye, love you too.” I asked grandpa who it was. He said, “So, do you want to spend the night up there?” I asked, “Can I go riding?” We went to grandpa’s house. We rode horses. WE went to bed and had the same stuff the next few days. We ate at McDonald’s and Subway. Graci Kaufman Disney World I was standing in line to ride Space Mountain. When we got on it was like a roller coaster in outer space. It started going too fast and we were in meteors and at the end we got off. I wanted to get on again because it was my number one ride there. I also wanted to ride a different ride, one not so scary, but my dad made me go on another ride that was scary. Marissa Shuffitt

Trip to Florida One time when my family went on a vacation to Florida we stayed at a condo. My sisters slept in a room with two separate beds. My parents slept in a room with a huge bed with a small tv. I had to sleep on the foldout couch in the living room, but with the biggest tv. One of my favorite things to do there was to play at the beach or go to the pool beside the condo because its deep and most of the time cold. I also love that my parents brought some of my favorite food like sandwiches, potato chips, and cookies. But my favorite time wi when we went to a huge water park with big slides, wave pools (not better than the ocean), and a water playground. My favorite part was when we went on a river that flows by a motor. You are on it in a tube, but there is a lot of stuff to avoid and a bridge that has water coming out of it. Zach Shaffer

clothes and we left. While I played my recorder we went to Tennessee to see my grandpaw and then we went to Kentucky and I went to a rodieo and I got second place and then we headed to Illinois and in Illinois I went to see my friends because I haven’t saw them in like 2 years. So when I saw them I played them a song on my recorder I made it up all by myself. After I saw my friends I went to Michigan and I saw some cool buildings in Michigan. After we got board it was almost night so we went to a hotel and we went to sleep. When we woke up we saw a lot of pools but after about a week summer was almost over so we had to go home but I will never forget that I took a trip around. And so we took a long long ride home. Zach Carter Helmsburg Elementary, grade 4

Summer Vacation This summer I hope to go to Ohio. Summer Vacation My favorite aunt Eli lives in Toledo, Well today at school I was playing with Ohio. She is a news reporter. I want my friends and we made a new game. to go to Cedare Point again. I went to It’s called invisaball. How you play is Cedare Point last year and it was very theres some kids in the outfield and fun. It iskind of a long ride up there. I some that are going to kick. I kicked hate driving places! My aunt Eli is refist its like kickball. I kicked the ball ally fun to be around. She used to live and I said “made it to the outfill.” So in Zanesville, Ohio. She likes to report they go to the outfilled. And try to get so she has to have enough experience it. then you run to each bace. So over in reporting. To be able to move back Summer break and with my invisible to Indianapolis. In 2009 of October friends. I think I may be famious for Eli just moved into her new house. I what I made up. Im going to have a helped her put everything away. We grate summer with my brother, sister, moved her computer like 100 times. mom and dad. I think I will teach them She is a neat freak! Everything has to how to play. I told my teacher Miss Igo be in its right place. she was laufhing. My summer break. I am going to go to her house on sumZoe Conrad mer vacation. Her apartment complex Helmsburg Elementary, Grade 4 has a pool a workout room and a lot of other things. Her apartment is small Summer Vacation but she lives by herself. She has a This year I’m going fishing with my dad bunch of board games it is fun to play and some of his friends. We’re also them. I will be in Ohio soon. going to ride a dirt bike that belongs to I can’t wait to go back to Ohio this my brother and I. My brother’s name summer. is Cody and my dad’s name is David. Taylor Robers My dad’s friends are Rooster, Dony Helmsburg Elementary, Grade 4 and Bill. I’m also going to watch tv and play video games. My Summer Vacation! Tristan Richards I like to spend my vacation with friends! Helmsburg Elementary, Grade 4 It’s better with friends, but it’s ok without friends. One time I went swimA Trip to the States of the USA ming at Hotel Nashville and brought a One day my mom came in and I was friend, Gracie Harden. She is a trendy practicing my recorder. And she said 5th graders. My dad was nice enough “Comon were taking a trip.” “Where?” to take us. The place had a hot tub, a “Around the world.” “Really!!” “And deck, and a pool. My dad didn’t swim, you can bring your recorder along but Gracie did. First, we got used to with you.” “Awsome!!” So I paked my the cold pool, then, we went in the

stylin’ hot tub. (Caution, really is hot!) After we went back in the pool. “Zowee!!” I said, “Brr, cold” said Gracie. My dad asked, “Is it cold?” I couldn’t hear him because I was underwater. When I came back up, he reated. I got out and got something. “What’s that? Gracie asked. “It’s a surprise!” I said. Mikayla Thompson Helmsburg Elementary, Grade 4

Summer birds, flowers BBQ, Cut Grass, Body Odor fireworks, lawnmowers, birds chirping BBQ, Ice Cream, Beachwater, Lemonade, Ice Ribs, Grass, fish, footballs, Ice, Lawnmowers Summer Cole Akers Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5


Here Comes Summer! Here comes summer with the bee stings, the bird chirps, I smell BarB0Q. I sit under a tree reading all sorts of books. Scary books, silly books, Action books, and everything else. Aydh Flowers Last year I made a crown out flowers that we planted them in ower oun flower gardens I got thim out of the garden I like how they smell, I now how they can bloom when you cut them off. Tiffany Sprunica Elementary – Grade 5

Summer hot, fun swimming playing, running Having fun with friends Vacation

Reyana M Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5

Summer! Swimming in pools in the hot sun. Usual bees around the pool. My mom yelling at me “No wrestling.” My friends coming over every day. Eleven hummingbirds flying above the feeder. Running back and forth to get toys for the pool. Jalan Armstrong Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5

Summer I smell crisp air and hear kids as flow-

Mary Geneve Skirvin

ers sway in the wind. People are laying in the glaring sun. Kids are swimming in the lake … the water slick as glass, air warm as steam. Landon Cavender Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Fourth of July Fourth of July Red, White and blue BBQ cooking Fireworks Juicy Watermelons Sparklers Fourth of July Emily Fischer Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Sunny days, unbelievable moments and memories, Every day is fun of rip roaring fun in The Sun! Haylee deWeerdt Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Time Summer is fun It’s a time to go swimming everyone’s grinning I love to eat Ice cream Sometimes I day Dream

I love playing tag in the park I sometimes I got to the park. Paige Holt Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Time Humid Wet, sticky Clinging, attaching, annoying soaking, moist, warm, calm swat, hard work hot, sports summer Jacob Ford Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Summer Flowers Blooming Fresh cut green grass Birds Chirping Happily BBQ, Mushrooms, popsicles Pool water, grass, bugs, flowers Summer Eric Wagers Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer If only if only … If I don’t go head first in my porch if only if only. If only if only Summer come all year if only if only.

Makenzie Thomas

May, 19th 2010

If only if only I could ride my Dirt bike all day if only if only. Alex Larson Sprunica Elementary – Grade 5 Summer summer every where Summer Crickets chirping smell the flowers swimming in the pool listening to the bees buzzing smelling the mowed grass in summer watching the baseball games in the summer eating barbecue and steaks outside in the heat eating the mushrooms every summer for a midday snack. Chris Miller Sprunica Elementary – Grade 5 Summers Coming Summers coming, it’s round the corner, I feel it in the air, wind is everywhere! Luahging, playing, running free, life is fun, always glee. Makenzie Thomas Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5

Summer Sweat A lot I smell fresh cut grass I love to swim I see fireworks in July I love to ride bikes … a lot I went to Florida Summer 09’ I love fireworks … a lot I ride bikes Pet dogs Summertime Brandon Luster Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Summer Sun, heat heating, sunny, col Sun is my heat Summer Summer Summer Sunny, shiny Fire, shinny, hot Hot, big, yellow Hot, bright, sunset Shiny, yellow Summer

Haley Rogers Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5


Here Comes Summer Here comes summer … I’m sitting in the classroom. Here comes summer … day by day. Here comes summer … I really just can’t wait Here comes summer … for the first of summers days. Here comes summer … Oh, the things I’ll do. Here comes summer … waiting to play with you. Here comes summer … to ride and swing and play. Here comes summer … day after day. Here comes summer … I’m back in the classroom. Here comes summer … It’s the end of the day. Here comes summer … It’s time to go home now. Here comes summer. Katelyn Martin Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer time In the summer I smell sweet honey suckles. I taste Ice cream, pie and oranges. I touch sand and salt water. I hear kicking soccer balls, gunshots and lawn mowers. I see fireworks, deer, soccer balls and bird’s nest. Anthony DeInnocentes Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Sunny day walks United together as a family Miles of good smelling green woods Monarch butterflies coming back Everywhere I look I see blooming flowers Running by and seeing screaming kids playing Cheyenne Strickland Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Here comes Summer, day by day. We what, on tall Summer yes summer is here yes school is out scream and shout! Megan Wagers Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5

Seth Heiny May, 19th 2010

Summer Time School is out Time for fun, Playing time for everyone.

Kids are screaming. The grill is steaming. There is splashing at the pool, The clear water is very cool. My cats are at a point where they, are cuddled in the golden hay. Tori Akles Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Spring Blooming growing bugs, birds, fish, flowers, fire, BBA’s hot, ice cream, popsicles summer Jacob Partyka Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer I smell fresh pine in the summer. I see new butterflies. I hear leaves rustling and sticks breaking. I touch the trees. I touch the grass. I touch my fishing rod when I fish. I can already taste the hamburgers. The summer sun feels warm. That’s why I love summer. Ethan Hallock Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 4th of July Fun Summertime in July Fireworkds in warm air Fourth of July coolness. Andrew Burker Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer hot smelly swimming raining fishing smelly sunny raining windy fun, wet, sweaty fire works, water Summer Austin Blakley Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Comes Summer Summer People, motorcycles flowers, perfume, moist air boat’s, talking, cook out’s, pool splash fresh air, popsicles, ice cream, water from pool, fresh foods, creek walk, flowers, bikes, fishing poles, footballs, footballs. Summer Jacob Fields Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 Summer Swelling of bee stings on my arms. Unusual smells of sweat from hard

work My mom yelling, “Get in the house and clean your room.” My dirty football clothes stinking up the house. Eight singing birds floating in my head. Riding all the way to Nashville for football practice. Justin Harris Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5 My Summer

Summer flowers grass Birds Bees snowcone popsicles Trees pool water sweat BBQ Ice sprinklers lemonade candy

my dad the jelly fish. He thought it was cool. I put it back in the water. It was already time to go. So I got my things and went home. Katherine Johnson VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4 Summer Vacation On summer vacation I’m going to go a couple places. First in June I’m going to Kings island and going to the water park there. Then in July, I’m going to North Carolia and we’re going to the beach. Other than that I’m looking forward to sleeping in and staying up late. Emma Quackenbus VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4

The Summer My Friends and I got lost at Sea. One summer I took my friends to Florida with me. There names were One year I lived in North Carolina. Vince, Wyatt, Justin, Seth H, Zac, My family and I went to the beach. and me. We took a plane to get We had lunch at Big Daddys. It was there. really good. We had hush puppies. When we got there the only thing Then we went to the beach. I look we wanted to do was go to the for shells. I found a lot. I got my beach. My mom and dad took us bucket because I saw something in there. When we got to the beach we the water. I t was a Jelly fish. It was saw this guy taking people on boat so cool but it was dead. I showed rides. We walked over to the guy Adriana Sprunica Elementary, Grade 5

Lizzy Jensen


and asked if we could take a ride. He said yes so all six of us got in to take a boat ride. We started out slow but then we went faster because of the waves. About 30 min later we were really far out. Then we saw something in the water. It was shark! The guy that was driving the boat jumped out and swam back to shore. We did not want to jump out because we thought the shark would get us. So we just stayed in the boat. We had to survive on the food and water in the cooler that the guy left on the boat. Hours later we saw an island! When we got to the shore it was a pretty big island. We decided to spend the night there. The next day Vince, Wyatt, and Zac woke up at the same time. We were walking across the beach and we saw Justin and Seth H. building a raft and they asked if we wanted to go with them. We said no. Like an hour after they left a helicopter came and picked us up. We told them there were two other kids and they found them. Then we got back to the beach everybody’s mom was there because my mom called them. Then we all enjoyed the rest of our vacation. Bryce Malan VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4

“No, you did not or my quarter horses wouldn’t be pure quarter horses.” Then Katie said, “But, I saw her. I am doing to go find her.” “No, you’re not even going to get near that loco thing. “She’s not loco. She’s Flicka.” Then Katie ran out the door and got on Yankee to go catch her. She caught her. Madison Kuzma VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4 Paintball One summer we went to my dad’s friends house to play paint ball. He had his own team so we made our own team. It was my dad, my uncles, my dad’s friends, and me. When we got there our Uncle Scott got us some paint ball guns. I had two regular paint ball guns. My dad’s friends had machine paint ball guns and my two uncles and my dad had rifle paint ball guns. Our team went in the woods first. 5 min. later the other team came into the woods, we ambushed them. They surrendered. We won! Seth Matlock VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4

A Fierce Adventure On the 4th day of summer Chris It was the last day of school. Sum- Peaslee had a dream, a dream that mer vacation is here and the school he could control. He could make day was over. So my mom picked anything happen that he wanted. me up. The first thing I did was go He was at a beach in his dream. ride the horses. My mom said that He dreamed he was under the water it was time to go to swimming prac- swimming after a shark. Chris used tice. I threw on my bathing suit and his powers to lift the summer sand in jumped in to the car. I fell asleep the air and trap it in an air bubble, so in the car. We finally got thee. The the sand won’t turn into mush. Chris whole team had to stretch before we pulled the air bubble full of sand unswam. The team had to do a warm der the water and pushed it at the up lat. Then practice was over. shark making it blind. It was blind When I got home I went to sleep. long enough to swim out. Every day I rode horses. It was the Chris picked this adventure for last day of summer school will start his dream because he likes fierce tomorrow so I went to sleep early. adventures. Chris Peaslee Say good-bye summer! Lizzie Dodson VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4 VanBuren Elementary, Grade 4 The Cassabara Vacation One day I was walking in a beauti- I’m Isabelle and on one sunny day my ful meadow on June 11, 2009. Then life totally changed … “Sissy Sissy” I stopped breathless, because of my little brother Henry called. “What what I saw … a beautiful mustang! do you want this time.” I mumbled, When it saw me it reared and ran “There’s a ghost in my room again!” off. “Ugh!” Henry believes in all these I ran to my dad and said, “I saw a creatures but that aren’t real. I don’t mustang when I was walking in the believe in anything really. “Come meadow.” Then dad said, here ‘mmug.” “No just play outside

May, 19th 2010

today” I said “Hey Kidlin’s come in the living room me and your mom want to tell you guys something … Something special” My dad called from down the stairs. I hoped out of my futon bed and was racing and pushing down the stairs Henry shoved me and I sliped on the slick wood stairs. I heard a “CRACKKK: my head slamed on the corner of a stair. My head throbbed but I made it down stairs. I plopped down on the couch and listened to mom and dad “were going to an island named Cassabara for vacation !!! my mom yelled “O My God” I yelled. Finally a vacation! “get packed cause were leaving tomorrow my dad said more calmly than my mom. “Oh yeah but5 I hope there are no chupikapras or bigfoots” Henry said. “Whatever” I said and rolling my eyes. We were in the car. I sat in the very back but not the trunk. We went to the air-port. When we got there I fell asleep. Then I woke up because Henry was shaking me so hard my head could have ripped off. “Heeeennnnry stop that now” I yelled and my voice shakn’ off by Henry “Oh ok your awake” “well yeah dud” I said The back of my head

still throbbed from the pain of the fall but I managed to sit up “were there” my said proudly “Ive never heard of Cassabara before” “Yeah I know I haven’t either till a old guy at the market told me” “right now were far below Hawaii” my mom said. “Wow let’s go try to find a hotel” my dad said this place was deserted only an airport was in the mass of trees. As we walked into the jungle I saw a sign covered with plants “guys look at this” I said I pulled the vines away and saw the terrifiving sign The bloody letters made out “go away from here you do not belong or take the conceques” “o my god” “uh let’s just keep walking It s just a prank. As we were walking I consider some and fell, fell down into a dark abyss away from light and my family. As I hit the ground where I hit my head before was bleeding “ahhh” I screamed I heard a low grumble then a huge eye the size of my head blinked in my for the fire shot up from its mouth. I fell down on the ground and scramed a fine fell from the wall I got up and ran the dragon chased me “whosh” more fire schored my hair and my neck hurt but I grabbed the line I climbed it as hard I did in

gym I got out to minutes later. My arms and legs ached I did not see the dragon. My dad was wondering with Henry and mom “Izzy Izzy” dad yelled “Sissy Sissy” Henry called “dad, mom, Henry” I ran up to hug them “were getting out of this place now” So we got back home I never ever steped into a hole deep enough for me to see the bottom. Laura Sheckell My Summer Every summer on break I sleep and eat and more sleep. Not all the time though. Grandpa rushed inside the shouted, “Go fee the horses!” and I did. He’s not the type of person who ells unless he has to. I knew something was up. We have eight mini horses. Gabrealls, Millie, Nordica, Nyol, Mico, Heonta, Milly and Galihard. “Grandpa Gabby had a baby, look it looks like a buck can we name him Buck.” I asked. “No, how about Gunnie.” said Grandpa Darrel L Kent. He is the best. Kaylee Perry VanBuren Elementary

Summer Vacation Summer vacation is the best time of the year for me because there is no school. Summer for me means gardens to weed, animals to feed, water and train etc. Summer is the businest time of the year on the farm because of how hot it is. The animals drink and the plants suck up more water so you have to water the animals and the plants more. Another good thing about summer is that its past spring and all of the flowers are blooming. That’s about some of my summer vacation. Savaannah Lovins VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4 One day I was walking in a cut up corn field that is as huge as a football field. I walked all the way to the other side to the tree line to see if I could find a deer or a turkey. Then I heard a lot of thumps. I found out that it was a lot of cows. I started to run because they all had horns. So I ran the whole field and I ran and dived in a creek. The cows jumped in too but then they could not swim. So I just swam away. That was my summer. Wyatt Wyman VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4


May, 19th 2010

when you can spend vacation with on eof your family members that you never get to see. Makayla Hardin VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4

you ride horses and go camping for a weekend and all the money they raise goes to St. Judes regional hospital. One time at the St. Judes ride my horse was scared and she threw me off so my dad got a spare The Dream leadrope off his horse and put it on One day my mom was washing Tynee’s halter and led me to the clothes, and when she opened the campsite. The End. Hannah Huber dryer door a monster popped out VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4 and ate her. I ran and got my dad. He didn’t believe me so I can and hid behind my couch and watched One summer vacation Suzie and in horror as it ate my dad. I ran and Becca went to an amusement park. got on my dirtbike. Wait, what? I The park was called Holorowday. don’t have a dirtbike. It was all a They thought it would be a fun vadream. cation because people sware the Seth Heiny Holorowday Inn is haunted. Suzie VanBuren – Grade 4 was going with Becca and her family. First thing they did was check The St. Judes Ride into the hotel. It looked very old. Over the summer I like to ride my After they got their rooms they went horse. When I ride my horse I ride to the park. First they went on the Summer in Kentucky forever. One time I rode for three Ghost-a-coller. It was very fun Suzie Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky whole hours. Then when mom and thought but Becca got scared beHenderson, Kentucky is awesome. I got home the 1st thing the horses cause Becca got scared, they wenIt has all the things I like to do in did after we unsaddled them was to back to the hotel and watched the summer like go to the zoo, roll- get a drink. Every May they have tv. They watched Victorious. While erskate, go to the mall to spend all this thing called the St. Judes ride they were watching Victorious Becmy money, and especially go swim- at the park. I’ve only been to it once ca heard strange sounds. It soundming. Henderson is small but much but this year will make it twice. The ed like a man and woman fighting. bigger than Brown County. It’s fun St. Judes ride is where you go and They would usually be normal but nobody else was in the hotel right Maddie Drew then. Becca kept the noises to herself. After they watched tv they went to the beach. They swam for almost 3 hours then went back to the hotel. Becca decided to tell Suzie about the sounds. Suzie thought when it’s 11:00 they should go out to the hallway and stay there to figure out who’s making the sounds. When the clock struck midnight they saw a man and woman dressed up like a ghost screaming at each other. Suzie started laughing. She told Becca all she heard were actors rehersing for a movie. When they got home Becca told her mom how she thought she saw a ghost and how great her summer was. Penny Simmons VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4 Kings Island One summer morning I was at my house. I was getting ready to go to Kings Island. Today was the first day of summer vacation. We went in our van. 45 minutes later, I could see a roller coaster as big as Godzilla! We pulled in the parking lot. Then got our tickets. Then went in. The first thing I saw was this magician. We talked to him. He turned me into a gerbil. Then we went on a fast ride. It took the air out of me. I puked like a fountain then we went to Boomerang Bay. The train it was awesome! Then I turned back into a boy right as we got there. The water was so cool. Then my friends came and said summers so fun. Justin Burns VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4


hide and seek. You can go to your friend’s house and eat ice cream. You can go down to the creek and skip rocks. You can go swimming in a pool. You can play flash ight tag. I like to have friends over and play different games. Caleb King VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4 Yogie Bear Park It was a bright summer day my family and I went to Yogi Bear Park. It was in Freemont, Indiana. It took four hours to get there but when we got there it was such a shock. I thought that it was going to be old and boring but it wasn’t. It had three water slides, two twists and one is straight. Two slides you don’t have to have a tube and one of them you do. The one that is straight makes you feel like you are a speeding bullit. One slide that you use the tube on is boring. Then my dad said that they have three pools, a waterfall and an arcade. I asked him if I could have five dollars. He gave me five dollars and I ran to the arcade. There was guitar hero, pool, Dance Dance Reveolution, Pac Man, and Basketball. A guy who worked there was really nice. He was about seventeen when I met him. He asked me if I wanted the top prize in a game. I said yes. About five minutes later I had 10 bouncy balls and a yo-yo when I left it was so hot. I went to the park. While I was there I met a kid named Garett. He was nice and he gave me cheats for my games. After a couple days it was our final day. When I woke up I saw my dad in Tinker Bell pajamas cooking! When I saw him I fell down laughing. About ten minutes later we were packing up ready to leave. I ran over to my friend Garett and told him Goodbye. Avery Martinez VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4

Summer One Summer I went to Mrytle Beach. It took like one day to get there. We Over the summer I like to fish at my got a hotel and went right to sleep. pond and at my dad’s dad’s pond. In the morning we got read and went I catch blue gill, catfish and some to the beach. We had a little surfbass. It is so fun because you get board. We didn’t stay on very long. dirty and stinky. I get a new reel ev- Then my brother and I had a comery year. petition to build the coolest sand Matthew Duncan castle. We didn’t know who won because the water washed it away. We Summer is fun because you can stayed in water until time to eat. climb trees, hop fences, and play Then we went out to eat at a pizza


May, 19th 2010

place. It was so good. Next we went back to the hotel. We watched tourists from our window. There were a lot of them. The next morning we wento to a pool that was warm. It was so cool because we were the only ones there so we were loud. Later we had to go home. Mackenzie Cumberledge VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4

ball and Jared tackled Lane into the creek. They landed wright by a boa. The snake had two bullets in it so Lane called thehuman society. So they toke the bullets out and put her in the car. She was saved Lane, Jared and me felt very good so we played more football. Carter

long. The next day I was hot and very sweaty. And suddenly I found her I said “I missed you!” “Come on girl let’s go play girl let’s go play.” Taylor Bringle VanBuren

One summer day Willow and I came inside from playing all afternoon. We were so hot because it was like 90 Summer degrees outside. After we took a One hot dot it was summer. The swim in the pool in the backyard, we Holiday World warter was cold. I love swimming. I were pretty tuckered out so we read I went to Holiday World and I rode was so hot. I jumped in the hot tub. ourselves to sleep. Olivia Johnson the Legend, the Raven, and the I love summer. I go fishing hunting Vourage. Those are the only roller on the summer. I love the beach. coasters there. I came with my mom We drive ATVs on summer a lout. One summer I got in a van. 3 hours and dad. Tristin and I spent the night On summers we go to the Brookville later we unpacked at a zoo My boyscout troop was ready for a night with our grandma and grandpa. We beach. Jacob Bolling tour. During are trip we sall tigers, only stayed one night and two days. flamingos, Wolfs, birds, and monkey. The next day we rode the legend and we got stuck, but it started up One summery day I woke up and I We woke up to the bird in the mornagain. found dog marks everywhere and ing and went home. Cody Hobson the pantry was a mess. I tried to Lane Rice VanBuren Elementary – Grade 4 see if she was in her kennel she was Addictive Flips gone. I spent all day long looking One day Lane was siting on Jared. for she was know where to be found. This summer I want to master Jared was dieing so I shot Lanes foot I called my parents and told them front, back and side flips. I also want with a 12 gage on the video game. what happened. They couldn’t do to master jumping off and doing flip I pushed Lane over and said that anything because they were in town. landing safely on the ground. The we should play outside. We played But I did not want to give up so I trampoline I have is huge at least 4 football at the creek. Lane had the looked and I looked almost all night people can jump and have room to flip. My oldest brother can do a flip and land on his feet. I tried to do a backflip but I landed on my neck and it hurt horribley so I never did a backflip again. I’m good at front flips but when I’m tired it gets a bit difficult. Sideway flips are my speciality. All a sideway flip is a cartwheel in air. Even though I’m not good at cartwheels. I think sideways flips are better by a land slide. When I did that backflip the pain made me scared of getting on the trampoline but I gave myself a second chance. Caleb Best Sprunica - Grade 4


May, 19th 2010

I put champ in a cage where the contest was. When every one was ready the person with the timer said “Go!” And a few seconds later there was nothing but a bunch of “Quak quak!” or “Erererooo!” Champ was crowing a lot. For such a small bantam his crow was loud. “Time”. I heard a ding then Rick(The Ploutry leader) announced the winners. “Annie Wilson won the quak contest and Emma Hoskins won the rooster crow contest.” I was so excited I screamed. I got a grand champion ribbon and a plaque. I think that was the perfect way to end the fair. That is a fair I will never forget. Emma Hoskins Sprunica - Grade 4 Church Camp This summer I am planning on going to a church camp. It is called Camp Challenge. Also this summer I would like to be baptised. While I am there I would like to learn more about God and Jesus. When I go, a girl from church said, they play games and sleep in their own cabin with their group. That is what I would like to do. Even though you have to wear 1 inch tank top and one piece bathing suit to swim. I am excited about going to camp challenge but I will miss everybody in my family. If whoever is interested in camp challenge look it up on the enternet (if you have it.) Just remember if you’re a girl or boy and you like the outdoors, getting away from mom and dad and want to hear more about God and Jesus this camp is for you. Katy Harsch Sprunica - Grade 4

Fishing Almost every summer me, my brother, and sister Champ is the Champion go fishing, Ellie, my litte It was a gray Saturday morning. sister was fishing once The air smelled fresh. The grass felt she was getting bites damp. The birds were singing and butt she finly got a BIG the sun was just coming up. It was bass and she ate it. Jared Bond the last day of the fair. They day of the rooster crow duck quak conThe Four-Wheeler Wrecks test. I was outside going to get feed to take to my animals. “Dad, I put I’ve had a lot of four-wheeler the feed in the car.” I say “Ok were wrecks. I’ve had five. Luckily I ready to go then.” he said. We all haven’t ever been injured. I still ride piled into the car and drove to the Four-Wheelers though. The first one, fair. I soon fed all my animals and I had hit the house with my fourthen the contest was about to begin. wheeler. The second one Iran into


a ditch and almost fell off the front. I also rammed a tree. Then I drove into a swamp and got pounded by another four-wheeler. Finally I ramped it up a fence and it landed on my leg. That’s all my four-wheeler wrecks. The worst one was when I ramped it up a fence. My leg hurt for a while. The one when I ran into a swamp, my sister couldn’t stop fast enough and hit me. She also knocked one of my taillights out. That one was better than the other four. Those are all my four-wheeler wrecks. Cory Lucas Sprunica - Grade 4 I was going to florida. It was so exited when we got there it was so cool the woods had no briars it was awesome the first night a coon stole are food on the table and we shot the cons with a slingshot and I threw a knife and hit a coon It was so awesome my dad loved the woods just like me. I was there 1 week in summer it was the best summer vacation ever. Tristen T Strunk All about mudding with my BMX with my friends this summer This summer I am going mudding

on my bmx. With Ryan and Terry. We mite do back flips on are bmx bikes to. I hope we can do this on my birthday. I am excited for summer brake because I wan to go mudding with Ryan and Terry this summer. I wish I can invited a couple more friends to go mudding with us. Austin Gess Sprunica - 4th Grade

I picked up a log and under it their were about 50 roly polys. Some scaredly tried to climb up my arm. The were scaly and roly. “Andy I found a lot over here” I yelled I picked up the jar and put them all in. Finaly I fed Magic and checked on him twice a day to make sure he was alive wich I do twice aday. Ryan Slutz Sprunica - Grade 4

harnessed to and well, you zip down it! The cool wind rushing through your hair making it fly backwards. My friends and I just love it. The Gusher is an enormous waterslide that’s amazingly long and high up. If you were to go on the Gusher, you would have to cross your arms on your chest and lay back. There’s water thundering down it and I was scared right when I layed eyes on Camping! it. “I’m like freaked out,” I told my One sunny summer day I was friends. One nodded but the other Riding my four weeler promised that our family would go two said: “This is going to be awecamping. So we did with my dad’s On summer Im going to ride my four some!” We had to swim to get over friend. He had children. We turned weeler in my back yard. I’ve got a there so all of us jumped into the waramp in my back yard. It’s pretty big. ter with a huge SPLASH! After I went out to be good friends. We went camping and we had so I use to ride my fore weeler all the on on it. I totally changed my mind. It wasn’t scary at all, it was epic! much fun. There was a play ground. time. But it broke last may. Finally we had to leave and we were I still have to fix it but it should only If you think that sounds scary, take 20 days. many people think four think again. The Blob “Da da da,” all sad. Katara Krebbs weelers should not be driven by little heh, heh scary music. The Blob is kids (5-7) but I think Its ok if they go where I really got terrified. Okay this Feeding My Salamander Magic slow. I think all I need for it is a new is how it works. Somebody would sit I have a pet Salamander. I named battery. I’m not sure though. on the edge of a huge blow up wahim Magic. His favorite food is roly After I’m done riding in my back ter moon and another person would polys. yard I’m going to my grandmas and jump onto it. The person that was I’m trying to catch some for him “I grandpas house to ride. This is my sitting up on the edge would rapidly can’t find any here Andy” I yelled 2nd time riding there so Im pretty ex- fly off into the deep, cool, blue lake cited. After that I hope I can go to below! It’s freaky to me, but after do “Keep trying” Andy replied Andy is my little brother. We hung my cousin Justins house to ride. He ing it a bunch of times it gets exiting has a huge trail in his woods. Also and amusing. out a lot theres a creek down there that you I love Springhill and I hope other people go there because of this story. can ride in. I love that trial it rocks. I feel this is going to be the best It’s just like a real camp experience. summer ever because I’m going to There’s no pool, no houses, there is ride my four weeler and do a lot of a campfire every night, coucilers are really fun and nice, and Springhill has other stuff. Chris Leslie awesome food. Springhill rocks over Sprunica - Grade 4 all! If you want to go there, there’s a website that has all the information. Camping with my Buds! Grace Jackson Sprunica - Grade 4 Every year, my friends and I go to this church camp called SpringThe Lake hill. There’s certain places and age groups like if you were going into 3rd As my family and I drove to my grade or 4th grade, you would live in cousins house I was only thinking of a teepee. If you’re going into 5th or one thing. That is the lake. Manny 6th grade you would be in wigwams people think that lakes are slimy, and so on. I’ve been there two years yocky, and fishy but I think that lakes and the two years I’ve been there, I are really cool especially when it’s slept in the teepees’ so I don’t have a ahot day you can swim! favorite place to live. I got homesick Swimming is the idea I had in one year and my friends were really mind. When I was thinking. I nevnice about it. “Are you okay?” One er even notice that we were there. of them asked. Of course I’m not but “Yorkie” their dog was barking like always. When my mom said “Get it was still really nice. My 3 favorite things to do there out of the car!” I flung my self out of are: riding The Zip-line, speeding the car and started my way to the down The Gusher, and flying off The house. Blob. There are other things to do When my mom opened the door like horse-back riding, zero grav- I though here comes the huggs. My ity gymnastics, and swimming. The aunts and uncles are the only tipe of Zip-line is a 100 yard cord that your grownups I have. Then we started


Austin Rousch 12

May, 19th 2010

to eat. When we were done I rushed to my mom because there were so many people. My cousins ask if I and jesse my brother could go swimming in the lake with them. I thought come on mom say yes. after I thought that I got in front of her and nodded “well okay”. I said yes to myself. As we were getting change I felt fuzzy inside. When we were walking down the hill I closed my eyes and Bam we were their. The lake has a funny smell but I didn’t care right then. I jumped in letting the greens blue water going to my face and my body. Rachel Rae Bessira Sprunica - Grade 4

Kathleen McCann Spurnica - Grade 4 I was going to florida. It was so exited when we got there it was so cool the woods had no briars it was awesome the first night a coon stole are food on the table and we shot the cons with a slingshot and I threw a knife and hit a coon It was so awesome my dad loved the woods just like me. I was there 1 week in summer it was the best summer vacation ever. Tristen T Strunk

Ramping to swim Swoosh there I go bam hitting the ramp swoosh flying in the air. Splash hitting the water. Ronald yells “Cool let me try swoosh he hit the ramp he goes so high. “Ahh” he yells He flys Arizona in Indiana During my brothers First Com- off the bik belly flop “Ow” “ha ha” munion, I learned (from my Mamaw) We go to sleep the next mornthat my cousins would be coming ing we ramp off the dock. We go eat lunch. We came back out and down for the summer. They live in Arizona. I’ve never swim for a while. Rondal make me seen them in real life. Only in pic- do dumb. “hay Terry” “what” I said tures and videos. Their names are “ramp off the dock” said Ronald “you’re kitting me” “no im not!” I Matt and Derek. walk to the edge of the dock “you It’s a very long trip from Nashville to Arizona. May family and I were do it first” I said. “you’re joking” said thinking about going last summer, Ronald. “ok” swoosh he goes as fast but my dad said the plane tickets as he could “Holy” Ronald went up were too expensive. That’s not re- 7ft above the water Splash!! here I ally a problem for my Mamaw and come swoosh Ahh I hit the boat and cut my leg open. My dad made us Papaw. My Mamaw is a nurse, so she stop ramping for the summer it was earns a decent amount of money. miserable. Terry Carr They visit my Aunt Carol and Uncle Sprunica - Grade 4 Makie each summer. So heres the plan, my Mamaw My Summer with my Family will fly on a plan to Phenoix Arizona, pick up my cousins and come back This summer I am going to go to to Bloomington. At least that is what the beach with my family. I am gomy Papaw told me. Who knows he ing to swim and build sand castles might be fooling me (he does that a with my family. My family and I are going to take lot.) Maybe they’ll bring three cacti! lots and lots of hikes. I love hikes. One for me, one for my brother and I am going to lots of fun places with my family. one for my sister. I can’t wait to see them! It will be I am going to have a great sumso much fun. I don’t mean for me mer. but they keep my brother busy for a Chelsea Yates while. What if the try to play a prank Sprunica - Grade 4 on me. Three boys equals one big mess. I wonder if my mom will make a Four wheeler ride turned in to a batch of cookies. hunt If they try to go into the forest of It was a sunny morning in Wyotrees (as I call it) either me or Mary ming. Wen I walked to the four Kate (my sister) will get stuck with wheeler. I turnd the four wheeler on them. and put it in reverse. Backt out then I know I’ll have a great summer put it in 1st then 2nd then 3rd I went with my cousins! to a trail in the woods so I put it in

May, 19th 2010

2nd. I was going down the hill in the woods, I let of the gass and putt on the brake. I heard a goodle in the distance I drove fast back to the cadian and went in side. Dad said “what” “I heard a turkey” “good thing we diden’t use the free tag on the mouse.” So I louded the 12 gage and headed to the woods. All of a sudden he was 5 feet in front of use. I raised my gun took a breath and slince then BOOOM a puff of smoke came out of the barrelle. I ran there the smoke and went to were he was standing and he was gone I looked up and he was fling I know I hit he was flying funny so I rised my gun. BOOOM I heard a crash in the leaves. I ran there the smoke and he was a goner and I hit the head and neck we took pictures and headed home to Indiana. Levi Manin Sprunica - Grade 4 Hunting in Montana During Summer Me and my dad went Hunting in Montana during summer. We packed all our stuff up. Said goodbye to my mom, and left. We got to the airport on left. We were looking for geese and buffalo. We got to the campsight and my dad set up camp. Then we got our gear ready. We got the shot gun, and the rifle ready. Ten we set off. We found some bushes near the lake in a wide open field. There were a herd of buffalo. One of them was a little small it went beside a rock. “boom boom” We took a shot killing it instantly. We shot it in the middle of the eyes, and one just above the heart. We took it to the campsight and gutted it. I got a buffalo coat. The next day we found a spot in the trees. I fell asleep and all of a sudden “boom!” I didn’t mean to but I shot a bullet right above my dads head. He ran down and got the goose. We at the goose. We went home and I told what me and my dad did. Jacob Barten My favorite season is summer, But when school is out it’s a bummer. I love to swim, I’ll go on a whim. I love to eat cake,

And think it’s fake. Once it’s summer, I don’t have to rake I’ll play outside At Salt Creek in a tide. I might stay over at Cam’s I’ll eat many hams. I’ll read many books, About many crooks. I can do whatever I want In baseball I’ll get a homerun from a bunt I’ll horseback ride My horse named Clyde. After all that and no school, I’ll be dumber But hey, it’s summer! Michael Hess In the summer There are always sparkles In the sky When 4th of July comes Around it is all about Explosions and firecrackers It is all about summer when You can have a celebration About fireworks. Aaron Hatchett Summer Summer, summer it’s hot outside I think that I will die ‘cause it’s so hot outside ‘Cause it is summer and summer It’s so hot to splash, splash I hear water There’s a pool out here I sit around All summer day but school’s out and I Am going to be dumber than summer When I am hummer….. William Hodge Summer Nine months of school just for Two months of summer break, Though one month of break comes in between, I still think school really stinks. It’s only fun if you’re in the right Class. In the right grade and have the right Teacher. School’s no fun, waking up is a bummer, But hey it’s finally time for summer. Summer is a time to do whatever you want, A time to sleep ‘til noon, I love summer it’s kind of A bummer That it ends in two months. Alex Root


Snow in the Summer Snow, Snow in the summer, That would be a real big bummer. I t would ruin catching Fireflies until they fly To the highest of The skies. Snow, snow in the summer That would be a real big bummer. Logan Ceeckler Summer Summer is two months of sun. Summer is two months of fun. Summer is two months of freedom. Summer is two months of good times. Summer is two months of cartoons. Summer is two months of sports. Summer is two months of pure awesome! Josh Cochran You can swim, You can play, You can run, And jump and dance You can go shopping, you can just tan. You can do all these things in spring, fall,

And winter, buy my favorite of all is Summer! Karlie Hammond The summer breeze is blowing Just let your imagination go free Look there are flowers over there And people laughing everywhere. Cameron Flesher Summer is almost here! You can tell by kids yelling! Teachers can’t wait. All the kids must go! Abbie Shaffer Summer School is out in the summer time For adventure time for travel Time for beach time to relax Time to swim time to eat better food No more cold time For shorts, tanks, flip flops, time for beginnings Time to throw away the pants, coats, long sleeve shirts Well that’s pretty much it Oh yeah, there’s this MY BIRTHDAY! Monica Percifield


Jesse Williams

Soul Soothing Time of Summer Where the shore comes to the water, Where the buds dance on the water, A tree bends out o’er the water, You’ll find me resting there. Where the wind skims over the water, Where the fish swim down in the water, Where the dead leaves lie in the water, You’ll find me singing there. Where the air sits, heavy, on the water, Where the shadows dance on the water, Where the sky’s tears fall on the water, You’ll find me crying there. A happiness is living there, it soothes my Soul and dries my tears away, Where the sun shines through the Bright new leaves, I start to sing, And singing brings a joy just like, A sunny, peaceful, shining summer day. Mary Skirvin Palm Tree Swaying arms Reach for the sky A place for birds When they cannot fly She is a slender dancer Bowing when she’s done Twirling with the wind And dancing with the sun She smiles in the sunny day So beautiful and bright And quietly stays still Under fiery moonlight She looks a majestic silhouette A very wondrous sight As she stands, tall and strong, In front of dwindling light. Elizabeth M. Jenson Summer is fun because you get to Hang out with your friends, Go swimming, play outside, And you can even go to camps. But why I like summer is because We have movie night, game night, And that’s why I like summer Hailey Hall Summer Summer is fun


Filled with glee, More fun each year, Expect for me! Locked in my room, Just remember Summer has a fee! Mason Thompson My Summer Vacation This Summer I plan to go to the four Corners and up to Wyoming and possibily to Texas. I really want to go. While were there I plan on going to a lot of gift shops. So I haft to save up my money. We also are going to see the Grand Canyon (scary). I also am going to take lots of pictures. We plan on going the first 2 weeks of July. so we will be spending the 4th of July there. Also on the 4th we will go and see a rodeo and maybe a horse derby. That’s about all I know my parents know the rest. I also want to collect rocks and stuff. I also plan on feeling the sand between my toes and the sun on my face. It’s going to be an asome trip. Jessica Steinbach Sprunica - Grade 4 Summer Fun, awesome Running, tanning, swimming Hot as hot lava Vacation Maddy Fields Summer is great I hope it’s not too late I like it when it is hot And I don’t like it when it is not You can swim or run Or lay in the sun And it’s all about fun Jesse Williams Summer Awesome, exciting Hiking, playing, swimming A break from school vacation Cole Smith Summer Fun, awesome Swimming, playing, biking Going to friends houses Vacation Austin Roush Swimming

May, 19th 2010

Unlimited video games Making more fun Mountain biking Exciting and entertaining Random

Mike S.

Monroe summer The water sparkles on Lake Monroe You can jump in And let the fish nibble on your big toe. You can take a boat And have a Brown County cruise It’s so much fun you’ll have to gloat. When you turn in you say, “oh Whoa!” You don’t want to go That’s a summer on Lake Monroe. Elisabeth Huls Summer

Hot fun Swimming, tanning, running Jumping in the pool Awesome Molly Austin Oh sun, oh sun, you make us warm

Oh sun, oh sun, you give us vitamin D Oh sun, oh sun, you make us happy on a warm day Oh sun, oh sun, you are so awesome Oh sun, oh sun, you are yellow and orange Oh sun, oh sun, thank you ….oh sun! Elly Wertz I ran to the pool….splish splash! I jumped in the pool I got out to tan…. Jori Bruner Season Hot, relaxing Playing, running, jumping The season is soothing Summer! Cash Myers One month until we are out of school, Just thinking about it makes me drool. Summer vacation will be very cool, because you get to swim in a pool…. …and that will also be cool! Will Austin

Kathleen McCann


May, 19th 2010


Evan A. Sprunica

Evan F. Sprunica Jackson McPheeters Sprunica


May, 19th 2010

May, 19th 2010


Avery Seaman Van Buren

Kartnee Lucas Van Buren

Tristan Huber Van Buren 18

Hanna Napier Van Buren May, 19th 2010

Lilee DeLoach Van Buren Cailey VanArsdale Van Buren Layton Mosier Van Buren

Shea Van Buren May, 19th 2010


Izzy Allen Van Buren

Jasmine Ruckman Van Buren Haley Bringle Van Buren

Abbot Garn Van Buren 20

May, 19th 2010

Andrew Law Van Buren Chad Warren Jr. Van Buren

Chad Newman Van Buren May, 19th 2010

Griffin Van Buren 21

Makenzie Van Buren

Shelby Kelly Van Buren

Michaela Van Buren Heather Hobson Van Buren 22

May, 19th 2010

Cole L.H. Van Buren

Sydney Miller Van Burne

Quentin A. Penrose Van Buren May, 19th 2010

Chase Watson Van Buren 23

Carly Van Buren

Jacob Ponce Van Buren

Ashtom Van Buren

Trinity Van Buren 24

May, 19th 2010

Sarah Kinar Van Buren

Paola Ariza Van Buren Rebekah Van Buren

Rachel Kilby Nashville Elementary May, 19th 2010


Kameron Nashville Elementary

Leo W. Nashville Elementary Nashville Elementary

Ballyn Roester Nashville Elementary 26

May, 19th 2010

Olivia Hoelthe Nashville Elementary

Jacob Temple Nashville Elementary Ashley Masteller Nashville Elementary

Coralynne Robinso Nashville Elementary May, 19th 2010


Samantha Snyder Nashville Elementary

Jason Stratton Nashville Elementary 28

Virginia Lecklider Nashville Elementary

Michael Gusdt Nashville Elementary May, 19th 2010

Erick Elsey Nashville Elementary

Ke'sean Nashville Elementary

Logan Minton Nsshville Elementary

Bradley Nashville Elementary May, 19th 2010


Noah Eversoll Nashville Elementary

Parker VanNess Nashville Elementary

Alex Mosconi Nashville Elementary

River Platter Nashville Elementary 30

May, 19th 2010

Kyndra Wood Nashville Elementary

Rocco Travsano Nashville Elementary

Samantha Rennitt Nashville Elementary

May, 19th 2010

Rashel Huddleston Sprunica


Dylan Phillips Sprunica

Madison Bickley Sprunica Luke Williams Sprunica

Dawson Sprunica 32

May, 19th 2010

Victoria Sebastian Van Buren

Elijah Lucas Van Buren

Jacob Frist Van Buren May, 19th 2010

Mary Thomas Van Buren 33

Willow Johnson Van Buren

Dasia WilkersonNashville Elementary Heather Sprunica

Gracie Bay Nashville Elementary 34

May, 19th 2010

Chloe Barnes Sprunica

Kaitlyn Sprunica

Bryce Walker Sprunica

Shaelyn Biddle Sprunica May, 19th 2010


Corbin Sprunica

Emeney Sprunica

Kalee Harden Sprunica 36

Hailey Mayo Sprunica May, 19th 2010

Austin S. Sprunica

Maysen Sprunica

Hailey Lane Sprunica

May, 19th 2010

Austin M. Sprunica


Branden Sprunica

Jada Skaggs Sprunica

Seth Sprunica 38

Alisha Sprunica May, 19th 2010

Maggie Sprunica

Korbin Heminger Sprunica

Madison Sprunica

Nathaniel Sprunica May, 19th 2010



May, 19th 2010

Here Comes Summer  

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