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Who Are We?

Founded in 1993, Anglia Freight started life in a small warehouse with a handful of vehicles. Today we are one of the country’s largest pallet network members. Providing a highly flexible and efficient route to market for our customers.

As a shareholder member company of both the award-winning Palletline Network and The Hazchem Network, we continue to build on our excellent reputation by listening to our customers. We have become a truly agile logistics provider, priding ourselves on doing things differently and creating bespoke services for our customers’ needs.

Anglia Freight specialises in moving large volumes of pallets around the UK and internationally. Our young Board is committed to industry best practice. We’ve refined our internal processes, invested in advanced IT and have created exceptional staff development programmes. It is, therefore, no surprise that we achieve one of the highest service levels in the industry. All this means that our customers enjoy peace of mind. They know they are partnered by a dynamic company passionate about logistics and looking after them every step of the way.

Why Use Us? Communication is at the heart of everything we do. We understand what is important to you and what you need from a logistics provider. Sometimes things don’t go to plan and this is where our skills, knowledge and expertise really excel. No surprises – only solutions We don’t ignore problems. We operate openly and honestly, so there are no surprises. Our customers know we’ll manage any situation and find a solution. Pro-active communication Our industry-leading software, robust processes and 25 years of experience mean we know how to care for your freight. If something does go wrong, you won’t be the last to hear – you’ll be the first. We keep our promises Everything we say and do is based on our logistics experience and know how. We won’t make promises we can’t keep. We know what works, what doesn’t and will advise you on what’s best for you.

Our Values At Anglia Freight we have four values that guide us in everything we do, the conversations we have and the decisions we take every day. They are:

Peace of Mind Innovation Loyalty Exceptional Service

In the next few pages, we’ll introduce our values with genuine customer feedback to illustrate how we are ‘living’ them every day. Our values are for everyone we’re involved with – our customers, employees, partners and suppliers. The following pages include quotes from some of our retail, import and manufacturing customers, Illustrating how we are living our values.

Peace of Mind We operate openly with honesty and clarity, so there are no surprises.

‘’Anglia Freight’s proven experience in handling incoming freight from around the world has been especially invaluable. Their knowledge and understanding of the freight industry is second to none. They understand how we operate, communicating consistently along the way, providing peace of mind. I trust Anglia Freight to do the job. They are an honest company with integrity and we know they’ll deliver for us and our customers.’’

‘’The Anglia Freight team manage all of the shipping paperwork, so I can concentrate on looking after my customers while they manage our consignments. Their consistent communication updates are very beneficial and they make my life so much easier. When we’re really busy, they’ll bring over a spare stand trailer, swapping it with ours so we can cope with the additional volume.’’

Innovation We continually challenge our systems and processes looking for innovative ways to provide the best solutions.

‘’Anglia Freight adapted the stock sheet to show ‘’Anglia Freight are flexible, attentive, quantities of items packed on each pallet which approachable and always open to made it clearer for our customers to see what’s conversations. The team have been being delivered. To help us save costs, they proactive in talking to us about making our spoke to us about using quarter and half pallets, day to day operations as efficient as possible, pricing these options and provided our staff providing us with innovative solutions to help with measuring sticks to help them understand us streamline our business. If need be, they’ll different pallet heights. This enabled us to also come on site to coach our staff around best become more cost-effective when booking practice and how to do things more efficiently.’’ consignments as we could book pallet space more accurately.’’

Loyalty We build solid foundations with our customers for loyal, long-term partnerships.

‘’Anglia Freight is a very professional, passionate and caring company. We have a long-standing and excellent working relationship with the team there – it’s second to none. We have used Anglia Freight for the past ten years. Not only do we have an open and trusted partnership with them, but they have helped and supported us as we have grown.”

‘’As we have scaled, they have coped well with the additional volume, helping us maintain an efficient operation. Their staff are happy and are interested in looking after us, providing excellent customer service and that counts for a lot. Should there be a problem, we know who to ring as we have a named contact which makes it so much easier when we need action quickly.’’

Exceptional Service Our attention to detail ensures our outstanding service constantly exceeds our customers’ expectations.

‘’Anglia Freight organises customs clearance, coordinates all the paperwork and talks to shipping agents and customs officials. I do get some quirky and urgent early morning delivery requests, but Anglia Freight take it all in their stride. They are quick to let me know if the delivery is possible, enabling me to manage my customers’ expectations effectively. If a pallet has been damaged, they’ll open it up, check the contents, send photos of any damaged goods and will re-pack and re-palletise if we ask them to.’’

‘’Anglia Freight is committed to delivering an exceptional, cost-effective and quality service. They have never failed to deliver and take charge of everything, responding quickly to queries. Nothing is too much trouble for Anglia Freight. Their flexibility is a great help to ensure we meet our customers’ needs with open lines of communication meaning they manage our expectations well.’’

Did you know‌?  nglia Freight consistently achieves an A industry-leading 99% of all deliveries made ‘On Time In Full’.  e are one of the largest pallet network W inputters in the UK, averaging over 1000 pallets trunked per night.  e have grown in excess of 20% year on year W for the last 5 years. Much of our new business comes from referrals from existing clients.  e regularly ship freight to every country in W the EU via our highly reliable pallet networks for hazardous and non-hazardous freight.

 e are multi-award winners, including the W Palletline Service Award.  e ship freight for these industries: W automotive, petrochemical, commodities, food and beverage and manufacturing.  e are a second generation company. W The average age of our board members is 38.  s a shareholder member of Palletline, we A hold Preferred Supplier Status with Amazon.

Issues with your current logistics provider? Let’s talk. Get a quote from Anglia Freight.

Call 01379 872872 to speak to one of our team today. We are your one-stop-shop for logistics and warehousing. Thank you to EY, Finance Director (Retail) and JD, Customer Services Manager (Importer and Manufacturing) for the great customer feedback.

We realise and inspire potential to enrich people’s lives.

Anglia Freight Ltd, Potash Lane, Mid Suffolk Business Park, Eye IP23 7HE Telephone: 01379 872872 Email:

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