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Chris Gilley, PGA of SeaCliff Country Club captures title at the SCPGA Match Play Championship




Don’t become a skin cancer statistic.

By SCPGA President, Jeff Johnson, PGA

When we do things extremely well and strive to be exceptional in every regard we make a grand statement about the PGA of America, our facilities and the respect we have for those who have chosen to spend their time with us.

cold that you are immediately delighted and later remain impressed with the memory. What if you lost an old knit head cover, one that’s worn and torn, but it’s your favorite for a sentimental reason and you mention it to a groundskeeper driving by and he seemed genuinely

spend their time with us. There are plenty of places to play golf and it’s easy to be just average, so let’s all try to convey a remarkable level of care and service. It’s more fun for everyone and good things will surely follow. Jeff

Follow our Sun SafeTee® Tips and

“Cover Up Before You Tee It Up™” b Cover up with….

• Sunscreen with SPF of 30+ and UVA/UVB Protection • Clothing is your best protection in the sun • Cover Up with a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses

b Don’t forget to…

• Stay well hydrated • See a dermatologist annually— more often if you have a history of sun damage • Teach students sun protection by example on the golf course.

Skin cancer is preventable, education is the key! For more information about the program or to make a tax deductible donation Visit: or contact Mark Wishner at The Sun SafeTee Program is a 501(c) (3) non-profit.

Sun Safe ee


interested and took your name and phone number and then that night someone from the golf shop actually called you to say it had not been found, however the search would continue. That would be a positive memory to be sure. Suppose your clubs were placed on the golf car and when you sat down it was the cleanest vehicle you’d ever been in. The sand bottles were filled to the top and your name was on the display board and all day long the hosts and rangers called you by name. And just what if you finished your round and the Club Professional asked how you played and you responded that you were pushing a lot of putts and the Club Professional asked you to let her watch you hit a few putts and gave you a complimentary quick fix. Nice…When we do things extremely well and strive to be exceptional in every regard we make a grand statement about the PGA of America, our facilities and the respect we have for those who have chosen to

I believe we are in the business of managing people’s memories. I believe as PGA Professionals we have enormous power to positively affect the lives of those who play the game. I also believe that kind and committed service to those who play should be a core value and embraced by all staff members. I believe we should do everything we can to say yes. Just suppose you made an ace and the golf shop had the flag removed and signed by your group and the professional staff for you to keep. Nice memory to be sure. What if it were exceedingly hot and the beverage car driver asked if you’d like an ice towel, you say sure, and she reaches into her cooler and produces a towel so



Cover Up Before You Tee It Up

Sun SafeTee is a program of the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. Entertainment Industry Relations: Larry Deutchman 818-840-2016 Media Relations: Skylar Zwick 703-481-1414


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36201 Champions Drive • Beaumont, CA 92223 951.845.4653 ph • 951.769.6733 fax • THE SCPGA BOARD OF DIRECTORS OFFICERS Jeff Johnson, President - The Ranch at Moreno Valley Greg Prudham, Vice President - PGA Magazine Ric Moore, Secretary - Wood Ranch Golf Club Jason Taylor, Honorary President - Lorena Ochoa Golf Foundation INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS Susan Roll, Carlsbad Golf Center Tom Wilson, Life Member - Active AT-LARGE DIRECTORS Paul Levy, Toscana Country Club • John Mason, Encinitas Ranch Golf Course • Bill Hulbert, Green River Golf Club • Tony Letendre, Toscana Country Club • David Foster, Click 4 Tee Times • John McNair, JC Resorts CHAPTER REPRESENTATIVES Desert: Jon Vesper, Westin Mission Hills Resort Inland Empire: Mike Pearson, Oak Valley Golf Club Metro: Scott Scozzola, Debell Golf Course Northern: Dan Hodapp, Mountain View Golf Club San Diego: Shawn Cox, The Grand Club PGA GOVERNANCE DISTRICT 11 DIRECTOR Sue Fiscoe, Creekside Golf Course - Northern California Section PGA OF AMERICA PRESIDENT Allen Wronowski, Hillendale CC - Middle Atlantic Section SCPGA SECTION STAFF Tom Addis III, PGA, Executive Director/CEO Ext 726 • Rob Keller, Director of Competitions and Rules Ext 719 • David Myrdahl, Foundation Director Ext 733 • Breanne Lockard, Communications Manager Ext 722 •


Sharon Curfman, Membership Manager Ext 720 • Mike Meka, PGA, Junior Golf Director Ext 723 • Stephen Tibor, Junior Tour Manager Ext 721 • Nick Becker, Junior Tour Manager Ext 735 • Thomas Camaione, Junior Golf Coordinator Ext 728 • Alexandra Tegels, Growth of the Game Manager Ext 730 • Joe Mentz, Growth of the Game Intern Ext 730 • Amy Stadelman, Tournaments and Events Coordinator Ext 732 • Kristine Lorencz, Section Administration Ext 710 • Janelle Kotzin, Office Manager/Accounting Ext 734 • PGA PLAYER DEVELOPMENT REGIONAL MANAGER Nikki Gatch 760.534.1370 • PGA EMPLOYMENT CONSULTANT Ken Ferrell, PGA 951.894.5024 • THE PROGRAM VOLUME 39 • ISSUE 2 • 2012 JUNE/JULY EDITION The Program is produced by the Southern California PGA. The Program is distributed free to members and affiliates of the SCPGA six times a year. The articles and other information contained within this publication are informational and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the SCPGA. The SCPGA assumes no responsibility or liability for claims made for or by any product in this publication whether reported or advertised. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission of the SCPGA is prohibited.



It’s All About

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT By SCPGA Executive Director and CEO, Tom Addis III, PGA

Player development is everyone and everything! Player development is more than a series of golf lessons, it is life with golf and life at the golf course too! recognition for their skills and abilities and the events give us opportunity to promote our SCPGA professionals. We need to know and think of our instruction and game improvement for our customer and our playing, and our own game improvement, as key elements to growth of the game and player development. There are those activities and programs that we think about and implement from time-to-time such as golf in the schools - very important and critical to growing the game, especially in the middle schools as that’s the age group that sometimes loses touch with our game and drift to soccer and other sports and activities. We must work our programs into the middle schools to develop players and keep our youth interested in our sport. How about local Tour tournaments, LPGA and PGA Tour as venues for growth of the game? Of course, because they are the showcase for excellence and we can be face-to-face with those players and learn from them about how to strategize and execute and learn about their dedication and focus to excel and get the job done as players! Television broadcasts strengthen our interest and gives us the motivation to get out on the golf course and television, I believe, creates “arm-chair” golfers, just like watching the NFL and creating a high interest in the game. Maybe those who are, and have been, arm-chair enthusiasts will get excited and want to learn how to play and participate in the game? All of us can see how important it is to be involved in the game and player development to grow the game and grow our business - that is the key to survival!


The second New Member Orientation for 2012 was held at Holiday Inn Express in Beaumont. Attending were:

Brian Bishop, Ik Chun, Garrett Dagg, Bret Feaster, Troy Ferguson, Tyler Hadden, Ashley Hammond, Nick Altman, Nick Becker, Chris Brown, Kevin Wong, Rodney Scott NEW LIFE MEMBER CENTURY The following members have chosen to make this transfer:

Patrick Chartrand, PGA, Ray Echols Jr., PGA; Ron Graffius, PGA; Clyde Griffin, PGA; Jack Henry, PGA; Bud Merriam, PGA; Ray Oakes, PGA; Stanley Parsons, PGA; Warren Reidy, PGA; Robert Roux, PGA; Alexander Sandahl, PGA; Emil Scodeller, PGA; Paul Scodeller, PGA; Ernie Vossler, PGA *Life Member Century classification is a one-time transfer for PGA Members that are at least 75 years of age and have been a PGA Member 25 or more years.

NEW QUARTER CENTURY CLUB MEMBERS Bill Goree, PGA, Scott Chaffin, PGA, Bill Crist, PGA DECEASED MEMBERS Sadly, the PGA recently lost Joe Walser, an SCPGA Hall of Fame member. NEW APPRENTICES Kevin Snyder, Douglas Batty, John Fisher, Burgess Houston, Junwoo Kim, Keefe Shanahan; Brian Cornell, Eric Kim, Dylan Smith, Jin Park, Katie Robinson, Steven Salas MOVING UP Paul Devine, PGA Lomas Santa Fe Country Club


Christopher Ferguson, PGA A-1 Twin Oaks Golf Club Eric Lohman, PGA Monarch Beach Golf Links


Mark McDonough, PGA Marbella Golf & Country Club


K. Tracy Roberts, PGA Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course


Kenneth Simonds, PGA Calabasas Country Club




Typically, when we begin our day, we think about our youth golf lessons for the day or our junior golf tournament coming up and we focus on those activities and events as our contribution for junior golf or growth of the game or player development. I believe these activities are player development and all of us should, no must, be doing them. I like the words “player development” - includes everyone, juniors, college players, recreational players, club members, their guests, and our customers. We hear about the SCPGA Growth of the Game programs including Neighborhood Golf, among the most active and best in the PGA of America and we hear about Golf 2.0 and the importance for the survival of the game and business and involving our PGA professionals as the leaders and managers of the game and the business. We need to hear about 2.0 and growth of the game programs as we must be involved, for our survival in the business - we need people involved and we need golfers, from everywhere! Player development and growth of the game does begin on the lesson tee and on the golf course. Our teaching ability and those we work with reach the many, such as new golfers, latent golfers and the most active and competitive golfers and we need that. Our tournaments and events in the SCPGA provide an opportunity for our PGA professionals to grow their own games and compete to gain

NEW MEMBERS ELECTED Christopher Brown, PGA; Adam Fox, PGA; Nick Becker, PGA; William Spratt, PGA

Southern Texas


Congratulations to the following PGA Members for being selected as finalists for the National 2012 Merchandiser of the Year Award:

Terry Beardsley, PGA El Dorado Country Club, Merchandiser-Private David (D.J.) Limardi, PGA Sandpiper Golf Club, Merchandiser – Public Shawn Cox, PGA The Grand Golf Club, Merchandiser – Resort


Communicating Your Value

THROUGH GOLF 2.0 By PGA Employment Consultant, Ken Ferrell, PGA



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PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012 E094-24609_EGGSR15_Hauler Print Ad

For the past several weeks, you’re SCPGA Player Development Manager and Employment Consultant have been participating in training on both the Player Development (PD) and Know Your Customer Playbooks. This training will continue as PGA National provides future Playbooks addressing each of the initiatives to drive growth in our industry. The Playbooks provide PGA Professionals with a proactive approach to growth, a clear understanding of methods to implement change, and how- to- do steps to accomplish goals to grow the game. Readers of the Playbooks are encouraged to develop closer relationships with members and guests, while approaching owners and employers to work in unison as partners to achieve facility goals. And most importantly, the implementation of Golf 2.0 provides a valuable opportunity to increase an employer’s awareness of the value of the PGA Professional. During my Section and Chapter presentations, you will hear me ask how many of our members and apprentices are experts in Golf 2.0 and Player Development. While the number of hands raised generally disappoints, the energy and reality of what you are doing at your facilities in player development are not. But by asking the question, it segues into urging you to review the website and learn about the resources that are available to you. With the information at your fingertips and the fact that Southern California was one of nine areas targeted for a Player Development Manager to assist you, you have everything you need to increase the performance of your PD programs. We are in a period of critical change and as we change the face of our golf courses and customers, we become increasingly focused on the business of golf. Recruiting new players to the game by emphasizing youth, women and minorities, and motivating former players to return with greater urgency are the hallmarks of the new golf industry initiatives. PGA Professionals are in a position of great influence, and by

utilizing the tools and resources available to them; it will only be a matter of time before we start to see an annual net growth among golfers in the industry. There are six action steps in the player development cycle listed in the Player Development Playbook. The first step is Communication. While it is critical to communicate with members, guests, and staff, I want to encourage you to clearly communicate with your employer. Deepen your engagement with them and include them in the PD process. Often, employers know PGA professionals are doing something, but they are not sure of what. Include them in the planning process, update them on progress by creating quantifiable goals, and track your results. Develop a system to show your efforts and the progress of your programs. Once you have quantifiable results, two things occur. Your value is measurable and you have information you can utilize with your employer during your annual evaluation. This is one of the great opportunities that Golf 2.0 presents us; greater engagement with our employers, results oriented programs, and the ability to show our value. While we all have come to the realization that today’s consumer clearly examines the costs associated with golf, should we expect our employers to be any different? Employers expect a return on investment. If you do not take the initiative to clearly communicate your value, then who will? It is imperative to communicate your influence. Again, I encourage you to become an expert in Golf 2.0. It is an industry wide strategy led by your association. It is being presented to every stakeholder in the golf industry on a daily basis. Employers are expecting to see PD programs and they know that the PGA professional is the most qualified person to grow the game. Take your programs to your employer rather than wait for them to ask what your plans are. Include them and communicate with them throughout the process. Think of Golf 2.0 as an opportunity to increase your value at your facility by showing quantifiable results and success stories. Now, that is something you can use at the negotiating table. Ken Ferrell, PGA PGA Employment Consultant (951) 894-5024

How Well

DO YOU KNOW Designed YOUR CUSTOMER? to Perform By PGA Player Development Regional Manager, Nikki Gatch

Your involvement in executing a strategy to Know Your Customer at your facility will solidify your position as a key revenue generator. professionals can answer the question, “How many unique customer visits did your facility receive last year?” Or, “Do you know the spending habits of your membership?” The more you can learn about your customers – their likes, dislikes, spending habits, frequency of visiting the facility, family members, birthdays, etc., the more likely they will frequent your facility. For example, if you had a member at your club go from playing 50 times a year, to playing 30 times a year, would you know this information? Would you be able to address the situation and through reaching out to that member, find out why their playing habits changed, and offer a solution or an incentive to get them playing more? If you answered no to either of these questions, it is time to really evaluate your CRM at your facility. Data collection should be your first priority, and from there, communication with your database, then segmentation of your database , and then finally a marketing plan and execution. The Know Your Customer Playbook and Know Your Customer 101 documents are available for your benefit. Another helpful tool is the Know Your Customer Facility Plan, which provides you with a template to complete which will help you identify the priorities for improvement at your facility. You are encouraged to engage your employer and your staff members with the facility plan. By successfully executing your facility plan, you’ll improve customer retention and you’ll strengthen the core golfer segment at your facility. Remember, just as important as creating new golfers to the game, equally as important is retaining and strengthening the golfers we currently have. Really knowing and communicating with the core golfers at your facility will make a difference.

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If you’re successful at improving customer retention and customer spending, you’ll be more valuable. This added value that you can provide to your facility and your employer, may actually benefit you with increased compensation. By taking an active role, you’ll positively contribute to growth of the business. If you are an owner, this growth will lead to more profit. If you’re not an owner, you’ll be in a better position to share performance improvements from revenue growth due to your role in successfully executing a Know Your Customer strategy at your facility. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is significant in the Golf 2.0 strategy of Retaining and Strengthening the Core. So what exactly is CRM? CRM is a strategy for managing interactions with customers. It involves using technology, particularly customer database software, to organize your customer tracking. By using CRM to support customer interaction, you can create unknown or average customers into loyal and engaged customers. This enhanced relationship with customers will result in: improved rates of customer acquisition; higher customer satisfaction; a stronger relationship between you and your customers; higher customer retention rates; higher profit per customer, and a sustainable competitive advantage. Most golf professionals will certainly know the answer to the question, “How many rounds did your facility produce last year?” But how many

you can play at the top of your game.

Ed Budz (413)441-9996




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YOUTH MOVEMENT By SCPGA Tournament Director, Rob Keller

Chris Gilley, PGA of SeaCliff Country Club captures title at the SCPGA Match Play Championship Gilley had a runner-up finish to PGA Apprentice Brian Hughes at the TPS, another Section Major Championship, the last day of April and was definitely

out start of Jon Fiedler, PGA, the midseason surge by the SCPGA Match Play Champion and Southern California PGA Professional Champion Mike Miles, PGA and the Player of the Year title earned by top performer Chris Starkjohann, PGA. Of that trio, Miles is the only one who had yet to turn 50 (he was 49 when winning the Match Play and Section Championship) while dominating a group of what you would think would be great young talent. There are a couple of Southern California PGA Professionals who are now making a move to change the momentum in this battle of the ages. Early in the year Tom Gardner, PGA (33) defeated Fiedler in a playoff to earn a spot into the Northern Trust Open and later earned another spot into the Nationwide Tour Soboba Golf Classic. At the Southern California PGA Match Play Championship at Rancho San Marcos Golf Course in Santa Barbara, Chris Gilley would add his name to the growing group of youth who are trying to make a statement.

carrying some momentum into the Match Play. On the road to the Finals, Chris’ most difficult match would come against yet another veteran in Greg Casagranda who leads the 2012 Player of the Year race. While Chris never led in the match, he did battle back from a 2 down deficit to square the match on 18 with a great birdie four. Then, he took advantage of a difficult spot for Casagranda and would win on the 19th hole. Gilley’s steady play carried into the afternoon Semi-Final as he was able to dispatch his opponent John Milligan, PGA 3 & 2. His opponent would be the 2011 Match Play Runner-Up Chris Starkjohann who was able to redeem his 2011 loss in the Finals to Mike Miles by beating Miles in his Semi-Final match, winning 3 & 2. The final match was full of excitement as 11 of the 18 holes played would be won or lost while no player held greater than a two hole advantage at anytime. Gilley pounced first winning the first two holes followed by a run of three holes won by Starkjohann over the next 5. After

turning all square, Starkjohann held a lead off and on to through the 16th hole. On 17, Gilley made a move by hitting a brilliant approach to four feet and sweeping that in to square the match. On 18, Gilley got an early advantage as Starkjohann received an amazingly challenging lie above one of the fairway bunkers. Gilley would have a three foot birdie putt to win the match after Starkjohann nearly holed out from the bunker for his birdie. A solid stroke on a good line and Gilley had claimed the 2012 Southern California PGA Match Play Championship! The 30-year old Gilley has definitely joined the movement with this fantastic performance at the Match Play Championship.



2011 continued a trend of the “veteran” PGA Professionals in the Southern California Section dominating the tournament scene thanks to the lights

#5 Torrey Pines Golf Course (South) Head Professional Joe DeBock, PGA #11 Indian Wells Golf Resort (Players) Director of Golf Joseph Williams, PGA #14 Torrey Pines Golf Course (North) Head Professional Joe DeBock, PGA #18 Indian Wells Golf Resort (Celebrity) Director of Golf Joseph Williams, PGA #19 SilverRock Resort Director of Golf Randy Duncan, PGA #21 Olivas Links Director of Golf Carl Van Vallier, PGA #27 Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff) Director of Golf Darrell Souza, PGA #41 Soule Park Golf Club Head Professional Chris Harvey, PGA PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012


New members welcomed into the


Twelve new PGA members attended the May 23rd orientation at the Beaumont Holiday Inn Express. Below is a short bio, including why they became a PGA Professional. Brian Bishop Oak Creek Golf Club A-8 My main motivation to become a PGA Professional is to grow the game of golf and share the experiences that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy.

Troy Ferguson Twin Oaks Golf Course A-1 Unique opportunity to build an industry that offers an opportunity to give back to and help grow a game that has provided so much to so many people.

Bret Feaster Indian Ridge Country Club A-8 I love being able to be around and teach the game on a daily basis.

Tyler Hadden Rancho La Quinta Country Club A-8 Had a passion for the game at a relatively young age and wanted to turn that passion into a career.

Nick Becker Southern California PGA A-11 Love of the game and desire to be around it throughout my life.

Kevin Wong Oakmont Country Club A-8 I’ve been around golf since I was 10 years old. I love the feeling of juniors hitting the ball in the air. I just love giving back to people who want to learn the game of golf.

Ik Chun Whittier Narows Golf Course A-6 I have been around golf all my life, am looking forward to instructing, and want to grow the game.

Garrett Dagg Del Mar Country Club A-8 I was motivated to become part of a prestigious Association.

Chris Brown Carlton Oaks Golf Club A-1 To help Grow the game and become the best PGA Professional I can be.

Ashley Hammond Andalusia Country Club A-8 My love for the game has grown ever since growing up playing golf in Kansas with family. I would like to use my membership to help people realize what a great game golf can be. It is a game that can be played for a lifetime with close family, friends, or strangers.

Rodney Scott Rustic Canyon Golf Course A-1 My motivation was to challenge myself. I love the game, want to grow it, and to be involved in golf as a career. It was a easy decision. Being a PGA Professional, is something I will always be proudest of in my professional career. PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012


Nicholas Altman Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa A-8 My main motivation is my love and passion for the game of golf. I want to continue to grow the game and improve the industry. I am very proud to be a member of the PGA.



The Start to a New Tradition...

PATRIOT PROFESSIONAL-AMATEUR By 2012 SCPGA Patriot Professional-Amateur Committee Chairman, Bill Hulbert, PGA

The Patriot Professional-Amateur took place on May 29, 2012 at Toscana Country Club and was a tremendous success! The SCPGA raised around $35,000 for the Folds of Honor Foundation from the tournament and the live auction. Thank you to Major Ed Pulido and Tony Biata, PGA for your support and also, a special thank you to PGA General Manager Paul Levy, PGA Director of Golf David Craig, PGA Head Professional Tony Letendre, and their entire staff for hosting the event. This is a sure event to mark your calendar for next year!

PATRIOTPRO-AM In June of 2011 we heard two very special speakers at the Section’s summer general meeting, Major Ed Pulido and Ginger Gilbert. Both were here on behalf of the Folds of Honor Foundation, an amazing organization founded in 2007 by PGA Member Major Dan Rooney. Its sole mission is to provide scholarships and other assistance to the spouses and children of soldiers killed or disabled in service to our country. On August 17, 2004, Major Pulido was serving in Iraq under General David Petraeus. His vehicle hit an IED (improvised explosive device) and he sustained severe injuries as a result. On October 1st doctors amputated his left leg. 12


Ginger Gilbert’s husband also served in Iraq as an F16 pilot. In November of 2006 while providing aerial support to ground troops his plane went down. Major Troy Gilbert was the 1st F16 pilot lost in Operation Iraqi Freedom. To hear Ed and Ginger tell their emotional stories impacted everyone in the room that day, and it inspired the idea to hold a Professional-Amateur to raise money for the Folds of Honor Foundation. On May 29th the Inaugural SCPGA Patriot Professional-Amateur was held at Toscana CC and it was an unprecedented success. Twenty Section Professionals each brought three amateurs to the event, and were paired

with an active military participant from 29 Palms or Camp Pendleton. Each fivesome played a step-aside scramble and congratulations to the winning team of PGA Professional Robert Pang of Big Canyon Country Club, Don Wynne, Jaime Held, David Franey, and CWo5 Kevin Suitt. A live auction was held after dinner, run by Major Ed Pulido and Director of Patriot Golf Day, Tony Biata, PGA. Numerous items were donated including Ryder Cup and US Open tickets, raising over $20,000. With the entry fees collected our total raised was around $35,000. This will be presented with heartfelt gratitude to the Folds of Honor

And of course our Section Staff did their usual fine job supporting our vision. In the many years that I have been a member of the SCPGA, I am most proud of what we accomplished by holding this Professional-Amateur. The cause is so significant and to involve active military players made the day. I would encourage all of you to support Patriot Golf Day

along with fellow PGA Professionals Ross Fisher, Mark Wilson, Scott Wilson, David Foster, Joe Grohman, and Jon Vesper. Thank you to all who donated items for auction including Nike, Cleveland Golf/ Srixon, Titleist, Bridgestone, USGA, PGA of America, Adams Golf, North Ranch CC, Vellano CC, Toscana CC, and Moreno Valley GC. Rancho Bernardo Inn, Pelican Hill GC, Westin Mission Hills, the Grand Del Mar, and PGA West.

if you are not already doing so, and visit the Folds of Honor website, www., to see the full story and make contributions. We hope to make the Patriot Professional-Amateur an annual event, and planning has already begun to make next year’s tournament bigger and better. Thanks again to everyone who participated, and God Bless those who serve our country.


Foundation. Thank you to all who contributed to this successful event including our gracious host and amazing venue, Toscana CC. Special thanks to PGA General Manager Paul Levy, PGA Director of Golf David Craig, and PGA Head Professional Tony Letendre. Paul and Tony served on the Professional-Amateur committee



Your PGA Professionals

MAKING HEADLINE NEWS Taking it to Extremes


Through an exclusive contract with The St Andrews Links Trust, The Old Course Experience bypasses the uncertainty of the daily ballot and guarantees you prime tee-off times on the old course, the oldest and most famous golf course in the world. Contact us for PGA Pro Specials.


Proud Sponsors of the SCPGA 14


There is a lesserknown way to golf that strays from tradition. One that’s a little more dirty, a little more messy, a little more extreme. This sport is not for the faint at heart. You have to be in good shape and be ready for a workout; it’s absolutely exhilarating. Extreme Golf takes players off the course and onto everything around it, exchanging manicured grounds for mountains, ice, streets and buildings; ditching dress codes for denim and hiking boots; and trading in golf carts for ski lifts. The game only has 10 rules, 10 holes, a four-club limit, and no putting; instead, the ball is chipped into a 20-foot circle. Extreme Golf is for golfers who love the sport for what it stands for, but we bend the way it’s played a little. It’s fun for people to have a different way to play it. I was first introduced to the game in 2002. It was fairly new at the time, but appealed to me due to my interests outside traditional golf. Between my love of golf and my love of the outdoors, I thought, hey, I can do this. I’ve had success, winning the UX Open in 2005 and 2006. My daughter, Courtney, has followed in my footsteps. She began competing in 2003 at age 12. She’s now 21 and is still involved. Ric Moore, a PGA member since 1988, also has an artistic side, designing custom golf clubs, a hobby he developed in the 1980s. Taking inspiration from a variety of places, he transforms factory paint jobs into works of art. I’m always pushing the envelope with golf; the club designing is an expression that I enjoy creating. The clubs I make allow people to express themselves, as well. The works of art range from a standard painted color to personal, detailed club heads (ricmooredesigns. com). I’ve decorated clubs with logos, sports teams and abstracts. 2002 PGA Champion Rich Beem has several of my custom clubs.

Between regular golf, Extreme Golf and the club designing, I do a lot of stuff. Fun stuff. And I love it all.

Paul Hjulberg, PGA Will Remember Challenges, Successes When Paul Hjulberg resigned as men’s and women’s golf coach at UC Riverside, it ended his 12-year tenure at the school. Hjulberg was brought aboard to start the programs from scratch in 2000, when neither recruits nor a schedule for them to play. “When I think of the highlights, one of the things was just starting from nothing,” Hjulberg said by phone: “We had nothing and we made something out of it. That was a big challenge to have zero and make something out of it. We had our struggles and we had our successes, too.” Among those successes: Winning Big West Conference men’s titles in 2004 and 2005. His women’s teams had third-place conference finishes in 2006 and 2007. Among the challenges: Guiding both the men’s and women’s teams simultaneously. “There’d be two teams in different parts of the country, because at many times, both teams were on the road the same weeks,” Hjulberg said. “So I’d have to be with one (team) and one of my two assistants would be with the other.” Hjulberg - whose only two jobs since 1980 have been at Canyon Crest Country Club and UC Riverside - will keep himself busy in the next few weeks helping his mother move to Riverside and heading up to Olympic Club in San Francisco with his three sons to watch the U.S. Open. “I know the teams will be in good hands,” Hjulberg said. “I look forward to their success. There’s a lot of good kids on both teams and I wish them the best.”

*SOURCE: Moore, Ric, PGA. (2012 May 15).Taking It To Extremes. PGA Links. Retrieved from Swanson, Mirjam. (2012, May 16). GOLF NOTEBOOK: UCR’s Hjulberg will remember challenges, successes. Press Enterprise. Retrieved from

Juego De Golf

FIESTA BROADWAY By SCPGA Growth of the Game Manager, Alexandra Tegels The morning of April 29th dawned cool and calm, and a certain excitement was in the air when the SCPGA Toyota truck and trailer entered Broadway

Street in Downtown Los Angeles. For the first time the SCPGA Neighborhood Golf program had the opportunity to participate in Fiesta Broadway, the largest Cinco de Mayo festival in the world.

in comparison to the others. At Harley Davidson you could ride a Harley and the Army had virtual simulators. Things began slowly at first, it was hard to convince people to come over and try swinging a club. Participants weren’t sure what they were getting themselves into, “Is it free?” “I don’t want to look silly.” But gradually we began to form a line, and before we knew it the line was around the block! Everyone from the young and old gave it a try and had fun. As one could expect there was a language barrier and we were lucky enough to have Azucena Maldonado founder of the Latina Golfers Association

Grow Your Reach During your busy days and events golfers will get a free golf swing video Free of charge to you Free of charge to golfers

Increase Interaction Golfers can request online swing tips from their home or office computer

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To Discuss Partnership Opportunities Contact: Greg Knuth : US Director : 619.822.2090

Stretching over 12 blocks and an expected attendance of 500,000 Hispanics, Fiesta Broadway was the largest event visited to date by the Neighborhood Golf program. Surrounded by the LA Dodgers, LA Kings, Harley Davidson, Monster Energy drinks, and the Army, our setup paled


UnderPar - proud sponsors of the SCPGA

on-hand with volunteers to help us in signing in our participants. It was a great day and was fun to see all the participants trying to swing a golf club for the very first time. The SCPGA is already planning to attend the event again in 2013. PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012


Your Southern California PGA Professional’s


Advise on How to Create a Unique Touch for Each Trip and Be Proactive With Tournament Organizers From Your Local PGA Professionals Create a Unique Touch for Each Trip


Scott Wilson, the 2009 Southern California PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year and the Section’s 2010 Horton Smith Award winner, is the PGA Director of Golf at Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills, Calif. Back when our club was just starting in 2007, the golf course wasn’t quite ready for use. To keep the golfers involved, we took a lot of day trips to various golf courses in the area. When I first started working here, my primary job was organizing these trips, so I picked up on a lot of ideas. I wanted to create a special feeling for my members for participating in these trips, so I decided to come up with my own little touches that added value. For this year, we are planning a trip to both Scotland and Ireland that will last for roughly 12 days. There will be 10-12 members on this trip, and since it does cost a decent buck to make the trip, I’m doing my best to make it worthwhile. For example, I called ahead before the trip to get custom hats made with our club name and the Scottish flag. These hats will be waiting for the members when they get to the resort in July. I will be taking a lot of photos while out there with the members, and I decided to compose a photo book from all of the great images captured along the way. I also created a webpage for photos so that people can check them out online. My favorite part will be including two rounds of golf from both Ireland and Scotland into our own club’s version of the British Open. The scores will be kept and counted in the running tournament that we have for members at Vellano. I even made an exact PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012

replica trophy for the winner, and it looks just like the Claret Jug given to the actual British Open winner. Little things like this are done to show my appreciation and they can go a long way. It makes the members feel special and they really start to respect the club for the extra efforts. Now, onto the business impact of creating a unique touch for each trip: The little touches that I create pretty much guarantee long-lasting relationships with my members. Because I put so much effort into their trip, they tend to reward me by buying all of their equipment and other merchandise at my club. They could end up going to a big box store for their things, but the extra service I provide is enough for them to keep them buying at the club. This special service that I provide helps set the bar high as far as club standards go. Many people will talk about our golf trips to members of surrounding golf clubs, friends and family. We have built a reputation for providing members with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities while providing excellent customer service, and it has certainly paid dividends.

Be Proactive with Tournament Organizers Evan Colavincenzo, the 2009 Southern California PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year for Private Facilities, is the PGA Head Professional at La Cumbre Country Club in Santa Barbara, Calif. At La Cumbre Country Club, with few exceptions, we host the same series of charity events every year. These events offer both tee prizes as well as tournament prizes for their participants.

When I travel to trade shows, whether it be the PGA Merchandise Show, MAGIC or a regional show, I keep a keen eye out for potential products that would fit the economic profiles of each event. Contacting the tournament coordinators with the findings prior to having them contact me goes a long way in retaining the events at our facility, as well as raising the value or promoting the service we provide. As PGA Professionals, I think we all try to put our best foot forward for the tournaments held at our respective facilities. However, retention and promotion is more important these days than ever before. It seems that if we make the golf aspect of these charity events easy and organized for the coordinators, their efforts can be better spent on the social aspects both pre and post tournament. Now, onto the business impact of being proactive with tournament organizers: By being proactive, we have maintained a reasonable slate of outside tournaments at our facility, and have been able to achieve a nearly 90 percent retention rate. We continue to receive high marks in organization and creativity, and we’ve built a reputation of being easy to work with. With this reputation, achieving our goals of retention and promotion of charity events is realized. Golf revenue for a typical charity event, before tournament prize sales, could equal anywhere between $7,600 and $11,000. Depending on what type of job I do negotiating costs and setting retail prices for prizes, I could add another $5,000-$10,000 on top of green fees and golf cars, which represents $3,000$7,000 in profit in merchandise sales.

WRITE TO US Submit your successful best practices to share with your fellow PGA Professionals. Your submission must include the author’s name, email address, and phone number. Email to

CIG G olf Insurance Solutions


Protecting Your GOLF Business

Local Rep: Greg Twiggs

Cleveland Golf, Cleveland and the CG logo are registered trademarks of Cleveland Golf / Srixon. HOW THE GAME SHOULD FEEL and 588 are trademarks of Cleveland Golf / Srixon.

5 8 8 FO RGE D



AVA I L A B L E I N C H R O ME, SATIN – AND NOW, BLACK PEARL The 588 is the most successful wedge in the history of the game. Now with the incredibly soft feel of Precision Forging, this versatile, tour-proven wedge sets the bar even higher for short-game performance. Discover how the timeless design combined with all of the benefits of Precision Forging can help you gain a new level of success. HOW THE GAME SHOULD FEEL™




Cleveland Golf’s 588 forGed remains the standard by whiCh all other wedGes are judGed.

Keegan Bradley knows it: “I couldn’t imagine playing another wedge.” So does Vijay Singh: “I’ve tried other wedges, but nothing is as consistent and as good.” Graeme McDowell agrees: “It was really revolutionary back in its day, so much so that it’s still classic nowadays.”

Developed with significant input from tour players, the 588 became an instant success inside the ropes, and since its debut, Cleveland wedges have topped all others by accounting for 26 major championships and more than 335 tour victories. Now, the same versatility and classic look of the original 588 is available with the incredible feel of Precision Forging and the shot-stopping control of Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled Technology. Just like the original 588, the 588 Forged has been a sudden hit on tour, already reaching the winner’s circle and finding its way into dozens of bags.

“I wouldn’t have won the PGA back in 2001 without my 588 wedges. I have the same confidence with the new 588 Forged. ” – DAVID TOMS


These Cleveland Golf/Srixon staffers – each a major champion – are referring to the 588, which was first released nearly 25 years ago as Cleveland Golf’s fifth wedge offering.

“Cleveland has a great history of making a great wedge, and they’ve done it again with the 588 Forged,” Bradley said. Like other Cleveland wedges, the 588 Forged is available in a variety of loft, bounce and finish options, including the new Black Pearl. Plus, 588 Forged wedges can be personalized by visiting

Want to know how wedge fitting can save you strokes immediately? Visit the Wedge Fitting System at



THE NATIONAL GOLF FOUNDATION ELECTS NEW DIRECTOR AND OFFICERS BILLY CASPER’S PETER HILL SUCCEEDS GOLF PRIDE’S JEFF FIORINI AS CHAIRMAN The NGF, celebrating its 76th year as the industry’s leading provider of golf market research, is pleased to announce several changes to its board of directors, effective immediately. David Abeles, Executive Vice President, TaylorMade-adidas Golf Company, has been elected to the board. He joins nine serving directors:

• Joe Barrow, CEO, The First Tee, and Executive Director, World Golf Foundation • Joe Beditz, President and CEO, National Golf Foundation • Chip Brewer, President and CEO, Callaway Golf • Jeff Colton, Senior Vice President - U.S., Callaway Golf • Bill Golden, President, Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday • Peter Hill, Chairman and CEO, Billy Casper Golf • Jerry Hinckley, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Textron Financial • Dick Raskopf, Publisher, GOLF Magazine/ Sports Illustrated Golf Group • John Watson, Chairman and CEO, Edwin Watts Golf


Officers of the board were elected: Peter Hill, Chairman; Chip Brewer, Vice Chairman; John Watson, Secretary; and, Jerry Hinckley, Treasurer. Commenting on these recent changes to the NGF board, Beditz stated, “We are really very fortunate to have such a talented and accomplished group of golf business leaders to work with. Their collective experience and strategic insight is an invaluable and unique asset that benefits not only our members and clients, but the entire golf industry. Peter Hill is the first management company executive elected to lead NGF’s Board as Chairman. Hill said, “I’m honored to be Chairman. This is a challenging time in the golf business and we will continue to work hard as an organization to provide the industry with the most objective and forward-looking research possible.” As the only trade association that serves all segments of the business, the National Golf Foundation maintains what is arguably the most professionally diverse and respected board of directors in the industry. The board helps guide the NGF’s business strategy and helps ensure that the NGF’s research remains the most trusted and relevant in golf. PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012

USGA WELCOMES MICKEY WRIGHT COLLECTION - MORE THAN 200 ARTIFACTS FROM HER LEGENDARY CAREER TO BE PART OF NEWLY CREATED MICKEY WRIGHT ROOM IN USGA MUSEUM The United States Golf Association Museum has accepted a collection of more than 200 personal artifacts from four-time U.S. Women’s Open champion Mickey Wright. The collection is the Museum’s first to honor the career of a prominent female golfer and will be displayed in a newly created Mickey Wright Room in the USGA Museum in Far Hills, N.J. The room is scheduled to open in June 2012. Joining galleries that honor Bob Jones, Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer, it will be the Museum’s first gallery dedicated to a woman. “Mickey Wright was one of the premier players in the history of the game and her golf swing was ranked by many as the greatest of all,” said USGA Executive Director Mike Davis. “Mickey won four U.S. Women’s Open titles by the age of 30, which strengthened her close ties to the USGA. Born Feb. 14, 1935 in San Diego, Calif., Wright emerged on the national scene when she was runner-up in the 1950 U.S. Girls’ Junior. In 1952, she was co-medalist and went on to win the U.S. Girls’ Junior. After finishing as runner-up in the 1954 U.S. Women’s Amateur, she turned professional and soon dominated women’s professional golf. The collection of Wright’s artifacts includes medals, trophies, awards, photographs, clothing and films from her career. Of particular distinction is the 1955 Bulls-Eye putter she used in winning 81 of her 82 official career victories, including 13 major championships. The putter was a gift to Wright from the late Mary Lena Faulk, 1953 U.S. Women’s Amateur champion. Wright’s artifacts also include a silver trophy for winning the 1952 U.S. Girls’ Junior; the 1963 and 1964 Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year awards; a glass obelisk presented to her as the only four-time winner of the LPGA Championship; silver trophies for winning the 1961 and 1964 U.S. Women’s Opens, and the champion’s trophy from the 1964 Tall City Open, where she set a competitive LPGA record with a round of 62. A treasure trove of her personal films traces the development of Wright’s golf swing. It include footage of Wright

as a junior golfer, as a young player taking lessons from teaching professional Harry Pressler, as a rookie professional in 1955. “The Mickey Wright Room is indicative of our continuing effort to preserve and celebrate golf history, and all golfers will be inspired by this tribute to one of the game’s finest players,” said Davis.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA SUPERINTENDENT RECEIVES PRESTIGIOUS ENVIRONMENTAL HONOR Golf course management and the environment go hand in hand for Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) member Tim Powers. Certified Golf Course Superintendent at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame, Calif., Powers was named the overall winner of the 2011 GCSAA /Golf Digest Environmental Leaders in Golf Award. The Environmental Leaders in Golf Award recognizes golf course superintendents and their courses for overall course management excellence in the areas of resource conservation, water quality management, integrated pest management, wildlife/habitat management, and education/outreach. An independent panel of judges representing national environmental groups, turfgrass experts, university research, and members of the golf community conducted the award selection. Powers, who serves as secretary/ treasurer of the GCSAA of Northern California, operates Crystal Springs under an IPM-CHAMP program (Integrated Pest Management – Chemical Application Management Plan) that minimizes the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Seaweed extract serves as the main fertilizer for the facility and annual nitrogen use has decreased from 6,000 to 600 pounds. Additionally, he has reduced the irrigated acreage from 90 to 75 and recycles as much as possible for compost use on the course. Crystal Springs has been a fully certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary since 1998. Located 15 miles south of San Francisco, Crystal Springs is a prime example of how a golf facility can thrive without sacrificing a commitment to environmental stewardship. For more information on the Environmental Leaders in Golf Award or the GCSAA’s efforts to promote sustainability, visit

Carries golfers, bags and

your operation to a new level.

Increase revenues, reduce expenses, manage your key assets and deliver a superior customer experience. Only a Club Car fleet can deliver all of these. Sound too good to be true? Contact your Club Car representative today.




TAYLORMADE Strap a Rocket to Your Ball TaylorMade’s New Speed Pock Technology Promotes Up to 17 Additional Yards


Every so often a product comes along that forces golfers to take notice. That’s RocketBallz, the new family of TaylorMade metalwoods and irons that’s the talk of the golf world for the extraordinary boost in distance they’re engineered to promote. Like most interesting names, there’s a story behind RocketBallz. While testing a new technology designed to increase the clubface COR of fairway woods and Rescue clubs, TaylorMade Tour Staff professional Dustin Johnson remarked that the ball took off “like a rocket.” TaylorMade engineers loved Dustin’s reaction, and scratched the word “RocketBallz” into that particular prototype. The name stuck, and for good reason: We knew that calling it something different and interesting would help intrigue people to investigate these clubs. But make no mistake, the most provocative thing about RocketBallz clubs is the stunning distance gains they’re engineered to deliver. One of the longstanding challenges among golf club developers has been how to increase the clubface speed of fairway woods and hybrids to promote more distance. The USGA’s speed limit -.830 COR – was reached several years ago in titanium drivers, aided by the fact that the width, depth and geometry of the average driver’s clubface naturally allows it to flex fast. By comparison, the smaller face of steel fairway woods and hybrids had topped out at about .780 COR. PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012

TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket, incorporated into the sole of RocketBallz fairway woods and RocketBallz Rescue clubs, promotes a dramatic boost in clubface COR, making it the first significant innovation in fairways and Rescues in years. The Speed

Pocket works with the new, more flexible crown design to allow the deep, ultrathin clubface to flex more at impact, increasing the face’s COR level to near that of a driver. That, combined with the clubhead’s more-forward CG location, promotes significantly higher ball speed. TaylorMade testing indicates that the RocketBallz 3-wood promotes up to 17 additional yards for better players*,

though multitudes of players of all skill levels have gained even more yardage. TaylorMade calls the difference the added number of yards a golfer gets from a RocketBallz 3-wood compared to his or her current 3-wood their “RocketBallz Factor.” As noted above, multitudes who have taken the challenge have rung up RocketBallz Factors of well above the projected 17 yards, with many posting yardage gains in the 20s, and some even in the 30s. How many more par-fives might you reach in two if you hit your 3-wood that much farther? “RocketBallz fairway woods and Rescues promote a gamechanging improvement in performance that few products in the history of our industry have achieved,” said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade’s Executive Vice President. “To hold a RocketBallz metalwood in your hands is to possess confidence, power, speed and distance potential that will regularly and quite literally redefine the long game for golfers.” In keeping with TaylorMade’s change to white-colored metalwoods last year, RocketBallz metalwoods combine a flat white crown color and black PVD face, which provides optimum contrast to make it easy to align the face accurately at address. The white crown color also eliminates the glare and “hot spots” that are a common issue with gloss-finish metalwoods. * Better player claim against Burner 11 Fairway, robot testing at 150 mph ball speed, total distance. @taylormadegolf /taylormadegolf


Ryan McGinn, Outside Sales Rep San Diego 760.805.1100 Brett Heber, Outside Sales Rep Orange County 770.362.0290 Jim Coleman, Outside Sales Rep Los Angeles / Santa Barbara 310.869.5435 Brian Winge, Outside Sales Rep Palm Springs 760.409.4312

Š2012 Callaway Golf Company. Callaway, the Chevron Device, RAZR X HL and RAZR Fit are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Callaway Golf Company. 110440


CALLAWAY RAZR X HL, RAZR Fit Are Designed To Add More Distance and Confidence to Your Game

Callaway has a long, successful history of developing forgiving gameimprovement irons, and they’ve taken accuracy, distance and forgiveness to new highs with RAZR X HL Irons. With a low center of gravity that helps golfers launch shots higher, even on impacts lower on the face where many amateur golfers tend to strike the ball, the RAZR X HL irons deliver longer, more consistent distance and improved accuracy. Designed for aspiring golfers, the RAZR X HL Irons incorporate a fully integrated clubface/ undercut cavity system as well. This enables Callaway engineers to precisely position the center of gravity (CG) and engineer the face of each individual iron to

In the age of adjustable drivers, Callaway held itself to a higher standard in developing the new RAZR Fit Driver. A Forged Composite crown and an OptiFit hosel make Callaway’s first driver featuring adjustability the choice of Tour Pros like Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. RAZR Fit was named “Editor’s Choice” and was selected the leader in the Performance category for drivers in the 2012 Golf Digest Hot List. The OptiFit Hosel allows golfers to adjust the face angle to an Open, Square or Closed position in order to create a preferred look at address while also minimizing slices or hooks generated by the club’s delivery to the ball. Two movable OptiFit weights (one weighing 12 grams, the other 2 grams) in the sole’s toe and heal positions can be quickly exchanged to shift the clubhead’s

center of gravity to promote either a Draw or Neutral ball flight. RAZR Fit also incorporates a new material called Forged Composite in the crown. Lighter, stronger and more precise than titanium, Forged Composite allows engineers to save weight and precisely control the thickness of the crown for a lower CG and more forgiveness on off-center strikes. Speed Frame Face Technology creates a large sweet spot and high ball speeds across the face, and Streamlined Surface Technology reduces RAZR Fit’s energy loss due to drag by 14 percent compared to the RAZR Fit’s predecessor, the RAZR Hawk Driver. The driver is already a hit on Tour, with wins by Mickelson (PGA Tour), Alvaro Quiros (European Tour) and long-hitting Luke List (Nationwide Tour). Mickelson used it to pick up his 40th career PGA Tour victory at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am in February. “I feel like I’ve got a driver that’s dialed in with our new RAZR Fit Driver,” he said after closing out the win. “And I feel like I’ve got such control over my flight and trajectory distance control.” In April, a RAZR Fit was in the hands of the winner of the LPGA’s first major of 2012, the Kraft Nabisco Championship.


maximize ball speed. The multi-material medallion on the back of the clubhead is constructed to fine-tune sound and enhance feel off the clubface, and the solid impact sole creates smooth turf interaction through impact. Initial feedback has been extremely positive for RAZR X HL Irons, which earned a gold medal in the super gameimprovement iron category of Golf Digest’s 2012 Hot List. The magazine said, “For high-handicappers, there’s no better quality in an iron,” and Callaway believes these are the perfect irons for golfers who want to take their skills to the next level. “In designing the RAZR X HL Irons, our goal was to provide a club that would inspire confidence and make the game

more enjoyable,” said Luke Williams, Callaway’s Senior Director, Global Woods and Irons. “The low center of gravity, large sweet spot and wide-sole design all work together to help get the ball airborne and add distance to your game.”

For more information on RAZR X HL Irons and the RAZR Fit Driver, visit




GOLF BUDDY GOLFBUDDY VOICE LAUNCHES FOR SPRING 2012: World’s First Global Talking Golf GPS Rangefinder


GolfBuddy, the global leader and first GPS rangefinder company to offer preloaded courses with no annual membership fees, today announced the launch of the highly anticipated GolfBuddy Voice, which is now available throughout the country at leading retailers and pro shops. This innovative product, which sparked fervor at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, speaks accurate distances to the front, middle and back of the green on more than 35,000 preloaded worldwide golf courses. Signaling a revolution in distance measuring, the GolfBuddy Voice is as small as a golf ball yet light enough to be clipped comfortably on the brim of a hat, visor or belt. Yardages are provided simply by pressing the button on the face of the unit and the distances to the center of the green are provided verbally and shown numerically, alongside the hole number and par. As with all GolfBuddy GPS products, the Voice is 100% fee-free with no annual subscriptions or course download charges required after purchase. “The feedback on the Voice from its sneak peak at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show was astounding,” said Harry Jung, president of GolfBuddy. “All who had a chance to test it were impressed by this great technological achievement for the industry with a product that is accurate, easy-to-use and



completely unobtrusive. This standout product offers golfers a simple solution that acts like a personal caddie every step of the way.” As well as offering accurate distances, the Voice also features the ability to change from yard to meter readings, has an 8hr re-chargeable lithium battery, tells the time via a digital clock, comes with 8 different languages pre-loaded and uses GolfBuddy’s Auto Course & Hole Recognition technology - which means it always knows exactly what hole you’re playing. Weighing just an ounce and measuring only 1.7” wide, the multilingual GolfBuddy Voice benefits from all the technical development that has made GolfBuddy the clear global leader in the development of innovative measuring devices for golfers. The Voice represents an exciting new category of GPS rangefinders from the world’s leading developer of golf distance measuring solutions, GolfBuddy. The Voice is priced at $179.99 and is now available for purchase online and in retail stores and pro shops across the country. GolfBuddy is based in La Palma, CA, with product development and course data management centres in Korea. For more information, please visit,


GOLF ACADEMY OF AMERICA Fitting and Repair, Rules of Golf, Attitude and Motivation, Mechanics of the Short Game, History of Golf, Rules of Golf, Marketing and Advertising, Promotions and Sales, and Golf Course Management. “The Golf Academy of America is the most comprehensive golf university in the industry today,” said Dave Phillips, co-founder of the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California. The students are exposed to the newest golf technologies in the world. They have an advisory staff of golf professionals from all over the world that are able to assist in the design of a curriculum that covers all aspects of the business of golf.” Thousands of GAA graduates are presently working at many locations around the world. Examples of some positions filled by GAA graduates include head golf professionals at Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic; Trump National in suburban New York City; Isleworth and Windermere Golf Clubs in Orlando, Florida; and Providence Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are also GAA graduates working at golf management groups such as Troon Golf, American Golf, Kemper Sports Group, and Mariott Golf, and golf manufacturers including: Titleist, Callaway Golf, Bridgestone Golf, Cleveland Golf, and TaylorMade-Adidas. Others are serving as golf instructors for Jim McLean, Dave Pelz, Nick Faldo, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GOLFTec, and Golf Digest. “My golf career started at Golf Academy of America,” said Eric Pray, executive director of the Gateway Tour and 2001 graduate. “I would recommend Golf Academy of America for anyone who has a passion for golf and wants to make golf their livelihood.” For more information about Golf Academy of America, San Diego, or other campuses nationwide in Myrtle Beach, Orlando, and Phoenix, visit, or call (800)3427342


Our graduates are prepared to excel in the golf industry because they are: • Grounded. They get solid, real-world experience from our 45+ PGA Professional instructors, weekly tournaments and leading-edge training technology. • Flexible. They are ready to relocate for positions in club management, instruction, product sales, club repair and other areas. • Well-rounded. Graduates invest 16 months and over 1,200 hours of classroom education and hands-on training in business and golf. Talk to a GAA Career Services associate to learn how one of our 700 annual graduates can be your next great hire. For information about graduation rates, median debt of students who completed our programs, and other important information, visit


For many, the game of golf is a passion, so why not make it a career? The business of golf is a $76 billion a year industry. It is consistently looking for talented people to fill many positions at clubs, resorts, organizations, and companies. Golf Academy of America (GAA) has helped thousands of people transform their dream of a golf career into reality. In fact, the GAA campus located just north in the golf-centeric, seaside town of Carlsbad, has been producing some of the golf industry’s finest leaders since 1974. Formerly known as the San Diego Golf Academy, GAA is an ACICS-accredited golf college offering a comprehensive curriculum of golf instruction and business management. Students can earn an associate degree in Golf Complex Operation and Management while learning virtually every aspect of the golf industry. Presently, graduates from Golf Academy of America serve the golf industry as teaching professionals, tournament organizers, club managers, and golf course owners, manufacturing representatives and product development specialists as well as in many other golf career options. “For decades, this academy has assisted in launching the careers of hundreds of golf professionals who serve at facilities, or for golf-related companies all over the country,” said Rich Iorio, campus director of Golf Academy of America, San Diego. “Golf Academy of America has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing well-prepared golf career professionals who are ready to handle a multitude of tasks for any golf-related employer from day one. Our program, facilities, and expert staff are second to none in the golf industry when it comes to preparing our students for a fulfilling golf career.” GAA San Diego golf college offers the latest golf technology and state-of-the-art equipment such as V1, KVest, MEGGSA, DBS, Trackman, Fore Golf, and Fore Tee. Each student will attend over 1,200 hours of golf specific education classes with curricula that includes: Golf Operations, Planning and Organizing Tournament Golf, Outside Operations, Golf Club







GLOBAL TOUR Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, That’s our Job! For nearly twenty years, Global Tour Golf has been a proud supporter of the Southern California PGA. We are committed to making your job easier and your business more profitable. We offer high quality products, reliable outside and inside customer service, and the most competitive pricing available.






Three of the best representatives in the industry cover Southern California. With well over 50 years of combined experience, Mark, Don, and Mike are out on the road every day of the week and always thinking of new ways to effectively merchandize product. If you need to reach one of our representatives, contact information is as follows: Palm Desert Don Galyean (760)519-8642 Los Angeles, Ventura Michael Nash (310)251-5750 San Diego, Riverside, Orange County Mark Ziminsky (760)554-4653

Our goal is to allow you to spend more time with your customers. We can achieve this by prebooking your essential items, creating easy re-order systems, and always being accountable. Global Tour Golf understands that the only way we succeed is when our customers succeed. Since we offer a No Risk Guarantee on all of our items, you can feel confident when trying a new product. Some of our best selling categories include: Tees Grips Divot Tools Pencils Towels Personal Care Soft Spikes Ball Markers Tournament Gifts

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to many more successful years serving your golf accessory needs. GLOBAL TOUR GOLF (800) 757-7453


Metal & Crystal Ballmarkers

featuring many popular designs including officially licensed teams, military markers and custom designs

Cap Clips & Divot Tools

pair your favorite ball marker with a colorful cap clip or a unique aluminizer or slick divot tool

Packaged Markers Holds 400 ball markers 32 Divot Repair Tools and 100 Cap Clips

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Ball Marker Tower Display

Unique display that inventories 240 ball markers

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AMAZING THAILAND IS ASIA’S GOLF LEADER Did you know? Thailand is the world's third most popular golf destination? Golf tourism to the Kingdom is booming! Why? Value for money, multiple attractions and over 200 golf courses are key reasons.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO FOR FREE? HERE IS HOW: TAKE A GROUP! THE 6 STEPS TO ORGANIZING A GOLF GROUP TO THAILAND 1. Pick a Group Leader 2. Pick the Dates 3. Pick the Location 4. Communicate and Build Consensus 5. Make a Decision and Commit 6. Take a Deposit

We plan memories, not just vacations! Call us: First Tee Promotions, LLC (760) 632-5010 WHAT’S NEW: Royal Gems Golf City in Bangkok Meticulously created by the world’s 3 most talented golf course designers, this masterpiece project embodies 63 connected golf holes on 560 acres making it the world’s largest pure golf city, and the final destination for discerning golfers from around the world.


FIRST TEE PROMOTIONS By Paula Mullins-Worster, President, First Tee Promotions, LLC, Carlsbad, CA

Why Travel To Thailand? Here are Six Great Reasons... First Tee Promotions, LLC is passionate about enhancing your life through the art of travel.

1. Value for Money 2. International Designed Golf Courses 3. Irresistible Food 4. Beaches Galore 5. Be Pampered 6. The Smile of the Thai People 1. Value for Money: Thailand’s charming land offers you an affordable destination with wide choices of golf courses, accommodations and shopping opportunities; with some of the finest yet surprisingly affordable, hotels in the world.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for, finding an answer is First Tee Promotions’ responsibility for you!

Now lets talk about “Why Travel to Thailand:” Voted one of the World’s Best Destinations for 2011 by Conde Nast Traveler’s Award program, and the world’s third most popular golf destination by Golf Magazine. Here is why:

6. The Smile of the Thai People: Thais always carry a smile and are the most gracious hosts of any destination on Earth. No request will seem a chore to them – they are just pleased and proud to be a part of your vacation. Contact Paula and her team at (760) 632-5010 or via Email at: firsttee@allpars. com What is new in Thailand Golf ? Royal Gems Golf City in Bangkok Only 50 minutes from Bangkok center and meticulously created by the world’s 3 most talented golf course designers, this masterpiece project embodies 653 connected golf holes on 560 acres making it the world’s largest pure golf city. Make your way to the first tee and you will find yourself challenged by the spectacular

3. Irresistible Food: Food critics around the world have praise for what is cooking in Thailand. Chefs use fresh ingredients, color, and an electrifying mix of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors. 4. Beaches Galore: With 2,000 miles of coastline, you will never be far from an enticing strand of white sand and topaz waters. Some of the best beaches in the world are located in Thailand. With so many to choose from it can be difficult to pick the perfect one!

golf course lay-out. The designer wanted each hole to be so different that no two shots would be the same on any holes. To achieve this, a combination of Thai, American and Scottish design features have been incorporated.

5. Be Pampered: Massages of every variety are everywhere you look. They are so affordable that you could

OUR WORLD OF “6” – coming in next issue: “6 Steps to Selling a Golf Group to Thailand’s Paradise.” PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012


Our travel agency has packed a myriad of experiences into its suitcase and we have become well-positioned by focusing on providing the best value and experience for our clients. Our Team is well-traveled, diverse in our interests, and we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by constantly broadening our horizons. First Tee Promotions team members bring together valued travel partners in order to offer you the best, the latest, and the greatest. Doing this inspires adventure itineraries for you and/or your family, professional, or social group, while keeping your budget in mind. Travel fuels your imagination, opens your eyes, and bonds together groups or families.

2. Internationally Designed Golf Courses: Thailand has over 200 courses, all affordably priced, with many of them having been designed and created by some of the classic names in the golfing world such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Steve Ballesteros, Gary Player, Robert Trent Jones, Jr., Nick Faldo, and Greg Norman.

enjoy one every day of the week! Or try some other pampering splendors such as tropical face treatment or a crushed coconut and orange body polish!


Dear RR: I am confused! Last year I lost a $5.00 bet with my best friend. He bet me that I did not know the penalty for being late for my tee time, specifically late but within 5 minutes of my posted tee time. I said, “Since we are playing stroke play the penalty is 2 strokes, he said, “No, the penalty is disqualification”. Of course, he showed me the 2010 rule book, and he was right, the Penalty was disqualification, and I reluctantly paid him $5.00. Now my ex friend explains that as of 2012 the rule is different and the player would incur a 2 stroke penalty for such an infraction. Can you inform me on this confusion? Jason Jackson


Jason, first, let me say that you need to acquire a current 20122015 USGA Rules Book. Yes, some rules were changed. Special suggestion from RR regarding new rule books: Rule books are now free from USGA, and they are sending out free Rules books to all golf associations and golf groups. Your golf Club Board of Directors or Club Officials are welcome to call USGA and order free rule books at this number 908-234-2300. The only charge is for shipping and handling. Now comes the confusing part. Before January 1, 2012, it was an option for golf groups and the “Committee “to adopt a “note” which said, “If the player arrives at his starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play”. If the Committee does not provide the above “note” on their ‘Hard Card” or “Conditions of Play Sheet” the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification. It is true that most US Golf Associations’ did adopt this note, and usually this was an item included in the Association or Club’s “Hard Card.” Thus, if this note was not included in your “Club’s” hard card, or list of “Conditions of Play” the player was disqualified for being late. However, it is my experience that most golf groups did adopt this “note” on their hard card, and that is why most people might have PROGRAM MAGAZINE JUNE/JULY 2012

misunderstood the application of being late to the tee, but within 5 minutes. One important Rules Change for 2012-2013 is that the Note was taken out of the 2012-2015 USGA Rule Book, and this “NOTE” is now the “RULE. The rules change under Rule 6-3 is now simplified, no Committee “adoption of a note” is necessary. Always remember the player is responsible for knowing the rules. Sincerely, RR Dear Mr. O’Connor: I am a member of the SCPGA Jr. Tour-Tour Cup Series & a recent event which was rather perplexing occurred. My fellow competitors (Paul and Jack) and I, after waiting a few minutes on the tee, each played our first 2 shots on the long, dogleg right par-5 hole. After Paul and I had safely hit the green with our approach shots, Jack’s approach over a large tree in the right rough landed on the left apron of the green, spun down the slope and came to rest on a flat rock in the greenside water hazard. When inspecting the lie, Jack got his driver and began to measure 2 club-lengths from the yellow line in preparation to drop his ball. The Rules Official in the area informed Jack he was required to drop his ball behind the water hazard, because it was not a lateral water hazard. By now the group behind us was waiting to play their third shots. Jack obviously didn’t understand the difference between hazards (despite spectators advice) so the rules official informed him he was trying to keep him from being disqualified for a “serious breach” of the Rules. When Jack walked around to the official’s location looking in his Rules book the official referred him to Rule 26. His next question was “can I play 2 balls” (as in the case of Rule 3-3 Doubt as to Procedure)? The official’s answer was “if you do you will be penalized 2 strokes under Rule 6-7 Undue Delay!” The Rules Official observed Jack’s proper drop and left the area. Rather than proceeding to the putting green and completing the hole, Jack retrieved his driver,

measured again and dropped a ball. The Rules Official had returned to check pace and restated the 2 stroke penalty for a violation of Rule 6-7! Jack played the second ball on to the green. Realizing he intended to complete the hole with both balls, Paul and I proceeded to the next tee behind pace and Jack joined us later. Did the Rules Official handle the situation correctly or was he angry with Jack’s behavior and unjustly penalized him? Thank you, Derek Derek, from the details of your explanation, without hesitation, I assure you the Rules Official handled the situation correctly and there are two reasons that indicate he was not angry: 1) The fact his first remark was to make the player realize his intention was to prevent any action which could result in the player’s disqualification and 2) He gave the player a second chance to avoid the Undue Delay penalty. Actually, if he had been angry, he could have told the player if he putted both balls he could be penalized 2 more strokes under Rule 7 Practice... during play of a hole - because only the first ball was in play!! For your information, the possible disqualification discussion was because Jack’s situation was similar to USGA Decision 26-1/1 (page 421) - to summarize, if he drops and plays a ball on the green side, he incurs a penalty of one stroke under Rule 26-1. Furthermore, he would be guilty of a serious breach of that Rule. He must, under an additional penalty of two strokes, rectify the error as provided in the second paragraph of Rule 20-7c or be disqualified. In regards to the Undue Delay penalty, USGA Decision 3-3/2 (page 60) which deals with a similar situation states in part . . . where a referee gives the competitor a final decision . . . there is then no justification for the competitor invoking Rule 3-3 (Doubt as to Procedure), and he will incur a penalty of two strokes for undue delay (Rule 6-7).

April 26

AAA Sweep 1 - Four-Ball Championship Desert Willow Golf Resort-Firecliff, Palm Desert, CA Director of Golf - Darrell Souza, PGA RESULTS: T1: Mark Lamb and Henry Liaw, 68 T1: Ryan and Bobby Nickell and Ryan Citarella, 68

April 30

TPS Championship Rancho La Quinta Country Club, La Quinta, CA Head Professional - James Clay, PGA RESULTS: Brian Hughes, 135

June 1 - Aug 23

AAA Match Play Championship Redlands Country Club, Redlands, CA Head Professional - Paul Dietsche, PGA AAA Sweep 2 - Stroke Play Championship El Camino Country Club, Oceanside, CA Head Professional - Kurt Krause, PGA

June 28

AAA Sweep 3 - Apprentice/Assistant – Scratch Championship Tijeras Creek Golf Club, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Director of Golf - Ron Heslar, PGA

July 30

Assistant Championship Mission Viejo Country Club, Mission Viejo, CA Head Professional - Matt Viguerie, PGA

August 9

September 6

October 7-9


June 14

AAA Sweep 4 - Stroke Play Championship North Ranch Country Club, Westlake Village, CA Director of Golf - Mark Wilson, PGA AAA Sweep 5 - AAA Championship Glendora Country Club, Glendora, CA Head Professional - Jeff Templeton, PGA North South Cup Matches Aviara Golf Club, Carlsbad, CA Director of Golf - Renny Brown, PGA




25 33


the DATE


WOMEN’S SCPGA PLAY DAY 2 June 12 | Sunset Hills Country Club CLEVELAND/SRIXON PRO-SCRATCH CHAMPIONSHIP June 18 | Saticoy Country Club *The Professional-Scratch Championship is a Four-Ball stroke play event presented by Cleveland Golf/Srixon and teams consist of a PGA Professional and Amateur from the same facility. There is no qualifying necessary for this event. Registration closes June 14 at 4:30 p.m. and the field is limited to the first 120 participants. Entry Fee: $250

Club Car Professional-Official winners Blair Harkins and Alan Wozniak

WOMEN’S SCPGA PLAY DAY 3 July 13 | Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club NATIONAL CAR RENTAL SCPGA ASST. CHAMPIONSHIP July 30 | Mission Viejo Country Club *The top finishers from this event earn exemptions into the National Car Rental PGA Assistant Championship. This event is a 36 hole stroke play event played in one day. Eligible participants include A-8’s and eligible Apprentices. Entry Fee: $130 (entries must be submitted through the PGA of America or

WOMEN’S SCPGA PLAY DAY 4 August 8 | Lomas Santa Fe Country Club

TPS CHAMPIONSHIP April 30 at Rancho La Quinta Country Club


1 Brian Hughes, PGA West, -9, $1,900 T2 Chris Gilley, SeaCliff Country Club, -6, $1,300 T2 Barry Mahlberg, Stadium Golf Center, -6, $1,300

CLUB CAR PROFESSIONAL-OFFICIAL May 14 at Palos Verdes Golf Club 1 T2 T2 T2

Blair Harkins, Alan Wozniak, Rolling Hills Country Club, -9 Jerry Wisz, Joseph Slim, Alhambra Golf Course, -6 Mike Miles, David McKinnie, Virginia Country Club, -6 Matt Gibbens, Tim Barrier, Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club, -6

SCPGA MATCH PLAY CHAMPIONSHIP May 21-23 at Rancho San Marcos Golf Course Champion Runner-Up Semi-Finalist Semi-Finalist

Chris Gilley, SeaCliff Country Club, $1,100 Chris Starkjohann, Torrey Pines Golf Club, $700 John Milligan, Oakmont Country Club, $450 Mike Miles, Virgina Country Club, $450

SUMMER MEETING PRO-PRO SCRAMBLE June 4 at Wood Ranch Golf Club T1 T1 T1 T1 T1

Jeremy Okawa, Alondra Park Golf Course, Mickey Osugi, La Mirada Golf Course, -11, $1,135 Jon Fiedler, Las Posas Country Club, James Ley, Twin Lakes Golf Course, -11, $1,135 Ron Skayhan, Hillcrest Country Club, Ted Parker, California Country Club, -11, $1,135 Scott Heyn, Black Gold Golf Club, Phil Lopez, Woodland Hills Country Club, -11, $1,135 Brian Creps, Sepulveda Golf Course Adam Fox, GolfTEC, -11, $1,135

*PGA Professionals in Bold


TPS Championship winner Brian Hughes


CSO QUALIFYING - REDHAWK June 13 | Redhawk Golf Club CSO QUALIFYING - LA PURISIMA June 20 | La Purisima Golf Course CSO QUALIFYING - LOS SERRANOS June 26 | Los Serranos - South CSO QUALIFYING - OAK VALLEY July 2 | Oak Valley Golf Club CSO QUALIFYING - TUKWET CANYON #1 July 10 | Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon CALIFORNIA STATE OPEN July 16-19 | Morongo Golf Club at Tukwet Canyon *This is the 113th year of the California State Open and this year the Championship returns to a 72 hole format with a reduced field size as well. The 156 player field will consist of Past Champions, 2011 Top Finishers, 2011 & 2012 top Southern California PGA Professionals, top Southern California Amateurs and a host of open qualifiers. Visit for all the details. Entry Fee: $350 (exempt PGA Professionals)


Ric Moore and Supperintendent David Coote for their support and attention to detail that made this such a great event!


Eddie Merrins was honored May 14 at Bel Air Country Club with the first “Eddie Merrins Lifetime Achievement Award.” He was honored for his contributions to the game and business of golf, and the value he added to the many lives he touched throughout the years, especially while associated with Bel Air Country Club.


The Nissan Challenge Cup de Las Californias was conducted this past Friday, and Saturday at Ensenada’s Baja Country Club hosted by Patrick Shaw, PGA Head Professional. Friday’s ProAm was a great success with 19 teams each headed by a PGA of America Golf Professional, or a Mexico PGA Professional. The second member of each team was a U.S. golf industry sales representative, who were from TaylorMade Golf Company’s PGA Tour Dept., Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Mart, 18 Greens Clothing, Torrey Pines Group outing dept., or Count Yogi Golf Schools. The remaining team players were members from the Club de Golf Ensenada. After a hard fought 7th match, the Mexico team bowed to the Pros from the U.S., and incredibly, the first annual Nissan Challenge Cup de Las Californias came to a story book ending, with a tie, starting a truly grand tradition of golf competition in Ensenada, “We are using golf as a venue to build bridges, and relationships between two great countries, with awesome people.”



The beautiful Wood Ranch Golf Club played host to yet another great Summer Meeting and Pro-Pro Scramble. President Jeff Johnson introduced a new format to the meeting welcoming speakers surrounding a theme “Remembering the Past... Embracing the Future.” Thank you to all our speakers including Jerry Anderson, PGA Half Century Member, Josh Kelly, Level 1 Apprentice, Nikki Gatch, PGA Regional Player Development Manager, Ron Read, USGA, Bruce Williams, Past President of the GCSAA, Rafael Barajas, National Director of the GCSAA, Kevin Heaney, SCGA CEO, and Craig Kessler, SCGA Director of Government Affairs. Tom Addis III, PGA ,CEO and Executive Director of the SCPGA, introduced current section staff and discussed the new SCPGA headquarters building. He also expressed the importance of the Fall PGA Expo in Las Vegas and discussed the unique programs available. Awarded at the meeting with plaques for their years

of service were Half Century Members Jerry Anderson, PGA and Howie Johnson, PGA. A very special thanks to Wood Ranch Golf Club and PGA Head Professional



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