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Gulliver on hand to Launch Jam贸ige Crean Challenge preparations going well Castles Saunderson project restarts Check out all our Video links this month

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World Jamboree Review, P.20

“The open-air is the real objective of Scouting and the key to its success.” -Robert -Baden-Powell

Chief Scout’s Diary ge

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nd a e isla we h t s cros hat ar ting a pes for w e u Y o c ur ho d in s nths. r New t volve ot lose o ming mo ediscove u n i o e n o c n r c s o S o u t y f Let ms, in the ever and ew Year. ze them new drea red “ Chie h c a i l a ish e eful N t rea alize Prep ulfill f all w and peac e may ye zons & re e to “Be o can f the t s e r r i fi w r s a w I o u p s r h o e y a ethe ys on TMa , prosper in 2011 fold new and to pr d tog ul journe n y e n s a p v u e r p e f i v o t h el ha f yea cess time ours n’t ac ime o rk on suc t could ear is the ith within s i h Y fa mba s at t New ength & diate ties and e a r r t n i with the s rtuni from ew oppo y g r n e sh en reate A fre reams; c d new ing Trail. t u o Sc We need to further forge a Scouting Ireland that is responsive to all your aspirations and ensure that the structures we have focus on the delivery of these, to the highest standards. Together we can be proud of the successes, let us talk of the positives .The good deeds we have done, the legacy we are nurturing in our care, our involvement in a growing Movement, and so many individual achievements and events that will be remembered around campfires for years to come. Lest we forget those who have “Gone Home” - Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha dílse,


Chief Scout, Michael John Shinnick

Their memories and legacy will also live on in our hearts and minds.

These are my warm wishes for each and every one of you for 2012.

New is the year; new are the hopes and the aspirations, New is the resolution, and new is the spirit.

Chief Scout Michael J Shinnick.

ew or N s t Lawl n n i h o o Mr J The App r nt of ry 2012. t e d m t n n a n i ela Office appo 8th Janu at a rece r I e h t 2 g d e tin ve ounc ratifie t from Scou Executi leased to acnenr with effeecss and watinsg Ireland.l structurets f ffi s na ou yp roc Chie reland are iveefrExecutivgehOselectionmpmittee of Stche profeslsaiond, the farsttieme

e orou ading d ove ting I nt Co of Ch ing Ir bling Scou position owed a th nageme nge of le of Scout as evolve tion ena a a ll lle s h e to th tment fo ational M the cha eer team Ireland n organiz n e r g t i N e n n o m i app f the w assu he volu . Scout e a mod t o d ting o mee wlor will n sely with in Irelan to becom n o e l a o i g c L t rk sa ma Mr ill wo th organi ditional i w d an tra ou d its ing y grow s outlive ha and has conducted an extensive recruitment process to make sure that the candidate they have chosen is up to the task of leading Scouting Ireland. The Chief Scout young people to develop their character, went on further to say “I am confident physically, intellectually, emotionally, that this appointment of John Lawlor socially, and spiritually so that they will ensure that Scouting Ireland now may achieve their full potential and, as has both the leadership and the staff responsible citizens, improve society. to build on its existing strengths and Scouting Ireland now has 464 Scout develop new opportunities that will ensure Groups located throughout Ireland and future sustainability and growth of the is opening on average about 20 new association”. Scout Groups each year. Scouting Ireland’s Membership was 32,283 in 2004 and today it is standing at 42,668 an increase of some 30%.

Commenting on the appointment, the Chief Scout of Scouting Ireland, Michael John Shinnick, stated that he is “very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr John Lawlor. Scouting Ireland


Lawlor brings with him a wealth of experience gained previously working with Eircom as head of Customer Service-Corporate Business, and most recently as CEO and founding director of Bridge 21, a joint Venture between Trinity College Dublin and Suas Educational Development. Part of the work of this company was to develop an alternative

model for 21st Century Learning. This work will not be lost as he starts work with Scouting, which is a voluntary, non formal educational movement for young people. John brings with him an enterprising spirit, a passion for teamwork and a natural talent in leadership - all attributes that will stand him in great stead as he takes over in Scouting Ireland.

At the heart of it all, John is a Scout, active since his own teens having joined Scouting in 1967. He has held many adult leadership roles in Scouting. He has dedicated his life, through the Scouting Movement, to helping young people to fulfil their potential. He now brings his understanding of leadership development, teamwork and peerlearning back home to where it all started - Scouting Ireland.

Jamoige Media Launch Sunday 15th January saw the launch of the Jamoige event to the Media. The launch took place in the Council Chambers of Fingal County Council. Fingal County Council will be partners with Scouting Ireland in this project and the venue is Ardgillian Castle Demense. The launch started with some entertainment for the Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts who were in attendance from the various groups situated in Fingal Scout County. The entertainment included Gulliver himself and his cuddly friend along with a balloon artist. The theme of this year’s Jamoige is

Gulliver’s travels so it was appropriate that Gulliver was on hand to launch the event.

local Media of the event and the Jamoige team headed off to the Site to start preparations for this Summers event.

The launch was introduced by the Camp Chief David Kessie and speeches were given by both the Mayor of Fingal and the Chief Scout of Scouting Ireland Michael John Shinnick.

To view a video of the Launch click on the logo below

Both men mentioned how the cooperation all started when a delegation from Fingal County Council visited the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden earlier in the Summer. Also in attendance were County Commissioner of Fingal Scout County David Smith along with the Programme Commissioner(Beaver Scouts) Stephen Halpin, and Programme Commissioner (Cub Scouts) Annette Byrne. After the speeches pictures were taken for the


You can view more photos of the event on the Scouting Ireland gallery at the link below.


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e in th tro Star , it is re in a f o e file kw ge c a pro your lod r lodge. dboo PICE . e n l e a l v h a S f u le o we h nt. n yo Inte aver scouInt tellectual Star o a profi others i e mome t u e o b e h e l to d at th t the le ab In th cter for t a litt it usefu ts abou s Award a w r o a c ch find g fa cout to kn like you may terestin r chief S d l u n g he ow i time u wo If yo t lodge to kn d is doin t e g A n box. t way to leader a a e e r g g d a lo is a Star

- St tual

Profile of Star Age : 8 Likes : Mind Maps Puzzles Beaver Scouts Games Learning new things Quizes Dislikes : Not getting things right the first time. Favourite Game: Last Match

Star may not be the quickest on the sports field but she has a very quick brain and talks a few moments to think about a question and very often comes up with a very good creative answer. Star is able to take other people’s ideas on board and to encourage all of her lodge to speak up and then decide on the best idea. Star is very good at reviewing activities and summarising what happened at a log chew. Star is a very good lodge leader and has the respect of her lodge as well as the Elders. If Star is given a task , she will do it to the best of her ability or delegate it to the person in her lodge that she feels has the better talent to deal with the solution.


Favourite Food : Spaghetti Bolognaise Biggest Achievement : Captain of school quiz team. Level 2 Sailing. Nearly finished my Chief Scouts Award. Becoming a lodge leader. Before I sleep: Read a few pages of my book. Future: When I grow up I want to rule the world. Best Friend : Fionn ( he is so easy to get on with , he always supports me even if some of my ideas are wacky.

Read Star’s story below and them see if you can answer some of the questions? Did Star use her talents ? Did you see some of the other characters talents ? If so what were they ? Were you able to figure out some of the riddles ? One Morning the Fox Lodge set out for a walk up Hazel Tree Mountain. They packed lunch, and their survival kit and extra water in their back packs. As they went along they spotted some red deer and passed by a foxes

The puzzle of the missing Woggle One Morning the Fox Lodge set out for a walk up Hazel Tree Mountain. They packed lunch, and their survival kit and extra water in their back packs. As they went along they spotted some red deer and passed by a foxes den. When they got about half way up the mountain they decided to play a game of catch. Zena was ‘on’ first then Fionn, but just as Fionn was about to catch Star she stopped running and looked down at her neckerchief. “Oh Dear, I’ve lost my Woggle” she said. “ I think it rolled down that rabbit hole!”. Everyone ran over to where Star stood. Spike reached into the hole, to see if he could find her Woggle. “Oh MY Goodness” he said “This isn’t a rabbit hole, It’s way too Big down there. I think we’ve found a secret entrance to Concobhar’s cave”. Concobhar was an old elf that lived in a cave in Hazel-Tree Mountain. He was always nice to the children when they met him. He loved giving the children puzzles to solve. “We won’t fit in this way” said Casper.


“There’s a big entrance to the cave is over there past the river” said Spike. “First, we should ask Concobar if he wouldn’t mind us checking his cave for Stars’ woggle” said Moon. Star Jumped up and clapped her hands, “That’s a great idea! Concobhar will help, and maybe he’ll have a puzzle for us today. I love Puzzles”. “Okay let’s go” said Zena. When they reached the river they found a wooden bridge and were about to cross it when Tippy the Troll Jumped out and yelled at them “I’ve just built this bridge, and you can’t use it”. “But we need to get to the other side” said Star “I have to find my woggle”. “Well then, you should have asked first” Said Tippy angrily. “Please” said Spike “we didn’t know it was your bridge, and I was hoping to find Stars woggle soon, so we could sit down and have something to eat. I’m really Hungry”. ““Huh! I’m always Hungry” grumbled Tippy. “I’ll let you cross my bridge if you can tell me, what are the two things you can’t have for Breakfast?”

“No Problem” said Star “easy peasy”. However, as they all thought of all the food they had ever eaten, the children realised that really, they could eat anything they liked for Breakfast! “We could swim across” said Zena. “I don’t think so” said Star “ the rest of us are not as good at swimming, and the river is flowing pretty fast. Don’t worry we’ll figure out the answer . “I agree, it would be too dangerous” Said Fionn, “and we should be able to solve this riddle in no time. All we have to do is figure out what we have never had for Breakfast”. It was nearly one O’ clock and all this thinking about food was making Spike Hungry “I’m starrrrrrrrving. Can’t we have our lunch while we are thinking?” He asked. “That’s a good idea” said Zena “we need to eat to keep our strength up to help us think. They all sat down and began to eat. Just as they were finishing eating Star Jumped up “I’ve figured it out” she yelled “Ask me what I’m eating” she said with a great big Smile. “What are you eating?!” asked Casper laughing.

“My LUNCH !! “ Star turned towards Tippy the Troll “Is the answer “Lunch and Dinner?” “Oh! You are clever” said Tippy. “You are correct and may cross my bridge”. Cheering they all ran across the bridge. Star remembering that Tippy the Troll was always hungry, and Said “If you can tell me how many apples you can put in an empty box, I’ll give you that many apples”. “Well then” said Tippy “I would like one apple, because after you put one apple in the empty box, the box isn’t empty anymore”. “Very good” said Star “ Here is an apple, and thank you for letting us use your bridge”. Soon the six children found Concobar and the entrance to his cave. He was sitting on a tree stump scratching his pointy ears. Star explained what had happened to her woggle and asked if they could look in his cave for it. “Yes you may” he said “but before you enter the Cave , I have a few items to help you if you want them? A matchbox containing one match, an oil lamp, and a candle.


“That would be very kind of you” said Moon “No Problem”, Said the old elf with a twinkle in his eye “However, you can only have them if you can tell me which one you’ll light first? Think carefully as you’ll only get one guess”. This time Star knew the answer straight away, and she whispered it into Concobar’s ear. “Yes” he said “Star you are too good for my puzzles. You may take the items. Try looking in my bedroom, because something bounced off my ear and woke me up when I was having my afternoon nap”. “Thanks” said Star. “What was the answer?” asked Moon “the candle?” “Nope” said star picking up the match box “to light any of them you need to light the match first”. Using the oil lamp and candle they found Star’s woggle in Concobar’s bedroom just as he said. Star was very happy to have found her lost woggle. “What an adventure we’ve had” she said as they all began to walk home. “I wonder what’s for dinner” said Spike, and they all began to laugh and giggle.

Star’s Favourite Game

Scouter Zone

Last Match

Understanding Learning Objectives

Required: Box of wooden matches Instructions: Beaver Scouts in Lodges. Lay out a number of matches in a number of piles, as long as there is at least 2 matches in 2 piles. Each beaver scout takes a turn removing any number of matches from one pile. The beaver scout that is forced to remove the last match is out. The rest of the lodge continue to play. Repeat until there is only one lodge left. Alternative: The beaver scout that removes the last match is the winner of 1 point for their lodge.

What is a learning Objective ? A learning objective is a statement outlining the challenge within the SPICES so that we can encourage each youth member to achieve the aims of the association. Where did they come from. ? The Learning objectives came from RAP ( Renewed Approach to Programme) August 2004 - Educational Proposal – ascertained the needs and aspirations of young people in Ireland. The goals of Scouting Ireland were examined. October 2004 – Educational Trails - The Educational Trails Document was developed in respect of each of the areas of personal growth outlined in the aim of the Association, building on the Educational Proposal.

October 2005 – Learning Objectives – learning objectives were developed for each of the six areas of personal growth (SPICES) across the different stages of development. There were 36 learning objectives identified across the six stages of development. These are the Learning Objectives that Scouting Ireland has identified in the Area of Intellectual growth.

Intellectual Having the ability to create ideas, leading to a plan of action and carrying it through to its conclusion using common sense. Being able to plan and analyse and take on board the consequences of my actions. Having the ability to understand how a team works, and my role within it. Having the ability to evaluate a situation and follow instructions as appropriate.

1. Practical Abilities

3. Teamwork/Leadership

• • • • •

• • • • •

Analyse the information, match it to needs and wants Problem solving Memory Commitment Experimentation

2. Planning • Gathering information to lead to a plan • Organise the information into a plan • Set realistic targets • Put plan into action • Assessment, evaluation, critical analysis • Formulate next plan/targets

Working in teams Self-governance Leadership Follow instruction Communicate

These are adapted in the beaver handbook to be age appropriate challenges.

Chief Scouts Award, Mullingar

9 9

lace ook p ting t t c e e j e me n pro erso mber. Th ean d n n o u ece urop le Sa ders Cast ay 20thD Special E ting n e u h t a d s e of S sen e l ittee cil on Tue il staff, th nd repre van, t m s m c o li a Ca Coun nd Coun e Board en O’Sul derson. ng C teeri County i a s i un S r r m a e p a e lace ag ter ,D an le S f th r n t n v o e a s E r a a g en p M u y C n k t C s i f y t a n t a t o – e u n e A me chamber the Cou avan Co tional Tr Manager work has a y C , in the ttended b e Body, f Scout, N Gethins nd safety r a m a e a i was Program ; the Ch and Finb clearing d e n r n o e ffic Uni ing Irela , som ort O t eeks Scou site Supp ple of w p ou Cam he last c t r e Ov

on site to allow for building work to recommence. The main building work is scheduled to begin on 3rdJanuary 2012. The project has three main phases, main building, landscaping and planting. The priority at the moment is the main building, followed by landscaping and sowing of grass on the campsite area. It is envisaged that this will be complete by end of June weather permitting, followed by planting of trees and shrubbery by November.

10 10

There was some concern over some of the wooden beams and structures after so long left exposed, however indications are that these are all fine and the manufacturers have inspected them and are to report back. The Chief Scout made point of thanking Cavan County Council and all their staff for the dedication and effort they have put into the project to ensure that it restarted. The next meeting of the Steering Committee is due to take

place on 1stMarch. In the meantime, the council’s resident engineer and our own Castle Saunderson campsite manager will be onsite to ensure construction continues as per schedule.

Over the next number of months all updates and further information on the Castle Saunderson Project will be published here, or you can follow along on Twitter @SICasSaunderon or on

thing some be we e g n y ome o cha r. Ma ti tion t past yea p out at h t u i l d a o r l st a t abou o he r the Res s almo ur life fo maybe t t forget ith our r s i a t i o o r , Ye Year n living y und us o t we do n ontinue w a New o e r t h e New t a a s b t f u c n o le e ning t you hav the peop importa ary and m n i g e s i u o eb tha hat do, it f Jan icer t At th the way out w ore be n mise to he end o b a o t t u abo promise r we pro ns by t more ing m io e think s. Think It is s i r could Whatev ’s resolut . a bodie ? lthier r w Ye more New Yea year. e Ne s on our e us hea h t r a t mak do fo od h these r the nex ld all at the fo nough to o u f o n c pla be e t we cts th n tha d of affe t will not u f g a n ee ethin at ki Som t and wh he food w t a we e lly about fu care


very important that we exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Exercise can be very exciting and lots of fun. Why not exercise as a pack in Cubs once a week? Exercise does not have to just be running in circles but it can be having a game of football with your friends or playing with a skipping rope. Throughout this document there will be plenty of fun exercise ideas and exciting recipes that can be made at home. It will also include ideas for Cub meetings that will not only fun but great for the physical health and wellbeing of the Cubs. Happy 2012 from Elaine and the Cub Scout Programme Team


Making Hiking Fun! Another important aspect of exercise for children is to give them some sort of motivation to complete tasks, Eg. If you decide that the pack will use skipping ropes for a certain period of time and some of the boys are not too keen on participating, explain to them how vital skipping rope is for boxers. This increases their fitness and makes them very fit and strong. An exercise activity that can also be completed as a pack is some sort of a hike or nature trail. The length and difficulty of the hike or nature trail will

depend on the age group and also the ability of the group. As well as a hike providing the Cubs with physical exercise it is also a chance to make new friends and become more aware of nature. As we are Scouts, being outdoors is a central aspect to what we do. Although this might be true, sometimes the fun element of walks and hikes is forgotten. There are a number of ways that you can replace the fun in hikes and here are some ideas.

Exercise “Hike back in time” Only bring what was available to you 100 years ago. (Nothing processed or technology based)

“Trail greetings” Seen as it is bad for the environment to carve on trees, leave messages in the muck or sand.

If you come across a muddy patch of ground, compare footprints and see which one leaves the biggest print.

Document all of the prints (animal or human) with photos and drawings. Guess what footprint belongs to which animal and then research it when you get home.

Scavenger Hunt. Write down a list of things to look out for on the hike. The first person to find everything on the list is the winner.

Rain Art. Paint a picture and let it dry. Bring it out on the hike and if/when it rains, take the painting out of the bags and see what pattern the rain makes on the painting.

Improv. Poetry: Start off with giving one of the Cubs a line about hiking or Cubs and allow each Cub to add a line. Maybe a leader can document it and when they get back to their den, this poem can be written out and stuck up in the den and each Cub can sign beside the line that they wrote.

Continuing along with the idea of exercise, exercise the minds of the Cubs by having a spelling competition. Ask them to spell the words of things that they come across during the hike.

Footsteps. Pick a point somewhere along the trail and ask the Cubs to estimate how many steps it will take to reach it. The Cub with the closest estimation to how many steps it takes is the winner.

When we are organising exercise for kids, we really need to incorporate a fun element to each activity. Children that are the age of Cubs do not have the same drive for exercise as adults do. When adults exercise, we sometimes do it purely for the physical benefits that it will bring us. Cubs are looking for FUN, COMPETITIVE AND TEAM ORIENTATED

Obstacle Courses Set out a desired amount of room and then put out any combination of the following potential elements of an obstacle course.

Jump over a skipping rope 10 times

Try and swing the hoola hoop for 10 seconds

Put a pillow on the ground and jump over in 10 times

Dribble a basketball for 30 seconds

Run 30 metres with an egg/potato and spoon. (If you drop the egg/potato, go back to the start)

Bounce a tennis ball on a tennis racquet for 20 seconds.

Indoor: Put a clothes basket at the end of the course. Each member has to run up and put their shoes in and run back to the start. Then repeat except putting your shoes back on.

Put a skipping rope in a straight line on the ground and walk the length of the rope as if it were a tight rope.

Blow bubbles using a bubble solution and wand and burst them all. Balance on one foot for 10 seconds.


exercise. Almost as if they will not realise that they are exercising. This can be done in a number of ways and here you will find a variety of ideas that your Cubs will thoroughly enjoy.

Stand on a marked out spot and do 10 jumping jacks.

Throw beanbags or tennis balls into a basket from a distance.

Another variation of an obstacle course is if you write down what needs to be done on individual sheets of paper. All of the papers are then put into a bag. Give each team the same instructions in a bag. Give a bag to each team. Get each team member to form a line and then let the first person in the line choose a piece of paper. The person then has to complete that task and then continue with the remaining people in the team. This way, the orders in which the tasks are completed are different for each team.

Brain Exercising Another good New Year’s resolution would be promising to look after your brain. One way of doing this would be to exercise your brain, as if it were just another muscle. There are many ways to exercise your brain and most are very easy. By exercising your brain daily, you can ensure better mental functions for their future. To the right are four ideas that you could rotate on a weekly basis with a Cub Pack. They are also not very time consuming so they would barely interfere with the scheduled meeting. They can also be incorporated into the meeting as I am sure that the Cubs will really enjoy each activity.


**If we are hoping to increase the physical strength and fitness of the Cubs, we could also simultaneously exercise their mind. If you make sign posts explaining what to do at each stage of the course they will have to read it to know how to complete their task.

Memory exercises If you were to explain to the Cubs that you will be doing memory exercises I know that they would not be very enthusiastic. That is why we design exercises that are fun than a chore. By teaching the Cubs songs, dances etc they will be stimulating their brains without even realising.

Left Hand Writing (or Vice Versa) By trying to get the Cubs to write with the opposite hand that they would normally write with is extremely stimulating for their brain. If you give the Cub a simple cartoon drawing and ask them to copy it and only to draw one side with their pre dominant hand and the other with their “bad hand”.

Word Searches Word searches are enjoyable at any age but are particularly beneficial at a young age. A word search requires focus that would otherwise not be required.

Obstacle courses for the Brain Everyone is aware of physical obstacle courses. Mental obstacle courses are the same idea but involve a number of different mental activities. Eg. Doing a maths sum, then spelling a word, then doing a crossword, then a memory test etc.

Healthy Recipes Healthy Mini Pizzas Who does not enjoy pizza? Once you are able to make the base and the sauce you can add whatever healthy toppings that you enjoy. This recipe can be quite tricky, so make sure you make it with your parents or leaders. Serves 4-5 hungry cubs. (Mini Pizzas) Ingredients: For the base 500g of White Flour 1 tbsp of Olive Oil 350ml of Water 7g sachet of Yeast 1 tsp salt For the Tomato Sauce 2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes 100g of Tomato Purée Toppings Cheese (Whatever cheese you like) Sweetcorn Cooked bacon Peas (Frozen) Pineapple Pepperoni


Oat Pancakes


1. Make the dough in your breadmaker on the dough setting. It should take around 45 minutes, but timing will vary according to your machine. If you do not have a breadmaker, use tepid water and add all dough ingredients to a bowl and mix by hand. Then leave in a warm place for 40 minutes to rise. Take it out of the bowl, knead it again and then allow it to rise for 30 minutes and then roll out. 2. To make the tomato sauce, put the chopped tomatoes and tomato purée into a pan and bring to the boil and then simmer it for about 10 minutes to boil off the liquid. (Some people don’t like bits in the sauce so you can sieve it at this point if you like) 3. Preheat the oven to fan 200˚C. Divide the dough into 4-5 balls, dust with flour and roll out on a floured surface or directly on to your baking sheets if you have ones with no sides. Put some oil under the dough and then when you roll it out, the oil will form glue and make it easier to roll it out very thin. 4. Once the dough is on the sheets, spread a layer of tomato sauce over, then sprinkle with grated cheese and add the toppings of your choice. Bake for 15 minutes. 5. Remove the pizzas from the oven. If you like an extra crispy base, take them off the trays and put them back in the oven on the shelves for 5 more minutes.

Pancakes can be enjoyed at any time of year, especially when they are this healthy and tasty. Why not get up a little bit earlier at the weekend and make a really exciting breakfast? They are a great treat, especially when they are served with some fresh fruit and yoghurt. Ingredients: 110g of Oats 110g of Flour 2 Tbsp of Sugar 2 Tsp of Baking Powder 1 Tsp Salt 2 eggs, lightly beaten. 350ml of milk Method: 1. Combine the Oats, Flour, Sugar, Baking Powder, Salt and Eggs in a big bowl. Stir until combined, it’s ok if there are a few lumps in it. 2. Put a small amount of oil in a non-stick pan and add a ladle full of batter. Cook over a medium heat. When bubbles start to rise to the top of the batter, flip the pancake and cook until golden brown and cooked all the way through.

3. Serve with whatever you enjoy to have with your pancakes. Suggestions for serving: Strawberrys Raspberries Maple Syrup Bananas Peanut butter Yoghurt Raisins

Chicken Nuggets Although chicken nuggets are tasty, they are not always very good for your health. Substitute the everyday chicken nuggets for this healthy and speedy alternative. Serves 4. Ingredients: 55g of Breadcrumbs 2 Tbsp of Parmesan Cheese Pepper (To taste) 1 egg white 1 pound of Chicken fillets, cut into bite size pieces Method: 1. Put the breadcrumbs, cheese and pepper in a plastic bag. (Make sure the bag has no holes in it) 2. Put the egg white in a large bowl. Add the pieces of chicken and mix until the chicken is well coated in the egg. 3. Take the chicken from the bowl and put it in the bag. Close the bag, and constantly keeping one hand on the bottom of the bag, gently shake until the chicken is evenly coated in breadcrumbs.



Coat a tray in cooking oil and add the chicken. Preheat the oven to 200˚ and cook for 12-15 minutes, turning half way through the cooking time.

*Ensure that the chicken is fully cooked by cooking though the thickest piece of chicken and making sure that the chicken is no longer pink. Serving Suggestions: Marie Rose sauce (Tomato ketchup and mayonnaise combined) Sweet Chilli Sauce Lemon Wedges Barbeque sauce

12 Days of Christmas This year the 12 Days of Christmas was a great success. This year more groups than ever took up the opportunity to fundraise for their own Groups. The total raised by all the groups that took part in the fundraiser was in excess of €530,000. All money raised goes directly to the provision of Local Scouting. The winners this year were spread from Cork to Donegal and from Dublin to Mayo. For a full list of all winners you can click on the link below. So if your group didn’t take part this year maybe make it a plan to take part in 2012?


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(2) ACID RIVER You must cross an area crossing on the protruding poles and you must cross the “acid river” without falling in.


(5)Cargo net. You have to traverse across the net without touching the ground (6) Tyre Plank A tyre is suspended you have to crawl along the plank through the tyre to the poll. (7) Postman’s walk A relatively simple traverse crossing on a cable involves

tightropes, negotiating their way through different obstacles. Each member of the team will gradually find themselves expanding their comfort zones and recognising fears that may block their personal achievement. Most elements of the course will require team-mates to actively support and encourage oneanother. (1) Vine Walk The object involves traversing the foot cable by using only the hung vine like ropes.

maintaining foot contact with the bottom cable and hand contact with the top cable.

(3)The Port Hole You must move through this imaginary porthole of a sinking ship. (4) Swing traverse A gruelling element where you have to cross via swinging foot swings.

(8) Bosun’s chair You have to pull yourself up to the tree, using the rope. (9) Wobbly ladder You have to cross the bottomless chasm, along the wobbly ladder, without falling into the chasm. For Further Details Contact : T: (+353).58.54322 F: (+353).58.54308 Email:

Adventure Skills Assessment dates

Adventure Skills Assessment dates for 2012 have been announced as follows:

Air Activities Date




28th Jan

Waterford Airport - 10am


24th Mar

Sligo Airport



Paddling Date




21st - 22nd Apr



19th May



2nd - 3rd Jun



7th - 8th Jul



1st - 2nd Sep








24th - 26th Feb







23rd - 25th Mar



24th Mar

SEProvince - Stages 7,8,9


14th - 16th Apr



26th May

Dublin Province - Stages 7,8,9 TBC


Rowing Contact





Mellary/St Pauls - Stages 7,8,9 TBC

24th Mar

Howth - Stages 8,9


Larch Hill - Stages 7,8,9


21st Apr

Howth - Stages 8,9



19th May

Howth - Stage 7




7th Jan 5th Feb


12th Feb Portlick - Stages 7,8,9


Hill Walking Date








23rd - 25th Mar Wicklow - Stages 7,8,9


14th - 15th Jan

Dublin - Stage 9


9th - 11th Nov


11th - 13th May

Killaloe - Stage 7, 8


22nd - 24th Jun

Killaloe - Stages 3, 4, 5, 6



Wicklow - Stages 7,8,9


lenge Chal ut group n a e Cr sco e in the Balinteer nd. The e g s t n n e a eke war 5th cip all h parti mber. 11 r the we re not a end. e C h t o e n ece d for ey w ing week ase f the eken and 4th D as our b and if th Crea e nd a w from m r g n n d e e n o i e n d e s train on 2 r scout d to Balint e a very innboga eet the cond ok place e ,m rF hei ng ob s e Th use t ay eveni s going t uðmundu to visit us n to o o t i t i s d d a r i u Expe allowed ed on Fr ed this w uced to G ame ove land. rip c d e s iv y i l r l c o y r I r d l the t a t a n d r e o n i t r i n s o k i t f t y e r k l n r d e g. ho we epa uick cipa equir y plannin r parti y, they q ticipants n (BIS) w re they d r a e d io fo ar ietar nal g alrea all the p Associat ilities be erso elp with d p b t y d l a u t n h Firs dic Sco ss their ent a d to e n uipm as aime q e Icela and ass n ion w ts ion o scou cuss ing sess s i d open follow d an les. The a h We examp using

dat p U :

Aisling (our dietitian) kept this session very relevant and interactive. Prior to commencing route planning and completing the route card for Saturday’s hike the patrols were required to use their recently acquired knowledge and plan their food for the weekend and some of Scouters headed off for a trip to the 24 hour supermarket. Based on a list of key grid references all scouts completed their own route for the following days hike. It was an early rise on Saturday (6am) when we set off to the Dublin Mountains just minutes from our base at Balinteer.

18 18

and proved to be extremely relevant and I believe will stand to all to help us cope with potentially stressful situations and help us avoid conflict.

It was not long before we were on the steep incline towards Three Rock Mountain. The expedition patrols had breakfast at 8am on the summit of Three Rock in the shelter of a pine forest. We continued from Three Rock to Fairy Castle and on to the Dublin Mountain Way returning to Larch Hill for lunch. Lunch was inhaled by the troop after which we were treated to graphical presentation on winter mountaineering from Alun Richardson of Mountaineering Ireland. Alun imparted expert advice on how to prepare, plan, for and keep warm for and in extreme winter conditions. Following the presentation, Alun demonstrated how to wear harnesses correctly and how to rope up for line walking. The final aspect of the programme in Larch Hill involved a brief conflict resolution and awareness training session. This session was prepared and delivered by Ollie Keogh

At approximately 5pm a ravenously hungry troop departed Larch Hill on foot, looking forward to the chicken curry waiting for us back at base. Back in Ballinteer after the most amazing curry we were had the pleasure of a visit from Brendan O’Brien (Tom Crean’s Grandson) who kindly visited us to talk about Crean, Scott and Shackelton. He imparted some key advise to the scouts and gave an incite into some of the challenges the Antarctic explorers faced. The scouts had numerous questions for him which he answered very comprehensively.

The scouts got the rest of the night to chill and watch a DVD. Needless to say after the hectic schedule, four hours of sleep and an 18km hike it was bed early for everybody. Sunday morning began with a detailed session on expedition log books, “how to do an Expedition log book”. It is very important that then log book serves to act as a record of the individual’s journey, a memoir for years to come and a vehicle to record personal progress through out their expedition journey. Given the extreme environment that scouts will find themselves in we felt some emergency and first aid training would be appropriate. First aid training with a focus on the outdoors, hypothermia, and frost bite was held on Sunday morning. The session highlighted the dangers associated with extreme weather and thought the skills to help avoid and treat these

dangers. This session will definitely be very important in preparation for and in participation in the main event in February 2012. The final aspect of the training weekend was a personal progress review with their mentors, where training plans were refined and personal challenge’s finalised. It was a very challenging weekend, which will help the scouts focus on their goals to ensure they are prepared for the main expedition in February 2012. There was a huge amount of resources required to run this training weekend. I would like to thank Dermot, Mags, Dave Shalloo, Eoin, Kelley, Conor OShea, Gummi, Brian, Tara, Stephen, Aisling, Ollie, and Dave Batt for their commitment, professionalism and help. Conor McKeon Programme Commissioner (Scouts)

19 19

Inside the bottle contained the positives from the Jamboree. We bottled the Irish Spirit to give to the next contingent at the World Jamboree in Japan in 2015. The Chief accepted a gift of a bonsai tree from John Lawlor the contingent leader and will proudly pass on this tree to the next Irish contingent team.

World Scout Jamboree Review Day The Scout motto is be prepared and nobody can argue the preparation that was put in place for the Irish contingent to the World Scout Jamboree. Planning takes place almost instantly the location is announced. The contingent team, all adult volunteers gave up several of their weekends to make the voyage a success for the youth travelling. One Scouter described “it was over in a heartbeat” but to the Scouts that attended they spoke of “friendships that will last for life” and the “amazing experience” they encountered from the fortnight camp. It’s more than just a jamboree. The team planned for over two years organising Patrol Leader Camps and opportunities for Scouts to meet each other before travelling to Rinkaby, Sweden.

More pictures will be available shortly by going to the Scouting Ireland Photo Gallery, click on link. This month the contingent reunited at Larch Hill to attend a workshop to discuss their likes and dislikes of the World Jamboree both pre planning to touchdown in Dublin airport, tired, emotional and exhausted. Adults and youth praised the preparation before the event and admired the green apparel, patrol names and neckers which were the most sought after necker at the World Jamboree. The Irish House and the Quest was loved by Scouts from every corner of the globe. The feedback was open and honest with the team requesting high quality rain jackets for future jamborees and others questioning why all the Scouts could not travel on the same plane to Sweden. After lunch there was time to repeat a jamboree favourite… The Irish Flash Mob! Even the Chief joined in with the dancing! The day closed with a symbolic message. The negative comments were torn to make a bed for a big green bottle.

20 20

For those who want to relive some of the memories click on the link below of a presentation made by Susan from the Communications team

World Jamboree Video Voxbox As part of the review day on the World Scout Jamboree held recently in Larch Hill. The communications team armed with the Video Camera asked the Troop Leaders, Patrol Leaders and CST a series of questions. What was your highlight? Best memory? What did it mean to be an Irish Scout, and to be part of the Irish Contingent? To hear what they all had to say you can view the video at the link below

Venture Scout Reaches Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro This photo features Shane Hoare, a venture scout with the 9th Wicklow, Port of Arklow Sea Scout Group. He is flying the World Scout Flag from the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro. Shane flew to Tanzania on his 16th birthday, the same day news arrived of his successful Chief Scout Award.

The climb was a school lead charity fundraiser and he managed to raise over €2100 for the Children’s Hospital Crumlin in the process. At the moment Shane is training hard for the Art O’Neill Challenge, a 55kms trek from Dublin Castle to Glenmalure, Co Wicklow.

Camp North East booking up Fast! The plans for Camp North East are already coming together quickly. The camp which takes place in Portlick Camp Site from Friday 4th to Monday 7th May is quickly booking up. Scouts, Ventures and Rovers from all over the North Eastern Province have been preparing for the camp which will no doubt be a success. The theme for the camp is “Through the World in 80 Ways”. This theme will become evident throughout the whole camp, from the sub camps to the daily programme. A lot of work has been done on putting together a challenging and exciting programme that will keep the scouts busy over the weekend.

Plenty of subcamp program and evening entertainment have been planned to make sure everyone attending is having fun and are busy getting to know everyone from the Province. Making sure that all attendees meet others from the province is one of the key aims for the organisers of the camp. The cost of the camp is €40 for participants(scouts, ventures and rovers) and €20 for leaders and staff. This includes camping fees, all activities and a camp souvenir. Bookings can be done by sending a booking deposit of €20 per participant to “North Eastern Province” The Quaterdeck, West Pier, Howth, Co. Dublin . For more information on the camp check out or email See you there!


Adventure Skills The Quest of a Lifetime

News from The Adventure Skills Hillwalking Team The Adventure Skills Hillwalking Team ended 2011 with our first National Conference entitled ‘Hillwalking is for everyone’, and this will be our catch phrase as we enter 2012. As part of the ‘Plan-Do-Review’ process of the ONE Programme, the conference allowed us a midpoint review of the rollout of the Hillwalking Adventure Skill to date. At this point we believe the first rush of assessments is now over and the focus of the team will shift towards training and further training whist still providing the platform for assessment. The other key element of the 2012 rollout is the provision of structured training to allow groups and counties to run their own Hillwalking skills training and assessments at local level. As we stating that ‘Hillwalking is for everyone’ our first aim is to encourage involvement at all levels. We are well aware of the different levels of ability within the wider Scouting Community


realise that a single programme is not appropriate so we have developed a number of different ‘spurs’ to allow the youth members and Scouters to work on the one that suits their current level of ability. To view all the Programmes been supported check out the link below.

Quest was one of the Programme Zones on last year’s World Scout Jamboree in Sweden. As it turned out Quest was the most popular Zone at the event. On entering Quest you entered a reality where you visited worlds from different eras in time. Within each of the world’s the patrol took part in physical activities, with games to test your mind and games to help you meet others. One of the main attractions was the Commando course which had you run through the forest, climb over trees and

explore “caves”. This Zone was built by a team of members from Scouting Ireland headed by Christy Mc Cann. For a review of what it was like to take part in the Quest Zone a Norwegian Scout donned a head camera and ran the course in a time of 4 minutes filming his every move. This makes great viewing and for anyone who did take this challenge it will bring it all back! To view the video click on the link below.

mp d Ca



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from n an 13km w t s o u j land e. on D psite e h Re of Ire g e u r m t o m n L e f of Co Ca the c res o to 60 Ha and k o n i h c s d i e l ower cent n the locat Por t ght o it is adja l toilet, sh te is i i r s n p l d m tio a an ca h fu lick C nic lo available pace wit e c Port e. S s tiful ace n oor beau mping sp re is ind Athlo a s e a a h th s of c psite psite Cam 2 hectare the cam e h T . d. On e is 2 Ther woodlan ies. c lit publi out faci g n dryi

On site Programme includes Canoeing, Sailing, Crate Stacking, Archery, Aerial runway and climbing wall to name a few. • Weekend Camps (20 person minimum) • Scouts and Cubs weekend camping Water Activities, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Archery, Aerial runway, crate stacking, orienteering, pioneering. Many more field sports. • Fully qualified instructors • Cost of camp for the weekend €30 per scout/cub • Maximum number 300 • Leaders €10 • €10 per person deposit


• An opportunity for groups to avail of other activities on or off the campsite. • Price per scout/cub €60 Leaders €20 • Deposit €20 per person • Camps June ,July, and August.

For Bookings Contact • • • • •

Book early to avoid disappointment. Value Camps 6 nights camping 2 days water and archery activity for groups of 20 up to a maximum of400 Great opportunity for county camps or joining with another scout troop for a fun camp. Full programme of activities for two days with fully qualified instructors

John Butler 5 Montree Abbey Road Athlone E-mail: Telephone: +353 9064 74515 Mobile +353 87 688 5279

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nts l eve a b o l ize yg 2011 on man lly organ t h t i a essfu SM w rld ces tive n c r WO d to succ d the Wo ld a o e f l r p a g e n s e g a y a o n Wor l n Seve SM retr onally a crucSiacouting umtaYouth Foreumin Swede’. n. ar O tituti ar, World rld Sco Jambore f Peace m the ye W s n i a o s o o t cou M fr 1 wa he W he ye gers r 201 During t Events, t e World S ‘Messen s at WOS a e y . t The itiatives d Scout l, and th itiative, lopmen in e rl in zi and large Wo e in Bra flagship and dev c s s t n t e i n e e fer thr hed key eve t Con aunc Scou ing also l ry of the a t Scou s a summ The Youth Forum presented a set of i . Here ssed by 25 recommendations to the World pa that Scout Committee as a result of their discussions. Click here to download the report of the 11th World Scout Youth 1. The 11th World Scout Youth Forum. Forum, Blumenau The 11th World Scout Youth Forum 2. The 39th World Scout was held at Hotel Vienna Park in Blumenau, Brazil, from 3-6 January Conference, Curitiba 2011. The Forum attracted a total The 39th World Scout Conference of 181 participants from 66 National was held from 10-14 January 2011 in Scout Organizations from all six Curitiba, Brazil. The Conference was WOSM Regions. For the first time hosted by the União dos Escoteiros do in the history of World Scouting, Brasil (the Brazilian Scouts Association) the Forum was broadcast live on and was attended by 918 participants the web site. In 4 days, the Forum from 138 countries. The theme of the live-streaming page was visited over Conference was ‘Leaders of Innovation’. half a million times. The participants The World Scout Conference is the discussed and deliberated on governing body (general assembly) topics and issues related to of World Scouting, and is composed World Scouting built around two of all its members, the National Scout themes: Youth Empowerment; and Organizations (NSOs). Scouting a Worldwide Movement. The Conference also elected 6 new members for the World Scout


Committee who joined the six elected from the previous Conference in Korea (2008) to form the new Committee for the following triennium (2011-2014). The World Scout Committee is the executive body of WOSM and is responsible for the implementation of the resolutions of the World Scout Conference and for acting on its behalf between each Conference (every three years). There were a total of 30 resolutions passed at the Conference in Brazil last year and the next one will be held in Slovenia in 2014. The Conference report from Brazil is available on-line.

3. 22nd World Scout Jamboree, Kristianstaad

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree took place from 27 July to 7 August 2011 in Kristianstad, Sweden. With over 40,000 Scouts (14-17 year olds) from 146 countries in attendance, this was the biggest World Scout Jamboree

in the history of World Scouting. The theme of the Sweden Jamboree was ‘Simply Scouting’. Approximately 8000 International Service Team members (adult volunteers from across the world) helped to deliver the Jamboree programme for the Scouts. The programme proposed a wide variety of activities and also placed great importance on the way the young people took part in everything by offering them wide interaction with other participants and real participation in the daily life on their campsite. The Jamboree in Sweden was followed extensively by people across the world via the Jamboree website and the social media feeds. Join In Jamboree activities were developed for those who could not come to Sweden but wished to live the experience through smaller camps organized at their own locations across the world.


Continuing from recent Jamborees, WOSM ran a World Scout Centre showcasing all its work to the participants and visitors. In partnership with the Swedish Guide and Scout Council, WOSM jointly organized a one day international conference Keeping Children Safe From Harm which included several workshops to share Scouting’s contribution to Child Protection. The next World Scout Jamboree will take place in Japan in the year 2015.

4. ‘Messengers of Peace’ – WOSM’s new flagship initiative

On 28 September 2011, WOSM’s flagship initiative, the ‘Messengers of Peace’, was officially launched in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. ‘Messengers of Peace’ is a WOSM global initiative supported by the World Scout Foundation and has two elements: the ‘Messengers of Peace’ Global Network and the ‘Messengers of Peace’ Support Fund. The Global Network is the tool for connecting Scouts. Using social media, the Network allows Scouts to showcase their service projects and meet online to share their ideas, tell their stories and work together to build peace in their communities. The ‘Messengers of Peace’ Support Fund will provide financial support to service projects and Scouting initiatives around the world. The Fund enables Scouts in poorer countries to implement the types of vital projects that can change communities. It also supports project management capacity building for NSOs and Regional Offices. Over the next 10 years, the initiative has the potential to reach 20 million Scouts. Click here to know more about ‘Messengers of Peace’ and for updates and latest developments on the initiative.


5. 54th JOTA and the 15th JOTI

The 54th Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) and the 15th Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI) took place on 1516 October 2011. Annually JOTA-JOTI takes place on the third weekend of October, during which hundreds of thousands of Scouts and Guides from across the world talk to each other from an Amateur Radio Station and/ or using Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The theme of this year’s event was “Peace, Environment and Natural Disasters”. Educational activities were prepared with the aim of helping participants to think, discuss and act on these issues. JOTA-JOTI is also an opportunity for everyone to discover and experience new projects and new programmes from NSOs across the world and make new friends. However, the impact of such sharing of experiences is much wider than can be documented through a formal report. One such example is how this year’s theme led to our partnership with Shelterbox, an international disaster relief charity, who contributed to the creation of education materials for the event and helped train many Scouts on skills required during a response to natural disasters. The activities included a very exciting simulation game ‘Earthquake in

Scoutonia’ to simulate, as realistically as possible, a chaotic situation in the aftermath of an earthquake. Scouts from Turkey registered a very high number of participants for JOTA-JOTI (as has been norm in recent years from Turkey). Not only due to coincidence, Scouts from Turkey (alongside Portugal and Malaysia) took the lead for the simulation exercise. What happened a few weeks later was rather unfortunate, but the Scouts made a positive contribution in a challenging situation: Turkey experienced a horrible earthquake 3 weeks after the JOTA-JOTI. Through the NSO, Shelterbox instantly were able to mobilize the same Scouts who participated and got trained during JOTA-JOTI and the Scouts straightaway got into action, being prepared, as they were.


6. New appointments at the World Scout Bureau, Geneva

The World Scout Bureau (Geneva) has strengthened its team with the addition of new members in various strategic roles to support the work of the secretariat of the World Scout Movement. During the year, a number of job openings were announced and the following candidates were given charge for the responsibilities mentioned below after due process: • Mr. Bruno Chambardon, Director, Communications & External Relations • Mr. Peter Illig, Director, Global Projects Management • Mr. Patrik Hedljung, Director (Interim), Global Projects Management • Ms. Abir Koubaa, Project Assistant, Global Projects Management Team • Mr. Tirumale Venugopal Srinath, Senior Unit Manager, External Media and External Relations Finally, at the end of the year, WOSM Secretary General Luc Panissod announced he had decided to retire at the end of 2012 to give the opportunity for younger blood to take up the top position at the WOSM secretariat.

7. WOSM partnerships and institutional relations

The year 2011 included two very important global multilateral initiatives which hold significance to WOSM’s core areas of work: the International Year of


the Youth (IYY – 12 August 2010 – 12 August 2011) and the International Year of Volunteering + 10 (IYV+10 – 2011). WOSM collaborated with various bilateral and multilateral agencies (including UN Agencies), other youth organizations (especially partners in the Alliance of Youth CEOs: WAGGGS, YMCA, YWCA, IFRC and IAA), civil society partners and NSOs to give a strong impetus to the above two initiatives. WOSM had its strong presence at several key events organized by our valued partners, notably the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations (New York, October 2011), the 17th Conference of Parties – COP 17 (Durban, South Africa, November-December 2011), and UNESCO International NGO Day (Paris, 5 December 2011). WOSM continued to support our annual joint ventures with partners for the Clean Up The World (with UNEP), Earth Hour (WWF), World Day Against Child Labour (ILO-IPEC), International Volunteers Day (UNV) and the International Women’s Day. Specific bilateral joint initiatives this year were seen with UNICEF through the presence of Dr. Susan Bissell (chief of Child Protection, UNICEF) as the keynote speaker at the Conference on Keeping Children Safe From Harm on 1 August 2011; Shelterbox for the JOTA-JOTI; and a joint promotion for UNHCR’s ‘the 1 campaign’ to raise awareness about refugee displacement.

The year ahead

This year (2012), there will be a Regional focus in WOSM, following up on the global events and initiatives last year, with the first in the triennial series of Regional Scout Conferences. As the triennium moves on, the World Scout Committee and the World Scout Bureau will further extend their support to fulfill the needs and wishes of member NSOs, especially those expressed in

the Conference Resolutions from Brazil. Several formal and informal working groups are already working hard to ensure that 2012 turns to be an exciting and active year for World Scouting. Here is wishing everyone a very happy new year 2012 from members of the World Scout Committee, the Secretary General and staff of the World Scout Bureau and its Regional Offices.


WOSM Membership Report Released Check out how Scouting Ireland’s membership growth compares with other countries in the European Region

World Jamboree 2015

The interview panel will consist of;

Scouting Ireland would like to invite applications from Scouters for the position of Contingent Leader to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree, Japan 2015.

• International Commissioner (Chairperson) • Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme) • WSJ 2007 Scouting Ireland Contingent Leader.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send a letter of application and CV outlining your scouting experience and any other relevant experience you fell will assist you in discharging the duties of Contingent Leader to the International Commissioner, Scouting Ireland, National Office, Larch Hill, Dublin 16. Applications can also be emailed to and should be received by 17:00 on Friday 27th January 2012. The job specification for Contingent Leader can be found HERE Applications will be assessed for suitability against Contingent Leader Specification and interviews where appropriate will be arranged in person/via Skype.


The International Commissioner will nominate the successful candidate to the NMC for final ratification.

Recruiting Programme Commissioner (Rover Scouts) A vacancy exists for the position of Programme Commissioner (Rover Scouts) to be filled at the next National Management Committee meeting on 28th January 2012. Nominations to the National Secretary are receivable by a Group Council or a County Management Committee or by any member of the National Management Committee. For nomination forms and more detail Click the link. The closing date for receipt of nominations is 5pm on Friday 13th January 2012. Nomination forms can be emailed to, faxed to 014956301 or posted to National Office.

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Scouting Ireland is always trying to develop and evolve the systems that we offer to support all adults in Scouting. With this in mind, we’re now happy to launch an Out of Hours Child Protection phone service for all registered adults in Scouting. OUTSIDE NORMAL OFFICE HOURS, for any child protection needs, please call: for the Republic 01 5547480 for Northern Ireland 028 95680080

I am therefore writing to inform you that I have decided, in full agreement with the World Scout Committee, to step down from my position as Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement on 31 December 2012, until which date I will assume all my responsibilities as defined in the WOSM Constitution. I have devoted a lot of time, energy and passion to Scouting during the past thirty years but I honestly believe that Scouting has given me much, much more!

Out of Hours Phone Service for Child Protection issues

The time to celebrate my departure will come in due course and until then I wish you all an enjoyable Scouting year 2012. Yours in Scouting. Luc Panissod
Secretary General WOSM

Your call will be charged as if to a normal Dublin or Belfast landline. When you dial during evenings or weekends, your call will automatically be diverted to an on duty “Designated Person”. These DP’s are all adult members of Scouting Ireland, who have undertaken Designated Person training both internally with Scouting Ireland, and externally from the National Youth Council of Ireland. Please remember that you still have the existing options open to you:

Child Protection Officer at National Office 01 4956300 (office hours) Your Local Garda / Police Station (If you believe a child is currently in immediate danger). This new service is an additional resource if you have child protection concerns outside office hours & would like someone to talk to.

Website of the Month The Organising team for the World Scout Moot are continuing to add information to their website www. The World Scout Moot is international gathering of Scouts between 18 and 25 years of age and the 14th World Scout will be held for the first time in Canada on August 8-18 2013. With an exciting programme based in the cities of Ontario, Montreal and QuĂŠbec and the wilder places of the Canadian countryside, this event is not to be missed. Up to 5,000 participants will enjoy the event, which has been run around the world in differing forms since

32 32

Top Tweets Baden Powell inaugurated it in 1931 in Kandersteg, the home of international Rovering. Scouting Ireland will be putting together a contingent of Rover Scouts and young Scouters in 2012 to attend this prestigious event, which alongside the World Scout Jamboree, is the highlight of the world Scouting calendar. Members over 26 may volunteer to be part of the International Service team. Any queries can be sent to rovermoot@

Are you following us on Twitter. If Not why Not. You can follow us @ScoutingIreland Below are just a few tweets from during the month. You can view all tweets on so register on the site and join in.�

Province News 29th Belfast Group Panto 29th Belfast - Beavers Christmas Party

On 10th December 2011 our group went to see Aladdin at the Waterfront Hall Belfast. This included 134 Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts and leaders. Everyone including the leaders had a great time. ( Oh Yes we Did…) The cast members took sometime out after the show to meet and great our youth members including lots of high fives.

The 29th Belfast Beaver Scouts finished up on Tuesday with a traditional end of season Christmas Party. To get into the party spirit the beavers came dressed to impress. We had snow ball fights made Christmas tree decorations with lots of glue and glitter. The Beavers played pass the parcel wrapped courtesy of Christina Murray who also made up the party bags including one extra for Owen our Venture helper. Dara entertained the group with some Christmas songs on his tin whistle. The night finished the Hokey Cokey…. singsong led by Siobhan.

33 33

NB: Reminder Beaver Scouts have to go to bed early to be ready for the arrival of Santa…..ho ho ho…. On behalf of 29th Belfast Scout Group we would like to wish all Scouts a very special Happy Christmas.

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g outin

Scouting Ireland – National Council Elections Policy In the last numbers of years it has become apparent that there is a need for the Association to put in place a Policy that governs elections to assist both candidates and delegates. Scouting Ireland believes in democracy and its importance to the governance of the association and with this in mind the Association will afford

Founder’s Day

President, Michael D. Higgins


Founder’s Day is celebrated on the 22nd February to mark Baden Powell’s birthday. There are a number of things to celebrate Founder’s day but all should have elements that link back to Baden Powell himself. The best ways to do this linking is through the symbols that we associate with him. The most important one is the “Promise and Law” as this was a cornerstone in Baden Powell’s vision of Scouting. Other things could include a “Scouts Own” or some symbols associated with him like a BP hat, Kudu horns and wood beads to name

candidates or potential candidates with assistance on letting the members of Scouting Ireland know a bit of background on candidates, reasons they are standing for the position etc. To view the full range of proposals included in the policy check out the link below

a few. Scouting Ireland’s Founders Day provides a wonderful occasion to re-establish contact with former Scouts and re-introduce them to Scouting, either in an active or supportive capacity. The day is also a great opportunity to introduce and in many cases re-introduce the local community to a modern Scouting Association in Ireland. For youth members the Founders Day is seen as a great way to renew your Scout Promise. So what are you doing for founders day? Send us in a short article and a picture or new after your event. For ideas on what your section can do on founders day check out the founder’s day pack at the link below.

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Fellowship Gathering The committee organising next years fellowship gathering in Cork for Guiding and Scouting tell me that inquiries are come in very nicely with requests from all over Europe and as far a field as Australia and South America. The gathering which will be based at the Montenotte Hotel will cater for over two hundred. It is thirteen years since the last gathering was held in Ireland and the venue on that occasion was Dublin.


Scouts help in Christmas Tree Collection Local residents may have spotted members of 80th Cork out in force recently in a community recycling initiative, collecting shedding Christmas trees from residents in Little Island and Glounthaune. The first group of scouts, venture scouts and leaders met at the Scout Hall at 9.30am and organised

themselves into two collection teams. The first visiting estates in Little Island during the morning and the afternoon crew whet further a field and collected in bright sunshine in Glounthaune. As the groups of scouts moved from door to door where grateful residents said they were delighted and impressed this scouting community initiative. The scouts enjoyed this community-based activity and enthusiasm is already driving plans to collect trees again next year. The 80th Cork group would like to express their gratitude to all residents for their support!

Province News

Beavers Celebrate 25 years in Blackrock The Beaver Colony in Blackrock have just celebrated its 25th Birthday with a party last week in the Scout Hall. The first Beaver meeting in Blackrock was held on the 22nd October 1986 and Beavers has been going strong ever since. Founding Leader Kay O Callaghan, also celebrating 25 Years as Beaver Leader and was joined on the night by past and present leaders of the group including Helen Horgan, Linda Richardson and Maria Delaney who were with her on that first night 25 years ago. County Commissioner, Tony Nation and Group Leader Kieran Horgan congratulated all involved in the colony throughout the years, leaders, parents, scouts and committee members many who had turned up on the night for the surprise party.

Those who had gathered including the thirty three current beavers who were treated to a photographic trip down memory lane with a slideshow containing photographs from various beaver activities taken over the years. Before refreshments were served, Kay O’Callaghan was presented with a token of appreciation for her 25 years as a Beaver Leader in Blackrock by one of the present beavers.

The Beaver Colony Today

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by the large number of guests who attended. Congratulations to the Blackrock Beavers and Best Wishes for the next 25 Years. Flashback to 1986


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St. Colman’s College Fermoy Awards Night 2011 Micheál Howard from Rathcormac being presented with an Academic Achievement Award by International Rugby Player Mike Ross at the St. Colman’s College Awards Night. Micheál is a former National Scout Representative and is currently studying Science at University College Limerick .


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Congratulations to Paschal Guilfoyle who received the Cú Chulainn award and was inducted in to the Order of Cú Chulainn. Paschal is a true old salt in every sense of the word, not only in De La Salle but County wide and nationally. Paschal’s imaginative and progressive programme ideas has revolutionised many aspects of scouting both locally and nationally. Paschal’s award brings the total number of Cú Chulainn awards to 8 that De La Salle currently have, more than any other Scout Group in Scouting Ireland. Pachal Guilfoyle recieve Cú Chulainn


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Congratulations also to Colm Ennis who received the Gold Honour Award for the bravery he showed during a harrowing time in the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy. He and his brother Aidan were undergoing their last abseil on descent when there anchor gave way causing the two mountaineers to fall approximately 20 metres to rock and ice below, this fall seriously injuring both men. Colm had attempted to call the local mountain rescue 60 times before getting though due to signal issues.

Award Winners

Colm and Aidan are still recovering from their ordeal, which happened in early summer 2011. This is the first ever award of its kind to be presented in the history of Scouting Ireland. Hazel Murray received her Chief Scout award on the same night and was a worthy recipient of such a prestigious award. Hazel wrote about hiking in her log and this skill contributed to her patrol winning the Phoenix Challenge in 2009. And finally, congratulations to Mary Keane who received a ten year service award for scouting, a very worthy scouter. The 24th of November 2011 will surely go down in the history of De La Salle and it is pleasing to know that scouting is still alive and kicking in Waterford.

Province News

Fota Scout Centre and Campsite The fifth annual report of the Fota Scout Centre has just been published and shows the campsite going from strength to strength. The report shows that there were over one a half thousand visitors to the campsite with 2, 114 bed nights over the year. Foreign groups who stayed at the campsite were from the U.K., Holland, France and Germany.


There has been continual upgrading and improvement of facilities during the year thanks to Pat O’Donoghue who is in charge of maintenance along with the weekly workers of Robert Wallace, John Walsh, Kevin O’Connor, Don Trotter, Declan O’Shea, John Brennan, Peter Gonsalves, Derek Dunne and Evan Causer.

8th santry Beavers Christmas Banner The beavers made a 2 metre long banner wishing every one a happy christmas, which they took to the county christmas party then it was put on wall of their scout den

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New Group for Aghada 66th Aghada Sea Scouts are up and running! A whole host of new leaders were trained during the summer months, and a number of others dusted off their Scouting skills, which had lain idle for some time. Registration for our group took place at the end of September, and all three sections (Beavers, Cubs and Sea Scouts) were over-subscribed, which is a great situation to be in. A lot of willing parents have also been roped in to serve on various committees, for which we are very grateful.


Santry Visits Radio Show As a new group we have loads of Scouting skills to learn, so weekly meetings are very busy. Not deterred by the winter weather the Cubs have already had a day out in Fota, and the Scouts were in Glenbower Woods, Killeagh for an activity day (pictured). As a Sea Scout group we are looking forward to getting on the water as soon as the season begins, and making the very most of gorgeous amenities on our doorstep. Robin Johnston, 66th Aghada Sea Scouts.

The 18th Santry Scout Group were invited By Robbie Daly and his team to go to Dublin City 103.2 FM Radio station and record a show for the Scout About slot. 4 Beaver Scouts 7 Cub Scouts 2 scouts, a Venture Scout and 3leaders went and were well received by the team and recorded enough material

for 2 weekly shows which have been Broadcast much to the delight of the youth members and leaders The main word that came across was they all enjoy Scouting because its FUN.

Province News over R d t an

cou S e r ugh tu n y e e tho who t t o V r n ing ose lley mas Pa a follow u to all th t was a V e h e t t o t “I y n Le hris h) se ge thank as party. meal we g u C o t he L say a hu Christm ing the yone rk (T r Scou t w t Co eve jus ollo cou e 5th : “Can I Rover S ance. “F reat and h t m and eal t aper ttend s fro hillip o newsp re Scout d 43 in a down a r P l e h u t a a Mich ening Ec ual Vent ear we h hich wen n v y w n E s a i n e h o e t th si th ded s and g ses atten t succes rummin d n brillia 1 ½ hour a had pated. ci parti

“It was so great to see everyone work as a team to clear the area, straight after dinner, to make room for the drumming. “Thanks to all the leaders who helped with the wash up so the Venture Scouts and rovers could all take part in the drumming. “A big thank you to the 5th Cork (The Lough) patrol leaders who acted as the waiters for the night. “Spread the word around your group so we can get even bigger and better (if that’s possible) for next year.. The event was organised by Eoghan Calnan, a Venture Scout from the 5th Cork. The event has


The weather was very kind on the day and the day was very much enjoyed by all who came.

been running every December for the past 5 years and sees a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings served to those attending, including the County Commissioner Lucy Kay who attends each year.

The Sheep’s Head has many breathtaking hikes and we would highly recommend it to any group details can be found at the website;

13th Caheragh Hike As part of a one program challenge the Scouts organized a 3 hr hike on the Sheep’s head peninsular in West Cork on the 19th November 2011,they were also joined by some of groups Cub section.

Province News

Investiture of 34th/161 Balbriggan Venture Scouts The investiture of the 34th/161 Balbriggan Venture Scouts recently took place on the 10th December in Ardgillan castle Demense, which will be the venue for this years Jamóige.

Lough Dan Tree Project The Lough Dan tree project weekend takes place on the weekend of the 3 & 4 of March. Get away from all your recession blues and join us in the beautiful scenery above Lough Dan breathing in clean fresh air. Trees only cost €20 and can be ordered online and we will have them ready for planting on the day.

14th Kilkenny Bennettsbridge hike in Glendalough The 14th Kilkenny Bennettsbridge Scout troops had a hike over Christmas on 28th Dec at Glendalough. Yes that is John Watmore you see brightly dressed

From left to right ,Venture Scout leader George O Reilly, Brendon Marry, Andrew Kettle, David O Connell, Luke Adams-Keogh, Darragh O Cuinneagain, Cillian Smith, and Group leader Eddie Darcy.


hiding in the heather so they couldn’t lose him! Object lesson in how the weather can change in five minutes in the mountains - sunny and dry then all of a sudden blowing a storm with snow, sleet and hail! Ireland at its best. Penguin huddles and kishu shelters - bog hopping and heather. Brilliant!!!!

National Youth Reps, CSI 2003

Letter of Presidential Tribute, SAI 1974


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Danish Scout Association coming to Larch Hill 35 Danish Scouters are coming to Larch hill on the 10th/11th/12th of February. The 35 Scouters are made up of members of their management board and their Programme teams. The purpose of this visit is to start the process of reviewing their Programme. Some members of their Programme team attended last years ONE Programme European Seminar in Larch Hill last April. They were so inspired with that weekend and what they heard and seen about Scouting Ireland’s ONE Programme, that it gave them the energy to convince their association to review their Programme. They have chosen to have a 3 day think in Larch Hill because this is were they got their inspiration.

In commenting on the event Chief Commissioner (Youth Programme) Ian Davy stated that he was delighted to be welcoming the Danish association to Larch hill and hoped that their weekend will be fruitful. He went on to say that he was really pleased that the Danish association Reps that attended last years ONE Programme European Seminar got enough inspiration to convince their association to come back to Dublin and continue work at reviewing their Programme.

Province News



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St Patrick’s Day What does your group get up to on St Patrick’s Day. Next month we would like to do a feature on groups that are preparing for St Patrick’s Day. So if your group is building a float, taking part in a parade or whatever you’re up to please let us know. We are hoping to compile a list of Groups taking part in our National Day of Celebration. We believe that Scouting Ireland is the biggest youth Organization that takes part in the Celebration of


St Patrick’s Day and it would be great to back that statement up with a list of groups taking part this year. So let us know your plans by emailing it to



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ve tly ha n e r r cu ord d we d Waterf n a 2 , C how th an losed out S ow c rick, Mea c n S e r r e. Sta Lime ate a The ly Theatr rticip Kildare, a p l i blin, O’Re est to 24th and 25th of inter lare, Du March 2012 f o s C n , o i w s o l s r . e a r g Expression of interest Form Exp s from C ticipatin r p grou ted in pa es inter Act Application Form

Group Name:

______________________________ Phone No (M): ____________________

Contact Name:






On Stage

Crew Application Form

Expressions of interest to crew are still open but will be closing in January. To register an interest to crew, find us on Facebook/The Star Scout Show and leave us a post; complete the attached form and return to The Star Scout Show, c/o PH Sound Systems, Unit 10A Grattan Business Park, Clonshaugh, Dublin; or contact scoutshow@ Tickets go on sale in January. Ticket prices are €6 for children and €12 for adults. Special group packages available (details to follow). To secure your ticket early contact our box office at

Application Form

Name: ______________________________ Phone No (M): _______________ Address: ___________________________________________________


Email: _________________________________________ Areas of interest Sound: _____ Lights: _____ Production: _____ Other (please specify): ______________________________

Tickets for the show Group Name: ______________________________ Phone No (M): _______________ Contact Name: ______________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________

See the show

Email: ____________________________________________

Star Scout Show Committee,

Fill in the appropriate form and return to

c/o PH Sound Systems, or by post

Unit 10a Grattan Bus Pk, Clonshaugh, Dublin.

Follow us on facebook : THE STAR SCOUT SHOW

See the show

The Star Scout Show 2012 24th and 25th of March

Event Poster

On Stage

On stage or in the wings, we got something for everyone Grab a Expression of interest Form now!!!

This programme inspires and empowers young people from across the UK and Ireland to make a difference in their communities by applying to Starbucks Youth Action for seed funding and volunteer hours from Starbucks partners. As well as supporting the young people to bring to life the projects that mean the most to them, we also offer training to young people on managing a budget, working with volunteers and project management. At the end of the first year we are supporting over 50 youth-led projects in 10 cities in the UK and Ireland. Whether it is introducing bee-hives to an inner-city park in Manchester, tackling cyberbullying in Cardiff or supporting cheer-leaders in Kensington we are committed to supporting young people to make their communities better places to be.

Applications are open until 4th March. Funding is available up to €2,000k for a youth led project, overseen by Irish Youth Foundation. The Project has to be based in Dublin. To get more information and an application form click on the following Link.

Any question email us on Star Scout Show Committee, c/o PH Sound Systems, Unit 10a Grattan Bus Pk, Clonshaugh, Dublin Crew


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Starbucks Youth Action

Not problems to be solved, young people use their passion to solve problems

Scouting Ireland Photo Gallery If your group, County or Province are having an event and want some pictures of that event featured on Scouting Ireland’s Photo gallery then please get in contact with us at We have a dedicated photography section on the team headed up by Dave Coyne and we would be only too delighted to feature your group on the gallery. So if you want to avail of this service contact us by email and we can direct you on how you can go about this. You can check out the photo gallery here

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