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At United Way of North Central Florida, we believe in the POWER OF ONE. We believe that one person has the power to make a real difference in our community. One person can impact change in the lives of many. One person can turn one into one million. One person at a time will change the World in which we live. We invite you to read about our work and be part of the change to Live United. Throughout our annual report, you will read about our initiatives, programs and services that all started with a single mission—to make life better for someone. You will learn about how our collective impact is making a real difference in our community for children, adults and seniors. And you will be inspired by our donors, volunteers and advocates that bring the passion, expertise and resources forward to get things done. We invite you to read about our work and be part of the POWER OF ONE. For the fiscal year 2012-13 (ending June 30, 2013), United Way of North Central Florida saw improvement in our fundraising results as compared to the prior year and in our impact work in the community. Because our fundraising had not yet reached pre-recession levels necessary to maintain the Community Investment Fund commitments, our Board of Directors made the decision to take $140,000 from reserves to augment the Community Investment Fund. That decision helped stem the painful decline in resources that many of our funded local Community Impact Partner Agencies already were experiencing from their own declining fundraising. That decision, unfortunately, will present as a negative on United Way’s net assets. Yet, our Board of Directors believed it was the right decision to make in our role as the community’s largest private funder of human services. It was our way of continuing to provide the safety-net to our community for funding of critical services for immediate needs and strategic services to reach longer-term goals.

cycle gives agencies more time to successfully implement programs and demonstrate progress in reaching longer-term indicators. The shorter timeline for immediate needs allows United Way of North Central Florida more flexibility in responding to immediate community needs including food, shelter, etc. We are proud to announce that for the second year in a row, United Way of North Central Florida ranked in the top nine percent of United Ways throughout the nation for business performance, specifically effectiveness and efficiency. In fact, we have a rating of a 3C United Way, showing substantial progress on our new Community Impact model. We would like to thank our Board of Directors and staff that led the way in 2004 when UWNCFL adopted the Community Impact business model. It is because of their forward thinking and dedication to our community that we have so much good news to share with you in this report. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this report, so please reach out to either of us to share your thoughts. Thank you for your continued support of United Way of North Central Florida. And, thank you for being the ONE to make a lasting impact in our community. Sincerely,

Fiscal year 2013 was the second of the last two-year cycle of payments to local Community Impact Partner Agencies for their execution of special programs in Education, Income, Health and Immediate Needs. Success By 6 remains our primary education strategy. In 2013, United Way of North Central Florida implemented a new Community Investment model. This model uses a three-year funding cycle for agency programs to reach longer-term goals, and changes to a one-year funding cycle for immediate needs. The three-year funding

Matt Fajack Chair, Board of Directors

President & CEO

Debbie Mason President, CEO



ARE THE SINGLE LARGEST private funder of education initiatives in our community


bring expertise and resources needed to create lasting impact


in the Community Investment Fund which focuses on education, income and health


in the Community Investment Fund to supply food, emergency shelter, rent, utility payment assistance and other immediate needs


Alachua, Bradford, Dixie, Gilchrist, Levy and Union counties

OUR WORK IS ACCOMPLISHED IN FOUR WAYS 1. Investing in results-driven programs offered by our Impact Partner Agencies 2. P  roviding broad-reaching services like 2-1-1 and FamilyWize® 3. D  eveloping grant-funded initiatives like Dental Seal and Smile, Check & Connect, ReadingPals and VITA 4. L everaging local funds by investing in programs that receive state and federal matching dollars United Way of North Central Florida is a natural leader and convener of community building. As part of the community visioning and strategic planning process, named “Thrive Alachua,” we bring hundreds of organizations and experts together to envision, plan and engage in the work we do to build a stronger community.

We believe that everyone can make a difference and that difference often starts with just one person. Join us and be The Power of One.


GOAL: Increase high school graduation rate to 90% by 2018. By focusing on programs to strengthen families and prepare children to learn, Success By 6, our primary education strategy, creates a new generation of students who can thrive in school and life.

GOAL: Reduce domestic impediments to education created by poverty such as hunger and homelessness.

GOAL: Children and adults are healthy and safe in their homes, community and schools, and have increased access to dental and medical care.

COMMUNITY INVESTMENT Community Impact Partner Agencies are invited to apply for United Way funding through the Community Investment Process. The Community Investment Process is led by a team of community volunteers that use results-driven data to determine how the funds will be invested. The community volunteer team bases its funding decisions on the agencies’ ability to improve on the indicators of at least one strategy under a particular goal. The United Way of North Central Florida Community Investment Fund is made up of the donations that are NOT designated to individual 501(c)(3) agencies.


Thank you for donating to the Community Investment Fund. You are helping to make north central Florida a stronger and safer place to live. You are investing in programs that help your colleagues, friends and neighbors when times get rough. And, you’re investing in a trusted organization that provides leadership and vision to address critical long-term issues.

“I contribute to United Way because I know it makes a difference. Our United Way provides us an efficient and effective venue for the community to bring together local dollars, local leadership and local non-profits to address local issues! LIVE UNITED!” –Bill Gair, United Way Board Member and Leadership Donor

SERVICES AND PROGRAMS  nited Way of North Central Florida leverages local funds invested with U federal and state dollars into our community in order to provide free programs to benefit residents. When you donate to United Way, your dollars go farther. For every $1 donated we are able to get $3 worth of impact. That's a real return on investment!

CONNECT WITH 2-1-1 2-1-1 is a free service provided by United Way that connects area residents to critical health and social service resources. From help with an electric bill or food assistance to referral for special services, United Way’s 2-1-1 help line is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.


42 calls per day! ☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎ ☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎ ☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎ ☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎☎ ☎☎☎☎☎☎ 15,443 = Number of local residents that called 2-1-1, the United Way of North Central Florida assistance hotline, between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

What is 2-1-1? { F ree service connecting the community to critical health and social service resources. { F rom help with an electric bill or food assistance to referral for special services, United Way’s 2-1-1 help line is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. {T  he 2-1-1 database of information can be accessed by visiting www.unitedwayncfl.org/2-1-1.

Top five reasons local residents called 2-1-1: Housing Assistance – 22% Utility Assistance – 20% Tax Prep Assistance – 8% Food Assistance – 8% Medical Services – 7% Other – 35% 1


can be accessed by


from any phone or

TEXTING 898-211

FAMILYWIZE® PRESCRIPTION DRUG PROGRAM The FamilyWize® Prescription Drug Program provides affordable access to prescription drugs to help keep families healthy. United Way of North Central Florida offers area residents the FREE FamilyWize® card, a prescription drug discount card that can save users an average of 30 percent on many prescription drugs.



$343,833 total local savings on prescription drugs this year, and more than $1 million in local savings over the last five years.

The stats on FamilyWize® {T  he FREE FamilyWize® card can save users an average of 30 percent on many prescription drugs

The School-Based Dental Sealant Initiative is a partnership with the University of Florida College of Dentistry, Santa Fe School of Dental Hygiene and Oral Health America and ensures children receive dental sealants, fluoride varnish and referrals for dental care so tooth decay does not impede their ability to learn.

{T  he goal of FamilyWize® is to reduce the cost of medicine for children, families and individuals living without prescription drug coverage by $1 billion nationally {E  ven individuals and families with insurance can receive a discount on prescriptions

Did you know children with oral health issues are three times more likely to miss school?

{ Accepted at all local pharmacies { F ind your free prescription discount card on the back of this annual report { Prescription drug discount was used 23,959 times

Seal and Smile improves children’s lives {T  his initiative placed 1,561 dental sealants in 2012 {5  41 children werestreated in Alachua county for dental issues

VITA PROGRAM: VOLUNTEER INCOME TAX ASSISTANCE Volunteer Income Tax Assistance provides free tax preparation to eligible hard-working employees, putting money back in the pockets of local residents. The program is sponsored by grants from the IRS and local financial partners including Wells Fargo.

VITA helps hard-working citizens with their taxes { L ocal community partners include the University of Florida and Santa Fe College.

{ F ewer health-related school absences of children who were treated {2  013–14 school year program will be offered in 16 schools!


18,500 Medicaid-elegible children in Alachua county


dentists in Alachua county that accept Medicaid

{ Total refunds: $1,686,007 {E  arned income tax credits of $561,385 claimed { 1 8 sites for residents to file taxes { 1 ,485 people filed their taxes through VITA


total refunds in Alachua County last year

{ Improvement in financial stability of participants

–Claudia Smith, R.N., B.S.N., Lincoln Middle School Nurse




{2  34 tax returns filed using myfreetaxes.com, making UWNCFL one of the top 25 users in the United States

“United Way’s School-Based Dental Sealant Initiative is a much-needed service for our students in the public school system. I have many students visit the clinic with dental complaints and some have never been to a dentist.”

IMPROVING LITERACY WITH READINGPALS  eadingPals is an early literacy R initiative that began in the summer of 2012. ReadingPals volunteers commit to reading with a second or third grade student for an hour a week for the entire school year. It is made possible through the support of Carol and Barney Barnett, United Way of North Central Florida and the Children’s Movement of Florida.

ReadingPals matched for literacy { Goal: to increase third grade reading proficiency {R  eadingPals volunteers commit to reading with a second or third grade student for an hour a week for the entire school year {R  eadingPals read at least one book a month with the student, and the student is able to take that new book home to keep at the end of the month { At the end of the school year, each student will have at least nine books to start a home library { 143 students were matched up with a ReadingPal

2012-13 READINGPALS LOCATIONS 21st Century After School Programs: Idylwild Elementary School Lake Forest Elementary School Terwilliger Elementary School Boys & Girls Clubs: Northwest Woodland Park Caring & Sharing Learning School

ReadingPals needed! Sign up through Feb. 2014. For more information, please visit www.unitedwayncfl.org/ volunteerselect. Goal: 200 volunteers!


“Reading was such an important part of my childhood. I was really excited to help instill that in someone else. I can’t even describe the feeling when my ReadingPal learned a new word because of reading with me. It’s an unmatched feeling of accomplishment knowing that she’ll be better [off] because of the time I’ve invested.” –Francis Diaz, ReadingPals Volunteer

Alachua County’s high school graduation rate has risen significantly in recent years, from approximately 68% in 2007 to approximately 78% in 2011. However, graduation rates among students from families in poverty continue to be lower than average. The AT&T Check & Connect Program provides drop-out prevention specialists in the three high schools with the greatest population of youth at risk of dropping out: Gainesville, Eastside and Hawthorne. Each of the AT&T Aspire Check and Connect Specialists connect as mentors and counselors with up to 40 students and their families to provide social service referral and family strengthening assistance.

Drop-out prevention specialists help high school students at Gainesville, Eastside and Hawthorne High Schools. BY THE NUMBERS

80 3


high schools

Involved in the Check & Connect program in Alachua County


The power of Check & Connect Drop-Out Prevention Specialists: { Improves attendance { Reduces behavioral issues { Improves grades


You can make a difference! Visit www.unitedwayncfl.org/volunteerselect or call 352-331-2800 for volunteer opportunities.



21st Century After School Programs: Idylwild Elementary School Lake Forest Elementary School Terwilliger Elementary School Boys & Girls Clubs Northwest Woodland Park Caring & Sharing Learning School Kids Count of Alachua County Faith United Methodist branch Rotary Boys and Girls Club branch






Thank you VOLUNTEERS! United Way of North Central Florida cannot do our work without YOU! Throughout the year, United Way has volunteer opportunities that give individuals, groups and organizations an opportunity to give back, engage and have fun.

{V  olunteers make a positive difference in our community. To become a volunteer with United Way of North Central Florida, please call 352-3312800 or visit www.unitedwayncfl.org/volunteerselect.


Early Learning Coalition - (Success by 6) Gilchrist Pre K - (Success by 6)

Early Learning Coalition

Child Abuse Prevention - (Success by 6) HIPPY - (Success by 6) Comprehensive Youth Development Family Partners Micanopy Tutoring ACHIEVE Kids Count After School Dental Home for Low Income

The Power of One {V  olunteers got their hands dirty during the 2012 Day of Action at several Alachua County Public Schools, gardening and cleaning up the school’s outside areas.


HEALTH Positive Behavior

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce employees donated books and assembled book shelves for United Way of North Central Florida’s Book Nook Initiative. To date, more than 36 book nooks have been distributed to schools, churches, convenience stores, laundromats and other community locations.

Alachua Bradford





Gilchrist County School Board Healthy Families Gainesville HIPPY, Inc. Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County, Inc. Children’s Home Society Friends of the Micanopy Library Girls Place, Inc. Kids Count Alachua County, Inc. ACORN Clinic ACORN Clinic The ARC of Alachua County Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc.

Weekend Hunger Backpack Program Reducing Trauma to Abused Children-Forensic Child Advocacy Center, Inc. FIWI MSCC Lunch Bunch Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. Bridges to Prosperity The Salvation Army Food Program St. Francis House, Inc. Transitional Housing Emergency Assistance FAITHH Interface Al’z Place Community Care OAA- Meals on Wheels Emergency Shelter Emergency Food and Shelter

Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Eldercare of Alachua County, Inc. Eldercare of Alachua County, Inc. Eldercare of Alachua County, Inc. Peaceful Paths St. Francis House, Inc.



volunteers prepared taxes during tax season

volunteers read to second and third graders as part of the ReadingPals initiative

Volunteers from United Way’s workplace campaigns participated in the 2012 Day of Action beautifying the grounds of Alachua County Public Schools.

“It amazes me how just $1 donated to United Way has such a positive impact on a whole family. With how busy I am with family, work and life, it isn’t always easy to donate my time. I choose to donate money to United Way, knowing I’m helping my community, even when I am unable to personally be there for others.” –Betty Brunson Westgate Publix Store Manager and United Way Leadership Donor






Our Community Impact Partner Agencies meet high standards of effectiveness and efficiency while delivering lasting change and quantifiable services.

United Way of North Central Florida provides leadership donors with value-added ways to engage in community and network with others that Live United and advocate for the common good.


Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters

Friends of the Micanopy Library




A rea H eal th Educat ion C ent er Veterans Providing A Caring Environment

This dynamic group celebrates the power of women to bring about positive change in our community through philanthropy and service. The WLC is a movement of women that are Leadership Donors to United Way and are uniting to create opportunities for a better life for all. The women of WLC focus on Education, Income and Health—the building blocks for a good life. They invest in quality programs, advocate for


ACORN Clinic Girls Place, Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid-Florida Healthy Families Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County, Inc. Kids Count Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. North Florida YMCA, Inc. CDS Family & Behavioral Health Services, Inc. Partnership for Strong Families Child Advocacy Center, Inc. Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network, Inc. Children’s Home Society Reichert House Early Learning Coalition of Alachua County St. Francis House, Inc. ElderCare of Alachua County, Inc. Suwannee River AHEC P. 0. Box 357177, Gainesville, FL 32635 • Phone: (352) 225-3995• Fax: (352) 225-3995 Florida Institute for Workforce Innovation The ARC of Alachua County, Inc. Friends of the Micanopy Library The Salvation Army Gainesville HIPPY, Inc. Three Rivers Legal Services, Inc. Gilchrist County School Board VETSPACE, Inc.

This group of Leadership Donors ages 45 and younger, actively give, volunteer and advocate every day in our community. At monthly Leader-


2012–2013 Women’s Leadership Council Executive Committee Council Chair Jane Adams, University of Florida Council Co-Chair Wendy Crites-Wacker, RTI Biologics Steering Committee Kay Ayers, AvMed Ivy Bell, Alachua County Jennifer Blades, AvMed Patti Breedlove, UF Sid Martin Research Laurie Denny, O2BKids! Terri Dildine, Nationwide

Cat Ferris, Nationwide Jaye Hamblet, Nationwide Carol Hinton, University of Florida Kathryn Lancaster, Edward Jones Amy Mayes, Nationwide Laura Robertson, University of Florida Terry Van Nortwick, PRO iNK Kathy Viehe, GRU Jodi Webb, Nationwide Nicole Wheeldon, Nationwide Victoria White, VA Hospital To get involved in Women’s Leadership Council, please visit www.unitedwayncfl.com/ womens-leadership-council.

ship Chats with executive United Way donors, the group discusses philanthropy and ways to use their leadership skills for the common good in our community. The group plans socials, trainings and opportunities to volunteer.

YLS Steering Committee Noura Abusaif, Bank of America Carvone Allen, Enterprise Holdings Kim Jamerson, SumTotal Christian Long, Evolent Health Ivelisse Munoz, RTI Surgical Jeanette Porro-Gough, AvMed

2012–2013 Young Leaders Society Steering Committee

To get involved in Young Leaders Society, please visit www.unitedwayncfl.org/young-leaders-society.

YLS Co-Chairs Cat Ferris, Nationwide Kat Kitching, Enterprise Holdings


Champion a cause; raise awareness of a cause; be informed; engage with your community; tell the United Way story.




better policies, engage people in the community and generate resources.

UNITED DOWNTOWN United Way’s United Downtown™, a free family-friendly street festival and pep rally, gives Gator football fans and visitors a chance to have fun before the games, celebrate downtown Gainesville and learn about the work of United Way. Children and adults browse booths of local artists and vendors, enjoy

the cuisine of local restaurants, listen to local bands play on the Bo Diddley Stage and play in the O2B Kids area. Children of all ages enjoy having their faces painted, jumping in the bounce houses sponsored by O2BKids! and Burger King, and making arts and crafts. United Downtown is one of the many ways United Way gives back to the community and engages residents to give, advocate and volunteer throughout the year.

Building Community at United Downtown {M  edia partners promoted and covered United Downtown on air and in print interviews {U  nited Way recruited new volunteers and supporters {U  nited Downtown increased awareness of United Way of North Central Florida during campaign season

WORKPLACE CAMPAIGNS Workplace Campaigns currently generate most of United Way of North Central Florida’s revenue.

JULY 1, 2012 – JUNE 30, 2013 (2012 CAMPAIGN YEAR) $100,000 and More


Publix Super Markets, Inc......................................$523,501 Shands HealthCare/UF Health............................... $354,242 Nationwide............................................................ $240,002

WCJB –TV20.............................................................. $9,663 Nordstrom................................................................. $9,455 Saliwanchik, Lloyd & Eisenschenk........................... $9,243 SunTrust Bank.......................................................... $8,669 North Florida Retirement Village.............................. $8,205 O2B Kids................................................................... $7,987 Abbott Laboratories.................................................. $7,800 Progress Energy........................................................ $7,708 BBVA Compass Bank................................................ $7,528 James Moore and Co., P.L..........................................$7,193 Florida Blue.............................................................. $7,024 Target Stores............................................................. $6,532 Alachua County Tax Collector................................... $6,448 Alachua County Administration................................ $6,302 Dillards.......................................................................$6,031 TD Bank.....................................................................$6,017 The Gainesville Sun...................................................$6,012 Cox Communications................................................ $5,878 Sivance..................................................................... $5,868 Koss Olinger Financial Group.................................... $5,804 Alachua County Library District................................ $5,727 Early Learning Coalition of Alachua City................... $5,442 IBM........................................................................... $5,409 JCPenney................................................................... $5,358 The Crom Corporation.............................................. $4,848

$50,000–$99,999 RTI Biologics/RTI Surgical....................................... $90,309 Avmed Health Plans............................................... $73,338 GRU..........................................................................$68,991

Below: Great partners like the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and FloridaWorks participate in United Downtown.

$25,000–$49,999 Wells Fargo............................................................. $58,976 Alachua County Public Schools............................... $41,156 Enterprise Holdings.................................................$41,277 UPS.......................................................................... $33,711 Santa Fe College...................................................... $31,561 City of Gainesville................................................... $26,493


Above: United Way of North Central Florida in partnership with the Florida Track Club kicked off United Downtown 2012 with a 5K race.

ONE GIFT = HOPE FOR MANY Defensive Tackle Sponsors AvMed Health Plans City of Gainesville Cox Communications Mindtree Publix ESPN 850 AM Radio 103.7 The Gator Radio WRUF Radio WUFT-TV WUFT-FM 89.1 Radio

Offensive Tackle Sponsors The Gainesville Sun Nationwide O2BKids! Pepsi Yuengling Orange and Blue Sponsors BBI Construction Management Best Western Plus Gateway Grand FloridaWorks

Hob Nob Gainesville The Sky 97.3 FM News Talk Radio Sunbelt Moving and Delivery, Inc. U.S. Army 98.5 KTK Radio What’s Happening Productions




Thanks to our 2012 United Downtown Sponsors

North Florida Regional Medical Ctr..........................$20,901 CPPI.........................................................................$20,184 Sun State Federal Credit..........................................$19,057 AT&T........................................................................$18,206 Florida Food Service................................................$17,628 Campus USA Credit Union.......................................$16,828 M & S Bank............................................................. $15,014 Bank of America......................................................$14,733 Macy’s......................................................................$14,037 Enterprise Rent-A-Car...............................................$10,824 Dollar General.......................................................... $10,512 United Way of North Central FL............................... $10,138 Wal-Mart Parent....................................................... $10,122


French aristocrat Alexis Charles-Henri Clerel De Tocqueville was 26 years old when he came to America in 1831. As a keen observer of American society, he recognized, applauded and immortalized the voluntary spirit that lives in America’s heart. His observations formed the basis for Democracy in America, a book describing this new country and its people. United Way’s Tocqueville Society was created to honor the goodwill and community leadership that inspired De Tocqueville’s writings more than 175 years ago. The Tocqueville Society honors leaders locally and nationally who exemplify that spirit through their high level of personal giving to United Way. Our local society is a growing community of individuals and families who make an outstanding difference through influential leadership, outstanding volunteerism and selfless giving. Today, the Tocqueville Society is one of the world’s most prestigious institutions for individuals who are passionate about improving peoples’ lives and strengthening communities. United Way donors who give $10,000 or more annually are members of the Tocqueville Society and are recognized both locally and nationally. United Way of North Central Florida is pleased to present our local Tocqueville Donors and recognize this exemplary level of commitment with deep gratitude and sincere appreciation: Mike & Sonja Gallagher

John Verne & Janet McKenzie

Sam & Deborah Goforth

Paul & Evelyn McKnight

Tim & Laura Goldfarb

William J. & Nancy A. Robinson

David Guzick & Donna Giles

Dharma Endowment Foundation

“United Way of North Central Florida helps so many people in our community. It is more than a fundraising organization. United Way also promotes volunteerism and other ways to change lives.” –Paul McKnight, United Way Tocqueville Donor

PLATINUM LEVEL DONORS ($5,000–$9,999) Kay & David Ayers Bill & Marcia Brant William Bryson Thomas Clark Mark & Kim Fisher Jim & Sibet Grantham Brian & Julie Hutchison Gerald & Kathryn L. Kidder Bradley S. & Marta E. Pollitt Betty & Bob Porter Randy & Sally Scott Mary Duryea & Tim White Monday Night Subway

DIAMOND LEVEL DONORS ($2,500–$4,999) Jane & Steve Adams Nick & Kelly Banks Dr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Cain Matthew & Reggie Fajack Michael & Vivi Fitzgerald Dr. Timothy Flynn & Dr. Marian Limacher Ronnie Fraser John & Jaye Hamblet Marilyn & Jim Islam Keith & Wendy Koford Lisa Davies & Jeff Martin Debbie Mason Kenneth Osborne & Judy Hury Wendy & Steven Resnick Thomas & Karen Rose Meredeth Rowe James Stringfellow Paul & Amy Sweney Steve & Elaine Truluck Rick & Cathy Weaver Karen A. Williams Tom & JoAnne Young

EMERALD LEVEL DONORS ($1,500–$2,499) Al Amirin Dr. Tammy Bennett Helen & Marvin Berk Dan & Darla Boyd Brian & Jacqui Brown Betty Brunson Lindol Cantrell Marina T. Cecchini Rob & Pam Chapman Alan & Toni Chatman James & Dana Clayton Alana & Jason Cole Joseph Costa Dr. Terri Dolan & Mr. Stan Given Jim & Heather Doughton Paul Folkers Jon & Cathy Gardner Daniel Graybill Lamar Hatcher Jr., D.D.S. Joel & Sherry Houston Bob & Jennifer Hunzinger Joel & Nan Islam Evan & Priscilla Jones Timothy & Nona Jones Dean & Mary Kelley James Kelly Risa Wray & Robert Klemans Scott R. Koons Mr. & Mrs. Donald Koons Joyce Krajnovich Jeff & Judy Laake

Maggie Labarta, Ph.D. The Lanzillotti Family Foundation Frank Latini Michael Lawton Ed & Laurie Lenhart Dr. Alfred S Lewin Joe & Lucille Little Carolyn Lukert Carol & Les Magee Charles Maule Peg Nattress Janice Peacock Louisea Pittman David & Regina Richardson Steve & Lorraine Ritz Rebecca Roberts Lawrence W. Roose Michael & Sabrina Roper Roger Rose Tonya M. Ross Marian B. Rush Betsy & Jim Severance Jeffrey L. Shorb Koven & Ginny Smith Stan & Rita Smith Brad & Debra Staats Mr. Bruce K. Stechmiller Randy & Patricia Stuart Drs. T. Craig & Patricia M. Tapley David Thoman Gordon H. Tremaine Ron Umpleby Brian Vincent Andrew & Wendy Wacker Barry & Abby Wagner Nancy Walsh Jim & Jaynie Walsh Colleen & Mark Warring Nicole Wheeldon Bruce C. Wheeler Jenna White Roger & Kathleen Whitney Edward & Kate Wilkinson

GOLD DONORS ($1,000–$1,499) Adam Service Greg Adams Irene Alexaitis Carvone Allen Darron Alvarenga Maddie Anderson Russell & Susan Armistead Sherry Augustine Guy Bair John Barli Chad Barnes Dimetress Barnwell David & Diane Beaulieu Terrence Beck Ivy Bell Brad & Debbie Bentley Russ & Arzella Blackburn Scott & Jennifer Blades Michelle R. Blair Amy Blanchard Dr. Tina Smith & Dr. Ed Bonahue Catherine S. Bonthron Charles Brabham Bernadette Bradley Darryl Brown Rhea D. Broyles Robert Bryson Thor Buckingham

Melanie Camacho Mr. & Mrs. John V. Carlson Michael Carr Christine Cassisi Frank & Jane Catalanotto Thomas Chmielewski Janet L. Christie Jennifer & Anthony Clarizio Robert Cook C. Ryan Cooke Anna Michelle Cox Terry Cox Mark Crews Jaqueline M. Crews Veta & Larry Cumbaa Larry Cumbaa Larry & Gale Danek Gale Danek Steven Datkuliak Frank E. Davis Roger Deal Dr. James R. Dearing Jon Dechow & Pamela West Judy & Steve deMontmollin Judith deMontmollin Heather Diamond Terri Dildine Michael Dorris Paul & Polly Doughty Margaret M. Downey LJ Duncan F. Charles & Dorothy Duryea Charles R. Fellows David & Cassie Fernandez Cathariya Ferris Mr. & Mrs. Ben O. Franklin III Mr. Von Fraser Christopher Fuller Kenneth Gaillot Ms. Pinkie H. Gainey Sheldon Garcia Claire Germain Judy Geroni Dr. Charles Parker Gibbs Jr. & Micaela Gibbs Joyce & Denny Gies John Graney Todd Gregory Betty Grisham Guy Grover Dick & Anna Gutekunst Marybeth Hammond David & Megan Hanegan Chris & Cassie Harle Randy Harmatz Kenneth Harrington Caroline Hartill James & Diane Heaney Dink & Peggy Henderson Dwight Hersey Ray & Rhonda Hoskavich Brandie Hudecek Clarence B. Hyde Ben Ingram Jeff & Katie Islam Margaret James Edward Jimenez Daryl Johnston LouAnn Kapper Marie Kasprow Kelly Kerr Mustafa R. Khan Robert J. King

Bill & Mary Koss Kenneth & Rebekah Kurdziel Ms. Martha LaTour Kim Lee Henri Logan Stephen Lyons Diane & Don Mauldin Curtis Maxvill James McDavid Dora McDonald Nicholas McFadden Don McIntyre Pam McIntyre The McClintic Family Barry Moore Scarlott Mueller Ray Mullins Kevin & Lisa Muth Bill & Laura Northcutt Sandra & Bill Olinger Will & Leigh Ann Olinger Arvid & Lynn Olson Rick Parent Frank R. Pelaez Bill & Kem Poe Randal Pulliam Dr. Kathleen Reilly Philip A. Restuccia Mr. Curtis A. Reynolds Justin Reynolds Ronda Roberts George & Pam Rollins Symatha Rolston Bilinda Rountree Chad & Melissa Rubin Dr. & Mrs. Jackson N. Sasser Layne Sasser Mary C. Sausaman Pete & Yvonne Scammacca Brian Scarborough Danny & Kathy Self Katherin & Daniel Self Anne & Joe Shands Jason Shank Brian & Wendy Sheehan Ken Simmons Elizabeth S. Sommer Pascale Spears Steve & Karen Stagliano John Stoner Joel H. Stratton Betsy Styron Janet Sweat Lonnie Tetstone Richard Thomas Scott Thomas Jeffrey Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Tibbs Bobby Tibbs Michael Timmes Michele & Rick Venick Sandra A. Vincent Ashley Waddington Tyler H. Wall Michael Walsh Bob & Donna Watson Bruce C. Wheeler Bradley White James Willis Mr. David W. Wood

SILVER DONORS ($750–$999) Marjorie Alexander Wendy Alexander Linda Allen Ralph & Bennye Alligood Harley Alltop Eileen Amos Richard Armitage Lisa Armour Craig Bakuzonis Abbie Barfield Shawn & Lymaris Barger Zoraida Barnett Carolyn A. Barrett Amanda Barron Ms. Sharon E. Batie Dr. Theresa Beachy Robin Beaton Monica Belisle Jennifer Bender Kathleen V. Black Crystal Blackwell Christie Blakely Nicole Bodlak Aaron Bosshardt David Bounds Vivian Boza Patti Breedlove Pete & Sharon Breitinger Keith & Donna Brown Rodney Brown Stephanie Brown Robin Brown Naima Brown, PhD Devyn Perry Bryant Mr. & Mrs. George Burgess Jr. Linda Burgess Loreley Burgos Stacey Burke Ketty Harketty Burton Gloria Butler Jeannie Butz Jo Caldwell Kari Cassel Rebecca J. Catalanotto Robert Catlow Bill & Missy Caton Timoteo Chacon Jade & Sophia Chisolm Ryan C. Clark Karen Coffey Robbin Collins Kathy Colson Thomas Cone Mrs. Margo B. Cook Bill & Faye Coorpender Tracy Cowart Dennis Craig Ursula Crews Daryl Anne Cummings William J. Cunningham Chantenie Daley Anne D'Amico Bernard & Debra Daquila Sheriff Sadie Darnell Don L. Davis Lynne McLean Davis Robert Deese Debra Deloach Lester DesForges John Dickerson Nancy Dickson Markus Dietrich & Ginny Linder



Ken & Linda McGurn


SILVER DONORS ($750–$999), cont.

Terri Dolan & Stan Given Brian Dolski Joann Dorval Chassity Dougherty Adrian & Patricia Dovell Joan Drane Kimberley Dyle Rick & Sheryl Eddie Maryann Edge Brenda & Sture Edvardsson Abby Estilong Osee Fagan Chauncey & Rose Fagler Geza Farkas Janet Farrington Peter & Loretta Fauerbach Nicholas Ferrara Nathaniel Ford Melvin & Marlene Foster Suzanne Friis Dennis Fuller Bill & Susan Gair Dan Galligant Sylvia Gaona Gerri & Ira Gessner Leah L. Gibbs Mr. & Mrs. Dale & Virginia Gibson Susan D. Gillespie Danny & Karen Gilliland Andrea Godman Lisa Gonzalez Chris Gray Joshua Greenberg Jesse & Barbara Gregory Susan Grover Peggy Guin Fred Hamilton Tom & Joy Hampson Ceann Harris Troy Hart Christian Haug Elizabeth Hayes Donna M. Hazellief Claire M. Hedrick Sarah Hendricks Jenny Highlander Steven E. Hitt Sharilyn Hodgson Dianne Hope Susan C. Horton Tim Hoskinson Mittie House Diane Howell Sean Hudson Al & Denise Huggins Kenneth & Jennifer Hunt Tracy Ison Kimberly Jamerson

Heather Janousky Janelle Betty Darlene Jax Paula Johns Tina Johnson Melissa & Pete Jones Lara Jordan-Morris Rob Jordheim Louis & Carole Kalivoda Ted & Debbie Kellermann Stephanie Kelley Kevin & Teresa Kelly Mary Kiely Kirk & Michelle Klein Ms. D. E. Kley Jasen Kloeppel Lenore Knapik Sarah Knight Gail Knowland Alan K. Knudsen Laura Kowalczyk Philip Lambert Philip & Kathryn Lancaster Gordon K. Lawyer, Jr. Juan Ledesma-Solis Jeffrey & Leeann Lee Ms. Becky Legate Gloria Lipori Jeff Lloyd Amanda LoGuidice Christian J. Long Diana Lovett Mark Lukert John Lynn Sherri Madden Jeff Majewski, RRT Beth & Ken Maree Christine Marion Walter & Alice Markham Suzette Martin Rosanne Martin Tina & Tim Matsubara Jeanie M. McCallister Steve & Jennifer McElroy Charles McGinn Robert McKey Sara McNair Joanne McNeil Anne Meiring Phoebe Miles Betsy E. Miller Matthew Miller Susan Mistretta The Honorable Toby Monaco & Mrs. Monaco Terri Monaghan Ronald Montagna Steven Moore Brenda Morgan Mitchel & Cassy Morgan

Myra F. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Michael Morris Michael Morris Ivelisse Munoz Christine Myers Jennifer Myles Peyton Nappo Timothy C. Nesler Kenneth Niswonger Karen G. Norman Gina Norris Donald Norstrand Terry Van Nortwick Kathy Birthisel & Michelle Ortiz Dana Ottaviano Mr. Michael Ouligian Bob & Patty Page Jim Parker Kathryn Parker Michael Paul Dr. Michael & Renee Perfit Rene & Brenda Perron Gregg & Jeanne Perry Rebecca Piazza Marguerite Polkowski Jeanette Porro-Gough Kathy Powell John & Linda Power Pamela Primus Gwen Qualizza Suzanne Questell Mary Reeves Jeff & Amy Register Shelia Rhodes Tammy Rice David Richardson Tracy Riggins Dewayne Roark James Roberts Alice Faye Roberts Debbie Robins Paul Robinson Janis Robinson Rhoden Family Kay Rogers Kimberly Anne Rose Mrs. Becky Rountree Kimberly Rousseau Teresa Ruccione Anne Rush Mildred Russin Nancy & David Saliwanchik Jacob Schmidt Marilynne Schrader Cindy Seidman Yesi B. Sevilla Joe Shaw Bill Shepherd Andrew & Katharine Sherrard

Debra Sirota Diane Skorupski Freddie Slater Karen Slevin Amy Smith Andrew Smithson Anthony Smoak Patricia Snyder Patricia Sokol Brian Sparks & Hollie Greer Sheila Spence Theresa A. Spurling-Wood, LEED AP Gail Stahl William T. Stormant Joan Suchorski & Leon J. Larson Don Swieter William Swift Mai Hoang Ta McKenzie Talib Dan & Dalene Tandy Leslie K. Taylor David Thompson Jim & Dolores Utley Larry & Quenta Vettel Kathy Viehe & Cindy Flowers Mr. & Mrs. Art Wachna Joshua Wainwright Mary Walsh Robert Walters Lewis & Dana Walton Natalie Warren Dawn Watkins Jodi Webb Helen Welsh Charley & Alyson Widmer Gary Willard Lygia Williams Rebecca Williams John Willingham Theresa Wilson Wayne & Pamela Wishart Robin Witeka David Yonutas Lisa Youngblood Cheryl Zirger Lynne Zirkelbach Wayne & Pamela Wishart Robin Witeka David Yonutas Lisa Youngblood Cheryl Zirger Lynne Zirkelbach


to provide a credit card or debit card number for a recurring gift to: United Way of North Central Florida, 6031 NW 1st Place Gainesville, FL 32607-2025. Remember us in your estate planning to leave a lasting legacy.

SENIOR LEADERSHIP SOCIETY ($10,000 AND ABOVE) Joe & Pat Alba Jeremy N. Foley David Guzick & Donna Giles Chris & Liz Janiszewski Bernie & Chris Machen Gary & Laura McGill Douglas E. & Pamela S. Soltis

PLATINUM DIVISION ($5,000–$9,999) William Bomberger Mark Fenster D D Warfield Mary Duryea & Tim White Dr. Sno E. White Michael & Betty Wolf

DIAMOND DIVISION ($2,500–$4,999) Jane & Steve Adams Henry & Susan Baker Doug & Macky Barrett Carolyn & David Brown Amy & Lee Catledge Curt Degroff Art & Katherine Edison Zina L. Evans Matthew & Reggie Fajack Leslie Bram & Mark Flannery Dr Timothy Flynn & Dr Marian Limacher Kelly & Angela Foote Joe Glover Michael & Danette Good Dave & Laura Gruber Paul & Maggie Gulig Jonathan Hamilton Stephanie Hanson Jill & Keith Herndon Joel & Sherry Houston Leighton James Robert & Lisa Jerry Douglas F. Johnson Michael E. Mahla, M.D. Melinda Jeanne McAdams Martin & Pamela McMahon Leslie & Michael Okun Stephen J. Pearton & Cammy R. Abernathy Winfred M. Phillips Dr. Steven Roper Kayser Enneking & Mark Scarborough Debbie Scheuer & Howard Haeker Lynda Tealer Theresa & William Vernetson R. Stan Williams, M.D. Barbara & Charles Wingo Charles Wood & Maureen Keller-Wood

EMERALD DIVISION ($1,500–$2,499) Michael Arnold Patti & Jim Atchison Sheri Austin Rod & Beverly Bartlett Dr. David G. Bloomquist Dean Michael & Dr. Cheri Brodeur Kimberly Browne David & Susan Burchfield

Martha & Floyd Thompson & Family Mary Kay Carodine Drs. Lawrence & Janet Caruso Dr. Arthur E Clark Jr. Philip & Lynne Collis Debbie & Mike Conlon Alan & Nicole Cooke Curbow-Carlberg Family Sally & George Dawson Dr. Terri Dolan & Mr. Stan Given Prof. Ben M. Dunn Tony & Michele Dunn Larry & Jane Fowler Paul Gader & Libby Dunn Jesse & Barbara Gregory Melanie & Stephen Hagen Jeff & Sarah Harrison Ann & Marc Heft George & Marilyn Hochmuth Marion & Bruce Hoffmann Julie Johnson Jeffrey & Debra Jones David & Cheryl Kays Brian & Elizabeth Keith Pramod & Seema Khargonekar Jack & Sandy Kramer Lucinda Lavelli John Leavey Dr. Alfred S Lewin Yuqing Li Joe & Lucille Little Daniel Logan, MD Ken Marx & Linda Hayward Niccie L. McKay Drs. William M. & Nancy P. Mendenhall Dan Miller Ms. Patricia Moon Tapper Linda Morgan Dr. Rose M. Nealis Michele Newberry David & Tammie Norton Donald & Virginia Pemberton Bob & Lorie Primosch Bill & Judy Riffee Paul & Susan Robell David & Sophia Rodriguez Nick Ruktanonchai Judy Russell Gail Sasnett-Stauffer & Dave Stauffer Ruth & Mark Sherwood Dr. Dietmar Siemann Drs. Christopher & Isabel D. Silver Kim Simpson Stan & Rita Smith Consuelo Soldevila Pico Brad & Debra Staats Mr. Bruce K. Stechmiller R Michael Stoufer Elaine & Colin Sumners Drs. John & Rita Sutherland Dan & Karen Talham Drs. T. Craig & Patricia M. Tapley Dr. Tim Wheeler & Dr. Janet Pappas Bruce C. Wheeler

Edward & Kate Wilkinson Bob & Corinne Willits Edythe Zettler

GOLD DIVISION ($1,000–$1,499) Doug & Linda Archer Russell & Susan Armistead Mr. Christopher Barnett Russell M. Bauer Sherry Benton Kenneth Berns Christina & Neal Birmingham Dr. Michael V. Bowie Dave & Marie Brumbaugh Dr. Dale F. Campbell Anne & George Casella Frank & Jane Catalanotto Bonnie Cauthon Jeff & Pam Chorlog Kirsten Cooke Stephen & Diane Craig Laura & Paul D’Anieri Rick & Judie Davidson David & Jean Day Carmen Diana Deere Mr. Richard D Delker Alan Dorsey & Jacqueline Johnson Matthew & Andria Doty Betty Dunckel Norbert & Kim Dunkel Robert Egerman Thomas R. Fasulo Kevin & Stacia Ferguson Jim Ferrer Drs. Margaret U. Fields & Michael J. Fields Dr. Jeffrey R. Fitzsimmons Mr. William A. Fletcher Dr. Marcia W. Funderburk Dr. Charles Parker Gibbs Jr. & Micaela Gibbs Jason P. Goble Janice & Mark Gold Glenn E. Good Anthony & Wendy Gregg Dr. Michael & Mrs. Alee Gunderson Mary Ann Hagler Karen Karisse Hamilton Chris & Cassie Harle James & Diane Heaney Richard & Bobbi Henken Bette & Paul Holloway Alice E. Holmes Stuart Hoskins Margaret James Drs. William & Carol Ritzen Kem Mr. & Mrs. Charles Koenig Dave & Judy Kratzer Amie Kreppel Linda Lanier & Randy Batista Henri Logan Kathleen Long & David Solomon Richard & Rachel Lutz John & Barbara Lutz Thomas Mareci & Debra Neill-Mareci Jeanna Mastrodicasa & Clay Sweger Greg McEachern

Sue McGorray Robert McKenna & Mavis Agbandje-McKenna David A. Meurer MD Dr. William & Mrs. Beverly J. Millard Elaine & Lyle Moldawer Mr. Thomas O. Munyer Michael E. Nyland Brad O’Hara Judith & William Page Marco Pahor Elisabete & Roberto Pereira Michael G. Perri Ed & Sharron Poppell Richard J. Rathe Mr. Curtis A. Reynolds B. E. Robinson Lori & Mark Robinson Dorene & Jack Ross David & Rebecca Sammons Christopher Scuderi, D.O. Dr. Elizabeth A. Shenkman Toby & Christine Shorey Paul Sindelar & Alyson Adams Karen M. Smith, M.D. Janis Smith Stephen W. Smith Tina Smith-Bonahue Venita Sposetti & Larry Rooks Dr. Arun Srivastava Keith & Sarah Stone Neil & Robyn Sullivan Bob & Adrienne Thieke Dr. Johannes J van der Aa Deborah W. Vincent Dr. Kenneth B. Wagener Dr. Nancy Waldron Carol J. Walker Norris & Nancy Williams Laura A Wilson John & Fran Wingard Mary & Mark Wise Andrew Wolpert & Victoria Pagan-Wolpert Ms. Marie Zeglen

SILVER DIVISION ($750–$999) Sherry Ahrentzen David Allred & Elizabeth Dudenhausen Nina Barker Harold Barrand Laura Barton Rich & Denise Bennett Dr. B. Hudson Berrey, Jr. Linda Bloom David C. Bloom Mary B. Brown Diane Bruxvoort Mr. Peter A. Calamore Priscilla Caplan David E. & C. Jeanne Carlson Bryan & Brandi Cooke Linda Cottler Dr. Lauren & Matthew Daley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dana Dr. Laurie K. Davies Bon Dewitt Lawrence C. Dodd Walter E. Drane


GIVE Visit www.unitedwayncfl.org, mail a check or money order or call 352-331-2800 u


William T. Driebe, MD & Family Paul & Margo Duncan Duke Charlotte & Case Emerson Dr. Norman G. Fitz-Coy Dr. J. Bert Flanegan Bill & Susan Gair Ken & Melissa Gerhardt Susan D. Gillespie Alice Harmon Ruth E. Harris John W. Harvey Arthur F. Hebard Michael M. Howell Marjorie A. Hoy Shehla Islam Doug & Sheila Jones Dr. Joe & Pam Joyce Dr. Gail Kauwell & Peter Johnson Dr. Charles J. Kibert Carole Kimberlin Steve & Katrine Kirn Mr. Thomas C. Ladun John & Lucia Madey Maria Gutierrez Martin Wayne T. McCormack Michael & Rebecca McKee Silvia Menendez & Jeffrey Harman Brian & Cheryl Mikell Myra F. Morgan Rebecca Martin Nagy Ranga Narayanan Dr. & Mrs. David A. Paulus Dr. Michael & Renee Perfit Ms. Lila W. Pittman Scott K. Powers Laura Robertson Melanie Fridl Ross Harriet & Jeffrey Roth Michael Sagas Desmond & Nadine Schatz & Family Beverly Sensbach Constance Shehan Elspeth Keller & Richard Snyder Patricia Snyder Dr. Karl J. Soderholm Mike Spranger & Karen Blyler Ruth L. Steiner Arthur Teixeira & Marjorie St. John Dr. Patrica A. Travis Anastasia Ulanowicz Mr. Frank Varosi Larry & Quenta Vettel Dr. Peggy Wallace David & Vangi Weiner Dr. Stanton K. Wesson Alan M. West Tammy Aagard Jerome Able Abi Adewumi Ms. Kim Ahrens Anne L. Allen Lori J. Altmann Wayne Archer Dr. Patrica T. Ashton Margaret Atherton Radiant Hands, Inc. Donald Duane Ault Derrick & Shelia Bacon Phillip & Jennifer Barkley Dr. James E. Barrett Kirby Barrick Dr. Carol Bates

Jim Gorske Wendy Graham Karen & Jeff Grater Greg Gray Linda G. Green Cynthia Griffin Randall & Cavelle Grimes Dr. Marcio Guelmann & Ariela Notzer-Guelmann Dr. James W. Hall III Eileen Handberg Eloise M. Harman Charles Harris Dr. Faye V. Harrison Abraham G. Hartzema John & Alanna Haven Satyanarayan Hedge, M.D. Richard Heipp William Heitman Rodger Hendricks Elaine Henjum Mary Herman Debra & Richard Herman Erin C. Hodge Susan Hodges Construction Accounting Jeff & Kay Holcomb Dr. Linda Hon Rebecca M. Hoover Donna Rowland Ms. Eve M. Irwin Kelly Jackman Raymond Patrick Jacob Karen Janicki Lisa Jefferson Dr. Richard D. Johnson Dr. Pierce H. Jones Dr. Kevin Keating Shannon Kerwin Mr. Ronald J. Kirsch James Klausner Mary Jo Koroly John H. Kranzler Dr. Anthony Ladd Sarah Laibstain Jan Large Robyn LeBoeuf Dr. Lynn Leverty Linda Le-Wendling Judith Lightsey Jim & Angela Lindner Barbara E. Lindsey Earlene & Gary Lipowski Jaime R. Little Susan Luther Bruce & Jeannette MacFadden William C. Mann Robin Marrin Kevin & Marlene Marshall Maurice R. Marshall, Jr. Ghania Masri Cheryl May Charles L. McDonald Leslie Mcelvey Cydney McGlothlin Mr. Timothy E. Mclendon Denis J. Mercier Jon & Beth Mills Michael & Jeannene Mironack Kelly Mitchell Thomas J. Mitchell Martha Monroe & Tom Harris Jessica Mrozinske Jillian Munoz

Obrene & Annie Newman Stephanie & Chris Nielsen Dr. Susan Nimmo Louise & David Okken Stacey Oliver Linda Orfield Craig W. Osenberg Debbie Otero Dr. Allen R. Overman Donna M. Parker, M.D. Dipanwita Pati John Patrick, Jr. Mary Peoples-Sheps Anna Peterson Dr. Diane Porter-Roberts Norman E. & Margaret B. Portillo Lou Powers Robin E. Poynor Beckie Preston Kenneth H. Rand Konda R. Reddy Roger Reep John Regenfuss Isabelle Degremont & David Reitze Kellie Ritari Harry Rockwell, Jr. Daniel & Talia Rogers Jessie Runge Dr. Kathleen Ryan R. Matthew Sailors Linda C Sanchez Susan Schaffer John David Schert David J. Segura Randy E. Settle Y. Peter Sheng Pierre Sikivie & Cynthia Chennault Rodrigo C. Silva, MD Betsy Simpson Dr. Susan Sinnott Lynn Sollenberger Harriet M. & Sam Stafford Keith & Linda Stanfill Randall Staples Donald Stevenson Catherine Striley Dr. David Tanner Mark Taylor Nathaniel Terrell, Jr. Leslie Paul Thiele Ms. Michelle D. Tillander Scott & Jill Tomar Nayda Torres Dr. Gladys Torres Dr. Stanislav Uryasev Vladimir Vincek Wayne & Rhoda Wainwright Mr. Craig D. Warner Bart & Shirley Weitz Teresa & Joseph Welch Linda & Adam Wendling Milton J. Wetherington Mary Ann Whitley Dr. Myra Williams Stephen Williams Shen-Ling Xia Anthony T. Yachnis Dr. Lijun Yan Eric Young Tania Zuluaga Toro


ASSETS Cash & Investments Campaign Pledge Receivable, net Other Assets Land, Building and Equipment

1,171,418 1,525,846 51,670 454,196





MONEY RAISED $4,226,761


LIABILITIES Accounts Payable Designations Payable Deferred Revenue

96,954 815,070 1,400







PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUES Annual Campaign Designated to other non-profits Provision for Uncollectible Community Impact Grants Sponsorships & In-Kind Investment Income, Administrative Fees & Other


3,457,185 (1,246,408) (124,365) 489,537 154,390 205,770


24% 56%

n 56% – United Way Workplace & Residential Campaigns n 24% – University of Florida Community Campaign n 12% – Grants n 4% – Sponsorships and In-Kind n 5% – Investment Income & Other

MONEY INVESTED $4,107,808 3% 19% 30%

ALLOCATIONS AND EXPENSES Agency Allocations 940,000 Grant Payments 278,956 Program Expenses 741,538 Management and General 230,553 Fundraising 545,260



23% 25% n 30% – Total Designations n 25% – Programs, Initiatives & Services (2-1-1) n 23% – Investment in Community Programs (Allocation to Agency) n 19% – Fundraising & Ops (Fundraising & Mgmt/General) n 3% – Uncollectibles THE POWER OF ONE | 19



Darren J. Baxley Kevin E. Behrns Christine A. Best Neel & Anu Bhattacharyya Michael W. Binford Scott & Jennifer Blades Tara Blythe Dr. Linda Bobroff Steven & Marcia Bourdon David & Susan Bowles Jesse & Pidge Boyles Jennifer Brindise Yvonne Brinson Babette Brumback Ms. Dianne T. Bryant C. Michael & Deborah Bucci Dr. Jorg Bungert Becky Burleigh Nancy Burns Margareth & Robert Buschbacher Cynthia & William Butler Linda C. Butson Brian D. Cain Amy Cantrell John Capinera The Caruthers Family Norman Carvalho, MD George & Jeannine Cawthon Charlotte & Paul Chadik Christine D. Chase Jim “El Guapo” Chichester Denise Chichester Kenneth C. Cline Susan B. Collingwood Matthew Collins Gwenda L. Creel Dan Cromer Susan Crowley Dr. John Dame Eddie Daniels Douglas D. Dankel II Ann Daunic Jeffrey Davis Dr. Matthew Dennis Dr. Nancy Denslow Larry & Colleen Di Matteo Dr. Richard Dickinson Dr. Pamela Dickrell Dr. Keith Diem Mingzhou Ding Grace Dixon Dr. Calogero Dolce Dr. William P. Duff Colleen Ebel Elias & Michele Eldayrie Ms. Dorette Ellis Jane Ellis Dorothy L. Etienne Howie & Alice Ann Ferguson Mr. Francis Ferguson Alyson Flournoy Bruce Floyd Susan Floyd Chris Forsmark Dr. Jose A Fortes John Freund Dr. Frederick Fricker Michael Kendall Friel Dr. Jason S. Fromm Paula & Greg Fussell Maria Gallo Jane Gannon Nancy & Maurice Giunta Susan Goffman & Bill Abrams

2012-2013 SPONSORS A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR ACADEMY SPONSORS Academy Sponsors provide ongoing support of $10,000 or more per year, for three years to underwrite United Way’s signature donor events. We thank the following companies for their generous support!

EVENT SPONSORS Edward Jones Gateway Bank James Moore & Co. LOANED EXECUTIVE SPONSORS Bank of America Publix



IN-KIND SPONSORS 98.5 KTK Corks and Colors Fun4Gator Kids Gainesville Ice The Gainesville Sun Giggle Magazine GTN News Miller Lite O2B Kids Pepsi Subway SunBelt Moving & Delivery Co. WRUF


Board of Directors:

2013-2014 Campaign Cabinet:

Debbie Mason, President & CEO Rhonda Johnson, Director of Operations Mary Broadfoot, Administrative Assistant

Executive Committee Matt Fajack, University of Florida, Chair Kay Ayers, AvMed, Vice Chair Carolyn Lukert, Dementia Education, Inc., Past Board Chair Ed Bonahue, Santa Fe College, Member-At-Large Dennis Gies, Community Volunteer, Member-At-Large Kenneth Kurdziel, James Moore & Company, Finance Chair Melanie Ross, UF Health, Communications Chair Board Members Nick Banks, Front Street Realty, Development Harbin Bolton, Cox Communications Rob Chapman, Publix Bill Gair, University of Florida, Campaign Cabinet Sam Goforth, Wells Fargo Josh Greenberg, Grooveshark Tony Jones, Gainesville Police Department Shaney Livingston, Alachua County Library District Hershel Lyons, Alachua County Public Schools Adrian Taylor, Springhill Missionary Baptist Church, Public Policy Ken McGurn, McGurn Investments Ed Poppell, UF Development Corporation Andy Sherrard, O2BKids! Dr. Patricia Snyder, University of Florida Lynda Tealer, University Athletic Association, Inc. Brad White, SunTrust, N.A. Jenna White, Enterprise Holdings, Inc., CIT

Kay Ayers, AvMed Nick Banks, Front Street Commercial Real Estate Group Kara Bolton, Kara Bolton Homes, Inc. Matt Fajack, University of Florida Bill Gair, Chair, University of Florida Brad Pollitt, UF Health Shands John Power, Alachua County Tax Collector Jason Shank, Enterprise Rent-A-Car Jay St. Pierre, North Florida Regional Medical Center Brad White, SunTrust Bank

Community Impact Team Karen Slevin, VP Community Impact Jennifer Stojkovic, 2-1-1/Health & Income Impact Manager Norinda Rosario Yancey, Education and School-based Initiatives Manager Angela Hutchings, ReadingPals Coordinator Barbara Brady, Check & Connect Specialist Annetta McCloud, Check & Connect Specialist Patrick Wright, Check & Connect Specialist

Development Team Dana Clayton, VP, Resource Development Bob Guerriere, Director, Resource Development Chris Tharp, Development Director of Residential & Individual Giving Amy Stickel, Development Associate, Affinity Groups Sylvia Waldman, Donor Database Manager J.D. Comstock, Campaign Manager Chris Gladin, Campaign Manager Karah Hensel, Publix Loaned Executive Jordan Wright, Campaign Manager

Communications & Marketing Team Kim Faenza, Director, Marketing & Communications Sarah Coulson, Communications Specialist


Please cut out, photocopy and share the FamilyWize Prescription Drug Program Card Follow three easy steps to use your FamilyWize discount card: 1. Print your card and take it to any one of the 60,000 participating pharmacies. 2. Present your card with a valid doctor’s prescription for medicine. 3. Receive the discount from the pharmacist.

United Way of North Central Florida 6031 NW 1st Place Gainesville, Florida 32607-2025 (352) 331-2800 fax (352) 331-2111

www.unitedwayncfl.org www.facebook.com/UnitedWayNCFL www.twitter.com/UnitedWayNCFL

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2012-2013 Annual Report  

2012-2013 Annual Report  

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