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Sunday, October 13 | 5 pm Shea Campus | Worship Center


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We all have stories to tell. Stories of redemption, love and God’s power. Discover how God is working in and through your church in the lives of people just like you, helping all of us live the lives we were meant to live.

Dear Friends, Even though it’s still over 100 degrees most days, fall is in the air, kids are back in school, and it’s time for new beginnings. It’s a time to put summer vacations behind us and begin a new season of learning, growing and connecting with others. Being a learner and a teacher, I love this time of year. I’m excited about what God is preparing for us as a church this fall! Not only are we gearing up with all kinds of ways for you to grow, get connected and be strengthened in your walk with God, but we are also preparing for some major changes and enhancements to our campus. You’ll read more about that in this issue. You’ll also read about people— men, women and children—whose lives are being changed by God’s transforming power, both here in Scottsdale and around the world. These are exciting times, and my prayer is that you will celebrate with me as we prepare to break new ground this fall to reach and impact our community for Christ. Let’s all commit to being people submitted to Him and dedicated to building up His church. I cannot wait to see how God is going to show Himself to us in what promises to be an action-packed season. Please join me in prayer that He will grant us favor in all we seek to accomplish and that we will not lose sight of the goal—to see hearts and lives transformed by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your pastor and friend,



BREAKING NEW GROUND Celebrating the Progress of It’s been almost seven months since we launched Compelled by Grace—a bold vision God led our elders and pastors to propose after they sought His will in prayer. From its inception to its implementation, Compelled by Grace has been an intentional, Spirit-led effort to leave a legacy, reach our community and impact our world for Jesus Christ. Since February, a great deal of work has been done behind the scenes. Where are we today? Here’s an update on the exciting progress made possible by your sacrificial giving and prayer, and a preview of upcoming events and milestones.

We are in the final stages of preparation for a major campus redesign that will make room for hundreds more to meet Jesus and grow in their faith here. In our first phase, we are taking down the old junior high building and student offices to make room for a new two-story student center. This state-of-the-art facility will include a game lounge where teens can gather throughout the week and invite their friends. Our 5th-8th graders, who have been overcrowding their current facilities, will have a place to call their own and more room to bring friends. 4

At least 60 more 5th and 6th graders will be able to attend at each service. We are also excited about breaking ground for a gorgeous new 300-seat chapel on the northwest corner of our property. This three-dimensional billboard will be a beacon to our community, telling the 42,000 people who drive by on Shea each day that we are a church where they will be welcomed. It will also offer a beautiful setting for worship services, weddings and significant family events.

This fall will be an incredible time for us to demonstrate unity as we adjust to the changes, the dust and the minor disruptions construction always brings. In the midst of these changes, let’s focus on what God is doing through this process. He is making Scottsdale Bible a brighter light in our community. He’s helping us prepare a place for future generations to grow and thrive here. He’s going to make this a place where more people will come to hear about the gift of new life in Jesus Christ. That’s something to get excited about and to celebrate!

Not only will the 87% in Scottsdale who don’t attend church see the dramatic changes on our Shea campus, but we will continue to reach out to new communities throughout our city. Less than one year ago, we launched our Cactus Campus multisite, a church that is reaching hundreds of unchurched families in the North Phoenix area.

We want to continue to bring the vibrant ministry of Scottsdale Bible to other communities and are preparing to launch our next multisite in 2014. We recently hired Neil Montgomery to pastor this new campus, and you will read about how God has been preparing him for this role on the next page.

God has called Scottsdale Bible to be a globally minded, mission-focused church. We support 53 mission partners in 22 countries, and give significant funds to international efforts to spread the gospel around the globe. Two of the most exciting parts of Compelled by Grace involve new projects we are launching in Western Europe and Israel.

Pastor Jamie and many of our staff have also been partnering with the European Leadership Forum to equip leaders with training, coaching and resources— empowering them to lead their churches and impact their communities with the gospel.

In Western Europe, atheism, agnosticism and non-Christian religions are growing at an unprecedented rate. This former seat of the Reformation is now a battleground for Christianity. Through the European Leadership Forum, and partnerships with academia and local churches, Scottsdale Bible is committed to equipping those who are engaged in this battle. We are working with Highfields Church in Cardiff, Wales, to accomplish two goals: first, to help them expand and plant new campuses to reach their culture; and second, to learn from them new ways to reach our own community for Christ. God is doing amazing things and you’ll hear more about the specifics in coming months.

In the Middle East, we are in the process of establishing a ministry center in Jenin, Israel, located in the northern West Bank of Palestine, 30 miles north of Nazareth. This Arab community of 90,000 is home to the Arab American University, a modern university with more than 9,000 Muslim, Christian and Jewish students. In partnership with the Palestine Bible Society, we are working to engage these young people through relational evangelism and reconciliation. The new ministry center will serve as a hub for students of all faiths and backgrounds to meet, interact, and build relationships. Through activities at the center, Muslim and Christian students will be able to discuss spiritual topics in an atmosphere of understanding and trust, creating opportunities to share the gospel. The center will also offer computers, leadership training, community development programs, Bible study and

In partnership with Phoenix Seminary, we are also building leaders who will plant new churches in the Valley and beyond. Through Compelled by Grace, our pastoral development efforts are equipping young pastors with both theological training at Phoenix Seminary and practical ministry experience. We’re excited about the potential of more people coming to faith in Jesus through this next generation of church planters.

discipleship, and education about the rich biblical heritage of the area. In addition, we are working closely with local churches in Palestine to equip them with the leadership skills and resources they need to reach their communities for Christ. Please pray for God’s continued favor and provision as we strive to faithfully follow Him on this journey to expand His kingdom.

Sunday, October 13 | 5 pm Shea Campus | Worship Center Join us on October 13 for a special service to worship, pray and celebrate the groundbreaking on our campus and all that God is accomplishing through Compelled by Grace. To learn more, visit FALL 2013 SCOTTSDALEBIBLE.COM



NEIL MONTGOMERY Our Newest Multisite Campus Pastor Neil comes to us from McKinleyville, California, where he has served as senior pastor of New Heart Community Church for 10 years. He and his wife, Karen, have three sons: Alex (22), Colin (21) and Jesse (17). We recently had the opportunity to talk with Neil about his life and the journey that has led him to Scottsdale Bible.

Q: Where did you grow up and how did you come to faith in Christ?

A: I grew up as the fourth of six kids and am 100% Scottish. My parents and three older siblings emigrated from Scotland to Ontario, Canada, in the 1960s. When I was in second grade, a couple knocked on our door and invited us to church with their bus ministry. My parents said, ‘You just hit the jackpot, here’s six kids!’ So my siblings and I began going to this church, the same one I worked at with Pastor Jamie later on, and it was the first time I heard the literal gospel message. As much as my 8-year-old heart could understand, I said to God, ‘I really believe this, I want to invite you into my life.’ And there was a real change for me at that point in time. I just loved the Word of God! I would open my little red Gideon Bible and read it out loud and preach to my younger sister. I became very interested in all things related to our local church and got actively involved there.

 A: A  s a young teenager, I had a few crises of faith. I started Q: W hat led you to become a pastor?

down that path of ‘me’ and the things I wanted to do. I’ll never forget when my youth leader sent me a letter. He said they had missed me at youth group and that he’d love to connect with me personally. It was a very significant moment in my life. Receiving that letter and having someone demonstrate that kind of love for me flipped a switch in my head and my heart, and I thought, ‘I can’t go down this road.’ I called an older friend to talk about it and he mentioned the word ‘discipleship.’ As he described it to me, I said, ‘I need you to disciple me.’ That began a four-year relationship. We met in front of the fire in his living room every week and he patiently answered every one of my questions. Through that, I knew I wanted to be part of a ministry where I could help people. I thought, ‘When I was going through crisis, someone was there for me, and I want to do the same thing for someone else.’ That’s when I decided I wanted to be involved in vocational pastoral ministry and to attend Moody Bible Institute. Karen and I met at Moody and we’ve just celebrated our 25th anniversary.


Q: Tell us about some of your experiences as a pastor.

A: After I finished my degree at the University of Wisconsin in Baraboo, Wisconsin, I served as an associate pastor for 12 years at a church there. Then Jamie called me and invited me to join him at Wortley Baptist Church in London, Ontario, as their youth pastor. After a few years there, Karen and I really had a heart to return to the U.S. and get back into more of a leadership role within a church. Our kids were all finishing grade school and we thought ‘if ever there was a time to go, this would be it.’ That’s when the Lord brought us to New Heart Community Church in McKinleyville, a rural town of about 13,000 people on the very northern coast of California. About five years ago, we were making some real strategic changes at the church, and of course whenever you make changes, it brings conflict. At that time, my wife said to me, ‘do you think God is calling us away?’ I remember saying to her, ‘If we ever leave this church, I want these three things to be in place: first, I want to make sure you and I have a relationship with Christ that is thriving and moving in the right direction. Second, I want to make sure our marriage is in a great place, that it’s thriving. Third, I want this church to be a healthy church. I don’t want to leave it for someone else to come in and clean up the mess.’

 hat I love about the multisite is that I can be in the trenches with “  W people. I think the real meat of ministry is being in the church right alongside people, being with them in the messiness of their lives. ” -Neil Montgomery

Q: How did God lead you to Scottsdale Bible?

A: A s our kids approached finishing high school, we began to pray ‘God, is there something next?’ We weren’t looking for anything, but then Jamie called and asked if we would consider being part of the Scottsdale Bible team. We prayed about it and God began to turn our hearts. McKinleyville is a beautiful town in a very rural and remote location, and it’s a needy area. We wrestled with thinking, ‘are we abandoning them?’ As Karen and I processed and prayed about it, we realized God had been using us for 10 years to bring New Heart to a very healthy place— it’s a growing church numerically and spiritually. We feel we’ve probably brought this church as far as we can with our giftedness. It’s become increasingly clear that this is a good thing—this transition and this journey. It’s good for New Heart and it’s good for us.

Q: What excites you about joining us as a multisite pastor?

A: New Heart is a great church in a very liberal part of California. I think we’ve successfully brought salt and light to the people there, but one of the things that excites us about Scottsdale Bible is being a part of a reputable, grounded, healthy community—a community with a solid backing of mature, strong believers. What I love about the multisite is that I can be in the trenches with people. I think the real meat of ministry is being in the church right alongside people, being with them in the messiness of their lives. For example, I spoke at a high school camp recently, and what I realize whenever I go to a camp like that, is that what happens off the stage, sitting at dinner, walking along the trail, playing a game, getting to know the people—that’s the real ministry. What excites me more than anything is getting to be involved in the lives of people.

Q: How can we pray for you and your family?

A: We could use prayer for dealing with the stress of transition: selling our home, finding a new home, and for our three sons during this change. God has been reminding us lately to remember that life is about people; everything else is just details. We’d also love prayer for New Heart—that we finish well there and for the new leadership.



at work here and “ G odnoisman can stop that!


A new partnership has been established with Samaritans Strategy Tanzania. This ministry focuses on biblical truth expressed through church-based “wholistic” ministry for social and cultural transformation. A pastor who recently completed the training said, “I thought I could only be involved with preaching, but this training has given me great freedom. I can now share the Gospel message as well as preach the Gospel.”

Young Life Club

In June, the kids were able to attend a Young Life three-day camping experience in Arusha. Five busses transported 154 Mairowa kids, 10 leaders, and another 100 kids from other villages to camp. Upon arrival, they were greeted by a marching band and camp staff. The first day, the Mairowa kids were overwhelmed and remained silent. But after the first general club meeting, “a light went on in their hearts and they showed joy…they expressed an amazing sense of freedom… and they were united together. They even won all the competitive events held at camp,” said Director Alexis Kwamy. The three-day experience had an amazing spiritual impact: 130 of the 154 Mairowa kids gave their lives to Jesus! Please pray that our Mairowa leaders will continue to faithfully disciple those who committed their lives to Jesus Christ. I am not sure I have words to explain the impact the camp had on the Mairowa kids, other than this: God is at work here and no man can stop that. Alexis Kwamy, Young Life Regional Director, Tanzania/Zanzibar 8

These teams have been teaching seminars, running health clinics, telling Bible stories, sharing testimonies, planting trees, working in the Mairowa Integrity School garden, and just loving the people in these communities. Some significant projects have been initiated this year in both villages, furthering God’s work in the lives of children and families.

Samaritans Strategy Tanzania

IN MAIROWA... One of the most exciting successes is the establishment of a Young Life Club in Mairowa. Young Life is a non-denominational Christian ministry that reaches out to adolescents through caring adults who go to kids on their turf, in their culture, to build authentic friendships and share God’s love. In April, 22 leaders from Mairowa were trained at the Young Life Club in Arusha. Now more than 90 Mairowa youth attend regular club meetings in this village.

Since 2012, four teams have traveled to Tanzania on short-term mission trips to minister to our Tanzanian ministry partner, Ereto, and to the children, staff and communities of the two schools we established: Mairowa Integrity School and Kondoa Integrity School.

Mini Bible School/Diploma Course The second Mini Bible School class is being taught by Pastor Anna and has 30 participants from the Mairowa area. A three-year Diploma Course has also been initiated, and 28 local Mairowa pastors and church leaders have enrolled. Those who successfully complete their studies are awarded a diploma from Agape Bible School in Mairowa. Farming God’s Way As a first step in the long process toward self sustainability for this ministry, Scottsdale Bible has joined with the Tanzanian staff to explore the concept of “Farming God’s Way.” Based on key biblical principles, management skills and agricultural techniques, Farming God’s Way has a proven track record of increased yields. The agricultural project is located on school property and will provide much needed food supply for the school kids and an income generating source for Mairowa Integrity School. Twenty widows, “the poorest of the poor,” have been identified and will receive Farming God’s Way training. The goal is to enable these widows to produce food for themselves and their families and eventually generate income.

IN KONDOA... Health and Dental Care

1  20 children were given clinic health screenings at the end of 2012.

T  wo U.S. dentists partnered with a local dentist to treat community patients at the Kondoa Hospital Dental Clinic.

In late September/October 2013, a medical/dental team will be traveling to Kondoa and Mairowa for two weeks to treat patients in both communities.

Self Sustainability A chicken coop has been built for 200 chickens as a pilot project. The goal is to provide eggs for school meals as well as an income source for the school.

Arab Unrest Opens New Doors to the Gospel It has been a dramatic year of change in the Middle East as the impact of the Arab Spring riots and conflicts moved across many of the countries of the 10/40 window, a region of North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia and between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator. Scottsdale Bible has many missionaries and partners working in this region who have been directly impacted by the changes.

In MOROCCO, where we have four missionary families serving, two have been blacklisted and asked to leave the country (along with hundreds of other U.S. missionaries). On the surface, this may look like a disaster, but in the words one of our expelled missionaries, We (U.S. and European missionaries) have been working in Morocco for many years, leading many to Christ, planting underground churches, and equipping pastors and leaders. Now it is time for the local church to step up and lead their people and reach their country for Christ.

In JORDAN, where we have two missionary families, an explosive new ministry has developed as hundreds of thousands have fled Syria and become refugees. In most cases, these Syrians have lost everything and arrive in Jordan with only the clothes on their backs. This tragedy has opened the door for our missionaries to establish a whole new ministry of compassionate care for these strangers in the land. These Syrian refugees have been so devastated by war, and confused by their Islamic faith, that there is a real openness to the Gospel and many are coming into a new relationship with Christ.

Praise God for His constant movement through His church to reach the lost throughout this region. At a recent missionary conference at Kasr el Dobara in Cairo, their theme verse was Matthew 16:18 where Jesus said; “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.� This is the heart cry of our brothers and sisters and missionaries in the Middle East.

EGYPT is prominent in the news today, with the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi. Through our church partner, Kasr el Dobara, we are in close touch with the emerging situation and how lives are being impacted spiritually. As the radical Brotherhood took power, the Christians became a threatened minority. The Orthodox and the evangelicals, who were always at odds with one another, have now come together in a strong bond of unity and solidarity. On the other side, the moderate Muslims are moving away from the radical arm of Islam and toward the evangelical community. These Muslims are coming to Christ in large numbers. The church has been praying for years that revival would come to Egypt, but we never thought it would come through the radical Muslim movement. -Kasr el Dobara Senior Pastor



SMALL IS THE NEW verywhere, people gather around common interests to enjoy their favorite activities in the company of others. If you love a particular hobby or activity, you can be sure someone else does too, and you’ll likely have more fun sharing the experience with them.



This fall, Scottsdale Bible is starting several Basic Interest Groups where you can gather with a few like-minded friends from church and intentionally include newcomers in the activities you enjoy. These groups are called “basic” because they are simple groups with a simple purpose.


Besides having fun together, you and your group can focus on introducing more people into the life of the church and to eternal life in Christ through your shared interests. We are looking for leaders and participants of many different interests. Choose from one of the following or suggest your own!

















Basic Interest Groups for these and other hobbies will meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to take part in their favorite activities. While prayer or discussing a devotional topic may be a small part of the group’s dynamic, the emphasis is on welcoming new people into a friendly community of people who share their interests and happen to love Jesus.

genuinely desire to use the activities they enjoy most to draw other people closer to God. Leaders aren’t required to be Bible scholars, great evangelists, or even skilled teachers. If you are willing to live transparently and invite people with your shared interest into the life of Scottsdale Bible, you can lead a Basic Interest Group.

Leading a Basic Interest Group is easy and rewarding. Leaders are proactive, outgoing, Spirit-led people who

If you aren’t ready to lead, but you do want to be part of a Basic Interest Group, you are needed, too! Contact

us to let us know you’re interested and don’t miss the Small Group Connecting Event on August 29 at 6:30 pm in the High School Building. By including new friends into our Basic Interest Groups, small is the new big at Scottsdale Bible! ________________________________________ If you’re interested in leading or being a part of a Basic Interest Group, email Bryan McAnally, pastor of local outreach, at or call 480.824.7244.

T H E M U LT I S I T E C O M M U N I T Y By Campus Pastor, Rick Holman


copier repairman arrived at our office door a few weeks ago and said it was time to have our copier serviced. I was a little surprised, as our staff is usually made aware of those appointments by the Shea campus. It must have been an oversight, I thought. It was then that I noticed the badge the repairman was wearing was from a different copy machine company than the one we use. When he entered our office, he said, “What happened to your other copier?” I said, “This is the only one we’ve had.” He insisted that we had another machine, and I insisted we didn’t. But then I recalled some copier parts from the machine he was referencing that were left over from the church that formerly met in our building. I asked if he was there to service a copier for Scottsdale Bible Church, and at that moment he realized he was to service the copier for the prior church. He apologized for the inconvenience and went on his way.

After he left, I wondered why he hadn’t known that church had been closed for nearly three years. Perhaps it was an oversight, or a rogue repairman, but it got me thinking. If our church was to close, would the neighborhood know it? Or would they miss us? The answer to that question is what drives me. Since we began this journey two years ago to establish a new multisite, our community has been the focus. The Cactus Campus has faithfully undertaken the vision to reach and to touch the people in our neighborhoods. “Let love be genuine” is the benediction I use to close our services. It comes from a section in Romans called the “Mark of the True Christian” in chapter 12. Whether in our regular neighborhood walks delivering water bottles, gathering at our monthly barbecues, or serving the local retirement center, homeless shelters and schools, our congregation shares the same burden of reaching the

unchurched in our community. The Lord continues to bless and amaze us as 50% of our congregation is new and from this community! The definition of community is “a group of people who live in the same area, or the area in which they live; a unified body of individuals.” A unified body is what we are—committed to winning people to Christ, building them up and then sending them out. I heed the warning that came from the prior church during a moving time of celebration we shared with them in a worship service. “Don’t take your eye off the ball,” they said, “We lost sight of this community.” ________________________________________ Find out more about the Cactus Campus community at



Our family is new to Scottsdale Bible Church. We’ve lived in the Valley for nearly 20 years, and have always been searching for a spiritual home. We desperately wanted to give a strong foundation to our two children. The moment we walked through the doors of Scottsdale Bible in December 2012 we knew we were home. Thank you for completing our lives!

-Sean & Deb Fanning I have been so lost as a teen. With Scottsdale Bible, I have found what it means to have life. I love everything that this church is about. I found what it means to be loved and accepted by others. I want to pledge so all the lost teens like me will be found one by one – one life at a time!

-Kassey Frazier I’ve gone to Scottsdale Bible since I was 5 years old. I met Jesus here, grew in my faith, was given an unshakable foundation, and then sent to the mission field, loved and supported. Now my husband and I call Scottsdale Bible home and are raising our kids here and are so excited to be a part of this church and all that is going on to leave a legacy for the next generation as we reach our community and the world!

-Juan Pablo & April Martinez We have been coming to Scottsdale Bible for a few months and have been spiritually strengthened and encouraged. We know this is where we want to stay and serve with this body of believers. We want to be a part of reaching more lost people!

-Carmello & Olivia LoCurto We are compelled to support Scottsdale Bible in this endeavor because we feel that ultimately we are supporting what God wants to continue to do with this work. We have been part of this body for almost 17 years and just as we are aging in our physical bodies and need to refurbish ourselves, so we believe in the vision of refurbishing Scottsdale Bible.

-Peter and Sherryl Elenius

My husband and I are very excited about Compelled by Grace! We felt compelled to pledge during the pledge period and it was a stretch for us. We had to cut back and make some sacrifices. However, my husband felt the Lord speak to him and say, “Just wait and see how easy this will be for Me.” And indeed, the Lord has shown us His provision and since then has made a way for us to increase our pledge! We are so excited and are praising the Lord for the opportunity to give more!

-Ross & Amanda Teske I drove past this church many times and didn’t give it a second thought, because it didn’t appear like a church a young, single person would fit into. I received a personal invitation to visit Scottsdale Bible and started attending regularly. Almost two years later, after the birth of our first daughter, I knew this was the church I wanted my family to call home. Scottsdale Bible was my safe place during a turning point in my walk with Christ, my husband received Christ here, and now we have two girls being raised with Scottsdale Bible as their home church.

-Erica & Bryan Holmberg As a family with young children and another on the way, we are excited about the growth and availability offered to our kids through this expansion. We are excited about what God is doing in our family’s lives and look forward to growing with the Scottsdale Bible family.

-Brady & Cara Lonsdale Our gift is a sacrifice for us right now, and we realize if we didn’t give, someone else may, but we want to be a part of this, have ownership in it, and pass the legacy on to our kids.

-Jason & Michelle Fortin I am praying for Scottsdale Bible and have tremendous hope for the vision it is casting in Compelled by Grace. This church has been a blessing for me and my family. I pray that beyond my poor resources I might be a blessing to it. I love this church!

-Marnie Meyers 12

Scottsdale Bible provided me a ‘home’ in a new city and a spiritual ‘family’ through my small group. It is an honor to be a part of Compelled by Grace. I have been blessed by God’s grace and want others to experience His glory.

There is always an excuse for me, being single, student loans, in my twenties, but it is time to make a true commitment to what truly matters. I want to help support this church to show God’s love to others.

-Bonnie Hanlin

-Brooke Whitcher

Scottsdale Bible has been ‘my church’ for the last 33 years. I am blessed every time I hear a ‘My Story’ and want to make it possible for many more individuals and families to come to a relationship with Jesus.

We love Scottsdale Bible and consider it our home church. We have young girls that we see as the new generation and we want them to grow to love the Lord and have this church be a place where they love to be, where they can develop strong faith and friendships, as we have.

-Karen Rummel I want to make sure this church will be here for me when I’m older.

-Sage Fanning (age 11) As ‘snow birds’ the best thing about Arizona is Scottsdale Bible Church! We fully support your vision to reach the lost and want to do our small part.

-Brady & Jennifer Nelson I volunteer with Junior High Ministry and have seen the room get filled to capacity. The fact that we’re getting a new room to reach more kids is so exciting! I’m SO excited to see what God does with 10 churches in 10 years and new Scottsdale Bible campuses.

-Kelly Sandford

-Kenneth & Julie Cox We feel compelled to be able to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ through Scottsdale Bible in whatever manner it takes. It has inspired us to hear the testimonies of those who have come to know Christ and are now serving and reaching others. We want no child to be turned away from our church.

-Jerome & Judy Pondy I am a young single mommy of three precious little boys and although we don’t have much to give I want to be a part of this, so others may be touched like me and my little family have been.

-Lia E. Beattie

Special Ministries has created a fun and safe place for our son with autism to enjoy fellowship and learn more about Jesus. We are excited about the changes at Scottsdale Bible and hope this will be a church home for our kids in the future.

-Grant & Julie Batt We have not been coming to Scottsdale Bible for a long time, but during our time here, we believe God is speaking to us and we want other people in our community to also hear God’s Word. We are going to step out in faith and give back to God what belongs to Him.

-Steve & Tina Sun-Angell

We have only been coming to Scottsdale Bible for a short time, but know we have found our church home. We have both been blessed by this church and are excited to be a part of what God is going to do through Scottsdale Bible and Compelled by Grace.

-Ty Coatie & Jill Packett FALL 2013 SCOTTSDALEBIBLE.COM



The loss of my marriage took me into one of the most fearful times of my life. Suddenly, I had no back-up plan, and no extra streams of money flowing into my life. I was caught in financial quicksand, sinking fast in worry, debt, and poor spending habits. All the while, memories of my past bankruptcy seemed to be pulling me deeper, like an iron chain around my ankle. In my distress, I cried out to the Lord. He heard my cry and provided Scottsdale Bible’s financial ministry as the branch to rescue me. Crown Financial and Financial Peace University ministries gave me a biblical strategy to attack my debt and save me from despair. My first step to freedom came through Crown Financial’s basic budgeting class, which taught me how to get my money down on paper. I learned that there is freedom in accountability and discipline! Then God answered my desire to support other women who are in financial transition by bringing me to Scottsdale Bible’s Financial Peace University. At Financial Peace, I met other people like me who wanted to learn how to handle their money God’s way. The class is organized in a comfortable setting, integrating group discussions with videos of Dave Ramsey – a gifted teacher who has learned how to make saving, spending and investing money fun. Together, we share real hope that being debt free is not only possible, but a mandate for spiritual health! Financial Peace University offers a booster shot of biblical and financial truth! God has done a mighty work in my life in the area of stewardship and He taught me three important steps to financial freedom:


By Deb Belden

I’m so thankful God rushed in to free me from my fear and guilt, by covering my failure with His mercy and powerful, cleansing blood.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” -John 8:36


Wednesday, September 11 | 6:15 pm | Shea Campus Monday, September 9 | 6:15 pm | Cactus Campus

Register at 14



How Serving in AWANA Changed One Mom’s Perspective

heila Cuffari-Agasi is a working mom of three with a calendar that has few open slots. Yet, when she received an email from Scottsdale Bible inviting her to serve as an AWANA volunteer, she decided to go for it. After 20 years of working in financial services, Sheila was looking for a way to spend meaningful time with her youngest daughter.


As a child, she was invited to AWANA by a friend and participated from 4th to 6th grade. “It was an enjoyable experience,” she said. AWANA is an international ministry offered at Scottsdale Bible that trains children to memorize God’s Word as part of helping them become disciples of Jesus. AWANA stands for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed (II Timothy 2:15), and the ministry

includes large group times and fun activities for children aged 4 to 6th grade. Sheila and her older son committed to the opportunity, set aside the time in their schedule, and signed up to serve. “I was adding this to my already busy schedule,” she said. “But when I walked in the door and saw the excitement on the faces of the kids, I knew I had made the right choice.” Since serving in AWANA, Sheila has enjoyed spending time with her daughter, and meeting new kids and parents. “I expected to find fulfilling volunteer work,” she said. “What I didn’t expect was reconnecting to God’s Word and falling even more in love with Scottsdale Bible. For ten years, this has been my home church. Now, it’s my home.”

Before serving in AWANA, Sheila “made a beeline out to the parking lot” after the sermon.

Now I see the benefit and blessing of spending more time between the pew and the parking lot.

I see familiar faces and get to talk with people about the sermon out loud instead of just ‘thinking’ about it,” she said. Volunteering gave Sheila the additional purpose of being and belonging. “It filled a void that I didn’t even know I had,” she said. “I used to think I didn’t have time to volunteer. Now I can’t afford not to. What it has done for my heart has brought balance to my life. I’m coming back!”

Join us for AWANA on Wednesdays at 6:30pm this fall and help instill a love for God’s Word in your child. AWANA hosts an Open House on September 4 and begins on September 11. Online registration for your children is now available at If you want to find your joy in investing in children as an AWANA Volunteer, contact Renee Bickers at or 480.824.7220.



EVENTS August is the time to kick off a new season in Student Ministry! And with a new year comes new friends, events, experiences, surprises, laughs and much more.

The biggest event of the fall is our Back-to-School Bash for high school and Impact (junior high) students on Friday, August 30, 6:30–10pm. This huge outreach event attracts more than 350 students, many of whom will visit Scottsdale Bible for the first time. The night features inflatables, games, competitions, food, music, prizes, and the list goes on. Tickets are just $5 and include dinner and all the games you can play. Invite lots of friends, because everyone who misses it will hear how fun it was and wish they’d attended.

Fall Retreat for High School and IMPACT Once we’re finished cleaning up from the Back to School Bash, we’ll jump right into preparing for our annual fall camps. High School and Impact will be together at Lost Canyon for their Fall Retreat: United, October 11–13. During the weekend, students will be challenged to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus and encouraged to grow in unity with each other in the body of Christ. The cost of camp is $135 until September 29 and will increase to $165 after that. Register or learn more at

Club 56 Fall Camp Just two weeks after High School and Impact Camp, we’ll head back up to northern Arizona for another great camp with our Club 56 students at Prescott Pines, October 25-27. Our theme is Soul Survivor, and the weekend will be packed with spiritual, mental and physical challenges. Small groups will join together in tribes that will work together to outwit, outlast and outplay their competition. The cost of this camp is $135 through October 13 and $165 after. Register at

My first experience at Scottsdale Bible was when a friend invited me to Fall Camp. I had been in a church before, but wasn’t really committed in my faith or living it out. It was such a shock to me how loving and accepting everyone was. They were so willing to show me the ropes, hear my story, and help me get plugged in. The leaders and kids sat with me, introduced me to their friends, and were genuinely interested in getting to know me. They asked how I was doing and listened. Nobody had ever asked me that before—and meant it. The community of Scottsdale Bible was so contagious; it made me want more of it and to spread it to others. I was loved like I never had been at a church before. God showed me what a community of people who love God looks like. - Karlie Gibson

Parents —there will be plenty of opportunities for you to help with each of these events: from check-in the day of the events, to work crew and other opportunities to join us up at camp. Find out more about getting plugged in to serve at these and other Student Ministry events by contacting Carol Hubner at or 480.824.7280. 16


Perhaps the most important note about learning to be led by Christ ourselves is discovering we cannot do it alone. We need other voices and others speaking into us, helping us to see. The Holy Spirit uses gospel-centered community to be that voice and those eyes for us.

-Matt Chambers, Creature of the Word

By Mark Cole


y story at Scottsdale Bible began in June 2010 when my family moved here from Lake Stevens, Washington, due to a job change. Before God called me to move, I had everything—house, job, family, title, money. But I was empty. Within 13 months I was divorced, suffered financial loss, and my kids moved back to Washington with their mom. I had hit bottom. Fortunately I’d met some friends at Scottsdale Bible before this happened. While volunteering as a teacher in my son’s AWANA class, I became friends with Kelly, who invited me to an enrichment class where I met Steve and Bill. They invited me to Iron Groups on Tuesday nights where I met Darien and Tony. These men became

very close friends, and I knew I could talk with them about anything. My friends encouraged and prayed with me. They reminded me about God’s promises and had faith for me when I felt lost. They helped me follow God’s plan. Now, my children are in Scottsdale, I am at peace with God, and I get to help encourage other guys in Men’s Ministry at Scottsdale Bible. My passion is to see men connect, grow, and become the leaders God desires. Like many men, I thought I could do things on my own, but I discovered God wants me to live for Him and gain support by being part of a community. “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each

other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble” Ecclesiastes 4:9-10. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17.

Iron Groups Attend every Tuesday. Get connected. Find Accountability. Lead.

Men’s Summit October 4–6 Go!



 s a mom, having a place to “Ago where you are accepted unconditionally is hard to find. I found that at MOPS.

Alaina and Teagan



By Alaina Raetz


hen I joined Mothers of Preschoolers a year ago, I didn’t know what to expect. I had no idea what an impact it would have on my life, both personally and spiritually. MOPS has been a huge blessing in more ways than one. As a mom, having a place to go where you are accepted unconditionally is hard to find. I found that at MOPS. The friends you make there understand the good, bad, happy, sad and everything in between. The speakers teach truths that you can take home and apply to your family and marriage. Not only did I gain valuable tips on how to nurture and encourage my husband within our marriage, but I also learned how to build and maintain lifelong friendships. The spiritual journey is something so personal to each of us,

but listening to Amy Cavness talk about making a difference in our faith struck something deep inside me. Since then I have refocused my priorities and now find joy in the simple things that I used to take for granted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think MOPS would make this great of an impact on me, but I’m so grateful it did. I cannot wait to start the journey again with the amazing women of MOPS. There is something for every mom at MOPS and I would encourage you to join us!

1st and 3 rd Thursdays Starting Sep. 5 | 9:30-11:30am We are excited to kick off another great year of our Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program. This year’s theme is The Journey of Motherhood, so pack your bag and stroller and join in the adventure! MOPS groups are fun, Christ-centered communities providing biblically sound resources, encouragement and friendship. MOPPETS is an exciting program designed for your children while you enjoy time with other women. Registration for both you and your child(ren) is available online.

Free Event

Monday, August 26 | 7-9pm Town Center Get ready to begin a journey as we kick off our ministry year together! We have a fun, informative, and inspiring program planned and will share what is happening for women this year. This is a great opportunity to connect with other women and learn how to get involved in our Women’s Ministry here at Scottsdale Bible. You can register for your fall Bible Study, enroll your children, meet your teacher, and obtain your Bible study books. Dessert will be served. 18

y a d s Thur r 10 e b o t Oc

l a r IP e n V e t n e $ 25 G v E e r P $ 50 eet Gr d n a t Mee

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eet r G d n a t ee M P I V 6 pm ow h S dy e m Co 7 pm us p m Ca enter a e h C S p i h s Wor





 irst5 has been a huge blessing for our marriage. F We love having a community of other newlymarried couples who share our commitment to building Christ-centered marriages. The First5 socials are a blast—whether it’s a trip to Prescott, watching Indiana Jones in the park, or just dinner, we love gathering with the other couples. Marriage can be truly wonderful, but it can also be challenging, especially during the first few years. With First5, we receive the teaching and support we need to make these first years count!


–Christopher and Gabby Charles

We star ted at tending First5 shor tly af ter we got married and have been par t of the group for nearly four years now. One of the biggest things we appreciate is the weekly teaching, which has guided us to be more intentional in our marriage. We also love the friendships and communit y we have found within the group. It’s been a real blessing to share the journey of marriage with a set of like-minded Christians in the same stage of life. First5 truly has become our home at Scot tsdale Bible Church.

–Johnny and Tara Mospan

Since moving to Phoenix three years ago, First5 has been the best way to get plugged in at Scottsdale Bible. We have not only begun ser ving in the Marriage Ministr y as a result of First5, but have also formed some of our closest and most suppor tive friendships with others in the class. It is a great oppor tunity to grow closer to God and your spouse as you learn how to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

–Mark and Tessa Tyson




Sundays | 9:30am Shea Campus | E214

Founded four years ago, First5 is a springboard to help couples navigate the early waters of married life. Couples share life’s joys and struggles while learning to apply biblical principles to their relationship and daily life. Many small groups have grown out of this group and the couples enjoy fun social events throughout the year. New couples are welcome to visit anytime!


Triplets Alexis, Sidney and Tyler Daswick

 idney cannot have enough Jesus—even if that comes “  Sat the expense of other forms of entertainment. ” By Tyler Daswick


he only thing that can sway my sister Sidney away from watching the Food Channel is the idea of going to church.

Whether it is listening to Pastor Jamie on Sundays, watching televised worship services, or hanging out with Special Ministries on Thursday nights, Sidney cannot have enough Jesus—even if that comes at the expense of other forms of entertainment. She’s not really like most teenagers, I suppose. Sid was never like most kids though, not in a physical sense, at least. She has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around. But that just means when it comes to church, she can sit a little closer to her favorite part of the whole

service—the music. When the band starts rocking and shouting praise and jamming their heavenly tunes, Sid might just steal some attention herself with all her squealing, cheering, bopping and smiles, smiles, smiles. Not to detract from our terrific group of musicians here at Scottsdale Bible, but Sidney sure makes worship fun. Something I personally find inspiring about Sid is her active involvement in the church community. Aside from going to “big church” each Sunday, Sid attends Special Ministries’ Thursday Night Live to hang out with all her friends, sing even more songs, and play games. These Thursday nights are relaxed, casual, hilarious—heck, I would go every week. It is really telling that the

Special Ministries environment here at Scottsdale Bible is as close-knit, easy, and just plain fun as it is. These kids flat-out love God, and it is reflected in their bright attitudes, huge grins, and enthusiastic participation—not just with Sidney, but with each and every kid and young adult present. Pay attention to these people involved in Special Ministries. Not only are they doing terrific things, but God is doing terrific things through them. So next time Sid is hooting and hollering at worship, feel free to look over and see what all the fuss is about. Some of that joy to be around God can be quite contagious.



It’s never too early to start raising truly great kids...and it’s never too late. Every parent wants to raise great kids, yet we often fall short of our dreams. Sometimes we’re just too busy and distracted. Some of us had less than ideal role models. Some of us are working at it, but we just don’t have a good game plan. With God’s help and a plan, you can raise truly great kids— kids who are confident and cooperative. Parenting is a big job, but with a clear job description, practical tools, and an effective model, you can parent your kids the same way God parents His—with grace.

3 1 0 2 , 9 – R 8 ay 8:30 am–1pm E B M E NOV6:30–9:30 pm | Saturd TER Friday




Join us for a one-day conference that will give you a gracebased, character-driven approach that will help you nurture your child’s heart. (Insert Family Matters graphics from Poster and details about event)


35 ampus | Worship Center

Shea C

amily ib b le a scottsd

parenting that works


November 8-9, 2013



Fri 6:30–9:30p|Sat 8:30a–1:00p 13 14 15 Scottsdale Bible Church 7601 East Shea Boulevard Scottsdale, AZ 85260



This year’s Winter Wonder extravaganza features an all new theme that explores the diverse ways we express Christmas joy through music, movement, and spoken word —all depicting Christ’s birth in a fresh new way. Spirited music for all age groups, captivating media, elaborate sets, familiar carols, and grand choral and orchestral renditions continue the Christmas tradition at Scottsdale Bible.

per person



number of years ago, my mother entered a retirement village in Pennsylvania. She told me of the many activities they have for them, but her favorite was when people—mere strangers—came to visit and sing for them. I was unable to go back to Pennsylvania often, so I started to go to senior centers around Phoenix to see if I could sing for people there. Since others were doing it for my mother, I would sing for other people’s mothers (and dads). Sometimes I pretended she was in the audience that was in front of me.

When Encore Choir was started a few years ago, I found it was just what I was doing on my own, only more elaborate with programs, themes, and scripture reading. I knew it was for me. I am blessed to be part of this group that not only serves others, but encourages one another through regular prayer time, hospital visits (as I can attest to from a recent stay), care and concern. Although our mission is to bless and minister to others, you won’t believe how richly blessed you will be at each performance. Plan to join us!

The Encore Choir

offers a unique opportunity to sing for Christ and minister to those in nursing homes, retirement villages and other senior care centers. If you are interested in singing and enjoying a great group of people, come join us. Rehearsals for “second-halfers” who enjoy serving the community through song begin Tuesday, September 17, 5:15-6:15pm in the Adult Choir Room. Please RSVP to seniors@ or 480.824.7299 so we can have your music ready and waiting!




Jill Hoekstra

ART DIRECTOR Michael Oliveros


Proofing Ministry

PHOTOGRAPHY Photography Ministry







Registration is now open

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