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The Seven Hills Buzz The Seven Hills School Bulletin

Vol. 1 No. 18 June 14, 2010

Congratulations and best wishes, Class of 2010!

Coverage of Commencement 2010, year-end awards, and the spring sports season will be in the next issue of Seven Hills magazine.

A Brief Word from Chris Garten And that word is “thanks”! This has been, by every conceivable measure, an extraordinarily successful year for this school community. We are, as a faculty, enormously proud of all that our students have achieved: of their achievements in athletics, in the fine and performing arts, and in serving their communities. We are prouder still of the innumerable ways in which they have grown: in intellectual engagement, in their commitment to and support of one another, in their depth of character. At Seven Hills, our students’ extraordinary growth is the inevitable result of an active and purposeful partnership. I want to thank all of you, this extraordinarily talented and dedicated faculty and staff, this highly engaged parent body, and the armies of committed volunteers, for all you have done to support our students this past year. Have a well deserved rest in the coming weeks! Chris Garten Head of School

Emily signs to play for UC Clermont volleyball team

Emily with (from left) UC Clermont Head Coach Joe Harpring, Assistant Coach Kelley Koons, Nancy Rogers, Martin Fightmaster, and some of her teammates.

Senior Emily Rogers-Fightmaster has signed to play for the UC Clermont volleyball team. The UC website states, “Emily Rogers-Fightmaster, a 6’1” middle hitter from Seven Hills, will be joining the Cougars for the 2010 season. Rogers-Fightmaster was a featured player for Head Coach Linda Clark’s Stinger varsity. The Stingers won two consecutive MVC titles while RogersFightmaster patrolled the middle. For her efforts, she was named Second Team All-Conference in the MVC her senior year. She led all Cincinnati area Division IV players in blocks per game her senior season and earned the Coach’s Award for this and other accomplishments. “‘The addition of Emily to our team is a huge plus,’ said UC Clermont Head Coach Joe Harpring. ‘She gives us the height we need to compete at the highest level and is already quite a polished and intimidating blocker. I expect her to enhance our net defense with this blocking ability and add another weapon to our offense. Emily is also a great competitor and has a positive attitude towards her coaches and teammates. I’m excited to get her on board.’”

Middle School honors in foreign language contests include two First in Chapter Awards National Spanish Exam Congratulations to the following eighth graders for their high honors on the National Spanish Exam. Andrew Ligeralde placed first in the chapter and won a Gold Medal on the Spanish 1 Regular exam. Miguel Alemany placed first in the chapter and won a Gold Medal in the Spanish 1 Bilingual exam. Zachary Abraham and Allie Feuerlein earned Silver Medals in Spanish 1 Regular. Ashok Dheenan, Devin Garrett, and Dellan Stokesbary earned Bronze Medals on Spanish 1 Regular. The following earned Honorable Mention on Spanish 1 Regular: Emily Addy, Blair Brinker, Nick Davis, Ned Dawson, Molly Ellis, Sam Ellis, Louis Goldsmith, Caroline Linne, Tess Renusch, Sarah Salter, Jessica Seibold, and Hannah Silverman.

Seventh graders earned the following honors on the National Spanish Exam. Earning Silver Medals were Adam Buford, Alayna Choo, and George Karamanoukian. Ellie Pasquale and Mona Scheiber earned Bronze Medals. Earning Certificates of Excellence were Arjun Dheenan, Nicole Malofsky, and Bailey Wharton.

National French Contest Middle School students earned the following honors on the National French Contest. On Level 01 (seventh grade), Claudia Fernandez earned a Certificate of Honor and ranked ninth in Ohio. Earning Certificates of Achievement were Tessa Weisenborn, LĂŠonard Behrens, Ike Lanier, and Jenny Perez. On Level 1 (eighth grade), Gregory Sun earned a Certificate of Honor and ranked 11th in Ohio. Earning Certificates of Achievement were Kira Tulchinskaya, Christian Johnson, Callum Cooney-Waterhouse, George Sims, and Lauren Weems. Earning Notable Mention were eighth graders Mason Duncan and Lauren McElroy.


Middle School honors in math competitions

Math honors at Doherty & Lotspeich include Perfect Scores

Congratulations to the following students whose honors in math competitions were announced at the Middle School’s end-of-year assembly. In the Ohio Math League competition, Gregory Sun had the highest score in the eighth grade, and other top scorers were Ellie Wilson, Hayden Schiff, Andrew Ligeralde, and Ned Dawson. Ben King had the highest score in the seventh grade, and other top scorers were Pearce Kieser, Andrew Wilson, Arjun Dheenan, and Max Pochobradsky. Tigar Cyr had the highest score in the sixth grade, and he tied for 24th place ranking in the state. Other top scorers in the sixth grade were Kameron Smith, Kathleen Wang, Elliott Glum, Nicole Tiao, and Khari Hunter-Billings. On the AMC 8 competition, eighth graders Gregory Sun earned a Gold Certificate and a medal, Ned Dawson earned a Silver Certificate, and Ellie Wilson earned a Bronze Certificate. Seventh graders Andrew Wilson earned a Gold Certificate and a medal, Avery Coombe and Max Pochobradsky received Silver Certificates, and Pearce Kieser earned a Bronze Certificate.

In the Ohio Math League competition, Lotspeich fifth graders Jack Lane earned a perfect score of 30; Nina Lubeck earned a score of 28 to come in second; and Reed Russell, Brianna Ko, and Amy Deng earned a score of 27 to come in third. At Doherty, fifth grader Calvin Arbenz had a perfect score in the Ohio Math League competition, and other top scorers were fifth graders Max White, Samantha Chun, and Daniel Grass. Top fourth grade scorers were Lucy Callard and Jonathan Harsh, Bretton Miller, Nicholas Williams, and Will Graeter. In the Continental Math League competition, Doherty fifth grader Daniel Grass achieved the highest accumulating score, and other top scorers were Calvin Arbenz, Miles DeWitt, and Chase Gardner.

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11th Annual SNAAP Recognition and Family Celebration SNAAP’s annual year-end reception on June 6 was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the 2010 graduates, to recognize transitioning Lower and Middle School students, to thank individuals who are making a difference in our students’ lives, and to bid farewell to members of the community who are moving to other cities. Juniors Nyla Morgan and Adimu Hunter-Woodard served as Mistress and Master of Ceremony, and current parent Reverend Jerome Weaver of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Connersville, Indiana, was the guest speaker. Above at left, Reverend Weaver; above at right, Nyla Morgan.

Parent Carol Cargile, organizer of the year-end celebration.

Graduates Brandon Williams, Alex Hill, Anthony Clark, Tristan Cargile-Thompson, Hope Brown (not pictured: Corey Williams), and departing Director of Diversity Michelle Alexander, the new Head of Lower School at Cannon School in Concord, NC.

Above at left, some of our rising ninth graders: Alexis Lindsay, Daisia Jackson, Roderick McFarland, Christian Johnson, and Hadiya Harrigan. Above at right, teachers Malinda McReynolds and Jacky Kalubi being honored by SNAAP President Felicia Bell.


A Look at What’s Happening at . . . DOHERTY


On May 20 the students in Mrs. Dawson’s and Mrs. Guminey’s classes joined together for the third annual Poetry Cafe. The Poetry Cafe is an event where the students perform their original poetry. More info and photos on page 10.

Lotspeich celebrated and officially dedicated its wonderful new Big Toy on May 27 with the running of the “Final Mile” of its Flying Pig Marathon Program, which raised money for the Big Toy and for playground equipment at a school for physically disabled and sight impaired children in South Africa. Started on January 22, the Flying Pig Marathon Program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade combined physical fitness, community involvement and charitable giving. The overall goal of this program was to encourage students to run or walk the marathon distance (26.2 miles) over a 4½ month time period, culminating in the “Final Mile” event. Photos from the dedication and marathon are on pages 6–7.

Adorable photos of the animals from Sunrock Farm with PK and kindergarten children are on page 12. Fourth grader Jonathan Harsh will compete in the semifinals of the World Piano Competition Young Artist Division, Level 5, on Wednesday, June 30. His scheduled time is 1:15 and he will play for three minutes. If he makes the finals, he will compete Thursday morning, July 1. Fifth graders Rose Kilcoyne and Wil Morriss will participate in the Children’s International Summer Village in Calgary. Unit I students study boats in May when summer and floating on the water is not far away. They learn the science of floating and the history of boating throughout time. They read and write about boats, then construct Irish “Curachs.” Luke Malloy’s father traveled the world with the Navy for many years, both as a child of a Navy man and then as an adult. Luke helped his dad to demonstrate many models and a uniform. Photos page 12. Eleven second graders celebrated a year of postcard poetry with a “Poet-Tea” in the library. More info and photos page 10. Unit I students went to Camp Campbell Gard where they learned about life in the 1800’s. The children enjoyed making candles and learning folk songs and dances. Photos page 11. Photos from the annual all-school Art Show and the fifth graders’ performance of dances through the years are on page 9. More Doherty news and photos are on pages 11–12.

“The first graders enjoyed a trip to Whole Foods Market as a wonderful way to end their yearlong study of nutrition,” said Miss Braun. “They enjoyed a full tour of the market including a sample of food from each of the five food groups. The children then had time to shop with their parents and choose nutritious foods to take back to school and enjoy at an outdoor lunch picnic.” Photos page 8. Fifth grader Amy Deng competed in the Ohio and Regional Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championships May 22–23 and earned a first place in figure, solo and team competition and second place in duet competition for the 11/12 age group! This qualifies her to compete in the solo, duet and team in the upcoming 2010 National Age Group Synchronized Swimming Championship in June in Tonawanda, NY. Mrs. Beckwith sent us some images of some year-end third grade fun. See page 8. Photos from the annual Fifth Grade vs. Faculty Tennis Baseball Game are on pages 14–15.


Eighth graders Kathryn Hickenlooper and Devin Garrett were 2010 winners of the Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Awards. They are pictured with Middle School Athletic Director Roger Schnirring.

UPPER SCHOOL Seniors Sarah Kloepper, Bryan Romaine, and Sara Schonfeld won National Merit® $2500 Scholarships. Joshua Wang won the corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship® award, National Merit Siemens Scholarship, and the following won college-sponsored Merit Scholarship® awards: Aaron Ransohoff-Englert, National Merit Ohio State University Scholarship; Quinn Schweier, National Merit Southern Methodist University Scholarship; Joshua Tiao, National Merit Vanderbilt University Scholarship; Shirley Yan, National Merit University of Chicago Scholarship.

To thank Drs. Jill and Dave Russell for all of their hard work and invaluable contribution to the new sixth grade bird studies program, sixth parents and students donated $720 to the Russells’ nonprofit organization—Avian Research and Education Institute. Seventh grader Daniel Sauers will be attending the Red Cross Leadership Development Center Camp at Thomas More College this summer. On Saturday, May 15, sixth graders Sophia Pardo, Jeff Welch, Elliot Glum, Jake Lautman, and Kenneth Remaklus along with Mrs. Licata and Mrs. Glum gave a presentation at the Queen City Bird Festival called “Birds in the Classroom.” The festival took place at Hueston Woods State Park and included booths, food, and music as well as bird banding and bird hikes. The students talked about the bird inquiry and other projects they’ve pursued in science this year. Photos page 16. Sixth graders enjoyed the annual Asia Day activities on May 27. Photos page 16. The Middle School presented a check for $2452.21 to Ceal Bellman, Director of The Caring Place, at Middle’s end-of-year assembly. The amount was raised at the eighth grade bowlathon.

Seniors Heidi Garrett and Brandon Williams were 2010 winners of Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Awards. Seniors Bryan Romaine and Sarah Kloepper were named 2010 Ohio Scholar Athletes. Junior Katie Sauers will be attending the National Young Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, this summer. Seniors enjoyed their visits with some of their former Doherty and Lotspeich teachers this spring. Photos page 13. The special year-end edition of Upper’s literary publication, Paper Noise, features the writing and artwork of 147 students in PK (as dictated to Paper Noise editors) through grade 12!


Dedication of the Lotspeich Big Toy & the Final Mile of the Flying Pig Marathon Program

At left, Emil Balian and Carolyn Fox; at right, Director of Finance/Operations Robert Horne and the awesome Hillsdale Maintenance Crew At the dedication of the Big Toy on May 27, Lotspeich Head Carolyn Fox told the students and guests, “This is the perfect day to share the new Big Toy story with you. It’s a story of our wonderful Seven Hills Lotspeich community coming together with a common goal and making it happen.” It started last year as a PA project intended to take three years, but it was completed in a year-and-a-half! Funding which made the Big Toy possible included generous donations from a matching challenge gift, the Lotspeich Parent Association, individual students and parents, Seven Hills Athletic Boosters, the Resale Shop, Annual Giving, the Flying Pig Marathon Program runners, the fifth grade gift, and more. Mrs. Fox continued, “More and more people contributed, and as a result, we were able to begin the construction over Spring Break. Students patiently found other games to play at recess, and all of us were able to watch the Toy grow piece by piece. This story has a happy ending for all of us at Lotspeich, Seven Hills and a school in South Africa. Big ideas become exciting accomplishments when we combine our energy and talents. That is the power of people working together cooperatively. “For our new Toy, we need a new name. We determined that democratically. All of you suggested lots of great names for our play structure. Then the fifth grade helped by narrowing the number of names—a very tough job. In the last few days, classes voted, and Emil Balian, our Principal for the Day, is ready to announce the new name.” Emil declared the name to be “Stingers Hive.” At right, parent Susan Frankel, who spearheaded the Flying Pig Marathon Program and its fundraising effort for the Big Toy, announced at the dedication that 102 children participated in the marathon and 1483 miles were run or walked. She congratratulated the students on their achievement and thanked the parents for their support.



First graders’ trip to Whole Foods Market

Third grade end-of-year fun


Doherty Art Show . . .

. . . and Dance Extravaganza


Poetry Cafe

On May 20 the students in Mrs. Dawson’s and Mrs. Guminey’s classes joined together for the third annual Poetry Cafe. The Poetry Cafe is an event where the students perform their original poetry. Students at Doherty begin reciting poetry in prekindergarten and continue to explore different poets and genres of poetry throughout the following years. The Poetry Cafe represents the culminating activity in this journey of exploration of this genre of writing and reading.

After creating original works of poetry in various genres, the students began working to appreciate the necessity of creating voice and movements when presenting their works. The result was a spotlighted, and black backdropped “stage” on which the “poets” presented their poetry to parents and faculty. There were two shows, allowing for several of the students to serve the guests as the other performed. It was a true poetry cafe with an incredible amount of writing talent being represented.


Eleven second grade students celebrated a year of postcard poetry with a “Poet-Tea.” Librarian Mrs. Wolfe sent a variety of fun and thought-provoking poems on postcards throughout the year to students who chose to sign up for the program. Each poem was shared with the student’s family and returned to the library accompanied with a required creative activity. Students who completed the program were rewarded in May with a special before-school celebration in the library.


Pedal and Paddle “Doherty had its last Outdoor Program trip of the year,” reported Mrs. Burton. “Twenty-four students participated in the Pedal and Paddle trip. They met at Morgan’s Canoe Livery early in the morning and biked nine miles north to Corwin, Ohio. There they took a break, had a snack, then biked back to Morgan’s. At Morgan’s they had a picnic lunch and were entertained by a live band and other various fun outdoor activities. After lunch they took out four rafts and rafted three miles down the Little Miami River.

“It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time. It was a very successful Outdoor Program year and we almost had 100% participation this year from the Doherty fourth and fifth graders. Mrs. Hickenlooper, Mrs. Wichman, and Mrs. Dawson want to thank all the Unit III parents for their support and those who participated in helping make this such a successful, strong program. We are really looking forward to next year’s activities!”

Above, making candles at Camp Campbell Gard. At left, second graders had a wonderful time on their trek to LaBoiteaux Woods.


Student Council Ice Cream Party

On May 24, the Doherty Student Council celebrated its successful year with an ice cream sundae party. A great time was had by all at this tasty event! Mrs. Burton would like to thank all of the Student Council members for all of their hard work and dedication this year.

Fun with Irish Curachs

Visitors from Sunrock Farm


Seniors revisit their teachers, good times at Doherty and Lotspeich


Fifth Grade vs. Faculty Tennis Baseball Game

More action shots next page 14


Sixth graders celebrate Asia Day

Birds in the Classroom presentation at Queen City Bird Festival


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