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Critical Assets

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Our sincere thanks! On December 31, 2011, The Seven Hills School successfully completed The Critical Assets Campaign for endowment. This was the culmination of four years of effort, spearheaded by the Board of Trustees and supported by the efforts of dozens of volunteers. In the aggregate, The Critical Assets Campaign has added more than $17.6 million to the school’s endowment, an achievement that has had a powerful impact on our ability to sustain the excellence of this school. Head of School Chris Garten announced the successful completion of the campaign at a recent Board meeting. “We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all the members of this community who worked together to bring this to fruition. In this time of economic uncertainty, the full-blooded support of this entire community means more than I can adequately express. In my 34 years in independent schools, I am hard pressed to think of many other fund-raising efforts that have had such a significant impact on any

17.6 million raised $

institution at such a critical time. On behalf of our faculty and staff and the children of this community, I want to thank all who have helped make this possible. Special thanks to our last two Board Chairs- Jim Schiff, whose visionary leadership inspired this ambitious effort, focused, so appropriately, on building the school’s endowment, and Jane Garvey, who has led an army of committed volunteers across the finish line.”


Endowment for Faculty Salaries Ensuring the Next Generation of Excellence

The Critical Assets Campaign has added approximately $8.2 million in endowment to support faculty salaries. Over the five years of the campaign, the median faculty salary at Seven Hills has increased from 77% to 89% of the average among our benchmark schools in the Midwest.

“Nothing is more critical to Seven Hills’ future than attracting the kinds of visionary teachers who have been the soul of this school for decades. These new endowment funds have enabled us to offer more competitive salaries to our wonderful faculty. And as our senior faculty have begun to retire, these funds have also enabled us to compete much more aggressively in the national marketplace and to bring the next generation of excellence to Seven Hills.”- Susan Marrs, Director of Studies for Grades 6-12 and Assistant Head of School


8.2 million raised $

Endowment for Professional Development Maintaining a Vital Learning Community

The new endowment funds secured by The Critical Assets Campaign have enabled us to double the annual budget for professional teacher training. We now have the resources to provide each year at least one robust professional development experience for each of our 120 teachers.

“One of the most exciting things about the last five years has been witnessing an explosion of interest in professional training among our teachers. Whether it be about the latest findings on cognition and brain research or the use of instructional technology, every teacher who attends a national conference or visits an exemplary school brings back a wealth of new ideas to share with colleagues and enrich our program.” - Patti Guethlein, Head of Doherty

summary of gifts committed gifts of:


2.6 million raised $


$5m or more

1 gift

$1m to $4.9m

2 gifts

$500,000 to $999,999

4 gifts

$250,000 to $499,999

7 gifts

$100,000 to $249,999

15 gifts

$50,000 to $99,999

21 gifts

$25,000 to $49,999

55 gifts

less than $25,000

many gifts







Over $17.6 million raised for students and teachers. Thank you! Endowment for Curricular Innovation Preparing Students for a Complex Global Community

The Critical Assets Campaign has also endowed a new program to provide summer grants to teachers who create innovative curriculum units. The emphasis has been on collaborative projects that engage students in exploring the global community, in innovative thinking or creative problem solving, or in using instructional technology for research and presentation. Over the past two summers, more than 60 teachers have received these grants.

“The summer grants program has unleashed the creativity and imagination of the faculty, generating dozens of innovative units designed to engage students in critical thinking and creative problem solving, often with the use of instructional technology. These new projects are arming our students with the skills they need to thrive in the 21st century.”


1.2 million raised $

– Bill Waskowitz, Head of Middle School

Endowment for Financial Aid Supporting a Wide Range of Students

The Critical Assets Campaign added approximately $2.6 million in new endowment for financial aid which has, in turn, made possible a 20% increase in need-based financial aid.

“Maintaining the rich diversity of our student body is a critical part of our educational mission. Our students learn so much from the variety of perspectives collaborating in any given classroom.” - Carolyn Fox, Head of Lotspeich

Designated gifts to The Critical Assets Campaign also established the Seven Hills Scholars program. These new merit scholarships have attracted dozens of students whose families may not have otherwise considered Seven Hills.

“Our school community has benefited tremendously from lively interest generated by the Seven Hills Scholars program. It has attracted to Seven Hills a wide range of new students, whose interests and talents have enriched our community immeasurably.” - Nick Francis, Head of Upper School THE CAMPAIGN

unrestricted endowment

5.6 million raised $

The Critical Assets Campaign Donors Fleming & Dobbs Ackermann

Ginny Wilkinson Brooks H’43

Anne & Ron DeLyons Emily Bookwalter

Lee Adair Adams H’58

David Brott

Beth & Brad Agin

Emily Brott

Louise Knauft Allen H’54

Nancy & Bruce Brown

Dulany & Rob Anning ’86

Amy & Ken Buck

Mr. & Mrs. Robert

Elana Rhodes Byrd C’60 Mr. & Mrs. Tyler Cain

Downey Fund of

D. H. Anning Kerrin & Stefan Antonsson Pam Williams Arya & David Arya Dr. Paula S. Asch Alicia Fitscher & Peter Au-Yeung Gail Barrows Austin C’59

Karen (Bidlingmeyer ’80) & Paul Callard ’81 The Camden Foundation Erin O’Grady & Scott Carroll ’85 Shannon (Kelly H’67) & Lee A. Carter

Demar L’24*

Ritchie & Mark Heiman Mr. & Mrs.* Paul Heiman

Elisa & Ted Geier

Patti & Fred Heldman

Nancy & Steve Donovan

Sudie Ernst Geier H’41

Shelley Lindner

Harriet R. Williams

Susanne Geier Peters



Gerwin H’57

Karen & David Hills

Shiva & Freidoon Ghazi

Karen & David Hoguet

Anni (Macht ’70) &

Karen Holley Horrell &

Marjorie (Wood H’40) & Charles M. Drackett* Beth O’Brien Driehaus & Dan Driehaus Julie & Philip Duncan

Chase & Baker

Je & Joe Choo

Tara & Jon Eaton

Jane Clajus

Sandy (Hauck C’49) &

Kimberly & Julian Baretta C. Francis Barrett

Nancy Hogan Dutton H’56

Jeremy Gibson

Jack Horrell David Hummel ’85

Marguerite & Karl

Sandy K. James


Sarah & Mark Johnson

Becky & Carl

Lisa & Richard Kagan

Goertemoeller Jan Fullgraf Golann H’67 Jason Goldman ’91

Beth & Peter Clayton

Kari & David Ellis

Marcy & Coleman

Julie & Frank Cohen ’91

Lisa & Chester Eng

Goldsmith, Hillary,

Carol Iannitto Euskirchen

Louis and Charlie

Kristin & Carl Kalnow Darlene & Charles Kamine Mary Sutton & Daniel Kanter Henry & Victoria

Pratima & Pradeep Bekal

Harvey Cohen

The Estate of Elizabeth


Margaret & James Bell

Sheila & Philip Cohen

Merry Ewing ’76

Deupree Goldsmith

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Katz

Jennie (Rosenthal L’75) &

Lawsie (Pennington C’65)

Mr. George Fabe


Jan-Michele Lemon

Allan Berliant Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Berman Lindsay & Mark Bibler Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bibler Sally Bidlingmeyer ’84 Susan & Steve Black L’60 Lou & Alex Blanco

& Michael Coler Carolyn & Michael Collette Mary Ida (Sloneker ’77) & Marshal Compton Tucker (Jones ’79) & Michael Coombe L’72 Dorothy (Kim ’84) &

Nancy & Todd Bland

Evan Corbett ’82

Ann (Bartlett C’65) &

Caroline & Bill Cox

Ben Blemker Anna Cunningham Bohlke ’90 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Boorn TSHS Athletic Boosters Wendy & Todd Braff


Brian Hill

Dollie Giddings-Eustis

E. Allen Elliott


Grace (Allen ’80) &

Naomi Tucker Stoehr

Kim & Martin Chavez

Daniel Bailey


Henderson H’46

The Greater Cincinnati

Anne & Bill Chatfield

Nancy & Jay Clark

Joe Head

Sara & Richard Geier

Sue & Steve Baggott Bahlman ‘78

& John Lanier Family

Louis (Atkins H’56) &

Amy & Philip Geier

Amy & Andrew DeWitt

Leslie & Mike Baggish

Frances (Lamson H’72) &

The Jane Garvey C’74

Frances Koblenzer & Joshua Farber Juliet Esselborn Fechheimer C’38 Nora Zorich & Tom Filardo Evelyn & Marc Fisher Suzette & Michael Fisher Flagel & Papakirk LLC, Attorneys

Mindy Hastie-Goldsmith & Tim Goldsmith L’64 B (Wiley ‘75) & Abe Gordon Drewry Gores (H‘72) & George Warrington Kathi Makoroff & Jeffrey Grass Linda (Heldman H’71) & Gary Greenberg

Kearney & Eric Kearney Nancy & David Keyser Mary Lynne Boorn ’84 & Rick Kieser Sashi & Archana Kilaru Tara & Tom Kilcoyne Wendy & Tom Kirkwood Margo Kirstein Emily & Matthew Kite Scott A. Kleiner

Patricia Adair Culp H’65

Jamie & Todd Flagel

Hedy & Dean Gregory

Susan & David Knust

Jennifer & Eric Dauer

Maria & Jim Papakirk

Mary Ann & Davis Griffin

Ashley & Hill Kohnen

Suzanne & Joseph

Kathleen & Kevin Foster

Elizabeth Ferguson

Tina Sutphin Kohnen


Carolyn & Terry Fox

Griffith C’61

The David & Tracy

Patricia & Greg Franklin

Jenny & Ed Hatfield

Davis Family

Mr. Charles M. Fullgraf*

The John Hauck


Marianne & Edwin Brill

Marjorie Davis C’65

Teri Garrett H’69

Janice & Jay Brinker

Susan Haas & Craig

Christine & Chris Garten

Ellen Haude ‘88

Lelia & Mac Kramer

Dr. & Mrs.* James M.

Nirvani & Jeb Head

Libby (Landen ’77) &

Patricia Cornell Brodie H’38*

Decker Kimberley Dedeker



H’59 Marcie Strasser & Paul Ann Tuttle & Ken Koster

Bruce Krone

Pat Landen H’50

Dale & Gary Monnier

Jan & Wym Portman

Lisa Conrad-Larkin &

Sally Monroe

Michael Privitera

Tracy L. Monroe ‘82

Joan & Richard Quimby

Nancy & Tom Shepherd

Karen & Fritz Wilger ‘83

Barbara Mustoe-Monteith

Donna Perkins & Mark

Julie & Steve Shifman

Christina & David

John Larkin Margaret (Avril ‘75) & Jonathan Lawson The Estate of Miss Jean M. Leach Laurie Dearworth Leon ’84 Mr. & Mrs.* Peter Levin Sally & Ray Leyman L’67 Whitney (Rowe H’65) & Philip Long The Estate of Sylvia Taft Lotspeich H’37 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lowry* The H.B., E.W. and F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Kelly Murphy-Mahama & Georges Mahama Nancy Greiwe & Bill Markovits Debbie & Dan Marquardt Mike Marrero Sarah Crane Martindale H’42 The Estate of Dr. Merlyn P. McClure Malcolm McElroy L’55 Marianne & Doug McGraw

& Joel Monteith Georgie Slade & Patrick Moran Marjorie McCullough Motch C’41 Leigh Peterson & Joe Mulica

The Estate of Margery

H’44 Sherry & Virgil Reed Christie & Rich Reilly

Richardson C’61


Wing Sisson Runyan

Linda Wolfe


Jean E. Wommack

Elizabeth C. B. & Paul G. Sittenfeld

Mr. John F. Steele

Karen & Frank Wood Jean Verity Woodhull H’39 Susan Newkirk Wright H’63

Elizabeth & Patrick Rogers

Jen & John Stein

Dr. & Mrs. Jim Nordlund

Celeste & Mike Rooney

Sarah & Steve Steinman

Lisa Lee & Michael

Kay A. Johnson &

Doug Stenberg

Marcy Wydman ‘76

Kathleen & James Stengel

Mary Russell Yablonsky

Nordlund Margaret Parlin O’Malley H’57 Marjorie Warner Off H’66 Mr. & Mrs. Paxson Offield The Robert Okin Foundation & The Okin Family Debbie & Rich Oliver L’61 Wendy Yip & Santa Ono Sara (Barnes ’77) & David Osborn L’72 Elizabeth (Warrington ’78) & Kevin Ott

John Parlin L’54 TSHS Doherty Parents Association

Gretchen & Lou Meyer

Ken, Mala & Minal Patel


Joan Fleischer Reckseit

Robin Nenninger

Margaret & Jeff Pasquale

Katy Hollister & Brad

Anne Warrington Wilson

Ellen Pease Sole H’70

Kevin McNamara


Jackie & Andy Wilson

Mamta & Sanjay Singh

Melody Sawyer

Tory (Woodhull H’63) &

Karen Meyer & Richard


Kim & Russell Sims

Skyler Foundation

Matthew Mullin

Wiethe L’43

Susan & Rick Rauh

Layne & Joseph Renusch

The Nabama Foundation

Mary Alice & Dale

Alex & Andrew Quinn

Sybil (Behrens ’83) &


Jennifer & Rusty McNair

Nancy & John Silverman

Sherri & Ted Remaklus

Alka & Rajan Panandiker

Wagner McKee


Betsy & Harrison Mullin

Marylou & John The Estate of Lucy Brown


Ning Sun & Xiaoming

Family Ellen (Head H’51) & C. Richard Paulsen

Gregory W. Rouan Susan (Abrahamson ‘84) & Jeff Routh Lynn (Schweitzer H’68) & Jeff Rush Ellie Fabe ‘78 & Frank Russell L‘72 Susan E. Arnold & Diana Salter Marielle & Tony Samaha Family Ann Schwister & Juan Santamarina Jennifer & Len Sauers Andrea & Michael Scheiber The Estate of Marjorie J. Schiele C’31

Mr. Thomas Stone Mary Reis Sullivan C’59 Coco & George Taliaferro

Nancy Blemker Yeaw C’55 Mr. & Mrs. W. Vann York Mary Beth & Craig Young Zaring Family Foundation

Anne Drackett Thomas

Ms. Kathleen Zavatsky


Anonymous (10)

Ellen Blemker Thomas C’58 Lisa Kuan & Greg Tiao Andrea & Dan Todorov The Estate of Ruth Smith Upson H’41 Heather (Zaring ’92) & Andrew Vecellio Maureen & Larry Vignola

Elizabeth & James Schiff

Martha Slater & Bill Waskowitz Welchwood Foundation

Mrs. Robert C. Schiff

Liz & Sandy Werner

Jayna (Schlegel ’90) &

Paula (White ’83) &

Dan Schimberg ‘80


Sandra J. Theunick

Warrington Foundation

Family Foundation Inc.

Dr. John Wulsin

Fran & Dale Tesmond

Christine & Charles Schiff Robert & Adele Schiff

Mrs. Anne Sanger &

Bernie Wharton

Sabrina & Jeffrey Peppet

Michelle & Rick Setzer

Jack White

Pamela & David Mitchell

Amy & Scot Perlman

Anne & James Shanahan

Jocelyn White ’79

Diane L. Moffet C’74

Margaret D. Phillips

Dr. & Mrs. Kevin Shaw

Mr. Walter W. White

* Denotes deceased

The Critical Assest Campaign Volunteers The hard work and dedication of the following individuals made this campaign a success. (Team captains are listed in red italics.) DOHERTY Dobbs Ackermann Dulany & Rob Anning ’86 Dorothy (Kim ’84) & Evan Corbett ’82 Maria & Jim Papakirk Andrew Quinn Michele & Rick Setzer

LOTSPEICH Marc Fisher Mark Heiman Jen & Rusty McNair Jen & John Stein Sarah Steinman

B (Wiley ’75) & Abe Gordon Sarah Johnson Paul Korn David Osborn L’72 Beth Schiff Sandy Werner

MIDDLE Michael Coombe L’72 Beth Shaw Nancy & Tom Shepherd

ALUMNI Ann (Bartlett) Blemker C’65 Shannon (Kelly) Carter H’67 Drew Gores H’72 Margaret (Avril) Lawson ’75 Sybil (Behrens) Mullin ’83 Tory (Woodhull) Parlin H’63

UPPER Steve Baggott

PAST PARENTS Sally Leyman David Hoguet Virgil Reed AT LARGE David Davis David Ellis Patrick Rogers Jim Schiff Jim Shanahan

The Critical Assest Campaign Dinner Hosts Dulany & Rob Anning ’86

Michael Coombe L’72

Sue & Steve Baggott Jennie (Rosenthal L’75) & Allan Berliant Mary Lynne Boorn ’84 & Rick Kieser Shannon (Kelly H’67) & Lee Carter

Tucker (Jones ’79) &

Louise (Atkins H’56) & Joe Head

Tory (Woodhull H’63) & John Parlin L’54

Caroline & Bill Cox

Mona & Mickey Karram

Holly & Damon Ragusa

Tracy & David Davis

Sally & Ray Leyman L’67

Beth & Jim Schiff

Kari & David Ellis

Katy Hollister & Brad Miller

Beth & Kevin Shaw

Evelyn & Marc Fisher

Sara (Barnes ’77) &

Jen & John Stein

Linda (Heldman H’71) &

David Osborn L’72

Sarah & Steve Steinman

Gary Greenberg




Intellectually vibrant, individually attuned, future-ready learning for students grades pre-K through 12.

Critical Assets Campaign Newsletter  
Critical Assets Campaign Newsletter  

Newsletter for the Seven Hills School Critical Assets Campaign