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A great place to live, work and play! Edgefield County located on the western border of the US State of South Carolina; covering an area of 502 sq. miles, has as part of its western border the Savannah River. Our county is boarded by Aiken, McCormick and Saluda counties. All of these counties intermingle in various ways: industrial parks, solid waste, EMS, economic development partnerships, and other areas. The county has four incorporated municipalities; Edgefield (the county seat), Johnston, Trenton, and North Augusta. The county’s economy is balanced with approximately equal sectors of agriculture, manufacturing and services. It is divided by the fall line with the North-Western two-thirds, in the Piedmont and one-third in the Sandhill and Ridge country. Over its 225 year history, the county is best known for having produced 10 Governors and 5 Lieutenant Governors – with Strom Thurmond the most prominent. Many historians agree that few counties anywhere in the South can claim a history as full of color and controversy as the Old Edgefield District. Historic homes and churches, and a remarkable collection of original County documents dating back to 1785 draw thousands of researchers and tourists each year. Edgefield County is one of the largest peach producers in the United States. Thousands of rural acres color the area in a blaze of peach blossoms every Spring. (A sight to see). In May, Johnston celebrates this spectacular display of nature with its Annual Peach Blossom Festival (1st weekend in May) and nearby Trenton celebrates the peach itself at their Annual Ridge Peach Festival, Father’s day weekend (3rd weekend in June). Thousands of people from all over the southeast flock to these festivals to celebrate the Peach! Edgefield County is also the home of the headquarters for the National Wild Turkey Federation which is one of the most respected conservation organizations of its kind in the United States. With the opening of the Palmetto Shooting Complex – a premier shooting destination in the Southeast – this becomes a beckoning call for hunters and shooters to work together for the future of hunting, wildlife and our chosen way of life. PSC facility houses two dedicated sporting clays courses, five trap and skeet fields, 3D archery and the 9,300 square foot pavilion. Edgefield County – Historic Places, Victorian architecture, a peach lover’s heaven, a small bedroom community w/wide verandas, pottery, artists of various degrees, farmers markets and many other interesting findings – Come visit and see for yourself our Smiling Faces greet you with Beautiful Places.

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Edgefield County – Historic Places, Victorian architecture, a peach lover’s heaven, a small bedroom community w/wide verandas, pottery, artists of various degrees, farmers markets and many other interesting findings – Come visit and see for yourself our Smiling Faces greet you with Beautiful Places.



Our door is always open... This updated guide will promote the area as being so diverse that it provides great opportunities for business, industry, and social climates to flourish and succeed. We encourage – even urge – you to support the some 175 members of the Chamber of Commerce by using your directory when doing business in the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce area. Our members have joined their resources to accomplish a specific mission, stated as follows: “The Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce is to promote a favorable business and tourism climate and to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Edgefield County”. Also our vision is: “The Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce is organized to enable other organizations in the county to meet their goals which promote our mission. We also seek to improve the economic status and the quality of life in the area by: • Promoting the quality and growth of the business community • Increasing awareness of opportunities to improve our county through teamwork and volunteerism

• Utilizing the unique characteristics of our county such as its historical significance, wildlife and other natural resources to bring about awareness for current and future citizens.”

It feels different here because it is different here. EDGEFIELD COUNTY COUNCIL (803) 637-4000 FAX: (803) 637-4056

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On behalf of the Chamber’s officers and directors, I hope this directory will be a convenient way to find the information, services, and businesses that are important to you. Lastly, I trust it will portray our Edgefield County area for what it truly is: a profitable place to locate a business, a comfortable place to live, and a perfect place to visit. In Chamber leadership.

Donna C. Livingston, Administrator

TOMPKINS MEMORIAL LIBRARY Home of Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society Edgefield Civic League Town of Edgefield Welcome Center Edgefield Cemetery Association Please contact us for information on family research, tours, and/or other information concerning the Old Edgefield District. Whether you are planning a genealogical trip or just a day excursion, we can assist in making your visit more enjoyable.

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At a time when many people are seeking a simpler, more rural lifestyle, both for retirement and to raise a family, Edgefield County is increasingly becoming the locale of choice. Situated in the west midlands of South Carolina, Edgefield County was first settled in the mid-1700s. Brothers John and William Watson came to the area from Virginia in 1745 and, through a combination of land grants and purchases, acquired 16 square miles of land between the Saluda and Edisto rivers – a flat, fertile plateau called the Ridge. In the early 1770s, Arthur Simpkins came to the area from Virginia with his wife and children and donated the land for the first courthouse in 1785 – thus officially establishing the county. Despite its relatively sparse population, a number of Edgefield County residents have made their mark on state and national politics. Over the past two centuries the county has been home to 10 South Carolina governors and five lieutenant governors – including South Carolina’s first two Civil War governors, Francis Pickens and Milledge Bonham and produced its fair share of judges, lawyers and senators (current State Senator Shane Massey), including U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond, the oldest and longest-serving senator in American history. Edgefield County boasts several industrial mills, numerous peach farms, a vineyard orchard and even a few cotton farms, which were once the county’s mainstay. We also have the Edgefield County Peach Museum in Johnston. Discover the remarkable history of the cultivation of peaches on the Ridge in South Carolina. During the peach growing season, from the blooming of the trees to the picking of peaches, (March-August) you can head out into Edgefield County’s spectacular countryside to explore the sights and visit a myriad of colorful roadside peach and vegetable stands. New houses and residential communities – some with golf courses – dot the county. Other residents have chosen to renovate some of the graceful old home places, returning them to their former glory. Gentlemen horse and cattle farmers are commonplace, with picturesque spreads set among the gentle rolling hills of the area. Edgefield County is also a popular stop for antique collectors, with shops to satisfy every taste, from fine antiques to pre-owned treasures. The downtown merchants in Edgefield offer shopping in various forms - local pottery, General Store items, home furnishings, hardware, a local distillery, as well as a farmers market and dining at its finest. The merchants in Johnston offer fine jewelry, home furnishing, local pottery, clothing, books, and a hometown pharmacist with a local soda fountain counter to enjoy conversation and something to drink and eat as well as a farmer’s and artist’s market and dining to at its finest. From Christmas campaigns, tree lightings, ribbon cuttings, and festivals to events on the town square are just a few of the many things the downtown development associations of each town are trying to promote to keep people interested in Edgefield County.

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The Great Outdoors

Golf enthusiasts will find plenty to occupy them at the area’s golf courses – Pine Ridge Country Club, located between Johnston and Edgefield; Persimmon Hill Country Club, located between Johnston and Saluda; and Mt Vintage Golf Club and Plantation, a beautiful residential and equestrian community, located on Sweetwater Road between Edgefield and North Augusta, in Edgefield County.


Nestled in the Long Cane Ranger District of the Sumter National Forest, FATS is the crown jewel of the CSRA trails, and for good reason. FATS have something for everyone. A series of loops through a thickly forested area provide a great hiking or mountain bike experience for all levels of hikers and riders. You can get a feel of the mountains where some of the higher elevations provide panoramic views and the thick vegetation provides a home for many birds and animals. Although it is hilly, you aren’t going to find many climbs that require a lot of effort or dismounts. For experienced riders, there are many sections where you have a choice of just rolling through, or going to one side to jump, and sections of ripples where you can also roll through or get air between them. The Great Wall offers a more of a challenge for experienced riders and may be difficult for beginners in places. Do not ride or walk around areas where the trail bed has been stabilized by rock. After heavy rain sections may be closed. Check for closings before arrival. Great Wall 7.5 miles, Skinny Loop 6.0 miles, Brown Wave 5.8 miles, Deep Step 5.0 miles, Tower 3.8 miles, and Big Rock 4.0 miles. Connector trails are another 3.0 miles and part of them are on paved and gravel roads.


Address: Woodlawn Rd, Clarks Hill, SC 29821

LICK FORK LAKE TRAIL (SUMTER NATIONAL FOREST) Framed by azaleas in bloom, Lick Fork Lake sparkles with beauty. Trapped between steep hills, it’s a place for families to picnic, anglers to cast a line, and Canadian geese to raise their young. Turtles find sunny spots to warm themselves. And hikers find Lick Fork Trail, a 1.8-mile loop, reminiscent of a walk at higher elevations. Along the footpath, wildflowers delight. Dwarf cinquefoil paints yellow dots across the forest floor, and rain lilies cluster along rocky ledges.

336 Sweetwater Road North Augusta, SC (803) 293-5087 scott@mistymorningfarms.us

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There are plenty of after-school activities for children living in Edgefield County. The Edgefield County Recreation Department offers a full schedule of youth activities, including softball, baseball, football, and soccer. Edgefield County offers many dining experiences from a casual lunch at Chef Bob’s Café, Park Row Market No. 1, Edgefield Billiard Parlor, Riley’s On Main, 3rd Generation Catering & Family Restaurant, The Chicken Place, Choices or The Triangle Restaurant, to fast food dining at McDonald’s, Burger King and Pizza Hut, to a cultural experience at Fiesta Mexican Restaurant, EL Guerrero II or several of the Chinese restaurants in the area. For a fine dining experience, visit the Old Edgefield Grill situated on the edge of the Edgefield town square in an historic Victorian home. The restaurant offers tributes to United States Senator Strom Thurmond, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Dining at the Old Edgefield Grill will cap off any visit to this fascinating community. Nonna’s Italian Kitchen, located on Main Street just prior to the square, is Edgefield’s premier family-friendly Italian dining experience. For a less strenuous, but equally worthwhile leisure pursuit, two of the three towns host festivals during the year. Both Trenton and Johnston celebrate the peach each spring and summer with festivals that offer activities for the entire family, including arts and crafts, plenty of food, parades and entertainment. The Johnston Peach Blossom Festival is the first Saturday in May, and sponsored by the Johnston Development Corporation. Trenton’s Ridge Peach Festival, held the third Saturday in June, and is the longest-celebrated festival in the county; with the year 2020 marking its 50th anniversary.

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Edgefield County is an area steeped in history, but it also is looking to the future. With its scenic countryside, lifestyle amenities and convenient-location, it is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing counties in the region. Tom Long, Agent 5 Pecan Park Edgefield, SC 29824 Bus: 803-637-3186 Fax: 803-637-5892 tom@tomlongagency.com Hablamos Español


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As your local agent, I’m here to help life go right.® That’s why I take the time to get to know you and understand what you really need. LET’S TALK TODAY.

State Farm Bloomington, IL


Quality of Life can be measured by many factors. Income, education, art, availability of goods and services, convenience, climate and innovative business and industry all contribute to the quality of life for a region’s inhabitants. Edgefield County offers residents the charm and simplicity of smalltown life with big-city amenities like shopping, cultural arts, state-ofthe art healthcare and many outdoor activities. In addition, with an annual average temperature of 64 degrees, there is a beautiful climate in which to enjoy it all. A moderate, four-season climate invites people outdoors. Pristine waterways provide a boating and fishing paradise. Championship level golf and tennis abound. Horseback riding, jogging and walking trails, a canoe trek down the Edisto River, the second longest black water river in the world, are just a few of the relaxing and reaffirming activities not to be missed. Visual and performing arts also thrive here. The Edgefield County Historical Society, the Edgefield County Theatre Group and the Town of Edgefield offer several opportunities for visual and performing arts with community plays, concerts, and movies on the square. Outside Edgefield County you have performing arts: The Saluda Theatre, McCormick Arts Council @ the Keturah (MACK), The Aiken Community Playhouse, Aiken Center for the Arts, Washington Center for the Performing Arts, University of South Carolina – Aiken’s Etherredge Center and the new USC-A Convocation Center. When you feel good about where you live, where you work, where your children go to school, and when you’re proud of all your community has to offer, that’s a high quality of life. When you’ve found all of that, you’ve found Edgefield County and its surrounding areas.

Population: Edgefield County and Aiken County are part of the Aiken-Augusta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). With a population of more than 882,504 (2017) and a workforce of more than 405,166, population growth has been healthy. Edgefield County’s population is more than 27,396 (2017). Nearby cities of Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC, offer additional and varied residential, shopping, and entertainment opportunities to Edgefield and Aiken area employees. The Savannah River Site, the area’s largest employer, has been responsible for bringing thousands of highly skilled and educated employees and their families to the area.

Industry: Cost-efficient productivity and leading technology are the only ways to manufacture world-class products. Edgefield and Aiken counties’ total manufacturing facilities recently generated more than $4.1 billion in sales with just under 20,000 employees. From specialty chemicals to specialty metal working, from aerospace and national defense to technical elements of beneficial heat transfer, the manufacturers in Edgefield and Aiken Counties have come to rely on the geographic location, access to transportation, open and enthusiastic governments, R & D and high quality workforce training to grow their companies. World-class products can only compete on a global footing if there is advanced technology and a highly trained, first class workforce. Edgefield & Aiken counties are delivering exactly what the manufacturing sector demands. And the world is standing up and taking notice.

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Transportation: Most plant managers in the region cite the concentrated transportation grid that serves Edgefield and Aiken counties’ as a major reason for locating here. Highways, rail lines and air service all converge on the area. Two-thirds of the U.S. population is within a one-day drive of the area. Midway along the 250-mile South Carolina/Georgia border, our community is blessed with excellent transportation access to the Interstate highway system via I-20, which connects the Aiken-Augusta MSA to Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, and Dallas, Texas. In addition, I-20 provides easy access to other nearby Interstates. I-26 and I-77 are less than an hour drive, which offer connection to Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC and Greenville-Spartanburg, SC. The Palmetto Parkway, I-520 will improve the connection between US 1 and I-20, is designed to alleviate current traffic congestion as well as accommodate growth into the future. To the west I-20 connects with I-85 and I-75 at Atlanta, which opens up the entire Midwest to commerce. I-95, the most important transportation artery on the Atlantic Coast, is within a 90-minute drive. The major rail lines of CSX Transportation and Norfolk-Southern bisect the area, and a four-mile county-owned spur connects rail service directly to Aiken County’s Sage Mill Industrial Park. Augusta Regional Airport in Augusta, GA (40 minutes for Edgefield County) and the Columbia Metropolitan Airport (50 minutes) provide three airlines to serve the area. The Aiken Municipal Airport supports corporate jet service. The major ports of Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA are each only a 2.5-hour drive away.


1 tranter drive Edgefield, sc (803) 637-3166

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5 R.W. DuBose Road Ridge Spring, SC 29129 (803) 685-5381 www.TitanFarms.com SOUTH CAROLINA’S LARGEST PEACH, BELL PEPPER & BROCCOLI PRODUCER

SARA’S AIKEN 2601 Columbia Hwy. N. Aiken, SC 29805 (803) 642-1133

SARA’S TRENTON 5150 Edgefield Road Trenton, SC 29847 (803) 275-1983



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Utilities: Two utility companies – Aiken Electric Cooperative and Dominion Energy – South Carolina – serve our communities on selected sites. Both can serve customers with dual feed from two separate generation sources. There are also a number of solar farms in our area for utility companies to draw from. Edgefield and Aiken counties have abundant water supplies drawn from pristine stream systems, the Savannah River and deep-water wells that tap a vast aquifer and require very little treatment. The area has one of the premier wastewater treatment facilities in the Southeast. Horse Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility serves a three-county region with a permitted capacity of 20 million gallons. Horse Creek has an expansion capacity of 40 million gallons per day, giving it plenty of room to grow with the community and serve future industrial growth well into the new century.


Telephone (land lines and/or cellular) providers are AT&T, Northland Communications, Comcast, Alltel, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Atlantic Broadband, Comporium, Western Carolina Tel and T-Mobile. Cable TV services are available in the more populated portions of Edgefield County. Service providers include Northland Communications and Comcast. The major television networks have stations in Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC, which can be received in Edgefield County. Edgefield County has a local radio station, WKSX-FM, 92.7 - Classic Hits and Beach Music located in Johnston. The Edgefield Advertiser (Oldest Newspaper in South Carolina) is published weekly in Edgefield County. Daily newspapers from Augusta, Aiken, Greenwood and Columbia are delivered in Edgefield County.

Major Employers: Milliken & Company, TranTech Radiator Products, Beacon Filtration, Southern Felt, RestMaster Bedding, Trenton Plastics, U. S. Fibers, Force Protection, National Wild Turkey Federation and Bondex, Inc. Major industries in or close to our area include: Bridgestone PSR Plant & ORR Plant, MTU America, Inc., Carolina Cover Tech, Costa Farms, Menardi-Filtrex, Amick Farms, Department of Energy, Savannah River Site, UPS Customhouse Brokerage, and Valley Protein.


Federal Correction Institute – Bureau of Prisons / Edgefield County School District / National Headquarters include the National Wild Turkey Federation.

edgefield county water & sewer authority

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Looking out for you... Aiken: 649-6245 New Ellenton: 652-2226 Toll Free: 800-922-1262 Edgefield: 637-3189 North: 247-2121

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803.637-3011 / 803-279-1503 WATER SEWER


PUTTING CHEVYS IN DRIVEWAYS SINCE 1953 Mary H. Derrick, Broker Serving the Area for Over 30 Years (803) 275-4090




Scott Derrick, Agent Serving the Area for Over 50 Years 530 Calhoun Street, Johnston, SC (803) 275-3238

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T H E H ISTO R Y O F Edgefield County

Edgefield County consists of three small towns, Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton. The town of Edgefield, filled with grand antebellum homes, is steeped in rich history, while Johnston, with its charming Victorian architecture, is a peach lover’s heaven, as the area produces the vast majority of the best tasting peaches in the United States. Trenton is a small bedroom community of wide verandas where neighbors still gather for afternoon tea and lemonade.

Edgefield The town of Edgefield was founded in 1785 and emerged in the early 1800s as a thriving trade center for surrounding farms. Much of the town was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972. The town square is filled with reminders of Edgefield’s unique and diverse heritage. There is a monument to Edgefield’s ten South Carolina governors and five lieutenant governors and a life-size bronze statue of native son, Sen. Strom Thurmond, stands in the square facing the courthouse. The tall obelisk in the center of the square was erected in 1900 to Edgefield’s Confederate dead by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The present brick courthouse was constructed in 1839, by architect, Charles Beck, who was an associate of Robert Mills, the best-known architect of antebellum South Carolina. A recent biographer says that although Mills’ did not design the Edgefield County Courthouse, it is one of the best examples of Mills’ style. The Edgefield Advertiser, South Carolina’s oldest continuing newspaper, is also located on the town square. It has been in existence since 1836. Just off the square is Old Edgefield Pottery—half museum and half working studio. Master Potter Justin Guy reproduces the alkalineglazed pottery originally created in Edgefield County in circa 1805. The Edgefield Village Blacksmith is just off the square as well. The blacksmith building, erected in circa 1912, has been restored and put back into operation by Jake and Amy Jacobsen. Carpenter’s Stand, on Main Street, is the workshop of Master Woodcarver Ike Carpenter. Demonstrations and lectures by these artisans on their traditions and techniques are available. 13 edgefieldcountychamber.net



Located in the rolling hills of west central South Carolina, Johnston was founded in 1870 when the first railroad came through, and charted as the Town of Johnston on May 25, 1897. The town’s business district combines contemporary convenience with turn-of-the century charm. Gracious Southern homes and businesses add to its charm. Calhoun Street in Johnston provides the small town atmosphere that many Americans consider the South.

The coming of the Charlotte, Columbia and Augusta Railroad also saw the establishment of the town of Trenton in the late 1860s. The area has been long known as the Pine House community, a name derived from the “Piney Woods Tavern” or Pine House,” which was a stagecoach way-station located nearby. It was here at the Pine House that President George Washington dined in 1791, during his trip from Augusta to Columbia. Today, a marker stands near the intersection of S. C. Highways 121, 19, and 25 memorializing his visit.

The peach industry has been a major contributor to Johnston’s economy. The town carries the title “Peach Capital of the World.” Located on the fringe of three urban areas, Johnston combines country quiet and neighborliness with access to city services. The people of Johnston are friendly, industrious and plain spoken. They worship at numerous churches and their children attend award–winning public and private schools. Johnston is a town that combines the economic strength of world-wide industry with the solidarity of an agricultural center of international recognition.

James Monroe Wise is thought to be the founder of Trenton, as he built the first store and residence in 1870 and was instrumental in developing the village. In 1877, a town charter was issued in the name of Trenton, and the name of the post office was changed from Pine House to Trenton the next year. An historic building donated to the town by the Wise family has been converted into what was formally known as the Trenton Library and Visitors Center. Residents of Trenton enjoy their small-way of life and feel a strong obligation to preserve it for future generations.


A Peach of a Place Where friends and neighbors are more like family and a visit will make you want to stay for a lifetime.


500 Mims Avenue Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-2488

Town of Trenton 106 Church Street Trenton, SC (803) 275-2538 ttrenton@comcast.net

Home of the Ridge Peach Festival

TheTownOfTrenton.com edgefieldcountychamber.net 14


Bettis Academy

Merriwether is part of the Old 96 District consisting of thousands of acres of farm lands and forest once owned by a few founding families. From this district the counties of McCormick, Edgefield and Aiken were formed. Merriwether has its own rich history with many of the descent families remaining in the community. Churches, fire departments and community centers form the glue that gathers the people together. Prominent schools in the area were used as multi functioning buildings. One room school houses hosted schools, churches and community centers. Many are still used today. Merriwether Hall on Martintown Road and Sweetwater Community Center (once home to Cooper School and the Merriwether Agricultural club) remain in use today. Home Demonstration Clubs through the Clemson Extension and 4-H clubs also utilized these buildings. Monthly potluck dinners also gathered the community together. Along the Savannah and Stevens Creek waterways you would have found many ferry operations to transport wagons, people and animals across. Fury’s Ferry is one such which was utilized until the bridge was constructed. A ferry also ran from DeLaughter Drive across the river. Scott’s Ferry landing in Clarks Hill is yet another. When the Old 96 District was split into counties in 1868 the face of Merriwether changed. Family names such as Meriwether, McKie, Bunch, and Scott among others would be found along the Martintown Road, Stevens Creek and the Savannah River area where many can still be found in the community today. Along Sweetwater Road family names would include Bedenbaugh, Cooper, Lanham and Stephens, where you will also find roads named after these founding families. As with other communities, the coming of the railroad impacted these communities as well. Family histories can be found among the family members as well as in the Tompkins Library Genealogy Society in Edgefield.

Bettis Academy and Junior college, established in 1881 and closed in 1952, is significant for its role in the primary, secondary, and higher education of blacks in what is now Edgefield, Aiken, Greenwood, and Saluda Counties from the late nineteenth century through the midtwentieth century, in a period when black education was neglected by many of the public and private institutions in South Carolina. Alexander Bettis (1836-1895), founder of Bettis Academy, was born a slave on a nearby Edgefield District plantation owned by a widow Jones and worked as an overseer and sawmill manager during the Civil War. In 1868, after the local Baptist association refused to ordain him, Bettis and a group of seventeen blacks, helped by three ministers affiliated with the association, organized Mt. Canaan Baptist Church ten miles west of Trenton. Bettis, once ordained by the newly-established church, then helped organize as many as forty Baptist churches in the area, serving four -- Mt. Canaan, Shaw’s Creek, Jeters, and Pleasant Grove -- continuously until his death in 1895. Bettis Academy was an outgrowth of the Mt. Canaan Educational Association, founded in 1880 by Bettis and other ordained ministers and representatives of various black Baptist churches in the area. The association, created to raise money and establish schools to serve the black community, purchased 27 acres at this site near the boundary of Edgefield and Aiken Districts and set aside the remainder of its funds for lumber. The land was cleared in the summer of 1881, and after the first school building -- a one-room frame classroom building -- was completed that fall it was dedicated and opened on New Years’ Day 1882. The school became a boarding school in its earliest years, with a girls’ dormitory built in 1883 and a boys’ dormitory built in 1884. The curriculum at Bettis Academy included, in addition to the standard academic subjects, religious instruction, teacher training, and instruction in farming and home economics. Under the leadership of Alfred W. Nicholson, who served as principal 1900-1945, Bettis Academy expanded its student body to more than 1,000 students, its campus to fourteen buildings on more than 300 acres, and its curriculum to include instruction from the first grade through the junior college level. The academy and junior college, always strapped for funding for teachers, buildings, and equipment, was finally forced to close in 1952. An annual Earth Day event is held there each April. The site is currently closed for tours.

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TOUR IST SITE S Edgefield County boasts of numerous tourist sites to visit. One of the main ones is the National Wild Turkey Federation, which moved its headquarters to Edgefield in 1973. It protects the wild turkey from becoming endangered again and also promotes proper hunting techniques and land conservation. The NWTF features a state-ofthe-art museum and the Palmetto Shooting Complex (a premier shooting destination in the Southeast. The facility houses two dedicated sporting clays courses, five trap and skeet fields, 3D archery and the 9,300-square-foot Pavilion.). Dotted throughout the Town of Edgefield are decorated fiberglass turkeys to commemorate the NWTF and its mission. The Discovery Center, located on Main Street in the Town of Edgefield, is another interesting museum. It was once the home of Captain James Miller, who built it in circa 1840 about ten miles from Edgefield. The house was moved to the Town of Edgefield in the late 1990’s by the Edgefield County Historical Society to serve as a museum on the history and heritage of Edgefield County. Topics showcased include natural history, early settlement of the area, the American Revolution and War Between the States, and the history of cotton in the state. There is also an extensive exhibit on Strom Thurmond, including personal memorabilia. It is also the home of the William Miller Bouknight Theatre, where plays are put on by area actors. Oakley Park was built in 1835 by Daniel Bird, a Virginian who came to Edgefield and became a very successful cotton planter. After the War Between the States, it was purchased by General Martin Witherspoon Gary, a former Major-General of the Confederacy. Oakley Park was used as his headquarters in 1876 when he was the leader of the Red Shirt movement, a campaign to restore Democratic government to South Carolina. In 1941, Governor John Gary Evans, who was the nephew of Gary and had inherited the property, gave it to the Town of Edgefield and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. Items in the house include period antiques and relics. Today, Oakley Park is a house museum and is open to the public. The Tompkins Library, on the Edgefield Courthouse Square, is the home of the Edgefield Civic League, the Edgefield Cemetery Association, the Edgefield Welcome Center, and the Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society (OEDGS). The OEDGS is the largest genealogical society in South Carolina and has a vast collection of family history materials in the library. The Trailing Your Ancestors exhibit is also located in the Tompkins Library and explains the migration patterns into and out of the Old Edgefield District. Also on the Edgefield Courthouse Square is the Edgefield County Archives. Edgefield County (established 1785) has the oldest and most complete set of historical County documents in South Carolina next to Charleston. One of the reasons for this is that the county has never suffered a courthouse fire and General Sherman did not pass through this area during the Civil War. The Edgefield County Archives is dedicated solely to the housing and protection of these records. The facility includes a research room and a state-of-the-art 1,668 square ft. records vault that is fire proof and climate-controlled. To learn more about the peach industry, make plans to visit the Edgefield County Peach Museum located in the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce building. There visitors will discover the remarkable history of the cultivation of peaches on the Ridge in South Carolina. edgefieldcountychamber.net 16

SHOPPIN G Edgefield County is a popular stop for antique collectors, with shops to satisfy every taste, from fine antiques to pre-owned treasures. For those who wish to make a weekend of it, there are several quaint bed and breakfast inns as well as more traditional overnight accommodations. Johnston’s “A Peach of a Place” business district combines contemporary businesses with small “mom and pop” stores. Retail stores, family owned restaurants, and other businesses are abundant here. Edgefield Community Development Association is continuously striving to promote “Shop Local” in Edgefield to showcase Edgefield’s unique downtown merchants. From artisans to retail gift shops, Edgefield has something for everyone. Trenton has no downtown shopping per say, but it does have a reminiscent “Mayberry” feeling. Its fantastic Library/Visitors Center and beautiful downtown square beckon you to sit, relax and enjoy the view of the lovely town. Edgefield County also offers a variety of dining experiences. There are casual lunches and fast food places as well as fine dining experiences and intimate settings. Visitors can come out in the evening and listen to live music, while soaking in the local ambience or take part in a relaxing night of enjoyment for the whole family.

Sara’s Fresh market (Titan Farms) Trenton, SC – also has mouthwatering homemade Peach Ice Cream Jackie’s Market, Trenton, SC – family owned and operated; fresh boiled peanuts as well as jams, jellies, ciders and relishes Cook’s Farm & Stand, Trenton, SC – family owned and operated; fresh boiled peanuts, butterbeans, peas, jams, jellies, etc. – as well as beautiful hanging baskets and flowers Big Smile Peaches – J.W. Yonce & Sons Farms , Johnston, SC – asparagus and peaches – Generation after generation, the business has grown from a small peach orchard to a thriving commercial organization with more than 4,300 acres, while continuing to maintain their core values over the past 80+ years. Edgefield General Store, Edgefield, SC – delicious Ice Cream and many local flares await you in the charming “step back in time” atmosphere Carolina Moon Distillery, Edgefield, SC – tastings, tours, shopping August + House, Edgefield, SC – unique southern boutique offering items to decorate with, as well as gift items. Workshops and services also provided. Sharing a passion for Home + Life in Edgefield, SC Tidwell Jewelers, Johnston, SC – family owned and operated – we take pride in being able to handle every jewelry repair need in house. The customer comes first – we promise to make it worth the drive. Repurpose your old jewelry, gifts for all your needs (bridal registries, wish lists, various gift items) Gurosik’s Berry Plantation, North Augusta, SC – a true family farm – leading producer of strawberries, hybrid blueberries, asparagus and related products in the CSRA area. Also Heirloom tomatoes, peaches, plums, blueberries, peas, onions, squash, zucchini, cucumbers and pickles. Farm markets, roadside markets and farm tours for groups Hickory Hill Dairy / Hickory Hill Milk, Edgefield, SC – a fourthgeneration family dairy farm – raising Holstein cows and producing milk. Hickory Hill Milk is fresh, local milk (all natural, old fashioned whole milk) collected twice a day and bottled on-site five days a week. Low temp pasteurized (heated to 145 degrees and held there for 30 minutes then cooled as quickly as possible) non-homogenized (a rare fine these days) and return to nostalgia when a thick layer of cream rises to the top of each bottle. Clemson Blue Cheese (made from HH milk), Clemson Best Gourmet Ice Cream (made with local products such as milk - HH Milk; pecans – Yon Family Farms; peaches – Titan Farms; and strawberries – McLeod Farms)

17 edgefieldcountychamber.net

ANNUAL E V ENT S There are a number of festivals to attend in Edgefield County throughout the year. The Peach Blossom Festival, in Johnston, is the first Saturday in May and the Ridge Peach Festival, in Trenton, is the third weekend in June. The Ridge Peach Festival is the longest celebrated festival in the county, with the year 2020 marking its 50th Anniversary. The Heritage Trail Pottery Tour, a county-wide event featuring local potters, is held the first weekend in May and the Southern Studies Showcase, a two-day genealogy and history workshop, is usually the third weekend in September. The Cruise-In, a fabulous car show on the Edgefield Courthouse Square, is held in July and local farmers markets are held in the towns of Johnston and Edgefield.



n and for EducatRio creation Shooting e R AT I O N


Edgefield County is also one of the sponsors for Peachtree 23, a twoday, 44-mile yard sale, where you are bound to find many treasures. Peachtree 23 runs along South Carolina Highway 23 from BatesburgLeesville to Modoc, South Carolina (through 7 towns along the route). The first Friday / Saturday in June are the dates of this event.


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NWTF.org (800) THE-NWTF edgefieldcountychamber.net 18

S CHO O L S and Education

Edgefield County School District The Edgefield County School District engages, empowers, and enriches students’ lives in Edgefield County. The district’s approximate 500 teachers and support staff serve over 3,000 students from kindergarten to adult education. The district’s purpose is to develop the Profile of the Edgefield Graduate in every student. The Profile of the Edgefield Graduate centers on ensuring that students grow their personal, thinking, and relational skills and that they are able to transfer those skills throughout their lives. The district is comprised of four elementary schools, two middle schools, a high school, a Career and Technology Center, and an Adult Education program. The schools combine to offer students a rigorous curriculum and outstanding extra-curricular activities to prepare them for the workplace or continuing their educations. Edgefield County School District (ECSD) is accredited through AdvancED and the South Carolina Department of Education. The district maintains a strong sense of community and a family atmosphere while simultaneously seeking innovation with its instructional practices and curriculum offerings. ECSD is focused on the individual child and places emphasis on personalized learning.

Education opportunities for elementary students are designed for mastering the traditional basics of language arts/reading, mathematics, social studies, and science. Along with the core courses of study, students explore art, music, engineering, and physical education. Each elementary school offers initiatives beyond the curriculum that provide students opportunities to excel in areas of their passions and interests. The district’s middle school curriculum provides students sound foundational courses in math, ELA, science, and social studies along with expanded opportunities to pursue interests and passions in other areas. Access to engineering classes, band, chorus, art, and athletic teams provide students the opportunity to be involved in their schools and communities and to continue the development of their thinking, personal, and relational skills. The district’s middle schools continue with a strong curriculum which includes the opportunity for qualified students to earn high school credits in Algebra I and English I. Strom Thurmond High School offers over 130 courses which include Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses. Students have the opportunity to earn close to two years of college credits during their Junior and Senior years. These courses range from English 101 to Biology to Western Civilization. Through the Dual Credit and Advanced Placement systems, students receive high school and college credit from Piedmont Technical College for successfully completed courses. STHS’s strong commitment to academics results in graduates averaging almost 5 million dollars a year in scholarships. Strom Thurmond High School’s (STHS) Athletic and Fine Arts programs boast multiple state championships in band, football, baseball, golf, track, and basketball. STHS’s Mock Trial team has won numerous state competitions and is highly competitive on the national level. STHS’s Drama Department produces two shows annually with sellout crowds as a measure of its strong community support and superb performances.





19 edgefieldcountychamber.net

Strom Thurmond Career and Technology Center (STCTC) provides eleven career paths in Agriculture Education, Automotive Technology, Building Construction, Business Management, Marketing and Finance, Cosmetology, Digital Media, Engineering, Health Science, Sports Medicine, and Welding Technology. Students in STCTC programs earn national and state credentials including ASE (Automotive Service Excellence), PCT (Patient Care Technician), Cosmetology State Boards, Adobe Certified Associates, EKG, Plebotomy, Briggs and Straton Small Engine Repair, Pesticide Application along with South Carolina Department of Education certifications in Welding, PLTW (Engineering), Building Construction, and MicroSoft Office.


of the Edgefield Graduate

STCTC has strong student organizations that have developed multiple national competition winners. More importantly, Cosmetology Club, DECA, FBLA, FFA, HOSA, National Technical Honor Society, and the National Welding Society provide students numerous opportunities to engage their community and develop citizenship skills though service activities. For more information, visit edgefield.k12.sc.us or call (803) 275-4601.


Personal Skills • Take initiative for your own learning by setting goals and reflecting on outcomes. • Exemplify high ethical standards by consistently displaying honesty, integrity and responsibility.

Thinking Skills • Identify problems, analyze them, and preserve in solving them. • Read analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts from a variety of sources. • Generate questions for further investigation for further investigation by embracing curiosity and risk-taking.

Relational Skills • Identify problems, analyze them, and persevere in solving them. • Read analytically to comprehend a range of increasingly complex literary and informational texts from a variety of sources. • Generate questions for further investigation for further investigation by embracing curiosity and risk-taking. edgefieldcountychamber.net 20

Wardlaw Academy Wardlaw Academy’s motto is “Excellence in Education”. The school’s mission is to prepare students for a lifetime of challenge. This is done by offering a rigorous college prep curriculum, while encouraging students to participate in a variety of athletic and extra curricular activities. Wardlaw Academy earns its accreditation by the South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA), and the diploma requirements for graduation at Wardlaw exceed those set by SCISA. Graduating classes continue to receive admission into higher institutions of learning, and qualify for academic and athletic scholarships. Located midway between Johnston, Edgefield and Trenton, the school was founded in 1970. It draws students not only from Edgefield County but also from surrounding counties. It offers a full school program, from four-year-old kindergarten through 12th grade.

Fox Creek High School Fox Creek High School is a public charter school located three miles north of I-20 at Exit 5. Fox Creek has been serving high school students in Edgefield County since 2004. The high school offers a number of courses in a variety of disciplines. The school emphasizes graduating students prepared for the college and career opportunities that await them. Fox Creek hosts 42 hours of dual enrollment on their campus. The dual enrollment courses offered cover science, math, English, history and Teacher Cadet. There are also course offerings through the AP program in the areas of English and science. Fox Creek has proudly expanded their fine arts program to include a drama department, marching band, and jazz band. If you would like to discover more about Fox Creek High School, please visit the website at www. foxcreekhighschool.org or call (803) 613-9435. Fox Creek – school, community, family!

The Academy’s board of directors sets the school’s policies. One of those is small class size, which is a standard now being recognized as one of the most important in providing a quality education. Its teachers are degreed and qualified in their teaching fields and are genuinely concerned with the success of each child. Along with small class size is the availability of after-school help sessions for students needing some one-on-one assistance, a modern computer lab, computers in the classrooms with filtered internet access in the Media Center. Less tangible but just as important is Wardlaw’s emphasis on values and character. Also of note, the Academy has won more than its share of athletic championships – basketball, softball, baseball, golf and volleyball! The Academy welcomes visitors to its campus. For enrollment information contact the school at (803) 275-4794. Visit the school’s website at www.wardlawacademy.com.

Bettis Preparatory LeadershipAcademy A Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) focused school for students in kindergarten through grade five, adding a grade each year to maximize with grade eight. The mission is to inspire students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as their area of focus and to help them become academically successful, students of integrity who will positively impact our society and world. Located at 69 Nicholson Road, Trenton, SC; (803) 663-7266 www.bettisprep.org bettisprep@gmail.com.

FRANCIS HUGH WARDLAW ACADEMY Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

1296 Columbia Road Johnston, SC 29832 803-275-4794

WardlawAcademy.com EST. 1970

21 edgefieldcountychamber.net


(803) 613-9435


PINE RIDGE CLUB “The CSRA’s Best Kept Secret”

AMENITIES INCLUDE: • 18-hole Championship Golf • Olympic size Swimming Pool • Exceptional Bar & Grill • Full Filled Social Calendar • Event Catering Available

425 Pine Ridge Road Edgefield, SC (803) 637-3570 ext. 1 Golf & Social Memberships Available

PineRidgeClub.com edgefieldcountychamber.net 22

GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission, Inc.

Edgefield County First Steps to School Readines

237 North Hospital St Greenwood, SC 29648 Phone: (864) 223-8434 Fax: (864) 223-9456 The mission of GLEAMNS Human Resources Commission Incorporated, a community based organization, is to deliver quality services, assistance, and opportunity to eligible customers with emphasis placed on education, employment, and developing self-sufficiency. www.gleamnshrc.org

Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) -NFP helps transform the lives of first time, low-income mothers and their babies. Through ongoing home visits from registered nurses, these mothers receive the care and support they need to have a healthy pregnancy, provide responsible and competent care for their children, and become more economically selfsufficient. From pregnancy until the child turns two years old, the NFP nurse home visitors form a must-needed trusting relationship with the first-time moms instilling confidence and empowering them to achieve a better life for their children and themselves.

GLEAMNS Early Head Start Trenton 141 Samuel E. Diggs Rd Trenton, SC 29847 Phone: 1-803-275-4060 Fax: 1-803-275-3015 A program to serve infants and toddlers under the age of 3, and pregnant women. Early Head Start provides early, continuous, intensive, and comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, and pregnant women and their families GLEAMNS Head Start - Edgefield 141 Samuel E. Diggs Rd Trenton, SC 29847 Phone: 1-803-275-4060 Fax: 1-803-275-3015 Children who attend Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities. Children receive free medical and dental care, have healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy playing indoors and outdoors in a safe setting. Our goal is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children and families. Social competence takes into account the inter-relatedness of cognitive and intellectual development, physical and mental health, nutritional needs, and other factors that enable a positive developmental approach to helping children and families succeed. GLEAMNS Head Start Program supports children’s growth and development in a positive learning environment through a variety of services, which include: Early Learning, Health and Family well-being. Edgefield SC Works - Workforce Development (WIOA) 21 Star Road. Edgefield, SC 29824 Phone: 803-637-4029 Hours: Monday, Thursday (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM) Tuesday, Wednesday (8:30 AM- 4:30 PM)

Family Strengthening - Our Family Literacy program works with families utilizing a four-component model. Adult education, early childhood education, parent education, and interactive parent-child activities are integrated to form the comprehensive service. Our Triple P - Positive Parenting Program- is an evidenced-based program that gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong healthy relationships, confidently manage their children’s behavior, and prevent problems developing. Quality Child Care - The quality of care received by young children is crucial to their healthy development and school success. Our child care quality enhancement and training programs are intended to produce measurable improvements in the quality of care provided to young children. Participating centers receive technical visits at least twice monthly, mini-grants for equipment and materials, assessments of their classrooms, and free high-quality professional development and training. Child Care Scholarships -Access to quality child care is essential for children while they are away from their primary caregivers. Too many families in Edgefield County cannot afford quality child care for their children. Families with risk factors such as low income, teenage parent, exposure to domestic violence or substance abuse, single parent households, can apply for funding to assist with cost of quality child care. Countdown to Kindergarten (CTK) - CTK is a summer homevisitation model connecting rising kindergarteners and their families with their future teachers. The program is designed to form strong and lasting home-school relationships and to increase parent involvement in the early grades. The program strives to acquaint children and families with the state and classroom expectations , to increase the likelihood of school success. Teachers make 6 visits over the summer to the homes of participating students who are introduced to actual materials used in kindergarten and are given a Kindergarten Transition Toolkit to keep.

P.O. Box 295 Edgefield, SC 29824 803-275-0800

edgefieldcountyf@bellsouth.net 23 edgefieldcountychamber.net

University of South Carolina - Aiken USC Aiken is a public university and functions as part of the University of South Carolina system. Founded in 1961 when the local community expressed the need for a higher education institution in the area, USC Aiken began with 139 students. Today, the university is comprised of more than 3,700 students and approximately 400 faculty and staff. USC Aiken awards baccalaureate degrees in 47 major areas of study and master’s degrees in four areas. The institution offers a varied program of non-credit continuing education courses for the surrounding community as well as senior programs and summer camps. U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges” issue has again ranked USC Aiken #1 Regional Comprehensive Public College in the South. This 2019 distinction marks USC Aiken’s 21st consecutive ranking among the top three in this category and fourteenth time in first place.

The Answer Inside With more than 50 programs of study—including our new competitive programs in cybersecurity and applied gaming—our graduates land unique opportunities with major employers throughout the region and across the country.

Faculty and staff pride themselves on upholding USC Aiken’s promise of quality education. The student-faculty ratio is 15:1 creating opportunities for individualized learning. Through small classes, one-on-one advising, and personal attention, students are treated as individuals. Faculty, staff, and students hold one another responsible for demonstrating the University’s core values: quality learning, collegiality, citizenship, and character. Several community outreach programs are housed at USC Aiken, including the Ruth Patrick Science Education Center and DuPont Planetarium, the Small Business Development Center, and the Economic Development Partnership. The USC Aiken Convocation Center is the largest gathering place in Aiken County, accommodating concerts, family shows, community meetings, and conferences. It is also the home of the USC Aiken Pacers, who compete in NCAA Division II athletics.


For more information, contact us at www.usca.edu or (803) 648-6851.

Piedmont Technical College Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood County was established in 1966 to serve Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Laurens, McCormick, Newberry, Saluda and surrounding counties. Piedmont Tech is a public, comprehensive, two-year post-secondary institution that contributes to the economic growth and development of the largest and most diverse region of the technical college system. PTC also operates county centers in six of the seven counties, bringing educational opportunities closer to residents in those supporting counties. The Edgefield County Center, 506 Main Street, Edgefield, offers the same top-quality instruction and services offered at the Greenwood campus, as well as a variety if credit and non-credit courses. Courses are offered on convenient day and evening schedules. Most services are provided at the centers, including financial aid, placement testing, career counseling and registration. Students can also pay fees and buy books at the centers. For more information, contact us at ptc.edu or (803) 637-5388.

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{ Healthcare. Connected. } Peach Tree Medical Center

155 Ridge Medical Plaza, Suite B • (803) 637-3630

Family Healthcare Edgefield

155 Ridge Medical Plaza, Suite A • (803) 637-3146

Primary Care

Primary Care

Elizabeth Gordineer, M.D.

Robert Brightharp, M.D.

John Wates, FNP

Heather Trotter, CPNP

Tami Massey, M.D.

George Rainsford, M.D.

Sarah Ledford, PA-C

Elizabeth Ferraro, GNP

Abraham Weaver, N.P.

Specialty Care

Edgefield County Healthcare

300 Ridge Medical Plaza Rd. • (803) 637-3174

Emergency Care

James Fuller, M.D. Advanced Cardiology Associates (864) 227-6818

Allan McQuown, M.D.


An Affiliate of Self Regional Healthcare

Anthony R. Timms, M.D. Orthopaedic Associates of the Lakelands (864) 229-2663

300 Ridge Medical Plaza Edgefield, South Carolina, 29824 (803) 637-3174


Healthcare in Edgefield County includes a wide range of specialty care as well as routine and emergency health care. Home health, hospice, personal care services and emergency transportation are well established. An exhaustive array of state-of-the art testing equipment and highly trained technicians ensure patients and physicians receive the right data to make informed diagnoses.


Edgefield County Healthcare (ECH), a Critical Access Hospital, has now joined forces with Self Regional Healthcare as it continues to provide the great care that has been available for 47 years to the residents of Edgefield County. Much more than a hospital, Edgefield County Healthcare now has direct access to many more specialty services, preventative services, and educational resources than ever before. While hospitals tend to care for the sick, healthcare systems are a more comprehensive approach to wellness and population health. Housed in the new state-of-the-art 16,600 square-foot medical office building that Self Regional built in 2017 on the ECH campus, Family Healthcare Edgefield (FHC) provides Edgefield with primary care services and a rotation of specialists in the fields of cardiology, orthopedic and vascular services. Located in the same facility, Peach Tree Medical Center provides comprehensive and preventable healthcare for both adults and children by a team of Family Practice physicians and mid-level providers. In addition, Edgefield County Healthcare provides access to general surgery and podiatry. On a weekly basis, mobile units, like the Mobile Mammography Unit and the Health Express, are bringing health screening services to convenient locations around the county. The Emergency Department at ECH is staffed by Family Practice physicians that are able to see patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Aiken Regional Medical Centers, located in Aiken, South Carolina, opened its doors in 1917 as the Aiken Hospital and Relief Society. Today, the hospital is a 273-bed acute care facility offering a comprehensive range of specialties and services. Aiken Regional Medical Centers is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS), a King of Prussia, PA-based company, that is one of the largest healthcare management companies in the nation. Aiken Regional Medical Centers has been ranked a top hospital in South Carolina by the Carolina Center for Medical Excellence for its treatment of heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia. The hospital has over 900 skilled healthcare/support professionals, a medical staff of more than 120 multi-specialty physicians, and a team of 230 volunteers keep us going with their dedication to excellence. Its “100K Lives” campaign was so successful that Aiken Regional was named a “Mentor Hospital” to teach other facilities how to get such good results. Residents of Aiken, Barnwell, and Edgefield counties named us the #1 and most caring hospital in the region. In fact, these same residents said Aiken Regional Medical Centers not only have the finest nursing staff, but also the best choice for emergency medical care, medical services, maternity, outpatient procedures and other services. Aiken Regional Medical Centers performs more than 8,000 surgeries each year, delivers more than 1,100 babies annually and provides nearly 50 specialty services through its acute care facility, behavioral healthcare hospital and the Cancer Care Institute of Carolina.

It takes a team of associates to meet the medical needs of a growing community. The mission of Edgefield County Healthcare is “to provide quality and appropriate care to all people.” By joining forces with the team at Self Regional Healthcare, ECH is more prepared than ever to provide you and your loved ones with top notch care.

edgefieldcountychamber.net 26

DENTIST BELA FAMILY DENTISTRY OF EDGEFIELD 437 Bauskett Street / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-4616 info@cooksmiles.com / cooksmiles.com

From routine cleanings and fillings, to bruxism devices, Bela Family Dentistry of Edgefield is equipped to handle all of your family’s dental needs. Our goal is to provide you with dental guidance needed to make your own treatment decisions, resulting in a healthy and beautiful smile that will last for years to come.


704 Columbia Road / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-6060


There are three family practice physician facilities; three dental and one eye care physician facilities in the county.


155 Ridge Medical Plaza, Suite A / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-3146 / Fax: (803) 637-6597 Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm / Saturday 8 am - Noon Welcome to Family Healthcare – Edgefield and a new way of healthcare. We’re still close to home and have the staff you trust, but we’re a lot more than another doctor’s office these days. As a part of Self Regional Healthcare Physician Practices, we provide a team of doctors, family physicians and specialists, nurses and specially trained staff, all working together for your health. We provide access to advanced diagnostics and specialty services and the resources of the area’s largest healthcare provider – a complete network of care for you and your family.

Dr. Jeffery R Gosney, DMD is a Dentist primarily located in Edgefield, SC, with another office in Aiken, SC. His specialties include General Dentistry.


901 Columbia Road / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-5551 Ransom L. Bryan, Jr. is a Dentist - General Practice based in Edgefield, South Carolina. Ransom L. Bryan, Jr. is licensed to practice in SC. Dr. Christina C. Mullins A general dentist is the primary dental care provider for patients of all ages. The general dentist is responsible for the diagnosis, treatment, management and overall coordination of services related to patients’ oral health needs.


155 Ridge Medical Plaza, Suite B / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-3630 A Rural Health Care Center providing comprehensive and preventive healthcare for the entire family. As a subsidiary of Edgefield County Hospital, we are committed to providing patients with convenient access to high quality care. At Peach Tree Medical Center, our main concern is for your health and wellness. As your medical home, our goal is to build a relationship between you and your healthcare team. We strive to provide all patients with well- rounded and coordinated healthcare. You and your health are the primary focus of your healthcare team at Peach Tree Medical Center.

W HUGH MORGAN FAMILY PRACTICE 801 Mobley Street / Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-4653

Dr. W Morgan, MD is a family medicine specialist in Johnston, SC and has been practicing for 39 years. He graduated from Medical University of South Carolina in 1977 and specializes in family medicine.

EDGEFIELD DENTAL CLINIC Dr. Ransom L. Bryan, Jr. Dr. Christina C. Mullins 901 Columbia Road Edgefield, SC

(803) 637-5551 27 edgefieldcountychamber.net


321 Bacon Street/ Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-3141 Dr. Jeffery Geer is a Optometry Specialist primarily located in Edgefield, SC, with another office in Beech Island, SC.

HOSPI CE C AR E Hospice Care is devoted to helping patients remain alert and free of or in control of pain so quality time can be spent with their loved ones. Hospice doesn’t hasten or postpone death. In fact, if a patient’s condition improves, or the disease goes into remission, he or she can be discharged from the hospice program and restarted on standard therapies. While hospice programs are tailored to each individual’s needs, they follow an interdisciplinary approach of care that may involve patients’ personal physicians, hospice physicians, nurses, home health aides, social workers, clergy, counselors, trained volunteers and, in some cases, physical and occupational therapists. Each team member has his or her role: Physicians and nurses visit a patient’s home to make sure the medical care is appropriate and the patient stays comfortable. Home health aides see to it that personal care, such as meal preparation, bathing and dressing, is taken care of. Trained volunteers stay with the patient to give caregivers a break. The program also provides medical equipment, such as hospital beds, medical supplies and pain medicines. The team is available for the patient and family 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Address: 15 Center Spring Road / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-5326 The Edgefield County Senior Citizens Council is a private non-profit, non-governmental organization 501 © 3 that has been providing services for Edgefield County Citizens over the age of 60 since 1972. We are here to promote the well-being and to enhance the quality of life for older adults in Edgefield, Johnston, Trenton, and parts of North Augusta.


Peach Blossom Express is on The Move. We provide Public Transportation to anywhere in the CSRA, i.e. Grocery Store, work. To schedule a trip or need additional info call 803-637-4138. We also provide Medicaid Transportation. If you have a Healthy Connections Medicaid Card and you need a ride to a medical appointment or need to go to the drug store then you may qualify for Medicaid Transportation. Please call LogistiCare at 866-910-7688 Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call at least three days before your medical appointment. For more information on LogistiCare in SC, visit http://memberinfo.logisticare.com/.


If you are 60 or older we can provide you transportation to and from the Senior Center to enjoy a nutritious meal, daily activities, and fellowship. If you would like to join us please call us at 803-637-4138 or 803-6375326.


Our home delivered meals are provided Monday through Friday to frail, homebound persons unable to prepare or otherwise obtain their own meals. Hot meals as well as weekly frozen meals are available to eligible participants throughout Edgefield, Johnston, Trenton, and parts of North Augusta. For more information please call 803-637-5326.


At the Edgefield County Senior Center we serve home cooked, nutritious meals. Our meals include meat, two vegetables, bread, dessert and beverage which meets 1/3 RDA requirements. Diners are encouraged to enjoy a variety of activities such as board games, card games, putting puzzles together, and of course everyone’s favorite BINGO. We also schedule entertainment from local musicians, guest speakers, monthly blood pressure checks, and annual events such as our Senior Appreciation Day. Also, once a month we plan an outing somewhere in the CSRA. Our Center is open Monday through Friday to individuals 60 or older. Transportation to the center is provided for eligible participants and reservations are required. For more information or to make a reservation please call 803-637-5326.

Our local family, serving family. Ouryour locallocal family, 946 Millbrook SC serving yourAvenue, localAiken family. 1.800.932.2738 | www.hospicecare.net 946 Millbrook Avenue, Aiken SC 1.800.932.2738 | www.hospicecare.net

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There are three veterinarian clinics in Edgefield County.

JOHNSTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL 626 Lee Street / Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-4652 johnstonanimalhospitalllc.com Your Pets are Our Family! Our mission is to treat our clients like family and to treat our patients like they were our own pets! Johnston Animal Hospital opened its doors in February of 1977. Initially, Dr. G.W. Rauton III ran a mixed animal practice. Over the years, Johnston Animal Hospital has become primarily a small animal practice. The original hospital has had three major additions including a boarding kennel and has been remodeled several times in order to keep up with the many advancements in veterinary technology. Johnston Animal Hospital offers digital radiography, ultrasound, in house blood analyzers, and a full surgical suite. Johnston Animal Hospital offers the most up to date preventive care, internal medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, radiography, ultrasonography, epidemiology, dermatology, opthamology, and dentistry. Johnston Animal Hospital also provides boarding, grooming, and emergency services for its patients. In 2011, Dr. G.W. Rauton IV joined his father in practice at Johnston Animal Hospital. In 2017, Johnston Animal Hospital added an additional veterinarian, Dr. Leigh Anne Barefoot, to their growing team to better provide the best possible care for their clients and pets.

EDGEFIELD VETERINARY CLINIC 218 Augusta Road / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-0356 DrBagshaw@bellsouth.net / edgefieldveterinarian@bellsouth.net Edgefield Veterinary Clinic provides Services in: At Edgefield Veterinary Clinic we strive to provide the best possible care to all our patients. We offer a variety of services some of which include wellness examinations, sick pet examinations, vaccinations, diagnostic services (both in-house and through Antech), surgery, radiographs, and more. If you have any questions about any of the services that we offer please do not hesitate to contact us. We do offer grooming through our clinic and have an on-site groomer every Thursday. If you are interested in any grooming services please contact us through email or at the clinic (803) 637-0356 to request an appointment.

VETERINARY HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATES 1341 West Martintown Road / North Augusta, SC 29860 (803) 613-9123 / Fax: (803) 613-9936 veterinaryhealth@att.net / veterinaryhealthcareofnorthaugusta.com Veterinary Healthcare is a full-service veterinary medical facility located in North Augusta, SC. Our professional and courteous staff seeks to provide the best possible medical, surgical, and dental care for our highly-valued patients. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care and health-related educational opportunities for our clients. Veterinary Healthcare strives to offer excellence in veterinary medicine to North Augusta, SC and the surrounding areas. 29 edgefieldcountychamber.net

PHAR MACIE S MAXWELL AND HALFORD DRUG, INC. 432 Calhoun Street / Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-2021


100 Ridge Medical Plaza / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-5757


230 Apple Square Plaza / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-3135

A S SI S TED LI V I N G FOREST VIEW MANOR 141 Callison Highway / McCormick, SC 29835 (864) 443-5857 / Fax: (864) 443-5856 leslieanixon@aol.com / forestviewmanor.org We are the premiere Senior Assisted Living Facility serving Edgefield, McCormick, Aiken, Greenwood, and other surrounding counties. At our home, you’ll find security, companionship, compassionate staff members to provide for your needs, and the quality of life you deserve. We are a family owned and operated facility where the people that live here are not just residents; they are family. Mark, along with his daughter Leslie, work day in and day out to make sure every individual is comfortable and happy What We Do At Forest View Manor, our purpose is to provide a safe and secure home for senior citizens in a Christian atmosphere. We offer private bedrooms and suites, home-cooked meals, medication assistance, transportation, housekeeping, laundry, personal assistance, and a wide range of daily activities. Our staff is committed to providing compassionate care while insuring dignity and independence. For your enjoyment and relaxation, our facilities include two large living rooms, a sunny dining room, two sunlit skylight rooms, a large front and back porch, garden areas, a gazebo, a pond full of fish and an on-site Beauty Salon.

TRADITIONS HOMECARE Traditions is an in-home assistance company that is an expansion of the quality care provided at the Forest View facility. Caregivers are all trained employees of Forest View and will help our clients with their daily needs in the comfort of their own home. Every care plan is customized for each individual client. Our services include: • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living • Companionship • Medication Reminders • Light Housekeeping • Light Laundry • Light Meal Preparation • Bathing/Dressing • Transportation to Dr Visits • and Running Errands Who We Are We have spent 25 years taking care of residents in our Forest View facility and realize now our ability to step outside of our walls and provide a service for other members of the community with the same compassion and care that Ann Nixon Christie built into our walls many years ago. Whether family member caregivers need a break for just a few hours a day, a client needs help a few hours a day around the house, or our clients need overnight or full 24/7 care, we are prepared to provide whatever is necesssary to meet the current needs. We hope to be able to help people in our community stay rooted in their homes with the comfort and security of our helping hand. We recently acquired a wheelchair accessible van that makes transport to doctors visits easier for our wheelchair bound clients.

THE RIDGE REHABILITATION AND HEALTHCARE CENTER, LLC. 226 W A Reel Drive / Edgefield, SC (803) 637-5312 Nursing Home Information • 114 residents • 120 certified beds • Participates in Medicare and Medicaid Continuing Care Retirement Community - Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer multiple housing options and levels of care. Residents may move from one level to another based on needs while still remaining in the community. In hospital - Some individuals need a more intensive level of care that can only be provided in a hospital setting, thus allowing residents to be transferred to a hospital setting more easily if necessary. Resident Council only - Resident and family councils can help communications with staff. Federal law requires nursing homes to allow councils to be set up by residents and families.

Traditions qualifies for benifits from both Long Term Care Insurance and the VA. edgefieldcountychamber.net 30

CORNERSTONE 603 Edgefield Road / Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-9336 cornerstonecares.org Established in 1973, Cornerstone provides prevention, intervention and treatment services for adolescents and adults who have been impacted by substance use disorders as well as problem gambling. We know the damage these problems can cause to individuals, families and communities and we are committed to helping rebuild fractured lives and relationships. Our professional staff includes credentialed prevention professionals, nationally certified addictions counselors, licensed social workers, and DOT recognized Substance Abuse Professionals. Cornerstone is licensed by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC) and gained national accreditation from Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) in 1993. If you or a loved one are being impacted by substance use or problem gambling, call our office today and speak to one of our counselors at any of our four locations. Cornerstone serves Greenwood, Edgefield, McCormick, and Abbeville counties.


serving Greenwood, Edgefield, McCormick, and Abbeville Counties GREENWOOD 1612 Rivers Street Greenwood, SC (803) 227-1001

EDGEFIELD 603 Augusta Road Edgefield, SC (803) 637-9336

Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5 pm

(evenings by appointment)

(evenings by appointment)

MCCORMICK 504 North Mine Street McCormick, SC 29835 (864) 852-3306

ABBEVILLE 103 Whitehall Road Abbeville, SC (864) 366-9661

Monday - Wednesday 8:30 am - 5 pm

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5 pm

(evenings by appointment)

(evenings by appointment)

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NE WC OMER ’S Directory

DRIVER’S LICENSE/VEHICLE TAG After moving to South Carolina, you have 30 days to obtain a state driver’s license and vehicle tag. Military personnel may keep using their out-of-state driver’s license and tags as long as they are valid. Anyone applying for a SC license for the first time must present a birth certificate and Social Security card. The Department of Public Safety, Motor Vehicle & Driver’s License office is located on Hwy 25 N., toward Greenwood. The phone number is (803) 637-3113. Office hours are 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, MondayFriday.

PROPERTY TAXES Property taxes are assessed annually on vehicles. Payments are made to the Edgefield County Treasurer’s office, 204 Penn Street, Edgefield. The phone number is (803) 637-4069. Tax receipts are necessary to receive a vehicle tag from the Department of Public Safety. Tax payments may be made by mail. A new vehicle sticker will be sent by return mail.

VOTER REGISTRATION To become a registered elector in South Carolina, a person must be at least 18 years old on Election Day, a United States citizen and resident of the state, county and precinct in which he wishes to register to vote. Voter registration must be completed at least 30 days prior to any election. Positive proof of residence is required. Registration-by-mail forms are available at U.S. Post Offices. Registration may be done in person at the Edgefield County Voter Registration Office, 210 Penn Street, Edgefield, (803) 637-4072.

PERMITS If you plan to build a home or bring a manufactured home into Edgefield County, you will need to obtain a permit from the appropriate office. The first stop for new locations is the E 911 office, 210 Penn Street, Edgefield. Your new address will be required for all other procedures. The Edgefield County Building & Planning Department 210 Penn Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-4073 Proper procedures and forms are available. The Edgefield County Building and Planning Department is responsible for enforcement of the adopted codes and ordinances regulating development. The Department conducts plan reviews, inspections, and monitoring of all construction and development activities. The services include permitting, plan review, building inspections, code enforcement, and planning services. The staff provides support to the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, and Manufactured Home Appeals Committee as well as the County Transportation Committee. The Department is also responsible for issuing building permits and conducting inspections for the Towns of Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton. Septic tank permits/inspection are available from the Edgefield County Health Department in Edgefield, (803) 637-4035.

EDGEFIELD COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT 21 Star Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-4035

Edgefield Health Departments are responsible for monitoring public health risks, coordinating responses to public health risks, and setting and enforcing public health standards in Edgefield, SC. Departments of Public Health (DPH) are particularly active in preventing the spread of disease, ensuring a clean water supply, and promoting a healthy environment and healthy behaviors among the public. Health Depts are also a key source of records. You may contact the Health Department for questions about: • • • • •

Edgefield public health records Vital records searches including birth and death certificates Requesting copies of marriage certificates Edgefield restaurant inspection grades Verifying professional licenses

Visit edgefieldcounty.sc.gov for detailed information on voter registration, requirements and polling precincts. You will also find elected offices and terms for Edgefield County at this site.

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TRI-COUNTY SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY 14 Transfer Drive, Edgefield / (803) 275-5345

The Tri-County Solid Waste Authority has a number of convenience centers throughout the county. These full-service centers are for disposal of garbage, yard waste and bulk items and recycling of aluminum cans, cardboard, newspapers, batteries, oil, plastic containers and white goods (old appliances and scrap metal). To inquiry about waste pick-up within the town, contact the Johnston and Edgefield town halls. Trenton residents must use the convenience centers. Serving Edgefield, McCormick & Saluda Counties Now Offering Commercial Rolloff Container Services

POLICE EMERGENCY ALL emergencies in town or county...................................................911 Edgefield County Sheriff ’s Office...................................(803) 637-5337 Edgefield Town Hall/Police............................................(803) 637-4014 8 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday Johnston Town Hall/Police.............................................(803) 275-2488 8 am - 4 pm Monday - Friday Trenton Town Hall/Police..............................................(803) 275-2538 8 am - Noon Monday - Friday / 8 am - 4 pm second & fourth Wednesday SC Highway Patrol.............................................................(803) 637-3459 SC Highway Patrol Greenwood Office...............................(800) 768-1502 Emergency Prepardness Director........................................(803) 275-4444

LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICES Edgefield County Government.......................................(803) 637-4000 8 :30 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday

FOREST SERVICE/NATURAL RESOURCES SC Department of Natural Resources...................(803) 637-3397/3438 SC Forestry Commission................................................(803) 637-6555 Burn Notification............................................................(800) 688-5584 US Forest Service............................................................(803) 637-5396

UTILITIES Edgefield County Water & Sewer Authority..................(803) 637-3011 Dominion Energy...........................................................(866) 543-7234 Aiken Electric Cooperative.............................................(803) 637-3189 BellSouth.........................................................................(803) 780-2355 Barnes Oil & Propane.....................................................(803) 532-6321 Dixie LP Gas...................................................................(803) 275-3203

HEALTHCARE & SERVICES Edgefield County Healthcare..........................................(803) 637-3174 Area Agency on Aging (EC Senior Center)....................(803) 637-5326 Department of Social Services........................................(803) 637-4040

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ISABELLA’S BED & BREAKFAST 601 Mims Avenue, Johnston / (803) 275-0735 / isabellasbandb.com PLEASANT LANE ACRES BED & BREAKFAST 318 Pleasant Lane Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-9387 pleasantlaneacres.com QUALITY INN & SUITES 702 Augusta Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-2001 / choicehotels.com CROSSROADS MOTEL 36 Oscar Drive, Trenton / (803) 275-2081 / crossroadmotel.us


COOK’S FARM 1224 Augusta Road, Trenton / (803) 275-2970 / cooksfarm.com EDGEFIELD FARMERS MARKET Courthouse Square, Edgefield / (870) 703-0778 GUROSIK’S BERRY PLANTATION 345 Briggs Road, North Augusta / (803) 278-0594 gurosiksberryplantation.com J.W. YONCE & SONS 37 Yonce Pond Road, Johnston / (803) 275-3244 / bigsmilepeaches.com JACKIE’S MARKET 2669 Edgefield Road, Trenton / (803) 275-1608 JOHNSTON FARMER’S AND ARTIST’S MARKET Calhoun Street, Johnston / (803) 275-7002 SARA’S FRESH MARKET 5150 Edgefield Road, Trenton / (803) 275-1983 or (803) 685-5381 titanfarms.com TITAN FARMS 5 R.W. Dubose Road, Ridge Spring / (803) 685-5381 / titanfarms.com


BETTIS ACADEMY Highway 25, Trenton COURTHOUSE SQUARE, EDGEFIELD EDGEFIELD COUNTY COURTHOUSE 124 Courthouse Square, Edgefield / (803) 637-4104 EDGEFIELD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 309 Norris Street, Edgefield /(803) 637-6163 ST. MARY OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION 302 Jeter Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-6248 TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH 313 Simpkins Street, Edgefield / (803) 275-3934 WILLOWBROOK CEMETERY 212 Church Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-4010 / exploreedgefield.com


JOHN KEMP ANTIQUES 306 Buncombe Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-3364 THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR 311 Jeter Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-4600 YSS SHOPPE 400 Calhoun Street, Johnston / (803) 360-5033


IKE CARPENTER’S STAND 500 Main Street, Edgefield PHOENIX FACTORY’S OLD EDGEFIELD POTTERY 230 Simpkins Street, Edgefield / (803) 634-1634 THE VILLAGE BLACKSMITH SHOP 206 Jeter Street, Edgefield / (303) 818-5171

info@discoversc.net / sctravelold96.com HISTORIC MUSEUMS

D.A. TOMPKINS LIBRARY 104 Courthouse Square, Edgefield / (803) 637-4010 / oedgs.org THE DISCOVERY CENTER 405 Main Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-3833 EDGEFIELD COUNTY PEACH MUSEUM 416 Calhoun Street, Johnston MAGNOLIA DALE 320 Norris Street, Edgefield / (803) 637-2233 / historicedgefield.com NWTF WINCHESTER MUSEUM 770 Augusta Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-3106 /nwtf.org OAKLEY PARK/RED SHIRT SHRINE MUSEUM 300 Columbia Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-4027


TOMPKINS LIBRARY GROUP – TOURS OF EDGEFIELD 104 Courthouse Square, Edgefield / (803) 637-4010 exploreedgefield.com


PINE RIDGE GOLF CLUB 425 Pine Ridge Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-3570 / pineridgeclub.com MOUNT VINTAGE GOLF CLUB 375 Mount Vintage Plantation Drive, North Augusta / (803) 279-5422 mountvintagegolf.com


JOHNSTON PEACH BLOSSOM FESTIVAL (May) Calhoun Street, Johnston / (803) 275-4870 johnstondevelopmentcorp.org PEACHTREE 23 YARD SALE SC Hwy 23 ( June) / Modoc to Batesburg-Leesville / (803) 275-0010 peachtree23.com RIDGE PEACH FESTIVAL ( June) 100 Church Street, Trenton / (803) 275-2538 /ridgepeachfestival.com


PALMETTO SHOOTING COMPLEX 535 Gary Hill Road, Edgefield / (803) 637-7480 / nwtf.org/psc


LICK FORK LAKE CAMPGROUND / Edgefield SLADE LAKE / Water Works Road, Edgefield STEVENS CREEK (Savannah River) / Dock Drive, North Augusta


FORKS AREA TRAIL SYSTEM (Sumter National Forest) / (803) 637-5396 HORN CREEK TRAIL (Sumter National Forest) / (803) 637-5396 LICK FORK TRAIL (Sumter National Forest) / (803) 637-5396 NWTF OUTDOOR RECREATION AREA / (803) 637-3106 STEVENS CREEK HERITAGE PRESERVE / (803) 734-3106 TEN GOVERNORS TRAIL / (803) 637-4014


LICK FORK LAKE CAMPGROUND Off SC230, 11 miles from Edgefield / (803) 637-5396

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Bill Molony, Agent 920 Columbia Road Edgefield, SC 29824 P 803-637-6246 x.13 C 803-618-9143 F 803-384-8117


607 Mims Street / P.O. Box 311 Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-4870 CPALJAL1952@GMAIL.com

422 Calhoun Street Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-4511

115 N. Main Street Saluda, SC 29138 (864) 445-2842

100 Main Street Leesville, SC 29070 (803) 332-4511

jewelerst@tidwelljewelers.com tidwelljewelers.com


Auto Home Life Health


Phone: (803) 275-2549 Fax: (803) 275-4582 Toll Free: (800) 903-6446 sales@cmengines.com

Tony Friar - Joe Friar John Clark - Mike Saye Patty Thomas



Together Making Johnston a Great Town

“Don’t be square, eat at the Triangle!”

335 Lee Street Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-0034

on MAIN Restaurant


(803) 275-4446 406 Calhoun st johnston, sc 29832


Asbill’s Catering service (803) 275-4447

AMOS & SONS Funeral Home

A Tradition of Profound Excellence

412 Railroad Avenue Johnston, SC 29832

Post Office Box 311 Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-4870

Maxwell and Halford Drug Kenneth Davis, RPh (803) 275-2021 432 Calhoun Street Johnston, SC 29832

maxwellhalford@bellsouth.net 35 edgefieldcountychamber.net

Real Southern Cooking... the way Grandma did it! Vernell Williams-Bethay 600 Calhoun Street Johnston, SC 29832

(803) 275-3315 Dorothy & Noah Peterson



(803) 430-5052 / (803) 275-4999 vwilliams_be@icloud.com

Thursday & Friday 11 am - 7 pm Saturday 7 am - 10 am / 12 pm - 8 pm Sunday 11 am - 6pm


firstcitizens.com 430 Calhoun Street Johnston, SC 29832 (803) 275-2595 tonya.temples@firstcitizens.com

D.J.’S CORNER CUTS 416 Lee Street, Johnston SC DEBRA ASTON (803) 275-2345

STEPHNIE HEOS (803) 640-9598

JOHNSTON UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Dr. Mark E Thompson 471 Lee Street Johnston, SC

(803) 275-4885 / Cell (803) 275-2260 Sunday School 10 am / Worship 11 am Monthly Dinner 1st Wednesday at 6 pm johnstonharmonyumc@gmail.com

The Ridge Clay Arts Studio & Gallery 402 Calhoun Street Johnston, SC 803.334.7060 theridgeclayarts@gmail.com


HARMONY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Rev. Dr. Mark E Thompson 98 Bouknight Road Johnston, SC

(803) 275-4885 / Cell (803) 275-2260 Sunday School 9am / Worship 10 am Youth Group 5 pm

1st Friday & Saturday in June Starting in Batesburg-Leesville and spanning 44 miles along Highway 23 to Modoc, South Carolina

Bring a friend and spend the day looking for

Treasures at a Bargain


Yard Sale

Councilmember, District 4

266 Lee Street Johnston, SC

(in the old Smith Coastal Building)

info@edgefieldcountychamber.org edgefieldcountychamber.net




Great food, good times...

Jody Shaffer Owner/Operator

108 Courthouse Square, Edgefield (803) 637-0040




Peach Tree


(803) 275-0010



(803) 341-1178 jkennion@edgefieldcounty.sc.gov

Donna Livingston, Adminstrator 416 Calhoun Street, Johnston

Peach Tree 23 Yard Sale

Live Worship Broadcast 10 am WKSX-FM 92.7

Dr. Jacqueline Kennion

Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce Promote Quality Growth for all of Edgefield County





Youth for Environmental Sustainability

(803) 430-5029 Hours: 6 am - 9 pm Gas, Hot Dogs, Barbeque, Chili, Chicken Burritos, Beer Fishing Supplies COUNTRY STORE, LLC




wewillbethechange.com edgefieldcountychamber.net 36

Jennie’s Flower Shop, Inc. JEAN M. WALKER 803 Columbia Road/P.O. Box 389 Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-6549 / (803) 637-6553

HERITAGE HARDWARE 301 Apple Square Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-3132

Edgefield County Senior Citizens Council 15 Center Spring Road Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-5326

Historic Downtown Edgefield

715 Edgefield Road, Edgefield SC 29824 (803) 336-4665 OleEdgefieldButcherShop.com

Monday - Saturday 8:30 am - 6 pm

205 Lynch Street Edgefield, SC 29824 803-637-3123 Tim Padgett / tpadgett@reelins.com



Bill Molony, Agent 920 Columbia Road Edgefield, SC 29824 P 803-637-6246 x.13 C 803-618-9143 F 803-384-8117




Auto Home Life Health

24 Crest Road Edgefield, SC 29824








CONTACT: Town of Edgefield (803) 637-4014 townofedgefield@exploreedgefield.com Group Tours: Tompkins Library (803) 637-4010 Oedgs85@gmail.com

728 AUGUSTA ROAD EDGEFIELD, SC 29824 (803) 637-5184


firstcitizens.com 309 Main Street Edgefield, SC 29824 (803) 637-9034 patsy.easler@firstcitizens.com

OPEN Tuesday - Saturday 11 am - 5 pm

Chef Bob Brawner



37 edgefieldcountychamber.net

(803) 637-0008

116 COURTHOUSE SQUARE, EDGEFIELD (803) 615-0230 / info@carolinamoondistillery.com carolinamoondistillery.com

Your Community Newspaper Covering Edgefield County and The Ridge

CONVENIENCE STORES Visit one of our friendly hometown locations, where you are treated like family!

SPLIT STOP 719 719 Augusta Road Edgefield, SC SPLIT STOP 407 407 Addison Street Johnston, SC SPLIT STOP 311 311 Main Street Edgefield, SC

SPLIT STOP 944 944 Hwy 25 N Edgefield, SC

SPLIT STOP 437 437 Lee Street Johnston, SC SPLIT STOP 712 712 East Gold Street McCormick, SC

SPLIT STOP 205 205 S Main Street Saluda, SC

SPLIT STOP OFFICE 107 1/2 Courthouse Square / Edgefield, SC


Home of the Edgefield County Peach Museum 416 Calhoun Street, Johnston, SC (803) 275-0010



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