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SCIENCE TO SAGE To Dr Gerald Pollack Our Water Pioneer

NEW WATER SCIENCE “Water is life's matter and matrix, mother and medium.
 There is no life without water.” ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian biochemist 
 and Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine.

Sofia, Bulgaria, 
 Oct 6-9, 2016 The land of Mineral Waters & Hot Springs At least four factors bear responsibility for the painfully slow emergence of new principles related to water (1) the blighted history of the water field has kept scientists away; (2) water is so common that everyone presumes that the fundamentals have been resolved; (3) deviating from mainstream views can be unsettling; and (4) questioning the prevailing wisdom has always been a risky business, in science as elsewhere. These obstacles have combined to produce a long-term stall. I am trying my best to crank up that stalled engine. So join us in person, or via live streaming. From wellness to weather see what is new in water science. Founder and chair of International Water Conference.



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This issue is in support of NEW WATER SCIENCE and those who are doing the groundbreaking research; and to the WISDOM OF THE AGES. Special thanks to the contributors. I am grateful for their articles and inspired work. Their contribution and fascination with water enriches and transforms our understanding of our universe. Themed, designed and produced by Karen Elkins

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FEATURED AUTHORS • Water: The Living and Conscious Being - Dr. Vladimir Voeikov and Konstantin Korotkov

• John Stuart Reid - CymaScope Images of brain states, female voice & stars • Elements of Creation: Through the Lens of Water
 Water Images by Georg Schroeker, text by Karen Elkins, comments by Gearld Pollack, Ph.D.

• The Memory and Secrets of Water - Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin • Subtle Energies: Biological and Electrochemical Sensors in Measuring the Information Side of Matter - Dr. Serge Kernbach, Evgeny Germanov, Anton Fedorenko

• Holographic Properties of Water - John Stuart Reid • The Aura(Bio-field) as a Conveyor of Information Factors - Gary Robert Buchanan • Shift from DNA Molecule to Water Assembly - Igor Jerman • Color by Elements and Light Spectrum on Water - Randy Hutton • Cellular Communications through Liquid Crystals - Dra. Esther Del Rio Serrano, Dra. Esther Patricia Pérez Del Rio

• Effects of Infrared Light on Protein Interfacial Water - Magdalena Kowacz • Water Symbols - West Marrin, Ph.D.


• What is the BIG DEAL about “structured water? - Karen Elkins, Editor of Science to Sage • An Integrated System of Elements Working Together - Karen Elkins, Editor of Science to Sage

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BIRTH OF CONSCIOUSNESS “…consciousness, in some primal form, did not emerge at any particular stage of evolution. Rather, it was there from the beginning. “Its emergence, with the birth of the universe, is neither more nor less mysterious than the emergence of matter, energy, space and time.” (… and of water …and of life) 
 Max Velmans, (Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London)


Water is the third most abundant substance in the Universe and the dominating molecular component in any living system (~99% on molecular basis). Water has unique properties both on molecular and supramolecular levels. Due to dipole nature of water molecules are able for self-organization into highly dynamic ensembles with each other and with all other substances. These ensembles exist in the widest scale range – from nanoscopic (coherent domains – Preparata and Del Giudice), which unify millions of water molecules, through microscopic and mesoscopic (Exclusion Zone water and multilayer polarized water – Pollack and Ling), to macroscopic (clouds, vortexes – Schauberger).

In order for a living system to sustain and to develop in constantly changing environment it should be able to acquire, store and process large amounts of information. Besides, this information must be integrated in a UNIFIED WHOLE so that it is

…energy without information is purposeless… It may be stated, “energy without information is purposeless, information without energy is powerless, and only together, they provide the existence of informed living matter”.

impossible to divide into independent parts. These features endow the living system with the property which may be defined as CONSCIOUSNESS (Giulio Tononi, 2008).

According to the practically unanimous opinion, human consciousness is the property of brain – the most morphologically complex and most intensively energy processing living organ. The brain is one of the most “wet” living tissues in the organism, and predominantly fiber and branching structure of nervous and auxiliary cells ensures specific structural organization of significant fractions of water.

Changes in the state of

…it may be suggested that

brain functioning, including transition of

different states of consciousness

brain into “altered states of

are equivalent to different states

consciousness” are currently monitored using such physical methods as functional MRI and diffusion MRI.

It is notable that these

methods allow registering primarily the state and dynamic activity of water. As soon as water constitutes the overwhelming majority of brain matter it may be suggested that different states of consciousness are equivalent to different states of water in brain.

of water in brain.


Besides, oxygen-dependent metabolic processes proceed in CNS much more intensely than in other tissues. These processes provide for the permanently highly excited states of brain living matter. Indeed it was demonstrated that the brain is a continuous source of biophoton emission both in UV (A.G. Gurwitsch) and the visible range

Brain Waves

(M. Kobayashi) indicating that the process of “burning” characteristic of dynamically structured water proceeds much more intense in brain tissue than in any other tissues. It is interesting to speculate that continuous and highly organized (coherent) changes of structural-energetic states of aqueous component of brain matter may provide the brain with the property of being both the receptor and emitter of informational signal (in particular but not exclusively of electromagnetic nature). We suppose that complex properties of aqueous systems allow them to serve as the channel for information transmission, the receiver, processor and the major component of information storage. From this it may follow that that human consciousness may directly affect material world. The basis of this concept is the fact that the main carrier of human consciousness is water in the human brain exhibiting dynamic and complex behavior.


 F I R E / H Y D R O G E N I S I N S T R U M E N TA L I N T R A N S F E R R I N G I N F O R M AT I O N

W A T E R C A R R I E S T H E L I G H T, W AT E R A R R A N G E S T H E PA R T I C L E S .

W AT E R C A R R I E S T H E C H A R G E .

Water Bridge Experiment, Photo’s & Research by Fuchs & Woisetschlaeger


conclusion Thus, water appearing as the most abundant substance in the Universe, and capable for never-ending transformations from ground to excited state and back, may be the key entity integrating the World of inorganic, organic and conscious states of matter.

By Dr. Vladimir Voeikov 
 & Konstantin Korotkov Speakers at the water conference

vibrations of a sound mind

eunoia “Eunoia” is a performance that uses my

Delta, Gamma, Theta) relating to my state of

brainwaves -- collected via EEG sensor--

consciousness while wearing it. The data

to manipulate the motions of water. It derives from the Greek word “ey” (well) + “nous” (mind) meaning “beautiful thinking”. EEG is a brainwave detecting sensor. It measures frequencies of my brain activity (Alpha, Beta,

collected from EEG is translated in realtime to modulate vibrations of sound with using software programs. EEG sends the information of my brain activity for processing, which is linked with Max/MSP to receive data and generate sound from Reaktor.

video 1 video 2



Ideas bubble

and come to light.

the elemental self fire, air, water, earth





Full article n this issue. sciencetosage


The Four th Phase of Water : Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor…

unveiling the secrets of the wold’s most common substance.

The Fourth Phase of Water with Gerald Pollack

Gerald Pollack, Ph.D
 Founder and chair 
 of the Water Conference
 Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington; Chief editor of The Water Journal; His interests have ranged broadly, from biological motion and cell biology to the interaction of biological surfaces with aqueous solutions. Author of 8 books and more than 300 papers.


Travis Rice Unveils 'The Fourth Phase' GLOBAL PREMIERE



4 STATES OF MATTER ONE SUBSTANCE, 4 PHASES VIEWED IN WATER Viewed through the lens of water you will see these 4 phases as one substance in different states. Why make things complex, when things can be so simple. If everything is made of stardust on the earths crust, then EVERYTHING is elemental and ALL processes function through these elements; and this includes the storage, metabolic processes, and transmission of information. Water IS the solution that gives resolution to life. It is the universal solvent, water, that brings the formless into form.

By F l a n k e r, penubag (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Phases changes are natures process of recycling and regulating systems. This is also natures perpetual motion machine, and the makings of a “free energy” devise. We have seen cars run on water!
 “Water is life's matter and matrix, 
 mother and medium.
 There is no life without water.”
 ~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian biochemist 

The gaseous state of matter is found between the liquid (water) and plasma (fire) states. What distinguishes a gas from liquids and solids is the vast separation of the individual gas (air) particles.

and Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine.

In religious text there is but “one source.” From a scientific perspective one can see how this is true. This can also explain why we are the “living waters” and the “light in the world.” These ideas are not a metaphor, but truly the living word. When we look to Eastern traditions it appears their concept of the 4 elements, the 5th being aether was right.

When it comes to the human body we are 99.9% water at a molecular level, full of hot air, with a bundle of nerves ~ neurons. So yes, our bodies store memory in water. What fires though our veins is our desires, and air is the way we express the “spiritus” of our life. We regulate our bodies system via our “temperament,” as that is the “state” we are in. When we look at phase changes in elements it is all about temperature change, its the same principle. We bond by chemistry - hence love. This is also speaks to resonance - the vibe, and the law of attraction. Our bodies circuit is electromagnetic, running our current issues through our tissues, which regulates our air, neuro and water pathways. No charge, no spark, no life. We also get recycled.


“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence.” ~ Khalil Gibran

A stellar nursery for creation.

LH 95 stellar nursery in the Large Magellanic Cloud










Matthieumarechal [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons










“The most important function of biological water is to facilitate rapid inter-communication between cells and connective tissues, so that the organism can function as a coordinated whole.� ~ Alick Bartholomew

Self similar assembly


“Thumbprint of God”


IS WATER THE MEDIUM FOR LIGHT AND LIFE? “Water is the most resonant material known and will take on the energy of anything in close proximity, but changes when it comes into contact with something else unless the information is “locked in” through experiential crisis.” ~ Don Estes



Water holds formations. And form informs.


SPA WATER “…we now know that strongly interacting electrons in graphene (carbon) behave like a liquid. Materials conduct heat in two ways: through vibrations in the atomic structure or lattice; and carried by the electrons themselves.”~ Peter Allen/Harvard SEAS








In 1904 Rene Quinton published his groundbreaking findings in, L’eau de Mer Milieu Organique (Seawater, Organic Plasma). It revealed that the composition and proportions of the elements in seawater were strikingly similar to the blood plasma of the preponderance of animal species.




Liquid crystalline water is our living rainbow. “~ Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Creation, where stars are forming in the Eagle Nebula

PILLAR OF CREATION? God said, "Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” ~ Genesis 1:6


By ESO/Y. Beletsky ( [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons










Radiant energy (sun) charges the batteries of life, including you. Water is the medium needed to carry the charge. Particles assemble into formation - this facilitates communication. All life is made for viewing on the visible spectrum of light. Life is but particles of light dancing in a wave. In form, sharing its light. Maybe the sages of the ages had something, as it has been said in many traditions, we are the living waters and we are the light in world.

"In your cells are multiple batteries with plus and minus charges,

separation and order. This potential energy fills your cells. I think

separated... The question is, how are these batteries charged?

this energy is critical to an understanding of how your cells work."

The charge comes from incident radiant energy; light, heat,

In a nutshell, the water in each of your cells achieves its ordered

ultraviolet. All of these absorbed energies separate the charge.

structure from energy obtained from the environment, typically in

The energy that's coming in from outside builds this charge

the form of electromagnetic radiation, including sunlight and infrared heat.� ~ Gerald Pollack, Ph.D.

 fractals look like an electrical discharge


Microscopic Water Images Courtesy of Georg Schroecker

1. I place the water samples on an object slide of a microscope using a dropping pipette. 2. The water evaporates after a while. 3. The residues can be observed under the microscope.

Text by

Karen Elkins Editor of Science to Sage

More Images here...

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An Integrated System of Elements Working Together. We too often compartmentalize everything so we can not see the integrated whole. The human body like all living organisms have these four vital elements essential for life - to a lesser or greater degree. Living systems have a circuit ( the course they run) and a circulatory system that moves fluids, uses gas as fuel, and possess filamentary structure to transfers information. We also bond to a resonate field be it our family or the Schumann resonance of the earth. So how can you separate how YOU feel from the processes that go on inside of your circulatory system? It is what YOU are circulating. This is fundamental and elemental to who you are, as your impulses are measured by your pulse, heart rate, temperature, and breathing.

By F l a n k e r, penubag (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

So, do you ignore the in-PULSE of your heart, and override it for the predictable patterns programed in your brain?





All the elements are present in each system to a greater or lesser degree.











The circulatory system is the heart of the system. It is the PULSE. Are you in the flow or clogged up? vitals

Earth provides our atoms a sphere in which to dance and create. It is our place of resonance.

FIRE TEMPERATURE No fire, no charge, no life. We live a charged life.

AIR BREATH RATE Gas is what fuels your light and life. And, breath IS your spirit expressed.

NASA’s image of space

Similar scaffolding inner space to 
 outer space

Einstein confirmed existence of aether

When looking at the visible evidence, it

Landscapes & networks of living systems.

seems like common sense that water/ ether are the medium from which all life flows - “one being a finer form of the other” says Josef Tyls. If one has eyes to


see the medium of space: it has waves, transfers light and the stars cycle through energy, much like the human.
 Einstein is on record as stating that ether must be …so why do we call it void, or



dark matter? We now know per NASA image on the right, that space is neither void, nor is it dark. As above, so below, so within. …water/ aether (ether) is a field of information,




charged, with a spark for life. Where charge goes, energy flows.




We are the universe manifest in physical form.


Diana Walker

similar structures strands of information

birthed in waters cycles to life

ELEMENTAL There must be one solution to this question!

made of star stuff

formed by the golden ratio

science take heart

What’s Aether? sciencetosage/docs/ what_is_aether_

The Memory & Secrets of Water
 By Prof. Dr. Bernd KrÜplin We now have empirical evidence that drops of water "talk" to one another. When information and mental energy seem to generate systematic changes, then it is worthwhile to at least look closer, because this could be the measurable beginning of that which we a l l k n o w i n t u i t i v e l y, t h a t m i n d permeates matter and that thoughts manifest themselves in material structuring much more extensively than we now think possible.

Speaker at the Water Conference

“…memory and information play a significant role in water, and these build a bridge from the immaterial to the material world.”

However, memory and information play

exposed to the water. For one

important to us humans, as water

a significant role in water, and these build a bridge from the immaterial to

experiment, the patterns are in the most cases so similar that we can speak

makes up around 70% of our bodies. External factors that we expose

the material world. These subtle

of reproducibility of the test. The research in bio-resonance lead Prof.

ourselves to, be it music, electromagnetic radiation, ultra sound,

phenomena are the ground of

Kröplin to the study of water, as the basic element in the body and, hence,

x-ray or chemical substances, all have an impact on the water structure within

misunderstanding, and they can neither

the one responsible for transporting much of the information thorough the

our cells that can be seen under a microscope. Our research is based on

be studied nor detected by

different parts of the body at nano, micro and macro levels. Understanding

observed phenomena and has a long way still to go.

t r a d i t i o n a l experimental

the way water collects and transports information was seen as the essential

In the last fifteen years Prof. Dr. Bernd

methods. Hence, we use a different approach: we investigate the patterns

step to find out the complex behavior of our organs and their reaction to

Kröplin, Regine C. Henschel and their team explored seven secrets of the

that appear in a water drop after evaporation of the water and

external agents.

water, which Prof. Kröplin explains in his lecture at this water conference for the

photograph them under a dark field microscope with a magnification

Water “notes” the external influences that

between 40 and 400. We can prove that the patterns correlate with information

have acted upon it. This is especially

first time. More information:

Subtle Energies

Biological and electrochemical sensors in measuring the informational side of matter

The representation of matter as consisting of ‘weak’ (subtle) and ‘rigid’ (material) parts is encountered in all historical epochs, cultures, geographic regions, even in fully isolated island cultures. The duality of matter represents

with biological systems. Especial

technological revolution because it opens

the key issue in a long-term philosophical

attention was attracted to the interaction

the way for new ‘subtle-technologies’ and

discussion during a historical

with consciousness, which resulted in

operations with informational side of

development of natural sciences. The

governmental programs exploring these

matter. It is comparable to the first

researchers of XIX and XX centuries tried

phenomena primarily for military

pioneer exploratory works on electricity

to unify both sides that reflected in

applications. The further research

about 400 years ago and can

appearance of unconventional

indicated that informational effects

fundamentally affect our civilization.

technologies and the emergence of such

appear also in interactions with physical

informational concepts as holographic/

systems; however, they possess weak or

The research and development

quantum universe, morphogenetic fields,

even ultra-weak nature. Thereby the

from 1950x up to now revealed a few

noosphere and others.

development was split up into the

approaches to generate, to measure and

consciousness-related topics focused on

to use infor mational effects in a

The main argument against the

mind-matter interactions, and the

technological way. As an example the

dual concept of matter is a ‘subtle nature’

research on device-matter interactions,

shape-, LED-, laser-, EM-generating

of the ‘weak part’ and consequently the

which involve the weak informational

devices can be indicated. Measurement

measurement of subtle or informational


represents more complex issues because

effects was counted as impossible.

a number of technical solutions are

However, the research performed in XX

The last branch of unconventional

required to separate environmental

century in such countries as Germany,

research is especially important since

influences from weak informational

USSR, USA, China, Czechoslovakia, Israel

‘subtle effects’ can be produced by


and several others indicated that a ‘subtle

several devices and correspondingly

part’ is involved into physical interactions

measured. This represents a silent

They also possess specific

‘transfer of information action’ (TIA).

substances which can be downloaded

properties related to a human

The point is that several informational

and used in experiments- with several

operator, post- and pre-experimental

properties from the object-donor can

further initiatives based on it.

conditions, long-range interactions,

be transferred to the object-recipient.

etc. Currently there are several solid-

Thereby specific conditions should be

body, fluidic and electric-field-based

met, for instance the object-recipient

sensors as well as microbiological and

should be in an unstable (e.g.

macrobiological test systems. Most

developmental) or in a phase-transition

sensitive are fluidic sensors, since

state. One of the oldest usages of TIA

water seems to be one of the most

effect is known in agriculture since

sensitive media for informational

1960x, in 80x applications are

interactions. In the presentation we will

extended to the metallurgy, water

focus primarily on fluidic and

preparation and pharmaceutics. The

microbiological sensors based on

last area is of especial interest because

p o t e n t i o m e t r y, U V / i m p e d a n c e

here a large number of experiments on

spectroscopy and fermentation tests.

laboratory animals, microorganisms and small-scale clinical attempts are

One of the interesting effects

performed in different countries.

related to informational interaction is co-called imprinting effect. It has

One such study is based on the

different names in Russia and China,

'IC medicals' company, which has

sometimes it is denoted also as the

developed over 60 informational

Serge Kernbach Dr.rer.nat, Director of the Research center of advanced robotics and environmental science,
 In collaboration with Evgeny Germanov CEO, Non-profit charitable DST Foundation, Head of IC Project,
 And Anton Fedorenko

FEATURING T he Spectral Domain: Image by Subtle

Energy Fields

© 2013

As seen in Science to Sage Magazine


The Reciprocal Space of Subtle Energy Don Estes The Trinity Jon DePew Light & Death Prof. Konstantin Korotkov Orbs and Images Dr. Miceal Ledwith Light and Life Prof. Konstantin Korotkov and Krishna Madappa Walk-Ins Scott Blum The Blessing of Subtle Engeries: Towards a Simple Explanation Cyndi Dale Subtle Wisdom Chris Lovelidge Telepathy Rupert Sheldrake Cures for Humanity: See the History of the Royal Rife and Nemescope Steve Ross /


Cellular Communication through Liquid Crystals Dra. Esther Del Rio Serrano, Dra. Esther Patricia PĂŠrez Del Rio

Each human organism counts with a “magnetic ferric magnetite system”. This system is present in all tissue, such that each cell is immersed in a magnetic field. Each magnetite or micro magnetic field is surrounded by liquid crystal (H2O)37 that has the ability to store memory. Thanks to this crystal screen, it is possible to receive internal and external signals. The signals are codified and stored in the brain. Through this magnetic field, the human body acts like a coil that generates pulsating magnetic fields, similar to a great satellite dish “working” around the body. The jointing of liquid crystals, magnetite, cells and brain making us receptive to alternative therapy like acupuncture, bio-magnetics, moxibustion, homeopathy, herbal medicine, etc. The therapy allows regulating of the eletromagnetic energy, therefore reseting the magnetic balance.

Liquid crystals are an important basis for cellular communication as being inter mediate states of matter; its properties are dual (Optical Crystals and Fluids) and it follows that they are in structure; the only ones who keep memory and are involved in multiple biochemical functions; all this leads to liquid crystals defining its role in brain structure; extending to the brain like a quantum biocomputer ponderable.

The brain captures internal and external information every millionth of a second through electromagnetic networks and Liquid Crystals.

Liquid crystals are an important basis for cellular communication as being intermediate states of matter:…

For these studies proposed the existence of an electromagnetic system of information between all living beings and intelligent energy in the universe (bio-photon computer) playing an important role iron as magnetite. Conclusions: All disease begins by a imbalance of the magnetic body. This imbalance can be caused by internal factors such as emotions that are tied with the endocrine system as well as external factors e.g. very acidic or very basic PH produced by gasoline derivatives, radiations and other concerigen substances etc. The magnetic body is protective of cellular biochemistry; disorder in the magnetic body can produce an alteration in cellular biochemistry. If not corrected by any alternative therapy it can lead to an irreversible state and cell death. The magnetic body water and liquid crystal sets the liquid crystal display computer, making us the best computer in the world. Our brains hard drive stores, recode, orders all stimulus from our interior and exterior. Our DNA is also ordered by this magnetic liquid crystal system.

The brain is a bio-photon computer.

Principles of Wave Front

BIOresonance™ “All phenomena exist in patterned

vibrational states, including the human body. The vibrations are reflective of a constant holistic interplay of sound (phonons) and light (photons) within the physical body and its higher enveloping fields. “Propagated phonon chains — sounds, songs, music — allow for greater photon absorption and emission within the entire system, i.e., the physical body and its higher fields. Photon emissions are electromagnetic (EM), i.e., light emanations, which give rise to apparent electrical flows. “However, the body is, in truth, a living holographic entity of light and sound in motion”. ~ Gary Robert


“What would it mean if you know you were a being made of light and your bond could not be broken?” Lynnclaire Dennis

Holographic Properties of Water John Stuart Reid, Sonic Age, Acoustic-Physics Research, UK

An investigation into water-borne Faraday

formed faint images of the submerged

forms, such as trilobites, starfish and

Waves has revealed what may be a series

human and objects in the water,

diatoms. Is this simply pareidolia, the

of previously unexplored phenomena. The

suggesting that dolphins may process

tendency for us to see what we want to

primary research tool was the

returning echoes in a visual context.

see? Or is there a genuine connection to

CymaScope, a new instrument that

Another experiment involving sonically

be investigated, the tantalizing possibility

transposes sonic periodicities to water

excited water revealed a variety of sub-

that hydrothermal vent sounds in the

wavelet periodicities, thus generating an

surface structures, most notably a knot,

primordial oceans were a potent

analog of sound and vibration in water.

indicating that complex forms can be

organizing force for local minerals and for

created by sonic compression of water

amino acids brought to earth by comets?

Dolphin echolocation click trains were recorded as they reflected from a human


subject and several submerged plastic

In a separate series of experiments,

water has holographic properties, an

objects. When recordings of the click

extremely low frequency sounds injected

ability to store spatial information.

trains were injected into the instrument’s

into the CymaScope generated transient

circular water cell, transient wave patterns

wave patterns resembling ancient life

These and other experiments suggest that

SCIENCE TO SAGE Water, Light & Electric Bodies Consciousness Science Subtle Energies


Geometry of Life Healing Consciousness Take a quantum leap into the mysteries of our universe. Featuring Leading Edge Scientists, Innovative Thinkers, Best Selling Authors, and Artists.

 Go Deeper, 44 Past Themed Editions


















Chemistry in motion, the geometry of life. We are all chemistry in motion that is underpinned by geometry. Chemistry is the bonding of particles vibrating and colliding, sparking lightwaves, or as some call it “wave like” medium, which produces our electromagnetic spectrum. These charged particles have a positive and negative pole. These two polarities spinning, generating friction which ignites the particles and brings them to light. In ancient times water was considered the medium of which all things were created and flowed from. Geometry was viewed as divine because they considered all life sacred. All life has form ~ lifeforms.

“The atoms that make up those living cells resonate inside their own micro bubble of space, bonding harmonically into larger molecules, compounds and mesoscopic structures. The quantum world beneath there is no different, emerging from spiraling “torsion” fields that form spherical standing waves.” ~ Richard Merrick

Crystalline structures carry information, that is why we use them in watches ~ to keep a record of time.

WAVE FORMS Wave’s are current’s energy in form.

“Sound (phonon chains) induced into water restructures the molecular clusters, e.g. within the vicinal waters of the human body and in other external water systems. Water may be purified, energizeddynamized, and entrained with resonances and Cymatic geometries – entrainments not only retained for long periods of time but that also may fractally spread throughout large amounts of water in containment.” Gary Robert Buchanan

Trolibite-like cymatic form created on a CymaScope instrument. Image courtesy of

The Aura (Biofield) as a Conveyor of Information Factors ~ By Gary Robert Buchanan

The enveloping fields of the entity (third- and higher-dimensional) regulate all biological (morphogenetic) and psychological interactions; they are intimately connected with - part of - the entire information delivery system within the complex, which is itself 70-80 per cent water-based. We recognize that the DNA and RNA are encoded with Information Factors and resonate to specific frequencies and sound combinations, i.e. optimal “bioresonances.” Similar systems within the body include hormone receptors, brain mitochondria, enzyme-substrate interactions, along with numerous other forms of molecular recognition. Oscillons (biophonons) Synergetically take shape and Cymatic patterning occurs at all cellular and subcellular levels, sympathetically resonating and entraining biosubstances. Similar engenderings emerge from negative feedback loops and coupled positive and negative feedback loops. Most bio-frequencies appear to be widely spaced in time, circadian, often stochastic, non-linear, 1/f, Brownian, etc.; however, the underlying causation and consummate design of a bioresonance is always pulse-based and geometrically/fractally field-oriented. While phase-synchrony of large numbers of cells in so-called “circadian cooperative systems” appears to be a result of “nonlinear coupling of oscillations” across the cellular and multicellular levels, such coupling between oscillators is Pulsatile and Synergetic. When a given oscillator fires, it pulls others up by fixed amounts, or brings them to the firing threshold, whichever is less. This is fundamental sympathetic vibratory entrainment; and the functional plateau is reached when all

Typical sound-generated Cymatic form

oscillators are firing simultaneously in equilibrium (achieve Vector Equilibrium).

in water with nuclear 60-degree

Neuronal networks, dependent upon electrically phase-coupled systems, follow the

angulations indicative of spherical

same cooperative patterning across large numbers of neurons.

coordination as octahedral structuring.

“The body is not a machine; rather, it encompasses myriad networks of internal and external interconnections…”

Observed Cymatic wave fronts of sound in water are circular and consist of a high-frequency constellation of event points, all of which maintain equidistance from the nuclear event point. All points in the surface are interconnected - most economically as an omnitriangulated spherical web matrix, a “tensegral” structuring. The closest packing (positioning) of spheres (wave fronts) organizes in all of nature as a Vector Equilibrium that is also the underlying “tensegral”

Torus structures in nature and in Cymatics.

form of the energetic “Torus” - the core recurring pattern, “donut shaped energy vortex,” that evolves life at every scale. Information Factors are generated at the locus of the oscillatory energy wave front propagated. The body is not a machine; rather, it encompasses myriad networks of internal and external interconnections across which information is carried to create, maintain, and modify functions, thereby establishing the overall integrity (functional tensegrity) of the life form. New networks and patterns capable of exchanging more Information Factors fractally

Vector Equilibrium in Synergetic Geometry.

emerge at higher levels of organization in life, evolving more advanced energy fields, which may be conceived of as higher orders within Consciousness. Thus, the aura or biofield should be viewed as a multi-level/ multi-dimensional phenomenon in which information flows among all parts of the entity. However, these are not mere “factors” of information in transport; rather, they are conscious “conversations,” as it were, taking place between and among the various levels of order.

Toroidal Equilibria/Cymatic Wave Fronts in Water


GDV/ Bio-Well

Research over the past century confirms that a great many “conversations” are taking place. For example, Fritz-Albert Popp, a pioneer in biophotonic research, has described findings of biophotons and other extremely low-level transactions taking place on a continual basis as “electromagnetic bio-information” lying below the thermal noise limit inducing biological functions and effects. “Nonthermal” EMF resonance interactions are the norm, as reported by Luc Montagnier in regard to aqueous nanostructures and EMS communications. Similarly, the transfer of Information Factors on the electromagnetic and/or quantum levels in "conscious conversations" may be conceived as "transfer of information actions," or TIA, that take place in transitional, unstable, or - better- evolving Synergetic phase states. Bell’s Theorem (John Stewart Bell, 1928 - 1990) of quantum non-local causality demonstrates the instantaneous interaction of photon-phonon entanglement. Quantum physics tells us that all of reality is non-local, a causality defined as instantaneous interactions of light and sound, not subject to time and space, and is an ongoing processional exchange of Information Factors within Consciousness. The quantum “potential” conveys information everywhere at all times and is not subject to diminution. This Consciousness, this IF potential, is only active when and where it is directed by Intent. Within the field of alternative healing “Intent” is a highly popular term used by practitioners. Among the majority of sound healers intent is believed to be the primary force at work; and, all improvements with conditions are generally attributed to “correct intention.” This principle was researched, discussed, and demonstrated time and again in frozen water crystals by our late colleague, Masaru Emoto. NASA images

Water is the one element which operates in the body capable of responding to the

cosmic tides and fields. As the body is essentially made of water, every cell in the body

By Gary Robert Buchanan

- and not merely proprioceptive nerve cells, are responsive to changes of our position in space.

Living Water is a Conductor of Light When people talk of structured water it usually means bringing it back to its natural state. Natural living water is a conductor of light and life. Consider after a thunderstorm rain water is rich and alive with charged particles, farmers love these charged rains because it increases vitality and yield. 

Electrical Wiring

“The very water we are conceived in, in the womb is hexagonal in structure, both inside and outside of cell, “ says Dr.. Gerald Pollack.

The optimal molecular structure of a medium for transmission of light is hexagonal. This structure is seen in electric wiring, carbon structures, to DNA.

The ancient traditions bare witness to its

significance with their art. The water in all living cells is also 'structured' - and it is constantly using motion to maintain its spark. This is why we see the vortex motion of water from tornado’s, eddies, whirlpools, to galaxies. 
 Crystalline structure of graphene


Star of David

Merkaba - Light Body


Structured water

Bulletin international de l'AcadĂŠmie des Sciences de Cracovie. Classe des sciences


It is the optimal structure to transfer light

"Once water is brought into motion, it reveals a wide variety of activities. It becomes the medium for all different sorts of shape-forming processes and the place wherein there is an inexhaustible activity of renewal and recreation of forms.� ` Theodor Schwenk


“Water is programmed and “structured” by electromagnetic and sonic frequencies in the form of photons (light waves) and phonons (sound waves)”. - Jim Dooley


‘photo-electron emissions’ captured by the GDV

Structured Water Results - Before and After

Ordinary Water V.S Structured Water

Structured water mimics nature’s energizing formula. Images courtesy of Krishna Madappa 
 Crystal Blue : GDV/Bio-Well:

Shift from DNA molecule 
 to water ensemble: 
 can it explain the origin of life? 
 Igor Jerman

Institute Bion, Slovenia, EU In contemporary established biology life is almost exclusively treated as a molecular phenomenon. Therefore, the mystery of the origin of life is sought almost exclusively in molecular terms and processes. There is no universally accepted definition of life, but we may understand it as a highly organized, complex and dynamic process involving information-energymatter (IEM) capable of autonomous continuation and potentially limitless evolution by means of differential reproduction of its basic units (organisms). Because of its complexity and a highly dynamic order, it is almost impossible to envisage, how life could originate from the inanimate nature on the basis of some self-organizing molecular process. The alternative is that the high molecular organization stems form another highly complex organized process / state that functioned (and still does!) on a much vaster area than molecules. And contrary to the conviction of the mainstream biology, such processes have already been found in water systems, mostly in interfacial water – water that is bound to hydrophilic surfaces.

These quite frequent and long range ordered water systems can have many features of living systems, like pumping of environmental energy, forming aggregates, having electrical potential based on charge separation, producing a directed flow of water, long range organization of colloidal systems, synchronization with catalytic reactions etc. On this basis we propose three partially permeating phases of the origin of life: 1) organized water phase involving interplay of hydrophilic surfaces, 2)

the phase of quasi cellular structures and,

3) the phase of molecular organization. 
 Somewhere towards the end of the third phase we may speak of the origin of life as known and understood today. But even the cellular formations of the second phase that today can be found in nanobes, Fox's microspheres and Reich's bions can represent a more universal form of life that is capable – if given a suitable molecular environment – to engender simple organisms not in terms of millions of years, but in much shorter terms. Following Reich's and DeMeo's experiments the transition from the first to the second phase may last only a few days, while the next transition up to the end of the third phase may last only a few weeks.

Liquid crystals find wide use in liquid crystal displays, which rely on an electric field to control its orientation. Polarization of the light depends in turn on the orientation so that it is either blocked or transmitted by a second polarization filter (polarizer) perpendicular to the first one (Figure 12-35j). The liquid crystal in this application is usually the nematic type (rod-shaped) in twisted form at relaxing state. - Wikipedia

By Ksssshl (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (


 Since the beginning of recorded history, water has held a special place in the spiritual and physical lives of people who represent a wide range of cultures and civilizations. While rituals, languages, and beliefs among ancient cultures differed greatly, water was routinely used to symbolize a myriad of places and events in both the observable and unobservable realms.

Primordial Sea MESOPOTAMIA The first generally recognized written history comes from the Sumerians, who inhabited the Mesopotamian region more than 5000 years ago. In the Sumerian pantheon, heaven, earth, air, and water were personified by gods. Enki, the primary water god, represented wisdom and evolved from a great underworld ocean that also gave rise to heaven.


The underworld was

sometimes referred to as a river and apparently existed beneath the surface of the Earth as a freshwater (not saline) body of water. Enki (later known as Ea by the Babylonians) ruled over this watery underworld and symbolized the primordial waters, which were associated with the “chaos” that existed before creation. Myths from around the world recognized that creation was preceded by an original state of chaos, which defined a state of formlessness and was often identified as a watery abyss or 2

primordial sea. Such a sea apparently reflected the fact that ancient people recognized creation as the emergence of form from formlessness. 1. Abraham, R. Chaos, Gaia, Eros, HarperCollins, San Francisco, p. 126 (1994). 
 Water Encyclopedia: History, Art, and Culture, pp. 785-788 2. Andrews, T. A Dictionary of Nature Myths, Oxford University Press, New York, p. 36 (1998).

Everything comes forth from the waters The Egyptians, similar to the Sumerians and Babylonians, believed that the heavens and Earth (including all the inhabitants of earth) were created from the primordial or celestial waters. Ra, the great Egyptian sun god, was intimately involved in the process of creating the

EGYPT Nun, god of the waters of chaos, lifts the barque of the sun god Ra (represented by both the scarab and the sun disk) into the sky at the beginning of time.

manifested world as his Sun disk appeared above the 3

waters to signal the beginning of time. Ra made his symbolic journey over the water in a boat because the Sun was made of fire and, therefore, could not have risen out of the waters of chaos on its own. According to the Egyptian pantheon, everything is created from the waters of chaos by a being that, similar to God in the Bible’s Book of Genesis, appears above or within the primordial waters. The primordial waters or seas often symbolized the formless chaos and undifferentiated matter of the underworld waters that comprised the cosmos before its division into realms. Hence, the heavens, earth, and all life emerged from the waters. 3. Mercatante, A. Who’s Who in Egyptian Mythology, Clarkson N. Potter, New York, pp. 129-130 (1978).

By Original author unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Chinese were one of only a few cultures that did not associate the primordial chaos with water in the form of a sea. Instead, the ancient Chinese apparently portrayed the chaos as a misty vapor that embodied the cosmic energy governing space, time, and matter.


The formless misty vapor, from which the duality of Yin and Yang were born, gave rise to all earthly life forms. Some historians believe that the ancient Chinese people divided even the spirit world into a Ministry of Waters, whereby seawater is overseen by four dragonkings representing the cardinal directions and freshwater is ruled by four dragon-kings representing each of the major rivers of China. 4. McLeish, K. Myth, Facts on File, New York (1996).


In the Maori culture, water symbolizes the memory of all that has ever been and will be.

OCEANIA The ancient Maori culture of New Zealand referred to water as wai, which also means remembrance or the recollection of something that has been. In the Maori culture, water symbolizes the memory 5

of all that has ever been and will be. Like so many ancient and indigenous cultures, the Maori consider water’s memory to serve as the spark of life and to be intimately associated with the process of creation. How water is able to retain or access memory is not a component of ancient or indigenous myths; however, the almost universal insight that such memory is constrained neither by space nor time is one that has stirred considerable controversy in the modern world. 5. Brailsford, B. Song of the Whale, StonePrint Press, Hamilton, New Zealand, p. 174 (1997).

Melian clay relief, about 460 B.C. Gaia offers Erichthonios to Athena. On the right, Kekrops.

Born from the primordial chaos (water) was the Greek goddess Gaia, who represents the manifested world and the first pantheistic being to inhabit our planet after


it was formed. Gaia (as the earth mother) and Uranus (as the sky) gave birth to Oceanus, who is generally considered to be the Greek personification of water. The god known as Oceanus is, of course, at the root of our English word “ocean,” where most of the water on Earth is contained. The ancient Greeks believed that water not only was everywhere but also constituted everything, such that all things manifest in this world represented transformations of water. In the addition to their pantheistic characters, the ancient Greeks were one of the first cultures to begin incorporating their intuitive or mythical views of water into a more philosophical and, from a modern perspective, comprehensible format. While such early philosophies often echoed the message of ancient myths, they began to explain water’s relationship to other aspects of the physical world. While losing little of its mystique as a symbol of the primordial chaos, water was associated with geometries, numbers, vibrations, and physical structures.

Walters Art Museum [Public domain, CC BY-SA 3.0 ( 3.0) or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

ELEMENTS AND ENERGIES A sixth century B.C. philosopher named Thales hypothesized that water was the primary substance of all being, out of which everything is created and to 6

which everything returns. He was perhaps the first to recognize water’s unusual physical properties and its apparent universality, both as a solvent and as a so-called creational medium. During the fifth century B.C., a Hermetic philosopher named Empedocles expanded on Thales’ notion by proposing that all matter in the universe was composed of differing combinations of four original substances and two moving forces. Empedocles referred to these four substances as the elements of fire, air, water, and earth, and he identified love and strife as the moving forces. The moving forces essentially energized the combining or dissociating of elements, such that matter could not be created without love nor uncreated (destroyed) without its opposite moving force of strife.

aether or akasha

In addition to the four elements, there is a fifth substance that, according to 7

Greek philosopher Plato, was essential to creating the universe. This mysterious fifth substance was referred to as aether, a word coined by the Greeks to identify the substance filling all space beyond the Earth. Similar to the four Elements, aether is an integral component of most ancient beliefs, where it is generally associated with a life energy or vital force. The ancient Hindus also recognized the four elements and aether, or akasha, as fundamental components of the natural world. 6. Lugt, H. Vortex Flow in Nature and Technology, Wiley & Sons, New York, p. 6 (1983). 
 7. Lawlor, R. Sacred Geometry, Thames & Hudson, London, p. 96 (1982).

Thales‌a solvent & as a socalled creational medium‌

Attribution must be given to Robert Webb's Stella software as the creator of this image along with a link to the website: [Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

THE PLATONIC SOLIDS The four elements and aether were symbolized by three-dimensional geometries know as the Platonic solids (see Figure 1). These angular solids were believed to connect the etheric and worldly realms to the primordial waters of chaos (usually represented by a sphere). The solid that most often symbolizes water is the icosahedron, which represents the creative principle connecting the etheric and worldly realms. The reciprocal geometric relationship between the icosahedron (representing water) and the dodecahedron (representing aether) symbolized the intimate relationship between the two. Because matter or the material world (represented by a cube) was supposedly manifested from the aether via the water, it follows that the icosahedron and dodecahedron are mathematically related to the cube according to the golden ratio (as φ and 1/φ, respectively). The golden ratio (φ = 1.618...) was believed by some ancient cultures to represent the mathematical code underlying the creation of the manifested world. 

FIGURE 1. The five regular Platonic solids include: [1] the tetrahedron symbolizing fire, [2] the cube symbolizing earth, [3] the octahedron symbolizing air, [4] the dodecahedron symbolizing aether, and [5] the icosahedron symbolizing water.

By en:User:Twisp (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By NetKismet (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://], via Wikimedia Commons

By Internet Archive Book Images

BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES Water is frequently referenced in the Bible under a variety of contexts that are designed to communicate very different kinds of messages. Biblical scholars believe that the significance of water was heightened in a desert region (i.e., the Holy Land) where water was scarce and drought was a constant threat to life. Beyond water’s more practical considerations, the Bible portrays the spiritual aspects of water under 8

several commonly recognized labels.

• Cosmic water describes a primordial force that only God can govern. The cosmic sea symbolizes the undifferentiated realm from which God created heaven and Earth. • Living water symbolizes a source of life and a gift from God. Living water was considered to be distinct from ordinary water and symbolized the properties of wisdom and knowledge. • Ceremonial water symbolizes both the cleansing process and the passage between life and death. Ceremonial water is portrayed as an agent for either removing or dissolving impurities. If the biblical account of creation is consistent with that of other ancient accounts, heaven and earth are manifested from the symbolic, rather than literal, waters of which God is one. In this context, cosmic water is analogous to the waters of chaos rather than to literal water present in interstellar space (i.e., the modern scientific reference to cosmic water). Living water appears to be a designation for a special type of literal water, such that there is a recognizable difference between living and ordinary water. Living water is very rare and not only satisfies one’s thirst, but also By Gustave Doré (1832-1883) The "Pannemaker" in the lower right refers to Adolphe François Pannemaker (1822-1900) one of Doré's assistants in turning his art into a full-fledged engraving, and a reasonably notable engraver in his own right. [Public domain], via Wikimedia

imparts life to the world. Most of the water used for religious ceremonies is just ordinary water that is blessed by an appropriate religious figure. 8. Dictionary of Biblical Imagery. Edited by L. Ryken, J. Wilhoit, T. Longman. InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, p. 929-932 (1998).

organism’s circulatory system According to Viktor Schauberger, water is the Earth’s blood and essence of the first substance, whose boundaries and banks are the capillaries that guide it 9

and in which it circulates.

His view of water is similar to ancient perceptions inasmuch as water serves as the primordial substance of the universe and the fundamental component of an organism’s circulatory system and the global hydrologic cycle.

By Lake_Pukaki_-_STS088-721-15.JPG: Johnson Space Center derivative work: Avenue (Lake_Pukaki__STS088-721-15.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Theodor Schwenk hypothesized that water’s relationship to time was inherent in its rhythmical movement, which spanned cycles that ranged from 10

seconds to years.

He referred to different wave

patterns and flow forms within a body of water as possessing distinct frequencies, overtones, and

BodyParts3D/ Anatomography (Anatomography ) [CC BY-SA 2.1 jp (http:// creativecommon by-sa/2.1/jp/ deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons

pathways: veins and arteries

resonances—not unlike a musical instrument. Others have referred to this rhythm as “water’s song,” which often symbolizes the sound-shapes or music contained within the ripples and waves of water bodies. By BodyParts3D/Anatomography (Anatomography) [CC BY-SA 2.1 jp (], via Wikimedia Commons

9. Coats, C. Living Energies, Gateway Books, Bath, UK, p. 107-117 (1996). 
 10. Schwenk, T. Sensitive Chaos, Rudolf Steiner Press, London, p. 18-20 (1965).

"Long before the advent and popularity of the chaos theory, Theodor Schwenk had understood the relations between chaos, the emergence of form, and the sensitive dependence of initial conditions that characterize the chaotic state in nature and in theory. His important work has never been surpassed." Ralph Abraham, University of California Professor of Mathematics and author of "Chaos, Gaia, Eros: A Chaos Pioneer Uncovers the Three Great Streams of History"

similar structures

Aether vortex around suns and planets Date 1647 - René Descartes: 
 Prinzipien der Philosophie, Teil 3 : "Von

By René Descartes (1596-1650) [Public

Order to Chaos

Order and chaos of air-bubbles in a foam: from order to chaos or from chaos to order? Hexagonal packing of spheres due to regularly sized spheres, transitioning to disorder due to spheres of differing sizes. - Wikipedia

By derivative work: Dhatfield (talk) MM_PEF.svg: Edboas (MM_PEF.svg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


The term “living water” is used today as a label or symbol for various aqueous concoctions in which ordinary water is treated with a combination of electrolytes, crystals, metals, colloids, and polymers, or exposed to various fields. The objective is to produce an optimal fluid that supports biological processes and, hence, retards both aging and disease. While the exact mechanisms underlying a wide range of health claims have yet to be elucidated, the modern practice of water structuring is based on the ancient understanding that water is able to retain or access a type of information that is often colloquially referred to as “memory.”

By Fernando Estel (self-made. Using a JEOL microscope) [GFDL (http:// or CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( licenses/by-sa/3.0/)], via Wikimedia Commons

VIRTUAL WATER Perhaps the most recent water-related metaphor is that of virtual water, which was originally used to describe and, in some instances, quantify the influence of policy decisions on water resources
 in arid regions.


Virtual water is a term used

primarily in international trade for estimating the amount of water that is implicitly exchanged in goods and services (e.g., a ton of wheat requires 1000 tons of water) and the net gain for nations that import such goods and services. Although no actual water is traded during such transactions, the virtual water metaphor illustrates the extent to which real water is currently perceived as an economic commodity and the importance of water in producing almost everything we consume.
 11. Wichelns, D., “The policy relevance of virtual water can be enhanced by considering comparative advantages,” Agricultural Water Management 66, 49-63 (2004).

By Bidgee (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via

By Forest Wander from Cross Lanes, USA (Elakala Waterfalls Swirling Pool Mossy Rocks) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

West Marrin, Ph.D. is a scientist,

Water is not only everywhere, but it

educator, and founder of

constitutes everything, ours is truly a

corporations and foundations

water planet and that recognizing

focused on diverse water quality

and respecting water’s critical roles

projects. He is the author of three books and journal articles that address a range of topics. 

in processes such as climate change, energy selection, food production,

economic stability, technology

More information is available at

development, human health, and

global conflict is not only wise, but indeed mandatory. Many of our

To View Additional Articles:
 visit https:// Dl_Marrin/ contributions

recent choices have ignored the wisdom of both water and nature in adopting technologies and management schemes that violate,

West Marrin’s books

ignore, or just override water’s natural rhythms, patterns, and preferences.” West Marrin, Ph.D.



LOCATION: 3608 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver BC ~ EVENT TICKETS 604-737-8858 ~ BOOKS 604-732-7912


Infrared energy is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational movements. Infrared energy excites vibrational modes in a molecule through a change in the dipole moment, making it a useful frequency range for study of these energy states for molecules of the proper symmetry. Infrared spectroscopy examines absorption and transmission of photons in the infrared energy range. - Wikipedia

NetWorks When chemical elements are in a luminous, active state

For instance we want more:

(ionized), elements emits a characteristic set of spectral

(calcium - orange)

color lines which can be observed by the use of an optical

(magnesium - yellow)

device: a spectroscope (there are also invisible lines). These are known as "Fraunhofer emission lines" and are

(hydrogen - red) (iron - lemon)

always in the same relative positions in the spectrum of

(nitrogen - green)

each element, somewhat like an identifying fingerprint. A

(oxygen - blue)

compound will exhibit the lines of all its component

(potassium - magenta)

elements. Fraunhofer lines normally are seen in a spectroscope as bright colored bands of differing intensities. However there is a technical procedure for shining white light through the element under ionization which causes bright lines to disappear and in their place dark lines. Where the element had been emitting energy of certain frequencies (Fraunhofer emission lines), now it is absorbing the same frequencies from the Light energy; appropriately, the dark lines are called "Fraunhofer absorption lines" research and discoveries by a man named Dinshah P. Ghadiali (1873-1966). 
 Because water has 440,000 individual panels in 1 liquid crystal TV screen

molecule, it is the most programmable substance on the planet, a liquid crystal. It has become very clear, that different colors of light on water will effect it in different ways.

These are just a few examples. When water is naturally ionized, energized, and completely open to outside influences: it is easily programmed. I have tried this in a commercial hydroponic operation, it is very clear that it works. If the plants are low on nitrogen use the color green, which is equivalent to the frequency 531.5 and the music note C- frequency 523 for sound can also assist in the programming of water.

EFFECT OF INFRARED LIGHT ON PROTEIN INTERFACIAL WATER By Magdalena Kowacz We demonstrate that a physical trigger, a non-ionizing infrared (IR) radiation at wavelengths strongly absorbed by liquid water, can be used to induce and kinetically control protein self-assembly in solution and to modulate proteinsurface interactions. We measured FTIR spectra of aqueous solutions of proteins exposed to infrared radiation (emitted by light emitting diodes) and we observed increased correlation of protein interfacial water molecules. In order to verify the effect of this enhanced ordering of interfacial water on protein crystallization, we have subjected our crystallization drops to IR radiation. As the result we could induce crystal nucleation at protein concentration much lower than that needed to obtain crystals under control conditions. Furthermore, we were able to prevent non-specific protein aggregation (a

process involved in many disease conditions) and to favor periodic selfassembly in IR-irradiated samples. We have also performed experiments on the effect of IR-exposure on protein adsorption at silica nanoparticles. For highly charged proteins, hydrophilicity of protein-decorated solids (expressed by changes in sediment volume in aqueous solution) would increase in response to IR. This is consistent with suggested IR-induced enhanced hydration of proteins. However, for proteins with larger fraction of solventexposed apolar surface, IR radiation would result in reduced hydrophilicity of the solid with adsorbed proteins (more compact sediment in aqueous solution). This effect can be interpreted as a result of the IR- enhanced hydration of ions that would make them less prone to adsorb at the protein surface and thus, would attenuate their effect on reduction of protein-water interfacial tension.

Owing to many important implications of the protein hydration, the IR radiation can be explored as a new tool to control bio-inspired processes. For example, it has been shown that protein physiological activity is inherently bound to its ability to induce structuring of adjacent water layers and that functional motions of proteins are associated with breaking and subsequent restoration of this water structure. On the other hand, protein ability to fold (for many proteins necessary to perform their function) is recognized to depend on entropy gain on dehydration of hydrophobic compartments. Our results suggests that both hydration of polar regions and dehydration of apolar ones can be influenced by the remote physical trigger - the infrared radiation. [1] M. Kowacz et al. J. Crystal Growth 2016, doi:10.1016/j.jcrysgro. 2016.01.003

Jon DePew is one of those extraordinary teachers that come and answered my questions for me. What I loved, we laughed A LOT!!! The way Jon taught me was like going on a great date...every moment he revealed something wondrous, new and exciting! Love your wisdom and spirit!

Jon DePew clay Taylor

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