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 Holographic, Memory, Consciousness, Cellular Communications, DNA Molecule, Electrical Dynamic, Marine & Sound Therapies and more… www.waterconf.org/ www.facebook.com/waterconf

Gerald Pollack, Ph.D
 Founder and chair of the Conference Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington; Chief editor of The Water Journal; His interests have ranged broadly, from biological motion and cell biology to the interaction of biological surfaces with aqueous solutions. Author of 8 books and more than 300 papers.

Founder & Chair of Conference

Welcome to WATER - a multidisciplinary journal that brings together water-oriented research from diverse disciplines.
 Throughout nature, water plays pivotal roles. Yet there has been no single venue in which the wisdom gained in studying water within one discipline is readily available to those studying water within other disciplines. The goal of this open-access journal is to remedy that problem. After all, water is water, regardless of discipline. Our journal serves as a communication hub among diverse disciplines dealing with water. We hope for collective learning.


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OVERVIEW 11th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL WATER CONFERENCE ~ Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water

Water is the source of all life and is often called the most mysterious substance on Earth.

Held this year in Sofia, Bulgaria, on October

continue to contribute to the advancement of

6th-9th 2016, our annual international

science, thus enhancing all of our lives.

conference is expected to gather more than one

hundred scientists and doctors from around the

The conference presents the research of

world, including Nobel prize winner Luc

scientists investigating many aspects of water.

Montagnier, Professor of Life Sciences and

We desire to share this knowledge with the

Biotechnology at Shanghai Jiai Tong University. 

global community of scientist and those

Professor Montagnier's discovery of the human

interesting in the topic of water and wellness.

immunodeficiency virus (HIV) revolutionized the treatment of AIDS. The conference is chaired by  Gerald H. Pollack,  professor of bioengineering  at the  University of Washington,  who  discovered

www.waterconf.org We are working diligently on new and innovative ways to disseminate the growing multi-disciplinary science of water. For that purpose, we are

the fourth phase of water, known as "EZ water"

organizing the public online broadcasting of Water Conference throughout social networks Youtube,

and hailed by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho as “the most

Facebook and more. Format will include live

s i g n i fi c a n t s c i e n t i fi c d i s c o v e r y o f t h i s

streaming webcast of the presentations from the conference followed by brief on camera QnA

century.” Professor Pollack's discovery has profound implications for biology and sheds new light on the inner workings of cells, which are

interviews with speakers at days end. We ask to support us in organizing this exciting initiative to bring the Conference on Water for a wider audience.

composed mainly of EZ water. This and other scientific breakthroughs in water research


Speakers & Credentials Gerald Pollack, University of Washington - EZ Water and Weather: An Intimate Role of Separated Charge Alex Pope - Ice on land – Pope’s climate theory Serge Kernbach, Cybertronica Research, German - Biological and electrochemical sensors in measuring the informational side of matter Antonella De Ninno, Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy - Animal Di Salvo’s: water informational units at the membrane interphase. Bernd Kroeplin, TAO Group, Germany - The Memory and Secrets of Water Curt Halberg - He has been studied and working with vortex technology since 1985 Elmar C. Fuchs, 
 European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology "Wetsus", the Netherlands Protons and the floating water bridge Ernst Zurcher, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland - Water uptake by cellulose as an indicator of variability in water properties? Francisco Coll Sanchez, Quinton Laboratoires, Spain Marine Therapy: History and latest research Gary Robert Buchanan SONATHERAPY®, cymatics, and photon chains: the healing potentials of sound in the body's vicinal waters
 James Joachim Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak, Academy for Future Science

James is a social scientist and researcher who, along with his wife, an environmentalist, has researched energy technologies throughout the world. They are the founders of The Academy For Future Science which is an international organization working around the world to better our environment. Igor Jerman, Institute Bion, Slovenia - Shift from DNA molecule to water ensemble: can it explain the origin of life? John Stuart Reid, Sonic Age, Acoustic-Physics Research, UK Holographic properties of water Konstantin Korotkov, University of St. Petersburg -Vladimir Voeikov, Moscow State University, Russia - Water as a material matrix for the consciousness field of humankind Livio Giuliani, ISPESL, Italy Coherent domains as negentropic engine in the frame of geomagnetic and geoelectromagnetic fields. Magdalina Kowacs, Magdalena Kowacz, Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface, Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland Marc Cohen, RMIT University, Australia - Water and the innerwell of being: ‘wellness’ and ‘wealth’ as properties of water. MJ Pangman - Effects of deuterium -depleted water on cell membrane integrity and overall health, as measured by heart rate variability, bioelectrical impedance analysis and galvanic skin response
 Nikolai Bunkin, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russia - Non-invasive laser diagnostics of swelling nafion in water and aqueous solutions of salts.

Roberto Germano, PROMETE Srl_ CNR Spin off, Italy Roumiana Tsenkova, Kobe University, Japan - She works with Aquaphotomics. The aim is to describe and understand biological systems through the multidimensionality of water light interaction expressed as a spectral pattern. Stuart Hamerof MD, University of Arizona, USA - Polar and nonpolar (quantum) regulation of coherent protein dynamics Victor Norris, University of Rouen, France - How does a cell generate a coherent phenotype from its many constituents? Vitorio Elia, Dept. of Chemical Sciences, University "Federico II" of Naples, Italy - Iterative Procedures to Highlight the Formation of Molecular Aggregates of Water Molecules in Pure Perturbed Water - The Iteratively Cellulosated Water Vladimir Korenbaum, Pacific Oceanologic Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia On reliability of spectral evidences of homeopathy substances electronic copying Vladimir Voeikov
 Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Department - Effects of Plant Peptides on Developmental Processes in Bicarbonate Aqueous Systems, Possible Role of Water. Yosef Scolnik
 Israel - Deviation from identity of macroscopic properties of enantiomers – via water chiral preference. (Is water chiral?) Yoshihito Osada, RIKEN, Japan - Artificial muscles - soft & wet nano-machine of the next era

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SOFIA, BULGARIA, Oct 6-9 The Government Congress Center 
 accommodates 97 participants and 32 accompanying persons.

FIVE-STAR Conference Venue Lodging Room types: • Single room $100 pd • Double room $70 pp/pd • One Bed Suite $150 pd • Apartment with lounge and bedroom $160 pd • Presidential Suite two bedrooms, sauna, kitchen $250 pd
 We will book rooms in hotel for you after payment of the registration fee.

The price includes: - Accommodation - 3 meals a day and drinks - Coffee - Spa center - Internet and parking To book a room, please specify details while registering for conference (room type, checkin and check-out dates, name of accompanying person etc.). You will pay for the hotel when you check-out. First come first serve. Please register at www.waterconf.org. No need to contact the hotel directly. Overflow participants will be staying at hotel Festa. Participants who will stay at Festa are required to pay for

their own meals, drinks, and amenities. 
 Conference Fees and Registration: Corporate registration fee 
 $600 (560 Euro) Academic registration fee 
 $500 (470 Euro)

We offer a 10% discount for participants of the Water Conferences 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Register: www.waterconf.org

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“Water is the most resonant material known and will take on the energy of anything in close proximity, but changes when it comes into contact with something else unless the information is “locked in” through experiential crisis.” ~ Don Estes

mineral water


sport drink


spa water Water Images by Georg Schroecker

spa water


 WE SPORT WELLNESS Bulgaria has 48 mountain resorts, 15 marine resorts, and 38 medical Spa resorts.

Bulgaria is known for its excellent accommodations, diverse programs, and services that include massage, baths with mineral water, pearl baths, reflex therapy, traditional needle therapy, medicinal exercises, acupuncture, laser therapy, acupressure, paraffin treatment, apitherapy, phyto-therapy, mud treatment, aroma therapy, anti-stress programs, dieting programs and programs for losing weight, med spa-cosmetics, sauna, hammam, solarium, fitness, and medical cosmetics. All of this can be combined with various tourism programs, allowing visitors to explore Bulgaria’s cultural heritage, folkways, and traditional cuisine.

With Bulgaria’s great diversity of herbs and other flora used for aroma therapy and phyto-therapy, these elements provide opportunities for beneficial year-round treatment and prophylaxis of a range of ailments, and it also creates excellent conditions for relaxation.


SPRINGS IN BULGARIA Bulgaria is a global wellness destination because of its diverse composition and properties of mineral water.

Water is the universal solution to harmonious health and longevity ~ various mineral water springs are key to balancing and nurturing living systems. The healing power of mineral springs has been recognized since the time of the Thracians, who were renowned as healers. "The Holy Springs of Thrace" were famous throughout the Roman Empire. Few countries in Europe can rival Bulgaria's spa, thalassoo, medspa and wellness tourism, with its abundance and diversity of thermal mineral waters and curative mud deposits.

In Sofia

REGIONAL CHOICES IDEAS OF WERE TO GO…. Mineral springs located in the southern part of the country are influenced by the Mediterranean climate. Cool mineral springs are found throughout the country Narechen (Asenovgrad region), Shipkovo (Troyan region), Ovcha Kupel (Sofia), Smochan, (Lovech region), Voneshta Voda (Gabrovo region), Merichleri (Simeonovgrad region), and elsewhere. The spring with the highest temperature is Sapareva Banya (103oS), also the only geyser in Bulgaria and Continental Europe. The most famous thermal springs in the Balkan Mountains are in the regions of Varshets, Barziya, Lakatnik, Opletnya; on the Sofia plain (up to 49 sources) - Bankya, Gorna Banya, Knyazhevo, Ovcha Kupel, Sofia, Pancharevo; in the Srednogorie - Strelcha (40°С), Hisarya (49.5°С), Banya (51.1°С), Pavel Banya (54.6°С), Starozagorski Bani (45.8°С); along the valley of Struma River – Blagoevgrad, Simitli, Sandanski (76°С), Levunovo and Marikostinovo; along the valley of Mesta River – Banya (56оС), Dobrinishte (43°С) and the village of Eleshnitsa (56°С); in the Rhodope Mountains – Devin, Velingrad, Banite. In Bulgaria, the scientists examine not only the chemistry of the water, but also its physical and biological properties. This exact science allow for you to visit the springs most suited for your rejuvenate. 

25 Page Complete 
 City & Mineral Guide Compiled by Assoc. Prof. Bistro Dimitrova PhD

Click Here Also Google TripAdvisor for Spa’s in specific regions.


SOFIA,BULGARIA Sofia is Bulgaria’s capital and its largest city. Founded thousands of years ago, today the city continues to develop as the country’s cultural and economic center. At present, the city has a population of

crossroads on the Balkan Peninsula for trade of all


kinds. It’s climate in October ranges in the 70’s. (Always check your 10 day forecast).

Sofia is located in the western part of the country, on The Sofia Plain and on the lower slopes of Mount

For entertainment there are a multitude of

Vitosha, boasting of a great many spa complexes.

discotheques, restaurants, bars, piano bars, folk

The hot springs at Bankya, a nearby resort offer

clubs, taverns, soda fountains, and even those fast

wonderful facilities for rest, recreation, and wellness.

food outlets. Sofia’s point of interests include: The

There are ten spa centers within the capital’s city

Polytechnical Museum, The Museum of Anthropology,

limits offering peace and relaxation, along with

and The Sports Museum. Sofia also plays host to

therapeutic and beauty treatments.

important cultural and musical events, sports competitions and conventions, such as the our

Sofia Public Mineral Baths


Other points of interest in the city include: The Lion Bridge, The Eagle Bridge, The Russian Monument, and the monument to Vasil Levski (a Bulgarian revolutionary hero who gave has life in the struggle to free Bulgaria from the Ottomans in the 19th century).

For sports enthusiast the capital has various – outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, modern gymnasiums and sports halls, and parks. Sofia’s By Bin im Garten (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/bysa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Sofia has something for every taste. There are a great many luxury hotels, including international hotel chains. There are also a wide variety of hostels and smaller family guesthouses. Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is a shoppers delight, as it stands as one of the major

parks are a favorite place for rest and recreation. Borisov Park is right in the center of the city, and South Park is next to the National Palace of Culture. And near by Mount Vitosha borders on The Vitosha Natural Park, which is the oldest nature reserve on the Balkan Peninsula. The species of flora in the park are particularly rich and varied.

By Gergana (Urbnastyle) [CC BY-SA 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/ 2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

LITTLE HISTORY Sofia preserves many valuable monuments of its long and storied past. 

Golf courses are within an hour’s drive of the city. In the city of Ihtiman and the village of Ravno Polye, there is offered excellent facilities to play and practice. 

Visitors exploring the city’s streets can see remnants of The Eastern Gate from the days when Sofia was Serdika and Sredets, dating from the 2nd-4th centuries CE. These remains are exhibited in the underpass connecting the Presidential Palace and The Ministerial Council, surrounded by shops selling traditional Bulgarian souvenirs and rosewater.

In the immediate vicinity, other historical remains are preserved, such as the municipal baths, the marketplace, and The Holy Sunday Church. Adjacent to this church is the Theological Seminary, which houses The National Historical and Archeological Museum. 

Serdika was the favorite city of Constantine the Great (reign 306-337), who said “Serdika is my Rome.”
 Roughly 175, massive fortified walls, with four watchtowers were built to protect the city , and a second outer fortified wall was added during the 5th-6th centuries. The city’s flourished for a second time under Justinian the Great (reign 527- 565).

Sofia is also noteworthy as hardly another city in all of Europe is home to more Christian, Islamic, and Jewish monuments so close together.

During the time of The Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1393), Sredets took on the appearance of a large Medieval city – its narrow, crowded streets witnessed the construction of more and more small churches and monasteries, which later became Sofia’s Holy Mountain. The city gained its present name at the end of the 14th century, in honor of the city’s major symbol, The Saint Sofia Basilica.

Abstracts are a brief summary of each research thesis

being presented by topic -

Wellness, Memory and Communications, Elements and Energy, Properties of Water

 Wellness Insights Marc Cohen
 RMIT University, Australia 
 Water and the inner-well of being: ‘wellness’ and ‘wealth’ as properties of water. Gary Robert Buchanan, US
 -SONATHERAPY®, cymatics, and photon chains: the healing potentials of sound in the body's vicinal waters MJ Pangman, US
 Effects of deuterium -depleted water on cell membrane integrity and overall health, as measured by heart rate variability, bioelectrical impedance analysis and galvanic skin response Francisco Coll Sanchez
 Quinton Laboratoires, Spain
 - Marine Therapy: History and latest research Yoshihito Osada, 
 RIKEN, Japan 
 Artificial muscles - soft & wet nano-machine of the next era Anibal DiSalvo, PhD 
 Physical Chemistry. Emeritus Member of the National Research Council (CONICET) and Full Professor in Physical Chemistry, Natl. Univ. Santiago del Estero Argentina
 Aquaomics and waterons: water informational units at the membrane interphase. V.L. Voeikov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry
 Effects of Plant Peptides on Developmental Processes in Bicarbonate Aqueous Systems, Possible Role of Water.

WATER AND THE INNER-WELL OF BEING: ‘WELLNESS’ AND ‘WEALTH’ AS PROPERTIES OF WATER Marc M Cohen School of Health & Biomedical Sciences, RMIT University, Bundoora, Australia, Email: marc.cohen@rmit.edu.au

Water is essential for life and unites all living systems within a common milleau. The etymology of the word ‘well’ demonstrates the link between health, vitality and water. That a ‘well’ refers to a water source, and being ‘well’ refers to fully expressing our true vital nature, suggests that ‘wellness’ is both a property of life and of water. As a universal solvent, which forms the essence of life and the connecting principle for all living things, water is at the core, or ‘deep inner-well’ of our being. Thus, water forms the divine spirit at the heart of consciousness and is ‘the currency of wellness’. The divinity of water is suggested by the process of ‘divining’ to search for a water source, just as the ‘tao’, or the inconceivable ‘way of nature’ is likened to w a t e r, a n d t h e g r e e t i n g ‘ n a m a s t e ’ acknowledges the divine within us all.


As the ‘matter and matrix’ of life, water naturally

through five phases of transformation, is facilitated

creates the physical conditions necessary for life, with interfacial water converting infrared radiation

by resonant recognition between molecules and water’s ‘proton neural network’ that “regulates the

into coherent EZ domains that convert energy into

core energy metabolism throughout the liquid

order and movement. To maintain and evolve complexity, life must embrace such open systems

crystalline matrix of the body and mediates consciousness” (1).

and defy the Second Law of Thermodynamics by feeding on ‘negentropy’, and minimizing entropy production while dissipating entropy to the

The link between water and wellness is more than the need for hydration and hygiene; life flourishes

environment. This excretion of entropy requires

in warm EZ water, with natural geothermal waters

coherence, communication and the free flow of matter and energy to avoid internal entropy

forming negentropic EZ pools that are the breeding grounds for life. Such waters are revered

manifesting as pain and ‘biological disorder’. This

by all peoples and cultures as places of health

‘flow’, which is described as ‘chi’ that passes

and rejuvenation.

The idea of ‘health through water’, and ‘spas’ as

terms of water and wellness. Wellness is about

places of ‘wealth’ is pervasive, and forms the basis for the oldest and most sustainable place-

'we' not 'I', and with more connected devices on

based human enterprise, with a commercial Onsen operating continuously for 52 generations within the same family. Furthermore, geothermal waters contain a wealth of biodiversity that includes extremophile bacteria that produce the DNA polymerase used by biotechnology to study

earth than people, it is possible to harness the power of the collaborative economy to measure, monitor and manage the world’s water resources, and collectively work to reduce global entropy production. Thus, crowd- sourced maps that transcend political boundaries and hold

this diversity.

corporations and governments to account can be used to highlight wealth and wellness

Despite the universal need for water, and

gradients, locate sources of entropy, and unite humanity in the effort to ensure universal access

water’s role as a source of wellness and wealth,

t o c l e a n f l o w i n g w a t e r. F o l l o w i n g t h e

access to water remains the world’s most pressing health issue, with wealth inequality

watercourse way, we can also draw from our ‘inner well’ and participate in ‘quantum jazz’ that

leaving one third of the world’s population

forms a coherent whole and allows maximal

without access to safe water or sanitation. Furthermore, while dissipation of entropy

local freedom and global cohesion.(1) In this way we can begin to realize worldwide wellness.

sustains life, it also makes pollution inevitable. Thus, life on earth exists by taking high quality energy from the sun and radiating infrared energy back out to ‘pollute’ the solar system. Similarly, humans view their surrounding as separate and use the oceans and air as entropy sinks, believing that ‘the solution to pollution is dilution’. Yet, as we approach the earth’s limits to absorb our waste, we are forced to realize the interconnectivity of all life and face the truth of our toxic legacy. Humanity must therefore begin to embrace all of nature in our endeavors and begin to deal with the environmental toxicity and climate change that has plunged us into a global mass-extinction event, and an epidemic of lifestyle-related chronic disease. Solving our current crises requires us to look to the ultimate ‘solvent’ and redefine wealth in

1 Ho, M-W., Water Conference 2014, www.youtube.com/watch?v=QufAlEqUZmU

SONATHERAPY®, CYMATICS, & PHONON CHAINS: The Healing Potentials of Sound in the Body's Vicinal Waters

Gary Robert Buchanan 
 H.S. & BM, N.C. School of Arts; MFA, Univ. of N.C.; DMA Can., Univ. of WA.; Hon. DMA, Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia; Certs., Academia Chigiana, Siena, Italy; Director of Wave Front BIOresonanceTM Research & Development, Steamboat Healing Center; Cosolargy® International, Ord., Admin., Lect., Jamilian Univ. since 1979, Reno, Nevada, U.S.A. E-mail:sona@communityguilds.org.

During 1975 we of Cosolargy® International

multi-dimensional (a priori quantum) and on the

began researching the affects of sunlight and

physical level follows Synergetic geometry.

sound upon the human body and its enveloping

"Information Factors" are supplied to the entity

higher fields, i.e., EM, higher-dimensional, the

via frequencies and resonances of both sound

so-called "chakras" or "force

and light working symbiotically. For example,

centers," meridian system (Bong

biophotons in water follow Synergetic 60-degree

Han duct networks/acupoints).

vectorial growth phases. Similarly, in physics a

Research included the sciences

gluon (vector gauge boson), which supplies all

of Cosolargy®i, Synergeticsii,

formative mnemonics, is defined as a

Cymaticsiii, Perception Studies,

combination of photons and phonons.

Archetypal Imagery, Musicology/ Music Therapy/Pedagogy/

Observation of third-dimensional acoustical

Theory/Acoustics, and myriad

structuring may be accomplished via Cymatics.

related disciplines. By the 1990s

Sound resonated in a small dish of water

a systematic approach had been developed for

produces evolving Synergetic geometries, which

therapeutic applications, holistic and non-

by way of analyses help define "classes" of

invasive, known as Sonatherapy®. Since that

frequencies, resonances, and sound

time this therapy has been made available at

combinations, especially those known to be

Steamboat Healing Center in Reno, Nevadaiv, a

optimal in the nurturing of biological processes.

national historic geothermal facility. In addition,

Images on the surface of the water, illuminated

the author has published two large tomes,

with strong light, are formed within a heavier

SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance

viscosity - similar to 4th-phase water in the body

(2008) and Sonatherapy®: Healing with Light,

responsible for most biological formation and

Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies (2012),

functioning.v Therefore, the induction of specially

both now distributed on all continents, with global

designed Cymatic wave fronts of sound into the

clinics established, operated by practitioners

body, by way of vibrotactile and radiative

certified and licensed by Cosolargy®

applications, and especially in water (4.3 times

International via an international Training Course.

faster speed than in air), can entrain the body's

(See: www.sonatherapy.com).

vicinal waters with Synergetic wave fronts, ensuring that normative, optimal, rates of

The scientific basis of Sonatherapy® is

bioresonance are restored. The Sonations

vibrational. All life proceeds from and is

applied via such applications encourage all parts

dependent upon wave fronts of photons and

to adapt or return to their healthiest states of

phonons for existence. Such wave structuring is

functioning, the best kind of "self healing."


MJ Pangman,
 co-author, Dancing with Water: The New Science of Water,

www.dancingwithwater.com, E-mail: mj@dancingwithwater.com

Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, where the

heavy water results when one atom of hydrogen

presence of a neutron in the nucleus doubles

and one atom of deuterium combine with

the mass of the hydrogen atom. Due to the

oxygen (HDO). Water with deuterium tastes and

difference in mass, deuterium (D) behaves

looks the same but has numerous distinguishing

differently from hydrogen in chemical reactions

characteristics: D2O boils at 101.4°C rather than

(the isotope effect). When deuterium combines

100°C ; It freezes at 3.8°C rather than 0° C; and

with oxygen, the resulting water is referred to as

it sinks rather than floats as ice.

deuterium oxide or “heavy” water—D2O. Semi-

He accurately predicted its toxic effects on living

underground water below the Sahara desert.

organisms with experiments showing that while tobacco seeds placed in

Most water contains about 150 ppm. Water with a concentration less than 130 ppm is

typical water sprouted

considered deuterium-depleted. According to

over the course of two weeks, those placed in

clinical work conducted in Eastern Europe, Japan and Russia, even a seemingly small

D2O did not sprout at

reduction in deuterium content can influence a

all. Tobacco seeds in 50/50 D2O sprouted—

number of health parameters. Using Heart Rate Variability, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and

s l o w l y. S u b s e q u e n t

galvanic skin response testing, we monitored the

experiments on cell cultures and living

effects of drinking 25 ppm deuterium-depleted water (additionally enhanced with techniques

organisms determined

advocated by the authors of Dancing with

that increasing the deuterium concentration of the water in an organism could disturb normal

Water), over a 2-3 month period of time. Changes in cell membrane integrity, hydration,

cell function. Higher concentrations were often

and a number of markers for physiological health

lethal.1 While all this was interesting, most scientists considered deuterium to be so scarce

will be discussed.

that the study of its biological effects have been

1 Lewis, Gilbert. (1934). The Biology of Water.

ignored until recently.

Science 79:(2042), pp. 151-153. 2 Goodall, KB. (2003). Preliminary Analysis of

Although mainstream research has overlooked the long term effects of low-level deuterium,

Deuterium’s Role in DNA Degradation. Antiaging Medical Newsletter July 22, p.7-31.

investigation reveals that deuterium slows DNA

3 Lamprect, J. (1990). Mitosis Arrested By

replication, it causes errors in transcription, and it hinders DNA repair.2,3 Deuterium also

Deuterium Oxide: light microscopic, immunofluorescence and ultrastructural

increases hydrogen bond strength which stiffens

characterization. European Journal of Cell

proteins and requires more energy to break during metabolic reactions. Deuterium interferes

Biology 51:(2) pp. 303-312. 4 Griffiths, TR. (1975). The Possible Roles of

with normal proton movement in any proton

Deuterium in the Initiation and Propagation of

channel—including the channels involved in ATP production. Given these affects (and others),

Aging and Other Biological Mechanisms and Processes. Proceedings of the Second

deuterium is now thought to play an important

International Conference on Stable isotopes.

role in the progression of disease and aging.4,5

Oct. 20-23, Oak Brook IL. 5 Somlyai, G. (2001). Defeating Cancer: The

All natural water contains deuterium. The

Biological Effects of Deuterium Depletion, 1st

amount of deuterium varies from 90 ppm (parts per million) in melted Antarctic ice to 180 ppm in

Books Library.

Marine Therapy History and latest research Francisco Coll, Laboratoires Quinton

Francisco Coll Sanchez When we talk about Marine Therapy, we have to remember that our body is water, 75%, more or less like the earth. But nowadays, we know that this water is seawater. Life is still be produced in the ocean today as Craig Venter demonstrated. This was the hypothesis of René Quinton. Life appeared in the ocean and the cell try to maintain its origin. René Quinton was very famous when I died. He was compared to Darwin and to Pasteur. He and his followers, as Doctor Jean Jarricot, saved a generation of babies in France called Baby’s Quinton. There is an Original Protocol of René Quinton to produce the seawater. The point where seawater is harvested is very important. The phase between

phytoplankton and zooplankton in the ocean food chain is the most important point of the protocol. Here, the elements inside the seawater are transformed from inorganic form to organic form for the rest of the food chain. This seawater can not be heated, so to make it sterilized a 0,22 micra-filtration is used. Linus Pauling said that all diseases can be explained by a mineral imbalance and the seawater contains 78 elements totally bioavailable and balanced. The effect of these elements on our immune system was explained by Doctor José Miguel Sempere in three articles. Isotonic seawater modules the immune system. Doctor Juan Colado and Doctor Roberto Lacava show us that Isotonic Seawater can be used for elderly people for a better physical and mental status.

Life appeared from the oceans.

Artificial Muscles 
 Soft & Wet Nano-Machine of the Next Era
 Yoshihito Osada RIKEN Wako, Saitama, 351-0198, Japan e-mail address: osadayoshi@riken.jp

Materials which consist of

and polysaccharide fibrils are entangled,

cross-linked polymer network with water filling the interstitial

penetrated, chemically cross-linked each other to form intricate network. One should notice that the

spaces of the network are

network of tissues exists in highly hierarchical

called Hydrogel. Soft tissue which consists of human body

and charged state which enables to generate mechanical power(muscle), sustain(ligaments,

is the gel state and builds up

tendons) and lubricate(cartilage) effectively under

organs(muscles, nerves) and connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, cartilage). There, protein

stress in highly swollen while keeping its solidity as gel state.

We have developed a variety of soft & wet artificial muscles using hydrogels. They include gel-looper

[2]Y. Osada, S. B. Ross-Murphy, Sci. Am., 1993, 268, 82.

[1-3], shape memory gel actuators[4], chemical

[3]Gong J. P., Osada Y. Chem. Lett., 1995, 449.

motors[5-6] etc. Recent discoveries of DoubleNetwork Gel [7] which possesses extremely strong

[4]Y. Osada, A. Matsuda, Nature 1995, 376, 219. [5]T. Mitsumata, J. P. Gong, Y. Osada, Appl. Phys.

mechanical strength and low surface friction[8,9]

Lett.,73, 2366 (1998)

opened a door to create artificial tissues. The ATP fueled gel machines which we have made from

[6]T. Mitsumata, K. Ikeda, J. P. Gong, Y. Osada, Langmuir, 16, 307 (2000)

cytoskeletal proteins: actin-myosin[10] and

[7] J. P. Gong, Y. Katsuyama, T. Kurokawa, Y.

microtubule (MT)-chinesin[11] exhibit emergent functions where multi-scale hierarchical structure of

Osada, Adv. Mater., 2003, 15, 1155. et al [8]T. Narita, S. J. Candau, J. P. Gong, Y. Osada,

the gel played an important role. Nano-pattern

Macromolecules 34,5725, (2001),44,8908(2011)

fabrication enabled to investigate the kinetic process of deformation in nm and mms order and

[9]D. Kaneko, T. Tada, T. Kurokawa, J. P. Gong, Y. Osada, Adv. Mater. 2005, 535.

behaved as tunable photonic crystal. [12] Important point to be emphasized here is water molecules in

[10]Kakugo A., Sugimoto S., Gong J. P., Osada Y., Advanced Materials, 2002, 14, 1124,

the hydrogels are different from common water

[ 11 ] K . S a n o , R . K a w a m u r a , Y. O s a d a ,

molecules. Due to the presence of deep electropotential valley and well in the hydrogel, motion of

BioMacromol., 1409 (2011), 4173 (2011). RSC Adv.2014, 432953

water molecules is strongly restricted to give certain

[12]N.Shimamoto, K.Ijiro, K.Sasaki,andY. Osada,

preferred orientation and organization and plays critical roles for the gel as well as tissue functions.

Advanced Materials, 2012, 24, 5243.

References [1]Y. Osada, H. Okuzaki, H. Hori, Nature, 1992, 355, 242.

Human cancer cells with nuclei (specifically the DNA) stained blue. The central and rightmost cell are in interphase, so the entire nuclei are labeled. The cell on the left is going through mitosis and its DNA has condensed.

 WATER INFORMATIONAL UNITS AT THE MEMBRANE INTERPHASE. E. Anibal Disalvo1, Alejandro Pinto2, Gustavo Appignanessi3, Maria de los Angeles Frias1. 1 Laboratory of Biointerphase and Biomimetic Systems, Center of Research and Transference, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. 2 Laboratory of Nanoparticles and Electrochemistry, INBIONATEC, Santiago del Estero Argentina. 3 INQUISUR, Sur Natl Univ., Bahia Blanca Argentina. email: disalvoanibal@yahoo.com.ar

Anibal DiSalvo, PhD The hypothesis that the thermodynamic state of water at the lipid-water interface is the dynamic constituent in membranes that may act as anthenna for biological signals to control activities of membrane-bound enzymes and to trigger cell recovery and survival in stress processes is proposed and discussed in the context of experimental and theoretical evidences. It is based on the fact that the modulation of interfacial water activity may give specificity to the interaction of aminoacid motifs found in peptides and proteins acting as signals or effectors on cell membranes and the activation or inactivation of interfacial enzymes. The structural organization of water at different levels of the membrane is characterized in small subnanometric hydrophobic cavities that may serve as a functional target sites of recognition for biologically relevant molecules. The deciphering of the specificity is done in terms of the hydrogen bonding network water molecules may form in the cavity.

The H bonding distribution affects directly the surface free energy (globally and punctually) via changes in the local surface tension of the membrane interface. Hydration levels considered in the generation of regions with an excess of surface free energy would be responsable for triggering the response to biological effectors. It is possible that for each macroscopic state determined by temperature and osmotic state (lateral pressure) a distribution of discrete sites can be formed each one with an appropriate activity to trigger molecular processes conferring a global response. Specific water arrangements in terms of water molecules with none, one, two, three or four H bondings in different combination with membranes groups each of them with a proper value of free energy given by a limited number of configurations that determine the water activity are identified. The great variety of lipids and the protein complexes would give the matrix for informational water units approaching lipidomics to aquaomics. That is, water arrangements that may be predetermined by cell informational machinery.

cell recovery

: Lee, Ted, et al., “Light-triggered in vivo Activation of Adhesive Peptides Regulates Cell Adhesion, Inflammation and Vascularization


EFFECTS OF PLANT PEPTIDES ON DEVELOPMENTAL PROCESSES IN PLANTS AND ON REDOX PROCESSES IN BICARBONATE AQUEOUS SYSTEMS. POSSIBLE ROLE OF WATER. V.L. Voeikov, E.V. Buravleva, A.V. Glybin, A.Yu. Skripnikov Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Biology, Department of Bioorganic Chemistry, E-mail: v109028v1@yandex.ru V.L.

Small signaling peptides (SSP, typically 5-75 aa in size) are a fast growing class of regulatory molecules involved in practically all aspects of plant vital activity including morphogenesis, in particular regulation of cell

division and differentiation in meristems, cell expansion, main root and lateral root development, immune and other responses to environmental stimuli.

For Arabidopsis thaliana, more than 1000 SSP sequences are already postulated; however, only few of them have been functionally characterized and linked to a putative receptor. One of the beststudied pair of a SSP and its putative receptor is a peptide CLV3 (RTVPSGPDPLHH, pCLV3) and a receptor like kinase, CLV1. Genes coding them are expressed in shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis, and this ligand/receptor pair modulates stem cell maintenance or cellular differentiation in shoot meristems. However, it has been shown that addition of pCLV3 to culture medium of Arabidopsis influences root growth though no putative receptors of it have been identified in roots. We studied the effects of the synthetic peptide pCLV3 in a wide range of concentrations including ultra-low ones on the dynamics of the main root and lateral roots growth of Arabidopsis and also its effects on spontaneous processes with reactive oxygen species (ROS) participation that constantly go on in aqueous bicarbonate solutions. pCLV3 inhibits -6 growth of the main root in concentrations 10 -9 -14 -16 10 M and 10 - 10 M, while in -11 -12 concentrations 10 -10 M it stimulates main root growth. Hence in the range of low and ultra-low concentrations a bi-phasic (hormetic) effect of pCLV3 on the main root growth (indication of cellular proliferation) was observed. pCLV3 affected also appearance of lateral roots (indication of differentiation). It is notable that most intense stimulation of the appearance of lateral roots was produced by concentrations of pCLV3 exerting inhibitory effects on the main root growth. The balance between cellular proliferation and differentiation is a key aspect of development in multicellular organisms. In Arabidopsis roots it is modulated by the balance of reactive oxygen species (ROS) between the zones of cell proliferation and the zone of cell elongation where 1 differentiation begins [ ]. It was notable that addition of pCLV3 to aqueous solutions of bicarbonates, where ROS are

constantly produced changes the parameters of free radical reactions evaluated by measuring the intensity of stimulated photon emission from these solutions. Effects of pCLV3 changed in a wide range of its concentrations also non-monotonously being most strong in those concentrations that most effectively inhibit main root growth and stimulated -7 -8 -14 lateral roots growth (10 - 10 M and 10 -16 2 10 M). We previously suggested [ ] that a stable non-equilibrium (electronically excited) state in bicarbonate solutions is provided by spontaneous charge separation in aqueous systems discovered by G. H. Pollack. Such a state may be highly sensitive to low intensity physical and chemical factors acting upon the structural-dynamical processes in aqueous systems via the resonance mechanism. It is notable that all peptides and polypeptides are characterized by peculiar distribution of hydrophilic and hydrophobic aa side groups along the peptide chain providing specific hydration atmosphere for each particular peptide. On the other hand the common future of all peptides is the presence of regular peptide bonds. According to Gilbert Ling’s “Polarized Multilayer 3 Theory” [ ] dipolar backbone NH and CO groups are the primary seats of water sorption. In oligopeptides to which RTV belongs it is highly probable that sufficient quantity of peptide bonds are open for interaction with water and hence are capable to form multiple layers of highly polarized water molecules that may dynamically modulate multiple layers of highly polarized water may provide for their versatile role in regulation of various biological functions not only in plants but in all living systems. 1 2

Tsukagoshi, H., et al. (2010). Cell 143, 606–616.

Voeikov, V.L., et al. (2012). Russ. J. of Physical 3 Chem. A, 86, 1407–1415. Ling, G.N. (1965). Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 125, 401-417

 Memory & Communications Serge Kernbach
 Cybertronica Research, Germany Igor Jerman
 Institute Bion, Slovenia 
 Shift from DNA molecule to water ensemble: can it explain the origin of life? Konstantin Korotkov
 University of St. Petersburg, Russia 
 Vladimir Voeikov
 Moscow State University, Russia -

Water as a material matrix for the consciousness field of humankind Prof. Dr. Bernd Kroeplin
 TAO Group, Germany
 The Memory and Secrets of Water Vladimir Korenbaum
 Pacific Oceanologic Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia 
 On reliability of spectral evidences of homeopathy substances electronic copying Magdalina Kowacs, Jerzy Haber
 Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH, Poland
 Effect of infrared light on protein interfacial water. Consequences for protein selfassembly and protein-surface interaction. John Stuart Reid
 Sonic Age, Acoustic-Physics Research, UK
 Holographic properties of water Roumiana Tsenkova
 Kobe University, Japan - She works with Aquaphotomics
 The aim is to describe and understand biological systems through the multidimensionality of water - light interaction expressed as a spectral pattern. 

Biological and electrochemical sensors 
 in measuring the informational side of matter 

Serge Kernbach

 Dr.rer.nat, Director of the Research center of advanced robotics and environmental science, www.cybertronica.de.com in collaboration with Evgeny Germanov 
 CEO, Non-profit charitable DST Foundation, Head of IC Project, www.dst-fund.com
 and Anton Fedorenko 
 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, member of the IC Project, www.icmedicals.com

The representation of matter as consisting

The researchers of XIX and XX centuries tried to

of ‘weak’ (subtle) and ‘rigid’ (material) parts is

unify both sides that reflected in appearance of

encountered in all historical epochs, cultures, geographic regions, even in fully isolated island

unconventional technologies and the emergence of such informational concepts as holographic/

cultures. The duality of matter represents the key issue in a long-term philosophical discussion

quantum universe, morphogenetic fields, noosphere and others.

during a historical development of natural sciences.

The main argument against the dual

solutions is required to separate environmental

concept of matter is a ‘subtle nature’ of the ‘weak

influences from weak informational interactions.

part’ and consequently the measurement of subtle

They also possess specific properties related to a

or informational effects was counted as

human operator, post- and pre-experimental

impossible. However, the research performed in

conditions, long-range interactions, etc. Currently

XX century in such countries as Germany, USSR,

there are several solid-body, fluidic and electric-

USA, China, Czechoslovakia, Israel and several

field-based sensors as well as microbiological and

others indicated that a ‘subtle part’ is involved into

macrobiological test systems. Most sensitive are

physical interactions with biological systems.

fluidic sensors, since water seems to be one of

Especial attention was attracted to the interaction

the most sensitive media for informational

with consciousness, which resulted in

interactions. In the presentation we will focus

governmental programs exploring these

primarily on fluidic and microbiological sensors

phenomena primarily for military applications. The

b a s e d o n p o t e n t i o m e t r y, U V / i m p e d a n c e

further research indicated that informational

spectroscopy and fermentation tests.

effects appear also in interactions with physical systems; however, they possess weak or even

One of the interesting effects related to

ultra-weak nature. Thereby the development was

informational interaction is co-called imprinting

split up into the consciousness-related topics

effect. It has different names in Russia and China,

focused on mind-matter interactions, and the

sometimes it is denoted also as the ‘transfer of

research on device-matter interactions, which

information action’ (TIA). The point is that several

involve the weak informational effects.

informational properties from the object-donor can be transferred to the object-recipient. Thereby

The last branch of unconventional

specific conditions should be met, for instance the

research is especially important since ‘subtle

object-recipient should be in an unstable (e.g.

effects’ can be produced by several devices and

developmental) or in a phase-transition state. One

correspondingly measured. This represents a

of the oldest usages of TIA effect is known in

silent technological revolution because it opens

agriculture since 1960x, in 80x applications are

the way for new ‘subtle-technologies’ and

extended to the metallurgy, water preparation and

operations with informational side of matter. It is

pharmaceutics. The last area is of especial

comparable to the first pioneer exploratory works

interest because here a large number of

on electricity about 400 years ago and can

experiments on laboratory animals,

fundamentally affect our civilization.

microorganisms and small-scale clinical attempts are performed in different countries. The

The research and development from

presentation will overview these studies based on

1950x up to now revealed a few approaches to

the 'IC medicals' company, we will discuss this

generate, to measure and to use informational

commercialization attempt (currently over 60

effects in a technological way. As an example the

informational substances can be downloaded and

shape-, LED-, laser-, EM-generating devices can

used in experiments) and several further initiatives

be indicated. Measurement represents more

based on it.

complex issue because a number of technical

Shift from DNA molecule to water ensemble: 
 can it explain the origin of life? In contemporary established biology life is almost

etc. On this basis we propose three partially

exclusively treated as a molecular phenomenon. Therefore, the mystery of the origin of life is

permeating phases of the origin of life: 1) organized water phase involving interplay of

sought almost exclusively in molecular terms and

hydrophilic surfaces, 2) the phase of quasi cellular

processes. There is no universally accepted definition of life, but we may understand it as a

structures and 3) the phase of molecular organization. Somewhere towards the end of the

highly organized, complex and dynamic process

third phase we may speak of the origin of life as

involving information-energy-matter (IEM) capable of autonomous continuation and potentially

known and understood today.

limitless evolution by means of differential reproduction of its basic units (organisms). Because of its complexity and a highly dynamic order, it is almost impossible to envisage, how life could originate from the inanimate nature on the basis of some self-organizing molecular process.

But even the cellular formations of the second phase that today can be found in nanobes, Fox's microspheres and Reich's bions can represent a more universal form of life that is capable – if given a suitable molecular environment – to engender simple organisms not in terms of millions of years, but in much shorter terms.

The alternative is that the high molecular organization stems form another highly complex

Following Reich's and DeMeo's experiments the transition from the first to the second phase may

organized process / state that functioned (and still

last only a few days, while the next transition up to

does!) on a much vaster area than molecules. And contrary to the conviction of the mainstream

the end of the third phase may last only a few weeks.

biology, such processes have already been found in water systems, mostly in interfacial water – water that is bound to hydrophilic surfaces. These

Igor Jerman Institute Bion, Slovenia, 

quite frequent and long range ordered water

EU igor.jerman@bion.si

systems can have many features of living systems, like pumping of environmental energy, forming aggregates, having electrical potential based on charge separation, producing a directed flow of water, long range organization of colloidal systems, synchronization with catalytic reactions

mystery solved?

Water as a Material Matrix for the Consciousness Field of Humankind

Konstantin Korotkov and Vladimir Voeikov korotkov2000@gmail.com

Water constitutes the majority of brain

activity of different parts of the brain. The main

matter. As in any other tissue it is represented by both extracellular and

conclusion is that consciousness (and memory) of an individual is correlated to brain neuronal

intracellular fractions.

activity and this is the ruling paradigm in many

But in brain its specific states are provided on

human related scientific fields. At the same time, some of the most widely used methods

the one hand by

for monitoring brain activity, in particular

exclusively complex architecture of nervous

functional MRI, diffusion MRI register primarily the state and dynamic activity of water

and auxiliary cells. Their

constituting the overwhelming majority of brain

predominantly fiber and branching structure

matter that presumably depends of nervous activity and reciprocally influences it.

ensures at any moment specific structural organization of significant

There are a lot of evidences that people may

fractions of water. On the other hand oxygen-

voluntary influence their own physiological

dependent metabolic processes proceed in CNS much more intensely than in other tissues

processes, influence at a distance upon physiological and psychological state of other

and provide for the permanently highly excited

individuals and may have remote impact on the

states of brain living matter. Continuous and highly organized (coherent) changes of

material processes, but there are mostly anecdotic or not well studied data. Another

structural-energetic states of aqueous

aspect of these phenomena is the influence of

component of brain matter may provide brain with the property of being both the receptor and

collective consciousness on material world compared with the influence of individual

emitter of informational signal (in particular but

consciousness. Idea of collective

not exclusively of electromagnetic nature). We suppose that water being the most abundant

consciousness was first proposed by Yung and lately was strongly explored in psychology and

substance in the environment may serve both

social sciences, but there are quite a few

the channel for information transmission, the receiver, processor and the major component

experimental proofs of the remote effects of the collective consciousness on the material

of information storage. There are a lot of data


that human consciousness may directly affect material world, in particular, water may change

One of the major obstacles for scientific

its properties under the influence of human

investigation of these phenomena is the

consciousness and these changes may be quantitatively evaluated and transformed to

absence of understanding of what is the material basis for such a dynamic entity as

other media, both by direct contact and

consciousness nesting in a brain and for its


propagation outside its “nest� and interaction with external entities. We suppose that water –

Recent developments in neuroscience

the most abundant substance in the Universe

demonstrate that changes of states of consciousness are attributed to the changes in

may play the key role in all consciousness manifestations.

The Memory & Secrets of Water


Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin info@weltimtropfen.com

Our world view distinguishes between natural

For one experiment, the patterns are in the

science and humanities, between the world of

most cases so similar that we can speak of

the measurable and the world of unprovable notions. But actuality is all that acts, and not all

reproducibility of the test.

that acts is measurable. Otherwise your first

The research in bio-resonance lead Prof.

great love would not have been actuality, and your children's`trust only illusion. There would

Kröplin to the study of water, as the basic element in the body and, hence, the one

be no honour and no ethics. When we now see

responsible for transporting much of the

in the drops of water that they talk to another,

information thorough the different parts of the body at nano, micro and macro levels.

when information and mental energy seem to

Understanding the way water collects and transports information was seen as the

generate systematic

essential step to find out the complex behavior

changes, then it is worthwhile to at least

of our organs and their reaction to external agents.

look closer, because this could be the measurable beginning of that which

Water “notes” the external influences that have acted upon it. This is especially important to us

we all know intuitively,

humans, as water makes up around 70% of our

that mind permeates matter and that thoughts manifest themselves in

bodies. External factors that we expose ourselves to, be it music, electromagnetic

material structuring much more extensively than

radiation, ultra sound, x-ray or chemical

we now think possible. However, memory and information play a significant role in water, and

substances, all have an impact on the water structure within our cells that can be seen under

these build a bridge from the immaterial to the

a microscope. Our research is based on

material world. These subtle phenomena are the ground of misunderstanding, and they can

observed phenomena and has a long way still to go.

neither be studied nor detected by traditional experimental methods. Hence, we use a different approach: we investigate the patterns

In the last fifteen years Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin, Regine C. Henschel and their team explored

that appear in a water drop after evaporation of

seven secrets of the water, which Prof. Kröplin

the water and photograph them under a dark field microscope with a magnification between

explains in his lecture at this water conference for the first time.

40 and 400. We can prove that the patterns correlate with information exposed to the water.

More information: www.worldinadrop.com

CDs as Negentropic Engines in the Frame of Geomagnetic and Geoelectromagnetic Fields. Livio Giuliani,
 ISPESL, Italy According to the theory of Del Giudice-

waters are only the ones having a spectrum line

Preparata-Vitiello (1988, PhysRevLett), CDs are clusters of millions of water molecules that

in the neighborhood of 3200 cm-1. These ions seem to be undistinguishable from ordinary

oscillate mainly between the ground state and

water molecules while they are kept captive in

the first excited state, with the same phase, i.e. in a coherent way. Thus, they are named

the boundary of CDs. In such condition, they are belonging to the more ordered phase of CDs

“coherent domains”. According to our

rather than to the unordered phase of bulk

experimental results, CDs become stable only near surfaces (Comisso N et al. 2006,

water. The entropy of the system -CD and captured ions together- decreases while the

Bioelectrom), in agreement with the

Gibbs energy increases. In the presence of a

observations of Pollack and coll. (Zheng JM et al. 2006, Adv Colloid Interf Sc 2006).

weak magnetic field, tuned with the ion cyclotron resonance (ICR), the free energy is transferred

Furthermore, we observed that CDs capture

to the ion and the ion escapes from the CD with

ions and zwitterions in aqueous solutions under stimulation of an alternate magnetic fields,

enough energy to overcome the averaged energy in the bulk, kT. If there is an electric field

coupled with the geomagnetic field (Zhadin MN

in order to give a direction to the motion of such

and L Giuliani, 2006, EBM; Giuliani L et al. 2009 IJBS). We attempted explaining the mechanism

ions, a current arises, as happened in the wellknown Liboff-Zhadin effect. This is the main

(Del Giudice E and L Giuliani, 2010, EJOO

mechanism through which CD works as a

Library v. 5), based on the role of the ponderomotive force. This force is caused by the

negentropic engine. In this report we present a second auxiliary mechanism: Schumann’s

elevated squared gradient of the

frequencies match the cyclotron frequencies of

electromagnetic potential vector through the boundary of CDs and is countered by the

several hydrates of hydronium. Thus they can protonate the bulk water thanks to the Liboff-

squared difference of frequencies between the captured ion and the frequency of the attracting

Zhadin effect of hydronium, modifying again the properties of water (D’Emilia E et al., 2015,

water CD. It has been seen that in the IR

EBM, and 2016, EBM). This phenomenon allows

spectrum of water, the vibrational peak at 3200 cm-1 (0.4 eV) is the peak due to the coherent

ion currents -present in bulk water- to be amplified, thanks to the increased conductivity in

fraction of water (De Ninno A et al., 2014, Water

water. Also iIn this way, the energy of ion

J). Thus ions that can be captured by CDs

currents exceeds kT.


V. Korenbaum1, T. Chernysheva2, V. Galay2, R. Galay2, A. Ustinov3, V. Kostin3, S. Zakharkov1 1- Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Science, 2 - Clinics of Functional Medicine “Manus”, 3 - Institution of Chemistry, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Science, v-kor@poi.dvo.ru

Vladimir Korenbaum Background: In previous study (Korenbaum et al., 2012) using Varian Cary 5000i (Agilent

part of the wavelengths ones more fell into the discussion area of spectra with low levels of

Technologies) double-beam spectrophotometer

signals at photo detector. To decrease water layer

we revealed that absorption spectra of some water

further we used IR-Furrier spectrometer IRAffinity-1 (Shimadzu). Analysis was applied in

electronic copies of

4000-400 cm-1 area, resolution 4 cm-1, number

homeopathic substances had few wavelengths with

of scans 30. Measurements were made for thin layers of samples in windows KRS-5 (thallium

statistically sufficient

bromide-iodide) with the lead foil 0.025 mm

distinctions in relation to hidden control (placebo)

gasket between them. Each test sample was placed in a space defined by the inner edges of

spectrum. However a large

the gasket and the window KRS-5 using a

part of those wavelengths coincided with areas of minimal transmission

disposable syringe. Before each measurement the window and gasket were washed with

coefficient or maximal absorption bands of the

medical grade distilled water and dried with filter

water, characterized by comparable with background low level of signals at the output of

paper. 12 samples of electronic copies of two homeopathic substances of various dilution

photo detector. On one hand the procedure seems reliable because in accordance with signal

imprinted on medical grade distilled water were compared with 6 blank distilled water samples by

processing theory we applied coherent

double blind manner using Mann-Whitney

accumulation of signals among 19 samples which resulted in ≈ 4.4 times (square root of 19)

nonparametric U test.

amplification above background level. However

Results: 4 of 5 found spectral bands with

on the other hand experts in spectral measurements ask why you should put yourself

cumulative statistically significant distinctions between common spectra of electronic copy and

in obviously unfavorable conditions using very

hidden control were attributed to infrared

weak signals not reliable in principle.

wavelengths between 3600 – 4000 nm, where the transmission coefficient of water was not less

The objective of the study is to resolve the

than 30%.

question on reliability of found spectral distinctions of electronic copies of homeopathy

Conclusions: The most of wavelengths with

substances in relation to blank water.

significant spectral distinctions between electronic

Methods: Since maximal absorption bands of the

copies and blank water were firstly found out of the band of minimal transmission signals in

water are caused by thick water layer (10 mm in

infrared water spectrum. Thus a reliability of

previous experiments) we tried to apply cuvettes with thinner water layer of 2 mm in the same

spectral evidences of homeopathy substances electronic copying was confirmed.

double-beam spectrophotometer. However bigger

Iva Villi/freeimages.com


 1, 2 M. Kowacz, 2 M. Marchelb, 3 L. Juknaité, 2 J. M. S. S. Esperança, 3 M. J. Romão, 3 A. L. Carvalho, 2 L. P. N. Rebelo, 1 P. Warszyński

1 Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Niezapominajek 8, 30-239 Krakow, Poland; 2 Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Av. da República, 2780-157 Oeiras, Portugal; 3 UCIBIO REQUIMTE, Departamento de Química, Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2829-516 Caparica, Portugal; e-mail:nckowacz@cyf-kr.edu.pl

Magdalena Kowacz We demonstrate that a physical trigger, a non-

enhanced hydration of proteins. However, for

ionizing infrared (IR) radiation at wavelengths

proteins with larger fraction of solvent-exposed

strongly absorbed by liquid water, can be

apolar surface, IR radiation would result in reduced hydrophilicity of the solid with adsorbed

used to induce and

proteins (more compact sediment in aqueous

kinetically control protein self-assembly in solution

solution). This effect can be interpreted as a result of the IR- enhanced hydration of ions that

[1] and to modulate

would make them less prone to adsorb at the

protein-surface interactions.

protein surface and thus, would attenuate their effect on reduction of protein-water interfacial tension. Owing to many important implications of

We m e a s u r e d F T I R spectra of aqueous

the protein hydration, the IR radiation can be explored as a new tool to control bio-inspired

solutions of proteins exposed to infrared radiation (emitted by light

processes. For example, it has been shown that protein physiological activity is inherently bound

emitting diodes) and we observed increased

to its ability to induce structuring of adjacent

correlation of protein interfacial water molecules. In order to verify the effect of this enhanced

water layers and that functional motions of proteins are associated with breaking and

ordering of interfacial water on protein

subsequent restoration of this water structure.

crystallization, we have subjected our crystallization drops to IR radiation. As the result

On the other hand, protein ability to fold (for many proteins necessary to perform their

we could induce crystal nucleation at protein

function) is recognized to depend on entropy

concentration much lower than that needed to obtain crystals under control conditions.

gain on dehydration of hydrophobic compartments. Our results suggests that both

Furthermore, we were able to prevent non-

hydration of polar regions and dehydration of

specific protein aggregation (a process involved in many disease conditions) and to favor periodic

apolar ones can be influenced by the remote physical trigger - the infrared radiation.

self-assembly in IR-irradiated samples. We have also performed experiments on the effect of IRexposure on protein adsorption at silica

This work was finantially supported by National Science Centre trough grant FUGA number

nanoparticles. For highly charged proteins,


hydrophilicity of protein-decorated solids (expressed by changes in sediment volume in

[1] M. Kowacz et al. J. Crystal Growth 2016, doi:

aqueous solution) would increase in response to


IR. This is consistent with suggested IR-induced

Holographic Properties of Water John Stuart Reid, Sonic Age, Acoustic-Physics Research, UK

An investigation into water-borne Faraday

In a separate series of experiments, extremely

Waves has revealed what may be a series of

low frequency sounds injected into the

previously unexplored

CymaScope generated transient wave

phenomena. The

patterns resembling ancient life forms, such

primary research tool

as trilobites, starfish and diatoms. Is this

was the CymaScope,

simply pareidolia, the tendency for us to see

a new instrument that

what we want to see? Or is there a genuine

transposes sonic

connection to be investigated, the tantalizing

periodicities to water

possibility that hydrothermal vent sounds in

wavelet periodicities,

the primordial oceans were a potent

thus generating an

organizing force for local minerals and for

analog of sound and

amino acids brought to earth by comets?

vibration in water. Dolphin echolocation click trains were recorded as they reflected from a human subject and several submerged plastic objects. When recordings of the click trains were injected into the instrument’s circular water cell, transient wave patterns formed faint images of the submerged human and objects in the water, suggesting that dolphins may process returning echoes in a visual context. Another experiment involving sonically excited water revealed a variety of

These and other experiments suggest that

sub-surface structures, most notably a knot,

water has holographic properties, an ability to

indicating that complex forms can be created

store spatial information.

by sonic compression of water molecules.


Roumiana Tsenkova

Water Image by Georg Schroecker

Exploring biological world with invisible light This section is working on various applications and new developments in the area of near

dairy cows followed by identification of the bacterial pathogens. Oxidative stress, prion

infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) as non -

disease in rats and mosaic virus in soybean

destructive technology for monitoring and diagnosis of biological objects. Qualitative and

plants are other successful examples of noninvasive diagnosis based on in vivo tissue

quantitative analysis applied in biological- and

spectra acquisition and analysis. Various

food-related research and technology, as well as understanding new phenomena related to

molecular level studies have been related to food functionality and on-line monitoring of a

water in biology are the main area of interest.

fermentation process proved to be a good tool for a feedback on food production line.

Near infrared is the range of electromagnetic

Recently, a new scientific area, Aquaphotomics,

spectrum between the visible and infrared light. It is only slightly absorbed by water, unlike

has been proposed by our laboratory. The aim is to describe and understand biological

visible light that is almost entirely reflected or

systems through the multidimensionality of

infrared that is readily absorbed by it. This particular feature provides a unique tool to

water - light interaction expressed as a spectral pattern.

explore water-rich substances like biological objects. One technical difficulty in interpreting results is the fact that NIR range exhibits broad

Our laboratory puts emphasizes on internationalization and focused on practice

absorbance bands representing several

education. We conduct seminars on both

absorbance peaks. In order to reveal the specific information contained in those broad

Japanese and English, go to international conferences to present research and often visit

peaks, the spectral data is submitted to

farms, do joint research projects with farms and

multivariate analysis. Thus the use of NIRS has been strongly linked to the evolution of methods

companies. It is an interdisciplinary environment with students and researchers coming from

in multivariate analysis, chemometrics. In fact,

different backgrounds, with often visits from

the development of new chemometrics methods for even more precise NIR spectral information

foreign professors and company research institutions. Here each student develops his/her

extraction is a significant part of what makes

own research project and is encouraged to

NIRS the diagnostic tool our laboratory is working on developing.

exchange knowledge and ideas between team members. We welcome everyone who wants to

NIRS has been successfully applied for in-vivo

explore biological world through the prism of

diagnosis of mammary gland inflammation in

Near Infrared technology!

 All about Water – Light Interaction

 SPECTRA and AQUAGRAM 1518nm (V1, V2)

1344nm (V3) 3.5 3

1364nm (water shell)



2 1.5

1492nm (S4)


1372nm (V1+V3)



0 -0.5 -1

1474nm (S3)

1464nm (S2)

1398nm (free OH)

1444nm (S1)

1410nm (S0, free water) 1438nm (H5O2)



−µ A λ = σ

1382nm (water shell)


moisture water

A : Absorbance after EMSC (1300-1600 nm) μ:Mean of Averaged spectra σ:SD of absorbance at each water absorbance band

Aquaphotomics Roumiana Tsenkova Kobe University, Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Bio Measuremen Technology Laboratory rtsen@kobe-u.ac.jp

Water is a collective media being always in a

molecular mirror when invisible infrared light

similar ratio with the rest of the system it

(half of the Sun light) illuminates the aqua

organizes: in the cell, in our bodies, on Earth

system. Even tiny perturbation to the system

and may be in the cosmos. In the

as temperature, light, presence of other

contemporary world of interdisciplinary

molecules etc. does change the structure of

science and technology understanding the

the water molecular system. These changes

role of water is of crucial importance.

are captured and reflected by the water as

Unfortunately, until now, it has not been very

changes in its spectral pattern. It means that

well explored. Recently, with the development

the light that leaves the system and gets back

of computer science, data analysis and new

to the surroundings has a different spectrum,

measurement technologies, water has been

i.e. different intensity at each energy level. In

studied by scientific teams in wide variety of

the experimental settings, different spectra are


registered by the measurement device, which is made by silicon semiconductor. Very often,

Aquaphotomics is a new “– omics” discipline

silicon could be found next to water in aqua

introduced by the Laboratory of Bio

systems as a “receiver” that materializes the

Measurement Technology at Faculty of

water molecular mirror and transfers the

Agriculture, Kobe University, Japan. The main

information coming out of the water.

object of this new field is to understand the role of the water molecular system by

In the talk, examples of water spectral

monitoring water spectrum of bio – and

patterns called aquagrams will be shown for

aqueous systems under various perturbations.

various aqua systems under perturbation

Aquaphotomics presents water spectrum as

shedding more light on the role of water in

holistic bio marker that epitomizes the


respective system. Water emerges as a

 Climate and Energy Gerald Pollack
 University of Washington, US 
 EZ Water and Weather: An Intimate Role of Separated Charge Alex Pope
 Ice on land – Pope’s climate theory Curt Halberg Sweden Vortex Technology, Harvesting the Energy of a Tornado Dr. James J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak
 OxyHydrogen: An Examination of Browns Gas Livio Giuliani
 ISPESL, Italy 
 Coherent domains as negentropic engine in the frame of geomagnetic and geoelectromagnetic fields.

EZ Water and Weather: An Intimate Role of Separated Charge 
 Gerald H. Pollack, University of Washington, Seattle.

Among meteorologists, two cardinal features of water dynamics remain uncertain: evaporation

gravitation. And, why do dark clouds sometimes release rain, and other times not?

and cloud formation. Absent this understanding, predicting weather patterns

Our work on EZ water provides possible answers to these and other questions about

remains challenging. Even

weather. The presentation will offer a fresh

simple phenomena remain unclear: Why can clouds

overview of possible mechanisms of weather. It will propose answers to the questions above,

suspend themselves above

and offer insights into possible mechanisms of

the earth — they should descend from the weight of

exotic weather phenomena such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Weather, after all, is a

the water droplets inside the

phenomenon centering on water — if EZ water

cloud, pulled downward by the force of

exists, then the EZ must play some role in all of these phenomena. The question is how.

Ice on land: Popes climate theory Herman Alexander Pope|

Historically, the earth’s temperature and sea

because it took a long time to thaw and remove

level have been regulated within narrow

that much ice.

bounds. These narrow bounds changed over the

Proxy data, especially the ice core data from Greenland and Antarctica, demonstrate the

last 50 million years. Data

correlations between temperature and ice

collected on the earth’s temperature demonstrates

accumulation rates (measured), inferred radiation (IR), and albedo (calculated from

increase then decrease in

temperature). IR is the radiation to space that is

cycles that are bounded. The range of these cycles

a function of a constant multiplied by temperature to the fourth power. It is powerful.

has changed over the 50

Albedo is the proportion of the incident light or

million years, but the range remained well

radiation that is reflected by a surface, in this case that of earth. The data demonstrates

bounded within narrow limits

some correlation and some lack of correlation

while the temperature levels decreased much more. In the 50 million year period, the warmest

between CO2 and temperature. The correlation is understandable because the vapor pressure

times were when there was, relatively, less ice

of any gas that dissolves in water is a strong

on land and the coldest times were when there was, relatively, more ice on land. The Climate

function of temperature. Open a hot and a cold carbonated soft drink and see the difference.

Scientists on all sides of this debate do

Data demonstrates excellent correlation with

acknowledge this, but most say the more and less ice is a result of warming and cooling. It is

ice on earth and temperature. The extent of ice on earth increases when earth gets colder.

really the primary cause of warming and

Scientists on all sides of the debate

cooling. During the maj normal.or warm periods and longer cold periods of the most recent 2

acknowledge this. The ice advance or retreat on the earth’s surface is labeled as positive

million years, the bounds of temperature and

feedback. Some climate theorists fear the ice

ice were further apart. This occurred because the oceans would get high and warm, with

will reach a “tipping point” or point of no return. In 50 million years, there has never been a

much warm thawed ocean water in Polar

tipping point from which there was no recovery.

Regions and it snowed to remove that warm water from the oceans and dump it on land.

The cycle always recovers. The last ten thousand years has demonstrated tighter

This was followed by a prolonged cold period

bounding. This tighter bound is the new normal.

Earth temperature is regulated by something

and spreads out, reflecting more energy,

that is abundant, not a trace gas. CO2 has been arbitrarily assigned responsibility for climate

dumping more ice and ice cold water into the oceans and on land until earth cools. Polar

change while the much more abundant

oceans freeze and the sun takes away ice every

greenhouse gas, “Water Vapor”, has been ignored. Water, Ice, Water Vapor, Clouds are

year until earth warms again. About 2000 years ago, there was a Roman

abundant and that regulates earth temperature.

Warm Period and then it got cold. About 1000

Earth is warmer when there is less ice on earth and earth is colder when there is more ice on

years ago, there was a Medieval Warm Period and then it got cold. That was called the Little

earth. That is not a result, as the Climate

Ice Age. It is warm now because it is in the

Scientists always tell us, it is the cause. I repeat this because it is

warm part of the natural cycle. It is a natural cycle and we did

most important.

not cause it.

IR radiation in the tropics does provide most of the cooling of

CO2 just makes green things grow better, while using less

earth. It has a variable


thermostat that increases cooling by a constant multiplied

Theorist Biographical Information

by the temperature to the fourth

Herman Alexander (Alex) Pope,

power. That is the most powerful cooling for earth, but it does not

a retired NASA-JSC engineer, began his career as a Co-op

have a fixed thermostat.

student at the Manned

In the Polar Regions, in the Northern Hemisphere and in the

Spacecraft Center in Houston Texas in 1963 and concurrently

Southern Hemisphere, there are thermostats

earned a BS degree in Engineering Mechanics

with fixed set points. The Polar Oceans freeze and thaw at the same temperature and that

from Virginia Tech in 1967. Mr. Pope supplied computer analysis to the Gemini, Apollo, Space

does turn cooling on and off. The cooling is

Shuttle, Space Station, X-38 and other missions

provided by more snowfall when oceans are thawed and is turned off when the oceans get

and projects between 1963- 2007. In 2008, Mr. Pope attended a climate lecture on

cold and freeze and cut off the source of

ice cycle theory which included a historical

moisture. This is the cooling that has thermostats with a fixed set point that explains

review of original theories by Maurice Ewing and William Donn from the 1950’s and 1960’s. This

the amazing stability of earth temperature, and sea level.

experience inspired Mr. Pope to conduct his own independent study for over 8 years.

Oceans warm, Polar Oceans Thaw, Snowfall

Mr. Pope resides in Houston, Texas with his

increases. Ice is replenished on Antarctica, Greenland and Mountain Glaciers. Ice builds up

lovely wife Barbara. Mr. Pope has four children and six grandchildren.

Experiences with Water Vortexes Institute of Ecological Technology (IET) and

treat the water with Vortex Process Technology

Watreco have investigated and developed water treaters based on Viktor Schaubergers work

(VPT), ice for ice skating, as an example, can be improved. Energy can also be saved as the ice

since 1994. In this technology we utilize the

laying process demands lesser energy if vortex

effects of the vortex for various purposes. By

treated water is used.

Curt Halberg A n o t h e r

2. Channels. After the preformer, the fluid is

application is

directed through a set of channels. Each

algae problems in ponds can be

channel delivers a jet stream of vortex flow tangentially into a vortex chamber.

reduced or solved

3. Vortex chamber. In the vortex chamber, the

as the VPT imitates the natural

vortices from the channels are wound together, similar to how a rope is spun together from a

cleaning process

set of threads. A strong and stable vortex flow

found in rivers. As a side effect, an

is formed inside the vortex chamber.

economical aeration of the water is achieved.

Some expected effects on the water

The idea behind VPT - Vortex Process

An examination of the properties of treated water was made in 2010 and 2011 by the

Technology is to allow a fluid to self-organize

Eindhoven BV (PTG/e), an independent

into an ordered vortex movement. Vortex movement is fundamental in nature. It occurs

research and knowledge of Technology (TU/e). Samples were taken from municipal water in

in galaxies, tornados, mountain streams and human blood flow. The unique biomimetic

Holland, before and after VPT treatment. Water treatment was made with a standard

design of VPT applications allows the

Watreco vortex generator at a water pressure

harnessing of the extreme power of a tornado for industrial applications.

of 3.5 bar. •

The vortex generator is inspired by Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester who spent his entire life studying natural water flow. During the first half of the 20th century, Schauberger came up with eco-friendly

Viscosity a decrease in viscosity was observed by PTG/e after VPT treatment.

Heat transfer - VPT treatment changed

the melting behavior of ice. Heat capacity was higher for liquid

alternatives to some of the non-sustainable

water and ice.

technology still in use today.

Electrical conductivity increased after VPT treatment.

T - Vortex Process Technology

Wettening ability increased after VTP

treatment. Crystallization of water, minerals and

The vortex generator produced by Watreco is able to generate a well-defined and controlled vortex. The vortex generator shapes the fluid

other substances is affected

flow in three stages: Applications are numerous and the effects are 1. Preformer. Where the vortex inner parts is preformed


 An Examination of Browns Gas
 Dr. James J. Hurtak and Dr. Desiree Hurtak 
 Academy For Future Science www.affs.org

Water Images by Georg Schroecker

Energy from water, is it possible? Many inventors, beginning with Yull Brown

3. Trombly, Adam (2016) Private conversations

(originally a Bulgarian citizen), and including

between Adam Trombly who worked with Yull Brown on Brown’s Gas.

Stanley Meyer, and Dr. Ohmasa from Japan have demonstrated significant energy from pressurized oxygen and hydrogen, produced

James Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. is a social scientist and researcher who, along with his wife, Desiree

f r o m t h e c o m p o n e n t s o f w a t e r.

Hurtak, Ph.D., an environmentalist, has

OxyHydrogen or Brown’s Gas is electrolyzed

researched energy technologies throughout the world. They are the founders of The Academy

water, existing as some claim, in a unique form, where hydrogen atoms are not found in pairs, but as single atoms. That is, Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms are held at a pressure, in a monatomic state, existing

For Future Science which is an international organization working around the world to better our environment. The Academy for Future Science, is a United Nations NGO (non-

t o g e t h e r, b u t n o t j o i n e d . A l t h o u g h

government organization) associated with ECOSOC (The Economic and Social Council)

researchers such as Ohmasa in Japan (1),

and DPI (Department of Public Information). Drs.

have used it as a fuel for motorcycles and cars, the most common use of this technology is in welding. (2) The flame

Hurtak were speakers at the United Nations Rio + 20 Conference on Sustainable Development (2012), as well as presenters at the UN World

generated increases its temperature due to

Summit for Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002). Dr. J.J. Hurtak has

an interactive combustion property starting

earned two Ph.Ds, one from the University of

in the air at around 125°C but in contact with

California, and one from the University of Minnesota. In the 1980s he was a Director of

various elements it can reach 6000°C.(3) The research which began in the 1970s is ongoing with variations of experimental tests

Technology Marketing Analysis Corporation, San Francisco, which sponsored RETSIE (Renewable Energy Technology Symposiums)

still being made which we will explore.

and worked with six government agencies, in addition to NASA, to bring together over a


thousand engineers, scientists and industrial

1. Japan Techno, Inc (2011) private discussion and demonstration of Ohmasa gas.Tokyo,

leaders to exchange information on renewable energy technology. In the 1980s and 1990s he


was Director of LASERTECH in Brazil which

2. Wiseman, George (2012) The Brown’s Gas Book Two: Build a High Quality Brown's Gas

developed lasers for industrial applications and for the study of rapidly changing environmental

Electrolyzer that will Exceed the Performance of

conditions, particularly in the study of

ANY Known Commercial Machine to Date . University Reprint.

deforestation and the soil conditions in the Brazilian farmlands and throughout the Amazon.

 Properties of Water Stuart Hamerof MD
 University of Arizona, USA 
 Polar and non-polar (quantum) regulation of coherent protein dynamics

Roberto Germano
 PROMETE Srl_ CNR Spin off, Italy Elmar C. Fuchs
 European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology "Wetsus", the Netherlands Protons and the floating water bridge Vitorio Elia
 Dept. of Chemical Sciences, University "Federico II" of Naples, Italy 
 Iterative Procedures to Highlight the Formation of Molecular Aggregates of Water Molecules in Pure Perturbed Water - The Iteratively Cellulosated Water Yosef Scolnik
 (Israel Institute for advanced research )
 Deviation from identity of macroscopic properties of enantiomers – via water chiral preference. (Is water chiral?) Nikolai Bunkin
 Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russia 
 Non-invasive laser diagnostics of swelling nafion in water and aqueous solutions of salts. Victor Norris
 University of Rouen, France
 How does a cell generate a coherent phenotype from its many constituents? Antonella DHue Ninno
 Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy Ernst Zurcher
 Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland 
 Water uptake by cellulose as an indicator of variability in water properties?

JosĂŠ Manuel SuĂĄrez [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Polar and non-polar (quantum) regulation of coherent protein dynamics Stuart Hameroff, University of Arizona, USA The interplay between water and charges on protein surfaces drives biomolecular dynamics. Anesthetic gases selectively prevent consciousness in non-polar, 'quantum-friendly' regions inprotein interiors (the 'Meyer-Overton correlation), dampening hierarchical vibrational resonances. I'll discuss the interplay between intra-protein non-polar (quantum) vibrations and polar dynamics in biological water.

Unexpected UV-fluorescence behavior of supramolecular H2O architectures generated by perturbing pure water

Roberto Germano,
 PROMETE Srl_ CNR Spin off, Italy

Micron-sized supramolecular H2O aggregates are producible by perturbing pure water, i.e.,

To ensure that impurities (molecules released by the membrane, organic- or bio-contaminants) do

immersing a hydrophilic membrane in Milli-Q

not underlie aforementioned phenomena, we

water, stirring the liquid, removing and drying the membrane, and then repeating these steps

employed state-of-the-art analytic techniques (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time

(Iteratively Nafionated Water).

Of Flight and Gas Chromatography both coupled

INW shows a fluorescence spectra consisting of a

to Mass Spectroscopy, and Ion Chromatography). The perturbed water only contains 10- 6 M

broad band spanning from 290 to 550 nm. On

Fluorine and Sulfate ions released by the

dilution of the sample, the fluorescence intensity diminishes, and this emission is absent in Milli- Q

membrane and minuscule amounts of contaminants, but lyophilizing the INW perturbed

water. The absence of any sharp emission peaks

water produces a ponderal solid residue.

and the smeared out character of the spectra indicate presence of excimers.

PROTONS AND THE FLOATING WATER BRIDGE 1 WETSUS, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology, Oostergoweg 9, 8911 MA Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Elmar C. Fuchs The floating water bridge is a special case of an

diffusion-based proton mobility in bulk water. It

electrohydrodynamic liquid bridge and


constitutes an intriguing phenomenon that occurs when a high potential difference (~kV

electrohydrodynamic or “apparent” charge mobility, an experimental quantity which so far

cm−1) is applied between two beakers of water.

has lacked molecular interpretation. Impedance

High voltage electrolysis is responsible for proton

spectroscopy was used to measure excess positive and negative Bjerrum-defect like

production, transport

charge (protonic and ‘aterprotonic’) in anolyte

through the bridge and recombination with

and catholyte during and after the experiment. These results corroborate the proton

hydroxyl ions in the

channel model for liquid water under high

catholyte. We have measured the quasi-

voltage and give new insights into the molecular mechanisms behind

elastic neutron scattering

electrohydrodynamic charge. transport

(QENS) of such a liquid b r i d g e . Tw o p r o t o n

phenomena in liquid water.

populations were distinguished: one consisting of protons strongly bound to oxygen atoms (immobile population, elastic component) and a second one of quasi-free protons (mobile population, inelastic component). The diffusion coefficient of the quasi-free protons was found to be D=(26±10)×10−5 cm2 s−1 with a jump length lav∼3Å and an average residence time of t0 = 0.55 ±0.08 ps. The associated proton mobility in the proton channel of the bridge is ∼9.34 × 10−7 m2 V−1 s−1, twice as fast as






The Iteratively Cellulosated Water

Prof. Vittorio Elia, Dept. of Chemical Sciences, University “Federico II” of Naples We studied the effect of natural hydrophilic polymers, cellulose derivatives, on water, when using an iterative procedure of hydration and drying. The procedure consists of immerging a cellulose-derived material in water for several minutes, then extracting it and drying it at room conditions. These two steps are iterated several tens of times. The used materials were Whatman and Millipore cellulose filters, Paper filters and Cotton wool, i.e. all cellulose derivatives.

Several years ago, we have studied an iterative filtering procedure using the same Millipore filters. In that case, the experimental results obtained with the cellulose filters were similar to the ones obtained with sintered glass filters, IFW (Iteratively Filtered Water). The hydrophilic nature of the filter depends on the chemical nature of the regenerated cellulose. The iterative procedure of drying and rehydrating produces large variations of the electrical specific conductivity χ and small variations of pH.

We denote this new perturbed water:

we only performed the steps of hydration and

Iteratively Cellulosated Water, ICW, and their

drying of the materials. The linear trend of the

conductivity as χICW . Differently from INW, ICW yield very large increases of conductivity

pH as a function of the log of conductivity is a common behavior of all the iterative

but low increases of pH. As for INW, we measured the physical chemical parameters of

procedures used in these fields of research.

ICW after removing the used cellulosic

These behaviors indicate a fractal nature of the

polymer, evidencing the linear correlations between the physico-chemical properties of

modification of the supramolecular structure of w a t e r. Ta k i n g i n t o a c c o u n t p r e v i o u s

ICW. Therefore, we have introduced a new

experimental results regarding the use of

method of perturbing water. The iterative procedure is very similar to the one used for

iterative procedures, we have obtained overall at least three different kinds of water molecule

INW i.e. without filtration. The only difference is

aggregates. Therefore, we have discovered

due to the impossibility to use mechanical or manual stirring for some of the used materials.

that iterative procedures are a very efficient mean to highlight the subtle variations of the

Therefore, in this case the procedure is limited

supramolecular structure of water as a

to the iteration of these two basic steps for all the used materials: hydration and drying,

consequence of physical perturbations of low intensity. The iterated procedure induces an

without stirring.

increment of the concentration of water

For all the used materials, a linear correlation

aggregates, which are responsible for the changed physical chemical parameters. The

between pH and log(χICW) resulted. The

physical- chemical parameters of perturbed

slopes of the linear interpolating lines are positive and very small. Hence, they indicate a

water studied so far, induce to hypothesize three different kind of aggregates. Hahnemann

small variation of the pH parameter while the

was the first who discovered the iterative

χICW exhibits an extraordinary increase of three orders of magnitude or higher (when

procedure. In fact, the protocol for preparing the EDS (Extremely Diluted Solutions) of

using cotton wool). The cotton wool, due to its

Homeopathic Medicine consists in a double

nature, has a very large surface in contact with water compared to Whatman, Millipore or

iterative procedure of dilution and violent agitation (succussion). Probably his method is

paper filters. Therefore, the number of iteration

the first one to use the iterative procedure to

steps and consequently the time required to obtain the same conductivity variation is lower

perturb water. We added at least three new iterative procedures to perturb pure water:

than for the other filters. It must be underlined

INW, IFW and now ICW.

that we avoided the filtration procedure, and

Is water chiral?

Iva Villi/freeimages.com

Deviation from identity of macroscopic properties of enantiomers – via water chiral preference. Yosef Scolnik
 IYAR (Israel Institute for Advanced Research) yosef.scolnik@weizmann.ac.il

Mirror-image asymmetric molecules, i.e.

determined in this study by circular dichroism

enantiomers, are classically considered as

(CD) and isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC)

chemically identical. Parity violation by the nuclear weak force induces a tiny energy

in water and deuterium oxide. Distinct differences in structure and transition energies

difference between chiral isomers. Upon

between the enantiomer polypeptides were

combination with a massive amplification process, expansion of this difference to a

detected by both CD and ITC when dissolved in water. Intriguingly, these differences were by

detectable macroscopic level may be achieved.

and large abolished in deuterium oxide. Our

In our studies we have proven this concept in several systems:

findings suggest that deviation from physical invariance between the D- and L-enantiomers

• Stearoylserine "quasi peptide" formation. Solubility and cluster formation of Alanine • Diffusion and calorimetry of racemic alcohols

acids is induced in part by different hydration in

• Peptide Transitions to alpha –helix, shortly described hereafter and others.

75% of bulk H2O, has a preferential affinity to L-enantiomers.In other words, these studies,

We compared structural and dynamic features

prove that indeed water has chiral preferences,

of synthetic D- and L-polyglutamic acid and polylysine molecules each of 24 identical

Accordingly, Heavy Water has no chiral preference. Differential hydration of

residues. The helix and random coil

enantiomers may have played a role in the

configurations and their transition were

selection of L-amino acids by early forms of life.

water which is eliminated in deuterium oxide. We suggest that ortho-H2O, which constitutes


Astashev M.E.,1 Gudkov S.V.,2 Le Chevalier L.,4 Kozlov V.A.,3 Vu Minh Tuan3, Molchanov I.I.3, Bunkin N.F.3
 1-Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow Region, Russia; 2Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Moscow Russia; 3-Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia; 4-École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, Cycle ISMIN, Saint-Étienne, France; Correspondence should be addressed to nbunkin@kapella.gpi.ru

Nikolai Bunkin, 
 Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Russia

As was found in experiments on taking the

with good accuracy with the characteristic size of

photoluminescence spectra from the surface of dry (water-free) and swollen in water Nafion in a

Exclusion Zone, which has been previously measured in experiments, carried out by Prof.

scheme of grazing incidence of the pump

G.H. Pollack [2]. Thus, when speaking about the

radiation (this technique was first described in detail in Ref. [1]), the spectra of dry and swollen

formation of the fourth phase of water (in any case, if we mean the formation of such water

Nafion are absolutely identical. It was specially

close to the Nafion interface), we should always

verified that water is not luminescent-active for the pump radiation wavelength ( = 369 nm),

take into account the presence of Nafion particles, dispersed in this area. We conducted

used in our experiments. It turned out that the

the same experiments with aqueous solutions of

sizes of spatial area, adjacent to the Nafion

alkali metal chlorides at various concentrations and temperatures. It was found that the size of

surface, for which the luminescence spectra can still be detected, are essentially different for dry and swollen Nafion. In fact, in the case of dry Nafion the size of this area steeply decays with growing the distance from the Nafion surface, and amounts to 10 – 20 microns; this is associated with divergence of the pump radiation, which is taken into account by special form of the apparatus function of our experimental setup. At the same time, in the case of water-swollen Nafion the size of area, where the luminescence can be observed, extends deep into the bulk of liquid, reaching several hundred of microns. Since the luminescence signal is generated solely by the Nafion particles, we made a conclusion that such particles are dispersed in the bulk of liquid close to the Nafion surface. We found the solution to the inverse scattering problem, which allowed us to obtain the spatial distribution of the volume number density for the Nafion particles in the bulk of liquid. It turned out that the size of area, where the volume density of Nafion particles exhibits a gradient-like profile, coincides

the Exclusion Zone depends on the type of cation; for more detail see our recent study [3]. Furthermore, it was found that Na+ cations are effectively repelled from the Nafion surface, while K+ cations tend to be adsorbed at this surface. Based on the experimental data, it was suggested that the spatial structure of the Exclusion Zone is similar to that of biological cell. 1 N.F. Bunkin, V.S. Gorelik, V.A.Kozlov, A.V. Shkirin, and N.V. Suyazov, “Colloidal Crystal Formation at the “Nafion-Water” Interface,” J. Phys. Chem. B. 118, 3372-3377 (2014). 2 G.H. Pollack, The Fourth Phase of Water; Ebner and Sons Publishers: Seattle, WA, USA, 2013. 3 N.F. Bunkin, V.A. Kozlov, I.I. Molchanov, M.E. Astashev, S.V. Gudkov et al. Investigation of the phase states of aqueous salt solutions near a polymer membrane surface. Physics of Wave Phenomena. 23, No. 4, 255-264. (2015).

By CK-12 Foundation [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

How does a cell generate a coherent phenotype from its many constituents? Victor Norris University of Rouen, France 

The nature of the regulation of the bacterial cell

done at the intracellular level of hyperstructures,

cycle and the generation of a broad range of

which are spatially extended assemblies of many

coherent phenotypes are fundamental problems. We have proposed that the two problems are

hundreds of molecules and macromolecules and which perform specific tasks. To investigate the

intimately related. In our proposal, a major function of the cell cycle is to maintain a diversity

dynamics of these hyperstructures, we have used Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry to

of phenotypes; to achieve this, bacteria sense

image bacteria labelled with stable isotopes.

both the intensity with which their constituents are working and the quantity of material they

These results support the idea that the dynamics of hyperstructures drives the cell cycle. Here, I

have accumulated. This sensing is proposed as

propose that hyperstructure dynamics depends on the different states of water.

About two phase structures of liquid water and its significance in biology Antonella De Ninno ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), Italy

The physical origin of coherence inside condensed

superposition of two populations of molecules

matter at ambient conditions of temperature and pressure is still widely debated among physicists

having different degree of mutual correlation and belonging to different quantum states.

because in the past decades the existence of macroscopic quantum states has been only related to cryogenic systems such as

Several experimental findings (Optical Kerr Effect, IR spectroscopy, THz reflection spectroscopy)

superconductors and superfluids. The main

have confirmed this two levels picture of liquid

objection is still related to the KT paradox, i.e. the existence of long lasting coherent states of lifelong

water even at room temperature. Liquid water can be considered as a double level system, i.e. a

excitations at room temperature is not compatible

system where molecules can oscillate between

with the energy exchanges due to the thermal random motion.

two energetic states. Such a picture can also be applied to explain EZ

The existence of coherent macroscopic states at physiological temperature allows us to re-consider

formation. EZ also exists in de-ionized water, thus, even though the observed squared root of time

many “impossible” phenomena. Energy transfer in

dependence of the formation of the EZ points

biological systems, as example, implies the extreme energetic efficiency of living organisms.

toward a diffusive process, the ultimate nature of the diffusing particles has still to be clarified.

Photosynthetic complexes capture of solar radiation occur with a near-perfect quantum

The formation of a film of water on the surface of a

efficiency. High efficient energy transfer is just a

solid body can be described by the general theory

characteristic of coherent systems and the existence of giant dipoles in biologic systems can

of the Van der Waals forces and its thickness depends on the electrostatic dielectric constant of

be explained in terms of mesoscopic portions of

both the film ⍷water and the solid surface ⍷ solid .

matter sharing the same wave function. Coherent macroscopic states find their rationale in a general

However, considering the fact that water has two

theory of coherence in condensed matter: in

very different, an interesting and unpredictable picture emerges.

particular, liquid water turns out to be a

different phases whose dielectric constant can be

Water uptake by cellulose as an indicator of variability in water properties ? Ernst ZĂźrcher, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland From the 3 main components of wood (cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin), cellulose is characterized by a strong hydrophilicity in opposition to lignin, which is hydrophobic by nature. The evolutionary significance of this fact is first briefly discussed, including the new paradigm of the “4th phase of waterâ€?. Based on our research on the variations of wood properties in function of the felling date of the trees (regarding especially lunar phases), we developed the hypothesis that the binding forces between wood and water represent the fluctuating factor. Experiments on water uptake by nearly pure cellulose in an automatized system under controlled conditions show surprising, quite strong (and cyclic?) variations. Our proposition is that they are due to changes in water properties rather than to an uneven cellulose configuration.


A Seattle based non-profit, today announced

A key aspect of the IVS plan is to fund multiple

the opening of its first round of pre-proposal

laboratories worldwide that follow the same

competition for scientific grants.

theme. That approach helps build a critical mass, assuring that promising new

The IVS funds promising ideas that

paradigms cannot be easily ignored.

challenge conventional scientific

Challengers will have a fighting chance to

thinking. The organization seeks to identify ideas with the highest potential to replace paradigms that have outlived their

gain traction. This approach is expected to

facilitate major breakthroughs, possibly even scientific revolutions.

usefulness. All areas of natural science are considered. Dr. Gerald Pollack, the Executive Director of the Institute commented, “We do not fund technology development, but only

Pre-proposal instructions are available at http://www.theinstituteforventurescience.net/#! preproposal/cifs.

fundamental science — the more fundamental, the better. We are seeking proposals with the highest capacity to shake the earth.”

Contact: Dr. Gerald Pollack, 
 Executive Director Email: admin@ivsci.org

challenging conventional thinking


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Scientifically Tested and Proven: Exclusion Zone/EZ Water Deuterium Depleted Water 1000x More Pure Highly Oxygenated

 1) Tested to be EZ water 2) Tested to be deuterium depleted water 3) Purest and lightest form of water 4) Tested to have lower oxygen/hydrogen energy bond (more bioavailable) 5) Tested to have higher O16/O18 ratio 6) Tested to have higher saturated oxygen content than normal water 7) Tested to be unbuffered, neutral pH (good for digestion and does not harm digestive processes) 8) Patented protected process (DIVINIA intellectual property) that is environmentally friendly and wastes no water http://www.diviniawater.com/index.html This list, with associated claims and tests, is property of DIVINIA Water, and cannot be reproduced, copied, or used without express permission.

IC Medicals Emission Project
 “Emission” project lies at the intersection of such sciences as physics, biology and medicine. It’s devoted to developing the technology of remote transfer of super weak electromagnetic emissions (SWEME, “emission”) of biologically active substances (BAS) via of communication lines with fu rther SWEME tra n sfe r to a t e m p o r a r y c a r r i e r. A f t e r t h a t procedure the temporary carrier can be used as a source of biologically active SWEME for specific effect on water and aqueous systems.

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young people-connect Encouraging YOUNG PEOPLE to come, hear, and rub shoulders with the leaders in the field by offering to partially defray travel and lodging costs for selected students and postdocs who plan to present a poster at the conference.

4. Send both documents to mail@waterconf.com. The deadline for submission is August 1. EARLY APPLICATIONS ARE ENCOURAGED, as the meeting may reach capacity.

To apply for financial support:

Applicants will be informed of decisions on or before August 15. In no case can full costs be covered. We have limited funds, so we must limit the selected students to ten.

1. Supply a title and short abstract (one paragraph) of the poster you intend to present. To be considered for support, poster presentations are required. 2. Have your research advisor write a brief note describing your capabilities and the need for financial support. 3. If you are more than 35 years old, please justify the need. This program is designed primarily for people 35 and younger.

Conferees from previous meetings have given rave reviews, stimulated by many novel observations and lively discussions in an intimate setting. With best wishes, Gerald Pollack Conference Chair


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Water conference 2016  

2016 Water Conference This international scientific conference "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water" is dedicated to scientists and rese...

Water conference 2016  

2016 Water Conference This international scientific conference "Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water" is dedicated to scientists and rese...


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