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Inspired by the book InsideOUT the Visual Guide to Understanding the Universe, Sage to Sage by Karen Elkins


A Window into Your World

Science to Sage Magazine and its other enterprises are dedicated to a golden age of wisdom. The goal is to weave a beautifully tapestry between the scientists, sage, alchemist, artist, inventors and innovative thinkers.

Engage where the mystical, the magical and the miracle of life are explored.

FEATURED WRITERS Eliza Mada Dalian • The World: Our Mirror Image Dr. Doris Laura Phd • Born with a Gift - Adam DreamHealer Rollin McCraty, Ph.D • Intuition • Chetan Parkyn • Human Design • Gene Webb • Our Unfolding Universe • Robert Moss • The Shaman Diagnosis of Our Existential Complaints Karen Elkins Excerpts from InsideOUT, The Visual Guide to the Wisdom of the Our Designer Universe - Science to Sage


Lets discover together.

• Richard Merrick -Key Harmonic Intervals in the human body • Gene Webb - diagrams & poems

Science without religion is lame, religion

• Karen Elkins - poems

without science is blind.

LINKS : • May Issue on Harmonic Evolution • Articles by Dr. Kontantin Korotkov

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. Albert Einstein

Energy in an Electric Universe • Articles by Mark Ainley on Body Talk and Form/Function

"Science is not only compatible with

• Articles on Gene’s by Bruce Lipton

spirituality; it is a

• HeartMath - Articles on the Heart

profound source of spirituality." Carl Sagan

SciencetoSage/July/A Window into Your World  

SciencetoSage, July 2012, A Window into Your World: FEATURED WRITERSEliza Mada DalianThe World: Our Mirror ImageDr. Doris Laura PhdBorn with...

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