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All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. Albert Einstein

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profound source of spirituality." Carl Sagan

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a room. The walls, the ceiling, and the floor are all covered with thousands of mirrors. Each mirror reflects a face, but you can’t tell which one is yours. Some faces are talking, some are singing, others are angry, sad, happy, in love, or asleep. As you look at each face, you experience a different emotion. One moment you feel happiness, the next anger, sadness, fear, hatred, or love. You feel as if you are in a madhouse and could go crazy at any moment. You struggle with the faces. You judge, blame, and criticize them. You yell at them and fight with them, but you cannot make them go away. You feel frustrated, lost, confused, and frightened. You want to escape, but you see no way out. You feel tired, depressed, and sorry for yourself. You think it’s better to die and be free from this madness. You pray for help and hope that someone takes you to the


By Eliza Mada Dalian

The World: Our Mirror Image

Then suddenly you hear a voice:

“There is a way out, come follow me!” You feel excited and hopeful that you may be able to find the exit. You follow the voice. It now says: When you find your original face out of all the faces you see, you will find the exit! The voice is coming from somewhere inside the room, and you don’t know if you can really trust it. You begin to doubt the voice and stop looking. You fall back into the old madness and feel even more pain than before. You wish you had never started looking. You hear the voice again: “Don’t struggle. Keep looking at the faces until you find your original face!” You begin to examine the faces, but you can’t tell which one is really yours. It feels like an impossible task, but you know you have no other option except to keep looking. The voice continues to encourage you: “When you find your original face, you will end your suffering!” Though your mind is confused, your heart now trusts the voice. Somehow, you know that it speaks the truth. You stop struggling with the faces and continue searching. As you observe the faces, you realize that the moment you feel or think something, the face in the mirror reflects it back to you. You now understand that none of the faces are real – they are only projections of your own mind. You recognize that some mirrors reflect your beauty and some reflect your ugliness. Some reflect your wisdom, and some your ignorance. And sometimes you see one face masking another. You now understand that when you struggle with the faces you are only struggling with your own mind. You feel confident that you have found the way out. You relax and stop looking. You bump into a mirror. You realize that you are still in the room. You are again distracted by the reflections in the mirrors. You again feel lost and discouraged. You realize that you have not found the exit yet and wonder if you ever will.

Then, you hear the voice again: “Continue looking. You are coming closer to the exit.” You are encouraged – you are not alone. You continue searching. The voice whispers next to your ear: “Destroy all the mirrors!” You start breaking the mirrors, one by one. With each mirror broken, a window opens onto an empty space. You feel more and more peaceful and the room grows emptier and quieter. You continue breaking the mirrors until you arrive at the last one. You realize that the voice, which was guiding you, was coming from this mirror. It now says, “Break me.” You hesitate. You feel so grateful to it for guiding you that you don’t want to break it. The voice insists. You have no choice. You break it – you are free. There is nothing left except the empty space. You recognize it. It is your original face. You understand that there were never any walls and that you were the exit. You see others still searching. You shout to them: “You will find the exit when you find your original face!” ~ Excerpted from the seven time award winning and bestselling guidebook, In Search

of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness Eliza Mada Dalian, affectionately known as Mada, is a modern day mystic, internationally acclaimed master healer, and self-realized spiritual teacher. She is like a human x-ray machine who is able to see the root causes of people's problems, fears, and pain, and transform them into health and consciousness with razor sharp accuracy. Combining this unique gift with her infinite wisdom and experience of awakening at age 33, Mada devised a light-speed healing system known as the Dalian Method (or DM for short). This groundbreaking method has the power and potential to transform millions of people into health and awakened consciousness!

When you find your original face out of all the faces you see, you will find the exit!

The self-healing DM can help you quickly release self-sabotaging imprints from your body and erase the causes of your pain and ailments. It can help you awaken your innate intelligence, intuition, and inner strength, and assist you in finding your true life purpose. Mada is also the best-selling author of the award-winning book In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness and the creator of several meditation techniques. With absolute clarity and practical insights about how each individual can transform their pain and suffering into consciousness Mada sets the bar for a new type of education in healing and personal growth. She travels internationally offering private sessions, self-healing seminars and retreats with the Dalian Method. Twice a year she also offers an 8 week online course to help you detoxify your body, learn new active meditation techniques and transform what's blocking your energy into consciousness.

SPECIAL OFFER: With the purchase of the book, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness, and the No-Yes Active Meditation CD, you can register f o r a F R E E P e r s o n a l M e n t o r i n g Te l e - C l a s s w i t h M a d a . for details.

The Dalian Method is a healing system light-years ahead of its time. It can help you take your health and transformation into your own hands and catapult your awakening into consciousness. Experience this evolutionary self-healing method for yourself at the Omega Institute, New York July 29 to August 3rd, or Joshua Tree Retreat Center, California February 17 to 23. For information see calendar of events at:

Excerpts from Book

LIFE AS WE KNOW IT(?) Life comes and goes, as we know it. Life is here and then it is not as we know it, but what do we really know? Our measure is so limited, as we know it.

How can two possibly be as one? Is there a concept of a greater One that parts are parts and yet are one which we shall be when we are One?

Should we be able to gauge other life, not known; what of other senses and powers, not known; how much life is there that is yet unknown? Can we live now or beyond to experience the unknown.

For life to be complete, all must be known for life must ever come to us in the known where each of us will truly be known as we are becoming all that is known.

And if we could, would we be able to live both? Can we be in the stream and out or both thinking as we think two places or both? Can I be me - a body or spirit or both.

by gene webb

Born with a Gift Adam


Do we carry within us all of the information we need for optimal health?


says “Adam,”

who has demonstrated a highly developed ability to interact with a person’s energy field (aura) and thereby evoke “the body’s amazing self-healing mechanisms.” And each one of us can do it. Adam’s unequivocal theme here is “SelfEmpowerment.”

By Dr. Doris Laura PhD.

“It’s just physics,” explains this remarkable author and energy healer, crediting one of his mentors, Apollo 14 astronaut and quantum physics researcher, Edgar Mitchell, with providing him with an explanatory framework for his healing abilities. The universe works in mysterious ways, organizing the matrices of millions of human choices to manifest to the world the gift of an extraordinary healer such as Adam.

Consider the steps that were necessary. First, there was a space program. Then Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, was transformed by the deep knowing that we all are the “stuff of stars” and dedicates his life to teaching this “noetic” way of knowing through the founding of The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Then the celebrity space man and the handsome healer meet at a Vancouver meeting of IONS in 2002.

“We are simply blinded by the limitations of our c u r r e n t s c i e n t i fi c paradigm,“ observes the sixth man to walk on the moon. “The most parsimonious explanation for my recovery is Adam’s energy-healing ability.” Edger Mitchell IONS “noetic”

Hearing Mitchell’s talk on the quantum hologram as a possible mechanism by which humans intuitively access information from other dimensions, Adam excitedly sees uncanny similarities to what he experiences as a healer. Together with additional mentoring from Qi Gong experts and other reputable healers, Adam acquires renewed confidence and begins his remarkable odyssey of individual and group healings. Subsequently, he begins to share his gift with a larger a u d i e n c e w i t h h i s fi r s t b o o k , DreamHealer: His Name is Adam, and through his workshops on healing.


Adam combines the subtle energy he "sees" as a healer using his Native

“All particles are fundamentally connected to all other particles,�

American experience in aboriginal healing, and cutting-edge biosciences he knows as a molecular biologist .

Interference of a quantum particle with itself

Adam has been able to see auras (the energy field surrounding all living things) for as long as he can remember, finding the childhood game of “Hide and Seek” boring because he could see the auras of kids hiding behind trees. His baby pictures show a noticeable “V” on his forehead. “I’ve been told it’s

the mark of a healer because it points to the third eye,” he says, tapping the space between his eyebrows, “which is what allows me to see auras. It has faded a lot but shows up when I get emotional.” But what does Adam mean – “It’s just physics”? Adam summarizes his interaction with the quantum field in his workshops and first book: “All particles are fundamentally connected to all other particles,” he notes.“All information and knowledge is available in the field of quantum information. Every physical object emits its own quantum hologram. I can instantly connect to a person’s energy system, individually or in a group, by projecting his or her hologram in front of me. I ‘go in’ and give the person’s body information through intentionality and then manipulate the energy – loosen blockages, zap tumors – so that the person can find the way back to a healthy state.” Since his first years as a practicing healer, Adam has been the conduit for thousands of “miraculous” healings and personal transformations. Beginning with healing his mother of multiple sclerosis, then himself after a severe spinal injury from a fall, he broke into public awareness with his dramatic

long-distance healing from inoperable pancreatic cancer of Canadian rock star, Ronnie Hawkins, who is still cancer-free a decade later. Says Ronnie, “I can’t explain it but I don’t criticize what I don’t understand.” Adam’s personable, typically-suburban parents were baffled and skeptical at first, yet cautiously supportive of their normal but atypical child. Observes Adam, “Fortunately my parents are rare and special spirits in that they came to accept my uniqueness and had the courage and wisdom to allow me to be me. For this I will always be grateful. Because of them, I have a better chance of reaching my potential.” This solid family support system helps to explain why Adam is, in other ways, such a normal, down-to-earth person. Unlike some individuals with highly developed psychic abilities and rare talents, Adam is not eccentric, unbalanced, or out of touch with the practical routines of daily life: he has integrated his rare gift into a normal personality structure. His energy is such that people simply feel good, relaxed and comfortable around him.

In Canada, Adam’s reputation spread rapidly. An Ontariobased talk show featured Adam when he was still in high school and several individuals who had been healed. Consequently, Adam was inundated with requests. Adam was “amazed and overwhelmed by all of the suffering in the world.” When Adam was only 15 years old he commented that, “You don’t realize how much suffering there is in the world until you can do something about it.” Initially when Adam discovered his abilities he spent much of his time doing individual energy treatments. The demand soon became so great that Adam simply could no longer offer private healing sessions. Adam and his parents became more concerned about his health as the mental and physical demand on him was becoming too great. Feeling an urgent need to help more people, he reasoned that perhaps he could heal more than one person a time and discovered that group healings worked as well as individual treatments. Furthermore, it made no difference if he was working long distance (non-locally) from a photograph or sitting next to the person in the same room. Then as he matured as a

healer, he began to understand more fully his healing role as a teacher and facilitator: that, in fact, we are all self-healers; we simply need a “guide to self-empowerment.” He soon discovered that he was uniquely able to influence the health and healing of large groups of individuals at his

workshops by joining the auras of all in attendance. As a healer he brings coherence to the energy of the entire group for healing. Participants then use their own individual visualizations to direct this intense healing energy to where it is needed. Adam discovered the amazing power of group treatments in healing in 2003, and has been doing them ever since at conferences around the world. The large number of encouraging testimonials provided him with the incentive to continue with this approach to healing. Adam DreamHealer holds workshops around the world promoting what he sees as the most overlooked aspect in preventative health care today: INTENTION. Forty percent of those who attend Adam's one-day workshops are healthcare professionals. Participants experience self-empowerment first-hand as he performs two unique group energy treatments. Rolling Stone Magazine said "Adam is becoming one of the world's most in-demand healers". Adam graduated from Simon Fraser University with First Class Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry in 2009. Since then he has been studying Naturopathic medicine and expects to be Dr. Adam McLeod, N.D. by this time next year. Adam’s books and DVDs are designed to assist people with their own healing. Regardless of the modality of healing you choose, the material in his books will complement the healing process. Adam intends to work toward scientifically proving that our intentions play a major role in our genetic expression and consequently our healing.

Click Here June Issue with Adam on Intention and Group Healing Article

About Adam DreamHealer (B.Sc. -1st Class Hon) Molecular Biology and Biochemistry; Healer; Speaker; Visionary; Best Selling international Author (4 books in 21 languages and 35 countries and 2 DVDs); Qigong young visionary award; Golden Key Award; nominated for Dr. Rogers prize for excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine*

Events Adam's workshops are booked online at


Life is a Mini Lab for


Self Examination Referencing

As we explore our universe, we can see that all things are interconnected and self referencing.

This lens can be used to peep in or out.

The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things and the mirror that shows us what we have created. - The Divine Matrix, Gregg Braden

I AM that which cannot be measured or Photo by Staecker

known, but I reveal Myself as I wish...I am the All, since I exist in everyone. - Trimorphic Protemnoia, Jesus

This is the journey to self-realization; it is realizing self, consciously at play.

“I am that, I am.� You are what you create; you are your own creation and it is your universe in which you are the master.

So often the question is asked, what is my purpose? What would a designer say? A masterful creator would be mindful and conscious of his every stroke, as one is known through their creation. W i t h o u t a c r e a t o r, a painter there is no art.

You are a Master Creator


Sense of Your World

What a marvelous designer that gave you the perfect body to experience and sense your every thought and the pure joy of creating. Your body is your vehicle through which you realize your thoughts put into form. Your thoughts and your every word are dynamic and alive. These waves of consciousness manifested in a form, allow you to experience the divine creator you are. You experience your mind as thought, translated into feelings. Know that the sensations you feel in your body are in motion.

This is your inner knowing— INtuition, your INsight.

Appreciate the grandeur you have been gifted from the Master Designer. You have been blessed with a beautiful garden in which to play.

I See My World It is in My Vision Erin Silversmith.CC 3.0

Marozols/CC 3.0) created with Mathematica 7.0.1

As we map our world via regions we also do this with our eyes!

Iridology Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis[1] or iridiagnosis[2] is an alternative medicine technique whose proponents claim that patterns, colors, and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient's systemic health.- From Wikipedia above for full article.

How our Inner World is creating our Outer Face to Face with Facts

World and it is etched in the face. - How our face shapes are the blueprints of our Spiritual energy. - How this structure indicates the potential for our personality's performance. - The difference between the left/right brain functions and how to bring them in to balance. - How each individual feature or parts of the face speaks a language of its own. - That the eyes are the Windows to the Soul and are our point of view of the World. - Why the nose is our ego or personality, the nose ‘knows' and ‘knows' it all. - How the forehead indicates our frame of mind through which we perceive the World.

"If our Inner World creates our Outer World, isn't it etched in the Face?" Click to enlarge image(s)

Face To Face With Facts teaches you all the facts that written psychological tests cannot. You will know how to assess the make-up of the potential of a person accurately. This is an essential diagnostic tool for many of the following areas of life: Human Resource Professionals, Public Relations Personnel, Psychiatrists Therapists, Theatre and Talent Scouts, Senior & Middle Management, Consultants, Politicians, Diplomats, Parents, Teachers, Councellors, Salesmen, Receptionists, Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Know your family and Friends. Knowing a person's personality potential will enhance sales performances, interviewing, improve relationships, leading seminars, effective management, selecting personal partners, negotiating, team building, job interviews, understanding the audience, staff interaction, and business relationships.

The Art & Science of Face Reading 6 Set CD Series

I Nose What I Know Profiling! If you want to hide something they say put it in plain view. Cultures around the world have found insights and various ways in which to analyze SELF first hand. Look no further than your personal universe. This reveals that every cell in our body has memory of the whole.

Your body communicates with you all the time. It is engaged in an interactive relationship with the outer and inner worlds and records your entire life experience.

L i s t e n To Your Body Talk Articles Here click here...

Our bodies have remarkable intelligence,

and not just in the brain.

Our entire organism functions as a brilliant, unified being, with each part informing the whole and vice versa. While in modern society we have a tendency to only view things for their superficial (immediately observable) functions, in nature’s designs there is a lot more going on than meets the eye, with multiple purposes being fulfilled

Body of Knowled!

simultaneously. Just as every amoeba, plant, and animal is designed to function perfectly in its environment, so to is every aspect of a human being structured to operate effectively towards its greater purpose.

Our Life’s Story is Revealed in the Whole and in the Sum of Our Parts We are formed by universal principles; sound to shape, big and round, stocky and blocky, or curvaceous and sensuous. They give a clue to who you are and what resonates within you. Each angle and line creates the caricature of you; the formation and sound that vibrates within you. Be it your expression, up or down, sharp or soft, exaggerated or elongated, it’s all an expression coming as a reflection of your inner dimension. Your eyes, deep or wide, express a clue into your point of view. Your nose knows, be it wide or narrow, sharp or hooked, big or small. It’s still a perspective, yet can it allow for another expression? Your container is shaped by tone. This resonance creates your form.

Personal Style We are all a cast of characters, qualified by the uniqueness of our personal style. Naming is defining the qualities of the creation. But naming often creates a limited or false perception. Yet without definition, a chair is just a chair. How we decorate it, shape it, color it and style it...well, now we have something worth talking about!

By what standard do you name it? We each have our own style of what we present to the world. Just’s only us who can define self for self. We cannot control how others label or think of us. We are all raised with different standards and therefore have different lenses. So, enjoy your creation. Remember, it’s not for everybody and not everyone wants the rocking least, not yet.

‘The ‘Pain Body’ Our body is the messenger of our disconnect and discontent. Eckhart Tolle calls this our ‘pain body’. We manifest issues in our tissues. Too often, we go through life not being heard or seen. We literally carry too many unaddressed issues around like old baggage..

Embracing these feelings is the only way we can come to terms with them. We need to find and make peace with the seed of the pain. Situations are mirroring inner fears that reveal our need for healing.

German New Medicine a road map to the why? click here

Yo u r t h o u g h t s a r e “your personality and your personal reality” say’s Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Our Words Give Birth to Form Be of

Sound Mind

and Mind over Matter

“The word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.� John 1, 1-3

Thought Forms You formulate with your words and it becomes your life's work. Your word is the blueprint and the genesis of your form.


Water is “the Solution” Water is know as the solvent of the universe. It is natures healer.

The work of Prof. Benveniste, Dr. Ludwig and Prof. Schweitzer has demonstrated how water acts as a liquid tape recorder. Water stores a n d t r a n s m i t s e l e c t ro m a g n e t i c vibrations. This emphasizes the fact that we are our thoughts spoken in words.

Now that we know that water acts as our tape recorder, remember it can only playback what is input. So from the words we say to the words we let sink in are literally the “solution” we bath in. So the “solution” to any problem is within our bodies and our words. Our words literally shape our world. This geometry forms bonds, be it our chemistry or our relationships. You are not an others “solution”, but you can play a part in creating a better “solution” for themselves.

Your Words... Shapes your reality.. You are approximately 70% water. The water within you takes shape and transmits your inner landscape.


Dr. Emoto’s Work

Form-U-lation Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation, demonstrates that the Hebrew alphabet is based upon the human hand.

A Gesture of your light

The hand

gestures show differentiating of self from other, and inside from outside. The alphabet also links the inner world of the mind with the outer world of experience. In separate research, he has shown that the torus knot woven on the torus generates the Hebrew letters.

It seems you just can’t get away from the ONE...He has left His formula everywhere and it has a spin on it.

Learn More Click Here Meru Foundation

Š10 December 2010, Tenen/Meru

Lines and Intersections Tell My Story!

Palmistry photo by WurdBendur

Learn More Click Here

Marked for Life

I am Distinct Unique...

Frettie/CC 3.0

I Feel my World and it Feels Me

Click Here and Learn More...


The human body is a battery, how are you charged?

How is Your Battery?

How are you charged; positively or negatively? Your charge dictates the quality of your life. It also affects those in your field of influence.

+ -

WHAT DO YOU PUT IN YOUR TANK...WHAT DO YOU FILL UP WITH...SUPER OR LEAD? Sometimes we feel more charged and at other times: we may feel that we need a jumpstart. When the drive to create is not there, we have lost the juice and the sweet nectar of life. Our lights have gone out, our battery has drained. For some, the vehicle has sat in the driveway far too long, not risking any adventure, or having any desire. We have to get out and get around the block to get

The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.- Albert Einstein

recharged. Consider that the right fuel is also needed for peak performance. Don’t let the battery get totally drained, because then it’s just too hard to start.

All of life has an energy field that surrounds itself: from an atom, to a human, to our galaxy. They all have a donut-like shape that scientists

Mu Inner Ch’i is My Energy

call a torus field and it operates on the same principle as a battery.

What is Your affect? “Each human thought, each mood and feeling immediately affect the emissions. These emissions are expressed in the light, colors and fires, obviously visible for sublime vision. Human auras shine and play the shades of every possible paints and coloring. Pure, fine thoughts and feelings cause corresponding colorings; dark, low desires, experiences and passions cause dark, smoky, muddy, ugly forms of low fires. In his aura man brings health, pleasure and light for people that surround him, or illnesses, grief, suffering and darkness”.

T h e

KIRLIAN’S P h o t o g r a p h y

You are the light of the world....

Read Articles About your light essence... as seen in Science to Sage e-zine.

What’s your culture? Whatʼs brewing in your dish? Whatʼs in your world? What are you cultivating? Image:Ascomycetes.jpg

You are Not Your “Genes”... Articles by Bruce Lipton as seen in Science to Sage e-zine click here

Here is a

standard model. Itʼs only


can make them



The Heart of E-Motion The brain is the database and the heart is the pump that puts things into E-Motion. The heart is also the source of the body’s strongest electromagnetic field, which is 5000 times bigger than the brain. Its radius reaches outward 3 feet from the body and it travels at the speed of light.

This field is called a torus field which radiates and

connects to every other torus field. To activate the field, one must bring passion into the equation. Remember, the head is the database of predictable patterns for survival and the heart is connected to the innate wisdom of the Universal One. Your heart center has the power to unfold your deepest desires. With good will for the entire cosmos, cultivate a limitless heart. - Karaniya Metta Sutta The Way is not in the sky, The Way is in the heart. - The Buddha

Follow Your Heart




Heart-Rate Variability


Entrainment, Coherence & Autonomic Balance


Head-Heart Interactions


Emotional Balance & Health


Music Research


HeartMath Technology in Business


HeartMath in Education


Clinical Research

10. Assessment Services 11. Scientific Advisory Board & Physics of Humanity Council 12. Bibliography

Intuition Filling in the blank...

Institute of HeartMath Studies Human Intuition

Insight Deja vu Instinct Precognition Subconscious

Now and then, after weighing the pros and then the cons, we make a decision simply because it feels right. Whether we say “I had a gut feeling,” “I let my heart decide” or we have, as researchers





response, it all refers to the human intuitive process. Research in the last several decades has shown intuition is a very real process. The Institute of HeartMath (IHM), for instance, has documented in several studies the ability of people to experience intuition. In one, conducted in




and used

winter a



2006, pre-

stimulus response measure: gambling.

Institute Intuition





Now and then, after weighing the pros and then the cons, we make a decision simply because it feels right. Whether we say “I had a gut feeling,” “I let my heart decide” or we have, as researchers call it, a pre-stimulus response, it all refers to the human intuitive process. Research in the last several decades has shown intuition is a very real process. The Institute of HeartMath (IHM), for instance, has documented in several studies the ability of people to experience intuition. In one, conducted in the fall and winter of 2006, researchers used a common pre-stimulus response measure: gambling.

The Study Stability of Pre-Stimulus Intuition Response: A Repeated Measures Study Using Electrophysical Instrumentation utilized the Roulette Protocol, an experimental computer-controlled gambling experiment designed by IHM Research Center Director Rollin McCraty and IHM researcher Mike Atkinson. Thirteen people participated in multiple gambling sessions over a twomonth period for the study, which was conducted at the IHM Research Center. “The results of the analysis of all participants across all sessions and trials are strong and provide compelling

evidence of nonlocal intuition,” McCraty wrote in a 2010 report on the study, which he conducted along with Atkinson and IHM researcher Jackie Waterman. “The significant differences between the win and loss response in the aggregated physiological data during both pre-stimulus segments appear valid and robust, as confirmed by the random permutation analysis, which, is a conservative statistical procedure,” the report notes. The Roulette Protocol and Its Results “Participants were told that they were participating in a gambling experiment and they were encouraged to win as much as possible over the course of 26 trials,” McCraty said. For each trial, electrodes were attached to the pads of participants’ index and second fingers of their nondominant hand so skin conductance levels could be measured. Electrocardiographic information was recorded from electrodes placed on the chest to record heart-rate variability (HRV), the beat-to-beat changes in heart rate. The participants chose bet amounts and then selected either   red   or   black   for each impending spin of the roulette wheel on a computer screen. The resulting color for each spin was compared to participants’ color choices.

Rollin McCraty, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Director of Research

Dr. Rollin McCraty has been with IHM since its inception in 1991. He worked with founder Doc Childre to formulate the organization’s research goals and create its Scientific Advisory Board. McCraty is a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, holds memberships with the International Neurocardiology Network, American Autonomic Society, Pavlovian Society and Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and is an adjunct professor at Claremont Graduate University. He and his research team regularly participate in collaborative studies with other U.S. and international scientific, medical and educational institutions. McCraty is an internationally recognized authority on heart-rate variability, heart-rhythm coherence and the effects of positive and negative emotions on human psychophysiology. He is widely published in those and other research areas.

“The heart-rhythm measures (HRV) were especially successful in detecting pre-stimulus responses in the prebet and post-bet segments, both of which occur prior to knowing the future outcome,” McCraty wrote in a grant report for the study. In the post-bet segment, the difference in the win/loss response was evident some 12-14 seconds before the result (red or black) was made known to the participant. “We also found that a greater heart-rate deceleration was predictive of loosing trials in the pre-bet segment, and the divergence in the win/loss curve begins almost immediately after starting the trials, which on average occurs around 18 seconds prior to knowing the future outcome.” McCraty said the greater heart-rate decelerations predicting negative future outcomes were consistent with previous pre-stimulus response findings. “While this is substantially earlier than found in previous research, typically 4 to 7 seconds, these results indicate that the time of the pre-stimulus response is likely limited by the experimental protocol. How much earlier the body can respond to a future (and known) event will require further investigation.”

Why Researchers Used the Roulette Protocol A number of protocols have been employed over the more than a half century that scientists have been conducting

nonlocal communication research. McCraty said IHM wanted to eliminate some of the known flaws in other methods used for this type of research, so he and Atkinson developed the Roulette Protocol. In the end, he said, they were pleased with the choice and believed it proved more effective than other methods, citing, for example, the use of emotional photos.

“It solves several protocol issues associated with the emotional pictures protocols,” he said. “Not everyone responds the same way to the same picture, and you can only show so many negative photos to (people) before they become desensitized, and strong negative photos cannot be used with some populations such as children.” In short, McCraty wrote of this research method, "The results indicate that the new Roulette Protocol provides an effective, objective measure for detecting nonlocal intuition." “The results across … (a selected grouping of consecutive) sessions show that some, but not all participants maintained relatively consistent pre-stimulus response patterns across the trials. This is an important finding since there is some evidence from prior research that repeated trials involving nonlocal information/ interaction tend to produce a decline in the effect observed.

The relatively stable results (in this study) suggest that the protocol is a reliable means of prompting physiological detection of intuitive effects and can be used in future studies investigating different aspects of intuition.” The Institute of HeartMath has explored human intuition for more than a decade. You can read the entire original article about this study at PreStimulus Intuition Response. You’ll learn how study participants achieved greater success during a “full moon,” but did not fare so well during a “new moon,” leading researchers to theorize that we our intuition may be more accessible during a full moon.


Among other IHM studies that may be of interest to individuals who want to know more about the human intuitive process is Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 1. The Surprising Role of the Heart and Electrophysiological Evidence of Intuition: Part 2. A System-Wide Process?. Learn about all of the Institute of HeartMath’s Research in the IHM Research Library.

http:// www.thelivingmatrixmovie. com/rollin-mcCraty

The mission of the Institute of HeartMath is to help establish heart-based living and global coherence by inspiring people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of their own hearts.

Global Coherence Initiative is one of many endeavors the Institute of HeartMath has engaged in over the last two decades. Another is energetic fields and the potential of humans to collectively influence global consciousness and the well-being of the planet.

fields are in the same frequency range as those of the human heart and brain.

The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), which IHM established in 2009, is a science-based project that is testing the theory that groups of people in heart coherence can influence the earth’s magnetic field. Coherence is a measurable psychophysiological state in which the heart, brain and other bodily systems are in balance and functioning optimally.

Members of the Global Coherence Initiative, which is open to anyone in the world, collectively participate monthly in what is called a Care Focus related to events and issues of global significance. For instance, there have been Care Focuses on oppression in specific locations around the world, the swine-flu virus and European economic crisis among others. During these sessions, GCI members raise their personal coherence levels and send heart-focused care out to areas of concern.

Exploring human intuition

Scientists know already that on a personal level, each individual’s magnetic field is detectable from at least three feet away. Also, one person’s heartbeat can be detected in the brainwaves of another nearby. GCI scientists theorize that such energetic fields may interact with one another operates on a much larger scale. Another interesting discovery provides further impetus for investigating the influence human and Earth magnetic fields may have on one another: Earth and the ionosphere produce frequencies ranging from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz, and some of the large resonances occurring in the earth’s

Ultimately, GCI, which has a worldwide membership of about 44,000, seeks to “unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.”

An interesting note: GCI staff holds the monthly Care Focus during the full moon because they believe the intuitive process is more accessible during such times. Researchers with GCI and IHM say intuition originates in the heart and thus is related to heart-focused care and intention.

You can learn more about GCI or become a member at

Telepathic Your wireless network

The Tree of Knowledge Hardwired into You. You are wired to fire, light up and make connections. As Bruce H Lipton Ph.D suggests, our DNA is an antenna and a receptor of signals. Antennas are also transducers and a receivers of electromagnetic waves. So with this basic understanding have we placed a mental ceiling on where our antenna can roam? We employ this technology into the air waves, outer space and underwater. What is above is so below, and so within.

Brilliance doesn’t come from a book, but in those A-HA moments. For some it comes in a dream, as an image, a flash, or for some it is described as being in the flow. It is beyond the intellectual mind, as an aspect of the intuitive. It is often referred to by Zen Buddhists as a satori and by Christians as a revelation. The key is the inquiring mind.

Being in theFlow How do you receive your inspiration? Mozart was in the flow. Einstein was inspired by images. Ben Franklin perceived his ideas in a flash. Descartes and Tesla through their dreams. Archimedes in the tub - Eureka!

I want to know God's thoughts; the rest are details. Albert Einstein

Your Inner Net

The connection to YOUR ‘internet’ is as easy as plugging in. The feed is UP, always on-line and linked in. Just ASK. The key is in your inquiry and the answer is available 24/7! How did we get this idea? If we are made in the image of GOD...maybe we have access to the Source which is infinite and abundant. Genius is the bridge between man and God...He who wills may unlock its doors and know its ecstasy. - Walter Russell

by Chetan Parkyn

Human Design a fusion of astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah and the Chakra system together with neutrino physics and genetic coding to form an entity on its own.

How to Discover the Person You Where Born to Be...

One reviewer said: "It is the missing manual for humans."

What is Human Design? It is the newest self-awareness tool out there, revealing your 'design for life,' a visual map that is laid bare on a page; your personality blueprint. This system is not about destiny or predictions. It is about character and identity. It informs you how you best operate, think, function and respond. Human Design is like opening a book of divination and reading your own biography as written by the Universe. It is effectively what the Universe wished you to be at birth.

(This book combines with free downloadable PC software to create an interactive reading experience.)

The book guides you through the meanings of your design, bringing a clarity that allows you to better understand and accept who you are as an individual on so many different levels, including emotionally, mentally and energetically and ultimately, spiritually. It’s about your character and identity.

When you say

'personality blueprint', what do you mean?

It is a blueprint because your design is as unique as your fingerprint, created at your exact moment of birth. It determines the kind of person you were born to be and how you are designed to interact - socially and intimately - with others. It captures your true nature long before it was influenced or shaped by outside conditioning, so you really do get to 'see' the most authentic version of you. It is multi-layered because it shows what type of person you are, what decision-making strategy works best for you and what your particular way of being is. It is multi-purpose because this self-knowledge can then be applied to your work-place, love relationships, family interactions, and friendships.

How does it work? It fuses together astrology, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah and the Chakra system together with neutrino physics and genetic coding to form an entity on its own. So it is four ancient wisdoms coming together with two 21st century sciences to provide the most comprehensive take on who we are as individuals. It is as complex and clever as a car or computer and, as we know, you don't need to understand how they work to enjoy them. Likewise with Human Design. Just enter your birth data in the free software program and enjoy the experience!

How can knowing my Human Design benefit me, practically-speaking? The question at the start of this book is a simple one: 'Are you living true to your human design? Once you understand what makes you tick, it allows you to see where you've been out of sync and where you've been misunderstood. It reacquaints you with the person you were born to be. Imagine vetting someone via their Human Design in terms of potential compatibility...or vetting job applicants not on the strength of a CV but their actual capabilities as a human? Practically-speaking, this system allows us an instantaneous snap shot of everyone - new and old - who is in our life When that happens, the practical benefits are both limitless and liberating because finding alignment with your Human Design allows you to relax into your true self and present a more authentic face to the world. Also, we've all experienced being drawn to someone in a room or at an event, and felt an immediate kinship or intimate connection. When you experience this, it is the dynamics of Human Design at play so understanding these interactions brings a practical benefit as a natural consequence.

Why do you describe this as

'the new astrology'?

It is like astrology because it uses birth data to create your design - that inner map we refer to as a 'life-chart'. But that's where the similarity ends. With Human Design, two calculations are made, one at the moment of birth and also one for three months prior to birth when, it is said, the neo-cortex in the brain is turned 'on'. That is a fundamental addition that brings with it a fascinating dimension. Human Design takes the torch from astrology and carries insights to the next level because it is more individually specific than astrology. That's why we say: 'Forget your sign, what's your design?' Where astrology books provide general one-size-fits-all analysis for one sign under one umbrella, this book provides a personal breakdown of information that is specific and intimate, easy to comprehend and, for what people tell me, life-changing.

Photo by Thegreenj

How can this

information help me in my marriage/relationships?

Your respective Designs demonstrate where the sparks fly, where the common ground is, and where the challenges might be. It's like being handed inside information about your partner to determine where the chemistry is...and where the minefields might be! What woman wouldn't want to know where the chemistry sparks within the relationship? What man wouldn't want to know how best to interact with his partner, emotionally and mentally? What couple wouldn't want to discover more about understanding what makes the other one tick? Once partners understand each other's designs, there is a far better prospect of understanding and harmony within a relationship because Human Design answers the most exasperating complaint: 'He/she doesn't understand me...doesn't get me!' And imagine if you're two or three dates into seeing someone, knowing their Human Design affords you the knowledge of how best to interact with them clearly and easily.

How can knowing my Human Design be

applied in the work-place?

If you're the personnel manager of a company, the first thing that Human Design can tell you is whether your employee's design is best suited to the position; whether they're designed to be effective in that specific role or is there are potential/skill that you've overlooked but one which is jumping out of their design. If you're the employee, your design will either restore your confidence in those areas where you shine or will encourage you to raise your hand in the air for those tasks and roles that you want to claim as your own. What CEO, business owner or personnel manager wouldn't want to discover the designs of his whole team, staff or dept to know if their designs are being best utilized? What happens if someone's strengths and capabilities are being employed in the wrong area? And which employee is best designed for which post, role or specialty. Who can handle stress - and who can't? I've also seen Human Design empowering many people to leave ill-fitting jobs and seek an employment, or chase an ambition, that is better suited to their design.

Describe the ways you have seen Human Design change people's lives?


Over the past 30 years of giving personal, private, partnership, group and business readings and seminars for people all over the world, I have been delighted by the positive effects I have seen when someone “understands” their life journey. Human Design is a particularly potent device for people to remember their true nature in a practically applicable way. In the Human Design book I have written about “The Three Keys” that can unlock who you are and be simply applied in a person’s life at any time to clarify what is going on for them. What I come to experience on a regular basis is that when someone first understands their Human Design, there is an enormous sigh of relaxation, as though they are finally being given permission to be themselves (as though it had been denied before.) Tensions evaporate, guilt-trips dissolve, relationships blossom, business potentials take off, humor expands and an overall sense of healthiness, wholesomeness and wellbeing sets in.

I Ching

It is an amazing thing to be recognised and to recognise yourself for the life you are here to live, in your own perfect right …… and that is the great gift that comes with Human Design.

Why do you say Human Design is an example of...

"science meets spirituality"? This relates to the I-Ching element of Human Design. In 1973, research showed the world that there is an established link between the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching and the 64 genetic codons. Therefore, the direct correlation between the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching and the 64 gates contained within Human Design bears equal testimony to the human truths contained within this system. It is, without doubt, part-science, part spirituality.


Your Human Design essentially represents the

DNA of your soul as intended

for this life-time. Your Human Design Life Chart is equivalent to a snapshot of the Universe at the moment of your birth, indicating without any question that you are an intrinsic part of the consciousness of this Universal experience of what we call life.

You also say there is a psychological

benefit to this system?

For the first time, thanks to Human Design, we can see in vivid detail the conscious and unconscious elements to our individual make-up; what we are aware that we do, and what is hidden but still acts out within us. The conscious/unconscious themes run throughout everyone's Human Designs and affects our emotional, psychological and behavioural characteristics. Normally, it takes hours of 'in-treatment' to determine the first iota of someone's unconscious makeup. But here -- it is laid out on a page for the very first time. This is a real boon for all health professionals in being able to easily decipher the normally invisible undercurrents in their clients’ lives.

Human Design September 16, 2010 • Personal Growth • Paperback • 304 pages Price: $21.95 • ISBN 978-1-57731-941-2

Learn to love and understand your life — and to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

The Tree of Life and how it works

Souls Purpose

Click Here to View More in Depth v=0F-6W2-aJes&feature=related

ONE Mathematics is the Knowledge of the ONE S Equation Music is how we Play the ONE S Measure and Notes in Time Dance is how we Embody the ONE S Movement and Rhythm Art is how we Present the ONE S Vision, the Full spectrum of His Delight Our Living Canvas represents the ONE we pick To Experience and Express this Gift in this ONE life time ONE is no better than the s All ONE S Creation Revealing Self to ONE another in Measure, Rhythm, Cycles and Time. by Karen Elkins

One is no Better then the Other. Each is Having a Distinct Experience and Expression.

JJ Harrison (http://

The Nature of Our Reality To measure and understand creation we must see the geometric patterns unfolding in our universe. We use many forms of mathematics and geometry. Like Galileo said of our universe, we must know the language it speaks. Everything is in geometric forms; triangles, circles and squares.

by Gene Webb diagrams & concepts from Gene’s notebook, co-writer Karen Elkins Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

To understand the nature of our universe one must understand its construct. We can see it clearly through geometric patterns, often referred to as sacred geometry.

But why do we call it sacred? All of the greats thinkers and ancient religions, including secret societies are infused with it. Why?   All of creation is formulated from light and all life is crystalized into form. All of nature unfolds in a harmonic and sequential order. Crystallized structures evolve and are identified by their patterns:cubic,tetragonal, monoclinic, and hexagonal. Within their transitional phases their geometry morphs to the next form. And like any transition, it takes a great amount of energy. Kepler also understood that God was a minimalist constructing all of the universe with the 5 platonic solids (5 basic shapes). Plato thought the world was constructed from triangles. To know this is to understand the geometric constructs in nature. The webbed sphere, to the left, I created from a single string. Like the map of the earth with its latitude and longitude lines these lines represent frequency and nodal points. I believe William Blake's etching/watercolour "Ancient of Days".

as a pinecone unfolds at points, these points are (EMP) electric magnetic patterns, these points or nodes signal its next generation--germination.

This pattern is also called the Golden Ratio or Phi and is at the ROOT unfoldment in all of life. These frequencies literally shape our world with music, which correspond to the color scale. We also spin through the heavens with this same pattern. And as Hermes says “as above, so within”. The true shape is more like an egg--the cosmic egg.

All world cultures and religions have noted and charted the heavens to bring understanding and predictability. The EMP pattern does the same. It can show the frequencies that correspond to points of evolution. Considered the EMP as an amazing dial and time keeper of sorts. So when Einstein said “God doesnʼt play dice” we can see that there is a master mind at the core of the universal design. Take to heart that your every move is calculate; your time is numbered and that all is measured by angles, perspective and degrees!


the Root is Geometry The Golden Ratio is the ROOT power of creation from which everything flows.

All life has a combination of spin, frequency, color and cyclic points. This is driven according to my chart by nodal points. They are the different frequencies that form the structure. This intelligence , which is inherent in all nature, is electric and magnetic. This EMP pattern forms the atoms of each new element, from molecules, to the cells in your body, to the pinecone, and the galaxies.

Music in the sphere has a rhythm and a beat to move to. It colors your world in rainbow hues. It expands you as you say I DO! Nature reveals this design in everything, and our lives unfold within these patterns, rhythms and pulses of life. This equates to the beating heart and musical harmonics. Every frequency wavelength represents a rhythm.


Core Song Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

The construct of our universe reveals that it is like and unfolding flower. This pattern is similar to what is called “the thumbprint of God� which is b a s e d o n t h e w o r k o f D r. Mandelbrot. His work on fractal geometry reveals this equation of our known universe. These diagrams show you a step by step view of natures spiral design and its vector points. These points are EMPs, energy zones, where things unfold as they expand. These nodal points are where things come from the unmanifest to the manifest. They generate a love frequency within its dual nature.

At the Heart..


Thumb print of God Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

Petals of the Heart This Heart Song has many notes with which to play in the field. Our E-motions are the force in the field. Our life story is played out in many songs and melodies. Look and see the colored petals as they overlap and interplay with each color and tone. These melodies we play, dance to, or just listen to, but they all send their sensations through and tingle our skin. Following the white line is the music scale in the EMP created from the circle of 5ths.

one complete pulse in the EMP pulse pattern

Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

The EMP pattern will then repeat at each node(portal)

Pine cone Yin and Yang

Balance Nature shows us that life generates balance in it energy. Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Male and Female.

Seek aBalancedVoice I SPEAK Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

Understanding balance in all we do is the key to not wobble in life, which is a prime teaching of Buddha. Pull the string of an instrument to tight and it will break, and so it is with life.

The Infinite


In the language of the universe that speaks in geometric form we can see from medieval tessellations that two related triangles with a common side can demonstrate a binary system of infinite proportion. Each infinite set can be morphed to reveal the shape of the EMP pattern. The EMP pattern, with s p e c i fi c v e c t o r p o i n t s w i l l f o r m a n interferometry pattern (frequencies) of the elements of the universe from micro to macro in one continuous self-replicating pattern (fractals), exposing a binary system of information. This shows evidence that "information"(intelligence) is the substance that creates the universe. The universe is binary in nature, male and female joined together in the creation of all things.!

Flower of Life Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

The flower of life is a sacred pattern seen across the globe.

The Crowing is Expansive I UNDERSTAND Even within our cosmos the earth is only a part and particle within the whole. We are the micro to the macro. This is where one can truly see that it is all a dance of parts, bonds and attraction that is gravity. Within our universe, our families or love, there are ties and bonds that hold us all together. When there are no more bonds things can spin out of control and our world wobbles. We can reflect on how beautifully our world is constructed. It unfolds from the singular shape...the dot, the circle to more complex patterns as they overlap.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

When we need direction in life we use the coordinates around us to get our bearings, choose a heading and then proceed. The tools and instruments we use are calibrated from the universe whether external or internal.  External would be to use the stars, magnetic poles, a compass,or navigation system we have created.  The internal guidance comes from what we call intuition,the spirit, self-conscience, or collective consciousness that we feel in tune with.  Whether it be culture, religion, or personal revelation we can find direction by dialing in on the coordinates of nature, and by finding our oneness with the universe. This Alethiometer is from the book the Golden Compass is an inspiration to me...and one day I would love to match it to my electro magnetic pulse pattern.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb


Life’s Compass

Click here to view more

We are geometry in Motion

Ant贸nio Miguel de Campos

We Evolve Piece by Piece Shape by Shape The notion of repeating patterns is pervasive in our known universe. Each element multiplies and self organizes. We are all pattern makers--the Creators footprint is everywhere.

Self Similar

What does it mean to come from the fold? How are we formed out of geometry? This is Gene Webb unraveling the mystery of how things unfolded out of a square into the fold. This is the dimension where thing begin to take form. From this single idea many patterns unfold. This is the concept of ONEness. From this demonstration one can see the many faces and the geometric nature of our universe. Origami is the real art-form.

By Gene Webb

BodyShapes Your Ayurvedic Body Type... article by Jeffrey Armstrong click here Consider does your blood type tell you? What does your ancestral line reveal about you?

From the Monad,

Now you have direction and

The fountain of the eternal one


Comes chemistry, numerology

Earth, water, air and fire

and geometry.

Your elemental chemistry at play

Offering you transcendent view.

Your composition and disposition From the Monad and Dyad

Your dosha on display.

The Mother and Dad

To your 5 senses To experience the essence of you

Matter to pattern

Intuition, emotions, thought and

To your every thought

Their uniting, their love


When spoken creates

Co-creates another one.

Your Four Fold Nature is where

Your crystalline structure

Buddha gets a mention.

The geometry of you.

From the Vesica Pisces The portal for life

Now, six has a hexagonal shape

As when 3 or more gather

Like a snowflake

It’s the pyramid scheme for life.

It’s wired to fired 5 has a pentagon shape

Generating your battery.

The formula starts with liquids,

It’s the pinnacle of you

solids, and gases

It’s life’s unfolding rhythm that

Egyptian mythology

Radiating and emanating your hue

abides in you.

Says its your Merkaba body

Which is created from red, yellow and blue.

Your light body that spins. It is also found in the sacred sound

Add one more to this equation

From the Tibetan to the Gregorian chant

With 7 chakras to ignite

The wisdom of the Tao and the I

It is evolutions unfolding design

This is an Eastern’s delight.


It is all part of chemistry

Says your every move should be

And the rearranging of

about mindfulness and mastery.


7 parts of your retina

8 is also the binding factor of

It’s all revealed in our ancient

7 layers to your skin



You evolve in 7 stages From mitosis, to the embryo

7 parts to your ear

From the Vedas, to Hebrew

7 cavities in your heart and...

This gets you to 9

Consider it your nature

And from this chamber life begins.

Where it is all about awareness and

and the formula of you.

universality 7 is also about completion

The perfect triad, the trinity

7 days of creation

3 is the idea of you

7 days of the week

6 is the light in you

With 7 colors to view.

9 has the potential for bliss.

Yet, the chess game of life is very

This is a time for reflection and

black and white and checkered too.

recollection A complete evolution and rotation.

8 x 8 is where you square off Calculating your every move

This covers the spectrum

From the pawn to the King

Your crystalized essence

Your ever play unfolds your

And sacred geometry


by Karen Elkins

By Richard Merrick

Spin Vortexes of Light

The Eastern chakra system matches the color spectrum to the light spectrum. The progression from red to purple indicates a higher vibration. An “Ascended” Master possesses the ability to go beyond the perception of the physical reality into the ‘field’ traveling beyond the illusion of the dense physical body. The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “tuning”. These wheels of light are vortexes within, that correlate to our bodies’ energy and psychic expression.

Spin Wheel of Energy --chakraʼs Learn More About Chakraʼs

Link to Purchase

How to Open the Chakras

Celestial Influences The Ancients of all cultures observed the influences of the planets. They considered the heavens, earth and humans as one single organism. Each planet, like people, has its own characteristics and temperament. So as we chart our life’s journey through the course of a year, using planetary influences, we can notice that the planetary frequencies affect our emotions. A common example is the effects of a Full Moon. During a Full Moon phase, emergency personnel always note an increase in their workloads. These Full Moon phases are noted for ‘lunatic’ behavior. Interestingly, the first syllable of the word ‘lunatic’ is derived from the Latin word “lune” for moon! As we rotate about the field of influences not all planet will resonance with YOU. It has been also noted that during solar flares the our personal atmospheres can also get heated up! Nature makes the human body so that its constitution resonates with the patterns of the stars, in such a way that they mutually affect one another”...”They penetrate our nerves and marrow, veins and arteries, even our innermost organs. - Hermes Islamic Celestial Globe, 1630 A.D./CC 2.5


: This 6th century mosaic pavement in a synagogue incorporates Greek-Byzantine elements, Beit Alpha, Israel.

A 17th-century fresco from the Cathedral of Living Pillar in Georgia depicting Christ within the Zodiac circle

A Course to Steer Each charted course has coordinates which gives a particular perspective and angles on life. From the country you are born into, to your family, we all can be measure by degrees be it that we are moderated or extreme. Our schooling and stature is measured by degree! Each sailer (soul) with his vessel (body) has its baggage (story) and gear (skills) to navigate the different seasons and ebbing tides. And as we spin and cycle through the celestial sphere with each rotation is a re-configuration of what is to be steered. This dial computes and has the calculation of you. It is the math that is within you. It’s also the geometry of you. Every moment and every movement has a cause and effect; and your time is numbered. The choices you make, the challenges you take calibrate the setting and the switches--a new equation for life. The possible combinations of charts and experiences are staggering, hence your individual finger print. This must be the original form of “type casting�!

Chinese astrology

What’s in a Name and a Number? The science of numerology is the marriage of language and mathematics. It also is specific to the geometry and the numbers and letters vibrational quality. This Ancient Art of numerology is used around the world from India, China, Babylon, Egypt and, also within the religions of Judaism and Christianity. The significance of names and numbers is recognized in many religious and mystical texts. The Bible makes name changes for individuals to create a new destiny. Even the mathematician Pythagoras created a chart for discerning the meaning of numbers. Numerology is one of the doorways to understanding your life's purpose, and your strengths and weaknesses. Consider that everything revolves in a cyclical systems. To be in sync with your own personal rhythm gives one a tool in which to flow through life with greater ease and understanding. So when considering the numbers 1-9 the idea is the same. Another way to view this is in the planting seasons; everything starts as a seed and goes through stages before it can be harvested.

Vibrations in a Name

Kabalarians NRMOVIE-embedded.cfm

Gemetria - Giving Name Number Values

Links to Meaning of a Name

Calculate Your Every Move As life reveals its riddle and code, we can see that God doesn’t play dice. Your every move is like a chess game, as each play has a cause and effect. Your life is nothing but a series of calculated maneuvers. Some people are master gamesmen, others become a simple pawns in an others game. Being ‘on your game’ is important if you want to be your own master. Consider that, like a Rubik’s cube, every move you make shuffles the configuration and sequence of YOUR live’s game. Life is math.

Dial in to 64


The I Ching is based on a binary system yin and yang. Computers use it as 0始s and 1始s. The morse code is dots and dashes. I Ching uses trigrams to create a 64 code for life. One of the first computers used 64 bits and this number also relates to the Egyptians Wedjat, also know as the Eye of Horus.

I Ching Heaven Thunder Water Mountain

Earth Wind Fire Lake

The Book of Change

http:// m/I-ChingKerson-Huang/ dp/0894803190

Eye of Horus In the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, the Eye Of Horus defined Old Kingdom number one (1) = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64, by throwing away 1/64 for any rational number. Eye of Horus numbers created sixterm rounded-off numbers. The Old Kingdom definition has dropped a seventh term, a remainder 1/64, that was needed to report exact series. During the Middle Kingdom that included the eleventh through fourteenth dynasties, exact series definitions and applications were often written by 6-terms, or less. The Egyptian fraction notation scaled to volume unit remainders to 1/320 hekat. For example, the Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll, the RMP 2/n table and the Akhmim Wooden Tablet wrote binary quotients and scaled remainders. The metaphorical side of this information linked Old Kingdom fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64, to separate parts of the eye. Attribution: BenoĂŽt Stella alias BenduKiwi

The After life

Photographed by Captmondo /CC 3.0

This is a representation of this life and the things you need for the after life as it relates to God.

This was their map of sorts.


relates to their Book of the Dead. Consider this another way to chart your course for every lasting life.

Hypocephalus Hypocephali symbolized the Eye of Ra (Eye of Horus), representing the sun, and the scenes portrayed on them relate to Egyptian ideas of resurrection and life after death, connecting them with the Osirian myth.[5] To the ancient Egyptians the daily setting and rising of the sun was a symbol of death and rebirth. The hypocephalus represented all that the sun encircles — the world of the living, over which it passed during the day, was depicted in the upper half, and that of the dead, which it crossed during the night, in the lower portion.

Dreams You are embarking on a path of limitless adventure. Every night, your sleep dreams bring you keys to self-healing and self- understanding, glimpses of challenges that lie around the corner in waking life and direct access to your deeper Self. As you become an active dreamer, you will learn how to step outside time and embark on conscious dream journeys to places of initiation and adventure inside the Dreaming where spiritual teachers and protectors are waiting for you. These pages are an invitation to the most rewarding of all forms of travel. May your best dreams come true!

Robert Moss Michael Apel/CC 3.0

Soul Loss The Shaman’s Diagnosis of Our Existential Complaints By Robert Moss The greatest contribution of the ancient shamans to our medicine and healing today is the understanding that in the course of any life we are liable to suffer soul loss - the loss of parts of our vital energy and identity - and that in order to be whole and well, we must find the means of soul recovery.

Michael Apel/CC 3.0

On a visceral level, we all know how soul loss comes about. We suffer pain or trauma or abuse, we are overwhelmed by grief or guilt or shame, and part of us goes away because it doesn't want to stay in a world that seems so harsh and cruel. We are compelled to make a wrenching life choice, leaving a partner or a job or a home, and part of us resists that choice and parts company with our dominant personality, clinging to the old relationship or the old place. Soul loss deepens when we fall into depression or addiction or make compromises with the world as we understand it, giving up on our big dreams of life. Lacking the courage and confidence to make that creative leap, or to trust ourselves to love, we wimp out and part of our bright spirit, disgusted with us, goes away. Good analysts and therapists can help us to recognize parts of ourselves we have repressed and denied, including the famous Shadow, the term especially favored by Jungians for what we have tried to relegate to the basement of the personal unconscious because we would rather not own it as a part of ourselves. The shamanic concept of soul loss reaches further. It recognizes that soul healing is not only about recognizing and integrating aspects of the self that we have buried or denied; it is retrieving pieces of soul that have literally gone missing and need to be located and persuaded to return and take up residence in the body where they belong.

In my own practice, I have come to distinguish five forms of soul loss or disconnection that call for healing. I have yet to encounter a human being who is immune to any of these.

Loss of vital energy You suffer from chronic fatigue. You find yourself torpid and listless, reluctant to get out of bed. Your days seem drab and gray and joyless. Your immune system in blown and you seem to pick up every passing bug. There is something missing in you and you try to stuff the whole with sugar or booze.

Loss of younger selves You have lost younger versions of yourself - the young child with abounding energy and that beautiful imagination, that fine romantic who was hurt or betrayed as a teen, that inner poet or businessman who wanted to make different life choices from the ones you made. These younger selves have gifts and energy you can use in your life today if only you can find out where they are and discover how to bring them back.

Loss of animal spirits Indigenous and ancestral shamans know that we are all connected to the world of the animal powers, and that by recognizing and nurturing our relation with animal spirits, we find and follow their natural path four energies. Yet many of us have lost this primal connection, or know it only as a superficial wannabe symbolic thing that we look up in books and medicine cards without feeding and living every day.

Loss of ancestral soul This is a two-edged affair. When we live oblivious to the fact that we are always in the presence of the ancestors - those of our bloodlines, those of the land where we live, and those of our spiritual kin in a broader sense - we are likely to be the plaything and even the tenement for entities we don't necessarily want to have near us. When we awaken to ancestral soul, we become ready to claim the connection with wisdom-keepers and protectors who can help us to re-establish healthy psychic boundaries and clear out what does not belong with us.

Loss of connection with the Greater Self Ultimately we can only make peace between the many aspects of our selves, and follow a path of true spiritual evolution by opening or re-opening a direct and conscious connection with the Self on a higher level - the Self that is no stranger. When we clear the right space within our embodied selves, we may be ready for the deep and beautiful act of soul growing that I call spiritual enthronement, bringing a part of the Higher Self to live in our bodies and infuse our lives and our life choices with its radiance.

Reclaim Your Soul I have learned that dreams often show us where soul had gone, and offer paths by which it can be reached and encouraged to come home. Through the techniques of Active Dreaming, we can learn to help each other to become the shamans of our own souls and the healers of our own lives.

Robert Moss is the author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home and numerous other books about dreaming, shamanism, and imagination. His fascination with the dreamworld began in his childhood in Australia, when he had three neardeath experiences and first learned the ways of a traditional dreaming people through his friendship with Aborigines. Visit him online at Adapted from the book Dreaming the Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming for Healing and Becoming Whole Š2012 By Robert Moss. Printed with permission from New World Library.

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