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11th Business Acceleration Summit


“Shannon is a super-connector and her commitment to your success is like no other. She took the time to find out what I really needed in my business and then made sure I was sitting next to the right people at dinner and meeting with the right mentors to foster that growth.

Beyond that, this

community is AMAZING. The connections I made at the last summit had me tripling my investment … just in the first 30 days. And, we’re just getting started! Don’t sleep on this event.”-Dawn Gluskin, Blissed Communications

MAY 16-18, 3 DAYS, 18 EXPERTS

Cocoa, Florida ~ Speakers, Mentors, Coaches, Authors
 With Your Host Shannon Gronich 1

SOCIAL INITIATIVE We’re committed to: Developing innovative social entrepreneurs. We feature a non-profit or social mission at every summit. Usually our amazing attendees will step up and offer pro-bono services and/or cash donations to support these various causes. Amazing! Young Entrepreneur program for our future leaders. Do you know a budding entrepreneur, ages 8-26? Let’s fast-track their success! They can come learn with us … for free. Scholarship programs available. APPLY TODAY Building a financial eco-system. Thriving small businesses are the backbone to our economy. We are committed to helping businesses not only survive, but thrive in our community.

Be ing the bridge that holds bus iness, hea lth, and famil y toget her. I t ’s all connecte d.

Mission: Our mission is to create conscious business partnerships through engaging purposeful events. Will you come play with us?


Together, we will shift how the world operates in the workplace!

To learn about Business Acceleration Summit’s Customizable Sponsorship Opportunities call 321-549-2128/


Shannon has spent more than a decade building an international conscious business community by helping small businesses grow into their full potential through knowledge-sharing, marketing, and cooperative strategies. Known as the owner of an exclusive “Million Dollar Rolodex,” Shannon has successfully attained over $3.1 million publicity for herself and her clients. What’s more, she readily shows others how to do the same. A master at creating strategic alliances and developing sustainable partnerships, Shannon almost effortlessly resolves multiple, complex issues while motivating teams to peak performance. Shannon has appeared on television, radio, and in the press. She’s co-author of the Amazon #1 best seller “Law of Business Attraction – The Secret of Cooperative Success” with T Harv Eker of The Millionaire Mind. Shannon has produced over 300 events and conferences since 2001 with 100+ exhibitors and 100+ volunteers. And she still has all her hair! In the process she discovered that most event sponsors, speakers, and exhibitors are missing key knowledge and planning skills necessary to make their event successful. This insight led to Shannon’s creation of a simple system to train businesses and their teams in the fine art of conference excellence. She guides her clients through customized systems and follow-up implementation that turns leads into cash through marketing, joint venture partners, product sales, and sponsors. Her clients get results and make money! She provided multiple group trainings for cities producing the “ReBirth 2012” Barbara Marx Hubbard events globally. Shannon has successfully coordinated summits for inspiring entrepreneurs through long time established businesses by group collaboration with mentors and keynote presenters. She has aided in developing a thriving business community and created collaborative business ventures through the Business Acceleration Summits.

Shannon Gronich
 Editor and Chief of Business Acceleration Network Magazine Founder of Business Acceleration Network Event and Marketing Strategist Speaker Visionary Master Connector Magazine Designed 
 by Karen Elkins, to


To learn about Business Acceleration Summit’s Customizable Sponsorship Opportunities call 321-549-2128 or email


 Social Initiative 2
 Shannon Gronich, Editor and Chief



Location of Business Acceleration Network


Acceleration Network Options to Purchase 7
 Business Acceleration Network Agenda


5 Strategies to Accelerate Your Business by Shannon Gronich 10-11
 Schedule and About Speakers 12-17
 Authenticity is the New Currency in Business by Dawn Gluskin


Transparency Expedites Trust. Clear Directory 21 Social Media, Are you Improving or Destroying Your Personal 
 Brand by Geo A. Ropert, APR


7 Night Caribbean Cruise to Go Deeper


Limiting vs. Limitless Beliefs by Bert Oliva


Health, Wealth, and the WorkPlace by Ari Gronich 28-29
 Media Magic book and Home Study Course


Media Magic, Sales and Marketing Intensive


Mentor and MasterMind Monday


The Business Acceleration Summit brings in

conference hall! If you register for the VIP

incredible business owners from all over Florida and beyond. We stand for connection

experience, you will get a concierge call before the event to get clear on your needs and help

and shared vision. We hook you up with

you design your roadmap to get the most out of

the most amazing mentors that will help

your Summit experience. We’re 100%

you drive your business forward. And, all

committed to your success!

of this before you even step foot into the


LOCATION For travel arrangement please contact our Travel Director, Cessy Meacham, at 321-779-4285 or  Get YOUR Discount Code; secure your rate at $135/nt includes breakfast
 International Airport Melbourne (MLB) and Orlando International (MCO)


Acceleration Network Options ELITE SUMMIT VIP EXPERIENCE0.00






Staff or Volunteer with meal


Sponsor Future Leader (youth ages 8-26)


Live Streaming includes reply with powerpoint


presentations, worksheets, program, and one-on-one strategy session with mentor of your choice. If you have any questions, call or email.
 Office 321-549-2128 or email

“I’ve been to a lot of events and conferences, but THIS is top of the line: The connections, the content, the learning. All the tools you are looking for as a small business owner to bring you to the next plateau are at this event. Shannon is so committed.  I’m just blown away by what she and her team are doing. If you have the chance to attend next year, you want to be here. This is a gold mine of knowledge, information, and wisdom.” - Gerry Foster, Big Brand Formula



 MAY 16-18 Collaboration:


This is the heart & soul of the summit. We get

Okay, we just have to brag about Brevard

you out of your seats in fun and structured

County for a moment. Seriously, the most

networking activities, where the seeds to new

amazing people show up to these events. In

partnerships are planted. For many past

fact, we have people fly in from all over the

attendees, these seeds have bloomed into

country to be with us. Truly, it’s an honor.

really exciting and lucrative projects. We want

Passionate, heart-centered, creative, intuitive,

this for you!

highly-intelligent, game-changers — these are just a few of the words that come to mind. And, the commitment inside of this community to help each other out is unparalleled. If you have not experienced this yet, we invite you, with open arms, to come join the family!


“Shannon Gronich is creating events that are changing lives. She sets a prime example of how business should be done, and her events broaden horizons…no matter which rung of the ladder you’re currently on. My business has generated 40% better return since implementing the knowledge and skills I’ve developed since being connected with the Summit family. It’s so unlike any event you’ve ever been to, and you’ll be back for more…because now you’re family. I just wish I had found them sooner!” -Crystal Ploszay, Badass Floorscapes

Acceleration Summit, is a business accelerator.

Shared Vision:


BAS’s big vision is to develop thriving business

It takes a lot for a busy entrepreneur to step

communities through collaboration. The

away from the office for 2-3 days. We get it!

mentors, speakers, and attendees that come

And, we value your time. That is why we make

together at our events all passionately share

sure your time at the summit is spent working

this same vision. The level of support, shared

on YOUR business. We give you the

resources, masterminding, and desire to see

opportunity to start integrating what you’ve

each other succeed is the driving force that

learned right on site! Attendees leave with ah-

continues bringing this vision to light.

ha’s, next steps, and new collaboration potentials that they excitedly get to continue working on back in the office.

100% Happiness Guarantee


Eve - Pre-Summit Training, Tuesday, May 15 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Space Coast Convention Center

9 Author Book Signing & Early Registration Pre-Party with, Shannon Gronich, Marty Ward, David Dunworth, Bert Oliva, Ari Gronich, Adam Markel, Dawn Meyer, Keith Leon, and Lisa Saoloway. Refreshments with be served with cash bar

DAY 1 - Wednesday, May 16 8:30-9:00 AM

Registration and Networking

9:00—10:00 AM

General Session and Welcome

10:00 — 10:45 AM

High Performance Collaborative Networking with Mentors

10:45 — 11:00 AM

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect with Lisa Soloway

11:00 —11:30 AM

Big Branding for Big Sales with Gerry Foster

11:30 — 12:00 PM

Credibility and How to Get Past the Gatekeeper with Keith Leon

12:00 —12:30 PM

Success Panel with Shannon Gronich & Collaborators

12:30 — 1:00 PM

Body Talk: How to Interpret and Decode Human Behavior with Bert Oliva

1:00 — 2:30 PM

Mastermind Lunch with Mentor – Included with VIP & Elite Passes – Sponsored by

2:30 — 3:00 PM

Networking Break or One-on-One Business Strategy Sessions

3:00 — 3:30 PM

General Session

3:30 — 4:00 PM

Authentic Leadership with September Dohrmann

4:00 — 4:30 PM

Authenticity is the New Currency: The Power of Storytelling in Marketing with Dawn Gluskin

4:30 — 5:00 PM

The Heart of Enrollment with Adam Markel

5:00 — 6:00 PM

General Session

6:00 — 7:30 PM

Community Celebration – Cash Bar and Refreshments


SPEAKERS Lisa Soloway

ABOUT Wealth Strategist, Best Selling Author


Gerry Foster

The Branding Evangelist” who worked with The Proctor & Gamble Company

Keith Leon

CEO/Founder, Leon Smith Publishing, p r o f e s s i o n a l s p e a k e r, l i f e a n d relationship mentor, and a developer and facilitator of transformational seminars KEITH SHANNON.

Shannon Gronich

International Business Consultant and Owner of the Exclusive “ Million Dollar Contact List"

Bert Oliva

Leadership and Human Behavior Expert

September Dohrmann

Founder of Inc. and Forbes #1 "Must Attend" Business Conference, CEO Space International

Dawn Gluskin

Storyteller with strategy and soul

Adam Markel

Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Transformational Leader









Sonya Nagy

International Speaker, Intuitive Business Advisor

Ari Gronich

Founder of Performance Therapy Academy, Medical Exercise Innovator and Specialist, National CECApproved Educator, International Speaker, BestSelling Author

Shannon Gronich

International Business Consultant and Owner of the Exclusive “ Million Dollar Contact List"

David Dunworth

Known as “The Over-Caffeinated Entrepreneur“

Hugh Baliou

“The Conductor” of business leadership and success

Dawn C Meyer Possibilities Coach known as the Rocket Scientist turned Energy Healer


Geo Ropert

“The Media Match-Maker” for businesses and organizations

Adam Markel


Best Selling Author, International Speaker, and Transformational Leader

DAY 2 - Thursday, May 17 8:00—8:30 AM

PRE-EVENT: Morning Qi Gong with Sonya Nagy

8:30—9:00 AM

Registration and Networking

9:00—9:30 AM

General Session

9:30—10:00 AM

Power Partners Maximize Profits with Ari Gronich

10:00—10:30 AM

Event Magic: 7 Essentials to Attract Clients and Limitless Publicity with Shannon Gronich

10:30—11:00 AM

Stop Chasing Clients – Have Them Chase You with David Dunworth

11:00—11:15 AM

Partnership and Collaboration Panel with Dr. Bob & Charlene Levine

11:15—11:30 AM

The Power of Gratitude with Dawn C Meyer

11:30—12:00 AM

Success Panel with Shannon Gronich & Collaborators

12:00—12:30 PM

General Session

12:30—2:00 PM

Mastermind Lunch with Mentor – Included with VIP and Elite Passes – Sponsored by Joyce White Nelson of

2:00—2:30 PM

Networking Break or One-on-One Business Strategy Sessions – Mentors of Your Choice

2:30—3:00 PM

General Session

3:00—3:30 PM

"5 Pillars of Success: Moving From Concept to Results'with Hugh Ballou

3:30—4:00 PM

Marketing Q and A Panel – Alexa Oliva, Dawn Gluskin, David Dunworth, Joshua Adams

4:00—4:30 PM

Just Who Do You Think You Are? And Does Your Personal Brand Prove It? with Geo Ropert

4:30—5:00 PM

General Session and Closing for General Admission



DAY 2 - Thursday, May 17

5:00—5:30 PM

Networking Break

5:30—6:00 PM

Opening to Awards Ceremony – ONLY VIP & ELITE Guests

6:00—6:45 PM

High Performance Collaborative Networking Experience II

6:45—8:15 PM

Mastermind Dinner with Mentor – Included with VIP & Elite Passes – Sponsored by Rock Paper Simple

8:15—8:45 PM

Pivotability with Adam Market, Keynote

8:45—9:30 PM

Visionary Awards, and Event Closing Charity of Choice

9:30—11:00 PM

VIP and ELITE Private Wine and Refreshment Reception with Mentors – Sponsored by Investment Attorneys

DAY 3 - Friday, May 18 8:00—8:30 AM

PRE-EVENT: Morning Qi Gong with Sonya Nagy

8:30—9:00 AM

Registration and Networking

9:00—9:30 AM

General Session

9:30—10:00 AM

Media Magic: Instantly Get Radio, TV, Print, and Internet Press to Give You Limitless Publicity with Shannon Gronich

10:00—10:30 AM

The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation with Dr. Richard Kaye

10:30—11:00 AM

Interrupt Automatic Habits and Patterns to Optimize Your Health, Wealth, and Happiness with Bob Levine, PhD

11:00—1:00 PM

Closing with Grand Finale and Giveaways (must be present to win)

1:00—2:30 PM


2:30—5:30 PM

One-on-One Business Strategy Sessions – Mentors of Your Choice


Building community & celebrating success Great event app that keeps individuals connected during and after the event. Loved the panel questions being projected on the big screen during the summit.

Get Our FREE APP‌.Click Here



Shannon Gronich

International Business Consultant and Owner of the Exclusive “Million Dollar Contact List"

Dr. Richard Kaye

Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Bob Levine

World leader in chronic pain and stress elimination


“The people that come here are fabulous. Shannon’s put together a team of mentors willing to help everybody & who are able to get you to the next level.  If you’re stuck, if you’re looking for how to develop & grow your business — I highly recommend you come and experience all of this brain-trust, here in Brevard County.” – Nancy Peltonen, President of Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce

5 Strategies to Accelerate Your Business


There are specific strategies that can help any business stand out from their competition and overcome challenging situations. This information is vital to the success of entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their business growth. No matter your product or service, you can rely on these five strategies: 1 - Create a Compelling Elevator Pitch Being able to clearly articulate what it is that makes your business unique - and the benefits it offers potential customers - is a craft that takes practice. Businesses that master this skill attract customers like a magnet.


2- -Collaborate and Create Partnerships This is something that most people shy away from because we are in a society focused on competition. Every business has 10 or more ways they can partner with another, with no money down, no risk, and high return. 3 - Treat Everyone with Significance Showing up to support others will open up unexpected opportunities that result in a more abundant life...for you, and for those whose lives you touch.

4 - Have Strong Mentors and Coaches Surround yourself with individuals better than you in the areas where you want to grow. Mentors and coaches with experience and insights can help you avoid costly mistakes and maneuver through business with knowledge and power. 5 - Mastermind Your Goals or Challenges This is one of the key strategies from Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Bringing together a group of individuals focused on supporting each other with a structured mastermind process can transform a problem into a solution, in an instant.

Luckily for area businesses, Brevard County has the Business Acceleration Summit, a unique business incubator that brings together mentors of the highest caliber and business acumen. These mentors share their wisdom in a structured format that takes the guesswork out of implementing these strategies. Start-ups and seasoned business owners alike put into action these five strategies during this event. The moment you register as a VIP for the Summit, you’ll be provided a complimentary business assessment with an individual “Business Catalyst,” an expert who will help you accomplish your business goals. 

When you combine all five strategies, you can accelerate your business in record time, while avoiding many of the mistakes and missteps that destroy small business aspirations.

To learn more, call 321-549-2128 or visit and use the discount code: BAS2018 to save 15% off your registration price.

by Shannon Gronich 17


Recent research in The Effectiveness of Teamwork T r a i n i n g o n Te a m w o r k B e h a v i o r s a n d Te a m Performance by Desmond McEwan Geralyn R. Ruissen,Mark A. Eys, Bruno D. Zumbo,And Mark R. Beauchamp reported these general findings.

From road construction crews and professional soccer squads to political parties and special operations corps, teams have become a ubiquitous part of today’s world. Bringing a group of highlyskilled individuals together is not sufficient for teams to be effective. Rather, team members need to be able to work well together in order for the team to successfully achieve its purposes.


First…What is Teamwork?

What is commonly called teamwork has two basic functions. One is the responsibility and execution of tasks, the team technician role, the other is the responsibility and execution of collaboration and communication of the team member role. Combining these results in what we look at team performance. In the world of business nearly all work is done in teams. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you most of the teams they’ve been on are average or mediocre, or good but not great. However, some have experienced an extraordinary team –the kind that makes a lasting impact and sets the bar for what greatness looks and feels like. And sadly, many can tell you in detail about the toxic teams they were on where gossip, sabotage, and finger-pointing was the norm. They too made a lasting impact – a very negative one. In my roles within organizational change and leadership, I have had many opportunities to research, implement, and evaluate team performance. I do have several excellent recommendations on effective team development for success. But, lets say, you are given a team and you are assigned to be the TEAM Leader. In my experience this is often the case from classrooms to boardrooms.

Joyce White Nelson’s "People are our Greatest Asset"


If you want to create and maintain a high-performing team that delivers results, focus on the following eight steps and consider making them team agreements. Often the communication you

 You have been chosen to be a Team Leader! 
 Now What? start out with is what you will also end up with!


ProActive Strategies for Team Effectiveness Please read to the end. 
 There is a fun team building activity, using these proven eight strategies to kick start any team and set it up for success. 1. Trust your teammates unconditionally. On loyal teams, team members extend trust to one another without demanding that anyone prove their loyalty. They trust each other through the good times and the bad. Start by asking everyone on the team to address any lingering trust issues with other team members. 2. Assume positive intent. Always. Loyal team members give each other the benefit of the doubt. They check their own judgments and set aside their assumptions about each other’s motivations or intent. If one member can’t understand another member’s behavior, they talk with that person directly instead of making assumptions or gripping to someone else. 3. Talk WITH your teammates, not about them. Loyal team members discuss challenges directly. They don’t engage in gossip and instead choose to work out differences in a respectful and timely manner. Every member demonstrates loyalty to all the other team members. To start, ask your team to address issues directly with each other as they arise. 4. Care about your teammates’ success, and most of them will care about yours. Loyal team members take the time to support each other. They step in when there is a problem or challenge that someone can’t solve on their own. Each person makes personal sacrifices to help others and gives candid guidance to help a teammate learn and grow. Start by taking an interest in your teammates’ success. Ask questions about their concerns and be a good listener.

5. Put the team’s agenda ahead of your own, take a power pause to reflect. Loyal team members sacrifice resources and personal recognition to ensure the team can reach the most important goals. Everyone keeps his or her ego in check and focuses on a broader view of goals so the entire team can see how each part fits into the greater whole. Start by clarifying the shared goals with everyone on the team. 6. Encourage and hold your teammates accountable to do their best work and vice versa. Loyal team members challenge each other to reach shared goals. No one wants to let a teammate down, so they work harder and try more. Loyalists don’t spend energy watching their own backs, so they can take risks and reach higher. Start by asking your teammates to challenge and push you to reach new heights. 7. Discuss the toughest issues facing the team and listen to responses Loyal team members engage in rigorous debate. They discuss the toughest business and team issues by voicing and debating conflicting opinions. Start by bringing up potentially divisive issues and explain what you are doing and why. 8. Give your teammates feedback, and ask for it, consistently Loyal team members give direct feedback to each other. Everyone agrees to tell each other the tough messages so that everyone can correct mistakes and improve their performance. Start by asking your teammates how you can improve.


Your First Team Building Activity! Create a document of the 8 Proven and ProActive Strategies for Team Success. Ask each team member to rank order them according their own order of importance. Ask each team member to tell the team a reason why for their #1 and their #8 (no discussion, this is the teams first practice at active listening).

activity will be be effective and increase your team productivity! Have some fun, why not practice being a team before you actually have to function as a team. There is a method to what some refer to as the ‘madness’ of teamwork! We would love to hear about successful strategies or outcomes you have had either leading or being on teams.

Next… Say this,“If you could only choose 3 of the strategies, which would they be?” Put a chart on the wall or create an online chart wth 3 columns; 1, 2, 3 and then gather numbers under each column as reported by each team member.

Joyce White Nelson’s global network of People-First professionals has guided hundreds of top entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations in building strategic outcomes. At JoyceVentures, our goal is to serve through a collaborative, processoriented approach that will exceed your expectations. We do this through systems analysis, assessment, observation, and open dialogue to provide essential qualitative and quantitative data for decision-making and strategic results. Contact us to Discover about how we may align with you.

Finally, Given the information you have collected, ask the team to come to a consensus on the top 3 Proven Strategies for Success by which they will commit to for the duration of the team project. If you work on a team—and nearly all of us do – why not start with these eight steps and create a loyal and effective team? I guarantee the time spent on this three-step team building Business Innovation Strategist


Transparency Expedites Trust!
 The first fully vetted business directory.

Who’s in the CLEAR.


Both the Business Acceleration Network and The CLEAR agree that collaboration is essential for businesses moving forward. Collaboration only works if built on transparency and trust. So how do you know who to trust? With the invention of the internet and social media, anyone and everyone can be a self-proclaimed expert if they just make their online profile look impressive. It’s difficult to tell if people are who they claim to be and can do what they claim to do. It’s even harder at a conference where energy is high and people are excited to do business together. While the “feel good”


Podcast. Articles

piece is important, serious business requires solid decision-making. That’s where The CLEAR comes in. When everyone operates in transparency, establishing trust is easy. Trust starts as a conversation and becomes a relationship. Transparency expedites trust. Members of The CLEAR have Chosen to operate in transparency about their business history and agreed to be screened for frauds and scams. You can have peace of mind knowing who you’re getting involved with. Not everyone vetted may choose to be transparent with their report. To see who is in The Clear –

Au t h e n t i c i t y

How to Stand Out by Bringing More Truth to Your Brand According to a consumer trust study conducted by Trinity Mirror, “58% of adults don’t trust a brand until they have seen ‘real world proof’ that it has kept its promises.” As we all know, you don’t need to look too hard for evidence of brands being UN-trustworthy. (Wall Street, Pharma, Oil -- we’re looking at you -- and that’s just naming a few). 
 In other words, over half of your potential clients assume

you don’t have their best interest at heart and can’t be trusted … until you prove to them otherwise.

purchase a product from a brand they deem to be authentic or express greater interest in buying from that brand in the future.”

Sounds daunting. But, for you, as a small business owner, there is a actually a real opportunity here to stand out in your industry.

What does it mean to be “authentic” in business?

P e r t h e C o h n & Wo l f e authentic brand study, “91% of consumers would reward a brand for its authenticity and 62% said they would either

Whether you are the face of you brand or if you lean more towards a corporate identity --- people always love to take a peek behind-the-scenes.

is the New Currency in Business

(For more tips, visit www.BlissedCommunicat and download the free “Brand Story Mastery” training to learn how to incorporate more vulnerability and authenticity into your messaging and curate a signature brand story that will help you stand out, be unforgettable, and magnetically draw in your soul-clients.)

Giving them an inside look brings more humanity to your brand and builds the know, like, and trust factor. (In other words, you start to feel like a friend instead of an evil money-hungry corporation.) This is especially true if you give them a real glimpse, meaning not your typical super-curated, edited, and polished content, but a raw and real, “this is a day in the life…” sort of experience.

Furthermore, if your company does make a mistake: Own it! As appropriate, make a public apology, come up with a plan on how to fix it, make right with consumers affected, etc. What not to do: Try to sweep it under the rug. There is no hiding on the internet these days! Instead, turn your blunders into golden opportunities to authentically shine.

Additionally, publicly share your “learning opportunities” (sometimes referred to as ‘failures’). When you come from a place of, “we tried this, it didn’t work, this is what we learned from it” -- it shows you aren’t hiding, you are willing to learn, and you openly share to help others -- all major truth-building qualities.

By Dawn Gluskin, Storyteller & Truth-Digger, Blissed Communications

NOTHING WILL GROW YOU MORE THAN GROWING YOUR DREAMS. Businesses never fail because a dream is wrong, they fail because they choose the wrong way to achieve it. CEO Space is a place where solutions and like-minded professionals come together in a cooperative culture designed to help you achieve your professional goals faster. You are not alone.

Website: Phone : 888-752-8644 Email :


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DLYTED’S MISSION: Making Everyday Giving Effortless DLYTED’S GOAL: To facilitate the Giving of One Billion Dollars without costing anyone a penny.

Barry Shore Founder




Shop hundreds of brands you know and trust.

Purchase eGift cards and receive the full face value plus redeemable Dlyted Points.

Give your Dlyted points to your favorite cause. It’s simple, easy and good.

DLYTED is an Umbrella of Philanthropy with Unlimited Potential Dlyted is a fundraising platform that helps Causes raise money and retailers to deepen relationships with customers by harnessing the retail spending power of loyal supporters of Causes. Dlyted makes giving a fun everyday experience for people shopping at their favorite brands. Dlyted enables Causes that join the Dlyted platform to capture contributions of up to 30% without costing their supporters a penny. The entire process is seamlessly managed on-the-go from Dlyted’s app or any Mobile/Web Device. DLYTED is leading the electronic giving space with its latest innovative offering: Electronic RoundUp (Changebowl). Ever gone to a supermarket and been asked to round up your purchase to the nearest dollar to support a cause? That’s “RoundUp.” DLYTED automates this process with the Changebowl App to ensure the rounding up of all your purchases to Your preferred causes. DLYTED DoubleBack enables users to both get Cash Back AND Give to their Cause just by swiping their credit card. This is now frictionless, effortless, set it/forget it and brings ongoing revenue to Your Cause. DLYTED DoubleBack is a major breakthrough in Local Merchant, Non Profit, and Customer interaction. Welcome to DLYTED: The Platform that is Transforming the World of GIVING. It’s simple, easy and fun.

What inspired Dlyted? and, Why Keep Smiling? The morning of September 17, 2004 started like many other days for businessman and entrepreneur Barry Shore. At 55, Barry had just returned from a trip overseas with his 17year old son. Barry is the Founder and CEO of and is a successful serial 

about one person in 100,000, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Barry would remain in various hospitals for 4 and a half months. He had a hospital bed in his own home for 2 years. He couldn’t turn over by himself, and he had braces on both legs—from his hips down to his ankles—for more than a year.

entrepreneur across a variety of industries. Despite waking up physically strong, by the end of the day, Barry would be a quadriplegic, unable to move anything except his head—left to right.
 “I was standing up in the morning, and in the evening, I was in the hospital paralyzed from my neck down,” says Barry. Barry was later diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a rare disorder in which the body's immune system attacks the nervous system. The disorder can be so devastating because it strikes without warning—and because there is no specific, singular cause known by doctors at this time. GBS affects

But if you saw or heard Barry speak today, you’d be able to tell he’s full of life and just as vibrant and driven as before being diagnosed with GBS.
 Barry credits prayer, therapy, and love—PTL as he calls it—and conscious leadership as the factors that have turned his setback into a positive outcome.

Prayer & Positive Thoughts

Meet Barry - The Hero’s Journey

Social Media

 Are You Improving or Destroying Your Personal Brand?

By Geo A. Ropert, APR Along with developing and enhancing corporate and organizational brands,

to how they’re perceived; what their personal brand is.

I’ve been doing more work in the “personal” branding arena. Everyone knows the importance of maintaining

A brand isn’t just a logo or a tagline. A brand is a promise! It’s a promise

a strong, respected and recognized business brand but few professionals recognize the importance of

of what someone can expect when they interact with an organization; how they’ll feel, what they’ll get, and

maintaining the same when it comes

whether they’ll remain faithful and loyal. It’s the same for people.

A brand is a promise!

Your brand is what people think and say about you when you’re not around. It’s what they expect when in your presence or dealing with you in a negotiation. Yet, I don’t think we realize how much our brand is being affected by what we say and do in today’s digitally-connected world.

If you’re a professional in your field, an entrepreneur trying to make a name for yourself and your business, or the face of your organization, everything you post – or that’s posted about you – is impacting your personal brand. From your social media pages, to your blogs and any other places you appear, viewers and readers form more of their impressions of you from afar than from person-to-person interactions. Sure, some people are compensated for sharing their thoughts, beliefs and opinions, sometimes boldly and without filters. But they are the exception and their brand is reflective of that by their choosing; think talk show hosts, political or issue writers and bloggers. For the rest of us, sharing the same must be done with thoughtfulness towards how our words and images will be perceived by our employers, customers, colleagues, friends and family. Some of the “friends” I have on Facebook or whose Twitter and Instagram feeds I follow are either oblivious to the impact their

comments and images have on their personal brand or think they won’t be judged because of them. Some are questionable at best and cruel, hurtful or hateful at worst. I think about the employee who derides a coworker or competitor on their personal page, only to be confronted by management and either reprimanded or terminated. Or the teacher whose risqué photos from summer vacation in the Caribbean end up online and cost them their jobs. What about the person who takes a position on an issue and states that those who don’t espouse to their beliefs are less of a human? Personally, my opinion of them lessens with each rant and rave.

Always be a great brand! The Internet has provided a vast place for us to share information about ourselves, and helped us to connect with others in ways we never dreamed just a few years ago. It’s also exposed us to a broader audience and we don’t know who may be in that audience or how they’ll perceive us; how they’ll perceive our personal brand.

Keep this in mind as you go about your day: If what you said or did was the top headline in the daily news, would you be proud?


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Limiting vs. Limitless Beliefs

Do you have limiting beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your goals? Do you find yourself doing the same old thing year after year, thinking that nothing will ever change for you? Is it possible to have faith in something that you believe in with all your heart, mind, and soul, and for that something to still be false?

In short, yes. Limiting beliefs are limiting facts and ideas that you choose to believe on faith alone. When you presume false ideas to be absolutely true, you force your mind to operate in a state of disillusionment.

Technique for Eliminating Your Limiting Beliefs: 1) Explore the less than desirable things that happen in your life.

Here is Your Homework:

In a quiet place with no distractions spend 5-10 minutes thinking about each of the questions below. Go through each layer of limiting beliefs (they will sound more like excuses), until you get to the core. At that point you can address the limiting beliefs and change your destructive patterns that have been holding you back.

2) Explore the feelings that you experience on a recurring basis. 
 3) Uncover when you first experienced these feelings.
 • What was the triggering event?
 • What beliefs about yourself and/or others did you internalize in the moment of your painful experience? 
 4) Acknowledge these destructive feelings and transition them to a positive by finding the solution they offer you. For example, instead of complaining about traffic use the time to listen to an audio book. Once you have mastered the techniques to discover your limiting beliefs, you can address them immediately. By breaking those patterns, it will finally be possible to reach the goals you said a person like you could never reach. I heard in the news about a woman who lifted a car to rescue her pinned child. Before that day she never thought she could lift a car, but at that moment she saw no other option. Sure her adrenaline was pumping, but she had no room in her mind to wonder if she could do it, she only knew that she had to do it. You are the director of your life’s story. If you want to change the story, you have to change your beliefs (and feelings) about the story. When you decide that something is important enough, you will overcome those limiting beliefs, but why wait until that moment? Address the beliefs that are holding you back from the promotion, solid relationship, or just general happiness today.

What are the recurring disappointments in your life?

What caused these disappointments?

What is it that you need to do to prevent them from happening again?

What kept you from doing it?

Though it may be uncomfortable, what will you do next time so that you have the opportunity to have a better outcome?

Are you holding onto any of these limiting beliefs?

Step back from the chaos, busy work, life’s challenges and look inside to see what it is you stand for. You might be surprised to find that what you thought to be true a few years ago does not apply in your life now. Open your heart and mind because you never know if you “change your beliefs, you can change your life”. Live Life, Bert Oliva

Sometimes, all you need is someone to remind you to get back on the path you want to reach your goals. Other times you just want to be heard or bounce some ideas with people who are on the same journey. If this is resonating with you join us weekly at the

Health, Wealth, and the WorkPlace What is ESSENTIAL for the Productivity The number one expense for employers and companies over the next 20 years will be Health Care and loss of productivity.

they are not working optimally. 

The American Productivity Audit (APA) revealed an average annual loss per U.S. worker of 115 productive hours due to presenteeism at a cost to employers of $180+ billion per year. 

Their research reveals that the top five health conditions for worker presenteeism are: headache, back pain, cold, flu, fatigue, depression, digestive problems,

How will YOU maintain an effective staff and be as productive as you want to be in your business? Whether you are a Self-employed Entrepreneur or the CEO of a large company, lack of focus, poor posture and ergonomics, and chronic repetitive motion injuries will cost you.

Cost of Presenteeism
 This refers to the fact that employees may be at work, but due to health concerns,

and arthritis.

Ari Gronich “Work~Place Performance Therapist” What you will learn is how to: 1. Decrease or Eliminate repetitive motion

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The Business Acceleration Summit brings in incredible business owners from all over Florida and beyond. We stand for connection and shared v...


The Business Acceleration Summit brings in incredible business owners from all over Florida and beyond. We stand for connection and shared v...