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The great minds of our time are

convergence of leading-edge

bringing a new renaissance. The

science and ancient wisdom is

fusion of ideas, disciplines, and

bridging the heart and mind,

cultures has always advanced

science and spirituality, and East

civilization, be it from the

and West.

renaissance of the Middle East to

Take a quantum leap in your

Middle Ages of Europe, again, we

understanding of the mysteries of

stand at this crossroad. The new

our universe.


Never in this world has hate ever cast out hate. Love alone wins over hate...with this and

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the knowledge that we will all die, how can you argue with each other? - The Buddha

HEART science and soul The Resilience from the Heart ~ Gregg Braden Cover Art - Gregg Braden What is Hearts Intelligence ~ Sara Childre, HeartMath Love, The Destroyer and the Maker of Life ~ Tony J. Selimi Featured Artists ~ ALICIA HUNSICKER The Spiritual Essence of Love ~ Laura Anne Hoorweg Awakening the Sacred Masculine ~ Keith Gregory Heart-focused Life Project Design ~ Patricia and John Hardman



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The single eye of the heart— the state of harmony that we create for ourselves in heartbrain coherence—accesses what’s true for us in the moment of a given situation. Rather than thinking through a list of the pros and cons or weighing out the probability that an experience of the past will repeat itself in the present, our heart intelligence knows instantly what’s true for us in the moment.


Excerpt from Resilience from the Heart by Gregg Braden.

WITHIN Your heart’s intelligence is with you always. It’s constant. You can trust it. It’s important to acknowledge this, because it means that the wisdom of your heart—the answers to the deepest and most mysterious questions of life that no one else can answer—already exists within you. Rather than something that needs to be built or created before it can be used, the link between your heart and the place that holds your answers is already established. It’s been with you since the time you were born and has never left you. It’s up to you as to when you choose to access that link as a “hotline” to the deepest truths of your life. It’s also up to you as to how you apply the wisdom of your heart in the reality of your everyday life.

There is a saying among certain indigenous and ancient mystery traditions when it comes to the way we live our lives, and how we come to terms with life’s experiences. Though the traditions are different from one another, they are bound together by the theme of a common thread of wisdom: In order for us to come full circle and embrace our personal power in life, we must first embark upon a journey of personal discovery. And while the journey may lead us away from what’s been familiar in the past, and may take our entire lifetime to complete, the distance of our trip is a short one. It only covers about 18 inches. Whether we’re tall or short, and regardless of the race or nationality we call our heritage, for all of us the average distance from the center of our brains to the middle of our hearts is the same: 18 inches. But the short distance can be deceptive. Depending on the beliefs of our families, our communities, our religions, and what happens in our life experiences, it can take months, years, or a lifetime to learn how to make the shift from the logical thinking of the mind to the intuitive wisdom of the heart, and when it’s appropriate to do so.

We’re living the shift from creating our lives based upon the way our minds see the world to a new way of thinking and living based upon the way our hearts and minds sense the world. What’s important here is that whatever change life brings to your doorstep, it’s only a problem if you don’t know how to embrace it in a healthy way. As you learn to merge the senses of your heart and the logic of your brain into a single potent system, you empower yourself to beneficially manage change in your life. Once we learn the power of Resilience from the Heart, we can create it for ourselves, our families, and our communities, and apply it in our everyday lives. In this time of extremes, the resilience that we develop as individuals becomes even more effective, powerful, and potent when it can be applied by our families, friends, and neighbors. When we share our healing insights, we find the answer to the question of what it takes to create a way of life that reflects the values we’ve discovered through our personal journey.

The recent discovery of the “little brain” in the heart, however, and the benefits it affords us tells us that to make such a shift is certainly worth the effort. It’s the journey that takes us out of the either-or polarity thinking of the brain, and into the intuitive knowing of our heart. And while the ability to do so would be empowering for us at any time, it is especially so now, in our lifetime of converging extremes. We’ve all heard the adage that the only constant in life is change. We’ve also heard that change can be one of the most stressful experiences we face in life. And it’s that stress of change that biologists tell us is the trigger for new ways of thinking and living—the evolutionary transformation that makes us better people, creates stronger families and communities, and ultimately promises our survival as a species. The formula is clear: the bigger the shift, the greater the transformation.

Process Here... How The Heart-Brain Connection Works The Role Of The Heart In The Law Of Attraction “The following is an excerpt from Resilience from the Heart by Gregg Braden. It is published by Hay House (October 2015) and is available in bookstores and online at”

HeartMath As a child, I often was told “Go to your heart for the answer” and “Listen to your heart.” - Sara Childre

What Is Heart Intelligence? Throughout much of recorded history, in the writings and oral traditions of many diverse cultures, people strongly believed in an intelligent heart. As a child, I often was told “Go to your heart for the answer” and “Listen to your heart.” When I did, I often found insight or clarity about a problem I was facing. In Sunday school, teachers talked about the “still, small voice in the heart,” and it made sense to me. They never said the “still, small voice in the head,” which often for me was a voice of self-doubt. As I grew older, I adopted views about intelligence that I learned in school: that the ability to learn, understand, reason, and apply knowledge was a function of the brain in the head. It never occurred to me that the intuitive sense or clarity I gained by listening to my heart had to do with my physical heart. So when I read about research into “heart intelligence,” I was fascinated.

By Sara Childre

“...the heart actually communicates with the brain in ways that greatly affect how we perceive and react to the world around us.” During the 1960s and ’70s, physiologists John and Beatrice Lacey conducted research that showed the heart actually communicates with the brain in ways that greatly affect how we perceive and react to the world around us. Today, more than a half century after the Laceys began their research; we know a great deal more about the intelligent heart: •

The heart sends us emotional and intuitive signals to help govern our lives.

The heart directs and aligns many systems in the body so they can function in harmony with one another.

The heart has its own independent, complex nervous system known as “the brain in the heart.”

The heart’s independent brain and nervous system relay information to and from the brain in the cranium—a two-way communication system between heart and brain.

The heart makes many of its own decisions.

The heart starts beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has been formed.

Human beings form an emotional brain long before a rational one, and a beating heart before either.

Emotional Intelligence Researchers at various institutions began

We’ve come a long way in learning how the

showing in the 1980s and ’90s that success in

heart, mind, and emotions work. Science has

life depends more on an individual’s ability to

begun to catch up in accepting that there really

effectively manage emotions than on intellectual

is something to this idea of “heart intelligence”

ability. These findings naturally resulted in

that’s been intuitively understood for millennia.

people wanting to know how to infuse emotions with intelligence.

HeartMath® research defines heart

dozens of universities studying its

intelligence as the flow of awareness,

applications for emotional self-regulation,

understanding, and practical intuition we

health, academic performance, intuitive

experience when the mind and emotions are

development, and more.

brought into coherent alignment with the heart. It can be activated through self-initiated practice, and the more we pay attention when we sense the heart is speaking to us or guiding us, the greater our ability to access this intelligence and guidance more frequently. Heart intelligence underlies cellular organization, guiding and evolving organisms toward increased order, awareness, and coherence of their bodies’ systems.

It’s one thing to understand the psychophysiology of heart intelligence, but perhaps the true value of the term is how you apply it to your own life. When you’re listening to someone, are you listening with all of your heart? Do you communicate from your heart —the deeper, genuine part of yourself? Before you make an important decision, do you contemplate the options from your heart, feeling how each scenario resonates within?

Today there are dozens of scientific papers on

Do you consult your heart before having a

HeartMath’s research in heart intelligence and

knee-jerk reaction?

Heart intelligence has advanced far beyond just a metaphor, and these simple questions can help you to start connecting deeper with your heart in everyday situations. Each time you go to your heart, you are tapping into an incredible guidance and filtering system that will help you navigate your unique path. I’ve discovered in my own life that heart intelligence is unconditional and infinite. How much and how often we decide to use it is up to each of us. In my own experience the more I use my heart intelligence, or my inner guidance system, the easier it is for me to live my life from my core heart values, such as care, compassion, gratitude, and love, and the more fulfilling my relationships and my life have become.

Guidance System


Try using your heart to establish healthier attitudes. Here’s a simple HeartMath technique you can try:

Attitude Breathing™ Technique The Attitude Breathing™ Technique is a powerful pretreatment tool. Use this technique to prepare your attitude before engaging in situations that are likely to cause stress and to trigger an unwanted reaction. You can also use it if you are feeling off, irritable, or overwhelmed. Using Attitude Breathing can help you connect with your heart and find an attitude that can foster increased balance. In Attitude Breathing, you focus on your heart and solar plexus as you breathe a positive attitude. The heart will automatically harmonize the energy between the heart and solar plexus, increasing the feeling of calm clarity. Attitude Breathing Technique Steps 1. Recognize an unwanted feeling or attitude. This could be anxiety, sadness, selfjudgment, guilt, anger, feeling overwhelmed—anything distressing. 2. Identify and breathe in a replacement attitude. Select a positive attitude and then breathe in the feeling of that new attitude slowly and casually through your heart area. Do this for a while to anchor the new feeling. Tips for Attitude Breathing Practice different combinations of attitudes that you want to develop. You can tell yourself, “Breathe genuine,” “Breathe courage,” “Breathe ease,” “Breathe neutral,” or whatever attitude you need. Even if you can’t feel the attitude shift at first, making a genuine and earnest effort to shift will at least help you get to a neutral state. In neutral, you have more objectivity, and you save mental and emotional energy.


Expanding Heart Connections About Author: Sara Childre learned the value of self-management, organization and service at an early age as the daughter of a Marine Corps general. As a double major at East Carolina University, Childre earned degrees in psychology and fine arts. Her interest in the field of human development led her to participate in several long-term research projects with HeartMath® founder Doc Childre, and she shares his vision of optimizing human performance and well-being. About HeartMath® Institute The HeartMath Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to teaching the principles of heart-based living around the world and promoting global coherence by inspiring people to connect with the intelligence and guidance of their hearts. HMI has been conducting scientific research on the physiology of emotions and the science of the heart for more than 23 years. HMI was founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, a world leader in stress reduction and emotionmanagement HMI research. Through its research and education divisions, the institute has developed practical tools, educational programs and services – collectively known as the HeartMath System – for the mental, emotional and physical benefit of children through seniors without regard to their social, economic or cultural status. HMI research has been published in numerous peerreviewed journals such as American Journal of Cardiology, Stress Medicine, Preventive Cardiology, Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Integrative Physiological and Behavioral Science and Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. For more information about IHM Education and Professional Development programs visit

Natures Signature


The Destroyer and the Maker of Life “Love is pain and pleasure in equal measure. It is the point at which the light and the dark come together into unity and dancing together in perfect coordination, balance and harmony.” – Tony J. Selimi

By Tony J Selimi

War Throughout


people have used love as a reason and a destructive force to start the greatest wars ever known to mankind, bring down the ultimate empires, and cause harm to one another. Equally, people use the power of love to create a new life, to bring about healing, create truce in war zones, and to resolve personal, professional, business and family conflicts.

Invoke It took me years of study and working with so many amazing professional teachers of life, healers, and coaches to heal, learn about the infinite wisdom of love and to embody the wholeness that love is. It is only through facing many life adversities head on that I learned how to invoke love from within me and how to switch on the light for my inner child to walk out of darkness and into the unity of oneness.

illusion What I observe in the many clients that I help is how strong is the one sided illusion that love is only something that we associate as positive. Daily we are being fed the illusion of the existence of the eternal happiness, bliss and everlasting paradise. We are sold goods in the disguise of love and create decisions that impact mankind. We use love to justify our own and business agendas, and we use it to manipulate others into believing, being and becoming something they are not.

Daily we are subconsciously programmed to continue to live our life as a one-sided illusion of good and bad, dark and light, rejection and acceptance. Where ever we turn in our awakening life we are taught to seek love outside of ourselves. You know that you know that love encompasses all that is. That love is pain and pleasure in equal measures. That we are like nature, we too destroy life in order to create a new one. Not sure about you, though as a kid my parents never taught me the universal laws that govern life, nor did they teach me to love myself, nor did the teachers ever mentioned the importance of loving me. The truth is many of us were taught by parents who did not have the awareness of the infinite wisdom of love and how to truly love themselves. Most of us went to schools that are regulated by a system that at its roots is flawed and is based on teaching us to further separate our inner being from wholeness and instead see and judge ourselves from the eyes of good and bad. It took me years of study and working with so many amazing professional teachers of life, healers, and coaches to heal, learn about the infinite wisdom of love and to embody the wholeness that love is.

It is only through facing many life adversities head on that I learned how to invoke love from within me and how to switch on the light for my inner child to walk out of darkness and into the unity of oneness. parents never taught me the universal laws that govern life, nor did they teach me to love myself, ...

You know that you know the truth that you are both a force for evil and force for good. You know that in life there are two sides to every coin, similarly there are two sides to any of the life situations you may be experiencing, but the problem is many of you are kept in the dark of the existence of the other side, some due to upbringing, others due to radical religious views, and others through lack of awareness of the duality of your nature. In you exist all the qualities known to mankind, the wisdom, and the awareness required at time of adversity to remember the wholeness of love and not focus all of your mental and emotional energy in feeding the sadness, the separation, and the darkness that has the power to


bring about illness, war, and most of all separate you from you. It’s said there are no coincidences in life… And if you’re reading these words now, it’s because deep down, you know you’re meant to do more, be more, and create more with your life. Maybe you have a dream that you wish to breathe into reality. Get your physical health back, improve your finances, or create your perfect business. Maybe there’s a cause you would like to devote your time too and support. Or perhaps in your heart there is a knowing of a higher sense of purpose you want to fulfill. You’re not alone. Most people feel this way. The problem is that most people are afraid to see love as the unity of two and therefore it is this inner separation that causes them the greatest distress in themselves that keep them away from reaching for their goals and dreams…and end up failing.

Instead, many of you find excuses. You might say to yourself, “I’m too tired” or “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have the free time.”


one is this inner separation that causes the greatest distress...

Let your heart becomes a mirror from which light can disperse the shadows of regret, pain and judgement and turn them into seeds of love, light and gratitude.

And that’s precisely why instead of a hassle, distraction, or chore…I wrote the USA Award-winning and internationally best-selling book A Path to WisdomHow to live a balanced, healthy and peaceful life. It helps you make raise your vibration by powerful daily ritual.

It awaken the truth of who you truly are. The truth that is built in every cell of your body, it is in your mind, and it lives in your heart. The truth that knows that you are love. The problem is because throughout our lives, we accumulate hidden energy blockages and negative conditioning that holds us back from higher vibrations, this love is weakened. When you equilibrate your mind, balance your perceptions, and learn how to master your emotions, you vibrate at higher level. When you do so, the way you live your life becomes drastically different. Love, balance, and abundance are suddenly within your grasp. Pain, stress, and struggle seem to melt away and you become a magnet for what you truly desire. But here’s where things get even better. Scientific studies have shown that your energy doesn’t just affect you, but those around you too. There’s been a flood of recent research into subjects like the Maharishi effect, distance healing, and the power of positive thinking. They all point to the same conclusion: if

you’re looking for a meaningful,

more successful and more enlightened life, then you must aim to overcome your energy blockages, embody balance, and raise your







Remember, that everything that you have done in any lifetime is part of your own creation, it is part of love, and it is part of the same gift we all

TJS Evolutionary

share-life and light. Join me in heart, love and in light in the plane that

Method I developed

takes you towards the destination of being the master of your destiny.

helps you navigate

I Love you and thank you. Be wealthy, stay healthy, happy, and in gratitude, for it is the way to honour your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Tony J Selimi

through life’s adversities in order to be clearer in your

Human Behaviour and Cognition Expert

mind, emotionally

balanced, and open your heart chakra.

Process Tony J Selimi

If you were to look back in time and observe the curious, innocent and free loving child you once were, what changes you would make in the “now� in order to be more giving and more loving?


The child, the adult, and the parent in you have a different ways of giving and receiving love. Put some time aside now, take a pen and paper, your laptop, or your mobile phone and

start to list at least one hundred ways in which your inner child, the adult, and the parent in you expresses love. Â


Spiritual Vision of Prosperity & Abundance with Dr. Carlos de León Thursday, January 21, 2016 6:30pm to 8:00pm at: Banyen Books & Sound 3608 West 4th Ave. cost:  Free

Weekend Workshop January 30 & 31, 2016


at: Ontogony Centre, 2667 West Broadway info & registration here Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-7912 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC

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ALICIA HUNSICKER A cosmic discussion about the nature of all things.

Divining with Nest and Egg


All organic forms are expressions of a divine force ...

Celestial Cartography

Mana Force

Embrace Anything is Possible

Heavenly Cascade


...each with its place and function in the journey of the whole...

Source Stream Alight

New Dimensions

Convergence in Cerulean Blue

Desire to Be

Organic Entanglement

There is a profound beauty in nature’s forms.

Harmonic Light Structure

Water Garden Whirlwind



...divine language showing our interconnectedness.

ALICIA HUNSICKER I am drawn to concepts being explored in Quantum Physics and how they relate to the energetic and spiritual realms that directly impact our minds, bodies and consciousness. There are many references to particles in my paintings, which are the fundamental building blocks of all things. Striving to understand them deepens our understanding of natures patterns, from the micro- worlds of atoms to the macroworlds found in the swirling galaxies of our universe. We are all interconnected. We are all ONE and all organic life is fully sentient, conscious, and aware. I am passionate about circles and lines that arc and swirl to create the structure of elegant forms, points of light, and the nature inspired patterns that I am captivated by while painting.


Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-7912 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC

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40. Success

“...awakening your Sacred Masculine is IN NO WAY gender specific...”

Sacred Masculine The purpose of awakening your Sacred Masculine, is to ignite and guide you to live more consciously from your open, aligned and empowered Heartspace. This in part, is done by restoring respect, integrity and honor in men and strength, safety and trust within women.

By Keith Gregory

This is accomplished by consciously connecting into your Heart Center and all the Spiritual energies accessible here, specifically those of love + joy + compassion + gratitude + forgiveness and trust. Here you tap directly into your Sacred nature. Guaranteed. These energies, found in an empowered Heartspace are what I refer to as the ‘Sacred.’   Living from your empowered Heartspace actualizes your Soul’s true purpose – which is to embody and express your Sacred’s attributes in your everyday life. As you act from this awareness and become consciously present in your Heartspace, you come to awaken your Sacred. It’s this simple.   However, only by being totally present in this very moment – Here & Now – fully grounded in your body, can you embody your Sacred. Viscerally speaking that is, with each breath you breathe. For your Sacred to become real for you, it has to become alive in you. Consciously breathing your Sacred and all its qualities into your body, will a Divine fusion ignite and blaze in your life.   Please understand, awakening your Sacred Masculine is IN NO WAY gender specific. It’s not just about men! This revolutionary+evolutionary breakthrough of consciousness needs to take place in all of us, women as well. The masculine Lifeforce lives in men and women alike and as such, has to evolve in anyone intent on awakening their Sacred.   Paradoxically, this applies to men engaging and empowering our contradictory+complementary natures. Otherwise known as our feminine consciousness. For men, to awaken and embody our Sacred Masculine now, we’ll have to embrace this fundamental part of ourselves.  

Heartspace actualizes your Soul’s true purpose

Prologue Excerpt: When I first began writing this book, I wanted to express myself from the rarefied heights of great personal achievement and obvious, Spiritual success. I really did and wanted you, the reader to know how remarkable I am, worthy of your well- deserved respect and praise. But alas, this really isn’t the case.   As I began sinking into this material many years ago, I soon realized my viewpoint wasn’t from high atop the learning curve - like a mighty surfer dude, riding a huge wave, looking elegant, majestic and oh, so cool. Not even close. It was rather from within the wave itself, down below the smooth rolling crest, deep within the rough and tumble of the undertow.   From this perspective, my awakening journey, much like seeing a wave from the inside out may look very different than anything you’d associate with the ‘Sacred.’ In arriving to this, I've come to know the qualities of my awakening from my own full tilt, living-on-a-prayer Life School education. Here, I’ve encountered the lessons of my Soul’s curriculum on the more visceral, gut level understandings of what the Sacred Masculine is ... not.

Keith Gregory

Since a boy, I’ve learned what I wanted to do in life from having done things I never wanted to do again. This approach is really, Life School 101. Much like a sculptor removing the immaterial overlays, the illusory nature of my ego has been steadily stripped away revealing my Sacred’s essence, underneath. Awakening my Sacred Masculine has been quite the alchemical, if not shamanic journey - of burning away the dross of my personality from my core, Sacred Self. This is true for anyone who chooses to dig deeply enough, to look beneath the dirty floorboards in their own, emotional underground. Please know, my Sacred isn’t a fancy, ascension concept, a new technique or even a magical, Divine Being. It’s not that complicated. It’s a feeling of such profound and radiant quintessence, of illumination so sweet, it stops time. Remarkable doesn’t even come close. It’s also a feeling I’ve only ever found in my Heart and this has made all the difference. Throughout my life I’ve witnessed and experienced, only in and through an open Heart flows love + joy + compassion + gratitude + forgiveness and trust. Faith lives here too, which makes an empowered Heartspace, our grand slam, Spiritual Shangri- La.   After all, my most profound Spiritual healings, openings and awakenings have all ignited and come alive in my

Aw a k e n i n g m y S a c r e d

Heartspace. It’s true. If it didn’t happen here, it really

Masculine has been quite

didn’t happen for the rest of me. This is because, Divine

the alchemical, if not

grace alights here as well, enlightening and enlivening all it touches. Without it, the healings were incomplete. This is an awakened Heart’s eternal magic that touches and blesses our human lives, just so. It’s unmistakably conscious and real, because it’s totally Sacred.


shamanic journey ...

About Keith Gregory Keith Gregory is an Advanced Energy Healer, LMT and originator of Heart Tantra Healing. Keith also works as a Soul Coach and Spiritual Insight Trainer. Keith is clairvoyant, empathically intuitive and a masterful facilitator. He has studied and practiced an extensive array of alternative healing and consciousness growth modalities for over 35 years.  As a result of a Spiritual awakening at 13, Keith felt a deep desire to serve and support others in their awakening process and from this intention, the Awakening The Sacred Masculine work was born. His book Awakening The Sacred Masculine at The Turning of The Ages has been published by Balboa Press.   Keith has developed the significant inspirations, Spiritual tools and practices in his life as a result of his own challenging and arduous self- healing journey. He strongly relies on daily meditation, prayer, breath conscious exercise and Yoga to enliven his awareness of the Sacred and maintain his overall health and well- being. Web Site: Facebook:

Heart Opening

Power Wave Dance

by sounds true - watch and dance

Love The Spiritual Essence of Love

Is it a feeling, a vibration, a colour, a sound, energy or an action? Spirit shows us it is all those things and none of them at the same time. We all have felt Love in all its power and glory; different flavors and colours at d i ff e r e n t t i m e s a n d i n different situations. We have all felt its loss and the power of its presence. But if you really asked someone what love is, a true definition seems to elude us. How do you define the ultimate power in the universe? We can describe the feeling of being in love with another or loving some place or thing but what is that force, that feeling?

By Laura Anne Hoorweg


It becomes even more challenging when we speak of “unconditional” Love, that Spiritual, ultimate form of love Love with a capital “L.”

The great Rumi said, “Apart from Love, everything passes away.”

So we see love

through his eyes as the only eternal, infinite source of the universe, in essence “All that is” and all that can ever be or will ever be! In the face of such an unimaginable over powering infinite source how do we truly grasp the true

“Love one another, but make not a bond of love: Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls”,

so says Kahlil Gibran.

essence of what love truly is, especially in its

Love is meant to be an ebbing and

unconditional, spiritual form. When we hold

flowing of energy between two souls, a

our earthly feelings of love up to this definition they seem to be left wanting and not quiet

boundless sea of energy exchange, not a







hitting the mark. If we are honest with ourselves, we find that no matter how deep and abiding our earthly feelings of love - there are always subtle underlying conditions, limits or constrain to our brand of earthly love – love in the 3D if you will.

The question remains are we, in these physical bodies, in this 3D universe really capable or equipped to give and receive such a universal power of Unconditional Love?

Rumi again counsels us that, "Only the being whose robe is torn by great heartbreak will be given the purity and power of Divine Love."


It follows that only by having lost a great love do we truly open ourselves to the purity and immensity







unconditional form. I have found this to be true both in my own life and others. It is only when we have had our hearts shattered to the core that we begin to let the full radiant light of Unconditional Love flow into us and around us. These are perhaps the moments when we come the closest to experiencing the true extent of Unconditional Love in these 3D physical bodies. We taste a small hint of what that ultimate power really is.

It is not in the loving but in the loss of great love that we truly know what Love is and can touch the power and glory of true Unconditional Love – and in that experience we truly touch our soul for the first time and the healing begins.


The Spiritual Essence of

The Spiritual Essence of Love Nameste Laura Anne Hoorweg Spiritual Counsellor, Intuitive Coach, Psychic Medium

Laura has a laser like way of seeing relevant details in all the areas of your life. She is prescriptive in ways that feel like your own deepest knowing. She brings a compassionate, no-nonsense, street-smart presence to her work along with a huge capacity to see and outline the most positive life-affirming way forward. She is both a seer and a counselor. A refreshing combination!













How Your Thoughts Create Reality... Around the Globe and From the Inside Out


Special thanks to HeartMath for the use of clips from their video The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence.

Hear t-focused Life Project Design Patricia and John Hardman

...there is a human intelligence that can create the solutions we need...

After 400 years of idealizing reason and logic as the best operating system of civilization, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is no longer working for us, and that the human experience is reaching a critical turning point. Given the global indicators that point to widespread ecological distress, economic disparity, and social dysfunction, there is abundant evidence to show that our minds by themselves are not capable of creating prosperous, sustainable communities for all, or of securing the health of all species for all time.

The hard fact is

that we appear to have lost the capacity to take care of ourselves and our environment within the dictates of natural and universal law. The logical conclusion – ironically – is that if there is a human intelligence that can create the solutions we need, this must be located somewhere other than the brain. As Einstein is often cited as saying, we cannot solve current problems with the minds that created them.

For future generations to receive a legacy of long-lasting value, therefore, we must first acknowledge this truth, and then work to find a better way forward. As uncomfortable as this may seem to some, this demands a conscious shift away from the narrow use of what we have come to know as leftbrain activity, to activating and operating from the heart, and the field of energy it generates. Scientific evidence for decades to map what has been called the morphic field, and to demonstrate that operating from the heart can no longer be dismissed as new age mysticism. Quite the contrary, findings show that the field of the heart appears as the most powerful and most intelligent connection to individual source of purpose and meaning, to intuitive insight, to love, to wisdom, and in consequence to creating a life of joy, value, and mindful abundance.

And how do we know that the heart is intelligent, and how can we measure this? To begin with, a constant and common experience for us all is the sense of expansion of the field of the heart when we connect to higher emotional frequencies such as love and kindness.

Expansion Expansion appears to be one of the underlying principles of the universe, and results from connecting to an evolutionary individual purpose aligned with the purpose of the universal quantum field as a whole. Expansion can therefore be expressed as the resonant and harmonious flow of frequencies throughout the universe, expressed as waves and particles in the quantum field. There is a growing understanding that consciousness, as it manifests through the field of the heart, emerges from the quantum field itself. And it appears that the heart is the instrument that can resonate with and channel the field into the time-space continuum or third dimension, bridging the gap between the divine, sacred, and luminous and the human experience. Secondly, and to the contrary, we also sense the contraction of the field of the heart and the accompanying stress when we experience what we call darker, lower emotional frequencies such as fear, Activation of the heart center in order to connect

anger, or regret. And we can all bear witness to the different quality of the outcomes we obtain when we base our decisions on higher as opposed to lower frequencies. So the question

to expansion requires

becomes how to keep connected and operate from higher

conscious, systematic

emotional frequencies as a constant in our lives, something that

interaction with the quantum field. This is what we have called heartfocused life project design.

most of us would like to do, but find hard to sustain. This is the paradox of the mind: we can’t make happen what we logically acknowledge as desirable. Thinking doesn’t solve the problem. Again, the solution is elsewhere.

The Power of the

Hear t and Akasha Records One of the most powerful tools for opening the heart and connecting to expansion are the Akashic Records. Akasha, that some call the quantum field, Ether, Chi, God, among other names, is present in everything, everywhere. Opening and accessing the records, a divine right for all sentient beings, creates that expansion and energizes body, mind, emotions, and spiritual self in ways that can be difficult to explain, but paradoxically is acknowledged as one of the most real experiences that one can have. When we open the Records there is always a special vibration. You can feel this in many different ways, and each individual experiences the Akasha in their own unique manner. path to connecting with our soul, to understanding our past lives, and to freeing us from old commitments and behavior patterns.

Pat: In my experience working with the Records with clients, and with my own Records, there is a very distinctive vibration that is present during the session that is emanated from your heart. If the heart has memory - and science now shows that cardio cells are more intelligent than brain cells - we can say that in every session the heart recognizes the Akasha and your own Records as a welcoming, beautiful, loving, and peaceful energy field that feels like a very real home. The Akashic Records are a wonderful consultation tool, having the potential to allow us to modify behaviors and to make profound changes so that we may lead healthier, more loving,

The purest

peaceful, and creative lives. They are the purest and most direct path to connecting with our soul, to understanding our past lives, and to freeing us from old commitments and behavior patterns. Systematically and consciously accessed,

and most

they provide a means to human evolution and healing in perfect harmony with the vibration of unconditional love. They also help us understand our soul’s roadmap on this plane and to

direct path

comprehend more fully our learning journey in this life. At the physical level, accessing the records over time serves to activate the glandular system, particularly the pineal gland, increasing intuition and clarity of perception. The chakra and meridian systems are also harmonized and balanced, activating healing processes previously unavailable. In the timeless state of meditation in the Akashic records, we can find information present in our morphic field and we can follow this pattern of information to discover what is blocking our capacity to heal and learn. Imagine yourself as a computer with a specific program that has a problem. If you have a virus in the system, what do you do to clean and improve your program? Do you use your internal disk cleanup program or do you call an expert? If you have a virus in your program, so to speak, and you call an expert to conduct a reading you can find the information in what we call a past life and remove that event and shift your consciousness.

to the soul.

What we call healing through Akashic Record Reading is basically a shift in consciousness that helps us in every possible aspect of our present life.

Every time that you receive an Akashic

Record Reading you access a deep understanding of your and others’ behaviors and reactions in life. There is always an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on relationships. When you know the reason behind an attitude of yours and others you are able to release pain and forgive. When you can see your family members through the eyes of the Masters and Keepers of the Akashic Records, you are immediately able to release pain and guilt. Healing yourself through a reading process is also a great opportunity to shift the level of

Shift Consciousness

consciousness of your entire family. Because we are one with the source and we are all connected we can be the force that brings awareness and healing to your lineage, past, present, and future. Each reading is unique and unequivocally wonderful. One of the very special qualities of this process lies in the loving manner in which the information is conveyed. The most painful facts of the past are translated in such a way that the individual can connect with their soul, forgive themselves and others, and understand their current circumstances and the situations they are interacting with in their present life. The energy of the Akasha present in each reading facilitates the individual’s vibrational adjustment in the physical, mental, and/or emotional bodies, contributing profoundly towards an integral healing process. This is an important starting point for heart-focused life project design, one of the more powerful tools we can acquire to build abundant lives for ourselves, and to co-create a healthier, happier, more peaceful and sustainable world.

Hear t Focused

Patricia Hardman has practiced holistic healing arts for over 30 years. She trains and leads individuals and groups in processes of learning, meditation and reflection to raise the level of consciousness of individuals and communities. Renowned Master Del Pe initiated her spiritual training in Latin America. She is a holistic Quantum specialist, Certified Akashi Records Reader and Teacher, Reiki Master, Angel Therapist, and Meditation expert. She is trained in Matrix Energetics and is a Certified Resonance Project Delegate. She has also completed Positive Leadership Certification through the United Nations Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. Pat is a medium and clairvoyant. She brings to her work years of study and practice in Meditation, Yoga, Energy Science, and Mandala painting. Her background includes degrees in Counseling and Group Dynamics. Contact Pat at

John Hardman specializes in leadership education and training, helping leaders and their teams facilitate the shift of their organizations toward sustainability and what he calls regenerative practice in business, community, and education. This work is grounded in the understanding that our behaviors are a mirror of the level of our awareness of reality 'as it is', and that in order to co-create a prosperous, healthy, sustainable society we must first develop our individual and collective consciousness. John is a member of the faculty of the Department of Educational Leadership at Florida Atlantic University, and the Center for Executive Education of the United Nations Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. He is also a climate activist with the Climate Action Coalition of South Florida, and a former member of the Board of Directors of the US Green Building Council, South Florida Chapter. He is the author of ʻLeading for Regeneration: Going beyond Sustainability in Business, Education, and Community',  which is based on his ongoing research and process consulting work with organizations. John is a Reiki Master, Level II Akashi Records Reader, a Certified Delegate of the Resonance Project Foundation, and a meditation expert. Contact John at  


T h u r s d a y, J a n 1 4 6:30 Lecture & Book Signing Free at Banyen Heart-focused Life Project Design: the Akashic Records, the Angelic Realm, Regenerative Leadership, Consciousness, & Sustainability

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Book Coming Soon! Testimonials Wow, this should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview, and deep gratitude for you and for our participation in creation. This is the secret teaching of all ages of our times. Thank you, bless you. Foster Gamble Karen Elkins has a natural sense of truth and she is quick to embrace what is truth. This is exactly what is needed to advance mankind into blossoming in the ways it always should have from the very beginning of civilization.

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Nature is always correct, and it is nature that we should follow loyally as our authority that we embrace and learn from. Thank you Karen for your efforts to convey this most important message!   Jon DePew

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