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A Universe of Epic Complexity, Creativity & Consciousness. WTF?

By Nick Seneca Jankel

Have you ever stopped to marvel – and I mean really marvel – at the mindbending reality that a creature as crazilycomplex as you has evolved into a universe that mainstream science suggests is a total fluke because it ‘should’ have evaporated a moment after the Big Bang.

That’s not all. Then a creature as crazilycomplex as me can consciously choose to share big ideas like these with you through words, on this screen, amidst a culture jammed full of complex creations that both come from, and engage, our billions of selfcreating (or autopoetic) neurones?

Speaking at my first ever academic conference last week, Towards A Science of Consciousness – “the largest and longest-running interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to the study of conscious awareness” – reminded me of the time when I first fully grokked this majesty in its full enormity. The insanity of it all – that all this creative complexity on this 3rd rock away from a small sun in a backwater of an ever-expanding universe – almost sent me over the edge of my own sanity when teaching science to kids in rural Africa, aged 18. I remember the moment where I looked over the edge of the proverbial abyss of madness after spinning out at the yet endlessly beguiling question one evening: Why? Why is there creativity in the form of life… and why am I conscious of it all? I was brought to my knees on the yellow ochre sand of the Zimbabwean bush. I made a conscious choice to step away from the edge and start searching for firm ground through, first, Western philosophy and scientific study at Cambridge University; and then, thankfully, healing my own heart and investigating my own consciousness and creativity through wisdom and practice.

There is nothing over which a free man ponders less than death; his wisdom is, to meditate not on death but on life. Spinoza This self-same question is arguably the ground-zero of all philosophy. But the lack of firm answers is also a challenge to the scientific worldview that is currently embedded in our society. Standard evolutionary theory cannot fully explain the creation of DNA, RNA, amino acids and proteins; ‘epigenetic’ changes in our DNA; and increases in complexity in the absence of natural selection. Nor can it explain why or how life appeared in the first place. The 2nd law of thermodynamics states clearly that over time, nature tends towards more disorder and, eventually, heat death. Yet human beings create things, including ourselves, that are consistently more complex and more ordered than anything e v e r s e e n i n h i s t o r y. I n the words of worldrenowned physicist Sean Carroll: We know there’s a law of nature, the second law of thermodynamics, that says that disorderliness grows with time. Is there another law of nature that governs how complexity evolves? … Embarrassingly enough, we don’t even know how to define this problem yet.

Writing and researching Switch On brought me right back to these profound mysteries. I spent a decade exploring, through everyday practice and deep inquiry, how can we reliably and consistently unleash our full creative potential to break through persistent psychological, emotional, practical and societal problems. I have ridden (and continue to ride) across the ranges of human knowledge, ingesting and digesting the latest science – from how stress impacts our brain to the biology of athletic performance – and then painstakingly integrating all this with timeless insights from the wisdom traditions, such as Stoicism, Sufism and Buddhism. I discovered with glee that virtually every sutra and science journal slots into a rigorous framework, a ‘Theory of Everything’ for human thriving. This framework, which I have called Breakthrough Biodynamics, unifies insights from empirical observation and inner contemplation, inspired by the desire to empower us all to cause transformative changes in any human system with purpose. The ‘bio’ reminds us that all our creative breakthroughs come via our warm, wet, fleshy human brains and bodies.

I believe that nothing is more important than the capacity to solve problems with creativity. Simply looking at the data on depression, stress, divorce, u n e m p l o y m e n t , disengagement, climate change, education, resource wars and public services suggest we will all need to hone this skill if we want to thrive. It is only when we generate life- and world-changing breakthroughs and sustain them in the face of old habits, assumptions and fears that we can resolve them. Yet knowing how to

unleash creativity is not the same as understanding why it is there in the first place. At some point during my research, a breakthrough in this question emerged‌ one that may shed some light upon the mysteries of life, creativity and complexity in our universe. In a moment of epiphany, I realised that the process I take individuals through to first heal past pain and then create a purposedriven life, maps exactly onto the process I take organisations

on when they want to create breakthrough innovations that radically solve social or environmental problem. The same shape then emerged in my work teaching storytelling to leaders; and the toolkit my consultancy developed to create disruptive idea. An archetypal journey from problem through to possibility emerges, one that challenges the idea of simple, gradual, linear progress completely. This archetypical process – The Breakthrough Curve – is the shape of a J:

SWITCH ON problem solving

creative states Piecing together the few neuroscience studies of people in truly creative states, this journey appears to be mirrored by how the brain behaves during truly creative states. As we begin to experience creative flow, our brain becomes less controlling, less conveniently smart, less reliant on the cerebral cortex:

To move from A (problem) to B (creative possibility) we must first go through C (breakthrough). In other words, true creativity is nonlinear. We first have to allow things to fall apart a little, surrendering old and outdated habits, ideas, assumptions and emotional traumas‌ before we can enjoy a break through that brings a more appropriate and creative way of being / thinking / doing into reality. Before we can consciously create and sustain a better business model, social program, way of talking to our partner or way of raising our kids, we must first release the old; which can feel terrifying,

extremely difficult and strange. The release of what we know to cause a breakthrough is even more challenging in a hegemonic Westernised global culture (a heady blend of scientific positivism and capitalist extraction) which prioritizes and rewards the gains, accumulations and certainties of the via positiva, the upside of the curve‌ and actively disparages and denigrates the spiritual quest of the via negativa, which necessitates surrender, release and the vanquishing of the ego’s desire to always be right.

SWITCH ON Small wonder that in a recent study of 24 Nobel laureates, all of them said they had papers rejected by mainstream scientific journals which proposed the ideas that would later win them the Nobel Prize!


Curiously, we can also see the tripartite process (A-C-B) of breakthrough in the ancient symbol of the Trimurti, found in Hindi cosmology. It’s an image of the Absolute that is made up of 3 gods:

Shiva (the destroyer), Brahma (the creator) and Vishnu (the preserver). They neatly make up the down (destroy the old), across (create the new) and up (turn the new into reality) elements of the ‘J’. Here is a beautiful wooden Trimurti image:

If you like this essay, try this article on 'demystifying shamanism'.

This what not the only analogue for the J-shaped Breakthrough Curve. I started to see them all over the place – such as how stories are crafted in Hollywood movies, how capital is invested in start-ups and how dictatorships like those in Egypt or Syria transition to democracy. Knowing that these kinds of pattern-finding frenzies happen rarely in a person’s life, I have collected together all these instances and started to decode them. Naively, I thought I would share my findings on all this excitement as an epilogue to Switch On. Yet what was meant to be a small chapter started to expand. So the bold conjectures in this essay are the bare bones of a follow-up book that goes deeper. Time to lift up the bonnet of Breakthrough Biodynamics and see how the engine works.

The key feature of every Breakthrough Curve is that the place where we end up after ‘riding’ the curve, fits better with the constantly-changing environment we find ourselves in; and so is more likely to afford us the ability to thrive. We move from a problem, which we can also describe as a state of being where we lack a good fit with our context, probably because it has changed (I.e. we have less fittedness)… to a creative possibility, which is a state of more fittedness to our environment where we are able to flourish as times change.

Fittedness is not the same as evolutionary fitness (which is itself poorly defined). It is not about being strong and selfish; it is about being responsive, flexible, creative and

adaptive. Whether it is the hero of a movie ending the narrative having saved the day; or a former dictatorship that has achieved stable democracy, the end result is qualitatively more likely to ensure we thrive. This difference we can define as ∆T, the Thrive Difference: the wisdom of the Curve tells us that we get a higher ∆T the deeper we are prepared to go into the root causes of our problems in order to transform them. This means penetrating to the hidden order of things, at the edge of chaos, to come back with a breakthrough that will help us thrive. We excavate into the deeper layers – the underlying beliefs, emotional traumas, negative memories, philosophical assumptions and spiritual relationships – that are causing us to lack fitness and so experience problems:


Now things get far more interesting for positive breakthroughs do not happen by chance alone. Far from it. In fact, every time I work with either organizations and people to help them tap into their creativity consciously – as long as they ensure fear and pain are not clouding their hearts and minds – the ideas that come out always bring more fitness, or ‘thrivability’, into the space they are operating in. Thrivability can be defined as ideas and actions that open up the possibility for more people, in more ways, to flourish not just despite life’s problems, but because of them.

What I believe this means is that, s o m e h o w, w e a r e g e a r e d towards increased thrivability: whether we call that complexity, creativity or consciousness. You can see thrivability emerging whenever we unleash our conscious creativity. Do it in business, with the environment becoming ever more networked and digital, and you soon get ideas like AirBnB or Indiegogo, which allow us all to share, connect and collaborate in ways we would never have done otherwise (and helps many people thrive, not just the Venture Capitalists and owners).

Do it in society, which is ever more transparent, as we soon get social enterprises, cooperatives and ideas like which fit better than centralised public services in a a world where our gifts and needs are distributed. Do it in our private lives and we can engage an recalcitrant boss with empathy; find a new way to reach out to an irate lover; or work out a way to compassionately tell our kids they can’t have a packet of Haribo candy without them getting the hump.

Science-inspired, heart-wired ideas to thrive.

SHOULD THIS BE TRUE, ... and I am convinced it is simply by the weight of lived experience and years of empirical evidence, then it fundamentally challenges

the essence of Western scientific orthodoxy. The latter states that the universe is a heartless place that cares nothing – I mean

zero – whether we, or any of the insects and pebbles, have a good life or not.

Our thrivability should make no difference to the particles and waves that constitute our shared reality. In fact, mainstream science goes even further to say that all the thrivability we see in plants in the rainforest, teeming fish in a coral reef and the creativity at a festival like Burning Man has come about purely by evolutionary fluke. The narrative is that we just happen to have lucked out on a gazzillion-to-one bet that a world like ours evolved for us to create in. This disenchantment of our world began during the Scientific Revolution. The popularisers of Isaac Newton’s mechanics (Newton himself was both mechanist and leading mystical alchemist, believing that God ‘injected’ creativity into the world when we need it) decided that everything could simply be reduced to the movements of atoms and molecules, ripping any magic out of the cosmos. As such, assuming we knew all the movings of all the parts, the world should be utterly predictable. Today, people who base their worldview only on science, a position called scientism, believe that if we look hard enough, we can understand all the laws of the universe and so predict and control all of nature. This left us all, I believe, yearning for meaning in a universe we are told doesn’t have any.

Darwinian evolution and 20th Century cosmology came along to complete the disenchantment by showing that not only is everything in life reducible to physics… but that the cosmos evolved randomly. Yet there seem to be a glaring contradiction in this. How can there be no gambling in physics (because everything is caused by something else in a predictable, lawful way)… yet our entire existence is purely down to a crazily-unlikely cancellation just after the Big Bang (which led to a universe forming at all instead of implosion); and a whole lot of totally chance mutation occurring cellular replication which has led to us? The beginnings of a resolution to this may come from the realm of quantum mechanics, which broke through the old paradigm of physics (but not yet fully biology, which is still massively deterministic) by saying that, for very small things (like electrons and protons), we can’t actually be certain of where one is unless we measure it. In fact, it is everywhere and nowhere until we decide to look at it and ‘ask nature a question’ (which is the essence of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle). Paul Dirac’s work showed that the answers we get back seem to be random. Einstein was particularly vexed by this, saying:

Quantum mechanics is certainly imposing. But an inner voice tells me that it is not yet the real thing. The theory says a lot, but does not really bring us any closer to the secret of the “Old One.” I, at any rate, am convinced that He [God] is not playing at dice. ~ Albert Einstein Yet my work has shown that perhaps both are true. What if some things are certain and predictable, for example the habits of a lifetime that inform whether we reach for a coffee / cake / crack pipe or not. And yet other things, like a moment when we choose to suddenly fly to New York on a whim, develop a new painting style like Cubism or, conceivably, impact how our genes methylate, are not predictable. What if there is some lawfulness, as the mechanists believe; but also some unpredictability, which is what allows genuine novelty into our world. So incremental, gradual linear progression occurs (as evolutionary theory tells us); as well as big, bold non-linear breakthroughs which may come from within the infinite field of quantum possibility. This is a gateless gate; an uncausing cause.

So God doesn’t just play dice.. but she plays with loaded dice. Yet this still does not fully account for the relentless expansion of consciousness, complexity and creativity that every one of us represents; and it does not explain why thrivability is increased when we consciously create. The only answer that I can infer is that there must be some kind of basic ‘orientation’ in the universe that is geared towards better, more thrivable, more fitted, outcomes. This tendency must underpin all reality. So God doesn’t just play dice, but she plays with loaded dice. So there are quantum fluctuations that look random… but some kind of tendency leads them to generate arrangements that move towards more thrivability. This ‘tendency’ for creativity to build more and more elegant and complex creations until it reaches us conscious creators – that I believe we can all harness when we are consciously creative, with the right tools and techniques to smooth the process – bucks the axiomatic laws of mainstream, mechanistic cosmology. This dangerous little idea challenges the dominant paradigm of the atheist intelligentsia and has the power to reconfigure the intellectual stage on which all our lives are played out. In fact, it re-enchants a cosmos that was thoroughly gutted of magic

by the Scientific Revolution without recourse to religion.

After some deep study into the intellectual history of the West, I realised I am anything but alone seeing some kind of form in the universe (and so hopefully won’t get charged with intellectual heresy). Many great thinkers have posited some kind of essential organising intelligence in the universe, some kind of self-organising ‘force, without needing it to be an Intelligent Designer or Godl i k e e n t i t y. I n r o u g h chronological order, here are some of the most notable:

Aristotle’s ‘entelechy’ Michelangelo’s ‘angel in the marble’ L e i b n i z ’s ‘ p r e - e s t a b l i s h e d harmony’ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe’s ‘ur-phänomen’ Hegel’s ‘Geist’ Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s ‘force that perpetually tend to make order’ Carl Jung’s ‘archetypes’ These are all pretty heavyweight folk, all believing in some underlying organisation to the world that I would say tends towards creativity, complexity and fittedness. More recently, contemporary, cutting-edge scientists like the late physicist David Bohm, biological anthropologist Terrence Deacon at UC Berkeley, biological mathematician Jonathan

England at MIT, renegade biologist Rupert Sheldrake and Stuart Kauffman at the Institute for Systems Biology have all begun reaching for scientificallyinformed mechanisms that are more interesting and beguiling than mere chance and can explain evolutionary creativity and complexity. David Bohm, one of the great theoretical physicists of the last century, believed in ‘hidden variables’ which are connected to a background, folded up ‘implicate order’ which unfolds as quantum uncertainties become reality in the ‘explicate o r d e r ’ . Te r r e n c e D e a c o n suggests that there is a drive to re-organise life in non-random directions, ‘ratcheting up‘ towards more complexity both via uphill and downhill change (the J shape again). Jonathan England has proposed a theory of ‘resonant adaptation’ where by evolution accelerates towards creativity and complexity because it is driven by vibrational frequencies found in nature, allowing an organism to dissipate more of the sun’s energy through structure / order. This idea of vibrational alignment can be seen in Rupert Sheldrake’s idea of morphic resonance, where complexity is driven by memories of past complexity. Stuart Kauffman has proposed that we get ‘order for free’ in a universe must be a ‘partially lawless‘ place for novelty to enter into it.


the breakthrough curve This chimes with the ideas of Kurt Gödel, who stated formally there is a inherent incompleteness in all mathematical systems. It take this to confirm that there is a logical gap in the physical laws, which is presumably where genuine creativity comes from, from nothing. There is a rich mythic history of this idea, which is symbolised in the powerful cross-cultural icon of Trickster (E.g. Coyote, Eshu, Brer Rabbit, Loki) who, in the words of author Lewis Hyde, “Makes This World”. Here is low-down from pioneering physicist of Quantum Bayesianism, Christopher Fuchs, who says:

If you have it in your heart — and not everyone does — that the real message of quantum mechanics is that the world is loose at the joints, that there really is contingency in the world, that there really can be novelty in the world, then the world is about possibilities all the time, and quantum mechanics ties them together. This ‘loose-at-the-jointness’ is what allows the background organising information to burst through into the observable, Actual World from the Possible World of the quantum ground of all being. This may happen through some kind of contextual resonances and drives; what we might call ‘strange attractors‘

that guide a system to selforganise towards a more complex, creative and, perhaps, even fitted state. In other words, is there is a J-shaped Breakthrough Curve etched into the entangled fabric of the cosmos, even more fundamental than spacetime? This might explain why we see it in fractal form at so many different scales of reality. It could even begin to help us understand why we got a Big Bang (or a Big Bounce) and not just a Big Phlump. Ie. Why was there such totally improbable cosmological fine-tuning to create a set of constants that allow protons, planets and people to exist rather than have everything dissipate into nothing?

Breakthrough Biodynamics


also provide insight into how we might bring about a reformation of evolutionary theory, something we need given the mounting evidence that the conventional story of solely gradual (as opposed to n o n - l i n e a r , breakthrough) change through simply random mutation, reproductive fitness and natural

selection (I.e. the ‘Modern Synthesis’) doesn’t quite cover the evidence. By including some kind of archetypal tendency towards creativity and complexity, we might be able to explain how proteins have been able to find the exactly the right way to fold so they can drive the photosynthesis, catalytic reactions and DNA self-replications that characterise life; how genes and epigenomes interact with each other (e.g. Horizontal

Gene Transfer) and conscious choice (such a selection of a mate or our ability to destress ourselves) to generate such amazing up-hill complexity and novelty (which natural selection then winnows out on the down-hill journey); and how conscious creativity can, right now, help me write this article (even though it is dealing with ideas at the edge of my capacity to conceive of, and understand, them).

thrive a universe that is geared towards more creativity and consciousness This creating partly obeys the deterministic laws of classical physics, natural selection and behavioral psychology; and partly aligns with the idea that consciousness is the essence of all being, which is at the heart of most of the wisdom traditions (and can fit with a ‘loose-at-the-joints’ quantum theory and the advances in quantum biology). For sure this is a marvellous, and definitively a tad mystical

idea: That there is a structuring principle in the universe that is geared towards more creativity and consciousness, which leads to increased thrivability. Yet it can be totally secular and scientific too; no more or less weird than quantum mechanics. Why should the universe not favour creativity and thriving over total randomness and lack of meaning? Why should unmanifested possibility not always be seeking real-isation in ever

more fitted, complex and coevolving forms? It would certainly answer some of the our most pertinent questions as human beings without any referenced to a super-natural being. This “distributed becoming” is the only God we need. The cosmos has within it the potential for Possible World to become Actual World, shifting from problem (constraint) to solution (creativity) via breakthrough in all areas of nature.

I recently presented the core ideas in this essay to some of the foremost scientists and philosophers engaged in understanding the nature of consciousness at Towards A Science Of Consciousness. Here I heard Stuart Hameroff (who 20 years ago proposed, along with the mathematician Sir Roger Penrose, a rigorous Orch OR theory to show where quantum mechanical ‘spookiness’ might enter our classical mechanical neurones to provide us with consciousness and creativity) suggest a reason why and how organic molecules developed the capacity for some consciousness: When elementary organic particles became quantum mechanical, they were ‘rewarded’ with a pleasant ‘experience’ of consciousness, what he calls a ‘Bing!’. That then encouraged them to keep scaling up their complexity, ‘Bing!’ after ‘Bing!’, arranging themselves in structures that would get more jolts of pleasure… right up until the extraordinary levels of conscious awareness that showed up a few hundred thousand years ago in us, homo sapiens sapiens. Hameroff, who works within an impressive multinational scientific collaboration that includes a number of international universities and Deepak Chopra, has

therefore suggested this elemental pleasure principle is an informative blueprint that drives life towards ever greater complexity… because it feels good! Perhaps this move towards pleasure is the simple motivating factor for each ‘organism’ to bring more thrivability into a space: More consciousness, so more creativity, so more possibility of more ‘beings’ thriving. This would scale up to fit a load of research, which I refer to extensively in Switch On, that being generous, volunteering and having a purposeful life of service feel damn good, the so-called Helper’s High. It also leads to better health, longevity and happiness for those doing the giving (and so conventional evolutionary advantage). In fact, from my own experience, working with thousands of organisations and people to switch on their conscious creativity, it’s the best damn feeling on the planet (and, perhaps, in this entire universe). It is a striking Jungian synchronicity (Jung developed the idea of synchronicity with quantum physicist Wolfgang Pauli to connect nature with mind) that Hameroff, who is an anaesthetist, believes that the ‘Bing!’ of consciousness may have first arrived after molecules became ring-shaped (and so developed ‘pi resonance

clouds’ that allow quantum effects in warm, wet biological environments). We first understood the essential cyclical / ring-shaped nature of organic molecules after discovering the structure of the chemical benzene. The man who discovered the benzene ring, Friedrich Kukele, got the idea from a dream he had of Ouroboros, the snake that eats itself. Due to its importance in a huge number of human endeavours, Arthur Koestler, one of the most renowned philosophers of science, called this incident “the most important dream in history since Joseph’s seven fat and seven lean cows.” One thing that I know, that empirical science may never be able to prove (as it tends to lose its predictive power when it turns it gaze to the Possible World), is that no matter our choice of cosmology, in everyday life we can all learn to consciously unleash our creativity and bring more thrivability into our lives and the lives of the people and communities we love. When we do, we tend to get a deep sense of creativity ‘coming through us’ as opposed to from us. This is creative flow, what pioneering Victorian psychologist F. W. H. Myers called a “subliminal uprush” and contemporary psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “the secret to happiness” in this TED talk.

bing! predictions Breakthrough Biodynamic predicts that nature wants us to discover her secrets when the time is right… once we have the awareness to winnow the wisdom from the clatter of our egos’ fears and judgements, and implement our breakthroughs in ways that serve collective thrivability. Maybe this why the Nazis and Japanese could never crack the Atom Bomb…?


Different creators have described the experience of effortless, flowing, positive creativity in widely varying language. The great composer J S Bach said, ‘I play the notes as they are written, but it is God who makes the music.’ More recently, double Booker prize winning author, Hillary Mantel says in the New Yorker: You have to say to yourself, I take my hands off, I let my unconscious work for me.’ According to interviews, she doesn’t find giving up control easy but knows that effort alone doesn’t create great literature (though it can help in completing a manuscript on time of course). Legendary post-structuralist and anthropologist Claude LeviStrauss said: “I don’t have the feeling that I write my books… I have the feeling that my books get written through

Personal Website Facebook: nicksenecajankel Twitter: @nickjankel

me.” Quantum physicist Erwin Schrodinger attempts, at the end of his enormously influential essay “What is Life?”, to suggest that our creative free will occurs when we tap into quantum possibility, into the ‘distributed becoming’ that is everywhere. He says: “DEUS FACTUS SUM”; or ‘I have become God’.

to maybe 10 to the power 10 in just 5000 years. When we become aware of, and choose to align ourselves with, this creativity we become active cocreators of a more thrivable, ethical, love-filled world. Ideas for a more thrivable life and world come through us all, in collaboration and co-creation. From Switch On:

The channel to the Possible World – and its infinite creative potential – is always open because our molecules and cells have access to it at every moment because they are all part of it. Each of us is creative in our DNA. This is why we have gone from perhaps 10 tools (like a loincloth and arrow head)

Any one of us can harness this orchestra of biology to invent and design anything we want: A juicier love life, a liberating career shift, a cultural sensation, or a world-changing invention (and even all of these at the same time). Now that, my friends, is a freakin’ miracle to me.

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‘The Great Work’

By Tiffany Lazic

Cracking the Cosmic Egg There is an evocative image that comes to us through the dusty and intentionally befuddling tomes of Alchemy. The ouroboros, which is found in Egyptian, Greek and Hindu mythology, is depicted as the snake which, in chomping on its own tail, forms a circle representing the circular process of the Magnum Opus or ‘Great Work’. In the journey towards the attainment of our own wholeness, the path we follow is not as linear as perhaps we would like. We circle around again and again to the same issues, challenges, insights and revelations. When we think, “Eureka, I have finally reached the end”, what we have actually found is a whole new beginning and another opportunity for refinement and mastery. The ouroboros is the symbol of rebirth and resurrection as it occurs repeatedly in the story of our lives.

We circle around again and again to the same issues, challenges, insights and revelations. When we think, “Eureka, I have finally reached

That which is being resurrected is often

the end”, what we have actually found is a whole new beginning

represented by another universal image – the cosmic or

and another opportunity for

the world egg. Found in many creation myths across

refinement and mastery.

cultures, the cosmic egg contains the universe or a primordial being or the initial physical manifestation of that which will continue to grow and develop.

If the cosmic egg represents that which is being called into being, the ouroboros represents the process through which it is called forth. The two are intricately interlinked, as depicted in Jacob Bryant’s well-known image of the Orphic Egg (1774) But an egg and a snake do not an omelette make. The primordial will remain unformed so long as it remains safely contained within the confines of the shell. To bring forth the new requires the cracking of the cosmic egg, releasing the glory that lies within and allowing the process of full formation into mastery to begin. This is what transformation is all about and the ancient science of transformation is Alchemy, also known as ‘The

Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber), considered the "father of chemistry", introduced a scientific

Noble Art’. Alchemy is not referred to as the

and experimental approach to alchemy.

gentle art. Transformation is not soft, comforting, or safe. It is challenging, painful, and often scary. But it is clearly a noble venture, promising the everlasting gift of the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Life.

Several weeks ago, I found myself

cave was unsettling as I tried to find the surest steps. Being in the dark felt safe. Moving through

deep in a cave in

the dark felt terrifying. As I pushed myself

Ireland. Oweynagat

through the entrance hole – on my back, head

(The Cave of Cats)

first – to land on the soft grass, it suddenly struck

is said to be the portal to the

me, “I am being reborn”. I have a dim remembrance of hands reaching out to help me

Otherworld for the

and a dimmer recollection of stuttering “No, I

warrior goddess,

need to do this myself”. The emotion that moved

Morrigan from

through me as I emerged from the cave was a

which she emerges every year on

flood of release – a cleansing bath after the visceral experience of leaving all the soul muck

October 31. My expectation as I opened myself to the experience of entering the cave was that

I would be pushing the limits of my own fear. I thought it would be an experience of facing my dark and processing all the feelings that go with conversing with the monsters under the bed. Surprisingly and quite to the contrary, what I found was that I loved being in the cave. The dark was a comfort. Being enveloped by the moist, solid wall of the subterranean cave was soothingly womb-like. I could have stayed there for hours. In the timelessness of that space, perhaps I did. The challenge, I found, came with the re-emerging. Reluctantly, I began to make the journey along the uneven, narrow tunnel to the surface. Picking my way carefully through the dark inching carefully toward the entrance of the

in the depths of the earth. Many stories connected with Oweynagat tell of the destructive creatures that come from its depths, wreaking havoc on the countryside until heroes and warriors quell and defeat them. The Morrigan herself is not for the faint of heart. She is an unrelenting goddess, associated with ravens and battle. But one translation of her name is ‘great queen’ as she is also associated with sovereignty and the wealth of the land. She may open us to monsters and strife, but she also holds the key to our claiming of our gifts. It is the havoc-y creatures of our own experience that allow us to recognize our strengths and step into our own hero self. If not using his sword to battle monsters, a hero may as well plunge it into the earth and use it as a coatrack. In the alchemical process of embracing our highest potential, the rough edged stone that marks the start of our journey becomes the Philosopher’s Stone - that polished gem of unimaginable beauty - only through agitation and challenge.

Moving into the light from the safety of the dark requires us to crack the shell and allow our re-emergence. Any birth involves an element of risk. And it will definitely include pain.

1. When it is too painful to try to keep ourselves

But there comes a time

small, it is time to shift. As Anais Nin observed, “And the day came when

when we grow too large to be contained and

the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful

we must risk letting go of those walls that keep

than the risk it took to blossom”.

us safe in order for us to continue to grow into

against the imperative need to change for a long

our full potential. Knowing that such tasks and

time before reaching the point of surrender, but at

quests as befit heroes and heroines through the

a certain point we come to a deep knowing that to

ages await us, in cracking open the cosmic egg and allowing ourselves to come forth, it is helpful to remember the following:

We can fight

allow things to remain as they are means death. In the case of addiction that can mean death in a very literal sense. But most often, when staying small is the fear response to the possibility of rejection from others, it is a type of soul death that can be experienced – debilitating chronic depression and an inability to find any joy or hope in being engaged with life. The pain experienced becomes thus an important call to action to break free of the restriction and limitations of shame. 2. The inner agitation that comes from feeling contained and constrained in the dark serves us well. It helps provide the impetus to crack the shell. When we know without a doubt that something in our life is calling for change, an energy starts to build within. This inner scratching can be interpreted as fear and often there can be an urge to step away from the call to change as a way of trying to alleviate the inner agitation. But very often this agitation is actually excitement. It is the True Self’s anticipation of stepping into the Light the recognition that the life that has always been waiting for us is just around the corner. It is helpful to interpret this inner agitation as “spiritual Braxton Hicks contractions”, signalling that your soul is ready for the process to come.

3. Cracking the shell requires a great deal of effort and will feel extremely uncomfortable, possibly

5. Once we have emerged, the snake will be waiting for us. After the emergence, the cyclic work

frightening. This is natural.


Stepping into a new way of being is an act of

Cracking the cosmic egg is the process through

courage. When you have become accustomed to a

which you name yourself anew. It may be claiming

certain way of being or a certain way of doing things, it is always a disconcerting thing to try to

your lifelong desire to be a teacher or a healer. It may be owning your shadow journey of living in

approach life in a different way, even if you know on

f e a r, l i m i t a t i o n , o r a d d i c t i o n . I t m a y b e

some level that the new way is reflective of your

acknowledging years of having lived with the pain

Truth. There can be a misconception that, if you are

of mental illness. As human beings who love things

making a change for the better, it should be easy because you know

to be straight forward, we tend to crave end points. We want ‘the

all the positive benefits that will

answer’ that will solve everything,

come from the change. Nothing

allowing us to be sure of who we

could be further from the truth. As

are and what to do and live by

Susan Jeffers said, “feel the fear and do it anyways”. Change always

guarantees. Giving up this illusion will do wonders for freeing up the

requires you to move though the

energy needed to continue the

pain of uncertainty without

journey. The moment we crack the

necessarily knowing what the end

cosmic egg is the moment when

picture will look like. The important thing is to keep moving forward.

the work truly begins. The ouroboros and the orphic egg both

4. A slow ease into the emerging, allowing

speak to us of the need to transform. What we are

ourselves to pause and take stock of how we are

transforming is nothing less than every message

doing along the way, is the most loving approach.

that told us we were not good enough. Shame is

Breathe. Know where your supports are. Allow for the smallest shift in any given moment. With the realization that things needs to be different, there can sometimes be an urge to tear everything down and start from scratch. Sometimes this is necessary but far less often than actually occurs. I often visualize major change as shifting the course of a massive cruise ship. You don’t “crank the wheel” and expect it to turn on a dime like a teeny speedboat. You adjust in increments, knowing that a tiny move in this moment will take you to a whole new land down the line.

the false belief we carry that somehow we are inherently unworthy, unlovable, and somehow out of sync with the rest of humanity. Shame is a core negative emotion that can be visualized as a hard, isolating shell that disconnects us from others, eliminating the potential for true sharing and intimacy. It does not allow us to celebrate our uniqueness. Rather, it keeps us hiding in the dark by telling us that if others really knew who we are, we would be rejected. In cracking the cosmic egg, we are rejecting this debilitating message and allowing our Truth to come forth into the world, knowing that whether it is celebrated or whether it is rejected, neither really matter. It is the shining that counts.

The Great Work: Self-Knowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year Fusing ancient Western spirituality, energy work, and psychology, The Great Work is a practical guide to personal transformation season by season. Learn to be truly holistic by incorporating key physical, emotional, and energetic practices into your life at times when the natural tides are in harmony with your process.

Tiffany Lazic

(BAA, RIHR, RP) is a

Registered Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director with a private practice in

The Great Work captures the core essence of each festival with eight key themes that span the annual cycle—a cycle that reflects human development and experience. Discover how Yule can alleviate a painful childhood, how Beltane can facilitate conscious relationships, and how Mabon can assist with determining your life's purpose. Find guidance through daily journal questions, elemental meditations, and the author's unique energy-healing technique of Hynni. With this invaluable resource for your journey of inner alchemy, you'll develop an intimate connection with the earth's impulse to create balance and harmony.

individual, couples and group therapy in Kitchener (Canada) and internationally via Skype. As the owner of The Hive and Grove Centre for Holistic Wellness, she created and teaches two self-development programs, The Great Work: Patterns of Conscious Living and Spiritual Language of the Divine Programs, as well as teaching in Toronto’s Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training's Spiritual Directorship and Divine Connections Training Programs. An international presenter, retreat facilitator, and keynote speaker, Tiffany has conducted workshops for many conferences and organizations in Canada, the US, Mexico, and the UK. She is the author of The Great Work: SelfKnowledge and Healing Through the Wheel of the Year (Llewellyn Publications, 2015).




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GRAHAM HANCOCK Magicians of the Gods - Talk & Signing with Graham Hancock Thursday, December 10, 2015 6:30pm to 8:00pm at:Â Banyen Books & Sound 3608 West 4th Ave. Free Seating is limited, early arrival recommended. Graham Hancock's multi-million bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods remains an astonishing, deeply controversial, wide-ranging investigation of the mysteries of our past and the evidence for Earth's lost civilization. Twenty years on, Hancock returns with the sequel to his seminal work filled with completely new, scientific and archaeological evidence, which has only recently come to light...

Each time we lift our eyes up to the sky and see the beautiful celestial Lights shining down on us ~ the Sun, the Moon and the stars ~ we know that we belong to something larger than life itself... The fires within yearn to return to the very source of creation... Astrology becomes a map to help us find our way.

incarnation of the light

excerpts from the musique of the sky

Terres Unsoeld Fabien Maman

It takes 2,160 terrestrial years to move 30 degrees within the zodiac. Over many lifetimes, we will accomplish the complete tour in 25,920 years.

This makes the zodiac an important witness to the evolution of our Soul. It is also the blueprint of the energy field through which our Soul will incarnate in this lifetime. The Universe is our home and we need to know it.


In astrology, it is not the social aspect of divination that interests me. It is the ability to recognize the value of our celestial home and understand the convergence of forces that help to reveal who we are as a Soul. As we seek the knowledge of the twelve signs, houses, planets and stars and understand their relationships around our personal zodiac, astrology becomes a perfect intermediary between Cosmos and human.

Everything comes from the Stars. The

The subtlety of the Soul cannot be accessed through rationality alone. While astrology is a science, it is ethereal enough in nature to give space for our Soul to have room to breathe and expand.

the Stars... from the Light...

messages we receive come through the Light. There is no other source. All the knowledge we can manifest in our mind and in our field is a mirror of knowledge coming from

We are all Star Light ...and it is our task, as Souls, to remember... Fabien Maman

This cosmic journey, from Star to Cell, creates a perfect mirror

tama-do the way of the soul to the light

between Heaven and Earth ~ incarnate in the human being. To be in harmony with ourselves and the Universe, we must each develop our own relationship with the vibratory energy of nature and the Cosmos from Star to Cell, and then back out to the Cosmos from Cell to Star. Within this center is the Whole. Herein lies our true essence, the seed of our Soul. Fabien Maman

Read About Star to Cells Here...

When we first began to write The Musique of the Sky, our intention was simply to explain, for the first time, how to compose our Soul Song through the musique of our astrological chart. Terres and I both found it impossible to enter the subject without a larger explanation of Tama-Do, my Academy of Sound, Color and MovementÂŽ. The Musique of the Sky is one piece of my larger 30 years of research which takes us from Stars to Cells and back again. In Tama-Do, incarnation of the Light ~ manifesting the nonmanifest ~ giving birth to the Gnosis, the Word of God ~ can only be achieved through the practice of energy. It is not enough to study and memorize the ancient knowledge, we

receive it in our energy fields and ground it in the daily life. must learn to recognize and

How we elevate our level of consciousness depends on our commitment to self practice, our conscious efforts to elevate our vibrations from the density of the physical and emotional to the Spiritual, and back again. This takes practice, patience and perseverance. Ancestral energy rises from our roots through our spine, connecting with the Divine Source and beyond... then grounding the Soul in our physical bodies. Tama-Do ~ it’s a beautiful journey which is never finished.

Every minute of every day we have the choice to rise up to the Light... or fall back to sleep... It is always our choice...

The way to the Light can only be manifested through self knowledge. We cannot walk our Soul Path into the future without first, knowing from where we have come.

This journey from the Light to our Soul, to our self and to our cells begins from a point “beyond the beyond”~ beyond our human comprehension ~ beyond our ability to put into words... Esoteric philosophers call this point the Gamma point, a hypothetical point in the cosmos from which all that we know originates. I have been talking about this hypothetical point for 30 years. In 2013, NASA released photos taken by their Fermi Gamma Ray telescope confirming its existence! “This all-sky view shows how the sky appears at energies greater than 10 billion electron volts (GeV) according to five years of data. (For comparison, the energy of visible light is between two and three electron volts.) According to this s t u d y, G a m m a r a y s h a v e t h e s m a l l e s t wavelengths and the most energy of any other wave in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Gamma rays travel to us across vast distances of the Universe, only to be absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere. Different wavelengths of light penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere to different depths. The plane of our Milky Way galaxy runs along the middle of the plot. The Fermi LAT instrument is the first to detect more than 500 sources in this energy range.” (Credit: NASA/ DOE/Fermi LAT Collaboration) I think it’s marvelous that science has finally caught up with the esoteric philosophers! It is also marvelous to note that, because science has documented more than 500 Gamma points, the esoteric philosophers will have to adjust their terminology about the Source of White Light. Can it mean that we are now flexible enough in our consciousness that the Light can emerge from multiple beginnings? Or do we have to find a new hypothetical point, farther out in the Sky, to describe the point of non-manifestation from which we can continue our story?

etheric blueprint From a single point in the sky, wherever that may be, all known energies of the Universe radiate out to the Cosmos. The Druids describe three arrows that shoot from a single point in the sky, giving humanity wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. Esoteric philosophers call this point the Source of Pure Light, out of which the 7 Rays are born. The 7 Rays carry within them the memory of the Divine Fire. Each Ray, corresponding to a rainbow color, has a Master Archetypal Energy that teaches us the Spiritual consciousness of each color. The 7 Rays radiate out to all known energies of the Universe, passing through different galaxies, solar systems and groups of stars, the last being the Pleiades, where they relay to our zodiac and all levels of consciousness from Sky to Earth. Planets, stars and all kingdoms on Earth: mineral, vegetal, animal, human, deva and angelic, are fed and activated by the energies and consciousness of these Rays. In Tama-Do, we activate these Rays with Rainbow Color Silks®, Faery Essences® and color penlights ~ practical tools to channel the Light in our daily life. We also take Shamanic Journeys of Light® into the heart of nature, to work with the color rays to reveal the true essence of our Soul. Created by Faery/ Shaman Terres Unsoeld, these journeys help to expand our consciousness through physical, Spiritual and cosmic exploration. We call this subtle approach to the vibrational realm ~ Shamanism of

the Light® ~ for it is the Light from whence we came, and where, as Souls, we are going. When the 7 Rays arrive at the ethereal consciousness of the Sephirotic Tree in the Kaballah, Cosmic consciousness merges with human, and we receive the first transmission from the Light. The Kaballah means “to receive the knowledge.” The Sephirotic Tree, with roots going back to ancient Sumerian time, is a system of symbols and pathways gifted to human beings so that we might access the creation of the Universe from a cosmic, Spiritual point of view. It is a model for humans to understand what is happening in the Sky. It is a mirror of the Light which follows pathways from the Source of White Light beyond the veil of the non-manifest to incarnation on Earth. The Sephirotic Tree, with its 10 Emanations (Sephirot) and corresponding color and planetary influence, is the mirror of “the etheric blueprint of our solar system” (Mikhaël Aïvanhov).

sacred stars From the Sephirotic Tree, the 7 Rays spray out in 8 Directions to the 8 Sacred Stars of Tama-Do, which I call The Bagwa of the Universe. These 8 Stars, given to me by French astrologer Nicole Bartolucci, contain Initiatic knowledge of the 8 directions, which reconnect us to the Cosmic chi within our central axis. When we tune to their high vibration, they offer a subtle touch to our lives ~ acting like a protection ~ reminding us

of who we have always been as a Soul. 8 Sacred Stars of Tama-Do速 Chart copyright Tama-Do Academy 2003

Our Zodiac From this dance of the starlight, the 7 Rays permeate the constellations and the planets of our zodiac. Our astrological chart, with its 12 houses, Sun and Moon, 8 planets, asteroids and 8 Sacred Stars becomes the celestial energy field for our Sky, where our Soul lands to incarne in the terrestrial energy field of our Earth.

we use astrology as an ancient tool to unlock the keys to our Soul.

The Musique of the Sky速 Chart copyright Fabien Maman 1986

In Chapter XIII we will work with The Musique of the Sky, my system of musical notes which correspond with our zodiac. When we practice, we can tangibly receive the vibration of the Universe in our own Song of the Soul, to remind us of our place in the Light.


Between the dance of the stars and the dance of the Soul we perceive the whisper of the upcoming life. The stars transmit Divine Love and Light to the Soul. Astrology tries to read the unknown, the unspoken heart of the life. Musique expresses what words cannot tell. ~ Fabien Maman

the tao In the meantime, we practice the Tao, which, in Chinese philosophy, expresses a code of behavior in harmony with the natural order of the Universe. The diagram of the I Ching shows the necessary Invisible states through which cosmic energy can manifest. Like the Kaballah, it becomes a practice of incarnation of the Light into our physical reality.

The I Ching The flow of the Taiji, creating yin and yang from the Tao, manifests into four phenomena. They are named lesser and great yin (Tai Yin also means the Moon); and lesser and great yang (Tae Yang also means the Sun) and become the 8 Trigrams (Bagwa); the 8 aspects of life (Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Earth and Mountain) which create the 64 pairs of the I Ching.

The Origin of Sound Manifestation in Kototama Chart courtesy Sensei Nakazono 1986

kototama The flow of Taiji is similar to the Origin of Sound Manifestation of Kototama, which has 17 main sounds that correspond to the Seventeen Secret Steps of Creation. I received Kototama, The Ancient Science of Pure Sound, from my Master of Aikido and Acupuncture, Sensei Nakazono, in 1975. Traced back to Celtic and Druidic tradition, Kototama has been transmitted secretly and orally within the Japanese culture for more than 2000 years. Its practice helps to define the Universe through the vibration of sound. I continuously use Kototama in Tama-Do to wake up ancestral memories in our aura and to harmonize the organs, chakras and subtle energy fields with the seasons, directions and stars. It has been a powerful tool for my personal growth ~ helping to carve the very shape of my aura with sound.

The I Ching

The Five Elements and Seasons Cosmic energy of the Sky lands in our energy field on Earth, and is first received by the five elements, which affect the energies of the seasons and each year. In Tama-Do we harmonize our chakras and energy fields by playing acoustic instruments and elemental sounds of nature around the physical body. This Shamanic approach to healing, called Tama-Do Harmonization®, resources the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water within our bodies with the vital energies of the five elements of nature. Fabien Maman’s Resonance of Ancestral Memories® Chart copyright Tama-Do Academy 1986

the pyramid Energies from the stars shine down on us, like an Egyptian Star Gate, where each moment here on Earth is a living meditation of the knowledge that we have been one and are always one with the stars and with the Light. The pyramid is a symbol of our ascension, going up to the top, and is also a funnel through which we receive the Light.

The Subtle Bodies and Chakras The Light from the stars arrives at last in the terrestrial energy field of our subtle bodies. In Tama-Do we work with eight levels of consciousness in the physical and subtle bodies. These subtle layers make up the energy fields of our Soul, storing, processing and transmitting the gifts we receive at birth from Sky and Earth. Our chakras are portals of Light, which act as gateways to the physical body.

Map of the Subtle Bodies Chart copyright Tama-Do Academy 1981

Tama-Do Chakra Sound Tubes Photo courtesy Pat Aoki, Tama-Do Certified Practitioner

Rainbow Rays Feeding the Faery Garden Photo copyright Sean Laakso,

Tama-Do Classical Tuning Fork and Color Light Photo copyright Tama-Do Academy 2001 The Prism of Man Chart courtesy Jean Michel Weiss

Acupuncture Meridians, Organs, Cells and DNA

Movement速 to harmonize the chakras, acupuncture meridians, organs, cells and DNA.

The Cosmic energy from the Sky is transmitted from the eight chakras to the physical body, acupuncture meridians, organs, cells and DNA (Fabien Maman).

Once we have arrived in our terrestrial roots, we begin our journey back again toward the Light ~ expressing the Divine radiance of our Soul within our cells to the Universe... We become one. There is no separation.

I have created many techniques ~ too many to name in this book ~ using Sound, Color and

Logo of Tama-Do Academy Photo copyright Tama-Do Academy 2007

About Fabien Maman: Fabien Maman, the Master Guide of Tama-Do, is a musician/composer, acupuncturist, researcher, healer/teacher, bio-energetician and martial artist. In 1977 he became an acupuncturist, creating the now famous system which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. In the early 80ʼs, Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular biology experiment showing for the first time under the microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields. His findings, documented in spectacularly beautiful slides, changed the landscape of Sound Healing as we know it today. In 1988 Fabien Maman created Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement.

About Terres Unsoeld: F a e r y / S h a m a n Te r r e s U n s o e l d , Ta m a - D o Academyʼs Senior Instructor became a teacher and energy practitioner in the early 80ʼs, making her own synthesis of bodywork modalities such as Shiatsu, Polarity, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais, combined with improvisational dance, martial arts and theatre. A faery/shaman, she was initiated by The High Priestess of the French Druidic Order to teach the songs of ʻLes Genies de la Natureʼ. She teaches workshops around the world, and is the author of “The Story of the 5 elements”, “Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color” and “The Tao of Sound” (with Fabien Maman)

publisher Tama-do academy


In 1981, French musician/composer and acupuncturist Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/ cellular experiment that changed the landscape of vibrational sound healing as we know it today. (See The Tao of Sound). In his new book, The Musique of the Sky, Fabien Maman and Terres Unsoeld, Master Teachers of Tama-Do Academy, explore the energy fields of our Soul ~ taking us deep within the sound and musique of our astrological chart. This beautiful book, filled with vivid photos from outer space, reminds us of the ancient heritage of our zodiac, as we learn to play the musique of our astrological theme! Prepare yourself for an evening of musique and poetry from the sky!

Banyen Talk & Signing - FREE Friday, November 27, 2015 6:30pm to 8:00pm at: Banyen Books & Sound 3608 West 4th Ave. Free

Sound & Astrology Workshop Saturday, November 28, 2015 1:00pm to 5:00pm West Point Grey United Church 4595 W. 8th Ave. (at Tolmie St.) cost: $40 advance / $50 day-of Advance tickets only available online

SCIENCE TO SAGE 40 Themed Editions science with soul

1. The One and the Many

21. Consciousness

2. The Heart and the Mind

22. Constructs of Our Universe

3. Communications

23. Riddles, Codes and DNA

4. Science of Sound

24. Sustainability

5. Vortex and Spin- The Engine of Life

25. ? Science

6. Light and Illuminating Ideas

26. Subtle Energies

7. Electric Universe

27. Heaven on Earth

8. Origins

28. Imagine

9. Healing a Journey with Hay House

29. Living Waters

10. Harmonic Evolution

30. The Science of Healing

11. A Window into Your World

31. Revelations, The Pain Body

12. Venus Awakening

32. Living Matrix

13. Fractal Consciousness

33. Roots of Existence

14. Cosmic Gateway

34. Nature Intelligence

15. Mystics and Women of the Divine

35. Ancient Secrets: Lifting the Veil

16. Web of Entanglement - Nov issue

36. Evolution and Revolution

17. Water Revolution

37. Water Solutions

18. Story and Archetypes

38. What is Vibration?

19. Electric Bodies - Fields of Influence

39. What is Aether?


40. Success

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charts by dale pond

"We do not have five senses. Seeing is a sensation of feeling light waves through our eyes. Hearing is a sensation of feeling light waves through our ears. Tasting and smelling are sensations of feeling light waves reacting upon mouth and nostrils." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 43-44]

SENSES & WISDOM his senses grow with his wisdom and this makes man different from the brute, and the difference is in his senses or wisdom. "We may know the vibratory and oscillatory

consciousness. It is a given we are NOT

composition of the universe by its numbers or rates of vibration acting upon and

aware of the vast ranges of vibratory phenomena OUTSIDE of those five narrow

through our physical senses or

bands unless through instrumentation of

instruments. Our five senses function like

diverse kinds. Figure 1.8 lists some of the

narrow band-pass filters allowing narrow

frequencies and their modes we interpret

ranges of vibration to be perceived.

as sensual manifestations. We can however

Therefore our sensorial awareness of our

know the sense-unknowable through our

surroundings is a mosaic-like construct of

mind, awareness, consciousness and

the five narrow ranges of vibratory


phenomena perceived through these five senses then interpreted in the mind or

Figure 1.8 - Electromagnetic Scale in Octaves

by Dale pond

other Dimensional or Inter-Dimensional Beings "There is much atmospheric celestial

fashioned of these substances could

material that has never been revealed

walk by our sides unseen and cast no

to man's senses. Attenuated elements

shadow in the noonday sun."

extend to infinite reaches beyond hydrogen, including actual substances

[Keely, The Operation of the Vibratory

or compounds which have never been

Circuit, The Connecting Link Between Mind

revealed to our senses. Beings

and Matter - Keelys Progress - Part 2]

"...dimensions really are only differences in your state of mind." [Dialogue on Awakening, page 238]

Read More By Dale Pond Here

explore Alternating Current Celestial Celestial and Terrestrial Forces in Iris Blossom Celestial Radiation Celestial Radiation and Terrestrial Outreach Celestial Sympathetic Radiation Dominant Current Etheric Current Figure 2.16 - Alchemical Graphics showing Celestial and Terrestrial Realms Figure 3.25 - Celestial Seeks and Condenses at Center Figure 7B.19 - Magnetic Lines of Force developed from Induction of Current Flow Figure 11.04 - Celestial and Terrestrial Forces Come Together to Manifest as All That Is Figure 18.10 - Currents of Mind Force Method of Obtaining Direct from Alternating Currents - 413353 sympathetic celestial streams

by Dale pond


Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-7912 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC

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Essential Oils posses in concentrated formula’s healing properties, and indigenous cultures hold this sacred knowledge. Those with this ancient wisdom honored all of life and it’s prana, the light and life in which all organisms have. This vital energy, your inner chi which flows through the element of water rushes through the veins of all body’s from humans to plants. With your breath and your senses learn to experience the unique properties sacred plants and flower oils. Now with the GDV device you can see theses essences come alive before your very eyes. Learn to be feel and allow them to consciously a liven your being. This is what making sense of your world means.

Alive your senses and

feel the exchange and flow. Explore the bounty of creation. Catalogue of Essential Oils - Click Here 575.770.3304/ Taos , New Mexico Unbounded Joy: Pure essential oils of Organic Lavender; Bergamot; Ylang Ylang; Petitgrain; Turmeric

Article on Essential Oils click here

Unbounded Joy The flowers glowed as if each petal and leaf emitted its own light.

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