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Wal Thornhill ~ The Living Cosmo

Gene Webb ~ The Common Pulse of Life (Aether Spectrum is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Patter

Gene Webb ~ The Mobius

Dr. R. M. Santilli ~ Concave Lenses Detect Terrestrial Entitie

Foster Gamble ~Principles, Strategies, and Tactics for the Most Critical Moment in Human History

The Seven Laws of Hermes are Electric-Magnetic

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Wal Thornhill ~ The Living Cosmo

Gene Webb ~ The Common Pulse of Life (Aether Spectrum is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse Patter

Gene Webb ~ The Mobius

Dr. R. M. Santilli ~ Concave Lenses Detect
 Terrestrial Entitie

Foster Gamble ~Principles, Strategies, and Tactics for the Most Critical Moment in Human History

The Seven Laws of Hermes are Electric-Magnetic 
 ~ Karen Elkin

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et Science to Sage take you on a scienti c and mystical journey where the sciences, spirituality, world philosophies, and ancient wisdom fuse. Explore with leading-edge scientists, innovative thinkers, mathematicians, mystics and artists from around the world.

What sets Science to Sage apart? Our rich visual weave and imagery makes complex ideas accessible. Each edition is themed, and likened to the renaissance, we bridge disciplines so you can witnesses the interconnections of ALL things.




Imagine the Creator as a scientist and his/her toolbox is the physical elements. They include water, earth, air, and re. In

modern science, they nd form in liquids, solids, gases, and plasma. They are expressions of the same things. These elements are the building blocks of universes, from minuscule interatomic distances to the vastness of galactic arrays. ALL, including us, are made from stardust. Within this cyclical weave of elements is a connected tapestry which evolves geometry, chemistry, biology, and physics — this is our living matrix and the byproduct is the beauty we see. Rediscover the our human story. It has been hidden in plane view. Science to Sage lifted the veil. Editor, Researcher, and Graphic Designer Karen Elkins

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Meet Gene.

I live in a small town in the West. I had the pleasure of

being introduced to a man who loves new concept thinking in science. His knowledge is off the charts. Over the years he has contributed and inspired many editions of Science to Sage Magazine. He is one of my extraordinary teachers that I has come along my path to answer my question, my quest - how does God create


Thank you Gene for your insight, kindness and wisdom



g e n e w e b bac od nv ti sr iebru/ t o r

the big bang universe is impossible The hypothesis cannot say what banged, how it banged or why it banged.

The study of the cosmos is called

with a miracle, which demands faith

the Greeks. Meanwhile natural

cosmology. With the advent of

and explains nothing. A catholic priest,

philosophy, the original physics, has

Einstein it has been called ‘big bang’

Georges Lemaître, devised the big

been proclaimed dead by Stephen

bang. The Vatican approves. But it

Hawking. Einstein bequeathed us an

isn’t science. The hypothesis cannot

existence on an insigni cant rock in

say what banged, how it banged or

space isolated by increasingly vast

why it banged. Modern cosmology is

distances and time from everything

archaic religious mythology based on

else. His speed limit of light for gravity

the primordial cosmic egg and

and communication is glacial on the

dressed up in academic gown and

cosmic scale, which renders the

mortarboard while parading in front of

universe disconnected and

cosmology. The astronomer Fred

a chalkboard covered in inscrutable

incoherent. That is not what we

Hoyle coined the name in a

mathematical runes. Mathematics and

observe. Life in the big bang cosmos

derogatory sense because it begins

mysticism have been bedfellows since

is impossible.


by Wallace Thornhill

Mathematics and mysticism have been bedfellows since the Greeks.

wal thornhil

Georges Lemaître

Einstein Hoyle

electric universe cosmology provides a universal map

boson are unnecessary. Length and time are not rubbery. There is a universal “now.” It is surprising to realise that the universally known equation of physics, E=mc2, is not understood. There is no de nition for the variables E and m in terms of matter. And the speed of light in a vacuum on Earth is declared a universal physical constant. But we observe it to be a property of the medium—air, water or glass—it is travelling through. The vacuum is not devoid of all matter. It has the electrical properties of a physical dielectric medium. Incredibly, c is standardized in terms of the standard metre, which by circular reasoning is shows

we need a real cosmology or universal

simplify, to return to the principles of

mathematicians are allowed to kick natural

map. The Electric Universe cosmology

classical physics and for the

rst time

philosophers out of physics. The universe

provides that map. Nothing is excluded.

de ne fundamentals like mass and energy

is not complicated to understand. It is the

The title comes from the realisation that the

in material terms. Virtual force-carrying

mathematicians who make it so by forcing

electric force is all that is required to

particles like the photon and the Higgs

their man-made laws on Nature


explain all other forces. It allows us to


To begin to understand the living cosmos



determined by the speed of light. This what



a universe with biological overtones While this nonsense has been going

massive and less red shifted over

on, a giant in the world of astronomy

time, eventually joining the family of

passed away in 2013, almost

c o m p a n i o n g a l a x i e s . S o t h e i r

unnoticed. Dr Halton Arp, earlier in his

faintness and red shift is a measure of

career, was Edwin Hubble's assistant.

youthfulness rather than distance

Dubbed ‘the modern day Galileo’ by

a n d v e l o c i t y

some of his prominent colleagues and

us. The universe is not expanding.

amateur astronomers, he made

Objects in astronomers' mirrors are

detailed observations that proved

closer than they think. Arp's visible

Hubble’s redshift-distance relationship

universe is in equilibrium and of

is wrong. The universe is not

unknown age and extent.



expanding. The big bang never happened! Subrahmanyan C h a n d r a s e k h a r r e j e c t e d A r p ’s discovery paper on the sole basis that it “exceeded his imagination.” To a real scientist this should have been an exciting challenge to

rmly held

beliefs. That is the essence of a paradigm shift. Isaac Asimov wrote, “almost all startling advances in science must step on the toes of the earlier beliefs.” Arp discovered a universe with biological overtones. Quasars are born with a highly redshifted spectrum from the cores of active galaxies. So their red shift has little to do with their velocity away


from us. They grow brighter, more

Dr. halton arp - a modern Galileo

mathematics isn’t physics

Electric charge is the heart of the Electric Universe. Electric charge is the heart of the Electric Universe. Due to the fact that charge can be positive or negative, attractive or repulsive, it provides the essential balance throughout the universe. The big bang universe is unbalanced since gravity, as presently believed, is only attractive. Big bang theory is limited to explosions and collisions. It decrees that an explosion must have created the universe and our eventual fate is to expand into the blackness forever or fall back into what has been called “the big crunch.” In my opinion, the aimlessness of modern society can be traced back to this dismal myth, which pictures the

cosmos and life a miraculous accident and without purpose. More on the importance of myth later.

In stark contrast to increasingly complex

instantaneously to maintain exquisitely

and irrelevant modern theoretical

resonant systems that don’t radiate

physics, the Electric Universe simply

energy away. Instantaneous resonant

proposes that the nuclear force,

electrical connection between all matter

magnetic force and gravitational force

is the missing secret of quantum

are all manifestations of the powerful

mechanics. Quantum experiments

electric force. The dominance of one

exhibiting “non-locality” and

form of the electric force over the others

“entanglement” con rm the

depends upon the scale. The naked

instantaneous longitudinal electric force.

electric force dominates in the atomic

These meaningless terms disguise the

and subatomic realm. Gravity is the

Delving into the smallest scale presently

fact that Einstein’s postulated speed of

governing principle at the planetary and

known, all subatomic particles, including

light limit on the transfer of information is

universal scale. But unlike our intimate

the electron and neutrino, have a

false. Otherwise the universe could not

experience of gravity on Earth, gravity is

repeated sub-structure of smaller

exist. The subtle nature of gravity, life

repulsive on a universal scale.

charged particles orbiting about a

and consciousness can only be

nucleus of opposite charge. This is

understood in terms of a direct force and

So how do galaxies, stars and

essential for subatomic particles to

information transfer with no time delay

planets form? At the galactic scale

exhibit mass and energy and to respond

the electromagnetic ‘pinch” force of

to external electrical forces

lamentary cosmic electric currents

symmetrically. Orbiting charge is also

overcome the puny repulsive force of

necessary for them to have a magnetic

gravity to form and power the stars

orientation. Of course this suggests a

and planets while turning the great

repeated structure on ever smaller

Faraday electric motors of spiral-

scales so the mystery of creation of

armed galaxies.

matter remains. In order for the proton, electron and neutrino to be stable the


electric force must operate



electric charge is the heart of the electric universe

Verena Rapp de Eston/CC BY-SA4.0

Sinuous star-birth lightning filament in cosmic cloud

electromagnetic waves. The instantaneous direct connection between particles establishes resonance (entanglement), which allows the electromagnetic wave to be absorbed on its arrival, giving the impression that an imaginary particle has travelled from the emitting atom to the receiving atom. So-called ‘spooky’ quantum experiments like the double-slit can be understood when the experimenter and the entire environment is an intimate part of the experiment Complexity grows as the scale increases from the subatomic to the galactic. Atoms are composed of just two stable particles, the proton and electron. The neutron is a short-lived particle when outside the nucleus and may not actually exist as a separate identi able particle within the

nucleus. The proton and electron combine in numerous resonant atomic con gurations to form all of the elements and isotopes of the periodic table. The atoms then combine in a myriad ways to make up the molecules that form the material universe. What about that other stable and highly elusive particle—the neutrino? The Electric Universe proposes that the neutrino forms the all-pervasive medium of the universe, commonly known as the ‘ether.’ There is no empty space in the universe. Photons1 don’t exist and are not required to transfer energy. The ether subtly connects all matter in real-time and is the dielectric material medium that carries the energy of slow transverse 1

On a larger scale, the Earth has the positive and negative charges in atoms and molecules generally in balance It is different in space where we nd many atoms that have lost one or more electrons to form a quasi-neutral ‘gas’ of free charges. We call this ultra-sparse electri ed medium of space ‘plasma.’ Plasma is a better conductor of electricity than copper. However, in the vacuum of space it requires a huge volume of plasma to carry much electric current. Amazingly, it turns out that the near 2000-fold difference in mass between the electron and the proton is responsible for the universal rotation we observe.







The energy of a particle is thought to become infinite at the speed of light. So the photon is given zero mass, as if multiplying infinity by zero results in a finite energy! Infinity is not a number.

galaxy formation and rotation

It causes electric currents to ow through plasma over intergalactic distances in the form of twisted pairs of laments. This is a technique known to electrical engineers that limits energy loss from a circuit. Plasma, gas and dust is drawn powerfully by electromagnetic forces toward the intergalactic currents with the result that spiral galaxies are 2

formed along them and rotate like simple Faraday electric motors, ignoring gravity. Electromagnetic energy spirals into the center of a galaxy to form a compact donutshaped plasmoid, which produces the episodic jets and other effects that require gravitational theorists to invent an impossible concentration of mass —a ctional black hole.





Einstein’s Rik=0 specifies all mass lies within the black hole. No other body or observer can exist in its asymptotically flat universe. Newtonian flat-space superposition of another body is not allowed. So detection of gravity waves from a coalescing binary black hole system is impossible.

gravitational polarisation

Scientists have a habit of declaring

Earth are attracted like iron

lings to a

same gravitational pole facing outwards,

“universal laws” based on our limited

spherical magnetic monopole. The Earth’s

repelling each other and maintaining

experience on the surface of the Earth.

opposite pole faces internally to the center

balance against the inward force from all

That’s the case with gravity. Gravity is a

of the Earth, which produces a repulsive

other matter in the universe. Halton Arp’s

dipole electric force like magnetism. Both

force at depth that renders invalid all

essential requirement for stability and

are due to the distortion of subatomic

calculations of pressure, density and

harmony is met. The same faster-than-light

particles and/or atoms in an electric eld

composition of the interior. We don’t know

static force between distant matter that we

so that the nucleus is offset to one focus of

what is inside the Earth—or any other body

call gravity is involved in the more subtle

an ellipsoid. Each particle and atom

in the universe

body-mind-cosmos connections. That is

becomes a tiny electric dipole. Gravity

the origin of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s

gravitational sphere of in uence of the

holes. All bodies in the universe have the

manifestation of the living cosmos


consciousness. We are an ephemeral


white dwarfs, neutron stars and black


be shielded. So all objects within the




There are no ‘super condensed’ bodies like


affects all subatomic particles so it cannot

eld’ of memory and

The Electric Universe does away with all of the dark demons at the edge of the big bang cosmological map.

The Electric Universe was developed

traumatised by cataclysmic

not by mathematical deduction and

‘thunderbolts of the planetary gods,’

speculation, working forward from an

which resulted in global ‘doomsday’

i m a g i n a r y s i n g u l a r i t y, b u t b y

events unimaginable by experts in

researching forensically back in time

electrically sterile big bang cosmology.

from the present, paying close attention

The mythographer, Dr. David Avery,

to the entire span of mankind’s

upon his recent discovery of the Electric

references to the sky — as far back as

Universe paradigm, sees this new map

prehistoric rock art. In the year 2000

as essential, not only for its science but

there was spectacular con rmation of

for healing from the unconscious and

this approach when complex formations

irrational destructive urges to re-enact

seen in high-energy plasma discharge

the doomsday trauma. He believes, as

experiments were found mimicked in

do I, that our survival depends upon it.

detail in enigmatic rock art gures from

We are, he says, “warring bronze age

around the world. It con rmed that

man living in the 21st century.




prehistoric modern humans were

"Images of the cosmic thunderbolt taken from Greek coins (below) can be understood as bipolar cylindrical structures similar to those seen in high energy laboratory experiments (above)."

Paradigm Shift: Bronze Age Mythology to Electric Universe






It is now a century since the Norwegian genius Kristian Birkeland proved that the phenomenal ‘northern lights’ or aurora borealis is an earthly connection with the electrical Sun. Later, Hannes Alfvén the Swedish Nobel Prize winning physicist, with a background in electrical engineering and experience of the northern lights, drew the solar circuit. It is no coincidence that Scandinavian scientists led the way in showing that we live in an Electric Universe


“We live in an electric world. Our cities are visible from space at night, blazing with electric lights. The electricity courses invisibly in the darkness over great distances along thin power lines. We nd electricity indispensable. Nature does the same since all matter is electrical. Yet astronomy is stuck in the gas-light era, unable to see that stars are simply electric lights strung along invisible cosmic power lines that are detectable by their magnetic elds and radio noise

Why have they been ignored? The answer may be found in the inertia of prior beliefs and the failure of our educational institutions. We humans are better storytellers than scientists. We see the universe through the lter of tales we are told in childhood and our education systems reward those who can best repeat them. Dissent is discouraged so that many of the brightest intellects become bored and drop out. The history of science is sanitized to ignore the great controversies of the past, which were generally ‘won’ by a vote instead of reasoned debate. Today NASA does science by press release and investigative journalism is severely inhibited. And narrow experts who never left school do their glossy media ‘show and tell,’ keeping the public in the dark in this ‘dark age’ of science. It is often said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” History shows otherwise that entrenched paradigms resist extraordinary disproof

This website is for the curious, those who are eager to discover some reasonable answers about life, the universe and everything (as far as it is possible today) free of old beliefs that have shackled progress for centuries. It requires a beginner’s mind and a broad forensic approach to knowledge that is not taught in any university. The payoff is the spark that lights up lives.

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The popular mathematical contrivance called a Black Hole is not elegant, since it neither addresses nor even acknowledges the electrified plasma environment of galaxy formation. And the imagined thermonuclear fusion at the core of the Sun is assuredly not elegant, since it leaves the most compelling features of the Sun unexplained.

EU 2016 INFORMATIO Conference introduction

A strategic use of language will often distort the distinction between real progress and imaginary progress in science. But for anyone exploring the Electric Universe paradigm, the principle of theoretical “elegance” is well worthy of consideration. It is an acid test. That is why we’ve selected “Elegant Simplicity” as the theme of our upcoming EU2016 conference.

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Explore more here: Don Scott’s website Thunderbolts Youtube Channel




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22. Constructs of Our Univers

Science with Soul

The Common Pulse of Life
 the aether Spectrum is the electric-magnetic pulse that unfolds life
 “Discovery consists of seeing

particulates as well. Proportionally

what everybody has seen and

the quantum distance between the

thinking what nobody has

nucleus and the electron of and atom

thought,” quote by Albert Szent-

is proportionally close to the distance

Gyorgye, Nobel Laureat

between the sun and the earth. That is a lot of space.

Sometimes an idea can change the way we think about everything else,

Like the continuous cycle of the

how we view this fabric of life that is

mobius, or a mobius within a

woven together to create a tapestry

mobius, or sets within sets, or

of ideas. The matrix and meaning of

systems within systems. When we

life being brought together with

consider a common component of

enlightenment and understanding to

everything we have to look at what

see geometric complexity and poetry

is happening with all this in nite

in a beautiful and simple form

space. It also means that space must be considered as a

When considering all of the

detectable medium of interaction

immensity of space it has to include

and not a vacuum

Designed by Gene Webb

the space inside the atoms and





by Gene Webb

“Whenever our understanding of any scienti c eld is incomplete (and that pretty

In our quest to understand the truth and oneness of all things, we are limited by

much includes all of them), we must resort to the use of models. A model doesn't have to be complete or even absolutely accurate in order to be incredibly useful.” This is from author Eric P. Nichols. Let's start with “demystifying the

we know.

observe, and then extrapolate them to (hopefully) logical conclusions.


complex ionosphere by using models based on what we can consistently


our perceptions and we see only what

The ionosphere is incredibly sparse a medium of energy as well as the

the average the ionosphere has about

structure of each particulate of an atom

the same number of ions as it does free

or micro structures. This scaffolding of

electrons. ...but what about the neutral

dark matter(aether) has form and

atmosphere—the atmosphere that


consists of oxygen, nitrogen, and a few other rarer gases—it is totally, well nearly

Einstein decided space was a vacuum

invisible to radio. This is because in a

Despite the tremendous volume of the

otherwise it would obstruct the speed of

neutral atom (or molecule) there are

ionosphere, there is almost nothing

light without considering that space

equal charges of positive and negative,

there. Physicists at the EISCAT facility in

might be the

eld of pure matter that

which create no net charge for a radio

Tromso, Norway, not long ago calculated

creates the speed of light, and

signal to interact with. The force will

the mass of the entire is

regulates the speed for different parts of

always be equal and opposite. In order

on the order of one metric ton. Get that.

space, including the space in the

to prepare a particle to respond to a

One Metric Ton. You could compress the

particulates of an atom

radio signal, we have to separate the electrons from the protons...or more

entire ionosphere and roll it into the corner of your garage with a hand truck.

Just as light is a medium we see

generally, from the nucleus. This process

The density of the outer limits of the

through, it is also something we see as

is called ionization. This takes a

usable ionosphere for radio propagation

an entity, as a source it has form and

tremendous amount of energy. The

is on the order of a quadrillionth of the

function. We can model dark matter to

primary ionizing agent is radiation from

atomic density at ground level. “What

the pure essence of light which is a

the Sun.

keeps the atmosphere in a sphere?” That

different form of the same thing, and

would be gravity.

each has it own unique way to have a similar affect on everything

Fritz Zwicky in 1933 named the unknown lled the

Back to author Eric P. Nichols and

immensity of space Dark Matter,

demystifying the ionosphere. I use the

sometimes referred to as Aether. The

ionosphere because it has properties of

Dark matter scaffolding of the universe is

refraction rather than re ection. “On

source of gravity that








refraction rather than re ection

scaffolding the structure of particulates
 Dark matter scaffolding of the universe is a medium of energy as well as the structure of each particulate of an atom or micro structures.

So, even though the free electrons are the end-result we're looking for, without the ions to keep them in check, they wouldn't do us much good. That's why we call it the ionosphere, not the electronosphere. Even thought the ions and electrons are approximately equal in number, it's the ions that hold everything in a sphere rather than an amorphous cloud of unruly electrons.










Ideas are often called enlightenment. This enlightenment bears a resemblance to the Source of light, yet light is only a small portion of what is regulated by the Aether Spectrum, which is the common







When an atom (say nitrogen) is ionized by a UV ray or X-ray, an electron gets knocked out of orbit, and moves away from the remaining nucleus (which is now a positive ion). However it doesn't move too far, because the nucleus is now positively charged, and has an electrostatic attraction for the emitted electron. This actually a very good thing for radio If by some magic, we could simply throw a bunch of free electrons up there without any remaining ions, the electrons would do what they do naturally; repel each other. They would scatter off into the far reaches of the atmosphere, not doing any of us any good whatsoever

electromagnetic pulse (EMP) of life, which I call the manifestation of enlightenment By changing the lens that enlightens us we can view things never seen before. Scientists that study bioluminescence in sh and coral found that many sh have a yellow lm over their eyes. By viewing the sh and coral through a yellow lens, like the sh, they saw colorful bioluminescences everywhere, never seen before. They developed a blue light with frequencies the color of the ocean. When they shine this light on a sh tank and view the sh through a yellow lens even sharks have a bioluminescences. New insights through a new lens

In 1968 Victor Veselago to no avail, was searching for an element that produced a negative index of refraction, which would dramatically change the way we see things. In 2000 John B.Pendrey and David R. Smith developed a new material called Meta Material that creates a negative index of refraction with properties that make light travel backwards, and can also create an invisibility cloak. D.R. Smith explains that “a negative electric and magnetic eld implies that the electrons within the material move in the opposite direction

to the force applied by the electric and magnetic elds. Although this behavior might seem paradoxical, it is actually quite a simple matter to make electrons oppose the “push” of the applied electric and magnetic elds.” “...If you have been pushing a swing for a while, the swing might have enough momentum to knock you over—it is then pushing back on you. In the same way, electrons in a material with a negative index of refraction go out of phase and resist the “push” of the electromagnetic eld.” By ne tuning this wave propagation from a negative index of refraction scientist are able to see thing we have been unable to see previously, this material is like a Superlens that is being used to study nano-structures of quantum particles to the immensity of space and the cosmic microwave background. A new concave telescope designed by R.M. Santilli is used in conjunction with a Galileo telescope has observed the reactions in the aether of matter and anti-matter. Dark matter (Aether) is observed through its affect on mass. What we see as the illusion of “motion” is an energy exchange between matter and anti-matter as it gives up a photon of light in the reaction exchange.

see our ocean through a yellow film ....see what comes to light! NOVA

Creatures of Ligh


The new telescope allows us to see this reaction with a negative index of refraction, which shows the two way direction of light (isoduality) creating what we see as a blue shift in the movement of objects in space We can only predict what is happening in space if we are getting the right feed-back. This changes the phenomenon of how we will see dark matter, the aether, and its relationship to everything else

gravitational scaffolding is th attractive and repulsive motion that forms our universe

/ isodualit les/9705001.pdf

The re ned Aether signature is seen everywhere in the universe it is the scaffolding for all structures of life.










The Aether pattern carries the coded information for the transmission of the resonance ratios and harmonic octaves of the quantum eld of energy that surrounds all matter. The same description is being used to explain how dark matter with its gravitational lensing bends light in space. Carlos Frenk in England has designed a super-computer that emulates the universe. By adding ve times more dark matter than regular matter and running the program for the equivalent of ten billion years the clumps of matter form the galaxies as we see them in the present universe. Richard Massey of Edinburo Scotland has calculated graphically the shroud of dark matter that is the scaffolding around every galaxy. The dark matter is inside ordinary matter whether micro or macro and everything is surrounded by the dark matter scaffolding

A slice-through of the EAGLE simulation shows an inset zooming in on the Milky Way. Intergalactic gases range in color, going from blue to green depending on temperature intensity. ~ Photo by Virgo Consortium ...for more click here.

responsive as well as the cause of

contained with form and function on a

water on light to create a rainbow. The

action, or motion of attractive or

greater of lesser scale. A ferrite bar magnet

movement through the aether is in a

repulsive gravity.

is a complete magnet of north and south

de ned pattern that I call the aether

polarity of equal magnetic properties and

spectrum and it emits in the pattern of the

the center has no particular attracting

EMP. When a wire coil (mass) is moved

ability. When the bar magnet or a torus is

around or across a magnet it creates an

cut in two the north and south polarity

electric force. When the aether is moved

properties are assumed on each opposite

upon by mass it creates gravity. As with

piece. Both magnetic properties (N S) are

any gravitational

present through out the magnet at all times

even the (aether) Higgs

but are only accessible when divided. The

similarities that are different forms of the

same with the aether and its gradient of

same thing. We have to begin with the right

energy that is present as a whole that can

premise. The aether is also a part of

be divided with the same properties as the

every particle of matter. Therefore it is

whole however large it may be. So local

responsive to itself under speci c


the large whole of space. Prism affect of


the motion of magnetism. It is self


polarity conditions, making the mass


action will respond in a like manner as


Aether is much like the ionosphere and like

eld, magnetic

eld, or

eld there are

We are part of a whole that moves in space

An analogy of this is a seed that contains

proper proportions, vector points in

with symmetry and balance. We are a

all the information to create a tree that

geometry with mathematical references to

musical harmonic balance of unity and

produces the fruit that creates the seed

the aether

precision from the inner-space of an atom

with all the information for the

energy that are shaping all things, the

elds of momentum and

lines of force which are morphotropic phase boundaries that move in the midst creating transitions from one crystal form to another

to the immensity of outer-space The (EMP) is the pattern in the dark matter/dark energy. It is ubiquitous. Aether directs the substance that forms us and is present in our DNA. It gives us shape and dimension. It is also the shape and form of energy. Energy and matter are just different forms and functions of the same thing, which can be demonstrated in this aether pulse pattern. If we add all of the in nite sets of frequencies (motion of aether) that are represented by this pattern we can see that the whole is in everything, and everything is in the whole

reproduction cycle. All analogies have

The (EMP) pattern of dark matter may be

limitations, but perhaps it can give us a

telling us about portals in the universe for

new way to examine the elusive theory

regeneration, perhaps dimensions of our

of everything by using the perfect pulse

mind and soul that have a oneness with

pattern that can self replicate in both

this universe we are perceiving. There is a

the macro and the quantum realm. It is

wholeness, the ultimate oneness of the

represented in various parts of science

universe associated with this pattern.

such as the standard model, the theory of

When we expanded this conceptual level

relativity, string theory, and the holographic

of possibility thinking, we allow science and

universe, in the hyperbolic universe, and

philosophy to blend, allowing metaphysics

others. We have never expanded the

and physics to share the paradigm

relationship of the dark matter pulse







pattern to this extent, with radians and

about gene webb
 Gene Webb has a passion for learning all things pertaining to life and what makes it all work. He has always had a gift to see more than what others see. So his rst science was psychology and the working of the mind. Then he began to pursue the physical sciences from the particulates of the atom to the cosmos and is on to what ever


comes next.

the mobius strip phenomenon
 The mobius strip is an interesting phenomenon that allows something to travel circularly in a continuous line on both sides of the object and return to the starting point in a continuous line. Another phenomenon about the mobius is if you cut it down the center line all the way around you do not get two mobius but you get a larger narrower strip with an extra twist. If you take the double twist mobius and spiral another double twist and another you will create the nested spiral mobius that can circulate energy front and back continuously in opposite directions like a torus magnetic eld, but with the mobius you can have control points. As you continue to add more strips the physical structure will morph into a triangular shape in three

pascal’s triangular

dimensional form. If you

atten a single mobius into equal

proportions it becomes a truncated equilateral triangle with six sides. Three are equally longer proportionally than the other three. When the side lines are extended to make triangles they are different size triangles that become a double hexagon that directs the geometry of multi-structures in the universe and our biology. The folding of the mobius is a type and shadow of the aether as seen in the EMP and the structure of water.



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mobius triangular shape in three dimensional

infinite and continuous mobius

mobius fractal ~ an electrical signature

the nested spiral mobius can circulate energy front and back continuously in opposite directions like a torus magnetic eld.


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Concave Lenses Detect Terrestrial Entities ABSTRACT By using telescopes with concave lenses,

telescopes with concave lenses while

known as Santilli telescopes (trademark

being invisible to our eyes and to

and patent pending by the U.S. publicly

conventional telescopes with convex

traded company Thunder Energies

lenses, which entities leave bright images

Corporation), we review preceding

in the background of digital cameras.

evidence for the apparent existence of

These additional entities are here called

antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids

Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the second

and antimatter cosmic rays. Independently

kind (ITE-2) or bright ITE. It is pointed out

from these astrophysical detections, we

that both types of entities generally move

present for the rst time evidence for the

in the night sky over sensitive areas, and

apparent existence of entities in our

their behavior generally suggests

terrestrial environment that are solely

unauthorized surveillance. This paper has

visible via\ telescopes with concave

been motivated by the signi cance and

lenses, while being invisible to our eyes

diversi cation of the collected evidence,

and to conventional Galileo telescopes

as well as available independent

with convex lenses, which entities leave

con rmations, that warrant systematic

dark images in the background of digital

inspections of the sky over our sensitive

cameras attached to the Santilli

civilian, industrial, and military installations

telescopes. These entities are here called

via telescopes with concave lenses, so as

Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the rst kind

to detect possible unauthorized

(ITE-1) or dark ITE. We then present, also


for the rst time, evidence for the apparent existence in our terrestrial environment of







additional entities that are also visible to

"This is an exciting discovery.

Concave lens by en:fir002/CC BY-SA 3.0

INTRODUCTION As it is well established in particle physics laboratories, matter and antimatter particles “annihilate” at mutual contact by transforming their masses into light. One of the necessary conditions for a consistent, quantitative representation of this experimental evidence is that all characteristics of antimatter must be opposite to those of matter It as also been established that the use of 20th century mathematics for the representation of both, matter and antimatter, leads to predictable catastrophic inconsistencies













Therefore, a consistent, quantitative representation of matter-antimatter annihilation requires the continued use of conventional mathematics for the representation of matter, while antimatter must be represented with a basically new mathematics characterized by a suitable conjugation of 20th century

mathematics known as the isodual map (technically given by an antiHermitean map). In summer 1993, while visiting the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, the author initiated the construction of the new mathematics needed for antimatter, with the proposal of new numbers, today known as isodual numbers, whose basic unit has the negative value -1, thus assuring that all quantities measured with the new numbers are opposite those of matter [1] By noting that the possible existence of antimatter galaxies must be studied at the macroscopic, and therefore classical level, thus preventing the use of quantum mechanics, and that galaxies must be assumed as being neutral, thus preventing the use of the charge for the conjugation from matter to antimatter, in the following paper [2] (also written in Dubna), the author presented the rst, and,

apparently, the only known classical representation of neutral antimatter based on the new isodual numbers and ensuing new mathematics In summer 1995, while conducting research at the Institute 2 for Basic Research at the Castle Prince Pignatelli in Italy, the author conducted systematic studies on the novel isodual mathematics via a step-by-step isodual image of 20th century mathematics, thus including the isodual image of functional analysis, differential calculus, algebras, geometries, etc. [3] In spring 1996, the author presented at the First International Workshop on Anti-matter in Sepino, Italy, the prediction of isodual mathematics that light emitted by antimatter-stars, here called “antimatter-light,” is different than our ordinary matter-light in an experimentally veri able way [4]

The above prediction was based on the fact that ordinary light has no charge. Therefore, the only known consistent way to conjugate light from matter to antimatter is the map under isoduality of all other physical characteristics of light. This lead to the prediction that antimatter light has negative energy, by therefore con rming the original 1928 conception of antimatter by P. A. M. Dirac as having negative e n e r g y, t h i s t i m e , w i t h t h e resolution of its historical inconsistencies permitted by the novel isodual mathematics A systematic study of the ensuing isodual theory of antimatter was presented in monograph [5] in 2006, including the isoduality of Newtonian mechanics, Galileo relativity, Einstein special and general relativity, and quantum mechanics, with the rst known classical representation of the gravitational eld of antimatter bodies.

Detection of antimatter galaxies, asteroids and cosmic rays

In particular, Ref. [5] presented the proof that the isodual theory of antimatter veri es all known experimental data on antimatter at both the classical and particle levels. At the classical level, experimental data are veri ed by the interplay between the conventional Newton’s equation for particle and their isodual for antiparticles, while at the particle level experimental data on antimatter are veri ed because the isodual map is equivalent to charge conjugation In Ref. [5], the author also presented the prediction at all levels of study, including the isodual Newtonian mechanics, isodual special and general relativity and isodual quantum mechanics that matter and antimatter experience gravitational repulsion, thus including the prediction that antimatter-light is repelled by a matter


eld, and the

index of refraction opposite to

representation of matter-

basic requirement implies the

consequential prediction that,

the conventional “positive” index

antimatter annihilation into light

prediction that light emitted by

when propagation within a

of refraction of matter-light

at contact is that “all”

antimatter, viz., antimatter-light,

matter-medium such as water,


opposite those of matter. This


for a consistent, quantitative


antimatter-light has a “negative”


is repelled by a matter


characteristics of antimatter are


Figure 1. A necessary condition



gravitational eld (Figure 1).




International Conference of Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics held in Kos, Greece, the prediction of the isodual theory of antimatter according to which, when traversing a transparent matter-medium, antimatterlight has a “negative” index of refraction (in the sense of being opposite to the conventional “positive” index of refraction of matter-light), thus requiring “concave” lenses for the focusing of it. is dispersed by the convex lens of

the structure of all existing,

must be “concave” under the

dispersed by the convex lens into

the Santilli telescope, thus

refractive, Galileo telescopes

prediction that antimatter-light

the internal walls of the

permitting images of antimatter-

whose primary lens must be

has a negative index of refraction

telescope, thus permitting images

light to be focused in a camera

“convex” due to the positive index

(See Figure 1). The main

of matter-light to be focused in a

without major interferences from

of refraction of matter-light. The

principle of detection of the

camera without signi cant


second view depicts the structure

Galileo and Santilli telescopes is

interferences by antimatter-light.

of the novel, refractive, Santilli

the following. In the Galileo

By contrast, ordinary matter- light


telescope, all antimatter- light is


telescopes whose primary lens


rst view depicts


Figure 2. The

antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays.

with concave lenses, today known as Santilli telescopes (trademark and patent pending by the U. S. publicly traded company Thunder Energies Corporation, www.thunderenergies.con). Since no conventional image can be seen with concave lenses, Santilli telescopes were paired to conventional, refractive Galileo telescopes of the same size, with curvature of the primary lenses and focal distance conjugated into negative values (Figures 2 and 3) Experimental paper [7] of 2014 presented the

rst known

evidence of the apparent existence in our universe of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays via the use of a pair of 100 mm Galileo and Santilli telescopes with attached digital camera Cannon 600D used at ISO 1600 under a 15 seconds exposure. These

rst detections were

independently con rmed in Refs. [8, 9] The detections consist of black streaks over a conventional background of a digital camera attached to the Santilli

cameras, one per telescope,

Santilli telescopes used for the

focus images of antimatter-light.

transferred to the Santilli

however, detections selected for

detections presented in this

The ef cient use Santilli

telescope. Images in the Santilli

publication are generally

paper, that are under production

telescopes is that of pairing them

telescope are considered for

achieved via one single camera,

and subsequent sale by the U. S.

with optically aligned, Galileo

analysis if and only if they do not

rst used in the Galileo telescope

publicly traded company Thunder

telescopes of the same size with

appear in the Galileo telescope,

to verify focusing, and then

Energies Corporation

exactly the same, yet opposite

are not caused by impurities in

transferred to the Santilli


curvatures of the primary lenses

the lens and verify other


Santilli telescopes cannot be

and focal distances (Fig. 2). The

conditions. Note that the pairs of


are equipped with two identical

The related settings are then


focusing images of matter-light.

cornea, thus being unable to


the human eye has a convex

200 mm pairs of Galileo and


70 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and


telescopes depicted in this gure


Galileo telescope is then used for


ef ciently used alone because


Figure 3. A view of the 50 mm,



telescope, which black streaks are absent in the Galileo



Subsequently, the author constructed the rst known telescopes

Apparent existence in our universe of antimatter galaxies,


immediately appeared in the

Following systematic tests, the

terrestrial environment as de ned

pm the author aimed a pair of 100

screen of the camera attached to

author has detected the existence

in Section 1, rather than in deep

mm Galileo and Santilli

the Santilli telescope, without any

of at least two different types of

astro-physical spaces; and 3)

telescopes at the night sky over

enlargement, without the same

ITE, with the acknowledgement

leave “dark images” in the

Tampa Bay, Florida, as seen from

entities being visible to the naked

that additional types may be

background of digital cameras

the NE orientation of the terrace

eyes, and without any

identi ed in the future. Thanks to

attached to Santilli telescopes. In

o f r o o m 7 7 5 o f t h e Vi n o y

corresponding image existing in

independent con rmations on the

Figures 7 to 11, the author

Renaissance Hotel in St.

the screen of the camera

existence of ITE, such as that by

presents representative examples

Petersburg. Both telescopes were

attached to the Galileo telescope

K. Brinkman [13] and others, the

of Invisible Terrestrial Entities of


rst presented the

the second kind (ITE-2), here

model SLT-A58K set at ISO

This unexpected discovery

discovery of ITE on September

de ned as entities that: 1) are not

automatic and 15 seconds

triggered a novel systematic use

25, 2015, at an invited lecture

visible to the human eye or to

exposure, the two cameras being

of the pair of Galileo and Santilli

delivered to the St. Petersburg

conventional optical instruments

activated jointly by remote

telescopes, this time, for the

Astronomy Club [14]

wish convex lenses, but are


search of entities, here called

The tests were merely intended

Invisible Terrestrial Entities, that

In Figures 4, 5, and 6, we report

telescopes with concave lenses;

for the search of antimatter

are invisible to our eyes as well

representative examples of rather

2) exist in our terrestrial

galaxies and, consequently, the

as to our optical instruments with

numerous detections of Invisible

environment as de ned in Section

paired telescopes were aimed at

convex lenses, but are otherwise

Terrestrial Entities of the rst kind

1, rather than in deep astro-

the sky, but sudden clouds halted

fully visible via the Santilli

(ITE-1), here de ned as entities

physical spaces; and leave “bright

the tests and the author oriented

telescope with concave lenses,

that: 1) are not visible to the

images” in the background of

the pair of telescopes horizontally

and are located in our terrestrial

human eye or to conventional

digital cameras attached to

over Tampa Bay

environment, as de ned in

optical instruments with convex

Santilli telescopes

Section 1

lenses, but are otherwise fully

otherwise fully visible via Santilli








concave lenses; 2) exist in our


yet clearly visible entities


visible via Santilli telescopes with


To his great surprise, unidenti ed







equipped with a Sony camera

Detecting antimatter asteroids prior to their impact on earth









The very focusing of images via a telescope with concave lenses constitutes direct experimental evidence for the existence in nature of light with a negative index of refraction, while the black character of the streaks constitutes direct experimental evidence supporting the hypothesis of Ref.[4] according to which antimatter-light carries negative energy. In turn, both these features are considered as experimental evidence for the gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter due to its need to achieve a negative index of refraction

A number of independent studies exist on isodual mathematics and on the isodual theory of antimatter among which we quote: Ref. [10] on the need to conduct systematic studies on the still unknown means to detect antimatter asteroids prior to their impact on Earth that have occurred in the past without advance detection; Ref. [11] on quantitative calculation of the trajectories and speed under which antimatter asteroids can hit Earth despite the indicated gravitational repulsion from Earth; and Ref. [12] providing, a list of all known contributions in the eld

published in refereed journals as of early 2015, including the link to numerous PRWeb Releases on the ongoing search for antimatter galaxies in the universe In a language accessible to the general audience, thus without any equation, in this paper we present for the rst time the detection of entities existing in our terrestrial environment here de ned as including our atmosphere, terrestrial and lunar orbits and under the sea, which entities are not visible by our naked eye or via existing optical means, yet they are fully detected

in cameras attached to the novel telescopes with concave lenses To prevent a prohibitive length as well as unnecessary repetitions, a knowledge of papers [7-9] is essential for the understanding of this paper

A rst signi cant aspect of the detections presented in Figures 4 to 11 is that they establish beyond “credible doubt” the capability of telescopes with concave lenses to focus images visible in the background of a digital camera attached to Santilli telescopes. These images are at times, visible without enlargement, thus establishing the utilities of telescopes with concave lenses










A second salient aspect is that the focusing of images via concave lenses is solely possible for light having a negative index of refraction in the sense of being opposite that of ordinary light (Section 1). A third salient aspect is that the emission of antimatter- light does not mean that the entity is made up of antimatter, because the

existence of the entities within our atmosphere would imply a cataclysmic explosion due to matter- antimatter annihilation Yet another salient aspect is that the emission of antimatter-light could well be evidence that their propulsion system is based on the extraction of antimatter from space intended as a universal substratum of the entire universe with an extremely high energy density (also known as zero point energy) [15] In short, it appears that ITE-1 consist of matter-entities in our terrestrial environment

achieving locomotion via the acquisition of antimatter in their interior with consequential use of matterantimatter propulsion, and achieve invisibility via the emission of antimatter-light as a sort of exhaust. A Post Ph.D. mathematical study of the new type of locomotion via the use of the new isodual Minkowskian geometry for antimatter is available in monograph [5] A third salient aspect is that the creation of “dark images” in the background of digital cameras for ITE-1 (Figures 4-6) establishes that the light originating from the image has negative energy, since only a negative energy can annul the conventional positive energy existing in the pixels of the cameras. Consequently, the dark images of ITE-1 are caused by a type of light either equivalent or identical to

antimatter- light as presented in the preceding section By contrast, ITE-2 (Figures 7 to 11) appear to be structures composed of matter which ordinary light (because of their bright character), yet possessing means to achieve in- visibility via the conversion of their index of refraction from a positive to a negative value It should be indicated that ITE-1 appear to be located mostly in the areas of terrestrial or lunar orbits. By contrast, ITE-2 are generally located directly over sensitive civilian, industrial and military installations, and appear to behave in a way strongly suggesting their unauthorized surveillance


Therefore, the entity is predicted to be made up of ordinary matter, although emitting antimatter light. These conditions support the hypothesis of locomotion based on the extraction of negative energy from space conceived as a universal substratum (also known as negative point energy). According to this interpretation, the entity achieves invisibility to our eyes as well as to all conventional refractive telescopes by merely emitting antimatterlight as a kind of “exhaust” from its locomotion [15] Figure 5. Views of another ITE-1 taken in three consecutive pictures by the digital camera of the Santilli telescope on September 5, 2015 in the night sky over Tampa Bay, Florida. Note that the entity not only moves slowly from photo to photo, but also rotates. This particular type of motion excludes impurities in the telescope lens or in the camera as possible interpretations


as an ISE-1 because it is solely

taken with 15 seconds exposure,

ordinary light should merely

(ITE-1) detected in two different

detected via the Santilli telescope

the entity moves at a relative

experience diffraction. Note

photos on September 5, 2015, in

(thus emitting light with negative

small speed. Note the ridges of

additionally that the entity

the evening sky over Tampa Bay.

index of refraction), and it leaves

ordinary light surrounding the

“cannot” be composed of

Florida, via the pair of 100 mm

a black image in the background

e n t i t y, w h i c h c a n o n l y b e

antimatter because, being

Galileo and Santilli telescopes

of the digital camera (thus

explained quantitatively via the

within our atmosphere, it

with Sony Camera SLT-A58K set

emitting light with negative

gravitational repulsion of ordinary

would annihilate with a

at ISO automatic and 15 seconds

energy). Since we are dealing

light by the entity because, in the

cataclysmic explosion


Terrestrial Entity of the rst kind


absence of such repulsion,


with two different photos each


exposure. The entity is classi ed


Figure 4. A view of an Invisible

Concluding Remarks In works [1-7], the author presented evidence on the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids, and antimatter cosmic rays obtained via dark images in the background of a digital camera attached to a telescope with convex lenses, known as the Santilli telescope The same astrophysical entities are completely invisible to our naked eyes as well as to conventional Galileo telescopes with convex lenses because matter-antimatter annihilation mandates that all characteristics of antimatter must be opposite those of matter. Consequently, light emitted by antimatter has an index of refraction opposite that of matter, thus requiring a concave lens for its focusing, and carries negative energy as predicted in 1928 by P. A. M. Dirac, thus explaining the dark character of the images




Figure 6. Views of an ITE-1 independently taken by K. Brinkman from the night sky of St. Petersburg, Florida, on September 20, 2015 via the use of the pair of 150 Galileo and Santilli telescopes, under a series of three burst (rapid) shots [13]. The entity is clearly an ITE-1 because it was in our terrestrial environment, it was only visible in the Santilli telescope, and it produced a dark image on the background of the digital camera. Note that this entity too, not only moves with respect to an image caused by an impurity in the telescope lens, but also rotates (see the original report [13] for more pictures and details)

The entity was releasing light with negative index of refraction, yet carrying positive energy

We do not know what these entities are; they're completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars, or traditional Galileo telescopes, but these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to our Santilli telescope," stated Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO Thunder Energies

Figure 8. Another ITE-2 (top view) detected under the same conditions as those of the preceding gure. The entity was also invisible to the naked eyes and to the Galileo telescope but fully detected via the Santilli telescope in the night sky of the Tampa Bay. Again, the entity was releasing light with negative index of refraction, yet carrying positive energy as established by the bright residue following maximal contrast (bottom view). Note that

this particular ITE-2 moves and, most importantly, causes rings of ordinary light in its surroundings, which can only be quantitatively explained via a gravitational repulsion of ordinary light by this particular entity. On technical grounds, we should recall that the conventional (positive) index of refraction, and the consequential reduction of the speed of light within transparent media, are due to the attraction of light by matter via complex electromagnetic

...reduction of the speed of light within transparent media, are due to the attraction of light by matter via complex electromagnetic interactions at atomic





interactions at atomic distances. The negative index of refraction of antimatter-light when passing through a matter-medium such as water, is then expected to be due to the repulsion of antimatter-light by matter. Note nally that the reversal of the index of refraction implies that antimatter light travels in ordinary water at speeds faster than that of light in vacuum [15]

Existence of two types of entities

To the right shows the results have been con rmed by a number of independent contributions, such as those of Refs. [8-11]. Ref. [12] provides a comprehensive list of scienti c papers published in refereed journals and links to PRWeb Releases in antimatter up to early







Figure 7. A view in the top of an Invisible Terrestrial Entity of the second kind (ITE-2) taken on September 5, 2015, in the night sky of the Tampa Bay, Florida, from room 775 of the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg at 9.15 pm via the 100 mm Santilli telescope. We have an ITE-2 because the entity is in our terrestrial environment; it is only visible in the Santilli telescope and it produces a bright image in the

digital background, as established by the fact that ordinary light remains visible under strong contrast (bottom view) These data imply that the entity produces light with a negative index of refraction, but w i t h p o s i t i v e e n e r g y, t h u s constituting discovery of a basically new form of light here presented apparently for the rst time. In the author’s opinion, ITE-2 are indications of

structures composed by ordinary matter which emit ordinary light, but achieve invisibility to the human eye as well as to conventional refractive telescopes via the inversion of its index of refraction. This paper has been motivated by the need for our monitoring the possible presence of ITE-1 and/or ITE-2 over sensitive civilian, industrial and military installations since

they could be conducting unauthorized surveillance. 1 The historical inconsistencies of negative energies have been resolved for antimatter by the underlying new mathematics speci cally constructed for antimatter, known as isodual mathematics, with ensuing, novel, isodual theory of antimatter [1-5]








Figure 10. We present here a photo taken on a cloudy night sky of Tampa, Florida, taken from room 775 of the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel, St. Petersburg, on September 5, 2015, at 9:15 pm via two Sony cameras SLT- A58K set at ISO Automatic and 15 seconds exposure and connected at the proper focal distance to the pair of 100 mm Galileo and Santilli telescopes. All photos were also taken with simultaneous remote shutters. No view from the





Figure 9. Photos of a cloudy night sky over Tampa Bay, Florida, taken from the third oor of the valet parking garage of the Westin Hotel on September 19, 2015, at 10.20 pm via two Sony cameras SLT-A58K set at ISO Automatic and 15 seconds exposure, attached at the proper focal distance to the pair of 100 mm Galileo and Santilli telescopes. All photos were taken with simultaneous remote shutters. The photos were taken in the presence of

the author, his wife Carla Santilli, and an independent witness. The rst photo depicts the lights of the Gandy Bridge in the Tampa Bay as seen from the 100 mm Galileo telescope without any enlargement. The second photo clearly depicts a bright ITE-2 taken with the 100 mm Santilli telescope also without any enlargement, which entity was completely invisible in the Galileo telescope as well as to the eyes of the three eyewitnesses. The third picture compares the Galileo telescope is here reported due to lack of any meaningful image. The top view depicts a very unusual and bright ITE-2 as seen from the Santilli telescope without any enlargement. The remaining views depict the same photo under progressively increasing enlargements. A rst striking aspect is that this particular entity was not seen at all by the author with his naked eyes despite its size and brilliance. A second striking aspect is

rst photo (top) to the second (below). In comparing the two photos, one should note: 1) The illumination of the clouds in the rst photo, and the absence of such an illumination in the second photo; 2) The lights viewed with the Galileo telescope are stationery (except for small uctuations due to wind), while the lights viewed via the Santilli telescope are pulsating; and 3) Close inspection of the view from the Santilli telescope shows that we are dealing with one single the complexity of the entity that, due to the 15 seconds exposure, show some clear ongoing operation. The most striking aspect in the view of the author (a theoretical physicist) is the sharpness of the light at its edges, as shown by the last view, since such a feature is against known physical laws requiring light to experience diffraction at its edges with a short yet progressive decrease from full brightness to full darkness. Close inspection

light that, not only pulsates, but moves backward and forward with respect to the telescope in a horizontal plane. This peculiar behavior clearly suggests that this ISE-2 was conducting unauthorized surveillance of the Tampa Area solely visible with the Santilli telescope, thus con rming the need for systematic views of sensitive civilian, industrial and military installations

of the photo indicates that the entity is in the process of releasing “seven” smaller equally bright ITE also of the second kind, that are reminiscent of the bright ITE-2 of the preceding gure. The unusual features of this particular ITE-2 con rm the need to conduct a systematic surveillance of our sensitive civilian, industrial and military installations, which mandated the writing and release of this paper















Consequently, both ITE-1 and ITE-2 have a negative index of refraction when propagating in a matter medium such as glass. Their main difference is that the former entities, also called dark ITE, carry negative energy, thus causing dark images in the background of a camera attached to Santilli telescopes, while latter



Via the use of pairs of Galileo and Santilli telescopes, in this paper we have presented for the rst time experimental evidence on the apparent existence of two types of entities existing in our terrestrial environment (as de ned in Section 1), here called Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the rst and second kind (ITE 1 and ITE-2), that are also completely invisible to the naked eyes as well as to Galileo telescopes, yet they are fully visible via Santilli telescopes

entities, also called bright ITE, carry positive energy, thus causing bright images despite their negative index of refraction The detection of ITE-1 and ITE-2 has been independently veri ed by colleagues [13], and was disclosed for the rst time at an invited lecture delivered at the St. Petersburg Astronomy Club on September 25, 2015 [14]

The above and other aspects imply that ITE-1 and ITE-2 are structures dramatically beyond 20th century knowledge for a number of reasons, such as the complete inapplicability of 20th century knowledge to the classical treatment of neutral antimatter, the change of the index of refraction, the apparent new typo of locomotion, and other reasons [15]

We point out that ITE-1 and ITE-2 must be made up of matter to prevent a cataclysmic explosion due to their immersion in our matteratmosphere, but their locomotion appears to be based on the internal presence of antimatter and the use of matter-antimatter repulsion, according to a structure studied at the mathematical level in monograph [5]

We also point out that the above terrestrial entities achieve invisibility to our eyes and to Galileo telescopes either via the emission of antimatter light as a form of exhaust (ITE-1), or via engineering means capable of inverting the index of refraction of ordinary light (ITE-2) The writing of this paper has been motivated by the fact that ITE-1 and ITE-2 behave in a manner strongly suggesting

the conduction of unauthorized surveillance of our sensitive, civilian, industrial and military installations, thus warranting their societal knowledge On scienti c grounds, the documentation presented in this paper establishes beyond credible doubt the existence of two new types of light that are totally outside any possibility of treatment via 20th century physical knowledge, but are fully treatable via the new methods [1-15] speci cally developed to treat neutral or charged antimatter at the classical as well as particle levels On industrial grounds, the ndings presented in this paper establish, also beyond credible doubt, the utility of Santilli telescopes, not only for basically novel astrophysical advances, but also for issues pertaining to personal,

according to a rather complex trajectory during the 15 seconds exposure, including a point in which motion apparently stopped for a few seconds, to r e s u m e t h e r e a f t e r. T h e synchronous motion of the three separate trajectories strongly suggest that this particular entity consists of one single structure made up of matter that achieves invisibility to the human eyes and to our optical instruments

via the creation of a basically new light with negative index of refraction but positive energy presented in this paper apparently for the rst time. In the author’s opinion, such a behavior suggests again the conduction of unauthorized surveillance of Tampa Bay that motivated the author to write and release this paper.


Other Suggested reading/interviews A historical, theoretical and experimental evidence on the lack of expansion of the universe
 French intervie (1) and the vast scienti c literature in the el













Figure 11. In the top view of this gure we present an enlargement of a second ITE-2 depicted in the top right of the main photo of Figure 10, while the remaining views show progressively increasing enlargements. As one can see, the entity consists of “three” lights of different colors that are pulsating and move synchronously in the cloudy night sky over the Tampa Bay,

Apparent detection of antimatter galaxies antimatter cosmic rays and, above all, antimatter asteroids that constitute the biggest threat to our planet in my view as well as that of colleagues and the collection of scienti c paper

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Chief Scientist of Thunder Energies Corporation

Reference R. M. Santilli, “Isonumbers and


Genonumbers of Dimensions 1, 2, 4, 8, their Isoduals and Pseudoduals, and; Hidden Numbers; of Dimension 3, 5, 6, 7,” Algebras, Groups and Geometrie





h t t p : / / w w w. s a n t i l l i - f o u n d a t i o n . o r g / d o c s / Santilli-34.pdf [2

R. M. Santilli, “Representation of antiparticles

via isodual numbers, spaces and geometries,” Comm. Theor. Phys. vol. 3, 1994, pp. 153-181,

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Antimatter Asteroids, Stars and Galaxies,” The

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light?” Invited paper for the proceedings of the International Conference on Antimatter, held in Sepino, Italy, on May 1996, Hyper ne Interactions vol. 109, 1997, pp. 63-81, [5

R. M. Santilli, Isodual Theory of Antimatter

with Applications to Antigravity, Grand Uni cations and Cosmology, Springer (2006), http://www.santilli-



antimatter asteroids in our solar system according to



S. Beghella Bartoli, “Trajectories of

R. M. Santilli, “Apparent detection of

the isodual theory of antimatter,” Hadronic Journal

antimatter galaxies via a telescope with convex

Vol. 37, pages 1-27, 2014 http://www.santilli-

lenses,” Clifford Analysis, Clifford Algebras and their

Applications vol. 3, 2014, pages 1-26



Web News Releases on Santilli isodual Theory of

docs/Antimatter-telescope-2013- nal.pdf

Antimatter, http://www.santilli-

P. Fleming, “Scienti c references and PR




P. Bhujbal, J. V. Kadeisvili, A. Nas, S Randall,

K. Brinkman, “Santilli Refractors,” power point

from a lecture delivered at the St., Petersburg

and T. R. Shelke, “Preliminary con rmation of

Astronomy Club on September 25 201

antimatter detection via Santilli telescope with Refractor.pdf

concave lenses,” Clifford Analysis, Clifford Algebras


and their Applications Vol. 3, pages 27-39, 201

Lecture delivered on September 25, 2015 at the St.

(Cambridge UK)

Petersburg Astronomy Club,


h t t p : / /

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detect-2014.pdf [10

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Muktibodh, V. M. Tangde, and T. Vougiouklis, “An introduction to Santilli’s isodual representation of antimatter and the ensuing problem of detecting




















































2012 http://www.santilli-


Principles, Strategies, and Tactics for the Most Critical Moment in Human History

Fo s te r G a m b le

I want to start with a glimpse of exciting solutions because that’s what most of our emphasis is on...

now. Then, I want to talk about what’s in the way of some of those solutions coming out. And nally, I want to share the key elements that I see that could get us out of this lethal mess. Let’s start right o with the solutions.

Presented at Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series

One of the great blessings about putting out the communication that we did was that it has inspired over 1,050 self-created Solutions Groups around the world taking on close to 300 di erent issues in approximately Full presentation 100 di erent countries. If you want to nd out more about that, you can go to the Solutions Hub section of our website and you can search by country, you can search by issue, you can search by Sector and nd out who around the world is doing what you’re working on. That’s the reason we created the Solutions Hub when we saw all this activity going on so that groups don’t have to be re-creating the same wheel. You can actually share best practices, petitions, lawsuits, resources, information, and so forth through that

Solutions Hub. It just makes it a lot whole lot








more e cient and fun for everyone.

In new energy projects, the brilliance that is emerging Is astounding.


In the area of health, this is one of the most exciting and one of the most tragic areas. We are in touch with people now who are doing phenomenal cures for AIDS, for cancer, for chronic fatigue, and a host of other diseases. I’ve seen some of my friends cured from these things. The hope for the future that this holds is so thrilling. Another new technology that’s been invented is totally natural. The guy has invented a molecule that holds nutrients and then goes through your skin. You just take a shower in it and it delivers 10 to 100 times the nutrition to the cells that you could ever get from any healthy amount of organic eating. People are literally getting up out of their wheelchairs and walking and at least getting really helped, if not cured, from, particularly, nervous system diseases.

The engineer that built a lot of Royal Rife’s cancer-curing technologies years ago before he was suppressed has come forward and contacted a doctor friend of mine and said that he will share the secrets and rebuild the actual technology. This guy’s in his early 80s so we’re trying to get him the funding to really do it right, and soon.

In the area of water, there’s a device that is totally chemical-free. It’s a double toroidal vortex device that purifies a polluted pond in 72 hours. There’s another one, actually an inventor in Marin here, who has got some patents on the phi spiral as applied to certain technologies and he’s got a little propeller that you can float in the top of one of these milliongallon water tanks that most communities have. Because it will circulate the entire tank and make it into a torus device, you don’t need chemicals that you usually have to dump into the tank because when the water separates into different levels and you get the heat differential and you start getting bacteria and algae and you’re in trouble, so you’re drinking a lot of chlorine and fluoride and all that kind of stuff. This little thing that runs on about 100 watts will clean that whole thing. In the area of food, we’re working with wonderful organic polyculture and permaculture projects. Several ecocommunities are combining things like aquaponics with new energy and alternative currencies all into one community. They’re like model communities for what a thriving world would look like. We’re working with a number of different groups, including the group in Hawaii who has just been so successful, at least in that last stage, in stopping the GMOs

In the area of environment, we’re working with some teams trying to get them the sufficient resources to hire the really professional, savvy private investigators to expose and prosecute the covert engineering that’s going on, particularly with chemtrails and HAARP. We are working with anti-nuclear groups. That’s really where I cut my first teeth in activism in the Nuclear Freeze Initiative that Kimberly worked on way before I knew her and that I worked on for many years and then our friend, Danny Sheehan, his group was really the one that finally stopped the building of new nuclear power plants through the whole Karen Silkwood case. We are working with anti-nuclear groups and were working with several groups that have very innovative ways of restoring contaminated land, unfortunately a very big issue.

In education, we’re particularly focused with our filter of looking through the torus as the sustainable pattern for Systems in the universe. One of the educational groups that we’re working with has developed a beautiful software program that basically allows you to design and experience your own education, particularly accessing different sources on the Internet as well as a lot of awake teachers that they’ve gathered, and out of just following your own preferences, you create a 3-D geometric world where you can go off fractally into various areas that you want to study and the whole thing is guided by just moving your hand in 3-D in front of the computer. It’s a trip. The young people will love and the rest of us will love working on this thing.

There are a number of educators…Karen Elkins publishes probably my favorite magazine in the world, “Science To Sage”. If you haven’t seen that, it takes beauty and geometry and physics and consciousness and blends it into one amazing experience every time that magazine comes out. She and others are really helping educators to design courses that are based on the fundamental patterning because the academic courses are so divided into physics and chemistry and biology and psychology and sociology and so forth, but all of those trace back to just different scales of the torus energy field. There’s another group that has a torus-based software for collecting the best solutions and dispersing them from around the world. In justice, one of the ones that means the most to me and to Kimberly is exposing and stopping child trafficking. Once again, Danny’s group, the Romero Institute, is doing this Lakota People’s Law Project. Find out more about that from him, but they’re literally saving thousands of kids who are being basically kidnapped and subjected to drug testing and then sex trafficking and so forth. It’s just hideous. He’s one of the ones who’s taking that on.

Why don’t we have the solutions out in the world already? There are a couple of reasons. One is lack of adequate funding and that’s what we and others are working on very hard. The other one is suppression. “The problem is not just the abuse of power, it’s the power to abuse.”~ Stefan Molyneux

So I want to pose the question,

“What do you think is the common

throughout the universe. As we restore that, we are actually being given a blueprint of how we can create sustainable systems. Images by Jon Depew

denominator of all of these solutions?’… I’m hearing lots of words that all can be boiled down to this word, “wholeness”. One of the things that we are seeing is that all of the issues we’re dealing with, they’re all breakdowns in the wholeness of a natural system, whether it’s crushing or burning things or fusing things to access energy or GMOs or monoculture and so forth. It’s taking natural system, destroying it, and then having to do all these bad things to supposedly fix it, but the key is if we’re going to fix those problems, it’s a matter of recognizing what the wholeness of a natural system looks like and then figuring out how to restore the wholeness of those natural systems.

Images of Torus Josh Toms


So all of a sudden, we began to realize there were all these issues that all come back to this awareness of the torus, not just as a metaphor. The torus is the fundamental pattern of wholeness

So, where is all of this heading? Bucky Fuller says that we are at the crossroads, utopia or oblivion. Arthur Young said it’s about increasing degrees of freedom. Others have said it’s leading to service, to cosmic consciousness, to peaceful creativity. I want to say I believe the first principles, which can guide us out of our lethal mess on this exquisite planet, are the scientific principle of the torus, the fundamental natural blueprint of sustainable systems throughout the universe, and the NonAggression Principle, which is the application of the torus in the fundamental ethic for thriving human relations. I believe that this needed new paradigm is calling to us in the same way that the oak tree calls to the acorn. It’s already in us. It’s calling us to align with the flow of the torus in our bodies, and in our emotions, and in our minds, and in our spirits, and in our relations to one another, and to our environment. It’s calling us to express ourselves in the moral integrity that is alignment with the NonAggression Principle and then to take that into economics, into agriculture, into media, into leadership, self-defense, justice, and more.

Jon DePew is one of those extraordinary teachers that come and answered my questions for me. What I loved, we laughed A LOT!! The way Jon taught me was like going on a great date...every moment he revealed something wondrous, new and exciting Love your wisdom and spirit!

Jon DePew

clay Taylor

josh toms URL - sciencetosage/docs/ natures_intelligence_july_2013





More Articles by Jon Depew and Clay Taylor

More Articles by Jon Depew and Josh Toms URL - sciencetosage/docs/ vibration_creation


the seven cosmic principles of hermes 
 have electric-magnetic properties The Principle of Mentalism

everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.” The Principle of Cause and Effect

The Principle of Gender “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and

“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation,

Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.” The Principle of Vibration

but nothing escapes the Law.”

“Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

The Principle of Correspondence

The Principle of Polarity

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”

“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are

The Principle of Rhythm

identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet;

“Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in

all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

–The Kybalion.


the principle of correspondence

“As above, so below; as below, so above.”


fields of information in formatio


the principle of gender

The Principle of Gender “Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.”


life forc


“Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

 of lif from the inside ou



the principle of polarity


“Everything flows,

the principle of rhythm

out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.”

a current lif


Photo by John Cobb/


the principle of vibration “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.”

currents FORM “Every Object in the universe is subject to multiple cycles of varying wave lengths and amplitudes.”

~ Dale Pond

vibrating the universe into existence


the principle of mentalism You are wired to fire, light up and make connections. The brain is an electrical recorder, distributor, broadcaster and receiver for all operational parts of its multi-celled machine, but its actions have no relation to intelligence. You might say we can be a bit like a machine at times, as we are wired like a computer WIRED FOR SURVIVA STIMULUS RESPONS



Universe is Mental.”


wired to fir











“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.”

charged thouht

jacob’s ladder is a charged idea! "This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven.”


the principle of cause and effect File:Observable_universe_logarithmic_illustration.png

Aether Gravity - Mike Twichel • • • •

Aether is absorbed by matter, creating gravity Aether whirlpools form when matter spins Aether whirlpools are nested galaxy/star/planet/proton Aether pressure variation flattens spiral galaxies, solar systems and Saturn’s rings

• • • • • • • • • •

Aether density variation and Snell’s law explain gravitational lensing Aether density variation explains the Pioneer anomaly Aether density variation explains the Allais effect Aether density variation explains black holes Aether absorption geometry explains supernovae Aether manipulation can be used to create anti-gravity Aether whirlpool variation explains the Coriolis effect Aether whirlpool variation explains plate tectonics Aether creates magnetism and electricity with vortices Aether proton vortices are the source of magnetism and atomic bonding

Aether absorption drives the inner/outer core mechanism of the Earth

explor What’s Aether? sciencetosage/docs/ what_is_aether_




Aetherometry Milestones


Click Here to Read Article
 Pages 94-105

What is Aether?

READER SUPPORTED docs/dec_water_2012? e=3268223/1098785

Einstein confirmed existence of aether



By Andreas Kempf [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


“Water of the heavens still is water, and it still is light waves. No change whatsoever has taken place between the waters of earth and those of the heavens except a change of its condition from positive to negative preponderance. This change is due solely to a change of its direction in respect to its center of gravity.” ~ Walter Russell



charged fields

etheric elements In orthodox science this wide array of

but could in fact be divided into its

There are countless etheric elements

quantum entities has been explored to

constituent component parts. These

(quantum entities). These subtle elements

reveal the speci c identities and

constituent parts taken as a whole was the

have many attributes. At the

characteristics of individual

ne elements

ether. Today these parts have been

state (seventh subdivision) etheric

such that there are currently recognized

individually identi ed as the various

substance is the same as Undifferentiated

muons, leptons, etc. All of which were

quantum elements known now as muons,

Mind. As there is no differentiation of aether

lumped together as the "ether" in previous

leptons, etc

at this level there is likewise no

times most notably during that time when

ner higher

differentiation of Mind at this level. Mind or

atoms were considered to be the smallest

As molecules are composed of atoms,

Consciousness is at this level Knowing or

possible particle which was held to be

atoms are composed of identi ed quantum

Whole Mind. Once differentiation

indivisible into anything smaller. Since

entities or the unidenti ed elements of ether

(refraction) occurs Knowing Mind becomes

about 1890 it was gradually learned the

(etheric elements).

Thinking Mind of the ego or intellect

atom was not indestructible and indivisible

by Dale pon What’s Aether? .








. docs/what_is_aether_

saturn, Jupiter

currents of electrical charge

Vancouver events with Ekabuhumi Charles Ellik: March 4-6: Igniting the Sacred Shakti Within A collaborative creativity

workshop with

the multi-talented Sonja Picard. Ekhabumi and Sonja will do meditations to inspire creativity, conduct a puja, and make a gorgeous Sri Yantra... There will be delicious food as well. March 11-13: A collaborative yoga, ayurveda, and altar-building workshop with Natalie

Vancouver Event March 9, 6:30-8pm:

Rousseau. "This

FREE! Author

appearance at Banyen Books &

Sound. The hidden symbolism in Tantric sacred art.

workshop will be

specifically designed to expand the horizons of folks who love postural (asana) Yoga but are wondering how to take the next step to expand their practice beyond the physical stuff."

About Ekabhumi Charles Ellik is an author, poet, yoga instructor, and artist specializing in icons of Hindu deities. Ekabhumi is an eloquent, inspiring, and practical teacher who utilizes sacred art practices to help students cultivate deeper intuitive states, so they may recognize the divinity in daily life. After 20 years producing poetry events, he quit to study with Nepalese master painter, Dinesh Charan Shrestha, who taught him the traditional Newar style of Tankha and Paubha painting. He has also studied Yantras and the painting of dieties in the lineage of Harish Johari in India with Mavis Gewant and Pieter Weltevrede. His new book, The Shakti Coloring Book: Goddesses, Mandalas, and the Power of Sacred Geometry is now available world-wide from Sounds True Publishing. Ekabhumi’s poems and artworks have appeared in several other publications, including Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Hareesh Wallis, Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.

ThreeDimensional Sri Yantra In


Yantras of the effulgent goddess of desire

BANYEN BOOKS & SOUND APRIL Eliza Mada Dalian - An Advanced New System of Healing and Awakening for the Evolving Humanity

An Evening with Eckhart Tolle Saturday, April 16, 2016

Banyen Presentatio Sunday, April 17, 2016 11:30am to 1:00p at: Banyen Books & Soun 3608 West 4th Ave cost: Fre

7:30pm to 9:30p at: Queen Elizabeth Theatre, 650

cost: CA$47-CA$19

1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-791 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver B .

 Sun., April 24, 1pm-5pm
 cost: $80

Hamilton St Vancouve

Tickets: (604) 737-885

Read More

Banyen Book














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