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This issue is designed to explore the idea of our unity within its diversity. See the roots of our common story and our way back to paradise.


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Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. Albert Einstein

"Science is not only compatible with

• The Goddess in Her “Em”-Power

spirituality; it is a

Karen Elkins Excerpts from “InsideOUT, the Visual Guide to the Wisdom of the Our Designer Universe”

profound source of spirituality." Carl Sagan

By Dr. Miceal Ledwith

Lamentation by Pietro Lorenz

Enigma: "a person of puzzling or contradictory character:" Of all the characters of ancient history that have captured our imaginations powerfully in recent years, Mary Magdalene must surely rank as the most enigmatic. Her name has been linked to a vast range of issues that peak our curiosity ranging from the conspiracy theory/secret society gloss to the sultry insinuations of being the intimate companion of the Savior.

There is little doubt than those who would find the idea of Jesus being linked in a personal relationship to as woman as inappropriate or even blasphemous, would do well first of all to examine why they consider hatred of the way God made us to be a primary religious duty.

Mary Magdalene

But perhaps what is even more important is to realize that those concerns that preoccupy us so much today may not have concerned the contemporaries of Jesus and Mary nearly as much. Perhaps the contemplation of such a close relationship between these two persons is such an issue for us today that it actually serves only to obscure the real importance of the message of both those figures. All the while we merrily go about working out what really are after all only our own mental prejudices and gymnastics, but at their expense. Several acclaimed authors have quoted the famous text from the second century Gnostic Gospel of Philip: "Jesus loved her (Mary Magdalene) more than the other disciples and used to kiss her often on the lips" (Philip 63, 64). What they blithely ignore is the actions of many mischievous termites down the centuries which have left holes in that ancient manuscript precisely where those loaded words figure in the Coptic text. There is no word for "kiss" and there is no word for "lips" in the text as we have it. What those words may have been is anybody's educated guess, but it is certainly not legitimate research to quote the text as if no gaps existed, for we will fill the gaps with terms that suit our own interest. Several respected authors have stated that the Gnostic documents from Nag Hammadi describe Mary Magdalene as the lover of Jesus. There are no such Gnostic texts. If you are looking for evidence of a special relationship between Jesus and Mary there is no need to look to the early 1940's Gnostic texts of Nag Hammadi. You should look to the New Testament itself. By a fortuitous accident of history the original Western redactors of the new Testament text did not appear to fully realize the import certain narratives would carry for the eastern mind, which is the mind in which the very early oral and written traditions about Jesus were formed.

In an earlier article in this series (The Gods of Men, III, Bleeping Herald, July 2008) I have analyzed the

several references within the New Testament canon which demonstrate beyond doubt that there was a very special relationship indeed between Jesus and Mary, so there is no need to look for dusty documents to prove it in texts found a generation ago in an ancient burial ground of the sixth dynasty Pharaohs. But one of the issues that concerns me most in the discussion of the Magdalene today is the fascination with the secret knowledge or teachings which Jesus is alleged to have given her as "apostle of the apostles."

One of the greatest delusions that has dogged humanity's path on its quest for evolution is the conviction that there exists a secret knowledge, which if only one could find it, would open up the doors to all we have ever desired. True spiritual evolution certainly requires true knowledge about how things are before we can make any progress, and we have certainly been fed with far more than enough defective knowledge about these matters from those who have decided to their own satisfaction that they are in charge of our immortal destiny. But knowledge on its own can never do it. There is no secret knowledge to be given to anyone by anybody which will automatically lay the miracles of the universe at our feet. The second century Gnostics were preoccupied with secret knowledge, so it's no surprise to find their texts have the form they do. If one believes the moon is made of green cheese, or that the sun revolves around the earth, these are harmless enough beliefs in terms of everyday living - unless you are instructing astronauts. If you believe we were sent here by God to work out our destiny by obeying a set of rules, and that Jesus came here to suffer and die because of our sins, those are relatively harmless beliefs too, unless you happen to be advising people on how to work out their eternal destiny in this world. But that being said, there is no secret knowledge that can deliver this to you ready made; there is only knowledge that will help you to engage that knowledge into experience and that is where the work of salvation comes in. Salvation, or working out your destiny, or evolving spiritually, or whatever term you choose to describe it, does not come from knowledge, but from what you accomplish using informed knowledge.

This is why it was always called The Great WORK. Any secret knowledge that was

supposed to have existed in certain exalted circles in the past, was only secret because of a prudence that the great masters used to prevent the information about how things worked from getting into the hands of those who would misuse it for their own selfish gratification, usually in the manipulation of others. This was the sense in which Jesus spoke of "not casting your pearls before swine." In the case of the Magdalene whatever so called "secret" knowledge was given her by Jesus, was given only to facilitate and guide her own personal work in the voyage of self-discovery along which mastery lies. And it would not have been given to her in the context of any personal favor or relationship, but in terms of what she had already earned in terms of personal effort and discovery of the path along which evolution occurs. Basically, that consists in confronting and dealing with our own personal issues that have kept us blocked life after life. knowledge which will deal with it for us.


It is not about finding any magical secret

So if Jesus revealed certain secrets to Mary Magdalene, as he is recorded also as having done to his twin brother Thomas, it was not done because of any privileged personal intimate relationship or connection, but because of the seriousness they had demonstrated in accomplishing the degree of spiritual evolution they had already made. That now made this knowledge meaningful for them in terms of personal spiritual growth. Mary was a very common Jewish name in the times of the New Testament. There are 16 women whose names we know from the New Testament Gospels who were associated with the ministry of Jesus and six of those were called Mary. So when the name "Mary" is mentioned in the New Testament you usually have another qualification tagged on to identify more clearly who the person being spoken of really is; for example "Mary of Clophas,"" Mary of Magdalene, " etc.. In fact the Mary Magdalene of the Gospels as we have come to know her from the Christian tradition is something of a conglomerate figure ranging over the full scale from the reformed demoniac to the repentant prostitute who anointed Jesus before his passion. Of the six Marys in the Gospels all recognize Mary who was the mother of Jesus. Then there is the Mary whom Luke calls "the sinful woman," the reformed prostitute, or the one from whom several devils were ejected, according to Mark; the one who anointed Jesus prior to his passion, according to John, and therein the one who first saw him in the garden after his passion, thus meriting the title "Apostle of the Apostles."


We have Mary of Bethany, who is the sister of Lazarus. In John's Gospel it is Mary who is pre-eminent, but in Luke it is Peter. But then Luke was Peter's secretary, and there was no love lost between them. It was not until the year 591 AD, in his famous Thirty Third Homily, that all of these female figures were combined into one by Pope Gregory the Great.

So who really was Mary of Magdalene, if she is not a fivepart composite of history? At Magdala, a town near top of the Lake of Galilee, the cult of Ishtar or Astarte, mother goddess and Queen of Heaven, was common. The cult of Ishtar had a seven-fold initiation in which the sacrifice of doves was held to be important. The dove in fact was the symbol of the goddess. There is independent evidence that sacrificial doves were raised in village of Magdala. So coming from Magdala it is extremely likely that Mary might have been associated with that cult, and the statement in the Gospel of St. Luke that she was a woman out of whom seven devils were cast might mean something quite different if interpreted correctly in a wider context. It might not refer to an exorcism at all, but to some progress along a path of initiation wherein each of the seven levels of initiation might be symbolically expressed as the casting out of a devil from us -

"facing your demons"

as we would express it today.

The New Testament saw that as a terrible

thing. It might in fact turn out to be something quite wonderful if seen in terms of a progress of initiation in the school of the female goddess at Magdala.

We would do well to remember that in the esoteric tradition the principal teacher of Jesus during his time in the Himalayas, between the ages of 20 and 26 years, told him that when the time of his passion was imminent he would send him a jar of precious ointment as a sign to warn him to be ready, and to assure him that he was not going to be alone and abandoned during the time of his initiation. Mary was the one who performed the anointing.

Did this indicate that she had some connection with that same

brotherhood and sisterhood, and did this have anything to do with the Mother Goddess Cult of Magdala? This is not something I casually suggest. In my DVD " How Jesus Became a Christ" I said that to my mind the greatest proof that Jesus was in India and Tibet was not just the scrolls that so emphatically say he was there, the most famous of which were the ones discovered and published by Nicholas Notovitch in 1893. The real indication, even if such scrolls had never been discovered, is the well over one hundred major parallels I have pointed out between the message of the Buddha and that of Jesus, even though the Buddha was five hundred years earlier. Does that mean Jesus was a plagiarist or the

What it indicates is that both were conduits of a much older wisdom that pre-dated each, a wisdom old as the foundations of the world. Buddha his inspiration?

By no means.

We would do well to remember that in the esoteric tradition the principal teacher of Jesus during his time in the Himalayas, between the ages of 20 and 26 years, told him that when the time of his passion was imminent he would send him a jar of precious ointment as a sign to warn him to be ready, and to assure him that he was not going to be alone and abandoned during the time of his initiation. Mary was the one who performed the anointing.

Did this indicate that she had some connection with that same

brotherhood and sisterhood, and did this have anything to do with the Mother Goddess Cult of Magdala?

This is not something I casually suggest. In my DVD " How Jesus Became a Christ" I said that to my mind the greatest proof that Jesus was in India and Tibet was not just the scrolls that so emphatically say he was there, the most famous of which were the ones discovered and published by Nicholas Notovitch in 1893. The real indication, even if such scrolls had never been discovered, is the well over one hundred major parallels I have pointed out between the message of the Buddha and that of Jesus, even though the Buddha was five hundred years earlier. Does that mean Jesus was a plagiarist or the Buddha his inspiration? By no means. What it indicates is that both were conduits of a much older wisdom that pre-dated each, a wisdom old as the foundations of the world. But I said earlier that Mary Magdalene was an enigma.

In the celebrated Gospel of Mary,

discovered by Dr. Carl Reinhardt in Cairo in 1896, (another copy was part of the Nag Hammadi find in 1946) but not published until 1955, it is also not hard to detect very obvious Buddhist and Taoist ideas, and given that this Gospel had strong associations with Mary's tradition, it raises very interesting questions about Mary and her associations in the Orient which no one hitherto has expressed. In the Gospel of Mary Jesus is quoted as saying

" All natures, all formed things,

all creatures, exist with and in one another, and will again be resolved with their own roots, because the nature of matter is dissolved into the roots of its nature alone."

This closely resembles the Taoist

idea of the one-ness and the return, which you find in the Tao Te Ching:

"All things

derive their life from Tao; all things return to it and it contains them."

Another striking parallel in the Gospel of Mary is the description of the soul's journey after death and the trials it has to overcome, and how critical it is to prepare for this. The Egyptian Pharaohs were preoccupied with this from the first moment of their reigns. This is uncannily reminiscent of passages in the Tibetan Book of the Dead which describes the encounter with the loving and the angry God which the soul has to encounter after its departure from the physical body.

"When the soul had overcome the third power, it went upwards and saw the fourth power which took seven forms. The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth the excitement of death, the fifth the kingdom of the flesh, and the sixth the foolish wisdom of the flesh, while the seventh is the wrathful wisdom. These are the seven powers of wrath." So I think in some odd ways we would have to agree with Peter and Andrew that Mary was indeed a "woman peddling strange and alien ideas" in a very powerful way, more powerful obviously than they were able to accept.

But did she also, like Jesus,

get those ideas in the Orient? That is the background against which I would like to present the enigma of Mary Magdalene


we are trying to understand her significance for today; not just reflecting the preoccupations of the present, which can only try to assess her significance largely in the sultry terms of whether she was the companion of Jesus or not. That aspect will undoubtedly help to correct many of the disabilities under which women have had to labor over the past two thousand years.

Dr. Miceal Ledwith But there is much more to the enigma of Mary than what figures in the four Gospels of the New Testament, or what is traditionally associated with her sojourn in Rennes-le-Chateau, or as is narrated in The Golden Legend. That aspect is far greater than any of the others; that is where the real enigma of Mary lies, and it is one which today's authors have still to notice.

Dr. Miceal Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D (h.c), served as a Catholic priest and as Professor of Theology and College President for over 25 years in Ireland. During the course of his academic and administrative careers he lectured extensively to interested adult groups in many countries and continues to speak at venues all over the world today.   He is a longtime member of Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom and has been invited to speak at Events held by the school for several years at many venues throughout the world. He was one of the scholars featured in "What the Bleep Do We Know,"and its sequel"Down the Rabbit Hole." Given his life's experience and long years as a professional theologian Miceal Ledwith believes he is in a unique position to assist people who are also searching for information and answers, and to point the way so that they too can move towards finding the journey of discovery which he is on. To assist in that way is the objective of both the DVD series and his forthcoming major work, "Forbidden Truth." His book "The Orb Phenomenon," co-authored with the German physicist Dr. Klaus Heinemannand his DVD "The Phenomenon of Orbs" are now "dvd-books.Part One of his book "Forbidden Truth," which will be titled "Jesus of Nazareth," is forthcoming.

Photo by Robert Leon

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Freddy Silva Sacred Sites, Sacred Energy ... the ancients knew that a photographic captured the soulʼs energetic essence. Bring this equation into your own inner sanctuary.


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A NOTE ON THE “CONVERSATIONS” An old adage in psychiatry says there are always two people who come for a therapy, both living in the same body; the person who wants to change, and the person who does not. Neuroscience calculates that the conscious mind is in control of only about 5% of our perception and behavior. The superconscious mind controls 95%. Modern research in neuroscience asks, for example, “Why it is difficult to get better when I say I want to heal myself?” Because “I” am not in control. The superconscious

mind is. In short 95% of my mind has not been affected at all by my decision to heal. A bizarre array of crippling and wildly inaccurate beliefs about God, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and every other aspect of human destiny and purpose, such as what we should do while we are here, or what follows death, is calling the shots from our superconscious mind. Until those old programs that are dis-empowering our lives are removed, new programs simply cannot come in to take their place.

Over the six sessions of the “Conversations” all the basic religious beliefs we acquired in our very earliest years, or which have come to us through the DNA we inherit from our ancestors, are subject to an intense and critical examination, and are re-built from the ground up. In a real sense it is an expose, a removal and a re-programming, of those false foundations on which so many of our basic convictions rest. CONTACT: Articles by Dr. Miceal

By Richard Merrick

Ceiling of the Rossyln Chapel An exciting new theory of sacred art, sacred architecture, and the music and magic of the earth ... a fascinating journey into the mysteries of human consciousness and the lost wisdom of the ancients." Graham Hancock, Author, Fingerprints of the Gods

Uncovering Ancient Science & Sacred Spaces Applying the principles of resonance to unlock the secrets of Scotland’s Rosslyn chapel, Richard Merrick finds evidence that the orbital pattern of Venus was once used as a “temple template” to design psychoacoustical chambers capable of focusing and controlling entheogenic communion.


n ancient times, astronomers tracked the orbit of

Venus very closely, discovering that it traced a pentagonal rose pattern in the sky over eight years (Fig. 1). Caused by a planetary resonance where Venus orbits the Sun thirteen times for every eight orbits of the Earth, this rose-line or “rosslyn” pentacle was greatly revered in the mystery schools. It was even used as a blueprint to design the “sacred spaces” of many famous chapels, cathedrals and temples.


The Blueprint

Venus orbits the Sun

As I came to discover, a sacred space is far more than just a matter of religious

thirteen times for every

belief. It is a special kind of resonant chamber designed to enhance entheogenic

eight orbits of the Earth

communion and focus psychedelic visions. Suppressed long ago by the Roman Church, this was once the real purpose of ancient temples and many medieval cathedrals.

Resonant Symbols of Venus In 2006, I saw a press release announcing that the resonance patterns of a song had been carved into the arches of Scotlandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s 15th-century Rosslyn chapel. Curious as to why resonant patterns would be carved into the architecture of a medieval chapel, I began to study the chapel. It was not long before I began to suspect that Rosslyn had been built to honor Venus and its resonant rose8 Spirals going right 13 Spirals going left

line. The most obvious clues were the thirteen cherubs and eight dragons carved into the easternmost pillars, suggestive of the 13:8 Venus-Earth orbital resonance. This connection made sense since the ancient Greeks and Romans considered cherubs the children of Venus while serpent-dragons were also associated with the Venusian goddess Shukra in the Rig-Veda. The discovery in 2010 of two manmade beehives carved into the chapelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s roof seemed to confirm this connection between Rosslyn and Venus, as bees are an ancient fertility symbol for Venus. Yet, there were more clues that connected Rosslyn with Venus. Pentagrams carved

Natures Spin

underneath the cherubs suggest the pentagonal rose pattern of Venus while each cherub is shown playing a musical instrument, an obvious reference to the goddess of music. This musical symbolism extends even into the proportions and acoustics of the chapelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s architecture.

Throughout recorded history, the pentagonal cycle of Venus has been repeatedly associated with the feminine aspect of God from Babylonian Ishtar and Indian Shukra to the Saxon goddess Eastre and Greek Aphrodite.

For instance, the inner dimensions of the chapel form a double square measuring 36 by 72 feet with a diagonal distance of 80.5 feet that is proportional to the square root of five. Since the famous golden ratio constant is derived from the square root of five and every orbital intersection of the Venus rose-line creates a golden ratio, the chapel seems built to harmonize with Venus. Add to this the fact that the choir loft height of 44.5 feet forms another golden ratio to the total interior length (as 72’ / 44.5’ = 1.618) and it seems hard not to conclude the Lady Chapel was built as a temple to Venus. Acoustically speaking, these dimensions make Rosslyn chapel a natural resonance chamber that propagates sound evenly while suppressing reverb and echo. It does this because of the damping effect of the golden ratio, long used in the design of “anechoic” musical instruments, auditoriums, recording studios and speaker enclosures. As an ideal acoustical damping enclosure, Rosslyn reflects the same damping effect Venus had on Earth during the harmonic formation of the solar system. For instance, the inner dimensions of the chapel form a double square measuring 36 by 72 feet with a diagonal distance of 80.5 feet that is proportional to the square root of five. Since the famous golden ratio constant is derived from the square root of five and every orbital intersection of the Venus rose-line creates a golden ratio, the chapel seems built to harmonize with Venus. Add to this the fact that the choir loft height of 44.5 feet forms another golden ratio to the total interior length (as 72’ / 44.5’ = 1.618) and it seems hard not to conclude the Lady Chapel was built as a temple to Venus.

Acoustically speaking, these dimensions make Rosslyn chapel a natural resonance chamber that propagates sound evenly while suppressing reverb and echo. It does this because of the damping effect of the golden ratio, long used in the design of “anechoic” musical instruments, auditoriums, recording studios and speaker enclosures. As an ideal acoustical damping enclosure, Rosslyn reflects the same damping effect Venus had on Earth during the harmonic formation of the solar system.

The Venus Blueprint The presence of so many Venusian symbols would seem enough to qualify Rosslyn chapel as a sacred space. Cherubs, dragons, bees, pentagrams, the golden ratio and acoustical damping all point to Venus as the source of inspiration in the design. Yet, as I dug deeper I found that the chapel was in fact part of a more complex, multi-layered “sacred” geometry corresponding to the human body and fertility. For example, when the square of the chapel’s overall length is combined with a circle having the same area, Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Vitruvian Man fits perfectly within the chapel’s floor plan. His navel aligns with the east wall; his face fits inside an underground room; and the famous Journeyman or “Shekinah” pillar aligns with his perineum to create an obvious phallic fertility symbol directly in front of the holy of holies altar. Since Leonardo was still a baby when Rosslyn was being built, the chapel’s designers must have learned about the “squaring of the circle”



architecture from Vitruvius’ original treatise De Architectura.

But, this is not all. When the triangular façade is laid inward, the tip touches the exact center of the Shekinah pillar. Indeed, a scale model of the Great Pyramid can be unfolded around this central fertility pillar to create the well-known Knights Templar symbol. Could all of this be part of the secret art and architecture of sacred acoustical spaces, I wondered, passed down from antiquity through some esoteric current? The more I looked, the more sacred geometries I found. Still, I had no idea where this practice had originated or why it would be so important to create such geometrically and acoustically harmonious chambers for religious worship. That is, until I saw a mysterious etching on the south wall of the chapelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s underground sacristy.

Common Threads

Resembling an oil derrick or electrical tower, the Rosslyn etching has diagonal struts and a flat top with a semicircle funnel or “cup” sitting on top. Through the middle of the tower runs an axis with two wavy lines wrapped around the top like the serpents in a medical caduceus. Finally, as an apparent reference to the orbital geometry of Venus, there is a pentagram star at the top left. After pouring through various ancient texts to see if anything looked similar, I found a Jainist illustration of a tower modeled after an ancient sacred mountain named Meru. I learned this mountain tower was a Vedic stupa design used in many temples and government buildings. Studying the Rig-Veda, I learned that Meru was not considered a physical mountain at all but instead believed to be an invisible and transcendental mountain that extended from the deepest ocean into the furthest sky – a heavenly place where the gods danced and sang. Of course, this is an obvious anthropomorphization of the planets and stars into deities, but it is much more than this. According to Vedic grammarian Pingala in his Art of Prosody (400-200 BC), Meru was considered a “mountain of cadence” known today as the Fibonacci series. Since this series converges toward the golden ratio, both Meru and Venus share this constant of nature. Discovering this, I began to wonder if the orbital geometry of Venus might have been used to design Rosslyn as a recreation of the sacred mountain and temple to Venus. So, I overlaid the orbital geometry of Venus onto the chapel floor plan to see if anything aligned. Drawing a square grid from the orbital intersection points, I was stunned to see the orbital rose-line of Venus align with many features and dimensions of Rosslyn chapel. Converting the rose-line into a stack of pentagrams, I could identify even more alignments with the floor plan, including length and width dimensions, locations of pillars, placement of doors and even the thickness of walls (Fig. 4).

Surrounding the whole thing with the geometry of an egg, associated with Venus and commonly used in Vedic temple design, I found that the star-egg combination fit perfectly in the chapel. Naming it the “Venus Blueprint,” I hypothesized it was used as a “temple template” to design sacred spaces that would resonate in tune with the 5-fold geometry of the human body and, in particular, the pentagonal egg of the cranial cavity. But toward what purpose would someone go to such trouble? What would be so sacred about this particular design?

Psychoacoustical Temples Discovering the Venus Blueprint in the floor plan of Rosslyn chapel encouraged me to look for it in the floor plans of other churches, cathedrals and temples. To my astonishment, I found that many other European cathedrals do indeed use the same interior proportions and that many famous temples from antiquity even match the Venus Blueprint. St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican appeared to be based on this design, as did the Roman Pantheon and Greek Parthenon. Even Solomon’s legendary Temple of Jerusalem seemed to have been constructed according to the Blueprint. In finding so many examples, I could only conclude the orbital resonance of Venus had been the guiding model behind ancient temple building for millennia and that Rosslyn was a kind of Rosetta Stone built to teach the world about the Vedic concept known as the Sound Current that flows through everything. It teaches how the pentagonal resonance of Venus was used in ancient temples to ask the goddess to fertilize crops and assist in childbirth. It tells us how she was adored for her celestial fertility and assistance in ascending Meru after death. But most of all, the Lady Chapel teaches us through her musical architecture about spiritual freedom and how to liberate the mind. In examining the acoustical properties of the chapel, I calculated that at a room temperature of 20°C, the chapel’s prime resonant frequency is 27 hertz with a wavelength equal to the 72- foot interior length of the chapel. This means that the chapel is naturally tuned to A-422.25 – a tuning known as “classical tuning,” used as the standard reference pitch during the 18th century. This is significant because it happens to be a very natural tuning that can help synchronize the human mind with the Earth and all of nature. Twenty-seven hertz is about equal to the fourth harmonic of the Schumann resonance of the Earth’s ionosphere – the very frequency where the human brain switches from Beta wakefulness to heightened Gamma awareness. Brain wave frequencies above 27 hertz then create the highest state of focus possible. The Gamma range is associated with peak concentration, enhanced memory, an increased perception of reality and even euphoria. The higher the frequency the greater is the cognitive ability.

There is also evidence that Rosslyn was heated during funerary rites to raise its tuning well above A-422.25, elevating human consciousness even more. Describing this practice is an old Scottish legend preserved in a poem by Sir Walter Scott entitled The Lay of the Last Minstrel. Scott tells how the chapel was seen engulfed in flames during the funerals of the Sinclair Barons whose family built Rosslyn chapel.

O’er Roslin all that dreary night, A wonderous blaze was seen to gleam; Twas broader than the watch-fire’s light, And redder than the bright moon-beam. Seem’d all on fire within, around, Deep sacristy and altar’s pale; Shone every pillar foliage-bound, And glimmer’d all the dead men’s mail. ... Then sudden, through the darken’d air A flash of lightning came; So broad, so bright, so red the glare, The castle seem’d on flame. ... And fill’d the hall with smouldering smoke. Not coincidentally, the temperature required to gestate a beehive is 33.72°C (equal to 93.7°F) – the very same temperature required to raise the tuning of Rosslyn up to A-432 or what is known as “universal tuning.” At this hive temperature, singing the right chant and music could push the brain further into the Gamma range, perhaps even inducing what is known as “unity of consciousness.”

Thus, the beehives in the chapel’s roof, the symbolic children of Venus, may have been used as a kind tuning fork to measure the temperature and frequency needed to reunify human consciousness, fertilize the spirit and perhaps “hatch” a soul during funerary rites. It appears the Venus Blueprint not only creates a wonderful anechoic acoustical space to cleanly propagate speech and music but also a psychoacoustical space capable of triggering elevated states of consciousness.

Psychedelic Communion Digging deeper into the history of temple rituals, I uncovered yet another clue that seemed to explain why such psychoacoustical effects were so important to temple builders. It had to do with the long tradition of consuming communal wine and bread in remembrance of various plant deities known as “Green Men.” In Rosslyn chapel, there are over one hundred such Green Men carved into the architecture, symbolizing the importance of communion in temple ritual. In the Rig-Veda, the Green Man was the moon god Soma who was associated with a communal wine of the same name. Researchers such as R. Gordon Wasson make a convincing case that Soma contained psychedelic Amanita Muscaria or “magic” mushrooms. There are many instances throughout the Vedas ascribing great powers to Soma and its ability to induce religious visions.

Green Men in Rossyln Chapel Johanne McInnis/CC 3.0/Rosslyn Chapel

Oh, King Soma, prolong our lives Like the sun who nourishes the days every morning.

Green Men in other churches

The Soma is full of intelligence It inspires man with enthusiasm It makes the poets sing. We have drunk the Soma: we have come to be immortal, we have arrived at the Light, we have reached the Gods. Half of me is in the skies, and the other extends to the low depths Have I drunk Soma? I am tall to the utmost, my elevation reaches the clouds Have I drunk Soma? (Rig-Veda 8.48) This is not an isolated instance. Use of psychedelic or “entheogenic” plants was common in many other cultures as well. This includes the Greek Eleusinian and Dionysian mystery schools, the Roman Bacchanalia and even the ancient Etruscans, who practiced entheogenic communion on what is now Vatican Hill. Persians would ingest psychedelic Syrian Rue seeds used to dye “magic carpets” while the Egyptians ate manna cakes made with psychotropic plants, such as “blue lotus,” Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms or perhaps DMT-rich acacia, the Egyptian Tree of Life. According to psychology professor Benny Shanon at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, entheogenic communion was also central to the Hebrew temple tradition. The head priest would take a communion in the holy of holies on Yom Kippur that consisted of entheogenic wine and manna. Indeed, Shanon attributes many of the visions and miracles of the Bible to the ingestion of psychoactive plants. He suggests entheogenic communion was a central part of the Essene mystery school, but later replaced by ordinary wine and bread in the Roman Church to ensure religious visions remained exclusive to the priestly class (the Holy See).

In Rosslyn chapel, the many carvings of Green Men with leafy vines growing out of their mouths suggest this same connection through the Essene mystery school back to the ancient Hebrew communion ritual. It would not be a surprise to learn that such communion was even practiced in Rosslyn chapel, perhaps offered as a “consolamentum” to dying barons or taken on auspicious occasions.

Celestial Congress The






building was now becoming clear. When combined with entheogenic communion, temples were designed to help propel one’s consciousness into the sky in order to reach the heavenly summit of Mount Meru. Known as enlightenment or ascension,





consumed the sacred plant known as the



the and

“Redeemer,” “Anointed

the One.”

Through such psychedelic visions, one might “see the light” and be “born again.”

To the ancient Vedics, the invisible Mount Meru (or "Sumeru") was both external, bridging the Earth and Sky, and internal, linking the mind to the sky gods. In this way, Meru was a kind of transcendental transmission tower or "stairway to heaven" where one might consume "Soma" (entheogenic wine) and ascend to the realm of the star gods. As I learned later, this tower was also part of a geometric blueprint apparently used to design psychoacoustical temples capable of supercharging entheogenic visions.

Jacobs Ladder

Trinity of Transcendence

St. Peterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Basilica in the Vatican

To help focus and control these visions, first caves and then stone temples were constructed using the Venus Blueprint to help resonate the brain into the Gamma range of frequencies. Known as the “House of the Star” in Canaan and “Place of Intoxication” in Egypt, such temples were likely built according to the Blueprint to fertilize the mind inside the “variegated womb” of Venus. Here the Savior plant could be eaten and reborn into the mind of the worshiper, attaining “Christ [King] consciousness” and rising to the summit of Mount Meru to meet the goddess or other spirit who would impart prophetic visions and great wisdom. Truth is, this is the true religion of the world and unspoken source of prophecy behind countless tales of journeys into the underworld to meet the gods and goddesses. The two together – the plant god and temple goddess – then represented the celestial congress of the Sun and Venus inside the mind. As I came to understand, this metaphysical union was a kind of reenactment of the rare conjunction of Venus with the Sun known as the Transit of Venus. The Vedic Saivite glosses actually describe this conjunction as the Venusian goddess Shukra being swallowed up by the Sun and later spit out as semen. Indeed, the Sanskrit word Shukra literally means semen. It was the Shukra seed of the Sun that was believed born from Vena’s resonant womb into the waters of the Earth to create life. This Vena impels them who are in the womb of the variegated one; the membrane of light measures out the sky. At the contact of the waters and the sun the wise kiss him as an infant. (Rig-Veda 10.123) Celestial fertilization of the mind was the real purpose of the temple. Consumption of entheogenic wine and manna symbolized the “virgin birth” of the Sun’s son (the plant sacrament) inside the temple of the mind. In this way, the orbital geometry of Venus provided not only the blueprint for the sacred space of the temple, but also a blueprint for the ritual of ascension known as Holy Communion. The Venus Transit Occurring in pairs only once a century, the last Venus Transit occurred in 2004 with the next once occurring June 5-6, 2012. Appearing as a black dot as Venus travels across the face of the Sun, the transit was known in ancient times as the

On the architrave joining the pillar there circumpunct, Eye of Ra and the Birth of Venus. As the ultimate symbol

is the inscription Forte est vinum fortior

of celestial fertility, the planet Venus was worshipped in the form of

est rex fortiores sunt mulieres super

many different goddesses from Isis and Ishtar to Aphrodite and Asherah.

omnia vincit veritas: "Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger

In ancient times, the celestial fertilization of Venus during the transit

still, but truth conquers all" (1

would have been celebrated in Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian and

Esdras, chapters 3 & 4).

Assyrian temples (called ziggurats) using entheogenic communion and resonant chant. In many cases, sexual intercourse would have been part of the temple rite, representing simultaneous fertilization of the mind, body and spirit. This would have been the deepest meaning of the ancient philosophy â&#x20AC;&#x153;as above, so below.â&#x20AC;? In Rosslyn chapel, the Hebrew goddess of Venus named Asherah is represented by the Shekinah pillar. As the harmonic center and point of fertility in the chapelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s floor plan, we might say the Hebrew god Yahweh symbolically inseminates the Lady Chapel here. Yet there is more to it than mere symbolism. There is a very real geometrical correspondence to the actual transit path of Venus across the Sun in 2012 (Fig. 5).

Shekinah pillar

Overlaying the Venus Blueprint onto the actual transit paths, Venus can be seen to align with the bottom two points of the pentagram during the 2004 crossing – then, with a 90-degree turn, pass right through the middle of the Rosslyn floor plan in 2012, reaching the midpoint of its solar crossing precisely at the Shekinah pillar. Symbolically, this path represents a kind of birth canal for Venus, gestating inside the choir’s resonant womb for a while before being born out the rear of the chapel. With the chapel oriented east-to-west and the Shekinah pillar facing the dawn, the Sun and Venus actually follow an east-to-west path through the sky even as Venus appears to follow the same path across the face of the Sun. As perhaps one of the most profound convergences of planetary harmony, temple design and religious ritual, Rosslyn is a stone map for the 2012 Venus Transit. As the fifth transit pair since Rosslyn was built, Venus joins with the Sun this June 5th-6th to deliver a new Sun. The question, of course, is how could Rosslyn’s 15th-century designers have known about the geometric alignment between the transit and the chapel’s floor plan? How could they have predicted such an alignment in their design? The truth is they probably knew none of this and did not need to. They simply built their temple according to the Venus Blueprint and everything else just fell into place. Conclusion In the end, I became convinced that Rosslyn chapel and many other temples had been designed using the Venus Blueprint or something similar. I believe this was done to focus and control the effect of psychedelic plants while using psychoacoustics to resonate the brain up into elevated Gamma frequencies. Combining sacred plants with sacred spaces, our ancestors were nothing less than spiritual psychonauts. Using an advanced technology of brain resonance – resonating inside-out with entheogens and outside-in using psychoacoustics – they were able to access non-physical realities by methodically altering and controlling states of mind.

Once people were baptized with the sacred waters, the temple became a transceiver and spiritual launch pad to guide them into the realm of the gods. Used in funerary rites, this same technology was used to invoke Venus to guide the dearly departed into the afterlife where they might be reborn to the heavenly summit of Meru. (Fig. 6). In this way, ancient worshippers were enlightened by the Venusian goddess and “born again” through the Green Man’s “body and blood.” Here was the real savior of humanity – a veritable blueprint for spiritual fertility that inspired vast temple complexes, great cities and proud civilizations. Here was the secret temple




spaces that guided humanity toward



development science






of and





political control. This is the forgotten story of the Venus Blueprint and its founding role in the rise of humanity. For more information and discussions, touch here to visit

Articles by Richard Merrick about the temple in our Cymatics Issue

Richard Merrick, MSc, is the former founder and CEO of Postfuture, a pioneering, rich-media communications provider based in Dallas, Texas, and an expert in digital media and the Internet. He is the author of Interference: A Grand Scientific Musical Theory and has just released The Venus Blueprint: Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces. (see

References Copyright © 2012, Richard Merrick. All Rights Reserved. 1. Merrick, Richard. The Venus Blueprint: Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces. Berkeley: North Atlantic Books / EVOLVER, 2012. 2. De Lubicz, R. A. Schwaller. The Temple in Man: Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man. 1st ed. 1949. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions International, 1977. 3. “Armenian Highlands: The Ancient Origin of Human Civilization.” mesopotamias-civilization-originated-in.html. 4. Kak, Subhash. The Astronomical Code of the Rigveda. Rev. ed. New Delhi, India: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2000. 5. Kak, Subhash. “Vena, Veda, Venus.” Brahmavidya: The Adyar Library Bulletin 60 (1996): 229–39. 6. S n o d g r a s s , Adrian. Symbolism of the Stupa (Studies on Southeast Asia). Cornell University Southeast Asia Program Publications; 2nd edition (March 1, 1985). 7. Knapp, Stephen. Proof of Vedic Culture’s Global Existence. Selfpublished: BookSurge, 2009. 8. Griffith, Ralph T. H. “RigVeda, Book 10, Hymn CXXIII. Vena.” Last retrieved January 16, 2012. 10Copyright © 2012, Richard Merrick. All Rights Reserved. 9. Meeuwissen, EB. et. al., “Evidence for Human FrontoCentral Gamma Activity during Long-Term Memory Encoding of Word Sequences.” Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. 10. Eneix, Linda. “Ancient Temple Architects May Have Been Chasing a Buzz from Sound Waves.” 2009. releases/ancient_temples/ archaeology/prweb3243374.htm. 11. Vergano, Dan. “Maya pyramids pose acoustic riddle.” Science & Space/Science Snapshot, USA Today, November 14, 2010. 12. Shanon, Rabbi Benny. “Biblical Entheogens: A Speculative Hypothesis.” Time and Mind: The Journal of Archaeology Consciousness and Culture 1, issue 1, (March 2008): 51–74. 13. Wasson, R. Gordon, Stella Kramrisch, Carl A. P. Ruck, and Jonathan Ott. Persephone’s Quest: Entheogens and the Origins of Religion. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1986.

by Ricardo AndrĂŠ Frantz/CC 3.0

The symbols of royalty are descended from Vedic temple design and the sacred geometry of the Venus Blueprint. The Royal Crown is a reproduction of the stupa harmika (Cosmic Tree and Vedic Trinity) for covering the cranial egg and inner temple. It symbolizes enlightenment and a direct connection to the gods. Indeed, the wearer is an embodiment of the Meru temple. The Royal Septre with the harmika located at the top symbolizes rule over the World Axis. Together, the Royal Crown and Septre indicate a blood connection to a ruling class that extends back in time to the very earliest Vedic Aryan kings.

Harmonies of the Cosmos God is like a musician who creates the harmonies of the Cosmos and gives each individual his own particular part to play. If the music of life seems discordant to us, we should not blame the Master Musician, but ourselves. We are the out-of-tune instrument which mars the beauty of his composition. Hermes reflects that when we devote ourselves to the spiritual path, we mysteriously become perfectly tuned.

The earthly part of the universe would seem rude and savage without sweet melodies. This is why Atum sent down the choir of muses to live amongst humankind and inspire music, so that men could adore Divinity with hymns praise, in polyphony with the psalms of heaven.

The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs Gustave Moreau - Hesiod and the Muse


Explorations to South India D e t a i l H e re











Theda Phoenix

Inspirational Singer / Event Performer Theda Phoenix has been part of the consciousness movement for over a decade, singing and channelling songs intuitively catered to a variety of events...

Theda has opened for: Dr. Deepak Chopra Dr. Joe Dispenza Caroline Myss  Dr Christiane Northrup  Constance Kellough Lynn Woodland Oriah Mountain Dreamer Andrew Harvey Contact: Theda Phoenix to sing at your events

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composes in the moment and captures the creative magic and power of the collective consciousness.








accompaniment to create sacred space for events, celebrations, weddings, meditations and yoga programs.

Rose Garden We cross the stream, glide down the trail

Orchid slippers and a daisy crown

Following the singing nightingale

wearing a robe of dandelion down

Lily of the valley nods in the breeze

Rosy twilight unveils the ring

Birds take flight, flicker through the trees

The queen of roses, and the king

Fall down in a patch of clover

We are free in the rose garden

Laughing spinning, rolling over and over

We are free to love

berry juice stains the lips

Fairy, mortal, all are one

Whistle a tune on a grassy strip

Under the moon, under the sun

The wind has turned the magic done

In the garden love grows near

The song within the garden sung...

Choral bells ring sweet and clear

Inquire about a song composed just for you with your unique message.

Misty star dust fills the air

Lyrics by Theda Phoenix

As a gentle wind blows through my hair

Theda Phoenix Intuitive Divine Heavenly

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By Robert Leon

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Masculine & Feminine Divine

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Greece Art is everywhere and living and being immersed in its aesthetic characteristics is a passionate way-of-life.

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...something about our inner beauty, the Atma, our physical bodies are temporary and how the beauty of this woman's soul radiates in her uninhibited laughter.

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Seeing we all have souls we can look at each other very differently than just looking at another person as a material subject for personal gainâ&#x20AC;Ś

It seems the only way balance will be re-established on Earth is with an enormous shift in people's consciousness that evolves humanity to respect each other and Mother Earth a lot more ...

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Rose Marcus Evolutionary Astrologer Clairvoyant/Tarot Reader Astrologer for the Georgia Straight Author â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, Lewellyn Worldwide Publishers (for ipad or ipod users:


Venus Transit

June 5,6, 2012

C r e a t i v e Tr a n s f o r m a t i o n , t h e R e b i r t h of Solar Feminine and the New Age

On June 5 or 6, depending on where on the planet you live, Venus will cross the face of the sun. This planetary alignment is called an occultation. It is similar to an eclipse, but Venus will not block-out our view, rather, she will appear like a dot crossing over the face of the sun. Unlike the short interval of an eclipse which takes just under a minute to a few minutes to view, Venus will take six hours to complete her passage.

One of the first photographs of the transit of Venus 1882 OH/transit12.html

Watch an animation of the Venus transit: http:// c o m m o n s / 2 / 2 6 / f Watch a live webcast of the event: 2012/transit/webcast.php Read more: 2012/articles/ttt_73.php


Creating the Pentagram of Venus v=4nI3Ky8mhj8 Watch an animation of the Venus transit: http:// c o m m o n s / 2 / 2 6 / f Watch a live webcast of the event: 2012/transit/webcast.php Read more: 2012/articles/ttt_73.php An excellent website on Venus by Nick Anthony Firenza: HCpages/Venus.html


Although Venus and sun meet up every couple of years, we have only witnessed this event six times in recent human history. (History says that Jeremiah Horrocks was the first human to ever witness a transit by Venus in 1639. The next transit on June 5, 6 will be our seventh observance.) Our ability to view this celestial event depends on whether Venus is positioned between the earth and sun, or on the far side of the sun: Earth, Venus, Sun: referred to as an inferior or inside conjunction; begins the cycle Earth, Sun, Venus: referred to as a superior conjunction; the midpoint of the cycle Venus orbits the sun faster than the earth does and because of this speed difference, Venus orbits 2.6 times around the sun before earth and Venus line-up again. Every 583.92 days, a new Venus/Earth Synodic cycle begins. (Synod: place of meeting.) The Venus/Earth orbital 3/2 ratio replicates the perfect symmetry we know as the Golden Mean. The 2/3 ratio of a Venus day to an Earth year replicates the harmonic interval known as the perfect musical fifth (3.2), which is considered as the most universally harmonic consonant. This frequency is received as most pleasing sound to the ear, and evokes a pleasing/welcoming emotional response. Within the 243 year primary Venus transit cycle is a sub-cycle marked by two Venus alignments spread 8 years apart with lengthy gaps between each pair. The time interval between one pair of transits and the next occur in repeating order: 121.5 years, 105.5 years, 121.5 years, 105.5 years etc. The last Venus transit occurred on June 8, 2004, the prior pair occurred Dec 9, 1874 and Dec 6, 1882. Following the Venus transit on June 5, 6, 2012 we will not witness another pair of transits until Dec 10/11, 2017 and Dec 26, 2025. Last Pair Current Pair Next Pair Event: Dec 6, 1882 June 8, 2004 - June 5,6, 2012 Dec 10, 11, 2017 Interval (121.5 years) (8 years) (105.5 years) The importance of this transit has not been lost on science. Because of this Venus transit, astronomers were first able to accurately measure our solar system..


What implication does this transit have on our contemporary lives? Over an eight year period, the orbital motion of Venus around the sun forms the shape of the p e n t a g r a m , t h e f i v e p o i n t e d s t a r. T h e measurement between each point is a 72 degree mathematical aspect called the Quintile. To astrologers, the quintileâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s influence is one of creative transformation, which is exactly the meaning that has been projected onto December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Please remember that the Mayan Calendar was based on Venus cycles.


throughout our contemporary reality, it is obvious that

in June, 2012 as a key marker of a new 2600 year cycle of humanity. This Earth/Venus/Sun alignment has been suggested to symbolize the re-activation of the Solar Feminine. What does that mean? In short, it suggests the energizing of the feminine creator in her

the creative juice of the old paradigm has not quite reached its saturation point. It is still building. Eventually the momentum will reach a tipping point, collapse in on itself and necessitate the transformation we are ready for. Swinging the wrecking-ball with

one-ness or all-ness. The solarised feminine creator is all encompassing. Just as woman gives birth to both genders, the rise of the solar feminine creator suggests a rebirth of the consciousness of our whole selves. Together in unison, yin and yang are transitioning into

progressive force, the seven Uranus/Pluto alignments between 2012 and 2015 will serve to expand our awareness and to accelerate the necessary evolution.

a major realignment chapter. Gemini correlates to blended diversity. True androgyny is the highest state of spiritual evolution. We are leaving behind the polarization that has been built over this last cycle, the age of the patriarchy. In this last chapter of collective evolution, we have come to create existing reality and our understanding of god consciousness as one over the other, rather than one with the other. We have separated ourselves from Gaia, from one another, from ourselves. We have created a reality of superiority and inferiority rather than one of co-creative, equality existence. We are coming to the end of reality as it is, but as we do there comes one last blast from the past. The finish of the previous cycle and the seeding of a new one are overlapping. As we observe what is manifesting

Venus/Sun: In our physical time and space reality, all things revolve around the sun. The sun correlates to the animating, life-giving force, to creator consciousness, to creative manifestation. In our conceptualizing of reality, all things revolve around that which survives within us and around us. Venus correlates to our core being-ness, to our inner feminine or responsive consciousness, our yin energy charge, to needs and desires. The yin momentum is that of draw-in or attraction. Venus correlates to the principle of relatedness, relationship, and relativity. Like attracts like; how we feel inwardly, how we resonate and energize from within, this then becomes the basis of our magnetic force-field. We create and materialize from this energy source. Venus

Key Marker for Humanity

Many consider the momentous Venus in Gemini transit

is fertile and fertilizing. She creates and she perpetuates.


The Pre-Columbian Mayan Dresden Codex, which calculates Venus appearances



instinctual desires. The creative potency is so dynamic, it is

correlates to our deepest survival instincts. These instincts are biological and

compelling enough to turn the conceptual into the reality, to bring into being that which we are resonating with whatever it is that we have evaluated is most desirable and necessary for our continuance and survival. We now face a critical impact moment along our evolutionary time-line.

sexual in nature, and they are also shaped by our e m o t i o n s , psychology, and

Destiny can show up in terms of life events and opportunities, or it can draw key people into your life. It is forceful enough to create a momentous shift in our awareness and therefore, our reality base.

experience, drawn from this life and from our soulâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s journey over many lifetimes too. To everything, there is a season. What is created also falls

If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t witness a pivotal circumstance occur in your private life on the actual Venus event date, please note that the potency of these transits are already operative and that they will continue to extend over a period of time. In fact, you have been working on this key calling-forth destiny

under the limits of our time/space reality. As the survival planet, Venus also correlates to mortality issues. When activated, Venus correlates to what lives, thrives and survives, and also to what dies.

chapter for some time now. Rarely does one realize the full importance of the experience as it is happening. Hindsight reflection will attest to the fact that this is no ordinary moment in time.

In the sign of Gemini, the current Venus transit draws attention to a conceptual framework, a mind-set, a rationalization, a way of observing, a way of labelling self and life. Venus in Gemini puts the emphasis on ways of communicating, looking, seeing, learning, and connecting.

Venus travels in retrograde motion from May 15 to June 27. All planetary retrograde cycles are intensification chapters. As the planet of net worth and self worth, retrograde Venus prompts a review and reassessment of our essential needs, wants, and resources. The cycle animates the unfinished

On June 5/6 2012, there will be a significant energy surge transmitted between our creator consciousness and

business of relationships, from this or past lives. It also calls forth fruition karma, in other words, the destiny that is ripe and waiting for its next chapter to begin.

Think back to June of 2004. Did a relationship, a

matters. Is the demise of the EU already on the chopping

consciousness, or life chapter begin or end? Think of its relevancy to where you are now; to what you have created since then. Can you see the last Venus transit as a staging platform or springboard?

block? Doubles or multiples fall under Gemini’s jurisdiction. Can a re-election create the necessary correction for Greece? The stars are building toward a make-it or break-it moment for that which is precariously perched. We have already seen the domino effect reverberating through the world’s economies.

The Venus occultation occurs at 15 Gemini. With Gemini so highlighted, we can expect eventfulness/news to cover all things and people under this sign’s rulership. Among the many variables, Gemini people include: communicator, messenger, broadcaster, media or news mogul; writer, author,

With Gemini so featured, it is not surprising to see the recent political shuffling. Expect to see more. Canada and the US continue in talks to unify manufacturing, trade, and border regulations. As of June 1st, a hefty allowable increase for cross-border shopping will make travel to the USA a lot more

recording artist, TV personality, sports figure; transporter, networker, mover and shaker, talker, thinker, planner, cheater, thief, trickster; sibling, twin, friend, neighbour; student, youth.

attractive to Canadians. Canada’s controversial pipeline projects are still in the works.

On an outer world level, Venus in Gemini will mobilize,

There is so much riding on the moment. The Stanley Cup hockey finals find the LA Kings, having benefited from the

circulate, popularize, exchange, buy, sell, advertise, merchandise, transport, inform, communicate, network, forge links and connections, deliver the message and the news. It correlates to social networks, all forms of media and broadcasting (TV, radio, internet, satellite, virtual), electricity,

solar eclipse, on a destiny swing. London is gearing up for the summer Olympics which will occur just after the end of Venus retrograde. The social media giant Facebook went public just before the solar eclipse of May 20. Speaking of virtual reality, another Gemini ruled topic, witness how prevalent it now

electrical, telecommunications, popular trends, interests, games, and past-times; commerce, currencies, popular names in the news. Too, Gemini rules the nervous system, the body’s information super highway.

grows in our ordinary everyday get-go. Virtual money (Venus in Gemini) such as the stock market, credit cards, and the national debt has already overtaken the world. Canadian money has just gone plastic. Commerce and banking institutions are working toward doing away with money

Noting that Venus correlates to money and that Gemini correlates to currency and trading, it is to be expected that this will prove to be a time of acceleration for Eurozone

handling altogether. Canada is already in the process of nixing the penny.

Spring Board

While the Middle East and European street revolts rages on,

across the face of the sun, a visual which is suggestive (to

a tenacious note student protests over tuition hikes continues in Quebec. The youth unemployment rate in many countries is at an all time high. Recent statistics claim minority births in the USA have now reached the fifty percent mark.

me) of Venus impregnating the sun.

As suggested above, the stellar events of June 4 to 6 could be of major impact to all power grids, intellectual, political, social, material, economic, technological, and/or geophysical. Added safe-guards are wise. See the map provided at the start of this article for the areas on the globe receiving the

spirituality, and indigenous peoples. Sagittarius also correlates to envisioning, beliefs, natural law, Gaia, and the search for truth. When the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity activated by such dynamic transits, it is a time to address the dichotomy between what is apparent (the talk, the

most impact from Venus’s travel. Gemini also rules transportation by bus, train, bicycle etc. Sagittarius by hike or flight; keep an eye open for something newsworthy that pertains to these topics/industries too. As with any transit, there is a wide range of possibilities for how the energies can

advertising) and the reality. Sagittarius correlates to the future, Gemini, correlates to the present. Yes, the message reads: the future is here and it is now.


We’ll be well primed before we get to lunar eclipse and the Venus transit. The new moon solar eclipse on May 20, occurring at 0:21 Gemini is a primary seeding catalyst for setting the evolutionary wheels into dynamic motion. Eclipses generate significant outer world events and passages. It is

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, June 4: The Venus transit occurs on the heels of a super full moon lunar eclipse on June 4. Although it is a partial lunar eclipse, it is also a super full moon. (It is last of three super moons in a row.) In closer proximity to our planet, its high-tide pull on the earth’s electro-magnetic, geophysical fields intensifies the potency and potentials of the stirring moment. The lunar eclipse may also compound the effects of Venus’s passage

The lunar eclipse occurs in Sagittarius, the sign archetype that correlates to all things speculative and foreign; to higher mind, higher education, philosophies, beliefs, religions,

Solar Eclipse in Gemini, May 20:

typical to hear of the death or birth of someone of prominence. Donna Summers, the popular disco queen, passed away just days before the solar eclipse. Major geophysical occurrences and weather shifts can happen too.


Neptune, the planet of potentials, in relationship to the solar

born around May 15, and June 23 to 28 will feel the intensity

eclipse suggests the hidden and unforeseen will make itself known. Mass attention and mass consciousness gains a focal point. A turn of tides can create significant collective impact. When Neptune is involved, we learn that we are not and cannot stay immune, that we are all in it together.

of the Venus transit. Also strongly affected are those born: Feb 26, 27, March 3 -6, Aug 29, 30, Sept 6 – 9, and those born in the following years: Sept/Oct 1963, Sept 1964 – Oct 1965, March 1966 – June 1966.

Neptune’s influence can be one of idealism or illusion. When so activated, it can create an iconic moment. Iconic people step forward too. ~~ In addition to the rise of the solar feminine, this rare and momentous Venus in Gemini transit is also a statement for

Please note, in addition to the catalytic dates of June 4 to 6, the end of Venus retrograde on June 27 will also be an exceptionally eventful forward-thrust time. There are several major planetary transitions occurring June 23 to 27. June 24 deliver the first of seven Uranus/Pluto (square) alignments to

the transfer of the batons of hope, faith, and of creative redesign to our youth. We need to gift them the future, not to rob them of it. Their active presence, contribution, and voice are needed at the steering helm in order to lead the collective to where it needs to go. The youth of 1960’s raised their voice when Uranus and Pluto conjoined. Now Uranus and Pluto are aligned again, by the more urgent square angle aspect this time. Without a doubt, we, the collective, have come to a decisive pivot point. The message is pulsing more insistently now, how do we get it across? Watch for more social contagion, it is catching on. There will be more vocalizing and rising up, more movements, protests, and active rebellion. The Occupy movement will continue to mutate and to gather momentum. The eclipses and Venus transit will be of special significance for you if your birthday falls on the actual event. Also, those

occur between 2012 and 2015. While you can be sure the Venus transit will deliver your destiny to you, it’s a good idea to keep your channel as clear as you can. All transmissions to the universe carry more potent impact now. Set deliberate intention. Stay conscious and focused. What do you want for yourself? AFFIRM it. The rise of the solar feminine offers you an exceptional opportunity to bare witness to your creative potential, to demonstrate yourself as the divine co-creator you are and have always been. We are gifted with an extended time-frame to send our top priority message out to the universe. June’s transits will be re-stimulated later in the year, most notably by the lunar eclipse of Nov 28 and Jupiter’s transit through Gemini in the first quarter of 2013. by Rose Marcus

Your birth chart maps the frequencies that influence and dominate your ‘field’ at birth. These codes are mathematical in nature and will give a spin to your life. This is your

Celestial Influences

geometry at play. Imprinted into your cellular body (memory) is also a dance of ancestral patterns—your story, your mother’s disposition at birth and where you left off in your last life. Astrologically, the Three Magi were led by a heavenly star to the exact coordinate for the location of the birth of the New

Arm yourself against the

King, Jesus as recounted in all four New Testament Gospels.


Jesus’ destiny was in the stars.

strong so that the worldly

The notion of the influences of the heavens is as old as time and is incorporated in every culture. Astrology is used as the ‘guidance system’ for incarnations. It gives an individual the road map to navigate through his or her life purpose and challenges. The Universe is our university of life.

Excerpts for the book “InsideOUT” by Karen Elkins

Make your defense

things do not rob you of your birthright. Otherwise, the things you fear will surely take place. The Gospel of Thomas

A 1610 portrait of Johannes Kepler by an unknown artist

Music of the Spheres Johannes Kepler, a German Renaissance astronomer and mystic, focused his life's work based on the five platonic solids, their harmonic ratios and how the five fundamental shapes correlated with the orbits and sound frequencies of the planets. Kepler recognized that the same harmonic principles that are found in the stars also relate to earth. NASA has recorded the planet’s tunes. Some sound like Gregorian and Tibetan chants. From NASA's Web site: J u p i t e r - Yo u h a v e discovered the place in the universe for those who love Gregorian, or Tibetan chants or choirs singing in the harmony of happiness. JUPITER sounds are the ultimate "tuning fork" frequencies for meditation. A. 528 Hz & Jupiter's Electromagnetic voices & Alpha brainwaves.

Each planet with its distinct color and size, like the size of various crystal bowls, emanate a distinct radio transmission—just like humans. Planets interact by bouncing waves and charged emissions off each other—just like people. The universal law of harmonics defines the proportional distances between the planets, the inner ear and the nautilus. The seven whole tones of the musical scale are the natural measure of harmony within the universe. I grant you that no sounds are given forth, but I a f fi r m . . . t h a t t h e movements of the planets are modulated according to harmonic proportions.Johannes Kepler

Excerpts for the book “InsideOUT” by Karen Elkins

The Connection Between 5, Phi, Sound & Life membrane 'imprinted' with sound vibrations, thus allowing us to observe them visually. Both the pentagram and pentagon cymatic forms are seen  daily in the  CymaScope laboratory, more  frequently than any  other  cymatic  geometry. The significance of this is that DNA, when  seen  end on,  is a 10-pointed  star, thus  containing  the all-important 5-sided  geometry.  This strongly  suggests that  sound  was a prime  mover  in  the creation of life. The mathematical formula, Phi = 2 x sine 54  degrees tells us that a pure sound has a unique relationship w i t h p h i ,  p e r h a p s t h e r e a s o n w h y  w e s e e phi throughout nature.

Vetruvian Man CymaGlyph

When we use the CymaScope to study the visual geometry of sounds, we see that they include many of the mathematical constants of the universe, including phi, sometimes known as the 'golden mean.' This ratio is approximately 1 to 1.618 and it is found in all living things, thus demonstrating the connection between sound and life. Cymatic geometry is composed of patterns that form on a

Cymatic Starfish

DNA seen from end on (graphic illustration)

By John Stuart Reid

Articles by John Stuart Reid in our Cymatics

The 5 sides of a

Great Dodecahedron

Your design unfolds by its 5 fold nature.

Pentagram are at the ratio of 1.618 , known as phi. The Pentagram is also considered the supreme symbol of The 5th platonic solid




a broccoli you can see

which relates to the


ethers. The 5

Excerpts for the book “InsideOUT” by Karen Elkins

structures in nature.


clustering. This is the

platonic solids The star is associated with excellence, power and authority. Most rating systemsElvis/MGM are Studio based upon 5 stars, such as 5 star hotels and motels..........and then there are the movie stars, rock stars and super stars.

how 5 is a number for regeneration. Looking at


create all forms and

Nature’s geometry shows




Circle of Fifths/Pitch class space star

In music, the fifth is the interval found in

5 Senses

sacred music, as it

5 Extremities

harmonizes well with

5 Major Organs

the human body. This

5 Fingers and toes

is the jewel of the

5 Facial features

Gregorian chant.

vegetables grow, with a five fold rhythm and from the inside out.

About 5...

article & photography by

Freddy Silva

Back in 1990, an emotive crop circle appeared in southern England. To the Hopi elders who later saw its image, they called it

"Mother is crying". For indeed the glyph gave the impression of a wilting planet with

four drooping feathers (symbolizing the prime elements), as if the Earth was expressing its state of mind. Now, almost two decades later, new evidence shows how this event, and many others since, is yet another unmistakable sign of how our host planet engages in an intimate communication. And that communication has been going on for thousands of years.

The Earth is covered with a vast network of sacred spaces: standing stones, dolmens, stone circles, and pyramids. Many have posited that these places are unique, in that they are repositories of subtle energies, and these energies have a possible link to developing human consciousness, and specifically the awakening of human cellular memory.

Mother is Calling.


Studies conducted at stone chambers, such as Ireland’s Newgrange mound, and many needles of stone show these places emit electromagnetic (EM) frequencies, and very often they interact with the local magnetic field, sending compasses pointing as much as 180 degrees from magnetic north. One study at Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire using a magnetomer survey of the area shows how this energy spirals into the sacred site like a cosmic sinkhole. Traditionally, such places were regarded as meeting points between the gods, the Earth and its inhabitants. In other words, they were places of communication, or communes. In the Iberian peninsula they are called ‘betilo’, which stems from the Semitic ‘beth-el’ or ‘house of god’. In Portugal, stone chambers are ‘antas’, from the Latin ‘anotare’, meaning ‘to mark or locate’. These places have a rich history of healing as well as altered states, and possibly not as a result of a fertile imagination. Because the human body is also electromagnetic, every organ, every tissue, every cell in our human temple emits a frequency. Therefore, coming into contact with an altered EM field influences the actions taking place within our cellular structure. Tests monitoring brainwave activity in sacred sites demonstrate there is indeed an influence, particularly on right-brain activity– that part of us that works with the creative and the intuitive. Inside Gothic cathedrals–which were built on ancient temples, sometimes incorporating their very standing stones– this influence on our state of awareness can be as much as 4000% above normal waking state. A second facet of this energy is how each sacred site generates a series of energetic ripples from a central point, typically the altar. Like a stone dropped into a still pond, these invisible ripples can be mapped. When traced onto a computer, their spatial relationships reveal a concealed geometric relationship, and more often than not in the form of pentagrams and hexagrams. Such geometry was imprinted in the relationship of the walls and other physical features of Gothic cathedrals, Egyptian temples, even the ground plan of Stonehenge. And although not evident at first sight, the same is true of the most enigmatic structure on the Giza Plateau, the Bent Pyramid.

Ripples of Energy To Alter

Ripples of energy generated by a menhir conform to pentagonal and hexagonal relationships.

Ripples of Energy

To Alter

Ripples of energy generated by a menhir conform to pentagonal and hexagonal relationships.

Although considered “a mistake” by orthodox archaeology, this colossal structure actually hides its true nature well. For if one unfolds the top bend of the pyramid, like the petals of a flower, the shape each ‘petal’ creates on a horizontal plane is the unmistakable geometry of the pentagram; the same is true of the bottom bend, which unfolds to express the shape of the hexagram. So, what is so significant about pentagrams and hexagrams? Traditionally, the pentagram has been associated with biological life, for the points of the pentagram subtend the form of nature’s very own spiral of life, the Golden Ratio. And of all geometric shapes, living organisms, from the simplest single-cell diatoms to the complex human form, expand their cell structure according to the algorithms of this spiral. It would seem, then, that the pentagram is the structure behind the living world, precisely as Leonardo DaVinci posited when he drew the figure of the outstretched man encompassed within a pentagram. Conversely, when organisms solidify– as in the case of crystals, or water freezing into ice– their crystalline structures take on the shape of the hexagram. So, whereas the pentagram is seen as mutable, expansive, creative, and female, the hexagram is considered fixed, rational, and male.

Crystalline Structure Your DNA

This male-female, pentagonal-hexagonal bond exists very close to home. Looking down the barrel of a microscope, the crystalline structure of human DNA displays a bonding pattern arranged in alternating crystals shaped like pentagrams and hexagrams. Since biogeometry is a physical expression of living energy, two like geometrical energy fields would not only attract one another, they would influence each other to the point where information is exchanged. A common analogy is the way two strangers in a room form an attraction and fall in love. By the same token, a pilgrim walking into a cathedral, a pyramid or even a stone circle is attracted to and exchanges information with that host environment. So, perhaps it is not surprising that such sites are associated with the alteration of consciousness and healing, because the energy generated by their geometric structures interacts with people at a fundamental, biological level. And considering the Latin root of ‘religion’– religio, meaning ‘reconnect with source’– people are literally having religious experiences at these sites of veneration. Yet the implications of the pentagram-hexagram connection go beyond the human form and its interacting relationship with the geometry of temples and their energy fields. Since geometry is an expression of number in space, numerically the pentagram/hexagram relationship translates to a ratio of 6:5. This is a very important ratio. On Earth, the 6:5 ratio appears thus: 21,600 (the number of nautical miles around the equator) relative to the Earth’s retrograde processional cycle of 25,920 years (the time it takes the planet to complete it full ‘wobble’ at the poles). And it is this harmonic that generates the energetic conditions for selfaware life to evolve on a planet. In other words, life that is both rational and intuitive– human life.

Now, if you were an ‘outside’ intelligence attempting to interact with the Earth and its upright crystalline beings, or indeed the host planet communicating with its human guests– you would choose the most efficient and direct method of communication possible. And the common language of the Universe is based on light, geometry, and its derivative, number. It may surprise many that for the best part of 300 years crop circles have been appearing beside ancient sacred sites, no matter in which of the 29 countries they have manifested thus far. Of importance here is how the said agriglyphs bear an uncanny resemblance to the local temples, both in their geometry as well as their subtle energy fields, and in the way they interact with their pilgrims. Hundreds of reports have been filed by people who have had experiences in crop circles, often citing 'healing', 'awakening', 'mental clarity', and so forth– the kinds of effects one hears from visitors to sacred sites. And while sceptics are quick to point out such affects are psychosomatic, the evidence not only suggests otherwise but that an exchange of information is taking place between two organisms. Eyewitness accounts by farmers, police and locals often describe a tube of light penetrating through the clouds to create a crop formation. Some of the reports go back to the 1890s, and describe a process that lasts about fifteen seconds. These tubes of light were photographed by myself prior to an event in 1998, at Tawsmead Copse, Wiltshire. Unbeknown to me, at the moment I was recording the event six miles away, a local woman out walking her dog was witnessing it barely a hundred yards in front of her. She described it as a "descending tube of light, like a cookie cutter, which swirled the wheat in front of me for about fifteen seconds, then went back up. Then the next day the crop circle appeared at that very same spot."

Crop Circles

Temples from the Sky

But unlike dozens of similar eyewitness accounts, the energy did not create the crop circle at the time: the flattening of plants took place some hours later, suggesting that the light (EM) contained information that imprinted into the Earth, and later, the Earth responded with a geometric pattern. Such an event suggests that the crop circles are not just inputs of energy but also triggers that awaken a response within the living Earth. The presence of light in the creation of crop circles raises serious implications, because the light spectrum carries signals that organisms require for receiving information, particularly human DNA. Such bioelectromagnetic signals operate at the extreme ends of the EM spectrum â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the type of frequencies recorded in crop circles. Any excitation of this bioelectromagnetic field is transmitted to the DNA, and in laboratory experiments in China genetic information has already been successfully transmitted from one organism to another. Furthermore, this frequency range detected in crop circles appears to ally with a part of the human body that is dormant. Mapped by Valerie Hunt in the 1970s, the frequency range of the human body covers a wide span, yet there is a rangeâ&#x20AC;&#x201C; 250-320 MHz- where nothing seems to happen, the human temple is utterly silent. By comparison, the predominant range of frequencies detected inside the crop circles seems to cover a range of 260-320 MHz. And the sharp rise in these occurs at the perimeter of the flattened crop, suggesting that people are entering a kind of shielded area that differs substantially from the rest of the field. People are essentially entering a temple.

There are additional clues demonstrating Mother Earth is speaking to her children through some of the crop circles, and this communication is going into our cellular memory via the pentagonal/hexagonal geometry of our cells. Crop circles are, by and large, geometric forms; even some of the simplest circular markings are linked together by an invisible and harmonic geometric array, suggesting that the physical geometric pattern is the expression of an underlying energy. Such a process already exists in cymatics, where high-speed cameras have filmed sound ‘physicalizing’ as geometric forms in liquid. Ironically, many of the images look identical to the latter-day crop circles. But it is the prevalence of pentagonal and hexagonal geometries in crop circles that makes a deeper connection with our host planet and, by implication, ourselves. Those geometries are occurring not just in their physical design, like any temple they are also bound within their blueprint, and like a Gothic cathedral, hidden to the eye. This connection extends to the energy fields emanating from within the crop circle. Measurements clearly show how, just like dolmens and standing stones, crop circles emit a subtle energy field resembling ripples in a pond. And just as with their stone counterparts, these fields are governed by invisible geometric arrays that favor hexagrams and pentagrams. So, clearly crop circles and sacred sites are places where the Earth and the unseen Universe express their thoughts. And the sentiment is transferred to the human body through an array of EM frequencies and sympathetic resonance based on geometry. But there is one final element at work: sound. Creation is based on the concept that all atoms and molecules are in a state of vibration. This led all religions and faiths around the world to adopt the notion that “in the beginning was the Word, and the word was God”. Sound has been revered for millennia as the method by which all life is formed, and after a decade of research I, too, reached the conclusion that sound is a fundamental force behind the manifestation of crop circles.

There are additional clues demonstrating Mother Earth is speaking to her children through some of the crop circles, and this communication is going into our cellular memory via the pentagonal/ hexagonal geometry of our cells.

Which brings us back to that incredible event in 1998, at Tawsmead Copse, when an eyewitness and this photographer caught a crop circle in the making, a seven-pointed geometric shape.

That glyph was itself a metaphor

for sound, since the heptagon is synonymous with the seven pure notes of the music scale, the de-re-mi, and so on.

As my colleagues and I stood in appreciation of the intricacies

inside that crop circle, we heard a series of musical notes around us, and recorded them. Little did I realize at the time that this was yet another moment when Mother was summoning her children, and spellbound, we wandered towards one of her creations, ever closer to her bosom. And here lies the final connection to the pentagram-hexagram. As it turns out, the geometric/numeric ratio 6:5 is not just the ratio of the Earth and the geometry of DNA, it also happens to be a musical interval called the Minor Third. It is the frequency interval between the notes E-flat and C. And when played, they sound exactly like a call many of us have heard at least once in our lives, regardless of cultural background. For these are the two tones that a mother utters when she beckons her children. They are the notes most often used in lullabies. They are the first summoning tones in native American flute music. And this ratio is expressed in the forms of the pentagram and hexagram, the same forms that are inherent in the geometry of sacred sites, cathedrals and crop circles, not to mention their pulsating, living energy fields.

And thus with these tones we are summoned to hear, to heal, to communicate. If indeed the crop circles are a conscious act of Earth Mother calling to her children, she’s doing so in a way that, like the best mothers, is best achieved through gentleness and elegance. Even though, as expressed by the ‘Mother Is Crying’ crop glyph, she does so while quietly uttering her own pain. ©Freddy Silva. No unauthorized reproduction.

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Can temples transform ordinary humans into extraordinary beings? Ancient texts throughout the world speak of sacred sites as living entities where people are ‘transformed into gods, into bright stars’. And evidence shows how such places of power are indeed built at magnetically sensitive locations, and according to an ncient design that is capable of altering a person’s state of consciousness. In this ground-breaking book, researcher and international speaker Freddy Silva examines the origins of sacred sites and what makes them so, from prediluvial mansions of the gods to the resurgence of “the knowledge” via the Knights Templar and the Gothic cathedrals, even the design of the capital of America. Since at least 15,000 BC, various groups of initiates sharing a singular vision have encoded a spiritual technology around the world. Their aim? The selfempowerment of the individual and the transfiguration of the soul, to maintain a society in balance with itself and with the cosmos – indefinitely. As such, the temple builders sought to transmit a body of knowledge that offers a solution to our loss of confidence in spirit, so that we may become masters


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of our selves. Not only did sacred sites become repositories of an incredible spiritual science, they would also serve as an insurance policy for times when humans needed to be reminded that they too are gods. This legacy is our common wealth.

Five Pointed Star Exercise © The “Star Exercise,” is indeed a “Key to All Power,” as it unlocks and brings forth in Man all his latent powers and forces. It is when the human body takes the position as shown in the diagrams following that the actual contact of life energy within is made with the Universal Life Energy without. Stand straight, but relaxed, with legs spread at a degree corresponding to the design, the arms stretched to either side on a level with the shoulders, with head erect, and your body will fit into the five-pointed star. Even the proportions of a normally built body will correspond to the figure of the star. The head fit into the upper point, the two arms into the two side points, the torso into the center, and the legs into the two lower points. The palm of the left hand should be turned up, and that of the right down. The whole body must remain erect, but not tense. The palm of the left hand turned up, draws in through its complicated network of nerves the Universal Energy present in the surrounding atmosphere and the stream of Life Force pours into the body because of the attraction exercised on it by the inner magnetic life force of the body itself. Thus, is established a current of Universal Energy, penetrating from the Infinite Source into the human body, invigorating it and purifying it and flowing out of it only to return with ever increasing power. Not only through the left hand does the Life Force penetrate into the body, it pours in also through every cell and very strongly through the solar plexus. Shortly after having taken the position you begin to feel a certain heaviness in the palm of the left hand. It is as if a heavy ball were pressing on the palm. And, one is sensible of a kind of tingling in the fingertips of the right hand. These two feel that the contact is established.

Here are a few more important points to be remembered in connection with this exercise. The best times to perform it are in the morning, immediately after getting up, before doing anything else, and at night before going to bed. Making the contact with Universal Life Energy combined with Sun Gazing is most beneficial to one’s health. Three to five minutes are all that is needed to perform the Star Exercise. For beginners, it would not be advisable to do it longer, because of the very strong inflow of life forces. But, later on when the body becomes accustomed to that flow of life currents, the duration of the Star Exercise can be prolonged to fifteen minutes and the exercise taken more than twice a day. During that exercise, one ought to be dressed as lightly as possible, in order to leave the body free and without pressure on any part of it.   The exercise should be performed in front of an open window and never be taken immediately after a meal. At least an hour must elapse between the two, otherwise nausea and sometimes indigestion may result as the life current has the same effect on digestion as an electrical storm has on milk.   It curdles the food in process of digestion, because of its strong chemical actions.   Deep, rhythmic breathing is very helpful in connection with the exercise, because of the stimulating effect of the oxygen. In the beginning, one’s arms may feel tired in the performance of the exercise. No effort should be used to keep the arms up in their proper position. Let them drop, and lift them again when rested. Otherwise, the tension of the muscles and nerves resulting from a prolonged forced elevation of the arms will counteract, to a great extent, the flow of the Force through them. The exercise works so automatically that there is no imperative need to think about the Force flowing through the body. It will flow anyway, because of the Law of Attraction (also known as the Law of Love & Harmony). On-line classes & Study Library

The Sex Principle

Written by Walter Russell Sex is the controlling cause of both force and motion. Without it, neither could continue. To say that Mind is the motive power back of force and motion, is but stating a generality; but to state an attribute of Mind by means of which force and motion are controlled, is being specific. Sex is the motive power behind force and motion. Sex is the apparent division of the father-mother substance of Mind into apparent opposites. This division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process. Sex is the active desire of Mind for division into opposites, and its reactive desire for unity. Sex is that motive force which demands separability into two, and equally desires union of the apparent two into one.

Mind, being One, cannot yield to the desire of Mind for separation into two. Sex desire of Mind for divisibility into two succeeds only in producing an appearance of divisibility into two. Likewise, sex desire of Mind for unity into One succeeds only in reproducing an apparent composite of the two. Sex is of all things from the beginning. Sex begins when light begins.


is the desire for the appearance of being which constitutes the appearance of existence. Nothing can be, without the desire to be. All things are which desire to be. Desire dominates all thinking. Desire dominates all matter. All desire is sex desire. All desire is for the continuance of existence in the orderliness of existence. Sex desire is that force in thinking that continues thinking. Existence is continued only through thinking. Sex force is that quality in the electromagnetic impulse of thinking which continues one impulse of thinking into the next impulse of thinking. Sex force, like all phenomena of motion, is periodic. Sex periodicity continues the simple beginning of idea into the complexity of idea. Sex force is the builder of the apparently many things out of the reality of the One thing. Periodic variance of sex is the father of desire for the creation of the idea of many things. Remove the image-making faculty of the father force of Mind, and the production of idea would discontinue. Variance of sex is the mother of desire for unity of sex. Remove the sex desire of Mind for the unity of Oneness of the mother force of Mind, and reproduction of the idea of Mind would discontinue. Matter cannot continue its appearance of existence as form, without the desire to continue such an appearance of existence.

From the One

The material substance of Mind cannot evade its materialization into the form desired by Mind. This is an immutable law to which there can be no exception. Man's concept of sex as beginning with organic life is a wrong concept. Sex is as absolute in the elements as in the complexities and compounds of the elements. Man's concept of the beginning of sex and the beginning of life is a concept founded on conditions of temperature. Sex and life and light and intelligence are in and of all things from the beginning. The sex principle is as much a part of the granite rock or bar of iron as it is of man. The great hot star called Argo, blazing away at a temperature of thirty thousand degrees, knows sex in its fiery heart, and cannot continue its appearance without it. The Martian ice cap knows sex in its frozen depths, and retains its appearance because of sex.

Sex is evolutionary in all things.

Sex is the apparent division of all things into their opposites, male and female. Sex is an electromagnetic equalizer of matter in motion. Sex is the apparent division of the One force into electricity and magnetism,1 two opposite forces, positive and negative, which are in reality but two pulsations of the One force. Sex is the apparent division of all things into their opposites, male and female. Sex is evolutionary in all things. All things are both male and female. All creation is first male in preponderance, then it is similarly female. All light units and systems of light units are first male-female, then they are female-male. Apparent opposites of the indivisible substance of universal Mind are not content to remain in the state of apparent opposition. Unity, or Oneness, inherent in all things, asserts itself in dissatisfaction when electromagnetic forces of matter in motion are sufficiently generative to cause too great an inequality between the apparent opposites. Sex is unsatisfied when the

electromagnetic forces of matter in motion are unequal, and it is satisfied when those forces are equal. A lightning flash is the power of sex equalizing positive and negative electromagnetic disturbances of equilibrium between two oppositely and unequally charged storm clouds. In motion-in-inertia, sex desire is negative. In motion-in-opposition, sex desire is positive. It is dynamic.

Sex first asserts itself in form. All form appears through sex, passes through a progressive charge called "growth" and disappears. All growth is impelled by force and motion, and controlled by sex. Neither sex, nor force, nor motion is of itself alone. Each is of the others. Nothing is of itself alone. There can be no force without thinking. There can be no motion without the force of thinking. There can be no idea of Mind without sex opposition. There can be no continuity of idea without sex union. Without union in mating, the idea of any one thing would be extinct as an appearance. Thinking and working are the causes of those elements which man calls sex, force and motion. Without all three of these there could be no appearance of existence as man knows existence. Thinking and working continue the appearance of all idea from the high to the low octaves of creation. All creating things are but the ideas of divine Mind. "The whole

idea of all things is in the seed of all things." In the seed of idea is the whole of idea. In the seed of the oak is the whole of the oak. In the seed of the rose is the whole of the rose. In the seed of man is the whole of man. The seed of all idea is in thinking. The whole idea of the oak, or the rose, or man is the result of thinking and working for perhaps a billion years of continuing the idea of the oak, the rose, or man in the seed thereof. This is the law of evolving existence. It is as true of complex, as it is of simple things.

All idea is registered in the little particles heretofore referred to as light units. These units of light, heat, sex, electricity, and magnetism are all male and all female. Every unit is either preponderantly male or preponderantly female. Just so is every unit either preponderantly electric or preponderantly magnetic. Just so is every unit either preponderantly negatively or preponderantly positively, electromagnetic. Just so is every unit preponderantly generative or preponderantly radiative. And each unit is all of these. And each unit is variable, becoming preponderantly one or another of these in its turn, from the beginning to the end of its being. And the variability is orderly, and governed by measurable laws of periodicity, which are also the laws by which motion is governed. It must not be forgotten that all that man calls creation is the result of motion that is due to the opposing impulses of thinking. It must not be forgotten that a continuance of motion causes a creating and not a created universe. The electromagnetic action of the impulses of thinking is continuous in its opposing, and therefore are the effects of that opposition continuous.

Courtney of University of Science and PhilosophyThe University Course - Books - Articles option=com_content&task=view&id=33&Itemid=52

Equal Pairs of Opposites All opposites of all kinds extend from a mutual equator which is their common unity, and to that equator they must eventually return in order to repeat. Every pair must become one in order to again become two. Men and women do not escape this two-way reciprocatve law. Each becomes what the other is. Both are always compromising each otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s unbalance. If the two unbalances are equal and opposite, each type will survive and grow mentally, spiritually and physically. If the two unbalanced mates are unequal in their opposition, the penalty is degeneration â&#x20AC;&#x201C; mentally, spiritually and physically. The quality of one mate is a compromise with the quality of the other. The pattern resulting from this spiritual, mental and moral development is compromised for good or bad by every contact between them â&#x20AC;&#x201C; no matter how slight. This is true even outside the sex union. (Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. II, pp 168-169)

Seeking a Partner

Morpheus and Iris

Everyone recognizes to some extent the type that each is draw to and they intuitively fee each other’s polarity, mentally and physically. Such types naturally gravitate to and recognize each other, so that out of any hundred people, ninety-nine might have no mental or sex appeal for each other – while the hundredth would. All humans should seek the type which corresponds to their own electric wave length. When types so find each other, they will be as perfectly balanced as sodium and chlorine, and the union should be enduring. It is a common saying that people should marry their opposites. Nothing could be more contrary to universal law than this statement. Everywhere in Nature, like attracts like. This is fundamental. Opposites repel each other. Opposites in temperament and physical patterns invite discord, infidelity and mutual degradation. Matrimonial mismating unbalances the blood stream just as certainly as promiscuous mismating unbalances it. (Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. II, p. 167)

Baron Pierre-Narcisse Guérin (1774–1833)

The sex matings of the elements exactly coincide in effect with the sex matings of humans. Violent explosions in the elements have the same basic cause as such violent explosions as murder in humans. Terrific electric unbalance is the cause of both. Likewise, stability in the elements and in humans has the same cause in equality of balance. Sodium and chlorine are good examples of positive and negative opposites of a pair which are equally but oppositely balanced with each other and each equally unbalanced with its fulcrum equator. When these two chemical elements “marry”, they become such perfectly balanced and stable mates that the chemists call them “affinities”. (Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol II, p. 164)

Unified Theory Joining is not satisfactory when forces of matter and motion are unequally yoked.

Sex is the apparent division of the father/mother substance of Mind into apparent opposites. The division is due to the opposite desires of electricity and magnetism, expressed in the action and reaction of the thinking process.- Walter Russell

Electromagnetic wave-Author-SuperManu/GFDL, CC-BY0uSA

Kundalini energy is explained as chakras which are vortices of subtle energy that receive and transmit energy. It is the energy between the two that creates the tantra, the tension.


Excerpts for the book â&#x20AC;&#x153;InsideOUTâ&#x20AC;? by Karen Elkins

Vedic Wisdom In Vedic wisdom, it takes both the Male and Female Divine for the creation of the universe. Shiva and Shakti together manifest the universe. Shiva is the pure being, existence itself, and Shakti the pure will to put everything into motion.

The Kabbalah

These immortal

The Kabbalah sees the human soul as mirroring

divine. A

the Divine. God created man in His own image,

communion, back

in the image of God He created him, male

to bliss. We are

and female He created them, ...

longings are

orgasmic by design when we are entwined.

Mystical Mind Where there is not time

Freeing my mind to transcend time

Or separation between the outer space or my mind

As the quantum sea now swims within me

This magical mystery

Awakening my mystical mind

Of life's design

To know how sublime the design

Resides in the mystical quantum design From the root of passion Where lives wisdom was gifted to me

To cosmic bliss

As the above was the same as me God is the lover that beacons me As galaxies spin their milky dew

Surrender to sweetness and its serenity

Our sperm starts life anew Where he ignites the tree of life This seed of life when taken in

Its golden fruit and love so sweet

Its vortex takes me on a spin Know the nectar of the gods is ecstasy. This seed of life awakens me Opening the channel of divinity Where creation is orgasmic by design

By Karen Elkins

By Matthew Fox

The Hidden Spirituality of Men

Recently I had a very powerful

and beautiful dream at a place and on an occasion that was very auspicious. I had arrived at night and in the dark at the top of a mountain at a retreat center named Mount Madonna not far from Santa Cruz, California. The purpose of my visit was to lead a day workshop that was part of a larger conference sponsored by the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology titled â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine.â&#x20AC;? The night was dark as I stumbled along the rocky terrain, made my way to my room, and prepared for the workshop the next day.

That night

I dreamt

that I was on a mountain in rocky terrain. It was daytime, and someone came to me and said, “Come look at this.” I followed this person over hills and rocky places and arrived at a dirt road where an entire caravan of cars was moving through the mountain. As far as the eye could see, over hill and dale, something like a grand wedding was taking place — it was a wedding day parade with newly married couples in each car as far as the eye could see. Only, lo and behold, in the back seat of each car, as bride and groom, was an elephant and a tiger. They were newlyweds, compassion and passion. A sacred marriage revisited! As one car passed, I saw that the elephant was more or less embracing the tiger, and the tiger had its head out the window and was staring at me. The tiger was beautiful and strong, and in the dream I said, “Look how large the tiger’s head is.” It was a generous and bountiful occasion. All were happy, the sun was shining, and the four-legged ones, far from going extinct, were intermarrying. Progeny were sure to follow. The return of the Sacred Masculine and the Divine Feminine? The return of the Sacred Marriage of the two? One can hope. It was, in the end, a very hopeful and amazing dream.

I take the dream to mean, among other things, that the elephant represents the divine feminine. It is grand and powerful but also maternal and communityminded. I take the tiger to stand for the sacred masculine — a tiger is a hunter, it is noble and beautiful, and also intelligent (the large head) and cunning. The animals were getting along in the back seat of the car, though the maternal, the elephant, was essentially holding or embracing the tiger, the masculine. I could not see who was driving the car. Probably a human being acting as chauffeur. Of course, tigers and elephants cannot actually mate, and this dream about the masculine and the feminine should not be taken literally. We carry both masculine and feminine attributes within us, just as the tiger family carries both within it and the elephant family the same. Meister Eckhart - “All the names we give to God come from an understanding of ourselves.”

The caravan in the dream is



Middle Eastern philosophy pictures history as a caravan with the ancestors leading, rather than bringing up the rear. We are all part of history and this was an ancestral caravan, one that in the real world is seriously damaged, since tigers and elephants and the entire natural world is suffering at this time in history. Why were the elephant and tiger in the backseat? It’s an interesting question, but maybe that is another point of the dream: humans (as chauffeurs) have a responsibility to help preserve these endangered but amazing beings. We are here to serve. Which takes us back to the essence of the dream — it is time that we gathered our beautiful masculine (tiger) and powerfully feminine (elephant) powers. We need a relationship of equality between the yang and yin powers within ourselves and within our cultural institutions. We are a long way from that situation in our current caravans.

It is widely acknowledged and regarded that the Divine Feminine has made a grand comeback in recent history. This has taken the form of women circles, women scholarship, WomenChurch, women organizing, women leading, women becoming educated and taking their place in science, medicine, politics, business, religion, and more. Far more women go to college today than men. Whether we call her the Goddess, Gaia, God as Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Black Madonna, Tara, Kuan Yin, the Bodhisattva, the Dark Mother, Oshun, Sophia, Wisdom, the Tao, Mary, Kali, or the Lady of Guadalupe, she is making a much-needed and much-heralded return. Indeed, not since the twelfth century has the Goddess been so active in Western Culture. At that time she led the charge to reinvent education and worship, lifestyles and architecture.

The Birth of Venus by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1879)

But what about the Sacred Masculine? Here we have far less evidence of an awakening. We need to search, we need to dig — and we need to let go of images of Male Godliness that are damaging and destructive. What good is it if the goddess returns and men refuse her presence? What good is it if the goddess strives to blossom in both women and men, but men offer her no home? What good is it if Sophia wakes women up but not men? This will not do —not in personal relationships and not in cultural institutions, all of which need a healthy gender balance of masculine and feminine, male and female, yin and yang. As Meister Eckhart put it seven centuries ago, “All the names we give to God come from an understanding of ourselves.” If men and women, girls and boys, cannot receive a balanced sense of the gender of God (any statement on God is always a metaphor), then it follows that we are not living with a balanced gender sense of ourselves. Of course, not too long ago, a men’s movement emerged that seemed to inaugurate the redefining of the Sacred Masculine described above. But for various reasons it has been only partially successful. One reason for this may be that the mass media ridiculed many of the efforts of the movement; another may be that

“What good is it if the goddess returns and men refuse her presence”?

certain representatives of the movement seemed bent on defining masculinity in a crazy macho way — for example, Robert Moore in his book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine, spends far more ink citing General Patton than Gandhi, Jesus, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King Jr. In an interview with Christian de la Huerta, a leader in the gay spirituality movement and author of Coming Out Spiritually, I asked him what he felt about the men’s movement. Had it accomplished much so far? I haven’t been personally impacted by it. I think for the most part the men’s movement impacted the straight men’s community, so in that sense I think it did a lot of good as far as it could take it. But for some reason it seems to have stalled or petered out, and I’m not sure what that’s about. There is still an acute need to open up men’s hearts and spirits.

Robert Bly

There is still an acute need to open up men’s hearts and spirits. Look at the evolution of humanity, and I would say that men, and straight men in particular, are the rear guard where the majority of the work needs to happen. And it’s because of that disconnection with themselves, their bodies and their emotions and with the Divine, that frustration surfaces and comes out in inappropriate ways, with violence and rape and war. I asked Christian if he felt men in our society have a distorted view of masculinity. He responded, “Definitely. In a lot of men I find a fear of introspection, a fear of pleasure: they become very stuck in their lives. Disconnected from their bodies; completely repressing the emotions. And that, of course, all comes out in inappropriate and sometimes destructive ways.” I asked Jim Miller, a seventy-two-year-old retired farmer, poet, photographer, and swimmer (he swam the English Channel at sixty-six, and regularly swims to Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay) what the men’s movement meant to him. Miller has been involved with it for over twenty years, beginning with the “Friends of Iron John.” He spoke about the positive work the men’s movement has done, and all that’s left to be done: The men’s movement has been a powerful thing with Robert Bly and Mendocino men’s gatherings over many years. It made me appreciate the gold my father did not give to me. The men in my family were all alcoholics or crazy. The men’s movement was very valuable for me in terms of getting my

feet on the ground and my legs underneath me and understanding some of the things that men are about, including the feminine pole and the masculine pole — awareness and awakenness. Men have been asleep in our patriarchal theocracies. And they’ve had a lot of wool pulled over their eyes over a long period of time. And a lot are


to their vulnerability and

their sensitiveness to Life.

“Every man on this planet should read this book — not to mention every woman who wants to understand the struggles, often unconscious, that shape the men they know.” — Rabbi Michael Lerner “A wake-up call to shake us free from old stereotypes of masculinity, this book is good news.” — Joanna Macy

photo by Bleiglass/GFDL

Matthew Fox is the author of The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Spiritual Masculine and 27 other books. You can visit him online at Excerpted from The Hidden Spirituality of Men: Ten Metaphors to Awaken the Spiritual Masculine © 2008 by Matthew Fox. Printed with permission of New World Library, Novato, CA.

Fox explores archetypes of sacred marriage, showing how partnership becomes the ultimate expression of healthy masculinity. By stirring our natural yearning for healthy spirituality, Fox argues, these timeless archetypes can inspire men to pursue their higher calling to connect to their deepest selves and to reinvent the world. It is no secret that men are in trouble today. From war to ecological collapse, most of the world’s critical problems stem from a distorted masculinity out of control. Yet our culture rewards the very dysfunctions responsible for those problems. To Matthew Fox, our crucial task is to open our minds to a deeper understanding of the healthy masculine than we receive from our media, culture, and religions. Popular religion forces the punitive imagery of fundamentalism on us, pushing most men away from their natural yearning for spirituality and toward intolerance and domination. Meanwhile, many men, particularly young men, are looking for images of healthy masculinity to emulate and finding nothing. We can and we must reconnect the Divine Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, the healthy Yin and Yang in our psyches and our social institutions if we are to survive.

Women of the Divine Khadijah bint Khuwaylid and Mohammed Mary Magdalene and Jesus Radha and Krishna These women were more than side characters in their men’s lives. They were passionate, purposeful, partner and lovers.

The major religions and world philosophies, from their inception understood the notion of God’s force in creation—yin and yang, two opposing forces. You cannot have one without the other, electricity without magnetism. The marriage of energies is what makes the universe spin. To marginalize the significance of one of these forces makes our world wobble. Today the attitudes of cultures and households are out of balance with our understanding of science. Both dynamics are needed in equal measure and need to be respected in order for life to be balanced.

We are ALL Divine. Some of us just act more like it. He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye.- The Buddha

Excerpts for the book “InsideOUT” by Karen Elkins

Mother Earth, Cycles and Spins Mother nature is up to it again, Like the good old washing machine, She does her washing, Through showers and rinses, Cycles and spin. Some items get shredded, Some get cleaned, Depends on your fabric, And if your dial is set, For your temperament, So you don’t get agitated, And get caught in the machine.

Dirtied her waters, Polluted her streets.

She'll be quake’n and shake’n, To balance the weight.

We cannot rape her, degrade her, Beat her, and bleed her, And then ask her to bear fruit so sweet.

For there is no match for a woman’s wrath, For when she starts to clean, How much mother does is up to you.

There is only so much abuse a women can take, Before she is broken, and in disrepair, Remember there is no replacement, There is no spare.

One thing is for sure, What you put into the spin, Is the fashions you wear, What you carry on your sleeve, The stains on your chest.

Mother’s hearth is our home, Her garden our savory treat, For some it’s becoming a wasteland, Where there is no love or respect for the women, There is nothing in the bread basket to eat.

When we went out to play, In the garden of Eve, We dug too deep, Spilled her blood,

So don’t give her the full load, This is overload, For when the load is uneven, She'll begin to wobble,

The bigger the load, The dirtier the laundry, The heavier the setting, The more agitating the spin, It will feel more like a tornado, or a tsunami, A whirlpool, or a whirlwind, Before we can reset her dial back to normal again. To get the best of her, Love and respect her, Then the showers will be mild, No wobble, A gentle cycle, A totally easy spin. by Karen Elkins



in Her “Em”-Power The Dalai Lama’s statement made in Vancouver in 2010: “The world will be saved by the western women”


omen everywhere are beginning to

realize that there is more to who they are then ever before. The Dalai Lama’s statement made in Vancouver in 2010: “The world will be saved by the western women” was a great foreshadowing of the impact that women now have in shifting the consciousness of their community, country and the planet. I can see it in everywhere, and feel honoured to be witnessing so many women wake up and claim their em-power.

disempowerment The body is a mirror of the spirit and when the spirit is in distress, so is the body.

As a Naturopathic doctor, I have worked with women who are longing to get healthier and feel better on one level, and on another level, simply be happy and free to be who they are. The body is a mirror of the spirit and when the spirit is in distress, so is the body. Often they initially present with a range of symptoms some of which include digestive concerns, headaches, fatigue, female hormonal concerns, anxiety, depression and many others. However, in addition to the physical imbalances that are present, there are emotional and spiritual struggles. My lens into the feminine spirit and female body has allowed me to witness common patterns of disharmony that exist in the collective. Often, there are patterns of disempowerment present which eventually need to be addressed. In any given moment, we experience ourselves on all levelsphysically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Women also need role models, and need to know that they have the power within them-self not only to heal themselves, but to live a life of their dreams. In linear and mechanistic thinking, each system is considered in and of itself. However in wholistic philosophies, the whole is considered which also includes the environment. I recall in my Yoga Teacher training, our teacher made a comment that there are three things that determine oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s destiny: 1. Our contribution to the world 2. Who we spend time with 3. Who we are inspired by, including our teachers.

In an attempt to address some female patterns of disempowerment, ranging from lack of self -love, selfsabotage, an inability to express ones needs, and being caught in the victim-perpetrator-saviour triangle, I thought that #1 could be addressed. One’s contribution changes when making choices from an authentic and empowered place. I thought that by creating an empowered community of women, #2 and #3 could be addressed. The inspiration led me to create a space where women could come together and be authentic, inspired and connected to their community. The monthly evening events for women called Celebrating the Goddess, are a space where we recognize the sacred lives in every woman. The evenings are characteristic in the use of energy medicine modalities and awareness practices including music, intuition development, meditation, story-telling, sound healing, ceremony and ritual. These energy medicine modalities allow women to connect to the possibility within to heal what patterns no longer serve, and to wake up to what does serve. In the space we create, we recognize that the feminine ways of working with the destructive patterns that no longer serve are based in honouring and grace. The feminine principle has a much grander plan in mind: harmony, peace and joy. As we gather, there is a strong sense of urgency that we must honour ourselves before it is possible to be in true service of others.

In my training in Andean Shamanism, the principle of “Ayni”, a Qu’echuan word translated to right relationship or harmony with all aspects of oneself was richly emphasized. The Andean tradition with a strong emphasis on honouring the elements of the earth, the stars, the moon and all our relations taught me about how subtly and how strongly we are connected. The illusion we are alone is merely only a reality when we focus on soon as we begin to bring our awareness to the top of the mountain and we begin to see the panoramic view, our vision of ourselves in relation to others is much larger. This is the beauty of energy medicine practices.

They allow us to move our lens and see the bigger picture. When the bigger picture is now apparent, we draw different conclusions. I remember sitting in ceremony with Andean shamans on Salkantay Mountain in Peru, realizing how one’s vision can become grander from a higher place.

The amount of love the Goddess can hold is infinite. Love is an ever-expanding force of nature. Her love is authentic,

Beginner’s mind, one of the key principles in shamanic teachings and yoga practice is

lives in our

crucial in healing. We can see both the reality and the possibility; the manifested and that which has yet to manifest. We are called to acknowledge and honour, while holding a greater vision which is an art and science that we dance with at the Celebrating the Goddess evenings. Honouring, the process of witnessing one’s experience allows the messages of healing to come through from the depth within one’s being. The feminine principle knows her power to create as it is obvious. Evidence of her creation is everywhere if one looks around to see mother nature’s cycles or birth and death. The feminine principle also holds her space and by doing so provides space for others. In the knowing of who she is, all good things flow to her as she is deserving of this. When we sit in meditation, listen to music, or engage in a ceremony, we begin to slow down enough to be able to hear what has been whispering all along. When the feminine can come together and be in a space where she is honoured for being who she is because she is inherently sacred, she begins to feel her power as a Goddess emerge.

unconditional, and a blessing. She

reminds us that the Goddess in all her forms and faces


and can forgive and shares

compassion again and again. It is by connecting to her, women begin to feel that they can not only accept who they are, but also recognize their own light. It is a very satisfying feeling to recognize that what one has been searching for all along actually lives inside. And from this deep inner knowing, and experience of being so deeply connected and nourished by her own love, comes a great joy in being able to remind others that this also lives within them too.

Who is the



She is the sacred, awakened feminine force of creation. Women are designed to create em-powerfully. Naturally, when we set this intention, a very beautiful thing begins to happen: the magic of possibility begins to become a reality. Women begin to feel and sense their potential and realize that there is much more within them then they ever imagined…more inner beauty, resilience and magnificence. The result is an increased sense of space from the inside, and renewal on all levels.

Each Celebrating the Goddess event has a different theme, from Balancing the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine, Connecting and Creating Prosperity, Accessing the Energy of Miracles to name a few of the recent evening themes. Taking into consideration where the consciousness of the planet is in her cycle, it seems timely that so many women are feeling called to connect to their higher selves, and get on with the life they have been put on earth to live. May the power of the Goddess within continue to activate each woman and impact the planet in a way where grace, harmony and heart continue to shift into paradigms of compassion, community and co-creation.

Dr. Alexina Mehta Naturopathic Physician Energy Medicine The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. -Helen Keller

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. - Dalia Lama

" My aim is not modest, I am trying to re-enchant the world, which means to make it magical through chanting. My workshops have this as their aim.   I am trying to reintroduce into our daily lives, ways of experiencing the extraordinary power of group chant.   My aim is to help people

Jill Purce the world.

rediscover their own voices as a tool for deep meditation and personal transformation.

Healing Family & Ancestors: Ritual & Resonance Tr a n s f o r m i n h e r i t e d

There is a profound sense of

patterns into magical

disenchantment in Western society. I think

blessings, bringing harmony, joy and order into your daily life. Activate


unconscious field of the

this is because, quite literally, there is no chant in our lives anymore. All the situations in which members of traditional cultures came together to chant have gradually been

ancestors, making it a

eroded away, so we feel disempowered and

rich source of wisdom

helpless in a desacralized world. My aim is

and illumination.

to try and re-enchant the world, to make it more magical through people chanting together again.

One of the effects of chanting is the dissolution of boundaries and when this happens something new can take place in the psyche and body of a person. Chanting seems directly to stimulate the emission of certain chemicals in the brain, such as endorphins, which give rise to states of enhanced awareness, blissful calm, and other deep meditative states.  People of all ages and backgrounds come together for these retreats. I have people from eleven to ninety, from professional musicians, singers and voice experts, and therapists who want to extend their work, to those who were told at school that they could not sing in tune. The retreats also attract people who want to work on emotional or physical blocks, as well as professional educators, actors and healers. People often report miraculous healing experiences: headaches and backache may suddenly vanish, or emotional burdens quickly lift. Others report feeling more confident and powerful. Overtone chanting, in particular, can facilitate visionary experiences.   My teaching begins with instruction in a specific form of breathing. This is the basis of all the other work. We then begin to tune our voices together. We discover the effect of the voice on the body, mind and spirit. We learn exactly what the voice does, and its power to heal. A specific skill I teach is Mongolian overtone chanting. This involves a single note only, but by modulating all the resonant cavities including the shape of the mouth, you make audible, high, bell-like sounds which float above the continuous bass note in a way which makes people think of the music of the spheres. The overtones are the component parts of the fundamental note being chanted, and are normally too quiet to be audible. Here they are filtered in such a way that they can be heard louder than the note itself. It is a powerful experience even to listen to it, producing a state of extreme calm and clarity.  

One of the practices I have been exploring most intensely on the week is the healing of the ancestral lines. We go back through our families and by means of the voice we exorcise family curses, unacknowledged deaths, redundant themes and patterns, and other ancient hurts. At the same time we uncover the particular blessings, the gifts which we receive from our ancestors. Often we find what the Native Americans call ‘our medicine’, the gift which we are to the world and how this relates to the essence of our family patterns. One person who did this work with me said that they managed to release and heal their relationship with their mother, which had been untouched by years of therapy. Depending on the time of year, we do ceremonies which mark the passing seasons and reflect and interact with the quality of time, making accessible the spirits of the moment, so that we can remain in harmony with it. In a similar way we work with the spirits of the place, learning to interact with the forces and spirits of nature and understand how they can have a benign influence on us. We discover how these forces affect our place of birth, our childhood and the health of our family lines, and what we can do to balance these forces of nature to bring our lives into harmony with them. In addition to these, we do different purification practices and work with the elements to purify past and future karma and balance the elements in our bodies. I also work with dreams through sound and mantra. I use chant combined with ceremonial dance to connect with one of the most ancient forms of healing, the power of vocally induced trance . We do many ancient forms of sacred chant.

Underlying all my work is the premise that the voice is the key to spiritual transformation. Because the sound of the voice is directly linked through the breath to the activities of the mind, through working with the voice we can learn to enter the state the Tibetans know as ‘rigpa’, the awareness which combines emptiness with clarity. This leads ultimately to illumination.   Copyright Jill Purce

Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre Healing Family & Ancestors: Ritual & Resonance Presented by Jill Purce at Hollyhock Jul 27 - Aug 1, 2012 • • • •

Health & Healing Personal Development Relationship Spiritual Development

Transform inherited patterns into magical blessings, bringing harmony, joy and order into your daily life. Jill’s unique ceremonial shamanic healing rites, using chant and family constellations, heal the resonant field of the family. She works with each person, resolving recurring hurts in magical and oracular ways, healing our lineage and clearing the field, enabling present and future generations to receive ancestral blessings, transforming clamorous ancestors into benign allies and powerful guides. By working in the present to reveal inherited dynamics, we change both past and future, restoring order within the family, even where families have passed on. We discover what Native Americans call “our medicine”, the gift we are to the world, embodying the benign influence of past generations.

Jill is also the author of “The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul

Jill's Biography Articles Press Reviews Bibliography

June 10 - 15 CLEANSING FOR WHOLE HEALTH with Heidi Lescanec, ND & Thara Vayali, ND Achieve the rejuvenating benefits of a cleansing diet every day, all year long. >more June 24 - 29 SOLD OUT HEALING THE STRESS OF ADDICTION & THE ADDICTION OF STRESS with Dr. Gabor Maté, MD and Elizabeth Claire Burr, ERYT Let go of self-negating thoughts, coping mechanisms and body tensions. >more

About Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre At Hollyhock’s gorgeous island property, you’ll find healthy organic meals, wonderful views, and the opportunity to relax, get back to nature, and take excellent care of yourself.

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