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The Spectral Domain: The Reciprocal Space of Subtle Energy Don Estes The Trinity Jon DePew Light & Death Prof. Konstantin Korotkov Orbs and Images Dr. Miceal Ledwith Light and Life Prof. Konstantin Korotkov and Krishna Madappa Walk-Ins Scott Blum Pillar of Light Karen Elkins The Blessing of Subtle Engeries: Towards a Simple Explanation Cyndi Dale Subtle Wisdom Chris Lovelidge Telepathy Rupert Sheldrake Cures for Humanity: See the History of the Royal Rife and Nemescope Steve Ross Subtle Wisdom Ted Kuntz Conscious Connections in Clothing Article, Photography, and Research by Sharmila Nagraj Wholly Human Brenda Williams


For years the concept of “subtle energy” has been tossed around as if it’s an actual manifested reality. Lectures have been given and paper after paper has been published about the effects of these subtle energies, so called because no one has been able to actually measure them except secondarily through the effects they produce. If they exist where are they?

We came to this question during a 15-year research project into the true nature of reality and its most primary, fundamental level…a place in mathematics called…Origin. At this highest level of math, everything in the universe is a specific distance and direction from origin. The history of finding one’s way back to origin is their journey to destiny.


To find origin, it is necessary to follow the decimal construction of reality back to its original source. With regard to the physical universe this is called the “nested structure” of cosmic reality and it can be graphically illustrated as below:

...finding one’s way back to origin is their journey to destiny. By Don Estes

From Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration

Super-organisms like human beings are encircuited within this cycle of manifestation. Between the elements that make up our bodies and our connection to original source via the silver cord back through all of our ancestors…we consist of all of the these frequencies. There are no so-called “missing frequencies”, just those that are stressed or in need of support. The scale of manifested reality runs from the Quantum constant on the right, which provides the building materials, to the Gravity constant on the left, which draws and holds all of the parts into one Whole. Observing this scale it is easy to see how these small parts gather and arrange themselves into larger and more sophisticated arrangements until the whole is eventuated. The potency of origin begins to slow as it steps down into the primary particles that make up the atoms that combine to form the molecules that arrange themselves into the cells that comprise the tissues that form the membranes of the organs of a superorganism like a human being. This complement of eight steps forms a full octave of manifestation. On the other side moving toward a larger whole, humans are connected to the gravity constant through the physical, mental, and spiritual circuits of DNA all the way back through the millennia of ancestors to original source. This personality circuit is

an individual’s own private connection back to Origin, and returning to it is the essence of Destiny. Modern science is beginning to give credence to the idea that a large part of reality is hidden away from us beyond the quantum/gravity veil. In fact, all of physics is currently engaged in defining the “theory of everything” that explains how universal manifestation originally occurred and in resolving the mathematical discrepancies between the laws of gravity and quantum mechanics. Their “big-bang, superstring, membrane, gravity and four forces of nature” stories are beginning to unravel in the face of the stochastic nature of chaos theory, which redefines the four forces of physics as “attractors” and better describes the true nature of what is going on. All of these theories are focused on what is called direct space. However, evidence is mounting for the existence of a separate inverse space that balances and stabilizes the one we live in. This, as yet unaddressed, indirect space is called the spectral domain, in differentiation from the time domain in which we live. A real world example of this is to consider an instrument like a violin sitting in its case, representing a full potential of melodies inherent within its “resounding body of resonant frequencies”.In other words, it contains within its own body a unique, one of a kind spectral signature.

“resounding body of resonant frequencies”

The timbre produced by this instrument is distinct and will sound the same no matter who plays it. However, when a musician picks it up and begins to interact with it, changes are made to the instrument over time as the strings are drawn or plucked, keys are stuck, pedals are pumped and other actions are taken on the part of the player as they attempt to interact and become one with the instrument. The result is music and its beauty and sophistication are directly proportional to the integration of player and instrument. The more integration…the more beautiful and synchronous the music will be. Every thing, event, and situation has this time and spectral duality, which can only be resolved by an observer who is watching, listening, feeling or otherwise sensing the outcome. This is true of human beings as well. Part of us has already actualized (body, mind and spirit), but another part lies hidden in the potential of our future choices and universal fate. The better integrated we are between our actual and potential selves, the more beautiful our music becomes. I’ve written many papers on the mechanics of how intention originates in the spectral domain and how it manifests itself in the time domain, but that is not the purpose of this paper. Rather, what we are discussing here is the difference between the spectral domain beyond the quantum and the time domain we live in on this side of the veil.

Some of the leading scientists are beginning to realize that there is another universe that balances out the energy of the one we live in…a mirror universe some say…dark energy and dark matter others declare. This is bringing them to the unmistakable conclusion that there is indeed an “other side” as has always been reported by the sages and spiritual leaders throughout the ages, who have given it many names like paradise, heaven, nirvana and the void. We call this unseen realm of reality the spectral domain and have shown that instead of being a mirror image of direct space, it is rather a reciprocal space. A reciprocal is the part of something that is needed to make the other parts add up to one, or in other words…become whole. Any real thing that’s not totally complete and unified in the time domain has an imaginary reciprocal part on the other side in the spectral domain…its hidden potential that still remains shrouded in the mystery of potential. Getting to this domain to discover the missing part of one’s true self is the essence of spiritual transformation and human transcendence to a higher level of order. Such a journey often takes many lifetimes to achieve. Subtle energies are the way in.

Problems occurring in the time domain are heterogeneous and have many aspects to themselves such as physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual factors. However, the spectral domain is homogenous. The only variance there is the ever-changing relationship between the real and imaginary, actual and potential components. Creating change at this primary level of reality provides a much more elegant and efficient way of effecting true and lasting change upon an individual or group. Collapsing the wave function by learning how to combine these two elements together is the secret of being able to create one’s own reality. We have demonstrated that all geometry, including the so-called sacred ones are constructed from combinations of these two components, which represent the smallest, most indivisible building blocks of reality.

Dr. William Tiller gives a good description of the reciprocal world in many of his books and lectures. But, the question remains‌ where is this world? There is such little information about it that it’s really hard to know where to start looking. Is it right in front of us but invisible? Is it an actual location in space somehow hidden from view or perhaps even a different dimension? One thing we do know about the spectral domain is that it is dimensionless, that is, has zero dimension. The only real place a zero dimension could be found is at the focal point of light as it passes through a lens. At that point where the light converges at the crossover point, it becomes dimensionless, a singularity, before diverging back into light rays with dimension.

All of the information that makes up an individual is contained within that zerodimensional point. It's possible to extrapolate the essence of that information into direct space, for the purposes of perception and analysis, by allowing it to expand and populate a real world topology. Scientists are beginning to understand this and find ways of seeing what’s going on in

the quantum world. In physics, for example, to observe the quantum structure of a crystal, they blast it with high-energy light and put a screen on the other side. The light is diffracted and the resulting projected light produces an image that reveals the atomic structure inside.

In a reverse, but somewhat similar way, Dr. Tiller shows how to see a spectral domain image of a time domain object in his book, The Science of Human Transformation‌ his treatise on the science of subtle energy. In the book he shows how diffraction gratings can be used to make such an

image. If you punch a hole in a thick piece of paper, shine a light through the hole and put a projection screen on the other side, the hole becomes a lens and its size and shape diffract the light going through and create mandala like patterns on the screen.

The position, color and shape of the diffraction grating can further affect the resulting image:

(From our Psiometric Science Archives - 1996)


If this process is used to further populate a dynamic 3D real world structure instead of a static 2D picture the real time living spectral essence can be viewed as a matrix. The topology of choice for modeling a dynamic reality is the torus as it can represent a threedimensional system changing over time via torsion. Above is a graphic diagram of a quantum biofeedback process that uses this method of dynamic modeling to describe the

pre-quantum state of a person’s stated intention. The user states an intention into the process by whispering, speaking, gesturing, toning, singing or otherwise expressing themselves into the process, all the noise is removed, the partials are separated into their real and imaginary components that are returned to separate ears such that the brain must resolve the difference between the two signals.

Spectral Essence Matrices from Live Sessions

Simultaneously, these same partials are used to make a diffraction grating of their phase space, pure light is shined through it to a lens which refocuses the image into a onedimensional point and focused at the vertex (central singularity) of a torus, which is then torsioned to populate its surface and unfolded into a two-dimensional image that can be viewed as a cross-section. In this manner, all

the difference and tension. A process like this can allow anyone to become the observer of their own reality and learn how to resolve the difference and tension between those two different aspects of themselves. This results in a release of the tension, reduced incidents of drawing in unwanted energy, epiphanies, actualization of hidden potential and ultimately to a higher level of

of the dimensions of a spectral domain reality can be viewed as a time domain object. In other words, these spectral essence matrices are physical evidence of the existence of the subtle energies hidden in reciprocal space.

order‌transformation from a physical evolutionary creature into a spiritual existential essence‌a process call Allasso.

All human suffering stems from the difference between the real and imaginary parts of our lives. This difference creates a tension, which functions as a black hole that draws in any resonant energy that can help to resolve

In summary, the spectral domain is the realm and dominion of the so-called subtle energies. These energies can be observed by passing light through a time-domain diffraction grating of the phase space of a real world object, event, situation or stated intention to reveals what kind of spectra it absorbs, reflects, transmits and diffracts.

The resulting matrix can reveal a person’s true inner and outer radiance, state of resolution, degree of harmony, geometric patterning, time orientation, energy distribution, manifesting capabilities, music correlation, and other information about their manner of being and doing. These subtle energies can also be heard by reducing the

partials of an expression down to the most primary level of reality, separating the real and imaginary components and then requiring the brain to reassemble them through the recombination of binaural phase, which represent a person’s true inner-voice. So, all one needs to experience these elusive energies is to shed so much light on every aspect of their life such that nothing can hide, all is revealed, and begin to integrate and a become one with the instrument that they inhabit. Take a lens to your manner of being and doing, and have good look at what is going on, on the other side your life, behind the scenes… acknowledge the need to change, give up all resistance, identify and remove all unwholesomeness in the way…and then take faith by burning the old bridge and stepping out to your next highest level of order. Give as much regard to the Inuverse as you do the Universe.

R a d i o S h o w A r c h i v e d (click to view)

Don Estes

and sound therapy, relaxation, arbitration, entertainment and expanded states of mind. His intellectual property is garnered from over thirty years experience in the unification of science, philosophy and religion and includes theories, proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music and algorithmic automata. His unique combination of experience in both the hard and soft sciences represents the essence of true neuroscience. Don Estes is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and professionally trained neuroscientist who has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, and the Discovery Channel hits Beyond 2000 and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994. In addition, his work has been featured in Wired, Computer Design, and Los Angeles Magazines and many other national and international media. He is also the author of many articles as well as a book called Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, which is illustrated by a large wall chart titled the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality, one of the most complete compendiums of scientific and philosophical knowledge ever assembled. He is founding director and CEO of InnerSense, Inc. and inventor of Vi b r a S o u n d ® S e n s o r y R e s o n a n c e ™ technologies used by both professional and nonprofessionals all over the world for music

In addition, he has consulted with hundreds of rejuvenation retreats, day spas, mind spas, medical professionals and location based entertainment facilities worldwide, having personally designed, built and operated three award-winning facilities called InnerSpace™, MindWave™ and Aha! Spa™. Don, and his partners in the UK and Canada, have recently revolutionized vibrational science by aligning old world alchemy with modern age supercomputers. Combing their corporations together they have now created Psiometric Science, Inc., which is currently engaged in bringing nextgeneration, transformative technologies to the world. He currently lives the Aha! Experience on a daily basis with his wife and two children, dog, cat and hamster in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles.

The Portacle debuts during the Birth 2012 Celebration at the Agape International Spiritual Center .

See Sound Come Alive The images were created by the Portacle and represent the subtle energies of speaker's intention Share

Michael Beckwith

As above so below see the + see the face? fractal also!

M a g n e t i c B r o u g h t

B y

J o n

t o

F i e l d s l i g h t

D e P e w

T h e

T h r e e

t h i n g s

t r i n i t y

m a k e

e v e r y t h i n g

Two Magnetic Currents & the Neutral Particles of Matter are all Nature ever needed to create all of it's Divine Majesty.

u n f o l d i n g

T h e

g e o m e t r y

F l o w e r

o f

L i f e

L i f e ’ s

t a p e s t r y

C h o i c e


Up, projecting IN

T r i n i t y

C h o i c e


down, projecting OUT

Three things make everything From which do you create?



B y

r a d i a n c e

o f

s o u n d

t o

J o n

l i g h t B y

Z e r o P o i n t N e u t r a l



D e P e w

D o n

E s t e s



DI Vinci



... everything striving to be in harmony is seeking to rest ...

.. harmony is movement / spin / vibration .. "at rest" .. the octaves are the resting points within the magnetic spectrum's scales of frequencies. They are equilibriums of two individual magnetic forces that are of equal strength.

About Jon DePew I have been researching energy on my own for many years. I do my own experiments as to confirm or disprove my own thoughts pertaining to energy. This technique of doing experiments of my own conception and not just replicating others experiments, has enabled me to uncover some very important and original discoveries which is now changing science on a daily basis. There are many self imposed restrictions scientists have placed on themselves, and thus causing science not to progress forward as quickly as it should have. Doing my own work and absorbing anything I felt was relative to TRUTH in regards to Energy is how I advanced to a level that has been o verwhelming in rewarding and truthful knowledge. I've studied through the years a few great researchers of energy from history such as Nikola Tesla , Edward Leedskalnin , Albert Cushing Crehore among others. I only absorbed and focused my attention on what I felt were TRUTHS within all my reading, and original experimenting of my own design. Then one night doing some physical scientific experiments, I saw something in my magnetic work similar to the ancient Flower of Life design. This instantly made me realize that all of Sacred Geometry was really the SEGMENTED BLUEPRINTS to MAGNETIC ENERGIES .. This conclusion also tied together some work of Ed Leedskalnin, an immigrant from Latvia and the builder of the Coral Castle or also known as Rock Gate. An amazing muti-ton hand carved coral stone complex located in Homestead Florida. Ed Leedskalnin had left a subtle visual design on the cover of one of his small self published booklets entitled "MAGNETIC CURRENT". This was a design showing two flexible curves seen in many ancient designs and architectures. So on my own, I took those two curves and proved my conclusions of Sacred Geometry being the Blueprints of Magnetic energies. I proved it visually , mathematically, and most importantly in real working PHYSICAL SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATIONS.

Divine Law

Divine Plan

Examples of these Physical demonstrations and new levels of discovery in Science & Physics can be seen at my website links: MAGNETICSPECTRUM.COM CORALCASTLECODE.COM

Michael Beckwith The images were created by the Portacle and represent the subtle energies of speaker's intention

They are equilibriums of two individual magnetic forces that are of equal strength.

By Jon DePew Magnetic Fields

Light & Death

The esoteric beliefs, the occult beliefs, and the religious teachings of all times and of all peoples concur that death does not terminate the life of the soul.

According to various doctrines, existence of the soul after death can take different forms. However, all doctrines are agreed that there exists a tie between one's earthly life and one's afterlife of the soul, and the latter is the continuation of the former on a different level. The soul does not leave the body at once. Various terms have been assigned to this process by different doctrines, generally from two to nine days. Within this period, the soul is connected with the body. Sometimes the soul is able to return into the body, and the person can be revived for a further life on Earth. In the vast majority of cases, however, the transfer of the soul irreversible. The soul undergoes a transformation, and acquires a new spiritual experience, which determines the soul's further existence. Even so, the soul continues to be connected with the body it has left.

All beliefs on the afterlife of the soul elicit response, support, and confirmation by the contemporary scientific thought and practice.

Excerpts from

Light After Light By Prof. Konstantin Korotkov

The process of death, which we would call transition to greater awareness, can be seen as a process in the energetic field.

There is a washing of a field, there is a clearing, an opening of all the chakras. When you die, you are going to another dimension. There is dissolution in the three lower chakras. There is dissolution of the three lower bodies. When an individual dies, a trained person can see the opalescent quality of the hands, of the face, of the skin. It is opalescent mother of pearl as the individual is dying, and the beautiful opalescent clouds are wafting off. Those clouds are the lower energy bodies which serve to hold the physical body together. They are disintegrating, they waft off, and the chakras there are opened and there are cords of energy coming out. The upper chakras are great openings into other dimensions. This is the beginning stage of death where the energy field separates: the lower parts from the upper. Then, during the three hours or so after the hour of death, there is a washing of the body, a spiritual baptism where the energy is flushed through like a fountain right up the main vertical power current. A fountain of golden light flushes through, and all of the blocks are cleansed.


Opening of the Chakras

Does not this description correlate with the phenomena investigated by us ? Bursts of energy, strongest in the first hours after death, energy fountain, opening of all chakras. This idea allows us to formulate the model of gas discharge visualization process as follows. Chakras for a living person are entrance channels of energy, accepting it from the Universal Energy Field. A healthy person has all chakras and he perceives Universe energy flows, feeding and energizing his spirit and body. This is represented on discharge photos as a smooth powerful glow. At the same time, this glow corresponds to the condition of the organism which has already accepted and processed this energy; therefore, discharge glow varies with a change in conditions. It characterizes the passing of energy from chakras along the channels. The same takes place with any biological object as it exchanges energy with surrounding space. Inanimate objects also absorb energy, but they only channel it, absorbing a part of it without changing it. There is total analogy with absorption of warmth which is really part of the Universal Energy Field. Structured objects such as crystals structure this energy near their surface, but this structuring is constant. In the process of illness, partial or total blocking of one chakra or another occurs. This results in energy blocking that causes the failures in discharge glow. We observed patients with a practical absence of glow. When chakras begin to operate in the opposite direction, that is they do not absorb but rather dump energy, it is followed by discharge glow bursts. But strong peaks at our curves were caused by exactly such bursts! Does this not confirm the idea that after death, energy leaves the body for some time as if flows away from it, and when the energy tank is empty the body begins to channel energy as any inanimate object. However, the glow structure of this object corresponds to the energy of the body skeleton. Discharge glow displays the structure of an object as it displays the structure of a crystal or the inside structure of a dielectric. Therefore glow types for different groups are distinguished. But as compared to a living body glow, this glow remains constant from picture to picture without varying for a provocatively long time.

An interesting question: do discharge photos display particular features of the functioning of various chakras ? leaves the body for some time as if flowing away from it...

Image credit: <a href=''>styleuneed / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

no boundaries The second important conclusion seems to be the already mentioned lack of substantial difference between the glow of the dead and the living bodies. This may be interpreted as experimental proof of the absence of the basic boundary between the states of life and death; that is, as a proof of a gradual and smooth transition from one state to the other. This conclusion agrees well with numerous esoteric and mystical ideas, and suggests that after death, the frail body, or ethereal body, or soul departs gradually from the physical one. An entirely different question is how irreversible this process is—which moment is the point of no return, and exactly when is the last moment when these two substances—the physical body and the soul—are connected together? One might try to answer the latter question on the basis of our data, but the former question will require much searching.




...which moment is the point of no return?

The big problem is to solve the secret of the brain: what is itâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;a subject or an object ? A container of brain and soul or their only source? Shall we be able to keep the soul after a replacement of a part of the brain? Answers to these questions are likely to begin in the near future, but all teachings agree on the point that the soul can leave the body, exist outside it, perceive sensations, see other worlds and then come back into the body to continue the earthly existence. Over the centuries these ideas marked a boundary line between two philosophic schools: Idealism and Materialism.

For the followers of materialism all speculations about the soul always related to legends and fantasy, they explained this idea as the representation of human fear before the hostile nature, as their attempts to stand above the animal world. In any society poets and storytellers were appreciated and honored. And all religions were no more than canonized folk tales. Matter is primary; spirit is the generation of the same matter, product of brain activity, complicated structure, having new quality owing to a certain organization level. A computer comparable in complexity of its structure to the human brain in the near future will be able to compose verses independently, to make decisions and to demonstrate character. When a computer is turned off or when the brain is dead, everything is overâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;only matter exists! At the present level of knowledge it is impossible to resolve this dispute. Neither party can give any unequivocal proof of their point of view.

The question of the brain, its is subject or object?

Old Age

Trauma Death


Healthy Person

Near Death

After Death YOUtube Video -Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death 1st part - YouTube.flv

Radio Show Archived (click to view)

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov He has published over 200 papers in leading journals on physics and biology, and he holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions. Prof. Korotkov has led a research career for over 30 years, combining rigorous scientific method with an insatiable curiosity about things of the spirit and the soul with deep respect for all life. He is also a scholar in philosophy and a serious mountaineer of 25 years experience. He has given lectures, seminars and training sessions in 43 countries, presenting papers and workshops at more than 100 national and international conferences. He is the author of 9 books.

Inspired beings, alchemists, thinkers, scientists, researchers, explorers over centuries of recorded history have sought to manifest these insights from Sages to be wholly imbued into the living fabric of life. Sri Aurobindo, Blavatsky, Tesla, Steiner, Swami Vivekananda, Vernadsky, Kirilian and more have contributed to the uplifting of the human condition.

At the V Congress of the International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography (IUMAB) in Curitiba, Brasil, (Brazil, in USA) in 2001, Dr. Korotkov was elected as President of the IUMAB by the world’s most prominent researchers. He was re-elected as a President in 2005 and 2010. He is a Member of the Federal University Scientific Board on new medical technologies, Member of the Scientific Board of the European Society of Predictive Medicine (France) and of the Editorial Board of the «Journal of Alternative and Medicine» (USA).


His scientific line, known as the Electrophotonics, is based on Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV), is a breakthrough beyond Kirlian photography for direct, real-time viewing of the human energy fields. This new technology allows one to capture by a special camera the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy emanating to and from an individual, plants, liquids, powders, inanimate objects and translate this into a computerized model. This allows researcher and client to see imbalances that may be influencing an individual’s well-being greatly facilitating the diagnosis of the CAUSE of any existing imbalances showing the area of the body and the organ systems involved.

Dr.Konstantin Korotkov f (

Books available at http:// books/other-books


Photo by Dr. Miceal Ledwith

To r s i o n Vo r t e x E F F E C T I N G T H E F L O W O F B O T H T I M E A N D S PA C E They are circular shaped visual phenomenon showing up in hundreds of thousands of photos in a myriad of different settings, under all kinds of conditions. These mystifying â&#x20AC;&#x153;orbsâ&#x20AC;? have attracted attention in both the scientific and spiritual communities all over the world. Some orb enthusiasts theorize that these spherical lights have been with us for centuries, possibly the source of our belief in angels, fairies, or other paranormal intelligence. They could be the inspiration for the halos shown around the heads of spiritual teachers in classic paintings. With the introduction of digital photography, these bright balls of energy are no longer confined to religious art and sacred mythology.

Dr. Ledwith’s personal collection of orbs is well over 100,000 images.He is the co-author of “The Orb Project”. His DVD “Orbs: Clues to a More Exciting Universes” .

DR. MICEAL LEDWITH Although orbs have previously appeared up in photos taken with traditional film cameras, it has only been since point and shoot digital cameras moved into the mainstream that photographers have been able to consistently record them. Many believe that, since digital cameras are more sensitive to the infrared section of the electromagnetic spectrum, they are able to “see” slightly beyond what is visible to the naked eye. However, even with the aid of our new cameras, it appears that it may take something of a leap of faith to make contact. Photographing orbs may require a shift from an “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude towards the unknown, to an “I’ll see it when I believe” it perspective. That, along with a good camera and a working flash is all that’s

necessary to become an orb photographer, says Miceal Ledwith, co-author with Klaus Heinemann, of The Orb Project. With over 300,000 orb photos in his collection, Ledwith speaks from experience. “You don’t need to be a guru, a mystic, an avatar, or specially favored by God to see an orb,” he says. “All you need is a cheap digital camera and an open mind.” It may also help to have a basic understanding of how we process what we see. Ledwith explains that “the brain comes into play in human seeing and we don’t see all that’s out there. We only take in 10 percent of the information coming in through the lens of the eye.

“we are living in a frequencybased universe” That means, he says, that “these are beings just outside of our present dimension of frequency. - Miceal Ledwith

The other 90 percent is rejected by the brain which focuses only on stuff we want to help us with everyday living such as food, bringing the children to school, paying the mortgage, etc. Orbs obviously don’t fit into that category so we don’t see them. The difference between looking at something and seeing it involves an act of consciousness by the brain. You can convey to your brain that you are interested in seeing orbs.” Both men are experienced researchers with extensive backgrounds in both science and spirituality. Heinemann is a physicist and former NASA researcher. Ledwith, a theologian and former president of Maynooth College in Ireland, served on the International Theological Commission at the Vatican for 17 years. Neither Heinemann nor Ledwith accepted what they were seeing in their photos without considerable skepticism, and both took painstaking efforts to validate their results. Although many critics have dismissed orbs as dust particles, water droplets, or even tiny insects that have wandered into the camera’s field, the evidence indicates otherwise. “I devoted a lot of time and research to make sure I was on solid ground and I

wasn’t dealing with easily explainable phenomena,” says Heinemann. However, that doesn’t mean “fake” orb photos don’t exist. Although he concedes that it certainly is possible for natural phenomenon to produce occasional orb-like effects, he is quick to point out that the overwhelming number of orb photos that now exist make this explanation highly implausible. For the skeptics, Heinemann offers a series of indicators that can authenticate orb photos. For example, he says, if a photograph shows an orb that is positioned behind another object, it essentially rules out the possibility of water or dust on the lens of the camera. He also classifies as authentic photographs that show orbs that change size and move from one location to another in successive shots. Equally hard to dismiss are photos of extremely bright orbs that are easily visible without digital enhancement, or orb photos taken in the same location at the same time by different cameras. The multitudes of photos that depict orbs in strategic locations such as at the elbow of a healer or the mouth also defy “logical” explanation. Some skeptics also suggest that orb photos are the result of image manipulation. However, Ledwith explains, because the camera’s EXIF (exchangeable image file format) log tracks all changes made to the original picture, it is extremely difficult to successfully fake an orb photo.

Heinemann believes the orbs are the perfect bridge between the scientific and the spiritual, allowing us to see that we are â&#x20AC;&#x153;just a part in a huge continuum of consciousness and conscious beings.â&#x20AC;? -

These strategies apparently work. Both Ledwith and Heinemann have captured thousands of orbs of every size and color in their massive array of photos. However, these researchers are not shooting orb photos for the sole purpose of adding more and more spectacular images to their impressive collections. They believe the orbs are much more than a curiosity; that they have both a meaning and a purpose. Inspired by their orb experiences which, between the two of them, comprise over 12 years of concentrated study, Ledwith and Heinemann have come to their own separate conclusions about the true nature of the orbs they photograph. Heinemann believes the orbs are the perfect bridge between the scientific and the spiritual, allowing us to see that we are “just a part in a huge continuum of consciousness and conscious beings.” He says the orbs are Spirit beings, or more correctly, Spirit emanations. “They are emanations from a Spirit being,” he explains, rather than the entirety of that being. “I liken it,” he says, “to a person using a flashlight. Standing in the dark, you as the observer only see the flashlight — you don’t see the person. That person could be moving that flashlight around and even shining it in your camera. You could say that person is directing the flashlight and it is emanating from that person, but there is so much more to them than just what you see.”

Are digital cameras the vehicles for providing us with at least the initial answers to these intriguing questions? It all remains to be seen, of course – both literally and figuratively.

Ledwith Concludes ...that, “Orbs are, basically, at least in the first form in which we become aware of them, what you and I would be without the physical body.” He further suggests that, “we are living in a frequency-based universe” That means, he says, that “these are beings just outside of our present dimension of frequency. They belong to a realm where you and I have been many times before we come back into a physical incarnation.” Ledwith explains the implications of his conclusion through comparing human beings to icebergs — 1/8 of which are above the surface while the rest is hidden below. “The part of us which is beneath the surface exits in all of the various dimensions.”

Does this mean that orb encounters are paving the way to a greater understanding of the nature of the universe?

Article courtesy of BellaSpark Magazine and interviewer Linda M Potter

Dr. Ledwith was featured in What The BLEEP Do We Know!? and Down the Rabbit Hole. Dr. Miceal Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D (h.c), served as a Catholic priest and as Professor of Theology and College President for over 25 years in Ireland. During the course of his academic and administrative careers he lectured extensively to interested adult groups in many countries and continues to speak at venues all over the world today.

Dr. Miceal Ledwith

He is a long-time member of Ramtha's School of Ancient Wisdom and has been invited to speak at Events held by the school for several years at many venues throughout the

More Interesting Articles by Dr. Ledwith Order Miceal Ledwith on Orbs with Stunning Images

Produces Here

Given his life's experience and long years as a professional theologian Miceal Ledwith believes he is in a unique position to assist people who are also searching for information and answers, and to point the way so that they too can move towards finding the journey of discovery which he is on. To assist in that way is the objective of both the DVD series and his forthcoming major work, "Forbidden Truth." His book "The Orb Phenomenon," co-authored with the German physicist Dr. Klaus Heinemannand his DVD "The Phenomenon of Orbs" are now "Forbidden Truth," which will be titled "Jesus of Nazareth," is forthcoming.

SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO People Making a Difference

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Leigh McCloskey

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Don Estes


NOVEMBER LIVING IN HARMONY November 5 Rupert Sheldrak Science Demystified

Edward Cowie Composer, Artist, & Scientists Are Birds Composers? Are You the Composer? Don’t’ miss his English Wit and profound message about your senses!

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Exploring Energy Fields

Life & Light any biological essence gives to this glow Around an object, placed in a special electrode system producing a high intensity electric field, there appears a gas discharge whose glow one may see and photograph. The discharge appears independently of the nature of the object; therefore, having a certain experimental skill one can cause practically any object to glow—a nail, a stone or a plant; any biological essence gives to this glow its own specific contribution, changing its brightness, size and color. So the discharge reveals features of an object that can't be determined with other techniques and allows one to track its small changes. Put a pinch of salt into candle flame—and you see its color change. Something similar takes place in our case.

The electrical properties of the object, emission characteristics, gas production, energy exchange with environment—all these parameters of the object under certain conditions are displayed on the photos. For the complex object it is not always possible to distinguish the influence of one factor or another, that is, the method permits to reveal the complex organism reaction to different influences. All attempts to reduce the reasons of the glow to sweating or conductivity only, after careful verification appeared to be incorrect. Research showed that photographing is not the only method of the Kirlian glow registration. Valuable information is received during the measurement of integrated glow or the current rate enabling one to receive the data in real time mode.

Written by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov, photography by Krishna Madappa photo’s styled by Karen Elkins

electro photon images with the GDV

TAOS SUNFLOWER: Full Bloom/BUD/Post Bloom

electro photon images with the GDV Use of GDV method of glow registration allows us to monitor the changes of human state directly in course of an activity: physical, intellectual or emotional.

Reading Observe not only the abundance of light into the energy field but concurrently the symphonic alignment of the chakras to its cosmic intelligence.

Human Glow is the Index of Health

electro photon images with the GDV


Datura Flower

Spiritual Science The energy rising from the Earth is electrical in nature, and the energy from the cosmos is magnetic in nature. The interaction of the two creates an electromagnetic field which forms around the body as shown. Your body is electrical and magnetic. The magnetic energy of the grand female vortex fuels the magnetic aspect of your physical by flowing into the Ida channel. Flowing up form the Earth is the electrical energy which flows into your Pingala channel. However, electrical energy also enters the physical through the dark energy subtle systems.

Anghkor Thom Stupa


Illuminated Life


2. 3.


Sending Love to Water â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Iquitos, Peru to Taos, New Mexico, USA YOUtube water and love experiment.

water receiving love

Written by Prof Konstantin Koroltkov, photography and research conducted by Krishna Madappa, photoĘźs overlaid by Karen Elkins

Essential Oils posses in concentrated formula’s healing properties, and indigenous cultures hold this sacred knowledge. Those with this ancient wisdom honored all of life and it’s prana, the light and life in which all organisms have. This vital energy, your inner chi which flows through the element of water rushes through the veins of all body’s from humans to plants. With your breath and your senses learn to experience the unique properties sacred plants and flower oils. Now with the GDV device you can see theses essences come alive before your very eyes. Learn to be feel and allow them to consciously a liven your being. This is what making sense of your world means.

Alive your senses and

feel the exchange and flow. Explore the bounty of creation. Catalogue of Essential Oils - Click Here 575.770.3304/ Taos , New Mexico Unbounded Joy: Pure essential oils of Organic Lavender; Bergamot; Ylang Ylang; Petitgrain; Turmeric

Article on Essential Oils click here

Unbounded Joy The flowers glowed as if each petal and leaf emitted its own light.

Private Reading The EPC/GDV technique is accepted by Russian Ministry of Health as a Medical technology and certified in Europe. More than 1000 doctors, practitioners and researchers benefit from using this technology worldwide. More than 150 papers are published on GDV in over 40 different countries. Private Readings, Group or Research Contact : Krishna Madappa 575.770.3304/ Taos , New Mexico

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the Exchange of Love between people by Prof. Konstantin korotkov

To Tran - Send and to Alter is to Awaken within. To remembering the grandeur of what you have been gifted; You are a composer, orchestrating your life, Pillar

Your song within.

Pillar of Life DNA Spiral

You are the Pillar and the foundation of your creation, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in your DNA. Your DNA is your antenna, your transducer and receiver of your in-form-mation at Play.

You are the temple. The House of God is built like you to remind you You are lights creation, An emanation and a revelation of Its Array. Light

Your Light Body Light and lIfe

You are a body of light connected to Heaven and earth. This tetrahedron is present in all ancient text from Egypt, india, to the star of David .

Your Magnetic Field is Your gravity and what you attach and magnetize into your “field”.

Your Magnetic Field, with its polarities, creates friction sparking your existence hence your life Your radiance the gravity of what you attract into your system Light Earthʼs magnetic fields by T Stein CC 3.0

Life has a spin You spin your life stories, Your matters into matter

Yin and Yang Light and Dark Male and female inside and out up and down, anyway you look there is spin. it’s in every culture

Life is geometry

You are a cosmic creation. Your are Crystalized light. That is your geometry, and the measure of your life. from atoms, Adam to Light, Eve

You are pure geometry in motion Your vehicle for ascension and transmission time and time again

Karen Elkins

Atoms never die, but reconfigure

The spirit of Whole and wholly lives within

Marriage of ideas

Cathedral floor plan

Vedic floor plan

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The Secret Life of

Walk-Ins One of the first concepts one must accept "on faith" when embarking on a spiritual path is that of a soul being separate and distinct from the physical body that contains it. Not only is this one of the fundamental similarities shared by many of the established religions of the world, but it is also one of the few places where the New Thought movement is wholeheartedly in agreement with the religious establishment. There is much discussion surrounding how and when a soul enters the body during birth, and ultimately what happens to the soul after death, but there is a general agreement that the separation of soul and body is both fundamental and regarded in a positive manner.

by Scott Blum

However, there is substantially less agreement surrounding the fascinating subject of what happens when more than one soul inhabits a single physical body. Part of the reason for this dissent is the negative connotations associated with the concept of  possession. For years, Hollywood horror films have sensationalized the event of a body being taken over against its will, which is akin to a forced metaphysical assault. The kinder, gentler sibling to possession is known as a  Walk-In.  It is accepted that a Walk-In stems from an agreement between the two souls, oftentimes made before the physical body is born. From a human perspective, what this means is that a body is "taken over" when the previous inhabitant is finished with their time on Earth and is no longer interested in continuing on. 


Those familiar with Walk-Ins describe the initial

being born, developing language and motor skills,

experience as a distinct shift of personality or

and accumulating childhood experiences are

thought patterns following a traumatic event or

significant, it is believed that Walk-Ins tend to fast-

miraculous recovery from a severe illness. The

forward past these experiences in order to “get on

subject is subsequently less concerned with their

with it” and begin their work without enduring the nascent lessons of being human. When Ruth Montgomery published her seminal book,  Strangers Among Us, in 1979, she stunned the spiritual community with the assertion that not only was this previously fringe concept more common than had been imagined, but people in prominent positions of power were subjects of

own challenges, and uncharacteristically begins to

Walk-In experiences. In her book she names

show a preoccupation with the burdens of others.

Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin and

Walk-Ins are further described as having an inner

Gandhi, among others, in a long line of influential

poise or quiet radiance and are genuinely

Walk-Ins. She goes on to explain that not only are

interested in helping humanity, without establishing

Walk-Ins attracted to substantial positions of power,

overly close ties with individuals. They also tend to

but many are working quietly among us in all levels

emotionally distance themselves from previous

of society.

friends and loved ones.

Whatʼs ironic is that although some religious

It is understood that Walk-Ins come to a host body

organizations denounce Walk-Ins as having

for two fundamental reasons: the first is to help the

malevolent intentions on par with possession, the

individual complete their tasks on Earth that they

very same organizations tout a fundamental shift in

were not willing or able to do; and secondarily, to

consciousness that happens to their followers when

accomplish the Walk-Inʼs own work on this planet.

they begin to perceive a soul within their body that

This work is typically more focused than a

is previously unfamiliar to them. For example, in

traditional soulʼs work, which is why utilizing a body


that is already mature is desirable for a Walk-In.

named awakening,  Buddhism calls it  bodhi, and

And although the learning opportunities inherent in

Hinduism refers to it as moksha.  




And although these experiences are described in unique ways, what is common is that there is a profound shift in consciousness when the mind acknowledges the existence of a soul that was not perceived before. In fact, Christianity asserts that pivotal event stems directly from the act of “inviting Jesus Christ into your heart,” which could be perceived as similar to the “agreement” that is made with a Walk-In.

Scott Blum is an award-winning filmmaker, best-selling author and the co-founder of the popular inspirational website DailyOM. He is also a successful multimedia artist who has collaborated with several popular authors, musicians, and visual artists and has produced many critically

There is much work to be done in the field of metaphysics to help

acclaimed works. Scott lives in Ojai

us comprehend how experiences that are common to us all can

with his wife, business partner, and

be understood and shared with one another. This is one of the

soul mate Madisyn Taylor and their

main reasons why I was compelled to write and direct the feature

son Oliver. For more about Scott Blum

film Walk-In (Hay House DVD, October 1, 2013). I am fascinated

and his projects, visit:

by how these occurrences define our relationship with ourselves,

our loved ones, and ultimately the world around us. And I hope to

His new film, Walk-In,  will be released

provide a catalyst for discussion about one of the most profound

on DVD and VOD by Hay House on

challenges that affects us all: how to come to terms with having a

October 1, 2013.

spiritual experience in a physical body.




My personal journey of discovery into the mysteries of Subtle Energy Fields...

By Chris Lovelidge

My personal journey of discovery into the mysteries of Subtle Energy Fields (SEF) began in 1975 when I had a Near Death Experience (NDE); it frightened the life out of me. At that time there was no information available about these transcendental experiences. I concluded that I had developed a psychosis and my next step was the funny farm. Unknown to me at that time, Dr. Raymond Moody, a

psychiatrist investigating this phenomenon,

published his findings in a book entitled â&#x20AC;&#x153;Life after Lifeâ&#x20AC;?.. Fortunately for me I heard the book being reviewed on the radio; I purchased it and read it in two days. The information in the book was startling and very healing. First I discovered I was not mentally ill (a great relief); secondly I was not the only one who had had an NDE (an even greater relief). But significantly I decided I had to discover just exactly what had happened to me, how and why.

You may be wondering what the connection is between an NDE and Subtle Energies; stay with me on this one.

This is the crystal before being energized

This shows a man practicing Qigong. Note the dense energy emanating from his right hand.

The crystal after being energized

The Chakras as they really look

energy emanating


Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a question: if blockages in the flow relate to disease, and where there is free flowing energy there is no disease, does it follow that removing the blockage will relieve the disease? If that is so and one can alter the field by thought alone, this suggests you can remove the blockage with your own thoughts and heal yourself. It works. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve done it. There are over 150 different modalities of energy healing in use throughout the world today and all appear to operate in a similar manner. The healer requires loving intent to heal and be able to focus on that intent by invoking assistance either from the higher levels of consciousness or some greater power. Many healers can actually feel the blockage in the flow as either warm or cool areas on the body; a few others can actually see this field as vague colours. Apart from using hands for healing there are other modes that use various equipment or items such as crystals. Below are scans of a quartz crystal before and after healing. The changes in the center of the crystal and surrounding field can be clearly seen. Note the presence of reds and pinks in the first scan and greens and blue in the second signifying the change in density of the fields.

This is a scan showing the state of the

This is a second scan of the same man

Energy field before a healing session.

after healing. Note the change in the

Note the large area enclosed by the red

shape and colour of the field. The

Indicating congestion in the upper lungs

Green indicates balance and absence

And high cellular activity leading to a

of cellular activity.

denser field.

There are references to the SEF or Prana field in several ancient texts. The most well known is probably the Ayurvedic Yoga Kundalini Upanishad, written between 1400 BC and 1000 BC. The texts refer to the chakras and this is the origin of this word used to describe the rotating energy centers in the body. Below is a scan showing the shape of the chakras on one person. The shapes and sizes appear to differ from person to person depending on their physical and mental, even spiritual condition.

I was introduced into SEFs in UK by a man who had developed a very interesting system that appeared to have the ability to reveal an energy field around people. Not only around but through and not only people but animals. Amazingly, there were even indications this field was associated with all life. Even red blood cells have one. It seems the SEF contains some quite amazing data; here are a few: •

It is in constant motion through and around the body;

No edge or limit has been found, suggesting there isn’t one, further suggesting the SEF is disseminated throughout the universe;

Blockages or congestion in the flow or movement have been shown to relate directly to either disease, injury, past or present, and can be a pre-cursor to disease;

The SEF can exist in cohesive form free of and independent of the body;

The field can be altered by thought alone;

There is no field where there is no life;

It is speculated the SEF can or does exist outside of the space-time continuum.

Different modes of healing appear to achieve the same result. Here are scans of someone before and after receiving acupuncture healing.

Again, notice the changes in the shape and colour of the SEF, particularly the enhanced green area indicating a balanced field. The scans can detect quite fine details of the field and its density. Below is a scan of a girl with a head cold.

There are several areas of interest here: the throat area has an enclosed area of red indicating infection and high cellular activity where the bodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s immune system is highly active. An enclosed area also shows the energy is motionless. This also applies to the red areas on the sinuses on the forehead and cheeks. So, how does energy healing work? How can intent or laying on of hands change anything? There is now clear evidence that thought has energy or is energy, and it is this energy that has the power to manipulate the field.

One of the foremost researchers in the field of Subtle Energies is William Tiller, Ph.D.,Professor Emeritus at UCLA. His seminal work has brought the SEF into mainstream science or at least the open minded form of science.

He has published many papers on the

subject which he has named “Psychoenergetic Science”.

He quotes

“We humans are much more than we think we are; Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it”. There have been many experiments on the subject of thought having energy including one undertaken by Prof Tiller where he was able to alter the pH balance of water up or down simply by thought or intent. The experiment has been repeated many times and is therefore considered empirical. A second, more famous experiment was done by Masaru Emotos


using the formation of ice crystals. He discovered that by projecting positive thoughts at water as it was crystallizing the crystals formed beautiful cohesive patterns. If negative thoughts we project the crystals were chaotic. This experiment also has the advantage of being repeatable. Another scientist involved in subtle energy fields is Prof. Rupert Sheldrake but he has named them Morphic Fields and the physical changes relating to these fields Morphogenesis. He suggests that animals, particularly dogs, have an innate ability to know not only when an owner is leaving work to come home but when the owner decides to come home. This is telepathy in animals and he suggest telepathy in humans is normal rather than paranormal. For information to be transmitted from one person (or dog) to another requires energy, it must be thought energy. What I find so interesting is how the dog appears to be “tuned in” to its owner. The dog does not get excited when anyone else leaves work to come home.

Now that the existence of the SEF has been revealed and established scientifically we now have something tangible to experiment with. One of the dilemmas we now encounter is the nature of the SEF.

It seems it is neither thermal, atomic nor

electromagnetic. The nature can only be determined by further experiment. From what we know of the field it is an energy form, and to quote Einstein “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one to another form”. It seems then the SEF must be eternal. The indication that the field can exist in cohesive form was taken from a scan of a cadaver in a morgue. The scan revealed an energy field hovering above a body of a man who had died in a road accident very suddenly about 18 hours previously. Did this field come from that body? It cannot be proven but I believe it did. Ghosts appear to be subtle energy in human or other form. I say that because of personal experience. I came face to face with a ghost some time ago. It was on board a cargo ship and I was laying on my bunk reading one afternoon. I looked up and saw an East Indian man looking at me about 5ft away. He was transparent. Now there is a method to determine if a ghost is real or hallucination, if you have the presence of mind. I did. I looked at the ghost and crossed my eyes. The reason for that is by crossing the eyes anything you look at will become double. Anything being imposed on the visual cortex from another part of the brain (as in hallucination) and does not pass through the eyes and optic nerve will not look double. Yes, my ghost looked double and no I was not scared, after all it was only energy. With the data amassed on the SEF we can now make some hypothesis. It is clear the SEF is a mysterious and ineffable form of energy.

If this energy were

conscious, aware and sentient it could explain many strange phenomena. Perhaps it could incorporate our own thoughts, memories, likes and dislikes, all we are.


this is so it would explain ghosts, telepathy, out of body experiences and yes, the Near Death Experience.

Subtle Energy Fields

© 2013 /

What matters will changeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and you will be able to change matter. Makendra Kuma Trivedi

The Blessing of Subtle Energy: Toward a Simple Explanation The night is hot and dark. Although you cannot see the sky through the roof, you can sense the stars stretching down, encouraging your dreams. At midnight, the Beyond speaks, telling you that from this point on, your life will be different. You will be different. What matters will change—and you will be able to change matter.

What if the this were to happen to you? This story is true for Makendra Kuma Trivedi, known as Trivedi or Guruji. Since the evening described, which occurred in India in 1995, Trivedi has demonstrated an ability to shift physical reality thousands of times, in areas ranging from agriculture to microbiology. What does he do? He administers “blessings,” none longer than a few minutes and never twice for any particular concern. University and government studies affirm his effectiveness.

By Cyndi Dale

Miracle Makers

In one study, Trivedi modified the behavior of dozens of crop species, increasing seed germination and survival rates among blessed plants to 99.5 percent, compared to 60-65 percent in control crops. 1 In another University-based study on chickpeas, the plot yields increased more than 350 percent over control yields. 2 Triveda hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t only shifted plants. He has also substantially altered other organic and inorganic materials and DNA. 3 As magical as his abilities, Trivedi is one of innumerable people who have performed minimiracles. There are Jesus Christ, Buddha, and the prophets, gurus, and sages of nearly every religion. There are healers including J.R. Newton, M.D., whom healed hundreds through laying-on of hands in the 19th Century

Consider Dr. Yan Xin, who graduated from medical school in China in 1977 and began healing people by projecting chi energy. 5John of God a contemporary healer in Brazil, has healed thousands of individuals through psychic surgery. His fans include spiritual leader Wayne Dwyer, who credits John of God with freeing him from leukemia. 6 And Dr. Ibrahim Kharim, Egyptian architect and scientist, has used symbols and color to grow apples with an incredibly long shelf life, heal critical illnesses, and even improve air quality on airplanes. 7 These are all examples of applied subtle energy, which I define as an immeasurable force (or set of forces) that responds to consciousness.


As an energy medicine specialist and intuitive, I work with subtle energy every day. Even in my daily life, I rely on subtle energy to negotiate the universe for change and to receive spiritual guidance. Most likely, you do, too. We might not all grow giant grass in our lawn and or heal an injury with a glance; nonetheless, we are all composed ofâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and interconnected throughâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;subtle energies. What might we be able to accomplish if we could better harness its force, as immeasurable and invisible this energy might be?

What exactly is subtle energy? There are a variety of theories, which incorporate terms like zero point energy, scalar waves, torsion fields, time-reversed waves, non-Hertzian waves, and longitudinal waves. Sometimes these terms are exchanged for the label “subtle energy.” While science has only recently turned pen and paper to the study of this energy, its existence is nothing new. For thousands of years, it has been called chi in China, ki in Japan; prana amongst Hindu and Tibetan cultures; mana in Polynesia; and baraka in North Africa. While traditionally ascribed to mystical events including psychic interactions, miraculous healing, levitation of objects, and mind power, our ancestors saw no discrepancy in assuming the co-existence of this magical property and the solidity of the perceptible world. They toiled in the soil to plant their crops them prayed them into being. They set broken bones and then used their subtle energy gifts to meld them together. In approaching the topic scientifically, it’s important to remember that subtle energy is first and foremost, energy. Simplistically, energy is simply information that moves. As explained by Paul Pearsall, M.D., in his book The Heart’s Code,8 science has determined that information and energy are the same. Everything that exists has energy, which is full of information. Even the mind or consciousness is a manifestation of information-containing energy. 9 Energy—information—isn’t stagnant. As shown by French physicist Louis de Broglie

decades ago, matter actually consists of waves, which have movement. Albert Einstein then proved that even photons, which have no weight, are still energy and therefore vibrate; in fact, their momentum is entirely dependent on frequency. We’ve also discovered that at the most minute level, that of quantum units, we find continual frenetic activity.10 Hence energy is information in constant movement.

But subtle energy physical energy unique property. It into what we “virtual reality.”

versus has a is tied call

On the atomic level, more than 99 percent of the mass of the visible universe is made of protons and neutrons. The heaviest ingredients of these atomic particles are quantum units, mainly quarks and gluons. However, these atomic particles are far heavier than the weight of their perceivable sub-atomic particles. These and other observations have led scientists to suggest that much of the universe is made of “virtual particles,” particles that exist for only a short amount of time. They add weight and then disappear again. Virtual particles are actually fluctuations of vacuum energy. In other words, they come from a vacuum, which has led scientists to wonder if matter is really made of vacuum fluctuations. 11

Simplistically, energy is simply information that moves.

Everything that exists has energy, which is full of information. Even the mind or consciousness is a manifestation of i n f o r m a t i o n containing energy.

In my high school science classes, I was taught that a vacuum, the lowest ground state of all fields in space, is empty. Not so. Even the seemingly empty areas of space between galaxies contain matter, or energy that can potentially become matter. This theory, decades old, was recently confirmed by a 2011 experiment at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden, in which scientists turned “virtual” light particles, which flicker in and out of existence in a vacuum, into measurable, material particles. 12

How are vacuum-based virtual particles transformed into material particles? Enter stage left, “the Higgs field,” a field that creates mass out of the quantum vacuum in the form of virtual Higgs bosons. 13 Yet other scientists emphasize “zero point energy,” the energy that’s left when you remove all other energy from a quantum system. 14 Zero point energy is one term for the particles that can appear materially and then fall back into the ocean of unmanifested potential.15 Is it possible that we have more “say” about where these particles are going to appear then we think? That our consciousness determines, at least in part, what will disappear, and what will appear? Defining consciousness is a big job; it is a concept inky and muddled, biochemical and vast. I propose we borrow an idea from the keen minds of Allan Combs and Ken Wilber, pioneers of Integral thought, to emphasize

the fact that consciousness, which is imbedded in the universe, is linked to perspective, which is subjective. 16 Basically our subjective perspective helps “vote” what should appear or not out of the vacuum or zero point energy. There are thousands of studies that document the effects of consciousness on physical reality. For example, the Princeton Pear Lab has accumulated more than 30 years of research on this topic, showing that everything in the universe is connected; not only that, but the mind acts upon, and can alter, objects, people, and events, despite the separation of time and space. 17 One particularly noteworthy study, which included the efforts of Lynne McTaggart and Gary Schwartz among others, charged delegates at a London conference to send intention to one of two geranium leaves at the University of Arizona, Tucson. The leaf that received the intention literally started to “glow;” in other words, its biophoton emissions increased. The other one was unchanged.18 How does this type of “thought transference” occur—and so instantaneously, seemingly breaking the barriers of space-time? Fifty years ago, Professor Nikolai Kozyrev, a respected Russian astrophysicist, began answering this question, discovering a new force in physics, which he called the “density of time.” This force involved a twisting in space he called “torsion.”

The God Particle

The Higgs boson, also know as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;God Particleâ&#x20AC;?, is a particle. It gets its mass like all other particles: by interacting with ("swimming in") the Higgs field... It can be thought of a dense spot in the Higgs field, which can travel like any other particle. Like a drop of water in water vapor. The Higgs particle is considered to be a carrier of a force -hum! Higgs bosons obey the conservation of energy law, which states that no energy can be created or destroyed, but instead it is transferred. - Wikepeida Bubble diagram by Drake/CC3.0, Hydrodynamics simulation,Public Domain/US Gov.

Apparently anything with mass can create its own torsion field or wave. When a particle spin suddenly changes direction, the particle produces torsion waves, a form of particle radiation. Since all elementary particles have mass and spin, they can generate their own torsion field. The direction of the twist—to the right or the left, predicts if entropy (defined as “lack of order” but also “information”) is increased or decreased at the point of origin, with the opposite occurring at a point elsewhere. Thus is balanced assured within the entirety of a system. 19 Hence we could say that when information “disappears” from one place it can also “appear” elsewhere.20 A torsion field can create patterns with their spins, encoding the pattern with information. Subtle energy work, such as accomplished through the application of ESP, hands-on healing, prayer, focus, or energy medicine techniques, is often accompanied by the use of shapes to produce change, as noted in our earlier mention of Dr. Ibrahim Kharim’s work. While particle shifts can create torsion fields that result in patterns, which in turn, act upon the vacuum, the opposite can also be true. Patterns—or even colors and sounds—can invoke shifts that result in alterations of reality. Several physicists are now bending their minds to this idea, long-held by ancient mystics. As pointed out in an article by

Meinard Kuhlmann in Scientific American, physicists have typically believed that particles and force fields underlie reality; instead, these energies might actually themselves respond to bundles of properties, such as color and shape. 21 Might it really take only one persistent thought or feeling—or color or shape, to spin a new reality—one that might persist on its own? The evidence is amassing. 22 If so, how can the average person use this knowledge to make a difference? I had a dream that provided me a clue. In the dream, I was dropped into the past, returned to a restaurant I worked at years ago. My money (and shoes) remained behind. A waitress named Nancy asked the restaurant owners to employ me; they said yes. Then Nancy disappeared and the owners forgot about me. What is my “take away?” Subtle energy follows organized energy. The owners were focused on Nancy; with her out of the quotient, I meant nothing. If we want to create a different reality, something new, we must draw the energy to the desire or goal, not project it elsewhere. We must organize ourselves into the desired reality and virtual particles, and frequencies or forces that enable reality, will follow suit. If indeed, form follows consciousness, perhaps we can bless a new world into being.

If we want to create a different reality, something new, we must draw the energy to the desire or goal.

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AWAKENING ZONE RADIO T h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l R a d i o N e t w o r k f o r E m p o w e r e d Aw a k e n i n g


– w w w. c r i m s o n c i r c l e . c o m


ACADEMY '5($0:$/.)255(/($6,1*:281'6



Ƃ }Ài>Ì ÃÕL̈̏i vœÀ ̅ˆÃ «Àœ}À>“ VœÕ` Li V>i`º5VC[KPI5CPGKPC%TC\[9QTNF» /ÕÀ˜œvv̅i«…œ˜i]}iÌVœ“vœÀÌ>Li]}iÌœÕÌ > }œœ` «>ˆÀ œv …i>`ÃiÌà >˜` `ˆ“ ̅i ˆ}…Ìð 9œÕ½Ài>LœÕÌ̜}œˆ˜Ìœ>✘iœvˆ˜Ìi˜Ãi…i>‡ ˆ˜}>˜`ÌÀ>˜ÃvœÀ“>̈œ˜܈̅̅i Ài>“Ü>ŽvœÀ ,ii>Ș}7œÕ˜`ð v ޜÕ Ü>˜Ì ̜ Li vÀii vÀœ“ œ` ܜ՘`Ã] ˆÌ `œiؽÌ}iÌ>˜Þi>ÈiÀ̅>˜̅ˆÃtˆÃÌi˜iÀÃvÀœ“ ̅iœÀˆ}ˆ˜>iÛi˜ÌÀi«œÀÌi`ÌÀi“i˜`œÕÃLÀi>Ž‡ ̅ÀœÕ}…ÃVÀi>̈˜}“œÀi«i>Vi>˜`vÀii`œ“ˆ˜ ̅iˆÀˆÛið

̽Ã>ܜ˜`iÀvՏ`>˜ViLiÌÜii˜̅iˆ˜Ãˆ}…Ìà œv ˆ“ -iv >˜` ̅i ºŽˆVŽ ˆ˜ ̅i Ì>ˆ» ÃÌޏi œv Ƃ`>“ÕÃ->ˆ˜Ì‡iÀ“>ˆ˜° ˜̅ˆÃ̈“iœvˆ˜Ìi˜Ãii˜iÀ}ÞňvÌÃÜi˜ii` ˜iÜ̜œÃvœÀÃÌ>ވ˜}Vi˜ÌiÀi`]}ÀœÕ˜`i`>˜` vœVÕÃi`ˆ˜>“œÀi«œÜiÀvՏÜ>Þ° "˜i œv œÕÀ LiÃÌ iÛi˜Ìà ˆ˜ ̅i ƂÜ>Ži˜ˆ˜} <œ˜iƂV>`i“ÞqL>VŽLÞ«œ«Õ>À`i“>˜`°

",  "

",  "

AWAKENING ZONE ACADEMY Yo u r O n l i n e G a t e w a y t o E n l i g h t e n m e n t


– w w w. c r i m s o n c i r c l e . c o m

T E L E PAT H Y By Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D. Sir Laurens van der Post, the anthropologist and explorer, found that bushmen were in telepathic contact over many miles. They themselves compared their method of communication to the white man’s telegraph or “wire”.

In his book The

Lost World of the Kalahari, van der Post describes a hunting trip with a group of bushmen. As they were heading back in Land-Rovers laden with eland meat, he asked how the people back at the camp would react when they learned of their success.

One of his companions

replied, “They already know. They know by wire…. We bushmen have a wire here” – he tapped his chest – “that brings us news.”

Sure enough, when

they approached the camp, the people were singing the eland song and preparing to give the hunters the greatest of welcomes.

Rupert Sheldrake, Nov 5, Science to Sage Radio

“They already know. They know by wire…. We bushmen have a wire here” – he tapped his chest – “that brings us news.”

Bushman A San (Bushman) who gave us an exhibition of traditional dress and hunting/foraging behavior. |Source=[http:// IDBeatty_002219] |Date=May 31, 2006 at 14:04 |Author=[http://

By contrast, educated people in the West are usually brought up to believe that telepathy does not exist. Like other so-called psychic phenomena, it is dismissed as an illusion. Nevertheless, most people have had personal experiences that seem telepathic, most frequently in connection with telephones. For example, Janet Ward, of Budleigh Salterton,England, told me, "For a long time, I have had a feeling of telepathy with my two daughters whom I am very close to. I start thinking about them just before the phone rings. It happens too with friends. I’m always saying ‘I was just thinking about you’ when I answer the phone to them." Jaytee's reactions were not a matter of routine, but occurred whenever Pam came home at randomly selected times signalled through a telephone pager. Jaytee behaved in the same way when he was tested repeatedly by sceptics anxious to debunk his abilities.

Dismissed as Illusion

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;I was just thinking about youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; when I answer the phone to them."

Perceptive pets

...testable claims about dogs and cats is that they know when their owners are coming home.

Te l e p a t h y s e e m s e v e n m o r e

The dog I investigated in most detail

common with dogs and cats than with people.

was a terrier called Jaytee, who belongs to Pam

For example, many cat owners have found that

Smart, in Ramsbottom, Greater Manchester.

their animals seem to sense when they are

Pam's family noticed that he seemed to

planning to take them to the vet, even before

anticipate her returns by going to wait at the

they have got out the carrying basket or given

window up to 45 minutes before she came

any apparent clues as to their intention. They

home. He started waiting around the time she


set off. In the course of several years'

In more than 100 trials, we

research with pets, I heard so many of these

videotaped the area by the window where

stories that I made a survey of all the vets in

Jaytee waited during Pam's absences,

north London to find out what they had noticed.

providing a continuous, time-coded record of

All but one said people often cancelled

his behaviour.

appointments because they could not find their

away. To find out if Jaytee was simply reacting

cat. The remaining clinic had given up an

to the sound of her car, she returned by train or

appointment system for cats because there

by taxi. He still knew when she was coming.

were so many cancellations; people just had to turn up with their animal.

She went at least five miles

The evidence shows that Jaytee was reacting to Pam's intention to come home

Some people say their dogs know

even when she was miles away. We have since

when they are going to be taken for a walk,

replicated this work with other dogs. Telepathy

even at unusual times, and even when they are

seems the only hypothesis that can account for

in a different room, out of sight and hearing. The

the facts. (For more details, see my book Dogs

dogs detect their owners' intentions, and bound

that Know When their Owners Are Coming

into the room in eager anticipation.

Home, And Other Unexplained Powers of

One of the commonest and most


testable claims about dogs and cats is that they

If domestic animals are telepathic

know when their owners are coming home. In

with their human owners, then it seems likely

some cases they seem to anticipate their

that animals are telepathic with each other in

owners' arrivals by ten minutes or more, even at

the wild, for example within packs of wolves.

non-routine times, and even when people travel

Telepathy may have evolved as a means of

in unfamiliar vehicles.

communication that enables members of animal groups to keep in touch at a distance.

Morphic Fields My own hypothesis about telepathy is

Morphic fields are organizing fields that

that it depends on fields that links together

give structure and pattern to systems under their

members of social groups, which I call a morphic

influence. The word “morphic” comes from the

fields. Flocks of birds and schools of fish are held

Greek word “morphe” meaning form. They are not

together by such fields, which is why they are able

the same as electromagnetic or gravitational fields,

to move in such a coordinated way without the

but like these other fields are spread out in space

animals bumping into each other. When members

and continue through time. I discuss these fields in

of social groups are separated from each other –

more detail in my book MorphicResonance. In

for example when adult wolves go out hunting to

some ways morphic fields are similar to quantum

find food for their cubs, left behind in the den – the

fields, and telepathy resembles quantum

group field is not broken but stretches, continuing

entanglement, whereby particles that have been

to link the separated members of the group.

part of the same system remain connected at a

Influences can travel through this field, which is the

distance. Telepathy occurs most strongly between

basis of telepathic communication.

bonded members of social groups, and enables them to pick up each other’s intentions and needs.

Morphic fields are organizing fields that give structure and pattern to systems under their influence.

In modern human societies we now

videotaped continuously to make sure that they

have telephones, but telepathy has not gone

do not receive any other telephone calls or

away. Someone's intention to make a call often

emails that could give them any clues.

seems to be picked up telepathically before the call itself.

My colleagues and I have so far conducted more than 1000 trials. The average

But is apparent telephone telepathy

success rate is 42 per cent, very significantly

really telepathic? Could there be a more

above the chance level of 25 per cent, with

mundane explanation? People may think of

statistical odds against chance of trillions to one.

others from time to time for no particular reason,

We have also carried out a series of

and if someone they are thinking of then calls,

trials in which two of the four callers were

this may be a matter of chance.

People may

familiar, and the other two were strangers,

simply forget all the times they think of someone

whose names the participants knew, but whom

who does not ring.

they had not met. With familiar callers, the

This is a reasonable possibility, but

success rate was more than 50 per cent, highly

there is no evidence for it. The only way to

significant statistically. With strangers it was near

resolve the question scientifically is by

the chance level, in agreement with the


observation that telepathy typically takes place

I have developed a simple procedure in which subjects receive a call from one of four different callers at a prearranged time.

between people who share emotional or social bonds.


subjects nominate the callers themselves, usually close friends or family members. They do

In addition, we have found that these effects do not fall off with

not know who will be calling in any given test,


because the caller is picked at random by the

callers were in Australia or New

experimenter by the throw of a die.

Zealand, but the subjects in Britain


have to guess who the caller is before picking up the receiver.

By chance they would be right

about one time in four, or 25 per cent of the time. In many of these trials, the participants are

In some of our tests the

identified them just as well as callers nearby, even though they were on the other side of the Earth.

Telephone Telepathy

In some of their laboratory research on

Dr Rupert Sheldrake is a biologist and author of more

telepathy, parapsychologists have used senders

than 80 technical papers and several books, including

and receivers who are complete strangers,

Science Set Free (Deepak Chopra Books/Random

creating poor conditions for success.

House). His main book on telepathy and other psychic

Nevertheless, many experiments have shown

abilities is The Sense of Being Stared At, And Other

positive, statistically significant effects, and when

Uneplained Powers of Human Minds, recently

taken together, they provide good evidence for the

published in a new fully updated edition by Park Street

reality of telepathy.

With participants who are

Press. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences

bonded to each other the results are generally

and visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute in

even more impressive.

Connecticut. He lives in London.

Telepathy continues to evolve. One of its latest manifestations is the telepathic email or text message.

People think of someone who

shortly afterwards sends them an email or a text. We have done more than 700 tests on email telepathy, following a similar design to the telephone tests, with a success rate of 43 per cent, highly significant statistically.


experiments with text messages have also given similarly positoive results. Telephone telepahy tests tests can now be done with cell phones through my website, and readers are welcome to try for themselves ( We do not yet fully understand telepathy; but it is unscientific to dismiss it or pretend it doesn't exist. Only by exploring it can we find out more.

We still have much to learn

about the nature of minds, and telepathy offers vital clues.

It implies that we are more

interconnected than we usually assume.

His web site is

DANIEL FRIEDMANN I S T HE R E A B L U EP RI NT F O R T H E U NI V E R S E? The Book of Genesis clearly depicts the 6 days of Creation. But when was it? How long was it? Was it 6 days? And what does science say about it?

Every word of the Genesis account

Thurs d a y, N o v. 7 , 6:30- 8 p m FRE E Talk & B o o k L a unc h Eve ning Le c t ure

describes the origins of the universe and life, and every discovery and observation by science leads us to understand how the universe came to be, often in contradiction to Genesis – they can’t both be right, or can they?. The book, The Genesis One Code, presents a ‘Scale of Origin’ – a discovery of monumental proportions – undeniably connecting the dots and filling in the gray areas between the mismatched timelines of science and the Bible.

Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-7912 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC


Two Super Microscopes Reveal Cures for Humanity

Dr. Rife and his Rife Microscope By Steven A. Ross, Ph.D. President World Research Foundation

...two super microscopes, show convincingly that health, dis-ease or illness is a result of the energetic fields that surround and intertwine our body... Following the hermetic formula; As above so below, As below so above, we know that these same forces, seen through the microscopes hold the planets, galaxies and all forms together. Everything is surrounded and constituted with energy. We live, move and maintain our life due to energy fields.

How do we proceed in the

future? We need to understand the energy fields that create and sustain our existence. There are numerous scientists, medical specialists and researchers that have been aware and written profound books and papers regarding the forgoing. The work of Dr. George Crile, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, Royal R. Rife, Georges Lakhovsky and so many other brilliant minds should be reviewed.

For more

information on the research of Crile, Burr, Nordenstrom, Rife, Lakhovsky and several others I would refer you to my book, “And Nothing Happened…But You Can Make It Happen.” Also contact the World Research Foundation at for additional information.

The Rife Universal Microscope built in 1932 and

I had the opportunity to spend two weeks with

the Nemescope built in 1954, two super

Dr. Nordenstrom when our organization flew him

microscopes, show convincingly that health, dis-

to speak at our 1986 world congress in Los

ease or illness is a result of the energetic fields


that surround and intertwine our body. These

theories and experimental results of shrinking

fields encompasses the smallest aspects of the

breast and chest cancer tumors using electricity

particles that hold matter together to the fields

with virtually no side effects. Dr. Nordenstrom

that hold our total existence together.

presented the World Research Foundation with

Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, former Chairman of the Nobel Assembly in Sweden, proved convincingly that changes in electrical potential at specific points in the body lead to tumor growth and that the use of exact electrical fields can cause the body to ʻturn-onʼ defense mechanisms to shrink and eliminate tumors.

As tumors

grew there was a corresponding

Dr. Nordenstrom presented his

a signed copy of his medical book and we had a small ceremony as we placed the book within our library. Sitting next to Nordenstromʼs book was another little book with tape holding its bindings together.

Dr. Nordenstrom grabbed

this little book that was titled, ʻThe Use of Electricity as a Therapeutic Agentʼ. Within this book, a medical doctor shrank a manʼs chest cancer tumor using electricity. published in 1877.

The book was

This is approximately 100

years before Dr. Nordenstromʼs book.

change in the

At this point I would like to substitute the word

electrical potential in

vibrations in the place of electricity. Vibrations

and surrounding the

incorporating the aspects of color, light, sound


and all frequencies in the electromagnetic


Magazine stated in its April 1986 issue, that Dr. Nordenstrom had made the biomedical discovery of the century regarding the bodyʼs electrical make-up.


Pythagoras used color and sound vibrations for healing of body, mind and spirit around 500 BC. So the use of vibrations in not new.

...proved convincingly that changes in electrical potential at specific points in the body lead to tumor growth and that the use of exact electrical fields can cause the body to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;turn-onâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; defense mechanisms to shrink and eliminate tumors.

What is new and profound are the images that

organisms could be changed from one form to

have been seen through the two super-

another. Through the unique properties of the


Rife microscope and its counter rotating risley

“Under the unique aspects of the Rife Microscope “disease organisms such as those o f t u b e r c u l o s i s , c a n c e r, s a r c o m a , streptococcus, typhoid, leprosy, and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies [energy] coordinated with the particular frequencies peculiar to each individual organism.” “By means of the monochromatic beam of illumination on the Rife Universal Microscope, invariable the same organisms refract the same colors when stained regardless of the medium.

The virus of the

Bacillus typhosus is always a turquoise blue, Bacillus coli always mahogany colored, the filter –passing form of tuberculosis always an emerald green, the virus of cancer always a

life frequency of all micro-organisms. Once the researchers illuminated an organism in its true natural frequency, using the same frequency rate, they could destroy the virus, bacteria, germ or whatever instantly.

For those of you

involved in microscopy the use of a light source microscope obtaining 60,000 diameters is unheard of and that it existed in 1932 would appear impossible. It did exist and the research team consisted of, Dr. E.C. Rosenow, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Arthur Kendall, Northwestern University, Dr. Rufus von Klein Smid, President of University of Southern California, Dr. Karly Meyer, University of California, Dr. Lewellys Barker, Johns Hopkins, Dr. Alvin Ford, President of the American Association of

purplish red, and so on.” 1

Pathologists, and several other medical Royal R. Rife and his research team were able to establish the MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) to devitalize and kill microbes, bacteria and viruses responsible for approximately 60 diseases and illnesses.

prisms, light was heterodyned to illuminate the

The light-source Rife

doctors. For the purposes of this article my point is that this microscope illuminated vibrations that showed the life force of organisms.

Universal Microscope obtained magnification of

In 1955 Dr. Elmer Nemes developed a powerful

60,000 diameters.

Specimens could be

light-source microscope, 60 times greater than

watched live for unlimited amounts of time. The

the Rife Universal Microscope, that saw down

Rife research also discovered that they could

to the atomic level.

change germs into other pathogenic organisms.

between 3,500,000 and 5,000,000, Dr. Nemes

Scientifically this is known as pleomorphism.

could see the lines of force (energy) between

Through the use of various frequencies micro-

nucleate cores. See picture A. (Next Page)

Achieving magnifications

..research team consisted of, Dr. E.C. Rosenow, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Arthur Kendall, Northwestern University, Dr. Rufus von Klein Smid, President of University of Southern California, Dr. Karly Meyer, University of California, Dr. Lewellys Barker, Johns Hopkins, Dr. Alvin Ford, President of the American Association of Pathologists, and several other medical doctors.

Both pictures in this article were taken through the Nemescope at 3,500,000 diameters.2 1

The New Microscopes, by R.E. Seidel, M.D., Annual Report Smithsonian Institute 1944) 2 Magnets in Your Future, September 1986 and Personal book from Nemes Research Laboratory in the possession of the author of this article. Picture B (next page) obtained through the Nemescope, shows the lines of force holding the structures together departing from a specimen as it is dying or spoiling. The Nemescope produced images that have never been seen by human eyes. In addition to the lines of force between atoms, the Nemescope showed magnetic flux lines surrounding a magnetic. The north/south lines of force.

Picture B

What is most spectacular regarding the photographs taken through the Nemescope is the dramatic lines of energy and force that surround and intertwine matter.

Picture C. Polio virus at 63,000 X by Electron Microscope.  No internal structure of the virus is possible, only angulated particles and masses, without characteristic resolution.  

The picture is the polio virus taken through the Nemescope. With electron microscopes you do not seen internal structures but black and white shading and shadows. You definitely cannot see living organisms since they are placed within a vacuum and bombarded by electrons. Under the Nemescope and Rife Microscopes one could watch living organisms

for as long as needed. In fact, the Nemescope required no special preparations of the specimen, no staining. Through the Nemescope pictures were taken of the cancer virus as well other viruses associated with different medical conditions.

Picture E. is latex taken at 25,000 magnification through an electron microscope.

Through the Nemescope pictures were taken of the cancer virus as well other viruses associated with different medical conditions.

Picture F. is the same latex taken through the Nemescope. Pictures taken through an electron microscope often show only black and white shading. You will note that the Nemescope reveals the nuclei with energy rings and various spectrum being displayed.


Plato pointing upward denoting the aspect of universals and Aristotle motioning downward denoting the


scientific approach to inquiries.

As above so below, As below so above, we know that these same forces, seen through the microscopes hold the planets, galaxies and all forms together.


Raphael始s famous picture, The School of Athens, has always been a favorite of mine. Raphael始s depiction of the great women and men of philosophy, placed in this

Aristotle was frustrated that Plato would not give specific delineated directions to a goal. Plato would state the goal but not any specific manner to reach that goal.

If we were to

magnificent temple setting has

imagine traveling to a far location around the world. Perhaps

always inspired me to continue to

Aristotle would want to know the exact path to reach that spot.

be universal in my thinking throughout the day.

Plato would have informed us that the spot exists and realized that there are numerous pathways and means to reach it. Aristotle would want to know just how far it is. Upon being told it was 5,000 miles he might inquire as to what a mile

Most notable, besides Raphael

consists of. Upon being told how many yards there are in a

painting himself into the picture, is

mile he might inquire as to what a yard consists of.

Plato and Aristotle located in the

being told that a yard is made up of so many feet, he might


inquire what a foot consists of. Then down to inches until he center of the picture.

was so engrossed with his nose on the ground determining centimeters that he might forget the picture of the original destination. Of course I am being a bit facetious but I hope the point is made. You can continue to examine something until you lose sight of the total picture or goal.

Although I relate more to Plato and universals I have found the scientific discoveries, made through two super-microscopes, allows me to more accurately picture the grandeur of the Universe.

World Research Foundation at

Steven A. Ross, Ph.D. is co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation. For more than 40 years he has researched and lectured around the world. He has delivered more than 250 lectures and made presentations to various worldwide government agencies, hospital associations and consulted for the insurance industy. He has acted as an expert witness for the City of Los Angeles and consults with scientific researchers around the world. Steve has an active interest in esoteric subjects and has delivered hundreds of presentations in all areas of philosophy and subtle energy subjects. His life has

been varied and exciting from playing beach volleyball with the famous basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain, to spending time in European castles, home of ancient alchemists. Having had unusual experiences in his early twenties he is as comfortable in metaphysical areas as he is in scientific pursuits. Steve has been led around the world through dreams and visions and credits this venue for the acquistion of the incredible holdings existing within the World Research Foundation worldwide network. Steve is contemplating a future book dealing with his many life experiences.




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Connections in Clothing The world’s greatest civilizations have been exposed to the cycle of human intelligence and experiences. What was the perfect solution for an era was questioned, debated and scrutinized in another era of that country and the world. There remained a balance between the fast and the slow, high technology to low technology around life.

“Time flies when you are having fun”.

Every country of the world had its own system of consciousness to keep its flora and fauna, its rivers and mountains, its human and animal population in perfect tuning for a harmonious living. With the advent of technology, information and super human intelligence came the use, over use and abuse of certain resources there by creating depletions and piling up of residues. The world stuck in fast forward and obsessed with speed, with doing everything faster, with cramming more and more into less and less time. Every moment of the day feels like a race against the clock. Carrie Fisher (2004) says â&#x20AC;&#x153;These days even instant gratification takes too long." We try to make things better by speeding them up, so we used to dial; now we speed dial. We used to read; now we speed read. We used to walk; now we speed walk. And even things that are by their very nature slow we try and speed them up too like speed yoga (Carl HonorĂŠ, 2004). In the process of speed, technology and manufacturing more and more for cheaper products and sourcing all across the globe the process has lost the conscious connections of the artisans, weavers and tailors. Consumers are picking up products which are more convenient easy to handle and wear, cheaper as they are mass manufactured and ending up with goods with no human emotion and soul to it. Handmade textiles and garments are losing ground for lack of speed, technology, mass production, uniformity, and price. The history of textiles is not new as spinning and weaving of cotton was to the Harrappans, nearly five million years ago, and references to weaving are found in the Vedic literature. Various techniques of weaving, designing, needlework etc have survived through the centuries. The foundations of the Indian textile trade with other countries began as early as the second century BC. Before the introduction of mechanized means of spinning in the early 19th century, all Indian cottons and silks were hand spun and hand woven, a highly popular fabric, called the Khadi. Today, cotton is an integral part of textiles in India.

...conscious connection to the artisans, weavers and tailors ...

We have similar stories of the finest of cottons of Dhaka muslins and the silken treasure of himru. The Indian traditions, arts and crafts and product evolution and manufacturing were all in a loop; connected with the spiritual core of the society. With mass manufacturing, came the metal and process disintegration called assembly line, which killed the connection of the artisan to the complete product. The operator, most of the times, doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even know how the final finished product would look like. With un-fair trade practices all around the globe, the connection with the product seems all the more disconnected. The stories and poetry of textile dyeing are once again steeped in ancient South Asian texts, literature and poetry. Kabir the weaverpoet wrote that God was the Supreme and General Dyer in the colours of life. The art of natural dyeing has come full circle â&#x20AC;&#x201C; essentially due to the bans being imposed on synthetic dyes by European Governments. As a result of health risks from synthetic dyes, there is a new interest in natural dyes. Once again the ancient textiles and dyers of South Asia are coming back to haunt the modern day textiles. This is evident from the discovery of a dyer â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s workshop at Mohenjodaro. Indigoferra Tinctoria, the most fabled, ancient plant for the indigo dye also grew in abundance on the banks of River Indus. The essence of the natural colours is that are brilliant without being brash, they invite the eye and do not tire it out, they blend, compliment and contrast one another in the way of a garden of flowers: nothing can be out of place, because they are all created in Gods Garden.(Cheryl Kolander) At this vital point in the history it is apt to promote our weaving traditions for low carbon foot print product, cutting the supply chain to the shortest possible route, making it a part of the green earth practices. This will keep the rural population in rural goodness without migrating into cities to choke them for employment and living opportunities.

The rural population deserves to be in the best environment suited for them as it nurtures their being and also to take care of the rural lands and agriculture which will sustain with the help of all the other activities around it holding on a core sustainable society. It also important that the urban supports the activities of the rural in the rural so that they can maintain a balance in the semi urban and urban without too much pressure for resources and livelihoods. This research carved a niche on a sustainable lifestyle, providing conscious and responsible consumers with casually elegant, contemporary/traditional 100% organic cotton fiber, dyed in 100% natural extracts, using controlled water in all process of dyeing. Consciousness is the quality or state of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: subjectivity, awareness, sentience, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind. Despite the difficulty in definition, many philosophers believe that there is a broadly shared underlying intuition about what consciousness is.

With rural artisans as partners from the state of Andhra Pradesh, India this research is a sustainable fair trade model to replicate in various craft sectors not just in India but around the world.

Heritage - this is about the continuation of the trend which is all about craftsmanship and about art of living Oracle - This is more about an escape; a theme thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s artistic and decorative Perspective - is about the 1990s minimalism, low tech design Exo Tech - is all about exoticism and technique a green attitude which is much more technological than before

The materials were prepared by a process of cleansing called detoxification. It is mentioned in the Vedas that stotras when chanted in the right way, are capable of detoxifying any material and provide positive energy to it.

In this study music was used to detox the water

and yarn. Music (Strotras) from the Vedas was used in a particular sequence for every procedure. Aditya Hrydayam, Totakashtakam, Lalitha Sahasranamam and Kanakadhara Strotram were played on the audio for Detoxing. Aditya Hrydayam is possibly the greatest one addressed to the Sun god as he is the source of all energy for existence and growth of flora and fauna. Totakashtakam was composed by Giri one of the disciples of Shri Adi Shankara. The enlightened Giri composed extempore Totakashtakam in praise of his Guru Adi Shankara. This was picked to salute all the gurus for their blessings in the research. Lalitha Sahasranamam is a text from Brahmanda Purana. It contains a thousand names of the Hindu mother goddess Lalitha. The names are organized in hymns (stotras). It is the only Sahasranamam that does not repeat a single name. This is used to invoke Shakti, spontaneity and easy flow of processes. Kanakadhara Stotram is a popular prayer dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and was composed by Adi Shankaracharya. This stotram was used to bring in wealth through this research. Wealth in the form of knowledge, wisdom and money for all those who are associated in the supply chain.

It was woven on hand loom and stitched by master dress makers. Coconut shell button were used for menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shirts. Women were given a saree with blouse. The Saree pallu was beautifully hand knotted.

Colour Horoscope Weaving A unique technique of horoscope

weaving was used for making the fabric which used the 12 colours of the colour wheel. The fabrics fall under the colour forecast of four different themes for fall/ winter 2010-11(Promostyl, 2010).

All the 40 subjects were asked to wear a regular cotton attire and a complete GDV analysis was done with and without filter morning, afternoon and evening. The customized 100% organic naturally dyed handloom cotton was worn by the subjects and GDV analysis was done with and without filter morning, afternoon and evening the same attire. The processed data gives endless possibilities for interpretation. Keeping the objectives and scope of this research Projection area was taken as a parameter to show the significant enhancement of energy fields in the subjects post custom clothing. This research proved that the slow processes imbibed positive energy to the material and the conscious connective processes significantly increased the energy fields of subjects. The weaver and the wearer were in the shortest supply chain bringing in the product with conscious core to the door step of the consumer. This not will make the product land at a fair price to the consumer, it will be empowering the weaving communities with a sustainable craft scenario with ethical business practices flourishing for a better environment for all. GDV Analysis for men and women Before and After Custom Clothing ( 100% organic cotton Naturally dyed woven in Horoscope Weaving woven on Hand Loom.

Article, Photography,& Research by Sharmila Nagraj

GDV Analysis Clothing Consciousness

Sincere thanks to Dr.Konstantin Korotkov for all the support and guidance, Â Ms Bonnie Tarses for giving permission to use her Color Horoscope Weavning Technique and NAIP-VCND, ANGRAU, Hyderabad, India. Research In technical Collaboration with CBS, Pune, India ( Dr.Konstantin Korotkov f (

Wholly Human

Earth Project 777

is the evolution of

Empirical Awareness for Planet Earth (Gaia) and her human inhabitants as they move forward into their next experience as part of a larger Universal Community.

I came to understand that everyone was encoded with specific pieces of the puzzle and would come together at this particular time in our history to share our stories and see with knowing eyes and heart that we were part of something greater than ourselves. The common thread is our own innate quality as human beings to come together in trust and collaboration. We were created to come together to find the solutions. Our human form is a very complex and extraordinary system of checks and balances carefully designed by our Creator to move us through our life experience in collaboration with others we engage… interdependence. The female was designed with very specific hormones for pro-creation and an abundant supply of a hormone called Oxytocin. It is the very hormone that is stimulated when crisis, chaos or danger arise and brings about a sense within the female to gather those around her and create an environment of safety and calm. It’s referred to as the “tend and befriend” hormone and is naturally present within our own human form.

The collaboration between the masculine/feminine was designed to hold

motherly love and attachment (The Neurobiology of Feeling Unlovable, Feb.

the balance…each standing to their

2009), the neuropeptide of safety and trust

individual strengths in support of the other.

that is the direct and immediate antidote to

We find that the collaborative process has

“fight-flight-freeze.” (Stress and Trauma,

diminished within our interactions with one another as we became more independent

March 2009)

and less interdependent. We found it more

The fast-track way is through touch and

difficult to trust in the Absolutes that were

warmth. Because there are neural cells

given In the Beginning and that presented

around the heart, placing our hand on our

a roadblock in our desire for unity/ community.

heart and breathing deeply into our heart center activates the parasympathetic nervous system and begins to calm down

“A professor at Claremont Graduate

the fight-flight arousal of the sympathetic

University in Southern California, Zak

nervous system. Because the vagus nerve

believes most humans are biologically wired to cooperate, when oxytocin levels are high

connects the heart, lungs and gut with the cortex (our “higher” brain) placing our hand

in subjects, people’s generosity to strangers

on our heart primes our brain to activate the

increases up to 80 percent; and countries

release of oxytocin in the brain. Oxytocin is

with higher levels of trust – lower crime,

the neurochemical antidote to the cortisol

better education – fare better economically.

that fuels the “fight-flight-freeze” response to any perceived threat or danger. When

He says: “Civilization is dependent on

oxytocin cascades through our bloodstream,

oxytocin. You can’t live around people you

the calming parasympathetic branch of the

don’t know intimately unless you have

nervous system puts the brakes on the

something that says: Him I can trust, and this one I can’t trust.” -

activating sympathetic branch, quelling the fear response of the amygdala; cortisol

levels plummet, blood pressure lowers; all is


well. This is all in the sub-cortical limbic system: it does not have to go through

But wait…there’s more! “Oxytocin is the brain’s naturally occurring hormone of “tend and befriend” (Healing Heartache, Sept. 2008), the molecule of

conscious processing to happen.” Oxytocin – The Neurochemical of Everything Good January 27, 2011

T h e c o lla b o r a t i o n b e t w ee n t h e m a s c u l i n e / f e m i n i n e w a s d e s i g n e d t o h o l d t h e b a la n c e

“Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person. ” ― Richard Buckminster Fuller

Does this mean that our perception of what is taking place can change without the drama

Still, I had more questions…

w e h a v e a t t a c h e d t o o u r n e e d t o process everything to make sense of it? Is

We originally operated from a primitive part of

it simply a matter of perception…good/bad,

the brain known as the reptilian brain.

real/illusion, etc…how we view our world? In

Information from our multi-sensory system

other words, can we hear the whisper or do

determined what was happening within our

we still require the BIG BANG to get our

environment and a signal was sent to which


the body responded. Generally it was to run from the danger that was present.

Not as

Are we REALLY in control of our reality? Is it

uncommon as you might think as it is the very


system that allowed the elephants to run for

BODY REALLY hold the solution and

higher ground long before the tsunami hit.

How might we actually experience and sustain

The human being also has this multi-sensory

this awareness?

capability though it has long been disregarded in most as we subscribe to the theory that “if

I was beginning to see the significance of The

we can’t see it, hear it, smell it, taste it or

Triad Wave©, the Quiet Miracles API Process,

touch it…it does not exist.”

the Reset Breath© and Quiet Touch© in a

the reptilian brain was to work in concert/

broader sense…still; I felt there was

collaboration with the new development of

something missing. Many years of observing

understanding and when we determined there

my own process, I knew there was a break in

was no danger, we would remain in rest.

how we moved information through our

Times have changed dramatically since the

sensory system to be decoded or translated

days of caves and dinosaurs and we now find

and then sent out for the body to respond.

ourselves in a world of constant distractions

This is where I began to look at esoteric,

and drama of a different kind. How might we

spiritual, physical and scientific models to

respond to the stress of these distractions

discover what was missing. And I had lots of

without adversely affecting the physical and

help from some interesting sources over the

creating more disease?

years as this was precisely what I had stood at the Cosmic Dry Erase Board

(http:// and signed up to share.

As we evolved,

Are we really in control of ou r reality? Is it really …all about us?

We have arrived at the possibility to

knowledge held within the whole. There’s

become Wholly Human (http://

that word again…collaboration. having

access to our most developed area of

“Each stage must incorporate and expand

discernment and reasoning along with the

the previous stage creating a “loop”. This

potential to focus our attention more

“looping” is a bending back upon,

directly rather than constantly being

analyzing and changing any experience.

distracted or entrained to disharmonic

Each stage is dependent upon the

stimuli…in other words, fully utilizing our

“looping” to fully utilize the capabilities of

Divine Intelligence.

At the present time,

each new system in order to reach the

most of us continue to process and define

highest stage – frontal and prefrontal

our experience based upon past emotional


drama/trauma that leaves us in a place of

dependence does not occur, we will

still running from

replicate anomalies resulting in the

danger to survive.

dysfunctional culture that cannot self-

Once again, J.C.

correct or even be corrected.

If the “looping” or inter-

Pearce provides a Article by J.C Pearce Click Here

clear process of why

A critical series of interacting loops take

this exists and how

place between these evolutionary brain

we might better

parts- moving forward, doubling back to

understand why we

pick up elements or capabilities needed –

continue to behave

but unavoidable until such movement

in this manner

forward and doubling back takes place.



physical system of

History has shown there is nothing more

information sharing

dangerous and destructive than a brilliant,

and leaving us confused and

genius-level reptile… In other words…our

experiencing illness.

The development

highest evolutionary brain is in service to

process of the brain was not designed to

our lowest, sensory-motor survival system.

work separately…it was designed to work in concert or collaboration with the

If there is resonance between the hind or reptilian brain and the frontal and pre-

It is often difficult to take that giant leap of faith. To leave the familiar even when you

frontal cortex, realized during the looping

know you have outgrown it and open to the

process of interaction, we experience “that

possibilities offered by the unknown. It means

mythical Peaceable Kingdom…wherein lion

taking a risk and trusting in your inner

and lamb lie down together.”

knowing. In 2005, I found myself in Colorado… standing face-to-face with Slim Spurling. It

… Orbito-Frontal Loop: almost a small brain –

was like looking into the familiar eyes of the

links all evolutionary structures – ties them into

Merlin. That was a strange thought because

functional resonance with the prefrontal cortex

what stood in front of me was not the image of

that integrates all into a powerful, unified response.” The Heart-Mind Matrix: How the

Merlin. It was, instead, a very tall, skinny cowboy in Jeans. He had a long beard and

Heart Can Teach the Mind New Ways to Think.

smelled of coffee and cigarettes.

J.C. Pearce

was something about him that commanded

Still, there

attention…so I stayed and we began to talk. There were others who were aware of something that was to be introduced to assist

He puts me in touch with his extended network

in the raising of our awareness during this

and introduces the wave to his group who

time. In 1994, I was handed a white book by a

work with his harmonizers. Slim linked me into

very tall man outside a little bookstore in San

his network, validated the significance of the

Anselmo, California. “This is for you,” he said as he walked away. The book was The Keys

work I was about and joined me in exploring possibilities I would not have discovered alone.

of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak. Many years later, as I

He was the first to coin the word bio-

moved further into my understanding of the

acoustic in relationship to the wave. “From the

work I was bringing forward, I saw that in

research I have done or from direct contact

1977, Hurtak had predicted not only the “wave” but also a “visual” presentation that would be

with others who have done excellent experimental work, it appears that the

created from the mathematics of the wave

waveforms, timing and amplitude of Brenda’s


The reference to Hurtak’s work

Triad Wave link into one or more portions of

was shared in an article for Spirit of Maat in

the gravity standing wave spectrum (Dr.

2008 and can be found on the Earth Project website at

Helmut Muller, Global Scaling.” These words are part of an email he shared with his network


on April 10, 2006.

When our thoughts, words and actions do not match, we create a disharmonic within our personal field..

â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is often difficult to take that giant leap of faith. To leave the familiar even when you know you have outgrown it and open to the possibilities offered by the unknown.â&#x20AC;?

The answers to my questions were being more clearly defined as the research and methods to

I do not profess to have all the answers, nor the only solution…just one possibility that was

observe were advancing.

There are many

given for this particular time in our history…The

ways to arrive at a solution to what is present

Triad Wave and the Quiet Miracles Process.

in our lives at any given moment. Whether we

The resonant field of unlimited possibilities is

are talking about our personal experience, a corporate environment, a medical group, an

unfolding in amazing ways. The solutions we seek are here. We are the solution. After

educational facility or any number of other

all…IT’S All About Us…

venues, the common thread is the human

beginning with the basic tools from my toolbox

component and how it moves in a resonance

and the Quiet Miracles API Process, we will

field with the vision that has been created. We know we are here to create a new reality

reveal the wisdom held within your own body – your Divine Physical Form - with you at all

without the anomalies that currently exist.


times and providing a roadmap to guide you

order to do that, we must begin with the one

through your life experience to realize your

thing we all have in common…we are human

own Quiet Miracles.

beings in varying stages of development… living on a big blue/green ball called Earth in the middle of space. When we think or speak words, we create motion within our personal field of existence that creates motion with the greater field of existence. When our thoughts, words and actions do not match, we create a dis-harmonic within our personal field as well as the greater field of existence. Each of us holds the key or solution to what is occurring at this very moment…and we have the potential to make the changes we long to see. Our one chance to evolve as a collective is that we begin to take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions and use the many “tools” available to assist us.

Working together,

About Brenda Williams Brenda Williams is a Catalyst for change, a creative thinker who mirrors a personal understanding of life’s challenges and models solutions that can work for anyone…in real time and real life. She is an author, producer and creative engineer within the field of sound/ no sound vibrational/frequency application. Since 1994, Brenda has been sharing her discoveries and expertise with others.


continues to share her work during group conference calls, private sessions,


gatherings and training intensives for others to learn and use the principles of The Quiet Miracles API Process(c).

The Triad Wave© The Triad Wave© is a simple sine wave series, digitally mastered and below the level of human hearing, to awaken the very multi-sensory system that we require as we move into our next evolutionary process of discernment within the pre-frontal cortex and beyond.

It moves with the ever-

changing resonance within the Schumann cavity rather than a static frequency or vibration allowing our human form and sensory system to move in resonance with the planet upon which we reside. In addition, it is a carrier of information as our multi-sensory system assimilates signals from its many sensory receptors and moves it through the brain for interpretation or decoding. Since it is perpetual motion and

The Triad Wave© was given as a gift to humanity, a universal foundation or

constantly collecting information, there is the ability to move

building block upon which

through the brain building upon each and collecting the data

to begin the creation of a

required to give us more accurate information. J. C. Pearce


refers to this as “looping”…I have long called it the “fold-over” as I would explain the process of how I understood the

collaboration, inclusion

“wave” to work. If this constant interface between all components does not occur in all experience, we revert back to old patterns and the process of evolution or pre-frontal discernment does not take place. This is where the Triad Wave comes in for it keeps thought or sensory input moving



and trust. The Quiet Miracles API Process© provides the resonance and

sustainability for

individuals to engage at

through all stages and the interaction can be maintained

their highest level utilizing

thereby moving out of the entrainment of pre-determined

both their Divine Human



The Quiet Miracles API Process is a participatory experiential to learn the Reset Breath© and Quiet Touch©.

The Reset

Breath signals the brain that a change is requested. Quiet Touch creates the electro-magnetic connection that signals the release of oxytocin as well as connecting the heart, the brain within the heart and the brain/data base to respond at the highest level of understanding.



Intelligence as it was originally designed…In The Beginning.

A Gift to Humanity

Imagine a frequency, emanating from the silent place in our hearts, reminding us of our capabilities and overriding the programs that keep us asleep. This frequency has captured the attention of many. Brenda Williams recounts her journey to discover the Triad Wave and how she is bringing it to popular culture and “bringing the children home” in this interview with Regina Meredith originally webcast August 27, 2013.

After all…its really all about us working together.

S u b t l e

W i s d o m

The gift of higher consciousness came to me at a very difficult time in my life.

By Ted Kuntz M.Ed


believe we are guided by an essence with a higher wisdom. Iʼm uncertain whether

this essence is my own higher consciousness, or that of another being that is benevolent and committed to my success. The distinction may be irrelevant. What is relevant is my ability and willingness to listen to the messages provided by this higher consciousness. These messages are often subtle and require a certain level of stillness in order to hear what is being offered.

Iʼve received messages of a higher consciousness on two occasions. On both occasions I was in a state of angst and despair and found the offered wisdom life changing. Iʼd like to share with you one of those occasions in the hope this may enable you to hear the gifts of wisdom that are being sent your way.

“What Would Do the Most Good?”

Suddenly, without any conscious intention on my part, a voice entered my consciousness. I confess that it was not me who was responsible for this voice. It was too foreign and unfamiliar.

The gift of higher consciousness came to me at a

Suddenly, without any conscious intention on

very difficult time in my life. My daughter Lani was

my part, a voice entered my consciousness. I

moving into her adolescent power. On this

confess that it was not me who was

particular evening, Lani decided to exercise this

responsible for this voice. It was too foreign

power by ignoring her curfew.

and unfamiliar. It was too unlike me. The message stood in stark contrast to the

At the time my life was full of stress and tension

uncontrolled venting I was undertaking at the

as a consequence of having a young son with

time. With absolute clarity, I heard the

severe medical challenges. Josh had been

following question in my mind:

neurologically damaged by a routine vaccine shot and developed an uncontrolled seizure disorder. As a result, his mother and I had to deal with his seizures many times per day. The decision of my fourteen year old to disregard her curfew was more than I could manage that evening. I sat in the darkened living room of our home waiting for her return. As the minutes turned into hours I became increasingly anxious, angry and resentful.

“Ted, of all the things you could do when your daughter comes home, what would do the most good?” I must admit I was caught completely off-guard by the question. In fact, I had never even considered this kind of question before. Until that moment, I had lived my life as if I had no choice in the kind of action I might take in highly charged circumstances such as this. Somehow it was as if

“What is she thinking?” I ranted in my mind. “How

my emotions justified whatever actions followed.

could she do this to her mother and me? “Doesnʼt she know we have enough on our plates with her

As I sat there in that darkened room I began to

brother being sick?” “Doesnʼt she care?”

consider the question that had been asked of me by some unknown agent. I reviewed the range of

I vacillated between confusion and anger, and

actions I might take when my daughter eventually

from concern to fear. I conjured up all kinds of

arrived home. And as I considered each action, I

stories and images to feed my negativity. With each dark thought, I could feel the rage growing inside me. I imagined all the things I would say and do when my daughter arrived home. Most of the thoughts

held it up to the criteria I had been invited to consider: “Would this action do the most good?”

As I ran through the options in my head, and considered the likely consequences of each, it

and actions were painful expressions of my anger,

became apparent to me that most of the actions I

resentment, disappointment and hurt.

had spent the evening ruminating on were unacceptable.

I began to consider other options. I thought of

I realize now that whenever I am confronted with

actions based in forgiveness and love. I pondered

the challenges that life can present, I can choose

the possibility of expressing gratitude that my

to pause and consider the thought, “What action of

daughter was home safe. I weighed the possibility

mine would do the most good?”

of acceptance, rather than resentment. Imagine how our world would be transformed if we I began to feel my heart opening to the love I felt

all lived this way. What if each one of us took the

for my daughter. As I connected with these subtle

time to pause - especially in times of difficulty -

sensations in my body, I knew my heart was

and ask the question, “What action of mine would

affirming that these more sensible actions would

do the most good?” I feel certain that this thought

do the most good.

and the other messages of wisdom offered to us have the potential to change us and our world.

Within minutes of my declared intention to express


gratitude, acceptance and love my daughter came

Ted Kuntz is a gifted psychotherapist and the author of the best-selling book, Peace Begins With Me. Ted has a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and more than 25 years experience as a clinician and a consultant.

through the door. With hindsight, I laugh thinking that this same essence must have been coaching my daughter too and had finally whispered to her: “Itʼs time to go home. Your dad is finally ready.” When Lani came into the house, I wrapped my arms around her small adolescent body and hugged her tightly.

With warmth and sincerity, I

said – “Lani, Iʼm glad youʼre safe and Iʼm glad your

Much of the wisdom that Ted shares in his counseling, workshops, and consultations didn't come from his formal training. Rather, it came from his personal journey as the father of a child with severe disabilities. Ted's journey with his son Joshua taught Ted how to make peace with life and to take full advantage of the gifts and opportunities life offers.

home. I love you.” This one experience with my daughter taught me something that will be with me forever. What transpired that evening was an awakening inside me that reinforced my capacity to choose – in each and every moment. Until then, I allowed whatever emotion was the most intense to

Ted's internationally acclaimed book, 'Peace Begins With Me', is a summary of the wisdom he acquired on this journey. This deeply personal story is an inspiration to those of us who are challenged by life and wish to move beyond pain and anger and experience more peace and joy.

determine my response. Once I received this gift from this unknown essence, I made a silent vow to live my life in a completely different way – to live with choice; to live as a creative being; to take responsibility for my actions and my thoughts

Ted Kuntz, Nov 19, Science to Sage Radio

DAVID CHRISTOPHER T HE HO LY U N I V E S RE A NE W S T ORY OF CR E AT IO N F OR H EART, SO UL & S PI R I T The Holy Universe: A New Story of Creation For The Heart, Soul, and Spirit breathes life into the cold, mechanistic worldview of the Universe, transforming our physical history into a living storyâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and provides us with powerful insights into navigating the global ecological, social, and spiritual crises now facing our world, and provocatively argues the crises we face today just might be the best thing that ever happened to humanity. The book invites us into the dialogue between Seeker and Sage as they explore the unfolding of the Universe.

Thurs d a y, N o v. 26 6:30- 8 p m FRE E Talk & B o o k L a unc h Eve ning Le c t ure


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Josh del Sol Producer & Director, Take Back Your Power The new independent film, by Josh del Sol, “Take Back your Power” is

So "SMART" it meters, measures, monitors, and controls your energy, money, heat, health, and communications. The extra bonus, it has surveillance capabilities.


worlds electrical grid and hence

"This "smart meter" is designed to attached to EVERY house globally ..." to this: "Did you know: You are not legally required to accept a "smart" meter - which violate numerous existing laws."

take total control of EVERY & ALL


not just a sting on Smart Meters but it unveils the attempt of “BIG BROTHER” to monopolize the

aspects of your life. All systems run on electricity,

Article Here click to Read

including your body. By this, there will be NOTHING they don’t have on or over you!

YOU-Tube Clips (Youtube: watch?v=YiFMj7r4Iu4) Youtube: watch?v=5VhpzHoAvNk Youtube: watch?v=eAjX6Ap02dU)

A revelatory documentary now available at

We have identified 12 Sectors that cover Arts Education


all areas of human activity, and they are all interconnected. By identifying key problems in each of these Sectors and coming up with solutions that will be good for all of them, we can begin to create a thriving world.

Infrastructure Governance Justice

To l e a r n a b o u t o t h e r organizations that are using the 12-around-1 Sector model and how we始ve defined each Sector, click here.

Top Ten Actions - Get Involved Environment Get Informed, Speak Up & Connect with Others Spirituality

Bank Locally Buy and Invest Responsibly Join the Movement to Audit and End the Federal Reserve


Keep the Internet Fair & Open Support Independent Media


Support Organic, Non-GMO Farming Require Election & Campaign Finance Reform

Economics Advocate for Renewable and "Free" Energy MediaRelations

Take Part in Critical Mass Actions

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As world events speed up and crises multiply, from tsunamis to radiation, to wars, and to economic collapse, we focus on external preparations to weather the storms ahead. As vital as this is, we canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford to ignore the inner preparation. Amid the painful unraveling of the world as we have known it, we can utilize countless threads of ancient wisdom in order to live resiliently, find meaning and purpose in our predicament, and reweave new garments of individual and cultural wholeness.

BANYEN BOOKS & SOUND Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-7912 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC

Insights C O L L E C T I O N S t o r y, M y t h & A r c h e t y p e s H o w M a n y Wa y s C a n Yo u K n o w Yo u r s e l f ? L O T S ! Insights & Uncommon Wisdom

4 Bonus Pack $27. Valued at $36 Sages had their wisdom down to a Science

November:Subtle Energies  

Subtle Energies: Features - The Spectral Domain: The Reciprocal Space of Subtle Energy Don Estes The Trinity - Jon DePew Light & Death - Pr...