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SCIENCE TO SAGE International E-Magazine, Edition 49, November 2018

Mind, the Scalar Force of Light
 ~ Dale Pond

Developing a Personal Relationship with the Divine 
 ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza
 The Mind/Ego in Relationship to

Mind Part 4 - three axioms of physical ontology

Health ~ Robert Dursi

Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm ~ Dr Joe Dispenza
 The Deduction (Part 4) 
 ~ Klee Irwin

More than Champions ~ Film Producer Dr. Kevin McAfee
 Lies and Love: Cleansing the Heart to Make room for Radical Love ~ Vanessa D. Wert

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Developing a Personal Relationship with the Divine ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza
 The Mind/Ego in Relationship to Health ~ Robert Dursi

Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm ~ Dr Joe Dispenza
 The Deduction (Part 4) ~ Klee Irwin

More than Champions ~ Film Producer Dr. Kevin McAfee
 Lies and Love: Cleansing the Heart to Make room for Radical Love ~ Vanessa D. Wert

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Videos WHAT IS REALITY? ~ Klee Irwin


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“All motion is thought, and all force is mind force.” ~ John Keely

Mind Forces are the Celestial Forces

“There is a celestial mind force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed.” ~ Keely

Mind, the Scalar Force of Light Scalar forces are to be found categorized within the chart of Nonmaterial depolar and polar Energy and Matter. These scalar or Mind forces are the celestial forces Keely engineered into his machines. Mind Force is not observable within 3D newtonian classical forces, but are nonclassical, non-newtonian, unobservable pure potential, when undifferentiated (depolar). Thinking differentiates (polarizes) this balanced potential setting 3D newtonian things into motion and hence materialization which has a built in mechanism to void or rebalance that motion. Invisible causes have visible effects. Spirit is substance, as Spinoza taught: "The universe is one. There is no supernatural; all is related, cause and sequence. Like fire, which is a spiritual order of vibration, spirit is latent in all matter. One might as well try to operate a steam-engine without its boiler as to give motion to matter against the conditions imposed by nature, or to propose a new method of controlling the action of our physical organisms (other than through the sympathetic transfer of our mental forces) as an improvement on the one instituted by the Almighty. [Bloomfield-Moore]

What is Mind Force? Mind Force is the ultimate non-observable scalar potential from which all observable force and matter comes through differentiation (refraction). Undifferentiated Mind (what some call the Mind of God) is therefore a common concept and thread connecting Keely, Russell, Cayce and Quimby. Matter is solidified tenuous mind substance. Russell called it "frozen Light" or “crystallized Light”. Mind stuff or substance is a range of energy densities as shown in the Etheric Element table. In other words, Mind is a form of tenuous matter (fine gas, plasma or ether) that can be: • concentrated into form as Sai Baba has done,
 • as heat as Qigong Master Jo demonstrates,
 • as adding or subtracting mass and weight as Hubbard explains,
 • as manipulating matter as Uri Geller has shown,
 • as electrically powered motion as Daniel Pomerleau demonstrates,
 • as powering and controlling flying craft as Otis T. Carr developed,
 • as effecting matter as Emoto shows with his wonderful water crystals affected by mere thought and vibrations of music. • Princeton University proved beyond all doubt that Mind is a force and can effect matter, as demonstrated in paranormal phenomena, psycho-cybernetics, telekinetic, psycho-kinesis, fire walking, extra-sensory perception, psi, psionic, radionic phenomena. Or perhaps this: Hands of Power? When Keely says "All force is Mind Force" and then he harnessed this primal Mind Force in his machines we should investigate it further. This concept has been extensively written about by Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Quimby, Hubbard, Reich and countless others of equal note.

The luminiferous ether, the compound interetheric or celestial mind force is the great sympathetic protoplastic element life itself. Its sympathetic outreach is mind flow or will force sympathetic polarization to produce action and sympathetic depolarization to neutralize it. Polar and depolar differentiation result in motion. It is the soul of matter from which all forms of motion receive their introductory impulse. [Keely]

Luminiferous Ether

Light of Mind 
 Mind Force is sometimes called "Thinking with the Heart" or Whole Mind. This is not the split mind of the ego or intellect which invariably leads one astray or into error. Quarks play an important and foundation role in electrical and chemical processes (chemism). This is vital to SVP because Mind Substance has to have chemical properties else how would (chemical or molecular) drugs effect physiology, consciousness equilibrium and diverse psi phenomena? Quarks also having a fundamental role in electrical phenomena tells us electrons are not all there is to consider in electricity. It is assumed then quarks and gluons are a part or portion of the

interetheric (celestial) streams so often referred to by Keely which is the media or conveyor of Mind Force an etheric disturbance demonstrated by so many exceptional people. It is further presumed the endocrine system, operates on the quark and photon subdivisions of Mind Substance which would account for psi phenomena. This revolutionary idea is explained by the fact that atoms, Keely's atomic subdivision, are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons - Keely's interatomic subdivision. These three are composed of photons, Keely's etheric subdivision. Photons are composed of quarks, Keely's interetheric subdivision. Therefore quarks and gluons are the first level of differentiation of Undifferentiated Mind Force or Keely's compound interetheric subdivision of Mind and Force. This interetheric level of Mind and Matter is where thought, intuition, telepathy, remote viewing and clairvoyance happens. These unseen forces are the non-observable scalar forces that originate observable newtonian effects.

This matrix of matter and energy

shows how our

consciousness is integral to everything that is and happens around us as every thing is ultimately composed of this Mind Substance.


Subdivision link The progression of humanity can be seen in its discovery, development and use of knowledge paralleling the discovery and

another huge leap forward. 

use of these levels or subdivisions of Matter and Energy states. Therefore human progress is a reflection of humanity's

What this means in simple terms is while we use electrons to run our machinery and we are just now learning how to use photons

expansion or elevation of Mind, Awareness or Consciousness.

in lasers and micro chips. Keely used photons, quarks and

These ages blend and overlap but as each is adapted into society leaps in development and use of tools and processes

gluons (thought) to operate his machines over 100 years ago. He was a visionary of our age as were the early developers of

result in surges of general well being, commerce and societal

interetherically operated radionic and psychotronic devices -

expansions of science, industry, philosophy and politics. As we can see from Figure 19.4 above humanity is on the cusp of

though not yet accepted into general science or society. Lyndon LaRouche

The topic of Mind Force is controversial and few are as

living process presently known to us, is a general law. That law is

controversial as Lyndon LaRouche, a polymath, best known for his politics and economics. In his perennial quest for knowledge

definable as a condition of progress from lower to higher modes of thermodynamics of all forms of life, as the fruit of this same set

of the human condition he had this to say about Mind Force as a

of terms. The universe, most clearly the human species,

human characteristic: This thermodynamical characteristic of living processes

depends for the survival of existing and improved species on increase of the relative "energy-flux density" in the flow of various

generally, is carried over from other forms of variously living and

expressions of progress and upward-directed evolution of living

extinct species and human cultures. This general principle of all


Two giant donuts of charged particles called the Van Allen Belts surround Earth. Credit: NASA/T. Benesch, J. Carns

Keely says of the human state of mind: The sympathetic conditions that we call mind are no more immaterial in their character than light or electricity. The

an order of vibratory, oscillatory velocity, which causes it to evolve

substance of the brain is molecular, while the substance of the

luminosity in this medium, is the same that registers in

mind that permeates the brain is interetheric and is the element by which the brain is impregnated, exciting it into action and controlling physical motion. In order to trace the successive triple

its own luminosity. This celestial, latent power, that induces

all aggregated forms of matter, visible and invisible. It is held in the corpuscular embrace until liberated by a

impulses, taking the introductory one of sympathetic negative outreach, towards the cerebral neutrals, which awaken the latent

compound vibratory negative medium.

element to action, we find that mind may be considered a specific

What does this activity represent, by which luminosity is induced

order of interatomic motion sympathetically influenced by the celestial flow and that it becomes when thus excited by this

in the high etheric realm, if not to indicate that even this order of ether is bounded by a greater region still beyond?

medium a part and parcel of the celestial itself. The activity of the corpuscles represents its outflow from the

It is as static as the head of the

luminiferous track towards the molecular centers of neutrality, revealing the connecting link between mind and matter. These

positive negative attractor, until influenced by certain orders of

conditions of luminosity have no thermal forces associated with them, although, paradoxically, all thermal conditions emanate

The brain is not a laboratory.

vibration, when it reveals the true character of the outreach so induced. The brain is the high resonating receptacle where the sympathetic celestial acts, and where molecular and atomic motion exhibits itself, as according to the intensification brought to bear upon it by the celestial mind flow. The question arises, Why is this condition of the (luminous) ether always under a state of luminosity of an especial order? Its characteristics are such, from its infinite tenuity and the sympathetic activity with which it is impregnated, that it possesses

from that source. The tenuity of this element accounts for it. It is when the streams come in conflict with crude matter that heat is evolved from its latent state and a different order of light from the etheric luminous is originated, the sun being the intermediate transmitter. All planets and systems are sympathetic intermediates, the whole of one system, connected in sympathy for each other, the brain of Deity.

Edgar Cayce spoke often about the Mind or consciousness and its direct effects on our lives. Photo by Naletu/

Edgar Cayce To him the Mind is the builder of our lives - as we think so is our life. In his philosophy we are not victims of circumstances but creators of all life’s experiences; i.e., your life and everything that happens to you, good, bad or otherwise. “Mind is the builder and that which we think upon may become crimes or miracles. For thoughts are things and as their currents run through the environs of an entity's experience these become barriers or stepping stones, dependent upon the manner in which these are laid as it were. For as the mental dwells upon these thoughts, so does it give strength, power to things that do not appear. And thus does indeed there become that as is so oft given, that faith is evidence of things not seen�. ~ Edgar Cayce If the Mind dwells upon the spiritual things, then it follows that it becomes what it has dwelt upon, what it has lived upon, what it has made itself a portion of. But if the Mind dwells upon self-indulgences, selfaggrandizement, self-exaltation, selfishness in any of its forms, in any of its variations, then it has set itself at variance to that First Cause; and we have that entered in as from the beginning, that of making will - through the Mind - at variance to Creative Forces before it has come into the movements of matter that we know as physical, material.

Sixth Sense Mind Force in a form of Higher Consciousness is sometimes called sixth sense, inner promptings, intuition, gut feeling, hunch, seeing or knowing with the Mind as opposed to seeing or sensing with the five linear physical senses. It is Knowing without limitations or constraints of Time and Space because Mind Force operates nonlinearly beyond Time and Space. Conscious awareness is KNOWING. Unawareness means that one does not yet know. Knowledge is within him which he can know Man becomes a higher being with greater power as he acquires knowledge. In knowledge alone lies power. Only through knowledge can man become co-creator with God. “Knowledge can be obtained by man only through awareness of the Spirit within him. Lack of that awareness is the tragedy of today's civilization”. ~ Russell “All knowledge ~ then, now, or in the future, is latent within self ~ would man but begin to understand. The stamp, the image of the Creator is a part of the heritage of each soul”. ~ Cayce “Every man contains, developed or embryonic, all conditions of the Infinite; therefore no height is too great to reach. Impossibility is a meaningless word to the man who apprehends the fathomless contents of his own nature”. ~ Keely

Nonlinearly Beyond Time and Space

Princeton University In an effort to answer the question “is Mind Force a real force” the engineering department of none other than Princeton University conducted a thorough 28 year series of laboratory experiments using proper and accepted protocols and rigor. They wanted to be certain that when they released their findings the question would be answered by rigorous science that would withstand all challenges. Their project was called the ‘P.E.A.R. Proposition’. What did they prove?

28 years lab experiments…rigor with accepted protocols… isn’t it time we take

Nearly three decades of intense experimentation leave little doubt that the anomalous physical phenomena appearing in the PEAR studies are valid, and are significantly correlated with such subjective variables as intention, meaning, resonance, and uncertainty. This finding is not trivial. Princeton University is one of the top rated science and engineering universities of the world. If Princeton University says Mind Force is real then we can take it to the bank. In fact several top level science and engineering corporations did exactly that and have set up Psychic Labs to explore what can be done with this ‘new’ force. When multi-billion dollar international corporations begin investing in something they do it with their eyes wide open. 
 Of course there are now countless individuals and organizations exploring Mind Force, as exercised through our Will, because isn’t that who we are? Some of these organizations are none other than UCLA, Stanford, University of Virginia and Georgia, and Texas A&M.

Mind Force seriously?

Dale Pond is a renaissance man with a diversified yet general background in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, machinist, metal working and tool making, computers, mathematics, acoustics, hydrodynamics, geometry, music, and common law (and some other stu too!).

His experience includes technical writing, farming, lecturing, corporate training, business, metal and wood working, manufacturing, publishing and authoring scientific and philosophical journals and books. Maker of Musical Dynaspheres: Atlin, Symael, Altea, Alcea, Alya and Eloniss.�

Pond family adventures in central Brazil.

At the leading edge of new paradigm thinking, he has been able to show that vibration / oscillation is the principle underlying all things. Vibration / oscillation is the connecting link between spirit, Mind and matter - the magic key for creating new experiences, worlds and universes.

As an internationally renowned lecturer, Dale has presented workshops and seminars at the Swiss Association for Free Energy Conference, the International Keely Conferences, Sound and Vibration Conference, International Symposium on New Science, International Forum on New Energy, United States Psychotronics Association Conference, the Alchemy of Sound Conference, Science and Consciousness Conferences, TeslaTech Conferences and many others.


Pond Science Institute

921 Santa Fe Avenue

La Junta, Colorado 81050

Written, edited and published The Journal of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics from 1985-1992 - 60 monthly issues.

Developing a Personal

RELATIONSHIP WITH THE DIVINE To enter into any relationship, you’d have to agree that the first step is to have the desire to be in a relationship. If your heart is not in the relationship, it’s not going to work because by their very nature, relationships are heart centered. To have a successful relationship, you’d want to be clear on what you want in that relationship, as well as who you are willing to be or become—after all, a relationship is a partnership. It’s a two-way street. In addition, you must believe you are worthy of the relationship you seek, and you must be willing to put in the time and attention to create and nurture it. For example, you can’t have a relationship with somebody for one day and expect them to be there for you all the time. You have to be willing to invest time and energy into creating a loving and trusting bond. To have a relationship with the Divine is no different.

By Dr. Joe Dispenza


WHERE IS YOUR ATTENTION? The divines an intelligence, consciousness, and an awareness,

As you’ve probably heard me say by now, where you place your

and since consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying

attention is where you place your energy, and wherever or

attention—and paying attention is being present—it is always

whatever you place your attention and energy on expands. So if

present with you.

you put your attention and energy on a relationship with the Divine, then as your attention on it expands, there should be more of its intelligence available to you in your life.

Face by Larm Rmah/

GO BEYOND YOUR 3D SENSES The consciousness of the Divine exists beyond the material

it. Most people don’t even believe that it’s real, but if you knew it

world we experience through the senses and therefore, it is an

was, you would be more willing to interact with it on a regular

immaterial energy. Since it exists beyond our three-dimensional

basis, would you not? Thus, it begs the question: How much

world of the senses, you can only experience it with your

time in your waking day do you put your attention on this

awareness. In other words, you can only become conscious of

invisible intelligence?

Elevate Your State … Think of the Divine as a great parent that is seeking a relationship

ocean, or the infinite night sky, you stand in awe and forget about

with you. But a relationship must be two sided, which means you

your fears, limitations, small mindedness, and judgements. You

have to be willing to come to the altar in an elevated state. What

surrender to the beauty and power that shapes beaches, earth,

does it mean to come to the altar in an elevated state?

and rock. It is this surrender to love, and this trust in the path of love, that allows growth in relationships.

When you think of an altar, whether it exists within the four walls of a

Just as you say I want wealth or

structure or in the presence of the

health—yet walk around in lack,

grandiosity of nature, coming to the

worry, fear, or the disbelief that the

altar in an elevated state means you

possibility of a healthy you exists—

are joyful, grateful, and excited to be

you can’t say I want a relationship

in the presence of something greater

with the divine and not invest your

than you. You are sincerely entering

time and energy into it. Why would

its house with an energy that

this intelligence help you with

matches its energy—an energy that

wealth or health unless you have

is inspired, joyful, willful, conscious, mindful, loving, present, and

constructed an idea regarding what kind of wealth and health you

enthusiastic. It also means you have a desire and a passion to

want? After all, it is the nature of this intelligence to endorse

connect with this intelligence, which happens to be a greater

whoever we are being. If you’re feeling separate from it,

mind than your own. As an example, because everyone can

impatient, frustrated, and angry, since it honors free will, it says

relate to having expansive experiences in nature, when you are

ok, go for it and do it yourself, but I will be here when you are

in the presence of a towering mountain range, the beauty of an

ready to seek me.

Let it flow down on you…

When you can get out of your own way and stop trying to force outcomes, ask it for help and guidance, and surrender to it and trust its loving intelligence and intelligent love, like water flowing down a mountain, the benevolence of this …

great parent will find you through the path of least resistance—a path that you have created yourself.

Dr. Joe Dispenza The author of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Placebo, as well as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain, draws on research conducted at his advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform themselves and their lives. Becoming Supernatural marries some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and me can experience a more mystical life.

Readers will learn that we are, quite literally supernatural by nature if given the proper knowledge and instruction, and when we learn how to apply that information through various meditations, we should experience a greater expression of our creative abilities; that we have the capacity to tune in to frequencies beyond our material world and receive more orderly coherent streams of consciousness and energy; that we can intentionally change our brain chemistry to initiate profoundly mystical transcendental experiences; and how, if we do this enough times, we can develop the skill of creating a more efficient, balanced, healthy body, a more unlimited mind, and greater access to the realms of spiritual truth. Topics include:

* Demystifying the body’s 7 energy centers and how you can balance them to heal

* How to free yourself from the past by reconditioning your body to a new mind

* How you can create reality in the generous present moment by changing your energy

* The difference between third-dimension creation and fifth-dimension creation

* The secret science of the pineal gland and its role in accessing mystical realms of reality

* The distinction between Space-Time vs. Time-Space realities And much more

Using tools and disciplines ranging from cutting-edge physics to practical exercises such as a walking meditation, Dr. Joe offers nothing less than a program for stepping outside our physical reality and into the quantum field of infinite possibilities.

Evolve Here

Read Here

Read more with Dr. Joe … created by Science to sage Studio

Healing the Mind Four Pillars of Healing

Thoughts The Language of the Body The Mind/Emotion Connection
 Two possibilities:
 One of disease

One of health

This is the nature of duality. 
 One possibility is when the body’s physical condition has been manifested outwardly directed by the individual mind/ego self as disturbed thoughts, behavior and actions.

Experts from Infinite Health (Quantum Medicine) By Robert A. Dursi

The Five Senses The cerebral brain acts as the center of a limited mind/ego acting as a physiological, sound wave instrument for processing input from the five senses; sight, hearing, etc. (collecting data and gathering intellectual information like a computer data bank) from the perceived beginning time of the person’s individual existence.

The ego/mind has a limited perception of its self or its conscious awareness when the information gathered, stored and expressed

has only been from the external world of the senses thus it reacts to the world of external perception as though it’s the only possibility, a mirror of itself. If it were to do otherwise it would be negating its own identity of perceived self worth, self pride and cease to exist as an individual ego/mind. This is against its (ego) self perpetuating tendencies for its survival and very existence.



The identifies itself as a self perpetuating entity operating from external perceptions.

External laws of nature of cause and effect This external or mirrored perception of self is therefore ruled by the perception of external laws of nature of cause and effect, beginnings and endings and disease and death ultimately influencing its physical condition. Based on the ego’s direct involvement and participation in the outward expression of self-identity, self-worth and self-pride it thus continues the pattern of opposites

The power struggle of dualities The ego then identifies itself as a self perpetuating entity operating from external perceptions. By doing so it plays into the power struggles of dualities of self-pride fulfillment, be they for good or evil, up or down, rich or poor, success or failure, illness or health, life or death etc.

it for good or evil, success or failure, health or illness etc. creating another never ending action and reaction, cause and effect necessity, potentially realizing temporary gratification but never lasting fulfillment. Frustration arises similar to addiction by non fulfillment from the person, place or things.

Temporary gratification The ego may temporarily feel gratification but when the temporary gratification doesn’t last the need arises for yet another involvement in the world of dualities of people, places or things and the desired ancestral predisposed emotional fulfillment attached to any one or all of these.


It involves itself in these dualities and perpetuates duality based on its own instincts for survival, self perpetuation and misguided attempts at fulfillment of its desires externally, through the senses, of people, places or things.

When frustration, addiction or both occur, due to a lack of fulfillment, eventually the pattern leads to resentment for the person or persons, place or things involved in the action or reaction of the ego/mind’s expressed desire for fulfillment. The subject of the desired emotional fulfillment of the self/ ego, be they a person, place or thing becomes the target of resentment for non fulfillment.

Addiction and/or frustration

Inconsistency with the conscience

The ego/mind, when involved in attempts of self fulfillment externally, becomes one or both of two possibilities; addicted and/or frustrated.

Addiction, frustration and resentment are disturbed emotions inconsistent with the inner voice, (conscience) or higher self consciousness which seeks peace, harmony, health, love and truth of Oneness (the conditions that would simply exist without the perception of seeking fulfillment of desires through dualities).

Attempted fulfillment of desire

 When addicted, the involvement and hypnosis of the addiction causes the pendulum to swing to the opposite be

The creation of guilt and or denial

. The liver is identified with anger

When an inconsistency or conflict occurs between the outer actions of the person and the inner self or conscience, guilt is created.
 Again, if the ego wants to self perpetuate through its desires, which it does for self gratification, hopeful fulfillment and preservation of its existence, then it must bury or suppress the guilt or inconsistency with its inner self (conscience) brought on by the frustration of non fulfillment and thus resentment leading to guilt or it will self annihilate or deny its own existence all together which it does not or will not do voluntarily while functioning from a lower self/ego experience.

• The kidneys are identified with fear

• The lungs are identified with grief, sorrow and loss

• The spleen/pancreas are identified with over-concern, worry and anxiety

• The heart is identified with excitement

The external perception or self identity is a mirror of its inner consciousness releasing through the consistency or inconsistency and on through the window of the conscience. The guilt experienced from resentment blocks the manifestation of the higher or inner consciousness through thoughts (thus actions) leading to confusion and discordance between inner peace, health, truth etc. and the outer manifestation of the same.

This is why if a person has anxiety it is known to be associated with the pancreas which functions as a blood sugar level regulator by secreting the hormones insulin and glucagon in an attempt at balance.

• The true feeling or the balanced perception associated with the pancreas is concern.

• Over-concern is a disturbed imbalanced emotion of concern.

The pendulum swing of opposites

• Over-concern leads to worry, which leads to anxiety and on to panic attacks as the emotions become more disturbed and suppressed.

The world of duality with its laws of cause and effect leaves no other choice but to pendulum swing to the negative opposite emotion of the sought after desire seeking self fulfillment through the external perception of the senses.

On the physical plane the anxiety condition can be alleviated by balancing blood sugar levels with proper food intake as described in the Function of the Pancreas on blood sugar levels, but the condition will return if the upstream causes are not corrected.

There are correlating organs and glands that are identified with and for every ego centered, disturbed or unfulfilled emotion including; anger, fear, worry, anxiety, over or under-excitement and grief, sorrow and loss such as the following examples:

Therefore, depending on the circumstance of the external involvement or thought process of the ego/mind and the emotion attached to it, will determine where in the body (correlating organ and glands) the guilt will be buried or suppressed.

Unblock, Resolve emotional discord When the discordant vibration of a disturbed emotion cannot be or is not resolved and released or balanced properly it creates an imbalanced or blocked energy flow to that organ or gland depending on the respective suppressed emotion to correlating organ or suppressed emotion to gland relationship.

Unresolved emotional discord will not stay buried forever as inconsistency (imbalance) so it comes out “so to speak” sideways as a disturbance of the natural harmonious gland/organ function.

It just becomes a matter of time before the disturbance or imbalance “finds its way out” through the corresponding energy

pathway of the meridian system connected to it leading to an external symptom known as disease, which is actually a blockage of life force through the chakra/meridian pathway.

The outer malady is a sign that imbalance and disturbances exist inward and upward to the source of the original unfulfilled emotional cause be it greed, jealousy, avarice, anger, lust, fear etc. or whatever unfulfilled ego/self centered emotion or desire is perpetrated by the ego/mind in its attempt at self gratification and fulfillment of its desires to perpetuate its self value and self pride through people, places or things.

that her thoughts were creating an excess amount of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine which is a neuro-muscular neuro-transmitter. The excess amount was “misfiring” to the muscles. Whenever her emotions were out of balance they activated the thought which activated the neuron production and then caused the target (the heart) which represents excitement to misfire. When she saw the chart and understood it as to how one led to the other and on to the next... She got it!
 From that moment on, she could detect the emotion starting to take hold of her.

We supported the glands with a glandular extract supplement for about a month. Glands make hormones that are synonymous with emotions that lead to thoughts etc..

She would then listen to the acetylcholine balancing frequency and the palpitations went away for good!

A good example of how the flow chart can help you identify the source of the outer symptom. or problem is shown in a patient named Angie. Angie was a conscientious health aware woman in her middle fifties. She ate well, she took her supplements as I recommended and listened to her frequencies that I provided her. She told me of a problem that popped into her life for no apparent reason. She was having heart palpitations that came and went without a pattern. She couldn’t figure out what caused them. It frightened and tormented her. She thought she might die any day. I suggested standard diagnostics along with voice prints to see what shows up if anything. She finally had diagnostic tests done to a great outcome. Everything was normal according to the tests. What I suggested after taking a voice print of her was

If we are “caught up” in any of the above disturbances, the inconsistency with our inner self (regardless of the specific emotion to disease relationship) simultaneously, also manifests as the general term …Stress.

The threats, emotional or physical should more be understood as emotional and physical. Although, each can individually be a source of the condition, they both will eventually manifest regardless of which one started it (our perception).

“Responding appropriately” means meeting the challenge. It is an automatic response to external stimulus! (The fight or flight response).

“ T h e S t o r y o f t h e Tw o The Cherokee grandfather explaining to his grandson the story of the two wolves that live within each of us and are constantly at a tug of war with each other. The one wolf on one side represents all that is good... joy, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, humility, etc. the other wolf represents all that is evil... fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, resentment, false pride, ego, etc.

The grandson listens, waits and then says, Grandfather, which wolf wins? The grandfather says, the one you feed!

It’s a beautiful ancient story with tremendous wisdom, but I say this… I will feed neither and I may feed both. I will rise above the duality of opposites with true love for all and allow all to balance. Complimentary opposites of Yin and Yang!
 If you desire one, you will eventually experience the other and then the other and then the other etc!

The pendulum swing of duality in perpetuity.

Call for a truce and have peace, love, harmony and “Infinite Health”!

True Love has no opposite!

True Love is All!

“Infinite Health”

Robert Dursi on Awakening Zone with Karen Elkins (Sept 2014)

Robert Dursi, C.N.M.


worked in the fields of allopathic and alternative medicine for the past twentyeight years in various capacities, including as an administrator, owner of medical practices, consultant, practitioner, author/

Leading Edge Computerized Technology New Energy Medicine

w r i t e r, p r o d u c t d e v e l o p e r a n d consummate medical researcher. A long time student in graduate level Homeopathy, Biochemistry, Immunology and Blood Morphology, Mr. Dursi is a

By Robert Dursi Excerpts from Infinite Health (Quantum Medicine)

Certified Nutritional Microscopist, Holistic Health Counselor and Bio Resonance Sound Therapist. Currently, he runs a private health and wellness practice in Santa Monica, California. Mr. Dursi has been a student of Eastern/Western religions and philosophy for over 35 years, including Judaic/Christian, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Esoteric astrology and spiritual healing. He has traveled extensively in the

Far East to Japan, Thailand and China, and has studied metaphysics at the Maher Baba ashram in India. He is a long time advocate of ecumenical cooperation in the fields of spirituality and Eastern/Western medicine as well as environmental ecology and sustainability. He is the developer of the FREQix Sound Therapies where by he can

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create custom treatment solutions, drawing from an extensive computerized database of nutritional, biochemical, pharmaceutical, herbal, chemical, anatomic and physical conditions.

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If you don’t realize that we’re living in what are overtly challenging times, then you’re probably not paying attention. In the micro sense, it seems everybody I know is going through something on a personal level. In the macro sense, these personal journeys are being exacerbated by threats of nuclear attacks, political breakdowns, financial crises, racial tension, mass shootings, devastating earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, merciless wildfires, storm-of-the-

Staying Calm in the Eye of the Storm

century hurricanes, and more. It is indeed a sign of the times… but I’m not playing the game, and I invite you to do the same.

By Dr. Joe Dispenza If you believe your thoughts and feelings have an effect on your reality, the moment you react to these external events with survival emotions, you begin putting more of your attention on them, and if you’re putting your attention on these event (events over which you have no control), you’re giving away your power to them.

Every time you react with fear and anxiety, because fear and anxiety are emotions and emotions are energy, they only serve to feed the next

Feelings effect reality

moment of unrest. What we need to learn how to do in this moment of history is to be in the stillness—to become the eye of the hurricane. The eye of a hurricane is a place of calm, around which spins the storm. We become the eye when we pull ourselves out of the chaos and into the present moment. This is, after all, why we do all the training we do—because it’s in the eternal present moment where all of creation is engendered.

By regulating internal emotions independent of external conditions, this is how we begin to master our environment.

Humanity is in the throes of a push and pull whereby there’s

random act of kindness for a stranger, call someone you

collective consciousness

haven’t talked to in a long time, forgive someone or forgive

that wants to evolve, yet old ways of being and

least, be loving and kind to yourself and those around you, because everyone is going through their own challenges.

an ever-growing

outdated modes of consciousness are struggling to hold on to the known. Depending on the lens through which you view this idea, these struggles could range anywhere from the world’s power structures all the way down to our individual egos. The more you react to your outer world and keep your attention on emotionally charged issues, the more you feed the problems because it’s your energy that keeps them alive. Multiply that by a million, or a billion, and it seems obvious why things might seem like they are getting worse. The stronger your emotional reaction to external events, the more you’re displacing your energy in the opposite direction of creation—creative energy that you could turn inward and use for creating a better life, healing your body, or empowering your energy into a new experience, to name but a few. While we need to be cognizant and vigilant of injustices in our society, I would encourage you from time to time to disconnect from the news, and if all you see is tragedy and

yourself for something you’ve been holding on to. At the very

Remember—fear and anxiety result from anticipation of events that have not yet happened, and as we know, we are the creators of our reality. If you find yourself spinning out in your mind into an unknown future or regretting about the past, just pull yourself back into the present moment. Why? Because when you change your energy in the present moment, you change your future. That’s being the best example of change—changing your choice—in a world that looks like it might be falling apart. It’s human to react to these global events, so if you do, just don’t spend a lot of time there. Just get over it. Don’t talk about them, give them energy, give them life, or make them something else. Don’t propagate them, because when you begin to tell stories about the events, you feed them.

negativity in your social-media news feeds, perhaps

Now is not a time to contract. Now is a time

disconnect from them as well. If you don’t want to completely

to expand into love, after all, love conquers

disconnect, then be a force for adding light and love to those social feeds. Better yet, in your day-to-day life, perform a




Anchored to the past?

three axioms of physical ontology



The deductive thoughts above are a string of carefully reasoned choices about what might be more likely than not. Via this deductive approach, which rejects aggressive or non-maximally reduced axioms,

we land on the ultimate axiom. Consciousness exists because we are choosing to wonder if we are conscious. And because we have evidence that our consciousness exists, the argument that consciousness is the foundational substance is better justified than speculations with less evidence, such as the simulation hypothesis. It is also more explanatory than stopping at the axiom that energy just is or that some abstract information theoretic Platonic symbols just are.

Axioms are always religious in some sense, where that term implies faith or belief

axioms can be dangerous if they are unsupported by experimental evidence or logical reasoning.

Penrose, Tononi, Koch, Nagel, Dretske and many others have written about the notion of a pan-consciousness being physically realistic and logically necessary. The plausible theory of a pan-

in something that cannot

consciousness as the substrate for a code-theoretic physical

be shown to be true.

idea growing in academic circles that the universe is a computer

framework is more natural and less fantastical than the popular simulation existing in a dierent universe. It is more realistic because we have physical evidence for the sub-parts of the idea:

However, good axioms

(1) Consciousness self-organizes from fundamental particles

are carefully reasoned.

(2) there is no upper limit on how sophisticated it can become or

and forces,

how much of the energy of the universe can self-organize into it and,

Structureless smooth spacetime is an example of a weak axiom with no reasoned logic or evidence to support it – just as there was no good evidence supporting the belief that water is a smooth continuous substance. Resting comfortably on aggressive physical axioms, such as energy just is, prevents exploration of further truth and leads to possibly false scientific ideas. For example, if we accept the axiom that spacetime is smooth, it becomes mathematically logical that a black hole contains an infinity at the center – a singularity. However, if spacetime is quantized, there is no singularity. Clearly, our

(3) neural network formalism, not computer theoretic formalism, is where and how consciousness emerges physically. Neural networks operate according to codes, not deterministic algorithms.

All energy is self-organizing

The plausibility of all energy self-organizing into a conscious system is not logically problematic, given what we know of physics today. What is problematic is the idea of a trans-temporal consciousness and retro-causality, which one would presume is necessary to act as a substrate for the physics of space-time and particles.

That is the concern, not the probability of exponentially self-

causality. Indeed, there is some physical evidence for it in the

organizing consciousness. The lack of certainty about this lies in

form of Daryl Bems experiments and various delayed choice

the fact that there is not a predictive quantum gravity theory that

quantum eraser experiments. And we do know with experimental

can predict the possibility or impossibility of trans-spatiotemporal

certainty that nature is inherently non-local, where entangled

networks. However, with the recent work of Susskind and

particles are causally connected over arbitrarily large distances of

Maldacena and the fact that general relativity and quantum

time and space.

mechanics both allow non-local connections, it seems more plausible than not plausible.

If the universe is code-theoretic, it traďŹƒcs in the substance of all codes – meaning. Geometric or physical meaning has virtually no

Accordingly, until a predictive unification theory is discovered, we

subjectivity, while other forms of meaning, such as humor, are

can realize that there are no deal killers to the notion of retro-

highly subjective. Similarly, geometric symbols have very low subjectivity because mathematical meaning is encoded directly into the symbols themselves[ REF Number Theory]. For example, the body diagonal of the self-referential symbol of a square is the length times the square root of 2 – intrinsic meaning with very low subjectivity.

Such symbols have the ability to act as the quasi-physical symbols/building-blocks of a geometric reality.

Figure 1 represents the loop of five causally connected phases of the code-theoretic universe. It shows the self-actualized hierarchical loop of emergence. It is approximately as fantastical as big bang cosmology and the simulation hypothesis. It is physically plausible and logically selfconsistent. It rests on the most reduced axiom possible, the deduction of Descartes. We hold it out as the lesser of evils, where all deep fundamental physical and cosmological models are audacious but where a scientist must choose the one with the best explanatory power, logical self-consistency and most irreducible starting axioms.

The Principle of Efficient Language The code theoretic axiom leads

theoretic axiom, the principle of

directly to the principle of efficient

efficient language, which can be

language. We provide here a preview

defined thusly:

summary of it.

One might say that the overarching

purpose is to efficiently express

principle of classic physics is the

meaning with its ultimate conserved

principle of least action. It directly led

quantity – quantized actions of the

to Noethers second theorem about

evolving pan-consciousness substrate,

symmetries in nature, which

specifically syntactically free binary

underlies the most powerful physical

choices in the self-emergent code

theory, the standard model of particle

theoretic network. Efficiency is

physics. If the code theoretic axiom is

achieved by:

true, reality is about meaning. There should, therefore, be a more general universal principle of which the

Emmy Noether There are symmetries in nature.

Because reality is code theoretic, its

principle of least action and Noethers

(1) operating as a neural network code that generates maximal meaning from binary actions and

theorem are special cases. Put

(2) strategically places these

differently, those two foundational

syntactically free choices in order to

p r i n c i p l e s w o u l d b e re c a s t a s

generate maximal physical and higher

predictions and manifestations of the

order meaning.

overarching principle tied to the code

Neural Network Following, is a summary of the ideas necessary to make sense of this otherwise obscure definition:

A neural network, as opposed to a standard computer, is an array of points distributed in space upon which information can be creatively computed and in which information is exchanged. Computer theory is concerned with efficient creation of information, the solution of problems. Information theory is concerned with efficient transportation and networking of information. Neural network theory is concerned with the efficiency of both. Nature has demonstrated that freewill can emerge in a neural network and act back upon the systems behavior in a feedback loop becoming the emergent behavior of the network.

self-emergent consciousness Conserved Quantum of Action

a connection between points/nodes as being on or off. Part of the mathematical formalism of such a neural network

In a physical neural network, the conserved quantity is

theory is graph theory expressed on a spatial graph – a

energy, which is used to turn a connection on or off. In an

graph drawing. If the substrate of an information theoretic

abstract or information theoretic neural network living as

reality is emergent consciousness, the ultimate conserved

information in a self-emergent consciousness, the

quantity is syntactically free choice, which is the fundamental

fundamental binary action is a choice to recognize or register

quantum or action of consciousness.

Quantum of Consciousness

with very low subjectivity. Class II meaning, such as irony, appears to be transcendent of geometry and number. The

The simplest choice between quantities of identical things is

substrate of reality is the point space of the network, which is

the choice between two things. The simplest thing is either

inherently geometric so if irony exists in this reality it must

the empty set or the dimensionless point. It is difficult to build

relate to the code – to geometry. The ordered sets of frozen

a graph theoretic neural network formalism or make

states forming dynamic physics is numerical. Remarkably,

geometric symbols from empty sets. Points, on the other

class II meaning is always built upon class I meaning. For

hand, serve both purposes very well. Accordingly, one can

example, the thought of irony shifts particle positions and

have a possibility space of points in some symmetry space,

dipole orientations in the body. This then changes particles in

such as H3. When they are chosen to be on, they connect to

the universe that are entangled with those particles and also

other points (nodes) of the network to form geometric pattern

changes other particles via gravitational, electromagnetic and

– the physical information of spacetime and particles.

quantum wave function damping and resonance interactions.


Accordingly, the class II meaning of irony cannot transcend its connection to geometry

Efficiency in this context is the greatest ratio of meaning to binary choices. We will now discuss some more concepts to help us better contextualize this definition of efficiency.

and physicality on the network, even if one supposes it is possible for a consciousness to exist in the gravitational or electromagnetic

Meaning Meaning comes in two fundamental classes: Class I meaning, which is geometric and numerical. This is physical meaning


It’s a binary code Conserved and Non-Conserved Quanta of Meaning

additional rank of meaning beyond the letters. And sentences have an additional rank of meaning above the rank of the

Fundamental class I meaning is conserved and can be reduced to binary choices in the graph theoretic network. An example would be particle spin states mapping the mass of a black hole to its surface area. However, emergent class II

words and so on up through paragraphs, chapters, etc. The hierarchy can continue infinitely, such that an infinite amount of higher order non-conserved meaning can emerge from a finite amount of conserved base meaning.

meaning, such as the complexities of a biosphere, is not conserved. An infinite quantity of class II meaning can exist on

Special Dimensions Related To Maximally Efficient

a conserved and finite substrate of binary actions as


fundamental class I meaning. This is due to a simple fact of code theory, where each emergent symbolic object in a code can act as a symbol in a higher order code. For example, 10 million letters in a novel can be scrambled. The base

Because the principle of efficient language requires the universe to operate with the most efficient neural network formalism possible, it implies reality must be based as an

information of 10 million letters remains conserved. But when

interaction between 8D, 4D and 3D according to the following

ordered as a code, they can form words. The words have an

logic, which is only in summary form due to the limited of scope of this addendum.

Two Letter Codes A Fibonacci chain is a 1D quasicrystal of the simplest form because it contains only two letters or lengths. A two letter code is generally more powerful than, say, a 50 letter code. All quasicrystals are codes. The dynamism of the Fibonacci chain code is called phason dynamics. It is rule based and defined by geometric first principles, where non-locally connected particle patterns with wavelike qualities propagate along it.

Quasicrystal Code Possibility Spaces A Fibonacci chain can be understood as a sequence of binary operations of on and off on a point space called the possibility space, which is itself a Fibonacci chain of a smaller scale. The points that are on or off are governed by syntactical rules and degrees of freedom in the phason code. For example, if we have an infinitely long Fibonacci chain possibility space, and we select some point to be on or off, we will force an infinite number of other points to be on and another infinity of points to be off. This is called the empire of the point that was selected to be on by the code user. Each vertex type in a quasicrystal has its own empire. The reason for this is based on the trans-dimensional cut + projection geometric first principles of quasicrystals, where a shift in the cut window in the higher dimensional lattice instantly causes many points to enter the cut window that sends points to the 1D quasicrystal and many to exit the

Twodimensional aperiodic tiling based on the Fibonacci word

cut window – making some points in the possibility space of the quasicrystal turn on and others turn off. Quasicrystals are inherently non-local, where a change at one location, influences objects at distant locations. By User:Mysid [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Non-Locality of Quasicrystals The deep non-locality of quasicrystals makes them remarkably eďŹƒcient binary codes, where a single binary choice instantly drives a large number of additional binary choices without having to exercise additional choice actions. If choice is the conserved quantity, this unique feature of quasicrystals in the universe of all binary codes makes them uniquely powerful.

Fibonacci With this knowledge we can now recast the question of eďŹƒciency as:

In any dimension, what is the most powerful network of Fibonacci chains, where single binary choices generate the largest quantity of automatic binary choices?

To understand this idea, consider the first example, where the

to the three mentioned above. The 4D Elser-Sloan quasicrystal

registration of one point as being on in the possibility space

has vertexes of degree 120. Our compound of five copies of this

instantly generates the automatic registration of a large number

quasicrystal has vertexes with degree 600. As mentioned,

of other points as being on and o along the chain. If we

quasicrystals are languages. The 5-compound of the Elser-

crossed this 1D possibility space with another Fibonacci chain

Sloan quasicrystal has vertexes (the degree-600 vertexes) that

possibility space that shared the crossing point, a binary action

are the convergence at a point of 300 Fibonacci chains, the

on that point would generate twice as many automatic binary

highest possible in any dimension – a conjecture we plan to

choices, generating changes on both Fibonacci chains.

prove in a future paper. The second highest density network of

We conjecture that the densest network of point sharing Fibonacci chains in any dimension is a 5-compound of the Elser-Sloan quasicrystal in 4D that we published, which is derived by cut + projection of a slice of the E8 lattice in 8D. E8 is the densest packing of 8-spheres in 8D and corresponds to the largest exceptional Lie algebra, which generates an infinite number of higher dimensional Lie algebras. Projecting lattices of a higher dimension than that of E8 to 4D will not generate a

Fibonacci chains possible in any dimension is called the quasicrystalline spin network, discovered by our group. It exists in 3D and is derived from the Elser-Sloan quasicrystal. Accordingly, it encodes E8 based gauge symmetry physics. The interplay between these 4D and 3D quasicrystals is the basis of our quantum g r a v i t y p ro g r a m ,

denser network of Fibonacci chains than the Elser-Sloan

called emergence

quasicrystal. No dimension higher than 4D can have

theory. We plan on

quasicrystals made of Fibonacci chains. This relates to sphere

developing a proof

kissing problems and the fact that 4D contains six regular

that the second

polytopes. In all dimensions higher than 4D, there are only three

densest network of

regular polytopes and they are all crystal related pol topes; the

Fibonacci chains in any

hyper-cube, hyper-tetrahedron and hyper-octahedron. 3D and


4D contain quasicrystal associated regular polytopes in addition

quasicrystalline spin network.



E8 2d Projection

Quasicrystalline spin

A quantum gravity code based on the quasicrystalline spin

compound of the ElserSloan quasicrystal in 4D and, in 3D,

network would be maximally efficient in terms of the ratio of

the quasicrystalline spin network. However, our 3D object

binary choices to class I and class II meaning. If

may indeed be more powerful than the compound of the

consciousness, or something akin to it, is the substrate of an

Elser-Sloan quasicrystal, even though it may be the second

information and code theoretic reality, the conserved quantity

highest density network of Fibonacci chains in any

would be the simplest possible choice, which is a choice of a

dimension. This is because it possess a second regime of

point or a connection being on or off. And the most efficient

binary codes based upon aperiodic patterns of alternating 3

binary choices possible in any dimension exists on the 5-

and 5 periodicity.

Code Power: Restriction of Freedom

of 1D quasicrystals, which are each composed of aperiodic strings of double well potentials. That is, they organize into

A powerful and general code is an ordering scheme of a small

strings of energy wells that have a significant fraction of both

number of symbols that is maximally simple. Here we can speak

occupied and unoccupied sites. This freedom at or near the non-

of restriction of freedom. Restriction of symbol types and

zero limit drives high probabilities for quantum tunneling, wherein

restriction of classes of syntax. The ultimate restriction of symbol

atomic coordinate changes occur with spatiotemporal

types is 2. Anything less is not a code. And anything more,

coordination over long distances creating wavelike patterns in

weakens the power of the code in many cases. A spatial code

the material and exhibiting low entropy but high dynamism. This

would be the simplest two spatial objects. Flat 1D is the simplest

is an example of the principle of efficient language operating at a

space and a line is the simplest dimensional object in that space.

scale far larger than the Planck scale origin from which quantum

So two different lengths would be the simplest two spatial

gravity and particle physics emerges.

symbols, just as on and off are the simplest two symbols in a computer code.

So an important dictate of the principle of efficient language and the code theoretic axiom is that reality will use a code with the maximally reduced number of symbols and simplest syntax necessary for the simulation of physical reality. At emergent scales, such as solid state physics, the principle of efficient language predicts that when spatiotemporal freedom in a system of oscillators approaches the non-zero restriction, anomalous physics will occur. The nonzero limit is the quasicrystalline phase, where networks of atoms self-organize into 3D networks

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About Klee Irwin
 Klee Irwin is the founder and director of Quantum Gravity Research.

He is committed to giving back through philanthropic initiatives, such as supporting Cambridge Quantum Computing,,, Moon Express, launch of Singularity University in 2008, etc. Irwin is also an advocate and member of many professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

"Our film team creates family based movies from stories igniting the family of man, and when using the visual language of film with mission and purpose, our dream is to make films that matter. GRP is dedicated to social entrepreneurship producing optimal returns for investors in two areas, financially and socially. Â Our family friendly films supporting patriotism, sports, inspiration and hope, which are key when

making films based on the golden rule."  

TRUTH BEYOND IMAGINATION More than Champions by Film Producer Dr. Kevin McAfee

Every family has a story and the story we continue to write is a mere reflection upon how we truly live, how we treat this earth and how we move forward as a people. Being a filmmaker for over 42 years we find many challenges, but the greatest of these relates to which stories we will explore, discover and eventually tell. Going past the context of the story is the ethos for every second in a full length feature film. When we see stories of tragedy turned into triumph and recall the best in the human spirit, this is what motivates us all for our film company. Coaching 21 years in college basketball under Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Bob Hoffman of the Mercer University Bears has taught me more than I dreamed. Even more, I have realized how stories impact the men we coach every year. We ask questions about what kind of player are they “off the court” and “on the court” and do they live by a mantra of the “golden rule”? What do they believe and why? We also have a non profit where we are working to understand what is happening to our planet. DECODING EARTHS SECRETS which talks about many areas that relate to our planet.

We should live life by helping others and conducting ourselves with behavior which calls us to a higher standard of living. We base our standards on many sources, but the genesis of our films calls for us to be “more than a champion”. Mike Ditka said, “A champion isn’t just an individual who plays great on Sunday, but someone who is a champion every day of their life. Tal Bonham, an amazing leader; who passed years ago said, “The dash in between the dates on the tombstone preaches our own funerals, in how we lived our lives” as we he was heralding a great grandmother who lived a life worth following. Motion pictures can take us to “journeys” within our imagination where far away galaxies and worlds are still struggling with the same issues we face every day. As a filmmaker, I have personally chosen to create films that challenge the human spirit, illuminating stories where truth goes beyond imagination and hopefully allow the audience to make their own choice, in how the ethos of the film might impact their lives. I believe stories can change the world and the parables lived by ordinary people who do extraordinary things capture my heart in a major way. So we use the visual language of film to impact culture with positive messages.

Below are some specific film story examples.

MORE THAN CHAMPIONS is a story of an African immigrant from Ghana who comes to America in 1963 to an all white Southern University in Georgia during the same week as Martin Luther King’s famous speech, “I have a dream”. This moving story which begins in dramatic fashion filled with hatred and toxic relational challenges provides a character arc leading us into triumph. Sam, now in his eighties is still writing his story and every day encourages others, helps others and is a powerful testimony of hope in the face of adversity. ELLENS LIGHT is an amazing story of a woman who was one of the few survivors in the bombings launched by Osama bin Laden in August 1998 in Kenya and Tanzania. She was left in the bottom of the rubble with a building on top of her emaciated by shrouds of glass leaving her blind. Through over three dozen surgeries a year later would be handed a ten year old granddaughter to raise who became “her eyes”. The inspirational story of her love for “all people” through this tragedy sharing a light in her darkness captured our imagination and we are thrilled and honored to be working on this new film. THROUGH THE VALLEY was our award winning film shot in Rwanda, Africa and Nashville Tennessee about two men who would do anything for their daughters during the most challenging times. One had to take desperate measures to

save his daughter, while another in the middle of the genocide where 800,000 people were killed had to miraculously get his family out of the horror. People who begin to do something dramatic point all of us to the opportunity to realize, the story is never over. We cannot acquiesce and throw in the towel when the barriers are high, but instead find a way we can be a part of the solution. Recently in Colorado as a film director I was asked to host a film screening with one of our new award winning films shot in Romania. Nicholas Karas who is an Executive Producer on Ellen’s Light, with his son Executive Producer Aristotle Karas and Glenn Brown. They are now all serving as Executive Producers for our films at GR PRODUCTIONS. Nick is the brother of Ellen and has recently got his family engaged in bringing hope to the world through our feature films, documentaries and books. Nick brought Karen Elkins the magazine editor of Science to Sage, along with United States Airman and veteran from the Air Force, Glenn Brown who had an amazing story as the founder of ice hockey in the Republic of Turkey. Isn’t it amazing how so many stories can impact culture. This has led us to create BUZ HOCKEYI - BREAKING THE ICE in a new pioneering story sharing the amazing sports victories among the Turkish people.


Having worked on the film lots from early days


with Disney to Universal Studios, Sony Pictures and making films, the goal has always been to find amazing tales where hope blossoms. Stories can change the way we think, the process we use when we plan and foster imagination when we dream.

This is our dream, what is yours.



Love is the most powerful force on earth.

By Vanessa Werts, author of

Lies and Love: Cleansing the Heart to Make room for Radical Love The Sound of Love by Vanessa D. Werts

Love is the most powerful force on earth. It has the ability to heal broken hearts, fractured by life-imposed realities, and the capacity to accept and cover immeasurable shortcomings. Love is the standard that wars against hate; it will always prevail. We all need love to be healthy ~ mentally, spiritually, and some might even say, physically. Without love, how can the heart stay motivated, hopeful, and believe that it has purpose?

Not one person’s life is a mistake or a

We all have a purpose for being alive ~ a calling to answer while we’re here ~ that is rooted and purposed in love. In understanding our individual, unique calling, we must also learn to love. It is love that touches our lives and makes us better. Not material things, status or money.

Encouragement and Promise Love has a sound. It is the voice of encouragement, promise,

gives her clear vision to navigate the troubled seas of dating,

protection, and validation. The sound of love, will minister life to

while providing for his son, an example of the makings of a

the spirit of a newborn baby in neonatal care, fighting against

man. A loving mother impresses upon her young son’s mind,

the odds; it will fan the flickering flames of an aloof marriage

the character of his future wife, and teaches her daughter the

into a blazing fire again, and will draw two souls together to

ways of a virtuous woman. This same sound of love is

vow to spend the rest of their lives building and growing as

available and, is indeed mighty enough to heal the deep

one. A father’s sound of love expressed to his young daughter

wounds of oppression and bias that plague America.

We are better than mean-spirited words being shot like fiery arrows from one person or group to another. We are not the heartless nation we see playing out on television, social media, and in our communities and neighborhoods. Yet sometimes I wonder if basic human kindness is slipping away from us ~ one hostile word and one bullet at a time. Since the beginning of civilization until now ~ have we not learned to love? Considering that love is the heart’s greatest desire, and we all want and need it, to be healthy and whole, a mutual understanding of love is in order, wouldn’t you say? This is how love is defined in the Bible: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” Now tell me, what heart wouldn’t dance to this radical sound of love?

The growing dark cloud of hatred that looms over this great nation, is not who we are.

Love demonstrated to others according to this mutual understanding, would reset a nation, putting an end to careless words and actions that cause pain, and open the door for healing and restoration to begin. Let us learn to love one another, remembering that we all just want to be accepted, considered, and respected. Let us purpose in our hearts today, to release the sound of love whenever we open our mouths to speak.

Who knows? Your voice might hold the sound that brings

Image by Larm Rmah/

Let’s take this one step further and make it really easy. If you had a great relationship with your mother, and you asked her to make you a sandwich at midnight, would she make it for you? If you were worthy, your mother would think ~ I love my kid, he/she is on task and doing the right thing, and we have a great relationship. I will make it. She would do this because she loves you, wants to feed you, nurture you, and please you. In other words, the Divine is willing to meet you if you make the effort to be in a healthy relationship with it.

Connection, patience, time, attention, intimacy, vulnerability, surrender, trust~these are all of course other examples of things that make up a relationship. There also has to be love, admiration, presence, a willingness to listen, and patience. There has to be honesty, truthfulness, and a willingness to grow together. Above all else, you have to want it and be passionate about it. Just as all these elements are required to have a relationship with another human being, so too are they required to have a relationship with the Divine.

Connection Patience Time Attention Intimacy Vulnerability Surrender Trust



Every relationship is personal, and your relationship with the divine is no different, so it’s up to you to think about and define all the things you want to invest to make the relationship great.

So take some time to figure out what you want, what you’re willing to offer, and who you’re willing to become in this relationship~and don’t forget to keep the dialogue going.

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Tesla’s science with demonstrations of extraluminal transmission

of the modern-day Tesla movement.

of signals (outside of light speed limitations) and more. Intended

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Murakami’s Model of Synchronicity The Quantum Key by Aaron Murakami

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A & P Electronic Media Energy Science & Technology Conference ‌is a movement of thought leaders working together for energy independence through a network of visionaries, inventors, scientists, academics, hobbyists, laymen, and authentic grassroots supporters.

We are empowering the transition to true energy independence. It requires an evolutionary transformation in the very paradigm of how mankind looks at energy and this requires a critical mass of people all across the world to hold this common vision. ESTC is providing the platform through which the current paradigm of energy physics is being shaken to its core by actual demonstrations of technologies that overturn the antiquated beliefs that have allowed us to be kept in bondage by the purveyors of consumable energy products.
 The knowledge gained at ESTC is key to the building of a sustainable world rooted in the proven physics of abundance, which will allow us to be free and independent. The opportunity to be empowered by this is offered to those who have an openness to learn a better way.



Cynthia Sue Larson ~ Quantum Jumping & Mindset Seven Billion Minds, or One? Where is your Consciousness? Energetic Balancing ~ Stephen Lewis


The magazine is also EXTREME as an art canvas, conveying the new sciences in the true universal language ~ pictures; making complex ideas simple to grasp. The most common response to the magazine is

WOW! ~

Cheryl Lee Harnish


wow, what a nice

visual collection. Let me know when it goes live on the Web, and I can tell people about it. ~ Clifford Pickover

Your magazines are treasures. They are magnificent. I am blown

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