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30 Themed Editions


FEATURED WRITERS • Intro and Thank you Georg Schroecker • The Water World Marlin Chaplin • Intro to Water Science • The New Science Gene Webb • A New Paradigm... Alick Bartholomew • Water is the Stage Manager Fuchs & Woisetschlaeger • The Floating Water Bridge Gerald Pollack, Ph.D • The 4th Phase of Water • Excerpt for his new book Water Light and Electric Electric Universe/ Thunderbolt Project Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D • Water is Life and Light


1st Water Edition

Alexander Lauterwasser • The Structure of Life Water Structure

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Why We Understand So Little About Water Water is central to life — so central that Albert Szent-Györgyi, the father of modern biochemistry, once opined: “Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.” Without that dance, there could be no life. You might find it hard to believe, but few scientists study water. Most scientists presume, as do lay people,

Scientists shun water for a second reason. Water seems to have acquired a rather mystical character.

that everything about this common substance must already be known — so where’s the scientific challenge? Better to pursue some trendy area like molecular biology or nanoscience rather than plunge into boring water.

Ancient religious gurus felt certain that water was endowed with exotic healing powers. Think of “holy water.” This mystical tinge makes water research a potentially risky business: an exotic finding may be viewed as the work of the devil, rather than as the work of science. Better to avoid the risk of condemnation.

Snippets from The Fourth Phase of Water

By Dr. Gerald Pollack Microscopic Images Courtesy of Water by Georg Schroecker Images from upcoming book Water Worlds: The Hidden Magnified

At the Well

by Georg Schroecker

Given that centrality, you might assume that we in the 21st century know pretty much all there is to

The Mystery

know about water. All answers should be in by now. Yet the previous chapter confirmed otherwise, showing how little we really know about this familiar and pervasive substance. Consider what Philip Ball has to say on that issue. Ball is one of the premier science writers of our time, author of H2O: A Biography of Water, and a long-time science consultant for the journal Nature. Ball puts it this way:

“No one really understands water. It’s embarrassing to admit it, but the stuff that covers two-thirds of our planet is still a mystery. Worse, the more we look, the more the problems accumulate: new techniques probing deeper into the molecular architecture of liquid water are throwing up more puzzles.”

The Puzzle

The Social Behavior of H2O Biologists, for example, often regard water as the vast molecular sea that bathes the important molecules of life. We do not picture water molecules as seriously interacting with anything. But water molecules must interact. Think of the simple water droplet: at least some of the gazillions of water molecules that make up the droplet must stick to others, for without cohesion there could be no droplet. Those cohesive interactions cannot be static.

Energy Drives Ordering The separated charge provides the energy that drives the ordered crystal

crystallinity. When heated to melting, metals become more amorphous. The

formation, here by the like-likes- like attraction. Thus, the energetics powering the formation of salt and sugar crystals may operate much like the energetics involved in the formation of EZ and ice.

question arises whether the radiant input used for melting provides the energy needed to fuel recrystallization, as in salt and sugar crystals. If so, then the same thermodynamic principle could remain

Energy drives ordering.


This same principle may also hold for metals. Common metals exhibit atomic

ordering requires energy.

Ice formation does require energy; it exploits the potential energy of charge separation which is delivered as the positive proton charges combine with the negative EZ to build crystalline ice. Hence the energetics of iceformation match the energetics of EZ buildup. Both processes require energy.

Batteries Made From Water

The skies above unleash a flash of lightning, discharging hundreds of thousands of volts of raw energy to the earth’s surface. Those lightning strikes occur so frequently around the world that, according to atmospheric scientists, the earth’s surface cannot dissipate the accumulating negative charge, leaving it electrically negative. Standing on the ground, your nose is about 200 volts more positive than your toes. While lightning and its electrical consequences are not the subjects of this chapter, charge definitely is. Like clouds, EZs contain concentrated electrical charges. Those charges carry potential energy, just like the thundercloud’s charges. And the consequences can be equally impressive. - Chapter 5

Image by Georg Schroecker

by Georg Schroecker


Consider biology. Charged entities such as membranes, proteins, and DNA all interface with water; exclusion zones should appear in abundance. Those EZs bear charge, which means they carry electrical potential energy. Since nature rarely discards available potential energy, EZ charge may be used to drive diverse cellular processes ranging from chemical reactions all the way to fluid flows. Opportunities abound.

by Georg Schroecker

How does the EZ construction process begin?

Atomic Arrangements

Hydrophilic surfaces generally contain oxygen atoms, and one possibility is that those surface-oxygen atoms form a template. If enough of those atoms’ positions correspond to the positions of oxygen atoms on the EZ honeycomb, then the surface itself could be thought of as the first EZ plane. Additional planes would then easily stack from that template plane. Of course, no material surface provides a perfect match. Surfaces differ as to atomic arrangements and may have difference negatively charged atoms instead of oxygen. Some surfaces might therefore prove less adept at nucleating EZ layers; they would be considered less hydrophilic.



The structure of the EZ is more like the ntype, with excess electrons borne by oxygen atoms. - Dr. Gerard Pollack Sounds human, as our structure is brought to life with oxygen (breath) - Karen Elkins Structural model of common ice. Oxygen atoms are red. Hydrogen atoms (not shown) lie midway along the lines connecting the oxygen atoms. Interplanar protons link every other oxygen. The linkages create a pucker, which makes the arrangement of atoms seem less planar Shifting successive planes by 60° yields a helical structure.

and more tetrahedral.

The evidence for water memory? ...came

from experiments involving

successive dilutions of biologically active substances. Take such a substance dissolved in water, and dilute it. Then take a bit of this dilute solution and dilute it again; repeat this process again and again. After you have diluted it enough times, all you have left is water; statistically, none of the original substance remains. Benveniste and colleagues would continue to dilute it even well beyond that stage of nothing remaining and still found that the solution could have as much biological impact as the original. Pouring either the concentrated substance or the serially diluted substance onto cells could trigger the same molecular dance. It appeared that the diluted water retained a “memory� of the molecules with which it had been in contact, for only those molecules were specific enough to initiate that dance. Preposterous, thought the editor of Nature, Sir John Maddox. How on earth

could water retain information? But not everyone shared that seemingly obvious response. Homeopaths use a similar procedure when preparing their remedies, and some members of the homeopathic community felt that a distinguished scientist had finally vindicated their approach. Benveniste, on the other hand, was less interested in homeopathy than in science. Reacting to the summary rejection of his findings by Nature, Benveniste asked colleagues in three other laboratories to repeat his experimental protocols to see if they could obtain the same results. Remarkably, they did. And, once again, Benveniste submitted a report of the fi n d i n g s t o N a t u r e . T h e j o u r n a l responded the same as before. E v i d e n t l y, n o m a t t e r h o w m a n y laboratories could reproduce the result, the findings looked so improbable that some experimental gremlin clearly must have been lurking in that diluted water.

With the polywater incident still very much in mind, Nature smelled a rat. Under pressure to act fairly, the journal finally agreed to publish the results, albeit with one condition: the editor reserved the right to summon a committee to look over the shoulders of the French scientists as they performed their experiments; then the committee would report back to the readers of Nature. The French group accepted the stipulation. The paper quickly appeared, along with an appended disclaimer of skepticism. The editor indicated that he would launch an investigation: a committee of peers would determine just what those French scientists were really up to.

The committee of peers was, in fact, a committee of sleuths. ( chapter 2)

Mineral Water Fern: a very small amount of stone salt, dissolved in water creates a picture like a fern? Â has water a memory? a fern is a very old plant on this world appr. 400 mill. years! Georg Schroecker

Spa Water

Pyramid Water

Crystals also exclude particles as they grow. The prospect that the EZ might be some kind of crystal-like material intrigued us.

by Georg Schroecker


Something unpredicted is happening that drives microspheres from certain material surfaces. Although our artifactseeking experiments consumed a good deal of our energy, they brought an unexpected clue. Those meter-long exclusion zones struck us as implying some kind of crystal-like structure, for crystals easily grow to such lengths: think of an icicle.

Black hole - water from high mountain springs creates some times  a pictures with a "black hole"  surrounded with a blue color - is this a indication for charged water?

Are Protons Really Present Inside Vesicles? The most direct strategy for probing the insides of vesicles is simple: collect their contents to see whether the gathered molecules contain protons. We followed this strategy using the expedient of boiling. When water boils, bubbles break at the surface and their contents get expelled as vapor. We collected that vapor, condensed it into liquid, and measured the liquid’s pH. The pH progressively diminished with boiling time. This meant that the insides of the bursting bubbles contained positive charge (Fig. 14.5, blue curve).

Meanwhile, as the container loses positive charge, that loss should be reflected in the residue; the residual water’s pH should progressively increase. That expectation was confirmed (Fig. 14.5, red curve). Thus, protons moved from the water to the vapor, presumably as the bubbles burst and they poured from inside the bubbles.

A second test for interior protons used infrared imaging. If a bubble’s interior contained water alone, without protons, then that water should not radiate much differently from the water around it. H o w e v e r, t h e i n t e r i o r r a d i a t e s

substantially more than the exterior (Fig. 14.6). Extra radiant energy implies active charge movement (Chapter 10) — a feature anticipated if concentrated protons jitter inside the bubble.

Fig. 14.5

Results of boiling experiments. Blue curve indicates pH of the vapor, collected after various durations of time. Red curve indicates pH of water remaining in the container following boiling.

Fig. 14.6

Infrared image of surface bubbles. Bubbles were created by blowing air into a surfactant solution (TWEEN 20/water). Bubble interior (orange) generates more infrared energy than the exterior (blue). Darkness of thin bubble boundaries is expected — EZs generate little infrared energy. Scale in °C. Fig. 14.7

Bubble collapse. Similar to Figure 14.6, except that one bubble pops spontaneously. Note the dispersal of the zone of high radiant energy. Scale in °C.

Breathing Pipes of a Dewdrop ....some  dewdrops are surrounded by a very small capillary tube....magnification 500x.

SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO - August 5th Dr. Gerald Pollack is an international leader in the field of water research - View full list of awards.

The Future We began by asking a simple question: why do exclusion zones exclude? The more we looked, the more we found. Finally, there emerged four general

Dr. Gerald Pollack To summarize, at least four factors bear responsibility for the painfully slow emergence of new principles: (i) the blighted history of the water field has kept scientists away; (ii) water is so common t h a t e v e r y o n e p re s u m e s t h a t t h e fundamentals have been resolved; (iii) deviating from mainstream views can be unsettling; and (iv) questioning the prevailing wisdom has always been a risky business, in science as elsewhere.

These obstacles have combined to produce a long-term stall. I am trying my best to crank up that stalled engine.

principles, and various insights, which y o u h a v e e n c o u n t e re d s c a t t e re d throughout the book.

Seeing how far those principles can take us is a temptation to which I have admittedly succumbed. I originally intended to include material on physics and biology in this book, but readers of preliminary drafts prevailed on me to

stick to water’s chemistry. However, the principles elaborated here extend naturally into other scientific domains; there

fore, I plan to follow up with additional books. There is much to say, particularly about physics and biology.

The key to making progress in all of these arenas must include a fresh willingness to admit that the emperor has no clothes. Even the greatest of scientific heroes might have erred. Those scientists were human: they ate the same kinds of food we eat, enjoyed the same passions we enjoy, and suered the same frailties to which we are prone. Their ideas are not necessarily infallible. It might seem irreverent, but if we hope to penetrate toward ground truth, we need the courage to question any and all foundational assumptions, especially those that seem vulnerable. Otherwise, we risk condemning ourselves to perpetual ignorance.

1. Buy This Book 2. Preview several chapters.

1. I place the water samples on an object slide of a microscope using a dropping pipette. 2. The water evaporates after a while. 3. The residues can be observed under the microscope.

Microscopic Images Courtesy of Water by Georg Schroecker Images from upcoming book Water Worlds: The Hidden Magnified

Georg Schroecker http://www.wasser-lebt.at/

P H A S E S O F WAT E R Water Molecule The familiar water molecule, composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Electron and Proton Electrons and protons are the elementary units of charge. They attract one another because one is positive and the other is negative. Electrons and protons play central roles in water’s behavior — more than you might think.

Bulk Water The standard collection of water molecules,whose arrangement is still debated.

Exclusion Zone (EZ) The “exclusion zone” (EZ), the unexpectedly large zone of water that forms next to many submersed materials, got its name because it excludes practically everything. The EZ contains a lot of charge, and its character differs from that of bulk water.

Water Molecule Charge The water molecule is neutral. Oxygen has a charge of minus two, while each of the hydrogen atoms has a plus one charge.

Hydronium Ion Protons latch onto water molecules to form hydronium ions. Imagine a positively charged water molecule and you’ve got a hydronium ion. Charged species like hydronium ions are highly mobile and can wreak much havoc.

Interfacial Battery


This battery comprises the exclusion zone and the bulk water zone beyond. The respective zones are oppositely charged, and the separation is sustained, as in an ordinary battery.

The water droplet consists of an EZ shell that envelops bulk water. The two components have opposite charges.

Radiant Energy Radiant energy charges the battery. The energy comes from the sun and other radiant sources. The water absorbs these energies and uses them to charge the battery.

Honeycomb Sheet The honeycomb sheet is the EZ’s unitary structure. Sheets stack parallel to the material surface to build the EZ. Some refer to that “stack” of honey- comb sheets as water’s fourth phase, beyond liquid, solid, and vapor.

Ice The atomic structure of ice closely resembles the atomic structure of the exclusion zone. This similarity is beyond coincidence: one transforms readily into the other.

Bubble The bubble is structured like the droplet, except that it has a gaseous interior. Commonly, that gas is water vapor.

Vesicle Since droplets and bubbles are similarly constructed, we introduce the generic label: vesicle. A vesicle can be a droplet or a bubble, depending on the phase of the water inside. When a droplet absorbs enough energy, it can become a bubble.

By Gerald Pollack


We are continually besieged with the question:

which water is best to drink? Welcome to WATER - a multidisciplinary journal that brings together water-oriented research from diverse disciplines. Editor Gerald Pollack http://www.waterjournal.org/

Images by Dr. Emoto

The answer is not obvious. We’ve seen evidence that certain waters promote health, and perhaps even reverse pathologies. But that evidence needs to be fleshed out. Waters need to be tested comparatively for their curative and health-promoting potential. Those tests need to be done objectively, by an experienced laboratory with no financial interest in any particular brand or type water.

We have the capacity and the interest. We u n d e r s t a n d w a t e r h t t p : / / w w w. e b n e r a n d s o n s . c o m . We ’ v e developed detailed plans to carry forth the needed experiments effectively,

together with clinical collaborators at the University of Washington — but we lack the funds. Carrying forth these e x p e r i m e n t s e ff e c t i v e l y re q u i re s considerable money.

Please consider asking your well-to-do friends with a sense of humanity to consider a gift. Several million dollars can help bring forth definitive answers to that simple question: which water is best for my health?

Professor Gerald Pollack



Support Study "Dr. Pollack is one of the pioneers in this field,
 and his discoveries can be expected to have important implications."
 Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, Cambridge University.

The Science of Sound FEATURED AUTHORS John Stuart Reid & Annaliese

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e Designer Universe”

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White Nature Series Collection

Paul Elder

Photography of “Purple

• Revealing Research for Peck Human

Cymatics” by Cymascope and


Poem by John Stuart Reid

Billie M. Thompson, Ph.D

• Poem - Cymatics:A bridge to the unseen

• Being a Per-son,You are Your Sound

world Art by Richard Merrick

Josef Tyls

• Pythagorean Philosophy musica universalis

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Water Travels water transfers light Water vortexes spin water carries the charge Water carries information

I n f o r m a t i o n

H i g h w a y

WATER i n f o r m s

a n d

d e l i v e r s

Photo & Research credits: Fuchs & Woisetschlaeger

A e t h e r / W A T E R “Water of the heavens still is water, and it still is light waves. No change whatsoever has taken place between the waters of earth and those of the heavens except a change of its condition from positive to negative preponderance. This change is due solely to a change of its direction in respect to its center of gravity.” -- Walter Russell

p a r t i c l e

a n d

WAVE Fotografo: Armedblowfish Licenza: BSD Descrizione: effetto di diffrazione creato in una vasca di increspature.

w o r l d s w i t h i n w o r l d s

I n

t h e W O M b a n d w a t e r s ’ O F C R E A T I O N

quantum-coherent liquid crystalline water IMAGE COURTESY OF DR. MAE-WAN HO

MICRO, MACRO New evidence suggests that the L-field (life field) is generated by and embodied in the quantum-coherent liquid crystalline water that makes up 70-90 % of organisms and


cells and is essential for life.

- Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, “Living Rainbow H2O

r a i n b o w

WATER W h e r e

i s

“What it really comes down to, is light spectrums are imprinting "information"into the water”. Randy Hatton

It is a mystery. If you meet it, you cannot see Its face. If you follow It, you cannot see Its back. - The Tao Te Ching

y o u r

a r r o w

a i m e d ?

Kalachakra thangka painted in Sera Monastery, Tibet

ARRAY We are part and particle of LIght array. We are all

elements of nature and our nature is elemental to how we experience our world. Be it chemistry, biology or physics--it is just a “state” of being. There is ONE universal truth, and ONE Mastermind of this design.



Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean by Gustave Dore

“He is bodiless, yet embodied in everything”. The Being of Atum




DNA Structure

Jon DePew

Video’s http://www.coralcastlecode.com/ sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/ WF.mpg http://www.coralcastlecode.com/ sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/ Negversion1.mpg http://www.coralcastlecode.com/ sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/ FLWM.mpg



Free Issue


May 6, Jon DePew - Three Things Create Everything! Discover Ancient Secrets--It’s the True Da Vinci Code.

I have been researching energy on my own for many years. I do my own experiments as to confirm or disprove my own t h o u g h t s pertaining to e n e r g y. T h i s technique of doing experiments of my own conception and not just replicating others experiments, has enabled me to uncover some very important and original discoveries which is now changing science on a daily basis. There are many self imposed restrictions scientists have placed on themselves, and thus causing science not to progress forward as quickly as it should have. Doing my own work and absorbing anything I felt was relative to TRUTH in

regards to Energy is how I advanced to a level that has been overwhelming in rewarding and truthful knowledge. I've studied through the years a few great researchers of energy from history such as Nikola Tesla , Edward Leedskalnin , Albert Cushing Crehore among others. I only absorbed and focused my attention on what I felt were TRUTHS within all my reading, and original experimenting of my own design. Then one night doing some physical scientific experiments, I saw something in my magnetic work similar to the ancient Flower of Life design. This instantly made me realize that all of Sacred Geometry was really the SEGMENTED BLUEPRINTS to MAGNETIC ENERGIES .. This conclusion also tied together some work of Ed Leedskalnin, an immigrant from Latvia and the builder of the Coral Castle or also known as Rock Gate. An amazing muti-ton

hand carved coral stone complex located in Homestead Florida. Ed Leedskalnin had left a subtle visual design on the cover of one of his small self published booklets entitled "MAGNETIC CURRENT". This was a design showing two flexible curves seen in many ancient designs and architectures. So on my own, I took those two curves and proved my conclusions of Sacred Geometry being the Blueprints of Magnetic energies. I proved it visually , mathematically, and most importantly in real working PHYSICAL SCIENTIFIC DEMONSTRATIONS.


“Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, though fictional in nature, is about a real place where we can discover the true nature of dysfunction in our lives and the ways that we may better achieve wellbeing and inner balance. It is also a story of hope for those individuals with problems and inner imbalances that have persisted despite their best efforts. This book points the way toward an energetic understanding of human existence, leading the new paths of insight and transformation that can greatly benefit all of humanity.” Richard Gerber, MD, author of Vibrational Medicine: New Choices for Healing Ourselves

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Listen to excerpt There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem ... “ I have seen wonderful results. This is real, it is transforming. It is true healing...” Dr. Wayne Dyer

Everything is energy, despite our often limited perception of just the physical body and the material world. It is the belief of EMC that if you remove energetic imbalances (predispositions or 2 potentials for or susceptibility to the manifestation of physical disease) from consciousness, where everything is created, that they can neither manifest nor be sustained in the physical body.



Program of Energetic Balancing –

A Spiritual Healing Technology that assists you in healing yourself With over a half a million balancing energies, AIM can help you become the first in the history of your family with no family history, (except the good stuff). Read about this spiritual healing technology and how it can help you remove subtle energy imbalances and travel the path to consciousness in order to attain and integrate emotional, physical and spiritual harmony.

Broad categories of energetic imbalances A 24/7 Spiritual Healing Technology that assists you in self healing karmic and hereditary The stuff we bring with us and inherit, along with the unresolved etiological emotional imbalances linked with each one. Many of these frequencies have names identical to or similar to “disease” names.

“People recognize that their inner needs aren’t being met. They’re itching for a change, but they don’t know how to get there. But people who have come here for energetic balancing find that their feelings of well-being

acquired imbalances Some naturally occurring in nature, such as disease frequencies acquired from insect bites, and others from chemicals or toxins we ingest or breathe in daily.

return; they have much more energy, they think more clearly; and their emotions are calmer, more centered, and more loving.”

blockages to elevating consciousness Anything that negatively affects life force impedes the ability to raise consciousness, which is the ultimate goal of AIM. This would include negative emotional and spiritual vibrations and disempowering beliefs, imbalances that we can more deeply and continuously address by fully utilizing AIM's "enhancing frequencies.”

- Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

How Does it Work? Virtual Tray Tour

additional frequencies Homeopathic frequencies, color frequencies, essential oils, herbs and bach flower frequencies, anti-aging/longevity frequencies, all the human and animal energy frequencies that are beneficial and protection frequencies. Additional frequencies enhance personal empowerment & anti-aging.

Images Courtesy of Dan’s http://ultraiterator.blogspot.com/

Request our Information Kit via: www.aimprogram.com or 877-500-3622

We live in a vast ocean of sound, in other words, we are perpetually bathed in a plethora of energetic currents, which invite, nay, compel us to flow along with them! By Je Volk

Fig. 6 - Right - Light refracting through a small sample of water (about 1.5 cm in diameter) under the influence of vibration. Fig. 7 -Top - Strobe image of vibrating water viewed from above.

Our choice lies in selecting which of these currents we will merge with and what forms we will animate through our vital forces of acceptance and will. Whatever our situation – be it a healing crisis or some other life challenge that we no longer can ignore – something is flowing into our awareness urging us to incorporate a greater point of view. The way we identify with our situation – the stories we tell ourselves about it and how we feel about our- selves – absolutely determines how we navigate our experience.

Cymatics: Animating Water with Sound Another generative aspect of sound was brought to light in these experiments – the creation of a turbulent field that further ‘sensitizes’ the material to other, more subtle, influences. Experiments were done projecting sound into a variety of gases and liquids, but perhaps the most revealing were his experiments with water.

A little over 15 years ago, I arranged to film an exhibition in Zurich where some of Dr Jenny’s original equipment was reassembled to demonstrate a few of the experiments he had done some three decades earlier. We placed a small sample of water onto a lens with a containment ring around it to keep the water in place and then positioned a light beneath the lens, which projected through the water and reflected off a mirror and onto a screen. When we set the lens vibrating with an audible frequency the water began to reflect back and forth on the lens, forming an oscillating dynamic of hills and valleys – and voila! the pattern of sound-induced, standing waves became visible as a luminous image (Figs. 6–8).

As the water is subjected to gradually increasing frequencies, the complexity of the patterns increases with the increasing pitch of

the exciting tone. At a critical pitch the entire structure dissolves into chaos, only to reconfigure into a higher order of complexity, as the tone continues to ascend. Between each of these successive sound figures an interval of chaos transpires where no coherent forms are evident.]

This process of chaos and re-integration is seen throughout nature, from the valence fields of electrons within the atom (the Periodic Table of Elements), to complex weather patterns, to intricate, physiological processes within our bodies that allow us to function in homeostasis within an ever-changing sea of vibrations (our environment). It also serves as a ‘living metaphor’ for the process of evolution occurring at all levels of creation, from the physical to the subtlest domains of consciousness – and its implications are equally vast.

Oscillating water on a lens animated by sound, as seen from above. Light shone through this water and projected onto a screen, produced this image at Left (Figure 7), and at a higher frequency, the exact same set-up produced the more complex pattern (Figure 6).

Within a few months of my republishing Hans Jenny’s seminal books on Cymatics Alexander Lauterwasser’s book, Wasser Klang

A small sample of water is contained within a petri dish and lit from above, highlighting the wave crests. The first image (Fig. 9) is a simple tone, almost a pure sine wave, generated by plucking a single string, a monochord. This

Bilder (Water Sound Images) was published in Switzerland. His expertise as a photographer as well as his use of 21st century technology allowed him to capture precise and spectacular, standing wave patterns in water. (Is it fate or destiny that a man whose name translates as ‘Loud Water’ would be drawn to this kind of work?!) Lauterwasser has clearly elevated Cymatic phenomena into the realm of photographic artistry.

sets up a very basic, resonance pattern in the water as it is excited by the (electronically amplified) pulsation of air generated by the oscillating motion of the string. The concentric ring pattern is the result of the water moving outward and striking the boundary of the dish, then reflecting back in upon itself and repeating this over and over as long as the tone is maintained. In the next image (Fig. 10) you can still distinguish the mono-chord’s ‘soundprint’ amidst the greater complexity added by the overtones of the voice.

Slide Show of More Images One of the many things he documented was the phenomenon of different wave patterns created by various musical instruments, two of which are shown on the following page.

It is interesting to consider the effect that these multiplefrequency impulses would have on the tissues of the physical body, much less the highly responsive and dynamic ‘tissues’ of the psyche. British osteopath, Peter Guy Manners, compiled a large body of research over several decades to discern specific

frequency commutations that would effectively treat various physical and emotional conditions.

contained within a petri dish

basic, resonance pattern in the water

basic resonance pattern in the water 9 (right)- Water sound image of a monochord. Right: Fig. 10 ( Left) - Monochord with overtone singing.

Photo credited to WSI and Š LW

How Cymatherapy works All matter exists at specific densities or, looked at another way, at different rates of vibration. Therefore, each individual particle or collection of particles will have its own unique, resonant frequency. This is why you can make a wine glass or a crystal bowl sing so brilliantly when you excite them within the narrow range of their natural, resonant frequency. For several years medical scientists have been using this principle to break up kidney stones and, more recently, to excite the individual cancerous cells within a tumour to the extent that they rupture, thus destroying the tumour.

Because every person’s anatomy is different, the same organ or tissue in your body will have a slightly different resonant frequency from mine, but within a very narrow range. Manners solved this problem by using a tone consisting of an overlay of five frequencies, producing a harmonic of the tissue. Five seemed to be the ‘magic number’, creating a frequency signature precise enough to stimulate the targeted bone, organ or muscle tissue, while at the same time enabling one

generic setting to work effectively, despite individual variations.

Why five frequencies? Various theories have been put forth including that it relates to the Chinese theory of the five elements, which are themselves based on the esoteric principles of the five platonic solids. A more biological interpretation might be that these frequencies are somehow related to the five main stages of the cell renewal process. Suffice to say that this particular patterning of five audible, sound frequencies has been shown to effectively correspond with the given tissue throughout a broad population over several decades of clinical research and therapeutic application.

The implications of this research to the field of sound therapy are vast and there are many, yet unimagined applications that await our creative investigation. Even a rudimentary knowledge of the generative process of sound is immensely enlightening to anyone who makes music, especially for therapeutic purposes. Invite you to explore the references below, which can provide a much broader understanding.

Excerpts from an originally published in The Quester Journal

Fall 2010

Before there were eyes to see
 when a vast darkness still permeated the void,
 All rested beneath a firmament of Sound. I stare into the primal pool
 breath ripples the water
 and light appears –as if from within–
 a raiment of pastel profusion
 barely the faintest hint of definition. I open myself and eyes appear
 –as if from within–
 so that I might see myself
 apart from the landscape,
 a part of the landscape–
 my original face
 peering out of the darkness,
 peering into the void.

And... An Ode to Cymatics Firmament of Sound POEM BY JEFF VOLK

Without fear; without pain;
 no sharp edges; no hard places;
 no borders.
 Nothing to recoil from
 no need for protection
 no need for rejection–
 no separation. I raise my voice and Behold! 
 I Create my own personal playground,
 a universe of figure, form and motion
 Arising spontaneously
 From my impetuous imagination. © 2009, Jeff Volk

Jeff Volk is a poet, producer and publisher. In 2001 he reissued Hans Jenny’s ground-breaking Cymatics books which scientifically demonstrate how audible sound creates harmonic, geometric patterns. He produced a series of videos on Cymatics and recently re-released Dr Jenny’s original films on DVD. His video, Of Sound Mind and Body: Music and Vibrational Healing, won the Hartley Film Award and for the next six years he p ro d u c e d t h e I n t e r n a t i o n a l S o u n d Colloquium, a conference exploring the power of sacred sound and healing music. In 2006 he published the English language edition of Water Sound Images by Alexander Lauterwasser. He presents throughout North America and is helping to promote the new CymaScope sound visualization instruments.



~ Sound StimulateS ~ matter reSpondS ~ pattern emergeS ~

Lectures - Workshops - performances © Alexander Lauterwasser

contributors Alexander Lauterwasser ~ Water Sound Images Dr. Bernd Kröplin ~ World in a Drop - The Memory of Water Dr. Manfred Schleyer ~ Theodor Schwenk‘s Drop Picture Method Dr. Gabriel Kelemen ~ Standing Waves as Sonic Sculptures Jörg Schauberger ~ Vortex and Implosion Technology Manfred Bleffert ~ Goethe‘s Theory of Sound Peter Daniell Porsche ~ Music Therapy and Social Responsibility Atmani ~ The Tone of the Earth and the Tone of Man Dr. Ralf Tita ~ Tone Circle Images Jeff Volk ~ Insights into the Invisible World of Sound Alanus Eurythmy Department ~ Flow of Human Movement and many others ...

CYMA (GREEK) ~ WAVE Word ~ Water Wave

WISDOM Approaching a hidden World



World CymatiCs Congress

Integrating Art and Science further information online after April 15th at www.world-cymatics-congress.org

October 30 - November 2 2014 Alanus University Bonn-Alftern Germany



Stephen Lewis is the developer of the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing and co-author of Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness

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If health, healing, extreme well-being, self-empowerment, l o n g e v i t y, a n t i aging and higher consciousness are areas of interest to you, Stephen Lewis is someone you’ll wish you’d met y e a r s a g o . H e ’s devoted the last 50 years to helping people unleash their innate potential to heal themselves on every level. After decades of extensive study and practice in the healing arts (including degrees in chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, Oriental Medicine and more) and quantum mechanics, he closed his waiting-list-only private practice in 1999 to launch EMC2

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Stephen Lewis (Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC) and his spiritual, holographic, self-healing technology that helps nearly 60,000 world-wide heal the energetic causes behind their disease potentials, 24/7, as they lead their busy lives. While many adhere only to their dependence on doctors and drugs, people on his AIM Program (All Inclusive Method) are becoming “the first in the history of their family with no family history, except the good stuff”. To help people understand that they are the only ones who can heal themselves, Stephen wrote the novel, Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, which is based on the reality of his decades of work and private practice and how they evolved into the AIM Program. And while he continues his relentless expansion of the half million frequencies already identified and in the AIM database, he makes time for his weekly Everything is Energy radio show and for writing articles on the need for healing, such as “Deconstructing/ Reconstructing Humpty Dumpty.

www.aimprogram.com ”.

WATER YO U R I D E A S B U B B L E U P A N D C O M E T O L I G H T . . . S o d o n ’ t b u r s t my b u b b l e .

s p r e a d

t h e

w o r d It’s the current news Image credit: <a href='http://www.123rf.com/photo_340705_girl-blowingbubbles-in-pool.html'>DonnaCuic / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

SEA, TO SEE 9 0 % Wa t e r o n t h e B R A I N

Holograms and interferometry are the processes of crystallizing light into mass (elemental matter). Water is “The Solution” “...universal solvent; it can dissolve practically anything”. - Gerald Pollack

The mechanism the universe gives us to express our intention is voice and breath.

Ex pre ss i ng

wit h

b re ath


E t h e r

Breath is the origin and destiny of the life wave that constantly courses though our body, mind and spirit. It is the soul of our being”. 
 “Thinking about something is purely imaginary, but when the thought is expressed, it sets everything in motion and writes the intention into the time record of manifestation”. - By Don Estes

a n d

w a t e r

Water Transformed by Intention By Don Estes Scientific research has shown that a mathematical expression of something is more or less the same as that which is being modeled. Metaphors hold the same energy as what they represent. This principle, called transcendence in alchemy, explains how the purification and separation that a substance suďŹ&#x20AC;ers in a crucible or alembic while practicing the art, applies to the artisan himself. In other words, the experience of the substance is a metaphor and witness for the experience that the practitioner is trying to achieve, and it holds that memory in its time record.

samples of ice and rock, which have been used to determine the prevailing patterns of weather, tools being used and other cultural developments in vogue on specific dates in history. Rocks and ice can hold patterns in place because they are more or less static. However, liquid water is alive and very dynamic, constantly changing with its environment.

All substances carry with them a record of their prior experience. Such records have been found in core Source=http://photos.doniv.org/v/rann/43-design-of-the-rann.jpg.htm |Date= |Author=Vinod Panicker |Permission={{Cc-by-sa-2.5}}

All substances carry with them a record of their prior experience.

ALIVE charged Liquid water is alive and very d y n a m i c , c o n s t a n t l y changing with its environment.


It has long been known that water is

much better than normal tap water.

the best storage material because it is

However, that’s only part of the story

the most resonant form of matter. Dr.

about the function and value of water.

Emoto and others have shown that it will take on the vibration of anything in close proximity. The time record of its experience is thought to held and maintained within the structure of its bond angles.

This concept of

“structured” water has suddenly become the subject of great interest with new versions appearing on the market almost weekly. The major benefits of most of these relate to improved hydration.

Water that has

fewer contaminants, lower surface tension, smaller molecules, magnetic and electrical charge traverses the cell membrane much easier and can deliver nutrients and remove toxins

The ability of water to deliver and remove contents from the cells is not as important as the record of the experience it is carrying. There is a difference between knowledge and know-how…dynamic experience versus static memory. Most techniques for putting information on water involve the latter, exposing the water to information being generated

Being so adaptable to its immediate surroundings, it’s nearly impossible to store information for long periods of time on water

by crystals, coils, magnets, lasers, computers or some other outside source while leaving the water subject to distractions in its environment, like a child in school not paying attention while looking out the window and daydreaming.

It has long been known that water is the best storage material because it is the most resonant form of matter.

unless the information is learned from experience rather than from mere exposure.

In addition, if that experience involves high levels of stress, the memory of it is even more enhanced, as has been shown by Schauberger and others


who have forced water through vortexes and other forms of diversion while measuring its increased energy.

In more

human terms, the loss of a loved one, bad accident, illness or other early life changing crisis is usually remembered in great detail whereas other lessons learned around that same time will likely not be remembered at all.


As it is on the outside, so it is on the

impart information onto the water

algorithmic transform is utilized to

inside. The water that makes up the

from an exogenous source, we’ve

do the separation. We’ve created a

great majority of you has the same

designed a system by which water

device that uses this process called

propensities as yourself. If you hold

must become the agent of it’s own

the P.E.A.K. Alembic.

a glass of water and say “love” to it,

transformation by passing through,

stands for Permeation of Energes,

and surviving an experience that

Allasso and Ktisis, each representing one of the three main bands of

it will take on that



the moment you hand it over to someone else in a different mental or emotional state, it will immediately shift to their energy field.

The same thing happens when any outside source is put in close proximity to water it will take on that energy.

However, if it is later

exposed to another energy in closer

requires it to:

1. Acknowledge the need to change

2. Give up all resistance to the change

3. R e m o v e

any unwholesomeness blocking the change

p ro x i m i t y, i t w i l l s y m p a t h i z e ,

4. Take faith and step out to the

resonate and shift to the new

next highest level of order



u n i v e r s a l e n e r g y ; p o w e r, transformation and disassembly … correlating to physical, mental and spiritual. The Greek word Ktisis was used to imply spirituality, but its literal meaning is “the undoing”. These ancient peoples knew the truth that every person has the opportunity to take responsibility and grow, but failing to do so, results in a universal disassembly of the

This process is called phase

current actual situation in order to allow a potential new one to replace

created a unique new process of

modulated quadrature transform because it requires the water to be

storing data and experience on

separated into its actual and

water molecules. Instead of trying to

potential phases, and a proprietary

In order to solve this problem, we’ve


CRISIS face and faceless

This is the main cause of all human

The more integrated an operator is

algorithmically transformed water


We fail to thank the

with a machine or the better in-tune a

universe when things are going good,

player is with an instrument…the

v a p o r … T r a n s f o rm a n t™. Consuming this water is the

but curse it when challenges arise.

more productivity and beauty can be

equivalent of taking in a substance

Anyone who takes charge of their


that you are already most composed

own personal evolutionary growth from human to spirit will likely experience a fairly positive journey. However, those that rely on a wait and see approach, or the universe is going to take care of everything approach…will come face to face with universal Ktisis, which will undo the present situation and require the operator to rearrange and reorder the machine.

We always cry out, why

me…what did I do to deserve this? However, it’s vital to present and future generations that the universe requires all citizens to take full responsibility for their own actions. This is the law of fairness that everyone longs for…everyone eventually gets what they deserve.

The P.E.A.K. Alembic puts the water through a process that’s a metaphor for human transformation.


of that has already resolved the differences between the actual and potential parts of a stated intention.

proprietary 22 step Algorithm of

The process begins with a person or

Transformation causes the water to

group’s stated intention fed directly

first have to acknowledge the need to

into a world-class supercomputer,

change, give up resistance, remove

which removes all of the noise and

unwholesomeness through

leaves only the harmonic data. This

purification and then take faith to let

harmonized and optimized signal is

go of the old and move into the next

then separated into the actual and

highest state of order, which for water

potential components by requiring

is vapor. For a human being, it would

the water molecules to resolve the

be spirit, but vapor is a workable

difference between two discreet and

metaphor to instill and maintain within

independent 24ct. gold waveguides

the water molecules that can carry on

suspended in the water’s reaction

with the water as it passes from

chamber, each rod carrying one of

environment to environment without

the separated signals.

loss of information.

We call this

We always cry out, why meâ&#x20AC;Ś what did I do to deserve this? However, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vital to present and future generations that the universe requires all citizens to take full responsibility for their own actions.

thank you

This process can be seen in the flow diagram right, where the supercomputer is shown sending the divided signals to the alembic through a reference quality amplifier that can measure and report information back to the computer, forming loop by which the status of the reaction chamber can be m o n i t o re d . A “smart” a m p l i fi e r p r o v i d e s t h e appropriate amount of power required to keep the reaction in a balanced state. The water must become the agent of the transference of the signal from one waveguide to the other. In o t h e r w o rd s , t h e w a t e r becomes the conductive connection between the actual and potential phases of the original intention and is required to resolve it.

When challenged with the responsibility of resolving the

difference between the actual and potential components of the source intention, the water puts up a huge resistance that goes off scale. However, after an hour or so, the water reaches an internal threshold and suddenly gives up 100% of its resistance and begins to cavitate and i m p l o d e inwardly. This r e a c t i o n creates so much energy that the molecules m u s t disassemble, but they are rearranged a n d reassembled in a vapor chamber and then condensed back into a liquid where it is bottled for consumption.

Resolves Water Undergoing Transformation in the Reaction Chamber

The experience the water endures and survives is held as information is on the bond angles that determine molecular shape. All shape originates from these actual and potential combinations, which our other work and patents, have tied directly to geometry and shape. These transformed bond angles hold too because of the intensity of the experience…the crisis of transformation has caused the water to hold onto the information regardless of what ever else it encounters. And what information is that? It’s the resources required for transformation…the four main steps and resources for transformation… acknowledgement, release, blockage removal and taking faith to step out to the next highest level of order.

Transformant™ is water collected from streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, faucets, ice and other sources from around the world mixed together and transformed by following the instructions of the proprietary

algorithm that compels it to acknowledge the need to change, give up resistance, remove all impurity, and implode inward to a higher ordered state called vapor or “distilled spirit”. It is asked to become the agent of its own transformation and actually experience the process rather than being taught about it from an outside static source. This pure vapor is then condensed into liquid form along with its time record. It cannot and will not forget that experience.

Transformant™ can be personal or globally formatted. The original intention can be stated by an individual or a group. So far, the most powerful batches we have obtained from the alembic were created with something we call the “global incubator”, which is a c a u l d ro n o r w o m b i n s i d e o u r supercomputer that holds onto any actual and potential combination of frequencies (automata) generated by all who have done the process

combined with information it obtains from doing similar processing of the world wide web. This information represents the world’s collective and integrated consciousness. This “globally” formatted version stabilizes the effects it has on individuals, whose personally formatted versions might be too intense or short of resources.

The stated intentions can be any type of information but the best is a definition of who a person is at an optimal level, who they would be if they could manifest all of their intentions…their manner of being and doing.

This can lead to an entirely new healing paradigm of identifying and enhancing what’s right rather than finding and fixing what’s wrong. This provides a much more elegant and efficient manner of effecting true and lasting change upon an individual or group.

Because it has survived the journey and made the change, it stands as a standard of reference for perfection and carries with it the record of its journey and the experience of success. It has the resources required for transformation to a higher level…the map, compass, directions, awareness of obstacles, and the experience of having already completed the journey.

The ultimate transformation from a evolutionary material creature into a existential spiritual essence is a journey usually takes a human being a lifetime or more to achieve but can be completed by water in only hours with this unique alembic putting it through extreme stress, decisionmaking, and pressure to go with the flow. This kind of transformative crisis is not easily forgotten or erased out of the time record. Called ALLASSO by the ancient Greeks, it is related specifically to the type of transcendence from physical evolutionary creature into spiritual existential essence.

Transformant™ is concentrated ALLASSO. Water holds the order of all material things together. This can be shown by the fact that removing the water from anything results in the disassembly of the elements and collapse into disorganized dust. You are the water that makes up your b o d y. Consuming Transformant ™ leads to an eventual saturation of the body fluids with its experience and support, which can result in a reprioritizing of attention, living in the now, realization of the bigger picture, enhanced perseverance, more compassion, diminishing of worry and frustration, blissful inspiration, profound relaxation, willingness to constantly grow, unbroken communion with the divine and the faith required to step out on your beliefs.

Transformant™ (50 ml. – 3 Month Supply, Instructions, Violet Travel Bottle) $ 65.00

Philosopher’s Stone – Water of Life - Aqua-vitae – Quintessence – Elixir of Life

Don Estes is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and professionally trained neuroscientist who has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, and the Discovery Channel hits Beyond 2000 and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994. In addition, his work has been featured in Wired, Computer Design, and Los Angeles Magazines and many other national and international media. He is also the author of many articles as well as a book called Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, which is illustrated by a large wall chart titled the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality, one of the most complete compendiums of scientific and philosophical knowledge ever assembled. He is founding director and CEO of InnerSense, Inc. and inventor of VibraSound® Sensory Resonance™ technologies used by both professional and nonprofessionals all over the world for music and sound therapy, relaxation, arbitration, entertainment and expanded states of mind. His intellectual property is garnered from over thirty years experience in the unification of science, philosophy and religion and includes theories, proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music and algorithmic automata. His unique combination of experience in both the hard and soft sciences

represents the essence of true neuroscience. In addition, he has consulted with hundreds of rejuvenation retreats, day spas, mind spas, medical professionals and location based entertainment facilities worldwide, having personally designed, built and operated three award-winning facilities called InnerSpace™, MindWave™ and Aha! Spa™. Don, and his partners in the UK and Canada, have recently revolutionized vibrational science by aligning old world alchemy with modern age supercomputers. Combing their corporations together they have now created Psiometric Science, Inc., which is currently engaged in bringing next-generation, transformative technologies to the world. He currently lives the Aha! Experience on a daily basis with his wife and two children, dog, cat and hamster in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles. _________________________________________ Radio Show Archived (click to view)

We know the science and truth behind water and now also the meaning and  beauty of water…but what's its goodness and value?  

What's the true essence of its universal existence and ability to order reality? Why is it so special amongst all of the various substances in existence?  Is it because Hydrogen is number one and Oxygen is number 8, representing a full octave?   Why can it resonate with everything so well that it can take on the energies of everything around it depending on proximity?  It seems this connection goes to the end of the universe and connects all things…it just lessens with distance. I’m beginning to wonder if it represents the body of the divine, the river of life that pours out from the throne of God. Don Estes

form and formless

A PORTAL to your inner world, where intention creates reality, and an ORACLE to help navigate your inner space.

We live in the space and time domain. However, if you breathe, whisper, speak, tone, sing or otherwise express yourself into The Portacle, it reveals who you are on the other side of the quantum in the spectral domain.  It allows you to see your inner radiance, hear your inner voice, and gives you the opportunity to effect true and lasting change on yourself at the most fundamental level of reality where reality originates.  It’s a tool that reveals the real secret behind the law of attraction, which if properly applied, can change your life forever.

Explore Your Quantum self w i t h t h e P orta c l e


beyond the veil From Imaginary,

Stress Release and Management, with simultaneous Inspiration and Bliss.

Rehabilitation and Habit Refocusing.

Personal Development – SelfAwareness, Exploration, Realization and Mastery.

Yoga, TM, Zen, Mantras, Toning, Contemplation and Worship.

Transformation - Mood, Career, Finances, Relationship and Home.

Sports - Centering, Grounding, Inspiring, Focus and Perseverance.

Vocal Training - Accuracy and Precision of Voice for Singing or Acting.

Learning – Perfect for Students and Actors for Enhancing Memory & Cognition.

Manifestation of Intention Obtaining, Achieving, Changing or Becoming.

Adjunct to your Favorite Meditation or Personal Development Training.

Allasso – Transcending Human…Beyond Mortal… Transformation from an Evolutionary Physical Creature to an Existential Spiritual Essence.

to Your Reality

The Portacle is the first of a new generation of true quantum biofeedback systems designed and tested by world-class supercomputers and over 60 years of combined research and development.  We say true, because until now biofeedback has been limited to feeding back unrelated signals when specified goals are accomplished, such as a beep or flash of light.  The Portacle  inputs, processes and outputs the users own unique, personal waveforms.

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Laurent Costa

WATER REVEALS microscopic


Laurent Costa is a lover of nature. After many years in Romance Switzerland, the watchmaker Laurent returns to live in his homeland. Committed to the preservation of the environment and especially the quality of the water, he decided to invest in this area . Time Is the awareness of our global heritage? This is at least the message that Lawrence wants to spend. The goal is to invest in education and the protection of nature, to have a better water management through small, simple and free daily actions , and also to allow access to drinking water everyone. But how to draw attention to this particular theme? To make its fun and original action Laurent chose the microscope as a working tool . And if the water had a message to convey? What would it be ?

We say water if we decided to photograph (like an x-ray ) in the heart of intimacy with appropriate microscopes ?

It is said that the water " flows naturally ." But what kind of source is it ? Would it not our own source we connect when we connect to the water?

It is to answer this question that Lawrence has become a unique photographer.

As of today , science realizes increasingly link that connects the experimenter with the object of the experiment. Both seem interrelated and interdependent .

Without knowing scientific protocol without particular job , freezing a little water on a glass slide , he photographed the crystals and then the water by itself after a few seconds. Why he did it come to this? This question will probably never be answered . This is not important , because as said so well Blaise Pascal , "The heart has its reasons which reason does not know ." Water can she give us an answer on what it is ? Is it a simple assembly of atoms ? Or is it a mirror that could reflect humanity and / or it makes him suffer ? In this case, it would make us a message through?

Does this could induce a communication can be established between the photographer and the cells of the water? Traditions tell us that our material world originated from water. Go in search of water would be there a way to go in search of its origins ? Laurent Costa offers to share his quest by giving you the benefit of his unique and original perspective. His pictures are the evidence of his research at the heart of the water and everyone is free to live them in his own way ... Pictures of crystals are very cold winter 2011-2012 . http://www.waterphoto.eu


building block of nature

Buddhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tree

As science progresses, it gives reason to nature.

As science progresses, it gives reason to nature.

As science progresses, it gives reason to nature.

water structure

Laurent Costa


Designed with wings to swim & fly

Buddhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tree

Natures ocean of complexity

morphing creation

Buddhaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Tree

Videoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Water Dancing with Mozart - Click here and Watch the video

Blue gold , essential to life and having characteristics similar to humans, would there be a connection with him ?

Water's intelligent designs are infinite, as are its marvels. Water is, after all, a liquid crystal, superconductor of sound, light, intelligence, and consciousness.Â

You can see yourself reflected in and through water. H2O reflects light and images like a mirror; uncanny since eightypercent (80%) of you is made from the same substance. Â


Image by Laurent Costa

More incredibly, snowflake-like ice crystals deliver personal messages to people who pray for them, as though the God of the Universe is broadcasting to communicate with each and every one of us. - Dr. Leonard

G. Horowitz


The Spirit of LOVE528 in You I have been honored to know and work with

A quick read of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 reveals

Dr. Emoto on several occasions. We share

Water was there when God spoke

the same Water Science teachers, and a

c r e a t i o n ’ s fi r s t w o r d s . C r e a t i v e

belief that Water is "Liquid God"

consciousness then divided itself

sacrificing itself to hydrate our

into dominant versus submissive,

children with Supernatural

command and abeyance. The

Sustenance. Responding to

song “Let There Be Light” was

prayer in good faith, Water is

sung and the sun complied by

literally the greatest Liquid

illuminating itself, dividing itself

Messenger of LOVE in the cosmos.

from the darkness, to radiate at the center of our Solar System, and in a resonance

We believe that Creative Consciousness and the Holy Spirit outpours in Holy Water sourcing from many natural springs. We believe this Water produces miraculous

frequency at the heart of the electromagnetic color spectrum, in greenish-yellow, in 528nm of light, resulting from 528Hz frequency of sound.

healings in grateful and faithful recipients.

by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Imagine people healing every disease based



knowledge of the resonance of LOVE, administered best by pure hydrotherapies. Consider these advancements in

homeopathic medicine, for instance.


Image by Laurent Costa

Images by Laurent Costa Imagine the forthcoming evolution in healthcare, relying exclusively on liquid crystals of LOVE/528 resonating Sacred H2O for healing all ailments. Giving bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits a general “tune up;” as civilizations’ greatest, most powerful, immunization against every disease. This is like retuning your “Holy Spirit filled Temple,” with the greatest of good vibrations—puretone LOVE /528Hz. This can now be done by changing the molecular resonance and shape of Water molecules to relay this most powerful healing message—“LOVE is the Universal Healer.” This wisdom can be technically applied to orchestrate the vibrational transformation of your body Water, chemistry (alkalinity), and oxidative reductive capacity. These expressions depend upon applied musical mathematics (e.g., harmonics) primordially. Like stem cells give rise to new tissues and organs, the “good vibration” of LOVE528Hz can now be used to manufacture “musical homeopathics.” These superior, low cost, no risk, medicines would be most beneficial. Some would say the greatest invention in history, to radically reduce needless suffering. It is ironic that this possibility is generally neglected, when in fact, this is “The General Reality.” This creative chemistry was initially applied by God during the “Big Bang.” As a result, we now have what we call “Ocean Water,” really “Liquid God” salted with lava rock (i.e., primordial matter), resonating in the frequencies output by the “Table of Elements” like a symphony of orbs—atoms that comprise the minority of your makeup—minerals—twenty-percent (20%) of you.

Water is "Liquid God"

This is the secret science and sacred intelligence underlying the glorification of Water throughout the ages. In every theology, philosophy, religion, or aboriginal devotion, Water is quintessential. This understanding explains why a jump in the Ocean is a prayerful baptism; optimally refreshing and spiritually renewing. The molecular structures of your organic chemistry, your sacred geometric design, actually change, increasing genetic expression to manifest you in “the image of God.” And this reaction occurs every instant by reason of intelligent design and its musical-mathematical orchestration. You are the manifestation of your energy content at any given moment. This message is present in the real da Vinci code, and in da Vinci’s famous “Vitruvian Wo/man” drawing. There are four arms, four legs, and what appears to be a single head in “The Vitruvian.” Nine projections representing the nine note “Perfect Circle of Sound” that features LOVE/528 at the level of the image’s heart—a special frequency at the heart of the healing Water as well, since 528Hz is the “MI” note, or “MIracle” note in the original Solfeggio musical scale; and this specific resonance in your body Water is especially responsive to your heart-felt loving intention to heal yourself miraculously through faithful prayer.

The molecular structure of Water that enables this Divine capability, by no co-incidence, is a pyramid —a tetrahedron composed of oxygen and hydrogen. This chemistry delivers “Pyramid Power” universally. Each triangular molecule of H2O mates with another in solution, creating a marriage compelled by the Yin-Yang polarity of energy generated by the plus and minus charges on the H+ + OH- = H2O molecule. This molecular marriage also precisely reflects the sacred Name of the geometric Tetragrammaton that the Creator told Moses best identified Him. This revelation assures that the long forgotten mystery school chemistry is no longer a mystery, explaining why Moses’s Hebrew name means “saved by the Water;” and why Jesus, the Prince of Peace, a modeled Love, said “I AM the living Water.”  The Hebrew name of the Living Water, “YahShuah,” made famous following his Water baptism, simply means “God Saves.” Note the similarity and simplicity in this message; that is, the aqueous Yod-Hey-Vov-Hey does all the “saving.” Recall that Water delivered Moses from evil at least twice, the second time when he purportedly united with the Water in faithful prayer, to part it for him and his followers, to free the enslaved persecuted people most of whom resented every step they took towards freedom.

“I AM the living Water.” - Jesus


Images by Laurent Costa

The Garden In the New Testament, YahShuah reportedly walked on Water to prove the power of faith in the “I AM” and in “I AM metaphysics.” Also recall that YahShuah began his healing ministry, today called “Christianity,” after John performed the Water baptism. This “saving” aqueous action of oxygen, element number 8, and hydrogen, element number 1, is sacred beyond measure. Oxygen is the most profound healing and cleansing element in the universe. Combined with element number 1, hydrogen—the source of all energy and electron donor for sustaining life—these two piezoelectric elements, hydrogen and oxygen, make Water the “life within the blood.* [Lev 17:11] Hebrew scholar Yosef Ben Schlomo HaKohen envisioned the Messianic Age as “an era of universal peace and spiritual enlightenment.” He quoted Isaiah 11:9: "for the earth will be filled with knowledge of HaShem as Water covering the sea bed."

"for the earth will be filled with knowledge of HaShem as Water covering the sea bed." - 11:9: Isaiah

In this reference, Water is more than a metaphor for the true Name of the King of the Universe. Water is synonymous with His Name; and with the Creator’s supreme intelligence in applied physics, manifesting throughout creation. Water is the “Creative Juice” of the Matrix. The Holiest of Holies is all wet. And so are you! This knowledge helps explain why people take their problems to “wishing wells,” famous for receiving and responding to prayers. This is most appropriate considering Water is the “Universal Solvent.” The Latin phrase “Solve-pollutee” references this capacity of Water to solve all life’s problems. So purify what is polluted in you, to rejuvenate that which is withering, and help to cocreate everything anew with this evolutionary knowhow. In recent years, NASA discovered Water in deep space and even in snow on Mars. The scientific consensus now holds that the glue holding the Matrix together is Water —the same liquid crystal superconductor of sound and light holding you together.

Water transposes the music of the Matrix through the metaphysics of spiritual sustenance, yielding a new you and a brighter earthly experience. To reinforce this truth within you, gaze at the ocean for a time. You will witness the Master Conductor and Master Composer of the Universal Orchestra transforming spirit into matter right before your eyes. This sacred scene reflects the best of physics, Water science, physical salvation, and spiritual evolution. Transformation of civilization must, therefore, honor this truth heralding the salvation message In Water, the power of baptism, and renewing the Holy Spirit flow of LOVE528 frequency of vibrational energy sent freely by God to humanity ceaselessly, to cleanse, inspire, and spiritually uplift everyone everywhere. This service best saves people from the “lower vibration” of dissonance generating degeneration and diseases.

Summarily, and in conclusion, salvation sources from Water and its three fundamentals: 1) The Cosmic Creator, that is, the Master Composer and Senior Conductor of the Universal Orchestra, says its time to clean up the Water within you, and around you. 2) The Holy Spirit of the Creator shall infinitely and freely broadcast renewing life and health, musically mathematically and lyrically; over a 528Hz frequency channel that is always accessible to your faithful heart actualizing your reality miraculously by prayer. 3) The Water—the creative juice through which the Creator’s Words flow to precipitate and animate you every instant (along with everything else), holds this personal message for you—“LOVE Yourself.” You are a miraculous manifestation of the God/ Water within you. This message is guaranteed to be most important, loving, empowering, and wise advice you have ever received.




Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM) is an internationally known authority in public health, emerging diseases, and natural healing. Author of seventeen books, he is globally known as the most outspoken critic of the genocide he ascribes to the "militarymedical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel." D r. H o r o w i t z ’s a w a r d w i n n i n g presentations, publications, and five documentary films, have served as the impetus for global change through the “528LOVERevolution.” Numerous Hollywood productions have sourced from ideas generated by this world leading naturopathic doctor, trained in dental and general medicine. In his 2007 book, LOVE the Real Da Vinci CODE, and 2-hour DVD documentary, The LOVE CODE, Dr. Horowitz first presented the musical-mathematics underlying the

spiritual mechanics of creation. His “Perfect Circle of Sound™” revelations have been revolutionizing the music industry as well as water science. With Dr. Joseph Puleo, Dr. Horowitz revealed the original Solfeggio musical scale frequencies encoded in the Bible. He later theorized the 528Hz frequency of sound is the precise LOVE tone, and prophetically important “key to the House of David.” He introduced thousands of recording artists to this musical technology of Divine creativity with which instruments and voices can be retuned to prompt miraculous healings. Dr. Horowitz seeded the concepts presented in this article across the Waters of the World by producing the international Concert for the Living Water, LIVE H2O, June 19-21, 2009. Dr. Horowitz’s archived website is www.DrLenHorowitz.com

April 1

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

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Influences ...different people, will produce different images, or internal geometrics, embodying the energy to which it has been exposed.


CC-BY-SA-3.0. Click to see his gallery


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Breath of the Earth series. ™

Is it a “coincidence” that this cluster’s heart shape is much like that of Mauna Kea’s, adorning hill en route to the observatories?

“Creative Spirit”

on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Many local residents, beyond native Hawaiians, testify to the high intensity of the Creative Spirit” on the Big Island of Hawaii. Here is where the newest land on Earth is being formed along with the greatest diversity of life. “Water is a liquid crystal superconductor of sound and light energies,” Dr. Horowitz has often lectured. “The lava-heated steam carries the ‘purgative and restorative’ energy signature of the Big Island. The water is resonating uniquely with the frequencies associated with intense volcanic eruptions–like purging pent up stresses and strains in ‘Mother Earth’ (the sacred ‘eina’ in Hawaiian)–and restoring nature’s primordial and most fertile soil to grow paradise.” So Dr. Horowitz engaged his colleague, Dr. Emoto, in this cooperative study of the possibility that “Pele’s breath,” as some natives call the lava-heated ground water issuing from the steam vents, might produce water crystals (i.e., “clustered water”) reflecting messages regarding the Big Island’s reproductive and

Many regard the Big Island of Hawaii as ideal for creationistic research and spiritual renewal.

creative reputation.

“Umbilical cord”

This series of images is distinctly different from any Dr. Emoto has produced to date.

Sacred repeated hexagonal shapes spiral outward from a “black whole” as through radiating energy spikes within the crystal, as though reflecting a power center giving rise to a vast spinning structurally uniform universe. Alternatively, the photo center appears as a twisting umbilical cord and “wormhole” connecting inner to outer levels of the cosmos, creation, or multi-dimensional space. Furthermore, the hexagonal (sacred) geometry of organic chemistry and all life forms is exclusively seen here emerging from small to large as per the theological tenet “as above, so below.” The “hexagon parade” appears to spin out from the core of creation, and turn from the depths of darkness, while proceeding to grow and move into the radiant light. It is well known in biochemistry that hexagons represent the sacred geometry of biology; the “carbon 6 building-block” of all life!

In this next very unusual clustered water crystal photograph, the full strength Breath of the Earth™ gives the impression of a spinning yin/yang symbol— the core


creative energetic polarity of the universe, as well as the male and female energies required to reproduce life. In addition, students of microanatomy (i.e., histology) are reminded here of a fallopian tube passing an egg seconds after fertilization by a sperm.

Womb Dr. Horowitz (who taught medical histology at Tufts University) presents perhaps “Pele’s vaginal passageway to eternity.”

Dr. Horowitz suggests the center of this cluster is reminiscent of the smooth muscle of a uterus in cross section.

The center of this crystal suggests a fertilized egg has implanted itself into the smooth muscle of the uterine wall, and appears to be undergoing its first mitotic divisions.

Thus, this simple “double blind” investigation provided a “message from water” very clear to both investigators. . . . And though the rest of the scientific community may be slow to grasp this evidence, notice, blessing and warning, we pray it will not escape you, especially now that sacred Lake Waiʻau is nearly dried up. The purgative and restorative energies investigated and discussed herein appear vital, and must be used, to recreate ourselves as pure bodies of water as originally intended. This applies to our planet as well, having been sourced from frequencies of sound (i.e., “good vibrations) on water. The messages in these water crystals, and Mauna Kea’s disappearing lake, strongly suggest the only hope for civilization’s survival rests in our communion with nature, greater respect for it, and in the sacred power of water. “Your body is made of approximately eighty (80) percent water and twenty (20) percent lava rock (i.e., minerals),” lectures Dr. Horowitz. “The chemical equation for water that is poisoned by petrochemical and pharmaceutical pollution is: H+ + OH- = H2O. The “H+” symbolizes acid, which burns and destroys nearly everything. Acid rain, caused by increased fossil fuel usage is a great example. Diseases caused by dehydration, water and air pollution, is another good example because systems turn highly acidic and oxygen deficient. In the human Humanity’s survival, much like Lake Waiʻau, depends on this recognition and therapeutic “detoxification;” because the laws of physics demand justice, karmic law, and Divine force as opposed to man-made energies and technologies to control everyone and everything, including the weather.

body, dehydration, acidification, and low oxygen levels are the most common factors causing chronic diseases, including cancers.”

http://awakeningzone.com/ Search.aspx? SearchTerm=karen%20elkins

About the Authors:

Theory The scientific theory to be tested regards Dr. Emoto’s principle that the water communicates photographically following flash freezing, with images seen under a microscope. In this experiment, the “creationistic energy” of the Big Islands lava-heated steam was assessed for messages related to the formation, restoration, or sustenance of planet Earth; and the outcome unexpectedly dovetailed with the Hawaiian Kahunas’ teachings that: “The end of the universe begins right here.” If flash frozen water crystals are capable of relaying hidden messages, as Dr. Emoto hypothesized, then the Big Island’s lava-heated steam might be expected to relay information about the origin of the universe somehow or somewhere in its structure. In Dr. Horowitz’s book, Walk on Water, he relayed the fact that the summit of this sacred place is believed by Kahunas to be “the Divine umbilical cord to all creation—the birthplace of the cosmos.”

Methods The following photographs were produced by Dr. Emoto’s well-trained laboratory assistants in Japan who were unaware of the sources of the two water samples analyzed in this study. Samples were collected by the authors. Pure Breath of the Earth™ was obtained by condensing and collecting lava-heated steam erupting from a highly active steam vent. A second sample was taken from a mixture of the Breath of the Earth™ and fresh rainwater, certainly among the purest on Earth. The full strength and “homeopathic samples” were flown to Japan without exposing them to x-rays. Once in the lab, they were cryogenically (flash) frozen and examined under the “cold room” microscope at 100 and 200 magnifications. Using Dr. Emoto’s laboratory technique, less than twenty clusters were able to be identified and photographed. So if a common theme was to be determined in this small sample of photographs, it would be highly improbable and very significant statistically.

Dr. Emoto is best known for his New York Times bestselling book, The H i d d e n Messages in Water, and h i s appearance in the a w a r d winning documentary film “What the Bleep Do We Know!” Dr. Horowitz is best known for his many books and documentary films, and developing a natural substitute for risky and costly vaccines and antibiotics called OxySilver.

Dr. Horowitz was introduced to Dr. Emoto in 1998 by their common water science mentor, Dr. Lee Lorenzen, developer of the first marketed clustered water.



Journey of the Angels

Excerpts from the “Journey of the Angels” by Tobias

Today you can awaken to the realization that Spirit has always been within, and that there is no line separating you from Spirit or from your angelic roots. There is no obstacle course you must get through. There is no test that you have to take. There is only a choice to make: Are you ready to move into your full expression, into the I Am-ness of your being? We’re going to tell this as a story, not to be taken literally but as a way of understanding the energies, so that when we talk about Spirit you understand and feel the essence. And so it was, beyond time and space, that there was this thing called Spirit. It was Oneness. It was complete unto Itself. Spirit knew nothing other than Itself. It simply existed. It simply was. Then, in a moment of sheer brilliance, passion, and love, this Was-ness asked Itself, “Who am I?” When Spirit, the original, Eternal One, said, “Who am I?,” It instantly created a mirror of Itself so that It could see who It was in order to answer Its own question. The Oneness created the incredible ability to see Itself through Another, to experience Itself through the expression of Itself, and now we have the metaphor of Spirit as the King and the Queen. When they gazed into each other’s eyes they saw nothing but perfection and beauty, because it was their own perfection and beauty. When they served each other, they were really serving themselves. And when they shared with each other, it was like sharing with themselves. This was the perfect expression, the perfect mirror of love that they had, and they loved each other so dearly.

Through this miraculous process of loving each other, which was ultimately loving themselves, they created the children of God. They gave them one thing: freedom. Freedom to express, freedom to love, freedom to experience, freedom to do whatever they chose, freedom to love Spirit as Spirit loved them—even freedom to turn their back on Spirit if they chose. As you walked away from the castle and faded from their sight, the King and the Queen gave each other a knowing look and said, “No matter what happens, no matter where your journeys will take you, no matter what things you will choose for your experiences in order to understand who you are, you will get to where you are going. You will become sovereign. You will become a creator of all things. You will create your own heavens. You will create your own grand reality. No matter what occurs along the path of your creations, no matter what kind of experiences—high or low, far or near—that you give yourself, you will get to where you are going. No matter what. It is the way of Spirit. It is the way of love. It is the way of the free and sovereign soul which you will become when you choose.” That day you wandered into parts of the kingdom that you had never gone into before. It was a grand and glorious day, and you were so captivated by the crystalline energies of the pure consciousness of Spirit that you soon forgot about the tear you thought you had seen earlier. You were captivated by what we might call the colors, but they were far beyond colors, and they were colors that you hadn’t seen in any of your other explorations of the Kingdom.

around creation, discovering what Spirit had given and created for you, but today everything was more intense and more real. You almost felt you could actually

Oh, this was long before thought even existed. It was just consciousness, and you were overwhelmed and amazed by the crystalline music of consciousness you heard on this day. You had been out many, many times before, wandering

touch these things—the crystalline forms of music and color, the crystalline forms of what would later become energies and feelings and awareness and emotion—and you had never had that sensation before. It had always been beautiful, but it wasn’t quite as real as what you were experiencing on this day.

“Why did it seem more real than ever before? Why did it seem like there was something within me that could touch these things, that could become absorbed in them, that could make them feel so real that it was difficult to find the line between illusion and reality?” You felt within yourself, “I must talk to Spirit about these when I return from this journey.” As you wandered throughout the day, absolutely amazed at everything you were perceiving and absorbing, bringing it into the deepest parts of your soul, little did you know that these were also the seeds of remembrance of the Kingdom. These were the very finest and purest of all the crystalline energies that would become the reminders of Home. And little did you know on that day that this was also preparing you for something that you would encounter much, much later, something called reality. It would be a reality beyond the illusion, beyond being just ethereal—a reality so real that you don’t know where to draw the line between yourself and your creations. So all of these seeds of consciousness were being implanted within you to be used later. ....suddenly came to the end of land, to a beach, and beyond the beach it appeared to be an eternal ocean. That’s what it felt like to you right now in the Kingdom. You were on the very edge and it was amazing. You had never felt or seen anything like this before, an endless sea of blue, shimmering, crystalline energy, so overwhelming that you gasped. It was your first deep breath. There was part of you that felt a deep desire to go out onto this ocean. You wanted to know what that was like, for you had always been in the “land-form” of creation, the consciousness of the Kingdom, and now here was something that appeared to be different and beyond. That desire seemed to pull you out towards the sea. As your natural spiritual curiosity grew, you imagined drifting out onto this beautiful ocean.

But the voice you heard that first time, standing on the very edge of the ocean of new consciousness, is still with you. You took a deep breath, deep within your soul, and said, “I Am aware of myself.” And then you said the words that launched you forth on your journey: “Who am I?” And so it was. The

Excerpts from the “Journey of the Angels” by Tobias https://store.crimsoncircle.com/p-4856-journey-ofthe-angels-book.aspx


S a c r e d Wa t e r s a n d A n c i e n t Te m p l e s The Edfu Building Texts provide one of the most

The Edfu Building Texts

solid records of the processes by which a piece of

The text then makes a specific reference to the pth-nwytmw, “sanctified water that protects,” a kind of energized water with the power to protect the selected piece of land.

land, infused with an energetic force, becomes sacred ground, and how the constructed temple

takes on the living form of a god who is itself a distillation of the forces of the cosmos. The narrative indicates that after the primordial mound is established, an “enemy snake is overthrown.” Since the snake or dragon is the ancient representation of telluric forces that flow through and along the earth, we are told that an energy that is not conducive to the proper function of life is somehow tamed or balanced. This concept is similar to Polynesian philosophy where tabu represents an energy that upsets the proper balance of mana (magic), what in Africa is known as baraka, and to Greeks as pneuma. An enclosure is then made on the mound and a channel dug around it containing mw, a special type of water consecrated by the protector of the site, the creator god Ptah. The text then makes a specific reference to the pth-nwyt-mw, “sanctified water that protects,” a kind of energized water with the power to protect the selected piece of land. Only then does Tanen (the creative force) emerge from the sacred site and the temple begins its function as the “restoration of the Ancestors.” Landscape Photo’s by Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva

primordial mound

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

This consecrated water is of vital importance to the

Wiltshire in 1935, similarly observed how every long

efficacy of the temple, for it contains a power which

barrow has an underground stream running its full

prevents “the enemy snake from approaching the

length. Indeed, the prime energy spots in sacred sites

domain of Horus,” inferring that so long as the purity

tend to be those from which a number of

of the water is maintained at the site, the potentially

underground streams form a radial pattern: “The

destructive telluric forces of the earth do not interfere

constant presence of underground water at the exact

with the processes at work inside the sanctuary. This

centres of these circles and earthworks is a

energized water itself behaves as a kind of force

significant feature easily verified by others. If this is


allowed to be intentional, then the selection of sites

The practice of surrounding a temple with an earthen mound and water- retaining ditch is common to

for consecration by the Druids and their predecessors no longer appears arbitrary, but dictated largely by

hundreds of sacred sites throughout Celtic Britain,

geological conditions.”

such as Knowlton, Arbor Low, Stonehenge and

Beneath the holiest of Muslim shrines, the Ka’Ba,

Avebury, as well as the so-called ‘hill forts’. Some

there exists a well; sacred springs exist below Temple

argue that these sites are nothing more than mere

Mount, just as they do beneath Chartres and

fortifications, although they do not satisfactorily

Glastonbury Tor; the Gothic cathedrals of Wells,

explain why these supposedly defensive ditches lie

Winchester and Salisbury are built on marshland and

on the inside of the mounds, or why places such as

designed to practically float on such architecturally

Rybury hill fort sits below higher ground barely a

unsuitable terrain; in fact, so many beautiful pieces of

hundred yards outside its earthen walls, rendering such a place useless as a military fortification.

sacred architecture sit on ground wholly unsuitable for heavy structures. The Egyptian pyramids sit

The French archaeologists Merle and Diot published

above deep fissures of the earth through which flow

papers to the effect that all prehistoric monuments,

hundreds of veins of pressurized water. Even stone

without exception, are surrounded by underground

circles amid the deserts of Nubia and Libya sit on

streams; the eleven parallel stone rows of Carnac

domes of water, as does the Navajo altar in

that stretch for almost a mile are aligned to

Monument Valley, situated between two voluminous

underground streams running parallel to each other.

sand dunes out of which bursts a serpentine gush of

Captain Robert Boothby, who studied sites in

cold, clear water.

Photo by Freddy Silva

Without exception, every sacred site is located above or beside water. Water is the foundation

Elyssian idyll and sanctuary for the sacred waters that flow out of Glastonbury Tor. It's mineral-rich waters not only possess healing properties, they receive the blessings of countless pilgrims, helping to reinforce the sanctity of the site.


Like sacred mountains or landscape temples, holy wells and

Yohanan, the Greek Ioannes, and finally, the English John.

sacred springs are the epitome of the temple in its natural

Strange how an identical character emerges in the Biblical

state, and their hypnotic power has been honored since

narrative 9000 years after the god Oannes emerges from the

prehistoric times. Many have been integrated within the

flood, complete with fish symbology, and an aphorism

boundaries of constructed temples, even represented on the

reminiscent of the act of consecration of the Egyptian temple:

inside by the octagonal church font and its holy water. In his

“Unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter

delightful discourse on the holy wells of Cornwall, Paul

the kingdom of God.”

Broadhurst describes how these places

Throughout Britain, western France and

were seen by ancient people “as

northern Iberia, holy wells and springs

gateways to the Otherworld, where the vital flow of life-force could be used to

came under the protection of the Celtic church, essentially a reformation of

penetrate the veil of matter to experience

Druidism, which maintained the tradition

a more formative reality. And so they

of honoring the site to the degree that by

were used to contact unseen realms

the Victorian era physicians in London

where communication could take place

were still sending patients to be cured at

with the gods and spirits.” Celtic Britain –

such pagan sanctuaries. On my guided

Ireland in particular – still venerates its

excursions to the wells and springs of

ancient holy wells and sacred springs,

Cornwall and southern Dorset I have

and anyone who visits these remote

watched groups of excited and inquiring

shrines is often taken aback by the monastic ambience pervading their surroundings. Direct contact with these special

minds develop an immediate languid state of mind as they approach the waters of St. Catherine’s well at Cerne, once

waters have provided healing and inspiration for poet and

part of a pagan temple honoring the fertility god Cernunnos.

pilgrim since the days of Sumerian Eridu and its temple

Likewise, the holy well at St. Clether, Cornwall, is a unique

honoring Ea, the god of the House of Water, where the ritual

sanctuary where a channel of water from the outside well

of baptism was performed as an integral part of temple

house passes directly through the tiny church and under a


rough stone altar resembling one of Stonehenge’s trilithons in

Ea and the Babylonian post-diluvial god Oannes share


identical characteristics and attributes thousands of years later

TREVETHY QUOIT, Cornwall - marks a node of the Earth's magnetic pathways

with John the Baptist via the linguistic route of the Hebrew

Photoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s by Freddy Silva

To enter Stonehenge is to enter the Holy Grail, the chalice of wisdom. This cup is a horseshoe of stones that concentrates the influx of light, specifically at midsummer sunrise. At this time, light is at its highest and most potent in the STONEHENGE, England

northern hemisphere.

Water at sacred sites is very different in frequency to ordinary

transportation. Anyone who has tried this in recent times

water. Tests conducted using infrared spectroscopy show that

knows just how it makes the water taste like liquid air.

holy water absorbs light at different frequencies. Holy well

In studying ancient settlements, it is surprising how the vast

water is free from bacteria and contains natural minerals

majority evolved around a temple or a singular menhir at their

which are known to be beneficial to health and longevity. This

core. Paris grew around a temple dedicated to Isis (hence its

extremely pure water also exhibits greater properties of spin,

original name Par-isis), now beneath the abbey of St.

and such vortices create an electrical charge which then

Germain-des-Prés; central London expanded from a mound

generate an electromagnetic field, certainly enough to

containing a giant’s grave, long since buried beneath the

transform it into something different from ordinary liquid.

Tower of London. Aside from the obvious desire of people to

Despite the world being covered two-thirds by water, it is still a mysterious element: it grows lighter rather than heavier as it

be close to an earthly embodiment of divinity, in light of the potentized state of water at sacred sites, the practical benefit

freezes; its surface tension causes it to stick to itself to form a

that derived from the use of such in agriculture requires no

sphere – the shape with the least amount of surface for its

further explanation. Indeed, modern efforts to recreate the

volume, requiring the least amount of energy to maintain itself.

ancient art of potentized water to enhance plant vitality and

And yet when its extraneous gases are removed from a drop

growth have proved highly successful.

the size of an inch, it becomes harder than steel. Its potency

A life-long study of the relationship between sacred sites,

can be enhanced by the use of crystals, particularly quartz,

water and energy fields by Guy Underwood reveals how the

the prime material found in the stone used in temple-building.

shape of the temples regularly match underlying forces

This has a marked effect on water’s surface tension, and

already at work beneath the soil.

Tibetan physicians have used this combination to make efficacious solutions for their patients. Not surprisingly,

Using the early cathedrals as an example – for they were built over ground made sacred thousands of years before – he

enlightened kings and queens of old had water transported

revealed how the width of walls, the position of fonts and

from sacred sites to their court by means of rock crystal bowls,

altars, even the placing of doors took underlying veins of

which served to maintain the energy of the water during

water into consideration.

Microphotograph of Snow Flake by artgeek

Over the course of time, recurring acts of 172

site means one literally imbibes whatever is stored

prayer and veneration, and the electromagnetic

in the memory of place; that is, its natural energy as

fingerprint left by each person’s attendance, has

well as the energy from affirmations and prayers

served to enhance the potency of the underlying

accumulated over hundreds, possibly thousands of

water, which in turn has magnified the energy of


place. Underwood’s drawings reveal a distinct

The brain generates detectable electromagnetic

relationship between underground veins of water,

pulses, meaning that every thought we send emits

the electromagnetic lines above them, and the

a small packet of energy. The effects of

places of the site used most often by congregation

concentrated thought and its ability to alter the

and priest. Thus, halos of positive and negative charges tend to be generated and polarized around

shape of water has been well illustrated in thousands of experiments by the Japanese scientist

original church fonts, wells and altars, the later

Masuro Emoto. Seen under a microscope, the

having been erected over the confluence of several

directed intent from ordinary people aimed at vials

This makes energized

of water shows the ability of even a simple,

water, as the primary ingredient of

drastically alter the crystalline structure of water.

underground springs.

everyday word such as love, well-intended, to

sacred space, a major stimulant of the

Most revealing of all are the tests conducted on

human body, the element that benefits

blessing by a group of monks, in which the chaotic

most from using the temple.

Our bodies

consist of two-thirds water, just like the Earth, and 90% of the brain is made up of the stuff. Since water retains information, drinking it from a sacred

water in Tokyo’s main reservoir before and after its structure of the capital’s drinking supply was radically reorganized into a coherent and geometric shape.

In water we can observe the movement of the vortex, the primary movement in the creation of matter, from galaxies to seashells. The Earthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own vorticular energy discharges from its core at an angle of 19.47o and manifests on the surface as the most active hotspot, the Hawaiian volcano of Mauna Loa, at latitude 19.47o. This angle is reflected in water when a ship creates a wake or when it is spun in a container into a funnel. Spin gives off a magnetic field, and when water is spun, its electromagnetic charge is altered, which in turn adjusts the information stored in its memory. Since water is a component of blood, and blood requires vorticular motion to move through the veins, it follows that contact with the energetic properties of water at sacred sites will affect the spin ratio of blood, thus altering the information traveling through the body.

The body’s metabolic processes are dependent on a specific composition of basic elements, fresh water being one of them, and the taking of energized water – even being in contact with it – induces a vitality in the body, just as one feels a clarity of mind after a stroll by a waterfall or by the sea shore. This is very important when it comes to understanding the interaction between water, the temple and its influence on the human body. Because our sensory organs need to be in a certain condition to be receptive to extra-sensory experiences, stimulating the energy of the water and the blood flow through the body makes us more receptive to the processes taking place inside the temple. The thermodynamics engineer Pierre Mereaux spent three decades painstakingly studying the megaliths at Carnac. As well he should have, with such an appropriate first name! He discovered that a strong relationship exists between their location and alignment and the fault lines of the region, France’s most active earthquake zone. Identical relationships exist

...is very important when it comes to understanding the interaction between water, the temple and its influence on the human body.

between sacred sites in New Mexico and the fault line along the Rio Grande, as well as Anasazi pueblos, and the pyramids of Mesoamerica. We know that the siting of temples over waterbearing fissures is a common feature to sites such as Delphi and Chartres, and given how these fissures cover tens, and sometimes hundreds of miles, it is worth considering how a negative impact on the water of a site would lead to the fall of the temple and, by implication, the fall of the land and the spiritual outlook of its people.

Photo’‘s by Freddy Silva

Temples that have fallen into decay have done so through a series of interrelated events, one being a sudden and catastrophic change in the pattern of weather. Whether this is due to a transgression against the temple or natural causes depends on which side of the scientific fence you wish to stand, but from an

ancestor’s point of view,

everything, including the weather, worked like interconnected cogwheels. To some cultures, the imbalances of the people are reflected in the climate; the souls of the Sinagua of Arizona returned to the tribe after death as the elements of rain, heat or wind, or whatever the tribe needed most to maintain its equilibrium.

And yet in cases like Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, the demise of its sacred springs went hand in hand with the fall of the temple.

One can argue that prevailing arid conditions in the Near East during those times facilitated a fall in the water table, but the same cannot be said for Britain, where it rains incessantly. When a cathedral was built as the Bishop’s See on the sacred hill of Old Sarum, no sooner had the last stone been placed when the weather turned violent and blew the structure down. Its replacement also came under a renewed battering from the elements shortly after its consecration, with cracks appearing all over the building. Then the springs dried up, and relations between factions inhabiting the mound went downhill very fast, leading the contemporary observer Peter de Blois to remark, “the church stands as a captive on the hill where it was built, like the ark of God, shut up in the profane house of Baal.” Shortly after, Old Sarum fell into total decline and never recovered its original glory. Water is the blood of the earth and the life-force of the temple, and if that blood should be energized by the numinous quality of the temple’s environment, it stands to reason that the same quality is transferred to the initiate or the pilgrim, whether they imbibe it or walk upon it.

Black and White Prints for sale: http://www.freddysilva.com/sacred.html


Click and Listen to Freddy, Archived Show

Freddy Silva is one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is best-selling author of 'First Templar Nation', and 'The Divine Blueprint'. His first book ‘Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles’, is a critically-acclaimed work, published in four languages, providing the only thorough appraisal of this much misunderstood phenomenon. He has also directed several documentaries, including Stairways To Heaven: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space; Templemaking; and In The Footsteps of Isis. He has lectured worldwide for over a decade, with keynote appearances at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment, in addition to appearances on Discovery Channel, BBC, and radio shows such as Coast To Coast. Described by the CEO of Universal Light Expo as “perhaps the best metaphysical speaker in the world right now.” He leads tours to Britain, France, Malta and Egypt.

To contact, please email: fs272 at invisibletemple dot com
 Temples, Power Places and the Global Plan to Shape the Human Soul.

The Merovingian bloodline is a Messianic lineage of priest-kings, in the Egyptian tradition.... Their name stems from merovie or meruvie, meaning ‘sea of life’ or ‘source of life’, and as such kings were considered vessels of a sacred water...page 45


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CHANNELS v e i n s Veins are the channel of life force energy that flows through bodies. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the current of your inner river, where you register life's pulse.

WATER c r y s t a l i z e d



By Dr. West Marrin

The inextricable link between water and the crucial issues facing humanity (e.g., food, energy, pollution, health, climate, resource security) means that our water choices will affect every aspect of earthly life. Perhaps we should look to water, itself, for guidance.

Learning from Throughout history, people have

substances without their

sought to mimic water in their

compromising the network’s

lives and traditions. The external

integrity. All things depend on

stillness and internal dynamism of

water, but water never claims

water is a contrast that permits

dominance over them. In fact,

change to be met with a sense of

water’s roles in nature are often so

calmness. Water’s power to sculpt

subtle that science had previously

landscapes is balanced by its

overlooked their profound

a g i l i t y t o m o v e a ro u n d t h e

s i g n i fi c a n c e i n f a c i l i t a t i n g ,

smallest of objects when

mediating or orchestrating

necessary. The complex molecular

processes on scales ranging from

network of liquid water permits it

the molecular to the planetary.

to include or accept a variety of

Wa t e r

Fractal Geometry

As we approach todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s challenges, it is worth recalling that Earth is truly a water planet and that recognizing and respecting waterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s critical roles in processes such as climate change, energy selection, food production, economic stability,

Mandelbrot set

technology development, human health, and global conflict is not only wise, but indeed mandatory.

hydromimicry, analogous to that of biomimicry Many of our past choices ignored the wisdom of both water and nature in adopting technologies and management strategies that have

subsections of the watershed. Such patterns are quantifiable and have been used to design efficient methods of channeling stormwater

Vo r t i c e s , e d d i e s a n d o t h e r recognizable geometries created by moving water have been used by

violated, ignored or overridden water’s preferences, rhythms, and patterns. The practice of hydromimicry, analogous to that of biomimicry, begins by observing how water behaves in nature or how nature utilizes the physical and chemical properties of water. The acquired insights can then be applied to maximize the efficiency and minimize the negative consequences

runoff, constructing green rooftops, assessing the transport of pollutants through watersheds, restoring riparian habitats, and managing land use activities to reduce flooding and erosion. The temporal patterns of river discharge have also been observed to be fractal, permitting scientists to understand and to model the hydrology of watersheds in ways that provide more accurate

artists and designers for centuries to construct flowforms of different shapes and materials, thus permitting water to flow down a series of vessels. More recently, European naturalists have noted that the water exiting flowforms is sometimes slightly different than that entering, thus prompting the reported use of flowforms in treating both aqueous waste streams and pre-irrigation

of human endeavors.

predictions of extreme events. The extent to which artificial landscapes mimic the hydrologic and vegetation patterns of real watersheds determines their success as mitigation measures.

waters. Inventors have emulated the spiral geometry of a whirlpool to design a surprisingly small impeller that mixes water in tanks or ponds more efficiently than larger, energyconsumptive pumps or stirrers.

The fractal patterns created by water in landscapes are so precise that those viewed from aircraft are nearly identical ones visible in tiny

fractal patterns appear in the landscapes



a i r w a y s

t o

w a t e r w a y s

Photo by Robert D. Anderson/3.0

Vortices, eddies and other recognizable geometries created by moving water have been used by artists and designers for centuries to c o n s t r u c t fl o w f o r m s o f different shapes and materials, thus permitting water to flow down a series of vessels.

Photo by Wing-Chi PoonShare/2.5

flowforms, treating both aqueous waste streams... Mimicry does not require the exact materials or mechanisms employed by nature, but instead incorporates the essential aspects of nature’s strategies to create man-made “facsimiles” with available materials. Villagers in the mountains of Asia have practiced growing glaciers, or grafting, for centuries in order to augment their water supply. Ice or snow relocated to the foot of a glacier is seeded with rocks, sawdust, and charcoal that trap and shield the frozen water. Once a mixture of rock and ice is sufficiently heavy (usually about three years), it begins to move downhill as a selfsustaining glacier. While these grafts could never be mistaken for a natural glacier, they can grow to lengths of 100 meters or more and provide a reliable water source for local communities.

As the most ubiquitous liquid on Earth’s surface, seawater is now being considered as a source of clean energy and potable water in conjunction with several technologies. One of these is known as salinity power, which is driven by the difference in salt content between seawater and freshwater separated by a synthetic membrane that permits the passage of water, but not salts. Freshwater moving through the membrane to dilute the seawater pressurizes the mixed solution that is subsequently piped through a turbine to generate electricity. There are functional and ecological challenges to this technology; however, it mimics a natural process that occurs where rivers (freshwater) meet oceans (seawater). Similarly, engineers have designed tiny carbon tubules to mimic cellular proteins known as

aquaporins, which can rapidly transport water via changes in electric charge or geometry. Applied to seawater, the carbon tubules transport pure water while stranding dissolved salts outside on the material that imbeds the tubules.

Modern 3D Lichtenberg figures or "electrical treeing" in a block of clear acrylic, created by irradiating the block with an electron beam. The fractal discharge pattern is believed to extend down to the molecular level. Bert Hickman, http://www.teslamania.com

Agriculture is the largest and perhaps most inefficient user of freshwater on the planet; however, recent attempts to emulate the cycling of water by native plants and apply it to highproduction crops could alter that trend. Native vegetation in arid climates stores water from seasonal rainfall in the root zone, where it is captured and used in the dry season. By contrast, most non-native crops permit more water to drain from the root zone, requiring irrigation that can result in acidified, waterlogged and saline soils. In an effort to emulate the soil-water cycle of native vegetation, perennials (e.g., grasses, trees) are planted in agricultural lands and deep-rooted crops (e.g., alfalfa) are rotated with shallow-rooted crops (e.g., wheat) to reduce irrigation requirements of the latter. While there are limits to the volume of water that can be stored in root zones, seasonal carryovers of water have succeeded

in reducing irrigation requirements and limiting the infiltration of fertilizers and pesticides to the underlying ground water. Mimicking the interaction between plant substances and water may be a key to simple water treatment techniques. The first technique involves the gooey sap from a prickly pear cactus, which acts a flocculent in adhering to and removing sediment and bacteria from water. It could potentially remove metals, pesticides, and other sedimentbound pollutants from drinking water. The second technique uses a tree branch that has had its sapwood exposed by peeling away the outer bark. Sapwood contains countless pores capable of filtering bacteria from waters that are poured through the branch. The final technique uses cilantro, or coriander, leaves that are dried, ground up and placed in tea

b a g s o r fi l t e r s . R e s e a r c h e r s discovered that the cilantro is able to adsorb toxic metals from the water. All three techniques are inexpensive, utilize readily available materials, and mimic the ways in which aqueous fluids and solutes react with plant surfaces.

As previously noted, people throughout history have revered and respected water as a quintessential aspect of their physical and spiritual lives. According to the traditions of New Zealand’s Maori culture, all natural waters have a connection to the spiritual realm, which has provided a basis for gauging water’s appropriate uses.

Engineer Kepa Morgan developed a rating system for water uses that calculates a weighted average among environmental and human factors.

SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO - August 5th His management algorithm ensures that water is in harmony with its watershed prior to use for human purposes. Stormwater irrigation of public spaces, rainwater harvesting, and gray water irrigation of gardens are considered acceptable, whereas pumping water from one watershed to another and using water to transport human wastes are not. Additionally, the design and operation of any water infrastructure must support the natural water cycles and watershed health.

mimic natureâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s design

Explorations Explorations into water and its unusual and essential attributes are many and varied. This page is updated periodically to feature a recent or novel exploration of water in the form of documentaries, exhibitions, performances, or discussions.

To access the references for hydromimicry examples cited in this article and many more, visit www.watersciences.org/ documents/Hydromimicry.pdf or www.watersciences.org/documents/ Marrin-EnergyBulletin.pdf."

AUTHOR: West Marrin, PhD West is a scientist, educator, and founder of corporations and foundations focused on diverse water quality projects. He is the author of three books and journal articles that address a range of topics. More information is available at www.watersciences.org.


c u r r e n t

c o n d i t i o n s

i m p u l s e S o f c u r r e n t S o s c u l at i n g m o t i o n ,

you r

“ w e at h e r c h a n n e l “


V o r t e x e s l i f e

f o r c e


Air Wells

OASIS Machine

Air wells are structures or devices that collect water by condensing moisture from air.

Produces water by flowing air over a surface colder than the air’s dew point temperature.

Possible Technical Solutions to Water Shortages By Gary Vesperman I have selected the following possible technical solutions from my accumulated inventory of energy inventions – nearly all of which are documented in my website www.padrak.com/vesperman.

Atmospheric Water Generation

Environmental Heat Engines

Post-processing units are added to existing air conditioners and refrigeration units to produce potable water.

Efficient and pollution-free environmental heat engines absorb ambient heat to expand a working fluid such as Freon or ammonia and push pistons through sealed chambers to provide useful net mechanical power.

W a t e r s


Thermal Pool Hot Springs Volcanic Activity = Water

Primary Water – Water for a Thirsty World Where does water come from, what a simple question to consider, but do you really know the answer?

“Primary water, the original source of our

water comes from the “hydrological cycle” which

oceans, is still being created by geological

merely recycles water already on the surface.”

forces. That water, usually in a potable form,

“Primary water is new water formed by chemical

comes to the Earth's surface in thousands of

reactions deep in the Earth. This water, driven by

places, some well known like Jericho and

massive pressure, works its way toward the

Bahrain where it has provided drinking water for

surface through faults and fissures in normally

thousands of people for thousands of years. It

impervious crystalline rock. While you may have

pours into deep mines all over the world. The

to drill deeper for Primary Water, it is generally

hallmark of new, or primary, water springs and

not subject to pollution or variations in rainfall,

wells is that they provide water at constant

and usually sustains production for decades.”

temperature and flow. But this worldwide source

--- Michael H. Salzman, author of the deeply

of “new water” has been ignored by geologists

compelling book,”New Water For A Thirsty

and laymen in most countries including the

World”, published in 1960.

United States. They were taught that all potable

“Michael H. Salzman, an engineer and administrator, researched, wrote and published a book providing detailed information on “new water”. As published in 1960, it can be read and/or downloaded from this website. It is not readily available in libraries. <www.newwatersources.org> “Mike was a long time friend. He handed me one of his last copies in 1970 and asked me to see if I could get some recognition for it. He told me some wealthy people wanting to get approval for funds to build an aqueduct to bring water from the Colorado River to southern California (they succeeded) had bought up and burned all the copies they could find. They also tried (and failed) to have him fired as Director of the Los Angeles Housing Authority.” ---- Roger Willcox, President Emeritus, National Association of Housing Cooperatives <www.newwatersources.org>

Primary water wells are not a new phenomenon.

Folsom Lake, in Sacramento, is down to a third of its normal levels. Governor Jerry Brown, is trying to get a tunnel built, to bring water from the mountains to provide water, at a cost of over $50 Billion. He's counting on snowpack in the mountains to provide water, but sadly he hasn't been paying attention to the recent news from the 2013 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, as they announced studies that

indicate the western states are in the midst of a possible 'mega-drought' that may well last for decades. <www.climatecentral.org/news/ is-the-wests-dry-spell-really-a-megadrought-16824>

Fresno-area meteorologist, Steve Johnson, who has been tracking weather in California for decades, said on a drought scale of 1 to 10, last year was a 14. “After I looked at the numbers around the state, I was in a state of shock on New Year's Eve,” he said. “That's because records were not merely broken. They were obliterated. Think about it. Weather records usually are broken by only small percentage points. Not this time. Many old records fell by more than 40%. In the case of downtown Oakland, it was 58% – the 1976 record being 10.02 inches of rainfall and the 2013 total being 4.24 i n c h e s . ” < w w w. m e r c e d s u n s t a r. c o m / 2014/01/07/3429298/earth-log-dry-2013-recordsshock.html>

“California water officials call drought outlook 'scary'. “It's scary,to put it bluntly,” said David Guy, President of the Northern California Water Association, which represents rural water districts. “It's the combination that the reservoirs are at alltime-low levels as well as the fact that we simply do not have inflow coming into the reservoirs.” ----- George Warren -- -Gwarren@news10.net

Primary water

(also called

earth-generated, juvenile or magmatic) forms

within the Earth's crust or mantle and is found in crystalline rock systems.

“Enter Pal Pauer. Pal is one of the world's leading authorities on primary water. Primary water (also called earth-generated, juvenile or magmatic) forms within the Earth's crust or mantle and is found in crystalline rock systems at depths of only 100 feet or more. This water is the source of all water on the Earth, and eventually reaches the groundwater, soil water, and surface through vents and unconfined aquifers to become part of the hydrological cycle when extracted.” “According to Pal,”It's hard to get the point across to many people in the U.S. that the Earth makes water. We can access it and solve our problems. We don't need massive storage facilities or aqueducts. Clean, virtually infinite sources of water might be right under our feet.” “Primary water wells are not a new phenomenon. Stephan Riess was drilling wells all over California and in the Middle East as far back as the early 1930s. Pal has traveled to Africa numerous times, and earlier this year, drilled six wells in Kenya and Tanzania, producing over 3,000 gallons of water per minute in an arid land with less than 10 inches of rainfall per year. One well supplies water to 15,000 people people and is free flowing at 30 gallons per minute.” <http://worldwidedrillingresource.com/archiv/2011/october11> --Page 80

“SuperEarths are expected to have deep oceans that will overflow their basins and inundate the entire surface, but we show this logic to be flawed,” said Nicolas Cowan, at Northwestern University in Illinois. “Terrestrial planets have significant amounts of water in their interior. SuperEarths are likely to have shallow oceans to go along with their shallow ocean basins.” “Scientists suggest that tectonically active SuperEarths store most of their water in the mantle – the rocky part that makes up most of the volume and mass of the planet.” “In their model, the researchers treated the intriguing exoplanets like Earth, which has water in its mantle. The rock of the mantle contains tiny amounts of water, which quickly adds up because the mantle is so large. Because of this, deep water cycle moves water between oceans and the mantle. <www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2538549/ could-super-earths-climate-like-giant-worlds-hugeamounts-water-hidden-beneath-surface.html>

“Water-bearing fractures in the underground bedrock represent geological discontinuities that are commonly expressed in soils and topography of the surface. The traces of these discontinuities manifest themselves as subtle linear features that are visible to the trained eye on aerial photographs and topographic maps.” ---<http://csggeotech.com> --- Nick Evans, Chief Hydrogeologist

“According to the 2007 State Water Plan, the population of Texas is increasing and is expected to continue to grow from 20.9 million residents in 2000 to an estimated 45.6 million residents in 2060. This growing population puts additional demands on a limited water supply. For example, in 2000, state consumption was approximately 17 million acre feet of water per year; however, estimates reported in the 2007 State Water Plan show that 21.6 million acre feet of water per year will be required to meet the state's demands by 2060.” ---- <www.twdb.state.tx.us> Texas Water Development Board Basically, terrestrial volcanism is the product of the explosive interactions between water and magma. Hydrothermalism (like geysering), where circulating waters are heated by a distal heat source, such as plutonic intrusions – Phreatomagmatism (or hydromagmatism), which is generated by close contact of magma with external waters (coming from wetted sediments or from a lake or river). --- Strombolian, Vulcanism, Plinian Volcanism, which are produced by exsolution and expansion of juvenile steam (i.e. water, which was initially dissolved in the magma). Volcanic gases are mainly composed of water (over 80% in volume) with other volatiles (Co2, So2, H2S ...) and minor amounts of salts (NaCL, ...) ----- <http:// wwwobs.univ- bpclermont.fr/lmv/perso/thiery_regis/mater>

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Magmatic water or juvenile water

Basically, terrestrial volcanism is the product of the explosive interactions between water and magma.

is water that exists within, and in equilibrium with, a magma or water-rich volatile fluids that are derived from a magma. This magmatic water is released to the atmosphere during a volcanic eruption. Magmatic water may also be released as hydrothermal fluids during the late stages of magmatic crystallization or solidification within the Earth's crust. The crystallization of hydroxyl bearing amphibole and mica minerals acts to contain part of the magmatic water within a solidified igneous rock. Ultimate sources of this magmatic water includes water and hydrous minerals in rocks melted during subduction as well as in primordial water brought up from the deep mantle.â&#x20AC;? ----- <www.freebase.com/m/06zkg06>

“Hypothesis of Leaching by Hot Springs of Magmatic Origin ---- When lava cools at the surface, great quantities of the expelled waters pass off as clouds of steam. As the crust slowly hardens, and the congealing magma becomes further away from the surface, the escaping waters will become cooler in their passage upward. A stage will finally be reached when they will not entirely be vaporous on emerging at the surface, but will become liquid. They will, in fact, emerge as hot springs, and it is probable that the change from steam jets (fumaroles) to hot springs is the normal process of cooling volcanoes.” “The water which is given off at the contact of an intrusive mass of igneous rock, and which is frequently so active in producing rock changes or metamorphism, must also exist after it has accomplished these changes. We may suppose that if there are any channels, such as are afforded by fissures or faults, this water may find its way upward, and perhaps even reach the surface. Springs having this origin may be called (following Professor Suess of Vienna) juvenile springs, the term referring to the recent birth of the water from the magma.” ----- “Geology Applied to Mining – A First Book of General Geology and Metallology” by Josiah Edward Spurr (1926) ---- Pages 125 – 126 ----- <http://hdl.handle.net/2027/uc1.b31547> – Hathi Digital Library “My discovery was put to a field test by locating and drilling many wells. The records to date from these tests is 70 producing wells out of 72 attempts, all drilled in hard rock, all located in distress areas generally considered unproductive.” --- Stephan Riess (1954)

“Research undertaken by Stephan Riess in 1934 showed enormous quantities of virgin water could be obtained from crystalline rocks. This involved a combination of geothermal heat and a process known as 'triboluminescence', a glow which electrons in the rocks discharge as a result of friction or violent pressure, that can actually release oxygen and hydrogen gases in certain ore-bearing rocks. This process, called cold oxidation, can form virgin or primary water. Riess was able to tap straight into formations of hard desert rock of the right composition and produce as much as 8,000 liters per minute.” ---- <www.scribd.com/ doc/6190656/primary-water-theory>

“This book had its inspiration in the demonstrated discovery by Stephan Riess that fresh, potable water flowing in deep-seated solid rock fissures could be scientifically located from the surface of the Earth, and economically intercepted by drilling through the hard, impermeable rocks so as to constitute an abundant water supply which heretofore has been virtually neglected. This initial inspiration has been refueled repeatedly by the adventures of discovering more and more evidence, already in the literature but dispersed throughout many fields of specialization, that support his basic concept.” During the last twenty-five years of field experience and observation, Stephan Riess has been able to refine his own work and concepts so that his demonstrations demand attention. Instead, because he goes beyond the hydrologic cycle theory, his work has been ignored with but few exceptions which only now are beginning to grow. According to Du Bridge, president of the California Institute of Technology, there is infinitely more to be learned than has been learned.

The more science learns the more deeply it realizes its “staggering and overwhelming” ignorance. Those who refuse to even look beyond the hydrologic cycle theory, in the light of Riess' demonstrations, are lost to science.” ---- Quotes above from “New Water For A Thirsty World” by Michael Salzman (1960) “A Dictionary of Earth Sciences ---- Juvenile Water – original water, formed as a result of magmatic processes. Juvenile water has never been in the atmosphere. Magmatic water can form in very large quantities. A magma body with a density of 2.5, an assumed water content of 5% by weight, a thick- ness of 1 kilometer, and an area of 10 km squared contains some 1.25 x 10 to the 9th power meters cubed of water.” --- <http://oxfordindex.oup.com> “For among rocks there are some from which rivers gush forth; others there are which when split asunder send forth water.” ----- The Qur'an, Surah 2, Verse 74 ----<www.saudiaramcoworld.com/issue/200701/ seas.beneath.the.sands.htm> ----

By now, perhaps you have seen that many people do not know where water comes from, while there are those who do, now you are one of them. It is up to you what you do with what you have learned today. It is my hope, for the children who die daily for a lack of clean water, and the cities, and nations at risk from a lack of water, that you will take a very active role in promoting the knowledge of, and develop of primary water sources to end thirst and drought in all nations. There are nations that depend on the

waters of the Jordan River in the Middle East, becoming increasingly hostile over water rights, they have forgotten the river has its source in primary water springs at the river's headwaters, and that same source lies beneath their very feet. If you want to help end thirst and drought for all people, and nations, please consider joining our efforts at the Primary Water Institute, to help Pal Pauer teach younger generations where to find primary water, and to bring it forth in wells across the world. <http://goneill51.wix.com/ waterinstitute>

By Greg O’Neill www.primarywaterinstitute.org http://whitetiger511.tripod.com ___________________________________ The human side of the story of water is one that must be heard. Evie Treen - A project in Kenya, working with Pal in the villages <http://friendsofwonikenya.org>  

d r o u g h t Due to Harsh c o n d i t i o n s

I'm looking at the relationship between human’s  dry skin conditions and its relationship to the earths skin, our drought. The correlation  seems to be in our use of harsh solvents and chemicals.  It appears they dry up the outer layer of



the skin?

Polluted to blessed...water informed!

A Product that Mimics Nature Could Help California’s Water Crisis Estimates of the severity of the present drought conditions in California have been stated in terms of hundreds, up to as much as 1,000 years. During drought, control measures are directed toward the household, which represents the largest numerical block of consumers. Consumers are all told to cut back on personal water usage; spend less time in showers, turn off sprinklers, fix leaky faucets, etc. However, as in many other places around the globe, the vast majority of water in California is used not for the home or office, but on production farms and ranches. This fact was clearly driven home in a recent UCLA study, which indicated that 77 percent of

California’s available fresh water is used directly watering crops and livestock. According to the California Department of Water Resources, 2013 was the driest year on record in the state (going back to 1895). On January 17, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency, and has called on Californians to voluntarily reduce water consumption by 20 percent. The California legislature followed up by passing, on February 18, a measure to spend $687 million on a drought relief plan lacks one vital element, i.e., any approaches beyond the familiar “use less” strategy.

will be made toward a solution, but rarely do their initiatives go far enough to resolve the problem. Furthermore, while the actual percentages may vary depending on who is doing the reporting, agriculture remains, by far the largest block of water consumers. Whereas, a resident of Los Angeles uses, on average 129 gallons of water per day, a typical farm measures water use in acre/feet, where 1 acre/foot is equal to 325,851 gallons. A 1,000 acre farm, which is still considered small, will on average, consume 1.1 billion gallons of water in a single growing season! Many are looking to agriculture as a place where savings might be achieved.

History shows that declarations and proclamations by politicians only go so far; far enough to appear that progress

By Adam Abraham Krishna Madappa

Californiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s food production currently accounts for 13 percent of the total food produced annually in the United States, and contributes over $40 billion in annual revenue to the stateâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still fiscally challenged economy.

The question is, “At what cost? The farmers of California are now facing crushing cutbacks of 50 percent (and sometimes more) in their water allocations. These cutbacks will dramatically reduce their ability to grow the food that so much of the country and the world depend on. $20 billion and hundreds of thousands of state jobs could be lost. Many milk producers and some crop farmers have already gone out of business and many more are projected to do so unless a solution is found quickly. In this highly charged political milieu, a number of fundamental questions are not being asked, which means that potential avenues of new savings are overlooked and are not explored. One such avenue involves to what happens when the “structure,” and hence, the efficiency of water itself is enabled. The makers of a line of water devices aptly named, Rainmaker H2OTM have asked just those questions, and if results shown from their product — after

years of field testing in agricultural environs — are any indication, these dire conditions may very well represent the “darkest moments before the dawn” for California in particular, agriculture across the U.S. and around the world, and applications beyond. Rainmaker H2O Inc. produces a line of in-line devices that “structure” water as it passes through. They do not strain or filter, or trap or remove particulates from water as conventional treatment systems do, nor do they add salts, chemicals, or any other compounds. Instead, they rely on movement. Specifically vortex movement, which is as natural to water as wind is to a hurricane. This movement mimics what happens in nature when water cascades down a mountain stream, creating a measurable increase in water’s ability to hydrate and nourish. Although its roots can be traced back into the 1990’s structured water manufacturers still represent a nascent and yet little known industry sector.

Hallmarks of an effective water structuring device include: • An immediate, non-chemical reduction in the surface tension of the water molecule • Reduction in cluster sizes • Clearing the “memory” imprint that the water was carrying (we’ll get into this subject shortly) • Increase of water’s ability to carry essential nutrients and energy into the cells

In the same way that farmers have observed from the beginning of farming with rainwater, crops grown where structured water is applied, respond with substantial spurts in new growth, and significant increases in crop yield, taste, and nutrient density, which have been confirmed by such markers as Brix, protein levels, and Relative Feed Value (RFV). It’s easy to wonder how these changes, which are hard to detect and quantify, might be of any value where water conservation has become so important. It turns out that when it is in a structured state, water is more “dense,” more absorbable and hydrating. According to the late Dr. Rustum Roy (1924-2010), noted materials scientist at Penn State University and a leading authority on water, “Structured water is found in the cytoplasm of healthy tissues and it is characterized by having a high

solubility for body minerals. It is also found in healing waters. This appears to be the structure shared by very different healing waters from some healing spas to silver aquasols used worldwide.” Roy further explains, “It is structure (not the composition) that largely controls (water’s) properties (and behavior), and structure can easily be changed without any change in composition.” This appears to be the central area of focus in the Rainmaker H2O product, which does not “filter” water as it passes through, but naturally re-aligns its molecular structure. The correctness of these design objectives have been confirmed by significant increases in such measurable parameters as crop yields, nutrient density and animal health in conjunction with significant reductions in water consumed. Before we discuss how much, let’s look at how the Rainmaker H2O devices work.

A Comparison of Two Bean Patches Figure 1. Above - Without structured water. Figure 2. Middle - With structured water. Figure 4. Bottom - String beans yields

re-aligning molecular structure

63% increase in yields

Much like rainwater, which picks up higher paramagnetic properties on its journey from the sky to the ground (which plants respond to with sudden spurts of growth), water takes on similar traits when it passes through the Rainmaker H2O unit. The farmer saw accelerated growth (63% increase in yields) on less than half the water utilized previously. Better still, alfalfa samples sent to a certified lab for analysis revealed unprecedented protein levels for alfalfa (25.8%) and a Relative Feed Value (a tool for determining alfalfa quality) of 192, where a value of 185 or above is considered Supreme, the highest bracket. This was all accomplished without adding any fertilizers or pesticides!

Are those marbles inside?

The mechanism that makes the Rainmaker H2O devices work is the flow of water through the unit itself that mimics water at its most energetic state, that is, when flowing down a stream or tumbling to earth as rain. The deceptively simple design is based on advanced understanding of physics and chemistry. Using a combination of piezoelectric and paramagnetic materials, the creators of the Rainmaker H2O devices have observed an immediate reduction in surface tension of almost 20 percent after passing water through the device. This confirms an immediate effect on bonds that hold particles in suspension. If observations made by Dr. Krishna Madappa, President and Co-founder of the Institute for Science, Spirituality and Sustainability, based in Taos, New Mexico, confirmed with Electro Photonic Imaging technology are correct, the reduction in surface tension may represent a turning point in water’s dynamic state, where

informational “contaminants” are discharged from the cluster followed by a subsequent strengthening of the hydrogen bonds. In addition to the surface tension reduction, evidence that supports this “reboot” hypothesis is that in a comparison test for nutrient solubility, the amount of soluble nutrients, measured in parts per million (PPM), was 20 percent higher in structured water versus the control one hour after the event. Twelve hours after, 50 percent more soluble nutrients were measured. These results suggest that significant reductions in inputs such as fertilizers, not only may be possible, but may be necessary when using Rainmaker H2O technology. Dramatic reductions in evaporation have also been observed. These changes are accomplished through a collection of precisely arrayed, high silica

glass spheres arranged in a geometrically configured matrix, referred to as a “flow form.” At first blush, it would appear that the glass spheres would inhibit or restrict the flow of water. In fact, they actually enhance flow. The Rainmaker H2O devices not only cause the water to vortex, they also produce piezoelectricity, which might best be described as a very subtle form of energy that water responds very well to. The significance of piezoelectricity is that it makes free electrons available to liberate previously bound and unavailable nutrients and oxygen.

A comparison of the biophoton energy change from a single water source. “Before” and “after” pictures of biophotons (energetically charged packets of light) coming off water droplets taken with a sophisticated imaging system after having been run through their devices. Dr. Krishna Madappa analyzes energy dynamics with the GDV.

Rare-Earth’ Too? As if it wasn’t enough, the company lines the inner wall of each Rainmaker H2O unit with a proprietary blend of crystals and rare earth materials that have very high paramagnetic properties. In the same way that piezoelectricity is DC e l e c t r i c i t y w i t h o u t a b a t t e r y, paramagnetism is a very weak magnetic field. However, with respect to water, in “weakness” there appears to be strength. This is again an example where less is more, and more is less. In paramagnetism, the weaker the field, the stronger the effect, and the stronger the paramagnetic value, the weaker the field. In his book, Paramagnetism: Rediscovering Nature’s Secret Force of Growth (Acres USA), Philip S. Callahan, PhD, writes: We may easily understand then that the paramagnetic forces of rock amplify not only ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radio waves in the atmosphere generated by lightning, but also the photon waves generated in the infrared and visible control region of life. Life processes are electronic, like the nervous system, but also very much

photonic (or light producing). Life’s communication system’s messages are carried by photons, as are AT&T’s (communications signals). Along the same lines, using a Paramagnetic Count Soil Meter (PCSM) which measures the presence of paramagnetic force in “Centimeters, Grams, Seconds,” or “CGS), and susceptibility to magnetic fields, Callahan reveals that of all the elements in the Periodic Table, Oxygen is, by a wide margin, the highest paramagnetic gas (3,449.0 x 10-6 CGS). Among earth materials, magnetite (Fe3O4), which is just one of several materials in the Rainmaker H2O blend, is also very high in paramagnetic strength (4,428.4 x 10-6 CGS). It appears that the developers of the Rainmaker H2O technology were intent on restoring the availability of these very crucial life sustaining and enhancing forces.

Water has ‘Memory?’ There is another quality of water that is not widely known; that it retains a memory of where it has been since it was last “cleared.” The premise is not widely

accepted, and in some respects, has been hotly contested. However, water’s memory was effectively demonstrated by Dr. Jacques Benveniste (1935-2004). Benveniste, head of allergy and immunology at the French biomedical research agency INSERM. During a simple experiment, a member of his staff put a water-based homeopathic solution of a pharmaceutical drug through an allergy test devised by Benveniste. The results obtained were indistinguishable from the drug itself, although no molecular trace of the drug remained in the water. While it was not Benveniste’s intention to “prove” that homeopathy, a practice originated by renown German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the Frenchman didn’t turn away from the facts, once revealed. If water does indeed “pick up” and “store” information in much the same way as a “flash” memory card would, and there need be no molecular trace of its informational content, then it can become an unacknowledged contributor to cellular stress and chronic and degenerative diseases.

It can also be guilty of “bad behavior” of calcium buildup in the pipes, “water spots” on surfaces, and white film on pools, fountains, and our skin after we shower. The fact that many users report that “dry skin” and persistent itching problems went away almost immediately after installing a Rainmaker H2O device suggests that its energetic approach is actually removing a harmful quality from the water that filtration and other treatment methods are not addressing. Users also report that their water feels naturally “soft”, especially their showers, baths, hot tubs, and pools, without the need for chemicals or salts. Rainmaker H2O users are consistently seeing significant improvements in health and reduction of costs. Farmers using Rainmaker H2O consistently report crop yield increases, lowered farming costs and higher profits. Many others tell of better tasting water in their homes and offices and improvements in skin, hair and overall health. If there is greater value available in water that is being overlooked by conventional science, it appears that the makers of Rainmaker H2O products have tapped into it. For more information on the Rainmaker H2O products, visit Rainmaker H2O at www.rainmakerh2o.co m, or call toll free 1.888.777.6045.

Scaling or calcium buildup inside a copper pipe.

Live Stock and Plant Growth Click Here http:// issuu.com/ sciencetosage/docs/ sustainable_ideas

ABOUT THE AUTHORS Among the many terms that might describe


ABRAHAM's core activities and interests, include author (I Am My Body, NOT!), publisher (Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, (1st Ed) by M a r k S i r c u s ) , v i d e o g r a p h e r, documentary filmmaker and radio host. In another era, the term Natural Philosopher would apply. In his blog, Thought For Food (www.phaelosopher.com) and radio show Ta l k For Food (www.webtalkradio.net), the "realms of quantum possibility" that he explores in words, images, and video, through articles and interviews, have attracted over 2 million viewers and 3,000 subscribers, despite covering what might best be described as, mindful subjects of the heart. Water became a particular subject of interest to Adam after crossing paths with the developer of another structuring device, being introduced to the work of Viktor Schauberger, worked with other authors on water science, such as MJ Pangman and Melanie Evens, Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, Drs. Konstantin Korotkov and Krishna Madappa, among others, and his own experimentation and ongoing research. Â Find Adam on Facebook or follow Twitter (@phaelosopher)

"Dr. Krishna Madappa ,


and co-founder of The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability, based in Taos, New Mexico. He is an educator, Inner Excellence Coach & Holistic consultant, based in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A. Born and raised in the Andaman Islands of India; educated both in India, USA and Russia in Mechanical and Industrial engineering, Ayurveda, Bio-field sciences and business management; he is totally immersed in scientific explorations, education and transmissions that integrate Science and Theosoulistic (spirituality)evolution of human." www.krishnamadappa.com Pradeep@sixsigmaquality.com krishna@krishnaprana.com Guest: Krishna Madappa & Konstantin Korotkov Show: Science to Sage @ awakeningzone.com HOST: Karen Elkins archived show

Essential tool for “ •Homemakers •Farmers •Industrial manufacturers

The Rainmaker


Revolutionizing water treatment worldwide. This unique proprietary technology has found numerous applications in various industries. The Rainmaker TM energetically activates water molecules, enhancing its physical processes and therefore benefiting cellular

“The molecular structure of water is the essence of all life”
 Albert Szent Gyorgyi, Nobel Prize winner For more information on the Rainmaker H2O products, visit Rainmaker H2O at www.rainmakerh2o.com, or call toll free 1.888.777.6045.

” Water is a Living Substance” - Victor Schauberger

“Every living creature, every physical form in the act of bringing forth its visible form out of its archetype idea, passes through the swirling vortex motion in order to manifest. How could

Schauberger’s gentler, centripetal-flow, turbine design could be widely employed today if hydrologists and other decision-makers were aware of its value, but his more advanced energy converters seem to require a research and development task force. New energy researchers are cooperating internationally in building prototypes of his “free energy” designs, but find it a difficult challenge to get implosion motors to work as well as had the original models.

In Canada, the late William Baumgartner worked with “applied vortex mechanics” for thirty years. He taught workshops about the creative processes of nature and the universal background mechanics of nature— the transparent universe. He said, “There actually is an invisible universe, and it’s in charge of the visible universe. We can learn how Nature manifests its creations by understanding the background space geometry. Once you recognize Nature’s thinking, you can imitate it in detail. This is how we become co-creators—learn what is behind the known electromagnetic universe.”

By Jeane Manning Excerpts from Breakthrough Power

It's the reader-friendly book for introducing revolutionary clean energy systems, Tesla devices and o t h e r z e ro - p o l l u t i o n prospects for sourcing nearly free energy. Alternative energy abundance is humankind's birthright, according to scientists interviewed for Breakthrough Power. They point out the rich variety of clean energy inventions that the public usually doesn't hear about. Yet these topics directly relate to both climate change and the world economy and humanitarian projects.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Why have we ignored the vortex, the workhorse of the universe? - William Baumgartner, vortex researcher

time and timeless

Time renews all things, time like a circle is where all points link, past, present future revolving in the heavens....The cosmos is constantly changing but in a measured way. - Hermes

The Wonders of Water: â&#x20AC;¨ Amazing Secrets for Health and Wellness By Dr. Batmanghelidj

By Dr. Batmanghelidj

8 Wonders of Water 
 Water prevents and helps to cure heartburn. 
 Heartburn is a signal of water shortage in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract. It is a major thirst signal of the human body. The use of antacids or tablet medications in the treatment of this pain does not correct dehydration, and the body continues to suffer as a result of its water shortage.

Not recognizing heartburn as a sign of dehydration and treating it with antacids and pill medications will, in time, produce inflammation of the stomach and duodenum, hiatal hernia, ulceration, and eventually cancers in the gastrointestinal tract, including the liver and pancreas.

"When Dr. Batmanghelidj thinks of a glass of water, he doesn't think of it as half full or half empty. He thinks of it as brimming over with the essential fluid of life. He thinks of it as the solvent of our ills and deliverer of ripe old age. He thinks of it as the wave of the future." -The Washington Times

Water prevents and helps to cure arthritis. 
 Rheumatoid joint pain - arthritis - is a signal of water shortage in the painful joint. It can affect the young as well as the old. The use of pain-killers does not cure the problem, but exposes the person to further damage from pain medications. Intake of water and small amounts of salt will cure this problem.

Water prevents and helps to cure back pain. Low back pain and ankylosing arthritis of the spine are signs of water shortage in the spinal column and discs - the water cushions that support the weight of the body. These conditions should be treated with increased water intake - not a commercial treatment, but a very effective one. 
 Not recognizing arthritis and low back pain as signs of dehydration in the joint cavities and treating them with pain-killers, manipulation, acupuncture, and eventually surgery will, in time, produce osteoarthritis when the cartilage cells in the joints have eventually all died. It will produce deformity of the spine. It will produce crippling deformities of the limbs. Pain medications have their own life-threatening complications.

Water prevents and helps to cure angina. Heart pain - angina - is a sign of water shortage in the heart/lung axis. It should be treated with increased water intake until the patient is free of pain and independent of medications. Medical supervision is prudent. However, increased water intake is angina's cure.

Water prevents and helps to cure migraines. Migraine headache is a sign of water need by the brain and the eyes. It will totally clear up if dehydration is prevented from establishing in the body. The type of dehydration that causes migraine might eventually cause inflammation of the back of the eye and possibly loss of eye sight.

Water prevents and helps to cure colitis. Colitis pain is a signal of water shortage in the large gut. It is associated with constipation because the large intestine constricts to squeeze the last drop of water from the excrements - thus the lack of water lubrication. 
 Not recognizing colitis pain as a sign of dehydration will cause persistent constipation. Later in life, it will cause fecal impacting: it can cause diverticulitis, hemorrhoids and polyps, and appreciably increases the possibility of developing cancer of the colon and rectum.

Water prevents and helps to cure early adult-onset diabetes. Adult-onset diabetes is another adaptive state to severe dehydration of the human body. To have adequate water in circulation and for the brain's priority water needs, the release of insulin is inhibited to prevent insulin from pushing water into all body cells. In diabetes, only some cells get survival rations of water. Water and some salt will reverse adult-onset diabetes in its early stages. 
 Not recognizing adult-onset diabetes as a complication of dehydration will, in time, cause massive damage to the blood vessels all over the body. It will cause eventual loss of the toes, feet and legs from gangrene. It will cause eye damage, even blindness.

Water lowers blood cholesterol. High cholesterol levels are an indicator of early drought management by the body. Cholesterol is a clay-like material that is poured in the gaps of some cell membranes to safeguard them against losing their vital water content to the osmotically more powerful blood circulating in their vicinity. Cholesterol, apart from being used to manufacture nerve cell membranes and hormones, is also used as a "shield" against water taxation of other vital cells that would normally exchange water through their cell membranes.

More Cures on LIne...Click Here www.watercure.com.

Bio and Story of Discovery Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water, was born in Iran in 1931. He attended Fettes College in Scotland and was a graduate of St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University, where he studied under Sir Alexander Fleming, who shared the Nobel Prize for the discovery of penicillin.

Dr. Batmanghelidj practiced medicine in the United Kingdom before returning to Iran where he played a key role in the development of hospitals and medical centers. He also helped establish sport projects for youth in Iran, including The Ice Palace in Tehran, the first ice skating and sports complex in the Middle East.

When the Iranian Revolution broke out in 1979, Dr. Batmanghelidj was placed in the infamous Evin Prison as a political prisoner for two years and seven months. It was there he discovered the healing powers of water. One night, Dr. B. had to treat a fellow prisoner with crippling peptic ulcer pain. With no medications at his disposal, Dr. B. gave him two glasses of water. Within eight minutes, his pain disappeared. He was instructed to drink two glasses of water every three hours and became absolutely pain free for his four remaining months in the prison. Dr. B. successfully treated 3,000 fellow prisoners suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer disease with water alone. While

in prison he conducted extensive research into the medicinal effects of water in preventing and relieving many painful degenerative diseases. Evin proved an ideal “stress laboratory,” and despite his being offered an earlier release, Dr. B. chose to stay an extra four months in prison to complete his research into the relationship of dehydration and bleeding peptic ulcer disease. The report of his findings was published as the editorial of the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology in June 1983. The New York Times Science Watch reported this discovery on June 21, 1983.

On his release from prison in 1982, Dr. Batmanghelidj escaped from Iran and came to America. At the Foundation for the Simple in Medicine he began to research the effect of chronic unintentional dehydration on the human body. His findings were published in the Foundation’s “Journal of Science in Medicine Simplified” in 1991 and 1992. They can be read on the web site www.watercure.com.

Dr. F. Batmaghelidj wrote his first self-help book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” in 1992, in which he stated that a dry mouth is not a reliable indicator of dehydration. The body signals its water shortage by producing pain. Dehydration actually produces pain and many degenerative diseases, including asthma, arthritis, hypertension, angina, adult-onset diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis. Dr. B’s message to the world is, “You are not sick, you are thirsty. Don’t treat thirst with medication.”

D r. M a e - Wa n H o , â&#x20AC;&#x153;Living Rainbow H2O


More Articles on Water ...click here


http:// issuu.com/ sciencetosage/docs/ sustainable_ideas

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The Spiritual Life of Water: It’s Power and Purpose, by Alick Bartholomew (Park Street Press) The Healing Power of Energized Water: • The New Science of Potentizing the World’s Most Vital Resource, by Ulrich Holst (Healing Arts Press) • Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger, by Callum Coats (Gill & McMillan) •

Videos Online Water, the Great Mystery (www.vimeo.com/ 35724621) The Tao of Surface Tension (2 parts) • YouTube • Rainmaker H2O: (How) Does it Work? An Agronomists Perspective (http:// tinyurl.com/kzq9qm3) •Rainmaker H2O: Out-of-the-box • Technology for Drought Times (http:// tinyurl.com/ljas9kh) Thoughts On Water: Greater Growth and • Health on Less (http://tinyurl.com/kxjurbh) Other Online Water Resources Water Journal (www.waterjournal.org) • Water Research and Development • (www.water.korotkov.org) •

Inform Yourself If you’d like to learn more about the unconventional principles that the Rainmaker H2O product are built on, there are many sources available, but we’ll name a few:

Books • Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water, by MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans (www.dancingwithwater.com) Viktor Schauberger: A Life of Learning From • Nature, by Jane Cobbard (Floris Books)

Beautiful "flowers" self-assemble in a beaker These false-color SEM images re v e a l m i c ro s c o p i c fl o w e r structures created by manipulating a chemical gradient



crystalline selfassembly.

(Image courtesy

of Wim L. Noorduin.)

Ever wonder? • • • • • • • • • • • • •

How are bubbles born? Why do you sink in dry sand, but not wet sand? A lonely white puffy cloud forms in the blue sky. Why? How can water travel from the roots to the top of a towering tree? Why doesn’t salt water mix easily with fresh water? Does water store energy? Is water H20? Does water store information, like a thumb drive? Why do injured joints swell in seconds? How can diapers (nappies) store 50 times their weight of water? Why is ice usually slippery, but sometimes sticky? How do ocean waves maintain their shape as they travel? Why does warm water freeze faster than cold water?

By Gerald Pollack Structured Water, What is it and How it can Improve your Health --Listen in

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Marlise Karlin is an internationally renowned author, recording artist, educator, and humanitarian, recognized for igniting the power of peace in people around the world. The Simplicity of Stillness ® Method she founded in 2004 is pioneering new awareness today in the field of healing and consciousness through this infinite energy stream. Marlise’s journey was fueled by the limitations of her dramatic childhood circumstances – growing up with an alcoholic parent, becoming a teen runaway, substance abuser and then a young single mother. Although she later

became a successful entrepreneur, few would have foretold the extraordinary shift that would cause her to become a humanitarian, dedicated to expanding peace in the world. What could possibly have happened to prompt her to leave the comfort of all she had attained for a future that was unfamiliar and unchartered? http://www.marlisekarlin.com/power-ofpeace/

The Power of Peace in You takes you on a journey that leads to the heart of your soul. As you read the true stories of people who walked through a maze of challenges to discover and then share their innate gifts with the world – it will inspire you of what is possible for us all. This book of newfound wisdom holds you captive as it describes an energy stream of pure peace that ignites a power within people to recognize their greatest potential, and how you can bring this transformative gift into your life as well.

stirring when you recognize Something’s Changing… Are You Listening, to dissolving old patterns in Trials, Tribulations & Other Bumps on the Road, from finding the courage to following your dreams in Returning with New Knowledge, to the incredible synchronistic events that occur when you are Creating Your Life with Purpose & Love. Each marker includes insights of the authors’ quest, her struggles and triumphs, and stories of the people she was destined to meet in her travels around the globe. Maasai warriors in Africa struggling to find hope, jobless professionals looking for work in America, depressed teens in college wanting to be healthy, and ten year olds being bullied at school. Their stories will encourage you as you see yourself in them and allow their victories to inspire your own.

We have lost touch with this inherent power we once knew; The Power of The Peace in You shows us that it is not that distant anymore – we can access it now to heal and discover the happiness this knowledge brings. It’s not a concept – it’s experiential; you know it as it expands within you.

T h e P o w e r o f P e a c e i n Yo u i s a transformational tool for an awakening into greater consciousness that you will return to time and again; The Practices at the end of each Chapter can guide you in creating a life that matches your highest aspirations. And the Stillness Session CD accompanying this book will deepen your connection to the innate wisdom at your core.

Chapter-by-chapter, you’ll find signposts to guide your personal journey. From the initial

What better time than now, to embrace who you truly are.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS BOOK: o To ignite the power of peace in you – to find the courage, strength and serenity to live a life that is meaningful and of value. o To learn how to connect with the higher intelligence of the heart - in the midst of chaos and the anxiety created by life’s uncertainty. o To inspire - through stories of everyday people from around the globe, who transcended major challenges, and now offer their talents to uplift and empower others. o To offer a transformational tool – for the awakening of consciousness.




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Living water:march 2014  

A Journal of Wonder...See water magnified and see worlds within worlds. We are the living waters. In these pages you will meet scientist...

Living water:march 2014  

A Journal of Wonder...See water magnified and see worlds within worlds. We are the living waters. In these pages you will meet scientist...