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Resonance The Zing of String Magical, musical codes of intelligence

What creates our reality and what is our masterful access to it—thatʼs our topic, isnʼt it. Weʼre not here just for a new idea, or a hope, a prayer, and a dream of a magnificent life for ourselves and the world—we are here to manifest it. Intent expressed as thought experienced as feeling and inner knowing creates reality. How does it happen? The distinction Resonance offers all the clues.

We take delight in realizing that modern scientific insights are merging with universal spiritual wisdom. To QuantumThink is to embody practical wisdom that syncs with what we know at the edge of knowledge today. Thus far weʼve been focused on all the ways the quantum world is paradoxical and simply doesnʼt follow the rules of ordinary logic. Now weʼre in a new octave of awareness.

Excerpt from Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will ROCK Your World

by Dianne Collins

We are here to QuantumThink for one reason— to create a magnificent life.

We feel life.

That始s how we experience. How is it

Wisdom teacher Seth used the phrase

possible to experience the moonlit sky

feeling tone to denote what he called the

or the song of a bird or the majesty of a

deep musical chords of our being. It is

distant mountain range? Feeling isn始t

as though our body is a big sensing

just emotion or physical sensation. What

device and beyond the physical in the

we experience extends well beyond our

invisible aspect of life we feel still more

body. We feel life with our whole being.

in our heart, soul, and mind.

Particle physicists today say that everything in the universe is fundamentally constituted not of particles as we once thought but of tinier than tiny strings and that these strings vibrate as if infinitesimally small violins are playing the music of life. Creation is vibration. Vibration is creation. Vibrations generate sound waves that pattern themselves into what we call reality. People have been trying to tell us this for a long time.

Have we been listening?

awakened consciousness in the form of vibration “In the beginning was the Word and the Word

You and I, the stars in the sky, the chair

was with God and the Word was God” reads

youʼre sitting in, the crowd noise we call din,

John 1:1 in the Bible. Vedic, Buddhist, and

all are vibration. The only difference is the

Jain traditions proclaim the world comes into

frequency or rate at which we vibrate. Think

being with the sacred sound of Om, the

of it though ... nothing vibrates in isolation.

primordial hum that includes all sounds and

Vibrations reach out and connect and

embodies the essence of the universe. The

activate each other. When “sympathetic

vibrating sounds of the twenty-two letters of

oscillations” meet one another in similar

the Hebrew alphabet are considered the

frequency range we call this “Resonance.”

energy pulsing building blocks of creation.

They donʼt just meet— they influence one

For Mayans the first humans are given life by

another and the entire resonant field. We feel

the sole power of the word. Their symbols of

ourselves and one another because of

O and L sounded together as ol mean

Resonance. We influence one another with

“awakened consciousness in the form of

what we resonate. Technicalities aside, one


of the highest accolades we confer on a person, an idea, a work of art is, “I really resonate with that.”

Resonance is like the silent heart throb of life.

“I really resonate with that.”

How does one connect with Resonance? Itʼs quite simple. Just notice what and who

show, what do you experience in the feeling

you resonate with. When you hear the sound

tone of your being? We may not be able to

of a gurgling brook, the whishing of a

pin it down exactly and in any descriptive way

waterfall, the gentle slapping of waves

yet each of us knows of what we speak now.

caressing the shore, the wind rustling leaves

Resonance is like the silent heartthrob of life,

on the trees, the birds chirping playfully to

vibration that oftentimes cannot be heard

their flock, what do you feel? When you hear

within the range of human hearing yet we can

people shouting at each other, even in a

feel it.

“civilized” setting such as a TV news opinion

Sound creates realities.

The mere tone of someone’s voice can make you feel misery or make you feel ecstasy.

We may have been trying to “connect the

beats can synchronize our brains and adjust

dots” to understand life. Even so, spiritual

imbalances in our mind-body-spirit.

wisdom and at least one modern theory of science, “string theory,” agree there are no

Because of Resonance, classical music

actual dots out here to be connected. There

stimulates plant growth and a lullaby soothes

are just vibrating strings playing off one

a baby to sleep. Because of Resonance,

another. In English resonance is one of the

chanting evokes a centered calm and

few words the dictionary defines by reference

Beethovenʼs chorals invoke Divine presence.

back to itself, as resonant quality or condition, perhaps because Resonance is fundamental

Sound creates realities. Cosmic radiation that

to existence. Resonance, “The Zing of String,”

showed up as excess noise in a radio receiver

turns out to be the sine qua non of creation,

gave rise to the Big Bang theory that

the essential condition.

cosmologists use to explain how the universe began. Ultrasound creates an image of a fetus

Resonance is vibration, vibration is sound,

and promotes cellular regeneration.

and the power of sound is awesome. The mere tone of someoneʼs voice can make you

Sound moves matter. An opera divaʼs voice

feel misery or make you feel ecstasy.


can shatter glass and scientists experiment

newborns nestled in motherʼs bosom we

with the ability of sound to move matter and

entrain to the beat of her heart and it positively

build objects so astronauts might someday

affects our brain development. Native drum

use sound to build things in space.

Why should we care? We generate sound, too. We resound. Consider that what you and I resound, what you and I vibrate can also shape matter. Remember that nothing vibrates in isolation. Yes, indeed, habits of thinking, or more precisely said, our system of thinking does shape reality and our experience of it.

From the furthermost galaxies to the cells of our bodies everything is vibration with detectable sound.

At this point in our QuantumThink journey it

magical. Quantum occurrence after quantum

may be easy to accept that we create the

occurrence bestow their benevolent grace

reality of our experience, yet perhaps even

upon you. Itʼs not coincidence; itʼs

for seasoned QuantumThinkers it may still be


challenging to imagine that our consciousness directed by Intent in some

What if you were granted an extraordinary gift

way manifests or even arranges physical

that was so powerful it could influence other

reality “out there.”

p e o p l e , i n fl u e n c e t h e r e s u l t s a n d circumstances in your own life, influence

Swiss scientist, Hans Jenny (1904–1972)

collective consciousness, influence our

developed a science he named Cymatics to

shared world? In fact you are in possession

study the effects sound waves have on

of just such a gift: Resonance. Everyone born


on this planet comes with the sacred power chip inside. Spiritual teachers say things that

From the furthermost galaxies to the cells of

penetrate deeply. Master Omraam Aïvanhov

our bodies everything is vibration with

taught, “The thoughts, emotions and acts of

detectable sound. Even so, Resonance is

human beings, their aspiration and impulses,

more than meets the ear. Resonance

their plan and prayers, all escape from their

indicates you attract what you vibrate. You

author and his vicinity and spread out in

experience this in the most ordinary ways,

every direction.” What about the teaching of

like on those days when you find yourself in a


bad mood having the proverbial “bad hair

Chidvilasananda: “Every time you experience

day.” What typically happens? Situation after

your own love you are supporting thousands

situation tends to get botched. On another

of lives.” Our strong and habituated thoughts

day you find yourself in a most agreeable

generate Resonance, the noble as well as

mood. Every- thing goes well. It seems

the ignoble ones.




21 principles ... Do You QuantumThink? June 17 Dianne Collins Do You QuantumThink? New Thinking That Will Rock Your World “My entire life has been devoted to the questions: How do we create the results we truly desire? With 6,000 years of wisdom available at the touch of a smart phone, how is it weʼre still not living it? From studying everything from physics to metaphysics I made a few life-altering discoveries that led me to create the QuantumThink® model— a system of thinking comprised of principles and practices that make it quick and easy for anyone to live the wisdom of science and spirituality in modern practical life—not just to know the principles—to finally embody them and apply them in business and politics, personally, professionally, and globally. Iʼm not talking about another ʻhow-toʼ—I am talking about a monumental wake-up in the way we think and live.” www.diannecollins.com Website: www.diannecollins.com FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ DoYouQuantumThink Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/diannecollins

Do You QuantumThink? Winner of 6 Book Awards

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There are many components to the general term... energy medicine. A few examples can be; t he standard technologies that use radiation (X rays), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), to the more esoteric versions such as energy and spiritual healing where the practitioner emits energy through the



Paradigm of Medicine new energy medicine By Robert Dursi Excerpts from Infinite Health (Quantum Medicine)

hands, Homeopathy, where the ancestral emotional disturbances (called Miasms) that create an outward manifestation of a diseased state is resonated back to its original harmonious state with “subtle�

What is generally called energy is the essence and core of everything in the universe, be it visible to humans or not, and it manifests as what we are as people in the physical sense at the molecular and sub atomic level. In

remedies, or other vibrational resonance

other words, what appear to be tangible

quantum/spiritual level techniques with

solid objects are in the microcosm particles or vibrating strings making up

technology involved or not.

atoms and molecules spinning at various cycles per second or vibrations called frequencies (waves) with light at the higher and faster end of the spectrum. #

The difference between inanimate objects such as rocks or machinery and “living� entities such as microorganisms, plants, animals and humans is that they all simply have varying consciousness levels (awareness levels of the true self) but within each or at their essence or core is this same energy and/or essential life force.

Frequency Quantum Matrix

The molecules form together and appear as objects from cells to tissue to organs, glands and the whole body, but itʼs the energy that holds the atoms and molecules together (mass) as well as what keeps them moving. It is the invisible force known as life. Without it nothing would exist (matter and mass) as we know existence. The general scientific term for this energy is electro-magnetic energy but smaller and more powerful than that is called the strong nuclear force. " Smaller than a molecule is an atom and smaller than an atom are quarks, leptons and bosons and who knows. What holds these all together is the strong nuclear force. Gravity appears to be light weight energy compared and so is electro-magnetic force." These are considered waves or what is known as the Super String Theory in quantum theoretical physics. (11 dimensions instead of just 3 or 4). Then thereʼs “M Theory” (the membrane theory adding another dimension beyond string theory). Open ended strings, therefore the open ends of the string attaching to the theorized dimensional membrane that we exist on or looped strings like a rubber band that are not attached to our dimensional membrane and can therefore float to other dimensions (parallel dimensions)."

Energy or Force Prana Chi Spirit God

This energy or life force is also at the core or essence of all foods and nutrients providing necessary nourishment for life as well and also as all technologies or machiner y appearing as solid objects. It’s what holds all their molecules together




perpetrating and sustaining them. It’s this energy or force

Breath and Movement Express-ion

that is necessary to sustain matter, mass and life as we know it.

These theories are attempts to unify all other physicsʼ theories towards “the unified theory of everything”. " In ancient Taoism there is a saying that there are only two things that exist in the universe. They are breath and movement. Breath is given and taken (alluding to a higher force) so we donʼt have to worry about that and everything in the universe moves. All we have to do is move harmoniously with the entire universe. Itʼs not an impossible feat!" The following is a description of what we have to do to move harmoniously with the manifestation, being the result of the core (The Breath)." In scientific terms, the mass (generally, but incorrectly called weight) of a substance equals

what we call frequencies or hertz, Hz. (the times that these, cycles or waves occur per second). These are what we perceive as matter from atoms to the plants, germs, animals, planets, the universe and all things between including us. Each substance in the universe has its own unique specific frequency. Itʼs vibrational signature." The Chinese term for the manifestor and the manifestation of the duality called life is Chi. The Indian term for the same thing is called Prana and the Judeo-Christian term is called Spirit or God. " These terms are considered to be the essence of what we and the universe are “made of”. The energy that creates, perpetrates and sustains all that exists. "

Spirituality has given this force terms for its identity (God, Spirit, Chi, Prana etc.) whereas science has named it in many scientific terms but, of course, by its own nature wants to prove its existence. " This allusive concept is called “The Theory of Everything”. " This understanding may not necessarily become reality because it is the manifested matter or mass that is being observed. What manifested it is the question, or do the two exist simultaneously as a continuum but in different forms (E = mc2) at the same time? Visible and invisible, particles and antiparticles are believed to exist simultaneously and are the opposites needed to experience one or the other. If there were no up to the formula then down would not be down." The latest understanding and the goal in theoretical quantum physics is to quantify the Unified Field Theory of Everything. How does it all come together? What really is our reality? Is matter and mass real or just a perception made to appear real and given its identity by an invisible force interacting with its manifested self? Are these two forms opposites of the same thing? Consciousness? " The question is what is this invisible “virtual” energy, coming from a Vacuum becoming force and manifesting as mass and matter by interacting with and participating with itself once itʼs manifested, therefore,

acknowledging its own existence and its creation by experiencing itself? Is this Supreme Order or chaos and confusion? " This force also seems to perpetuate only what keeps the movement in motion and balanced unless itʼs interfered with by an outside influence. But what could be outside of everything that exists (the creator and the creation)? " “The idea of one particle giving another mass is a bit counter-intuitive... Isn't mass an inherent characteristic of matter? If not, how can one entity impart mass on the others by simply floating by and interacting with them”? ! This carries us to the quantum physics concept that the observing entity changes the outcome of an experiment simply by the presence of an observer perceiving. This is called the “Double slit experiment”. Apparently, common laws of nature as we know them can be or are altered by perception. That puts us (humans as perceivers) into the equation. What we interact and participate with by perceiving it results in a particular outcome.

Interference Wave Pattern As you perceive, so will you receive! www.doubleslitexperiment.com

The created influencing and altering the creation is sometimes called “the gift of free will”! At other times itʼs called slavery or addiction to the creation!

The dif f e r e nc e ...between the two is also a perception and concludes with... how we perceive will change the direction and outcome of the experience!

Double slit experiment Is the previous picture a picture of waves within waves or particles becoming waves and/ or visa versa by participating, interacting, influencing and interfering with each other with various perceptions altering and potentiating the outcome? Thus, leading to the animation (creation) of mass and matter? Apply this potential to the concept of “Infinite Health”! "


Bio Resonance Sound Therapy �There will come a time when a diseased condition will not be described as it is today by physicians and psychologists, but it will be spoken of in musical terms, as one would speak of a piano that was out of tune.� - Rudolf Steiner

Leading Edge Computerized Technology new energy medicine By Robert Dursi Excerpts from Infinite Health (Quantum Medicine)

This leads us to a cutting edge computerized technology I use that works with sound waves (frequencies) as an analysis and energy balancing tool called Bio-Resonance. This fits into the picture of detecting imbalance and balancing the whole person on all levels back to its original harmonious healthy state, but how? Bio, meaning biological, and resonance meaning to resonate with another; to synchronize with, to identify and participate with in harmony and balance, thus bio- resonance (Biological Harmony). "

Does the God particle animate and influence the universe and can we influence and animate the God Particle?

An example of resonation is viewed by taking two musical “C” note tuning forks and striking just one of them. Without the two tuning forks touching each other physically, the sound waves emanating from the one struck (which can be heard) will influence the other tuning fork at a distance to start vibrating as well and make the audible musical note “C”. The sound waves of the one tuning fork struck resonate with the other tuning fork." " Discordance and blockages with this natural balance and harmony called resonance creates and perpetuates disorder, disease and death. The Epidemic Dilemma is mass frequency discordance! The idea behind bio-resonance sound therapy is to identify the discordant or undesirable frequencies within the human called dis-ease and find a desirable frequency or multiple frequencies to resonate the discordance back to its normal, harmonious and healthy state of existence by providing the missing frequency or frequencies." I use computer software which has the ability to record a voice print that breaks down and identifies, with the use of spectrometry, the specific frequencies within the body, thoughts and emotions into a graph showing whether these specific frequencies are present in the body and/or if their presence is a disturbance to normal healthy function. " An example would be: if arsenic (a known poison) were present in the body, it could be identified through different technologies, including voice analysis, that it was present. Arsenic and all substances have their own chemical compounds (their specific components and their atomic mass which equals their Hertz or cycles per second) and therefore each substance has its own specific identifiable signature

frequency. If that specific frequency can be identified as present in the body then a specific other harmonizing or missing resonation frequency can be applied to correct or influence or neutralize the discordant frequency back to its harmonious state." I possess a data bank built into the software consisting of tens of thousands of known specific frequencies that allows identification of the frequencies that are found in the voice print whether balanced or disturbed (out of balance). They could be a nutrient, a heavy metal or other chemical toxins, neuro-transmitters, hormones or a host of other known specific frequencies such as organs, glands, vertebrae, muscles, tendons and more. " Again, if the atomic or molecular mass of any substance can be determined then it can be mathematically equated to its specific Hertz, thus its specific frequency (its cycles or waves per second). The understanding and technologies to do so have been around for a while."

fractals are the geometry of the unseen order of the universe

Color Therapy HOW IT WORKS Sound and light are both frequencies, but with different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum. Using the conventional musical note scale as a reference, the spectrum of visible light (between ultraviolet and infrared) is almost exactly one octave, with the visible edge of ultraviolet having double the frequency (and half the wavelength) of the visible edge of infrared. THE MATHEMATICS The wavelength of each band of color in the visible spectrum (measured in nanometers, nm) can be halved repeatedly until the rate of its vibration falls within the octaves of the audible spectrum (measured in Hertz, Hz), giving a table of musical notes that correspond to each color. This calculation is used to precisely match the appropriate colors in our visualizations to the active frequencies used in each Joose! The fractal images and visualizations used in MoodJooser are more than beautiful and captivating animations. They serve to enhance the effects of the sound frequencies. The colors chosen for each Joose are scientifically calculated to correspond to the active frequencies that affect the brain receptors responsible for a given mood.

Copyright Š 2013 MoodJooser, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Rudolf Steiner (February 25, 1861– March 30, 1925) was an Austrian philosopher, literary scholar, educator, artist, playwright, social thinker, and esotericist. The following is another Rudolf Steiner quote...# “Thinking... is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Just as the eye perceives colours and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas”.! - Rudolf Steiner

Fractals are the result of mathematicians best attempt to equate the irregular patterns that we find in nature. These irregular and fragmented shapes are all around us, such as trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, and the human nervous system.

Robert Dursi, C.N.M. has worked in the fields of allopathic and alternative medicine for the past twenty-eight years in various capacities, including as an administrator, owner of medical practices, consultant, practitioner, author/writer, product developer and consummate medical researcher. A long time student in graduate level Homeopathy, Biochemistry, Immunology and Blood Morphology, Mr. Dursi is a Certified Nutritional Microscopist, Holistic Health Counselor and Bio Resonance Sound Therapist. Currently, he runs a private health and wellness practice in Santa Monica, California. #

Sample this one http://moodjooser.com/energized/

Mr. Dursi has been a student of Eastern/Western religions and philosophy for over 35 years, including Judaic/Christian, Hinduism, Zen Buddhism, Esoteric astrology and spiritual healing. He has traveled extensively in the Far East to Japan, Thailand and China, and has studied metaphysics at the Maher Baba ashram in India. He is a long time advocate of ecumenical cooperation in the fields of spirituality and Eastern/Western medicine as well as environmental ecology and sustainability.# He is the developer of the FREQix Sound Therapies where by he can create custom treatment solutions, drawing from an extensive computerized database of nutritional, biochemical, pharmaceutical, herbal, chemical, anatomic and physical conditions.#


The visualizations and images for the Jooses are the work of renowned fractal engineer Keith Allen Kay. The colors for each fractal are calculated by t he formula outlined in the Color Therapy section to maximize the effectiveness of each the Joose.


IGOR KUFAYEV: TRUTH BE SPOKEN Four Levels of Speech – Consciousness Expressing Itself as Sound, Language and Form – as seen from the Vedic & Tantric Perspectives Tuesday, June 10 - 6:30pm Banyen Books & Sound There is an intimate relationship between a spoken, or written, word and the way this World comes into being. The flow of speech follows... Read More


MODERN KNOWLEDGE TOUR with DR. CARMEN BOULTER (producer of Pyramid Code), MICHAEL TELLINGER (author of Slave Species of God) and RICHARD DOLAN (author of UFOs for the 21st Century Mind)

Friday, June 13, 2014 6:30pm to 8:00pm Banyen Books & Sound 3608 West 4th Ave. Speakers Conference Saturday, June 14, 2014 Library Square Conference Centre @ Vancouver Public Library Info & Registration here.


Next Steps in the PROOF OF HEAVEN: Delving into the Mysteries of Consciousness & Intuition Presenting Dr. Eben Alexander, Neurosurgeon Who Journeyed to the Afterlife and Dr. Marilyn Parkin, Medical Intuitive Thursday, June 19 - 6:00pm St. Andrew's-Wesley Church (Nelson & Burrard) NY TIMES #1 BESTSELLINGAUTHOR DR. EBEN ALEXANDER& MEDICAL INTUITIVE DR. MARILYN PARKIN Eben Alexander III, MD, is a renowned academic... Read More

100 Ways to Kiss the Ground Renowned Rumi interpreter Coleman Barks & master musicians Saturday, July 5 - 8:00pm St. Andrew's-Wesley Church 1022 Burrard St. “Today, like every other day, we wake up frightened. Donʼt open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument”. ... Read More

Banyen Book Recommendations Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-800-663-8442/(604) 732-7912 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC http://www.banyen.com

Chanting (Kirtan) is a part of the path of Devotional Yoga. When we see the beauty of our own being we are seeing the beauty of the Being that is the One of which we are all a part. And when we turn towards that One, love is the natural reaction of the heart. God or Guru is an endless ocean of love truth and presence. First we may hear the distant roar of the crashing waves of the ocean and we're drawn to that sound. As we get closer, we can smell the ocean air and taste the sweet moisture. When we reach the beach and see the ocean for the first time, we're transfixed by the vastness and Beauty. We run and we dive in and enjoy the freedom that comes from this ecstasy. Finally we merge with that ocean of love and somehow find ourselves back on the shore, returning to ourselves so that we can share the experience with others. Those that have returned have given us these Names of God. These Names are the sound of the surf of that Ocean of Love. They hold the power to help us find our way back to that ocean. We don't have to create anything; we don't have to manufacture any emotions or feelings. We can't make it happen. It already is. All we have to do is Remember. Everyone has their own path to this beach, to the Ocean, but we all wind up in the same place. There is only one...One.

The following is an excerpt from 'Pilgrim of the Heart' audio series by Krishna Das: "The words of these chants are called the divine names and they come from a place that's deeper than our hearts and our thoughts, deeper than the mind. And so as we sing them they turn us towards ourselves, into ourselves. They bring us in, and as we offer ourselves into

the experience, the experience changes us. These chants have no meaning other than the experience that we have by doing them. They come from the Hindu tradition, but it's not about being a Hindu, or believing anything in advance. It's just about doing it, and experiencing. Nothing to join, you just sit down and sing." Satsang is where people gather together to remember, to turn within and find their own inner path to the One. When we gather together to sing like this we are helping each other find our own paths. We all must travel this path by ourselves because each of us is our own path. All these paths wander on in their own way, but in truth we are all travelling together and until the last of us arrives we will all keep travelling. So let's sing!

Vancouver, BC - June 27 Tickets at Banyen Books and Sounds/(604) 737-8858

Photo by John Phaneuf

Krishna Das

http://www.krishnadas.com/ tour_schedule.cfm

Brain Fitness

Entrainment V.S. brain wave stimulation?





how do

I know if it works for people?

Is it a subjective-only result? This is a question only asked prior to people actually using the protocols, for after using them, especially for any dedicated time with consistency – they know. Brain Training works, it is well researched and documented in universities and medical studies across the world. And these results are evidenced scientifically by EEG machines.

So when I create a product that stimulates the brain, I can physically measure its effectiveness.

I have people come into my office with mentally diverse situations – like suffering from ADD, or fears and anxieties, depression or insomnia –and I can track their frequency response to stimulation on my own EEG machine.


Subjectively, people “feel” different things, based on the waves themselves, but also on the person's history, background, phobias, habits: there are many influencers. However, with the EEG I can track exactly the amount of stimulation that is effecting the brain by a demonstration of calmer, more balanced and more consisted waves showing up on the EEG. This brain wave technology is greatly enhanced when combined with other expert know-how, (like hypnosis, NLP, EFT or Psychology).

I have found this to be true in my own research. In current cutting edge research scientists are mapping out frequency ranges of stem cells. Amazing, they sort the healthy and the unhealthy ones, and they have found that they can heal/grow the unhealthy stems cells by broadcasting the healthy frequencies they have mapped out from that healthy stem cell, and the unhealthy cells simply know where to direct it, how to self heal. So these scientists don't start hitting it with the negative frequencies of how sick it is...and then gradually ramp it up! They simply hit it with positive frequencies, and as that cell responds it begins to grow and heal. I have found it is the same way in the brain.

There is no need for

entrainment -

no need to force

it, to trick it to go anywhere. Entrainment happens, it does happen.

But when it happens we

encourage it to happen naturally, when the brain is ready.

Difference Between Brain Wave Entrainment and Brain Wave Stimulation Entrainment is a process of using stimulation to coerce the brain, to encourage the brain, to change its dominant brain wave pattern to adopt a new brain wave pattern, and there is a lot of proven benefit in that.

Stimulation, on the other hand, is not trying to manipulate, force or change the brain to adopt a new dominant brain wave function: rather its goal is to provide a wide range of stimulatory frequencies, that we know are going to be very beneficial to the brain, and then let the brain respond as it would naturally. In my research I consistently show this is the better way to go. Entrainment, again, is the process where we are trying to get brain to change its dominant brain wave frequency - the electrical activity in the brain. Entrainment specifies there is a “Frequency Following Response” - that if we provide a range of stimulation that falls in the natural range of human function... for example: as we are talking on the phone we would both be creating lots of beta waves, that waking state. Now, if I were to give you a visual flash or perhaps a tone at 18cycles per second – high beta - the theory is that after being exposed to it over a duration of time, your brain will indeed follow that tone or visual. Like gazing over at the crashing waves on the shore... or rain drops dripping off a gutter. Stimulation is a process that assumes that the brain really knows what is best for itself, knows

how to heal itself – and the only thing we need provide is positive stimulatory frequencies. By providing those frequencies, the brain has no choice but to respond... and that act of responding is what creates the desired outcome. There is vast amounts of peer reviewed research (meaning that professionals and experts are willing to stake their reputation and their entire work on the research) on the efficacy of brain wave entrainment. This research demonstrates that brain wave entrainment creates an increase in cross-hemispheric communication, doing much to improve people's awareness and intelligence, calm and focus. I found it an important consideration, that within the immense amount of scientific research available, the vast majority does not in fact reference entrainment, but rather stimulation. It is stating that the benefits are not caused by creating this frequency following response... they are stating that the benefits are due to the person receiving these beneficial frequencies and the brain then responds however it responds. So, I am not sure how the industry and media got so wrapped up with frequency following response and “entrainment” when so much of the great research does not even say that this following response is even required. By simply providing the brain with beneficial frequencies it responds as it needs to in order to heal.

Discovering the

Power of

Video and Audio Stimulation Together Creating a Better Technology

It is mapped out in the best research available, a demonstration that when we have both audio and video stimulation the whole process works much better than with just one or the other. So, in studying where great effects have been created with light and sounds machines - I began to realize that the technology was not all it could be. Because I understand how the brain works, I inspected how the audio system is different than the visual system, and it really allowed me to create a better technology. Let me explain. For the new video component: traditionally there were bursts of lights in light machines, using goggles. This stimulated the brain, but it did not respect the processing power of how the brain is designed to work. Flashes of light do not carry “meaning�. Our visual systems project into about 40% of the cortex (roughly) to the brain. Much of this processing power is used to determined shape, color, depths, face contours... we are hard wired to do this. After all, this is how we begin to recognize people, and move around without bumping into the furniture. So flashes of light do

not play to that strength of how the brain is literally hard wired to operate from the visual cortex. So I took these visual frequencies and put them inside shapes that sometimes have depth... that sometimes have contours... and then move them in a visual field. In this way I actually cause increased cross-hemispheric communication through the optic pathway. So that is how I have adapted my technology to actually respect the way the brain is designed to work. I found it is much more powerful, more immediate and evokes a much more powerful cortical response. This encourages crosshemispheric communication in a way that supersedes flashes of light. Then I crafted positive, peripheral language, affirmations - just out of focus range, that passes through to the conscious mind with less or no judgment. This is important because peripheral messaging is very potent as we bypass the judgment of a positive affirmation.... perhaps one that we can't really believe of our good fortune, our health, our desirability or abundance – so therefore we would judge it.

Passive Brain Fitness

Proving it With My Mom

Passive Brain Fitness ™ opens up a great, fast, non-exhausting opportunity to exercise and increase the blood flow to our brain. This reduces people's HABIT for stress, anxiety and fear. And to me these are the really important things, these very large quality of life issues. Prolonged, the habits are debilitating.

I worked with my mom recently. She was suffering with the exact traits mentioned above; overwhelm and general fear. So I wanted to create something that would work for her and others like her. Knowing that ultimately, we donʼt care how it started, we just really want to “pattern-interrupt” that pathway which had grown and become quite debilitating in her life.

Once somebody has been experiencing generalized fear and anxiety for any appreciable amount of time, eliminating the “source” - you know, going back using psychology or other modalities that can go inside the mind and say, “ well, you can let go of this fear and anxiety because we have dealt with the source” - that just doesnʼt work. The program in the mind is now organic, as we call it. It is running in the brain and it knows how to run no matter what you do with how it all started.

And when I introduced the technology that way, with this process – I show in real time video how and when her brain became de-sensitized to her fear triggers. I map the brainwave activity through the entire process and it is amazing what happened. She really did get relief: and as scientist, I can map and measure it. You can watch the entire process here.

What we know now about the brain is that fear, anxiety, anger, stress - can become habits. And, we know it causes extreme damage to the brain if these negative emotions impress themselves upon the brain for too long and for too often... effecting the way the brain works. The future of this technology is to provide a new modality, showing people how to de-sensitize and remove triggers to reduce fears and overwhelm. With that, we are seeing people improve the quality of their lives in just about every area, because once the brain is working as it should, people naturally live better lives. They can then naturally respond from a place of calm and balance and joy – on any topics, in any situation. Everyone wants to live a better life. I have a brand new Super Mind

Removing Triggers Does it work instantly? If you had an EEG machine you could see it progress towards health and calm – but, no – not instantly if you have been working with depression for a long time. Similarly, if you are coming home from a really bad day, once those chemicals are in your brain they don't just instantly go away. Even though you have improved the way your brain works, the chemicals still have to be processed out of your body. But you can be certain that it is “training your brain”, exercising your brain - and if you apply it consistently you will have tremendous benefits and shifts over long term. Just like other muscles you regularly exercise and care for. Although most people feel an immediate difference, whether subtle or specific - it takes time, and the science community knows it works.

Science Newsletter that is free for the first 500 people: Inside you will also get a coupon for a free recording and discounted membership to every new Passive Brain Fitness Track I make. My website set up in such a way that anyone can watch a free 20 minute video that introduces me, explains the difficult part of my life and how I got here; and you can get a free Passive Brain Fitness ™ video. Check out the Super Mind Science Newsletter, and see what it is all about! CLICK HERE – and thanks so much. Bye for now :)

SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO June 3, 1 pm - 1:45 pm Jeffrey Gignac

Entrainment V.S. brain wave stimulation?

Jeffrey was one of the youngest people in North America to be c e r t i fi e d a s a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15. He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor for 4 years before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a World Renowned expert in brainwave entrainment and brainwave stimulation. Jeff published author, writing his first book in 1999 with his most recent contribution “The Secret Skill” appearing in “Adventures in Manifesting” Success and Spirituality. Jeff is the creator top selling products such as the Perfect Sleep System, The Achievement Blueprint, Goal Factory and Brain Fitness for Busy People. Having created nearly 100 acclaimed meditation and brainwave programs, it’s no surprise that Jeffrey is considered by today’s top thought leaders as the leading creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology.

Jeff has created several unique and proprietary technologies that continue to revolutionize the field of brainwave entrainment and personal development. These include: ••• Element “B” TM Audio technology: o A proprietary way of delivering binaural beats to improve cortical evoked responses in the brain and to speed up the process of inducing a frequency following response. Passive Brain Fitness TM Audio Technologies o A proprietary method of exercising the brain passively using complex audio frequency patterning and spatial manipulation of sound. Passive Brain Fitness TM Video Technologieso A p r o p r i e t a r y m e t h o d o f exercising the brain passively, using Passive Brain FitnessTM Audio Technologies and video stimulation technologies simultaneously to improve various cognitive factors. Jeff is currently researching the advantages of stimulating sub-dominant brainwave activity over dominant brainwave activity as a means of improving memory and attention in persons diagnosed with ADD / ADHD


Toward a New Harmonic Framework

History The ancient Pythagorean theory of harmony known as Musica Universalis says that everything in the universe originated from a single sound. Atoms, planets and people were all believed to have resonated into existence like music. More than just a religious belief, the theory came from studying proportions in planetary cycles, musical scales and the geometry of life. At the center of this harmonic science was the Divine Proportion.

By Richard Merrick

There was a time when most people believed the universe and everything in it was made of music. The early Hindus were perhaps first to embrace this concept in their musical philosophy of S h a b d a , a S a n s k r i t w o rd meaning “sound” or “speech.” Their Vedic texts, written in the form of sacred hymns, were said to embody the divine knowledge of sruti or “what is heard.” As this idea was adopted into Buddhist, Jainist and Tibetan teachings, it was known as the Audible Life Stream, Inner Sound, Sound C u r re n t a n d t h e Wo rd . Spreading through much of the populations of India and China, many today still claim: “the Sound Current vibrating in all creation can be heard by the inner ears.” The ancient Egyptians also celebrated the idea of a musical universe by employing harmonic proportions in the design of their pyramids and burial chambers. In the book Egyptian Sonics, acoustician John Stuart Reid found evidence the Egyptians had developed an advanced sonic science by the fourth Dynasty, circa 2520 BC. His acoustical experiments in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid demonstrated that certain resonant frequencies would c re a t e v i b r a t o r y p a t t e r n s corresponding to some twenty hieroglyphs, suggesting that Egyptian writing may actually have its genesis in this early science of resonance.

Inheriting their wisdom from the Chaldean mystery school in lower Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq), the Hebrews developed their entire language around the harmonic properties of numbers and geometrical proportion. Their alphabet was based on the geometry of numbers, or gematria, from which the Torah was encoded. The Jewish people and later Gnostic sects then based their laws and social customs on these universal principles of harmony and balance. In the 5th century BC, Greek philosopher Pythagoras united all of these teachings into one, founding his own mystery school to study the harmonic properties of nature. Discovering that different musical intervals corresponded to simple whole number proportions, he and his followers developed a unified philosophy of harmony in numbers, geometry, astronomy and organic forms. Finding the same harmonious patterns everywhere they looked – the seed patterns of fruit, orbits of planets and shape of the human body – an ancient scientific method known as musica universalis was established to guide the study of nature. As this method was applied to the study of form, Greek philosopher Plato identified five

perfect solids and developed a natural philosophy of archetypes to go with them. F r o m t h i s c a m e E u c l i d ’s Elements, describing the mathematics behind such archetypes, complete with rigorous logic and formal proofs. In the Hellenistic period that followed, Archimedes of Syracuse developed an early form of calculus known as infinitesimals while Ptolemy charted the periodic motions of the heavens. Behind all of these advancements in geometry, mathematics and astronomy could be found the guiding light of Pythagoras and his scientific method of musica universalis. But this golden age of Greek science was not to last. With the Roman conquest in 146 BC, the study of nature became less important as the Romans focused on vast engineering p ro j e c t s t o s u p p o r t t h e i r conquest of Europe. Beginning with Constantine in the 4th century AD, much of the preChristian knowledge was lost with the torching of the Royal Library of Alexandria by Archbishop Theophilus. Were it not for the work of Arab scholars, who had earlier translated and preserved many of the ancient works, all knowledge of the Greek’s science and mathematics would have been lost.

With the fall of Rome and the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire in 962 AD, the Dark Ages had begun. It was not until the European Renaissance in the 14th century that most of the important Greek works would be rediscovered and an interest in harmonic science would return. Copernicus with his Sun-centric theory of the solar system was the first glimmer of a return to harmonic principles in a s t r o n o m y. T h e n c a m e Johannes Kepler’s Harmony of the World, proposing that Platonic forms in some way governed the spacing of the planets. While this turned out to be an oversimplification, he did accurately explain other phenomena of the solar system, such as the difference between maximum and minimum speeds o f e a c h p l a n e t ’s o r b i t approximate harmonic proportions. Around the same time, a prominent English physicist, astrologer and Rosicrucian mystic named Robert Fludd publicly debated Isaac Newton against adopting a purely empirical method for science. In De Musica Mundana, Fludd argued that the Pythagorean model of the universe was essentially correct and should be used to guide the study of nature, since the cosmos is indeed a kind of celestial monochord of vibratory energy from which all things arise. But in spite of this last attempt to

hold onto musica universalis, Fludd’s harmonic ideals fell from favor and a new unguided science was born.

The Enlightenment or an Endarkenment? Beginning first with Galileo, then Sir Francis Bacon and Sir Isaac Newton, a new “scientific method” was proposed and adopted in the 17th and early 18th centuries. It was a method that assumed no guidance from harmonic principles. Instead, it was presumed that observations and experiments alone would lead the world to truth and enlightenment. Bacon was the first to propose the new empirical scientific method, designed to shield the mind from false notions that could distort the truth. Calling such notions “idols,” he proposed four kinds that must be avoided: those common to a given race, those peculiar to an individual, those resulting from the misuse of language and those resulting from the abuse of authority. All together, he argued that avoiding such idols would lead inductively to the discovery of forms and models that accurately describe natural phenomena and their genesis. As a result, the Greek harmonic science that had sparked the Renaissance was abandoned to avoid the religious connections it had with the Church. It seems

harmonic principles, long a central concern to sacred music and closely controlled since 1234 AD by Church canon law, was now considered a false idol to be avoided. Harmonic theory and religion were simply too intertwined to be unraveled at the time. Yet in hindsight, the wholesale removal of a harmonic foundation from the methods of science may have seriously impeded scientific progress. Some argue that this decision led to a disorganized and fragmented study of nature, resulting in the tentative, incompatible and rather dogmatic scientific formulae known as the Standard Model. Contrary to Sir Francis’ original intent, the rejection of harmonic science may have opened the door for even bigger idols to sway the cause of science. To d a y, a c c e p t a n c e o f contradictory theories have led to wildly different models for even the most common phenomena, not the least of which is gravity, the structure of the vacuum and human perception. Without a unified foundation, the language of science has become increasingly arcane, heavily barnacled and decidedly obtuse, a veritable Tower of Babel, making it difficult for anyone outside of a given field of specialty to comprehend and integrate much of the scientific research now available.

At the same time, there is a rising chorus of scientists around the world who complain of unreasonable and unfair barriers to the publishing of their work. Journal review boards, controlled by older generations bent on defending their life’s work, often reject studies that do not conform to already accepted models, even in the face of compelling evidence showing errors in such established models. But, this is not all that now haunts Bacon’s scientific method. New idols must be worshipped by science that did not exist prior to the Industrial Revolution. These are the idols of economics and politics. Markets now demand a c o n t i n u i n g fl o w o f n e w technologies to fuel the global economic engine, redirecting the focus of university education and research away f ro m t h e s e a rc h f o r re a l u n d e r s t a n d i n g . To m a k e matters worse, more and more of our best scientists are being recruited right out of college by the military industrial complex to build more powerful weapons and devastating war machines. It seems that Bacon’s idols have become bigger and more powerful than he could have ever imagined. So, even as the worldwide standard of living has risen from waves of innovations in productivity, entertainment and creature comfort, we are really no closer to an agreement on

how the major components of nature fit together than we were 300 years ago. There is no understanding of how the quantum microcosm contributes to the development of life; no agreement on what causes gravity; no interest in t h e g e o m e t r i c p ro p e r t i e s encoded in DNA (or life in general) and no explanation for what caused life to evolve along the particular path it did, to name but a few. And while w e c a n t e l l t h ro u g h M R I imaging which parts of the brain are activated by different stimulus, there remains no accepted model for how the brain actually thinks or how c o n s c i o u s s e l f - a w a re n e s s could emerge from inanimate matter. Welcome to The Endarkenment, an age where the quest for the big picture has no currency – a time when seeking enlightenment in the study of nature has become not only irrelevant, but laughable.

A time when field specialization and isolation have brought us to an artificial and overly complex view of things where we no longer see or even

care about how the pieces fit together.


embrace the differences and eschew the commonalities. We think we get it, but we really don’t. The time has come to reevaluate and update our methods of science. We must seek a new approach where natural study can once again be guided by laws common to all fields of study. This method must be powerful enough to overcome Bacon’s false idols while loosening the strict dogma of the Standard Model. It is time to reintegrate the fields of science and, in so doing, begin the process of reintegrating our fragmented society. But to do this, we must first reconcile ourselves with the past. We must find a way to mend the worldviews of Pythagoras and Planck, Plato and Bohm, Euclid and Lisi. Only through reconciliation can we hope to find our way forward.

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New Harmonic Framework

Re-Visit First off, let’s agree that the ancients were essentially right – all things are in vibration.

First off, let’s agree that the ancients were essentially right – all things are in vibration. From the smallest particle to the whole of the cosmos, everything we see comes from the resonance of electromagnetic waves and the formation of atomic particles. This is the harmonic framework of our physical reality. It all starts with spirals. As pressure builds, vortices form; as vortices form, closed cycles appear; and as these cycles stabilize, energy crystallizes into harmonic forms. Repeating at every level of reality, the fractal formations of galaxies, solar systems, planetary systems, biological-botanical systems, molecular systems and atomic systems all emerge from layer upon layer of coherent vibration. Yet each system is part of a whole, sharing a common source of energy and descending from a set of universal laws. These are the laws of the ancients – the laws found inside a periodic standing wave. A standing wave occurs whenever vibration is trapped inside a container and reflects back upon itself, becoming stationary as it oscillates in place. This occurs because the energy in the standing wave travels in opposite directions, adding together into a single, coherent waveform. As this process begins to stabilize, whole number harmonic

frequencies emerge to piggyback on the fundamental frequency of the container. This natural process, known as resonance, quickly generates an entire harmonic series of wave frequencies that share the energy of the fundamental. The Harmonic Series is a series of wave frequencies produced as a single wave vibrates and subdivides in halves, thirds, fourths, fifths and so on, inside a container. This natural process generates the whole number set of harmonics h = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …, ∞}. Also known as “overtones” in music, harmonics are responsible for the various timbral qualities of an instrument. Like the musical tone of a simple reed flute, all matter results from the same physics of resonance that brings harmony to music. While the container for a flute is i t s p i p e , p l a n e t s re s o n a t e harmoniously into place from the hot plasma contained inside the gravity bubble of a star. Similarly, living things resonate into harmonic forms inside the container of their cell, egg or body. The atoms that make up those living cells then resonate inside their own micro bubble of space, bonding harmonically into larger molecules, compounds and mesoscopic structures. The quantum world beneath is no different, emerging from spiraling “ t o r s i o n ” fi e l d s t h a t f o r m spherical standing waves whose

harmonic intersections form the nodes we call particles. But resonance alone is not the whole story. There is something else quietly at work inside these standing waves that makes coherent resonance possible. This is the phenomenon known as harmonic damping. If standing waves are the stuff of the visible world of structure, harmonic damping is the invisible force of stability, order and balance. Discovered in the 1930’s by Soviet physicist Lev Landau, plasma waves were found to exchange energy at “avoided crossings” called “adiabatic transfers.” Known as Landau-Zener Theory or simply Landau damping, this idea quickly spread to become the cornerstone of quantum mechanics and has since been applied to explain such phenomena as superconducting, superfluidity and coherent states of matter like Bose-Einstein condensate. As it occurs in the very special case of standing waves, the principles of Landau damping e x p l a i n h o w w a v e e n e rg y transfers across gaps called damping wells to form harmonics. In particular, the damping wells in standing waves exist at fixed locations identified by the natural constant known as the golden ratio.

Given that every form of life on Earth grows out of a spiral and that indeed weather systems, planetary systems, solar systems and galaxies also form out of spiral formations, why is it that spirals are excluded entirely from the study of geometry and in fact much of the study of mathematics?

The golden ratio enabled standing waves in all mediums to nest deeper and deeper within themselves, creating endless fractal formations. The Golden Ratio, documented in the 3rd century BC, but known thousands of years earlier, occurs when a line is divided in such a way that it can be nested infinitely into itself at the same proportion. We can easily visualize this as the proportion between line segments in a pentagram, commonly expressed as: φ = (1 + √5) / 2 ≈ 1.618033 and its inverse 1/φ = (√5 - 1) / 2 ≈ 0.618033. In a variety of studies, the golden ratio has been found to represent the maximum damping location in standing wave phenomena. This is not a trivial point. The Landau damping effect of the golden ratio can explain many properties found throughout nature – from the average spacing of planets to the branching patterns of life to the lattice alignment of atoms in crystals as they spin in the same direction. It is due to this effect that rectangular speakers and auditoriums are often built near golden ratios of 0.62 x 1.62 x 1 in order to suppress wave reflection and echoes. Indeed, it is the damping effect

of the golden ratio that enable standing waves in all mediums to nest deeper and deeper within themselves, creating endless fractal formations.

pairs of numbers starting with 1 + 1. This growth process continues to produce the infinite series {1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, …}.

Landau damping theory also suggests that as standing waves form within a container, those frequencies near the damping well of a golden ratio or its inverse will be suppressed while those furthest away will remain as whole number harmonics. Thus, we find that the golden ratio is responsible for creating the space between harmonics and carving out the slack needed for harmonics to coexist within the same space. We can define this “anti-harmonic” or fractional set of frequencies u s i n g t h e i n fi n i t e s e t o f numbers in the Fibonacci series, a subset of the harmonic series.

The relevance of this series to standing wave formation is apparent when each adjacent pair of ascending Fibonacci numbers is taken as a proportion, creating numbers closer and closer to the golden ratio, represented by the Greek letter φ or Phi.

The Fibonacci Series, named after Leonardo “Phi” Bonacci of Pisa but first documented by the Sanskrit grammarian Pingala in the Chandah-shastra around 450 BC, represents a “mountain of cadence” that “grows” by adding adjacent

For instance, the adjacent Fibonacci proportions 13/8, 21/13 and 34/21 are roughly equal to 1.625, 1.6153 and 1.6190, respectively. As the process continues, the Fibonacci series approximates the golden ratio of about 1.6180339887 by spiraling closer and closer to it, but never actually reaching it. In this way, all of the Fibonacci frequencies are increasingly damped and suppressed from the standing wave as they converge ever nearer to the golden ratio, leaving only whole number harmonics in the space between (Fig. 1).

Harmonic damping stabilizing a standing wave

Fibonacci proportions in a standing wave Thus, we see that Fibonacci proportions in a standing wave are just as important as whole number harmonic proportions. They produce a silent spiraling b a c k g r o u n d fi e l d i n t h e waveform that stabilizes the process of resonance, enabling the formation of “sympathetic” harmonics. And, at the center of these deadening Fibonacci vortices lays the golden ratio and its inverse – two infinite and constant damping wells present in every standing wave cycle where energy is exchanged. Without this natural ordering property at every scale of nature, standing waves, their harmonics and physical structures of all kinds would simply cease to exist.

We now find in the containment and reflection of waves the universal method by which energy self-organizes into coherent particles out of a chaotic spread spectrum of energy. The golden ratio – often considered of little real importance to science – is actually what keeps atoms from flying apart, yet simultaneously bonds them together. At the cosmological scale, it is the golden ratio that sets the size, spacing, orbital frequency and other attributes of the planets within the Sun’s resonating current sheet. And in life forms, the golden ratio is responsible for every crevice, curve, hole and flexible joint as organisms self-organize from the atomic

realm up. It is this one constant of nature that makes it possible for the resonant structure of our bodies to articulate, move and do work. When organized around a central polar axis, standing waves composed primarily of water and carbon-12 resonate together into the familiar shapes of life, first exploding outward as spheres but then spiraling back inward as the damping force becomes too strong. Trapped inside a gravity bubble of space, compressed by atmosphere and water, living cells have little choice but to resonate into a multitude of nested cardioid forms (Fig. 2).

Figure 2. The universal harmonic pattern of life.

That’s it – harmony is everywhere and in everything. It is the simple balance of resonance and damping intrinsic to spacetime, present from the first moment of the universe. This is the physics of a standing wave that offers a new framework for science, if only our methods would allow it.

Toward a Harmonically Guided Science

ReThink Wherever they gazed, they found the truth staring back at them – the universe truly is made of music.

Early natural philosophers had no need of Bacon’s scientific method to protect them from undue influence and bias – they were innocent from the beginning. Their societies looked with fresh eyes at the planetary movements in the sky, mineral crystals on the ground and geometry of life all around them, seeing only commonalities. Wherever they gazed, they found the truth staring back at them – the universe truly is made of music. In those days, the tools of science were drums, gongs and flutes. The scientist’s method was to sprinkle sand on a drumhead, intone a simple chant and then watch wide-eyed as geometric patterns appeared on its surface. Taken as the first symbols of language and ideas, the physics of a standing wave was the model upon which early civilization achieved its coherence. Just as we now celebrate music as the universal language of culture, the study of resonance and damping was once revered as the universal language of science. It is through this simple and most beautiful worldview of our forebears that we might now envision a new future for science. Perhaps it is time to bring back harmonic study to our schools, as it once was long ago. And while we are at it, perhaps we should consider adding harmonic principles back into the scientific method,

r e c a l i b r a t i n g a l l s c i e n t i fi c research to the universal model of a standing wave. Maybe it is even time to include a new field of harmonic science – a field whose job it is to look for the commonalities and reconnect the fragments of modern science into a meaningful whole.

Education Let us envision an educational system where every student takes at least one year of general harmonic studies. We may find it helps guide more students toward science through their love of music. At the same time, those already scientifically i n c l i n e d m a y fi n d g r e a t e r passion for their field of study as it became infused with the values of Art. But no matter their chosen field, we might expect these students to develop a more integrated worldview from harmonic theory and a musical worldview of the universe. Maybe our youth would begin to see the broader impact of their decisions, bringing more ethical and socially responsible solutions to market. Just this small adjustment to the educational system could change the world. With harmonic principles central to a new scientific method and integrative field of harmonic science, researchers could b e c o m e m o re e f fi c i e n t b y

avoiding dead-end paths. New generations of scientists guided by harmonic models would seek deeper causality in the phenomena they study, more often finding their answers in adjacent fields. When this was not enough, a new field of harmonic science could pose questions, recommend avenues of research and encourage research across fields to solve key problems. As astronomers came to embrace harmonic processes once again, we could expect many of the competing cosmological theories to be put aside as models grounded in harmonic laws take center s t a g e .

Quantum mechanics, itself already founded on harmonic principles, would at last become the accepted foundation of astrophysics. Soon, astronomers would feel free to discuss the universe in musical terms, triggering a domino effect into other fields.

W i t h t h e S t a n d a rd M o d e l adjusted to guide research toward integration, the life sciences would experience a revolution not seen since Charles Darwin.

Biologists would feel compelled to recognize and study the role of atomic resonance in guiding evolution, therein realigning anthropological and genetic models with quantum and cosmological models. Beginning as only a trickle of information to the outside world, the message would eventually get out that life is just an enfoldment of the same harmonic processes at work all around us. A new vision of life as a beautiful musical crystal could suddenly blossom into the social consciousness, elevating self-image and bringing a new sense of interconnection and responsibility back to society.



scientists also came to accept the human body as the resonating liquid crystal it really is, increased research into bio-currents and directed wave resonance treatments would surely come, bringing unimaginable medical breakthroughs to replace many of the drug therapies so heavily p ro m o t e d b y t o d a y ’s pharmaceutical industries. Change would also come to the cognitive sciences, refocusing research on brain resonance and non-local quantum effects, therein establishing new models of perception and a more natural approach to machine intelligence. No field of science would remain unchanged. Reconciliation with ancient harmonic wisdom could lead to revised interpretations of history, a rereading of the archeological records and new social theories proposing harmonic physics as the central theme behind the development of social order. The economic and political

sciences would change as well, gradually shifting Wester n institutions toward less p o l a r i z e d , m o re m o d e r a t e policies. This, in turn, could bring a surge of


funding to

alternative and yetundiscovered energy sources to r e l i e v e t h e w o r l d ’s o i l dependence. Out of this, the ecosciences would flourish beyond anything we can imagine now. If we are to have a true understanding of nature and achieve a sustainable civilization, a harmonic framework must be reintroduced into our schools, our science and our society. Continued avoidance of harmonic principles resulting from long gone theological associations is no longer warranted and has indeed become a clear impediment to progress. The sooner this is recognized and rectified; the sooner science can begin fixing the really big problems that will ensure mankind’s survival.

More Images on Facebook http://interferencetheory.com/

Richard Merrick was the founder and CEO of Postfuture, a pioneering rich-media communications provider for companies like Best Buy and Microsoft. Under his leadership, the company grew from a tiny start-up in 1999 into the top digital communications company of 2004 and 4th fastest growing technology company in Texas. Prior to this, he was the technology founder and elected CEO of 7th Level, a global CD-ROM game publisher and Internet technology company known for such award-winning titles as TuneLand Starring Howie Mandel and Monty Python's The Quest for the Holy Grail. Merrick's work spans many areas of digital media, including search engines, graphics operating systems, multi-media authoring applications, interactive games, voice-response Web agents and dynamically personalized Internet communications. Throughout his career he has been invited to speak around the world on the future of digital media and cited as an expert in leading publications. He is an improvisational pianist & composer, archetypal artist and independent researcher into the physics, history and social ramifications of harmonic science. He received his B.A. (magna cum laude) and M.S.C.S. degrees from the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Suppression of Ancient Harmonic Science

To save the high resolution e-book (52.4MB PDF), right click on the picture and select Save As. Read the reviews here! Touch here to download the free high resolution PDF e-book (52.4MB)

http://interferencetheory.com/ http://interferencetheory.com/Articles/Articles.html

A 1610 portrait of Johannes Kepler by an unknown artist

Copyright  2011 Richard Merrick

J o h a n n e s K e p l e r, a G e r m a n R e n a i s s a n c e astronomer and mystic, focused his life's work based on the five platonic solids, their harmonic ratios and how the five fundamental shapes correlated with the orbits and sound frequencies of the planets. Kepler recognized that the same harmonic principles that are found in the stars also relate to earth.

‘I grant you that no sounds are given forth, but I affirm . . . that the movements of the planets are modulated according to harmonic proportions’. - Johannes Kepler

Planets in order: RR Lyrae, Chi Hydrae, PG 1159+035, Sun - Images for the Smithsonian Institute “Star Stationʼ star sounds images on CymaScope

Each planet with its distinct color and size, like the size of various crystal bowls, emanate a distinct radio transmission—just like humans. Planets interact by bouncing waves and charged emissions off each other —just like people. The universal law of harmonics defines the proportional distances between the planets, the inner ear and the nautilus. The seven whole tones of the musical scale are the natural measure of harmony within the universe.

Model Exhibited in The Technisches Museum, Vienna, Austria

The earthly part of the universe would seem rude and savage without sweet melodies. This is why Atum sent down the choir of muses to live amongst humankind and inspire music, so that men could adore Divinity with hymns praise, in polyphony with the psalms of heaven. - The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs

Music of the Spheres

NASA- Jupiter - You have discovered the place in the universe for those who love Gregorian, or Tibetan chants or choirs singing in the harmony of happiness. JUPITER sounds are the ultimate "tuning fork" frequencies for meditation. 528 Hz & Jupiter's Electromagnetic voices & Alpha brainwaves.

Earth Songs Our planet is a natural source of radio waves at audio frequencies. An online receiver at the Marshall Space Flight Center is playing these songs of Earth so anyone can listen. http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2001/ast19jan_1/

Eerie Sounds of Saturn's Radio Emissions http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/cassini/multimedia/pia07966.html + Play sound of Saturn's radio emissions, which have changing frequencies

Planetary Harmonic & Neurobiological Resonances http://www.lunarplanner.com/Harmonics/planetary-harmonics.html



9 Insights to Sound Healing June 3,

12pm Central Time

Jonathan Goldman J O N A T H A N GOLDMAN, M.A. is an international authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. He is author of HEALING SOUNDS, SHIFTING FREQUENCIES, THE LOST CHORD, the best selling THE 7 SECRETS OF SOUND HEALING, CHAKRA FREQUENCIES (co-authored with his wife Andi), and his latest THE DIVINE NAME, winner of the 2011 Visionary Award for “Best Alternative Health Book”.

Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. A Grammy nominee, he has created numerous best selling, award winning recordings including “THE DIVINE NAME” (with Gregg Braden), “REIKI CHANTS”, “FREQUENCIES: Sounds of Healing”, THE LOST CHORD”, “2012: ASCENSION HARMONICS” and “CHAKRA CHANTS”, double winner of Visionary Awards for “Best Healing-Meditation Album” and “Album of the Year”. Jonathan is a lecturing member of the International Society for Music Medicine. He has dedicated his life to the path of service, helping awaken and empower others with the ability of sound to heal and transform.


Fabien Maman: The Tao of Sound:Acoustic Sound Healing for the 21st Century Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Dedicated to the evolution of Human Consciousness Fabien Maman

Sound-Cellular Research: The Impacts of Sound on Human Cells In 1981, Fabien Maman conducted a sound/cellular experiment at the University of Jussieu in Paris, documenting for the first time under a microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields. What he discovered changed the landscape of vibrational sound healing as we know it today. It is a manifesto for acoustic sound – challenging all who enter the world of vibrational sound healing, to do so, softly... with no electronic nor electric sounds... but returning, once again, to the healing power of pure overtones and harmonics that can only be found in the five elements and the nature.

By Terres Unsoeld Based on the work of Fabien Maman Photo’s copyright Fabien Maman 1981’s

Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Montage of Healthy Cells Instrument:Â Xylophone - Chromatic Scale

Using a Kirlian camera, Fabien Maman was able to document what happens to the energy fields of healthy human cells when exposed to acoustic sound.

He discovered that the color and shape of each cell and its subtle energy field (Aura) changed according to the pitch and timbre of each musical note.

In these Kirlian photographs, you can see an exact shape and color produced by Maman playing the chromatic scale on a xylophone. These photographs show that each specific sound in the musical scale from middle C to B (moving half-tone by half-tone) created a specific shape and color around the cells. The shape is in affinity with the timbre or quality of the instrument used and the color is related to the frequency of pitch of the sound.

The powerful effect that acoustic sound can have on our cells and our energy fields.... We breathe differently.... We listen differently.

Healthy cells - with no sound Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Healthy cells - with sound Instrument: Tuning Fork Musical Note A440 Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Within each cell of our body is written the Divine Story. Within the Heart of our Soul is the blueprint of our DNA. This is the spiritual work of the Coming Age – where biology, physics and cosmology open to the “Way of the Soul”; and spirituality finds its roots, grounded in the physical reality of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. The key that makes the link is vibration. And leading the way is French musician/composer, acupuncturist, researcher and bio-energetician, Fabien Maman.

Human Cancer Cells ...exploding under the influence of dissonant acoustic sound. Instrument: xylophone Shortly after his research, Fabien met French physicist Joel Sternheimer, who discovered the vibratory frequency of elementary particles. Long before cosmologists developed the “string theory”, Sternheimer was transposing certain molecular structures into musical patterns, creating “the music of the molecules.”

cancer cells, when exposed to a series of dissonant notes, exploded, rather than vibrated.

Sternheimer found that if there was a problem in an organic structure, the molecules of that structure did not vibrate. Mamanʼs cellular research came to the same conclusion. While working with human cells, Maman found that

Inspired, Fabien Maman created Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®. If he could change cells in a petri dish, why not human beings in the classroom?

Both Sternheimer and Maman concluded that whereas sick cells lacked flexibility and resonance; healthy cells vibrated when they recognized their fundamental resonance.

Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Human Voice on Healthy Cells Musical Note: A440

‘vibratory affinity’ He also discovered that systematically, whenever the note of A440 was played, particularly if it was sung by the human voice, the cells would turn pink in color. A blind musician once told Maman that whenever someone spoke to him with love, he would ‘see’ the color pink.

Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Mamanʼs most profound

Human Voice on Healthy Cells

observation was that when the

Musical Note: F349.23 Fundamental Note®

cells felt a ʻvibratory affinityʼ with a certain note, the cellsʼ aura would transform into a mandala shape of vibrant colors. He concluded that this is the cellʼs ʻfundamental noteʼ, and if the person ʻtunesʼ with it, harmony can be achieved within the cells, the energy field of the person and the environment.

achieving harmony

Sound, Color & Movement Acoustic Sound Healing for the 21st Century Fabien Maman created the now famous technique of using tuning forks and color lights, rather than needles, on acupuncture command points.

By Terres Unsoeld

Based on the work of Fabien Maman

In 1988, Fabien Maman founded Tama-Do, (“Way of the Soul”), Academy, dedicated to the evolution of Human consciousness through research, teachings and creative self-expression.. Dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness, Tama-Do uses Sound, Color, Chi Movement and Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts® to ground the Soul in daily life.    With a summer base in Europe and a Sound Garden in Malibu, California, we offer courses in non-invasive techniques using S o u n d H e a l i n g , C o l o r T h e r a p y, C h i Movement® and Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts® to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtle energy fields (aura).

On a physical level, Tama-Do techniques help the body engage in its own unique ability to heal. On the emotional and mental levels, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. And on a more subtle level, Tama-Do brings the individual into a state of deep peace and awareness, knowing that we are indeed one and in resonance with the Universe.

tuning forks and color light on acupuncture meridians to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Fabien Mamanʼs “SHU POINTS” technique, using Classical steel tuning forks and color lights on acupuncture command points, works to empower the organs and balance the meridians, creating health and vitality.

Fabien Maman’s Classical Tuning forks on the 8 Extraordinary Meridians® According to Chinese medicine, the Eight Extraordinary Meridians (8 Qi Mo) control the main functions of the body: the blood, prana, energy and structure. Through Fabien Mamanʼs research, he created the Subtle Body Command Points® to help elevate the energy of these eight meridians to a more subtle level of consciousness in the chakras and the subtle energy fields (aura).

Subtle Energies

Fabien Maman’s Classical Tuning forks on the Musical Spine®

Seasonal Light & Color

The spine is the central axis of the physical body. Fabien Maman has created a powerful yet simple technique using his Classical tuning forks, the musical modes of the seasons and color lights along the spine to harmonize the nervous system, chakras and subtle energy fields (aura). This technique works to relieve back pain and physical trauma, release tension and regulate sleep. On a more deep level, The Musical Spine frees childhood “stuff” to reveal our ancestral memories.

When tuning forks were not enough, Fabien Maman created magnificent sound instruments to bring us back into total resonance with the Universe to which we belong. Fabien Maman created The Arche of Sound®, to clear energy fields and realign people with their central axis. This magnificent instrument takes us back to our source, so that we can begin to know where we are going.

Fabien Maman’s Arche of Sound

Tama-Do Academy Winter “Soulstice” Harmonizing Concert

While standing in the Arche of Sound in the Tama-Do Sound Garden in Malibu, (a 13ʼ high cathedral of sound with 15 sound tubes, each over 10 feet high) one can feel the earth and sky energies expanding our awareness.

Fabien Maman believes that our work as musicians and audience, healers and healed, is to harmonize natural and celestial elements inside ourselves to find the new balance that humanity needs. Each season, he leads Tama-Do Academy in a Seasonal Harmonizing Concert. Based on the 5 elements in Chinese medicine, and using pentatonic modes, Fabien has developed a system of correspondences between the elements, meridians, chakras, directions and stars and the musical key, mode, instrument, rhythm and energy of each season. When played, these Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts bring human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony. For more information on Fabien Maman and Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement: 800.615.3675 www.tama-do.com

Photo courtesy Pat Aoki, Tama-Do Certified Practitioner

I created a wonderful technique called T.E.P. (Tama-Do Extra Points), which balances the chakras and subtle energy fields using Chi on the etheric (physical) body, sound in the astral

(emotional) body, and color on the mental subtle body. Each session creates a whirlpool of energy, allowing deep transformation. 

Tama-Do dancers practicing for a Seasonal Harmonizing Concert

“This work with energy and music is the spiritual work for the coming age”. The seed of the spiritual is found in the physical. In the heart of the cells, in the spiral of the DNA, is written the Divine story. When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance.” -Fabien Maman

Tama-Do Academy's Arche of Sound Fabien Maman created the Tama-Do Arche of Sound® to clear energy fields and realign people with their central axis. For those trained in the Tama-Do work, standing in the Arche, feeling the earth and sky energies expanding our awareness, is a shamanic journey taking us back from where we have come and reminding us of where we are going.

This magnificent instrument, standing 13 feet high with 15 sound tubes (over 10 feet high each), is a “womb of sound”.  The tubes produce extremely low frequencies, less than 10Hz (excluding the high A).  When rung one time, the sound can last more than 15 minutes. 

(Please note: These instruments were created solely as educational tools for Tama-Do Academy. They are not meant to be part of a practitioner’s set of tools. They are way too big to carry in your backpack!)

The distance between the earth and any

Sound Instruments®, to take my work back to

planet of our solar system is measured in harmonics (overtones) instead of miles or kilometers. When we realize that these harmonics/overtones come from pure sound, we understand the need to create acoustic

the source, following the rules of Sacred Geometry.

instruments that can bring us back into total resonance with the universe of which we belong. Fabien Maman created the Tama-Do

and inheritance linked with the energy of nature and the cosmos. We return to the roots of our original Soul Path.

When we ‘tune’ with these magnificent instruments, we return to our natural health

About Fabien Maman: Fabien Maman, the Master Guide of Tama-Do, is a m u s i c i a n / c o m p o s e r, acupuncturist, researcher, h e a l e r / t e a c h e r, b i o energetician and martial artist. In 1977 he became an acupuncturist, creating the now famous system which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. In the early 80ʼs, Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular biology experiment showing for the first time under the microscope, the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells and their energy fields. His findings, documented in spectacularly beautiful slides, changed the landscape of Sound Healing as we know it today. In 1988 Fabien Maman created Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. About Terres Unsoeld: F a e r y / S h a m a n Te r r e s U n s o e l d , Ta m a - D o Academyʼs Senior Instructor became a teacher and energy practitioner in the early 80ʼs, making her own synthesis of bodywork modalities such as Shiatsu, Polarity, Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais, combined with improvisational dance, martial arts and theatre. A faery/shaman, she was initiated by The High Priestess of the French Druidic Order to teach the songs of ʻLes Genies de la Natureʼ. She teaches workshops around the world, and is the author of “The Story of the 5 elements”, “Accessing the Way of the Soul through Color” and “The Tao of Sound” (with Fabien Maman)

Fabien Mamanʼs The Tao of Sound, published in 2011 by Tama-Do Academy, and is becoming the encyclopedia of sound healing. It is everything you ever wanted to know about Fabien Mamanʼs sound research – from Star to Cell.

Webstersʼ Dictionary sites Fabien Maman as the founding father of vibrational sound therapy. His colleagues called him a visionary before his time.

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Unbounded Joy The flowers glowed as if each petal and leaf emitted its own light.

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I awoke having a belief in a new manner of healing. O

ne morning during April of 1977, I

awoke remembering a profound dream that I had during the night. In the dream, thousands of sick people were either sitting or lying in beds in a large multiple storied building. I heard beautiful music playing and all of the people began walking out of the building.

As the

people went outside, they noticed a giant rainbow in the sky even though there were no clouds.

The rainbow colors

began bathing all of the people, and they immediately were in perfect health.

When I arrived at my favorite bookstore and asked if there were any books written about the use of color and healing, I discovered there was an entire section of books dealing with color therapy.

Excerpted from And Nothing Happened‌But You Can Make It Happen! by

Steven A. Ross, Ph.D

During the course of the last fifteen years, several popular magazines and even a few television programs have noted the effect of various colors on our moods. An article actually appeared in Reader's

Color Blindness

Digest many years ago relating how the color of the walls where children studied could effect their IQ. Reports have shown that when a violent prisoner is placed in a jail cell with pink walls in a matter of minutes the prisoner becomes very docile.

In fact,

when a poster board painted pink is placed at eye level in front of a weight lifter, the weight lifter's strength becomes greatly diminished.


I had discovered that the color blue was saving the life of sick babies, that the color pink could rob a weight lifter of his strength. Linda Clark's book had

Color therapy

is the use of the

mentioned that doctors could cure cataract with color,

colors of the visible spectrum.

Think of the

so I wondered what other medical conditions could

various colors that you see in a rainbow or

be helped. I found the answer to my question when I

through a prism. Each color is determined by

learned of the work of Dinshah Ghadiali and his color

a rate of vibration. As vibrations change the

therapy system called SpectroChrome.

color you see also changes. In color therapy, a

My first contact with Ghadiali came when I found

color is projected over a distance onto bare

a sequence of photographs taken in 1926 of a little

skin at particular parts of the body. The

girl with


degree burns over 2/3rds of her body.

location on the body is determined by what

As you will see, the following pictures are so

the particular health difficulty might entail.

dramatic, and the case was so compelling, that it is

There are specific colors or combinations of

impossible to ignore. The pictures were taken out of the book, Let There Be Light, by Darius Dinshah.

hues used for specific ailments or health problems. The color affects the body in a manner that allows the body's own healing abilities to become more effective. It is not that a specific color is curing a specific health problem; the color is causing physiological change within the body that allows the body to be operating in a more efficient manner.

Grace Shirlow Story The little girl in the pictures is Grace Shirlow. In 1926, she arrived at Philadelphia Women's Hospital where the majority of the staff of the hospital considered her a hopeless case. Eight-year-old Grace had been burned badly on much of her body; she had a body temperature of between 105 to 106 degrees and had almost complete suppression of urine for more than 48 hours. Fluids were forced into her, but with no effect.


one medical doctor on the staff had the belief that she could help this poor child. Dr. Kate Baldwin, who was the Senior Surgeon at the hospital, was not on call when the girl arrived but reported to the hospital several hours later. When she examined the girl and everyone present had given up hope, Dr. Baldwin proposed the use of color therapy. For several years before this case, Dr. Baldwin had been using a color therapy system called Spectro-

A sequence of photographs taken in

Chrome, a method of color therapy using 12 specific

1926 of a little girl with 3rd degree burns


over 2/3rds of her body.

Dr. Baldwin used the color scarlet over the girl's kidney, and within minutes, the little girl voided more than 6 ounces of fluids. Dr. Baldwin then projected the color blue over Grace's body and within one hour her incredible pain had subsided. In fact for the duration of Grace's stay in the hospital she did not experience any more pain from her burns. For me this is unbelievable! Think about the pain and suffering that all burn victims experience.

How can

anybody justify not looking into this approach? The medical report of this case stated that no topical application was made, and no skin grafts were performed. Grace Shirlow grew new skin during the course of her Spectro-Chrome color therapy. Although this is a very dramatic burn case, it is not unique. A full report of the Grace Shirlow case was delivered at a medical meeting1 and written up in a medical journal. 2

2 weeks after admission

"After 41 years of general practice and surgery in hospitals I can obtain nearly the same results with the SpectroChrome as with my medical knowledge. I will use surgery when needed. A foot that is reduced to pulp by a truck running over it is going to need a surgical operation. But the Spectro-Chrome can help the anesthetic be taken even better before you send the patient to the operating table. The patients recover with much less unpleasantness. It is a gentle form of therapy where you cannot do harm. I have had six severe eye cases using the color directly into the eye with no harm being done." - Kate Baldwin M.D.

18 months after fire

3 months after admission

The inventor of the Spectro-Chrome system is Dinshah Ghadiali.

Dinshah was born in 1873, and he entered high school in 1884. This is not a typo; he entered high school at the age of eleven. Dinshah took his entry examinations for Bombay University at the age of thirteen. Dinshah made his first visit to the United States in 1896 and had the opportunity to meet Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, two of the most famous inventors and scientists in the history of our planet. Dinshah gave lectures on x-rays and radioactivity and the New York Times termed him the "Parsee Edison". Dinshah and his wife and family immigrated to the United States in 1911, and Dinshah became a naturalized citizen in 1917. In 1919, Dinshah was appointed Governor of the New York City Police Aviation School and later was commissioned Colonel and Commander of the New York Police Reserve Air Service. Two aircraft obtained from the U.S. Government were used to patrol the harbor in the city of New York. Dinshah flew the first police airmail service from New York to Philadelphia. For his meritorious service to the city, New York Mayor John Hyland awarded Dinshah the Liberty Medal. Dinshah delivered his first lecture on his Spectro-Chrome system in April of 1920. Dinshah would eventually present more than one hundred lectures throughout the United States. At one time nearly 500 United States medical doctors were using his Spectro-Chrome system. Although the medical doctors, like Dr. Kate Baldwin, were achieving results that were remarkable,

Dinshah Ghadiali was brought to trial in Camden, New Jersey, in 1931, for a charge of grand larceny. The complaint from the medical authorities was that Dinshah was committing fraud because SpectroChrome could not have any effect on diseases. During his trial in 1931, Dinshah called upon three witnesses. The first witness was Dr. Kate Baldwin. Dr. Baldwin testified under oath that she had been a medical physician for 40 years and senior surgeon of Philadelphia Women's Hospital for 23 years. Under cross examination by prosecutors Dr. Baldwin stated that she had successfully used the SpectroChrome system for; cataracts, glaucoma, hemorrhage in the retina, ordinary inflammatory conditions of the eye, sclera, infection of the sinuses, bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, tuberculosis, ulcers of the stomach, asthma, jaundice, kidney onditions, appendicitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, breast tumors and severe third-degree burns. Dr. Baldwin said that she was using up to ten Spectro-Chrome light machines in her medical practice. Dr. Martha Peebles appeared as a second witness for Dinshah. Dr. Peebles was a doctor of medicine for more than twenty-four years and had worked for the Department of Health in New York City for over twenty years. Dr. Peebles was a physician to the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. During the war, she would perform up to 61 different surgeries a day. http://collectmedicalantiques.com/gallery/light

18 months after fire

Dr. Kate W. Baldwin was under tremendous pressure because of her use of Spectro-Chrome. Other doctors who were envious of her results asked for her removal from the surgical staff of the hospital. In an article printed in the Atlantic Medical Journal of April 1927, discussing the Grace Shirlow case, Dr. Baldwin stated that after thirty-seven years of active hospital and private practice in medicine and surgery, she produced quicker and more accurate results using SpectroChrome than with any other methods, and there was less strain on the patient. 'In very extensive burns in a child of eight years of age, there was almost complete suppression of urine for more than 48 hours, with a temperature of 105 to 106 degrees. Fluids were forced to no effect, and a more hopeless case is seldom seen. Scarlet was applied just over the kidneys at a distance of eighteen inches for twenty minutes, all other areas being covered. Two hours later, the child voided eight ounces of urine.' Â Dr Baldwin once remarked that she would give up the practice of medicine tomorrow rather than give up the use of Spectro-Chrome.


The Color of Truth Kate Baldwin, M.D.

Grace Shirlow leaves hospital

Dr. Peebles was forced to retire from active practice due to ill health, but when another doctor had used the Spectro-Chrome system on her, it restored her to health. At the time of the trial, Dr. Peebles was using 17 Spectro-Chrome machines in her practice. Dr. Peebles swore that she had treated cancer, arthritis, poliomyelitis, mastoiditis and many other medical conditions. Dr. Welcome Manor, M.D., was the third doctor who appeared as a witness for Dinshah. Dr. Manor had practiced medicine for more than thirty years and testified that he had successfully treated cancer, diabetes, gonorrhea, syphilis, ulcers, hemorrhage, neuritis, spinal meningitis, heart disorders and numerous other maladies. The jury in this 1931 case was out only 90 minutes and returned a verdict of not guilty for Dinshah. However, Dinshah's legal woes were not over. He was brought to trial for one charge after another and served a combined 18 months in jail. In 1947, the FDA instituted a trial against Dinshah for practicing medicine without a license. Dinshah lost the case, and this effectively forced him to surrender all of his research equipment and books. According to the judge's decree, all of Dinshah's books were destroyed and Dinshah was placed under probation for five years and not allowed to discuss the Spectro-Chrome form of therapy. I've seen photographs of agents burning his books. It is heartbreaking. In 1958, the FDA obtained a permanent injunction against Dinshah preventing any machines or books from crossing state lines. Dinshah passed away in 1966. In 1924, in the section titled "Minutes of the Journal of the American Medical Association," an article appeared that completely discredited Dinshah as being silly and suggested that if his therapy really worked why was he wearing glasses. The article pointed out that any doctors following this system would be scrutinized for

following such a stupid therapeutic approach to medicine. Dr. Kate Baldwin was confronted by other personnel at her hospital and the Board of Directors gave her this following choice: "Either give up your use of the Spectro-Chrome machines or leave the hospital and your prestigious position." Dr. Baldwin stated that she would give up the practice of medicine rather than stop using a therapy system that was better than any other system available to a medical doctor. She resigned her position at the oldest surgical hospital in the United States.

This Science, as evolved by me after over 30 years of laborious researches, has been in actual daily use since April 1920 and its results have been fully corroborated along Chemical, Mathematical, Physiological, Spectroscopical, Biological, Psychological, Clinical, Chromical and Pathological lines. It is the logical result of my researches in Light and Colour and it is to Light and Colour what Music is to Sound Waves. It is but the matching of the Gamut of Colour Wave s t o R hy t h m i c a l L i g h t O s c i l l a t i o n s p o s s e s s i n g d e fi n i t e influence on the human organism and arranged in accord and harmony with tr ue physical and metaphysical concepts. DINSHAH April 26, 1956

However, Dinshah's legal woes were not over. He was brought to trial for one charge after another and served a combined 18 months in jail.

According to the judge's decree, all of Dinshah's books were destroyed and Dinshah was placed under probation for five years and not allowed to discuss the Spectro-Chrome form of therapy.

During the years, there have been several hundred studies and reports regarding the use of color in the healing arts.


1981 at the School of Nursing, College of Human Services, San Diego State, California, Sharon McDonald, Ph.D., conducted an interesting study of the effects of visible light waves on arthritis pain. In her controlled study she worked with 60 female volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 years old who had confirmed medical diagnoses of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. McDonald constructed a box that would allow her volunteers to place their elbows inside, and then she would project either a red light, blue light or no light upon their elbows. The volunteers did not know which if, any color, was used. Dr. McDonald discovered that the longer the blue light was used the greater reduction in pain. When no color was used, there was no influence in reduction or increase in the pain felt by the volunteers. I have delivered several lectures as well as articles dealing with the use of color therapy. In a medical magazine dealing with cancer research for clinicians, an article appeared listing my organization as pushing the ridiculous concept that color could work for health problems. The article, which appeared without an author, stated that no reputable medical doctor or scientist would ever believe that color could be effective as a therapy. I wrote a letter to the journal and never received a response. I pointed out in my letter that an entire volume from the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences was dedicated to "The Medical and Biological Effects of Light." 3 The use of color therapy does seem to be very simplistic for the major medical problems that we are confronted with today. The reason it seems so simplistic is the conditioning we receive from

medical doctors saying that difficult medical problems require difficult medical solutions. As I was proofing this chapter, in the background I heard a television commercial promoting products for arthritis pain. It was an advertisement warning users of several of the pharmaceuticals for arthritis pain that this class of pharmaceutical products can cause internal bleeding and ulcers that can lead to death. Death! The advertiser made the point that viewers should ask their doctors if the risks are worth the benefits for their conditions. This is ludicrous! These medical therapies are worse than the original problem. How has our medical approach fallen to the point where we have to make health choices between one ailment and another as side effects of our therapies? We have gotten lost, and we must find our way back to more natural approaches that exist. There are answers to our problems, but we must search in a more openminded manner.

Color Therapy History The use of color dates to 500 BC, and there has never been a report of anyone who has died from using color therapy. Today there are more than 900 books written on the use of color therapy. Thousands of studies and experiments have been conducted. Most of the research is relegated to animal studies showing how color and light affect various functions in rats. I once contacted a researcher who had been doing studies on rats for his whole career, and I mentioned that color had been used on people in the 1920s and 1930s and was extremely effective, safe and welldocumented. His answer was that this was what he was allowed to do, and he would not take a chance in jeopardizing his position to expand his research to humans.

I believe

that the reason color therapy is

not in more common use is that it is not a good moneymaker for the medical profession. A person can use simple color gels or slides and use any type of light source or even a slide projector. The cost of the correct color slides is less than $30. A color therapy session lasts about one hour and uses simple electricity to drive the light source, and because anyone can use color therapy at home, no revenue is produced for a medical doctor or clinic.

I have personally witnessed the effectiveness of color therapy in nearly five hundred people since 1977. I have seen color therapy work as effectively on animals as it does for people. In fact, because of a family emergency I had a personal experience with the effectiveness of color therapy. In 1984, my father was admitted to a leading hospital in Southern California to get an examination for back spasms. While he was in the hospital, he was given a mylogram, a dye injected by a needle, and apparently as a result of something on the needle, he ended up with an infection. Within hours of the test, every part of his body was shutting down, and he was rushed into surgery. The medical team spent four hours in surgery, but after a few days, the head of neurosurgery stated that my father was going to be a quadriplegic. The surgeon told my mother that the hospital would begin quadriplegic training when my father was able to handle it. My father remained in intensive care for more than 3 ½ weeks, and the doctors added that my father's speech would be permanently impaired. After my father left intensive care, I spoke with the head of neurosurgery and told him we would be using color therapy on my father. The doctor asked if our therapy would disrupt any of their devices or mechanical or electrical machines in the hospital. I assured the doctor that our therapy was safe, quiet and effective. He did not have anything that would work for my father, but I believed that the color

would work. What a strange situation when I thought back to my father wondering if I would ever discover the right color for various health conditions. I did have the right color for my father's condition. My mother projected the color on my father for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. Interested hospital staff would walk by watching us without ever commenting about what we were doing. After a few days, my father began wiggling his toes. After another few days, my father could move his feet. One day the head surgeon, who hadn't seen my father for a week, was making his rounds and mentioned to my father he would like to see him try to wiggle his toes. The surgeon placed his face very close to my father's feet. My father told him he should step back or he might get kicked in the face. The surgeon laughed and thought my father was joking. When my father raised one foot completely off the bed the surgeon was in a state of shock. My father eventually progressed to a wheel chair, then a walker, then crutches and finally was walking with two canes. Six weeks later, aided by two canes, my father walked out of the hospital. If you recall in the early 1980s, the medical doctors made it difficult for you to see or get your own medical records. One of the hospital staff had made a copy of my father's medical chart, and I accidentally walked off with it. It states, "The patient has made a complete recovery from quadriplegia to 4/5 strength throughout his body‌the family has refused further urological workups. He has a neurogenic bladder that will require a catheter." Once my father returned home we used a special device called a multiple wave oscillator, and in two treatment sessions, my father was able to urinate on his own without a catheter. So much for the expert diagnosis of my father's medical condition! I am very passionate about the use of color therapy, and I am sad about the treatment given to those people who have tried to make it available.

Dinshah was a brilliant man who made an important discovery. To receive a compliment acknowledging him as being of the importance of Thomas Edison is high praise indeed. He was not a quack or someone looking to make fast money selling some sort of product. He was a serious researcher who spent his life in the service of people. Credentials, as we l e a r n e d f r o m o u r s e c t i o n a b o u t D r. Nordenstrom, do not seem to be enough to allow someone to have a fair evaluation. Can you imagine how difficult it would have been for Dr. Kate Baldwin in the 1930s to arrive at the position of Senior Surgeon at one of the oldest surgical hospitals in the United States? She felt so strongly about the use of color that she gave up her position rather than not be allowed to use her machines. Pure greed keeps color therapy from being a part of our medical system. Even though I had the personal experience with my father, I cannot help but visualize the pictures of Grace Shirlow. What would Grace's life have been like without the use of color therapy? Who is colorblind? Dinshah Ghadiali and many other color practitioners presented us with a natural and effective therapy - and nothing happened. Some benefits of using color therapy: • It is completely safe with no side effects. • It is an inexpensive therapy that is easy to administer. • It does not pollute the environment or have toxic ingredients. • It can be utilized for many medical conditions. • Color slides do not wear out or need to be replaced.

Steven A. Ross, Ph.D.

is co-founder

and CEO of the World Research Foundation. For more than 40 years he has researched and lectured around the world. He has delivered more than 250 lectures and made presentations to various worldwide government agencies, hospital associations and consulted for the insurance industy. He has acted as an expert witness for the City of Los Angeles and consults with scientific researchers around the world. Steve has an active interest in esoteric subjects and has delivered hundreds of presentations in all areas of philosophy and subtle energy subjects. His life has been varied and exciting from playing beach volleyball with the famous basketball legend, Wilt Chamberlain, to spending time in European castles, home of ancient alchemists. Having had unusual experiences in his early twenties he is as comfortable in metaphysical areas as he is in scientific pursuits. Steve has been led around the world through dreams and visions and credits this venue for the acquistion of the incredible holdings existing within the World Research Foundation worldwide network. Steve is contemplating a future book dealing with his many life experiences. ______________________________________ Books and color devices are available through World Research Foundation, Po Box 20828, Sedona, AZ 86341 928-284-3300.

World Research Foundation at www.wrf.org

Darius Dinshah FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES 1. The Sun is the source of all Life and Energy conveyed to the World by Oscillatory Potentiality of a spiral character, composed of the Elements essential to the chemical existence of the live Universe. 2. All growth is dependent on Solar Energy. Sunlight is a part of that Energy converted to a specific purpose. From the Mineral to the Human Kingdom all life is dependent on Sunlight. Light is as much human food (a necessity for existence) as Solids, Liquids and Gases. 3. The Light evolved from Solar Energy is White. Its Emission Polarity has Seven Main Divisions, which can be resolved from it. They are: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Every Chemical Element exhibits a preponderance of One or more of these Colours under Oscillatory Disintegration. The World has all the Elements that are known in the Sun. The potency of an Element depends on the potency of its Colour Waves. Foods (and Medicines) are composed of definite Elements and act in strict conformity with such Colour Wave Potencies.

4. Our Visible Physical Vehicle (Body) is built of these Elements (Colours). It contains about 9.1 percent Hydrogen, 13.4 per cent Carbon, 2.5 percent Nitrogen and 72 per cent Oxygen. About 1.2 percent more is Calcium and 1.2 percent is Phosphorus. All the other Elements of the World, existing in our Physical Body, comprise the balance of the final 0.6 percent. In the Science of the Visible Spectrum, Dinshah introduced Five Colour Potencies to take care of even these, which include the rarer Elements inappreciably present in our constitution. 5. The Spectral Chart Of Chemical Elements By Single Colour Polarity Predominance (Figure 1) clearly explains the position in this Science, where the Radiant Energy of each Chemical Element is found. 6. Health is maintained when these Elements (Colours) are proportionately balanced. Any disturbance of this Element (Colour) Poise, is liable to produce loss of Health. More Information here http://dinshahhealth.org/


This test is partially based on research by Dr. Max L没scher during the early 1900's. He has devoted his life to the study of how color affects behavior and has been hired by some of the world's largest companies as a consultant. The test itself is based upon fundamentals in color psychology. With years of research by color psychologists the characteristics of certain colors has been identified to cause an emotional response in people. This was done by studying the response from hundreds of thousands of test subjects around the world in order to isolate how certain colors make us feel. By doing the reverse, using the colors people prefer to determine how people feel, we can get some interesting indicators about a person's current emotional state. It is important to understand that the results from tests like this can be both short-term and long-term in their meaning. For example, if you are feeling depressed about something when you take the test you may see this reflected in your results. You may also notice deeper conflicts showing themselves consistantly if you take the test time and time again. This test can be taken quite often and still yield results that are accurate. The results will not be the same each time you take the test, for the most part, unless you are taking them without some time interval between them.

Dr. Max L没scher

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The test is widely used in Europe and overseas. There are very few experts of Luscher's work in the United States, so for some of our American visitors the notions behind this test may seem rather strange...But give the test a try and you will be surprised! Is the test reliable? We leave that to your opinion. We can only say that there are a number of corporations and colleges that use the L没scher test as part of their hiring/admissions processes. It can be a useful tool for doctors and psychologists as well and is used to get a quick overview of potential issues patients may have in their lives.

Seven Basic Colors Seven year cycles also reveal our maturation patterns.

• 7 celestial bodies • 7 main glands • 7 colors of the rainbow • 7 parts to the retina • 7 numbers on the musical scale • 7 parts to the inner ear • 7 cavities of the heart • 7 main chakras • 7 sections of the human body • 7 parts to an embryo • 7 stages of mitosis • 7 layers of skin • 7 days of the week • 7 days of creation • 7 stages of Alchemy • 7 fold nature of crystals • 7 Seas • 7 Continents


Eating the Color Spectrum for Good Nutrition Red- Foods that are red in color help improve circulation. An easy way to remember this is that red foods create heat, like fire that heats up in your body, from your head to your feet. In Chinese medicine they call this “yang” energy. Red foods to add to your diet today include: tomatoes, red cabbage, cherries, red bell peppers, hot peppers, cranberries, watermelon and radishes. Orange- Foods that have a bright orange color are good to ease pains, and cramping. They also have the ability to strengthen the lungs in a polluted environment. Known to promote vitality and mental clarity they open you up to expansiveness. Also a good source of powerful antioxidants like beta-carotene (the compound responsible for the orange hue) that specifically help protect the eyes from cellular damage. Orange foods to include in your diet today are: oranges, carrots, apricots, pumpkin, sesame and pumpkin seeds. Yellow- The stimulating color of yellow foods is indicative of its effects on the nervous system. Yellow foods are a  great choice in the morning because they can help you get going faster. Yellow foods are known to strengthen nerves, support proper digestion and ease irregularity. Add these foods to your breakfast menu: lemon, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, peach, banana, papaya, mango, yellow squash and corn. Green- A natural cleanser! Green foods are packed with phyto-nutrients including chlorophyll which helps oxygenate the blood. Nutrient-dense natural tranquilizers and blood cleansers, green foods also provide anti-bacterial properties. Add these green foods to your diet today: all leafy green vegetables (romaine lettuce, kale, collards) sprouts, wheatgrass and avocado. Blue/Purple- These foods are not only attractive, they also contain a unique class of antioxidants called Anthocyanins which give these dark foods their rich color. Known to help alleviate headaches, and support optimal mental functions. In Chinese medicine these foods are said to have “yin” energy as they cool the spirit. Add these foods to your diet today: blueberries, plum, grapes, purple cabbage, eggplant, and potatoes. https://plus.google.com/+skinnyms/posts

The Color Wheel of Vitamins and Minerals It is no secret that eating a variety of colors in your diet will give you a better range of vitamins and minerals, so perhaps sometimes we just need a reminder to mix it up!

Red. In fruits and vegetables, red is vitamin A (beta carotene) and vitamin C. Typically, red produce are also high in manganese and fiber. Choose red bell peppers, tomatoes, cherries, cranberries, raspberries, rhubarb, pomegranates, and beets. Red apples also contain quercetin, a compound that seems to fight colds, the flu, and allergies. Tomatoes, watermelon, and red grapefruit are loaded with lycopene, a compound that appears to have cancer-fighting properties.


Just a shade away from red, orange in fruits and vegetables signifies a similar vitamin and mineral profile. You’ll get vitamins C, A, and B6, potassium, and fiber in choices such as butternut squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, oranges, pumpkins, orange peppers, nectarines, and peaches.


Banana is probably the first yellow fruit that comes to mind. It delivers potassium and fiber. It is the most calorie dense fruit you will find, which means it will also keep you full longer. Potassium and fiber, plus manganese, vitamin A, and magnesium you will find in other yellow produce, such as spaghetti squash, summer squash, and yellow bell peppers.·


Dark leafy greens are packed with nutrients, and because they are low calorie, they are considered "free food" in most diets. This means pile them on your plate! Dark leafy greens provide a staggering number of vitamins and minerals, compared to ice berg lettuce, that is more like consuming water. The dark leafy green group is spinach, kale, collard greens, mustard greens, field greens for lettuce salads, broccoli and asparagus. Because of their rich lutein content, which aids eyesight, and foliate, which supports cell reproduction,

they are well worth eating. So green it up! The calories only show their ugly head if you add salad dressing or butter on them. Try instead, a mixture of minced garlic, black pepper, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, and a touch of olive oil. --And Instead of adding butter to cooked greens, try steaming them in chicken broth. Blue. Think blue, and you’re most likely picturing a bowl of blueberries, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. They are also loaded with fiber and make an incredibly versatile addition to your diet. Rather than eat plain pancakes, try making a whole-grain pancake and add blueberries to the batter! -And then add several raw ones on top, adding more yum to your cooked breakfast! Eat them by the handful, sprinkle them on cereal, or add them to salads for a sweet, different and delicious taste!

Purple. This group includes vegetables like red onions and eggplant, and fruits such as blackberries, Concord grapes, currants, and plums. Purple indicates the presence of anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that protect blood vessels and preserve healthy skin. You can also find vitamin A and flavonoids in purple vegetables like radicchio, purple cabbage, purple potatoes, and purple carrots. If you garden, try some of these "Easter Egg" colors; an added benefit: Kids may be more inclined to eat them!


White may not be much of a color, but white vegetables, such as cauliflower, rutabagas, and parsnips, still shine with vitamins and minerals like vitamins C, K, and foliate, and they contain fiber. Don’t forget onions and garlic, which have a compound called allicin that seems to protect the heart and blood vessels from damage. Although, unlike the folk-lore they do nothing to keep the imaginary vampires away. ;-)


The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan For Optimum Health J a m e s J o s e p h  ( A u t h o r ) ,  D a n i e l Nadeau (Author), Anne Underwood (Author)  Color cures! That's the simple premise behind The Color Code. While we all know that healthy eating is the key to a long life, few people understand why the natural pigments that give fruits and vegetables their color can help protect your body too. Combining their expertise in aging and nutrition, a leading scientist and an outstanding physician show readers how to prevent the most common age-related illnesses through a simple multicolored eating plan. For generations, parents have been telling their children to eat their fruits and vegetables--The Color Code finally tells why. 

What Color Is Your Diet? David Heber Don‘t settle for a diet that‘s mainly beige or white! Add some color to your diet and enjoy a level of health and energy you never dreamed possible. In What Color Is Your Diet? renowned medical researcher David Heber, M.D., introduces Eat for Your Genes food plans –– revolutionary approaches incorporating the latest breakthroughs in nutritional and genetic research –– and his unique 7 Colors of Health food– selection system, which groups fruits and vegetables by the colorful, beneficial chemical substances they contain. This groundbreaking book includes: DNA–compatible food plans that supercharge your health and help you lose excess body fat the ten best herbal remedies for everyday health problems tips on colorizing your diet and twenty fully Color–Coded recipes sample weekly menus, tips for dining out, and shopping lists

The Secret Language of Color Cards Inna Segal The Secret Language of Color Cards is your key to unlocking the extraordinary healing power of color. Featuring 45 stunning cards, each infused with a unique healing vibration, and an accompanying 84page guidebook, author Inna Segal will assist you in adding more joy, harmony, and wellness to all areas of your life. With various creative ways to use the cards —including simply asking a question and picking a card, placing a color card on an area of the body that needs that color’s particular healing attention, and color visualization—along with the aid of the guidebook anyone can interpret and create useful practices of wellness. Each color's unique vibrations are there to explore, from silvers ability to strengthen your persistence, plum helping you to overcome challenges, burgundy to awaken passion, and emerald to create a calm, mind, body, and spirit, these vibrant and powerful cards by Inna Segal are a tool anyone can use daily to receive inspired and intuitive messages of guidance and to restore their body to its natural state of balance and harmony.

Colours of the Soul: Transform Your Life Through Color Therapy June McLeod Colors are all around us, but also within us. We not only have our favorite colous, our auras have their own color. Our chakras have their different colors. Tuning in to our colors rebalances our selves with nature and each other. Finding our right color has implications for the way we dress, how we decorate our homes, even the food we eat. Use the color inset and the exercises in this book to find the right colors for you in different situations. Become color intelligent, and live a glorious life of kaleidoscopic color rather than a monochrome existence.

The Multi-verse is a rainbow

The hypothesis of a multiverse within the construct of a 7 layer universe, (7 colors of the rainbow) seems very plausible. Consider the ancients idea of 7 Heavens, 7 Gates, and 7 Logos. There are also the 7 sage.

Quantities of atoms are found in different states of matter that depend on the physical conditions, such as temperature and pressure. By varying the conditions, materials can transition between solids, liquids, gases and plasmas...and even our accession and return? 'Sophia, the Holy Wisdom''} - Sophiology

So if you are a projection from the One Light Source, then are you living in all of these layers at the same time? If so, then what is time? And what about these other realms of subtle energy bodies? Prevalent within science and world religions is the idea of parallel universes and many mansion. What about the idea of ascending ladders, be it electrical, DNA or spiritual ideals. It seems these ideas are fundamental to science and spiritual principles. 'Sophia, the Holy Wisdom''} - Sophiology

“So [Allah] decreed them as seven heavens (one above the other) in two days and revealed to each heaven its orders. And We [Allah] adorned the lowest heaven with lights, and protection. Such is the decree of the Exalted; the Knowledgeable�.- Quran 41.12

Sophia Wisdom 7 Layered Universe

Old Age

Trauma Death


Healthy Person

Near Death

After Death YOUtube Video -Scientist photographed soul leaving the body in death 1st part - YouTube.flv



Why We Understand So Little About Water! Dr. Gerald Pollack is an international leader in the field of water research - View full list of awards.

Dr. Gerald Pollack, August 5, 12pm Central time

Dr. Gerald Pollack at the University of Washington laboratory, have discovered that water is NOT always H2O. When touching most surfaces, water transforms itself into so�called Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, whose formula is H3O2. EZ water differs in all respects from H2O. And, there is a lot of it, everywhere.

The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, L i q u i d , a n d Va p o r d o c u m e n t s t h i s fundamental discovery and uses it to explain common everyday phenomena, which you have inevitably seen but not really understood. To summarize, at least four factors bear responsibility for the painfully slow emergence of new principles: (i) the blighted history of the water field has kept scientists away; (ii) water is so common that everyone presumes that the fundamentals have been resolved; (iii) deviating from mainstream views can be unsettling; and (iv) questioning the prevailing wisdom has always been a risky business, in science as elsewhere. These obstacles have combined to produce a long-term stall. I am trying my best to crank up that stalled engine.

http://www.ebnerandsons.com/ products/the_fourth_phase_of_water


My Story... form and formless

I am... a

p a r t i c l e

a n d



I am...

t h e s o l v e n t a n d t h e s o l u t i o n f o r A L L l i f e .

Water, that’s me, is nature's best solvent, meaning that more


substances will dissolve into water than any other substance on the earth. That's very important because the only way that I (water) can carry the nutrition and oxygen into your cells, while removing the waste materials the cell produces, is if the various substances are first dissolved in water (me).

That is just one of the many functions of I (water) and the only one that most scientists and doctors recognize about me.

I am... e v e r y w h e r e a n d i n e v e r y t h i n g .

I am the Spirit that moves upon the face of the waters. This is the genesis of life.

My Formula for Life is... water, light and molecules/particles “...mechanism for building condensed masses is now experimentally verified. In order for it to work, all that is needed is water, light, and molecules/particles. Even if those entities bear the same charge, they will self-assemble into a condensed mass. This process is presumably the first step in producing the condensed mass that ultimately became the cell�. - Gerald Pollack

Chemically, I, pure water am composed of only two common elements, hydrogen (light & fire) and oxygen (air). I, the water molecule (drop) is made up of two hydrogens and one oxygen that are joined together by sharing their electrons. I, the water molecule look like this: The sharing of the electrons creates what

H o w d o I b o n d


known as polar covalent bonds. The word polar connotes that the bond is more positively charged on the side nearest the hydrogen (male), and more negatively charged near the oxygen (female).


I, the molecule of water am shaped like a triangle.

all is in my spectrum, projecting its light.

I am... I


a Prism. the light.

"D-Kuru from Wikimedia Commons"

Reflection you are a reflected in my waters, my mirror to see.

be understood as a kaleidoscope. Think of “structured “ water as my self organizing liquid crystal composition. My body, is shaped into triangular prisms, like tiny "clusters" of water (me) in perfect geometrical shapes that remain forever in motion in relative to one another. I can arrange and rearrange by simply spin. I do this through my currents, tornado’s and eddies. This is fundamental and elemental. My clusters of crystalized chemical bonds, have the unique ability to receive, store, conduct and convey information as any crystal can do. That is why you use them in electronics from your computers to watches.

Structured & Order

I can...

I am Not Void there is only an absence of light.

Light force

I l i g h t t h e w a y.

G DV S c i en c e r e v e a l s m y l i fe f o r c e wi thi n p l a nts . “ t h e fo r c e ” i s i n all of my c r e a ti o n .

& life force. I n u rt u r e y o u .


Nasa Image

I am creative within my crystalline matrix.

“New evidence suggests that my L-field (life field) is generated by and embodied in the quantum-coherent liquid crystalline water ( I) that makes up 70-90 % of organisms and cells and is essential for life”. - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, “Living Rainbow H2O IMAGE COURTESY OF DR. MAE-WAN HO


and all of life is Birthed in my primordial soup and in Expanding Universes within universes. There is no nothingness or VOID, just potential with the my living matrix.

From these seasĘź of consciousness life emerges and then collapses back into the abyss. Again and again life explodes onto the scene, inhaling and exhaling; and then back into the pattern and matter of life. Yet, only to experience its “mattersâ€?, and often it repeats the same pattern.

Photoʼs by Alexander Lauterwasser

Truly, I am the living matrix....

Cell Georgepehli/CC 3.0 Wikimedia

Living Things are made of 99% water (me) and then a few particles that are harmonically arranged as you see in your organic chemistry. You seem to “measure” creation by its shapes, sound, and geometry, but you still wonder how it creates form. It is your words, your conscious, that comes to light, via your voice, your song, it is noted! Your spirit too moves on the waters’. You are a creator and stir the waters by your “will’.

Photo by Kirt L. Onthank/Turtle

I give you my word.

You... ripple through You move me.


Image by Jon DePew

Your DNA is noted.

I can actually program or “structure� by electromagnetic and sonic frequencies in the form of photons (light waves) and phonons (sound waves).

Damien Donnelly-DLP rainbow effect.

We are One... I am the Source of where Light dances its Rainbow Hues

...in a resonate field.

I quench...



You may drink of my waters, yet if my solution has been corrupted I can not quench your thirst. Your chemistry, and solvents create different “structures�. Consider that my solution has been time tested for time eternal.








I in-form...

My f r o z e n m o m e nt in t im e .

m y c o n d u c t i v e d e si gn is h exa g o n i n s h a p e a n d yo u’ ll s e e i t i n m y s n o wf lak e. You h a v e m i m i c ke d me in your elect rical wi r i n g a nd y ou’l l see this str ucture in y o u r DN A s tra n ds. So that is how we b o t h se n d o ur charges and get o ur m e ssa ge s t hro ugh.

I am a l i q ui d ta p e r eco rd er .

I have... Me m o ry. .. w h y wo n ’t I.

Ho w e l se w il l I k no w i f yo u ha ve be e n k no tty or ni c e?


I am ... the means - Way The message - truth the messenger - Light



To simplify, I, water, carry within me the molecular framework needed to sustain and support all life on earth, and "Organize" or "Structure self" to perform all these functions in a highly efficient way. Photo始s & Research credits: Fuchs & Woisetschlaeger


positive & negative

I seek balance in al l I do , as I ebb an d f lo w thro ugh li fe. Yet, yo u can stir m e a nd that can bri ng pe ac e o r a t orr ent to you. I have m y condi tio ns , lim its and my zo ne s t oo .

I charge ... through all of life. You can not live without me.

As I rain on ALL creation I refresh, energize and transform by the rays of my sun, my swirling wind, and my electrical charge of lightening. My bio-electric energy pulses throughout entire bodies revitalizing and regenerating each and every cell.

I rain on you.

78 % of t h e b o d y 90 % of t h e b r a i n 99 % of t h e “ Vo id” /eth e r . . . is m e!

I live in you...


I generate... my c r e a t iv e s p a r k is ac t iv a te d b y m y s p in .

I create... thro u g h mat t er a nd p a t t e r n a nd s p in.

i t’ s p ur e c hem i stry. I t’ s the me asu re , c o l o r , my sy mme try.

I am...

the living waters, and you swim within me. You are heaven on earth to me.

Prior to the Industrial Age, all water on earth was structured because as stated above, this is the condition of water in its natural state. As man has increasingly tampered with the inner workings of nature, the ensuing results have been a catastrophic breaking down and disordering of the natural order - water, soil and One of the most unique and newly discovered qualities of organized water is the presence of bio-photonic energy, which is most easily described as the energy of itself. When water is exposed to toxic chemicals, materials and environments, it remembers and stores the unnatural vibrations of these insults deep within its molecular framework. Water remembers toxic substances like cadmium, lead, mercury, chemical life solvents, estrogen, dioxin, plant protection agents, lacquers, acids, artificial fertilizer, phosphates, bleach, softener, etc. This memory can not be removed by any form of filtration and the toxic effects of these memories remain until they are naturally "cleared" or "cleansed". But water also remembers the healthy, energetic side of all life on earth and serves as the conduit for its expression. Concept “I am� and Design by Karen Elkins, Science to Sage Science Copy by Jim Dooley of RainmakerH2O ww.sciencetosage.com


Sacred Resource

Restore me ....

Case Studies & How it Works - Click Here

Restoring Water B ack t o it s Op ti ma l Hea l th

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The Rainmaker is a line of uniquely engineered water enhancing devices that restore and optimize the health of water. Rainmaker mimics the natural water cleansing and charging processes that occur within the hydrologic cycle. The Rainmaker design is unique in that it is based on powerful, yet subtle forces that are congruent with nature. Without correcting and enhancing the electromagnetic frequencies of the water; health, vitality and productivity are compromised for animals, plants, people and the environment.

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July 1 - Safron Rossi, Ph.D A Conversation with the Editor of

GODDESS by Joseph Campbell

For more information visit the Joseph Campbell Foundation online at http:// www.jcf.org

Edited by Safron Rossi, PhD, executive director of the Opus Archives and Research Center, Goddesses shows how Campbell traced the blossoming from one Great Goddess to the many goddesses of the mythic imagination. The book follows the feminine divine from Neolithic Old Europe into Sumerian and Egyptian mythology, through Homer始s epic Odyssey, the Greek Eleusinian Mystery cult, Arthurian legends of the Middle Ages, and into the Neoplatonic Renaissance.

While Campbell never wrote a book on the Goddess before his death in 1987, he had much to say on the subject. Between 1972 and 1986 he gave over twenty lectures and workshops on Goddesses, exploring the figures, functions, symbols, and themes of the feminine divine, following them through their transformations. These lectures, which are the basis for Goddesses, have been in Campbellʼs archival collection since his death in 1987. The material has not been read or heard by anyone other than those who originally attended the lectures. “The exploration and study of goddess mythology has progressed significantly since Campbell presented these lectures over three decades ago,” writes Rossi. “It has been my hope that this volume holds the counterpoint to the idea that Campbell was focused solely on the hero and was not sensitive to or did not find of interest goddesses, their mythologies, or the questions and concerns of women who seek to understand themselves in relation to these stories.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joseph Campbell (1904–1987) is widely credited with bringing mythology to a mass audience. His works, including The Hero with a Thousand Faces and The Power of Myth (with Bill Moyers), rank among the classics in mythology and literature.

Editor Safron Rossi, Ph.D., is associate core faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute in the Depth Psychology, Jungian, and Archetypal Studies program where she teaches courses on mythology and depth psychology. She is also curator of collections at Opus Archives & Research Center, home of the Joseph Campbell library and manuscript collection..


2014 Conference Program Wednesday· July 30, 2014 --- Conference Session 1 --An ExtraOrdinary Revelation 5:00pm: Sterling Allan Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature 7:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Thursday · July 31, 2014 --- Conference Session 2 --Health Issues 8:00am: Rozanne Bazinet PhD Keep Your Brain Strong In This Toxic World 9:30am: Beverly Rubik, PhD Beyond the ‘Memory’ of Water… 11:00am: Charles J. Crosby DO, MD(H) - Cams: Scalar Tech for ... Telomeres --- Conference Session 3 --Scalar Energy Technology 1:00pm: Harry Jabs - Electric Universe, Tesla’s Space Energy, and Galactic Model 2:30pm: Thorsten Ludwig - Zero Point Energy... The Driving Power of Magnets 4:00pm: William Alek Revealing Secrets of FREE Energy / Overunity Technology --- Conference Session 4 --(Evening) 7:00pm: Arthur Burke Miller Practical Power from Tap Water! 8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Friday · Aug 1, 2014 --- Conference Session 5 --Elecro-Gravitic Technology 8:00am: Luca Piergentili - The Toroidal Magneto-Static Generator (TMSG) 9:30am: Russell Anderson Searl Anti-Gravity... Electromagnetic Propulsion 11:00am: Dannel Roberts Gravity Shielding Using the Key Ring Atom --- Conference Session 6 --ExtraOrdinary Energy Technology 1:00pm: David Yurth - Nova Neal Compression Engine 2:30pm: Thad Mauney - Thermo for the Experimenter: Measuring Hi-Efficiency 4:00pm: Kelvin Rigg Sr - GEET and the Evolution of Plasma Physics

--- Conference Session 9 --Examining ExtraOrdinary Technology 1:00pm: Vendors - Vendor Showcase 2:30pm: Moray B King - Plasma Based Energy Research 4:00pm: Rainer Huck Understanding Energy Anomalies with Reciprocal System --- Conference Session 10 --(Evening) 7:00pm: George Wiseman Advanced Brown’s Gas Tech; Build over-unity generator 8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

Sunday · Aug 3, 2014

--- Conference Session 7 ---

--- Conference Session 11

(Evening) 7:00pm: Russ Gries Investigating 21st Century Tech thru Experimentation 8:00pm: Conference Evening Social

ExtraOrdinary Challenges 8:00am: Michael Twichell Aether Gravity 9:30am: Suzanne Price Ancient Technology: Rediscovering Zero Point Energy 11:00am: John Milewski PhD The Nature of Zero Point Energy...

Saturday · Aug 2, 2014 --- Conference Session 8 --Vibrational Technology... 8:00am: Dale Pond - The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration 9:30am: Ralph Suddath Vibration, Energy, and Water 11am: Warren Starnes - The Photon Genius .. World’s First Energy Sauna

REGISTER ONLINE or call: (520) 463-1994




ExtraOrdinary Science & Technology Tesla Technology • Magnetic Motors • Zero-Point Energy Energy Saving Devices • Cosmic/Radiant Energy • Brown's Gas

Tuesday, July 15th

Low Temperature Plasma •

12-1:30 pm Central Time

GEET • ElectroGravitation ElectroMedicine • Magnetic

Steve Elswick


Publisher of ExtraOrdinary Science & Technology and the Tesla Symposium

ExtraOrdinary Technology

Conference in

& Guest - TBA

Albuquerque, NM July 30-Aug 3rd Program information http://www.teslatech.info


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32 Themed Editions 1. The One and the Many

17.Water Revolution

2. The Heart and the Mind

18.Story and Archetypes

3. Communications

19.Electric Bodies - Fields of Influence

4. Science of Sound


5. Vortex and Spin- The Engine of Life


6. Light and Illuminating Ideas

22.Constructs of Our Universe

7. Electric Universe

23.Riddles, Codes and DNA

8. Origins


9. Healing a Journey with Hay House

25.? Science

10.Harmonic Evolution

26.Subtle Energies

11.A Window into Your World

27.Heaven on Earth

12.Venus Awakening


13.Fractal Consciousness

29.Living Waters

14.Cosmic Gateway

30.The Science of Healing

15.Mystics and Women of the Divine

31.Revelations, The Pain Body

16.Web of Entanglement - Nov issue

32.Living Matrix


Hydromimicry What Does Water Have to Teach Us August 5, 1pm Central Time Dr. West Marrin West is a scientist, educator, and founder of corporations and foundations focused on diverse water quality projects. He is the author of three books and journal articles that address a range of topics. Hydromimicry: Strategies for a Wa t e r P l a n e t explores the micro- and macro-scale roles of water with a focus on supporting or emulating them in our approach to natural resource and energy

challenges. Water can serve as a model for the decisions and strategies we employ to address today's environmental and technological issues, including those that are rarely associated with water. The second edition of Hydromimicry presents thirty examples of mimicking water's unusual attributes and  is available through Amazon. Hydromimicry examples cited in this article and many more, visit www.watersciences.org/ d o c u m e n t s / H y d r o m i m i c r y. p d f o r www.watersciences.org/documents/ Marrin-EnergyBulletin.pdf."

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Living matrix  

June/July issue on the Living Matrix from Sound, Color to Water. Explore with innovators and researchers, science to sage, conscious scienc...