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SCIENCE TO SAGE International E-Magazine #51, January 2018

Cover Art by Rafael Araujo


Magnetism ART


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Rafael Araujo V e n e z u e l a n

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See Work in Progress - Click and View Rafael Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator living in Caracas. For over 40 years he's been drawing the most beautiful illustrations of nature, entirely by hand. At an old drafting table he adeptly renders the mathematical brilliance of nature with just a pencil, compass, ruler and


WRITTEN Content The Architect, Nature ~ Rafael Araujo Vortex Mechanics and Your Health ~ Rhetta Jacobson Singularity the Creation of a Star: Uni cation of Electricity, Magnetism, and Gravity ~ Alan Lindsay Francoeur The Primer Fields ~ David LaPoint The Torus Field, Phase Changes, & the Grid of Life ~ Don Estes, Randy Stack, Karen Elkins

The Primer Fields ~ David LaPoint

A Universal Current? ~ Robert Nelson, Rex Research

Magnetism ~ Theoria Aophasis

Spin, Vibration and Harmonics ~ John Keely, Courtesy of Dale Pond

Links to Viktor Schauberger

Gallery of Clean Energy ~ Gary Vesperman


The Proton is a Magnet! ~ Mike Twichell


Magnetic Fields, Diagrams ~ Clay Taylor

Cover Art Courtesy of Rafael Araujo



et Science to Sage take you on a scienti c and mystical journey where the sciences, spirituality, world philosophies, and ancient wisdom fuse. Explore with leading-edge scientists, innovative thinkers, mathematicians, mystics and artists from around the world.

What sets Science to Sage apart? Our rich visual weave and imagery makes complex ideas accessible. Each edition is themed, and likened to the renaissance, we bridge disciplines so you can witnesses the interconnections of ALL things.




Imagine the Creator as a scientist and his/her toolbox is the physical elements. They include water, earth, air, and re. In

modern science, they nd form in liquids, solids, gases, and plasma. They are expressions of the same things. These elements are the building blocks of universes, from minuscule interatomic distances to the vastness of galactic arrays. ALL, including us, are made from stardust. Within this cyclical weave of elements is a connected tapestry which evolves geometry, chemistry, biology, and physics — this is our living matrix and the byproduct is the beauty we see. Rediscover the our human story. It has been hidden in plane view. Science to Sage lifted the veil. Editor, Researcher, and Graphic Designer Karen Elkins

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GEOMETRY ~ golden ratio

Rafael observed intelligent patterns in the work of nature and learned about Phi, the Golden Ratio. This ratio, represented by the Greek letter ϕ

equals 1.618, and is

commonplace in nature ~ from the hypnotic whorls of the chambered nautilus shell to the balanced proportions of butter y wings.



P h y l l o t a x i s "Phyllotaxis" is the tendency in nature for things to grow in spiral p a t t e r n s . Yo u m a y h a v e observed that sea shells, plant leaves and branches grow in spirals where the ratio of the amount of turn from one branch to the next is precisely Phi.


S y m m e t r y




Watch works in Progress Recently, many followers of Rafael's work have been asking him for prints to color. From this came the idea to create a beautiful coloring book with renditions of his best illustrations. Rafael has been working on this project since late-2015 with a Sydney-based team:

We believe this book is special. Not only for Rafael's wonderful illustrations but because it will enable all of us, regardless of our age, to disconnect from the distractions and hectic pace of our modern lives and reconnect with the calm deep within ourselves and the awesome wonder of the natural world around us. And it teaches about natures wondrous design.

Kickstarter C a m p a i g n



Features • 9.8"x9.8" / 25x25cm perfect bound soft cover that opens at with detachable pages so drawings can be cleanly removed.

• 20 black and white renditions of Rafael's best illustrations. 1 illustration per page to prevent issues with color bleedthrough.

• Printed on the highest quality drawing paper: acid-free, thick 270 gsm archival paper to prevent drawings from yellowing.

• Suitable for drawing with almost any coloring medium: pencil, crayon, gel pens, ink, marker, pastels, water color, and gouache.

By Josh 13/

Every living creature and every physical form comes forth from its invisible idea to its visible form via the archetypal swirling action of the vortex.

A b o u t

G o l d e n

The Vortex

R a t i o


An observation in action is the formation and growth of an embryo. The vortexian process, swirling and curling provides the invaginating process for the development of bodily transportation systems, limbs, organs and the most sensitive details of brain and

consciousness. The spiraling process encircles, de nes, feeds and forms the embryo with a liquid whether in the mammalian egg-shaped uterus or the eggs of insects, birds or reptiles.

Vortex Mechanics and Your Health Rhetta Jacobson (ENERGY UNLIMITED)

The mechanics of a Universal

streams meet—an eddy or vortex womb

phenomenon the vortex, are operative

is formed. This is the formative process.

and vital in all biological organisms. This

other) the archetypal phenomena of

Growth of the fetus follows vortexian

comparison of Human Blood and the

vortex formation comes into existence.

laws. We can note the spiral growth of

‘blood of the Earth’—Water, shows us

At the surfaces of contact there is a

the spine and the spiral pattern of the

N a t u r e ’s a p p l i c a t i o n s o f v o r t e x

tendency for one layer to roll in upon the

pituitary gland above and behind the

mechanics in these precious organisms.

other and form an eddy, just like when

eyes at the base of the cranium. The

two oppositely approaching water

pituitary gland is the Master Gland that

Upon the union of the male and female

controls the rate of growth of a body.

forces (two opposites approaching each


By Robert Elliott/

Fish Fetus

RHYTHMICAL ~ patterns

Examination of the muscles of the uterus shows us the importance of vortexian motion in the function of birth. Layers of spiraling muscles from the top to cervix insure the ability of this organ to expand without rupture and contract at birth in a rhythmical pattern from base toward the apex (cervix) to deliver a longitudinal force to push the baby out into the world.

The arteries of the uterus are winding and spiralic also, to insure one last life-supporting centripetal twisting impetus to the blood feeding a new life.

T h e

B l u e p r i n t

f o r

L i f e

The Science of Genetics tells us that all the blueprint of life is stored in the spiral and helical formations of the DNA molecules. 
 The vortex not only serves as a dynamic motion body to deliver power, but also acts as a record and messenger to give instructions for the construction and building process.

Recent research into the structure of DNA shows it to be a geometric pattern best described as a helical extension of rotating pentagonal nests of molecules.

G r o w t h

Another interesting discovery in relation to Vortexian Mechanics is that the usually observed cylindrical form of DNA is only the structure at rest. Whenever a growth process occurs the cylinder becomes a conical spiral, contracting with an inward motion (centripetal) toward an apex, which generates new life.

A growing process can be shown ( left page) by a spiral in a cone (a), that looked at from the top down is a simple logarithmic spiral (b). A pentagon whose sides are extended out as shown in (c) will produce ve more points that can be joined to create a larger pentagon.

Each of the larger pentagons produced in this way is rotated 1/10 th of a full circle. Looking from the top down, it would be a series of pentagons, getting larger, each one rotated 1/10 th of a circle from the previous one (d).

This ‘working’ form of the DNA occurs when it is accomplishing action. The conical form then reconverts into the cylindrical form usually modeling DNA.



Vortex Growth The two main vortices that united to birth a new body, and that represent the main energy accumulators for growth, development and sustenance of that body, are growing changing energy forms. At the early stage of vortex union, both vortices are long and slender and a long slender shape represents their area of union where they overlap. Their sphere of manifestation is a slender, prolated oval. The growth shows this slender form during early stages. The body of the child is polarizing



V o r t e x

longitudinally, muscles and limbs are growing in length more than width and a young person is lean and tall.

At this early stage of vortex development the inward, generating centripetal force is preponderant. The vortices are charging, more than discharging, the new body with life supporting energy, and growth is increasing.

As the vortices reach maturity they draw into each other more and reach a shape of more balanced proportions. In the drawing we see a mature person within the cube and a perfect sphere formation.

The next stage of both the vortex energy bodies and the human body is that of aging. The earlier slender vortices, with a predominantly centripetal force, now lose their strength, become wider and sloppy, they wobble on the axis as it loses its momentum of spin; until nally there charging generating force is overpowered by the discharging, dissipating force (centrifugal). This de-generating in uence upon the aging human body can be seen as the radial expansion that occurs around the middle during aging. The sphere of manifestation in the picture becomes squatted or oblate.

The whole cycle of birth, growth, maturity, aging and nally death in the body is parallel with the same process in ANY wave formation, whether it be the body of a sun or planet or a body of sound.




Ear The sense organ with which we can perceive something of the inner nature of things, the ear, retreats from our observation deep into the interior space of a funnel. An extremely delicate structure, it lies, surrounded and lled with uid, in a cave of the hardest rock, like the spiral shell of a snail, which has secreted hard substance around itself as a protection.









Together with the neighboring semicircular canals, this organ is one of the most sensitive in our whole organism. The ears’ vortex funnel retreats to the inner ear or cochlea.


The cochlea is a structure intersecting itself three times with spiral con gurations. It is built into man, giving him the capacity to hold himself erect, to balance and to move and experience himself in space. The vortex molds a perfect, most delicately di erentiated sense organ.

Heart The heart pattern resembles that made when a stream of liquid ows into still water, or when streams of liquid meet under water. The whole function and form of the hearth is a re ection of the streaming, spiraling process of liquids. This organ is like a vortical center of suction to which the blood rushes with



ever increasing speed from the periphery, to return again, slowing down and spreading out. It is an image of a planetary system.

A vortex pulsates in itself. Keeping strict rhythm, it widens, growing shorter, then contracts, growing longer. In the heart, the movements, superimposed on one another, result in the formation of the separate chambers. The bers of the heart are a physical echo of the creative movements by which it was begotten. In spiraling paths they swing down to its apex and then rise again to its base. The muscles growth pattern resembles the revolving, streaming vortices of the uids within the heart.

Energy Fields Those of metaphysical studies know the chakras of the body and aura as our energy tunnels, absorbing energy from the environment. Seers of many spiritual persuasions have described this energy in ow as spirals entering at these points. Pictures often show “discs’ very similar to discs on Twister Pipes.

Circulation System Look now at some of the most fragile, yet most vital structures of the body - the arteries, veins and capillaries, and see the signi cance of vortex action in their structure and function.









The inner coat consists of a layer of cells that can be seen in the picture by their distinct nuclei.

Underneath the endothelium is a wavy elastic intimae that, on account of its delicacy, is seen as a mere line on the vein. The cells of the endothelial coat are arranged in a corrugated fashion, spiraling longitudinally. It looks like spiraling wrinkles.



Digestive System The structure and function of our digestive and circulatory systems are based on vortexian mechanics. The tubes that are our intestinal tract are not like straight cylindrical water pipes; but have spiral muscle bers arranged in a way to perform a centripetal compression and a centrifugal expansion alternately, to provide a peristaltic action for transportation of food and uids.

The middle muscular layer consists of groups of muscles of contractile ber cells that spiral longitudinally along the vessel. The picture shows how this layer is much more pronounced in the arteries than in veins. This thick spiral muscle layer of the arteries is necessarily more functional. The pulsing centripetal action of compression toward the inside of this arterial muscular layer aids peristaltic action of the vessels to insure longitudinal ow and maintenance of the life energy that the arterial blood must deliver. The ow of the blood is in a vortexian spiral fashion, the same as the ow of natural watercourses.

The predominantly centripetal action in the arteries causes the compression of the elastic intimae and the endothelial layer giving it a thicker appearance and giving the inner cell and nuclei a well formed form spherical appearance. The corrugated spiraling wrinkles of the inner layer help guide the blood ow into the vortex twist.

Whereas, in a vein there is predominantly centrifugal pressure, which is radial toward the periphery, and less longitudinal force: thus, we see a wide open inner cavity, a thinned out intimae and pressure on the endothelial cell and nuclei, resulting in the attened, oblate spots in the picture. Because of the predominance of centrifugal force in the veins, the venous blood has less life energy. It is on its way back to the vortical suction within the heart to replenish.

The arteries and veins are composed of three coats:

1. Internal or endothelial coat

2. Middle muscular coat

3. External connective tissue

Pinecone/Golden ratio

Importance of Centripetal Predominance Within The characteristics of centripetal motion are generative and regenerative. The e ects are contraction, cooling, alkalinity, absorbing, charging, high electrical potential, a morphic structures and a sub-pressure or vacuum, to name just a few.

The characteristics of centrifugal motion are degenerating, decomposing and expanding, with just the opposite e ects of heating, acidity, emanation, discharging, lowered electrical potential, crystalline formation and excessive pressure.

Seed of Life ~ twin Sound Spiral by John Stuart Reid





The blood is highly a ected by excessive heat and pressure. Red corpuscles change their shape, swell up, become eccentric and even rupture their envelope under pressure. When blood is removed from the body and exposed to light, heat or atmospheric pressures, it crystallizes. The red corpuscles normally have no problem with movement, staying in a continuous ow through the vessels, with no tendency to adhere to each other or to the wall of the vessel. But, when the blood is drawn out, examined on a slide, exposed to oxygen, heat or reagents the corpuscles collect into

magnetic current by Jon



Centripetal Motion heaps. It is suggested that this is due to an alteration in surface tension. Also exposure to heat causes blood to acidify. Healthiest blood is slightly alkaline. Blood has a certain range of requirements it must function within to stay healthy.

The vortex movement of blood is vital to its health. It keeps the ionic components of the blood suspended in an amorphic state, ready for assimilation. The vortex movement assures the osmotic suction condition in preponderance over a pressure condition. Increased pressure in a blood vessel leads to crystalline sclerotic deposits on the vascular walls. This may end in strokes through bursting of encrusted vessels.

The “toward the inside” roll of a vortex movement reduces friction on the walls of blood vessels and this motion helps cool the blood to protect it from excessive heat. It does this by perpetually changing the surface layer, thus preventing any portion of the uid to be exposed for any length of time to the warmer outside walls. The centripetal contraction of a vortex also regulates the necessary speci c density of the blood plasma.

G e n e r a t i v e


R e g e n e r a t i v e

H o t

a n d

C o l d

I n

a n d

O u t


A New Concept of the Universe - Walt Russell

VEINS OF EXISTENCE Veins are the channel of life force energy that flows through bodies. It’s the current of your inner river, where you register life's pulse.



C I R C U L AT O RY S YS T E M S ’ The Blood of the Earth – Water We know our blood is made up mostly of water. As a matter of fact, all biological systems consist mostly of water. It is obvious that water is one of the primary and most essential elements for all living processes. In the second month of gestation a human being still consists almost entirely of water and even as an old man about 60 percent of his substance is water.

Oddly enough, water has the same basic needs to maintain maximum health and rejuvenate itself that blood requires. Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian Forester called the “Water Magician” during the 1930’s-1950’s realized that water is the blood of the earth. The rivers, streams and underground veins of water he called the arteries and network of capillaries of our living organism earth. He taught that water is not just the chemical formula H2O, but instead is the ‘ rst born’ organic, living substance of our Universe!

Since water is a living organism it has certain metabolic needs to maintain its health. Schauberger discovered that metabolism and de ned water’s needs as:

1. The freedom to ow in a vortexian, spiral movement

2. Protection from excessive pressure, light and heat

3. Exposure to oxygen and atmospheric gases through a di usion

process ONLY

4. Contact with certain elements for ionization and catalytic in uence.

Meeting these needs allows water to approach an optimally cool temperature, regulate its own ph and freezing and boiling points, maintain a healthy rm surface tension, and collect and carry nutrients and an electrical potential.

(See the “Wasserfaden Experiment” to measure water’s electricity)

Vortexian Mechanics is the study of “paths of motion,” their characteristics and the result of that motion in our Universe.








Rhetta Jacobson

Harnessing Vortexian Mechanics "This overview of equipment and methods utilizing vortex technology resulted from intense research and development with prototype applications. Devices address municipal/industrial water treatment, delivery/storage, wastewater treatment, and rejuvenation and recovery of lakes and rivers. Nearly all of the present problems associated with obtaining good quality and the over abundance of waste can be attributed to the manner in which the water and waste have been handled to date. Spring water, known for its purity, points to the reality that

Rhetta worked as a researcher with

Nature can purify water. The modes of pollution are well


known, as well as their outcome. The means of puri cation

Vortexian Mechanics at workshops in

is a secret of Nature revealed as “vortex action”. When one considers the natural cycle of water they nd aeration

the 80’s-90’s; has continued research

taking place in the streams and rivers, sedimentation in the

concerning the application of vortex

lakes, and ltration in the earth. An examination reveals

principles in Industry and Agriculture.

that rivers are not straight, lakes are not cylindrical, and the

Now, 30 years later will present an

earth is not homogeneous creating

update on some of these devices. Is

angular surfaces which induce

still an active consultant for the

turbulent, irregular vortices that

Tesla Tech Conference Lecture

energize water. By imitating nature, we can restore polluted

Research Committee of the University of Science and Philosophy.

water to its original high quality, energetic state." ~ Rhetta Jacobson Home








Click Here to Read

Singularity the Creation of a Star Uni cation of Electricity, Magnetism, and Gravity By Alan Lindsay Francoeur



… igniting true nuclear fusion and star creation Cloud nebula is comparable to volcanic ash plume

Linking electricity magnetism and gravity to singularity begins with observing the volcanic lightning phenomena.

It can be observed that

lightning spontaneously discharges in ash plum clouds during volcanic eruptions.

Due to ash, dust and gas

clouds erupting from volcanoes into the atmosphere, volcanic lightning during eruptions is caused with increased conductivity in localized vicinity and break down of the dielectric between the ignition points.


Space to Earth

NASA Hubble telescope/https://

By brian0918™ (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Helical Magnetic Field Helical magnetic fields are created as a result of galactic lightning discharges in cloud nebula causing gravitational pitch or focal point in the center location creating a star and right angle spiral nebula, ‘Singularity’. Volcanic lightning discharges are comparable to galactic lightning discharges in nebula clouds observed in the universe. After galactic lightning discharges takes place in nebula clouds a helical magnetic field is set up creating an X vertex, where the ‘X vertex’ represents dual magnetic vortices and the center pinch point is where gravity and a star is created producing a right angle spiral nebula. At this point all mass in the vicinity inside the helical magnetic bubble spiral gravitates toward the center star. All mass outside of the helical bubble is universal expansion (universal expansion is same as antigravity force between singularities).


Galactic spiral nebula is located between two mirror image plasmid magnetic vortices forming a helix and is referred as the

Quantum Field Theory/Feynman

Neutral zone and this is the creative process linking Electricity, Magnetism and Gravity.

Magnetic Field is a Force Field Moving Electric Charge

By Newton Henry Black [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Geek3 (Own work) [GFDL (

By Maschen (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Orbital angular momentum of the electrons in the atom

Common traits; Earth’s equator, magnetic neutral zone, galactic spiral disc, center divide line separating right and left side of body ‘biological helix,' optical mirror image symmetry and light bending, electromagnetic mirror image symmetry, X vertex geometry. Electric universe model ‘helix’

referring to a magnetic field, the neutral zone is the location where the magnetic field direction changes 180 degrees with a magnetic vortex on each side of magnetic neutral zone resembling the shape of a helix, mirror image symmetry.

Optical mirror image symmetry and X vertex 180 degree phase shift is related to electro magnetic

Optical mirror image symmetry reflectivity in glass is comparable to electro magnetic mirror image symmetry reflectivity in electrical conductors Types of two-mirror optical cavities, with mirrors of various curvatures, showing the radiation pattern inside each cavity.

DrBob at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL (


Coil Postive

Coil Negative

180 degree magnetic phase shift between primaries with bifilar connections

During the induction process the magnetic field rises and collapse with duel magnetic vortices with a 180 degree phase shift, one vortex on each side of magnetic neutral zone.

Duel Magnetic Vortices When a coil of wire is wound around an inductor forming an electromagnet, the direction of current and magnetic field through the conductor follows the right hand rule from one end of the coil to the other and when the magnetic field is rising and collapsing in the electromagnet the direction of magnetic orbital spin density change changes 180 degrees from one side of neutral zone in relation to the other. Behavior of classical wound copper coils wound to function as electromagnets with reference to helical magnetic B field rise. When the direction of the physical coil winding on one side of an electromagnet is wound in the same direction as the rising magnetic orbital spin on that same side of the electromagnet the forces moving in same direction add to its potential. When the physical coil is continually wound in the same direction all the way through the neutral zone to the other end of the electromagnet, the magnetic helical B field orbital spin rise on the opposite side of the neutral zone flows against the current flowing through the physical coil, as the magnetic B field rise has phase shifted 180 degrees.

Phase shift at 180 degrees

Early Flux Compression Generator - Los Alamos National Laboratory

By Aumann GmbH (Jürgen Hagedorn) [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (https:// 3.0/de/deed.en)], via Wikimedia Commons

Collapsing magnetic helix causes star to go super nova

All mass inside helical bubble gravitates toward center star with right angle spiral nebula

All mass outside of galactic helix leads to formation of another cloud nebula

Ejecting all mass back to expansion or

acceleration medium of universe

This effect increase losses and produces increased heat in

Tank inductor in a tuned circuit in a shortwave radio transmitter

the transformer action due to internal magnetic and electrical forces generating friction against each other during the induction process, cancelling energy output and reducing overall efficiencies. To correct this problem, helical coils are considered to synchronize the physical coil windings to the direction of the helical magnetic orbital spin. Wind the physical coil as a helix to synchronize with the direction of the helical magnetic orbital spin while recognizing magnetic neutral zone in coil winding topography, heat losses

CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http:// by-sa/3.0/)], via Wikimedia Commons

will reduce and over all efficiencies will improve and operating characteristics of the coil will change. When classical coils are wound in the same direction through the neutral zone from one magnetic pole to the other, impedance is increased as the electric currents flow through the conductor against the actual flow and direction of the magnetic helical B field density rise on one side of the electromagnet. One can compare this impedance increase effect to rowing a canoe up the creek against the direction of water or sailing a boat against the wind.

Observations of galactic formation and star creation reveal the antigravity ‘repelling’ force is same as universal expansion force between singularities.

Super Nova

Helical wire cluster in 9 pole motor

Concepts observed in singularities and star creation; There are two plasmid magnetic mirror image vortices as part of star creation, one on each side of the galactic spiral disc. Observing a helical singularity from its side shows what I refer to as an X vertex, representing duel vortices one on each side on the X vertex and the center pitch point is the location where gravity is generated and star formation and right angle spiral nebula takes place.

A pinch is the compression of an electrically conducting lament by magnetic forces.

WikiHelper2134 at en.wikipedia [GFDL (http:// copyleft/fdl.html)

Inside the magnetic helical bubble is gravitation to the center star and outside the influence of the helical bubble is universal expansion or acceleration between singularities. This ‘universal expansion effect’ is the same as the ‘antigravity effect’ between singularities and stars and is responsible for stars accelerating away from each other. When the helical magnetic field collapse the star goes super nova and all mass is ejected back into the expansionary part of universe where all material mass eventually forms another cloud nebula for the process to repeat creating more stars again.


Nature’s helical geometry and mirror image symmetry in star formation goes down to molecular level.

Jhbdel at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://

Plus and Minus - By Geek3 (Own work) [GFDL (http://

Mirror Images

Longitudinal impulses All atoms in conductors are surrounded with a helical fluidum (living fluid) plasmid magnetic field rotating around their core and are linked to electrification and bemf effects. Electrification and bemf effect is generated when atomic (helical) rotational flip and alignment takes place during induction and no electron is required. Light bending and 180 degree optical phase shift in mirror image reflectivity is comparable to 180 degree electromagnetic phase shift in electrical conductor reflectivity. Each side of

magnetic neutral zone is mirror image symmetry and each side of earth’s equator is magnetic mirror image symmetry and each side of body ‘right and left side brain’ biological mirror image symmetry. Presented here are some examples of nature’s mirror image symmetry involved in nature’s creation process and reveals many clues to clarifying and understanding energy, electromagnetism, gravity, light and more. Magnetic vortices rotating in same direction causes attraction force (Corkscrew inward) Magnetic vortices rotating in opposite directions causes repelling force (Corkscrew outward).

Single Hz waves (derived unit of frequency) traveling toward each other produce standing waves and standing wave impulses radiate longitudinal impulses emitting out at the node,

Waves of photons collide, creating angles of light Tesla’s RADIANT ENERGY. All atoms in conductors are surrounded with a helical fluidum plasmid magnetic field rotating around their core and are linked to electrification and bemf effects. Electrification and bemf effect is generated when atomic (helical) rotational flip and alignment takes place during induction and no electron is required. These are very important observations to understand how nature reveals its secrets and how these concepts can lead humanity to genuine free energy systems, antigravity technologies and new forms of advanced communication technologies incorporating modulated standing waves, the node, longitudinal impulses and radiant energy surpassing wave radio and much more.

Explains Antigravity A proposed system can be devised to harness this new type of motion in manmade technologies incorporating concepts observed in nature and star creation. A machine can be arranged with a center rotating conductive thin disc with field coils mounted above and below the disc set up with helical winding topography configuration and pulsed unidirectional to cause the disc to rotate in a specific direction. The rotating disc will be like the rotating star and a gravity field can be generated at the center disc in a manor incorporating unidirectional pulsating helical magnetic fields that surrounds and envelopes the disc. Outside the influence of the pulsating helical magnetic field boundary layer will manifest the antigravity force (same as universal expansion force) repelling another helix such as the earth. Lift can be varied, altered and changed by orientating the direction of the helical magnetic orbital spin of the craft in relation to the rotation and direction of the earth’s helical magnetic field. Electrodes can be mounted at the rim of the disc

Harnessing Natures Design

and energized in such a manor to change direction of the disc movement with counter reacting magnetic fields. The manifestation of the node (located at the center pitch point of the X vertex) of the helical magnetic field will be emitted from the disc outer hull creating ionization of the surface boundary layer and the high frequency pulsing helical magnetic field will produce the expansion effect or ‘antigravity effect’ and the device will lift off from another helical magnetic field such as the earth. Under this high frequency energy pulsing conditions the radiant energy potential emitting from the node manifesting on the disc surface will produce an increasing mirage effect on the disc boundary layer, such as is observed in nature on the highway from a distance from the observation point. This mirage effect on the disc hull boundary layer can be varied in its intensity by varying the primary energy source that energizes and modulates the helical magnetic field X vertex node. This links to invisibility.

Ushering in a new age that will lead us out of the era of fossil fuel All these concepts and ideas I have discovered and describing here also leads to new forms of longitudinal communication technologies that will surpass Hz wave radio. Concepts of pulsing and modulating dual electromagnetic Hz waves, creating pulsing and modulating helical magnetic B field rise in a system, will also modulate the X vertex ‘node’ where the longitudinal impulse will also be modulated and transmitted in the medium, Tesla’s longitudinal communication system incorporating radiant energy. These are just some of my ideas, concepts, realizations and discoveries that I believe will usher in a new age that will lead us out of the fossil fuel era and into the Aquarian Age where nothing is impossible and a whole new world awaits us that will benefit all humanity. • Fuel Vaporizer System • Interference Disc Alternator • Permanent Magnet Dynamo • Reviving EMA Technologies

Alan Lindsay Francoeur

Alan Lindsay Francoeur Magnetic Energy Systems EMA Technologies,

Al’s reverse engineering efforts are a work in progress but for the first time ever, he presents his findings of the power supply to a public audience. Although it is not a conclusive report, it is an exclusive release. He also goes into other aspects of his research including this design for a fuel vaporizer and his interference generators. I have personally been emailed by those claiming that his interference generators do not work, but I visited Al’s shop with Paul Babcock and we saw the generators working with the ability to light a lot of incandescent bulbs. Anyone stating that Al’s interference generators don’t work is spreading misinformation. If you’re a fan of Ed Gray’s technology, then this presentation is a must have. And if you're not, you should be! It was one of the most profound demonstrations of Free. Energy in history and we’ve never been this close to understanding the operating methodology.

Pre-Register NOW Single EMA popping coil with four wires _______________ Collapsing helical magnetic field in mirror image symmetry coils responsible for high powered repulsion effects.

Possible antigravity effect?

Energy Science & Technology Conference July, 5,6,7 & 8, 2018 Hayden, Idaho USA

Energy Science & Technology Conference July, 5,6,7 & 8 2018 Hayden, Idaho USA Energy Science & Technology Conference (ESTC) is a movement of thought leaders working together for energy independence through a network of visionaries, inventors, scientists, academics, hobbyists, laymen, and authentic grassroots supporters. To enable this transition to true energy independence, it requires an evolutionary transformation in the very paradigm of how mankind looks at energy and this requires a critical mass of people all across the world to hold this common vision. ESTC provides the platform through which the current paradigm of energy physics is being shaken to its core by actual demonstrations of technologies that overturn the antiquated beliefs that have allowed us to be kept in bondage by the purveyors of consumable energy products. The knowledge gained at ESTC is key to the building of a sustainable world rooted in the proven physics of abundance, which will allow us to be free and independent. The opportunity to be empowered by this is offered to those who have an openness to learn a better way.

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ESTC is providing the platform through which the current paradigm of energy physics is being shaken to its core by actual demonstrations of technologies that


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The Primer Fields By David LaPoint Totally Magnetic My experiments are designed to show how things truly work at all levels from the atomic to the galactic. My goal in all of videos is to open everyone’s mind to a new way of

thinking about how things really work. Not just to do simulations.


Atoms Circulating & Accumulating in the Primer Field

Micro to Macro Particles of Matter



“…it actually makes a lot more sense that the orbits of planets are do to magnetic con nement once you see that it is possible and it places objects in clearly de ned stable orbits.” ~ David LaPoint

“It is an electric universe and the electricity is generated around the stars. I can prove it. How do you generate electricity here on Earth?i.e., You move magnetic elds. This is what these intrinsic bowl shaped magnetic

elds do, they cause

magnetic elds to move very violently past each other, i.e., MHD, and guess what happens? You get electricity and the hottest points around the Sun are exactly where the greatest magnetic turbulence would take place. This in turn leads to fusion and the fusion provides the extra kick to keep it all going and generating electricity. So these theories account for where the electricity in the universe comes from and it all matches ALL the hard data. I really believe that endless clean power is near. Don’t have it all worked out yet, but I do have tech that is based on these theories that is in over twelve countries right now. It works really well and it would not work if my theories were not correct. That technology has been the main focus of my research for the last six years. The AP stuff is just cool because it provides validation of my theories.” ~ David LaPoint





Interstellar plasma is being focused onto the sun by large magnetic elds, which have been termed the Primer Fields by one of the explorers of cosmic magnetic phenomena. The plasma



sphere surrounding the Sun, created by the primer elds, becomes the Sun's corona.



“I believe that what are called black holes are actually the effects of the magnetic elds con ning matter.” ~ David LaPoint

Strong magnetic elds accelerating and directing the jet ows

Sun at Plasma Node

Formation of the



Un iv erse

Wave Lengths in Nanometers

Matter is at its highest density at the chock ring


Splitting the ow

Pa r t i c l e s Make Waves

Dipoler - N & S Poles, + & -

Magnets In Motion

Chemistry In Mo ti o n Complex organic molecule provided by atomic force microscopy ~ IBM Research

Magnetic Strong Force Ball Magnets Arranging

“…every molecule and atom in that glass of water has an intrinsic magnetic eld to it. That is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The LHC uses magnetic elds to drive matter to nearly the speed of light

Magnetic Particles Funneling into a Primer Field

for the collisions there.” ~ David LaPoint

Wonderful Article Here - Click



Rex Reach and the Primer Field

NO dark energy, black holes, or dark matter.

Magnetic Repulsion/Force Videos The Primer Fields Part 1 The Primer Fields Part 2 The magnetics have a repelling force as seen in space.

The Primer Fields Part 3


fi what-i-think-the-primer- elds/some-questionsand-answers-from-david-lapoint/

Atom New Model (SAM)

Resonance Coupling in the Universe

Kongpop U-Yen

Edwin Kaal

Dr. Gerald Pollack



Water Phases & Creation

Interview 17 water experts

Richard Merrick


Magnetic Fields

Electric Universe

Sound Science

Interview Wal Thornhill

John Stuart Reid

Interview Interview

Jon DePew

Unfolding the The Torus Field, Phase Changes & the Grid of Life Written by Don Estes, Randy Stack and Karen Elkins Images of torus and the geometry of light by Randy Stack

common source of energy and descending from a set of

botanical systems, molecular systems and atomic

universal laws. These are the laws of the ancients ~ the

systems all emerge from layer upon layer of coherent

laws found inside a periodic standing wave.” - Don Estes

galaxies, solar systems, planetary systems, biological-

vibration. Yet each system is part of a whole, sharing a

“Repeating at every level of reality, the formations of

In the center, the One, the circle of life, life transmutes through various phases of sound vibration. “Consider the vesica pisces is formed by subtly shifting in phase. It is the point at which real & imaginary, sine & cosine, are at a 1:1 unity relationship with each other, regardless of polarity. Through the distention of the vortex thread, it forms the lens through which we may traverse between the temporal and reciprocal domains. The vortex thread represents the recombination of all things; so, in that space, all things are possible.”

~ Randy Stack

Phase Changes 0 to 45 degrees

Life Unfolds

Angles of Projection and Re ection

Through the origins of sound vibrations, via the sine and co-sine waves, the eld reveals “the law of the triangle”. Through its revolutions it creates angular movement, also known as the angles of incidences. These triangular patterns are prisms of light which are the foundation for the platonic solids and hence the periodic table, and the fractal distribution of matter through its magnetic tentacles, also a formula of three. The convergence of the spinning particles colliding generates our electrical universe. The torus eld and its “center” can be imagined like an hourglass of sand measuring time. Visualize particles ow in and out of a living matrix. Time is only slowed down at the pinch. Liken to your TV screen, images appear through the magnetic/gravitation weave of particles, generated by RGB (Red, Green, Blue) the full electromagnetic spectrum of light. Like a “blackhole,” which like your eye , formulates and focuses at it center.






Through the interaction of light, vibration and color life is exchanged and expressed.



The torus eld, the ONE, twists and turns forming various harmonic grid patterns which re ect and project various forms of light. How does this happen within sphere of in uence?

one source

The Seed of Light and Life A eld is the container that de nes and con nes an idea into a realm of existence. It is a resonate chamber with a radius impacting those that get in its sphere. This happens from planets to people. We all radiate a eld of light around us. A testament to this is the aurora borealis as witnessed around the North and South





magnetic poles.


dual nature

flower of life

The fusion point for creation is at the intersection of where the Singular Circle unfolds itself into what appears to us a dual nature of reality; and matter is created into our matters. Its complex nature is but various angles for re ection and perception. As the Vedic tradition portrays life as thought bubble in the mind of the Creator. You have a reason to be and you are part of the array, the play. This is how life is expressed. There is but ONE eld of information ~ in form, to inform.

The fusion for creation happens when polarities join forces.

As the movie Star War’s suggests, the Force is always seeking the light and a balance of energies. With equilibrium life is stable , there is no chaos. Yet through the disturbance in the eld we can evolve and transmute our elemental selves, call it our chemistry selves into the next higher level of order ~ life is pure alchemy in motion. The sun is our seed and source of energy, the earth is our ground of being as it nurtures our existence. The sun forms our magnetic chamber to which we gravitate to and within. Us humans resonate with earth, via its Schumann resonance. The earths eld is in sync with our hearts and brains. As noted by NASA, our rst astronauts came home very disoriented, so they added the frequency to the ights ~ interesting as earth was their “ground” of being. That is where their compass are set. A concluding thought, every voice print is unique, as is your ngerprint. Its all about sympathetic vibration in the light of what and who we are projecting. We are beings of light and our expression emanates from our eld, hence your vibe. We are either in phase or out of phase with an expression, be it our environment, people, places or things.

Polarity & Balance The Living Word

It has been said we should be centered, nd our balance, and be the light we were meant to be. Karen Elkins, Editor and Designer of Science to Sage E-Zine








This article is a combined creation of Don Estes, Randy Stack and Karen Elkins - See their Vision fi


The point of conception ~ thought to matter.

I m a g e b y C l a y Ta y l o r

I m a g e s b y D a v i d L a Po i n t

M a g n e t i c Te n t a c l e s ~ J o n D e Pe w

Life Waves Po i n t s o f L i g h t

Magnetic Fields By Clay Taylor These images are in support of Jon DePew

Also, I highly recommend checking out the work of Josh Toms' Art who has done absolutely remarkable renderings of many of these principles in 3D.

Di agra ms

I put these diagrams together in support of Jon DePew's work to help further elucidate the principle he has been sharing for over a decade.

A crucial point to Jon DePew’s discovery is that there are 3 magnetic axes that are base fundamental to any possible energy eld and harmonic construct of space's neutral particles we would call matter.




M a g n e t i c Te n t a c l e s B y J o n D e Pe w

These 3 (triune) energies are naturally opposed at each pole and balance at the equator. They correspond to positive, negative and neutral. The neutral aspects (think fulcrum/axis/equator/path of no resistance throughout the eld) and the opposing

spatial curvatures that manifest as polarity may not be reduced further. This is the base triangulation necessitated by spherical uni cation geometry and it's inherent value is Phi... phi in pi.

Quantum Entanglement

Magnetic Field Re f ra ct i on

Clay Taylor

Click to Read

Clay Taylor is a multidisciplinary polymath based out of Los Angeles, California. He works to constantly unify his seemingly disparate interests into a cohesive

Jon DePew Breakthrough Discoveries / Invention / Innovative Teacher

body of work. Emerging as a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a degree in Film and

Click to Read Page 130

Writing, his lifelong devotion to philosophy and the visual, musical and literary arts coalesced into an ultimate study of harmonic proportion and the personal pursuit of understanding and wielding the geometric solution to the magnetic nature of energy itself. Through both personal experimentation and the help of many accomplished masters, he works to incorporate the lessons he has learned directly into his art, so as to help visually convey the

Clcik to Read Page 8

profound beauty of the one great art and science to others."

MAGNETIC SPECTRUM and the EQUILIBRIUS GRID an Original Discovery in Physics and much more by Jon DePew 2003


The center is where matter is condensed formulating heaven on earth. Matter to Pattern, Adam to Eve.

From the Center Matter Forms

The Vesica Piscis is the fusion of energies which births light to life.

A balance of male and female energies cocreate. The Sun is the seed for life, Mother Earth grows and natures the seed.

Sands of time ow through a living matrix.


Symbolic David LaPoint

Here are some examples of Ancient Designs which are utilizing the Divine Template. The Divine Template is actually representing the segmented Blueprints of Two Magnetic Currents and the Neutral Particles of Matter. “ Alternating Magnetic Spectrum Waves are working hand in hand with the distributions of the Neutral Particles of Matter. Electricity is only a piece of what was once whole and complete. This is not very ef cient. Embracing these principles allows us to have "ENERGY COMPLETE" and it also shows us the blueprint's of it's Harmonic Formations of Matter and the harmonious Magnetic Distributions

Esoteric Jon DePew

within them! The way engineer's and scientist's utilize Electricity today is NOT a complete energy form.


Click to Read Page 130

The DEEPEST Secrets of Magnetism, rst time explained & CENTER OF LIGHT

My Discovery: FIRST TIME EVER SEEN ON EARTH, FERROCELL EM phase shift demo. PART 2 Inertia & Magnetism: Unveiling the fundamental mystery of the Universe & its Simplicity

Magnetism By Theoria Aophasis

YOUTUBE - Channel


Book by Ken L Wheeler : The Hyperboloid-Torus: Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism

Viktor Schauberger ~ levitation electrogravitational tachometric propulsion implosion

Article by Jeane Manning Read More Here

Viktor Schauberger: "Water Wizard" The Nikola Tesla of water and his secret source

Viktor Schauberger

Viktor Schauberger Vortex Video

Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature (Documentary of 2008)

The proton is a magnet! How much more simple could this be?

B y M i k e Tw i c h e l l

• The electrons are just poles of the proton magnet.

• The neutrons are just protons with their poles connected.


Vortices in the aether. But it is true. endpoints of the vortex are the electrons.

explain in my new book Physics of the Dark Matter. And what

point of view, one vortex is spinning clockwise and the other is

makes the proton magnet model so powerful, is that physics is now

spinning counter-clockwise. You could call one a "positron" if you

suddenly trumping chemistry. Because the proton magnet model is

were so inclined, but to me this would be incorrect. My suggestion

a model of physics, not chemistry. It is a vortex in the aether. The

is to call them both electrons, since they seem to perform the exact

proton spins and absorbs the aether, creating the vortex. The

same function. The point of view is all that makes them different.

I have built up an entire model around this simple concept, which I

Depending upon your

A Proton Vortex at Each Pole

electrons are the poles of the proton magnet

So with the Twichell Proton Magnet Model, there are two electrons per proton, one at one end of the proton vortex and one at the other. These electrons are the poles of the proton magnet. The relative direction of the spin has everything to do with charge. Now if you were to ask an academic scientist what charge is, you might just get a blank look. For remember, these people are dealing with an empty space model. How can they possibly understand the details of aether physics? But with the full space fluid aether model, we can understand these types of things. And one simple way to advance our thinking toward this is to perform what I call the "Ernie Experiment". Ernie being, of course, the puppet from Sesame Street, as the picture shows. So begin your Ernie Experiment by putting your arm in the air above your head, with your index finger extended. Begin making big circles, like about one foot in diameter. Make your circles clockwise. Look up at your hand against the ceiling or the sky, and make sure you are doing your clockwise circles correctly. Now, slowly begin to lower your arm, making sure to keep your finger pointing up, and still making the circles. Once your arm is sufficiently below your eye-line, take a look at it. Which way are the circles going? Counter-clockwise. You didn't change the direction of the spin, but you changed your perspective. This is the difference between positive and negative charge. It's all a matter of your point of view of the proton vortex. This simple experiment tells us is something very important. It tells us how protons connect together and form atomic bonds. Because it is the direction of the spin of the proton vortex that tells whether a bond will be made or not. It tells whether there will be an attraction or a repulsion. The simplicity of the proton magnet model begins to wane however, once we begin to describe the functionality of magnetism itself.

Magnetism is like a three-headed beast Because magnetism is like a three-headed beast. And before this beast can even rear its ugly heads, it requires a spinning gravitational proton that is absorbing the aether around it. A gravitational proton that is like a node in the "Tree of Life,” or Cosmic Web, if you will. A repeating source of gravity, such as our proton. This spinning gravitational phenomenon, called the proton is some sort of magic. We don't even know how or why it does what it does. It may be some kind of collapsing, or stretching, or pumping mechanism ( like breath). But how or why the proton does what it does is not immediately important to understand the simple proton magnet model.

So we assume our proton is spinning and absorbing the aether. When this happens, there are dynamics in the fluid aether. These are the heads of the beast. The first head is essentially that of the Coriolis force. For if we think of the proton as a sphere like our Earth, we can apply the same line of thinking that we apply when understanding the Coriolis force about the Earth. Namely, we can

think of the first head of magnetism as "aether wind shear". For as the equator of a spinning object such as a proton is spinning, there is a difference in speed in the altitude direction and in the latitude direction. These differences create the aether wind shear. Torsion if you will. The equivalent of the Coriolis force. If one subscribes to the empty space model pushed by the academics, then there is absolutely no opportunity whatsoever to come to this realization. Luckily this is not us. So in regard to the proton magnet model, and our description of magnetism, this shearing force could be considered the first head of the magnetic beast. Gravity is the aether wind, while magnetism is the aether wind shear.

The second head of the magnetic beast is the vacuum. I call this the Pole Vacuum Theory, and it is actually the same phenomenon that causes the rings of Saturn to flatten. The same phenomenon that causes spiral galaxies to flatten. For as the spinning absorbing object rotates, there becomes a valley of lesser pressure at the equator. This was also beaten to death in my f i r s t b o o k , T h e Tw i c h e l l Manuscript - Volume I - Aether Gravity. This is a matter of applying Bernoulli's Principle, a principle from the world of fluid dynamics, to the fluid aether. For as the equator of the aether vortex is spinning faster, the particles (if you can call them particles) of aether begin to separate, which creates lesser pressure at the equator. Matter objects come to rest in this valley of lesser pressure. But with the Pole Vacuum Theory, aether from the poles is drawn toward the spinning equator too, not just matter. This phenomenon creates a slight vacuum in the aether at the poles, and thus represents the second head of the magnetic beast.

The third head of the magnetic beast is much, much more simple. In fact, I have already described it. It is just the direction of the vortex. Clockwise versus counterclockwise. We have already discussed this. When the vortices of the protons are in the same direction a bond can occur. So not only does this model turn chemistry into physics, but it also removes many of the complexities. Because these proton magnets can be put together like Legos. Pick or choose any molecule you want, and build it

using the proton magnet model. I have already made it work with a handful of simple molecules. Before two molecules can bond like this, there must be what is called a “free electron”. A free electron in the proton magnet model is simply a pole of the proton magnet that is not connected. One pole of the proton magnet is connected to the nucleus, but the other pole is not. It is free. Free to take part in a bond to another molecule. Once the proton makes this bond, the proton then becomes the functional equivalent of a neutron. There is really no such thing as a “neutron," because it is just a proton with its poles connected. The crude illustration shows an example nucleus with a free electron aether vortex sticking out, looking to make a bond with another molecule.

The simplest molecule to build is the H2 molecule. The first picture here shows why hydrogen by itself is reactive. It is reactive because its poles are exposed. The second picture is of an H2 molecule drawn using the proton magnet model. It shows that H2 is not reactive because it has no free poles.

No free vortices. The connections have been taken up by the covalent bonds, or what I call “loop bonds”. For two hydrogens to bond this way they need to be spinning in opposite directions, as shown. This puts their rotational gravitational fields in a repelling formation, which keeps them from attracting together completely.

H2 Hydrogen gas with 2 stable isotopes. This balance, + and — makes it stable.

Hydrogen is the rst chemical element in the periodic table. It constitutes roughly 75% of the universe.


Ionic bonds in metal are straight on, or what I call “direct bonds”. And as we just said, the covalent bonds are like “loop bonds.” But there is one other type of bond called the hydrogen bond. One place the hydrogen bond occurs is in water, such that a bond is formed temporarily. If you could see a video simulation of water molecules bouncing around, you could see the hydrogen bond forming between water molecules, transmitting energy briefly, and then you would see the bond break and the water molecules

would go their own way. This is what makes water fluid. But let’s ask whether or not the proton magnet model can explain the hydrogen bond? And the answer is yes. For there is a gravitational whirlpool in the aether around a single hydrogen. Even when it is connected in a water molecule. There is also a cloud full of magnetic loops in the aether around the oxygen nucleus. Where these two meet is what creates the hydrogen bond. There is a collision of vortices.

The bond is not permanent because there are no free poles available to connect, so it is the loop portions of the magnetic fields, rather than the poles that create the hydrogen bond. The illustration shows how to build water molecules using the proton magnet model, and it also shows the hydrogen bond.

Speaking about water, I want to include here something very fascinating that I discovered. And this is the discovery that aether particles act in the capacity of tiny protons. And these aether protons can form aether molecules. In fact, I am stating that outer space is full of tiny water. This is not just a shot in the dark. I have seen evidence of this. I have seen things “swimming” in outer space. Yes, it is true. Space is like an ocean. An ocean of tiny aether, water molecules.

I cannot stress how important this is, since it affects our entire way of thinking. And if you question this statement, then look no further than the first page of the Bible for your answer. It says: “God separated the waters above from the waters below”. So what this means to us is that the aether is the waters above. The firmament of the Earth is the separation. And just as an added bonus, when I came up with this model one of the first things I noticed was that it could easily explain the dark energy voids in deep space. For deep space is cold. The aether water molecules could be freezing. Since the water molecule structure itself is designed to expand when frozen, this could explain the accelerated expansion of the Universe. The more aether that freezes, the larger the surface area would be, and the faster the freezing process would occur. So not only does our full space model of the aether allow us to explain light, gravity, magnetism, and chemistry, but now it can explain dark energy. What can’t this model explain? So what we find with the proton magnet model is that it is very powerful, and yet simple. There will be a follow-up to this article, where I will use the aether full space model and the proton magnet model to explain how all of quantum is just a huge misinterpretation brought about by the stupid empty space model that the quantum physicists employ.

And there are many more details about the model in my new book “Physics of the Dark Matter," which is available on (personally signed copies that ship through me for just $49.99). The book is 457 pages, and a must read for anybody wanting more answers about physics that the academic empty space believers have failed to provide. If you have any questions or want to

Mike (Michael) Twichell is an engineer,

discuss any of this, feel free to contact me. I am

gravitational theorist, author, painter, musician,

available at 602-697-8705, or

song writer, cartoonist and all around super guy., or I appreciate your input.

Mike is the author of "Aether Gravity" — the

May the force of the aether be with you!

gravitational theory of the century. The theory dispenses with current empty-space thinking, and applies the full space model of the aether to explain gravity. The following two postulates by Twichell explain the theory: 1. Matter absorbs aether 2. Bernoulli's Principle applies

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Tesla Tech Conference Lecture






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A Universal Current?

B y

R o b e r t

N e l s o n ,

R e x

R e s e a r c h

H i s t o r i c a l

E x a m p l e s

Whatever it is, the stuff plays no part in conventional science and technology, and the study of it is disdained as fringe, crackpot, and/or heretical. These past historical examples, presented in

amazing world of possibilities. Hopefully

these next pages, seem to have applied a

some brainiacs will

form of energy that remains unidenti ed

open-source manner for the bene t of all

though widely recognized. It appears to be a

mankind and the planet, rather than the

fundamental cosmic energy, and people

unjust enrichment of a few million

have given it many names. Rota called it

psychopaths, ultimately culminating in mass

"Universal Current"; Hollingshead named it

extinction. At present we have little idea of

"Odic Rays". It is otherwise known as

what we are missing, but if we somehow

"Orgone" (Wilhelm Reich), "Prana," "Chi,"

survive ourselves for so long, perhaps some

"Ka," "Ether,"etc.

century soon we shall solve this problem and

It appears obvious that somehow during the 20th century we were cheated out of an

gure this out in an

get on with the fundamental human business of conquering the Universe for fun and pro t.





"Orgone" (Wilhelm Reich), "Prana", "Chi", "Ka", "Ether", etc.

Edward Farrow : Condensing Dynamo

"The invention is based on the intensi cation of Hertzian waves.

In the rst decade of the 1900s, Edward S Farrow perfected a simple mechanical device which nulli es gravity. He demonstrated his so-called "Condensing Dynamo" at the 1926 World's Fair. Farrow never patented the invention, however, and today the only details that remain were published in The Technical World Magazine (November 1911), excerpted here:

"...Mr Farrow suspended a book from a pair of scales in his laboratory and weighed it. The volume tipped the scales at 18 ounces. To the book he attached a mechanical device in the shape of a small rectangular box, which he calls a 'condensing dynamo' and applied power from a neighboring electrical switch. A most remarkable thing then occurred. As the current set the wheels in the dynamo whirling, the indicator of the scales slowly receded until it stopped at 15 ounces. Apparently the book had lost 3 ounces of its weight -- in other words, one-sixth of the power of gravitation between the book and the earth had been overcome... ‘The invention is based on the intensi cation of Hertzian waves. It has been learned that by doing this a parallel and corresponding intensi cation occurs with the vertical force which controls gravitation. Thus buoyancy is added to an object held to earth or propelled towards it by gravity... ‘ It has been found that the mechanical devices for controlling electricity also apply to gravity, regulating or intensifying the force of this attraction of foreign objects to earth. By intensifying the motion of the electrical waves through the supposed ether there will develop components in all directions. If this force or motion acts vertically, it will by the law of reaction diminish a force such as






gravitation acting downward toward the earth”.

R e d u c t i o n o f We i g h t U s i n g a H e r t z i a n Wa v e G e n e r a t o r For want of a better name, Mr Farrow calls this force, when acting upward, a "vertical component" and the name is well chosen... "Mr Farrow's mechanical device increases the force of the Hertzian wave and this increased power is transmitted to the ‘vertical component’. The latter thus intensi ed, o ers a proportionate resistance to gravitation and the force of the latter is reduced, thus giving buoyancy to any object to which the condensing dynamo may be attached... "[T]here is produced a horizontal, circular,

at sheet, so to

speak, of Hertzian waves which radiate outwardly..."

Some investigators have speculated that the

eld was produced by a

"Mr Farrow's mechanical device increases the

horizontal ring of spark gaps which

force of the Hertzian wave and this increased

generated a planar

eld that

distributes the weight over a wide area of the gravitational

eld by its








interaction with the geomagnetic eld.

power is transmitted to the "vertical component".

he discovered the Universal Current Luigi G. V. Rota (1886-1951) was an Italian scientist who worked with early radar technology until he discovered the Universal Current. His subsequent work was directed to development of instruments for the detection, collection, concentration, control and application of the current and its three telluric forms.

The Universal Current ows a few meters beneath the earth and generates a eld in the atmosphere. Rota was convinced that all matter is composed of condensed Universal Current, and that any metal can be dissolved to slowly release that energy. He constructed laminated metal blocks which he buried to detect and collect the current for conversion to electricity. He also found that it a ects gravity, and between 1910-1915, he developed a “Stabilisiteur” that oated weightless.

“The device works by opposing the magnetic and electric eld of the earth rendering the device weightless," he said. After he made a public demonstration of the amazing machine, he was lauded in the French press as "Jules Verne in action". Rota considered the UC to be a f u n d a m e n t a l e n e rg y, o f w h i c h electromagnetism was a byproduct. It is the source of all physical phenomena including life. The UC controls the manifestation of all matter, which is composed of UC and can be decomposed into it.









As described in his French Patent FR508472 ("Process and Apparatus to Maintain a Body in Suspension in the Air, Based on the Electric and Magnetic Forces"), the apparatus consisted of "a series of cylinders united by means of reciprocal transformers and

connected to a battery, accumulator or dynamo so that each cylinder is connected to the opposite pole of the adjacent cylinder by coils having such an inductance as to prevent the wave circulating in the battery circuit.

Rota describes a rotating cylinder element in his British Patent GB129059 ("Apparatus for detecting the proximity of mines, submarines, icebergs, &c."): "The cylinder has insulated windings connected through brush and ring contacts with a sensitive galvanometer, and may be rotated by a exible shaft and bevel gear..."

French Patent FR508472 ("Process and Apparatus to Maintain a Body in Suspension in the Air...")

He described a rotating cylinder element again in his British Patent GB128624 ("Apparatus for the Concentration of Electric Waves in a Single Direction or upon a Fixed Point"), in which "the cylinders are made with parallel wires with an intermediate inductance."

In the 1970s Dr. William Hooper developed an "All-Electric Motional Field Generator” (US Patent US3656013 ) involving cylinders wound with parallel wires. The resultant eld penetrates Faraday cages and modi es gravity. Perhaps the two inventions are related.

H e n r y Wa l l a c e : K i n e m a s s i c Fo r c e Fi e l d In the 1970s Henry Wallace d i s c o v e re d t h e s o - c a l l e d Kinemassic Field (KF), which he generated by counter-rotating masses of half-integral spin nuclei material (copper, zinc, lead, tin, nickel, &c.). These are the same elements utilized by Louis Rota in his levitator, being used in the same way -counter-rotating masses -- to neutralize gravity.

Wallace received three patents for his invention : US3626605 ("Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field"); US3626606 ("Generating a Dynamic Force Field"), and US3823570 ("Heat Pump").

Therein he explained his discovery in terms of modern physics that might help us understand the phenomena produced by Rota.









"The kinemassic force eld is generated as a result of the relative motion of bodies of elemental nuclei characterized by half integral "spin" values... The nucleons in turn comprise the elemental particles of the nucleus; i.e., the neutrons and protons... The value of the kinemassic force eld... is the algebraic sum of the elds created by reason of the dynamic interaction of both elementary

particles and of the discrete bodies... The kinemassic eld causes the spin nuclei axes to reorient parallel with the axis of rotation and results in a eld of summed dipole moments that form a secondary dynamic interaction with the surrounding materium.

"By spin nuclei material is meant materials in nature which exhibit a nuclear external angular momentum component. This includes both the intrinsic spin of the unpaired nucleon as well as that due to the orbital motion of these nucleons...

"The thus reoriented nuclear structure may lend itself to such uses as modi cation of the gravitational eld acting on a body... generating of gravity waves for communication and other energy transfer.... in addition to utilization in many, many other elds..."

Propellers and engines are not

A tiny article in Modern Mechanix magazine (January

needed to fly

Waves Keep Airship Aloft.

the model airship of Bernays

Johnson, who is shown with his craft at the right. A powerful radio wave which neutralizes the pull of gravity is the force which keeps the ship aloft. Johnson experimented for ten years before he

1929) is all that remains to pique our curiosity: Radio

Bernays Johnson : Anti-Gravity Wave

succeeded in discovering the principle of his antigravity waves. The ship can be controlled from within itself or from the ground. It was exhibited at

the recent Boston radio exposition.

Bernays Johnson great mystery was lost again after his death.

Popular Science magazine featured a photograph of the Odic Ray Generator in March 1922: The accompanying caption read,"Discovery of ‘Odic Rays’ of high penetration produced simply by the electric current drawn from an ordinary light socket, and yet with the curative and medicinal value of X-rays, is claimed by Dr. Edgar L. Hollingshead, of Pasadena, Calif.”


Odic Activity Ray

Another intriguing method of overcoming gravity was discovered and developed by Dr Edgar Hollingshead in the 1920s -- the Odic Ray, which also produced several other astounding phenomena such as disintegration and transparency.

This invention was never debunked as a hoax. It simply drifted in the ocean of information after the inventor died. Perhaps (probably), however, it has been developed in top secrecy. Fortunately for our inquiring minds, Dr. Hollingshead explained his discoveries at length in an article he wrote for the magazine Radio Journal (May 1923): "The Odic Ray -- Its Origin and Nature". It is

quoted here at length lest any crucial factoids be edited out of existence:

"Some years ago I became convinced that matter did not depend upon physical properties for its weight, but upon the speed of the atoms making up the molecules, and I began searching for a process by which a force could be generated that would be high enough in point of speed to change the atomic speed of matter. Knowing that it would be impossible to release or generate such a force out of any form of matter, I turned my attention to the study of the nature of electricity and other natural forces.”

Edgar Hollingshead

There must be one general principle governing the formation of substance throughout the universe. "Believing that man could not conceive of a force unless there were something moving, I therefore believed that all forces must be made up of substance in motion. The substance that forms the natural ‘body’ of forces of so-called laws of nature is not matter in the sense that the term is ordinarily used, but a substance so ne and vibrating at such a high rate of speed that it cannot be comprehended by any faculty of man excepting his reason. Thus considering the nature of electricity, reason tells us that we must have a substance traveling at a very high rate of speed, and that this substance must be governed and controlled by the same principles that govern all substance or matter. There must be one general principle governing the formation of substance throughout the universe. In other words, the substance or body of electricity, termed ‘amperage,’ must be made up of in nitely small eddies of force -- the same as ordinary matter is.

"As is well known, in matter we have three distinct classes of eddies of force, which seem to be a perfect counterpart of a solar system. We have, namely, the molecule made up of electrons, also traveling in orbits; and the electron has been found to be made up of still smaller particles, also traveling in circular progression. Thus, we have three distinct phases of force in matter.”

are at de nite distances apart in the point of speed, and their relationship is like 3, 6, and 9 on a rule. [It is worth noting here that John Keely and Nikola Tesla both insisted on the importance of the 3:6:9 ratio.]

John Ernst Worrell Keely

We also have three distinct phases in action in the body or amperage of electricity. The world is more or less familiar with the positive and negative sides or phases of electricity, but I have proved by experimentation that there is a dominant or third phase in all forces. That is, there is a positive, a negative, and a dominant or solar manifestation, and these three phases of force




YouTube Video of motion

R a y

Odic Ray

"Hence, it will be seen that since the polarity or character of the Odic Ray can be altered or changed, it is possible for it, when properly applied, to duplicate any of the "rays" or rates of force known, between ordinary light and the point of disintegration of matter. This range or rates of force will encompass the X-ray, the Radium rays, the Ultraviolet rays, and various rates that are known but which have not been named." [The Odic Ray - Its Origin and Nature] -







O d i c

"Considering electricity or any of the socalled natural forces of nature from this standpoint, we nd that we have in reality two forces in one: we have a rectilinear action and also a rotating action in all forces. We can illustrate this action by considering a stream of water. Suppose we have a stream of water owing at 20 miles per hour; the atoms making up the molecules of this water are traveling in circular progression at thousands of miles per second. This same condition I have proved to be existent in the nature of electricity, and I have also proved that these eddies of force making up the body or amperage of electricity can be broken up and the force corresponding to the electronic force in matter released. This force I have given the name of "Odic Activity,” due to the principles involved in releasing or generating the same.

"I have found that the rate of speed of Odic Activity can be changed; its polarity reversed, and its direction of discharge controlled, as I have changed its rate all the way from where it would a ect a photographic plate the same as ordinary light clear up to a point where it has disintegrated matter the instant it touched it. The only di erence there can be between one ray and another is its di erence in speed, plus a possible di erence in polarity or character.”

“Hence, it will be seen that since the polarity or character of the Odic Ray can be altered or changed, it is possible for it, when properly aligned, to duplicate any of the "rays" or rates of force known, between ordinary light and the point of disintegration of matter. This range or rates of force will encompass the X-Ray, the Radium rays, the Ultra-violet rays, and various rates that are known but which have not been named. [Got Terahertz?]

"As all matter is known to be formed of molecules, atoms and electrons, or of in nitely small particles of substance traveling at great speed in circular progression, reason proves to us that matter does not depend upon physical properties for its weight, but does depend upon the speed of these particles of substance, which sets up or causes a resistance to the ow of a force of nature passing into the earth. And as the predominating force that is known to be traveling into the earth is called "gravitation," the atomic speed or force stored up in these minute eddies of force must be resisting gravitation, -- thus causing what we call weight.

"With this hypothesis in mind, I found that by the use of the Odic Ray the degree or speed of these eddies could be altered, and this resistance changed, thus changing the weight of matter. In over a hundred di erent tests, I have changed the weight of practically all of the base metals, having changed aluminum approximately 20%. And to prove that the principle was correct, I have reversed the process and increased the weight back to normal, and to heavier than normal, thereby proving beyond a question of doubt that the weight of objects depends upon atomic force and not upon physical properties..."









"With simple, inexpensive apparatus he is reported to have passed rays through 11-1/2 inches of lead and 4-1/2 inches of steel, at such strength as to sear dental X-ray lms encased in tinfoil...

"Doctor Hollingshead’s claims are based on tests made in the presence of eyewitnesses who selected at random the lms exposed to the rays, retained the duplicates, and developed the two simultaneously in the presence of an unprejudiced committee. After exposure, these lms were found to be perceptibly darkened.

"Doctor Hollingshead declares that... electricity is a substance. Amperage is the substance of electricity, and voltage is the speed. The form that material substances takes is due to their rates of atomic speed.

“Hollingshead rst intensi ed its atomic speed (voltage), then "broke it up to release the Od". The Odic Ray also caused hard clay to explode, and it made rocks transparent. Metal was caused to become "permanently cold beyond the possibility of ever becoming heated," and water instantly disintegrated into hydrogen and oxygen.

“Dr Hollingshead elaborated further about the Odic Ray in an interview given to the Syracuse Journal (NJ) in January 1922:

"Ten years ago I came to the conclusion that matter did not depend upon physical properties for its weight, but that weight is determined by the atomic speed of matter.

“It is accepted as fact that matter is an aggregation of molecules. Now, molecules are eddies of force, traveling in circular progression. These in turn are formed of still tinier particles similarly in motion, called atomic speed. Atoms are composed of electrons and ions, which have been split up and found to be composed of still smaller particles.

"I concluded, therefore, that there is no such thing as a solid, but that what we call a solid is in reality a seething mass of whirling force.”

"The only way in which force can manifest itself is through resistance to other force, principally gravity -- which we call weight.

"Gravitation is force coming from the sun; the negative, levitation, is force returned from earth to sun. The weight of an object is the degree of resistance matter imposes in the path of these two forces, and the degree of resistance in turn is dependent upon the speed of the circular eddies of force of which matter is composed.

"My experiments have been to nd a way of generating force that would alter the speed of these whirls called matter so that I could change its degree of resistance to either gravitation or levitation and thus its weight...



"The Odic Activity Ray will a ect a photographic plate or disintegrate matter, depending upon the wave length, which can be altered... It can be directed and focused... It has been generated to penetrate 16 inches of metal, and yet not harm the hand that encircles it.

"We have decreased the weight of aluminum, for instance, 20 per cent; then made it heavier than normal. And every base metal has responded to some degree, the change being instantaneous and permanent until again treated."

Dr Hollingshead received two Canadian patents for a dynamo: CA145749 ("Armature for Dynamos"); CA145750 ("DynamoElectric Machine"). No mention of the Odic Ray is made therein, but they might contain clues.

In 1931, Hollingshead self-published a booklet with the title, "Triune Brotherhood Project and Its Message To You : The Triune Brotherhood and How it Is Proposed to Use a Rediscovered Ancient Process Known as the Odic Ray To Establish a Great Movement for the Uplift of Mankind.”

Today, circa 2017, Mankind, et al., have moved on to tyranny instead.

Eddies of Forces


Lines of gravitational force

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odic force

Odic Activity

Viktor S. Grebennikov (died 2001) was a Russian scientist, naturalist, and entomologist, well-known as the discoverer of Cavity Structural E ect (CSE). In the 1990s he designed and built an anti-gravitational platform based on bionic principles found in insect wings,



and ew it at speeds up to 25 km/min.

Bio-gravitational Effect Grebennikov made his discovery in 1981

species. It is bene cial for agriculture because its larvae

while collecting insects for study at the

manifestation of the bio-gravitational e ect in another insect,

Institute of Agricultural Chemistry: "I was about to throw a piece of ethered cotton wool into the jar and then cap it, when a light little cocoon jumped up at me.

"It was oval-shaped, rather dense and non-transparent. One of the little "prisoners" in the jar must have pushed it. Cocoons can't jump on their own! But the cocoon proved me wrong. It jumped up one more time, hit the glass wall and fell down. I took it out and put it into a separate test tube. I looked at it through a binocular microscope at home and I have found nothing special about it. It was a cocoon like any other, about 3 mm long and 1.5 mm wide. Its walls felt strong to the touch as they should. But the cocoon energetically jumped when lit or warmed by the sun but, it was quiet in the dark. It could jump 30 mm lengthwise and, what I found even more remarkable, up to 50 mm high. As far as I could tell, it ew smoothly, almost without tumbling. No doubt, the larva of the insect was responsible for the movement. But it was impossible to see how it did it.

parasitize the alfalfa weevil... Grebennikov later found a stronger which he refused to identify: "Why am I not disclosing the particulars of my discovery at this time? Firstly, because one needs time and energy for proving the truth. I have neither. I know how daunting is this task from my own bitter experience of trying to get recognition for my previous discoveries, including such an obvious one as the Cavity Structures E ect...

"The second reason for my "non-disclosure" is more objective. I have found these anti-gravitational structures only in one species of Siberian insects. I dare not even naming the class to which this insect belongs, because it seems to be on the verge of extinction and the population surge, which I had registered back then, was possibly local and

guarantee that dishonest people, half competent in biology, would not rush out to ravines, meadows and forests to catch perhaps the very last samples of this miracle of nature, if I were to name the genus and the species? What are the guarantees that they would not plough up hundreds of glades and cut down dozens of forests to get to this potentially lucrative prey? Therefore, let all I have related in this chapter and in the




reveal this secret to them...


a male insect of the Ichneumon family, the Batiplectes anurus


addendum remain science


"Jumping ahead, I can tell you that the cocoon nally produced


nal. Now, what would be the

ction. May nature herself never

Natures Wisdom "I was examining the chitin shells of insects under my microscope in the summer of 1988 along with their pinnate antennae, the

sh-scale microstructure of

butter y wings, iridescent colors, and other inventions of nature. I became interested in an amazingly rhythmical microstructure of one large insect detail. It was an extremely well-ordered composition, as though stamped out by factory equipment according to special blueprints and calculations. As I saw it, the intricate sponginess was clearly unnecessary either for the strength of the part, or for its decoration. I have never observed anything like this unusual micro-ornament either in nature, in technology, or in art. Because its structure is three-dimensional, I have been unable to capture it in a drawing so far, or a photograph. Why does an insect need it? Besides, other than in


this structure at the bottom of the wing case is always hidden from the eye. No one would ever see it properly. Was it perhaps the wave emitter using "my" multiple cavity structures e ect? That truly lucky summer, there were very many insects of this

chitin shells of an insect





Zituba at the German language Wikipedia [GFDL (

would capture them at night. I was to observe these insects neither before, nor later.

species and I not able

E x p l o r e

m o r e

t o p i c s

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Spin, Vibration and Harmonics ~ John Keely

Pond Science Institute

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by Karen Elkins Karen Elkins is founder, editor and designer of Science to Sage, this online magazine featuring leading edge thinkers in science, spirituality, philosophy, art and ancient wisdom, “revealing the true genius and genesis of our universe”.

She is author and

designer of her NEW book, InsideOut:

which a stable and interdependent world society may be based. The esoteric philosophy of its founder, Alice Bailey, informs its activities which are offered freely throughout the world in eight languages. Other Lectures Here: https://


The Lucis Trust is dedicated to the establishment of a new and better way of life for everyone in the world based on the ful llment of the divine plan for humanity. Its educational activities promote recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon

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“InsideOUT” is a beautiful visual tapestry featuring over 61 scientists and sages, 3,000 images, showcasing the ONE story, ONE Source, and ONE science.

Editor & Designer of Science to Sage E-Magazine

Wow, this should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview, and deep gratitude for you and for our participation in creation. This is the secret teaching of all ages of our times. Thank you, bless you. Foster Gamble Karen Elkins has a natural sense of truth and she is quick to embrace what is truth. This is exactly what is needed to advance mankind into blossoming in the ways it always should have from the very beginning of civilization. Nature is always correct, and it is nature that we should follow loyally as our authority that we embrace and learn from. Thank you Karen for your efforts to convey this most important message! ~ Jon DePew

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Gary worked as a technical writer with 17 Silicon Valley computer manufacturers including Control Data, Ampex, Amdahl, Ford Aerospace, Verbatim, Ramtek, Mohawk Data Sciences, Moore Systems,

Gallery of Clean Energy Innovations

and Hewlett-Packard.

by Gary Vesperman Displayed are pro les of 16 Larger Generators, 28 Smaller Generators, 22 Advanced SelfPowered Electric Vehicle Innovations, 26 Radioactivity Neutralization Methods, 24 Space Travel Innovations, 14 Technical Solutions to Water Shortages, and a Torsion Field School Network. Also displayed are 25 movie posters and several dozen Hubble Space Telescope images. Link below


For some time I have been working to establish a large clean energy inventions development organization - CEIO. CEIO headquarters is to be established in Henderson, Nevada. Henderson is nationally ranked for its standard of living and corporate tax bene ts. CEIO would specialize in proactively discovering, evaluating, developing, manufacturing and marketing clean energy-related inventions. CEIO would proactively seek out energy inventions that appear to be worthy of commercialization, but lack resources or whatever. The organization would have a Technical Institute somewhat independent from its corporate management to ensure research is unbiased by nancial considerations and mainstream science.








The Institute's Technical Advisory Board evaluates and recommends clean energy inventions. Once a clean energy invention is selected, a separate LLC would be incorporated to own and develop the invention. Then resources would be proactively applied to bring the invention to the marketplace as a Manhattan Project-styled crash program. The process would bypass writing IPOs/business plans of which I have written about two dozen and then not having to beg for funding.




I have a dream

When expert consultants are temporarily needed by individual invention development LLCs, the Technical Institute would serve as the vehicle for formally contracting the consultants. The Technical Institute would also conduct seminars and train people in new technologies. CEIO would also be the home of a Corporate Library which would accumulate and preserve publications and writings by inventors. Robert Nelson of Las Vegas is eminently quali ed to administer the Corporate Library. His hosts something like 10,000 pages of descriptions of inventions — many of which pertain to energy. CEIO’s primarily focus would be larger generators for the power grid ranging up to over 1000 megawatts, smaller generators for specialized off-grid uses of electricity, advanced self-powered electric transportation vehicles, space travel innovations, radioactive waste treatment, technical solutions to water shortages, and my own design of a torsion eld school network. There may be some healthrelated inventions that could be worthwhile to closely examine. Torsion eld applications (see my compilation of "Space Travel Innovations" in ( vesperman) is another huge new business. Among the long list of potential applications of the torsion eld are revolutionary new propulsion systems, long-range sensors, communications devices, astrophysical monitoring and metering devices, geo-

physical devices which can be calibrated to locate mineral deposits, water, and subterranean structures; photographic applications which are capable of imaging the interior of virtually any substance or structure, harmless cellphones could transmit between hemispheres through the earth without dropouts, harmless torsion eld dental imagers, and so on. The torsion eld also applies to communications and offers a theoretical maximum capacity of 40 billion channels of holographic three-dimensional television through the entire earth without attenuation at a speed of much faster than 1,000,000,000 times the speed of light. Harmless torsion eld communication systems, with components only the size of coins, are expected to eventually displace all forms of electronic communications including telephones, television, radio, ber optic cable, and communications satellites, plus the entire Internet backbone. There is much work to be done! I’m looking for an investor (s) or philanthropic support to advance innovation. Also will need channels of distribution and a marketing team. ___________________________________ Gary Vesperman 588 Lake Huron Lane Boulder City, NV 89005-1018 702-435-7947 Websites

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A makerspace is a collaborative work space inside a school, library or separate public/private facility for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech to no tech tools. These spaces are open to kids, adults, and entrepreneurs and have a variety of maker equipment including 3D printers, laser cutters, cnc machines, soldering irons and even sewing machines. A makerspace however doesn’t need to include all of these machines or even any of them to be considered a makerspace. If you have cardboard, legos and art supplies you’re in business. It’s more of the maker mindset of creating something out of nothing and exploring your own interests that’s at the core of a

Formed in 2009 to facilitate and support the growth of the international fab lab network as well as the development of regional capacity-building organizations. The Fab Foundation is a US non-pro t 501(c) 3 organization that emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms Fab Lab Program. Our mission is to provide access to the tools, the knowledge and the nancial means to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make (almost) anything, and thereby creating



fi about-fab-foundation/index.html




Innovation Zones Around the World makerspace. These spaces are also helping to prepare those who need the critical 21st century skills in the elds of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). They provide hands on learning, help with critical thinking skills and even boost self-con dence. Some of the skills that are learned in a makerspace pertain to electronics, 3D printing, 3D modeling, coding, robotics and even woodworking, Makerspaces are also fostering entrepreneurship and are being utilized as incubators and accelerators for business startups. There have already been some amazing success stories that have come out of makerspaces to date.

opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods around the world. Community organizations, educational institutions and non-pro t concerns are our primary bene ciaries. The Foundation’s programs focus on: education (.edu), organizational capacity building and services (.org), and business opportunity (.com).

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