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February 4

Freddy Silva

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Freddy Silva is one of the world始s leading researchers of ancient systems of knowledge and the interaction between temples and consciousness. He is also a bestselling author and film-maker. He lectures internationally, with keynote presentations at the International Science and Consciousness Conference, and the International Society For The Study Of Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine, in addition to appearances on The History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, video documentaries and radio shows. Articles by Freddy Click Here

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Quantum Jump into spheres of reality

Cynthia Sue Larson

Imagine for a moment ...what your life could be like if your

you could actually become any version of

sphere of influence actually extended far

one of your many possible selves that

beyond this current universe into a

you really wished to be. Envision

multiverse of parallel worlds, in which you

becoming the person youʼd be proudest

were living very differently than the life

and happiest to be... and encourage

you live today. Close your eyes for a

yourself to think really, really BIG. Will

moment and further imagine that through

you be smarter? Stronger? Healthier?

meditation and energized visualization,

Happier? More confident? More fearless?

view reality as a holographic multiverse This view of reality as a holographic multiverse suggests an interconnectedness amidst a mindbogglingly large number of parallel universes. Rather than parallel universes existing completely separate from one another, the holographic multiverse model of reality includes many pathways by which information--and thus consciousness--can move from one parallel universe, or sphere or reality, to another. This holographic multiverse model of reality explains how we can intuitively envision other possible realities that exist very close to the one we currently identify with, and how it can be that sometimes people witness extraordinary shifts in reality. On a regular daily basis, we can have a sense of a nearby reality in which we resolve a problem, overcome a challenge, get over a cold weʼre just starting to catch, and so on. With each decision we make to adopt a higher-energy visualization of ourselves. we move into a new sphere of reality in which we think, feel, and act differently than before.

You can find clues that indicate weʼre able to jump in the form of consciousness between parallel universes when you take a closer look at near death experiences and the placebo effect. Near death experiencers like Anita Moorjani and Dr. Eben Alexander provide us with insights as to how someone can overcome certain death by identifying with being pure consciousness, thus becoming fearless and recognizing that they have the ability to choose to become new versions of themselves. Some people notice similarly large and seemingly inexplicable changes when taking placebos--such as sugar pills instead of pharmaceutical drugs, or “sham” fake surgery in place of arthroscopic knee surgery, for example. The placebo effect, in which people notice improvement after receiving a treatment that has no known medical value, has nearly doubled in efficacy over the past thirty years. In fact, the placebo effect is so powerful that a new institute has been established to study it at Harvard University.

The big idea here is that your sphere of influence is not confined to one particular reality.

We are reaching a point in time when each and every one of us will be capable of discovering how we can become the best possible versions of ourselves. At this time when people are learning how to influence reality by identifying with being consciousness, we are arriving at a time of great awakening. At this time of great awakening, many teachers and visionaries are here to guide us through various paths of identifying ourselves as being consciousness. And with such a realization, we can more readily witness just how much influence our thoughts and feelings truly have on the physical world.

In actuality, you have ready access to a wide variety of versions of yourself. Some of these versions of you are at this very moment more inspired, more creative, more intelligent, more enthusiastic, happier, healthier, and more prosperous. And all of these versions of you are connected to you by consciousness.

Quantum Idea

Dawning of the Quantum Age We are alive at one of the most extraordinary times in human history: the dawn of the Quantum Age. We can tell for sure that weʼve arrived at a new age the same way that in hindsight we identify the lines of demarcation that denote the beginning of all previous great ages. When game-changing new technology arrives that transforms the dominant paradigm itʼs obvious that every aspect of peoplesʼ daily lives is being transformed. Over the course of the past hundred years, the common prevailing view of quantum physics has slowly come to embrace the idea that some of the weirdest quantum behaviors such as quantum entanglement, quantum coherence, quantum tunneling, quantum teleportation, and quantum superposition of states exist at every level in the multiverse--from the realm of the tiniest subatomic particles all the way to the largest celestial bodies. The whole point that Albert Einstein was making when he wrote to fellow physicist Max Born back in March 1947 was that entanglement was spukhafte Fernwirkung, meaning “spooky action at a distance,” which effectively demonstrated the level of annoyance Einstein felt with the suggestion that entangled particles act as if they are a single object. It was bad enough that quantum particles delighted in doing so many mind-bending things that a hundred years ago nobody was suggesting quantum phenomena could be observed outside the quantum realm. It has been presumed that such seemingly bizarre and incomprehensible behavior could safely be confined to the realm of the very, very small.  Our great moment of entry into the Quantum Age arrived with the joint purchase of the D-

Wave-2 quantum computer for $17 million by NASAʼs Ames Research Center and Google in September 2013. Such a massive expenditure expresses a tacit vote of confidence by the buyers that they need to be among the first to learn how to program and operate technology that works in probabilities and depends upon logic circuits that literally exist in a physical superposition of states. The dawning of the Quantum Age represents a revolutionary leap forward in awareness of the nature of the universe, as for the first time in history, a majority of physicists surveyed have reported that they believe that you, me, and everyone on this planet exists in a superposition of states. A growing consensus of our leading scientific minds agree that quantum physics doesnʼt stay in the quantum realm, but rather affects and influences everything. To put this another way, what happens in the quantum realm isnʼt confined to the quantum realm. In recent years, evidence of entanglement has moved out of the realm of the tiny quantum realm of the tiniest building blocks of matter into the macroscopic scale of things humans can easily see with the naked eye, such as diamonds. Just as some celebrities wish that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” to later discover thatʼs not always the case, some scientists are stunned to see a growing body of recent scientific research findings suggesting that quantum behavior is indeed occurring at the macroscopic scale. Such indications of macroscopic quantum behaviors are being observed in laboratory experiments, photosynthesizing plants, birds, and even at the cosmological astronomical level. 

Awareness The dawning of the Quantum Age represents a revolutionary leap forward in awareness of the nature of the universe,

Photosynthesizing plants

receptor for you to detect the familiar yet

solve hard math problems

unpleasant smell of rotten egg. Quantum biologists propose that the reason humans are

Scientists in the

able to sense such smells despite great odds is

relatively new field

that our old model of a square scent molecule

of quantum biology

fitting in a square chemical receptor hole is

wanted to discover

outdated, and actually something much more

how it possible for

amazing is going on. The amazing thing that



seems to be happening, according to scientists

photosynthesize at

such as Luca Turin of Italy, is that our noses are utilizing quantum tunneling, so that a single

e f fi c i e n c y r a t e s higher than 90%,

molecule of fragrance will automatically be

while the currently

delivered to exactly the correct receptor...

best photovoltaic

seemingly against all odds.

processes are lucky to utilize much over 20% of the rays of sunlight hitting their receptors. What researchers discovered is that it seems photosynthesizing plants are capable of solving some of the “hard problems” that our best classical computing systems have trouble with, such as determining which traffic route to take during rush hour. Photosynthesizing plants appear able to evaluate a simultaneity of superimposed states and quickly determine the most efficient, most direct path for each given ray of sunlight to take.

Intuitive benefits from quantum entanglement and superposition of states One of the primary ways youʼre most likely to notice evidence of thinking like a quantum computer is any time you come out of a daydream or meditative reverie with a sudden fl a s h o f i n s i g h t . H u m a n i n t u i t i o n i s a complementary thought process to rational, analytical thinking, yet one that has trouble showing how, exactly, it got from point A to point B. Most of the biggest advances in science have

Quantum effects in our sense

come as a result of flashes of insight and

of smell

intuition, from Descartes having a dream that led

If a single molecule of sulphur were released in your room, chances are very high that you would smell it, despite the unlikeliness of the molecule actually connecting with the correct smell

Image by GDV Technology by Krishna Madappa

to the creation of the scientific method, to Dr. James Watsonʼs famous dream of interlinking spiral staircases that led him to visualize the double-helix nature of DNA.

Get Ready to Make a Jump


American psychologist William James suggested we get qualities by acting as if we already possess them, and a growing body of scientific evidence suggests this to be the case. Positive psychologists have done studies showing that people who act as if they are in loving relationships develop genuine feelings of closeness for one another, and researchers who dressed up study participants to act like pilots found those who dressed and acted like pilots experienced improvement in their visual acuity and eyesight. One of the key insights from scientific research in the fields of positive p s y c h o l o g y, p r o f e s s i o n a l s p o r t s coaching, placebo research, and other investigations into “faking it ʻtil you make it” is that people tend to best succeed when envisioning themselves doing what their idealized self is doing. The key here is in picturing what kinds of activities, speech, mannerisms, posture, dress and all other aspects are part of you being that version of your best possible you. On some intuitive level, you already know what it is that you need to do, say, think, wear, and listen to in order to be that version of yourself youʼd most like to be. Just as a photosynthesizing plant already knows which of millions of possible pathways to select to most efficiently transform a photon of light into energy it can store and access, you already know what it takes to live your best possible life. 

Envision you are now taking a jump into a world that already exists, that requires simply that you already know you belong there. Imagine that you are honoring the integrity of your best self as you can picture yourself being, and know that by acting as if you are this new you, you will experience life in a whole new wonderful world of enjoyable possibility.

Envision Keep asking the question, “How good can it get?!” and genuinely wish to find out... and you will!

Cynthia Sue Larson is the author of several best-selling books, including the new book, Quantum Jumps: An Extraordinary Science of Happiness and Prosperity, available at,, itunes, and Cynthia始s website:

Live 1st and 3rd Tuesday Show: Science to Sage @ HOST: Karen Elkins Log in: Guest: Cynthia Sue Larson Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=2690

The 11 Dimensions That Make Up Physical Reality 8 Dimensions constitute the HOLOGRAPHIC PLANE (Yellow) 2 Dimensions that make up the HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR (Red) 1 Dimension - Central Axis 55 & Fine Structure Constant (Green /Multi)






27 represents Cubes of Light Particles 37 represents Spherical Waves of Vibration

Vibration conditions Light bringing it into resonance / agreement to form material things. 27 & 37 uniquely produce 3 digit recurring decimals as their effect on all other numbers. Recurring decimals are evidence of geometry, in this case, triangles. The mirrors of 27 and 37 are 72 and 73 72 is the ʻEffectʼ or ʻProjectedʼ and describes Physical Reality. 37 and 73 are ʻLimitsʼ for the Physical Universe. These are centred by the 55 Central Axis Number. 55 occurs on the 12th Stage Value for the Number 21. The 12th Prime Number is 37 and the 21st Prime Number is 73...... E = M C^2 is the same as M = E / C^2 E = 37 and C^2 = 27. Therefore M = 37 / 27 = 1.370 370 370 Recurring. th

Raise this number to the 11 dimension and we arrive at the age of the universe.

1.370370370 x 10^11 is the only age the universe could ever be.

by Anthony Morris

Perhaps the greatest mathematician of all, the self - taught Indian, Ramanujan, won acclaim at the beginning of the 20th century for his discovery of certain  congruencies  in the Partition Table shown overleaf. It is in this same Table that I hope to show the patient reader how Number can be truly seen and proved ultimately to be at the root of all Art, an idea that is in alignment with the perennial philosophy which holds that creation is the result of some ultimate master artistʼs work. The Partition Table is proffered as the algorithm for the machine that utilises and unfolds number, in an inevitable way, such that it produces what I am calling a ʻHolographic Plane,ʼ upon which Physical Reality is played out. This ʻHolographic Planeʼ stretches out across 9 Octaves / Dimensions of Space (8 plus 1 for the infrastructure of the Hologram Projector) and one Octave / Dimension of Time. The dimension of Time being perpendicular to the dimensions of Space and which also forms part of the infrastructure of the Hologram Projector. The Octaves / Dimensions are arranged as Nested Tori (donuts) within the confines of the Hologram Projector infrastructure in a Holographic Plane. The torus is the geometric representation of an octave? Spherical vibratory waves (heard by the ear as Sound) on the Number 21 inevitably creates the Fine Structure Constant via its Locked Potentials and finally produces the Carbon central axis, the space time organiser of our universe, as it meets cubed light particles on the 12th Stage Value to create the design template for all the universe. Complexity is an illusion created by an incomplete and parochial knowledge, with very little understanding of the big picture; rather like standing with oneʼs nose against a beautiful painting and being unable to take in its splendour. This is where Science is today, buried in complexity when the big picture is actually beautifully simple and elegant, not complex at all,

but retaining infinite potential for complexity through fractal geometry inside what is essentially a bounded infinity. From Platoʼs Triangles that fill up space to the 55 Stelle in Danteʼs Commedia, this paper unlocks the secrets of the Ages by revealing the numerical canon for all to see. The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, famous cathedrals like Wells and Chartres, and all the megalithic sites are shouting this numerical canon that it may never be lost. Further revelations include new insights into the chemical elements, photosynthesis and the numerical and geometric nature of Chemistry that is not appreciated at all currently. In Physics, I show the true origin of this mysterious Fine Structure Constant number, 137, while exploring the nature of the system of Numbers themselves, expounded in more detail in other works of mine. The theory appears to have many significant similarities with mainstream theory: The Standard Model and its 19 Parameters match the 19 numerical components of the Hologram Projector. Superstring Theory and its 9 Dimensions of Space and 1 of time match the Hologram Projector Infrastructure. The Holographic Principle which essentially says that a volume of space can be visualised as being encoded on a light like boundary, like a gravitational horizon. Land / Magueijoʼs Axis of Evil paper showing that polarised fields of temperature in the cosmic background radiation were organised somewhat like a basketball with an axis, indicating that the universe has always contained a potentially organising structure. This is something that is not easy to swallow for the great majority of scientists today, hence the name of the paper, Axis of Evil. Unfortunately for them, this same system is inherent to Numbers.

Complexity is an illusion created by an incomplete and parochial knowledge, with very little understanding of the big picture; rather like standing with one始s nose against a beautiful painting and being unable to take in its splendour.

a light crystallising structure, reflecting lights is there time as we know it, or a fractal continuum of space time and infinite possibilities ?

One Age, One Time?

vision is to see with your minds eye the prism of light Triangles are everywhere

Visual cortex... a three dimensional construct! In neuroscience, a great deal of effort has gone into investigating how the perceived world of conscious awareness is constructed inside the brain. The process is generally thought to involve two primary mechanisms: (1) hierarchical processing of sensory inputs, and (2) memory. Signals arising from sensory organs are transmitted to the brain and then processed in a series of stages, which extract multiple types of information from the raw input. In the visual system, for example, sensory signals from the eyes are transmitted to the thalamus and then to the primary visual cortex; inside the cerebral

Chalmers' formulation In Facing Up to the Problem of C o n s c i o u s n e s s, C h a l m e r s wrote: “It is undeniable that some organisms are subjects of experience. But the question of how it is that these systems are subjects of experience is perplexing. Why is it that when our cognitive systems engage in visual and auditory information-processing, we have visual or auditory experience: the quality of deep blue, the sensation of middle C? How can we explain why there is something it is like to entertain a mental image, or to experience an emotion? It is widely agreed that experience arises from a physical basis, but we have no good explanation of why and how it so arises. Why should physical processing give rise to a rich inner life at all? It seems objectively unreasonable that it should, and yet it does”.

cortex they are sent to areas that extract features such as

three-dimensional structure, shape, color, and motion. [106] Memory comes into play in at least two ways. First, it allows sensory information to be evaluated in the context of previous experience. Second, and even more importantly, working memory allows information to be integrated over time so that it can generate a stable representation of the world—Gerald Edelman expressed this point vividly by titling one of his books about consciousness The Remembered Present.

Christof Koch

Crystal Structure, Fractal, Holographic

An Infinite Number of Possible Realities await the Observer.

Prism of light


3 Makes everything



Image courtesy of John Stuart Reid

...crystallised prism of time? Visual cortex... a three dimensional construct!

Mind scape

Explore Your Q u a n t u m s e l f with the Portacle A Portal that takes you beyond the veil From Imaginary, to Your Reality

Enter the Realm of Consciousness By Don Estes

From your inner-space to Your Outer-space We are all black holes wandering around in space drawing in what we need to resolve these issues in order to become our one true self. We are not objects walking around in space, but rather space wandering around in space. Origin lies at the center of all things. Origin and destiny are the alpha and omega of one’s life, and in most aspects‌the same thing. - Don Estes

a portal to the quantum you twelve dimensional toroidal space

begin to spread out both internally and externally. Manifestation: Once proper action is applied, nurturing is all that remains. Once a person understands how things manifest, and what part their own consciousness plays in the process, they can begin to change both their inner and outer environments.

Intention is the instruction we give to the un-manifest to manifest.

Thought is the first step in manifesting an intention. To manifest one’s intention, real and imaginary automata (the smallest, most indivisible components of the self-operating machine) must be collected, organized and ordered into a focused concentration of intentional energy. The Portacle offers users the opportunity to meditate and focus thought. Expression is the second step of intentional manifestation. It is the ordering of the automata via expression of the original thought. The quality of such expression determines the probabilities of its manifestation. The Portacle provides a mathematical, formal type of expression that is vastly superior to informal languages like English. Action: Proper action taken on a quality expression results in manifestation. Once a choice has been made, higher-order encephalic automata take their action through the function of microtubules in the brain and

Intention, the dictionary says, “is an aim that guides an action.” Imagine for a moment that your intention (thought) is an arrow and your goal is to hit the target creating a bullseye. As much as we want to hit the target and have our ideas become real, we don’t always achieve our desire. What is it that prevents us from hitting that bullseye? All the dis-harmonic beliefs, behaviors and emotions that are at play in any given moment.

Thought is the genesis of Intention!

The Portacle is a stand alone, downloadable software program that has been called “the most powerful tool for meditation and personal development ever created”.   As the name implies, itʼs a PORTAL through to the inner world, where intention creates reality, and an ORACLE to help navigate that inner space.  It can help you learn or remember how expressing your imaginary intentions outwardly makes them real and sets into motion building blocks of reality, which combine to create the world you experience in and around yourself. We live in the space and time domain.  However, if you breathe, whisper, speak, tone, sing or otherwise express yourself into The Portacle, it reveals who you are on the other side of the quantum in the spectral domain.  It allows you to see your inner radiance, hear your inner voice, and gives you the opportunity to effect true and lasting change on yourself at the most fundamental level of reality where reality originates.  Itʼs a tool that reveals the real secret behind the law of

attraction, which if properly applied, can change your life forever. The Portacle  is the first of a new generation of true quantum biofeedback systems designed and tested by world-class supercomputers and over 60 years of combined research and development.  We say true, because until now biofeedback has been limited to feeding back unrelated signals when specified goals are accomplished, such as a beep or flash of light.  The Portacle  inputs, processes and outputs the users own unique, personal waveforms.  In addition, whereas standard biofeedback methods can find only the average mean frequency, The Portacle is based on a new technology that allows it to see the true harmony present within the signal.  All dissonance and noise is removed, so that only the true harmonic signature is captured, processed and returned.

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A Portal to Your I n n e r W o r l d Introducing the Portacle A C o m p a s s t o Yo u r R e a l a n d I m a g i n e d S e l v e s The Portacle is the latest in conscious technology   that demonstrates how your breath is related to your outer reality. The gift it brings is a view of your breath in the moment, and demonstrates through images and sound, what you   are   creating in the here and now.

Come and learn about the only technology whose purpose is to help you see and hear what you are feeling and thinking, and gives you a practical tool to help you   change that which no longer serves you.

Click Here and Learn More



By Don Estes

The thesaurus defines the opposite of imagine as know. However, as Albert Einstein pointed out… imagination is more important than knowledge and it’s been noted by others that the imagine nation is the most important nation on earth. Unfortunately, the word imagination is often conjured up when someone is wishing to imply that something is untrue, made up or fabricated. Words like figment, illusion, fantasy and dreaming have been used to construe it’s meaning whenever people wish to insinuate that something is not part of the real world we live in.

Many a true enlightening insight has

been dashed by an authoritative accusation that something is “all in your head”.

Art by Leigh j. McCloskey

Photograph taken by David Gilbert/Universe as Organism

However, imagination has also been traditionally used to describe a special faculty associated with abstract thinking, enhanced creativity and an increased ability to get things done.

It implies vision, inspiration, inventiveness, resourcefulness and originality…the so-called “mind’s eye”. There’s a huge difference between the positive meanings of this word and those former ones that imply that it’s somehow not real. Almost all of the world’s great thinkers and inventors have implied that imagination played a major role in their epiphanies and discoveries. It's therefore not surprising that the true meaning of imagination has been lost in a vortex of opposing definitions… its true meaning being possessed only by those rare few that know and remember it’s true power.

..either analyzing the actual situation or experiencing the possibilities of that same situation.

Art by Leigh J. McCloskey

REAL VERSUS IMAGINARY At any given moment, consciousness can be focused on either analyzing the actual situation or experiencing the possibilities of that same situation. Simultaneous experience of both at the same time is extremely difficult without serious training in open focus, which enhances that ability. In scientific terms these actual and potential components of reality are called real and imaginary, but it’s important to realize that far from being nonexistent, imaginary represents all of the possibilities of that which has yet to become manifest. In fact, there’s an entirely new science that specifically addresses the imaginary realm called chaos theory, which shows the mirror side of reality that conserves order in the universe. Suddenly God is back into the scientific picture as the “strange attractor”, and the other attractors are simply the other side of the so-called four primary forces. In manifesting reality, equal regard must be both given to both polarities of reality - actual and potential or real and imaginary. Imagination may be more powerful than knowledge, but knowledge represents the conservatory of that which is known about what works and what doesn’t…the experiential wisdom of the cultures. Therefore it cannot be ignored. The currently available potential of any real situation is limited to the capacities of its actual component. A pint can’t hold a quart. To accomplish that, the quart must be disassembled, rearranged and reassembled into a gallon, which can then hold the quart but has three quarts of potential as well. So, both are important, but since most people (especially westerners) are focused more on the analysis than the experience, it’s important to create techniques and technologies that help them focus on the potential inherent within experiencing life.

actual & potential Art by Leigh J. McCloskey

growth & change

With regard to the reality we experience as humans, many top scientists now agree that we collapse wave functions of possibilities into the realities we experience by simply observing them. However, in collapsing the wave, we often sway toward one extreme or the other and limit ourselves through over focus on the actual, which sometimes leads to fear and stagnation, or giving too much attention to the potential, which can lead to carelessness resulting in a crash and burn. Therefore, equal attention must be placed on both the actual and potential parts of any observation, evaluation, choice or decision. But while that attention must at first be equal, in the final analysis that attention must be differential, taking from each extreme the exact amount necessary to satisfy the current situation. For example, while one circumstance might require an 80% conservative vs. 20% liberal action, another might necessitate a 20% conservative vs. 80% liberal approach. Three pillars won’t stand with one in the middle of the other two. It has to be at a third equidistant location in order to support the other two. Each of us has a personal time governor that determines the rate at which we can grow and change. Some of us can grow at lightning speed, while others operate at a more relaxed pace. This speed of operation has a lot to do with how the focus of attention is placed on reality. Time must be taken to step back to see the big picture so that both the real and imaginary aspects of the situation are taken into consideration. Perception of the time span of the current “moment” is called the unit of time perspective. Immature beings have a very narrow UTP that expands as they begin to grow and evolve, conserve order and gain wisdom. If levels of consciousness are overlaid and plotted against time it’s clear to see how an expansion of consciousness increases UTP, which allows more access to the both the actual of the past and potential of the future.

THE TRIUNE NATURE OF REALITY Many of the recent science shows on TV have had segments on the importance of the number three in almost ever aspect of life. The existence of trinity like relationships in many of the world’s religions is bolstered by the predominance of this three-ness in science and the natural world. Richard Feynman once commented that the number three could describe everything

that we know. But why, what is so unique about the number three? An entire world can be built around this concept philosophically, but what is the essence of it? At the most basic level the reason for it is that in order for anything to be fully expressed and appreciated, it must consist of two polarities of opposite extremes‌day/night, hot/cold, on/off, rich/poor, etc.

Everything we know exists as a duality, but this stretches the extremes apart creating tension that demands release‌which further requires the action of a third associative energy. In human terms this division is between body and spirit, which are associated and resolved by mind.

operator vs machine

This duality can be seen in all aspects of life where manifestation is required‌ operator versus machine, driver versus vehicle or programmer versus computer. My favorite example is player versus instrument. Observation reveals that the more integrated the relationship is, the higher quality the outcome is and the more beautiful the music becomes.

the present is a gift of choice


Mind Art by Leigh J. McCloskey


At the most basic, fundamental level of reality a human being also consists of these two components. Brainwaves, heartbeats, and vocal signatures exhibit such real and imaginary division of function. Part of one's voice, for example, comes from the potential body, but another component comes from the actual emotions and intentions of the originator. Essentic waveforms vary the magnitude of the signal whereas intent modulates the phase. Each of us has partially actualized, but still have aspects of ourselves that are shrouded in the mystery of potential. In human terms, these real and imaginary components appear as our animal and spiritual natures, somewhat like the old cartoons where characters were forced into choosing between the little devil that shows up on one shoulder and the tiny angel that appears on the other. The tension that eventuates from such a polar differential requires a third associative aspect like conscious mind to show up to associate and resolve it. In scientific nomenclature real is symbolized by the square root of plus one, whereas imaginary is notated as the square root of minus one. Mathematically, the grand unification of real and imaginary, in the formal language of algorithm, is given as:

In an informal language like English, this equation shows how any real thing taken to the power of its own imagination results in unity and wholeness. So, once again we see the power and importance of the imaginary aspect of things.

ACTUALIZING POTENTIAL…TURNING IMAGINARY INTO REAL All manifestations are composed of complex waveforms that consist of a wide range of different frequencies. These complex signatures can be reduced all the way down into their actual and potential components. Past has become actualized while the future is still potential, and the present is a gift of choice. In order to actualize potential, it’s necessary to integrate one's imagination with the real world…raising your actual life to the power of your imagination. Unleashing this power is therefore the most important thing anyone can do to realize his or her full potential. In other words, the definition of imagination is potential…all possibilities.

innerspace THE IMAGINARY DOMAIN When knowledge begins to override imagination, then does society contain within itself the seeds of its own disassembly and destruction, mediocrity ensues and stagnation occurs.

Where is this imaginary world‌where does imagine occur? The answer to this question lies at the primary level of reality, on the other side of the quantum veil, at a point called Origin where intention creates all reality. To find this imaginary world it is necessary to follow the nested structure of reality to its most fundamental level. From super-organism consisting of organs composed of tissues made from cells constructed with molecules made from atoms that are really just primary particles, or as is now believed‌tiny vibrating strings. But what are the strings made from? Research is beginning to show that these strings and their resultant shapes are created by intention that begins as an imaginary thought, and then expressed into the real world where action can be taken to manifest it. Intention can gather, arrange and order the smallest most building blocks of reality into existence. Everything good in life has come from inside. All invention, art, events, and other realities we know as life unfolded outward from the inside to the manifest world we live in.

inherent power

Science must always be grounded in reason, although imagination and conjecture are vital to the extension of its borders. Creative imagination provides the inspiration that leads to worship of, and faith in, the Divine. It’s the circuit of contact with the superconscious indwelling spirit…a way of conversing with one’s higher self. Though man's mind is rigidly spacebound, the creative human imagination is comparatively time free and therefore capable of transcending it. Inherent imagination and spiritual receptivity is influenced by a differential chemical endowment due to the organization of certain glands like the pituitary and pineal bodies. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors either enhance or limit imagination. An individual's personality (arrangement of triune energy) definitely plays a part in their exercise of this inherent power. Therefore, one's ability to imagine will be increased or attenuated based on the following: 1. Genetic and environmental harmony (inheritance) 2. Attitude toward experiencing healthy pleasure (attitude) 3. Purity of internal dialog - willingness to listen to the innervoice (intuition) 4. Open-mindedness (balance between conservative (desire to hold onto what works) and liberal (desire to progress into new and better solutions) (understanding) 5. Desire and volition to learn, grow, and change (courage) 6. Learned and retained scientific facts (knowledge) 7. Gregariousness: ability to share with others (council) 8. Amount of time spent in spiritual communion (worship) 9. Experience: amount of retained harmonic law (wisdom) 10. Status of body/mind/spirit personality integration (unity) 11. Unit of time perspective…maturity bandwidth (discipline) 12. Awareness of cosmic citizenship (consciousness)

Art by Leigh J. McCloskey



Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a well-known term that supposedly represents the measure of a person’s so-called level of intelligence. It is proposed here that lower case (i), as in scientific nomenclature, represents imaginary and can therefore be used to notate the measure of a person’s potential for imagination in the form of a new index called iQ. It was designed to provide a relative measurement with which to evaluate the functioning of one's imaginative powers. Like its relatives IQ (intelligence quotient) EQ (emotional quotient), and AQ (attention quotient); iQ is limited or enhanced by genetics, personality, brain function, perception, and environmental influences. Intimately connected to the pleasure centers of the brain, imagination is attenuated when there is a condition of anhedonism, or the inability to experience pleasure. The Square Root of Minus One is perhaps the most mysterious number known to mankind, as it mathematically correlates to mind, consciousness, imagination, and…choice. √-1 is used in physics, engineering, and mathematics whenever the call for choice or a release of all possibilities is required to balance equations. In the shorthand language of mathematics, √-1 is replaced with a lower case i. iQ is a term created to designate the "imagination quotient", which is a measure of one’s ability to imagine or think abstractly.

MEASUREMENT AND VALIDATION OF iQ Intelligence Quotient is compiled from two different measurements. The first is the objective real to imaginary ratio of a stated expression and the second is the score of a subjective questionnaire that tests a person’s ability to imagine. Since imagination is such an unlimited concept and lends itself to personal exploration, we encourage our associates to create their own test to measure and evaluate their iQ. Below is an example of such a test that you can use as a template, but you are encouraged to add your own criteria to it. The more things you can think of that would imply imagination, the more imagination you’re expressing. For example, as mentioned before unit of time perspective is an indicator of a person’s ability to imagine. Do you have to practice patience? Do you worry? Those manners are indicators of a narrow time perspective. More mature personalities know that everything “comes to pass” and that this too will move into the past. Do you think before you act or do you pause to consider your past experience and project possible outcomes into the future? All of these are questions that you need to begin to ask yourself if you want to know how well you can imagine. Think of some more ways that indicate how well you can consider all possibilities. At one extreme of the attention scale is a narrow and unattached focus. At the other end is a diffuse and absorbed state of mind. Open focus is technique utilized to balance those two states so that both can be experienced simultaneously. An archetypal example of someone who might be too narrowly focused on the real world would be a rigid personality like a over-serious banker or CPA. On the other end of the scale would be an “airy-fairy” type of person who is so focused on the imaginary potential that they are not paying attention to the fact that they are not paying attention and taking care of things in the real world. Trying to achieve a balance is important but, as mentioned above, since we are mostly over-focused on the real world and it’s fast-paced, anxiety producing sympathetic nervous system response, it makes sense that we would practice allowing more imagination into our daily lives and consciousness.

SAMPLE PERSONAL iQ QUESTIONNAIRE Answer the following questions on a scale from one to ten: where one = 100% real/actual and ten = 100% potential/imaginary:

SUBTOTAL (A) - Personal Questionnaire (iQ) (Ten Points for each question without the X) Total Possible = 100 Use the template, or create your own, to track your own relationship with InnerSpace and estimate your Imagination Quotient.

REAL TO IMAGINARY RATIO (R:I) The ratio between the real and imaginary components of a human biometric reveals the current balance between the actual and potential aspects of an individual. The biometric can be brainwaves, heartbeats or preferably…a stated intention with the voice. Research has shown that breath is the biometric of choice by modern science for determining whom a person is and what they want, because that’s the mechanism we were given to say who we are and what we want. Aspiration reveals who a person is and how they behave…their manner of being and doing. Inhalation reveals how life is taken in to the inner environment, while exhalation shows how it’s returned after processing and radiated back into the outer one. The voice is mostly a reforming and modulation of the breath, while allows more expression to be added to the air passing through. What the sages and mystics have been saying about breath for eons is now beginning to be observed and proven with modern science.

AUTOMATA The primary components of a complex waveform are known as automata, the smallest, most indivisible building blocks of reality both tangible and intangible. They can be measured in human biometric signals like voice and breath expressions and used to create a biofeedback process that allows a person to see and hear their stated intention in its pre-quantum state. Automata come in two forms, actual and potential. All observed reality is partly actualized but partly still hidden in potential. Using phase variance, the distribution of the ratio between these two aspects of a person’s breath and voice can be measured and tracked in actual time. The diagram to the opposite page is an actual screen from The Portacle™, a quantum biofeedback technology from Psiometric Science, Inc.


Stress Release and Management, with simultaneous Inspiration and Bliss.

Rehabilitation and Habit Refocusing.

Personal Development – SelfAwareness, Exploration, Realization and Mastery.

Yoga, TM, Zen, Mantras, Toning, Contemplation and Worship.

Transformation - Mood, Career, Finances, Relationship and Home.

Sports - Centering, Grounding, Inspiring, Focus and Perseverance.

Vocal Training - Accuracy and Precision of Voice for Singing or Acting.

Learning – Perfect for Students and Actors for Enhancing Memory & Cognition.

Manifestation of Intention Obtaining, Achieving, Changing or Becoming.

Adjunct to your Favorite Meditation or Personal Development Training.

Allasso – Transcending Human… Beyond Mortal… Transformation from an Evolutionary Physical Creature to an Existential Spiritual Essence.

It shows the real-time distribution of a stated intention as percentages of the total energy output:

Where: Red = manifest, physical, tangible Green = mental, emotional, associative Blue = un-manifest, spiritual, intangible Grey = combination of real & imaginary, complex The cumulative association of these three values shows in the bottom right hand corner as a signed percentage, where positive indicates a skew toward real and negative designates imaginary. SUBTOTAL (B) – Imaginary Ratio = 0-100% Total iQ = A + B = 0-200 iQ points.

Neuro-Navigator's Guide to Transformation TIPS AND SUGGESTIONS

1. Work on the weaknesses revealed in the iQ Questionnaire. 2. Practice thinking abstractly…thinking out of the box. 3. Play pretend with your kids or those of friends more often. 4. Put more effort into problem solving. 5. Express yourself in the truth, beauty, or goodness of art in free and liberal ways…draw outside of the box.

6. Take training in developing more compassion. 7. Take a spiritual sabbatical. 8. Enroll in a course in lucid dreaming. 9. Exercise your breath! The way you inhale and exhale reveals the way in which you aspire to be. The deeper you breath, the further you can fly and the more possibilities your mind can imagine.

10. Learn to gather, optimize and release automata that represent your intention through expression. Practice nurturing your intentions after you’ve expressed them into being.

11. Create your own personal Algorithm of Transformation. 12. Spend more time in contemplation and worship. 13. Pause before acting and consider your experience from the past and what might occur in the future from the choices you make in the present.

Article by Don Estes Science to Sage a @

Don Estes Interview, click & listen EpisodeID=2401

R a d i o S h o w A r c h i v e d (click to view)

Don Estes

and sound therapy, relaxation, arbitration, entertainment and expanded states of mind. His intellectual property is garnered from over thirty years experience in the unification of science, philosophy and religion and includes theories, proprietary knowledge and patents in the fields of light, color, sound, music and algorithmic automata. His unique combination of experience in both the hard and soft sciences represents the essence of true neuroscience. Don Estes is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director and professionally trained neuroscientist who has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine. He has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, Entertainment Tonight, Science Frontiers, and the Discovery Channel hits Beyond 2000 and Next Step, which won an Emmy award in 1994. In addition, his work has been featured in Wired, Computer Design, and Los Angeles Magazines and many other national and international media. He is also the author of many articles as well as a book called Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, which is illustrated by a large wall chart titled the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality, one of the most complete compendiums of scientific and philosophical knowledge ever assembled. He is founding director and CEO of InnerSense, Inc. and inventor of Vi b r a S o u n d ® S e n s o r y R e s o n a n c e ™ technologies used by both professional and nonprofessionals all over the world for music

In addition, he has consulted with hundreds of rejuvenation retreats, day spas, mind spas, medical professionals and location based entertainment facilities worldwide, having personally designed, built and operated three award-winning facilities called InnerSpace™, MindWave™ and Aha! Spa™. Don, and his partners in the UK and Canada, have recently revolutionized vibrational science by aligning old world alchemy with modern age supercomputers. Combing their corporations together they have now created Psiometric Science, Inc., which is currently engaged in bringing nextgeneration, transformative technologies to the world. He currently lives the Aha! Experience on a daily basis with his wife and two children, dog, cat and hamster in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles. the

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Miracles Are




Donna Eden Energy Medicine is based on the understanding that any physical, mental, or behavioral problem has a counterpart in the body始s energies and can be treated at that level. Every conceivable health problem, psychological challenge, or dysfunctional habit can be improved if not overcome by intelligently shifting the energies in the body that are "Even as the technologies for detecting and measuring subtle energies grow more sophisticated,

maintaining that condition. This extends from treating cancer or multiple sclerosis to losing weight to increasing your vitality to improving your performance at

the human body remains the most sensitive and

something that really matters to you. And in the process,

powerful known instrument

you become more consciously, intimately, and joyfully

for directing the flow of subtle energies for health and healing. . . ."

involved in the deepest workings of your physical body, a journey that extends down to your soul.

The mind can be used to direct subtle energies, but subtle energies impact the mind. You need to understand these influences in both directions to use yourself, your mind, and your hands effectively in directing subtle energies for healing and well-being. Energy Medicine is the art and science of doing just that.






child see and feel in





... that told me about their character and what they were going through. After healing myself of a potentially fatal illness for which there was no effective medical treatment when I was in my early 30s (multiple sclerosis, diagnosed when I was 16 and causing my organs to break down by my late 20s), I learned that this ability to see the body始s energies could be used in the service of helping people with physical problems. I wanted to share what I had learned and started a practice in energy healing. One of my first clients was a woman with ovarian cancer. She came with the hope that I could help relax her body and prepare it for a surgery that was scheduled in five days. She had been told to "get her affairs in order" as her immune system was so weak that her chances of surviving the surgery were limited. Metastasis was also suspected. From looking at her energy, I was certain the cancer had not metastasized. While her energy was dim and collapsed close to her body, the only place that looked like cancer to me was in her left ovary. In addition, the texture and vibration and appearance of the energy coming up through her ovary was responsive to my work with her. I could see and feel it shift, and by the end of the session, the pain that had been with her for weeks was gone. I told her that her body was so responsive to what I had done that I wondered about her plan to have surgery. I was concerned that her immune system was, indeed, too weak, and I was confident that by working with her energy, not only would her immune system be strengthened, the tumor's growth could be reversed. While I made my statements with the strong disclaimers required to avoid immediate arrest for practicing medicine without a license, she responded to the implication that she cancel the surgery with horror. I suggested she at least delay the operation for two weeks. She scheduled a session with me for the next day and said she would discuss the surgery with her husband.

That evening I received a call from her husband. He was outraged and threatening. He called me a "quack." He said I was putting his wife's life in jeopardy by giving her false hope, and he told me I would never have another chance to confuse her like this. He made it clear that she would not be coming back. When I began to respond, he hung up. I called back a short while later. She answered. Talking in hushed tones, she was clearly uncomfortable speaking with me. I said, "Okay, don't postpone the surgery, but please keep your appointment tomorrow. You don't have to pay. You have nothing to lose. I believe in what I am saying. In fact, I want you to bring your husband in with you. Find a way!" She did not believe he would come in, but the next day, they both arrived for the appointment. I had her lie down on the massage table. My hope was to find a way to give this traditional and skeptical man, so poignantly fierce in his protection of his wife, an experience of healing energy that his senses could not deny. I could see a dark, dense energy at the site of his wife's left ovary, and it felt like my hand was moving through a muddy swamp. I asked the husband to place his hand a few inches above the area and begin to circle it, using a motion that tends to draw energy out of the body. To his great surprise, not only could he immediately feel that he was moving against something, within two minutes his hand was pulsing with pain. To his utter amazement, his wife reported that her pain diminished as his increased. By the end of the session she was again pain-free, felt better, and looked better. I had also been able to show them both, through the use of "energy testing," that we had been able to direct healing energies from her immune system to the area of her cancer. I taught him a set of procedures to use with her every day. They decided to temporarily postpone the surgery and ask for further medical tests prior to rescheduling it. After about ten days of these daily treatments from him and three more sessions with me, she went through the additional testing. The tumor was gone.

I have in the thirty-five years since that early experience taught literally tens of thousands of people how to manage their own energy systems. The key to Energy Medicine is that all things physical are patterned

... it is easier than you

around energetic forms. Any conceivable health problem can be helped

might imagine to learn

if not overcome by intelligently shifting the energies in the body that are

how to mobilize inner

maintaining that condition.

And in the process, you become more

consciously, intimately, and joyfully involved in the deepest workings of

forces that enhance

your physical vehicle, a journey that extends down to your soul.

your health, empower

We can all create healthy changes in the way our bodies respond to the

your mind, and brighten

stresses and challenges of the modern world. Your body can learn better ways of processing food, stress, speed, transition, electromagnetic

your spirit.

fields, even pollution. We canʼt wait for evolution to bring about these adaptations. By becoming knowledgeable about your body as an energy system, and learning how to unblock, move, sedate, and enhance the subtle energies that are its infrastructure, you become a master rather than victim of your physical destiny. I do not know of a more important skill to develop. The first practitioner of energy medicine is you. We are required today to live in conscious partnership with our body's energy systems if we are to fully thrive. And it is easier than you might imagine to learn how to mobilize inner forces that enhance your health, empower your mind, and brighten your spirit.

Donna Eden, a pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine for 35 years, is among the fieldʼs most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons. Able to clairvoyantly "see" the body's energies since childhood, her healing abilities are legendary. Her book, Energy Medicine, was the Health Book of the Year at the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards and it was the U.S. Book News Self-Help book of the year. Translated into 18 languages, it is the classic in the field. Its sequel, Energy Medicine for Women, also won golds in two national competitions. More than 80,000 people have attended Donnaʼs classes, and she has trained more than six hundred practitioners who are fully certified in her approach to Energy Medicine. Donna will be teaching a class in the Vancouver area the weekend of February 21 – 23. It is part of a Northwest teaching tour that also includes Seattle and Portland. For more information, visit

The key to Energy Medicine is that all things physical are patterned around energetic forms.

Freddy Silva

Link to read articles by Freddy Silva as seen in Science to Sage


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BETSY CHASSE UPLIFTING STORY of SPILT MILK FREE Talk & Signing with BETSY CHASSE, Co-Creator of "What The Bleep Do We Know?!"

Th ur s d a y, Fe b 2 0 , 6:30-8 pm Loc a t i o n : Ba n y e n B o o k s Va n c o u v e r , B C

Stories entertain us and entrance us, but even more importantly they guide us through life. Our stories soak deep into our unconscious mind and form the base maps that we follow. Stories from other cultures can sometimes be even more useful for us, better than our current stories, but only if we understand what they mean. In this multimedia presentation, Bernie Clark will present several stories from the East and the West that highlight what base maps we have created, which we follow unknowingly through our daily life. By getting to know what great mythic themes you base your life on, you can start to make skillful choices as to which stories really work for you.

BANYEN BOOKS & SOUND Tickets: (604) 737-8858

Exchange We have all we need, the solution is to trust each other and do this together.

How to make money and build abundance without loans or investors and replace banks There will be new communities built in

regeneration technologies for healing

the next year or two that stand out as

(physical, emotional and spiritual). These

beacons of light. Places where at low

people live in crystalline buildings which

cost and fast return state-of-the-art in

will last for thousands of years and which

technologies are fully integrated into daily

instead of draining the energy from us

living - the people there have free energy,

like cement and gypsum, create a

the highest quality organic food (picked

positive energy flow into the people,

on the spot), purified and hyper-

plants and animals living within them –

energised water and they use cellular

they lock our EMF and radiation.

article and photography Mike Upstone

One frustration for many people connected with such visions is that the elements are all here now, many have been around for a long time. They have never been put together, yet it seems obvious that such a holistic solution is going to cost a fraction of the cost of the mainstream norm and that the key issue is not really cost, but cost-benefit or payback. The key road block to making this happen has been money, or rather the fixation on money as the only end result and the accounting mentality of looking at what everyone else is putting in and trying to make our slice of the pie bigger instead of growing the pie itself. We already have communities, we have people waking up by the million and we have inventors with paradigm changing technologies who want to reach them... advanced technologies, for food, water, waste, energy, health care, building materials and so much more. It's not been happening though... “everything is connected� has been slow to come to consciousness when it comes to economy and money. In real terms an economy is made of the sweat, ideas, innovations, inventions and creativity of all the people who make it and upon this everything else is predicated. The minerals, gold and everything else count for nothing without this human input which manifests in so many forms. The key element everyone has been waiting for is funding, this article explains

how we can make this happen now and create our own funding – simply by making a mechanism for joining people together. On the community here in Sweden we are aiming to do something different, instead of waiting for someone else to come in and one concept is for us to make our own money. The process to enable this to happen is simple, we connect to inventors and technology producers who have paradigm changing products to bring to the world and we ask them to accept payment in the form of an alternative currency we create.

The technologies will cover the full spectrum of basic necessities - food, water, waste, energy, health care and building materials. This will have several economic effects for the community, it will not only reduce costs but turn the surpluses into positive cash flows coming in to the community. It will also provide a basis for co-manufacture of simple technologies, for sales of technologies themselves and services based on them, for training courses and seminars. This will create a holistic model for not just sustainability but abundance. The inventors and technology suppliers will in turn get committed partners who can help them to manufacture simple devices on a local basis, and where the technology is too complex to manufacture they will get people who can demonstrate and sell it, sell surpluses of food and energy, sell health care provision, train people in the technologies, and act as consultants.

Connecting paradigm changing

The key messages I can share are these: the power of economy is the power of connecting people together.

The provision of one place where the spectrum of technologies covering all basic living needs are gathered together is expected to generate wider interest, which I believe will bring in people from outside to buy products including locally grown organic food (grown year round with aquaponics), energy technologies, and treatments from some of the world's most advanced healing devices such as the Cosmodic, Soft Laser and Healing Blanket, which promote cellular regeneration – literally the regrowing of the body to heal issues like arthritis through the stimulation of stem cell production and bodily coherence. This approach is intended to provide year round growing of fruit and vegetables including tropical varieties in a controlled environment, not just pure water but structured and energised water. A key

element is that the currency will be linked to energy and this means the notes will appreciate in value as energy prices rise – an inflation hedge for the technology providers. The incoming revenues are in the Swedish national currency, the Krone. The Krone will be set aside into a special bank account to perform the conversion of their holdings in the community currency at a later date. The launch of the currency also enables the community members to invest in these notes and a limited number will be made available on the open market for currency collectors to participate as well as local traders and suppliers.

The process for this money creation is already underway, we are designing the most beautiful currencies we possibly can. These will be denominated in kilowatt hours. The notes will be initially made available to the people in the community, some outside suppliers and also to collectors of currencies – which is one reason we want to make them look as attractive as possible. The intention is that this exercise will encourage people to buy currency and bring in initial funds to help to do the conversion from Swedish Krone into Dollars, Pounds and other currencies. These funds will be set aside for the technology providers and as costs turn to income for the local people those funds (again Swedish Krone) will be set aside into a bank account to convert more of the local currency into a fund, so the inventors can continue to convert their notes into their own national currency. This conversion mechanism is key – without it the inventors have notes they will not be able to spend wherever they live and work – and this is one of the key differences in our alternative currency compared to most others... a link to convert the local currency into legal tender. Linkage to energy has other benefits for all parties as it forms an 'inflation hedge'. With dollars, pounds and Euros being printed into oblivion there is only one direction energy prices are going in the short term and that is up. In real terms what is happening is that national currencies are reducing in value as a result of increased supply. This is a key mechanism to encourage technology providers and local people to invest in and accept our currency.

Energy Notes

As production of food, water, energy, health care and building provision is rolled out the costs of living for the community will be reduced – drastically – and then turned in to income through the generation of surpluses. Along the way we expect to produce the best food in Sweden. Instead of locals heading to the supermarket to buy organic fruit and veg which has been picked early and shipped half way around the world, they will be able to visit a straw bale barn with a controlled environment. This will be a place where they can pick their own products not native to here including avocados and other items which are currently shipped, reducing transport and storage costs and wastage, while improving food quality enormously.

We end up with a holistic model – one which can attract attention by integrating all the necessities of life and linking them to state-of-the-art technology solutions, to produce full spectrum abundance, a place where all the other community needs are catered to out of the profits of that abundance. This will bring in people from outside who want to taste what a real organic and fresh avocado tastes like, or a pomegranate picked that morning. A particular emphasis is placed on the energy linkage of the currency. As explained earlier this will create an inflation hedge, however in the longer term when the new generation of energy technologies hits the general consciousness, the perception of 'free energy' in particular, prices will begin to fall. This is not something to be seen as undesirable – it's a design feature of the currency. There is a major problem in transitioning between a world of scarcity and where everything in the economy is measured in terms of energy to one where if energy is free, everything is free. A conscious linkage between energy and currency means that as the value of things is reduced so is the currency. This is known by economists by the French word “demurrage”, it means rust and refers to a gradual reduction in value. So it makes sense to link the reduction of value of money to the reduction of value of everything else, this will form a natural link, bridging these two very different paradigms, preventing a gap or collision between them.

There are 3 primary functions of money – a medium of exchange, a stable measure of value and a method of storing wealth. Our energy backed currency will fulfil all three, but as demurrage begins it will reduce in value. This demurrage is an advantage as it means the money will be encouraged to circulate more quickly, the evidence is that local and alternative currencies already circulate more quickly and efficiently than national currencies – the movement of this energy within the economy is powerful and positive, if the money flows the economy is vibrant. As an example a typical local currency is the Lewes Pound, which comes from the UK. Despite no linkage to energy and just being a token to facilitate economic exchange (yes, like dollars and pounds) this currency is accepted by local shops and businesses and it circulates 4 times more quickly than the Pound issued by private bankers on behalf of the UK Government. The issue of storing wealth through currency saving in the longer term can be resolved by linking to other technologies. The intention is that these technologies will extend the capabilities of the local community, or even be linked to technologies to clean up toxic land and water. In this case it means we can invest in projects using bacteria and frequencies to remove toxic mining by-products including arsenic and cyanide which destroy the value of land and create a major liability if trapped mine water gets released into the environment

Partnering with natural allies means we can create an international distribution

Saving the Planet

– and the technologies can yield a profit from the capture of gold, silver and other minerals

our method of saving will be linked to saving the planet and by turning low cost toxic liabilities produced by the process. So,

into positive income as well as restored land value in all senses.

We can create our own form of bank off the back of this exercise and if we do that it will be one co-owned by the people. The functions of storing wealth will be separated from the function of currency exchange and other banking functions, such as creating debit cards and using them as a further interface with the outside world. The aim here is a new model for conscious connection, not isolationism, not a typical regulated bank, but a simple model that can be copied elsewhere and others can link to and help grow. It is especially important for conscious communities to find ways to connect together and support each other so the model itself is open source – we want others to join in.

So where do we start?


process of designing the notes is underway. These will be offered to the local community, to technology providers, to local service providers, currency collectors and others wishing to support this initiative. Our intention is to integrate world class technologies for the first time into a truly conscious and holistic community environment. We will build our model small scale, test it and use holistic systems thinking methods to continually improve what we do. Everything moves from this conscious creation of our own currency... if you wish to support this initiative please contact me.

We can create our own form of bank off the back of this exercise and if we do that it will be one co-owned by the people.

If you are a technology supplier or an investor we would like to hear from you. If you are an investor and prepared to accept security interest based on pre-paid life insurance, prepared to accept fixed returns for zero risk + a profit share or licensing or other benefits from supporting paradigm changing technologies, prepared to donate land (or to cocreate a new paradigm with it) now is the time for us to come together.

Michael Upstone Skype: mike_upstone



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On this grand membrane surface of the planet we are here to live unbounded, in full presence, and as conveyed from the wisdom transmissions of the Vedas (wisdom texts of India), we have a passage that conveys detachment while fully immersed. The passage is as follows:-

“Work and live as an act of offering to achieve immortal fame and complete satisfaction of having lived a successful life. Remember you are a child of immortality and that all life is but an offering. Never forget that the nectar-honey of the flower of mercy is for those who are detached, and the life offered is the life accepted. Let the sacred flame of divine fire shine brightly in your soul.”

Passages as the one you just read followed by another passage which centers the field of intellect as,

”what is within us is perfection; the outer world can attain perfection only when the inner world inspires, guides, molds and shapes the outer world.”



Why are topics as this being given prominence by global business communities, and why are many organizations seeking to implement tested Eastern wisdom practices that can cultivate a culture of personal growth to achieve organizational success?

“Art of War” by Sun Tzu Our present business models have been influenced by the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, focused on unyielding discipline with a few highlighted key fundamental points, as:


GREED IS GOOD: Troops have to see there is “advantage from

defeating the enemy” in order to be motivated. Share the booty with the rank and file and give them shares of conquered territory 2.!

BE TOUGH: Sun Tzu calls for “Iron Discipline; If you indulge troops

with too much kindness and donʼt maintain your authority, theyʼll be useless for any practical purpose. 3.!


to win without a fight. If the odds are bad, retreat and wait for another opportunity. Long campaigns strain resources and make you vulnerable. 4.!

BEAT THE ENEMY: War is a vital fact of life that cannot be neglected

by a responsible sovereign. Winning requires clever tactics and, in some cases, deception (conveying pleasant untruths)


Bhagvad Gita, a key Hindu text Letʼs consider a choice replacement from the Bhagvad Gita, a key Hindu text containing the wisdom of Lord Krishna, with focus on your thoughts and actions rather than the outcome, to “The Art of War”; in order by the points:


GREED IS BAD: One should never engage in action only for

the desire of rewards. Acting on worldly desires only leads to failure. Do well and good things will come. 2.!

BE FAIR: Enlightened leaders are compassionate and selfless,

and treat everyone as their equals. Followers will rally around them and follow their example. 3.!

ACT RATHER THAN REACT: A leaders actions today can

become the “karma” that influences his/her status tomorrow. Leaders accomplish excellence by taking action. 4.!


problems within their larger contexts. Show sensitivity to multiple stakeholders including shareholders, employees, partners and neighbors.

Better business practices for a better world

These four points in order address the following: • On financial incentives • On managing tiered structures • On initiative • On the ultimate goal. Summarizing these points has been succinctly conveyed by C.K.Prahalad; Professor at The University of Michigan in these words: 1.!

Inclusive capitalism, where corporations can

simultaneously create value and social justice. 2.!

The ultimate challenge is to create capitalism or

“Karma capitalism” that places individuals at the center of the universe. The author along with Dr. Pradeep Deshpande; a Six Sigma Professional and Emeritus Professor of Chemical Engineering at The University of Louisville are actively conducting seminars globally with scientific measurement devices on:


"Dr. Krishna Madappa, President and co-founder of The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability, based in Taos, New Mexico. He is an educator, Inner Excellence Coach & Holistic consultant, based in Taos, New Mexico, U.S.A. Born and raised in the Andaman Islands of India; educated both in India, USA and Russia in Mechanical and Industrial engineering, Ayurveda, Bio-field sciences and business management; he is totally immersed in scientific explorations, education and transmissions that integrate Science and Theosoulistic (spirituality)evolution of human."

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Guest: Krishna Madappa & Konstantin Korotkov Show: Science to Sage @ HOST: Karen Elkins archived show

Don Estes For a sound Mind & a s o u n d w o rl d

sound Ideas sound technologies for conscious living In the early 80's neuroscientist Don Estes, a Georgia native, invented the legendary VibraSound® WaveTable and later founded InnerSense, Inc., the company that manufactures and markets a variety of VibraSound systems as well as other sensory immersive technologies. Don's experience first as a musician, then as medical laboratory director and certified EEG technologist and finally as a technical specialist for Coulter Electronics, Inc., paved the way for his career in neurotechnology / sensory discovery. Don continues his neurotechnology research and plans to develop more sensory tools like the VibraSound® and MindWave™ for professional as well as public uses. He has published a book about what he has learned about the amazing world of vibration entitled Harmonic Law: The Science of Vibration, and its master illustration…the Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality.

state of the art

Sensorium For a Peak Experience

Sensoriums, tunes you into your inner scape through a meaningful experience that synchronize the senses, relax the body, inspire the minds, and exhilarate the spirit.

The Psiodelic Visualizer images projected on the Dome screen are unlike other audio visualizers in that they don't use sound to modulate known geometries, but are rather drawn directly from the mathematical harmonies of the real and imaginary components.


Virtual Tours Sense station Escape to your innerSpace Enter the Realm of Consciousness In a mall of literacy

The VibraSound® VR Light, Sound and Vibration Dome is a state of the art Sensorium that allows an individual or group to see, hear and feel synchronized sounds, light, color, music, aroma and 3D virtual reality. Imagine floating in the ocean when a pod of friendly dolphins appear and begin to communicate. You see, hear and feel them in every cell of your body. Your disbelief is suspended and you feel like you're really there. The smell of the ocean, the heat of the sun, the warm breeze. The echolocations of the dolphins are piercing your body and mind. You feel profoundly relaxed, but yet extremely excited and inspired at the same time. You have just experienced an InnerTainment™ Experience in a VibraSound® Sensorium.

Virtual Realities under the dome Neuronauts enter into a different world so virtually real that it suspends all disbelief. Themes range from ancient to current and futuristic with finely detailed natural, underwater, or ethereal landscapes.

Patrons become neuronauts exploring innerspace, and the operators become NJ (neurojockeys).

Ride Themes • Creation – Witness the creation and evolution of the world and mankind. See how resonance was behind it all. • The Future – A flight through a future city showing harmonic diversity of different cultures. • InterSpecies Communication – An encounter with a pod of friendly dolphins. • Virtual Vision Quest™ – The teachings of the indigenous cultures while “flying” through their sacred lands.

Visualize the past on a dreamlike flight through ancient ruins or see what is to come while zooming through a futuristic city in a space-age vehicle. Or imagine a realistic encounter with a pod of friendly dolphins who bring their healing echoes into every cell of your body. Whereas it is unlikely that most people would ever commit themselves to a sweat lodge initiation, they jump to experience Virtual Vision Quest™ hosted by the Hopi Elders as they float effortlessly through native sacred lands. Each of these journeys can be experienced alone or in conjunction with some other form of therapy such as massage or cosmetic procedure.

Euphoria The result is a long-lasting euphoria that is not only extremely relaxing but also simultaneously highly stimulating and inspirational. In addition, through repeated effort, the process actually trains the individual how to move into this desired state at will…one of the most powerful life coping skills a person can possess. The ability to remain calm but inspired under stress can be a very valuable tool, and is the first secret to creating one’s own reality.

Design The custom dome can be designed to any size up to 120 feet and accommodates all models of VibraSound Sensory Vehicles; chairs, tables and beds. Combined with the highest resolution 3D virtual reality projection, next-generation music modulated eye's closed light s h o w a n d s o p h i s t i c a t e d m u s i c t h e r a p y, t h e VibraSound® Sensorium delivers a one of a kind experience that is rarely forgotten. Leading all of the sensory mechanisms into one coherent experience brings about a state called Sensory Resonance™ where there is no distraction due to threat or novelty. Everything adds up, fits the picture and makes sense. The mind begins to balance its normal narrow focus with a more diffused and absorbed state. Analysis becomes Experience and one begins to feel reality as well as think about it. For a moment, you forget about the stresses and concerns about the outside world. Suddenly, on the inside...AHA! epiphony...a profound realization that changes your life forever...a Peak Experience that changes your manner of being and doing. This is the process of Transformation. VibraSound® can accelerate the speed and enhance quality of learning and change. The Dome can be custom built and equipped for almost any purpose or venue. With over 20 years of experience in designing, building and managing facilities around the world, we can help you with all aspects of your entertainment facility, wellness center, or corporate • relaxation and recreation room. Call (310-828-7714) for a demonstration.

Copyright 2009 by InnerSense, Inc. 2118 Wilshire Blvd. #730, Santa Monica, CA. 90403

healing The LSV Dome has many practical applications. Perfect for entertainment

• Music Therapy • Sensory Resonance • biofeedback • mediation • transformation • Reduces Stress • Relaxation • Inspiration • Solution oriented

sense Stations Private Sessions Enter the Realm of Consciousness

• Music Therapy • Sensory Resonance • biofeedback • mediation • transformation • Reduces Stress • Relaxation • Inspiration • Solution oriented

InnerTainment™ Enter the Realm of Consciousness

InnerTainment™ is a classroom for higher consciousness…a training facility for personality integration of Body and Spirit via the Mind. Being fun, therapeutic and educational at the same time renders it somewhat of a thera-edu-taiment facility.

Science The concept and themes of InnerTainment are backed up by research using HRV (heart rate variability), EEG (brainwave studies) and other forms of biometric testing and analysis, showing that the technology can produce:

Healthy Pleasure – Inspirational as well as relaxing – therapeutic for anhedonism (the inability to experience pleasure).

Time Restructuring - VibraSound® is a NO-TIME machine that assist the patron in escaping time and space.

Balanced Autonomic Nervous System - Sympathetic versus Parasympathetic. Expanded versus focused attention.

Sensory Resonance™ - A state of mind where all of the senses are united and cohered by the same experience leading to higher states of mind. Simultaneous stimulation and relaxation.

Attention Reprioritizing - Instead of being required to take control, InnerTainment™ asks you to simply let go, enjoy and relax into the experience.

Grand Unification of Real & Imaginary - Resolution vs. Solution (Actual vs. Potential).

Progressive Evolution - Progressive levels of Consciousness Patrons grow in awareness.

The Big Idea Dream

I’ve Worked it... b y

K a r e n

E l k i n s

The One Hub New curriculum for Living Science to Sage A book by Karen & Friends - InsideOUT

R ef lecting on the Purpose of Education

When I reflect on Education, from my years invested with “gifted” and creative learners and as co-founder of Silbury Education and Resource Center, a system can too often gloss over the true meaning and purpose of life - the personal quest to be individually expressed, creative, and to be seen and understood. Without this spark, ones lifeʼs work can be but a struggle and suffering – birth to death. This is the death of one,s soul.   We can look at many theories that tell us what to do and how to be, yet God has imprinted on YOU a unique fingerprint. Your creation must come from your core. Yet through our relating to others we begin to see ourselves. “I am that, I am”. Our reflections and projections reveal our identity. This is one of our greatest teachers. Any theory of learning should explore relationships from self-discovery and, I will also say, selfrecovery. For all the moments I walked a child through their pain, or witnessed their joy, there was for me, nothing more touching, memorable or rewarding. There are too many walking wounded from the very institutions that are meant to prepare us for life. Over the years of dealing with the unique needs of children what was clear is that without a holistic approach to education we cannot honor the varied needs of children and families. Learning to navigate life is more then memorizing facts. We must also address the emotional, creative, and learning differences. We must ready youth to adapt to the rapid speed of change within industries. And now, business is being done on a

global scale and one must learn to navigate across cultural perspectives. There is much pride here. This expanding awareness of our interconnectedness from counties to cosmos is critical at this time. Divergent perspectives and thinking will gift us the wisdom to be better stewards to ourselves and to the planet. Consider that the great shiefs of indigenousness cultures made decisions not on the bottom line of a quarter, but for generations to come. They knew that life re-cycles, and that includes us. We need to inspire generations to respect the very foundation that sustains us, the feminine force known as creation. Without this understanding we risk destroying the very life that bathes, feeds, warms, and grounds us for this experiential journey. That is why education has to be relevant and personal. Anyway you look at life radiates from the inside out. Fostering awe and wonder likened to the great minds of Leonardo Di Vince, Benjamin Franklin, Newton, Tesla who saw the inherent wisdom in nature and that includes our nature, for me, would be an educational system worth creating. Life is an adventure anyway one explores. See my thoughts and solutions in the following pages.

Year One Silbury www.siencetosage/

imagine A New Curriculum for Living The Secret Teaching of All Ages for Our Times. There is a tapestry that as been woven that reveals the wisdom of the ages. It’s been in plane view, yet without modern technology we could not decipher its code.

The mystics and science see our interconnectedness to the web of life. One may call it the ethereal field, the ONE Mind, the Cosmos, or God. Anyway one looks at this it is evident that there is a Force in the field.

From these insights we can evolve A New Curriculum for Living with the power to usher in a new era for humanity. The Renaissance Masters and the Ancient Sages were empowered with this knowledge and knew the arts and the sciences where aspects of the ONE. These great minds were also profoundly spiritual and acknowledged the source of their inspiration. To pass this over would be to take out a huge component in any educational equation. This is the part most science is dancing around.  Many have  said this is the elephant in the room. What makes matter move? Why does it evolve as it does? Where does consciousness come from? The beauty of the converging of science with the mystical is that now you can SEE the power of your word and the light that resides within. It can clearly be demonstrated the vibrational field we live in. The sages did not speak in metaphors but in truth of what they had experienced.

As above, so below and so within. I believe, this wisdom give us the understanding and incentive to be better stewards to ourselves and for our planet. ALL is made of matter...that is why it is call our Universe-the one song. So again, imagine a New Curriculum for Living that is  dynamic and ageless. The lines of investigation will demonstrated the web we live in and  the ones we weave. This curriculum ideas are in my book InsideOut. It features leading edge science and the science of the mind. Creating Science to Sage Magazine has allowed to evolve this concept. Each issue is themed for this reason.

The Goal Igniting a passion for lear ning, spark humanitarian values and evolve individuals as leaders and innovators for a sustainable 21st century.

A New Curriculum for Living Imagine what a “Jedi” school would look like today.

Guiding post Mastery comes when you... To know you are DIVINE by birth; You are the master of your own universe; This is a university for our soul’s advancement; To know the intelligence of our universe; To know it is not random, yet all is relevant; To think creatively and divergently; To know the power of imagination; To know the power of your word; To know the power of integrity;

By Karen Elkins & leading edge scientist Wow...this should come with a warning that opening it might cause lost time, slipped appointments, altered states, experiences of bliss, changes in worldview...and deep gratitude for you and for our participation in creation. This is the Secret Teaching of All Ages of our times. Thank you , Bless you. Foster

To know the power in the question; To know and feel the power of the Force; To know the wisdom of genius; To feel the power of purpose and passion; and To see the interconnectedness in all of creation.

A New Curriculum for Living Imagine what a “Jedi” school would look like today.

Life’s Measure Mathematics is the Knowledge of the ONE’S Equation Music is how we Play the ONE’S Measure

Donate to this vision We are doing business as The One Hub Science to Sage

and Notes in Time Dance is how we Embody the ONE’S Movement and Rhythm Art is how we

Silbury School Society is a nonprofit with Charitable Status, Registered in Canada, BC Board Members are:

Present the ONE’S Vision, the Full

Karen Elkins

spectrum of His Delight Our

Josef Tyls

Living Canvas represents the ONE

Janet Law

we pick To Experience and Express

Contact: Karen Elkins

this Gift in this ONE life time

ONE is no better than the’s All ONE’S Creation Revealing Self to ONE another in Measure, Rhythm, Cycles and Time. by Karen Elkins

Science to Sage YOU TUBE

Guest: Josef Tyls, Feb. 18th Show: Science to Sage @ HOST: Karen Elkins



A Portal to a New understanding

imagine A Platform for innovative thinkers

Subscription Rate $45 6 Issues




Dr. Emoto

Gerald Pollack

John Haglen

Howard Martin

Krshna Madappa

Richard Merrick

Joyce Hawkes

Wal Thornhill

John Stuart Reid

Dr. Bruce Lipton & Margret Horton

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Konstantin Kortocfo

Rupert Sheldrake

Eliza Mada Dalian


Leigh McCloskey

Don Estes

Meet People who are Making a Difference

Advancing progressive ideas around the world.

A Web o f Co-Cr ea ti o n The One Hub is being developed as a world-wide Information highway that integrates education, business, wellness, remediation, and sustainable products and ideas. • • • •

Advancing progressive ideas and products Network of conscious living resources On-line resources and shop Link radio and media

The One Hub will also link to New Curriculum for Living. It will start as on on-line resource linking innovative thinkers, leading edge science, the the website like a portal where one will be able to explore various topics, yet, aware of how the various disciplines interconnect. • • •

Educational programming on-line and world-wide. Links to likeminded facilitators Links to likeminded educational institutions

• To focus on sustainable living ideas, new sciences for the purpose of expanding our knowing so that we live in harmony with the very things that sustain us, and for our consciousness evolution. • To honor the wisdom inherit in nature by exploring the new science of bio-mimicry -- the study of how we can mimic natures ingenuity, and design to be in balance with it. • To evolve a new political forums, and economics theory that are equitable for all. • To design inter-disciplinary studies. • To promote ideas that foster healthy social dynamics, and latest brain research. • To Invite new strategies for remediation and the healing arts.

The One Hub

Dream Malls for Literacy

Malls for Literacy

Holistic Imagine centers of literacy--malls of education where there is participation for the greater

“One Stop” Remediation & Healing Services

community. Under one umbrella imagine all the resource ones needs. For a parent a one stop

sort of remediation. This could be a combination of vision, auditory, sensory work. Integrating

shop would be so amazing, I know, I am one.

specialist in one location has always been part of

So envision under one roof that there was a school, tutoring, a book store, various

my dream as our “sensory system” or senses for

remediation and healing strategies that worked collaboratively, family counseling, a children’s

There are also some new technologies that I have witnessed that have not made there way

museums, day care, cafe, computer store, a

into the conventional paradigm yet are wonderful

Discovery Store, n art and science labs along with a performing arts center. These are a few

strategies that could be included in this

Often a learner who has difficulties needs some

learning often need more then one intervention.


ideas. “One Stop” Convenient Shopping School Facility 1-12 (or not) Facility used in the evenings and weekends

Consider that many malls are struggling and could be transformed into malls of education--

continued studies of all ages.

new family centers for a literate society. Families too often struggled with who is best and where

Business that offer applied lear ning:

to go, too often resources are scattered about

Computer Labs, Science Labs, Art Studio

town. Ideally this “one stop” convenient shopping would bridge required experts in a

Perfect for home-learners and enrichment evenings and weekends.

region. This also give added resources to home learners.

Fusing Local Expertise: (Independent enrichment & studies) Circus Arts, Fencing, Climbing Walls, Fitness Experts, Yoga, Music, Hands-on Science, Zoo Critters, Scouting,

And best of all, mom’s could get a

massage or go to a cafe while their child is tutored, or n school, --I don’t know a mom who would say no to this.

Children’s Museums...a few more ideas. Perfect for home-learners and enrichment

Bring back Nature

evenings and weekends.

to our place in the cosmos. Bring in sunlight,

Bring back a look that gives us an understanding skylights, trees, fresh air and running water.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo

imagine Education, Broadcast & Entertainment Center Science & Consciousness

Concept Images Only

embracing natures elements

Images from Silbury www.siencetosage/

Remediation & Healing The Resource & Healing aspect of this “mall” includes a multidisciplinary team of professionals to integrate remediation and collaboration within education – body, mind and spirit. Remediation

-Developmental Optometrist -Audiologist and Speech -Language pathologist -Bio-Feedback -Occupational Therapist - Handwriting Expert -Multi-Sensory Tutoring -Virtual Reality Center, Based on Conscious Based Technology Consultants

-Psychologist -Educational Consultant -Family System & Family constellation work Energy and Body Work

-Nutrition -Oxygen Therapy -Bio-photon Therapy -Sound Chambers/Sound Healing -Integrative Breath-work -Hands-on Energy Work -Sensory, Dance and Art Therapy Local business experts


Karen’s entrepreneurial spirit started at the age of 22, with her advertising agency of 23 years. She catered to the fashion and consumer electronics industries. She next turn was to the field of education and from 2003-2005, Karen served director of the Vancouver Chapter, of the Gifted Association of BC. In 2004 co-founded Silbury Education and Resource Centre for Gifted and Creative Learners. As  director and

Science to Sage YOU TUBE

principal, she also re-designed the curriculum to be holistic, global, theme-based, and interactive. Her progressive mind-set wove cutting-edge science and world philosophies into the fabric of the centers culture. This lead her into partnerships where she hosted international speakers and best selling authors in the area of science and spirituality in Vancouver, BC.

With her passion for education she started

producing, theming & designing her online magazine Science to Sage. Her magazine is an off shoot of her book “InsideOUT, the Visual Guide to

Donate to this vision Build for the future now...first with a dynamic website for the New Curriculum for Living , estimate cost: $75,000 to make it more “fractal” in nature. Then Building the Infrastructure $25 million for the building

the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe”. Her book and magazine

weave of disciplines, integrating

innovative thinkers, leading edge scientists making complex ideas simple graphically. www.siencetosage/

We are doing business as The One Hub & Science to Sage Silbury School Society is a nonprofit with Charitable Status, Registered in Canada, BC Board Members are: Karen Elkins Josef Tyls Janet Law Contact:


E-Design Creating Personalized e-zine for you...

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v i s i on The Colorado Center city of Light

Dedicated to Positive global transformation Advisory Council





Founder Kathleen smith In the early 90’s I was very ill. At that time I began to envision and work towards creating a health and wellness center with alternative ways of healing outside of western medicine. The next years presented the opportunity to meet many talented, amazing people working towards a positive renewed humanity, some at tremendous personal cost. There were inventors, technologists, economists, scientist, doctors, visionaries. They had processes / technologies for free energy, remediation of toxic waste, healing / non toxic building materials, agricultural systems, water extraction, non polluting mining, remineralization of soil, cures for diseases, etc. The years brought an awakening of sorts, through my own personal experiences and life changing world events. The ‘work’ took on a global perspective involving technologies to address major issues ~ energy, food and water shortage, poverty, toxins, cures for diseases. The vision had expanded and became The Colorado Center, dedicated to positive global transformation.

Please see The Colorado Center 2038 - opening article in the sustainable section http:// sciencetosage/ docs/


Nature's influence

The Location The Colorado Center’s location is very important for it’s vibration, overtones, light and energetic's. It is a communicator of sorts, a

Sustainable Community Healthy, healing homes with new energy, water and agricultural systems – integrating with nature’s flow. The homes will be developed with non toxic, healing building materials and building systems to withstand earth changes & disasters ~ earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, high winds, hurricanes.

capacitor and key activation point. The Colorado Center will be developed precisely at the optimum location to maximize it’s potential, healing and

Points of Light There will be centers developed at ‘key’ points throughout the world. We will be collaborating with others in the development of these centers, sustainable communities, eco villages, sanctuaries ~ helping one another with positive global transformation.

effectiveness – unique and p r e c i s e i n i t ’s c a p a b i l i t i e s / calibration. There are key energetic points throughout the earth system. This specific location is very unique in it’s vibration and connection to all that is. There is no other energetic ‘point’ like this. It is of a very high vibration which will help to facilitate positive global transformation.

Vaastu Science/Building/Design The Colorado Center will be designed and developed in the ancient science of Vaastu, which is known to be one of the oldest and most highly developed spiritual sciences existing on the earth. It has not been easy at times thru the years continuing on, holding to the dream. I always knew how very important the development of The Colorado Center would be for humanity. I prayed, and continued on down that long winding road leading to The Colorado Center. Many kindred spirits are coming together now, amazing, wonderful souls ready to create The Colorado Center. In gratitude, Kathleen Smith


Centers within

The Sanctuary The Sanctuary will be created for a very specific intent, peace and tranquility. The area will have waterfalls, fountains, colorful trees, vibrant flowers, beautiful fragrances with high vibrational energies..

Education, Media, Broadcasting and Entertainment Center Create a New Curriculum for Living along with materials. Hosts scientists, sustainability experts, alchemist, visionaries and artists. Programing will be filmed and broadcast from this hub. Itʼs an information and resource center. Experience and learn through multi-sensory mediums.

Healing and Wellness Center Referral to healing modalities at The Colorado Center Products for the public to purchase for self care Health and Wellness educational resources, access to global research, virtual reality, etc.

A vision for the World

Vision connecting



Health &Wellness Consciousness Technologies Food Energy Systems Agricultural Systems Building Systems Water Systems Media & Broadcasting New Curriculum for Living Resources Financial Alternatives Linking to Sustainable Communities • The Arts • • • • • • • • • • • •

Financial Center

Humanitarian Solutions

Research and Development

Financial means are generated from the many innovative designs and products that will emanated from the center, as well as investments by people wanting to make a difference with their resources ----- circular motion with monies/value flowing out and.............back.

This area will work closely with the financial and technological centers. They look at 'hotspots' throughout the world (toxic waste, polluted water, disease, hunger, drought, etc.) prioritize and create a plan of action. There is a continues, effective flow of humanitarian outpour.

Ongoing research and development of new and ancient technologies which address toxic waste, water treatment, water shortage, healing transformational foods, replenishing of the soil, cellular rejuvenation, curing of diseases, etc. There will be scientists, alchemists, visionaries, many -researching, discussing (a think tank), developing, testing and qualifying these processes/ technologies.

The Colorado Center city of Light

Alined with a Purpose By Peter Champoux

The Colorado Center Location The location for The Colorado Center in south central Colorado affords a unique sense of place that can only be described as holy as the emotions this place impart upon the soul rises up like the up-lift of the Sangra de Christo mountains. At their head Blanca Peak broadcasts the tellurics and high grade mineral frequency gathered by the mountains; focused by the silica of The Great Sand Dunes and rained out across this area with its outstretched arms. A blessed land of austere beauty the San Luis Valley boast a major aquifer that makes this desert bloom. Often over looked but also necessary for human culture to thrive are naturally occurring Earth energies to fuel a thriving population's creativity. South central Colorado is such a place where conditions exist for the formation of The Colorado Center, ideal location for its purpose. Seen from space the San Luis Valley of south central Colorado resembles cupped hands. In the terms of sacred geometry a vesica piscis, the symbol for the intersection of spirit and matter suggesting that this place does the same. Like cupped hands filled with water this vessel of the fish is often found in religious art and architecture, like the pointed gothic arch. Marked by the arc of the Sangra

de Christo mountains this unique configuration of geography creates a petal of the Colorado Center. Being at the vertex of multiple edges of EarthRings positions, The Colorado Center is at a place where it already exists in the ethers. At the intersection of multiple EarthRings, ley lines, and tellurics The Colorado Center is poised at this nexus where it can be seeded into the folds and petals of Gaia’s matrix as an alignment of people, place, and purpose. Peter Champoux author of Gaia Matrix is bioneering the new science of Gaiagraphy, the study of planet consciousness expressed as earthscaped g e o m e t r y.

Eco-Friendly HEALTH BASED WHOLESTIC ECO-MATERIALS Virtual showcases of Non-Toxic, Natural “Breathing” and Sustainable materials will be used for the construction of The Colorado Center. Fundamental will be the minimizing use of “conventional” cement, steel, and non-sustainable toxic plastic (or plastic bonded) materials like conventional Plywood, OSB, Drywall, and Latex & Acrylic finishes. And in all cases the Total Life Cycle, Disaster Preparedness and Embodied Energy in the creation and distribution of each material will be carefully considered. To meet these demanding requirements and mitigate the most destructive effects of these commonly used materials; Magnesium Oxide based cements, Basalt Fiber structural members and all natural Potassium Silicate and Silasonic based finishes will be specified wherever practical. And for the areas where limited amounts of these conventional materials must be used, they are to be “shielded” from their most negative EMF, fire, mold, (moisture trapping) and toxicity issues with these same “breathing” natural finishing materials. On the Disaster Preparedness front, all the materials used will be engineered to withstand the highest standards for wind, water, earthquake and EMF proofing. And in every category of material alternates being specified these requirements are met with fewer resources needed to meet these higher standards. For example, the Basalt Fiber technology can meet the structural standards of standard steel using ~1/4th the materials and ~1/4th the weight.

George Swanson


$ * /2 % $ / 1(7 :25. )25


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survive to thrive What makes a community sustainable? What makes a community sustainable? Or a planet? What is our potential in this universe or beyond this physical reality? How do we recover from the damage we have caused to our life support system and home? How do we stop depleting every critical resource and maintain balance with nature? How do we cure diseases, rejuvenate and live as long as we choose without expanding out of control. How do we end poverty and suffering for the vast majority? These are profound questions that must be answered if mankind is to survive and thrive.? These are profound questions that must

be answered if mankind is to survive and thrive.

b y

m i k e

w a t e r s

This is not a future dream...

After decades of research, it is clear that solutions already exist but are scattered like hidden jigsaw pieces, each solution known to only a few people. Even fewer understand the vital importance of how these pieces must fit together to ensure our survival.

Mission Colorado Center The mission of the Colorado Center’s R&D Center is to discover, integrate, demonstrate, educate and disseminate these solutions as rapidly as possible. The purpose is to definitively solve some





currently facing mankind. These are lofty goals, but we are part of something far larger - a global network of cutting edge research. We are working with some of the brightest minds and

What does the Colorado Center's Vision Look Like?

most profound discoveries in the world. This






knowledge has been our mission for many years. As a result, The Colorado Center represents a combination of Indigenous

R&D G l o b a l N e t w o r k l e a d i n g

o f

e d g e

r e s e a r c h e r s





Evolutionary Sustainability. Ongoing R&D is






philosophy of both “environomic” recovery and





integrating and improving these scattered breakthroughs into practical sustainable recovery




implemented globally at any scale.

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These templates involve several basic premises:

 Decentralization of basic needs  Breakthrough sustainable technologies and physics

 Spiritual/Scientific integration  Collaboration, both internally and externally  Practical,




regardless of culture or climate Our capabilities currently include:

 Multiple energy technologies that obsolete the concept of fuel in all applications.

 Health breakthroughs based on prevention, cures, rejuvenation and longevity.

 Water and agricultural breakthroughs in all areas

 Housing and transportation breakthroughs in all areas

 Practical solutions that can be implemented

Solutions Most of our solutions either cost





profitable at every level. Each of the above areas may involve integration




breakthroughs – jigsaw pieces that together create something far greater. As Arthur C Clark wrote in 2001 a Space Odyssey

in any home or community.

 Ancient indigenous wisdom, experience and knowledge

- “Something wonderful”.

Mobility The Colorado Center’s R&D Center will integrate




transportation as well as community. These breakthroughs allows far greater flexibility in both personal freedom and potential disaster scenarios. At the sustainable heart of each home will be a portable module called a Lifepod that provides all basic needs – energy, food, water, heat and cooling. This vital mobile component not only greatly simplifies sustainable community design, it also provides an insurance policy if the community had to be abandoned in a disaster scenario. As a universal template, this





something far more powerful; the ability to take any existing home off grid at no cost.

To View Articles Click Here • Cure for Global Crisis • Energy Breakthrough • LifePod - A Strategic Global Recovery Tool

© The Waters Trust, 2013, All Rights Reserved

Š The Waters Trust, 2013, All Rights Reserved

This is not a future dream. All of these advances are here now with






concepts of energy, agriculture, water, health, economics. The









Jetsons and human evolution.

Each breakthrough greatly simplify traditional sustainable community design,

A To u r

using less resources, and less

Each home(or vehicle) is self sufficient. Each

centralized infrastructure.

has it's own permanent, abundant fuelless energy source, constant fresh water supply


and year round supply of organic food that

sustainable design limitations


are removed.






physics and technology has occurred. We have gathered and are helping to develop multiple





current misconceptions of energy. All water needs are extracted and structured from air while increasing oxygen levels. Advanced organic food is grown in a small mobile space





breakthroughs. Each home even provides basic cures, rejuvenation and longevity. All these vital survival elements are mobile for every home.



researc her



Michael Waters: Sustainable Transition Strategist Michael Waters is an advanced technology adviser, researcher, inventor and sustainable recovery strategist. In the last ten years Michael has researched cutting edge science and technologies that redefine current understandings in mainstream physics. He has established a large collaborative network of researchers and breakthroughs that profoundly affect fields of energy, mining, health, food, water, transportation, housing, sustainable economics and environmental recovery. The purpose of this research has been to discover causes of and solutions for the increasing number of global crises we now face. View more here

MIke Waters Click to view

websites: renaissancebreakthroughs/ A Cure For Global Crises

Guest:Mike Waters, Feb. 18th Show: Science to Sage @ HOST: Karen Elkins

Constructing with Integrity

Building from N a t u r e ’s S t r e n g t h Albert Einstein once said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them”

materials that have quite literally weathered the test of time. Don has developed a suite of structural reinforcements based on an incredibly tenacious alternative to steel that simply cannot rust because it is not a metal.

To build a solid future with integrity we need to look carefully at nature. As one well-seasoned in high tech building structures, visionary Don Smith continually looks to the wisdom inherent in natures design for answers.

Why is this important? Because our infrastructure is crumbling faster than we can afford to repair it!

With a mission statement “Researching Alternative Ways” his discoveries have led to innovative products produced from raw

Einstein also said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

"Faced with weakened economies and our infrastructure in such bad repair the civil engineering community is finally waking up to the enhanced cost performance offered by shifting to composite structural materials. As we pull out of this economic slump the survivors are looking for a leg up over the competition" -

D on Sm i t h

"RockRebar™ cannot rust"

Our concrete and steel infrastructure is falling down everywhere around us!

Steel starts rusting the minute s it’s made.

Consider now, that for the last 150 years those charged with construction and maintaining our infrastructure have built, then passed on their job to what has become a highly risk adverse industry. One that simply continues to build the same way with the same materials yet seems to expect a different outcome!

Why do we continue this? Todayʼs high tech computer modeling has well proven abilities to accurately determine the service life of most any material. Yet the way we are conducting the material choices used to build and repair our infrastructure is literally Albert Einsteinʼs definition of insanity, at very least an irresponsible use of our tax dollar.

Metals like Iron and steel rust! And they always will because it is their nature. The true villain to our infrastructureʼs demise and certainly in terms of the monetary cost to “we the taxpayer” is the age old marriage of steel and concrete in the presence of moisture.

By their very nature Metals like Iron & Steel rust! Coatings, paints, plating & alloys are but bandages!  

Portland cement is still being produced right now today from a standard set in Germany nearly 140 years ago. The carbon footprint left during Portland cements production makes it one of the largest offenders to all kinds of environmental pollution.

Concrete is not waterproof. Rather concrete is in fact a porous wick with the ability to carry moisture right into interface between the concrete and its internal steel rebar where it quickly sets up time proven rust formations.

Rusting steel rebar is very destructive. It will swell to ultimately burst open the very concrete it was supposed to be reinforcing. The formation of rust is incredibly powerful, virtually unstoppable! The orange rust we all see oozing from the cracks and splits in our concrete structures are important visual signals that “failure is immanent”. Failure is simply a matter of time or some temporary overload like an earth quake away. Rusting steel rebar as concrete reinforcement is a deficiency we can costeffectively eliminate today! Don Smith has developed RockRebar™ a totally non rusting structural alternative. One thatʼs better, lighter, stronger and less expensive to produce. The technology to produce for the mass commercialization of RockRebar™ is a proprietary method to arrange tendons of continuous basalt fiber for optimal strength, form and function. And then too structurally

solidify those fibers within a well proven polymer matrix effectively enabling a suite of c o s t e ff e c t i v e c o n c r e t e r e i n f o r c e m e n t alternatives to the high carbon footprint of rusty steel.

Other progressive thinkers like what Don's doing. While she's no relation to Don, as the visionary of the Colorado Center Kathleen Smith has been looking for innovations with which to build a solid foundation too ensure her new center will stand for generations to come. Kathleen also sees basalt based products as natures structural answer to weathering coming climate and earth challenges.

So why is there steel in concrete? On its own physical characteristics, the stone like material we commonly refer to as "Concrete" stands up pretty well when asked to carry loads as a simple compressive pressure. Remember school, how a simple stick of white chalk felt under the compression of your finger as you wrote on a chalk board. Remember that if you wrote applying too much pressure and bent the stick of chalk it easily snapped!

Composites offer enhanced cost performance.

Compare The basic physics of concrete beams, walls and bridges react to load in much the same way. If concrete is loaded in a fashion that bends or pulls causing it to stretch in tension, then it will simply snap under the bending load just like the simple stick of white blackboard chalk.

RockRebar Doesn’t Rust

Steel Rusts

In fact load forces within most concrete structures are not so simple. Structural loads can change from simple compression to tension and back again for variety of reasons. Our infrastructure must resist bending loads, expansion, cyclical vibration, and a host other forces that present stress causing physical deformations that will crack concrete. For that reason most all concrete structure contains internal tendons called rebar. To date despite its rusting issue the cost performance of steel has let it serve as the base material for rebar. It would seem technology is about to change that. As compared to steel continuous basalt fiber based RockRebar™ simply cannot rust because it is not metallic. It's eco-friendly, totally non-toxic and because technically it's structure is about 80% produced from one component "virgin naturally occurring volcanic basalt rock" it's also sustainable. RockRebar™ is only 1/5th the weight and at least 2 ½ times stronger in tension than steel rebar. RockRebar™ is also more tolerant of the high temperatures in a fire and to the temperature swings of freeze thaw as compared to steel. Itʼs naturally non-conductive, non-magnetic, transparent to radio, radar and microwave frequencies and immune to both nuclear radiation and ultraviolet light. RockRebar™ has very high tolerance to acids, bases and the salt we spread to melt winter ice.

Wor k i n g w i t h N a t ure RockRebar™ is made RockDNA™ “Street Grid”

of pure virgin basalt rock that has lay weathering to the elements for millions of years yet shows no apparent changes.

Basalt just naturally wants to form strong linear hexagon chains

Don's RockDNA™ street grid “Structurally Reinforces” the NEW “LEED” water passing pervious concrete.

And because RockRebar™ is based on reformed volcanic basalt rock its thermal expansion and stretch under load just happen to perfectly match the rock we call concrete. Clearly it would appear RockRebar™ features all the right things to succeed yet to date as a business the mass production of RockRebar™ is stalled.

Why? In the name of safety and throughout this passing age of steel as being practically the only concrete reinforcement. There have been a series of rules enacted for its quantity size and placement with in concrete structures. Now today some of these building codes specific to steel rebar have become costly roadblocks to innovative alternatives. Public outcry to the short service life and high carbon footprint of steel as had some impact. 2013ʼs Map 21 is a federal mandate that now includes the requirement for federal projects to now consider lifecycle costs not just the initial cost. RockRebar™ is fully developed to be scalable, works tested and poised right at Ground Zero ready to attract venture capital for its global commercialization as “the most practical” cost performance answer to help meet this new Map 21 mandate. Consider, just as steel and aluminum were once the dominate structure of quickly moving and highly stressed boats and aircraft, today those metals have largely been replaced by fiber reinforced polymer composites FRP. Consider that airliners coming off the assembly line and engineered to carry human life year in year out are now produced using

fiber reinforce polymer composites, many of the largest airplanes are over 50% FRP. Why? Because FRP composites offer significant enhancements to an airplanes strength while exhibiting superior cyclical tenacity and the ability to survive higher temporary overload as compared to the traditional aircraft metals they have now replaced. The aircraft industries conversion to FRP has improved fuel economy by reducing weight and it extended useful service life because there is no longer fear of corrosion. It is time for civil engineering to adopt the enhancement basalt based FRP will offer to the safety, the cosmetics and the service life of our infrastructure. Nature has provided basalt in abundance, its unique physical traits will allow it to cause a paradigm shift in the way concrete structure is reinforced in the near future. RockRebar™ "THE" cost performance alternative to Rusty steel.

RockRebar™ is a Green, sustainable alternative to rusty steel.

Raw Energy Materials Corp 1-954-270-9000 SkypeDonSmithRaw

RockRebar™ RockStirrups™ RockStaples™ RockMesh™ RockWallTies™ RockDNA™

Living Harmony wi! !e Sacred Land. By Greg O’Neill

Heathy Food Growing Systems For Sustainable World Communities There are many ways to produce food crops, such as








and of



herbicides, chemical fertilizers, that poison the soil community of microbes, and rob plants of a balanced environment, which in turn robs their nutritional values, and lose flavor in the products we find on produce shelves. We have seen the tragic







industrial fashion, and how our living Earth has suffered for our lack of awareness, and harmony with natural systems.

Solutions...Ancient Wisdom

Food Forestry

Robert Hart, a man who authored books on



forestry, the







structure England,

of and

discovered the seven layers of natural plant growth in a healthy forest, and decided to mimic a natural forest, but using plants of economic value at every CommonsHelper

level. He bought five acres of land, and

Bill Mollison, in Australia, a man with

experimented with his concept of the


'Food Forest' as he described it, and

architecture, came across the earlier

found out that plants grown together,

work done by Robert Hart, and decided



to integrate landscape architecture with

healthier, more productive, used less

Robert's concept for a 'Food Forest' that

water, and took much less effort to



In a holistic system, as

came up with his 'Permaculture' using

Mother Nature intended it, every plant

the words – Permanent + Agriculture =

has a purpose for being where it is.




















promote permaculture in many nations. Geoff Lawton, a colleague of Bill's, once visited a three acre farm in Vietnam that had been planted, as a 'Food Forest', three hundred years earlier, by the ancestors of the family that still lived there, five generations later. The deeply diversified








enough to feed the family.


what our world would be like if we could plant such 'food forests' for all

Landscape Architecture

people to be fed by.

Tribal Societies Tribal societies knew how to live with natural systems, knew the trees, and what plants offered medicine, food, fiber for clothing, fishing lines and nets.


“modern�, civilized folks came along and bulldozed those forests down, making pastures






producing monocrops of one commercial food crop species, while starving the soil, seeing it blow away in dust storms. We have forgotten how to live with the sacred land, and that is what we need to learn again.

Thanks to the work of Robert

Hart, and Bill Mollison, at least we are beginning





ancestors knew, and to restore the forests with




patterned after the way natural forests grow.

Richard Stoner II / Agrihouse at en.wikipedia

Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, Hydroponics, these are systems that have been devised to reduce the amount of water needed to produce food, in urban areas, as well as in rural areas. Aquaculture produces fish, algae, oysters, crayfish, raising them in water, and given nutrients. Aquaponics is a step further, bringing in plants to absorb the nutrients produced by the fish, shrimp, crayfish, and the plants' roots then clean the water of the nutrients gifted to them by the fish, and other forms of life being raised for food . Aeroponics uses even less water than either Aquaculture or Aquaponics, with arrays of trays or tubes, in which plants are placed, so their roots are bathed in a mist of water, with nutrients added, such as compost tea, ormus, or colloidal humus. Hydroponics raises food plants on rafts that suspend the plants above water level, while the roots of the plants absorb nutrients placed in the water.

The latest twist, vertical farming, offers a reduction of our imprint to raise food crop species, on multiple floors of production area, within greenhouse buildings designed to let in light, and air, to provide for the needs of the plants being grown to provide food for city dwellers, reducing cost of food by bringing food production closer to urban centers. Vertical farming also offers the means to reduce the amount of land used to produce food, reducing the amount of water used as well, an added bonus, enabling the sacred land to become fallow, and for wildlife to have new habitat, and diversified plant species to reclaim the land they once grew on.

Mission Statement White Tiger Our mission is to enable the hawaiian islands to achieve the selfreliance, and independence, they once enjoyed, with the use of advanced technologies, and materials, available today.  We will restore forests where they once were, and turn former pasture land, into bountiful 'Food Forests' to be a living legacy for   the generations of hawaiians to follow us into the future. See vision in Sustainability Issue

By: Greg O’Neill

web site:

http:// sciencetosage /docs/

Sculpture by Heather Cowie

Morphogenesis 8 C h r o n o l o g y An increasing concern for the future of our planet has led me to make my sculptures. Though appearing in final form like large wooden seed pods or boulders, they conceal that they have complex inner histories of growth and change, that they are containers of other objects. Starting with a core object, this germinal form is added to in a sequence of layers. Each new layer becomes the foundation for the next - it is both armour and armature. The structural natures of the forms used in any layer impacts upon each subsequent layer and hence, the final form the sculpture takes. Layer by layer to form is fattened to the point where it is closed; sealed and polished. Their often egg-like shape seems to me to be a kind of embodiment of the feminine, that is, fertile and fecund.

Within the inner


depths of each of us...there is


something to flower. Often it gets bound up.

Inner Beauty




5 Our inner core is like sea shells on the shore, They show up with the tide and like the autumn


leaves and rocks too, they smooth out with time as they are tumbled and generate anew.


these ribbons so soft often get covered and harden with time. yet shells by their nature and design beckon for the sunshine.

Covered 8


And as, we dare to open up , our color gets lush and we look like candy , the yummy stuff.

12 10


Dare to Open


Our universe gets bigger , what was once harder looks sweeter and softer, the shells have more color ...


14 the richness

Imagine More to uncover here...

imagine the beauty of what is, too often hidden inside...I suggest one explores nature’s essence , its sensual, tactile and wild side. art by Heather cowie Words by Karen Elkins


12 years as exploration geologist in many outback areas of Australia. Purchased wool grazing property (life as a farmer!). Commenced arts practice and extensive arts studies. - Full Bio Here

My work is made to invoke; to open; to refresh and to point towards new ways of seeing. - Heather Cowie

PAUL STAMETS MYCELIUM RUNNING Paul Stamets has been a dedicated mycologist for over thirty years. Over this time, he has discovered and coauthored four new species of mushrooms, and pioneered countless techniques in the field of edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation. He received the 1998 "Bioneers Award" from The Collective Heritage Institute, and the 1999 "Founder of a New Northwest Award" from the Pacific Rim Association of Resource Conservation and Development Councils. In 2008, Paul received the National Geographic Adventure Magazine's Green-Novator

Sunda y, M a rc h 16, 3- 5 p m Cana dia n M e m or ia l Ch u rc h 1 8 2 5 W. 16t h (A nd B ur r a rd )

Va n c o u v e r , BC C o s t : $ 1 5 ( re g ) , $ 1 0 ( S enior)

and the Argosy Foundation's E-chievement Awards. He was also named one of Utne Reader's "50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World" in their November–December 2008 issue. In February 2010, Paul received the President's Award from the Society for Ecological Restoration: Northwest Chapter, in recognition of hiscontributions to Ecological Restoration. Paul stamets' TED Talk videos have received international attention.

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Josh del Sol Producer & Director, Take Back Your Power The new independent film, by Josh del Sol, “Take Back your Power” is not just a sting on Smart Meters but it unveils the attempt of “BIG BROTHER” to monopolize the worlds electrical grid and hence take total control of EVERY & ALL

So "SMART" it meters, measures, monitors, and controls your energy, money, heat, health, and communications. The extra bonus, it has surveillance capabilities.

ONE GRID "This "smart meter" is designed to attached to EVERY house globally ..." to this: "Did you know: You are not legally required to accept a "smart" meter - which violate numerous existing laws." "EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH SOLUTIONS:"

aspects of your life. All systems run on electricity, including your body. By this, there will be NOTHING they don’t have on or over you! YOU-Tube Clips (Youtube: v=YiFMj7r4Iu4) Youtube: v=5VhpzHoAvNk Youtube: v=eAjX6Ap02dU)

A revelatory documentary now available at






View more here

Foster Gamble's powerful and inspiring presentation is now online. We are currently working on getting the remaining presentation up, too. In the meantime you can check out our Youtube channel to see videos taken during the conference. They are quite fun. Foster Gamble  All Boulder videos

We have identified 12 Sectors that cover Arts Education


all areas of human activity, and they are all interconnected. By identifying key problems in each of these Sectors and coming up with solutions that will be good for all of them, we can begin to create a thriving world.

Infrastructure Governance Justice

To l e a r n a b o u t o t h e r organizations that are using the 12-around-1 Sector model and how we始ve defined each Sector, click here.

Top Ten Actions - Get Involved Environment Get Informed, Speak Up & Connect with Others Spirituality

Bank Locally Buy and Invest Responsibly Join the Movement to Audit and End the Federal Reserve


Keep the Internet Fair & Open Support Independent Media


Support Organic, Non-GMO Farming Require Election & Campaign Finance Reform

Economics Advocate for Renewable and "Free" Energy MediaRelations

Take Part in Critical Mass Actions

SADRA SAFFARI SPOKEN IN SPIRIT Your Voice, Your Essence, An Introduction Sadra Saffari will be speaking on strengthening and tuning into our creative ability to shape breath into sound; the medicinal power and influence of intimate speaking in mantra meditation, blessing and incantation, poetry, prayer and everyday conversation.

Sunday, Fe b 1 6 , 1 p m Lo c a ti o n : B a n y e n B o o ks Va n c o u v e r , B C F R EE

In this work we empower ourselves to speak truth, wholeheartedly, without obstruction, exercising our inherent right. This involves strengthening our intimacy with words, allowing our speaking to be inspired by their color, gesture and movement.

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