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SCIENCE TO SAGE International E-Magazine #48, October 2017

Unlocking the Mystery How does the Universe Communicate with Itself? Part Three of Four - Three Axioms of Physical Ontology

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WRITTEN Content How Does the Universe Communicate with itself? ~ Ernest “Shine” Richards We Define Consciousness as: Part 3 ~ Klee Irwin Imagery into Icons, Archetypes and the Soul ~ Sasha von Hagenmeister Seed Atoms ~ Book, The Eternal Dance
 Accessing the Energy Field of the Soul with Sound and Astrology ~ Fabien Maman Microcosmic Orbit, Circulation of the Light ~ Minka de Vos


 WHAT IS REALITY? ~ Klee Irwin

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How Does the Universe Communicate with Itself, 
 and hence to its life forms, unhampered by time dependency?

By Ernest "Shine" Richards

INTRODUCTION As we move about the planetary surface in our daily activities, we are generally unaware of the vast information exchange occurring within our human body structure and of how our individual minds continually communicate with the planetary, stellar, galactic and cosmic Mind. Does that last sentence surprise you? Please join me as I try to describe for you this apparent intimate instantaneous interconnection of our very own brain/body/mind to the immensity of the Universe.

When simultaneous electromagnetic measurements are performed for the detection of brainwave signals and for the detection of the Earth and atmospheric activity, it is found that there are many synchronous frequencies detected.

CONSTANT VIBRATION As I prepare this topic, I am sitting in the warm morning sun along a tree-lined shore of Moosehead Lake in Northern Maine. Just as I hear the waves of this large body of water lapping the many rocks along the shore, so also do the waves of cosmic inspired energies lap the boundaries of our Earthly home. Ripples from throughout the Galaxy and beyond sweep through and around this Earth and lap against the shores of our Mind, while bringing all the changes, information and greater understanding of our place within this "Great Universal Being�, inspiring us onward to our greater selves. All matter is in constant vibration; the building blocks of the physical creation-the atoms, the subatomic particles, electrons, protons, gluons, quarks and all other names that we use-- are all in constant motion; all are receiving, transmitting and reflecting the vibrations which sweep through all matter at light velocities. Consider that within atoms there are electron packets of energy that are singing the same vibrational song throughout your brain/body, the Earth, Solar system and Universe. This is a sounding chorus of the One Great Electric Body. There are other subatomic vibrations with other ever constant songs which harmonize within you, Now! These subatomic resonances harmonize together, whether they help build a dancing water bug, a granite cliff, a twirling planet, a blazing star or a swirling galaxy. As I sit here gazing across

Moosehead Lake, my softly breathing body, the sparkling water, the verdant pine needles, even the mass of Squaw Mountain across the lake sings the electronic sound of the building blocks of creation, the music of subatomic magic. All of the atomic structures of the elements have their own unique natural resonances, which astronomers and chemists use in spectrum analysis for determining the chemical content of the distant and 'near at hand' combinations of the material soup. Light spectrum analysis and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance are but two of the ways that we observe the nature of vibration in the atomic structure and the way that the atoms combine into molecules for wondrous constructive purposes. Not only are these atomic and molecular resonances radiating from here on Earth but also their frequency spectrums are detectable coming into the Earth from far space. For example, astronomers choose to observe the spectrum associated with hydrogen resonance in their interstellar and intergalactic searches. The whole electromagnetic spectrum, from infinity to infinity, at the upper high energy cosmic ray frequencies on through to the very long wavelength and slow rhythms of planetary, stellar, and galactic motions may be detected here in the Earth's vicinity by electromagnetic sensors of various types. See figure (1) Electromagnetic Spectrum.

The energies of the human body receive and transmit the spectrums and resonances of Light. Complexities of Electromagnetic vibration stream into and out of the cellular and skeletal structure. We listen to the Infrared, Microwave, Radio, Visible and slow Cosmically driven Extremely Low Frequencies. The cells move visibly in response to these electrical pulses by stimulating glands, triggering the heart muscles, and setting our overall moment to moment environment.

Our total being responds to the song of the UNIVERSE. Through Touch we exchange this alignment and attunement of Cosmic-inspired wonderment. We are the transducers of this Light. The human organism maintains its functioning balance by a dynamic information exchange between its various systems and the environment. Information exchange occurs at all levels within the organism. Electromagnetic radiation may

be seen as electrical and magnetic waves of information moving through space, atmospheric and the Earth environment. These appear to create a resonant coupling between atoms in biological molecules that allow them to move together in response to this very low amplitude electromagnetic music. The cells whisper and dance together as they listen to these faint vibrations within and outside the body.

BIOENERGETICS The functioning of cell membranes entail very great sensitivities both to vibrating electric fields and to molecular stimulation at extremely low energy levels. The cellular processes cooperate to bring about high amplification of these weak stimulus frequencies.

cancer-promoting molecules at the cell sites. These modulating actions of electromagnetic fields show highly cooperative processes within the biologic systems.

Recent research has shown that electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum can change the characteristics of hormone, antibody, neurotransmitter and

The cells move visibly in response to electrical pulses which set the cellular surfaces moving like the wind across a field of mature grass.

See figure (2) Ultra Violet Spectra - below.

INTER~ACTIONS Interactions between the Earth's magnetic field and a weak, manmade, low frequency electromagnetic field produces measurable changes such as a major amplification at the cell receptor sites. This makes intercellular communication at the gap junctions very sensitive to weak, oscillating electromagnetic fields. Pineal gland cells respond to changes in both polarity and intensity of the Earth's magnetic flows, where they powerfully influence bodily circadian rhythms. The heart muscles have been shown to resonate at a fundamental node frequency within the spectrum associated with the planetary circumference. A high percentage of Earth-related naturally occurring vibrations offer harmonics within that same spectrum. Bone and muscle display piezoelectric properties which are also sensitive within these same Earth-related frequencies. Some of these resonant body structures exhibit a resonance matching the Earth's natural magnetic field, allowing certain rhythmic behavior as seen in human and other life forms. All life on Earth has developed under the influence of this geomagnetic field which varies in structure and dynamic properties via geomagnetic pulsations. These pulsations are due to the interaction of the plasma waves coming from throughout the Solar System and Cosmos and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere. When our brain and body rhythms are measured electromagnetically, they are found to occur prominently within what is termed the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum and lower. This brainwave spectrum is also divided into band segments, called the alpha (greatest amplitude)(8 to 16 Hz.), beta (16 to 32 Hz.), theta (4 to 8 Hz.), delta (2 to 4 Hz.), and zeta (1 to 2 Hz.), ranging from 32 cycles per second (Hertz) and down below 1 cps (Hz.). See figure (3) Brainwave Frequencies to the right ‌.

Figure 9 - Planetary Keynotes

Figure (3) Brainwave Frequencies

Notice as we take a long slow inhalation, hold, and then a long slow exhalation; observe that our whole body structure is in rhythmical motion. Let's watch this breathing motion once again and place our attention on its process. Each breath stimulates a bipolar, electromagnetic field across the upper body by causing stress within the crystalline rib-cage. An electromagnetic field is generated by the piezoelectric pressure of the bone and muscle crystal and water liquid-crystal structures. This breath-rate electromagnetic field modulates the transfer of signals that continually communicate up and down the intricate spinal cord. These bundles of spinal and cranial nerve cells listen and vibrate to the soft, gentle cadence of your breath moving in and moving out.

This pulsing central nervous system, consisting of bundles of sensory and motor axons radiating from the brain and spinal cord segments, is constructed from a great number of interconnected, multi-polar neurons which are composed of vast numbers of cells. These cell membranes display very great sensitivities both to vibrating electric fields and to molecular stimulation at extremely low energy levels. The cellular activities cooperate to bring about high amplification of these weak signal frequencies. Electromagnetic fields in the ELF (extremely low frequency) spectrum can change the characteristics of hormone, antibody and neurotransmitters at the cell site. These modulating actions of electromagnetic fields show highly cooperative processes within the biologic systems. Each breath-beat creates whispers of motion across and throughout your bodily cellular field, modulating the existent complexity of intracellular information flow. Within your cells, the organizing DNA double helix structure and its RNA message carriers dance to the beat of ever higher and higher frequencies. There, information is sent, received, stored and transferred by the resonance and polarity shifts of the amino acid protein building blocks, bringing about shifts within the proteins. Changes of external sound and electromagnetic frequency have a measurable effect upon the amino acid protein response, mutation rate, cell lifetimes, primary processes and relaxation rate of the cells. Amplitude and frequency changes throughout the electromagnetic spectrum of the ELF/VLF, radio, microwave, visible, ultraviolet and beyond have shown detectable cellular change. See figure (5) Biological Events Time Scale ~ left

Now that's enough to take your breath away! Not only does your breathing influence your whole body, but the music of the Earth itself seems to influence your biological functioning! In addition, within the very cellular structure energy is absorbed from the surrounding electromagnetic and electrostatic field to do the work of the cellular functioning. Do you set the drumbeat for your whole biologic system? Let's look at more. Specialized piezoelectric cardiac fibers, which contain automatic cells, are capable of producing automaticity. This ability allows them to function as the primary (natural) pacemaker, producing impulses which continue even when the heart is removed from the body. These heart muscle crystals serve as sensory receivers and energy transducers designed to read specific KAIST's nanocomposite piezoelectric generator radiations of the EM spectrum and to convert produces electricity from vibrational and mechanical energy (Image: KAIST) these stimuli into signals that are decipherable by the cells. The body water, or blood, acts as a carrier of bio-information, thus allowing paramagnetic substances in the blood molecules to act like a magnetic tape, carrying and delivering information throughout the body. The blood and blood components are susceptible to different signals as they course throughout your body. The amount of blood distributed in vessels is determined by the cardiac output and tone of the vascular system. This is under the influence of external, natural geomagnetic fields. So with each breath, you not only set a biologic clock pulse in motion but you also receive the oxygenated energy frequencies and information to transmit throughout your bio-system. The geomagnetic field varies in structure and dynamic properties. One aspect of this variation is the geomagnetic pulsations which are caused by the interaction of plasma hydromagnetic waves coming from the Sun and the Galaxy and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere, as proven in thousands of experiments. Some examples of the effects of this field variation are: changes in heart rate during fluctuations of the geomagnetic fields in the 2 to 10 Hertz rhythms, and alterations in water properties, of the water molecules contained in the liquid-crystal like membranes of the cells. See figure (6) Geomagnetic Pulsations.

Schumann Resonance The Schumann resonances are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth's surface and the ionosphere.

Earth’s Magnetic Field The Earth's magnetic field serves to deflect most of the solar wind, whose charged particles would otherwise strip away the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Very recent measurements of the well-known Schumann resonance, the natural oscillations of the Earth's ionospheric cavity, indicate that the polarization modes change from lefthand to righthand across its ELF spectrum. Our cellular water crystals are being adjusted by this Schumann excitation, whose source stimulation appears from scientific measurements to be from beyond the Earth's magnetic field. Thus, the geomagnetic field is able to interact with biological systems at a quantum-mechanical level, thereby affecting the electron systems, molecules, magnetic moments and spins, and thus changing the current flow signals in the cellular system, leading to more complex bioenergetics. As we look lower in frequency from the ELF and Schumann spectrum into what are called micropulsations, we measure greatly increasing levels of magnetic strength. These are slow but very powerful signals from 1 Hertz and down, and they increase with a growth in the density and velocity of the Solar wind. The micro-pulsations especially follow the regular changes of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF), a current sheet of solar equatorial magnetic field lines. The current sheet is shown as lying near the solar equator with spiraled, outward-pointing magnetic fields lying above it and inward-pointing fields lying below it. The current sheet contains folds or flutes. When the Sun rotates, the Earth experiences a polarity change above and below the ever-spiraling current sheet. Even slower geomagnetic spectral density measurements extend into years and centuries.

Photo by Clemente Ruiz Abenza/Unsplash

Stellar Receiving Planetary bodies act as spherical receivers, transmitters and reflectors ‌ Each of the planetary and stellar bodies act as a spherical receiver, transmitter and reflector of the electromagnetic long wavelength light energies in similar manner to a satellite communications dish antenna. The sphere is an ideal shape for a resonant cavity. The Earth sphere resonates naturally over vast

spectrums of EM and sound frequencies. For any position on the surface of the Earth at any particular time, there are always signal vibrations arriving, being refracted, reflected and focused by the Earth spherical structure from many outside, distant vibrational frequency sources, such as other planets and stars.

The surface focal point of a conjunction, for example, not only receives the energy of the conjunct body but also receives its reflected version, which is now linked and modulated by the Earth's own naturally resonant signals. 

Keep in mind that the combining of waves may be disharmonious as well as harmonious. Therefore, how the waves combine at Earth will depend on the unique vibrational patterns and frequencies of each of the interacting cosmic bodies. It should now be seen that any two of the heavenly bodies are interactive with one another at any time, but their shifting positions allow vibrational changes and couplings to occur. Since the Moon is a simple harmonic to the Earth's core, during the Moon's movement about the Earth, it would intercept conjunct vibrations and superimpose them onto the familiar vibration chord/wavelength between it and Earth, amplifying these far-flung energies of alignment. See figure (18) Earth/Moon Coupling.

Dancing Light

You are a vibrant, dancing form of Light, the light vibration of all the electromagnetic spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams of infrared waves flow between your bodies. The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within the molecular and cellular structures. The cellular chemical messengers circulate and form, then dissipate to reform anew the delicate instructions.

GALEX (ultraviolet) image of NGC 5247.

The radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighboring stars, and the solar family planets rain and dance upon the Earth's umbrella-like energy shields, altering the intensity and selectively protecting the delicate organic forms. Planetary turnings, solar sprinklings, starry pulses, galactic tides and universal songs sweep through and around you every instant. The body reverberates with the wind of Light; every cell listens to the drumbeats, attunes its DNA structure to the composition, and sings its own unique chord, inducing resonant vibrations throughout the quivering cellular molecules. Ripples of electromagnetic light sweep thru and around us each instant, triggering shivers of spinal impulses resounding through our being. These rhythms, sensed between our spherical brain shell and our Earth-contacted feet, set up full body responses to this continually changing cosmic drumming. Anywhere from 300 to 1000 volts potential is present between our head tops and our

feet. Variations in this voltage are determined by the surface electrical activity potential of the Earth at a particular location or the overall lower atmospheric electrical gradient. The sensitivity and activity of this lower atmospheric Earth gradient allow frequency fluctuations to occur within the body capacity of the human system, which in turn stimulates resonances within organs, tissues and the cellular structure, there to resonate within the varied components of the cells. It is well recognized that certain electromagnetic frequencies will alter the cell activity and structure. In addition, measurements have shown that low frequency electromagnetic waves ripple through the cells like the waves over the ocean. Does anyone doubt that we are able to sense changes within ourselves day by day, hour by hour, or sometimes minute by minute? Cosmic-inspired information promotes changes within the Earth field, which our intricate human sensors inhabit. The NASA astronauts have all described altering experiences when immersed within new energy references, away from the familiar Earth surface.

19) Solar System Longitudinal Resonance.
 (20) Nearest Stellar Resonances

Geometry of Infinite Mind?

We on Earth are literally, intimately connected via a web of longitudinal long waves to the Universe. Each solar system body is connected to every other by right-line direct-connected wave motions. See figure (19) Solar System Longitudinal Resonance. See figure (20) Nearest Stellar Resonances. - Pervious Page The Earth’s spherical shape acts as a multi-frequency harmonic receiver for these extremely long waves, and we are positioned within the near-field of each of these interplanetary resonances. The region nearest a resonant or radiating element is known as the evanescent or near-field. This region, which is within a few wavelengths of the radiator, may be either a propagating or nonpropagating energy. These near-field energies may be detected capacitively or inductively, and are not under the free-space impedance propagation conditions because the electric and magnetic fields are not orthogonal. Under evanescent conditions the velocity of propagation appears to be infinite. There is no light velocity transmission delay. Since we are immersed within these near-field radiative conditions, our body capacities feel the instantaneous changes of these remote solar and cosmic body's longitudinal couplings, or Gravitation; the quantum force comes from the wave function of the Universe which is beyond spacetime. This Earth-received cosmic signaling is as constant as the waves along the ocean shore. For years now, Bill Ramsay in South Carolina has monitored these low frequency, long wavelength signals by using simple gravity wave detectors designed by Gregory Hodowanec. Ramsay's measurements have shown strong correlation with Nick Fiorenza's varied and unique plottings of cosmic and planetary positioning. See figure (13) Gravitational Wave Patterns.

Is it possible that we are catching a glimpse of the mechanism of the Planetary Mind and its interconnection to the Galactic Mind or our very own Infinite Mind? Does not this vast harmonic spectrum of cosmic longitudinal resonant strings create for us the Geometry of Infinite Mind?


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Ernest Emery ‘Shine’ Richards experiments all along the way, while concentrating on studies and personal experiments in consciousness, breath-work, planetary and stellar energies, vibration healing, the resonant harmonic aspects of physical matter, and is presently focusing on the nature of our bio-cosmic evanescent communication. Through writings and poetry, Shine has shared his vision of our intimate, instantaneous communications links with the Earth, its life-forms, the Galaxy and the whole Cosmos, by drawing upon his many vibration He has been researching bioenergetics and

measurement experiments. The combined

subtle energy, and exploring the nature of the

aspects of measured grid-lines, ELF

universe throughout his life. He was born into

standing-waves, Schumann resonances,

a dairy farm family on the midcoast area of

brain-waves, solar system frequencies and

Lincoln Co. in Maine where as a teenager; he

harmonics, and vibratory gravity waves will

discovered world-wide radio communications.

help form an image for you of our intimate

He has worked in the early computer, digital

instantaneous connections to all of creation.

NASA - A layer of charged particles, called the ionosphere, surrounds Earth, extending from about 50 to 360 miles above the surface of the planet – shown in purple and not-to-scale in this image. Because the ionosphere swells in response to incoming radiation from the sun, the exact size and shape of the ionosphere can change throughout the day, and the daytime ionosphere is always larger than the nighttime ionosphere. Image credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Duberstein Last Updated: Aug. 4, 2017 Editor: Rob Garner

and microwave engineering. He has traveled extensively, contemplating ideas and

There is an Effect

Three Axioms of Physical Ontology - Part 3

We define consciousness as: Something capable of making non-random and non-deterministic selections – choices. And it is something which can actualize or recognize


The reason for the second sentence is because, if one has freedom to choose a selection, by definition, one has freedom to choose something to observe, measure, be aware or think of. They have the freedom and the ability to actualize meaning – to choose meaning. 

The following series of five deductions helps connect some of the elements of this “lesser of evils” approach to the question of the ultimate stuff of reality – the quest to find a maximally reduced axiom of realty with the highest explanatory power possible.

By Klee Irwin

4 deductions

1 “I think, therefore I am”. ~ Descartes DEDUCTIVE QUESTION #1

Does consciousness exist in the universe?

Decartes simplified things nicely by supposing that because he questions whether he exists, he must exist. He said, “I think, therefore I am”. He was not specifically speaking of his physical body. It was his inquiry as to whether or

not he, as in his self or consciousness, exists. The answer seems to be, yes we are conscious because we can choose what to think about – what to be aware of and what meaning to give it.

2 Can the universe self-organize into conscious systems? DEDUCTIVE QUESTION #2

Does physics place an upper limit on what percentage of the universe’s energy can self-organize into conscious systems or into a network of conscious systems that is itself conscious?

To think about this question, let us imagine we are examining the universe 4-billion years ago. We are considering single celled organisms and agreeing that we cannot predict their primitive choices of action and behavior. We label them with some primitive notion of freewill and awareness of their environment and their boundary – their self. We don’t have to admit they have the ego based questions about self that we do. But they do have a sense of their environment, internal structure and the boundary

between the two. They chase food, run from predators, reproduce, excrete waste and are absolutely unpredictable in their primitive choices. So, 4-billion years ago, we debate whether or not larger magnitudes of energy can selforganize into more highly conscious systems and whether or not the single celled organisms can self-organize into systems that are of a higher rank of complexity and consciousness. Zooming forward to modern times, we find that self-organization turns out to allow about 37 trillion single celled organisms to become the emergent consciousness

of a human mind-body system. Clearly, there appears to be no law of physics that would prevent a more sophisticated consciousness than a human to self-organize in the universe. There also seems to be nothing to prevent multiple human consciousnesses from knowingly or unknowingly being part of an uberconsciousness similar to how many single celled animals self-organize into a larger smarter system like a human without fully eliminating their primitive individual freewill. The only logical or conservative upper limit would be all the energy in the universe in terms of what percentage can self-organize into a system of conscious systems that is itself conscious. There is a mathematical and physical idea that some consider provable: Given enough time, whatever can happen will happen.

Based on these carefully reasoned ideas, we may simply say that somewhere forward of us in spacetime, a universal scale consciousness or global network of consciousnesses that is itself conscious has emerged. One cannot use the separate regimes of quantum mechanics or general relativity to argue for or against this notion. For example, one could use general relativity in a naĂŻve attempt to suggest networks across spacetime may not perform well because of the limitation of the speed of light. This does not hold well in light of the experimental and theoretical evidence discussed above.

The fact is that, without a predictive quantum gravity theory, the two separate place holder models of general relativity and quantum mechanics are incomplete pictures of physical reality and cannot give us an answer as to what is or is not possible with

respect to trans-spatial and trans-temporal networks.

beyond axioms and into deeper and evermore logical explanations.

Accordingly, the answer to this deductive question #2 here is: Theoretically, all the energy in the universe can self-organize into a conscious system. And because it is possible, it may be exceedingly probable that at some point ahead of us in spacetime, it has occurred.

Logical evidence is

The interesting thing about this deduction is not that it must be correct. It is simply noteworthy as a contrast to other axioms such as randomness, which have very little logical or deductive evidence. Logical evidence is clearly not proof. And of course, there are no proofs in physics at all. But the logical consistency of the idea and the explanatory power is perhaps more scientific than the dead-halt at the unsupported axiom of randomness. It is the lesser of evils. At very least, it is more congruent with the scientific process of searching to go

consistency of an idea

clearly not proof.

BUT‌ logical and its explanatory power is perhaps more scientific than the deadhalt at the unsupported axiom of randomness.



Is there any law of physics that would prevent consciousness from selforganizing in the electromagnetic spectrum of space or within emergent patterns of quasiparticles?

3 There is no known prohibition by physical laws. In fact, a series of recent breakthroughs in the manipulation of bosons has occurred. We can now completely stop light inside a crystal. We can tie light into knots and braids.

Again, the question ultimately depends upon the nature of a possible substructure of spacetime. Our group’s quantum gravity and plus particle unification formalism is called emergence theory. The base mathematical object is a

quasicrystalline array of points in the H3 symmetry space assumed to be the Planck scale substructure of spacetime. It is called the quasicrystalline spin network.

…it seems true that human consciousness emerged from the self-organization of spacetime and particle physics. When acted upon by a certain binary geometric code of “on/off” connections, it acts as a neural network mathematically. The fundamental propagators or quantum particles are called phason quasiparticles and they are inherently nonlocal. We are doing fundamental particle physics and quantum gravity on this object and code, not neurology or consciousness theory. So we have no theory for how consciousness could emerge from our formalism. However, we do have knowledge of how particle physics and gravity theory can emerge from it. And, of course, it seems true that human consciousness emerged from the self-organization of spacetime and particles – physics that is. Harald Atmanspacher explains consciousness using quantum field theory. He says, since quantum theory is the most fundamental theory of matter currently available, it is a

legitimate question to ask whether it can help explain consciousness. Large systems have less symmetry than nearly idealized microscopic systems. Jeffrey Goldstone proved that, where symmetry is broken, Nambu– Goldstone bosons are observed in the spectrum of possible states; one canonical example being the phonon in a crystal. A phonon is a quasiparticle similar to the idea of a phason quasiparticle propagating in a quasicrystal. Ricciardi and Umezawa proposed a general theory of quanta of longrange coherent quasiparticle waves within and between brain cells. They showed a possible mechanism of memory storage and retrieval in terms of Nambu–Goldstone bosons. This was later advanced into a theory including all biological cells in the quantum biodynamics of Del Giudice. Mari Jibu and Kunio Yasue later

popularized these results with respect to consciousness theory. Susan Pockett and Johnjoe McFadden have proposed electromagnetic field theories of consciousness. The point of deduction #3 here is simply to be aware that there is no strong logical or scientific evidence to suggest consciousness can only exist in atomic or fermionic states of energy. There are only hand-waving theories that can be conjured for why this is impossible, just as there could have been theories by some hypothetical arguers 4 billion years ago as to why a Wi-Fi signal broadcasting the Internet cannot emerge from a single celled organism. Of course this turned out to indeed be possible.


If the universe is expanding at faster than the speed of light or at the speed of light, how could consciousness that escapes a biosphere ever move out into all of the universe to create a network of consciousnesses that is itself a higher order of consciousness – a universal consciousness acting as the substrate of an information only universe?

4 Substrate of an informational universe? The full exploitation of wormholes

conservative scientist should simply be

of these place-holder theories will

predicted by general relativity and non-

leery of naĂŻve claims of impossibility

someday be discarded by a predictive

local connections over time and space

based on general relativity or quantum

quantum gravity theory that will show

predicted by quantum mechanics (and

mechanics alone because the

how the assumptions of each are flawed

experimentally demonstrated) is not

relationship of the two frameworks

and do not apply in special cases,

likely to be possible without a predictive

includes serious conceptual

although most aspects of each theory

quantum gravity theory. The

contradictions of one another. Also, both

should hold true.

An Insignificant Force Emerging to Become Everything An interesting analogy is of a few million bacterium on an orange. Intermolecular forces, gravity, the environment, etc. all define the form and behavior of the orange. However, after only a few doublings, the bacteria overtake other factors to become the primary influence determining the destiny of the orange, breaking molecular bonds to return the elements back to the soil. The universe is not old. It is just getting started. An average sized sun like ours lives for about 10 billion years. This means, form our vantage point “back here” on 21st century Earth, the universe is barely 1 ½ solar lifetimes or generations old. Like the very beginning of the bacterial doubling algorithm, from this early stage, it appears that consciousness is a trivial influence existing in the tiniest fraction of the overall energy – merely along for the ride while the ordinary physical forces determine

everything. However, if a doubling algorithm gets started by a species escaping its biosphere and discovering non-local technology or discovering how to become transtemporal forms of consciousness, then it is not illogical to entertain the possibility that this “supernovae” of exponentially exploding consciousness defines the future of the universe from our vantage point and is the irreducible foundation of the universe when spacetime as a whole is considered. We might even go so far as to conjecture that this might tie into the observed acceleration of the rate of expansion of the universe. That is, exponential algorithms on increasingly connected networks have an exponential growth curve wherein the rate of exponential growth itself exponentially increases.

supernovae~ ESA/Hubble

ESA/Hubble [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The Non-Computable Substance of Reality So we have arrived at a seemingly mystical and yet somehow logical and explanatory axiom that the ground of reality is consciousness – an implication of the code theoretic axiom. It is worthwhile to discuss one important mathematical aspect of this substance. Let us introduce the idea with a surprising party trick. Imagine selecting 17 people from a birthday party and putting them in a room to vote on how many combinations they can form from members of their small group. For example, there can be Linda and Sam and there can be Sam and Linda. There can be Sam, Linda and Gary and there can be Gary and, Linda and Sam. We can combine the names and the ordering of the names. Most people unfamiliar with the math would correctly guess that it is over 355 trillion permutations or about

50,000 times the entire human population. A system of 17 electrons has far more interaction complexity than this, as they interact in various combinations of quantum wave function resonance and damping values and gravitational relationship states. A single human brain has over 100 billion neurons. And each neuron has over 100 trillion atoms, which each contain a quantity of fundamental particles. These interactions, which humans still only partially understand from the equations of the two incomplete pictures of reality, general relativity and quantum mechanics, are the actual physical substance and behavior of reality. The still mysterious and debated ontological nature of the quantum wave function is, in part, the probability space object arrayed in 3-space that partially describes these noncomputable interactions.

Planck The emergence of physics and our reality comes from the non-computability of these interactions. That is, they are noncomputable even in principle and yet they not only exist – they are the most realistic substance of reality itself. Why noncomputable? Consider that we live in a finite sized universe of a finite age. If a computer were made from all the energy

in the universe and given, say, 100 trillion times the current age of the universe to compute the interactions of the particles of just one brain cell, it would not be remotely possible. And yet, actual reality is the emergent result of the oscillators in that one cell interacting with all other oscillators in the universe. And below that level, there may exist the theoretical

Planck scale graph theoretic substructure contemplated in approaches like ours or loop quantum gravity. The idea is that whatever this substance of “consciousness� as the ground of reality is like, it is non-computable, even in principle. And yet, it is perhaps the most real and foundational stuff of reality.

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About Klee Irwin
 Klee Irwin is the founder and director of Quantum Gravity Research.

He is committed to giving back through philanthropic initiatives, such as supporting Cambridge Quantum Computing,,, Moon Express, launch of Singularity University in 2008, etc. Irwin is also an advocate and member of many professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Imagery is the window

‌ into the Icons, Archetypes, and the Soul.


Leading Lion

UnLocking … the wisdom and the mysteries of life spin and cycles.

Birth and Destruction

Time for Peace

Balance Seeking not Division

Examining Polarities Within

Virgo the Virgin

Analytical & Practical

Sasha von Hagemeister Sasha von Hagenmeister born and lived in Saint-Petersburg. The painter, poster designer, and graphic artists. Exhibited in many foreign galleries. 04.05.1956 -0 2.08.2015

The Sting



Cosmic Pattern These Seed-atoms (atomic nuclei) will each eventually reflect the archetypal construction of the

probability patterns . Particles are considered to be “energy bundles” or “dynamic patterns.”

Cosmos, creating enveloping “bodies” of atomic particles from each dimension and following cosmic patterns.

Vibrational Patterns that form nuclear, atomic and molecular structures build into material forms and appear “solid.” Sub-

The ancients referred to astrology as the “soul of nature,

atomic “pre-matter” is permanently “colored” by its ray

which gives form and order to life.” The archetypal symbols

origin, maintaining an affinity like matter and a

of the zodiac reflect qualities of energy and ensuing

responsiveness to

manifestation into matter. When Buddha died he is reputed

the ray influence.

to have said, “ Spirit is the sole elementary and primordial unity, and each of its rays is immortal, infinite and indestructible.” stream/TheEternalDance/ The-EternalDance__Lavedi-Lafferty_Bud-

This concept finds support in physics. Quantum theory shows that sub-atomic particles are interconnected


Seed Atom “I� magination becomes reality, for imagination is a form of creative thought.

Astrology Fabien-MamanSpiritual-SoundMaster-andVisionary-of-TamaDo-AcademyMovie.html

"Our work as musicians and audience, healers and healed, is to harmonize natural and celestial elements in ourselves in order to find the new balance that humanity needs. This work with energy and musique is the Spiritual work for the coming age. “The seed of the Spiritual is found in the physical. In the heart of the cells, in the spiral of the DNA, Is written the Divine story. “When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic

Human Cells

expression work together, heaven and earth are in

Responding to A440

resonance. “This is the vibratory promise which is the gift of our universe." ~ Fabien Maman

Sung by the Human Voice 
 Photo copyright Fabien Maman 1981

Accessing the Energy Field of the Soul with Sound and Astrology When I finished my professional career as a jazz musician, I went to the Sahara desert. I’ll never forget that first evening. There were so many stars in the sky it looked like snow. It was pure light shining down on me from the sky.

I was aware that beyond the Light there was an audible humming coming from the depths of silence. It was the sounds of overtones ~ billions and billions of overtones coming from the vibration of the Cosmos ~ like feathers from the sky...

When my soul reached up to the sky, my physical body became warm. It was like receiving a lover from the sky. The physical contact was tangible.

And the note I hear coming from the sky? A440.

Years later, when I conducted my sound/cellular experiment in Paris, I found that, systematically, whenever the note A440 was played, and particularly when it was sung by the human voice, the cells would turn pink in color. In color therapy, we know that pink is a Master healing color and the color of love.

I had taken my guitar on the trip, hoping to compose new songs, but the musique did not come from me ~ it came from the stars in the sky. Night after night I

absorbed their celestial music.

This is how my book Musique of the Sky was born...... it takes 2,160 terrestrial years to move 30 degrees within the zodiac. Over many lifetimes, we will accomplish the complete tour in 25,920 years. This makes the zodiac an important witness to the evolution of our Soul. It is also the blueprint of the energy field through which our Soul will incarnate in this lifetime.

The Universe is Our Home and We Need to Know it.

In my book I merge musique and astrology to translate life beyond words.... The stars transmit Divine love and light to the Soul. Astrology tries to read the unknown, the unspoken heart of the life. Musique expresses what words cannot tell. I present a system where people can play their own Song of their Soul through the musique of their astrological chart. My research allows us to stand in the middle of our zodiac and experience the celestial melodies of our planets, stars and asteroids. As we play our Musique of the Sky, we experience the vibration of the Universe within ourselves. We dance our Soul in all directions. The magical breath of Divine Silence Plays secretly on the strings of Light In astrology it is not the social aspect of divination that interests me. It is the ability to recognize the value of our celestial home and understand the convergence of forces that help to reveal who we are as a Soul. As we seek the Spiritual knowledge of the twelve signs, houses, planets and stars and

understand their relationships around our personal zodiac, astrology becomes a perfect intermediary between Cosmos and human. My work goes even deeper as we journey through our terrestrial and celestial energy fields, exploring ancient knowledge of our zodiac. By understanding the process of incarnation, we have a larger perspective from which we enter into the Musique of the Sky. The Universe is like a space-time foam, self nourished from beyond the beyond... This is not a thing or a physical place. The whole nourishing empty space is a power which gives birth to existence, generating life through photons, protons and Light. We are essentially trying to describe the creation of the Universe from a cosmic, Spiritual perspective... and then put it to musique! The natural expansion of the Universe, where movement takes the galaxies away from each other to come back later to the central point, shows the map we must follow ~ in the celestial energy field of our Soul...

Children in the new generations will come to the idea that they must live now with the same creative energy, the same power that gave birth to the Universe. The ultimate achievement depends on their capacity to participate effectively, actively in the creativity that brings harmony to the world. When we tune to the Universe and play the Musique of the Sky ~ We feel our cells move to the rhythm of the seas and stars. There is no separation. We are one with the whole.
 In this deep space of emptiness, new life can appear...

The Magical Breath of Divine Silence Plays Secretly on the Strings of Light

About Fabien Maman French musician, composer, acupuncturist Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy (Websters Dictionary), created the now famous system which uses tuning forks instead of needles on acupuncture command points. In the early 80’s, Fabien Maman conducted a sound/cellular experiment documenting the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. His findings changed the landscape of Sound Healing as we know it today. In 1988 Fabien Maman created Tama-Do, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. He has spent 30 years creating research and practical applications to ground the Soul in daily life. More about Tama-Do Academy: Tama-Do (Way of the Soul), The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®, was founded in 1988 by Fabien Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy (Websters’ Dictionary), as the instrument for worldwide dissemination of his research, teachings and creativity. Dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness, TamaDo uses Sound, Color, Chi Movement and Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts® to ground the Soul in daily life. Tama-Do Academy offers trainings for energy practitioners around the world. All Tama-Do techniques have been rigorously tested for more than 7 years by Fabien Maman, whose evolutionary body of work, spanning more than 30 years, is grounded in sound/cellular research, as well as the Classical traditions of music theory, mathematics, Chinese medicine, aikido, Kototama and astrology.


An archetype can be defined as a communication, pattern or behavior, or prototype (model) which may be emulated ~ that is, an active form or function that is replicated, imitated, mirrored, or that engenders similar patterns of form and/or function. Such replications are said to be “canonic” in that they occur with mathematical regularity and often in

More Here

“chains.” The more common philosophical idea is Platonic and refers to pure forms embodying fundamental characteristics ~ as in sacred geometry where thirddimensional solids may be classified as essential elements of materiality, and as found in R. Buckminster Fuller’s grand design science of Synergetics.

Take the Archetypes Quiz

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Where are you in the Arc, and what Type does this make you?

Spinning Wheel of Light & Life The magnitude and direction of an electric field generated by two equally charged, pointlike particles. The exchange it is opposite in color when they are not equal.

Electro-Magnetic Field Planetary rotations and seasons, atomic frequencies, biophotons, emotional and intellectual cycles, circadian rhythms, heartbeats ... everything moves in divine concert with an unseen, animating spark.

Representation of the electric field vector of a wave of circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation. By Dave3457 (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Music & Light- Listen to the Planets

“On either side of the river stood a tree of life, producing twelve kinds of fruit and yielding a fresh crop for each month…” Revelation 14:2 and 22:1. The twelve different fruits are spun from the array of the visible light spectrum; the electromagnetic color wheel of sound and light ~ consider they are one integrated system.

Twelve Fruit Luke 6:43-45, Qualities

Image by Clay Taylor

Learn More Here

Tree Known by Its Fruit. 43 - “A good tree does not bear rotten fruit, nor does a rotten tree bear good fruit. 44 - For every tree is known by its own fruit. For people do not pick figs from thorn bushes, nor do they gather grapes from brambles. 45 - A good person out of the store of goodness in his heart produces good, but an evil person out of a store of evil produces evil; for from the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks.

The Quantum Theory of Consciousness Has Undeniable Proof of Afterlife

Science to Sage International E-Magazine,Edition 48 Science to Sage creates a platform for leading Edge Science, Ancient W i s d o m , Wo r l d P h i l o s o p h i e s , Mathematicians, Healers and Artists. We investigate life’s puzzles and put the pieces together. Science to Sage takes a renaissance approach revealing the true genius and genesis of our universe.

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Microcosmic Orbit, Circulation of the Light
 Sitting in meditation, all at once a surge of warm energy rose up my spine to my crown and then fell like a waterfall down the front of my body. The energy took off, rising and falling in a circle with its own momentum and caused my body to rock. I started to sweat even though the meditation hall was

cool inside. The bell rang at the end of the sitting and I gathered chi in my navel into a ball of energy, a vibrant, golden pearl that sparkled like a diamond. What was this energy doing? Generating light, warmth and life-force! Later I read about this “Circulation of the Light” in a book called “Awaken

Healing Energy through the Tao” by Mantak Chia. He wrote that when people open the “Microcosmic Orbit” profound shifts would happen from within to awaken natural self-healing. This motivated him to bring these amazing teachings of Inner Alchemy to the West about 30 years ago.

By Minka de Vos Inner Alchemy is a way to transform something that is dense and dark into something that is penetrated with the light of consciousness, transparent and golden, filled with virtues and integrity. When raw sexual energy circulates through the Orbit it moves through four pumps along the spine: the Sacrum, Adrenal, Dorsal and Cranial pumps, which pump the sexual waters upwards. These energy pumps also refine the energy from a dense state in the lower centers to a more refined state as it moves through the upper centers. In the embryo as the first cells divide the front and back channels are formed. The creative energy runs through the Orbit like a subtle breathing to facilitate the development of the fetus, so it also called “Prenatal Breathing”. The Microcosmic

Circulating Chi

Orbit links up the Governing Vessel in the back, which governs Yang Chi in the body, and the Conception Vessel in the front, which is a source of Yin energy. The Conception Vessel ends in the tongue and the Governing Vessel ends in the palate, so putting the tongue on the roof of the mouth acts like a circuit breaker to link the flow together. How does the Microcosmic Orbit generate light? If you put an electric wire between a positive and negative pole you can generate electricity. Our negative charged pole is in the perineum, called the Hui Yin or Meeting of Yin and our positive charged pole is in the crown, called “Bai Hui” or Meeting of a Thousand Places. So when you circulate energy between these two poles you are a generator of free energy! The whirling action pulls in an abundance of energy from the Heavens, Earth and Human plane around us. Your centre of gravity below your navel is like the magnetic core of the earth. As the moon orbits around the earth, so the orbit describes the

phases of the moon. Imagine a ball of energy at the base of the spine as a new moon, which rises to crown as the full moon, its most yang phase. There are a few ways to circulate the chi in the Orbit: up the front and down the back, the Water Cycle, and up the back and down the front, the Fire Cycle. The Water Cycle has the effect of opening our psychic abilities and relaxing the nerves down the spine. The Fire Cycle helps us to awaken heightened awareness and grow our initiative in life. It has the benefit of containing and protecting our energy field as we go out into the world. The direction of the cycles can vary at different times of our life. For example, in the womb the flow of the fire cycle activates our growth, in childhood the flow of the water cycle helps to develop our imagination, in adulthood the flow of the fire cycle develops our manifestation power and in elders the flow of the water cycle enhances self-reflection and spiritual growth.

The Orbit weaves together and integrates the three Tan Tiens: head, chest and lower abdomen, which correspond to the zones of thinking, feeling and willing. It distributes chi to all the chakras and acupuncture meridians and nourishes the growth of our soul and spirit. It builds the energetic foundation for spiritual development. Often people experience heat or shaking as the circulating energy breaks up resistance and blockages in the physical and subtle bodies. The heat is caused by the friction as it scrubs through the channels. When this energy is awakened it wants to heal and open the body. It has incredible wisdom, which can do amazing work when you trust and let in happen. This a safe way of cultivating “Kundalini” or primordial energy as it embraces both the ascension and expansion of consciousness and the incarnating and embodiment of the refined energy to grow and evolve all parts of ourselves.

Kundalini, the power of evolution, once awakened, is a profound catalyst for renewal on all levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The conscious circulation of chi in this way plays an important role in longevity. As one ages the energy tends to polarize, cold sinking and heat rising. Excess heat rising can lead to mental agitation and heart conditions and excess coldness sinking can lead to weaker digestive fire and stiff joints, for example. By integrating hot and cold tendencies the “Warm Current

Meditation” makes us feel more balanced and youthful. This circulation plays an essential role in cultivating sexual energy and is central in the practice of Tao Tantra. When a couple is conscious of exchanging energy during lovemaking they can weave their Microcosmic Orbits together joining at the heart, genitals or Third Eye. Their light energy generates love so they can really “make love”, “make joy”, “make courage” and grow limitless potential of creativity, wisdom, and bliss. I have been practicing and teaching Taoist Inner Alchemy for over 25 years and we close every practice session with circulating the Microcosmic Orbit. The individual or the group feels calm, centered and grounded. The practice embodies the realization that we are interconnected to all life, a Microcosm of the whole universe. Through the practice of generating light, love and life-force we expand our potential to heal ourselves and evolve the world.

The Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
 Learn the preparations correctly: Chi Kung Warm-ups; Sitting properly and keeping the spine supple and loose; Inner Smiling; Warming the Stove; Activating Sexual Energy; Gathering Tan Tien Chi. Learn and use the recommended techniques for enhancing the sensation of Chi: Mind eye Power; hands-on touching of Vital Chi Centers; the natural Breathing Method. Use them in combination to draw ever more Chi into the Microcosmic Orbit. Use the hands to focus your awareness and to move the Chi. Utilize the slow, deep breath to expand and open the centers. These techniques will support the conscious opening of your Microcosmic Orbit. During the seminar Master Chia will help participants to open their own orbit.

For more information, Please go to these link :

Microcosmic Orbit Meditation by Mantak Chia

Minka de Vos, Senior Universal Tao Instructor, draws from her extensive background in energy arts and her own soul journey. She has dedicated over 30 years to spiritual embodiment, teaching and healing work. She cofounded Silent Ground Retreats, for long–term, lifetransforming programs. Her profound Kundalini Awakening opened doors for universal wisdom to move through her. She has worked and co-taught with Taoist Master Mantak Chia for over 25 years and is part of the core faculty of the Universal Healing Tao System. She also co-teaches Healing Love with Michael Winn of the Healing Tao University each summer. She is a certified Medical Qigong Practitioner by the International Institute of Medical Qigong and has organized and assisted in the 3 year training. She teaches and gives private sessions internationally. 
 She is a dancer and creator of ‘EnChant Dance", based on Eurythmy, the etheric movement of sound. Minka creatively integrates intention, awareness, visualization, breath, healing sounds, chanting, self-massage and movement into the practices of Inner Alchemy Meditation, Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation, Tao Yoga and Qigong. She inspires people to live with passion, love and compassion, honoring their body, chi and relationships and the world around them. She is the author of "Feminine Treasures" Playbook, "Heart Qigong" and other DVDs and CDs

Minka de Vos

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Photo by James Pond/Unsplash

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We are empowering the transition to true energy independence. It requires an evolutionary transformation in the very paradigm of how mankind looks at energy and this requires a critical mass of people all across the world to hold this common vision. ESTC is providing the platform through which the current paradigm of energy physics is being shaken to its core by actual demonstrations of technologies that overturn the antiquated beliefs that have allowed us to be kept in bondage by the purveyors of consumable energy products.
 The knowledge gained at ESTC is key to the building of a sustainable world rooted in the proven physics of abundance, which will allow us to be free and independent. The opportunity to be empowered by this is offered to those who have an openness to learn a better way.

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energy sciences. Over 40 books &


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How does the universe communicate with itself? oct:2018  

When we look at the universe it seems a mystery yet when we explore with wonder we can see a whole new way of viewing our reality. How Doe...

How does the universe communicate with itself? oct:2018  

When we look at the universe it seems a mystery yet when we explore with wonder we can see a whole new way of viewing our reality. How Doe...