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TABLE OF CONTENT Authors and Artists Special Thanks Special thanks to “In the Garden Publishing” for their inspiration and tremendous contribution to this issue.

Also, I’d like to thank the Awakening Zone/Crimson Circle for hosting Science to Sage Radio. I love that you can listen to the contributors and feel the magazine come alive.

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A Wonderful World Tobias Channeled by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe Heaven on Earth a Paradigm Shift Carol Fitzpatrick When We Expand our Gaze Christine Horner The Divine Dance Frances Lewis and Adelina Abad-Pedrosa Transcend Time to Co-Creation Burt Harding The Garden of O (Art) Heather Cowie The Art of Making Love Christine Horner Splendor and Rejoice (Art) Leigh McCloskey Passion for Life Master Chen Returning to the Garden of Eden Sarah Coles Seven Billion Minds, or One? Larry Dossey MD Photography by Mike Upstone Angels Heaven to Earth with Love Robert L. Smith Inhabiting Heaven Now Andrea Mathews Shades of Silence William Martino

JOURNEY of the ANGELS Tobias Channeled by Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe

The Tobias MaTerials How amazing it was to allow ourselves to go so deep into experience that we ended up in physical reality, the densest and the most real of all of the dimensions. It allowed us to really take a look at ourselves, going through this very slowed-down energy, taking on different aspects and lifetimes, playing with energies in ways that the other angels cannot do. Even to this day, the angelic beings who have never been to Earth are in such awe of those of us who have been here. They can’t possibly imagine what it’s like to be in the physical body, to touch another person, to eat food and take in nourishment. Well, perhaps they can imagine, because angels have wonderful imaginations, but only up to a point—and that point is actual experience. Nothing beats experience.

“Who am I?” Remember there was only oneness, only consciousness, until Spirit said, “Who am I?” Then it burst forth into expression and experience. You, a child of God, now said these very words—“Who am I?”—and the fun began.

No longer just these “light thoughts”

It would allow the evolution to happen very, very slowly, so that the group of angels who had descended themselves to Earth would then be able to go back through all of the experiences they had ever had in the non-physical realms and reenact them, but now in physical reality.

Now, obviously, the stage that was set on Earth would make the reenactment quite a bit different than it had been on the other realms. But it would allow angels to battle once again, now in a very physical, very, very real way. It would allow them to steal energy from each other, but with very direct implications and very real consequences. It would allow the angels to go back through the experiences and actually feel what it was like to connect with or to love another angel as they had done in the non-physical realms, but now in this very real environment on Earth, because in this slowed down reality they would be able to see the consequences. These angels would have the very conscious ability to make choices and then watch and realize how their choices were manifested. And this would eventually enable them to be more aware and conscious of their choices. Earth was a place where the angelic beings could go to feel, re-experience, and therefore understand what they had done in the angelic realms, but now in the very solid, very real, and very consequential theater of life. What an amazing reality it was! No longer just these “light thoughts” or airy feelings of non-physical reality. Now you could go into one of the deepest dimensions of all, and not only observe it but become embedded and embodied within it.

reenact non-physical realms in physical reality


Love yourself you are on the forefront of creation

It is much like a painter who creates a beautiful painting and loves it so much that instead of staying removed or outside the painting, decides to jump inside and become part of it. That’s exactly what you did. You raised your hand and said, “I will go,” and that, dear friend, is amazing service. That is being courageous and outrageous. And that is who you are. You did it once, and you’ve done it many times since. You tend to be the first to go into new energies. You tend to be the explorer and adventurer, and yes, sometimes it tires you to the bone. Sometimes you wonder why you keep doing these things, why you keep going into these new energies and experiences, but that’s who you are. And I ask you to love yourself for it, because you are at the forefront of creation. You are a true leader of your spiritual family. Sometimes you diminish yourself. You think of yourself as just a lowly, inconsequential human. But I look you in the soul right now and I know who you are. I remind you that you’re an adventurer, that you’re outrageous, and that you so love Spirit, your spiritual family, and all angelic beings, that you allow yourself to be the first into the new energies.

You did it once, and you’ve done it many times since. You tend to be the first to go into new energies. You tend to be the explorer and adventurer, and yes, sometimes it tires you to the bone. Sometimes you wonder why you keep doing these things, why you keep going into these new energies and experiences, but that’s who you are. And I ask you to love yourself for it, because you are at the forefront of creation. You are a true leader of your spiritual family. You breathed in and savored all of the energies of yourself, feeling how much you had grown and learned over this long, long time in what used to be the Void. You breathed in the energies of your spiritual families and all the ones who you had come to know and love. You breathed in the energies of all of the angels you had ever tried to consume and all of the ones you had battled with. You breathed in one last breath on the other side. . . And so it was.

God-In-Training The many external expressions of yourself, in a way, mean so very little. They are just experiences, and the soul understands them as wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and ways of coming to know the meaning of “I Am All That I Am.” We have seen angels that have experienced the darkest of the dark, or a lot of nothingness in their life. We have seen humans and angels alike who’ve experienced a lot of drama and trauma. This is part of your journey and part of what you are choosing. But ultimately, you always get back into that boat, back into your sacred vessel that takes you closer and closer to your sovereignty. And it is known already by your soul that you will arrive.


-«ˆÀˆÌÕ>>Ü>Ži˜ˆ˜}ˆÃ>`ii«Þ«iÀܘ>>˜` «ÀœvœÕ˜` iÝ«iÀˆi˜Vi° Ì V>˜ œvÌi˜ Li œ˜iÞ >˜`V…>i˜}ˆ˜}]LÕÌޜÕ>Ài˜iÛiÀ>œ˜it /…i Àˆ“Ãœ˜ ˆÀVi ˆÃ > }œL> >vvˆˆ>̈œ˜ œv …Õ“>˜ >˜}iÃ ܅œ ՘`iÀÃÌ>˜` ̅i œÕÀ˜iÞ œv >Ü>Ži˜ˆ˜}° …iVŽ œÕÌ œÕÀ ,  “œ˜Ì…Þ i‡“>}>∘i]>Ü>ÞÃvՏœvˆ˜Ã«ˆÀˆ˜}>À̈ViÃ>˜` ̈“iÞ ˆ˜vœÀ“>̈œ˜ ̜ …i« ޜÕ ̅ÀˆÛi ˆ˜ ̅ˆÃ >“>∘}̈“iœv}œL>ÌÀ>˜ÃvœÀ“>̈œ˜°

",  "


iÀˆ˜ Ü>à >Li ̜ ÌÀ>Ûi vœÀÜ>À` >˜` L>VŽÜ>À`Ã̅ÀœÕ}…̈“i]ÕÃÌ>ÃޜÕV>˜°ˆÃ ÕÌÕÀi -iv V>“i ̜ ۈÈÌ …ˆÃ *>ÃÌ œÀ *ÀiÃi˜Ì -iÛiÃ]˜œÌˆ˜>˜>ÌÌi“«Ì̜>ÌiÀ̅i«>ÃÌLÕÌ À>̅iÀ ̜ Ài“ˆ˜` …ˆÃ «>ÃÌ ̅>Ì Ƃ à 7i° ̽à >˜ >“>∘} >˜` ȓ«i Vœ˜Vi«Ì ̅>Ì VœÕ` `À>“>̈V>Þ V…>˜}i ̅i Ãi˜Ãi œv }À>Vi >˜` Üi‡Liˆ˜}ˆ˜ޜÕÀˆvi° œˆ˜ «œ«Õ>À …œÃÌà iœvvÀiÞ >˜` ˆ˜`> œ««i œ˜ /…i Àˆ“Ãœ˜ ˆÀVi -…œÜ >à ̅iÞ `ˆÃVÕÃÃ̅iiÀˆ˜ vviVÌ>˜`…œÜޜÕV>˜ÕÃi ˆÌˆ˜ޜÕÀiÛiÀÞ`>ޏˆvi°

",  "

CRIMSON CIRCLE A Safe Space for Spiritual Awakening W W W. C R I M S O N C I R C L E . C O M

So here you are in the Void, in absolute nothingness but aware of yourself, aware of your soul. Part of you now has gone within, into a type of cocoon, for a deep inner look. Sometimes this is referred to as the divine or the God within that went to look at the


consciousness of everything that you were ever going to experience, looking not at the facts and the figures, but the feeings, consciousness, awareness, and evolution of your soul.

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– w w w. c r i m s o n c i r c l e . c o m


hen we expand our gaze, we see that the

Earth is abundant enough to feed, house and even nurture a population of this size.

By Christine Horner It seems that much of humanity is still gridlocked in a state of survivalism and competition for access to basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, healthcare and education–even in the industrialized nations. When we expand our gaze, we see that the Earth is abundant enough to feed, house and even nurture a population of this size. We see our own capacity to mirror nature through working together cooperatively to create a renewable and sustainable way of existence, in harmony with all of Life around us that is inclusionary rather than exclusionary.

All human activity is predicated on what we believe about God.

DIMENSIONS AS CONSCIOUSNESS All human activity is predicated on what we believe about God. Even in the most remote regions on Earth, indigenous cultures alike retell fantastic stories of something much larger than themselves woven into the tapestry of their lives. Our thoughts, whether consciously or not, loosely formulate around the essence of this mysterious force we cannot see, but have been told exists. Consider that all you know about God has been passed down to you via historical documents and culture and conditioning. As a child, you may have been instructed to obey a condemnatory God, existing beyond our reach at the apex of the heap that metes out reward and punishment based on your blind obedience.  These beliefs have allowed mankind to replicate a hierarchical, power-over structure rooted in exclusivity.  But is there an apex? The belief in a separate God is the co-conspirator to our social, economical and political structures. Rather than recognizing our neighbor or neighboring country as a necessary component to our own well-being, individuals, collective groups and nations play economic and literal hitman and we seek to compete with our neighbor for the abundance our home planet abundantly and freely provides.  Over three billion people are left in poverty and despair with band-aid relief, lacking adequate food, clean water, shelter, healthcare and education—all in the name of Democracy, Capitalism, and even God.


When you walk into a forest or eco-system, who is in charge? When we contemplate God, all the Omni- words come in to play.  Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent…  Does God as Creator direct Creation from a disconnected Heaven or is Creation imbued with the same qualities as the Creator so that the acorn grows into a tree under its own power?  Or birds journey migratory patterns utilizing their own internal guidance systems—what we call instinct. By self-definition, Creation is infinite possibility or more accurately infinite expression.  By that same self-definition, Creation exists in perpetuity.  Its own power source, Creation produces more of itself, the third dimension as part to the whole. Breaking it down further, third dimensional existence is subject to the Law of Conservation which states that the sum of all energy is constant; energy neither created or destroyed, merely changing form.  When life “dies,” its form seems to disappear into formlessness for a time (death), recycling into different form as it re-couples with the rest of Creation.  This cyclical pattern is referred to as the Circle of Life.  When this is truly understood in its entirety, you see that Creation is form and formlessness—a paradox just coming to light in human consciousness.


As Creation is self-sustaining as a whole, each part, or fractal is also self-sustaining in the role it fulfills. A rose is a rose; the Serengeti, the Serengeti; the Milky Way galaxy is the Milky Way galaxy.  The caveat being that each fractal would necessarily exist in mutually-beneficial, selfsimilar relationship with other fractals.  Thus, once again it is seen there is no separation.  Think of the Universe as a giant quilt.  It would appear to be random when comparing arbitrary sections, but viewed in its entirety it is a single blanket, as if homogenous in nature.  Where is the apex? What if the world has got it wrong and the Creator is not separate from us, but IS us, as part of the totality of Creation?  If humans wish to continue acting out the story of separation, taking a predatory position at the apex of the heap here on Earth, we will continue to harm each other and our home planet.  Any human construct requiring blind obedience with no room for inquiry is itself blind, ensuring its own, and our own, demise with its built-in self-destruct mechanism. Are you ready to deconstruct everything youʼve been told about God by your culture by going within under your own power and trying again?  If you truly believe we are all one, the first thing that will become abundantly clear is that peace first begins with you, not your neighbor.  If peace begins with you and there are nearly seven billion “you(s)” on the planet, who is in charge? Are you smiling yet?


Yet, something miraculous is happening. The invisible is becoming visible. Human consciousness is taking a quantum leap into territory previously unknown as what began with just a few saints, sages, gurus and a Savior is awakening in the hearts and minds of millions around the world. As above, so below becomes so within, so without, heralding a new way of Being no longer shackled by culture and conditioning and its traditions that stopped serving us long ago or were steeped in exclusivity. The karmic bonds loosed, we empty ourselves of the “past” and imaginary “future”, in favor of the eternal NOW, replete in all its splendor.


Be in the world but not of it. The message is clearer than ever. The worldʼs individual and collective suffering is not resolvable at the level of origination. It can only be temporarily relieved. Humanity has no idea what true freedom is. It can only be understood conceptually. Freedom outside of relativity, true freedom that is Absolute, has only been known and described by the Masters who instructed us to transcend the world of duality by taking the middle path, thus not creating more polarity. Though we glimpse true freedom perhaps a few moments each day, it is not recognized, whereas it can burgeon as valuable in our individual and collective hearts and minds. The closest humans have come to living a life of true freedom are the indigenous peoples of the world. This is the true reason for their systematic annihilation which continues to this day. The indigenous, connected to their power source, knew a life of sovereignty, and therefore, could not be controlled. Only through round-up and conversion (to their captorʼs religious and economic belief systems), or genocide directly, could their freedom be hidden from the masses, though not entirely.

...we empty ourselves of the “past” and imaginary “future”, in favor of the eternal NOW...


In the heroʼs journey, the hero is involuntarily propelled out of his ordinary 3D world, usually by outside forces, brought on by internal conflict. The hero doesnʼt know it yet, but even the “ordinary world” was truly but an experiential stopping point on the passageway back to wholeness. At first, the heroine refuses to accept that whatʼs about to happen is unavoidable and beyond her control. Usually, a mentor appears or she may go within for courage and strength. As she finally accepts the “special” world she has entered and begins its tests and trials, she must endure the dark night of the soul. Again, all seeming outside circumstances are brought on by unseen internal sourcing—her very own Soul—or, Creation/God Itself. In our collective story, as the indigenous were wiped off the earth and through the suppression of their ancient knowledge, a slave society, dependent on outside authority, emerged that is the foundation of our culture today. The sovereign being all but lost, except for a very few. Though conditions have improved a thousandfold for at least half the population, the other half remains mired in a deplorable and unconscionable state of survivalism. Yet, what we are really witnessing is the full spectrum of the 3rd dimension as a level of consciousness.

• War in the name of peace is not peace. • Surveillance in the name of freedom is not freedom. • Exclusive religious factions in the name of love are not love. • Egoic pursuits in the name of joy are not joy. • Economic systems loaded with trap doors are not abundance.

And the list goes on ad nauseum. Humanity is presently facing its dark night of the soul as we slam head on into the limitations of our current social systems generated out of our internal belief systems—namely that Creation/God is an outside force. During the ordeal, we will face death individually and collectively. We do not need to fear this precarious position in our journey because, out of either metaphoric or literal death, comes new Life. Destruction is part of the creative process. There is no separation.

Neither is there separation in life and death.

When we endeavor to improve the lives of others, it usually arises from the thoughts, “I see what is wrong with you,” or, “I wish to fix you so the sight of you doesnʼt cause me pain.”


The only true suppression is your own mind-created limitations. The only power anyone other than yourself has is the power you give them. All freedom and power is self-ordained. The road to redemption is the resolution of the conflict that resides within as you seek a more holistic understanding of who you are. The dark night of the soul is the process one undergoes as part of expansion. As the Masters instruct, to attempt to resolve the polarity of human existence, from the level of a human, is resistance that brings about suffering. This occurs when we attempt to control our physical world based on the thoughts that pop into our mind. Seeking to “fix” our lives or the lives of others, or hold on to constructs, people, places or things that are no longer serving us. When we endeavor to improve the lives of others, it usually arises from the thoughts, “I see what is wrong with you,” or, “I wish to fix you so the sight of you doesnʼt cause me pain.” The desire is rooted in fear-based projection. Does this mean we do not help a single soul? Of course not. Help those that come into your field of influence when led and inspired to do so. As for the rest of the world and its ills, withdraw your support from practices that do not serve the good of all and support those that do. “BE the change…” ~ Gandhi Surrendering to “what is” is the beginning of being in the world but not of it; the beginning of true freedom. As thought is polarity itself, Absolute freedom is the cessation of all thought, the absolute middle path—about as close as humans can come to ascension while still in the body. Meditation is a practice that removes the power from thoughts so that we can begin to step into our true nature. Observe your thoughts for even an hour and notice their bipolar nature. Notice that the world continues on without the help of your thoughts and that thought begets more thought rooted in separation. In fact, your brain is but a receiver of consciousness floating around in the ether like clouds in the sky. Those that register in your brain are magnetically resonant with your vibrational field. Once you realize you are the sky, not the clouds, you have transcended the drama occurring in your life. If you want the heroʼs journey to prolong itself, try thinking your way out of it! Otherwise, relax, breathe and know that this, too, shall pass.



No longer clinging to the physical world for illusory safety and security, we openly embrace the mystery as we explore the Infinite, unwavering in the knowledge we are supported along our path regardless of perpetually changing circumstances. Concepts such as hope and faith are recognized as the absence of serenity and released back into the ether, as peace flows into the spaciousness left behind that we now recognize as our friend. Ego, the driver of dissatisfaction is realized as powerless. No longer a “thing”, it is relegated to its proper place, in the trunk—as a tool that brought self-realization.  Selfimprovement in all its subtle disguises, from affirmations to prayer, is quietly exchanged for self-acceptance. Intellectualization is acknowledged as incomplete, the cost too high, as simple Awareness and its begotten wisdom transcend all borders and boundaries.  Every human being is given the key to access the vast and free Universal libraries found directly in Nature where “know your place” is replaced with, “Know Thyself.” In the old dream, we believed in an outside authority, separate from us, dispensing reward and punishment individually and collectively based on humanityʼs performance record.  In the new dream, we unite directly with the creative force that exists within us, as us.  Manmade hierarchal power structures removed, we understand that we are the authors of our own pleasure or pain, not in singularity, but cooperatively with resonant souls. Safe within the new awareness that all authority is self-ordained, we choose to unlock the chains of unsatisfying work-for-food jobs, seeking treasure from the abundant storehouses of our own creativity, where work becomes joyful play rather than a means to an end. The amassing of materialism and the fruits of competition no longer our worth, we observe that every possession reciprocally owns us; the true cost bore by our beloved Earth.  We identify the absurdity in the belief that we hold any possession in more than a temporary, custodial manner and opt for “access to” rather than private ownership.  Walking away from all bondage, our significance is now drawn from the unseen grace that moves our feet. The guilt and blame derived from a childish understanding of God, the Universe and who we are gives way to the returning to the innocence of a child as we teach our children that we are innocent and always have been.  In our innocence, we return to our rightful states as Co-Creators. What is happening?  We have entered the dimension of unconditional love.  The Gift of Salvation is finally being accepted.  The meek have inherited the Earth and it is…Heaven.

About Christine Horner Founder of What Would Love Do Int始l, media arm, In the Garden Publishing and Bodhi UniversiTree, Christine Horner is dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness. Christine is the author of the acclaimed and ground-breaking WHAT IS GOD? ROLLING BACK THE VEIL, merging science and spirituality. Christine has been featured on the World Puja Network始s The Sheila Show and in OM Times Magazine online. Look for Christine's radio show, From Mystery to Mastery: e-Merging Science & Spirituality by visiting i-Tunes or,,

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SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO December 3 Host: Karen Elkins Guest: Christine Horner Topic: Awaken the Miracle in You - The Science and Art of Living



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DECEMBER/JANUARY CREATING HEAVEN ON EARTH December 3 Christine Horner Awaken the Miracle in You

December 17 Carol Fitzpatrick Radical LOVE: How to Maintain Your Balance in Times of Great Change

January 7 Larry Dossey Seven Billion Minds, or One?

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The O World Project is a multi-media initiative encompassing the arts, sciences, philosophical and religious/ spiritual traditions. The mission of the project is to celebrate the diversity of human culture, to contrast the perspectives of leaders from all areas of human endeavor and to add another voice of inspiration for a new paradigm of global community and conscious evolution.

The Arts phase Purchase the Album $9.99 or a song for .99

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One Voice One People One Song

of the project is

based on an original song called 'O World'. The song represents a ‘unity of purpose’, as all participating musicians are basing their own unique interpretations on a single composition. The project enlisted musicians from around the world and asked each of them to adapt the original alternative rock version of O World and create their own unique arrangement, reflecting their particular style, genre, and ethnic musical tradition. Some of the countries represented include Spain, Argentina, US, Peru, Canada, Venezuela, India, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Uganda, and Turkey, with more to follow.



The second phase

of the project

focuses on Science, Philosophy and Spirituality. Following the intention of promoting inclusiveness and solidarity the O World Project features interviews with prominent scientists, philosophers, activists, business leaders and spiritualists from many faiths and

O World Project

practices, who share their perspectives on the current state of humanity, our relationship with the earth, and our evolution as a species.

Interview - Mooji





!e Divine Dance: Balancing " Feminine & Masculine

Drop into the ancient landscape of Britain with Frances Lewis and Adelina Abad-Pedrosa who danced and photographed all the points where the Michael and Mary ley lines met in Britain; representing both a personal journey and a journey for the world.

. Balancing the male and female energies within ourselves and around the world has the potential to bring us into a saner, more sustainable way of living.

When you recognise the

importance of these natural forces and their profound effect on our behaviour, you have, through your creative talents, the keys to our cosmic inheritance.

What do you get when you cross and engineer and a yoga instructor?

!en Dance of Divinity Frances and Adelina combined their superb artistic gifts to capture the essence of weaving energies with all the finely-honed variations of their interactive moods. These are soft, subtle, but powerful natural energies, which have had a deep and lasting influence on the evolution of our human species. From ancient hill forts to dramatic cliff tops by the sea, from churches to cave–you are invited out of your armchair into the spectacular healing landscape of nature and earth energy. We are immediately captivated by the colour and light in Adelina’s arresting photographs, but she also opens up our senses to be receptive towards the less visible such as the air around them. Sometimes cold and damp, other times hot and hazy, we are always made aware of the subtlety of its presence. In her images we are able to hear the sounds, or the silence, and inhale the smells that exude at the moment of the shutter being pressed. She is not just there faithfully recording her subject. She is also adding her own experience. We sense her quietly and intuitively moving around; exploring every angle to intensify the feeling she is receiving, so that we might understand the moment and enjoy it more. She captures the diversity of Frances’s connection with her emotions and energies, whether they are playful and joyful or fearful and confused, with an honesty and rawness that can’t help but draw us in.

Adelina and Frances have created a unique exploration of the meetings of the Michael and Mary ley lines. With the magical spark of collaborative creativity, they have explored the subtle energies that exist in these special places and interpreted them as visible emotions of both the body and mind. The two have worked as one and it shines through. Michael represents the male energy and Mary the female. Together they weave their way through the landscape. Along their way are churches and hills named after Michael and Mary, acknowledging the recognition of these energies in ancient times. The node points, also called power centres, are the places where ley lines penetrate and leave the earth vertically. They also coincide with the points where the Michael and Mary lines meet and thus, to us, represent the places where the male and female energies are most balanced. Adelina and Frances were inspired by the book The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst. This was their guide along the way, together with the dowsing rods, allowing us to find the nodes. We gradually developed and learned to trust our dowsing skills as the journey progressed. Frances teaches Yoga in Swindon and Adelina was working at the time as a senior analyst for an energy company. What they found was that they required integration time in between nodes, as they were changing, balancing and growing with this journey. Also, their regular life fed into the pilgrimage and vice versa.

The male energy is characterized by qualities like logic, power, focus, directness, giving, commitment, pushing, excitement and manifestation. The female qualities relate to nurturing, acceptance, softness, meandering, receptivity, creativity, restfulness and peacefulness. If there is an imbalance between them or we don’t allow one of them to flow naturally, it becomes very difficult to run our lives in a harmonious and successful way, as we need both to take on the challenges of this life in a loving and purposeful manner. This is key to solving all other imbalances in the world (violence, poverty, conflict, injustice, ecological devastation, etc.). Heaven on Earth begins with you‌ Please enjoy the following photos in silence and contemplation.

SELF NOURISHMENT If there is light in the soul, there will be beauty in the person. If there is beauty in the person, there will be harmony in the house. If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world. (Chinese Proverb)

There are two natural energies inside each of us, one male and one female.

Adelina Abad-Pedrosa was born in Spain. A PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering brought her work in the sectors of consulting, engineering and energy markets.

Currently, she explores her true nature,

following the call of each moment, geographically and in all other aspects of life. As a photographer, Adelina aims to capture all facets of life and the human experience in her images. Her work is often defined as having the healing power of conscious witnessing.

She also

ventures into the fields of documentary, portraiture, travel, artistic, nature and corporate photography. In 2005, her photography won the portrait award by ICIA (Bath University). Her work has been exhibited in magazines, solo and group exhibitions. For more information, please visit

The Divine Dance by Frances Lewis/Adelina Abad-Pedrosa ISBN: 9780985531447 Paperback: 132 pages

Frances Lewis is a courageous dancer of truth and wisdom. She is regularly willing to drop again into a softer more vulnerable way of being with herself and with others in the world. She is a truly inspirational woman with a passion for expressive dance, deep peace, nature and ecology. Frances teaches Yoga and loves to create sacred space in which to experience Yoga, be it in the middle of a town or in deep nature. Space clearing has been a major part of her journey of transformation along with yoga and dance. More recently she has been offering womb healing visualisation as part of a growing movement to honour the feminine more fully. For more information, please visit

You are a Gift

Be Present


“When you find yourself with the Beloved, embracing for one breath, In that moment you will find your true destiny. Alas, don’t spoil this precious moment Moments like this are very, very rare...” ~ Rumi

Copyright © 2012 by Christine Horner

An insatiable longing resides deep within. It is this unquenchable desire for the intangible called intimacy. You seek not to find yourself, but rather, to lose yourself in another. Are you truly willing to fully let go; to be open and vulnerable? Intuitively, you know that making love is the reconnection to life itself as the experience of the life force you carry within, that is your very nature. It is through the mind, the body, and then the letting go of the mind and the body that we reconnect with Spirit, the three merging as the One. A few come to know the Secrets in later years, many never at all. What if you knew these Secrets now? Intrinsically, we sense the expression of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is the Dance of Creation. It is perpetual, alive in every moment, not just in the bedroom, but beyond, if only we but pay attention. It is this noticing that is.

H e r

S e c r e t

f o r

H i m

The desire of your heart is to have your lover cherish you in all ways. It is in this way you are reminded of the love that resides deep within you, as you. You are the very presence of love that you seek, whether conscious of it or not. Surrender deeply to the awareness of that which you already are in every fiber of your being; Mind, Body and Spirit. Safely cradled in the arms of the love that you already embody through your own Being, you will notice this love reflected back to you, as you lie in the warm embrace of your lover. How do you take the knowledge that you are love itself and make him feel safe enough to be the very vessel of purpose and expression he desires to drop his guard to be?

“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere, they’re in each other all along...” ~

Be his biggest fan in every way. Praise every whisper, every caress, every inspired moment he offers that gives you pleasure, whether in the bedroom or out. Remain open and vulnerable, as an example, to him...for you are the keeper of the flame. Openly marvel in wonder at the mystery of his nature, in awe and rapture of it, gently guiding him toward the rewards of his continued purpose of being in the safety of not only your arms, but in every moment of his day. Make him “right” in all that he does, when he is, for this is his craving, to be “on purpose” so that he may end his seeking of the very thing he sets out to prove.

Rumi By being and doing this, you show him the safety of the world. He will surely lose himself in you, as you, the two becoming One Love in Mind, Body & Spirit—and he will then GIVE you the world. This is the Art of Making Love as we honor and express appreciation for the One that you are. What you do for another, you do for yourself.


Secret for Her

The desire of your heart is the open expression of who you really are in its fullness, no longer having to prove yourself in the world. It is in your lover’s arm that you find rest and repose, centered in the love that resides deep within you, as you. You are the very presence of love that you seek, whether conscious of it or not. Surrender deeply to the awareness of that which you already are in every fiber of your being; Mind, Body and Spirit. Craving the depth that you miss, your lover’s embrace opens you to your Source that you embody through your own Being. You notice this love being reflected back to you as the only way to live that is real. How do you take the knowledge that you are love itself and make her feel safe enough to be the very vessel of pure radiance she desires to be? Make everything about her. Always and in all ways. Every whisper, every caress, every inspired moment you offer that gives her pleasure, whether in the bedroom or out. Your greatest gift to her is your presence. Give yourself to her for no other gift compares. Sit with her. Caress her hand, her cheek...gaze into her eyes. When she works through emotions, guide her gently toward the rewards of her blossoming trust in you as you remain vulnerable to her. Show her that you are strong enough to fearlessly explore the depth of her being, in that she may remain soft, expansive and loving, not only in your arms but in every moment of the day. By being and doing this, you give her the world. She will surely lose herself in you, as you, the two becoming One Love in Mind, Body & Spirit —and she will then SHOW you the world. This is the Art of Making Love as we honor and express appreciation for the One that you are. What you do for another, you do for yourself.

“Your love lifts my soul from the body to the sky And you lift me up out of the two worlds. I want your sun to reach my raindrops, So your heat can raise my soul upward like a cloud...” ~ Rumi

Splendor Splendor is a masterwork of vast genius, a sensual entity and nexus existing between time, probability and the ever-eternal now: Sophia enfolds her ancient seed within Splendor: From this seed Splendor blossoms her first creation, Universal Adam.


Rejoice Rejoice, for the moment of awakening is here. The cathedral of human knowledge is known. Eve is restored and her earthly Adam reborn.

Heaven on Earth is a Paradigm Shift

By Carol Fitzpatrick


have heard the phrase “heaven on earth” for many years.

It is a code word for a quickening of light within us. It’s a paradigm shift that occurs within the context of our inner reality and is caused by a dramatic shift in frequency. When this occurs, we quickly spiral upward into a higher states of awareness. Many believe that the only way to make this radical shift is to transition out of the body but more of us are experiencing a feeling and knowing of the heavenly bodies, or higher realms of light, while still in physical form. I experienced this quickening in 1988, and after over a decade of seeing more light body than physical body, more essence than form, life on the planet took on a very different perspective.

I spent over a decade totally

immersed in a mystical experience while also maintaining a job and single parenting two growing teens. What I saw were angelic beings, ascended masters and inter-dimensional guides that would appear from the ethers, who were no longer in the physical, hanging out around the people who were seemingly totally unaware. The ethereal beings, as I witnessed, were here to help humankind through fairly large learning curves. Each curve was always to repair a sense of connection, or broken heart, or medical condition. They were there to intercede on behalf of that someone to provide an infusion of love. The love seemed to open the heart and trigger a shift on a very deep and foundational level. By 2003, I had seen and participated in so many of these encounters but never stopped marveling at the incredible love that these beings have for humanity.


witnessed these intercessions when people were, unfortunately, experiencing great times of sorrow or were in deep distress over their life circumstances or how their cosmology had just radically shifted and were grasping to understand of their lives from a higher perspective. Many people who awaken move through a dramatic reorganization of their beliefs, perceptions and sense of soul family. Most have always felt a bit out of place in their families of origin. Once awakened, they quickly reconnect the dots of their life experiences and reorganize them into a completely different perspective. Everything they believed was true is suddenly up for re-examination. Their aware loved ones or friends were often used as the bridge or go between to get them the help they needed in that moment. Of course, the remedy, as I mentioned, was always love with a capital L. The love that poured forth from these higher dimensional beings almost always caused a flood of tears where love was overwhelmingly palpable. I began to recognize that the block that caused all this suffering was fear. I also recognized that our ability to sense and see these beings, and feel their love for us, was predicated on our ability to let down the very defenses that have helped us to survive. It was shown to me time and time again, that an open heart, which is totally counter to many of our life experiences, was the ticket to living in this field with all beings, physical and nonphysical. These amazing higher dimensional beings work overtime and are always telling me that they love to help humanity but we often forget to ask, even when we are on our last leg. We get trapped in the mind, so much so, that we forget that we are always connected to our true source, whether our mind will have us block it or not. Many people who transition out of the body or come back after near death experiences figure this out. The common thread in their stories is that they understand now. I have witnessed some of the most incredible things happen when the heart is re-opened. Cancer miraculously heals, relationships mend, life opens up to show the way through the confusion, and we discover our true calling. It’s so simple but what it takes is a willingness to let down our defenses that would have us convinced that we are so alone. That’s the biggest misconception. Our human conditioning tells us to be afraid of anything that we cannot experience with our five senses.That limited reality is useful for learning, but to embrace oneness is a shift point that is occurring on so many levels now, and signals the tipping point in human consciousness. We are opening up and our perceptions are too.

Love Love pours forth from these higher dimensional beings


There are many realms of light and our earth plane of consciousness is only one of many. From all the conversations that I have had with beings from the higher dimensional realms, the concept of heaven is a paradigm shift too. It’s an adjustment away from the density of our physical reality to one that is more wave form or light based. Our consciousness stays with us even as we drop the body. We have access to any reality, and can most certainly embody these higher states of being while still in a physical body, but it requires us to re-calibrate ourselves with our innate ability to access soul-level awareness. I’ve been to and witnessed a plethora of other worlds on other planets. Humanity is not alone here. We are part of a vast network of consciousness that is supported by a universal life force. The very source of creation is bountiful and permeates all living things. We have the capacity to open and allow for a greater flow into our lives here on the planet or to shut down and block the flow. Fear of any kind is the biggest blocker of all. The new earth grid of consciousness is incredibly joyful and lacks the polarity of one’s belief in separation. The very concept of heaven, as a final resting place for souls having lived on earth, is not a panacea either because it presupposes its opposite. Learning is constant and universal to all races, human or light being. Once a soul transitions out of the body, the learning continues. We pick up right where we left off but from a different perspective. The process of integration is an individual choice and takes an act of letting go of fixed positions. Sometimes it’s helpful to leave the body to regain that perspective... letting go of the notion that we are separate from anything at all sometimes requires a radical shift in perspective and state of being. Oneness consciousness finds us in a greater flow of that life force that we describe in terms that are truly indescribable. Letting go of long held beliefs, judgments and control dramas are all foundational first steps. Our physical bodies are merely a collection of wave particles that comprise and house all the myriad beliefs that make up our reality: changing the perception changes our life experience. The human consciousness is dense compared to the higher dimensional beings that grace us with their presence. But with constant allowance of light to flow unimpeded through us, we can experience these higher resonances in the physical.


Realms There are many realms of light


used to go out of body to feel these energies, then one day in 2007, I realized that I had to make a choice. If I really wanted to stay in the body and continue to be a part of this human experience, I needed to work really hard to clear all that internal density so that the higher resonance of “Me” would feel more comfortable sitting inside this physical system. Now I communicate with these ethereal beings while in the body. I find that taking full responsibility for my own personal joy while living out my life is deeply satisfying. It’s a faster track for learning this way too. The body affords us a very tactile way of learning. It’s easier to raise our vibration and keep it high while streaming the energies through a physical form. We are creating heaven on earth by embodying those higher vibrational frequencies, and by doing so are becoming lighter, more compassionate, understanding. Our willingness to listen to our inner guidance can only be realized through the doorway of an open heart. This process of opening ourselves to accept the divine flow of our lives is also an act of deepening our faith. Earth is just a very small fraction of the cosmos. Yet the one thing we have that is unique to all worlds is compassion. The angels marvel at humanity’s ability to feel and express compassion for one another. We are at the tipping point where separation is imploding. Humanity is integrating the very concept of oneness at such a rapid pace, we will look back, just a few short years from now and find it quite normal to see your non physical loved ones sitting right beside you, or feel your heart open to a stranger or to experience angelic beings embracing you just when you need a hug the most. Compassion is the thread that keeps us all connected and moving toward this eventual revelation that if I harm my brother, I am bringing harm to myself and those I love. If I love my brother, I am loving and honoring of those I most love. We think that heaven is removed from us, but our higher dimensional family is watching, learning, growing right along with us. Heaven and earth are a part of a single multi-faceted continuum and not separate from us at all. Our loved ones and the many beings who are here to help us are not far away but near in heart. They love us, learn from us, show us, and we too instruct them. Once souls that have transitioned out of the body, and have adjusted to their new surroundings, they absolutely marvel at how clearly they can see their loved ones who are still in the physical. They can see the light of love pour forth from them.

Creating Heaven We are creating heaven on earth by embodying higher vibrational frequencies


have worked with people from all walks of life who find themselves at that same doorway. Their version of taking that leap of faith is from what they have known all their lives to what they feel inside: Trusting their heart to guide them is what it takes to quickly move them through this radical paradigm shift in consciousness. There always comes a time in our conversation where the mind relaxes into the moment and allows the heart to fully open. Once this occurs, a sense of deepened peace settles in followed by a message from an angelic being, nonphysical loved one, or divine master to them: All is Well, and I Love You so Very Much. Then the tears of recognition begin to flow coupled with the knowing that there is no separation where love is present, only oneness. That to me is Heaven on Earth.

Carol Fitzpatrick serves as a channel for higher consciousness as a way to bring a greater degree of understanding to others.

Find her on the web: http://

SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO December 17 Host: Karen Elkins, Co-Host Donna Viscoky Guest: Carol Fitzpatrick Topic: Radical LOVE: How to Maintain Your Balance in Times of Great Change

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Dr. Bruce Lipton & Margret Horton

Joyce Hawkes

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The path to “the base of the mountain” leads to life-changing interaction. Based on a personal journey.

In I’ll Meet You at the Base of the Mountain, Donna candidly shares – often with brutal honesty — the most intimate moments of her inner and outer struggle to rebuild her life after the loss of her child. Motivated by guidance she receives from Kristi on the other side, and a compelling, but puzzling directive: “I’ll meet you at the base of the mountain,” Donna begins a soul’s journey to find meaning and hope in the midst of tragedy.

The path to “the base of the mountain” leads to life-changing interactions with Mediums from around the globe, Spiritual/Selfhelp “rock stars,” and Hollywood icons. And, although the path twists and turns in often surprising and frustrating ways, she never loses sight of her final destination. Donna’s emotion-packed story inspires and empowers, calling us all to live every moment of our lives with passion and purpose.

Donna Viscoky Donna Visocky is the founder of BellaSpark Productions and publisher of BellaSpark Magazine. One of the top metaphysical and consciousness-raising organizations in the US, BellaSpark was named after Donna’s daughter Kristi who died in an automobile accident in 2003. Kristi was a beautiful spark and passionate about creating change. It was her passing that propelled Donna on her soul journey.

BellaSpark’s mission is to be a catalyst; to stimulate, inspire and embolden individuals and communities in their growing spiritual awareness by providing access to consciousness raising ideas, people, and information. For the past ten years, Donna has met, interviewed, and facilitated conversations with hundreds of the world’s top visionaries, change-makers, speakers, artists, and musicians who bring their gifts and talents to help our individual spark to grow. Donna also co-hosts a weekly radio show, InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky on CBS New Sky Radio.

I’ll Meet You at the Base of the Mountain is available at For more information please visit

Transcend Time to Co-Creation by Burt Harding The egoic mind is always devising ways to avoid the power of the present moment.

The present moment is powerful enough to transcend all circumstances and dramas—even to make ego vanish.

‘NOW’ cannot be measured

because it is timeless. It is all a matter of looking at the word ‘time.’ Time is created by conditioned mind through the linear brain.

This ‘now’ is not just the present time that contains both past and future in it.

‘Now’ is a container of the present time and therefore timeless. Think of it this way–you are on a train and as you pass the territory you are traveling on you can see your past starts fading away as you move forward. You can see the past going by, and, as it fades from view, still knowing that it still exists in the far distance. Then, you take a helicopter and see with greater awareness the train’s past, present and even future. However, you keep growing in awareness as you look at the whole scene from an airplane and the whole past, present and future are in plain sight. When in the present moment, you relax your mind from questioning and look plainly (with greater awareness) at this ‘now,’ it will be clear that all you can ever have is this moment. And, here’s another fact that is obvious–there aren’t two moments in time! The moment you start seeing that time is psychological, then a whole new way of seeing opens up for you. We live in psychological time because we are conditioned in it and afraid to look at what is true. The truth can shake us up and challenges our strongly held beliefs. However, ask yourself this again, “Is it true or not?” That should be your only concern. If there is sincerity, honesty and an authentic drive for what is real, then you allow yourself to see the obvious. This is all the spiritual maturity you need–to look at the truth squarely and commit yourself to it. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Looking at this thing called ‘time’ opens the door to the unexplained and unknown to the ego and obtains a clearer image of the Source behind all phenomena. The crucial key to waking up is a direct LOOK at time. It was A.S. Eddington, a scientist and researcher who wrote, “In any attempt to bridge the domains of experience belonging to the spiritual and physical sides of nature? Time occupies the key position.”

The mind is consciousness containing thought, imagination and time-consciousness. As we examine the deeper subconscious that makes us believe, experience and think as we do, we will begin to see that all events are occurring in the ‘present.’ Yet, when the present becomes fully contained in this ‘now,’ then we enter the timeless. For instance, you are in love and find yourself saying, “Gee, where did time go?” In reality there is no time but the eternal NOW, which the ego-mind (conditioned) will refute. Yet, if we are authentic in our search for what is true, we’ll begin to see that this NOW is eternal. This begins a whole new way of looking at life. If time is eternal, then where is death except to our third dimensional appearance? Is the body as solid as our senses make us believe? Are our senses to be relied upon when they are conditioned by imagination? And, if time is eternal, then aren’t all events that happened still in existence now? Are we really born and do we really die or simply go through form change? How real is the form, or is it just a shell or appearance of consciousness? All science knows this fact – Energy (Spirit) is indestructible, it simply changes form. I love the statement made by the philosopher Alfred North Whitehead, “It is impossible to contemplate time and the mystery of the creative passage of Nature without an overwhelming emotion at the limitations of human intelligence.” As the illusion of time begins to dawn on you a whole new deepened consciousness will start to arise. What seemed limited before, now will stand as awe and wonder and greater vision. At

this point, we will not forsake the mind but appreciate its greater beauty of creativity known as imagination. The anxieties you feel; the anger that arises at certain moments or the uncertainty, fear and insecurity that had haunted you before now, you start seeing as imagination. It is a creation from the subconscious mind. Our conscious awareness might take a jump from the average 5% to a vaster seeing. Something inside you will know that everything you had taken to be who you are was just what you told yourself you are subconsciously. Now you see with grander vision that you are literally boundless being, vaster than vast and timeless beyond birth or death. This sounds grandiose at this point, but it will all seem natural and simple once you start looking at the obvious truth of you in these two steps.

1. You know you exist and therefore are existence itself. 2. You know that ‘NOW’ is all that can ever be. It contains it all and is timeless. 3. Everything was and is imagination. The ‘one’ that is not imagination is also obvious–it is the one who imagines it all. In other words, the only thing that is not imagination is the one who imagines it all. This ‘one’ is you! Imagination is what created the world, our daily life, our emotions and thoughts. Whatever you imagine to be real becomes real to you. That is the function and power of your subconscious mind. You, in fact, are a creator through your imagination. First, you create through unconscious choice, by making real whatever happens to you and thus, form your world. In this case, it is a ‘negative’ world.

Now you see with grander vision that you are literally boundless being, vaster than vast and timeless beyond birth or death.

The moment you realize that your negativity is all created by you, you start seeing the power of imagination and start rebuilding your world the way you want it. This creativity is your great power. What made man go to the moon; create airplanes, computers and advanced technology? Humans don’t purposely create attitudes and emotions, but we create them through our set conditioned imagination as being real. Primitive consciousness had no imagination and therefore was driven by habit. As imagination increases so do our emotions. However, with greater awareness of our selfcreated pain, we begin to see our inherent power to reverse it through imagination. Humans became “bicameral” when imagination and language evolved to the point of creating civilization. Thus, utilizing language the left side of the brain separated from the right side of the brain. The left side is egoic and deals with the details of daily living, whereas, the right brain deals with imagination, vision and insight. It is interesting to note the phenomena of religions was something that the mind needed for his herd instinct, to belong, to feel okay and to know that there’s something deeper than just form, name and language. Religions wars began as different beliefs and practices led to egoic separation and the idea that “our way is the best and only way.” This separation is hard to uncreate and this is where the seeing of the timeless comes to our rescue.

Science may have many answers but it still unable to explain our awareness of ourselves. This pure awareness, which is timeless, is existence itself and like the ocean creates waves upon its surface. In other words, we are existence itself (spirit), that appears as units (waves) upon its surface. Yet the waves are the ocean itself. Similarly, we are units of energy that are existence itself. Awareness does not evolve as it is already complete. The human soul evolves to the point of recognizing our One Awareness. This happen when we commit ourselves to what is obvious…

1. We exist and are existence itself. 2. NOW is all there is and it is timeless. Therefore, ‘now’ is not a time but who we are itself.

When Edgar Mitchell described his vision while on the moon during Apollo 14, he related his overwhelming sense that the universe itself is alive and that it is in some way a conscious being in its own right. This means that all forms, whether on earth or elsewhere in the universe, are all part of one giant consciousness. There is something inside us that pulls us ‘forward’ into evolution. As we move towards it, in order to understand and tolerate its presence, we are becoming more like it. In fact, we discover the timeless now as ourselves, find that we are IT and have always been.

Burt Harding NOW is all there is and it is timeless. Therefore, ‘now’ is not a time but who we are itself. Burt Harding offers a radical invitation to recognize the truth of our being as already whole and fulfilled. He reminds us of the love we really are beyond the emotions and personal stories we carry. In this way, we come to recognize how beautiful we really are in our essence. Burt lives and teaches in Canada. His web site can be found at Book:

Master Chen

Passion for Life

I was born into a

From the age of six, I was chosen to live and cultivate in the Taoist Temples of Wu Dang Mountain,

very poor family in the humble village of Chang Le City in Fujian

China. It is there that I learned and lived the ancient, five-thousand-year-old secrets of a happy, long and fulfilling life.

Wu Dang Mountain is one of China’s

most sacred mountains. It is one of the birthplaces

Province located in the southeast corner of China.

Chang Le means,

of Taoism.

Everything is mystical about Wu Dang,

where the sky opens to fields of immortality.

magical mist nourishes treasures of herbal pharmacology.

“The longest happiness.” Though we were a


Fifty thousand years of human

civilization trace to the area. Seventy-two mountain peaks bow like flames inward toward the main peak. Looking from above, the main peak resembles a

modest family we enjoyed life, we enjoyed the way that we lived.

turtle sitting in balance on top of the fire.


wonder that, in Taoist philosophy, only the turtle, representative of the water element, can sit on top to balance the extreme fire of the universe.

Recently, I journeyed back to a remote cave in the Wu Dang Mountains of China to once again rediscover the purpose of living, going back to the root of life there and reconnecting with the spirit of the people and the mountain. For thirty days, I retreated to a cave, with no baggage. Everything was simple for me. This retreat pulled me back to my origins in order to rediscover the true spirit, to find stillness. We all have to find our own cave daily, devoting our self completely to turning inward to discover our true heart. God, or Tao, is always delivering gold and joy, always delivering selflessly. If your heart is not open, then God is not able to deliver. Just as a gardener must find suitable soil in which to grow seeds, so too must Tao find suitable mud to grow the golden lotus. Life is a journey. We come to this existence to enjoy life as opposed to being entertained by life. We come into life and we will go from life with nothing in the material. All we have is the glory and joy of living in this short

journey. Being human is a gift of Tao. As humans, we all have emotions and desires. We are the combination of our material and spiritual life. We must each entertain and enjoy life in our own unique ways. On our journey, we must find a way to balance both our material and the spiritual being to make the best of life. In this book, you the reader can learn the method to enjoy, understand and respect your emotions and desires. This book guides you toward learning a way to live passionately with yourself and others. Tao follows what is nature and then unites with heaven as one. This is the core philosophy of Taoism. Through my own personal experience as a Taoist priest, I explain the Taoist philosophy of life in a very practical way. By looking at life from another way, I hope to provide you an understanding that life is a joyful journey. We are each the creator and entertainer of our own personal, joyful lives.

I was designated, by my master, as liaison between East and West to explain the mystical secrets of life.

Taoism spans over five thousand years of

gained some access to the way to communicate

history but still, Western society has received few

these Taoist concepts to people from the West. I

clear explanations and has only a limited

was designated, by my master, as liaison

understanding of practical Taoist philosophy.

between East and West to explain the mystical

Very few people in Western culture know about

secrets of life. I am here to share with you and

and truly understand Taoism. For many reasons,

entertain you with this ancient knowledge.

not the least of which are philosophical and language barriers, Taoism has remained shrouded in mystery for Westerners. I began my training as a Taoist priest at the age of six. I was honorably chosen to be part of a five-thousand-year-old Taoist lineage by my immortal Grand Master, Cheng Yu Li, lovingly known as Master Li.

I was chosen to carry on

this sacred tradition and to bring this wisdom to the West.

I have lived in the United States for

over twenty years now, learning the culture and making friends with thousands of people. I have

Life is a journey. We come to this existence to enjoy life as opposed to being entertained by life.

I don’t expect people to believe everything that I say. I merely present this knowledge of Tao from my own understanding of nearly forty years of practicing Taoism, so that people in the West can, perhaps use this philosophy in their own personal and intellectual discussions. I am the ambassador and messenger of the ancient Tao to the modern world of the West and I offer you this book to introduce a way to understand the mystical meaning of life and to answer some of the basic questions of mankind; the basic questions that all religions try to answer. Happiness is the only purpose of life. Taoism introduces to humans a very practical way to live a happy life. I introduce to you this way of understanding and cultivating life, to transcend ordinary life, thereby becoming an extraordinary human. We all continue to grow into heaven. We live our heaven every day. There is no physical heaven or hell; it is in living that we create these concepts. We are not here to suffer from past karma or to redeem our “sins.” We are only here to find the true value, dignity and respect of life. We are here to rebuild the connection between our personal “heaven and earth.” We are here to balance and harmonize everyday life. Everyone has free access to the gateway to return home. The access to this gateway begins with learning to enjoy life—today and at this very moment.

Master Chen Tao Wisdom: Shakespeare tells us that life is a play and that we are all actors or actresses in this magical play. Most people are so attached to the character they portray that they are unwilling to take off the mask to face reality. Living in fantasy and illusion can only suffocate the true self. Learn to face life with conscience, mercy and forgiveness. Then, there is no dust that needs to be cleaned and there is no stress to experience. Seek immortality rather than seeking or dwelling

in the stress of humanity. From complication return to simplicity, nurturing stillness brings us to the state of unity between self and the universe. This is how you enjoy your material life and the spiritual life. Taoism is a practical philosophy that brings you a simple, practical understanding of humanity, pointing out a path to immortality. Forgiveness is one of the three treasures of Tao. Learn to forgive yourself first in order to detach from the feeling of being a victim. Make the choice to enjoy life rather than to hold onto and suffer from emotions. In doing this, you can bring back your original nature.

When you no longer

hold hatred or other emotion in your heart, your spirit shines in simplicity. Joy fills your heart, and then you are able to forgive anybody at any time and anywhere, unconditionally. This forgiveness will help bring you back to the right path, allowing you to cultivate stillness in your life, enabling you to have a better opportunity in seeking immortality. Life is a game of a triangle:

the victim, the

persecutor and the hero. Everyone in life plays this game in each given moment. Understand the characteristics of each role. Get into and out of the game like a true master.

Learn to play the

game without attachment to the results of the game. By playing the game with attachment you will suffer from emotion and disease; and this will only decrease the power of the Yuan Shen, or original spirit.

When you master this game you

are able to sign a contract with your own Yuan Shen.

It is like living with the lotus flower that

grows in the mud, all the while presenting it's best to the world. Learn to respect the mud and enjoy the flower. You need the mud to grow the lotus.

About Master Chen Trained in temples of Wudang Mountain as a child, for over 20 years now Master Chen has learned the way to communicate the little understood Taoist wisdom of the Eastern world to people in the West. During this time Master Chen has taught and befriended many of thousands of students. Master Chen’s journey relates to all life journeys. Master Chen guides you in learning an ancient wisdom to live passionately with self and others. Through over 38 years of personal experiences of Master Chen, you learn the Taoist philosophy of living in a very easy and approachable manner without having to travel to the remote temples of Wudang Mountain. www.WuDangTao. com Book: authors/chen.html

Returning to the

Garden of Eden Once we were surrounded by plants, and trod grass and flowers. At night we watched the stars. We fed on food from woods, bushes and wild beehives, and drank water from springs and streams. We lived beside trees, flowers, birds and the creatures of the forest.

This vision of a golden age, impossible yet visceral, felt as much as seen, has filtered into the life of every civilization. The power to return to the Garden is within us, the physical garden, but the outward expression of our Being.

The Red Rose has been a symbol of love for thousand of years

In each of us lies a deep psychic need to create our garden of the golden age, to find our paradise, to achieve balance and order, to know where we belong. This knowledge is our true wealth. Few activities are as varied, healing and sustaining as gardening. Physically gardening strengthens us, it connects us to the world outside, it inspires and consoles us, and spiritually it restores us at the heart of things. A garden expands every area of our being. What follows is an attempt to explore the wonders in gardens, both our own and others, to learn what they do for us, and what we can do in them. There is no end to its joys, interest and teachings.

The garden of Adam and Eve is traditionally seen as natural and informal, a forest in all its glory with glades of flowers and grazing beasts. Gardening hones each of our senses.

We revel in colour combinations or perceive

myriad shades of green. We find a hundred shapes in the leaves of tree and shrubs. We can hear the crackling of branches knocked by winter gales, and the yammer of a woodpecker. We smell the aromatics of high summer, the lavenders of varying scents, and the fragrance of roses which may remind us of myrrh, lemon, herbs, blackcurrant, even camphor–it’s meditation, a question of sniffing and being present for a response, of not being in a hurry.

Pulling from the windings of informality, surprise and randomness is a desire for order, for symmetry. Here lies a different impetus, finding the transcendent through and beyond the rational. The presumed mathematical precision of the universe is schematically laid out in the garden.

As well as feeding our need for wonder and glory, our need for restoration, the garden can satisfy profound intellectual curiosity. All stages of evolution are here, from the earliest flowerless moss, to the conifers, and the later flowering plants. We can see the true petals of the hellebore like tiny tubes frozen in mid-evolution, and we can see bee orchids still adapting mimic patterns to lure bumble bees for pollination. Virtually all life continues through the union of sex–as if, shooting off in all directions since the universe exploded, separating, we need to come together, to return to origins.

Perhaps plants, their sexual

union achieved through the carriers of insects, birds, winds and water, feel faint ecstasy as the pollen meets the stigma and they start the burden of bearing more lives. Looking at packed sunflower discs, we see the Fibonacci pattern, nature’s perfect solution to the problem of packing the largest number of seeds into the smallest space available, with whorls spiraling in opposing directions. Looking at ferns, and clouds, we see fractals, where similar shapes are reproduced in all sizes, from the smallest to the largest. In a fern, the individual fronds along the stem or rachis replicate the shape of the whole fern, and even smaller but of similar shape are the individual parts of each separate front. Pythagoras, immersed in the wonder of mathematics, gave it the status of a god.

similar shapes are reproduced in all sizes, from the smallest to the largest.

Golden Age

sacred groves

Our need and use of symbols is wired in our brains, because through them we can grasp larger concepts than the immediate objects before us. Some are universal, like the ocean’s infinity.

Some are cultural and some are

private, like the little cyclamen from seed you gave me: I no longer see you, but the cyclamen and its progeny under the tree stand for you. Flowers have their traditional symbolism–the rose is love, the Madonna lily is purity, the violet is modesty. Symbolism takes many forms, and connection to the spiritual takes many paths. In the traditional gardens of China and Japan the universe is contemplated through microcosms.

renewed, a central rock in a tray of water is the universe in the primal ocean, and the neatly arranged trees of bonsai around it are the primeval forest. In some Zen gardens of Japan abstraction reaches beyond vegetation and its inevitable changes to the primeval earth before life flickered, and becomes In each tradition lies a sense of implicit

order. With the movement and change of a garden, we experience vegetative and animal transformation, from childhood to adolescence, to maturity, reproduction and death, each year.

This procession is as impossible to

perceive as the movements of a watch’s hands, and when in the garden we are clasped in the embrace of the present. Then, we swing from specific to abstract, from the concept of a particular day to that of the year. In the garden we move from microcosm to macrocosm. We live in the past, present and future, and regularly are midwife and caregiver in birth, living and dying. We are part of the cycle of nature as we help it on its round. At night we look to the stars. We learn gratitude and wonder, and humility too, because we have failures of vision or practice, and when successful we know we have not achieved alone. We learn patience and hope. As we garden we gain a sense of proportion, and our place in the scheme of things. In times of bereavement and depression, the garden will heal and restore; we become one with it, and with those we have lost. Gardening is a tangible way of coping with grief. Aristotle walked the Lycian grove of Athens with his pupils, and we each walk our own sacred grove. Through the garden and its flowerings and numerous deaths, the sudden and the slow and inevitable, we learn the inevitability of changes in our own lives, and even feel their rightness. We see and feel the beauty of each season, the birth of spring bulbs, the dying leaves of autumn, the howling winds and emptiness of winter. To garden is to see our own creation, and our fate.

use of symbols is wired in our

In the temples of western

China which survived the Cultural Revolution, and in some cases have been

the ripples of the ancient ocean.

Our need and


When we make compost, we see the transformation of broken plants and detritus into rich soil, and realize our part of the cycle of being. Humankind makes an art from every necessary activity, but no other art goes hand in hand with nature, taking on the hard science of evolution and biology, and through myth, sensuous pleasure, and wonder reaches the deepest part of the psyche, the soul. The earliest gardens were sacred groves, dedicated to the gods, goddesses or dryads who guarded them. A place was seen as holy, because of its cave, or its vast sheltering tree, or its spring of clear water. Holy wells became the abode of hermit saints and, hallowed by tradition and tales of miraculous cures, became places of pilgrimage and worship. The Bo-Tree under which the Buddha found enlightenment, is honoured with silks and ribbons. Oases in the dry lands of the east were holy, and green, colour of nature, colour of the garden, is Islam’s sacred colour.

The garden lies before us, literally and metaphorically, a picture we can step in and wander through. The sight shifts as we stand. The cloud covers the sun, or shines to reveal golden bowers beyond, the bird moves, the flowers sway, petals drop, or the garden becomes a mass of people louder than the flowers. The garden swings from day to night, from dawn to early evening, from spring to summer. Only painting tries to capture the moment. When we plant the seed of intention, we have started gardening. ……………………………………………………. About Sarah Coles Sarah Coles has written for the Royal Horticultural Society journal The Garden, as well as The Field, Hortus, and other publications. Sarah is the author of two novels and Chalk and Limestone Gardening, A Guide to Success on Alkaline Soils. She has lectured widely in the UK and eastern USA. Book:

SCIENCE TO SAGE RADIO People Making a Difference

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Leigh McCloskey

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Don Estes

My work is made to invoke; to open; to refresh and to point towards new ways of seeing.

Garden of O by Heather Cowie

I love how nature performs, whether in its multitudinous formal variations, or in its fantastic repertoires of sound, colour or shaped action.

My art is always a statement about, and manifestation of, my relationship to the natural world.

My experience of nature has been one of visual fascination, tactile delight and aural sensitivity.

Rhythm pulsates and throbs in much of what I make, some simple and some complex.

I also think a great deal about what makes nature the ultimate ‘source’ with which to make things happen.

By Heather Cowie Titles and More work online @

SEVEN BILLION MINDS, OR ONE? by Larry Dossey, MD photography by Michael Upstone

“I felt there was no separation between anything. I felt as if I were united with everything, and it was wonderful!�

This recent report from a reader is a

universal experience of people who are concerned with psychological and spiritual growth. This sense of connectedness is not fantasy, but is being affirmed by recent advances in consciousness research.

If minds are boundless and boundaryless, as evidence suggests, in some sense all minds connect.

But where our mind is concerned, weʼve been more concerned with disunity than unity. During the twentieth century we took the mind apart — the conscious, the unconscious, the pre- and sub-conscious, the collective unconscious, the superego, ego, id, and so on. When we look through the other end of the telescope, however, we can see a different pattern. We can make out what I call the One Mind — not a subdivision of consciousness, but the overarching, inclusive dimension to which all the mental components of all individual minds — past, present, and future — belong. I capitalize the One Mind to distinguish it from the single, one mind that each individual appears to possess. This is not a philosophical gambit, but is based on human experience and actual scientific experiments. Consider studies in which human neurons are separated into two batches and sealed in so-called Faraday containers that block physical communication. When one batch is stimulated with a laser, the distant batch of neurons registers the same changes at the same time.1 " Or consider a huge collection of neurons, the human brain. When distant individuals who are emotionally bonded are wired with encephalographs that record their brain waves, or when they are both monitored with fMRI brain scanners, when one individualʼs brain is visually stimulated the distant individualʼs EEG or fMRI scan registers the same change at the same time.2, 3 " Recent studies by James Fowler at U.C-San Diego and Nicholas Christakis, then at Harvard Medical School, found that “[E]motions have a collective existence — they are not just an

individual phenomenon.” Further, “[H]appiness is…contagious….Your happiness depends not just on your choices and actions, but also on the choices and actions of people you donʼt even know who are one, two and three degrees removed from you.” Fowler and Christakis have shown that if your friendʼs friendʼs friend becomes happy — someone youʼve never met nor heard of — that has a greater effect on your happiness than if someone put $5,000 in your pocket.4, 5 " There are hundreds of additional studies that reveal the unlimited, boundless behaviors of our minds. As consciousness researcher Stephan A. Schwartz describes these experiments, “Today there are six stabilized…protocols used in laboratories around the world exploring these… phenomena. Under rigorous double or triple blind, randomized and tightly controlled conditions, each of these six has independently produced [odds against chance] of…one in a billion….” 6 " The emerging image of mind is that it cannot be put in a box (or brain) and walled off from all other minds. If minds are boundless and boundaryless, as evidence suggests, in some sense all minds connect. "

But where our mind is concerned, we’ve been more concerned with disunity than unity.

" Throughout history many eminent scientists have glimpsed this fact. This includes Nobel physicist Erwin Schrödinger, who proclaimed, “The overall number of minds is just one….In truth there is only one mind.”7 And the distinguished physicist

David Bohm asserted, “Deep down the consciousness of mankind is one.”8 Neither the experimental evidence for our connectedness nor the experience of individuals across millennia seems to make much difference t o s k e p t i c s a f fl i c t e d b y “ r a n d o m a n i a , ” “statisticalitis,” “coincidentitis,” or “ODD” (Obsessive Debunking Disorder9). No matter. Skeptics can ignore the evidence, but they cannot wish it away. As physicist Max Planck once said, paraphrased, “Science progresses funeral by funeral.”

The concept of a collective One Mind with which each individual is connected suggests a pool of intelligence that might be tapped by creative individuals. As Americaʼs great inventor, Thomas Edison, said, "People say I have created things. I have never created anything. I get impressions from the Universe at large and work them out, but I am only a plate on a record or a receiving apparatus — what you will. Thoughts are really impressions that we get from outside."10 The eminent German physicist and philosopher Baron Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker agreed. He said, “[In any great discovery] we find the often disturbing and happy experience: ʻIt is not I; I have not done this.ʼ Still, in a certain way it is I — yet not the ego…but…a more comprehensive self.”11 Our unity and connectedness as humans have taken a back seat to our obsession with individuality. Individuality should be honored; generally speaking, a species without a strong sense of individuality does not long survive on this planet. But individuality is only one side of the human coin. Neglecting the coinʼs other side, our collective unity, is a recipe for disaster nationally and globally, because the epidemic of selfishness and greed that has been unleashed by this unbalanced view of human nature is now threatening not only our social structure, but also the larger eco-environmental fabric and lifesupport systems that sustain us. The ethical implications of our fundamental connectedness are profound. Because of our intrinsic oneness, health can never be merely personal, and neither can illness, poverty, or hunger. The unity we share requires a

recalibration of the Golden Rule from “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” to “Be kind to others because in some sense they are you.” On this realization, our future on Earth may depend. " (This article is based on ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters by Larry Dossey, MD. Carlsbad, CA: Hay House; 2013)

“Be kind to others because in some sense they are you.� On this realization, our future on Earth may depend.

Larry Dossey, MD is an internal medicine physician, former chief of staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital, and the author of twelve books exploring the role of consciousness and spirituality in health, most recently One Mind.


Pizzi R, Fantasia A, Gelain F, Rossetti D, Vescovi A. Nonlocal correlation between separated human neural networks. In: Donkor E, Pirick AR, Brandt HE (eds.) Quantum Information and Computation II. Proceedings of SPIE5436. 2004:107-117. Abstract available at: The Smithsonian/ NASA Astrophysics Data System. http:// adsabs.harvard. 2 Wackerman J, Seiter C, Keibel H, Walach H. Correlations be tween brain electricalactivities of two spatially separated human subjects. Neuroscience Letters. 2003; (336): 60-64. 3 Standish L, Johnson, LC, Richards T, Kozak L. Evidence of correlated functional MRI signals between distant human brains. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. 2003: (9): 122-128. 4

Fowler JH, Christakis NA. Dynamic spread of happiness in a large social network: longitudinal analysis over 20 years in the Framingham Heart Study. British Medical Journal. 2008; 337: a2338. 5 Christakis NA, Fowler JH. Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks and How They Shape Our Lives. Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Company; 2009. 6 Schwartz S. Six Protocols, Neuroscience, and Near Death: An Emerging Paradigm Incorporating Nonlocal Consciousness Aspects of Consciousness – Volume II. Essays on Physics, Deathand the Mind. Volume II. Ingrid Fredriksson, ed. McFarland: Jefferson, NC (in press). 7 Schrödinger E. What is Life? and Mind and Matter. London, UK: Cambridge University Press; 1969: 139, 145. 8 Bohm D. Quoted in: Renée Weber. Dialogues with Scientists and Sages. New York, NY: Routledge & Kegan Paul; 1986: 41. 9 Sheridan T. Obsessive debunking disorder (ODD)? article_id=82. Accessed October 20, 2013. 10 Edison T. Quoted in: Neil Baldwin, Edison: Inventing the Century. NY: Hyperion; 1995:376. 11 von Weizsäcker CF. Introduction. Gopi Krishna. The Biological Basis of Religion and Genius. New York, NY: Harper and Row; 1972: 35-36.

Photographic artist - Mike Upstone Mike Upstone has exhibited at the prestigious Rencontres Internationale Photographique at Arles, France, at Cork Street in London and under Royal patronage as part of the Jardin d'Art festival in Marrakesh. Along with colleague John Welburn he produced the winning image for the Sinar Cameras 50th anniversary calendar competition, the first time a digital image won a major international competition for a grand marque camera manufacturer, the one used by Ansel Adams and Franz Lazi, whose work was also featured. His photographs have been published by Hasselblad, FujiFilm, Bronica Cameras and a number of national and international magazines."

DAVID WHYTE "Solace: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question" Human beings cannot quite believe the depth, drama and even the disappearances involved in even the average human life. Each one of us grows almost against our will into a steadily unfolding story where the horizon gets broader and more mysterious, the understanding of loss and mortality more keen, the sense of time more fleeting and the understanding of our own mistakes

Satu rd a y Wo rk s ho p De c 7 , 1 0 - 4 p m

and omissions more apparent. In the midst

Loca ti on : W. P o i n t G re y U n i ty C h u rc h , 4 5 9 5 W. 8 t h Av e . (a t To m l i e S t .) Va n c o u v e r , B C Cost $129.

than the one that involves this constant

of this deepening we have to make a life that makes sense: there is no other life beckoning, this invitation to the fiercer aspects of existence.Â

BANYEN BOOKS & SOUND Tickets: (604) 737-8858 1-8

EVERYTHING IS WAITING FOR YOU Your great mistake is to act the drama as if you were alone. As if life were a progressive and cunning crime with no witness to the tiny hidden transgressions. To feel abandoned is to deny the intimacy of your surroundings. Surely, even you, at times, have felt the grand array; the swelling presence, and the chorus, crowding out your solo voice You must note the way the soap dish enables you, or the window latch grants you freedom. Alertness is the hidden discipline of familiarity. The stairs are your mentor of things to come, the doors have always been there to frighten you and invite you, and the tiny speaker in the phone is your dream-ladder to divinity. Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation. The kettle is singing even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots have left their arrogant aloofness and seen the good in you at last. All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves. Everything is waiting for you.

  -- David Whyte

Excerpts from

Angels Heaven to Earth with Love By Robert L. Smith

MY SURPRISE EUROPE ANGEL VISIT Vienna. Austria was pulsating with vitality as I drove into the city. Spring was in the air. Melodious sounds performed by a concert orchestra in a city park were floating through the town. I had made advance reservations at a small, but distinctive hotel and found my room furnished in old world styling with those high ceilings of old Vienna. I was tired from traveling and I welcomed seeing that soft down feather mattress in which to rest. Soon a deep sleep overtook me. Sometime in the middle of the night I was awakened. I blinked my eyes and sat upright in bed. Why awake, I wondered? Suddenly my body was ascending into the heavens. A faint figure appeared and moved closer. My senses told me I was seeing an angel in a flowing gown. All was quiet in this heavenly setting. Finally my angel visitor spoke to me in a clear voice with these words:

"There is only the moment, now and forever." Just as quickly, the angel vision ended and I was back sitting up in my bed, with my mind slowly recalling the event and the words that were spoken by an angel. I have pondered this heavenly visitation since that time, and the meaning of those eight words. Were they meant just for me, or for a larger audience? I wondered. My life's work has been centered around a theme of communication – sixteen years in radio and television, followed by a magazine publishing career. All I can say – God leads us into strange and exciting tasks. What a challenge!

There is more to these angel appearances than you or I realize. I believe that angel messages are not only for me, but for you as well, to help us live our lives the way our Creator intended. We earthlings can replicate the work of heavenly angels. We can all become EARTH ANGELS! What can we do to make this a more humane and loving place so that others know we care? Here are a few ways we can help our fellow man.

We can

provide food and housing for the poor, give directions and assistance to the lost, comfort those who grieve, and offer love and prayers for neighbor and friend. You see, being an Earth Angel is something like being the Good Samaritan to the community. We have to learn not to be bashful or afraid to knock on that door with a kind word or a gift of cookies. Let them know you are an Earth Angel here to help. You will find it easier with each call you make. Now can you imagine the impact this will have on the street where you live as you watch others becoming Earth Angels too. Remember, this could be the start of something wonderful for neighbors, friends, strangers and for ourselves as well.


ANGELS ON EARTH Let's take a look at ancient civilizations. The Greeks named angels Horae, Persians called them Homfereshta, the Hindus called them Apsaras, and the Vikings used Valkyrsies, as their name.

Mir Angels A testimony about angels has come from Russia (of all places). This was reported in the press regarding Colonel Yevgeniy Petrov, former Soviet commander of the Defense Department, who defected to the United States. The officer reported this incident after the Soviets launched a space station. According to him, after ten days in space the three cosmonauts suddenly witnessed a huge light outside the space station. It was so bright it blinded them for a short period. A report was made back to earth. Then they saw seven giant beings, human in appearance. The episode was hushed up and never released, but that's not the end of the story. Later, three more cosmonauts placed in another space station, reported that seven angels appeared at the port holes much to their amazement. It was only through the defection of the Russian Colonel that we learned of this. A most unusual account of angels in outer space.

Robert L. Smith’s life work has always centered around communication and entertainment. Starting in the 1940's as Hollywood Bob, a radio and television personality, he went on to become Public Relations Manager for Family Films, well known for their popular TV series, This is the Life. In the1970’s he founded and published the magazine, Total Health, dedicated to body, mind and spirit. Now, at 92 years, he lives with his wife, Rosemary near the red rock canyons of southern Utah. Order Pocket Book: 43 pages of insights $7.00 includes shipping in US. Contact::

200,000 Year Old Statue Found On Moon WASHINGTON, DC – A noted scientist has just produced proof that the lunar surface was inhabited by intelligent life: a 10-inch angel sculpture embedded in a moon rock. Geologist Dr. Morris Charles revealed last week that NASA lab workers chipped the angel from one of the rocks brought to Earth by Apollo 11

Ancient Statue of an Angel Found on the Moon YOU Tube

astronauts 40 years ago, in 1969. Dr. Charles was a NASA scientist himself for 23 years but left the agency in 1987. He still maintains close ties to many of his former colleagues. (Full Article Here)


Heaven NOW

quicksand of a moral dilemma

Not a single day goes by in my practice as a clinician, or in my world as a writer, speaker and radio host, in which I do not encounter someone who is stuck in both the miasma and the quicksand of a moral dilemma. This, however, is not because it is right to be so stuck—though that is what most traditionalists will tell us. This is because we have come to believe more in our morals than we believe in ourselves. But even making such a bold statement raises the hackles on the necks of traditionalists from all faiths, creeds, dogmas and philosophies, for we fear that if we drop morals, then planet earth will go to hell in one enormous apocalyptic explosion of total immorality. We trust our morals to keep that from happening. And we are certain that without them that is exactly what will happen.

By Andrea Mathews

Who would you be without your morals? asphalt of morality paving their own personal narrow road to hell.

Worse than that, however, is the fact that because we trust in morals, we don’t trust in our inner and divine essence to lead and guide us. We don’t even trust love to guide us, because, you know, love can be tainted with all kinds of loyalties that may or may not be right. No, better stick with the rules. So, when I encounter these persons who have come to me for help with what they think are their moral dilemmas, I’m continually frustrated by the fact that in order for them to reach into the realms in which they will find their own answers, they will have to find a way to get past the sticky, gummy, hot asphalt of morality paving their own personal narrow road to hell. But you just can’t talk about getting past morals, without people thinking that you are coming all too close to the edge of blasphemy—and they don’t want to be in the room when the lightning strikes. Søren Kierkegaard was able to get away with it in his famous book Either/Or in which he says: My either/or does not in the first instance denote the choice between good and evil, it denotes the choice whereby one chooses good and evil/or excludes them (Kierkegaard 1992, 486). But it took him 633 pages to do it. We are not going to go that long. But we are going to be talking not only about excluding them—good and evil, that is—but also about what we do with ourselves once they have been excluded. Byron Katie asks the question: Who would you be without your story? I’m going to take that one more step and ask: Who would you be without your morals? That’s a scary question for many to ask, and scarier still to answer, for at base we fear that without our morals we would all be sociopathic serial killers. But would we? Or, is it possible that we can find something deeper than morals within us, deeper than the codes to which we conform our behavior or rebel against, deeper than our dependency on the so-called battle between good and evil to define us. What if, in fact, that is exactly what Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and some of the other great Master-Teachers were trying to tell us? What if…we have it all wrong?

What if, because we are blinded by that lie, we cannot see that we are already living in heaven, in fact, we ARE heaven?

The lie that we are separate from the Divine due to our polarized sinful, bad, even evil natures.

Truth is, our dependence on morals, on defining ourselves by the supernatural and unnatural battle between good and evil, will keep us from even asking these questions. Why? Because we live our lives and orchestrate our movements based almost entirely on fear. And so it is perilous, indeed, to put such a deep crack in the terra firma on which we walk based on morals, which seem to protect us from our fears. What will we do? Will we just fall for eternity into the airless air between us and the next planet down the Milky Way? Where will we lay our heads at night if we can’t look back over our days and determine our worth by our good and bad deeds? These are our fears. And they dictate our willingness to ask these questions. But then there's heaven. Yet, what if heaven could be experienced every day right here, right now on planet earth-and the only thing that keeps that from happening is the lie. The lie that we are separate from the Divine due to our polarized sinful, bad, even evil natures. What if, because we are blinded by that lie, we cannot see that we are already living in heaven, in fact, we ARE heaven? Inhabiting Heaven NOW offers such a brilliant, transformative light that you will not be able, after the read, to turn it off. Its arguments are so lucid, its truths so profound, and its simultaneous practicality so real that the reader simply cannot walk away unchanged.

Andrea Mathews, is an author, psychotherapist, speaker and radio host. Books:

Restoring My Soul:A Workbook for Finding and Living the Authentic Self The Law Of Attraction: The Soul's Answere To Why It I

Science to Sage

Recommends Everything is alive in the living universe and the galaxy is a powerfully energetic being. David Wilcock provides scientific evidence showing how you can align with the center of the galaxy in order to boost your own consciousness and psychic abilities. Just imagine how powerful your galactic alignment within the meditation effect would be with bringing light into the DNA of everyone on Earth. Discover how you can begin to heal yourself and radiate that healing light out to the world in this unique presentation. In this inaugural episode, David Wilcock connects science and ancient teachings to explain how to be in oneness with living universe and our connection with the source field. When we coexist in a state of oneness with each other and the universal consciousness, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs manifest into real things. There are those who misuse this information for their own benefit and to the detriment of mankind. Discover how you can manifest the wisdom of these teachings to begin to transform your life and master any problems that come up in this unique presentation.

Freddy Silva

Link to read articles by Freddy Silva as seen in Science to Sage

Heaven on Earth

ngel Stories – Part 1 Video nfinity: The Ultimate Trip Video nfinity: The Ultimate Trip Video

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Shades of Silence by William Martino

“Heaven On Earth, Naturally: Rest Like a Master" Shades of silence are the true meaning of thoughts. Therefore, each individual has a plan to get to this silent awareness.

Our plan is

given according to our true loves as individuals. Practice of course is an illusion. But sometimes, having a body/ mind, we must play by the rules of the illusion we are bound by. For example: If you have nightmares of unhappiness, maybe smelling a flower reminds you of what you have been all along. If you can enjoy directly feeling your universal connection, then so be it.


flower smelling necessary.

If you consider yourself a spiritually awakened person or a healer, do you have insights that others may benefit from?

I want you to find what you love and do it, whether you’re a healer or in housekeeping. What you love will lead you to your inherent immaculate nature.

We are on the journey, a game, which reminds us we are already unbounded, infinite and invincible. During my own personal countless hours of meditation, internal power development and study, FLOW was developed to unlock the "secrets" of personal restoration. Each day we can affect a deep, full, far reaching transformation of consciousness that is truly miraculous. Take a leap of faith here, now, and in doing so there will manifest a paradigm shift in your entire life! In just one second of clear decision—this second.

Is union with pure Spirit and nature effortless? This is the greatest instruction of meditation, otherwise known as “entering the ultimate Zone.”

Should there be any struggle and training to “enter the zone?” Effort and discipline are the great “secrets” that bring us to the states of consciousness most only dream of. Grace is the rule, and we utilize our intuition to guide us to wherever necessary. Simply accept the field of Grace offered to you in this moment and the spiritual adventure begins.

Can thinking about it help? Cognition cannot attain the spiritual; words cannot reveal it. The highest dimension of reality is wordless.

Is it possible to quiet the mind and tenderize the emotions at will? We all have natural, personalized catalysts to consciousness. The benefit multiplies through time and progressively ushers in enlightened consciousness for the practitioner.

 Every Saint (the highest category of human evolution) quickly and frequently goes into the blissful atmosphere of heaven to restore him/herself. In this way we are making progress in creating heaven on earth. Where else could heaven exist except here, where we are? Here is all there ever is in space and form. What shall you build in your location? Each of us is unique in our preference of spiritual catalysts. Some enjoy visualization, others scriptures, spiritual books, tapes, videos, a mantra, spiritual art, crocheting, nature walks. Whatever you like, the point is to do something to restore and empower yourself. To do this we must give time and energy. The "right" spiritual catalysts are the ones that work for the individual, and often the greatest catalysts are given us from the presence of living Saints (there are many). What you are learning in this course is how to multiply the effect of these types of catalysts to consciousness, empowering us on all levels. Here, you combine what works for you individually with a structure that addresses the major levels you exist at: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

“enter the zone� What you love will lead you to your inherent immaculate nature.

The masters of life clearly tell us that our degree of vitality directly springs from the personal restoration we receive. Somehow human society has perpetuated a belief that we are not allowed to rest and we should especially not be resting in the moment of activity. However, the greatest activity can only be sustained if you know how to remain well rested even in the moment. The master accomplishes all things easily and naturally. Stabilizing yourself in this quality of being allows you to successfully navigate your actions in this world. Einstein said: "I believe that which leads people to greatness in any endeavor of life is their capacity to experience flight from everyday life with its painful harshness and wretched dreariness. This can be compared to the city dweller that goes to the countryside for a weekend of rest and relaxation.” Einstein made a direct correlation between our ability to rest and our capacity to experience masterful results in life. You see, learning how to rest is no small matter. In fact, the more you know how to rest, truly rest, the more you can live in the atmosphere of Heaven, Happiness, Love, Bliss, and Effectiveness. The awareness of restriction and regulation is the first appearance of freedom. Rather than struggle against what appears in your daily circumstances, relax into life in a full state of surrender. Now open to possibility, you’ve removed resistance to allow the ushering in the time in your life where your wildest dreams come true.

………………………………………………………….. About : William Martino Author, teacher, poet, Zen, Qigong, Meditation and Martial Arts master; William Martino delivers more results in less time. Refresh your energy and discover the insight necessary to get flowing.

SPIRIT TOUCH by William Martino ISBN: 9780985531430 Paperback: 80 pages

DEVRAL LAVAL LEAP TO FREEDOM: HEALING QUANTUM GUILT Whether we are rich or poor, religious, agnostic or atheist, we all suffer because of our unconscious belief in sin and guilt, both of which lie at the core of all our decisions and actions. But what if everything weve been taught about sin, and the need to feel guilt, has been a lie?

Tu e s da y, D e c e m b e r 3 6:30- 8 p m FRE E Talk & B o o k L a unc h Eve ning Le c t ure


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Foster Gamble's powerful and inspiring presentation is now online. We are currently working on getting the remaining presentation up, too. In the meantime you can check out our Youtube channel to see videos taken during the conference. They are quite fun. Foster Gamble  All Boulder videos

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all areas of human activity, and they are all interconnected. By identifying key problems in each of these Sectors and coming up with solutions that will be good for all of them, we can begin to create a thriving world.

Infrastructure Governance Justice

To l e a r n a b o u t o t h e r organizations that are using the 12-around-1 Sector model and how we始ve defined each Sector, click here.

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Josh del Sol Producer & Director, Take Back Your Power The new independent film, by Josh del Sol, “Take Back your Power” is not just a sting on Smart Meters but it unveils the attempt of “BIG BROTHER” to monopolize the worlds electrical grid and hence take total control of EVERY & ALL

So "SMART" it meters, measures, monitors, and controls your energy, money, heat, health, and communications. The extra bonus, it has surveillance capabilities.

ONE GRID "This "smart meter" is designed to attached to EVERY house globally ..." to this: "Did you know: You are not legally required to accept a "smart" meter - which violate numerous existing laws." "EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH SOLUTIONS:"

aspects of your life. All systems run on electricity, including your body. By this, there will be NOTHING they don’t have on or over you! YOU-Tube Clips (Youtube: v=YiFMj7r4Iu4) Youtube: v=5VhpzHoAvNk Youtube: v=eAjX6Ap02dU)

A revelatory documentary now available at

Correction to Paper as appeared in DNA Issue

by Anthony Morris

For the full corrected version of the paper please sign up at Link

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Summary This paper builds on and is supportive of an existing body of work looking at the numerical analysis of DNA and the Human Genome. It is a completely fresh look at the Group of Amino Acids that are present in every living thing. The paper has much wider ramifications for how we understand chemistry in general. This ‘fresh perspective’ was achieved by approaching the ‘Game of Life’ as if one were unpacking a game of Monopoly – As a child, I wanted to know how many pieces there were, how many houses, cards etc. and was most especially keen to find out exactly how much money came with the game. This happy coincidence has allowed me to bring extraordinary new light to the true numerical and musical structure of the 64 Codons that code for the 20 Amino Acids common to all Life on Earth. For example, the total number of Hydrogen atoms utilised in the Side Chain across the 4 bases A C G and T, totals 360, while the number of Carbon atoms totals 180, showing the Octave Relationship between the two elements, exhibited in the Game of DNA. Again in the Side Chain, there are further clear musical relationships between the Base Pairs, Adenine / Thymine (Perfect Fifth), and Cytosine / Guanine (Octave) and I also highlight the particular Prime Numbers associated with each Base in both the Side Chain and the Standard Block. Most interestingly of all however, is the relation of the numbers found in the Game of Life to the dimensions of the Earth, specifically in its mean radius and diameter. Extraordinarily, the total number of Protons and Neutrons used in the Game of Life is exactly 7920, the same number that is the diameter of the Earth in statute miles! One could be forgiven for putting it down to chance were it not for the facts of the above findings and that the mean radius of the Earth, 3960 miles is in 3 critical places, most notably as the Pivot point between the total protons and neutrons used in the Side Chain and Standard Block.

Conclusions This paper would seem to show the existence of a primordial, numerical and mathematical, and ultimately musical process, inherent to the 'Game of Life' and its origins, and further the ordering of the Universe in which we exist. Not a single Hydrogen atom, nor even a subatomic particle can be missing or displaced between bases without the entire symmetrical, musical and numerical structure being lost completely. To say these numbers are random is akin to saying that Hamlet is the possible result of a monkey with a typewriter. With such obvious numerical and musical and geometric structure is it really likely that Life evolved stochastically from some primordial soup? Does this now mean that it is much more likely that the origin of Life is the result of the inherent canonical, numerical and musical template that pervades the created Universe and has done since the moment of its inception.



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