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From Gene Webbs Notebook

The Nature of Our Reality To measure and understand creation we must see the geometric patterns unfolding in our universe. We use many forms of mathematics and geometry. Like Galileo said of our universe, we must know the language it speaks. Everything is in geometric forms; triangles, circles and squares.

by Gene Webb diagrams & concepts from Gene’s notebook, co-writer Karen Elkins Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

To understand the nature of our universe one must understand its construct. We can see it clearly through geometric patterns, often referred to as sacred geometry.

But why do we call it sacred? All of the greats thinkers and ancient religions, including secret societies are infused with it. Why?   All of creation is formulated from light and all life is crystalized into form. All of nature unfolds in a harmonic and sequential order. Crystallized structures evolve and are identified by their patterns:cubic,tetragonal, monoclinic, and hexagonal. Within their transitional phases their geometry morphs to the next form. And like any transition, it takes a great amount of energy. Kepler also understood that God was a minimalist constructing all of the universe with the 5 platonic solids (5 basic shapes). Plato thought the world was constructed from triangles. To know this is to understand the geometric constructs in nature. The webbed sphere, to the left, I created from a single string. Like the map of the earth with its latitude and longitude lines these lines represent frequency and nodal points. I believe William Blake's etching/watercolour "Ancient of Days".

as a pinecone unfolds at points, these points are (EMP) electric magnetic patterns, these points or nodes signal its next generation--germination.

This pattern is also called the Golden Ratio or Phi and is at the ROOT unfoldment in all of life. These frequencies literally shape our world with music, which correspond to the color scale. We also spin through the heavens with this same pattern. And as Hermes says “as above, so within”. The true shape is more like an egg--the cosmic egg.

All world cultures and religions have noted and charted the heavens to bring understanding and predictability. The EMP pattern does the same. It can show the frequencies that correspond to points of evolution. Considered the EMP as an amazing dial and time keeper of sorts. So when Einstein said “God doesnʼt play dice” we can see that there is a master mind at the core of the universal design. Take to heart that your every move is calculate; your time is numbered and that all is measured by angles, perspective and degrees!


the Root is Geometry The Golden Ratio is the ROOT power of creation from which everything flows.

All life has a combination of spin, frequency, color and cyclic points. This is driven according to my chart by nodal points. They are the different frequencies that form the structure. This intelligence , which is inherent in all nature, is electric and magnetic. This EMP pattern forms the atoms of each new element, from molecules, to the cells in your body, to the pinecone, and the galaxies.

Music in the sphere has a rhythm and a beat to move to. It colors your world in rainbow hues. It expands you as you say I DO! Nature reveals this design in everything, and our lives unfold within these patterns, rhythms and pulses of life. This equates to the beating heart and musical harmonics. Every frequency wavelength represents a rhythm.


Core Song Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

The construct of our universe reveals that it is like and unfolding flower. This pattern is similar to what is called “the thumbprint of God� which is b a s e d o n t h e w o r k o f D r. Mandelbrot. His work on fractal geometry reveals this equation of our known universe. These diagrams show you a step by step view of natures spiral design and its vector points. These points are EMPs, energy zones, where things unfold as they expand. These nodal points are where things come from the unmanifest to the manifest. They generate a love frequency within its dual nature.

At the Heart..


Thumb print of God Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

Petals of the Heart This Heart Song has many notes with which to play in the field. Our E-motions are the force in the field. Our life story is played out in many songs and melodies. Look and see the colored petals as they overlap and interplay with each color and tone. These melodies we play, dance to, or just listen to, but they all send their sensations through and tingle our skin. Following the white line is the music scale in the EMP created from the circle of 5ths.

one complete pulse in the EMP pulse pattern

Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

The EMP pattern will then repeat at each node(portal)

Pine cone Yin and Yang

Balance Nature shows us that life generates balance in it energy. Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, Male and Female.

Seek aBalancedVoice I SPEAK Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

Understanding balance in all we do is the key to not wobble in life, which is a prime teaching of Buddha. Pull the string of an instrument to tight and it will break, and so it is with life.

The Infinite


In the language of the universe that speaks in geometric form we can see from medieval tessellations that two related triangles with a common side can demonstrate a binary system of infinite proportion. Each infinite set can be morphed to reveal the shape of the EMP pattern. The EMP pattern, with s p e c i fi c v e c t o r p o i n t s w i l l f o r m a n interferometry pattern (frequencies) of the elements of the universe from micro to macro in one continuous self-replicating pattern (fractals), exposing a binary system of information. This shows evidence that "information"(intelligence) is the substance that creates the universe. The universe is binary in nature, male and female joined together in the creation of all things.!

Flower of Life Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

The flower of life is a sacred pattern seen across the globe.

The Crowing is Expansive I UNDERSTAND Even within our cosmos the earth is only a part and particle within the whole. We are the micro to the macro. This is where one can truly see that it is all a dance of parts, bonds and attraction that is gravity. Within our universe, our families or love, there are ties and bonds that hold us all together. When there are no more bonds things can spin out of control and our world wobbles. We can reflect on how beautifully our world is constructed. It unfolds from the singular shape...the dot, the circle to more complex patterns as they overlap.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb

When we need direction in life we use the coordinates around us to get our bearings, choose a heading and then proceed. The tools and instruments we use are calibrated from the universe whether external or internal.  External would be to use the stars, magnetic poles, a compass,or navigation system we have created.  The internal guidance comes from what we call intuition,the spirit, self-conscience, or collective consciousness that we feel in tune with.  Whether it be culture, religion, or personal revelation we can find direction by dialing in on the coordinates of nature, and by finding our oneness with the universe. This Alethiometer is from the book the Golden Compass is an inspiration to me...and one day I would love to match it to my electro magnetic pulse pattern.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved by permission of Gene Webb


Life’s Compass

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What does it mean to come from the fold? How are we formed out of geometry? This is Gene Webb unraveling the mystery of how things unfolded out of a square into the fold. This is the dimension where thing begin to take form. From this single idea many patterns unfold. This is the concept of ONEness. From this demonstration one can see the many faces and the geometric nature of our universe. Origami is the real art-form.

By Gene Webb

By Richard Merrick

Spin Vortexes of Light

The Eastern chakra system matches the color spectrum to the light spectrum. The progression from red to purple indicates a higher vibration. An “Ascended” Master possesses the ability to go beyond the perception of the physical reality into the ‘field’ traveling beyond the illusion of the dense physical body. The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “tuning”. These wheels of light are vortexes within, that correlate to our bodies’ energy and psychic expression.

Spin Wheel of Energy --chakraʼs Learn More About Chakraʼs

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How to Open the Chakras

Dial in to 64


The I Ching is based on a binary system yin and yang. Computers use it as 0始s and 1始s. The morse code is dots and dashes. I Ching uses trigrams to create a 64 code for life. One of the first computers used 64 bits and this number also relates to the Egyptians Wedjat, also know as the Eye of Horus.

I Ching Heaven Thunder Water Mountain

Earth Wind Fire Lake

The Book of Change

http:// m/I-ChingKerson-Huang/ dp/0894803190

Eye of Horus In the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, the Eye Of Horus defined Old Kingdom number one (1) = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64, by throwing away 1/64 for any rational number. Eye of Horus numbers created sixterm rounded-off numbers. The Old Kingdom definition has dropped a seventh term, a remainder 1/64, that was needed to report exact series. During the Middle Kingdom that included the eleventh through fourteenth dynasties, exact series definitions and applications were often written by 6-terms, or less. The Egyptian fraction notation scaled to volume unit remainders to 1/320 hekat. For example, the Egyptian Mathematical Leather Roll, the RMP 2/n table and the Akhmim Wooden Tablet wrote binary quotients and scaled remainders. The metaphorical side of this information linked Old Kingdom fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, and 1/64, to separate parts of the eye. Attribution: BenoĂŽt Stella alias BenduKiwi

The After life

Photographed by Captmondo /CC 3.0

This is a representation of this life and the things you need for the after life as it relates to God.

This was their map of sorts.


relates to their Book of the Dead. Consider this another way to chart your course for every lasting life.

Hypocephalus Hypocephali symbolized the Eye of Ra (Eye of Horus), representing the sun, and the scenes portrayed on them relate to Egyptian ideas of resurrection and life after death, connecting them with the Osirian myth.[5] To the ancient Egyptians the daily setting and rising of the sun was a symbol of death and rebirth. The hypocephalus represented all that the sun encircles — the world of the living, over which it passed during the day, was depicted in the upper half, and that of the dead, which it crossed during the night, in the lower portion.

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