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WHAT CREATES REALITY? Part 2 - Into the Matrix

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WRITTEN Content WHAT IS REALITY? ~ Klee Irwin 
 PLATO & LIFE IS GEOMETRY ~ MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, Dancing with Water, Second Edition






EARTHS RYTHEM ~ Ernest Richards



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reality? what is

three axioms of physical ontology One is the idea that the universe is a

A second option is the axiom of pure

The third possibility is what we will

deterministic causal chain or

randomness, where a particle can

henceforth refer to as code theory,

algorithm playing itself out. An

appear anywhere in space and time

where, for example, the Planck scale

example of this is the model of the

according to probabilities dictated by

fabric of reality operates according to

Newtonian clockwork universe,

quantum mechanics.

a geometric language with

which postulates that, if one knew

syntactical freedom creating order

the starting conditions, a powerful

and preventing the existence of

computer could predict every event.

particles at certain spatiotemporal coordinates.




By Klee Irwin, Part 1 of 4

Today, deterministic models are widely

general opinion among physicists that

electromagnetic, quantum

believed to be false , while the axiom of

they have freewill, which is neither

entanglement and quantum wave

randomness is generally presumed to be true. This virtual consensus is due

deterministic nor random. The two views are at odds with one another,

function resonance and damping interactions. This ordering influence is

to two ideas. The first is the vastly

although it is possible to invent creative

ubiquitous because there is no cuto

popular Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics, which stipulates

solutions. A small minority contend that freewill is not real and that even

on the range of force interactions and because each influenced particle in

that the universe is fundamentally

consciousness does not exist. We will

turn influences others. The free will

random. The second is the widely accepted opinion that consciousness

not explore that view here.

theorem and the strong free will theorem of John Conway and Simon

and freewill are real.

Consider the following

Kochen states that, if we have freewill (i.e., our choices are not a function of

The code theoretic axiom is a logical

thought experiment.

alternative to the two older ideas of determinism and pure randomness.

We start with a universe without freewill

Reality would be non-deterministic, not

animals living in it and that is ideally

because it is random, but because it is a code ~ a finite set of irreducible

random. We assume that freewill actors, as self-organized particle

symbols and syntactical rules. Herein,

systems (e.g., humans), contaminate

we adopt the popular and reasoned view that freewill is real. Accordingly,

this otherwise perfectly random system with their non-randomness ~ their

we will not focus on deterministic

freewill. Accordingly, they steer or

models but instead consider the code theoretic and randomness axioms.

causally influence the particles of their bodies by their creative and strategic

An insightful pathway to explore the

freewill choices of thoughts and

on a related axiom, which can be introduced by the question:

It is interesting to note that, although there is some degree of consensus that nature is random, there is also a

actions, imparting non-random order on the spacetime and particles in the rest of the universe via gravitational,

the past), elementary particles must have some form of that same freewill quality. That is, particles would behave neither deterministically nor randomly. Henceforth, we use the term freewill implicitly meaning Conway and Kochen’s sense of freewill.

2 ~ Is Reality Information Theoretic?

code theoretic axiom is to first decide

Is reality made of information or merely described by information? John A. Wheeler was one of the first modern physicists to argue that nature is information theoretic. Today, there are a large number of physicists, such as Stephan Wolfram, Gerard T Hooft, Ed Fredkin, Jergen Schmidhuber, Seth Lloyd, David Deutsch, Paola Zizzi, Carl Friedrich von Weizscker and Max Tegmark, who suggest it is too aggressive to theorize reality is made of something other than information.


nature is information

The Code Theoretic Axiom They contend it is more conservative to accept the logical indication that reality is made of information.

One of the supposed evidential highlights of the information theoretic argument was first observed by James Gates Jr. He discovered the most fundamental error correction code from computer theory, block linear self-dual error correcting code, embedded in the supersymmetry equation network that unifies all fundamental particles and forces other than gravity.

It is interesting to note that there is not a good counter argument to the information theoretic ontological axiom. Specifically, when one tries to define energy as anything other than information, they must take a Platonist view that claims energy just is ~ a sort of primordial stuff for which we have no further explanation other than knowing how it behaves. The Platonic view says nature is made of some fundamental stuff for which there is no explanation for how it comes to be. Similarly, this end-

of-the-road statement that “energy just

necessary to stop the scientific inquiry

is,” is identical to the information

at a premature axiom of “information

theoretic ontology if one stops at the axiom that information just is without

just is”. Stopping at that axiom or not is an important decision, since it would

going further to explain how this

serve as the most foundational scientific

information comes to exist or what it is made of.

axiom underlying all of physics.

To simplify, if energy is not information

Reality as a Simulation

but is the ultimate stuff that just is, we know how it behaves but we do not know what it is made of or how it came

Some who think reality is made of

to be. On the other hand, if we say

This is known as the simulation

energy is made of information, then we know how it behaves and what it is. But

hypothesis. Like in the movie The

we do not know what information is made of or how it came to be.

Information is: Meaning conveyed by symbolism.

information suggest it is a simulation.

Matrix, where a quasi-physical reality exists as an information-space, one can imagine the universe being a simulation in some large quantum computer. This recently popular view does provide an explanation that goes beyond the axiom

The increasingly popular view that

information just is. However, in some

energy is made of information goes one step further into clarity and explanation

sense, this view is still the antiquated

than saying “energy just is.” But it does

presumes our universe is made of

not go far enough. An understanding of what information is made of is lacking.

information and that there is some

How does symbolic meaning – information ~ come to exist? It is not

ontology of materialism because it

outside universe that is the real noninformation theoretic reality.

The key idea for now is to

It’s All connected

establish the explanatory power of this view, which goes further than the previously mentioned just is axioms. Here we would have a connected loop of explanations for a physical ontology that gives understanding of how energy as information behaves, what it is made of (abstract code objects in a pan-consciousness) and how the pan-consciousness itself came to exist. There is a logically consistent and selfembedded causality chain that is less faith based than stopping at the axiom that energy just is or information just is.

A better alternative is to reject the idea of

networks is more physically realistic

architecture operating on a point array in a

an outside computer and consider a self-

because they self-organize in nature. They

symmetry space. The information of this

organized-simulation, where the symbolic

are exceedingly eďŹƒcient at computing, due

symbolic system would live in the emergent

code is simultaneously the hardware,

to their massively distributed non-local

pan-consciousness that evolves from the

software and the output ~ the simulation.

architecture. The idea of a mind-like neural

evolution of this physical code. So the code

There may be a more appropriate analogy

network as the basis of an information only

exists or lives within the evolutionary

than these 20th century computer theory

reality is interesting. Here, the neural

emergent consciousness, which is self-

network can be made of symbolic

actualized and emerges from the code.

terms. For example, the concept of neural

geometric code in a graph theoretic

Scientists do not agree how consciousness emerges in neural networks. However, the theoretical and experimental work continues to improve in this area. Scientists discussing the simulation hypothesis are pushing the boundary of understanding in a positive way because they are resisting the status-quo view to accept the “energy just is� axiom.



is, meaning is a quality

ascribing or actualizing

with the fact that information relates to meaning and meaning relates to choice and consciousness.

meaning. This can be

According to the code theoretic axiom,

solved by saying that we live

the information view means that


in a simulation of aliens in

everything is information ~ including the

of this

another universe, who in turn

abstract neural network based code


live in a simulation of aliens in

theoretic substrate itself. As long as


another word, ad infinitum. If we

there are physically realistic syntactical

do not accept the simulation

rules guiding how an abstract code self-

hypothesis, due in part to this

organizes, it is equally as logical for

this diagram. Later, we will explore the

Russian-doll problem, the information

information to behave physically as it is

physical plausibility of an emergent pan-

just is axiom demands a boldly dierent

for the more enigmatic notion of energy

consciousness. Although the information

worldview than the materialistic

as something other than information to

just is axiom is arguably simpler and

philosophy of “energy just is�.

behave physically. In this case, the term

more logical than the energy just is

Materialists can say that God made the

simulation would be confusing because

axiom, it comes with a price, which is

energy or the big bang spewed it out.

that word is used to distinguish between

deeply related to entities capable


causality is explained

in Figure

implied in the definition of information as meaning conveyed by symbolism. That

However, scientists contending that reality is information must deal

something real as opposed to something not real.

reality is

Consciousness For example, if dreams are unreal and

consciousness. For example, we might

fundamental freewill action is the

waking reality is real, then we can call the

say something is either chosen or not

expression of syntactically free steps in

dreams simulations of the real world.

chosen or thought or not thought. This

the physical code of reality. The chooser

However, if reality is information theoretic,

fundamental action would be identical to

in the code, then, can logically (even if

the terms physical versus abstract and

the idea of observe or not observe and

some say improbably) be an emergent

reality versus simulation must be

measure or not measure. However, in the

pan-consciousness as well as emergent

replaced. We may use terms related to

code theoretic framework, the idea of

sub-systems, such as humans.

neural networks and emergent

syntax comes into play, where the most

Andrei Linde, co-pioneer of inflationary big bang theory, said:

Will it not turn out, with the further development of science, that the study of the universe and the study of consciousness will be inseparably linked, and that ultimate progress in the one will be impossible without progress in the other?

Werner Heisenberg said:

Frank Wilczek said:

John A. Wheeler said:

Was [is] it utterly absurd to seek behind

The relevant literature [on the meaning of

‌ the physical world has at bottom ~ a

the ordering structures of this world a

quantum theory] is famously contentious

very deep bottom, in most instances ~ an

consciousness whose intentions were

and obscure. I believe it will remain so

immaterial source and explanation; that

these very structures? 

until someone constructs, within the

which we call reality arises in the last

formalism of quantum mechanics, an

analysis from the posing of yes-or-no

observer, that is, a model entity whose

questions...all things physical are

states correspond to a recognizable

information-theoretic in origin and that

caricature of conscious awareness.

this is a participatory universe.



How can this idea of a code and a pan-consciousness be made concrete and mathematical such that we can use it to do realistic physics? To start with, the code would need to use virtually nonsubjective symbols that are quasi-physical.

Part 1 of 4, to be continued

About Klee Irwin
 Klee Irwin is the founder and director of Quantum Gravity Research.

He is committed to giving back through philanthropic initiatives, such as supporting Cambridge Quantum Computing,,, Moon Express, launch of Singularity University in 2008, etc. Irwin is also an advocate and member of many professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science.


Watch Video Here

video What is Reality?

Inner View with Michael Clarage, PhD


OUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE COSMOS Michael received his PhD in physics from Brandeis University, studying the biological and statistical behavior of proteins. He spent several years studying binary pulsars at the Arecibo radio telescope. He has lectured on discoveries in the areas of fractional calculus, fractals, and chaotic systems. His lectures have shown many

news ways to understand relativity and dimensions, metaphysics in biology, and transformation in supernova. Dr. Clarage is currently a lead scientist with the SAFIRE Project but also is a favorite speaker on Space News from the Electric Universe.

Part One - Connected Systems


Geometry is Life Nesting of the Platonic solids is

t r i a n g l e s ) , d o d e c a h e d ro n ( 6

the basis for atomic and molecular

pentagons), and icosahedron (20

structure. Platonic solids also play

triangles). These are the only five

a role in chemistry as

solids that have the

molecular organizational

same shape on

structures, and they are the basis for crystal patterns that occur throughout the mineral kingdom.

Platonic solids are the building blocks of Nature. They form the basic units of matter and energy.

No wonder geometry is apparent in the study of mathematics, music, cosmology, and all the life sciences.

 You could say they are the words to the language of creation. 

every side and only one angle per edge; if you spin any



Platonic solids around its center point, the corners would create a perfect sphere. ~ MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, Dancing with

Water, Second Edition.

In 2-D space, regular geometrical figures are triangles, squares, pentagons, etc. When fitted together, some of these make 3-D

Platonic Solids

figures: tetrahedron (4 triangles), cube (4 squares), octahedron (8

Related issue

Platonic Solids & The Structured Atom Model (SAM)

Platonic Solids and Plato's 

Theory of Everything

"The Socratic tradition was not particularly congenial to mathematics, as may be gathered from Socrates' inability to convince himself that 1 plus 1 equals 2, but it seems that his student Plato gained an appreciation for mathematics after a series of conversations with his friend Archytas in 388 BC. One of the things that most caught Plato's imagination was the existence and uniqueness of what are now called the five "Platonic solids". It's uncertain who first described all five of these shapes - it may have been the early Pythagoreans - but some sources (including Euclid) indicate that Theaetetus (another friend of Plato's) wrote the first complete account of the five regular solids.


Presumably this formed the basis of the constructions of the Platonic solids that constitute the concluding Book XIII of Euclid's Elements. In any case, Plato was mightily impressed by these five definite shapes that constitute the only perfectly symmetrical arrangements of a set of (non-planar) points


in space, and late in life he expounded a complete "theory of everything,” in the treatise called Timaeus, based explicitly on these five solids. Interestingly, almost 2000 years later, Johannes Kepler was similarly fascinated by these five shapes, and developed his own cosmology from them.”

Ideal Model of an Atom … should unify chemistry and physics, 
 be simple and solve enigmas. Our entire existence is built up of 

atoms, they are the building blocks

Therefore there has to be an

of everything around us.

underlying property that is

Atoms, or the elements have intrinsic properties and attributes. These in turn dictate their

Structures created through the stacking of spheres in a 3

responsible for all of these

dimensional environment are

expressions. The atom must have a

responsible for the creation of

structure and shape.

specific geometrical shapes. The

chemistry. An atomic model has to

Current scientific ideas have no

be able to explain in a logical,

clear answer for the structure of the

sensible and truthful way, the

nucleus of the atom and

workings of the elements and

consistently show a chaotic

octahedron (8 faces), the

through them all the totality of our

conglomeration of spheres. The

natural world.

decahedron (10 faces forming a

Structured Atom Model (SAM)

Nature shows us in all of her beauty that everything is structured into geometric shapes ~ spirals, patterns and numbers emerge everywhere.

proposes that atoms are structured

shapes that self create are the tetrahedron, (4 faces) the

pentagonal bi-pyramid), the

according to simple geometrical

dodecahedron (12 faces) and

shapes that follow simple rules and

the icosahedron (20 faces).

laws of how elements are built and behave.

Triangular faces cause Chemistry

Simple atoms create structures that are repeated in larger atoms.

Packing the Spheres

Energy in and out

Fundamental Stacking

The Building Blocks Geometry’s basic building block is the tetrahedron. All protons are part of a tetrahedron, otherwise it (the proton) is not part of the (stable) nucleus."

When we add another proton, the total of 5 is re a c h e d b u t t h i s i s

Limited Possibility of Packing

unstable as an element. It is however an intermediate step towards lithium. When we add 1 more proton,

Densest packing around 1 center

Tetrahedron 4 (He)

Decahedron 10 (Li)

Icosahedron 20

we see the following shape occur. Keep in mind the densest packing, that means all protons should be evenly distributed around a common center of attraction. Lithium 6 is created and when we finish this form, it becomes a geometrical shape and building block of its own. The tetrahedrons resettle into a whole represented by this dodecahedron, bipentagonal pyramid. This is Lithium 7.

Lithium 7

Carbon is the Centerpiece Further growth will happen and the next shape that is created is carbon. Carbon is special, the centerpiece of the elements. Carbon can be represented by showing 6 pairs of neutron connections. This shape is what nature is striving for since it is the most complete.

The Carbon is made up of a negative electron shape, inside the nucleus in the shape of an octahedron. This octahedron rotates/resonates in between the protons and makes a dodecahedron in doing so. This dodecahedron fits precisely around the icosahedron that is re p re s e n t i n g t h e p ro t o n s ’ structure.

The first 12 elements contain all the needed geometry to build all elements. ●

1-4 spheres

Hydrogen and Helium

5-7 spheres


Hydrogen to Helium 1 to 4


8-12 spheres

Be, B and C

Atoms Grow

14-20 spheres

N, O, F and Ne

Nucleus organized into geometrical structures, rigidly connected.

Atoms are a representation of electrostatic forces around one center

and are in equilibrium to each other.

Residual attraction forces, represented by the structures’ “triangular faces” cause “chemistry.”

23-24 spheres

Na and Mg

This is a continuing principle, each level of creation has its own “building blocks” and rules and is based on the smaller level.

This is easily explained by the SAM model.

Why is water so special in this equation?

The atom is always seeking equilibrium both in the balance for P

Water can form Hydrogen bridges.

and E and for the positive/negative 'spots'. If not, it will decay/

In the case of H2O the north and south pole both have 1 triangle


(of the icosahedron) that is not occupied by an electron. This leaves a positive charged spot on the nucleus, one on the top and


one on the bottom. This spot can bond with its environment (other H2O) and form the "hydrogen-bridge". This is not a full chemical

Each atom strives for the carbon shape or rather the neon (noble gas) configuration, whereby the

connection and therefore much weaker. Therefore water is such a

electron shell is complete and

cohesive molecule and it gives water its properties.

there are no more positive spots

left on the nucleus, hence the

Why are elements not stable? 

chemical inactivity.

The atom growth cannot continue without having the grow spots 

too close / are starting to collide / fight over space. An atom that

Atoms not complete are in an 'active state' and atoms in noble

is not bound is in reactive mode. An atom stripped from a

configuration or chemically bound are in non-active state. The

number of electrons, or bound to extra, is an atom that is

atom is limited through this mechanism in the space it occupies in

plasmafied. Usually this means that atoms in that state have both

relation to its surroundings. This in its turn is related to weight /

an electrostatic charge (difference Proton and Electron) but are

mass. Heat / movement will increase its influence or rather its

also in a chemically active state. This seems to be an ideal

imprint and therefore its space occupied and mass increases. The

situation because of all the absorbed extra energy in the system

relation between the number of subatomic particles (protons -

for electrical phenomena (current etc).

electrons) with the total volume occupied, in combination with the shape of the atom, determines the specific deviations in mass

Heat has seemingly everything to do with the state an atom is

numbers for the elements, e.g. O = 15.999 and not 16.000.

in. Enough heat will plasmafy any element.

Neon - By Alchemist-hp (talk) ( (Own work) [GFDL 1.2 ( fdl-1.2.html)], via Wikimedia Commons

A New Definition for a so called “Neutron” The new definition of a neutron inside the nucleus refers to the connection between 1 electron which divides its charge across 2 protons, holding them both together as if it were an elastic bonding. In order to maintain the connection between all the protons, the electrons need to rotate around the protons.

There is but ONE Force The Structured Atom Model (S.A.M.)

Elements have a specific charge to them (valence)

acknowledges that there is something we call

due to the number of electrons in its shell. The

Matter represented by protons and electrons and

reason for this is that the nucleus can only hold 1

something we call energy expressing itself in many

electron for each 2 protons. The second  electron

forms such as the Electro Magnetic spectrum,

finds its 'resting' place in the electron shell, in

movement and heat. The protons and electrons are

order to make the atom neutral as a whole.

The Duality Shows:

electron is light. 

each other’s opposites, it seems: although they are not Anti towards each other, meaning they do not

By their position in the Periodic Table, elements are

annihilate each other. The proton is large, positively

known to have recurring properties.

charged and has much mass. The electron is small, negatively charged and has very little mass. The proton and electron are a duality. 

The Atom is held together by one force only, namely the Electro Static Force. 
 This material presents a unique, revolutionary view of the structure of the Atom. The structure of the Atom has many facets and mechanisms. The way

The proton is heavy the

The proton is large, the electron is small.

The Carbon group has elements that share some

Proton is positive, electron is negative.

properties among each other. The noble gasses, also have similar properties as they are chemically reactivity. The earth metals share another property as they have a plus 1 or plus 2 charge.

The properties of the elements are dictated by the outer electrons. The number of outer electrons is dictated by the nuclear structure and number of nucleons.

an atom looks is a positive core and a negative

Therefore they are connected together by repelling

shell. Also about half the number of nucleons?

and attracting (neutralizing) forces.

Explore more here ~

There is duality, a repelling and attracting force.

5 Platonic Solids


Johannes Kepler, a German Renaissance astronomer and mystic, focused his life's work based on the five platonic solids, their harmonic ratios and how the five fundamental shapes correlated with the orbits and sound frequencies of the planets. Kepler recognized that the same harmonic principles that are found in the stars also relate to earth.

video Click to Watch

Presenting Â


Inner View with Edo Kaal

Moon Model - A nested System

 In the Moon model of the nucleus, a nesting of four of the five Platonic solids similar to that conceived by Johannes Kepler to describe the Solar System, is employed. Also shown is a photograph of a working model of the nucleus, made for Moon by retired machinist George Hamann in 1986. The scale model was constructed out of used aluminum offset printing plates.

Related Issues

Connecting the Dots The Tensegrity Matrix

By LHcheM (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://], via Wikimedia Commons

The Scaffolding for Life

We exist in a living matrix that is exquisitely designed to absorb information encoded in different types of vibratory energy and convert it to signals that are readily transmitted through the tensegrous semiconducting living matrix continuum.

Tensegrity was coined by Buckminster Fuller and defines a structural system composed of discontinuous compression elements connected by continuous tension cables, which interact in a dynamic and energetic way which defines living systems.

In architecture, tension cables act like tendons, which act as springs capable of storing/absorption and emitting/expending different forms of energy a l l o w i n g for direct transmission of vibrational chemo-mechanical energy through harmonic wave motion.

Buckminster Fuller, understanding natures mechanics, designed the geodesic dome. We use the scaffolding idea to construct our bridges, buildings, tents, sailing vessels, ferris wheels and amusement part rides for starters.

Yet this is also the scaffolding in the human body and our celestial sky.

For any movement , there is a pattern of tensions and compressions

The Physics of Flow For any movement, there is a pattern of tensions and compressions that is economical, efficient, graceful and precise. Balanced motion is beautiful to watch. The grace and ease of a balanced tensional integrity body motivates us to attend athletic events, watch the ballet, gymnastics and other performances. In such case of high tensional integrity, the body can seem to move effortless in gravity almost floating with grace and ease.

The tendons in the tensegrity model act as springs capable of storing/ absorption and emitting/expending different forms of energy allowing for direct transmission of vibrational chemo-mechanical energy through harmonic wave motion.

When the tensegrity nature of our body is balanced, than muscular efficiency is optimal and the expenditure of energy by the body in any activity ~ working, walking, running or whatever ~ is minimal. Hence there is more energy available for other vital functions such as thought, digestion, circulation, defense, repair and restoring the body. Also the body and mind become more relaxed and parasympathetic.

Living Matrix, is coined by James Oschmann, author of the Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis.

Lattice for Life


Seed-atoms (Adam) begin to “collect their thoughts” and store them in thought forms…

From an optical perspective, the connective tissue matrix in the body is very transparent to light or photons and is akin to a fiber optic network. Photons are carriers of energy and also carriers of information in the form of complex interference patterns (like on holograms). As we’ll see next, there is a special type of photon the human body absorbs, emits and transmits, called the biophoton. It utilizes this fiber optic energetic network of the body and even transcends it.

Celestial bodies are bathed in

a constant stream of vibratory information through this “living matrix,” which is similar to a great information superhighway.



This Scaffolding is a Semiconductor Researcher Szent Gyorgyi, PhD, focused on the insoluble scaffolding/ connective tissue/extracellular matrix of the human body looking for something that could move about more rapidly within our living structure and focused on electrons, protons, and energy fields.

He made a remarkable discovery finding that the

The Living Matrix is a… 
 Thermal Semi-conduction Network

proteins in this scaffolding are semiconductors! To understand the profound implications of this discovery, it is important to understand the nature of semiconductors.

Conductors are substances, such as metallic wires, that readily conduct electricity (and heat). Insulators are the opposite: they are blocks and barriers to the flow of electricity (and heat).

Semiconductors are in between conductors and insulators in their ability to conduct electricity. But what is extraordinary about semiconductors is that the flow of electricity can be precisely controlled. This makes it possible to employ logic gates and intelligence to semiconductors in the making of electronic devices and computers.

It has been conclusively shown by research that all the molecules in the connective tissue, living matrix, are made of semiconductors. He also discovered the important role of the crystalline structure of water that surrounds all molecules in the matrix.

Principles •

Each tension, each compression, each movement causes the crystalline lattice of the connective tissues to generate bioelectronic signals that are precisely characteristic

By Y tambe (Y tambe's file) [GFDL ( copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://

of those tensions, compressions and movements. • All the organs and systems of the body are everywhere covered with material that is part of the continuous connective tissue fabric •

The connective tissue forms a mechanical continuum extending through the entire body even to the innermost parts of the cell (nucleus / DNA)

•. The connective tissue forms the overall structure and shape of the organism as well as the detailed

Human Tendons

architecture of its parts •


All movement of the body as a whole or of its smallest parts is created by tensions carried through the connective tissue fabric

• The connective tissue fabric is a semiconducting communication network that can carry the bioelectronic signals between every part of the body and every other part.


Connect Here

EU Video - Thunderbolt of the Gods Related issue


Wallace Thornhill, the Chief Science Advisor to The Thunderbolts Project, is co-author with David Talbott

Click to Watch

Interview with Wal Thornhill

of Thunderbolts of the Gods and The Electric Universe. His first peer-reviewed paper on the electrical nature of stars and supernovae was published in the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol 35 No. 4, Special Issue on Space & Cosmic Plasmas ~ August 2007. In 2010 he was awarded a gold medal by the European Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science. For his lifelong contribution to science he received the distinguished Sagnac Award from the Natural Philosophy Alliance in 2013. He has spoken at numerous international conferences, and authored or co-authored

p a p e r s r a n g i n g f ro m t h e M a r t i a n “blueberry” phenomenon to the “plasma focus” at the centers of galaxies. His interviews for “Space News from the Electric Universe” have been among the most popular attractions on the YouTube Thunderbolts Channel.

Website Welcome to The Suspicious0bservers, an online research community investigating solar activity, earthquakes, earth changes and weather. There are more than 290,000 Observers in our community! Today’s earth & sun report is below, along with a number of valuable video resources. Also be sure to check out the free resources in the menu bar. +200 hours of


content are available when you become a member. Eyes open, no fear.

Presenting Â

Global warming has been deemed a fact. However, the inconvenient truth is that humans are not causing it. Al Gore has been given poor advice. Like Darwin’s theory of evolution and Big Bang cosmology, global warming by greenhouse gas emissions has undergone that curious social process in which a scientific theory is promoted to a secular myth. When in fact, science is ignorant about the source of the heat ~ the Sun.
 The really inconvenient truth is that we cannot control Nature. But we can begin to learn our true place in the Universe and figure out how to cope rationally with inevitable change. Clearly, reducing air pollution is an admirable goal in itself. But we must not be deluded into thinking it will affect climate significantly. The connection
 between warming and atmospheric pollution is more asserted than demonstrated, while the connection with variations in the Sun has been demonstrated.

The Sun is undergoing a power surge Since the late 1970s, three Sun-watching satellites recorded surprising changes in heat, ultraviolet radiation, and solar wind. 

Dr. Sami Solanski, director of the renowned Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, said, “The Sun has been at its strongest over the past 60 years and may now be affecting global temperatures.” “The Sun is in a changed state. It is brighter than it was….” Dr. Solanski admitted to not knowing what is causing the Sun to burn brighter. A leading authority, Eugene

Global Warming in a Climate of Ignorance
 By Wal Thornhill

N. Parker, adds, “…we really do not properly understand the physics of the varying luminosity of the Sun.” This highlights the fundamental problem with the global warming verdict from climate experts. It is based on profound ignorance about how the Sun really “ticks” and what forms of energy are input to a planet’s climate. For this they can blame astrophysicists.

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PLANETARY HARMONIC RESONANCE AND THE SOLAR SYSTEM ABOUT: Dr. Kongpop U-yen obtained his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. As an electric universe enthusiast, he has conducted an independent research on topics related to space weather and solar activities predictions.


A VIBRATING SOLAR SYSTEM - PART ONE A minimum amount of vibration is required to produce noticeable interactions.

Chladni Plate

HL Tauri protoplanetary disc

~ 149,600,000 km = 3/2 wavelength at speed of light in vacuum (3x108 m/s)

A some possible explanations why there is geometry at the planets' poles. When we exam the Chladni plate, the vibration is in the direction perpendicular to the plane. Similar to the planets, the vibration translates horizontally where the pole is the center of vibration. The higher the harmonic of the vibration, the more vertices the structure has. This is the reason that the outer planets (such as Jupiter and Saturn) have more structures at the pole than the inner planets. As energy propagates to the outer planets, the energy is more scattered and dissipated. This may be the reason way we don't see the patterns, the magnetic

configurations, at the poles further than Saturn which has highly visible rings. It emits energy similar to the Sun which would synchronize well with the Sun, resulting in a most visible vibrational patterns at its pole. Its in tune with Uranus is a special case where its axis of rotation is approximately perpendicular to the solar system plane and there are many things which I may Tuning Forks Demo need more time to study in details.

A Sound Universe

Chladni Plate

“The Swiss natural

theorized that the flow of energy is the organizing principle in

scientist and physician

nature that creates and sustains life. The flow of energy is

Hans Jenny (1904– 1972) demonstrated how sound and vibration

with water/ether.

create form and

According to Steiner, “All of nature begins to whisper its


secrets to us through its sounds.” We are vibratory beings ~

His work, which he By E.F.F.Chladni [Public domain]

characterized by vibration, which is the music in the dance

called cymatics, used audible frequencies to

excite powders and liquids into lifelike images that varied from stationary patterns to those in continuous motion. He generated repeatable geometry with golden ratio symmetry.

the result of many different frequencies gathered to create organic life. Increasing levels of biological complexity are characterized by a greater number of frequencies. You might wonder how different frequencies can combine without creating interference and chaos. The interesting thing is that when frequencies are added in golden ratio harmony, an infinite number can be assembled without cancellation or

Jenny’s work also illustrates how Nature uses chaos

distortion. Nature uses golden ratio harmonics to create

(breakdown) as a bridge to creation. With rising amplitude, or

complex and intricate structures. In other words, every natural

frequency, old patterns broke down, making way for new

creation is a vibratory symphony played in golden ratio

patterns and more complex levels of organization. Jenny

harmony.” ~ MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans, Dancing with

concluded that,“ The creative power is inherent in tone, in

Water, Second Edition.

sound.” Dr. Mae-Wan Ho expressed a similar idea. She

GOLDEN RATI0 “The universal law of harmonics defines the proportional distances between the planets, the inner ear and the nautilus. The seven whole tones of the musical scale are the natural measure of harmony within the universe”. ~ Richard Merrick “God is like a musician who creates the harmonies of the Cosmos and gives each individual his own particular part to play. If the music of life seems discordant to us, we should not blame the Master Musician, but ourselves. We are the out-of-tune instrument which mars the beauty of his composition. Hermes reflects that when we devote ourselves to the spiritual path, we mysteriously become perfectly tuned. “The earthly part of the universe would seem rude and savage without sweet melodies. This is why Atum sent down the choir of muses to live amongst humankind and inspire music, so that men could adore Divinity with hymns praise, in polyphony with the psalms of heaven.” 
 ~ The Hermetica, The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs

Dual vortices of motion interlock and spin to form primal atoms. Each of the primal atoms revolves within a geometric pattern resulting from the force of its impact with the motion of the belt of its origin. Those formed on the slower first belt gyrate in a three-sided triangular pattern. Those from the next belt move within a cubical four-sided pattern, and so on up to nine facets. These primal sound producing units of motion form the basis of the science of numbers, the Law of Harmonics and the “music of the spheres.” nalDance/TheEternalDance_-_Lavedi-Lafferty_Bud-Hollowell_djvu.txt

The Music of the Spheres ”They (planets) penetrate our nerves and marrow, veins and arteries, even our innermost organs.” ~ Hermes


Related issue Type to enter text

Cymatic Frequencies : A Visual Progression

1- Mercury

2 -Venus

3- Earth



6 -Saturn

7-Uranus, is it the gyroscope?

One magnetic pole

North pole South pole


mercur y

Sounds Of Mercury. Pretty Creepy Sounds.

Bruce Leybourne, “Earth as a Stellar Transformer -- Climate Change Revealed”, Electric Universe 2015


Frequency = 1049 Hz



One planets influence

By WP (Planets2008.jpg) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://], via Wikimedia Commons


North pole South pole

Two magnetic poles


Sound of Venus


Power summation

Power cancellation


North pole South pole

ear th

Earth's Vibration

Three magnetic poles


North pole South pole

mars Four magnetic poles

Sounds of Mars 
 NASA Voyager Recording v=8gUx2EQXf88 Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona




No alignment

jupiter Five magnetic poles

North pole South pole

5 Jupiter sounds (So strange!) NASAVoyager recording v=e3fqE01YYWs

South pole

North pole

Six magnetic poles

saturn Sounds of Saturn NASA Voyager Recording

Saturn's south polar




Forming a Gyroscope?
 Is this a “Cosmic gyroscope” now spinning through Space? This enormous gyroscopic is also sound-producing , much like spinning tops.

By NASA/JPL ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


neptune Neptune NASA Voyager Space Sounds


The Sound Of Pluto https:/

NASA / Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory / Southwest Research

pluto’s hear t


Click and Listen

About 2,500 years ago Pythagoras founded the idea of a harmony of the spheres. At the beginning of the 17th century Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) gave this idea vital new impulses, as he explored the fundamental laws of planetary movements. Using mathematical calculation methods and musical programming these thoughts were

continued and translated into music by Brian Cranford, Tobias Krug and Hartmut Warm. The CD includes a 24-page booklet explaining the methods and the approach in detail. On the CD several important interpreters of contemporary music can be heard such as Masako Otha, Heinz Friedl, Tobias Hermanutz and others.

Inner View with Kongpop U-Yen

video Click Here to Watch

A Natural Disaster Forecasting Technique Based on Space Weather Data A natural disaster forecasting technique is based on the understanding of physical and electrical interactions between Earth and its surrounding space. Using this technique, natural disasters, e.g., earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and storm formations, can be forecasted. Several practical case studies will be presented to verify this theory.

Kongpop U-yen obtained his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. As an electric universe enthusiast, he has conducted an independent research on topics related to space weather and solar activities predictions.




Minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction


Minimum amount of vibration required to produce noticeable interactions

Coronal Mass Ejection - Source: ESA/NASA/SOHO

IMPACT Full PowerPoint Presentation

Strong solar activities have long been known to cause damage to electrical grids and global communication systems. However, there exists evidence that solar activities have a strong correlation with abrupt weather conditions and tectonic activities, including storm formations, flash floods, volcanic activities and earthquakes. 

Simple electric-magnetic case studies are presented to explain this phenomena.


Observing Natural Law


Provide some insights into a global natural disaster forecasting technique

Utilize electrical properties of space and planets in explaining the occurrence of natural disasters

Quantum Vibration


Explain the interaction between solar activities and

Earth’s interaction with local environment

Solar system scale interactions

Dependent Origination 
 All things arise in dependence upon other things.

planetary alignment, and

A natural disaster forecasting

space and planets it explains the

how this can lead to natural

technique is based on electrical

occurrence of natural disasters

disasters on Earth

and quantum vibration theories.

based on the interaction between

This technique has been verified

solar activities and planetary

through observations and

alignment. This model shows how

laboratory experiments. By

this can lead to natural disasters

utilizing electrical properties of

on Earth.


Occurrence Timing



NATURAL DISASTER ENERGY CYCLE For any movement, there is a pattern of expansion and compression.

Radioactive emission Stress



Mechanical movement

Polarization EM/thermal radiation Flash

Energy Release Storm

Earthquakes Volcano Eruption


Low sunspot number

Large earthquake precondition

The Sun

Large storm precondition

High plasma density

Low plasma density

Strong electric field

High sunspot number


Strong magnetic field


Electron number density at 400 km

STORMS & LARGE EARTHQUAKES After global storm systems cease, large earthquakes occur.

September 5, 2015

September 13, 2015


CME Sep 27 View Video

M7 Sep 28

CME Sep 30-Oct 1 View Video

"Connection between the hurricane Joaquin formation and space weather"

CME Oct 3-4 View Video

Full Data Click Here

Earths Rhythm

You are a vibrant living, dancing hologram of light. Not just the light which your eyes detect~that is also a part of you~but the light vibration of all the presently known and measurable electromagnetic spectrum. You radiate the ultra-violet and higher energies; streams of infrared waves flow between your bodies. The complexities of microwave information resonate and chat within the molecular and cellular structures which you call a body. The cellular chemical messengers circulate and form; dissapate to reform anew the delicate holographic instructions. The radio waves of ancient galaxies, neighboring stars and solar family planets rain and dance upon the Earth's umbrella-like energy belts, altering the intensity, selectively protecting the delicate organic forms. Slower and ever more powerful rhythms of planetary turnings, solar sprinklings, starry pulses, galactic tides and universal songs sweep through and around you every instant. The holographic body reverberates with the wind of electromagnetic light; every cell listens to the drum-beats, attunes its spiral DNA structure to the composition, and sings its own

By Ernest Emery ‘Shine’ Richards

unique chord; inducing resonant vibrations throughout the cellular molecules.

These radiations of electrical and magnetic waves of

longitudinal transmissions into and out of the Solar

information move through space and our atmospheric environment. Some of our body structures exhibit a

system. With the plotting of solar system resonances, interplanetary coupling, magnetospheric and

resonance matching the Earth's natural magnetic

Schumann resonances, and free oscillations of the

field, allowing certain rhythmic behavior as seen in human and other life-forms. All life on Earth has

Earth, this cosmic information becomes available to human bioenergies.

developed under the influence of this geomagnetic field which varies in structure and dynamic properties by its pulsations. These pulsations are due to the interaction of the plasma waves coming from throughout the solar system and cosmos and interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.

The vertically-arrayed human body nervous system senses and functions within the Earth's ever-changing local atmospheric electrical potential and the longitudinal gravity waves which the Earth intercepts. A multiplicity of Solar system vibrational signals occur within the same spectrum-octaves as

Our home solar system forms a complex,

the brain/body detected signals. The

harmonically interrelating, multi-octave musical instrument composed of great number of octaves of

e x t re m e l y l o w f re q u e n c y, l o n g w a v e l e n g t h n e a r fi e l d s i g n a l s

vibrational interplay. Your brain and body structures

associated with interstellar and

resonate to those continually fluctuating field patterns

intergalactic gravity coupling are

as they beat against the Earth’s, Moon's, and Sun's natural rhythms. 

detected by our brain/body sensing mechanism. These naturally~occurring information signals bring about changes within the

How does the Universe communicate with Itself, and its life-forms, unhampered by time dependency? 
 The bi-directional harmonic waves of gravity supply intergalactic information coupling via instantaneous

human body energy pathways, restructure body water resonances, modulate the DNA processes and stimulate other circadian rhythm entrainments. Thus supplying an intimate instantaneous interconnection of our very own brain/body/mind to the immensity.

Ernest Emery ‘Shine’ Richards He has been researching

and is presently focusing on the

bioenergetics and subtle energy, and

nature of our bio-cosmic evanescent

exploring the nature of the universe

communication. Through writings

throughout his life. He was born into

and poetry, Shine has shared his

a dairy farm family on the midcoast

vision of our intimate, instantaneous

area of Lincoln Co. in Maine where as

communications links with the Earth,

a teenager; he discovered world-wide

its life-forms, the Galaxy and the

radio communications. He has

whole Cosmos, by drawing upon his

worked in the early computer, digital

many vibration measurement

and microwave engineering. He has

experiments. The combined aspects

traveled extensively, contemplating

of measured grid-lines, ELF standing-

ideas and experiments all along the

waves, Schumann resonances, brain-

way, while concentrating on studies

waves, solar system frequencies and

and personal experiments in

harmonics, and vibratory gravity

consciousness, breath-work,

waves will help form an image for you

planetary and stellar energies,

of our intimate instantaneous

vibration healing, the resonant

connections to all of creation.

harmonic aspects of physical matter,


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