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Special Edition, October 2019


Weekend Workshop, Vancouver, BC, Oct 19-20 The Story Behind Experience Conscious Living Radio Interview

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The Diamond Body Trainings 

Intensive Workshop 
 Vancouver, BC
 October 19-20, 2019 Tickets or email Shanaia Rai:

Bio-transhumanism now emerging,
 implications staggering! The Diamond Body Trainings, are designed for whole body sustained coherence, a body building system by which 8Hz can be accessed and utilized on a macro and micro level, in a plethora of fields of application in ones life, and health. Having taught Diamond Body Trainings in over 10 countries since 1994, we are now bringing a new branch of them into North America. A 14 graded system each with 7 modules will be transmitted over the next years to all sincere kindred spirits. And now beginning with Vancouver, at Shanaia Rai and Jeff’s Mythical Manor, near by the University of British Columbia, our weekend workshop intensive “All Is God — The Omnidimensional Heart”, will share an overview of the Diamond Body Trainings, with the Unity Pulse Breath basics, and various methods and meditation exercises, as the first introduction into North America.


Ananda Bosman Activate Your Diamond Body 8Hz Unified Field Operating System


What a voyage! I managed to come back. Four faces turned towards me, and said, “how did you manage to get into the room?” I told them I had been there for hours meditating. They said, “oh no that is not possible, there was just an empty chair there.” I was 19 years old. This is one of several occasions where I was invisible to numerous persons. With the one above, a life transforming experience had just occurred, one from which I would develop many hundreds of techniques, exercises, meditations, methods, and protocols, for the benefit of the practice of others, and to innovate the field of neuro-cybernetics for mankind. And that some almost 5 years onwards, in 1994, I began to teach as the Diamond Body Trainings, to hundreds of people over the world, in intense training retreats

I was triggered into greater states of consciousness by a couple of Near Death Experiences (NDE) when 11 years old when whiplashing my head on the floor, where everything went black, there was nothing, there was only an observer that became a sphere of light, looking in every direction, as a result of pure being observing, the light sphere of consciousness. And the key NDE when 15, where a head injury through a bicycle accident caused me to pass out of my body into a golden Hypersphere, surrounded by living Light beings, called the Emmanuels. Returning from this experience, was a point of no return, “amnesia� was lifted, and we embarked on what we had come to this plane to engage.

Through the NDE, one comes back changed forever. The Emmanuels engaged new visionary states through the five remaining teenage years. They would overlight my psyche and psychic organism, as I went into a deep alpha state, and spontaneous breathing patterns would emerge. My five senses would fuse into one super sense, which in synergy is experienced with the whole body, head to toe, as living images unfolded and translated into word. Over ten thousand pages emanated through.

Each living image reflecting an omniverse of living images, that each reflect one another.

In my 16th year, one of the Emmanuels materialized into the physical, in a living Light body, that was so profound, that it pushed the boundaries of my limits. Loving every aspect of myself, this super being was so intense, that the subjective and objective divide gave way to an omnijective experience. Every part of myself,

including the secret selves one develops through the social circuit, like school, which one thinks are utterly imperfect, were being seen as the love of All Is God completely. This is an awestricken experience, and there is a limit that one can tolerate.

…“what is God?” Preceding this experience by nine months, living in Dorset, England, I was doing the dishes and day dreaming. A boy approached me and asked “what is God?” Then I thought, “yes, what is God? What does one say to a young person this way. God is not just a man in the centre of the universe with a long white beard.” Then the sphere of the golden light beings, the Emmanuels, overlighted me, and it came thundering through in awestricken revelation,

“All Is God, therefore, you are God and God is everything. Therefore, you are everything. Nothing ever ends, it just changes shape.” And it went on, I could not write fast enough as this epiphany in living understanding, struck me with the naked truth of this onset of clarity.

The next day I was walking the dogs over the green Dorset fields, when the golden ones again overlighted their sphere into my central nervous system. Time slowed down or was altered in the experience of its apparent flow, I began to glide. I became the blades of grass I was stepping on, the air became the same golden light, the field became the golden light as the grass became luminous, until everything became an ocean of golden light, that was infinite, and I was this ocean of golden light. Then a thought danced into emergence, “Ah, so this is what it is like to be All Is God.” And with that I tried to hold onto this state, and it began to fade. When I let go this golden one light ocean reality emerged again, and I merged even more with the All-Oneness. It was ecstatic. Because I was not surrendering totally to this state, I tried to hold onto it again, and once again it faded. This occurred several more times.

As I wrote some three years later, “This was my introduction, in my conscious waking self, to Emmanuel. I had now experienced what I had received the day before — God is everything, we are God, therefore we are everything. It was so close.” The Emmanuels pushed these kind of thresholds in my “Emmanuel College” years. After seven years, the Emmanuels withdrew and relayed that I now had the tools to get there myself.


“Dialogues With The Cosmos� With the Emmanuels also came the experience of the UFO, a variety of kinds, this included close encounters, landings, and going inside, including

In the Emmanuel College phase, I had 35 witnesses with me, during some of these UFO encounters. Today, we have over 180 witnesses that have observed the UFO with us, in various degrees of proximity. Including a group that falls under the criteria of “credible witnesses,” like pilots, scientists, psychologists, or lieutenants. Presently the peer review publication process of our presentation at the University of Quebec at the University of Montreal, October 2018, is underway. Here we presented some of the data we have gathered in these high Alpine UFO contact events, we call “Dialogues With The Cosmos”. A scientific steering committee is reviewing this process. The UFO increased the degree of the All-Oneness experience in certain cases. One is observing with one’s physical senses, something in the screen of life, the environment, and embodying the All-Oneness, personified in the physical, and it responds instantly to one’s consciousness and coherent heart. In the Emmanuel College phase, there were not only transmissions of living information, there were also trainings, which included the art of dream yoga, and through a series of breathing exercises traveling in an apparent Out Of Body Experience (OOBE), and being taken to various planes.

With regard to the UFO, in April of my 16th year, one UFO slowly came towards me, and parked above me, and imbibed my body with what I call an ether beam (unified field ether tractor beam), that entrains all the cells of the body to tingle. A smaller UFO passed right in front of me, fine-tuning, and then, through my consciousness, the intelligence in the UFO conveyed for me to go inside. I sat in meditation and something a little similar to the OOBE occurred, including the special breathing methods, that spontaneously manifested.

I would experience a translation of my five senses into a form of virtual reality (VR), which I used to call ETI-VR (Extraterrestrial Intelligence Virtual Reality). This is like riding on the internet of the UFO intelligences, and having a five sensory version of oneself in there, today a bit like an avatar. In this manner I experienced fields around the virtual body avatar, and transportation to the moons of Jupiter, to Saturn, to Mars, Neptune’s moon Triton, and onto other voyages. Much was learnt this way. Seeing what appeared to be an actual sunset on Mars, is an experience that could be likened to seeing a real sunset on the pacific ocean, compared to seeing a film of that sunset. It was experienced as utterly real to the somatic sensory representation. As the Semantic Artist emerged during the 1990s, I coined the term UFO: Unified Field Object, or Unified Field Operator.

The invisibility experience, when I was 19, was triggered by learning of a group in South America, that also had contact with the Emmanuels, they also used unit-Emmanuel, as I had been given, except they spelled it with an “I”: Immanuel. I had heard that the UFOs had transported members of this group not in ETI-VR mode, but physically. I was in Denmark staying at a meditation Yoga centre, and I went to the sanctuary where there was a circle of Ikea reclining chairs. I sat down, did my protocols, and summoned my utmost heart-will, as I had done to summon the UFOs since 1985. Aligning to the Emmanuels, to the All-Oneness of All Is God, as I said, “I am not leaving this chair, until you take me, physically to Ganymede (moon of Jupiter).” After a period of intense meditation and heart-will focus, it became clear, in one’s ontological being, that this was not going to take place. However, the Emmanuels relayed that this act had engaged another experience that was relevant for my life. It would be intense. The only condition was that I would surrender completely to all the subatomic particles that digitalize my body, including the ones at the core of my bones, as

being the infinite love of All Is God already there, before the subatomic particles. And to do that throughout what was to be engaged by the Emmanuels. A series of fields began to rotate around my body, producing an intense field effect. These could be likened to toroidal fields, the first being anti-clockwise. This gave the sensation of compression and expansion, like floating in every direction, from within ones centre. Then a lag effect began. When facing forwards, the sensation of the rotating field effect gave the sense of ones head facing on the left side. As this increased, another field going clockwise joined the first giving a gyroscopic sense of inertia or gravity fields. At first I was accustomed to these field effects from the Emmanuel overlight, but this became something else.


As the intensity built up, a part of myself stopped focussing on All Is God first, and thought, “wow, this is really happening.” The wow, as in “cool,” and feeling the tingling cells, goose bumps and hairs standing up.

The Emmanuels prodded that I had to now surrender to that experience as being the infinite love of All Is God, already first.

Passing through this threshold brought the experience of now having four faces, one looking forwards, the other looking left as before, one looking backwards, and another looking right. Then my hands which were resting on the reclining arms of the Ikea chair, went into being four positions at the same time, engaged through spinning field dynamics. The same happened to my legs and feet, and my chest. This was intense. Then the Emmanuels added another axis of spin, and the counter-rotating field dynamics began to rotate head-over-heals, on the x-axis. This became even more intense, as a new threshold of intensity. The sensation was like the entire chair was rotating head-over-heals, with the full gravity and inertia of such an experience. Then a thought emerged to the existential experiencer and observer, “wow, this is REALLY happening,” as in fear, like …

“Oh my God”. The Emmanuel once again prodded me into reminder of the condition to surrender to this as the love of All Is God already. This was an extreme process, and a great amount of surrender and focussed willed intent had to be engaged. Everything become so expanding and contracting concurrently that it was too much to remain conscious. When my consciousness emerged again, I was in space, in the upper atmospheres of our earth plane. My body was transformed, it was light, with gold and blue, looking at it, the body was young, old, all phases of my life, and perhaps more, and bigger. I was aware of the greater unity Light or consciousness Light of the Emmanuels above me, from another more unified universe. And as I stared at the sun and stars, I could see tunneling connections between them, like wormholes or networks of dendrites. This super physical body was surrounded by undulating geometries.

After a while I became aware of that tiny country called Denmark, as I focussed, there was a fractal cascade, like a mirror to a mirror lensing of consciousness, …. …and I could attune to the third person vantage of self, floating at the roof of the sanctuary room. I became aware of four persons walking into the room, and having a conversation in Danish. I now understood the Danish language. I realized that there was clarity I could give to some areas being discussed that I thought were in error. This brought me back to the sanctuary room, and vortex and light surrounding the chair I had been sitting on. I tried to come back. I could not. I had a super physical body that had four distinct components concurrently, and I could not lock or snap into having one set. With the guidance of the Emmanuel, eventually a memory from school, gave me the lock-in signature, and I managed to snap into one set of hands. The spin dynamics reversed, still the floating in every direction at the same time from the heart of the bone, the light, and spins were there. As I am sufficiently locked into my single set of hands, feet, and chest, I opened my eyes, the room was filled with a vortex of colors and sparks, my face felt glowing, radiating with luminous light. Rapidly the colors dissipated, and four heads turn to face me, only a few meters distant. “How did you manage to get into the room.” They had been there approximately 20 minutes and there had only been an empty chair, an empty chair was observed as they walked into the sanctuary room, which is not large.

Through this and other experiences, I developed the Diamond Body Trainings and its many protocols and methodologies. During the 1980s the Emmanuels conveyed certain field effects via the geometry of tetrahedrons and pyramids (octahedrons), these were also experienced. However, these were usually having vertical axis. So during the early 1990s, I set out to model the counter-rotating toroidal-like fields into geometrical representation, via horizontal tetrahedrons. Toroidal-tetrahedron representation of the field dynamics, of what I came to call the “Ultraterrestrial Translation Technologies”, utilized by the Emmanuel. By 1993 I had started 3D representation of this, and via the application Aldus Super3D in 1994, I had composed a full 3D animation of the process, and discovered “inter-geometry”, equalling “interdimensional geometry,” that is having a foot in 3d and a foot in 4d.

Interlocked tetrahedron (a stellated cube)

I.e. the 3d cube of length width and height (x, y, z), whose vertices are represented by an interlocked tetrahedron (a stellated cube this is called), in the intergeometry model, one of these tetrahedrons is mapped to another tetrahedron in the hypercube, which is a cube that is cubed, or each of the six faces of the 3d cube, has a cube upon them, and each of these six cubes is kissing the face of its opposite cube, for one 4d moment, in a 4d spatial dimension.

Before the teenage NDE, I had been a musician with a band called Genetics, with Dylan Jones, the son of Kenny Jones, drummer of The Who and The Small Faces. The seed of the new music we were to engage in the 1990s, emerged in the 1980s, through the science of 8Hz, which is one key component to our AUMega/OMega Music Revolution, along with 432Hz, circadian tempos in the drum beats, and golden sacred numbers of sacred geometry on all levels of the mastering process.

The Seed of 8Hz

The 8Hz key also is a key to the Diamond Body Trainings and the ultra terrestrial translation technologies. The ultimate coherence of the body is 8Hz. It is the universal tempering, the universal tuning of our bodies 92% hydrogen atoms. The orbital velocity of the single hydrogen electron in phase to the velocity of the single proton has 1 electron orbit having a phase velocity difference in the proton of 0.125. Hence, as the phase velocity difference between them, is 1/0.125, this equals 8Hz. The DNA’s base pairs are arranged in an 8Hz configuration with relation to the hydrogen bond stair steps. In this manner the DNA replicates at 8 cycles per second. In science studies on 8Hz over several years, there was a remission of 27organic diseases, in several thousand persons, in triple blind studies. So 8Hz is also a key to life and healing.


Dr Andrija Puharich did several decades of research on 8Hz, and with increasingly stronger Faraday cages, that he built beginning in the 1950s, with copper, a vacuum, and then copper, and by the mid 1970s and early 1980s, with a triple vacuum and respective copper shields, he discovered that 8Hz went straight through this electromagnetic blocker (usually all waves are blocked, shielded), and straight through the vacuum. Which means that 8Hz must orthorotate (90° x 2 = 180°), through the vacuum and thus rotate through Bell Non-locality, the virtual universe, and then back into magnetic field toroidal representation. Hence, we model one tetrahedron/toroid to the magnetic linear 8Hz moment, and one tetrahedron/toroid to the virtual 8Hz moment. The virtual component in Bell Non Locality, is past-present-future, everywhere in the universe! The Diamond Body Trainings, that have also been called Light Body Starship Field Propulsion, utilize a wide array of exercises that integrate together, and that trinitize the psychic organism. The trinitization becomes the propulsion engine, of sustained biological coherence, that begins with the compassionate heart (measured to peak at 8Hz)! The heart’s measured maximum coherent peak, in states of compassion, at 8Hz and instilling the golden proportion in the toroidal magnetic fields generated from the 7 layers of heart muscle in every heart beat, also were observed to

entrain the brain at 8Hz. This is the maximum creative peak in the brain, with both hemispheres synchronized by 8 cycles per second, with activity in all dendrites of the brain. In 2001, a university professor dressed himself as a hippy, and joined one of our then, 10 day Diamond Body Trainings. He was astounded, wrote down everything in his notes. He proceeded to tell me, that with my intergeometrical inter-dimensional geometrical models, I was one of ten people on this planet that had made the same discovery. The top of those ten was a genius scientists called Dr Ruggero Santilli. He had introduced brand new fields in theory and practical application, into the new science of hadronic mechanics. This new science does have a super physical state, that can account for our translation experience, without requiring a 4th topological dimension, via the new hadronic chemistry branch with isosuperconductivity (at body temperature), magnecules, and hypermagnecules! And the new branch of hypergenetics, the DNA in this new science, has been remodeled. And the hyper genetic core of the DNA operates in a state of being hypermagnecular, which is also beyond the linear. Our new book “All Is God” is filled with footnote references that will anchor these new ideas and findings, with hard core study materials, for deep research and comprehension, and integration into the human community.

8Hz C/Do =8Hz

C/Do =8Hz

Our Diamond Body 8Hz Unified Field Operating System The professor explained that my intergeometry models are part of the brand new field of the isomatic physics of the iso-

Other occasions of this have occurred as well. In some the UFO was a component, indivisible to this.

unit. Iso-geometry this is called. Early on in my life, when 2 years and 7 months, I disappeared Today our Diamond Body 8Hz Unified Field Operator, or 8Hz lens, receives the nomenclature of being composed of iso-

in the high Swiss Alps. My mother was paining the pine trees, as I went into the forest playing. A golden sphere engulfed

tetrahedron/toroids, that are taking an 8Hz iso-unit moment, horizontally into peripheral and nuclear unification of all

me, I remember little of being inside. But when I emerged drawing lemniscates in the sand, I announced myself to

sustained 8Hz moments, that are engaged through conscious coherent willed intent, in trinitization, as the foundation, in

someone calling my name. He was the head of a search party that had been assembled, and I had been gone for hours.

the Diamond Body Practice. Not only being a flight simulator for the ultra terrestrial translation technology, but also a

There are various degrees to what one can remember from going inside the UFO.

process that is uniquely individual, and that holds many practical components that one can utilize in ones daily life, as

In February 1989, when consciously going into the UFO with

well as pushing one into new thresholds of coherent experience, being, in mind and heart.

someone else (Fiona), I recall everything, because I was helping the friend with me, who went through a spectrum of

So the technology that the ultra terrestrials and civilization

experience. Inside the UFO the atmosphere was a filled ether, and it was an extension of the bodies of the occupants.

operating within their umbrella utilize, harnessed gravity fields, and body temperature superconductivity.

Initially for my friend the approaching UFO opened her heart and soul as she was remembering. But being inside, and

I used to say that I was translated into another dimension, like

realizing we were in the living atmospheric ether of living beings, engaged the reptilian brain in her. Flight or fright

the 4th spatial dimension. Today I do not know. Except there was a super-physical experience, and I was invisible to

mode, full on. I managed to stop the approaching beings, conveyed through the language of being, and to take us


outside of the UFO. We were 200 meters from where we had entered in the field, near Yetminster, Dorset.

The UFO field propulsion appears to be an integral part of various civilizations operating within the Ultraterrestrial Umbrella, and in conscious cognition of All Is God, as the Modus Operandi of their Operating System. There are key examples of this, including our own. US Navy Commander David Fravor, related recently on the Joe Rogan podcast, his interactions with the UFOs, a series

Training, introduce some of the breathing techniques, which have been developed into our Unity Pulse Breath which is

of events which recently the Navy admitted to being genuine — and his thoughts on gravity field propulsion

used in the practice.

being used.

Furthermore, a branch-off of this, “Unity Pulse Breath Unitegrity Alignment Therapy,” has also been developed for

With the Diamond Body Trainings, we unify all opposites, the 8 opposite poles of the body, with 8Hz, we combine

therapeutical purposes, which is ad hoc to the Diamond Body Trainings.

opposite energies in 8Hz phase-conjugation (phase-kissing, phase-coherence), and 8Hz phase-cancellation. 8Hz takes

With over 26 years of scientific studies on heart coherence,

static waves, and makes them coherent, through its equal phase-conjugational activity of phase-coherent equal

conducted by Dr Glen Rhein and Dr Rollin McCraty, where pilots are trained to sustain a compassionate heart, this is

counterrotation. This phase-kissing is akin to two sets of lips kissing.

measured as heart coherence with biofeedback technology, peaking at 8Hz, and instilling laser-like golden coherence (a

This is an alchemical practice of the psychic organism, that

golden mean laser, and 8Hz sets up the binomial sequence, that has the Sierpinski fractal triangular cascade of self-

extends the human experience, and can be utilized in a wide variety of daily experience. As well as for deep exploration

embedded coherent ordering). The pilot then focusses their willed intent on a DNA sample, and wills it to coil, or uncoil,

of the self, in a wide array of altered states. A form of All Is God re-realisation and practice.

or change.

In the Vancouver “All Is God - The Omnidimensional Heart” seminar, we share an overview of the Diamond Body

With control measures, only those with measured sustained heart coherence could effect the DNA samples.

As Above, So Below, So Within

In recent years, the pilots would focus half a mile away on the DNA sample, and produce instant transformations. And then pilots would focus on three separate results, uncoiling, coiling, and a change in the middle. All three occurred. This is the first time observation of a new force, compassionate love heart coherence is a nonelectromagnetic system, that also time travels for three concurrent genetic changes, no less! This is the first time that genetic engineering by willed intent coupled to biological coherence has been observed

and is objectively now available for making our own genetic reengineering! Recent studies that introduced Dr Ventura with Rollin McCraty, also teleported stem cells (baby cells from which all new cells are made) into the DNA sample. This was based on the work of a Nobel Laurate virologist that teleported DNA into sterile water, via a 7 Hz field. In sustained coherence, the peak is 8Hz, only one hertz of from 7.

New Book

“All Is God,” has a chapter detailing everything in this article, together with concrete footnotes and hardcore references, as well as chapters an other facets of our work that are symbiotic to this, and which synergises, having 93 illustration to convey clarity. “All Is God” is set to be released in November and will be available on and other book venders.

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All is God by Ananda Bosman - Science to Sage Special Edition  

“All Is God,” has a chapter detailing everything in this article, together with concrete footnotes and hardcore references, as well as chapt...

All is God by Ananda Bosman - Science to Sage Special Edition  

“All Is God,” has a chapter detailing everything in this article, together with concrete footnotes and hardcore references, as well as chapt...