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Volume 3 - Communication Based on Chapter 13 InsideOUT the Wisdom of the Designer Universe

Featured Writers • Eliza Mada Dalian - From Silence to Sound • Levanah Tenen - Hand Gestures Revealing You from the Inside Out • Kabalarian Philosophy - Alfred J. Parker • John Stuart Reid - Dolphin Language • Stuart Mitchell - Pyramids and the Queen Bee • Vladimir Kush - “Metaphorical Realism” • Joseph Chilton Pearce - Language Development • Erica Kruntzen - Art Therapy from the IN side OUT • Synaesthetic Perception • Mark Ainley - Listen to Your Body Talk • Mark Ainley - A Body of Knowledge • Brad Johnson - The Akashic Records • HeartMath on Reach Out and Touch Someone • Dr. Wayne Carr - Spiritual Aspect of Remote Viewing • Excerpts for “InsideOut - the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe” by Karen Elkins Cover Art, courtesy of Vladimir Kush The painting represents the genealogic tree of art of Vladimir Kush. While ascending the tree we can trace the birth and the development of his images and ideas as well as their interconnection. On the lowermost tier, cluster the sprouts - the poppy pod-cell, blossoming horn of the gramophone, heart plant with an arrow shoot. At the foot are scattered the peculiar fruits fallen from the tree: the pear-mandolin, apples ready for billiard battles. The trunk became a dwelling of the mysterious Roman emperor Nero. He invites us to sit down into a boat and opens the atlas of the Genealogic journey. Around on the branches hang, nest and blossom images of strange flowers and fruits: the dancing hibiscus, walnut house, pod with peasoarsmen. Upper tiers are inaccessible to our sight. We only see the soul of Icarus flying up toward the sun and the arrow of time soaring through the sky. _____________________________________________________________ All material is copyrighted by Science to Sage or is copyright of the authors. Science to Sage reprints these articles with the consent of authors. Art and photography is by Big Stock Photo or under various GNU, Copyleft agreements with Wikepida.

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Volume 3, October 2011

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Our Words Give Birth to Form

“The word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.� John 1, 1-3

Sound Mind Be of

and Mind over Matter

You create with your words and they become your life's work. Your word is the blueprint and the genesis of your form.

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By Eliza Mada Dalian From Silence to S#nd Although the Bible says: “In the beginning was the Word,” in reality, in the beginning was Silence. Thought, just like sound, light, and all existing matter, arises out of silent emptiness and returns back into it. In reality, the first thing that comes into existence from within the silence, before any “word” can be uttered, is sound. Everything in creation, including every cell in our body, is in constant movement. This movement generates the different sound vibrations that, if heard all at once, unify into the sound AUM, or OM. In the East, they have depicted this sound with the symbol \. It is possible for us to hear this universal sound in a moment of absolute stillness of the mind or in deep meditation, but, because we are full of thoughts and our energy and attention are scattered in many directions, we don’t hear it. The “word” or thought is secondary to sound and silence because without sounds and the silent gaps between them, we cannot make out words or thoughts. Before learning to speak and think, the child first learns to make sounds. All animals communicate through sounds. Humans too communicate through sounds, which used in different combinations create different languages. We adopted the idea that the "word” is the beginning of creation because in our forgetfulness of the original silence, which is the source of our being and everything in creation, we identified with language. In reality, pure silence doesn’t exist except within the still void where all movements cease. What may appear to us as silence is not silence but only the absence of the sounds that we are accustomed to hearing internally or externally. For example, if you are used to living on a noisy street, then go away for the weekend to the country, you become aware of the silence relative to the city noise. Or if you live in the country and are used to the sounds of the birds and crickets, and suddenly those sounds stop, you immediately become aware of the silence all around. In moments like these, you are aware only of the outer sounds and silence but not the sounds and silence that exist within you. While looking inside or sitting in meditation you become aware of your inner sounds, and realize that in spite of the outer sounds or silence, the inner noise of your incessant thoughts continues. When the noise generated by thinking stops, you suddenly become aware of the true silence and wholeness of your being. Spiritually speaking, we define this kind of silence as no-mind. In a way, healing into consciousness is a journey back from thought to sound and then to silence. The deeper you move into your inner silence, the higher you move in consciousness and into the ultimate health of your being.

Let Go of Y#r !#ghts by Expressing %em Out L#d Thoughts and emotions are not in our head alone – they are suppressed everywhere in our body and grow like weeds in a garden. Everything we feel, think and hold on to is stored in our body, layer upon layer. The layers of suppressed thoughts and emotions take us out of balance and cause our physical pain and suffering. To restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wholeness you need to purify your body of the suppressed thoughts and emotions. One very powerful way to do this is through open and honest expression. This requires courage and understanding. Expressing your thoughts and emotions out loud honestly and openly will not only clear your energy of inner turmoil but will also help you become more true and authentic to yourself and others. You can practice this exercise privately or when communicating with others. To do it privately, allocate some time when you are alone and can comfortably express out loud whatever thoughts and emotions are coming up. Don’t judge and criticize what you are saying, and don’t let your mind stop you no matter how silly it may appear in the beginning. It’s like singing in the shower. If you give it a fair try, with time you’ll begin to experience more peace and understanding of yourself and others. If you express your thoughts and emotions out loud, not only will it help you become more conscious and truthful when communicating with others, it will also open your heart, free your blocked energy, and improve your physical and emotional health.

"Excerpted from the best selling award-winning book In Search of the Miraculous”.

Mada is a modern day mystic, spiritual guide, internationally acclaimed master healer, and the best selling author of the seven time awardwinning book, In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness. She is also the creator of the No Yes Active Meditation (CD) and Transcending the Fear of Death and the Unknown (MP3). Above all, Mada is the founder of the light-speed Dalian Method™ for Health and Consciousness - a revolutionary new healing modality that quickly identifies and miraculously erases old beliefs and self-sabotaging imprints from the body's cellular memory. The Dalian MethodTM helps to permanently eradicate the causes of pain and physical ailments and awaken one's innate consciousness. Through her work Mada takes the concepts of spiritual teachers and cutting-edge scientists to a practical and immediate experience of healing and transformation. Mada also co-hosts a w e e k l y s h ow o n  H e a l i n g i n t o Consciousness Radio.

Kabalarian Philosophy In the late 1930's Alfred J. Parker founded the Kabalarian Philosophy by applying universal principles of language, logic and mathematics to establish the paramount importance of names and the critical role they play in our lives. Over the generations, these discoveries have grown into an impressive body of scientific research, wisdom and practical knowledge that can improve every aspect of your life.

Is Your Name Right For You? Free Name and Birth Date Report Language is the Basis of Our Being What is the life that we experience from day to day? Fundamental to our existence are the thoughts that pass through our minds on a moment-to-moment basis. Our thoughts are made up of language, words which when linked together make up our thinking. It is only with and through language that we can think, analyze, deduce, compare, and describe life. Language is the basis of our being. Take away language from mankind and we are reduced to the level of the instinctive animals. It is the use of language which gives us conscious intelligence, which distinguishes us from the animal kingdom. Recreate Our Lives Through Language It is by understanding exactly what language is, by breaking it down into its components, that we can begin to understand mind and ourselves and thus be able to recreate our lives. When we analyze language, we see that it is made up of the letters of the alphabet. These letters or symbols are not just in any sequence but they are in an ordered and consistent sequence which never changes, A, B, C, D, E, etc. It is this consistent order of the symbols that creates the intelligence of language, as we can only attach intelligence to something if it has system and order. The alphabet is the keyboard of human intelligence. In the same way that the notes on a piano key board have a different pitch or quality of sound, the letters of the alphabet represent different qualities of human intelligence. The Part of Language Most Closely Related to Us We see that the basis of language is mathematics which represents system and order, and our mind are words and language, so mind must be mathematical in origin as well. What is the part of language that is the most closely related to us? Our name. Every child that is born is given a name. It is something we all take for granted because it is so obvious. With a name comes the mental characteristics that make up the child’s personality. These characteristics are determined by the mathematical relationship of the letters in the name to their positions within the alphabet. Because of the many different combinations of letters that make up all the various names, we have a multitude of different personalities. There are those who are artistic, some scientific, and still others who are mechanically inclined, etc By Alfred J. Parker

THOUGHTS ARE THINGS Over the ages man has wondered about and pondered over the complexities of life, but so far he has not seemed to make much progress for the simple reason that he knows nothing about that through which he

Every musician knows that his artistry depends entirely upon his knowledge of his instrument and his ability completely to master it. ponders -- Mind.

We are told that: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." (St. John 1:1) This should be easily understood, as the Scripture is full of the expression "and God said" thus proving that the greatest part of God is "what God said." Originally, it was not intended to convey that God was a personal being who made personal utterances, although this idea was accepted

form of conscious expression can be brought down to reality only through the Power of the Word through the alphabet and its component part, punctuation -- the latter giving the inflection or the music and feeling into the Scripture. Nevertheless, what is said or any

to the thought: thus conscious expression. The lack of inflection and feeling in our present day speech is robbing our language of much of its intelligence as man sinks into a speech of feelingless monotone.

KNOW THYSELF Many are the sayings, such as: "Man know thyself," "As a man thinketh, so is he,"

"Man is the eyes, ears, and mouthpiece of God," "The kingdom of heaven lies within," "Man is the master of his own destiny," "Thoughts are things," and ... “THOUGHTS


It might be said that life is the concept of mind; thus, "As


a man thinketh, so is he." (IAM THAT,

We should be more concerned with the verbal expression of mind through thought. Man is too

prone to think only of the things he feels; thus must human thoughts have their very birth and being in emotion. Man can be classified in planes or graduations of intelligence, each plane having the positive and negative aspect and its overall blueprint. For instance, a person may be living in a very emotional and negative plane of mind, yet there are different degrees of emotion; it might be that of greed, lust, dishonesty, sex, jealousy, antagonism and ego, or over-indulgence -- each having its own distinct

Each plane of mind is an individual world of thought in itself, like a wave length on a radio dial that tunes into its own source of broadcast. personality and expressions of thought. All are negative, for only wisdom is positive.

By Alfred J. Parker

Stan Tenen Born in 1942 and raised in a nonreligious home in Brooklyn, Tenen says that he “has always been driven by curiosity.� A natural recognizer of visual patterns, he has a BS in physics and holds numerous patents. In 1 9 6 8 , wh i l e e x a m i n i n g t h e Hebrew text of Genesis, Mr. Tenen noticed what appeared to be a pattern in the arrangement of the letters. This observation prompted forty years of research into the history and tradition of the text, and has led to a meaningful understanding of traditional teachings in a modern context. The Alphabet That Changed the World makes this authoritative recovery of the science of consciousness in Genesis accessible for the first time to contemporary readers.

Proposes Hebrew Letters Originate in ...

Hand Gestures Revealing You From the InsideOUT By Levanah Tenen, Meru Foundation A new book by Stan Tenen, The Alphabet That Changed the World: How Genesis Preserves a Science of Consciousness in Geometry and Gesture, presents the groundbreaking results of Mr. Tenen’s 30-year research project into the origin and nature of the Hebrew Bible and the letters in which it is written. This research, which has been reviewed by both academic and religious scholars and scientists, offers a radical new perspective on the most important root document of our society. Rabbinic tradition asserts that every letter of every word of Torah is a word in itself. In The Alphabet That Changed the World, author Stan Tenen demonstrates that each letter is also a hand gesture, and, at this level, Hebrew forms a natural universal language. All people, including children before they speak and people without sight, make use of these gestures.

Genesis Preserves a Science of Consciousness in Geometry and Gesture In this book, Tenen examines the Hebrew text of Genesis and shows how each letter is both concept and gesture, with the form of the gesture matching the function of the concept, revealing the implicit relationship between the physical world of function and the conscious world of concept. Using over 200 color illustrations, Tenen establishes geometric metaphor as the best framework for understanding the deepest meaning of the text. Such geometry models embryonic growth and self-organization, and also the core of many healing and meditative practices. As presented in The Alphabet That Changed the World, Tenen’s research demonstrates how many subjects from contemporary science were appreciated through the methods and means available millennia ago. Mathematician Ralph Abraham, co-author (with Jerrold E. Marsden) of Foundations of Mechanics, comments: “It is my conviction, based on my professional background in modern geometry and topology, that Tenen’s utilization of this difficult material is impeccable. The Alphabet That Changed the World is an important and original contribution to the scientific research literature. It may boggle the mind, but the detailed brief presented in full in this book leaves no easy escape from Tenen’s theory: our alphabet was designed from a proto-language of hand gestures.”

“First Light” Video Excerpts For more details and reviews of The Alphabet That Changed the World, please see http://"

Oppenstein Brothers Distinguished Professor of Judaic Studies (Emeritus) Joseph P. Schultz has been following Mr. Tenen’s research since 1993. He remarks, “When I was first introduced to the work of Stan Tenen...I felt that his lines of inquiry would lead to path-breaking insights into the true nature of Torah and the Hebrew alphabet. I have not been disappointed. The Alphabet that Changed the World is a stunning and remarkable book. In my opinion, the investigation presented here will open up new vistas of understanding, not only of the Hebrew alphabet and Judaism, but also of the sacred texts of all the world's religious traditions. The amazing interdisciplinary scope of The Alphabet that Changed the World will serve as a model for future researchers and even for non-specialists who value the growth in consciousness on our planet.

Since letters generated by hand gestures can represent directions of conscious focus in our minds, a sequence of these letters can be used to specify and reconstruct a meditation. This may explain why certain Scriptural texts were canonized and why these letters are rightly called "sacred." Thus the same letter-signs are elements of both cosmology and consciousness at the same time.

Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation, demonstrates that the Hebrew alphabet is based upon the human hand. The hand gestures show differentiating of self from other, and inside from outside. The alphabet also links the inner world of the mind with the outer world of experience. In separate research, Stan Tenen of the Meru Foundation has shown that the torus knot woven on the torus generates the Hebrew letters.

Inside OUT

Our different gestures are different projections of our will, just as the different organs in our body are different projections of the common DNA.

Stan Tenen If a dolphin were to use this same system, they would use the same 27 meanings, but they dolphin doesn't have hands. They'd use their acoustic pressure-waves to express the same set, and thus would, in principle, if I'm right, we ought to be able to communicate with any self-aware creature whether they're extra-terrestrials, or elephants, or dolphins. Stan Tenen: Geometry of Language (excerpt) -- A Thinking Allowed DVD with Jeffrey Mishlove v=qcIQBrdqBL8


In an important breakthrough in deciphering



researchers in Great Britain and the United States have imaged the first high definition imprints that dolphin sounds make in water.

The key to this technique is the CymaScope, a new instrument that reveals detailed structures within sounds, allowing their architecture to be studied pictorially. Using high definition audio recordings of dolphins, the research team, headed by Florida-based dolphin researcher, Jack Kassewitz, and English acoustics engineer, John Stuart Reid, has been able to image, for the first time, the imprint that a dolphin sound makes in water. The resulting "CymaGlyphs," as they have been named, are reproducible patterns that are expected to form the basis of a lexicon of dolphin language, each pattern representing a dolphin ‘picture word.’

Certain sounds made by dolphins have long been suspected to represent language but the complexity of the sounds has made their analysis difficult. Previous techniques, using the spectrograph, display cetacean (dolphins, whales and porpoises) sounds only as graphs of frequency and amplitude. The CymaScope captures actual sound vibrations imprinted in the dolphin’s natural environment—water, revealing the intricate visual details of dolphin sounds for the first time. Within the field of cetacean  research, theory states that dolphins have evolved the ability to translate dimensional information from their echolocation sonic beam. The CymaScope has the ability to visualize dimensional structure within sound. CymaGlyph patterns may resemble what the creatures perceive from their own returning sound beams and from the sound beams of other dolphins. Reid said that the technique has similarities to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphs. "Jean-Francois Champollion and Thomas Young used the Rosetta Stone to discover key elements of the primer that allowed the Egyptian language to be deciphered. The CymaGlyphs produced on the CymaScope can be likened to the hieroglyphs of the Rosetta Stone. Now that dolphin chirps, click-trains and whistles can be converted into CymaGlyphs, we have an important tool for deciphering their meaning."

photo by Bay Nuke/GNU 1.2

Kassewitz, of the Florida-based dolphin  communication  research  project said, “There is

strong evidence that dolphins are able to ‘see’ with sound, much like humans use ultrasound

to see an unborn child in the mother’s womb. The CymaScope provides

our first glimpse into what the dolphins might be ‘seeing’ with their sounds.” The team has recognized that sound does not travel in waves, as is popularly believed, but in expanding holographic bubbles and beams. The holographic aspect stems from the physics theory that even a single molecule of air or water carries all the information that describes the qualities and intensity of a given sound. At frequencies audible to humans (20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz) the sound-bubble form dominates; above 20,000 Hertz the shape of sound becomes increasingly beam shaped, similar to a lighthouse beam in appearance. Reid explained their novel sound imaging technique: “Whenever sound bubbles or beams interact with a membrane, the sound vibrations imprint onto its surface and form a CymaGlyph, a repeatable pattern of energy. The CymaScope employs the surface tension of water as a membrane because water reacts quickly and is able to reveal intricate architectures within the sound form. These fine details can be captured on camera.” Kassewitz has planned a series of experiments to record the sounds of dolphins targeting a range of objects. Speaking from Key Largo, Florida, he said, “Dolphins are able to emit complex sounds far above the human range of hearing. Recent advances in high frequency recording techniques have made it possible for us to capture more detail in dolphin sounds than ever before. By recording dolphins as they echolocate on various objects, and also as they communicate with other dolphins about those objects, we will build a library of dolphin sounds, verifying that the same sound is always repeated for the same object. The CymaScope will be used to image the sounds so that each CymaGlyph will represent a dolphin ‘picture word’. Our ultimate aim is to speak to dolphins with a basic vocabulary of dolphin sounds and to understand their responses. This is uncharted territory but it looks very promising.”

Dr. Horace Dobbs, a leading authority on dolphin-assisted therapy, has joined the team as consultant. "I

long held the belief that the dolphin brain, comparable in size with our own, has specialized in processing auditory data in much the same way that the human brain has specialized in processing visual data. Nature tends not to evolve brain mass have

without a need, so we must ask ourselves what dolphins do with all that brain capacity. The answer appears to lie in the development of brain systems that require huge auditory processing power. There is growing evidence that dolphins can take a sonic 'snap shot' of an object and send it to other dolphins, using sound as the transmission medium. We can therefore  hypothesize  that the dolphin's primary method of communication is picture based. Thus, the picture-based imaging method, employed by Reid and Kassewitz, seems entirely plausible." The CymaGlyphs of dolphin sounds fall into three broad categories, signature whistles, chirps and click trains. There is general agreement among cetacean biologists that signature whistles represent the means by which individual dolphins identify themselves while click trains are involved in echolocation. Chirps are thought to represent components of language. Reid explained the visual form of the various dolphin sounds, “The CymaGlyphs of signature whistles comprise regular concentric bands of energy that resemble aircraft radar screens while chirps are often flower-like in structure, resembling the CymaGlyphs of human vocalizations. Click trains have the most complex structures of all, featuring a combination of tightly packed concentric bands on the periphery with unique central features.”

baby wolphin at Sea Life Park. The wolphin's mother is named Kekaimalu. [ Read more on flickr.]

Regarding the possibility of speaking dolphin, Kassewitz said, “I believe that people around the world would love the opportunity to speak with a dolphin. And I feel certain that dolphins would love the chance to speak with us – if for no other reason than selfpreservation. During my times in the water with dolphins, there have been several occasions when they seemed to be very determined to communicate with me. We are getting closer to making that possible.”

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Dolphin Video’s

Dolphin Games

Vibration underpins all matter in the universe. No matter can exist without sound and vibration. To see the periodic motions that lie at the heart of matter is to lift the veils that conceal many mysteries of the universe. The CymaScope represents the first scientific instrument that can give us a visual image of sound and vibration - a cymatic image - helping us to understand our world and universe in ways previously hidden from view.

Check Out the Home of CymaScope

Stu and Philppe - Giza

The word that defines the Great Pyramid and its complexity for me is: ‘Perfection’. Precisely Seven years ago I composed a symphonic work Seven Wonders Suite for Orchestra which included The Great Pyramid of Giza as its finale piece. I remember composing it in the north of Scotland (Strontian) with my father Tommy on a break from a rather frustrating relationship I was having in Edinburgh at the time. It was a wonderful escape for us both and I recall saying to Tommy, this is not an easy piece to create, imagine composing for the greatest monument on Earth and what music could possibly describe it in grandeur, technology and mysticism?

By Stuart Mitchell

Without ever having first hand experience of the Great Pyramid but tons of books and research into it, it would be a challenge for us both to combine our thoughts and knowledge of its creation and translate that into orchestra musical terms. It was easy to find the inspiration thankfully for having spent many hours studying it and Tommy’s endless knowledge of ancient Egyptian culture. The point I want to make it, is was if Tommy and I had entered into a ‘time-bubble’ until the piece had ‘composed itself’, and this is precisely what happened. I never changed a note of it and wondered to myself, after my trip to the great monument herself, if I would change a note now? I wouldn’t change a thing about it now and feel a great destiny about how close 4 my imagination got to the truth of the pyramid and its designers after waiting 7 years to see it for myself.. The word that defines the Great Pyramid and its complexity for me is: ‘Perfection’. The designers were going for a huge degree of detail and perfection and it strikes you right away when you look at the size of the materials they were working with and the degree of detail they achieved working with such huge and colossal stones.

The question in my mind was why? Why go to such a degree of perfection and detail..I thought of symphonic work 7 Wonders and started to realise that this building (as much a composer goes for the highest degree of perfection in their scores) these builders were ‘tuning’ the building to an almost ‘computerised’ level. In fact, I would say beyond any doubt in my mind, that computers were used in the design and definitely.. the manufacturing of the elements of the pyramid. It is beyond the normal capabilities of the human mind in design, un-imaginable (The Grand gallery for example) Without one, not 1 margin of error. Believe me, to feel human again inside this structure, I looked for error in the carving of the sides of the stone. One little tale tell sign that that this could have been possible by human hand, a chip in the rock, one side slightly out of line to the next. No.. just pure and utter perfection in the construction and manipulation of some of the hardest rock known to man. It reminded me of medical precision and in fact this realisation led me into a hypothesis that ‘ring true’ in more than one way.

Fir0002, - Image of bee/GNU

The Kings Chamber is designed to pick up every nuance and sound ...

Anyone who has listened to a choir and music in one of the many great cathedrals has experienced an acoustic ‘up-lifting’ of mind and spirit. The balance of emotional music and acoustic properties of the cathedral saturates the body in waves of sound and generally involving only one or two notes. Open harmonic notes that seem to flood the whole space and connect with its dimensions. The Kings Chamber is no different. The first acoustic element you notice is your voice being reverberated for such a long time (16-20 Seconds) around the perfect walls. How can you engineer such a long reverb time in such a small space. It reminded me of a cathedral when you cam hear the tiniest whisper at the other end of a long hall. The Kings Chamber is designed to pick up every nuance and sound in such a way as this. You can almost hear your own heart beating if the Chamber is quiet enough. This means that the

design of the Chamber is precisely for working with acoustic sound.

I climbed into the Sarcophagus and began humming a note and sliding down in pitch until I ‘hit’ the resonant frequency of the coffer and chamber. There was no doubting when I found that pitch because the entire room just filled with sound, I could not even hear what Philippe was shouting to me in the flood of sound the had began to occupy the space. It was as if the chamber was suddenly filled to the brim with energy and there was a sensation of being ‘lifted’.

I could only hold the note for as long as my breath would last (im a smoker) but even after I had stopped the not carried on with its same effect for up to 20 seconds. I achieved this same note with my voice 5 or 6 times over the next 30 minutes. (we were lucky to have arrived at the lowest point of the tourist season and fortunately had the chamber to ourselves for over an hour). The realisation that came to me in the days that followed because of this powerful frequency effect has made certain pieces of a very interesting and un-expected puzzle fall into place.In the month before I left for Giza I had been researching

my colleague Richard Merrick that Egypt was known as ‘Tah Bity’ meaning ‘The Land of the Bee’ and the great Pharaoh’s were an interesting perspective with

known as the ‘Queen Bee’.

Now this is interesting enough on its own when you consider that Bee’s are a successful society, directed and instructed by the Queen entirely through the medium of vibration. Bee’s are known to ‘hear’ these instruction through their legs and antennae and react to the Queen Bee’s orders accordingly. As if there is a transmission of thought embedded into the vibration itself. Some Bee’s in the colony, workers for example, receive different instructions on the same ‘wave-length’ as the Honey collectors or the Larvae guardians. Each group receive their commands through a frequency of vibration sent out by the Queen Bee. A ‘carrier wave’! A healthy, active hive of Bees resonate at around 190 hz, it varies up to 250 hz when they are swarming or aggressive. The following site has fascinating information on Bee resonance.

Queen bee with attendants on a honeycomb, photo by eigene Aufnahme, GNU

Now, if this form of ‘hyper-communication’ were applied to a human culture, you can begin to see why the Egyptians, Minoans, Sumerians and the Greek had a high regard in their cultural history for The Bee and its sociological success with nature. Chamber etc) but their union and coherence as a collective society.

In my opinion, the great pyramid (amongst its many other functions as a calendar, astronomical observatory and powerhouse of energy) was also: A unifying command point of panoramic intention and thought.’

What the pharaoh thinks and feels, is a ‘carrier-wave’ transmission on 190 hz frequency. Absorbed and felt by the population into pure intention.

Simpson and Greenwood10 created an artificial sound of the queen bee piping, a sound used to prepare the hive for an immanent departure. Then they played the recording to other hives. When the vibrations were applied to four hives containing very small colonies with unmated queens less than one week old, all four colonies swarmed, leaving no bees in their hives. Sixteen slightly larger colonies, also containing queens a few days old, were divided into two groups of eight. One group received vibrations and five of the colonies in it swarmed, each leaving a proportion of its bees in its hive. The other eight colonies did not receive vibrations and none of them swarmed.

If the Bee’s have survived successfully for millions of years, Then it’s a not a bad prototype to model a busy population upon. But, only provided the Queen bee has the heart, soul and ethics to make it successful. No wonder they locked the Kings Chamber off with 20 ton granite, colossal stone’s for 2000 years, it could be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands (or mind). Stuart Mitchell (12/09/2010)


Visit his incredible music http:// http://



In the fire Life begins Spontaneously erupting Again and again. Yet its hexagonal shape Is a conductive design... Its spark brings life From the unseen Into the light... Constructing colonies Where we work like bees Often nestled by the sea. We build our own structures Mimicking natures design... Building, maintaining and recycling with time. by Karen Elkins

One flew over ! Wa"’s nest

by Vladimir Kush ©

Vladimir Kush

We live not in a world of facts, but one of meanings and symbols.

Our thinking is naturally metaphorical within the limits of our existing cultural medium. The artist transfers a metaphor from the linguistic system to the visual system of painting. Presenting the evasive and ever-changing world through allegory and metaphor makes it possible to bridge two widely separated subjects, two seemingly incompatible things. K u s h b e l i e v e s t h a t re a l i s t i c pa intings display the a rtist ’s professional skill, drawing the viewer in to accept the impossible images enough to see the metaphors in them and explore the different layers of meaning. The skill of the artist to paint realistically allows this interrelation of different things to be convincing. This is Kush’s method,

“Metaphorical Realism.” “Possessing the art of metaphor is the only art that could not be learned from the others...Real metaphor is the intuitive perception of likeness in the things that are different” ( Aristotle)



The National Library in Vienna contains a miniature edition of the Holy Bible where God, the Lord of Sabbath, is depicted as the Architect who draws the boundaries of the future Earth in cosmic space by means of a pair of compasses. This served as the basis for the paintings, “Newton” and “The Hand of the Lord,” by William Blake, an English mystic, poet, and artist. In these pieces, Blake illustrates the creation of our world by the Lord-Geometrician. In this painting the artist shows us the boundaries of the Earth’s night. Two conical bundles are defined by the illumination of the Moon. This is the viewpoint of an observer, high above the Earth in the Cosmos. A romantic mood is created by the artist conveyed by the night voyage of the sailboat around the globe.

Ocean Spr#ts

Gigantic Leaf, fitting a whole country inside – is it possible? You may answer - impossible. But not quite... Every leaf is a tiny microcosm, filled with sun and water and producing the green molecules of life. As with our Great Leaf creating buildings and bridge, nurturing herds of animals, life. You can reach the Ocean by going down the stem, floating down its current.. And here it all is! We finally can track down the architecture of the painting, conceived by its’ artist. It seems like that thousand-year old Leaf has flown down from the branches of the Great World Tr e e , t h e s y m b o l o f t h e Universe. It exists in all world mythologies. No wonder that the picture is painted in greenishearthy “wooden” tones. The life juices of the leaf on the tree are mixed with the juices streaming down its trunk, and when reaching the Ocean, earth’s powerful River of Life.

The painter draws a clear analogy between current lines and growth rings of a tree. For annual rings reflect the current of time, the time-stream. Their thickness or thinness tells us much about the past. Was it the time of hurricanes or river floods, of the great heat or the great ice? A man is drawn into the stream of life. Though, knowing the past, he tries to direct the movement of his boat, the flow of time inexorably carries him away to the new shores. Whirlpools, shallows, and rough current do not leave time for thinking – so is the message underlying the picture. The cool greenish colors correspond to this mood.


Laser Tune-Up The grand scheme of the world and the definition of its architecture, geometry, and aesthetics is the result of Divine Wisdom. To comprehend his intentions Man invents models. Great Leonardo da Vinci supposed that constructing his mechanical models he could go beyond the capabilities of human mind and solve the mysteries of the Creator. To comprehend the mystery of flight, for example, he made from wax paste small models of birds capable to fly in the air. But whatever models Man may conjure up, he does this for the reverence of his Creator and for releasing the Creator’s wisdom. Only from this intentions does one build the Koln Cathedral and not a factory. Only through such reasoning will mankind paint a picture of the universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm. As is known, the “madness” of Don Quixote was born from the obsessive reading of chivalry books. The world of medieval romances became to him more real than the real life. Thus from an inhabitant of the sun-scorched dusty Spanish province of La Mancha he had turned into the citizen and ruler of the boundless Empire of Imagination. Its size, perhaps, had far surpassed that of the real Spanish empire stretched across the globe and created by other great Spaniards also called “madmen” – Columbus and Cortez! The artist assumes that in this New Empire there was also a place for the fantastic butterflies with splendid wings eclipsing the fauna of Colombia, Amazonia and Venezuela! So, instead of doing a glorious battle with the evil giant windmill, Don Quixote is going to enter the duel with the giant butterflies. Certainly, having such a “weapon,” he will not catch any butterfly. But his net could seize Beauty and Grace of these and many other amazing creations. Let us follow his noble example and stretch the net of our imaginations in search for beauty!

Fauna in La Mancha

Ripples on the Ocean The ocean: symbol of infinity. In ancient Indian myths, the ocean was a never ending entity from which originated the earth as well as the rest of the universe. Chaotic behavior is characteristic of the ocean — the motion with which everything began. In this way, the undulating ocean resembles our subconsciousness — the source of our creativity. Our internal sight freely hovers over this limitless ocean, but returns to the finite by the smallest of margins. “The soul calls upon one to sense the world and beckons the abstract back to within the borders of reality from its unbound journey through infinity,” wrote German dramatist and poet Friedrich von Schiller Our perception of beauty originates from the combination of a strong harmonic start and the brute strength of chaos. The darkening blueness of the ocean approaching the horizon, a distant sailboat, and a ray slipping through the ripples on the water all intensify the painting’s motif of infinity and separation from human existence. Oh, no! This is not for humans. Ignorance and visions Are troubling us. Looking on the universe, we cannot envisage Infinity of time or space — galaxies, planets, stars. Uncertainties and doubts are oppressing us... (Arthur Rimbaud) The power of white-capped seas captivates, The flight of the soul is so much like the waves! But sooner or later we return To set our feet back on earth.

Morning Blossom

Books by Vla$mir Ku% ©

“Just as differential equations combine into the whole such phenomena as the flight of a satellite and movement of a stone that seemingly have little in common, so a picture, dealing with images, should reveal an aesthetically principle, hidden from a superficial glance , in the diver sity of the surrounding world; that is just the world harmony,” Oleg Kush would repeat.

Vladimir Kush Gallery & Store

The Devas appear in dots and strokes, Mystic fire from their lighting stokes...

Alphabetic Metaphor The alphabet is an allegory, A mystery play disguised as story,

But rather play your instrument, Read the music Heaven sent,

In which the players interact, Hiding messages in fact,

Dance ecstatic with the refrain, Be Divine in joy or pain.

Multi-syllabic metaphors, Flash their code like semaphores.

This Eternal Truth is playing, Beneath the truth in all we’re saying.

The Devas appear in dots and strokes, Mystic fire from their lighting stokes

In the beginning, the word was: “Yes” And knowing that your words can bless

The furnace within, the molten core, The wickless lamp is lit once more And when that lucent glow is gleaming, Choirs of words sing out their meaning,

The souls who live in every nation, Yes, to all, in each oration, Yes, to every mother’s child, Yes, to the creatures in the wild,

Halleluiah, alpha beta, Mirrors shine, composed of data

Yes is the only word worth saying, Yes, is the message the Devas are praying,

But on their shining surfaces, The loving play of distant faces.

And yes is even yes to no, Yes is the crucial word to know.

Code flashed from the Demi-urge, Beauty is truth, do not merge

by Jeffrey Armstrong

Reach Out...

By Walden

...and Touch Someone

Have you ever found yourself feeling agitated, insecure or maybe a little awkward? You don’t really want to expose yourself to others, so you put on a happy smile? Just then someone walks up to you and asks, "Hi, how are you doing?" "Fine," you answer, immediately followed by a tight smile. Then the inner dialogue starts. "I wonder why they asked that? Could they tell I’m feeling awkward and insecure? Does it show?" This scenario might sound familiar to most of us, if not all of us, have experienced this at one time or another. Are we transparent?

Can others pick up on our "vibes?" The Institute of HeartMath (IHM) in Boulder Creek, California is a nonprofit research organization that has been studying emotions and the electromagnetic energy generated by emotions and the body— specifically the heart—for over two decades. A study conducted by IHM represents one of the first successful attempts to directly measure an energy exchange between people, and provides a testable theory to help explain why we can sense what other people are feeling and why we tend to know when someone is behind us without hearing or seeing them. A connection is being made. When we care for someone, we often express our feelings quite naturally through touch. We hug our friends, we pat co-workers on the back, and when we’re being introduced or greeting someone, we shake that person’s hand. These are all moments of a connection being made and now science has shown that energy and emotional information is also being exchanged. Researchers at IHM have discovered that this energy connection is quite profound, particularly when you look at how the emotions are encoded in the magnetic field generated by the heart can influence our

The heart generates the strongest rhythmic electromagnetic field generated in the body. Measured with modern magnetic field meters, the surroundings and those around us.

heart’s electromagnetic field is approximately five thousand times greater in strength than the field produced by the brain. The heart’s field permeates every cell in the body and can be measured up to three feet outside the body, but actually it radiates even further, although its field strength is too low to measure with today’s equipment.

A Boy and His Dog In an informal experiment, a boy named Josh and his dog Mabel demonstrate how one heart field can calm another heart down. IHM researchers monitored the heart rhythms of both the dog and the boy. Researchers had Mabel enter a room by herself. Her heart rhythms were very jagged and erratic. Then Josh entered the room and set down in a chair taking care not to touch or interact with Mabel. Josh then shifted into a coherent state and felt love and care for Mabel. At this point not only did Josh’s heart rhythms become more coherent but Mabel’s heart rhythms also made a significant shift, synchronizing with Josh’s heart rhythms. Mabel’s rhythms stayed very close to Josh’s rhythms throughout their visit. When Josh got up and left the room, Mabel’s heart rhythms clearly shifted again, becoming very spiked and jagged (see graphic below).

Although the experiment was not a formal study, it appears that Josh’s calm heart field connected with Mabel’s heart, helping her to feel secure and relaxed. This has been show to also be true with horses that are also very tuned in to human emotions. Read research paper, The Electricity of Touch: Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy Exchange Between People.

In our work with pets and their owners we’re seeing that a pet owner can create what we call a heart-filled environment when practicing heart-focused techniques.

Josh and his dog Mabel

Hearts Commune

...horses are also very tuned in to human emotions.

Whether we realize it or not, everyday interactions, moods and attitudes affect our own experience but they can also influence those around us. This poses questions about our everyday interactions, such as if a parent comes home feeling edgy and stressed from the day’s events, does this transfer to their children, creating stress in them? Or perhaps we’re influencing our colleagues more than we know. If we’re feeling uncertain and anxious about a business plan being accepted, might we be transferring this uncertainty in a meeting via a handshake, or if we feel insecure about a relationship, could we be sabotaging it by emanating our insecurities? A new independent study, Achieving Collective Coherence: Group Effects on Heart Rate Variability Coherence and Heart Rhythm Synchronization, published in the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Journal, July of 2010 confirmed that not only affect people around us, but that we can benefit others when we are in a coherent state. IHM research director Dr. Rollin McCraty says, "Although more research in this area is still to be done, the research clearly shows that we do communicate with each other via biologically generated electromagnetic fields and these signals are not only detected by our nervous systems, they have real and measurable effects. It appears that there is a type of communication occurring between people above and

In our work with pets and their owners we’re seeing that a pet owner can create what we call a heart-filled environment when practicing heart-focused techniques. The pets respond by becoming more affectionate, beyond body language or verbal communication.

more animated and more connected with the pet owner."


Likewise, Dr. Deborah Rozman, a psychologist at HeartMath, believes parents can create a loving and supportive environment for their kids by using exercises like Freeze-Frame® (a simple five-step technique created by HeartMath to minimize stress and promote emotional balance.) Dr. Rozman says, "Teachers report that their students are more focused and cooperative in a classroom environment that is using heart-focused exercises. A heart-filled environment helps to promote wholeness learning." Over 100,000 of people each year are learning HeartMath exercises and learning to create healthier vibes. Many practice increasing their connectedness in communications by learning the steps of InnerEaseTM Technique, read a featured article, Increasing Connected Communication. Dr. Rozman adds, "If we know at some level that an energy exchange is happening between people, it makes sense to help create healthier environments by more consciously tending to what we’re feeling and putting out." Learn more about the Institute of HeartMath at or call (800) 711-6221.

By Joseph Chilton Pearce Imagination IS More Important than Knowledge

On Language Development From the seventh month in utero, before a child is born, every time the mother uses a word, and we are talking about vibrations, a word is just a vibration of sound, each vibration called a phoneme, brings about a muscular response in the infant. So, from the very beginning, there is this intimate connection between body, body movement, the brain, and its word structure, and the formation of word structures. By the time the child is born in the world, this is myelinated, locked in as a permanent pattern. A 3D ultrasound taken of a fetus at 17 weeks by jencu, author jenny cu, CC 2.0 Generic

In the first few months, what we call the in arms period, the eyes have it. Things aren't auditory; half so much as they are visual in those first few months. Why? Because we couldn't develop vision in utero, and so the first few months, immediately after they are out, everything is visual to that child. They are looking, looking, looking, absorbing enormous amounts about their visual world. Around six to 12 months we have what Jean Piaget called object constancy. He was wrong in his idea of what was happening, but he was right that it does take place. The child's visual world, simply, suddenly stabilizes. We know this is brought about by myelination of the axons involved in all sorts of other maturation processes. In the sensory fields of the brain, the auditory fields and the visual fields of the brain, they stabilize, they mature enough so that this total entrainment of locked in on the visual process is no longer needed, around, somewhere around the first year of life. That's when we shift into the great limbic structure and this emotional child appears and so on. And language and walking appear. Let's look at the growth of language itself, and the relationship between word and thing. I love the work of Blurton Jones, working with Nikolaas "Niko" Tinbergen, the Nobel laureate, in the cross-cultural study of the pointing syndrome. When the little child is in their own nest, they think anything is safe to interact with. And just watch it, a child in a house, anything, they will just jump right in on it. They want to taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it, and immediately say, what is that mamma, what is that daddy. They are asking, that famous question comes up, what is that mamma, what is that daddy, is asking for a name label for the object.

When you give them a name, the word and the thing build into the brain as a single neural pattern or field. The brain does not build a neural network of the thing, its taste, touch, smell, feel and in quality, and all of that, and then in addition, add to this its name as though the name were a separate item. The name builds in as an integral part of the whole ‘structure of knowledge,’ as Paget calls it. A structure of knowledge is a neural pattern that results from the child's inner action with an object or an event of his or her physical world. The brain responds to each experience by creating these structures of knowledge. The name and the thing build as a single unit.

We call this concrete language, where the word doesn't stand for the thing, semanticist are quite right about much later speech, but here, the word doesn't stand for the thing, the word and the thing are the same to the early child. Ask the two year old child to say the word hand, they move their hand when they say it. Why? Because hand means something very tangible, something very concrete. They can't deal with abstractions. When you take the child out in the open, away from the nest, all mammalian animals respond the same way. I think this is so fascinating. Blurton Jones did cross cultural studies of this. Here is the mamma and the child. The child spots an object, let's say, it's a dirty, nasty, old dog. The child will stop, if they have never seen one before, point toward the object, and silently turn around and stare at the caretaker, whoever it is, grandma, papa, mamma, and wait for some kind of a signal from the parent that they perceive this particular kind of an object. Getting that, the child interacts with the object, to taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it, talk to it, et cetera, et cetera, and build, what we call, a sensory motor structure of knowledge of that object, and of course, immediately want to know, what is that mamma, unless mamma tells the child ahead of time. Let's suppose that it's a dirty, nasty, awful looking, old mongrel dog. Mamma says, don't dare touch that dirty, nasty old dog. Her acknowledgment of the dog is all the child needs. This is the model imperative. (The model imperative: the brain has built into its structures an unlimited capacity to learn. Which capacity is activated and developed is dependent on the model-environment. A child born to deaf parents, who does not come into contact with spoken language, even though the child is capable of speaking will not speak. A child born in a French speaking family will speak French, not Japanese. That is the model imperative.) The child must have some verification that the mother is interacting and perceiving this object. In that case, the child rushes over to interact with the dirty, nasty, old dog. Mamma saying don't, hasn't anything to do with it. The child is impelled. They are driven, by nature, to interact with the object and build a structure of knowledge of it. Now, the mother's emotional state of that, her horror, alarm, etc., etc., builds into the structure of knowledge as an integral part of it. Her name for the object, dirty, nasty, old dog, is built into the structure of knowledge. All that is without any evaluation on the part of the child.

If it's a

beautiful flower and the mother smiles and the child rushes over to do what, to pull it off its stem, stuff it in his mouth, taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it, and so on, then it builds the mother's emotional state of approval into the structure of knowledge, that, along with the word flower.

...hallucinatory capacity of the early child... One of the most interesting phenomena that Blurton Jones found, what he called the hallucinatory capacity of the early child. He found in many hundreds of cases over years, all over the world, that the child would point towards an object that he couldn't see and that, apparently, the mother couldn't see. And the child would keep pointing and pointing, silently looking back, trying to get some response, and would not interact unless they get some kind of response from the mother. But the mother can't make any response, neither positive nor negative, because she is not perceiving that object. This is part of the brain's selectivity. It selects out of an infinite realm of possibility those phenomena which are shared by the parent. So that high degree of selectivity by which we know the brain certainly does operate, is partly organized by the model imperative. What we perceive will determine what that child perceives which does not deny in any way that there is actually something to see.

Now, when that child grows up, and its child wants to interact with a certain category phenomena, that will not be part of that parent's perceptual system, and they won't give a response, and so we find that a culture or a tradition will screen from all infinite possibilities, those which then make up that cultural world view. If we look at this phenomena of word and thing as a single unit in the brain, which is unique to humans, so far as we know, what is its value? This is one of the most profound discoveries, I think, of all evolutionary process.

If these are built in as the same neural structures, they refer to the same sensory maps of the brain. Word and thing are an integrated unit in the brain system. What does this mean? The child will move hand when they say the word hand, they will automatically start to sit down if they say the word "sit down" at age two when they are just learning all this. Suppose you use the word in absence of the thing, when the thing is not coming in through the sensory system, but the word is? Here is a vibration which is going to resonate with a previously established vibratory set of responses in the brain. It will activate those, just the word, just the name itself, and in absence of the thing, what does the brain do? It creates a facsimile of it. It creates the next best substitute it can and we come up with.

The brain will create an inner in the absence of the exterior sensory image. Here is where word stimulates, not the sensory motor system, not the emotional cognitive system, but the highest cortical systems of the brain, to do what? To create, out of its own processes an image. Do you see the profound difference? We are not just processing what the reptilian brain and all the other animal brains can do, but creating an image that doesn't exist at all, in response to a name of that thing that does exist.

This leads us into play and imagination. As the adult uses all of these words, what starts happening in the child's mind? It starts responding with internal imagery in every case that it can. And that leads us to storytelling and table talk to the early child. We had eight children in my family and nearly always a lot of guests and it was a great big table and always filled with a lot of people, and adult table talk. I loved it. I didn't understand any of it but I loved it and I would see all these worlds that would form inside my mind stimulated by the words and feelings the adults were using. Their descriptions triggered in my mind internal images of what they were talking about.

Now, back to storytelling, which is an integral part of language development, language being the flow of inner imagery triggered by symbols and metaphors. You Randolph Caldecott (1846-1886). British. "And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon"

will find that the child responds to storytelling very early, even before they can talk. In storytelling the word, here comes in the word as a vibration, again, only sensory input, and that challenges the whole brain, not just to create an image in keeping with each word, but to create moving imagery, fluid imagery that follows the flow of the words. It sets up an inner world scenario, a whole inner world scene representing the story which is constantly shifting according to shifting of the words themselves. This is a major challenge of the brain and its development. The job is so enormous that the child goes into total entrainment. All of the energy moves into this creation of inner imagery. They go catatonic. The body stops all movement, their jaw drops down, their eyes get great big and wide, and they are literally not in this world. Their eyes are wide open, they are not looking at anything outwardly. They are looking at the marvelous world that is forming within.



, which is an integral part of language development,

language being the flow of inner imagery triggered by symbols and metaphors.

Princess Parizade Bringing Home the Singing Tree, Author Maxfield Parrish/Public Domain

I have heard people say, "oh, I can't think in imagery at all. I have no capacity for “internal images". Believe me, your brain thinks in imagery. One of the most interesting discoveries made recently, and it's of course, still hypothetical, is the capacity of the brain to operate depends entirely on imagery.

Imagery is the brains operating system.

The discovery that even congenitally blind children think in images is kind of interesting. Even congenitally blind teenagers can solve spatial, geometric organizational problems far better than seeing children. Why? Because they have developed such an acutely accurate, internal imagery process. We find that storytelling challenges the brain to create entirely new routing every time. Every new story means new neural connections must be made between all the fields involved in imagery, creating vast sensory maps in brain. New fields must be established with each story. The brain has to continually expand its neural connections. Remember, the neural connections are what count, not just the number of neurons, but the neural connections. And so, each new story demands what? A complete, new, rerouting of the neural patterns themselves. It means the brain has to continually expand and expand its operations, auditory, visual, sensory fields, and all the rest of it, with each story. Why does the child want to hear the same story over and over and over? Anytime a field establishes long range connections with other fields, this requires their long range axons. And it's those that must be myelinated, that is, firmly established, to lock in a pattern and preserve the activities of that particular neural field and its capacities. Once these fields stabilize and those connections become firm, then the child will want to move on to another story. Once

the neural

fields are stabilized the child will want to act out the imagery, act out the inner world they have created. This completes the circuitry. We have put the stimulus coming in, they have

created the internal world, now they

want to take the internal world and project it back out onto their external world, as * Vygotsky, the great Russian said, "they want to modify the external world by the internal world, and play in a world of their own creation". Our little toddler, when she was about 14 months old and we would tell her the three bears story over and over until I was sick of the three bears. One evening, as we sat at the table, she takes a bite and says, "oh, it's too hot, we must go for a walk in the forest". She has represented her plate of food as a bowl of porridge, and immediately, I am papa bear, here is mamma bear, and she is baby bear, and we are going for a walk in the forest. What has she done? She has created an internal world, stabilized it, and wants to take the internal and project it back onto the external world, and change her external world according to the dictates of her own inner construction.

This little tiny child discovered this great secret that her own internal capacities of creation can modify and make a profound difference in her own external world. And upon this ...

– the capacity to imagine - her future and the future of our world depends. The Swedish Pediatrics Institute came out with a study showing that the child with imagination was far less prone to violence than a child without imagination. Why? Because the child without imagination is subject to the immediate sensory environment bombarding them without any alternatives. If their sensory environment bombarding them is unpleasant, or demeaning, or insulting, or threatening, they have no choice, out of their survival drive, but to immediately lash out against the sensory input which is threatening, and try to change it. Whereas, the child with imagination will immediately create an alternate inner scenario in which they don't have to undergo all that. They can create an alternate to it.

And through that, they can sift through and find an alternate mode of

response to this, an alternate behavior that is not violent and that doesn't react to the violence with more violence, whatever it might be, but reacts with much higher cortical structures. The child without imagination is operating out of purely ancient, reptilian sensory motor response patterns of defense against a hostile world. Whereas, the child with imagination is using much higher evolutionary cortical structures for doing what? Creating an inner world in which this is not the case, but in which something else is taking place. Don't forget this when looking at the massive rise of violence today, the collapse of descriptive language and storytelling in early childhood, push out by sensory motor visual images on screens.

This brings us to imitative play and why the child's first few years are totally centered around imagination and play, (imagination being the creation of internal images not present to the sensory system, stimulated by symbols and metaphor). This is all they want to do. They passionately want to play or be told stories and nothing else.

What is imitative play? The little toddler sees mama making cookies, great big mixing bowl. Immediately, monkey

see, monkey do, and the model imperative,

she wants to do the same. But she can't. Too big a bowl, too big a spoon, can't manage. What does she do? She sees the outer model image, creates her own internal scenario where she is the model and then looks for some way to project it onto her external world and act this imagery out. She acts out this image she has made of herself in that role. She picks up a little jar top, a little stick, finds some mud or sand, or maybe play dough, throws it in, and talking a blue streak all the time, because all early child play is verbal. Why?

llustration by Arthur Rackham, Three Bears, Public Domain

One object, the jar top, stands for another object, the great big mixing bowl. The

little stick stands for the great spoon, where she, the little tiny shrimp, stands for the great big, magnificent mother. Now, the Greek word, ‘metapherein,’ gives us our word, metaphor, which means, transference, literally transference of meaning. It refers to one object standing for another object. Metaphoric, symbolic thinking is the ability to use one object to represent something else and this is the foundation of all higher learning. There is no exception to this. Take a word printed on a piece of paper. From here to eternity, these marks on paper, brought into through the sensory motor system have no meaning. They are utterly meaningless to this system. To a person not trained and schooled in them, they will have no meaning. In order to give them meaning, they must be transferred from the sensory motor system, through the emotional cognitive system, up to the higher regions of the brain that grant meaning to those objects. It's a transference process. Imagery transference is what takes place. Our ability, later on, to understand marks like two plus two equals four, etc., depends on metaphoric transference in the brain system, the ability of the brain to take one kind of imagery and turn it into the imagery of pure abstract thought. Let's look at the most famous equation in history, E = MC2, pure metaphor, or if you want to say, symbolic. E stands for energy. = stands for the quality of equality. MC stands for the mass of a particle, 2 stands for the speed of light squared. All this is just a series of metaphors, but you can blow up the world with that equation It has tremendous power as it's translated from its simple sensory input up to the great regions of the causal mind higher up.

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Connection

A young person's ability to move into disciplines where they can handle metaphoric, symbolic thinking is critically dependent on what happens in these early years of life as the development of internal imagery developed by what? Not pictures, not the sensory system, not by television and computers, but by descriptive words.

Now you understand why real literacy, which is

the development of this capacity for inner imagery, is declining. There is a direct correlation between the use of descriptive language, that is storytelling in early childhood and the capacity for abstract thought, math and science being based on languages that are more abstract than concrete language.

Got it? I will use one final example. That's my little boy who saw the road roller running down the street, mashing everything flat, making roads with that huge wheel in front. Of course, he didn't have a road roller and wanted a road roller, being the most impressive thing he had ever seen, so he finds a little spool of thread in his mother's sewing cabinet and he shouts, a road roller, a road roller, and for hours he's lost to the world, playing, making all the appropriate sounds, speaking all the appropriate words. He has taken his image of the road roller, created his own internal scenario, himself now in charge, projects this on to something he can handle, and fills in the gaps with his own internal imagery. As Vygotsky said, he modifies the spool into his internal image of the road roller, and plays in a modified reality. And this one capacity is the key to true education and the actualization of our vast human potential. And this is precisely the capacity that is being retarded by the introduction of visual (sensory motor based) media and technology in these critical early years. If allowed to do participate in true imaginative play at this early formative time rather than sitting in front of predetermined media and playing with predetermined toys, they will be constantly building new neural structures for crating internal imagery and projecting it on and therefore transforming their external world.

They will build enormous self-esteem

and feeling of power over the external world through their own capacities.

In reality what is taking place is that the highest brain structures are

modifying the lower, more basic sensory motor information. So, we find that storytelling in this period, with its emphasis on animals and fairy tales, and all that kind of thing, is critical to the child's development. This also leads to Howard Gardner's observation, that play with the parent is critically important. If the parent doesn't play with the child, if the siblings don't play with the new child, the child will never be able to play. Play is not learned. It's a basic intelligence, the overarching intelligence that the development of all other capacities critically depends.

By Joseph Chilton Pearce What is happening in our play deprived ‘every child left behind’ culture is the elimination of storytelling, descriptive language and imaginative free play, having been replaced by visual, sensory motor based television, computers and technology, we are not developing this critical capacity. We aren’t getting this internal image structuring going. A child not told stories, not encouraged to What is happening in our play deprived ‘every child left behind’ culture is the elimination of storytelling, descriptive language and imaginative free play, having been replaced by visual, sensory motor based television, computers and technology, we are not developing this critical capacity. We aren’t getting this internal image structuring going. A child not told stories, not encouraged to pretend, won't build the capacity for internal imagery. Later on, when we demand that they deal with symbolic, metaphoric structures, like alphabets and numbers, and formulas in chemistry and physics and so on, forget it. They will not have the neural structures to do that.

When Einstein was asked how to develop the best scientist in the world, he replied,

‘tell them stories as little children and he

wasn’t kidding. Imagination is more important than knowledge but we have tossed this simple wisdom out the door.

Art Therapy Your Story from the INside OUT...

Welcome! You have just entered a space where we co-create and allow the creative process to reveal its wisdom. I would like to invite you, metaphorically speaking, on a journey into my studio to learn about art therapy.

To create a calm, quiet, and peaceful space to begin the work, please take a few deep breaths and let go of the many thoughts running through your mind. This will help you to be more present. The room is filled with a variety of simple art materials such as paints, pastels, crayons, felts and clay. Also available are sparkles, sequins, jewels, shells, recycled materials, tiles and feathers. One of the greatest aspects of art therapy is that it is a suitable healing modality for everyone. You don't need to have experience with art materials to benefit because there's no right or wrong way to approach the creative process! It starts with an invitation to use materials that appeal to you, or that you are drawn to, and then to spontaneously create. My role as an art therapist is to hold a safe space and encourage you to express and explore feelings and concerns through the art making. When you enter into this way of exploring, the focus is on the process...not on the product.

What exactly is art therapy? Well, it's a way of using art as a tool for healing. It is a way of taking what's inside of you and putting it outside of you. It allows what's within you to come out and be seen in a different way - therefore clearing space inside you for new information. Through the medium of art people can often communicate more clearly than with words. When entering into the creative process the intellect is bypassed and you go straight to another place...a place I like to call inner knowing or heart wisdom. The access of this inner knowledge emerges in the art. The art helps open avenues of communication which allows an individual to identify feelings and emotional blocks. As we engage with the creative process we realize we are able to solve what we thought was unsolvable. Built into this process is an innate ability to enrich ones life by deepening self-knowing, selfesteem, and self-respect. When I hear people say that they can't draw or they aren't creative I explain that as human beings we bring our creative energy to all we do personally and professionally whether we realize it or not! Everyone is creative but we have learned to identify creativity with being an artist and not as something each of us utilizes naturally on a regular basis.




After all, we






want to achieve.

to or we

Art therapy empowers individuals to discover what lies beneath their feelings and gives them a medium to experiment with new ways of being. For instance, let's say I am working with someone who feels they can't do anything right. During their art making when they get stuck and negative messages and beliefs start to surface, I support them to find creative ways to work through these challenges. It's helpful to remind the person to be gentle with themselves and to remember that it's all a process. The result is that a person not only talks about a solution to their challenges but they have the added experience of moving through issues creatively. This allows individuals more room for flexible thinking which then translates into every day life.




art therapy?


Since art therapy is

a visual language, it is a natural and nonthreatening way for children, teens and adults from a variety of cultural backgrounds to express and explore their inner worlds. By working creatively with children, it frees them to be who they are and not be trapped in the idea of how they have been defined. When children are accepted for who they TRULY are, something happens. They realize they are safe to express themselves and don't have to conform or fit into a box, therefore allowing their true nature to emerge.






children develop a trust in their inner knowing and are able to practice accessing this wisdom as they engage in creating art. The end result is a new piece of artwork which facilitates a conversation to unfold, revealing more self-understanding.

There is a window of opportunity to see beyond a child's personal challenges and move into the freedom that comes from being less restricted.

The benefit of a non-judgmental space encourages children to approach the process of making art, dialoguing with the images, and understanding what their expressions may be c o m m u n i c a t i n g i n a m e a n i n g f u l w a y. Sometimes the art making process and






themes that help a child to explore present challenges. Once, when I invited a child to put their overwhelming feelings in the art, they painted a black hole then splatted stars around it with great force. The expression of splattering paint served to release some of the energy weighing the child down. This in turn opened up a discussion around how to help lift the heavy feelings and was followed by the another piece of art consisting of only splatted paint. At times, the images and art making can act to highlight the resources available to the child. Another example of how to help children work through

have is creative imagination for





their difficulties can be the use of exercises to

century economy."If

map out feelings in the body. This can serve the purpose of helping a child to slow down, reflect

the question becomes...How do kids develop

this is so, then

and listen to their inner wisdom. A different way

and learn these skills? For several years, I worked in an alternative school named Silbury

to invite children to express the shape of their

that encouraged children to approach learning

feelings is by using clay. The neutrality of the

in an entirely creative way. I taught an art class

clay allows them to stretch their creative capacity in a dimensional form. Each child may

where we could use the process of art therapy

choose a very different way to represent their

to facilitate conversation and allow the children to open up. The kids took ownership of their

feelings and what they mean to him or her. Most

various art groups and expanded on the ideas

importantly each child is validated for their own

that were discussed in the room. This created a

unique expression in the art.

spontaneous environment that allowed the

Thomas L. Friedman in his #1 selling book "The

children to share and tell their stories while engaging in art. They came to class to "let their

World is Flat" says,




important attribute you can

feelings out" which permitted them to create space within for a deeper learning throughout the day.

It was important for them to be validated, respected and heard



experience they were having and










moment. Entering into the creative process brings an opportunity to express one’s self in a fresh and entirely new way. If I invite you to use some art materials now, what comes up for you? Is it doubt, anxiety, excitement, uncertainty, or perhaps frustration? As you imagine engaging in the creative process what thoughts about yourself emerge? These are all important indications of what is going on inside us.






creative process mirrors how we navigate through life.


exploration and bringing increased understanding to a person's life. The art therapist acts as a witness and guides an individual to trust their inner wisdom as an ally. The passion and creativity of this process helps a person find ways to release blocks through exploration and play. This way of looking inward reveals a wealth of individual truth that each of us inherently has.

inner creative source can become a great support in continuing to walk the path between our inner and outer world. Through the art making process the

takes filled

the with





spirit a


guiding self

Art, in all its mediums, is a language that can express the soul. As we conclude our journey, you’re invited to make a small wish and choose an inspirational word to carry with you throughout the day, or until the next time we meet.

Erica Krutzen is a respected art therapist with over 11 years experience in private practice. She is a graduate of UBC and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute, and a professional member of the BC and Canadian Art Therapy Associations. Erica works with children, adolescents and adults individually and in groups.  She specializes in issues of loss, grief, anxiety, depression, and trauma as well as mental, physical and learning challenges.   In 2007, Erica had the opportunity to experience the powerful effect of art and compassion while working on the documentary film, "WordLoveWorldLove" in both Vancouver and Sri Lanka. Erica is a consultant and committee member of the Sri Lankan Committee under Rose Charities Canada. She has been a regular speaker at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute as well as other agencies and organizations.  You can reach her at:

Synaesthetic Perception Alexander Scriabin key-color Association/ by Mouagip/Public Domain

""I am inclined to synaesthetic perception. I associate sounds with colours and shapes. Like Rimbaud, I

feel that

all letters have a colour." "Major chords are red or pink, minor chords are somewhere between green and brown. I do not have perfect pitch, so when I say that C minor has a rusty red-brown colour and D minor is brown this does not come from the pitch but from the letters C and D. I think it must go back to my childhood. I find, for instance, that numbers also have colours; 1 is steely grey, 2 is orange, 5 is green. At some point these associations must have got fixed, perhaps I saw the green number 5 on a stamp or on a shop sign. But there must be some collective associations too. For most people the sound of a trumpet is probably yellow although I find it red because of its shrillness …." — From György Ligeti, "It’s not as strange or unusual as it’s made out to be -

it’s just a bit of a crossover of different

senses. So I see music, taste some colours and so on. I think the music thing is very common, but people tell themselves that that isn’t what’s happening." — From Fractal Matter interview with Steve Aylett.

"I hear a note by one of the fellows in the band and it’s one color. I hear the same note played by someone else and it’s a different color. When I hear sustained musical tones, I see just about the same colors that you do, but I see them in textures. If Harry Carney is playing, D is dark blue burlap. If Johnny Hodges is playing, G becomes light blue satin." — Ellington, as quoted in Don George, p. 226

Tone-to-color mapping of Scriabin's Clavier à lumières/JPEG by Ziga / public domain

"I taught myself to take pictures by shooting whenever I experience a synesthetic reaction to what I see: if I experience a sensation of texture,

I take the picture. If the reflection elicits the sound of cello, I shoot the motion or taste,

picture. I photograph reflections on moving water. It works like this: I watch the surface of the sea until I experience one of my synesthetic responses. When I do, I trust it to be a reliable signal that tells me it is the right time to take the picture, so I click the shutter. Within the creative process, I think of my synesthetic responses as vital messengers that arrive faster than thought to deliver one urgent message which I always heed: beauty is lurking." — Reflectionist Marcia Smilack on her photography technique

The sun melts all of Moscow down to a single spot that, like a mad tuba, starts all of the heart and all of the soul vibrating. But no, this uniformity of red is not the most beautiful hour. It is only the final chord of a symphony that takes every colour to the zenith of life that, like the fortissimo of a great orchestra, is both compelled and allowed by Moscow to ring out. — Wassily Kaninsky

Jeffrey Armstrong I am a poet,

I am a warrior

Rules do not apply

Encouraging a truce,

On this planet,

And what is more,

Unless they help you fly.

I offer no excuse.

I am a prophet,

I am a madman

A slave to what I see,

Shouting at the sky,

They will not let

Without a plan

Me live life normally.

But always wondering why.

I am a seer,

I am a human

Whose soul has left the Earth,

And all that it implies,

My vision is clear,

So very few can

Concerning death and birth.

Look me in the eyes.

I am a singer

I am a stranger,

Who wakes up in a song,

In towns where no one thinks,

A message bringer,

A subtle danger,

Just wandering along.

Descended from the sphinx.

I am a salesman

I am a leader

With nothing left to sell,

Running in a race,

A funny talesman,

A sower and a seeder,

With truth to tell.

Keeping up the pace.

I am a lover,

I am a fire

With lovers everywhere,

Burning in the night,

I can discover

Who can get higher

A million ways to share.

But still am right.

I am a dancer With clouds beneath my toes,

I am a speaker Sent from other lands, A riddle seeker, Talking with my hands. I am an omen, A taste of things to come, The king of showmen, Only heard by some, I am a Poet, Who has no choice, The words appear yet, It’s not my voice!

I am a Poet

Awakening from the Dream

Fasten your metaphysical seat belts for the ride of your life! We could be on the brink of what’s shaping up to be a global shift in consciousness. An opportunity for a collective awakening experience could be more of a possibility now than at any other time in human history.

The evolution of mind to a new plateau of awareness may be not only the most important experience we can have in life, but also a very necessary part of our present evolutionary process as a human species. Why all the hype and excitement about awakening all of a sudden? Technological breakthroughs in Quantum Physics combined with an onslaught of predictions from an extraordinary variety of sources and ancient Wisdom Cultures have everyone buzzing in the anticipation of 2012. Simultaneously, we are at a critical point in sustaining our current consumption of Mother Earth’s resources and maintaining the status quo of outdated financial and political institutions. The human race is the result of a few billion years of evolutionary right choices. It boggles the mind to contemplate the evolutionary miracle it took for life to appear on this planet. Statistical science says that the odds of life being created here would be like an explosion in an ink factory writing the Bible.

There has never been a more opportune time for us than now to personally tune into and connect with the Universal Intelligence of Creative Power that could have been behind this miracle of creation.

Dan Wills Fractal Art

Unfortunately, or right on cue, mankind has dropped deeply into the five sense dimension of consciousness and we have lost touch with our spirit nature and our innate inner wisdom. We have lost touch with the cycles of Life and the deeper reality of our true inner nature as Universally Conscious Beings.

(1910–1912, Odilon Redon) , Author AgnosticPreachersKid/ CC 3.0

Enter the ancient and absolute science of metaphysics...the goal of metaphysics is the selfrealization of the Infinite Reality of Mind, and the innate power of our universal mind connection available to us through our sixth sense. Ancient teachings of six sense realities are emerging again just in time for the impossible extraordinary realm of possibility to be tapped into and not a moment too soon. We are quickly realizing that we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually the actual and ultimate technology for change. Sixth sense is an attribute of our metaphysical past that we lost touch with as we sank deeper and deeper into the material reality of a fivesense dimensional realm of consciousness. We have become fossilized into a self-imposed mental limitation of linear time/space reality. We have the innate inner resources, knowledge and understanding for birth into a new unified state of Universal Consciousness.

We now know we are not only more than physical matter but also possess the opportunities to perceive beyond it as science is now beginning to find out everything is energy and we are an actuality a bio electromagnetic field of energy in a time space reality.

"Evocation" (also known as "Head of Christ" or "Inspiration from a Mosaic in Ravenna"), pastel, by the French artist Odilon Redon. Undated. Private collection. Image courtesy of The Athenaeum. - Public Domain

Through meditation, ancient metaphysical practices activate the Third Eye Chakra; what metaphysicians refer to as the Second Sight, required to see into the mind itself. It’s the innate ability we all possess to see into the inner region of mind to the realm of the inner senses or sixth sense reality. It is there that the new identity structure of I-Am consciousness can be found. It is here that a new reference point of awareness, a new focal point of consciousness outside of the time/space reality of 5-sense, 3-dimenational reality is attained. It is here that the world within a world opens up to our sixth sense reality and a new realm of possibility opens up to us. From here we have a whole new vantage point from which to interact with life, each other, and our world. It is here that the subtle energy body can be experienced and the dreamer of the dream realized. The subtle energy body gives us a new vista of reality and possibilities. It is here that we can tap into latent power innately present in our deeper conscious reality. This energy can be a powerful catalyst for a new aware, awake experience of life filled with solutions for the most complex of problems. It is here also that the potential of the subtle energy body for accessing other dimensions of consciousness and parallel dimensions, extra sensory perception, intuition, collective unconscious and even direct experience of Universal Conscious becomes a reality.

Mystics of the ages have all had access to this incredible technology and a deep understanding of its invisible laws which enabled them to commune with all things and access all knowledge in a Universal Realm of Consciousness. And now this same spiritual collective consciousness for a new Golden Age of opportunity is available to all of us. You are the one you have been waiting for!

Blake's Ancient of Days. The "Ancient of Days" is described in Chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel.

As Seen

Science to Sage M a g a z i n e

Paul Scott co-creates the annual Living Vision retreat with his wife, Kathie. Paul is a Tr a n s p e r s o n a l T h e r a p i s t , Metaphysical Minister, Healing Energy Practitioner a n d I n s t r u c t o r, Husband and Grandfather living in North Vancouver, Canada.

By Paul Scott, Sept 2011


Practical Mysticism EVENTS • Mystical Experiences WORKSHOPS • Learn to heal with QUANTUM TOUCH® HEALING • Healing Matrix Energetics • Practical Tools for the Everyday Mystic EXPLORE LIVING YOUR VISION

Paul is a Transpersonal Therapist, Metaphysical Minister, Healing Energy Practitioner and Instructor.


Spiritual Aspects of Remote Viewing Remote Sensing It is possible for an individual to remote view spiritual targets such as: God, the Christ consciousness, the Buddha, other spiritual masters, light beings, angelic beings, the first moment of creation, the nature of the universe, the future evolution of humanity, one's own optimal time line for spiritual development, past fantastic spiritual events, f ut ure spirit ual events, oth er dimensions, ancient civilizations etc. Who or what you choose to remote view depends on your own passion, curiosity, and spiritual path. Remote viewing is a teachable psychic-like technique that most people can learn. It creates the potential to deeply experience and describe anyone or anything in this universe, or for that matter, any other plane or universe.   Remote viewing was originally used a s a “ To p S e c r e t ” m i l i t a r y intelligence operation. Now, even one of the f athers of remote viewing, the well-known physicist Russell Targ, is emphasizing the use o f re m o t e v i e w i n g i n a m o re spiritual context.

Image by Damien Donnelly, rainbow effect of a DLP projector's colour wheel/GNU 3.0

Remote Viewing/Remote Sensing

What Do Spiritual Remote Viewers Experience?

for students to report during these times of joyous tears that their experience was far beyond any words they could ever use.

The beauty of remote viewing is that it offers the possibility of a direct, pure and accurate psychic experience. This means that it can take us spiritually well beyond mere belief, and well beyond interpretations of often vague personal experiences. People who learn to remote view spiritual targets can have direct, lucid, deeply moving, life changing, and healing experiences.

Often, students will report the most profound spiritual experience of their life. When these experiences go so far beyond words, the only thing one can honestly do is just invite someone to try it for themselves. Even at this level of contact, we are only just scratching the surface of the huge potential use of remote viewing in the realm of spirituality.  

When one is in the direct presence of powerful, compassionate, loving energies such as the Christ or Buddha, one cannot help but absorb some of that energy. These wondrous experiences can have positive effects that people can experience and assimilate months later! These experiences can help heal and transform the soul. It is not uncommon to burst out in tears of joy during a spiritual remote viewing session. For example, at the end of a session, one woman had drawn a beautiful detailed sketch of the Buddha sitting cross-legged. At that time, her contact with the Buddha was profound and she had a clear vision of the Buddha laughing at her and saying to her "You finally got it!" At that moment she burst into tears of joy and deep understanding. At these times, two-way communication is often possible. It is also very common

Beginners Mind Even experienced natural psychics a n d t h o s e w h o h av e  p r a c t i c e d other spiritual disciplines for many years, while remote viewing, will have experiences that are different than they expected. One must approach remote viewing with "beginner's mind", putting aside and not limiting one's self with any previous experiences, beliefs and biases. Essentially, to remote view is to ask the question: What kind of subtle impressions will I get, if I gently intended to experience a spiritual being or an event? And what if, during this process, I put aside any preconceptions, biases, beliefs, analysis, or attempts to make sense, so that I could discover what is new in a brand new way.  This is not easy in a world of entrenched beliefs and dogma; it takes practice.

Remote Viewing/Remote Sensing

The Third Eye How does remote viewing enable one to achieve such a pure undistorted experience or signal? The process provides specific training and practice to distinguish between the real intuitive or spiritual impressions, one's own imagination, one's own feelings, and one's own intellectual overlays and biases that distort what is real. We learn how to correctly attend to our subtle senses. When our third eye or "aperture" is attended to in this way, something remarkable happens. It begins to respond to this attention by dilating and opening wider and wider. A “snowball effect” is created as we attend to each new pure impression. It is as if the third eye has been waiting all one's life to be attended to in this way so that it can open up completely. One opens to  this p o w e r f u l fl o w o f u n e x p e c t e d discoveries. With practice, one also learns to modulate the third eye. This learning to modulate the third eye can also be very helpful for the many people who go through life flooded or overloaded with psychic impressions, and have difficulty turning these impressions off.  

Coming to our Senses

Graphic of Third Eye by

When you learn remote viewing you learn to "lose your mind and come to your senses". You actually taste, smell, see, hear, feel, intuit, whatever or whoever it is you are remote viewing. When you initiate this process to a sufficient degree, you become “bilocated,” having a sense of actually being present at the place you are remote viewing. When remote viewing physical, verifiable targets you can actually feel the breeze on your face, smell the air, and hear the people around you at the target location. This is a cool multidimensional experience that most people want more of. There are certainly some remote viewing students who do not get strong contact right off the bat. However, we always encourage students to stay with it and practice. Without exception, students who continue to practice can become excellent viewers, some becoming world class viewers. Remote viewing offers a whole new frontier to explore; there are other worlds, dimensions, and wonderful beings waiting to be experienced. Performed with highest motivations and intentions, it is a safe and wondrous practice. Remote viewing is for people with a passion to grow both spiritually and emotionally, who have the curiosity and courage to explore, and to be more at one with the mind of God and all its aspects.

A famous English philosopher once said: "what is needed is not the will to believe but the will to find out." Remote viewing greatly enhances our ability to find out. by Dr. Wayne Carr — Western Academy of Remote Viewing

Photo by Einar Einarsson Kvaran/derivative work by Makeswell/CC 3.0

Listen To Your Body Talk Your body communicates with you all the time. It is engaged in an interactive relationship with the outer and inner worlds and records your entire life experience. Your body speaks with more than just thoughts and feelings: every ache and pain, itch and tingle, communicates essential information. In our culture, however, we are not very well versed at understanding these messages - it’s as if we don’t speak the same language as our body. As such, we might go on experiencing physical symptoms and all kinds of stress without getting the message it is attempting to convey. Stress is one of the ways our body communicates. When we don’t get the message through thought or emotion, it can show up physically,

Most stress comes from feeling a lack of choice. Lack of even if the root itself might is be physical.

choice is a perception based on limited definitions – usually about the inability to do something with the resources available (or lack thereof), and fear connected with the consequences. Such definitions themselves are almost inevitably the result of life experience. Even if we aim to change the definitions in our conscious belief system, subconscious and body level blockages can reinforce old behavioural patterns and prevent us from fully responding in present time. How many of us have attended workshops, done journaling, beaten up pillows, or sat on the psychiatrist’s couch rehashing old events, but have yet to make the changes that we desire? This is because our belief system exists on several layers, all of which the ingenious healing system created by Three-In-One Concepts takes into account.

“ idea or belief system is every bit as real as a physical object�.

Stress is one of the ways our body communicates.


Three-In-One Concepts treatments can release the emotional stress associated with an activity or situation. The brain operates by categorizing, and it records all of the different data that were present when a formative stressful event took place. Any one factor could, in present time, bring back the negative emotion of that occasion, even if the incident itself is no longer consciously remembered (does the name Pavlov ring a bell?). While consciously verbalizing our problems can help us come to some realizations, it is also possible that we will not be able to locate the causal factor, but simply reiterate other instances of a similar nature.

Accessing the Body’s Wisdom By using biofeedback from the body in the form of muscle testing, one is able to access what the client’s

Just as a terrible shock will cause a person to go weak at the knees, so too does any level of emotional stress electrically register with the body. A Three-In-One whole brain - not just the right or left brain - remembers.

Concepts facilitator tests a small muscle in the arms by applying gentle pressure - the body responds through the arms, with the muscle either holding or releasing. Talking to the body while doing muscle testing allows us to pinpoint specific details through simple yes/no responses, and by asking the right sequence of questions we can even discover how old we were when the stressful event took place and how many people were involved, and who they were. Once these details are brought to light, the conscious mind can be engaged to recognize the patterns of behaviour or negative expectation that were created as a result of this experience. Some might argue that ideas cannot be powerful enough to create our experiences. I would propose that

an idea or belief system concept is every bit as real as a physical object. If a fear of doing something prevents you from actually taking action, it is affecting your mobility and freedom in the physical world in the same way that a physical obstacle would. It will keep you in your seat the same way a seat belt does. It is all the more frustrating when these blockages are so far in the past that we are unable to remember them. Until they are cleared, we might be like flies banging our heads against a window and not being sure why we can’t break through to what we can see in front of us. A more expansive view allows us to see where the door is and how to get out.

Insights One client of mine found that she was having challenges with her business. Muscle testing indicated that the source of stress occurred at age 8, as well as the fact that it involved both parents. She recalled having been abducted by a stranger when she went to the store; her parents were arguing over the fact that she was too young to go out by herself. These words had evidently stuck in her belief system, making her – unconsciously, in her adult years – feel that she was not able to do things on her own despite her own faith in her abilities. She made huge strides in her business within days of her session.

Another client was feeling far too focused on finding a partner. The session took us back to age 3. She recalled that she had burned her hand at that age. There were two people identified, one male and one female. She immediately knew what muscle-testing confirmed - that the man was the doctor, who was much kinder than her mother and who “took the pain away.” She recognized that she was always looking for a man to take the pain away from her life, and that in turn she was attracting men who required HER to take THEIR pain away. With this insight, she could feel less desperate to find a man to solve her problems, and she dealt with both organizing her life and finding a partner with a clearer mind. The point here is that while we might not consciously remember an event, it might still be impacting us and having an effect on our body’s experience. Of course one doesn’t need muscle testing to be able to

The problem is that we usually shut down our ability to get information by saying things like ‘I don’t know why..’ or ‘I wish I didn’t...’ instead of being more openly inquisitive - questions like ‘I’m really interested in knowing how/why...’ demonstrate a receptivity and access such information, but it can accelerate the journey and take away a lot of the guesswork.

willingness to learn what has been hidden so that we can tune in to the messages held in our body’s memory. More consciously opening up one’s willingness to receive such information by asking making such statements, even in silence to oneself, can convince one’s body-mind system to communicate in a language we can more readily access.

An exercise There is a simple exercise you can try right now to communicate more consciously with your body. If there is an area that historically (or currently) is causing pain or discomfort - a knee, your back, your head - place one hand on it while you have the other hand across your forehead. Imagine if the pain had a colour - what would that be? And if it had a smell? A texture? What temperature would it be? Would it have a sound? A taste? Then, if you could choose to change the colour to one you like, what would that colour be? How about the smell, texture, temperature, sound, taste? Visualize and sense the colour and all those other sense descriptors changing while you keep one hand in contact with the area and the other across your forehead. Once you have finished, take a deep breath and release your hands, and if your eyes were closed, gently link them open. By engaging with the pain or troubled area by asking the colour, smell, and other senses, one is demonstrating a willingness to engage in conversation with what is already present in the body.

By making a choice to change the colour, smell, texture and so on, one is making a choice about what one would like to feel and creating an interactive process with the body. So often with aches and pains we resist what is there rather than listening to what is there and making a choice about it. This exercise gives us a more conscious, workable way to be with discomfort that can shift one’s experience of the symptoms.

Challenges are inevitable; suffering is optional. Give yourself a choice! Engage consciously with your body and do what you can to listen to its messages and communicate with it. If you need assistance, a Three-In-One Concepts facilitator or someone trained in another modality can help you discover what it is that is holding you back, and bid it a fond farewell. You can start the process on your own by asking your body ‘what are you trying to tell me’ and then by taking the time to listen. Be willing to physically and gently touch any affected areas - a gentle and caring physical ‘hello’ can go a long way.

Enjoy your body and its innate brilliance!

Mark Ainley is a Vancouver-based applied kinesiologist and instructor in the Three-In-One Concepts modality, as well as a Contemporary Feng Shui consultant. With over a decade of experience in the healing arts, Mark has an international clientele for which he consults, teaches, and writes. His practical, sensible approach to healing the bodymind and rebalancing home spaces through Contemporary Feng Shui helps his many clients to make profound change with greater ease.

Reaching out with words, A slender web I spin, In a forest of absurds On the branch where I begin.

Transparent, yet with shape, Upon each shaking leaf, The net of no escape Sticky with belief.

Then nimble I descend Amid the mad confusion, Unable to pretend, Yet spinning an illusion.

Spider of suggestion With tenuous propositions Clinging to each one By a series of transitions.

Trembling with emotion A careless fly falls in, Fighting without a notion Where freedom should begin.

The victim wrapped in logic, Entrapped within the real, In my lair a semantic, A fine linguistic meal.

Spider of Sug!"ion

By Jeffrey Armstrong

by Jeffrey Armstrong

Image by Kumar83/CC Attribution 3.0

Body of Knowled! Our bodies have remarkable intelligence,

and not just in

the brain. Our entire organism functions as a brilliant, unified being, with each part informing the whole and vice versa. While in modern society we have a tendency to only view things for their superficial (immediately observable) functions, in nature’s designs there is a lot more going on than meets the eye, with multiple purposes being fulfilled simultaneously. Just as every amoeba, plant, and animal is designed to function perfectly in its environment, so to is every aspect of a human being structured to operate effectively towards its greater purpose.

“In nature's designs, nothing goes wanting, and nothing is superfluous.” - Leonardo da Vinci

Form & Function

One of the most amazing examples of the connection between structure and function plays out in facial proportion. While most of us tend to think of faces as purely aesthetic in an almost accidental way, your facial structures play a major role in how you perceive and interact with your world:

your face is quite literally your

interface with reality. In

the same way that a wide-angle lens will

produce a different picture than a narrow-focus lens, so too will different eye placements, for example, produce different perceptions of reality for the people living inside those bodies. Those different pictures will then lead to different priorities, as what they focus on and see more clearly will drive their preferences and choices. The commonly-heard line (in arguments) “How could you not see that?” could fade to oblivion if we could truly recognize the reality that some people don’t see what others see because of their physiological structure. Facial structures reveal instinctive response patterns that are genetically pre-programmed; these are then modified by learned experience. While having a certain structure can incline one to behave in a certain way, life experience may have taught us otherwise - so having a certain structure does not mean we will see the behaviour in action all the time. What there likely will be, in that case, is emotional stress as regards the inability to fulfill the naturally programmed inclination. Gaining an understanding of our innate behaviours and learning how to use them supportively can be a powerful support to living a more fulfilling life. If your work and relationships support the natural expression of these behaviours, you will likely feel more fulfilled than if you have taken a job or entered a relationship where your natural inclinations are continually opposed or suppressed.

A Focus on the Big Picture

It is important to point out that there is no one structure that is inherently better than another. There is no one ideal, there is no ‘better than’. Everyone is built and structured to fulfill their unique purpose in this life. Everyone has strengths and challenges, and no one is inherently better than anyone else as a being. Each of us may, of course, have more innate talent or inclinations in specific areas than other people - but it doesn’t make us better as people than others. We are simply different. We are all unique. And yet we all have commonalities. To take the example given earlier about eye placement: eyes closer together help create a focus on details and what is immediate in terms of time, whereas eyes further apart tend to see a wider horizon, bigger picture, and more expansive time frame. This is optics. Behaviourally, people with their eyes set close (about one eye’s width between the two eyes, or less) place a high priority on having things done right the first time: details should be met and people should be on time (all of this applies to themselves as well as to others). Those with eyes set wide (the width of one and a half eyes between the two eyes) tend to believe that things will take care of themselves in time and that a priority should be placed on the bigger picture, with a tolerance to let some perceived errors slide in the moment. Those whose eye placement is somewhere in between these two extremes will find themselves inclined to engage in both these behaviours, depending on the circumstances.

A Focus on Detail

Now, there is nothing wrong with either of these traits and behaviours. We need people to take care of the details, and we need people to take care of the bigger picture. What happens, however, is that when one person’s priorities are not met or understood by others, they can take that personally and can try to make the other person ‘wrong’. They

can wonder why

others don’t see what they see, why they don’t place the same value on what they see as important. And that’s understandable. And now, with the insight brought about by seeing how relative our perception is and how influenced it is by our physical structure, we can see that it is not just a nice philosophical ideal that ‘everyone sees things differently’ - it’s a physiological fact. Other people see and sense things differently than you, and therefore have different priorities. A challenge can come, too, when we are assigned tasks with our jobs that we are not as cut out for. Now of course anyone can apply themselves to take care of details and the bigger picture, but it can take a little more effort and willingness. But in our modern world, we tend to take jobs for reasons that don’t always suit our natural capacities, and end up feeling stressed because things don’t always hum along smoothly. I believe that if people and businesses had an understanding of these innate behavioural preferences, it could help create a different approach to assigning tasks in work environments and even help people decide if a certain job might use their skill-set more than another. T h e 5 0 + f a c i a l s t r u c t u re s t h a t a re i n T h re e - I n - O n e C o n c e p t s ’ l e x i c o n o f


traits are only part of

the story. Each part of your body has its own emotional and behavioural component too. The symbolic aspects (for lack of a better descriptor) of your body’s functioning speak to another level of our experience. For example, your hands and feet help you move close to something and touch it, or to push it away and go away from it. Your hands can caress or slap, touch gently or punch - in other words, create Oneness or Separation. Your feet can be used to play ‘footsie’ with a lover or to kick something (or someone), they can walk you either towards or away from someone or something - again, Oneness or Separation. The physical level also has correlative associations on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being - problems with your hands and feet can highlight where your feelings, ideas, and state of being are compromised when it comes to issues of Oneness and Separation.

Your body is indeed a temple and the writing is on its wall ...

When we understand that our body is functioning on multiple levels at the same time, we can gain a holistic appreciation for everything that it does. It can also give us new insight into the conditions that challenge us. Every bruise, itch, ache, and pain can give us clues as to what is out of balance not just physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. While I wouldn’t suggest ignoring immediate physical care in favour of looking at other levels (if you are bleeding,

we can gain valuable insight when we understand how to ‘read’ what our body is experiencing. stop the bleeding before sitting around wondering what it ‘means’),

Your body is indeed a temple and the writing is on its wall - it stores more information and has functions that go beyond what we see with our physical eyes and our consciousness as we’ve trained it in our culture. Fortunately there are many alternative healing practices that can help you gain more of an understanding of your body’s brilliant functioning and to enable a holistic approach to healing.

May you and your body enjoy each other’s company! Mark Ainley is a Three-In-One Concepts facilitator and instructor, and a Contemporary Feng Shui Consultant. Part of his practice with Three-In-One is devoted to helping people understand their own instinctive individual response patterns through ‘Structure-Function’ analysis. A dynamic and interactive workshop facilitator, Mark has an international client base for his workshops and individual consultations.

As Seen

Science to Sage M a g a z i n e

Your Signature is Everywhere If you want to hide something, they say put it in plain view. Cultures around the world have found insights and various ways in which to analyze SELF first hand.

Look no

further then your personal universe. This reveals that every cell in our body has memory of the whole. We are fractal in nature.

When we think of the notion of fractals or a holographic universe, every part reveals the whole. Face reading Body Talk - Inner Wisdom Eyes = Iridology Ears = Health(Chinese/French) Brain = Psychology Feet = Reflexology 5 Elements by KVDP wikipedia Iridology Iris chart by Dr. Akilah

Hand = Palm Reading Finger = Figure Print Hair - Hair Analysis Body Organs = Feelings Body types = Vedic Dosha Blood type = Origins Blood line = Ancestral Traits Handwriting Analysis Numbers =Numerology=Destiny Names = Meaning of names/ Bible Birth Date = Astrology=Destiny Dream Analysis

From the book insideOUT by Karen Elkins

The Language of

As Seen

Science to Sage M a g a z i n e

S ilence

Science tells us that the universe started out with a bang! Over the past 14.7 billion years, this cosmic sound of creation has dissipated to the far reaches of the universe. Now, we can only hear this background sound with the most advanced instruments that science can offer.

On the other hand, with the advent of modern electronics, the ambient sound from radio, TV, telephone, and a myriads of other computerized gadgets has been on a steady increase: Canned sound, piped in music as in Muzak, “white-noise” in offices, boom boxes, ambulances blaring, engine noise on the streets and up in the sky, lawn mowers and weed cutters churning away around the neighborhood, and cell phones rings are ubiquitous.

It is no wonder people are getting out into the country side or into the forest for relief from the incessant cacophony of modern day life. When we have bad news or are stressed, we wish to be

We have all heard that“silence is golden”. Yes, silence heals. left alone for quietude. 

Yet, even with the ambient noise died down, there is still the constant chattering of the mind. It may be easy to escape others, but it is nearly impossible to escape the self.  What is one to do?  The answer may be the reason why meditation has become so prevalent in the west:  to escape the din of everyday living. Not only does meditation relieve stress but it also open up a whole new inner world unknown heretofore.  With the stillness of mind and breathe, the language of silence speaks. This is the source of insights and creativity.

Amazing technology has given us unprecedented power to gain knowledge via the internet and to allow us to connect with the rest of humanity with just a few key strokes. Unfortunately, knowledge does not translate to wisdom:  We have overwhelming data but not enough meaningful knowledge.  When we have enough knowledge, we don't have enough wisdom.  Knowledge is knowing what to do.  Wisdom is knowing what NOT to do.


Moreover, The How’s does not answer to the Why’s; and letting a machine or someone else doing our work insulates us from our own innate ability and cognition using all our six senses. By doing so, we become disconnected to the natural environment.  This separation between people and between our whole ecology is the cause of much of our suffering.  In extreme cases, we even lose the spirit of life itself, as our environment become more and more artificial.  The essence of this insight is beautifully captured in Pocahontas’ song, Colours of the Wind, and in the Avatar 3-D movie.

Silence itself and the Language of Silence as a tool for learning and understanding have a long history starting from the beginning of time, where existence came out of the Void/ Emptiness or the Quantum Foam as Particle scientists call it. The Buddha sat under the Bodi Tree silently for 49 days and found enlightenment.  Jesus went into the desert for 40 days for silence and renewal. Nature grows in silence and speaks to us using the language of silence when we enter the forest if we only listen.  Similarly, man-made art and sculptures speak to us in silence. Each of us has a different resonance.  Sometimes, our silent body language speaks louder than words.  Apathy tells of our care or lack thereof. A conspiracy of silence can hide the truth and deals a deadly blow.

Why do modern literature keep referring us back to ancient wisdom rather than the concentrating on modern marvels. Why is it still valid and important?  Since the scientific enlightenment period, the artificial technology world has taken over from the natural world and we became one step removed from what Nature can offer us. We have forgotten the language of silence. Without the silence between the notes, we would not have music.  The older folks are lonely because no one would listen to them anymore.  A silent smile or hug would speak volumes.

Fortunately, all is not lost A cosmic consciousness is descending on humanity and affecting the noosphere, our collective consciousness. There is a longing back to silence. Meditation and silent retreats have been on a steady increase.  People are again reaching the depths of their inner selves as a way to deal with information overload and time acceleration.  The frantic life is balanced by the equanimity provided by silence. Surprisingly for the young people, the silent texting is over taking the chattering on the phone.

The language of silence has not been totally lost to the mist of time like some ancient languages, but is being revived. Indeed, it is the tool of the present transformation that will herald a new age of unity consciousness because there is only one silence at the most fundamental level of reality.

September 2011

by John Wong Dan Wills Fractal Art

!e Aka(ic Records

Based on everything we have experienced or even have yet to experience, through our awareness and unawareness all together, the entirety of existence is all stored on a database. This infinite database is known as the akashic records.

“The Super Computer” “The Mind of Gods” “The Library”

As Seen

Science to Sage M a g a z i n e

Flickr as Blue Gene / P From Argonne National Laboratory/CC Share Alike 2.0

What does the “akashic records” mean? Akashic is Sanskrit which approximately translates as the “sky” or also as the “aether”.

The akashic records hold many purposes. Not only can it be used as an accessible resource for knowledge, but it is the representation of perfection within all that we would consider reality to be. Utilizing this perfection of aether information, you can even learn how to use the akashic records to heal yourself or another through the perfection of the ideal form that epitomizes the body’s energetic configuration. There is nothing deceitful in the records as it does not contain lies or uncertainties. The akashic records are flawless containing the energy that defines what you wish to utilize for your own purposes.

How does one begin to access the akashic records? Like anything else you wish to learn, you need to practice, study and train yourself to become an akashic reader. Accessing the akashic records is no different than having the passion to learn in riding a bicycle for the first time. What is important to understand is that you are not accessing the akashic records for the first time in your life. As a matter of fact, you are actually accessing the records quite frequently. It’s only because you are unaware of these traits that you feel that an idea, an inception, an epiphany is just a common occurrence to receive when you are receptive. It is much more than that. It has to do with the higher levels of your being bringing forward insight directly from the realm of the akashic records directly into your mind once you are synchronized in vibration to receive it. This is often known as receiving a download telepathically. You are literally receiving an aspect of the akashic records

based upon the theme that the download represents. When accessing the akashic records, you are working to consciously become aware of what you wish to receive that personifies that incredible rush of brilliance. That amazing “aha!” moment that brings astonishment into your life. This is what it feels like to access the akashic records. Whether you wish to know more about the past or the possible future in regards to lives or events, or to attain knowledge based on questions you cannot find answers to through physical reality, the akashic records is the perfect resource for this and then some. Its possibilities are truly as infinite as its database contained within noncorporeal aether. As the akashic records are accessed through a realm of non-physicality and as they are in fact energetically alive, there is a requirement that a reader must understand in order for one to access the akashic records. Your intent to access this sacred realm of non-physical knowledge requires purity. If you are true to your intent and are able to raise your vibratory frequency to the point where you can synchronize to the harmony that the akashic records realm represents, you will be able to successfully access the records. You must understand that the akashic records in its noncorporeal existence is a vibratory filter that exists to allow those respectable to its vast knowledge and capabilities granted only to those with true heart’s intent. You are literally entering a sacred sanctuary. It is no different than a monk showing respect and appreciation when entering through the doors of a divine monastery. If you can see yourself in this light and feel the presence of your purity matching with this realm of infinite knowledge, you are already partially there to begin accessing the akashic records.

It is promulgated in the Samkhya philosophy that the Akashic records are automatically recorded in the atoms of akasha one of the five types of atoms visualized as existing in the atomic theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta. In Buddhism it is taught one reason that people knew Gautama Buddha had attained enlightenment as a Buddha was because he was able to remember all of the details of all of his past lives by accessing them on the akashic records. ESA, NASA

The akashic records can be accessed through the medium of meditation, prayer, astral projection and the dream state. It is highly recommended that before creating the intention of accessing the akashic records that you begin to first work on yourself so that you are fully calibrated to be a pure conduit that can access the records naturally. You may wish to ask yourself these questions:

conscious explorative level. Like a library, the akashic records contain spiritual guardians. These beings are caretakers that maintain the purity of the universal library. If respect is not being shown, they will portray a protective role in keeping the sacredness of the library intact and will not allow you access if you are abusing such knowledge carelessly.

Do I fully love, honour and respect myself?

The akashic records hold wonders beyond imagination. It is a resource that is more widely open to humans at this point in time than in any other moment in our history. As we accelerate, as does our ability to access more of the noncorporeal. But most importantly, as we learn what we are capable of within us, we are also learning restraint based on the understanding of purity through the heart’s divine intent. If you can project this energy of higher vibratory love and respect within yourself, you will have access to a realm that can be of service to you in ways one cannot even fully imagine.

Am I confident that I will maintain a vibration of harmony? What form of medium is the most comfortable for me to access the records? What is the purpose of my visit to the akashic records? These are just some of the questions that you may wish to consider answering to assist with your own calibration. The akashic records can be accessed through an individual who is looking to be of assistance to another that is not willing to access the records. However, it is very important for any akashic reader to ask permission before viewing another being’s record. The reason why this is important is because the nature of free will is a trait that is highly respected amongst the akashic records realm. Failure to show the appropriate respect within these records can lead to banishment on a

About the Author: Brad Johnson is an akashic records reader, channeler, energetic healer and spiritual researcher. He teaches fundamental methods on how to access the akashic records through practices that are highly in-depth, yet simplistic through self-implementation. For more information on Brad Johnson and his course on accessing the akashic records, visit:

C o m m u n i cat i ng NewEnergy Paradigm While bicycling in London, England, an enthusiastic researcher tried to explain New Energy to a young woman who is a reclaim-the-streets crusader. She was weeding the community garden when Jason started a conversation about the need to reclaim stewardship of the “commons”—such as the common air breathed by all life forms on Earth. She was passionate about cleaning up pollution in the atmosphere.

Jason asked if she had heard about “free energy” inventions. At that point she began to edge away. “My father’s an engineer and he always says ‘There’s no free lunch’.” Jason quickly added, “Well, ‘free’ isn’t the best word because the devices themselves won’t be given away. But the source of power for radical energy inventions is free, just like sunlight and wind. There’s a whole variety of revolutionary alternatives most people haven’t heard about. . . ” She stopped edging away. “My friends drive a Veggie Car; they fill up the tank with used vegetable oil . . . ” “That’s better than gasoline . . . ” Jason said lamely. “Or are you talking about hydrogen fuel cells?” she asked.

About the Greasercar

Water Fuel Cell

“No, not the ‘Hydrogen Era’ as plotted by corporate dudes. Their plan includes thousands of nuke-power plants to make electricity to electrolyze hydrogen out from water. Nuke plants meaning more radioactive junk on this planet. Or else they get hydrogen out of fossil fuels. That’s not the answer. The New Energy version on the other hand is innovative ‘advanced hydrogen’ systems.” “Such as . . . ?” “Basically, getting hydrogen from water at point-of-use, as in a car. One version is called the Water Fuel Cell. Or there’s Dr. Randell Mills’ chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom. . . .” “I hate technology!” After her outburst another man would have changed the subject, but not Jason. To connect with her honestly, he’d have to bridge between their world-views. “You don’t like the result of technologies, I guess. Such as polluting the atmosphere?” “…Seems like everything we do heats up our poor planet.” “We don’t have to. Some types of outside-the-box energy systems actually cool their surroundings while they put out more power than the measured input!” “Tell that to my dad.” At that point Jason was the one who wanted to end the conversation. Then he heard the young woman say softly, “Maybe there are ways to give us plenty of clean cheap power without depleting anything. But everything powerful gets turned into weapons for killing people.” “That’s the way it’s been so far,” he agreed. “And if we close our eyes and ignore all the good new energy inventions popping up around the world, the weapon-makers keep on taking control. They’ll continue to buy inventors’ cooperation, grab patent rights and continue to claim that a revolutionary advancement is a ‘disruptive technology’—meaning a threat to oil-company profits—and therefore a matter of so-called ‘national security’.” Speaking slowly for emphasis he added, “We’re coming up to a big change in thinking in science, but the people don’t get told about it. The change will be toward working in harmony with nature -- understanding how a hidden background energy spirals through the universe and in everything on Earth and how to tap into that abundant energy.”

“At the same time, citizens’ groups are forming all over the planet and trying to figure out how to create a more enlightened civilization. What if they added a powerful new energy breakthrough or two, to their collection of tools for change? What if the people got involved in deciding what energy technology their government will support . . .?” I get it!” she said. “You want to reclaim science!” She had nearly understood his message, but not quite. New Energy advocates

respect academic learning and admire those who truly use the


method. Jason doesn’t aspire to storm ivy-covered academic

institutions and “reclaim science”. Instead Jason was telling her that citizens have a right to influence decisions which profoundly affect everyone’s life—such as the choice of predominant energy technologies. Ordinary people could pay attention to whether the technologies are harmful and chosen for easy profiteering, or if on the other hand they are in harmony with nature and chosen for the good of everyone. Excerpted from Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World, by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon. An updated, 2011 edition of the book is available this month via bookstores or

As Seen

Science to Sage M a g a z i n e

Making a Dierence

Jonas Falle & Jeanette O’Keeffe Reach Out to Youth Kindness Rocks

is an initiative to

help stop violence and bullying in schools and communities throughout the world by inspiring youth to take kind and positive action on a daily basis, and to let them know how important their individual contribution is to the world as a whole. While captivating kids through the magical power of music, entertainment and laughter, "Kindness Rocks" spreads the powerful messages of social responsibility, self esteem, compassion, individuality and imagination. This 75-minute program helps to teach kids the different ways to find true personal power and to feel "in-charge" of their life, without having to hurt themselves or anyone else in the process.

The Pride Empowerment Program is an inspirational seminar designed to help empower and motivate people towards finding their true passion and purpose for life. Through some simple and interactive exercises/ perspectives this informative program gets people on the path to finding success and fulfillment with their personal and professional lives. This program has a few different formats that include the following: As seen in the October 2011, Science to Sage Magazine whatiskindnessrocks.html

Vancouver and Beyond THE BEAT

Photo by Karl Herrmann

What is Happening About Town

Vancouver Radio with Spirit Science to Sage Events

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Through the Lens of Karl Herrmann The Vancouver Board of Trade reviewed “Pacific SpiritVancouver” saying, “Every business person in Vancouver should have copies of this book for guests and visitors.” They backed up that statement by using the book as a gifting item to prominent speakers they bring to the city, such as former President Bill Clinton.

Karl Herrmann is an internationally recognized cinematographer and photographer living in Vancouver. He’s worked on such Hollywood blockbusters as “E.T.”, “The Right Stuff” and “I, Robot”, among many others. His still photographs are represented in museums and galleries and collected internationally. In his recently published coffee table book, “Pacific Spirit-Vancouver”, he brings his unique vision of BC’s stunning natural environment into crystal clear focus for the rest of us to appreciate. The elegantly simple page layout presents each image with an inspirational quote, which causes you to linger a little longer on every page. Karl has been interviewed about his “magnificent” book on CBC Radio, the Fanny Kiefer Show and Global TV.

is presented in this stunning collection of photographs… the natural beauty of our city is preserved forever in Herrmann’s lush images.”

Copies of “Pacific Spirit-Vancouver” are available by contacting Karl via his website It is also available in most major bookstores in the city. Prints and note cards are also available of all the images in the book. The technique Karl uses to photograph the images allows for prints to be very large with Reviewing the book, the North Shore News incredible detail. stated, “A fresh view of our beautiful surroundings

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT At least that's what the sign said - shining from the Wang Sang building on East Pender in big, bright white lights - EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.  Yes, it felt really good to have that shining down on us while wandering through the Sun Yat Sen Gardens as voyeurs of the life of Siddhartha (The Journey hOMe), the highlight of this year's Fringe Festival, on a balmy Friday night in September.  Yes, very, very good indeed.   And we've all survived so far, despite dire predictions that 2012's "shift" is coming early...but, hey, you never know, and it is early days yet, it is it is.     Now, feedback from some is that they're exhausted by everything 2012 ~ its all over the Internet, showing up in theaters, it is every where ~ personally, I have run the gamut on this one, fer sure!  I'm someone's mommy, for one thing, and you can't have all this chat about the "end of the world as we know it" and not have a few shivers about your kid and where she might be on some pivotal day, especially as she's living in France right now! JEEpers.   And there's been a whole lotta chat around a video called "The Quickening" that we thought interesting, but ultimately silly ~ in its defense it should be noted that faith is the emphasis of at least the first half of this video and upon close scrutiny we don't think that the video was created to be exploitative; unfairly frightening at a time when that's really the last thing anyone needs. In the first half hour, this video emphasizes a global experience of unity consciousness; we are encouraged to look at predictions differently, to understand that through predictions we can expand our perspective of what could be, so

that we can be prepared with expanded that fear is not the predominant response to a "happening" of extra-ordinary proportions...which would then enable us to be more centered, having rehearsed the "unknown" and so then "be open to receive". An especially useful state of mind given that, if we are overcome with fear, we're more likely to block our potential to accept the highest for ourselves rather than embrace all that is and all that changes.   But the second half, when they get into alien invasions staged by the U.S. Government...I don't know...that is just a little bit far out there, even for me.   So what I do like is that "The Quickening" makes the point that prophecy is for telling us what we need to hear as a catalyst, and that prophecies can be changed, as they exist for the sole purpose of encouraging a shift in consciousness... and that once the Collective Mind has made that inner shift, the cataclysmic events that are no longer needed will give way, as the group mind's vibrations are raised to match those of a harmonious new experience of reality.  That's not so bad, is it? And if absolutely nothing happens, the exercise has left us with a more expanded, open mind.  That's not so bad either, is it?  Or perhaps, our more expanded open mind, in fact, has assisted in the facilitating of absolutely nothing happening ...hmm...I like that! Don't you?!  Now I feel like a real participant in the Shift! But heck, I did already anyway, as most who have read this far down the page do too.    So we think we may be out of the woods on some of the predictions since a few things were supposed to take place over the past week and clearly, we're all still here and the world is in one maybe everything IS going to be all right! Awesome.  I really, really like that.   And so Life goes on...and we feel it is safe to peek out our door to see if you are interested in some of the things we and our community are up to, cause hey, we still need to raise our vibrations!  

Photo is of the Rennie Collection which has evolved over a number of years to focus on works related to identity, social injustice, appropriation, painting and photography. Bob Rennie has garnered an international reputation as a dedicated collector, amassing one of the largest collections of contemporary art in North America. In 2009 renovations were completed on the oldest building in Vancouver's Chinatown to display the collection to the public. Rennie Collection at Wing Sang will hold two to three exhibitions a year with supporting catalogues. - Rennie Collection at Wing Sang - 51 E. Pender Street,Vancouver, BC

by Rev. Kathie Scott


BANYEN BOOKS The Language of Emotions What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You by Karla McLaren Emotions—especially the dark and dishonored ones—hold a tremendous amount of energy. We’ve all seen what happens when we repress or blindly express them. With The Language of Emotions, empathic counselor Karla McLaren shows you how to meet your emotions and receive their life-saving wisdom to safely move toward resolution and equilibrium. Through experiential exercises covering a full spectrum of feelings from anger, fear, and shame to jealousy, grief, joy, and more, you will discover how to work with your own and others’ emotions with fluency and expertise.

CONSCIOUS DREAMING A Spiritual Path to Everyday Life by Robert Moss What are Moss’s “nine steps?” Trust Your Feelings; First Associations; Reality Checks; Dream Re-Entry; Dialogue with Dream Characters; Tracking Your Dream Self; Symbol Exploration; “What Part of Me?”; and Dream Enactment. Conscious Dreaming’s innovative methods of dream catching and transpersonal interpretation, of dream re-entry, and of keeping a dream journal go a long way in encouraging the reader to tap the deepest sources of creativity and intuition, and to make better choices in the critical passages of life.

Nonviolent Communication A Language of Life, 2nd Edition by Marshall Rosenberg CD and Companion Workbook Available Based on decades of leading trainings in communication skills to thousands of people on five continents, Nonviolent Communication is a handbook for recovering and practicing “the lost language of humankind, the language of a people who care about one another and long to live in harmony.” Using stories, examples and sample dialogues, this revised second edition provides everyday solutions to perplexing communication problems. These are the skills of a humane humanity— survival skills for a kind world.

more ideas..

A Branch from the Lighting Tree

• Out of Your Mind • Like a Tree • The Biology of Belief • The Legacy of Luna • Fate & Destiny by Michael Meade • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Mind • The Secret of Signs and Symbols

by Martin Shaw Since 1970, Banyen Books &

Martin Shaw's writing rattles the cages of souls. In A Branch from the Lightning Tree, Shaw creates links between the wildness in landscape and language, with myth being the bridge between the two. Shaw uses four great myths from Welsh, Norwegian, Siberian, and Russian territories that explore the process of leaving what is considered safe and predictable and journeying out into wild, uncertain areas of nature and the psyche. Shaw's work focuses on both men and women’s movement into wildness as part of the bigger awareness of climate change and ecology. It presents the old stories as keys into any debate on these issues, showing how the ability to think metaphorically and mythologically "re-enchants" our perspectives.

Sound has grown to become an abundant oasis – one of the most comprehensive selections in North America focusing on Spiritual Traditions, Healing Arts, and Earth Wisdom. Banyen store offers over 26,000 titles: books, music, DVDs, audio teachings, and oracles. Banyen also has a wide spectrum of gifts, meditation and yoga supplies, musical instruments, crystals, statues, incenses and smudges, and much, much more.

Books: (604) 732-7912 Music/Gifts Tickets: (604) 737-8858 Long Distance (Canada & USA): 1-800-663-8442 3608 West 4th Ave,Vancouver BC V6R 1P1

3 Authors . 3 Days . 3 Ceremonies

Friday 11.11.11 10:45-Noon - Includes - Movie “Thrive”, 11 am Ceremony plus & LunchThe Movie Features Inspiration World Leader with insights and questions. 2.15minutes ON 11.11.11 at 11.11 am Paul Scott will lead us in a visioning for our future $15 230-4:30pm - FREE Book Launch Event "Your Magical Evolutionary Code Unleashed - The Science of Inner Resonance" by Maureen Edwardson. Celebrate with the Author and experience this unique Touch Breath Process that releases old belief patterns. Cure incurable illness and change your life!

5:30:00-8:00pm - Cacao Ceremony is a Mystical Journey in Your Heart with Paul & Kathie Scott Includes, breath-work and heart centred meditation $45 Adults, $80 per couple

Sat 11.12.11 10-12am - Workshop - Wake Up Your Magical Self! with Maureen Edwardson Gain a very practical ʻhow toʼ application of the universal, scientific principles of Inner Resonance that effortlessly and automatically clear the way to birth new realities, sometimes instantly!

"Maureen's Pioneering efforts are vital to our evolution" Dr Bruce Lipton$30 includes a copy of the book to take the process home with you! ($20 without the book)

1-3pm - Dr. Love's Prescription for a Sexy Romantic Loving Man From the winner of the Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity competition and as featured on CBC Dragon's Den. How one manʼs love journey is inspiring a global brotherhood of Loving Men. For Men, Women, Teens and Adults!  $20 Includes Syncrohearts game

Global Village 3 - 6:45 (closed between 7-9:15) open till 10:30 Authors Corner & Conversations • Maureen Edwardson. • Dr. Love's • John Shields • influence publishing Local Resources & Products • Teen Journey • Sacred Journey’s • Science to Sage • ATW Broadcastng Radio • Heart Resonance • / Cocao Ceremonies • Stone Haven Gems ...more to come Activities & Shopping • Meditation Station with Ari Lazer • Gypsy Fortune Teller - Sahara Exodus • Create a Peace Muriel with Erica Krutzen & Gail Belcher • Food • Clothes and Jewelry

7-9:00pm Entertainment Heart, Spirit & Mind

Conscious Evolution The Science & Spirit of YOU with Josef Tyls & Karen Elkins Intro, Awakening the Heart, The Secret of the Heart & Whirling Dervishes, Rite of Passage documentary, O World, African Dance with Jacky Essombe, Youth Bali-wood Dancers and Storytelling & Contact Juggling with Ari Lazer & Chris Murdock Cost $20

Sunday 11.13.11 2-4pm Workshop with John Shields - The Priest Who Left His Religion - In Pursuit of Cosmic Spirituality - John relates his arduous struggle to make the shift from religion to spirituality. John tells how the findings of science convinced him that spirituality is rooted in the universe. He shows us a sentient cosmos where everything is interlinked, conscious and purposeful. $30 includes a copy of the book or $20 without the book.

Dialogue & Forum 4-5 7-9:00pm Closing Sacred Space Ceremony with Ari Lazer Enter a world as deep as your heart, and wide as the sky – a world that lies inside, always already. The Traveling Alchemists’ Outreach Society creates sacred ceremonies that offer a template for song, contemplation, energy medicine and personal revelation. of us. 

Tickets on-line www http://

Movie and PopCorn Lunch Meal Made by Helping Hearts

We rely on the small and large


from the communities

around us. Just $5 feeds about 10 people.

Feeding the Street FAF (Freaking Awesome Food)

That is about one specialty coffee a month. For larger organizations we are

Expect a Hearty Soup & Salad

card a month is ideal as each month is a

Cost of Lunch and the Movie “Thrive” is $15. 11.11.11

spoons. If your business is interested in donating to this project we would greatly

establishment and placed on our facebook

What is Helping Hearts? A group of volunteers helping other to create an ongoing soup kitchen once a month. For just $5 helps us provide some nourishment to about 10 people. That's one specialty coffee a month. A part of the proceeds will go to “Helping Hearts” .Donations for: warm clothes, socks, packaging for food and food to make meals with, and money are greatly appreciated

encouraging a larger and more consistent donation. For larger grocery stores a gift different menu item. We are soliciting donations from area businesses for non perishable foods, produce and breads donatable once a month, beverages and supplies such as hot beverage cups and

appreciate your input. All donations would be recognized as donated from your page until such time as a web page donation is found. These donations will be used for the sole purpose and benefit of the community of Vancouver and the lower mainland. As a group of volunteers and community supporters we know that giving feels good; and the win win is that people get the warm cooked food. Our project goal is to provide 400 people food one Sunday evening a month and warm socks and blankets; as a start. We are currently serving about 300 at this time through family and friend donations, but greatly need the larger support of community businesses. If you have any questions you may contact the project group founder, Kelly Foston at 604-313-8446 or Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

11.11.11 at Unity of Vancouver -11 am

"Mystic Storytelling and Contact Juggling with Ari Lazer And Chris Murdoch

Join Our Village of Performers 11.12.11, 7-9:00pm Cost $20 Unity of Vancouver Tickets: Booking Other Events: Ari Lazer <>


" dance because of the way it makes me feel. I do not perform to impress, but to touch people, at their core. To inspire them. To share the beauty of life, of Africa. To connect with people at a deeper level. For me, beauty is not technical excellence. Technical excellence can impress, but it does not move the heart the same way. Inspiration does. Spontaneity does. Beauty does. Love does. We are here because of the love we all share for the rich culture of Africa. For me, Africa is not a geographic location. It's in me. I carry it with me anywhere I go, and I share it with people who are longing for the experience that Africa can bring.

Thank you for sharing your roots with us. You have the gift of teaching and spreading the beauty of your culture. We are very lucky to have you. I especially like the community / spirit connection that is created through the movement, dance and music. I love the free movements most. Thank you. Hana, Vancouver

I invite you to open your heart and feel Africa..." 11.12.11 Join Our Village Unity of Vancouver 7-9pm, Cost $20 Tickets: Book for OtherEvent <>

Magic, My!ery & Wonder

Workshops, Ceremony and One-on-One Sessions From engaging ceremony, to insightful workshops, we offer opportunities for ordinary souls to achieve extraordinary potential. With a focus on sacred geometry, energy healing, and meditation, our each experience is designed to teach practical hands on skills for well being, and a deeper exploration of the realms of experience.  

Join us for our up coming workshops, Nov 12 & 13 Nov. 26 & 27, and Dec. 10 & 11. Explore our website for more information.

Our ceremonies offer a template for song, contemplation, energy medicine and personal revelation. As students of the world, utilize tools and techniques, from various wisdom traditions, in the service of the deeper, greater tradition which is a part of each and every one of us, always already.  By utilizing stones, plants, sacred geometry, song and story, we weave these elements into a form that speaks to our needs at this moment in time.  In the process of connecting in ceremony, we not only learn, and heal ourselves, but also transform the greater world for which our ceremony stands as a microcosm.

Ceremony 11.13.11 @ 7pm, Unity of Vancouver, $20 Limited Seating - Resister early! Tickets @ Science to

Journey into Your

Heart with Cacao

Cost of $45/person, $80/couple – this includes your mug of Cacao, a 3-hour Ceremony/Meditation and delicious, raw snacks afterwards.

Awaken Your Heart

Pre-registration required at or by calling Kathie at 604-813-4543

Location: Ayurveda on 4th - 3636 W. 4th Ave., Vancouver, A few doors down from Banyen Books

Dates & Time Saturdays from 5:30 to 9:30pm

Cacao - raw chocolate - Is a “Mother Medicine” that takes you on a journey, not a “trip”,

September 17 October 22 November 19

Cacao “food for the Shift”, in combination with an Awakened

SPECIAL EVENT November 11 @ Unity of Vancouver

Heart Meditation, and the Chakra Ascension Breathing guided by Paul and Kathie Scott can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation.

Luxuriate in the Spirit of

Cacao, in the earthy essence of the sacred food for the shift! You’ll be amazed – it really is “just chocolate”! Raw cacao actually does everything you’ve ever heard chocolate can do but haven’t ever Image by Fir0002/GNU

found in a bar or a box – it is a natural, potent, antioxidant, heart-opening super food!

Prepared as

close to the traditional Mayan way as we know with purified water and a dash of cayenne pepper.

Stone Haven Gems Our mission is to provide high quality crystals, gems, jewellery and education while treading lightly on our planet by offering minerals that have found their way to us through ethical practices and giving back. We offer hand harvested minerals and work with suppliers that have reduced their carbon footprint. In the world of mining there is little fair trade certification and we are striving to create awareness and demand.  We operate in a green way with a very small carbon footprint, recycled materials and support of local services.  We trade with local jewelry designers and showcase their creations using stones from our collection. We strive to find Canadian minerals that are hand harvested and look forward to further explorations using our own hands!!  Our focus is on the healing metaphysical properties of gems and it is important to us that these gems have been handled with love care and integrity. Gratitude and Peace Christine Paton Stone Haven gems

SACRED â&#x20AC;&#x153;A soul searching and soul nurturing spiritual journey with all material needs cared for so I could just be, without worry. Each step of the journey was well planned and executed.â&#x20AC;?

Much more than a vacation, Sacred Earth Journeys provides an opportunity to truly understand how you can achieve the elusive work-life balance. Enjoy spiritual growth and personal transformation by visiting some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most important sacred sites, learning of many ancient spiritual traditions through their wisdom teachings, sacred rituals, ceremonies and healing practices. We are committed to small groups, carefully crafted itineraries, and trained professional leaders who are experts in their ÂżHOGV ,Q    ZH ZLOO EH RIIHULQJ VSLULWXDO MRXUQH\V  UHWUHDWV WR *UHHFH *XDWHPDOD ,QGLD .DXDL 0H[LFR 7RÂżQR 3HUX %DMD 7DKLWL 7KDLODQG DQG PRUH 2XU :HOOQHVV 7UDYHO  <RJD 5HWUHDWV SURJUDPV RIIHU RSSRUWXQLWLHV WR HVFDSH IURP daily stresses, restore balance into our lives, and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. $FWLYLWLHV VXFK DV <RJD 0HGLWDWLRQ &KL .XQJ 8QLYHUVDO +HDOLQJ 7DR +LNLQJ DQG 3KRWRJUDSK\ FDQ DOVR EH HQMR\HG WKURXJKRXW WKHVH UHOD[LQJ DQG IXQÂżOOHG KROLGD\V Join one of our wonderful trips or let us customize a journey or retreat for your private group!

â&#x20AC;&#x153;This trip for me was blissful - so good for me because of a mix of unique cultural experiences as well as inner journeying.â&#x20AC;?


EARTH JOURNEYS Join us on a transformational journey of a lifetime!

“This trip surpassed every expectation. It was a rich, textured experience. Thank you SEJ for your excellent job in laying the groundwork for this wonderful mind, heart and soul-expanding adventure.”

The Language of the Gods ...also known as the language of light is a thought expressed and reflected in the wave. Our alphabet unfolds through the 2-torus, a vortex of spin that gives life to everything. As vortices rotate through the full color spectrum, each light beam and band of color correlates to a resonance. Just like the notes on a musical scale, each has a temperament by way of its tone. Also with the alphabet each letter has a character, hence a personality. The alphabet with its cast of characters represents the quality of an expression. Our essences and resonances comes from our core â&#x20AC;&#x201D; inside out. It is a transmission, a frequency, sent by light from one to another. Just like our DNA that receives signals that inform, we send signals that inform. We communicate by means of the light spectrum. This is all there is. Sending and receiving the quality of a tone and a character.

This is what shapes our world and our destiny.

From the book insideOUT by Karen Elkins


Awakening Truth Worldwide

“Where Spirituality, Truth and Consciousness Collide!”

ATW Awakening Truth Worldwide is Revolutionizing the way we Learn, Grow and Evolve by connecting people around the world - seeking to step further down their path of Awakening, with Teachers, Visionaries and Leaders who's passions are to spread Knowledge & Help Empower the World. Through Practical Tools, Teachings, Information and Resources - "ATW" is designed to Help us Collectively, better understand the Reality of Our Existence and begin to Step into our Power as Powerful Creators & Spirit Beings. "ATW" Is designed to Meet You Wherever YOU ARE along your path: Putting FREE & More in-depth, LIVE and OnDemand Workshops, Courses, Videos, Radio Shows, Special Guests, Events and Conferences and a Team of Teachers - ALL IN YOUR LAP!

You're able to CHOOSE what you want to explore, learn, "take" & be a part of! WHENEVER You want to! That's why we offer both LIVE and OnDemand / Archived Workshops, Courses, Radio Shows, Videos, Events and Conferences From the Teachers & Special Guests of "ATW". Awakening Truth Worldwide has pieced together several platforms of Interactive software and programs that host workshops, courses and events to immerse seekers of Spirituality, Truth and Consciousness into a one of a kind environment bridging the teacher to seeker gap - Giving you the Ability to Learn, Grow and Evolve. Wherever you are in the World - Like NEVER BEFORE!

“The First of it’s KIND”...An Online Classroom Featuring Free and “More In-Depth” Workshops, Conferences and Events, A Social Community and Radio Network of Shows for Seekers of Spirituality, Truth and Consciousness Become a FREE MEMBER Today!

We've designed the Classroom to be an Interactive Learning Center Hosting amazing FREE & More indepth LIVE and On-Demand exciting events that YOU can be a part of - As a FREE Member...

The ATW Teachers are experienced in all different aspects of spirituality, truth and consciousness.

Throughout the week we have a network of Radio Shows for you to Follow, Tune-into & Be A Part of...


Science to Sage Magazine October Feature on Communications from how we aquire language to remote sensing

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