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North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

NORTH BERGEN SCIENCE ISSUE 9: 6.15.18 Carton Garden Competition

Dr. Keshishian’s Message

North Bergen Fashion Wins!

As this year is coming to an end, there is a lot to share with you that occurred in the North Bergen Science Department. To quickly begin some may have noticed that I now have a Dr. in front of my name as I

Congrats to Girls Go CyberStart Winners!

received my doctorate in education, leadership, management, and policy. That is only the tip of the iceberg of all the great accomplishments since January. ~Dr. Jared Keshishian Ed.D, District Supervisor of Science

Horace Mann and Robert Fulton Compete in Science, Engineering

FROM THE ACADEMY Welcome Cohort IV! Rutgers SMART Med Program Hackensack Meridian Visit Beuhler Liftoff!

Classes at Horace Mann and Robert Fulton Annex competed in the Carton to Garden Competition. Parameters for the competition were that students had to collect 100 cartons from home or school and design a purposeful garden and the prize can be anywhere from 5000 to 1000 dollars. Students

FDU Spring TEOP/CSEOP Graduation College of Saint Elizabeth Biology Program NJCU Girls in Biology

designed old cartons into class gardens. Mr. Aguiar’s class at Horace Mann produced a helical DNA carton garden and at the Fulton Annex Ms. Videla and her class produced a city carton garden. As we await the competition results, we wish to personally congratulate the teachers and students on all of their hard work.

Summer Acceptances and College Congrats! Congratulations Dr. Bacha Girls in Technology NASA Langley Art Contest Honeywell Ecosystem Event SUNY Visits NBHS

Produced and edited by Jared Keshishian with additional content by Stephanie Stern Protz

North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

The North Bergen Fashion Class Takes First-Place Prize at Hackensack Blue Wrap Earth Day Competition. This year the Environmental Club and Fashion Classes at North Bergen High School competed in the first ever UpCycle challenge held at Hackensack University Medical Center. The Student’s were given sterile, recycled, surgical blue wrap and were asked to find a way to repurpose them instead of discarding them in landfills.

Girls Go CyberStart

Multiple schools competed and while the

Congratulations to:

environmental club had a strong showing with their

Ashlee Marquez Ramirez

stuffed animals, to be donated to the patients at the

Cristina Morocho

children’s hospital, the winners were students from Mrs. Sapoff’s fashion class at North Bergen High School, who created prom dresses and tuxedoes from the blue wrap. The prom dresses were beautiful and covered with

Zainab Mahmoud These students participated in coding challenges and completed a very difficult challenge set

austere accents, and the snappy tuxedoes came complete

forth by the Girls GO CyberStart. While they

with accessories. We are proud to announce that the

did not win, the students enjoyed working on

fashion class took first place in the event. Congratulations

the challenge and will be receiving pins in

to all that participated.

recognition of their hard work. Zainab stated, “The scenarios presented to us kept us engaged and entertained while learning the importance of cyber security. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!”


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

North Bergen STEM Academy Inducts its New Cohort Welcome Class of 2022!

Dr. Keshishian, Ms. Carline, Mrs. Rabelo and Mrs. Stern-Protz with the new STEM Academy Cohort

In 2015, the North Bergen S.T.E.M. Academy inducted it first cohort and three years later, we are proud to announce for the first time in its history, the North Bergen S.T.E.M. Academy will have a Cohort in every grade level. Cohort IV is our largest yet with 20 students, and the STEM Committee is very excited to welcome the freshmen as we begin our goodbyes to our senior Cohort I group in 2019. So without further ado, we would like to introduce the students of Cohort IV (Alphabetical by First Name): Adnan Radi, Ariel Cepeda, Bryan Anthony Gramajo, Daniela Altamirano, David Lopez, Denisse Cobo, Gabriel Rodriguez, Jared Garcia, Jennifer Salguero, Jeremy Espinoza, Jose Matos, Kelly Cho, Kevin Galarraga, Naomi Fernandez Paulina Alzate, Petra Nassereddin, Sarai Marte, Victoria Collazo, Yazen Alsarawi, and Zoubair Belfki.

Friends and future colleagues!


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

North Bergen STEM Academy Inducts its New Cohort (Continued) Among the guest speakers at the event were (pictured here) Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco, Dr. Jared Keshishian, Chair of STEM Academy, and Dr. George J. Solter, Superintendent of Schools. Mayor Sacco presented his plans to create a dedicated space at North Bergen High School for all four grades of the STEM Academy in two years’ time. The new space will include laboratories and working spaces for students to learn and innovate. In addition, Mayor Sacco and Dr. Solter Jr. highlighted that STEM Academy is a program that uses a multi-faceted matrix to assess and rank applicants based on an array of talents. Students are chosen on merit, and therefore have Mayor Sacco, Dr. Keshishian and Dr. Solter at the 2018 Lab Coat event.

earned the privilege of attending the school. Congratulations again!

Super-awesome volunteers! From left, Cristina Morocho (Cohort I), Lanaya Carbonell (Cohort III) Bethel Adewale (front, Cohort II), Michael Said (Cohort II), Marianna Said (Cohort I), Mariam Kamerji (Cohort II) and Aisha Roman (Cohort II)


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Rutgers S.M.A.R.T This spring four North Bergen High School students participated in the Rutgers Science Medicine and Related Topics (SMART). Theses students attended an eight-week Saturday program at Rutgers Newark in which only 100 students from across the state were selected. Our four students who attended are Saif Khan (11th), James Paucar (STEM Freshman Cohort III), Mishael Hernandez (STEM Freshman Cohort III), and Gabriela Castillo (9th). For the capstone presentation, our students partnered up and produced a slideshow to discuss communicable disease. We in the department are very proud of these students and because of their conduct and work ethic we hope to increase our numbers next year in the program. Accompanying the students at the Capstone, were Dr. Keshishian, Mrs. Stern-Protz and proud family members pictured here!

Dr. Keshishian and Mrs. Stern-Protz with Saif Khan, Gabriela Castillo, and Mishael Hernandez (Cohort III)

Gabriella and family – making all of the difference!

Mishael and family (l.), and sitting with James Paucar (Cohort III) and his family seated one row above.


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Hackensack Palisades Visit 2018 Thanks again to the generosity of the North Bergen Board of Education and the Administration of Hackensack Meridian Palisades Medical Center; the STEM Academy students were treated to a day of medical professional development. Students got to tour the hospital Sleep Center, and were introduced to a multitude of possible career paths in medicine. Hosting the students were Meridian HUMC’s Nikki Medeiros and accompanying the students were Theresa Rabelo, Director of Student Services, Jeff Trifari, Science educator, and Mrs. Stern Protz. Special thanks to Anthony J. Passannante Jr., M.D., PACC, President of HUMC Palisades, Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco, North Bergen Mayor and Dr. George J. Solter Jr., North Bergen School’s Superintendent.

All scrubbed up for surgery! With the Anesthesiologist Dr. Shatz, and HUMC’s veteran Anesthesiology Technical Specialist Carlos Sanchez!

NBHS Science Teacher Jeff Trifari listens to presentations with STEM students.

Special thanks to Mrs. Rabelo, Mr. Trifari, Nikki Medeiros, Administrator, James Damore, HUMC Palisades Security, who are pictured here with Mrs. Stern-Protz, and our STEM Academy students.


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Beuhler Liftoff! Cohort III was treated to a space adventure at Beuhler Challenger Center on the campus of Bergen County Community College.

There, our brave Astro-kids took

off on a Rendezvous with Mars as

they each took on the role of a

critical mission crewmember.

Students learned team-building

skills, as well as the importance of

communication, following protocol,

and many other career-based

competencies on the mission. Most of

all, our STEM Academy students had a great time becoming NASA professionals for the day! Andrew Carmona, Mishael Hernandez, Arleen Inclan, Laisha Martinez, and Edu PenaRollet beam up to the Beuhler Launchpad!

Arleen Inclan at her station.

STEM Cohort III (l.-r.) Brianna Classen, Amanda Zerquera, Roberto Perez, Michael Moscoso, Lanaya Carbonell, Arleen Inclan, Laisha Martinez, Andrew Carmona, Edu Pena-Rollet and front right, Mishael Hernandez.

STEM Academy Students Volunteering at Breakout-Edu PEAK Visit With Ms. Welz!

PEAK students with Ms. Carline and Ms. Welz (above). Left - volunteers from Cohort II: Sheila Rodriguez, Lorena Lora Tejada, Bethel Adewale, Michael Said and Ludwin Chavez.


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Fairleigh Dickinson Spring CSEOP/TEOP Graduation Our partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson grows every semester, and our North Bergen STEM Academy and High School Students continue to make us very proud. This past spring, we graduated over 20 students in both the CSEOP Cyber-Security Program, as well as the TEOP Technology and Engineering Concepts Program. In addition three of our High School participants swept first, second and third prizes in the Laboratory Excellence Contest at TEOP. Congratulations to all! Starting in the fall of 2018, FDU has for the first time, invited a group of our 7th and 8th grade girls for STEM experiential learning on Saturdays for GEE (s Exploring Engineering). North Bergen, along with one other Hudson County district, will be part of a middle school STEM Renaissance in New Jersey. Thank you to the North Bergen Board of Education, and Fairleigh Dickinson University for making this all possible!

Dhrouvi Patel with Professor Lewis of the FDU TEOP Program accepting her first-place award for her lab report.


North Bergen Science

Vimbisai at graduation with her family.

Issue #9 June 2018

Vimbisai Basvi accepting second-place for Excellence in Lab Reporting

Dr. Keshishian (center) with Marianna Said, (STEM Cohort I), Yousef Osman, Christopher Lopez, Eduardo Hernandez, Vimbisai Basvi, Ludwin Chavez (STEM Cohort II), and Michael Said (STEM Cohort II). BELOW: Eduardo with his mother, and Yousef with his family. Thank you to the parents and families of all of our participants!


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Dorian Pappas from NSA (National Security Agency) addressing CSEOP Grads

Michael Franco-Garcia

Alberto Castillo Oquendo 10

Jose Mojica Perez

Jorge Rodriguez

Milena Patino

Lanaya Carbonell (Cohort III)

Ms. Garcia and Mrs. Stern-Protz with CSEOP Grads

North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

STEM Academy Visits The College of Saint Elizabeth Earlier in the spring, our STEM Academy students visited The College of Saint Elizabeth in Morris County, and were treated to a professional session with professors from their renowned Biology program, as well as students who are in the program at all levels. The biology program features a partnership with a university in upstate New York offering a master’s in Physiology and Physical Therapy, and Pre-Med, and the college has a reciprocity arrangement with both Fairleigh Dickinson Madison and Drew University. This makes CSE very attractive to our multi-faceted learners. Afterward, students were treated to an “all-you-caneat” styled lunch at one of the college’s famed STEM Academy students from all three Cohorts visit the halls of the College of Saint Elizabeth. Including the dining hall!

student dining halls! Thanks to The College of Saint Elizabeth for hosting us!

Girls in Biology at NJCU Mrs. Dana Lau Hojnowski accompanied a group of STEM Academy ladies to NJCU for an event to encourage more girls to keep studying the biological sciences. Our students got to perform experiments, see demonstrations, and hear from experts in the field. A good number of our North Bergen STEM students are interested in healthcare, and this is a great way to keep them focused 11

Left: Marianna Said, Aisha Roman and Jianna Yan Francisco participate in experiments at the event. Above, Jianna studies a poster at session.

North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Hooray for Summer Acceptances! Michelle Cazorla Ludwin Chavez Michael Said Marianna Said Yahira Herrera Michael Carbora Jonathan Blaya Mariam Kamerji Riya Jain Aisha Roman Nidhi Parekh

Cohort II Cohort II Cohort II Cohort I Cohort I Cohort II Cohort II Cohort II Cohort I Cohort II Cohort I

Social media features Mariam Kamerji (Cohort II) participating in the W.E.B. DuBois program at Princeton University in 2018.


Lebanon Valley College Lebanon Valley College Lebanon Valley College, St. Peter’s University STEM Lebanon Valley College, St. Peter’s University STEM Stevens Institute of Technology Stevens Institute of Technology The Cooper Union, New York NY Yale, Johns Hopkins, Columbia University Hobart College (SEEDS) Lebanon Valley College Saint Peter’s University RYSCE Summer Scholars

Jonathan Blaya (Cohort II), with his proud family at the Cooper Union Orientation in New York City, along with family friend Nicole Ross!

North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

College Congratulations from STEM Academy to our “Adopted” Students When we first launched STEM Academy in 2015, we knew that we had students at North Bergen High School who would have made it into the Academy if we were open previously. With this in mind, we “adopted” some of our best and brightest NBHS seniors to participate in our enrichment programs when seats were available. Since then, they’ve been very involved in becoming friends and family to us, and we want to give them a “shout-out!” Our students were accepted at a number of high profile schools – they are highlighted below. Bryan Gomez –Rutgers Honors Business College Abigail Espinoza – Rutgers Engineering Mario Pasquel – Rutgers Pharmaceutical Isabel Carvajal – Fairleigh Dickinson University Yasmeen Abugosh – Fairleigh Dickinson University


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Congratulations Dr. Bacha! The North Bergen Science Department would like to extend congratulations to Fahima Bacha on attaining her doctoral degree from New Jersey City University this spring. Dr. Bacha is the moderator for the Computer Club and we are looking forward to collaborating with her to integrate more technology with science!

Dr. Bacha celebrates graduation from NJCU with her family!

Girls In Tech News Dr. Bacha accompanied our successful Girls in Tech group to the annual meeting at Hudson County Community College. Our North Bergen computer ladies did an outstanding job in their presentation and Mariam Kamerji (Cohort II) won the GIT Essay Contest. Mariam (pictured below) was able to read her essay to the gathering and was a hit!

The computer ladies of North Bergen! Standing (l-r.) Stephanie Miranda Sarmiento, Mariam Kamerji, Dr. Bacha, Milena Patino, Dhruvi Patel, Arlene Garcia, Jacqueline Hernandez, and Estefania Orjuela. Front (l-r): Isabel Carvajal, and Kiala Hernandez.


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Myoko Quinonez Places Third In the NASA Langley Student Art Contest!

Myoko with (l.-r.) Ms. DiGuilio, Principal Tennaro and Mrs. Stern-Protz

Congratulations to Myoko Quinonez who was awarded third place in this year’s NASA Langley Student Art Contest. The contest has a national platform, and students from all over the United States compete with their original work. It’s no surprise that Myoko, a North Bergen High School senior was award a place! Starting 2018-2019, we will be running the contest throughout the district!

May the Fourth Be With You! We would not be known as STEM Academy without celebrating May 4th with one of our favorite STEM friends, Jorge Rodriguez (Obe Wan), pictured here

M. Quinonez award-winning artwork.

with Mrs. Stern-Protz.


Photo S. Stern-Protz


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Bruins Help the Ecosystem With Honeywell

NBHS science teacher Yaniris Maldonado led a team of North Bergen High School students to the Honeywell Institute Ecosystem Education (HIEE) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The students grew vegetables in the classroom and our greenhouse, with the idea of serving them in our school cafeteria. The students put together a presentation board and brought their results to the event. Tap Into Newark posted an online article that was published on June 9th, 2018 and all of the wonderful interviews are here:

Pictured with Mrs. Maldonado (center) Back row: Ernie Resendiz, Rhonyce Zaron, Jeremy Maya, Genaro Ospina, Ruth Mencia, Adrian Serrano.Front Row: Bimbisai Basvi, Sebastian Bedoya, Mya Pierce, myself, Dale Rosselet ( NJ Audubon Society President) Lemarcus Martinez, and Kevin Guzman.

North Bergen High School and STEM Academy students were treated to an information session at our Guidance Suite given by Alexander Ma (pictured), Advisor from the State University of New York system. The SUNY system is located all around the state of New York, and has 64 schools from community colleges to world-class advanced research facilities. College information from SUNY is organized so that NBHS applicants can choose a school that reflects his Above: Alex Ma of SUNY presents to students. Right: Eliel Esquivel (center), STEM Cohort I, listens to information presented by SUNY.


or her interests, academic achievements and choice of location. Thanks to the North Bergen Guidance Department led by Theresa Rabelo for making this possible!

North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Dearest Mrs. Garcia-Santana, We thank you you for 27 years of dedication to North Bergen Schools and Mathematics. You transformed the high school Math Department, championed Computer Science, took over as Director for Summer School, and are a founding Committee Member of the North Bergen STEM Academy. In addition, you coached the Academic Decathlon, made sure the Advanced Placement (AP) program increased diversity and offerings, and still had time to tutor individual mathematics students. This is all in addition to your commitment to Hudson County Mathematics. Because of what you achieved in your career we are assured to build new programs, and maintain the greatness of current ones - based on your legacy. You have been a blessing to us, and we wish you all of the happiness in the world.

Sincerely, Dr. Keshishian and The Science Department of North Bergen


North Bergen Science

Issue #9 June 2018

Thank you for another successful year! Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco Dr. George J. Solter, Jr., Superintendent of Schools The North Bergen Board of Education Beuhler Challenger Space Center Girls Go CyberStart Goddard Institute of Space Studies Goddard Space Flight Center Municipal Alliance NASA The Liberty Science Center, Jersey City W.E.B. Dubois Scholars Ira Wolfe Columbia University Fairleigh Dickinson University Girls in Technology Hobart College Hudson County Community College Montclair State University New Jersey City University New Jersey Institute of Technology Princeton University Rutgers University Saint Peter’s University Seton Hall University Stevens Institute of Technology SUNY – The State University of New York The College of Saint Elizabeth Special thanks to Mrs. Nancy Hovan for assisting us with our Newsletters! It takes hard work and many generous benefactors to keep our programs running. If you would like to sponsor an event, make a donation, or include us in your grant, please feel free to reach out to us:


Dr. Jared Keshishian

District Supervisor of Science and Technology Education and Chair of The North Bergen STEM Academy

Mrs. Stephanie SternProtz

Coordinator of The North Bergen STEM Academy – Experiential Learning NASA Endeavor Fellow NASA CCRI Lead Teacher

Science newsletter9 updated 6 8 18b  

Exciting news as the school year turns to summer!

Science newsletter9 updated 6 8 18b  

Exciting news as the school year turns to summer!