Schulich Achievements - 2020-2021 Year-End Report

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Schulich Achievements 2020 – 2021 YEAR-END REPORT


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Strengthening Our Achievements Community Schulich

Thank You! A Message from Schulich Dean Detlev Zwick

Dear Members of the Schulich Community, I am very pleased to present the first ever year-end report highlighting the many achievements of Schulich’s faculty, staff and students for the past academic year. As Dean, it gives me great pride to see so many of your accomplishments reflected in the pages of this report. These accomplishments are a great and enduring testament to the spirit of togetherness, hard work and perseverance of the entire Schulich community in the face of the unprecedented challenges brought about by the pandemic. From first-place finishes at case competitions and winning prestigious research awards to teaching innovations and community outreach that made an impact, our wonderful community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and supporters excelled in a most remarkable fashion. To the entire Schulich community — when it was needed more than ever, you came together to make this academic year a year to be proud of. Thank you! Sincerely,

Detlev Zwick, PhD Interim Dean

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


Teaching & Learning Since the pandemic, we’ve invested heavily in new teaching technologies that enhance the remote learning experience. Our long-term goal: to become a leader in delivering hybrid formats of learning and more flexible programming for a world that is increasingly digital.


Schulich Achievements

We migrated all Schulich courses to an online format and piloted a hybrid format for the Kellogg-Schulich EMBA.

We created the Office of Curriculum Innovation and Teaching Excellence to support the technology needs of Schulich’s faculty and added 2 academic technologists.

We launched exclusive career workshops for alumni in collaboration with SEEC.

We rolled out a new software platform and mobile app branded OneSchulich to support our 54 undergraduate and graduate student clubs and virtual student networking.

We launched a new microsite profiling our student case competition achievements.

SCHULICH CREATES ONLINE OPEN COURSE ABOUT THE PANDEMIC Schulich created a first-of-its-kind, inter-disciplinary online course on leadership lessons from the pandemic. Titled “Leading Through the Pandemic: Insights from Individuals, Organizations, Governments and Societies”, the course brought together the expertise of 11 Schulich faculty members from a wide range of disciplines — everything from strategy and marketing to real estate and sustainability — to provide students with important business insights about the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



We conducted an environmental scan on the future of business education to enrich the collected data and inform a series of discussions at Faculty Council.

More than 70% of Schulich’s graduate and undergraduate courses are using asynchronous content to support teaching and learning.

We designed and delivered a four-part Teaching Online series combining lessons learned from Schulich’s most innovative instructors and training on learning technology tools.


We delivered bi-weekly Teaching Online drop-in sessions for faculty and more than 20 teaching excellence workshops with an average of 40 participants per session.

+ A large percentage of graduate students (66%) in a survey reported “high satisfacation” with the delivery of remote teaching during a year marked by pandemic lockdowns and a completely new learning environment. The student survey also showed that teaching evaluations were as good or better than before the introduction of director-led ZOOM instruction and asynchronous learning.


Schulich Achievements

We produced a monthly Curriculum Innovation & Teaching Excellence (CITE) newsletter addressing emerging concerns and sharing best practices in teaching and course design.

Experiential Learning INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP During the 2020-2021 academic year, we established the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to lead the development of accelerator/incubator services for the School and its various programs, build new partnerships throughout the wider innovation ecosystem and continue its work designing innovation-centric Work Integrated Learning programs.



• Over 200 innovation/ startup work placements for our students and more than 500 coaching sessions.

• Schulich’s graduate students in programs such as the Master of Business Analytics and the Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence took part in a wide range of real-world consulting projects during the year.


• A total of 14 different Schulich graduate teams participated in 9 case competitions, 6 of which were global. • The graduate teams placed in the finals at 6 of the 9 competitions. • Largest ever MBA Case Team, with 25 graduate-level team members. INTERNSHIPS

• Schulich’s Career Development Centre posted 1,440 undergraduate internships and 1,248 graduate internships. • Companies that recruited Schulich students for internships included Amazon, Deloitte, CIBC, KPMG, Royal Bank, Nestlé and Labatts. • All 23 IMBA students secured internships at companies that included Panasonic, BlackBerry, Michael Kors and Cognizant.

• Corporate clients included companies such as Cineplex, Loblaw, OMERS, Ontario Power Generation, L’Oréal and CIBC. STRATEGY FIELD STUDY

• During the past year, a total of 55 teams comprised of 327 graduate students started a Strategy Field Study (601) project. • 10 Faculty Chairs guided the 55 teams and 110 Schulich faculty members were involved as advisors. • The 601 Office secured 40+ client sites — the highest number ever — through the alumni network, active outreach, and our own professional networks.

Chris Carder, Executive Director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Schulich

SCHULICH PARTNERS WITH STARTUP INDIA TO LAUNCH VIRTUAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP VENTURE COMPETITION Schulich partnered with Startup India to create a seven-day virtual Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Venture Competition in January 2021. Backed by global organizations, leading entrepreneurs, and top venture capitalists, 250 student entrepreneurs from India and Canada formed teams and were challenged to come up with potential solutions that aligned with the values of self-reliability, sustainability, and social purpose. Throughout the week, the 50 teams had the opportunity to consult with various mentors from Canada and India to refine their ideas before the judging round. Through three judging rounds, leading venture capitalists and investors chose the top three venture ideas.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


World-Class Research We transformed our School’s research efforts during the past year by implementing a dual strategy built around research intensification and knowledge mobilization.


Schulich Achievements

Research Highlights PRESIDENT’S EMERGING RESEARCH LEADERSHIP AWARD Theodore Noseworthy was named a recipient of the York Research Award for “his extraordinary leadership and contribution to the fields of marketing and consumer studies”.

MINISTER’S AWARD OF EXCELLENCE Schulich professor Murat Kristal received a Minister’s Award of Excellence from the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities for his leadership role in developing an analytics dashboard to provide daily insights into the spread of COVID-19.

BEST INDUSTRY STUDIES PAPER AWARD A research paper on early-stage drug development co-authored by Moren Lévesque was named the runner-up in this year’s Ralph Gomory Best Industry Studies Paper Award for excellence in industry studies research. The research paper found that scientific teams in biopharma companies might be allocating too much time to early-stage drug discovery projects that are doomed to fail.

NEWLY APPOINTED RESEARCH CHAIRS Kiridaran (Giri) Kanagaretnam, Professor of Accounting and Associate Dean, Students, was appointed the Ron Binns Chair in Financial Reporting, Banking and Governance.

David Johnston, Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems and Director of the Master of Supply Chain Management Program, was appointed as the inaugural George Weston Ltd Chair in Sustainable Supply Chains.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



Honours & Accolades SCHULICH RESEARCH EXCELLENCE FELLOWS We established the new Schulich Research Excellence Fellow as a means of retaining, incentivizing, and recognizing non-chaired tenured faculty members who are achieving research excellence.

Charles Cho, Professor of Accounting, is listed as the most-cited academic in Canada in the Accounting subfield for 2019.

The following 13 faculty members qualified for the inaugural launch of the Schulich Research Excellence Fellow:

Yelena Larkin, Associate Professor of Finance, was invited to attend a meeting of the House of Commons of Canada’s Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology as an expert witness to share the implications of her research regarding competitiveness in Canada.

Adam Diamant Associate Professor of OMIS Irene Henriques Professor of Economics Yelena Larkin Associate Professor of Finance Moshe Arye Milevsky Professor of Finance Grant Packard Associate Professor of Marketing

Matthias Kipping, Professor of Policy, released a new book, History in Management and Organization Studies: From Margin to Mainstream, providing a historical roadmap on management research.

Maxim Voronov, Professor of Organization Studies, was appointed Senior Editor, Organization Studies.

Perry Sadorsky Professor of Economics Gregory Saxton Associate Professor of Accounting Ruodan Shao Associate Professor of Organization Studies Winny Shen Associate Professor of Organization Studies Linda Thorne Professor of Accounting Maxim Voronov Professor of Organization Studies Julian Scott Yeomans Professor of OMIS Luke Zhu Associate Professor of Organization Studies


Schulich Achievements

Ela Veresiu, Associate Professor of Marketing, served as a Reviewer for the Marketing Science Institute’s Alden G. Clayton Dissertation Proposal Award.


SCHULICH RESEARCHERS AMONG WORLD’S MOST CITED The following is a list of Schulich faculty members who were among

the top 2% most cited researchers in their field and/or subfield in the world: • Russell Belk

• Dean Neu

• Charles Cho

• Robert Phillips

• Eileen Fischer

• Perry Sadorsky

• Matthias Kipping

• Gregory Saxton

the year-overyear increase in the number of research articles authored by Schulich’s faculty members that were published in the Financial Times Top 50 journals.

• Dirk Matten

SCHULICH LAUNCHES TWO NEW CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE We established two new Centres of Excellence during the past academic year: the Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership, made possible by a generous $5 million donation from the Krembil Foundation and Schulich graduate Robert Krembil (MBA ’71, Hon LLD ’00), and the George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains. The newly established Centre for Health Management and Leadership will become a leading global hub of industry outreach, education and research at Schulich. The Centre will combine academic excellence in degree programs and executive training together with substantial scholarship support and collaborative research on leadership opportunities in the health sector. The new George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains will become a global leader in management education and research related to supply chain management, and a hub for industry outreach and collaboration.

From top: Krembil Centre for Health Management and Leadership announcement in the Globe & Mail, June 2020; George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains announcement in the Globe & Mail, May 2021

Developing the Next Generation of

HEALTH LEADERS Thank you to Robert Krembil and the Krembil Foundation for your $5-million gift to the Schulich School of Business at York University – a significant contribution that will change the lives of our students for decades to come. This gift will go toward the establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Health Management and Leadership designed to become a leading global hub of industry outreach, education and research at Schulich and expansion of the Krembil Scholars Program. Through the Krembil Foundation, the family has generously donated more than $12 million to the Schulich School of Business and York University since 2001, including the Krembil Scholars Program, a groundbreaking scholarship program that set the gold standard for financial aid support in Canada. The Centre of Excellence in Health Management and Leadership will be located in Schulich’s Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building, opened in January 2019.

Today’s gift is part of Schulich’s Leading Change Campaign, the School’s most comprehensive and ambitious fundraising and alumni engagement campaign to date. Under the leadership of Dean Dezsö J. Horváth, C.M., and the Leading Change Campaign Cabinet, the School has raised more than $65 million.

Robert Krembil, C.M. (MBA ’71, Hon LLD ’00)

President, Chiefswood Holdings Chair, Krembil Foundation Member, Dean’s Advisory Council, Schulich School of Business Recipient, Schulich Alumni Recognition Award for Outstanding Executive Leadership, 2005 Recipient, York University Bryden Alumni Award for Outstanding Contribution, 2019

Leading Change is an initiative of: IMPACT: THE CAMPAIGN FOR YORK UNIVERSITY

The Schulich School of Business launches the George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains and Research Chair Strong, sustainable supply chains have never been more critical than they are now. That is why the Schulich School of Business and George Weston Ltd have joined forces to establish a new Centre of Excellence and Research Chair.

the Centre’s inaugural Research Forum “Supply Chain Problems: Practical Insights from Emerging Research.” The Forum brought management researchers and industry together to find practical solutions and explore new opportunities.

Building on Schulich’s unique Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program, its deep relationships with industry and George Weston Ltd’s world-class expertise in supply chain management, the new Centre is poised to be a global leader in supply chain education.

Thank you to George Weston Ltd for this transformative partnership — one that will help develop the next generation of sustainable supply chain leaders.

On May 28, Schulich officially launched the George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains and announced the Research Chair at

For more information, please visit:

“ Our goal is to harness the desire for change emerging in a post-pandemic economy and engage industry, academics, NGOs and government in a dialogue, one that leads to an actionable agenda that modernizes critical infrastructure, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and provides environments where people can thrive.” DAVID JOHNSTON, PhD Program Director, MSCM; Director & Research Chair, George Weston Ltd Centre for Sustainable Supply Chains

Global Reach. Innovative Programs. Diverse Perspectives.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



Research Awards RECIPIENT


Charles Cho

• 2020 Honorable Knight Award, University of Central Florida’s Hall of Fame • The most-cited academic in Canada in the Accounting subfield for 2019

Ivona Hideg • 2020 Kauffman Foundation Best Student Paper Award from the Gender and Diversity Division (GDO) of the Academy of Management for a paper co-authored with a former MSc student Ambrus Kesckes

• Best Paper Award for Corporate Finance, Academy of Finance Conference, 2020

Murat Kristal • 2020 Recipient, Ontario Minister of College’s and Universities’ Award of Excellence for contributions to the province during the pandemic Yelena Larkin • First prize in the Pagano-Zechner award for the Best Non-Investments Paper in the Review of Finance in 2019 –2020 Brent Lyons

• 2020 York Research Leader

Nicole Mead • 2020 Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Consumer Research • Commendation from the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS), 2021 Lilian Ng • 2020 AFAANZ Best Paper Award in Corporate Governance; “Labor Voice in Corporate Governance: Evidence from Opportunistic Insider Trading” • 2020 AJFS Best Paper Award (Sponsored by Mirae Asset Global Investments); “Insider Trading, Informativeness, and Price Efficiency Around the World” Theodore J. Noseworthy

• 2020 York University “Research Leader” Designation • 2020 Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) Outstanding Reviewer Award

Grant Packard

• Outstanding Reviewer Award, Journal of Consumer Psychology, 2020

M. Johnny • 2020 10th Most Cited Paper in the 50-year history of Decision Sciences for Rungtusanatham article titled “The Severity of Supply Chain Disruptions: Design Characteristics and Mitigation Capabilities” • 2019 Best Paper Finalist, Decision Sciences, 2020 Perry Sadorsky • 2020 Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher in the field of Economics and Business Linda Thorne • The Lazaridis Institute Prize for Paper on Accounting Issues Relevant to Technology Firms for “A Study of Technological Adoption in the Audit Industry: The Theory of Disruption Applied to a Regulated Industry”, 2020 (With Krista Fiolleau, Carolyn MacTavish, Errol Osecki)


Ela Veresiu

• 2020 York University Research Leader Award

Maxim Voronov

• Mike Wright Prize for Best Journal of Management Studies Reviewer, August 2020 • Best Developmental Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Review, August 2020 • Best Reviewer Award, Academy of Management Journal, August 2020 • OMT Research Committee Service Award, August 2020

Schulich Achievements

SSHRC Insight Grants Results

Pouyan Foroughi

Mark Kamstra

Lilian Ng

Amin Mawami

Burkard Eberlein

Assistant Professor of Finance

Professor of Finance

Professor of Finance

Associate Professor of Accounting

“When do acquirers overpay for target firms? Evidence from M&A target valuation analyses”

“Investor attention, mood, and price persistence”

“How firms combat climate change: International evidence”

“Evaluation of wage subsidies for public corporations during COVID-19 using legislative and accounting disclosures”

Professor of Strategic Management/ Public Policy

“Global sustainability standards in national context: Comparing business-government interactions in Argentina, Brazil and Canada”

SCHULICH REVAMPS FACULTY & RESEARCH WEB PAGE The Faculty & Research section on the Schulich website was completely revamped with new modules that include:

• Spotlight on Research • Faculty Impact • Research Funding • Publication Database • Schulich’s Centres of

Excellence and other Research Institutes and Labs

• A breakdown of

Schulich faculty by research area

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


Student Success Schulich’s students won top prizes and excelled in various national and international competitions, while the School raised a record amount of funding for new student scholarships.


Schulich Achievements

#1 – Yale Case Competition

#1 in the world + $50,000 US cash prize in the annual Urban Land Institute (ULI)/ Hines Global Case Competition

Top 10 – ICC Global Mediation Competition in Paris 42 schools from 30 countries competed over 6 consecutive days.

Yanlin (Lynn) Zhou, a student in Schulich’s Master of Real Estate & Infrastructure Program, was part of an all-Toronto team that captured top spot in the case competition.

20 schools participated, including Harvard, Yale and Berkeley

Yanlin (Lynn) Zhou, MREI Candidate ’21

MBA Case Competition coach Joe Fayt with the team in Paris, February 2020

#1 at the 2021 National MBA Games #1 in Academics

#1 in Athletics

#2 in Spirit

250 students from 16 MBA Programs across Canada competed

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



Top 20 – Global Case Competition at Harvard

#3 – Global HEC CSR Challenge

Close to 200 teams from all over the world took part. Schulich is one of only two schools who have made it to the Top 10 three times.

Final Round at the 2021 Net Impact Case Competition Two teams from Schulich made it all the way to the final round of the leading sustainabilityfocused case competition for graduate students.

Congratulations to our MBA Team on finishing in the Top 3 at the 2021 HEC CSR Challenge

Team Schulich, Global Case Competition, Harvard, April 2020

#2 – L’Oréal Brandstorm, Canadian National Finals

Final Four at the 2021 Canadian Marketing League National Case Competition Schulich Master of Marketing students Julianna Akindele and Maggie Chen made it to the final four in a case competition formerly known as “Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec”.

Three Schulich teams made it to the Top 10.

Top 3 – University of Toronto LIVE Case Competition Two Schulich teams placed 2nd and 3rd at Canada’s leading undergraduate strategy case competition.

Julianna Akindele, MMKG Candidate ’21

Maggie Chen, MMKG Candidate ’21

#3 – UNB Data Challenge Thirty teams from 8 countries competed in the sustainability challenge. The winning undergraduate teams with coach Mona Afrouz


Schulich Achievements

#2 – John Molson International Undergraduate Case Competition A team of 3rd and 4th year Schulich undergraduate students placed 2nd overall within their division at the largest undergraduate case competition in the world with 150 participants from 28 business schools in 13 countries.

Top row: Yusuf Khan and Monica Xie Bottom row: Rachel Aarons and Nour Nassif

#2 – Ted Rogers Ethical Leadership Case Competition Canada’s largest undergraduate business ethics case competition.

Student Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Amy Ge (MBA ’21), founder of Heartcade, an alternative game-based dating app, was chosen as the winner in the Student category at the Fall 2020 Startup Night session.

Bansee Dave (MBA ’21), founder of Myoga, a company that brings advanced Indian yoga masters into people’s homes for personalized wellness classes, was declared the winner in the Student category at the Spring 2021 Startup Night session.

Daniyal Dehleh (iBBA ’21), founder of BeTimeFul, a browser extension that makes social media usage less addictive, won the Peterson Family Gold Medal in Entrepreneurship and his company won the BEST Lassonde Impactful Tech Award.

Dimash Kunayev (MBA ’21) launched Engamio, an easy-to-use platform that helps event professionals boost audience engagement at virtual and hybrid events through gamification. Dimash raised over $500,000 in angel funding and has been accepted into the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute (YEDI) Accelerator Program.

1,241 Schulich graduated one of the highest number of students in the School’s history: 1,241, of which 465 were undergraduate students and 776 were graduate students.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


Alumni Success Schulich’s alumni continued to make a mark in the world of business by winning top honours, launching new ventures, rising through the ranks of companies and organizations, and giving back to their alma mater.


Schulich Achievements

Governor General’s Gold Medal

Schulich Engage Series

Schulich graduate Michelle Per (BBA ’18) won the prestigious Governor General’s Gold Medal at the 2020 Common Final Examination (CFE) — the top result in the country.

We launched the Schulich Engage Series, featuring alumni in eight countries who delivered 10 dynamic fireside chats to Schulich students in partnership with Student Services & International Relations and faculty advisors.



83 Events Involving Participants from 40 Countries Our Alumni Relations office carried out 83 events involving participants from 40 countries.

Alumni Professional Development Workshops Schulich’s Alumni Relations office launched Alumni Professional Development workshops in partnership with the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) to meet the career needs of alumni from around the world.

Michelle Per (BBA ’18)

Our Alumni Mentorship Program engaged more than 2,000 Schulich alumni and over 600 students.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



C-Suite Appointments

James P. O’Sullivan (MBA/LLB ’90) Chief Executive Officer, IGM Financial

Susan E. Hutchison (MBA ’97) President, Equifax Canada

(Sept. 2020)

(Dec. 2020)

Jack Fraser (EMBA ’13) Chairman of the Board, Hill Street Beverage Company Inc. (Jan. 2021)

Lori Kerr (IMBA ’99) Chief Executive Officer, FinDev Canada

John H. Kousinioris (MBA/LLB ’90) President and CEO, TransAlta Utilities Corporation

François L. Poirier (MBA ’91) President and CEO, TC Energy Corporation

(April 2021)

(April 2021)

(Jan. 2021)

CONNECT Online ’20 Leadership and Resilience

Schulich’s CONNECT 2020 Alumni Forum: • • •


400+ attendees 32 speakers 9 sessions

Schulich Achievements

Alumni Entrepreneurs


Swyft, a logistics technology company co-founded and led by former Schulich Startup champion Aadil Kazmi (BBA ’15), raised $22 million in venture capital financing, the largest amount ever for a Schulich Startups Founder.

Prominent and successful Schulich alumni participated in the School’s Launch Week Leader Panels and other conferences and events, including:

Schulich Startups company ALT TEX, co-founded by Myra Arshad (BBA ’18), raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding. ALT TEX is working on the development of a polyester replacement fibre for clothing that can be re-engineered from food waste. Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and Chris Carder, Executive Director of the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Schulich, also invested in the business.

Dennis Mitchell (MBA ’03), CEO & CIO, Starlight Capital

Katie Taylor (MBA/JD ’84), Chair of the Board, RBC

Schulich Startups company Skygauge Robotics, co-founded by Schulich graduate Nikita Iliushkin (BBA ’16), received a $3.3 Million seed investment round in October 2020.

Treasured, a virtual museum platform co-founded by Vito Giovannetti (BBA ’14) was featured in The New York Times and on CBS Evening News.

Vito Paladino (BBA ’99, MBA ’11), President, Audi Canada

Reetu Gupta (MBA ’08), President and CEO, Easton’s Group of Companies; President and Co-Chair, The Gupta Family Foundation

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


School Success Our School was rated among the very best in various business school rankings, our newest facility was recognized for its sustainable design, we saw year-over-year growth in student enrolment, and we raised record amounts of funding to support teaching and learning at Schulich.


20 Schulich Schulich Achievements Achievements

#1 in Canada 2021 Economist MBA Ranking #21 in the world & 8th overall among non-US business schools.

$8.8 million During the pandemic year, Schulich provided a record level of student support through scholarships, awards, bursaries and other funding totaling approximately $8.8 million.

Our Career Development Centre completed over:

• 2,600

one-on-one student coaching appointments

• 88 •

Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA Ranked #1 in Canada and #9 in the World

virtual workshops

341 corporate recruiting events

GMR Innovex

2020 Economist EMBA Ranking

$3 million

Schulich teamed up with GMR Group, our Schulich MBA in India partners, on a new innovation hub called GMR Innovex. The hub’s mission is to foster and drive innovation with start-ups, academia, research institutions and other platforms.

We raised more than $3 million to create 30 new student awards & scholarships.

Schulich rated one of the world’s top business schools for careers in Finance, Marketing and Operations Management* 17th in the world for careers in Finance 21st in the world for careers in Operations Management 22nd in the world for careers in Marketing

*QS MBA by Career Specialization Ranking, October 2020

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



Enrolment & Applications Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Schulich saw substantial growth in applications and enrolment at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and across almost all programs. Graduate applications were

up 18% year-over-year.

MBA applications were

up 37% over the prior year.

Our School’s programs continue to attract high-calibre students from around the world.

McEwen Building Achieves Gold Standard in Sustainable Design

Undergraduate applications were

up 13% over the prior year.

Schulich’s Rob and Cheryl McEwen Graduate Study & Research Building received LEED Gold certification in March 2021 — one of the highest standards of sustainability for a building.


$65 M

Our Leading Change Campaign, Schulich’s most comprehensive and ambitious fundraising campaign to date,

exceeded its $50-million fundraising goal by an additional $15 million 22

Schulich Achievements


Schulich Startup Night registrations at the 15th edition in March 2021 – the highest amount ever

Schulich Executive Education Centre Launches New Programs & Wins New Clients Despite the enormous challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) converted over 60 executive development programs to digital learning and launched 20 new programs. SEEC not only retained all of its clients, which included companies such as Walmart, FedEx, Sun Life and Loblaw, but won many new high-profile clients. New programs launched by SEEC during the past year include “Building Back Better: A Leadership Bootcamp for a Strategic and Sustainable Recovery”, “Strategic Foresight”, and “Digital Fluency”.

New SEEC Executive Director Rami Mayer Rami Mayer became the new Executive Director of the Schulich Executive Education Centre this past year and is leading Schulich’s executive education division in a new direction, having refreshed their portfolio with innovative new programs.

The following are some of the other highlights from the past year for SEEC: • Expanded the popular Mini-MBA Program by targeting it at various professions, including engineers, dentists and physicians • Acquired more than $2 Million in funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development for community-based programs • Introduced new leadership programs • Moved to micro-credentialing and digital badging for short course programs

SEEC won more than 20 new, high-profile clients this year, including:

Schulich’s inaugural Giving Day raised more than $62,000

Participants from a SEEC global leadership program in Athens 2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


Strengthening Our Community From support programs for our students to initiatives designed to improve the well-being of individuals here at home and around the world, the people of Schulich made our community and the community around us stronger, better, and more inclusive.


Schulich Achievements

We launched wellness support initiatives for undergraduate and graduate students.

We created 8 new Equity, Diversity & Inclusion scholarships to remove financial barriers for students from Black, Indigenous and other under-represented communities.

We developed the Culture of Integrity webinar to reinforce values of honesty, good conduct, respect and fairness.

We introduced the Fostering the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Among Black Youth online course co-taught by Schulich instructors, Black entrepreneurs and Black community leaders.

We provided vital support to international students significantly impacted by COVID-19.

INDIGENOUS LAND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS We recognize that many Indigenous Nations have longstanding relationships with the territories upon which York University campuses are located that precede the establishment of York University. York University acknowledges its presence on the traditional territory of many Indigenous Nations. The area known as Tkaronto has been care taken by the Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and the Huron-Wendat. It is now home to many First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities. We acknowledge the current treaty holders, the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. This territory is subject of the Dish with One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant, an agreement to peaceably share and care for the Great Lakes region.

SCHULICH STUDENTS HELP TORONTO-AREA RETAIL BUSINESSES DURING THE PANDEMIC Schulich played a key role in the Digital Main Street ShopHERE Initiative when the City of Toronto partnered with our School and leading e-commerce companies such as Shopify, Google and Facebook to launch online stores virtually overnight at thousands of retail companies throughout the GTA. The Digital Main Street initiative helped main street retailers survive the COVID-19 crisis by harnessing the marketing and IT skills of Schulich’s business students as well as the digital expertise of some the world’s leading tech companies. As part of the project, 100 Schulich students received work placements to help small businesses move their businesses online at no cost.



2020 – 2021 Year-End Report



Schulich Launches Business Excellence Academy We launched the Schulich Business Excellence Academy, a business education and mentorship program supporting 60 Black and Indigenous Ontario high school students. The program was conceived by four Schulich undergraduate students, Rebecca Jodhan (BBA ’21), Brittany Rossi (BBA ’21), Joy Zhang (BBA ’21), and Kim Tram (BBA ’21), and supported by Schulich instructor Ushnish Sengupta, Michelle Hughes, Recruitment & Communication Coordinator at Schulich, and Ruodan Shao, Associate Professor of Organization Studies. The program aims to help high school students discover the many career options tied to the world of business.

The program ran for two hours a day in the evening, four days a week (Monday to Thursday) during the month of July. Sessions were a combination of guest speaker discussions, followed by interactive activities led by undergraduate Schulich students.

“ What I love about the Business Excellence Academy is that it is a student-led initiative supported by our faculty and staff, all working together toward the shared goal of greater Black and Indigenous representation at our School.” DETLEV ZWICK, INTERIM DEAN

SEEC Community Impact Initiatives Focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion The Schulich Executive Education Centre launched more than 20 community impact initiatives focused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, including the following: • Talent and Inclusion Champion Program and 360 Assessment for senior leaders • Unconscious Bias: Virtual Classroom Programs • Anti-Black Racism Short Program • Program for Ontario Native Women’s Association • Custom program for the Bimose Tribal Council, a First Nations educational institution • Custom Program for Black Entrepreneurs • A version of the Mini-MBA program specifically tailored for Indigenous Leaders and other leaders who work with Indigenous communities • Overcoming Unconscious Bias to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion Webinar • Canadian Aboriginal Management Program • Diversity & Inclusion program for Kids Help Phone 26

Schulich Achievements

BLACK STUDENTS BUSINESS COLLECTIVE Schulich entered into a collaboration with the Ivey Business School at Western University, the Smith School of Business at Queen’s, and the Toronto District School Board’s Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement to develop a program called “Black Students in Business Collective”. The multi-year program is aimed at Grade 10 & 11 students and is designed to create a pathway for careers in business following graduation.

Schulich Creates Business Certificate Program for Toronto’s Black Community We partnered with A Different Booklist Cultural Centre (ADBCC) — The People’s Residence to create an Introduction to Business webinar series for members of Toronto’s Black community. The eight-week business certificate program, which was free of charge, covered topics ranging from marketing to human resources management and concluded with a session on how to develop a business plan. Each webinar included a lecture from a Schulich professor and a discussion with a Black entrepreneur. Ashwin Joshi, Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of Schulich’s MBA Program, described the webinar series as “part of a more sustained and purposeful engagement between Schulich and the Black community in Toronto”.

“ We’re delighted to be able to partner with ADBCC to create community-based learning that will help people grow their businesses and turn ideas into new business ventures.” ASHWIN JOSHI

CREATING GREATER DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION Schulich’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Working Group We established a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Working Group with representatives from the School’s student, staff, faculty and alumni communities. The Working Group’s mission:


identify ways to create greater Black and Indigenous representation;


integrate Black and Indigenous perspectives into our curriculum and learning; and

3 COMFORTING SENIORS DURING THE PANDEMIC Schulich graduate Mahad Shahzad (BBA ’20) created a non-profit called Chatting to Wellness to combat senior isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. The organization carries out weekly visits to retirement homes conducted by a student team of more than 30 volunteers to talk with lonely, isolated, and abandoned seniors. Mahad’s non-profit was selected as an Ownr’s Grant Recipient, a $25,000 fund sponsored by RBC Ventures for entrepreneurs in Canada, and was a recipient of the Jordan James Pickell Mental Health Achievement Recognition Award.

strengthen Schulich’s engagement with external stakeholders to create greater career and business opportunities for Black and Indigenous people.

2020 – 2021 Year-End Report


A Remarkable Year Like No Other You could call it “the power of community”. It was the first time in our School’s history that we had to deliver all of our courses virtually. From the moment we had to pivot to online courses more than a year ago, the Schulich community came together, embraced the unprecedented challenge before us with determination and dedication, and successfully transitioned to remote learning. It was a year of transition in so many ways, one that saw the end of an era with the close of Dezsö Horváth’s remarkable 32-year tenure as Dean, and the start of a new chapter in Schulich’s history led by a new leadership team under Interim Dean Detlev Zwick. Through it all, we came together as a community. We supported our students and our executive learning clients. We re-invented the way we teach and how we deliver learning, creating innovative new courses along the way.


Schulich Achievements

We continued to produce research that is making an impact on academic fields, on business practice, and in the classroom. And when the year was over, we graduated one of the largest classes in our School’s history. As the pandemic begins to ease, we recognize with pride that in the face of this historical challenge the Schulich community has continued to thrive. The School’s success over the past twelve months is the result of faculty, staff and students working together, learning from one another, struggling together and supporting each other. It was a year where we were tested like never before, and we responded with resilience and fortitude, kindness and generosity. It was a year where we saw the very best of Schulich.

Thank you!

To the entire Schulich community — when it was needed more than ever, you came together to make this academic year a year to be proud of. Thank you!

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Schulich Achievements

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