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Temple Talk Summer 2018

Pupils Take to the Slopes at the Italian Ski Resort of Pila Sorting Hat Mystery Saddens Students The Secret Life of Teachers Year 9 Battlefields Trip Music and Sports News plus more! School Magazine produced by Year 9 Reporters from Archbishop Temple School


Temple Talk Welcome to Temple Talk, a magazine written by a selection of pupils in year 9 at Archbishop Temple School. Mrs Knight, Second in English, invited pupils in her English class to ‘Write an article to share with other staff and pupils focussing on what goes on behind the scenes at Archbishop Temple School.’

We hope you enjoy reading about the pupils’ experiences and discoveries.

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Netball & Articular Art Blog

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Sorting Hat Mystery Saddens Students

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New Sporting Facility for Archbishop Temple School

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Ski Trip

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iPad Ban

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The Secret Life of Teachers

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National Concert Band Festival

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Drama Club

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Archbishop Temple School Easter Communion

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Netball Success

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Year 9 Battlefields Trip

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Archbishop Temple School Spring Concert On Thursday 15th March, Mrs Gardner’s music department held a spring concert featuring five ensembles, one soloist and St Andrew’s C of E primary school. It started at 6:30pm and lasted around two hours. Throughout the day, the primary school workshop had been happening with Trevor the percussion teacher. Around sixty pupils from St Andrew’s year five had travelled to Archbishop Temple School to have a day full of percussion, singing and art. They arrived and were split into two groups before one group went to the art room to make Roald Dahl themed masks and hats. The other group stayed in the main hall and put together a percussion piece that they would later show to their parents in the main hall. They then had a break and swapped over and completed their separated activities. After they had their lunch, Joe Martin came in to perfect their singing as he had been going into their school for the past half term. They sang ‘The School Song’ from Matilda the musical.

and ‘Sesame Street’. This set of music was a great way to start of the night and you could see the admiration in the primary children’s eyes. The concert then moved onto a solo played by Charlotte in year 10. She played a grade 8 piece and at the end, was met by a very enthusiastic round of applause. After this, the primary school year 5 choir made their way up onto the stage to sing the song ‘Refuge’. They made a beautiful sound.

Following this was the ATS Junior Concert Band; they played ‘Pathfinders March’, ‘Colliding Visions’, ‘March of the Hyperion Robots’ and ‘Junk Funk’ as a warm up for their performance at the coming up Then onto the concert. All the National Concert Band children had arrived by 6:15pm Festival. Susanna, a year 11 and the atmosphere was pupil, conducted them. It was buzzing with excitement. Junior her last school concert leading Jazz were the first band to take them as the band is being the stage after Mrs Jackson passed onto Grace in April. said a few brief words. With Emily, a year 11 pupil, Then the interval came up with conducting they played three refreshment served by the PTA pieces- ‘Tequila’, ‘Shake it Off’ and a raffle before the second 4

half of the concert got into full swing, starting with the primary percussion piece, which was very loud, but also very good considering it only had a few hours work on it. Senior Concert Band also played their pieces for National Concert Band Festival. They played ‘Celtic Ritual’, ‘Oblivion’ (soloist- Susanna in year 11), ‘Carnival’ and a Hans Zimmer medley. This was a great arrangement of pieces, which I am sure will go down very well with the judges at the NCBF. To finish off the evening was the nine piece jazz band ATS 8. They brought the concert to a close with four pieces‘Doxy’, ‘What is Hip’, ‘It don’t Mean a Thing’ and ‘Red Clay’. With drums, vibraphone, bass guitar, electric guitar, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet and trombone, they were a perfect way to end the evening and the music was incredible. Susanna


If you keep at it and get on the team (which practice Wednesday lunch) then you will be given the opportunity to represent the school at netball matches and tournaments which are a great experience, playing against other schools.

Are you looking to start a new hobby? Interested in Netball? Come along Thursday after school 3:20pm – 4:15pm and get involved. At the moment it is mainly year 7’s and a few 8s and 9s helping out but it’s open to all ages and Training in the Sports Hall on abilities, even if you know Thursday is a great way to test nothing about the sport. out the sport if you are not so sure and improves game skill Don’t think it’s too late to join massively. We normally do a just because others have been drill for the first 20 minutes and playing it for longer than you. I matches for the rest. If you only started in year 7. I was have been on the Wednesday only going to make friends, and lunchtime then it’s a bit I wasn’t very good because I different because at lunch you didn’t know the rules. However, just do matches and not any once I joined Preston Netball drills, which isn’t too great if Club (at Preston College on you don’t know how to play, Wednesday, 4:00pm – 5:45pm) unlike on the Thursday after and was training every week I school. began really enjoying it.

At the moment, years 9 and 10 are participating in a tournament at St. Cecilia’s against over schools in Preston. Ellen Cowell, Year 9, states that, “It’s such a fantastic experience and with that experience you gain friends and confidence.” If you are interested just come to the Sports Hall at the end of school on Thursday with your PE kit and have a go.

Charlotte Articular Art Blog In the art department, at Archbishop Temple School, we are very proud of the wonderful work we do. Therefore when an opportunity opens to present our art, we grab it with both hands and seize the opportunity. Recently, our school has entered a World War 1 inspired art competition. The competition invited children from ages 9-16 worldwide to participate. Many schools from across the region entered. The competition will be fierce as 26 countries have entered.

The prizes will be as follows: 1st place winner:£400 (£200 goes to the school)

fun way of educating yourself on the events of World War One and of the hard-earned lessons that go with it

2nd place winner:£200 (£100 goes to the school)

The results will be received before 27th April.

3rd place winner:£100 (£50 goes to the school)


There have been many submissions from our school in which they all differ. For example; there are quotes on remembrance on the poppy flowers, there is drawings of soldiers etc. I believe the competition is a 5

Sorting Hat Mystery Saddens Students When the library’s sorting hat was stolen, I decided to interview the pupils that go there and librarian Mrs Dearden to see what they thought about the theft. I’m sure, by this point, everyone in school knows of the theft of the library’s sorting hat. A papier-mâché replica of the enchanted hat from Harry Potter had been sitting in the corner of the book shelf since the 18th of April, the same day the bringer of the hat, librarian Mrs Dearden, came to this school. Stolen mysteriously 3-4 weeks ago, the hat’s absence has made the library feel slightly less cheerful. I went up and asked Mrs Dearden and the school’s pupils what they thought of the theft.

pupils I’ve talked to don’t know anything about it. Maybe someone’s upset at the library for something and decided to get back at the library or me by stealing something. I don’t actually know, that’s just a guess”.

have struggled to get it out. They were either really brave or really foolish to try and steal it.”

It’s clear Isa thought the latter about the thief, as he is sad the hat is gone. Carmen had some slightly different thoughts on Mrs Dearden also theorized the matter. When interviewed, that the thief must have stolen she said, “to be honest, I didn’t the hat on Period 1 or 2, before actually look at [the hat] that she came to school. However, much but I feel bad that it’s despite her anger towards the gone. I think that the thief is thief, Mrs Dearden’s message really stupid, because what “It doesn’t belong to me, it to them is “please just bring would they want to do with [the belongs to my assistant at my [the hat] back, no questions hat]? I feel bad for them old job” said Mrs Dearden asked”. because they’re going to get when I interviewed her about done and the guilt that they the hat. On the pupil side of things, the carry is just going to get general consensus is that the greater.” “She made it for me because thief is rather silly. David said she knew I was coming to when interviewed, “I feel that In conclusion, the school is Archbishop Temple,” Mrs it’s a shame that we cannot saddened by the sorting hat’s Dearden is angry that the hat trust people to respect other theft and think of the thief as was stolen, a thought most people’s property. It’s also very callous and stupid. If anyone likely shared by most of the disgraceful that some would has any information regarding school. A particularly steal [the hat]”. the thief’s identity or the sorting frustrating aspect of the whole hat’s whereabouts, please thing is the apparent lack of Another pupil, Isa, stated, “I inform Mrs Dearden witnesses to the crime. think that it’s strange [the hat] immediately. Don’t be afraid to went missing because it’s speak up. Mrs Dearden told me, “we’ve papier-mâché and can’t be had no leads at all. Most of the folded up, so the thief would Daniel 6

New Sporting Facility for Archbishop Temple Pupils are looking forward to using the newly renovated courts at Archbishop Temple School. The construction started at the beginning of January and the aim was to split the courts in two (half 2g and half tarmac). A 2g pitch is sand based with short synthetic grass, and can be used for sports like rugby, hockey, handball, football and many other sports. The build was expected to take 12 weeks. Archbishop Temple has been supported by the Blackburn Diocese, a church based organisation that helps out and

funds communities just like ours to help improve Lancashire. The new courts will benefit our school for many reasons, such as it will make the school look more appealing and modern to future pupils, it will enhance PE lessons and allow more sports to be played and the 2g is an all weather surface so we are able to go on it all year round!

these courts are so much more modern, practical and a safer playing surface for everyone.

Throughout this term, with the courts being unavailable, the PE staff have put on multiple activities in the sports hall, volleyball, basketball, netball, table tennis and badminton are just a few of the activities on at lunch and break. Furthermore, year 9 have been relocated to the senior yard, to join year 10 The new tarmac has two tennis and year 11. The fire alarm courts a netball courts and a assembly point has also basketball court, these will temporarily been moved from come very handy in extrathe courts back to the senior curricular activities and PE yard. lessons for the future. Compared to the old courts Charlotte

“The new surfaces offer a new lease of life to sports at Archbishop, whereas the previous courts offered limited sporting activities� Menna, Year Nine.


Ski Trip

There was an excited atmosphere on the coach, as just over 40 pupils set off on the long 23-hour journey to Italy. However the excitement died down halfway through the journey. Most people were sleeping or trying to sleep and the coach was quiet. The pupils caught a 10:30pm ferry from Dover to Calais and at around 6 am the next morning and had breakfast at a French service station. The pupils had to pack warm clothes for the trip such as fleeces, base layers, thick socks, gloves, hats, ski jackets and salopettes. Some pupils were able to hire jackets and salopettes, if they didn’t already own them. There was varied ability on the trip, which ranged from beginners, who had not even put a pair of ski boots on, to advanced skiers who had skied from a young age. On Sunday afternoon, the pupils arrived at the Bellevue Hotel. They lugged their bags

off the coach and up the steps to the front of the hotel and then the hotel greeted them with some lunch. The pupils then got back on the coach and set off to the Interski hire and were measured up and fitted with boots and skis. The advanced skiers received poles but the beginners didn’t. They were also given ski passes for the next week of skiing. Later, back at the hotel the pupils unpacked in their rooms, sharing either 3 or 4 to a room, and got settled. Dinner was served and the pupils got a good night’s rest.

Monday morning was the first day of skiing! The pupils clambered aboard the coach, with helmets and goggles in hands and ski gear on. They made the journey to ski hire and put their boots on and collected their skis and poles from their allocated number. With the resort being so high in the mountains, gondolas were needed to take skiers up to the resort. Fortunately, the gondola station was right next to ski hire so it was a short walk. The pupils scanned their passes and advanced through to the gondolas. After about 20 minutes on the gondola, the pupils reached the foot of the resort. The views and the whole atmosphere of the resort took most pupils back. There were several groups based on ability and experience with skiing, each group had an Interski instructor. They stayed with this instructor for the week of skiing. Not wanting to waste time they got straight onto the


slopes. The beginners stayed at the bottom learning the basics on blue runs whereas the advanced skiers started higher up the mountain on some easy red runs easing back into skiing. Back at the hotel, that night, they were exhausted and ready for some sleep. The staff had organised some fun events, with the help of Interski, for each night. It happened to be bowling after the first night of skiing; the pupils went to a local arcade and bowling arena. The pupils enjoyed pizza night, spent at a restaurant about 20 minutes away from the hotel. The disco on Wednesday night was at a club with a professional DJ and

expensive lighting. Tubing was a fun experience on Thursday. It was located next to the resort; there were stacks of rubber rings and a few small slopes. The pupils had to run, jump on the ring and fly down the slope. Finally, on Friday night there was a presentation night. All the instructors came to the hotel and awards were dished out and the instructors gave their groups ratings from 1-5 with a merit or distinction.

slopes for the last time. Pizza was served at tea on the last day and then it was straight to the coach and off back to England. It was an amazing experience and the pupils thoroughly enjoyed it. Joshua

It was sad for the pupils to find out that it was their last day of skiing on Saturday and that they were leaving that evening. All organised, cases packed, the pupils got back out onto the

iPad Ban

From Monday 19th February there were no iPads allowed in Archbishop Temple's Library. Mrs.Dearden, the librarian, put in place the rule that during lunch and break there would be no use of iPad in the library, and that the library would be purely for reading. Students may now only use their iPad in the library at homework club, after school, and that any other time the library was to be a calm place for educational reading. Despite the students of ATS being so attached to their iPad, Mrs.Dearden reports that there has been no impact on the number of students coming, and that it is really working well. Some of the students were at first annoyed by this change, and claimed that they now had no times in which they could do their work, and are now unable to do it. However not only were the majority of students on their iPad were not on them for educational reasons, but were still not getting their work done in the available 10 minutes at break or 30 minutes at lunch. Personally, I find Mrs.Dearden’s actions very helpful to the students. As by making them read more, they will get a much faster reading rate, and a more varied vocabulary, both of which are useful in exams and jobs for after education. Studies show that a person's reading speed peaks in the lower years of high school, and slowly drops in later years. And that higher payed jobs, like managers, are normally held by people with a higher reading speed. Mrs.Dearden herself is a living example of this, she says that she reads a lot and in return is in a well payed job, however both of her parents, which neither of them read very much, are both in factory jobs. Lucy 9

The Secret Life of Teachers

out’ with him, and do some ‘poo picking’ when the need occurs. Little Nell is black and hairy, and Mrs Jackson likes to think that he looks like the Lloyd’s Bank adverts horse. Mrs Jackson said that owning her horse has opened a whole new world for her to learn; she finds it amazing how such We think we know them alright- powerful and large animals can seeing them every day during survive only on grass, and lessons, down the corridor and therefore felt he needed the best pasture land he can get. maybe even at after school Did you know there are ‘sessions’. But what do our different types of pastureland bespectacled, grinning for different types of animals? teachers get up to outside of What’s the difference between preaching us the so-called hay and straw? These are just essentials of life? They may hide behind their apparent love a few of the many things for Maths or English; however owning a horse has taught Mrs Jackson. I have dug past this and revealed some of their hidden Mrs Bergon avocations. Our friendly head of Durham house, Mrs Bergon loves Mrs Jackson taking her children out to Starting with our beloved wacky world in the weekends, Headteacher, Mrs Jackson though last weekend, her lives in a very rural area in Lancashire, near the Cumbrian dreams came true. Her border, and said that she likes children, as well as herself and her husband, are all fans of ‘going out and about in this beautiful countryside’ when not Austin Powers, a series of three theatrical releases about in school. At home, a British secret agent. Their Mrs Jackson likes breeding favourite actor, Mini Me, played rare-breed chickens of which by the American dwarf actor she has 12 at the moment. Verne Troyers, happened to However, Mrs Jackson’s main come by to her daughter, passion outside of school is her Alicia’s favourite play area that weekend. horse, Little Nell, (she settled with this Charles Dickens’ character name as she previously had a larger horse, and thought ‘Little Nell’ to fit quite well with this one). Little Nell lives at the back of her garden, in his stable, therefore she has a lot of time to ‘hang


Her favourite part was watching the actor leave in his super-charged mini scooter-‘it was hilarious as he flew through the doors and down the steps!’

Mrs Storey Biology’s not her only passion! Mrs Storey also does band work, and has taken part in all kind of clubs and bands throughout the years. Mrs Storey has been playing since she was 8 years old, when her school started recruiting band players, and after taking her first instrument from the local butchers shop, she’s been playing the cornet ever since!

Her original band was Barnton Silver Band in Cheshire. Throughout the years she has been playing many different bands, but the Cheshire band At only 81 cm tall, Mrs Bergon still her favourite band to have said that ‘his friendly and funny played at. Mrs Storey has been personality was larger than playing at the pilling band for a life!’ the actor took some few years now and she plays photos with them, joked about the repiano cornet. our countries brilliant weather and signed her son’s ‘stay evil’ ‘Repiano cornet is a floating 10

part of the ensemble, where I sometimes sing with the front row cornets, and sometimes with the back row ones, sometimes in a duet and sometimes I even have a solo part in it’. One of Mrs Storey’s favourite contests was the Kirkby Lonsdale Entertainment contest where they marched through the streets and played their songs.

Throughout the run, Mrs Knight was delighted to see her family at the half way point, and after some brief hugs and pictures, set off to complete her course. Along the way, she met some ‘lovely people’ and they all helped each other get through the ‘last few miles’ also supported by a cheering crowd urging them over the finish line.

to Liverpool, giving them all the ‘scouse influences’ he can. Ms Ryder One of the school’s most favourite teachers, Ms Ryder, has gotten herself into a lot of cool things over the past few years.

‘Mo managed it in just 1hr 01 min and 40sec, I was just a little behind with a time of 2hrs 27mins02sec!’ Mrs Knight was greeted by a goody bag with some snacks, water, a t-shirt, and a ‘fab medal’. Ms Ryder has been dancing She’s hoping to sign again this since she could walk. She has year and added that ‘Maybe been studying every style of those who have been coming dancing possible and has only along to the running club might stopped in 2012. one day have a go at a half marathon!’ Ms Ryder walked from Keswick to Barrow, an annual Mr Carruthers charity event of walking or Our Assistant Headteacher running 40 miles in the Lake Mr Carruthers - loves spending District, she completed it in just time with his family. He likes to 12 hours! take his 10 year old boy to Mrs Knight football, cricket and a local Ms Ryder and her friends Mrs Knight is our running guru. youth club, and engage with swam the width of Last year, she took part in the his daughter by watching Coniston in 2014. ‘It was on my half marathon (a road running ‘cool retro films’ with her. bucket list and I’m so pleased I event of about 21km!) in did it!’ London, at which 11, 500 As for himself, Mr Carruthers people attended. Mrs Knight does bell ringing for his local Mr McGee said she had the pleasure of church. He said that he is Our last science teacher for the running alongside Sir Mo Farah about 40 years younger than show- Mr McGee- takes part in and Callum Hawkins, both anyone there, which makes many sporting activities. He global athletes. The route took him feel like ‘Private Pike in manages an under 13 year old in some of London’s most Dad’s Army!’ football club in Walton-le-Dale, iconic buildings, and as the he’s third captain of Preston weather improved, Mrs Knight He also does fly fishing hockey club, and also does said she could have done with whenever he can, and loves biking and running. He said pair of sunglasses. eating his catch for dinner. Mr that doing all this sport is for Carruthers often takes his kids something far bigger. ‘I really 11

Mrs Gilmour The devoted geography expert- Mrs Gilmour- has three different hobbies. Firstly, she attends K9 enjoy the family nature of freestyle, ‘which is the Preston Hockey Club and the ‘dancing’ that you may have support that is given by all its seen on Crufts- but members.’ probably more people will recognise it from Britain’s Got As for football, sir likes to give Talent with Ashleigh and back to his community. He said Pudsey (they are both that the was very lucky to have honorary members of our some brilliant coaches whilst club).’ growing up, so he really likes to be on ‘the other side of the For the ones that still don’t fence.’ have a clue what this is about, K9 freestyle is sometimes ‘My other hobby is spending known as ‘Dog Dancing’ or time with my family where we ‘Heelwork To Music (HTM)’. It like to go and explore the is a sport for those who like world.’ dogs and music. The ‘dance’ can be done in two divisions. One of them is the heelwork, in which the dog must be on heelwork position for ¾ of the duration. The other is freestyle, in which the dog doesn’t need Miss Catterall to do the heelwork position at Our ICT teacher has been all, and the judge will look for weightlifting now for 3 years, at three other elements. (In the the Olympic crowbar. ‘I find UK the judges will give you up that this has helped to ten points in three sections rehabilitation after a knee injury which are content, accuracy I have developed through and execution and musical running! I have started with interpretation). very light weights and have steadily built up to 95kg for a The second thing Mrs Gilmour 1 rep max. Last week I takes part in is Kennel Club completed 5x5 reps of 80kg, Rally, (a bring your dog along which is a heavy weight for so club helping you train it better many reps!’ doing a series of exercises) ‘We have moved into the Mrs Catterall believes that intermediate class and have weightlifting is an effective our first show in the holidays, sport for weight loss and for competing against 60 other building strong bones and dogs!’ physique. 12

Finally Mrs Gilmour does agility- her favourite! The course is made up of jumps and obstacles, like tunnels and A-frames. ‘Again have a look on Crufts if you’re not sure what it is.’ Other teachers Mr Haslam goes to a non- competitive boxing club whilst he is quite good at it, he said he doesn’t strive for competitions or medals, but just the enjoyment of taking part in the club. Our science teacher Miss Walsh enjoys taking her caravan out, and has travelled all the way up to Wales in it.

Mrs Coxon and Ms Markham, as well as our English teacher Mrs Wilson are great fans of gardening, and whenever time permits can be seen fussing over their plants.

Mrs Jonsson now has a grandchild to look after! David

National Concert Band Festival Members of the Junior and Senior Concert Bands woke up bright and early on Saturday 7th April 2018, they arrived at school at 7:15am, ready to travel to the Royal Northern College Of Music for their competition. After Junior Concert Band achieved a platinum award and Senior won a gold award last November in another competition, they were accepted to compete at the finals of the National Concert Band Festival on the 7th of April 2018.

The Senior Concert Band was next, this time conducted by Andy Warriner a music teacher at Archbishop Temple School and also a conductor of his own band. They also performed 4 pieces with their The competition started off with last piece being snippets of the Junior Concert Band songs by Hans Zimmer. They conducted by Susanna, a year also had their picture taken and 11 pupil at Archbishop Temple went back to the hall. But they School. They performed four had to wait to hear their result pieces in front of the judges, as the Royal Marine Band one of the judges being performed to the audience. The Simone Rebello, an ex-pupil of Royal Marine Band Service is the RNCM who is now Director the musical side of the Royal of Percussion at the RNCM. Navy and currently consists of five bands. Everyone loved the After they had finished they performance. had their photos taken and re-entered the music hall to Finally, the Senior Concert hear their results. They weren’t Band were ready to hear their disappointed, as they left the results and they achieved a hall with a gold award which silver award which they were the conductor had hoped for. all happy with and they left the

hall with happy faces. Both bands are looking forward to more concerts and competitions in the future after recording their entries for the Music for Youth National Festival in Birmingham. The bands are hoping to hear if they have been selected to perform in July 2018 at one of the venues of the competition. They have previously played at Symphony Hall, Birmingham Town Hall and the CBSO Centre.

Thanks to all the staff who came on the trip to the RNCM, and many thanks to both conductors Susanna and Andy Warriner. With a special thanks being to Mrs Gardener for organising the event and for putting in the time with both bands. Summer


Drama Club

Are you still unsure about who you are? Or just want to be able to express yourself in a comfortable, laid-back environment? Then you might want check out drama club. At drama club, or more simply known as ‘drama’, you are given opportunities to express yourself through playing different roles, which is excellent for finding out who you are. Often before you go off to do your piece, we will have a group discussion which gives you chance to talk to others about past experiences that relate to the subject of the piece which not only helps with characterisation but also allows you to relate to others and improves your empathy.

something you would never find in any other subject in school. You will also overcome the fear of making mistakes because that’s what drama is all about! It gives you a chance to redo what you’ve just done, improving all the time; taking things out and adding things to make your piece more effective.

Drama club is mainly devised theatre or improvisation. There isn’t much difference between the two but I think the exam boards prefer to use ‘devised theatre’ because it sounds more intellectual. Anyway, what they mean is your group of about 6 will be given a word or phrase; it may be place or it may be the starting line but whatever it is, you have to be creative and make a scene out of it which will then be If you think you’re too performed at the end of the frightened to go to drama, then session. You are only given a that’s just another reason to go short amount of time which as it increases your confidence means you have to think on and social skills. Drama allows your feet - another important you to push yourself and be skill you can use in other creative whilst interacting with subjects and throughout life. people and having fun,

The club is run by Miss Keller in the drama studio, which is found at the front of school next to the sports hall. Drama club takes place every Tuesday from 3:20pm to 4:30pm. However, this does change due to rehearsals where the club is cancelled until the final performance has happened. Rehearsals usually happen every year at spring/summer time. If you have any queries, check with Miss Keller. If you’ve got to this point, you must be intrigued, so why not give it a go? If it’s not for you, you’ll learn that on the journey but, it may be the thing your mind needs. Sarah

Drama Club open to all years Drama Studio —Tuesdays 3.20pm—4.30pm 14

Archbishop Temple School Easter Communion 2017 On Thursday the 22nd March 2017 Archbishop Temple School celebrated Easter by sharing communion, a common Christian practise. Communion is taken by Christians across the world in remembrance of Jesus. The practise can be formal and is often taken in church regularly, or it could be done between a few people. Communion is simply sharing bread and wine, in remembrance of Jesus, and saying some prayers. In our school, we annually share communion in our sports hall, which will fortunately, just about, fit the entire school in! However, we do not like this option, so at Easter we split up into our houses (Canterbury, Durham, Winchester, and York). Three of the houses will walk to a nearby church, take communion there and walk back to school, all in under two hours. A reason why we do this, is because it easier to take communion in smaller groups, and as a school we can be more focussed in smaller groups.

This year, it was Canterbury's turn to stay in school! You are probably wondering what the house staying at school is doing, during the spare time the others spent walking. This time around, Canterbury decided to play inter-form bench ball. In each house there are seven forms, spelling PRESTON. Fortunately, we had enough time for a full competition where each team would play the other 6 teams. This was achieved by having 3 matches played at any one time, and the remaining form would sit out one game. An extra element to this bench ball competition, was team management! Unlike in PE lessons, each form would

carefully select who would play each game, as we were all limited to 10 players a side – including a benchkeeper. Sometimes it was difficult, with an average of 25 a form and some more enthusiastic to play than others. The reason this could be a problem, is that everybody is required to play in at least one match, so forms would be unable to use their tallest and most experienced players in every match. Unfortunately for Canterbrarians between year 8 and year 11, this event may only take place every 5 years for Canterbury, as for the following three years, it will be Durham's, Winchester's and York's turns to stay in school for the following three years. Hopefully they had a pleasant walk, and communion. And I hope everyone reading had a happy Easter, and some delicious Easter Eggs! Ethan



Netball Success

to play. These matches will be re played on 7th May.

Since September, years 7, 8, 9 and 10 have all been working hard to improve their netball skills. Every Wednesday lunch time, they have been to practise and all this hard work paid off when Miss McKenna entered them into the Schools’ League. Every Wednesday after school, they would represent the school at St Cecilia’s Catholic High School and play their fixtures.

On 7th March, years 9 and 10 went to play again: Year 9 played Broughton High School and lost 7-5 however considering their goalkeeper wasn’t able to play they put up a really good match and didn’t actually let any goals in in the second half. match ever, they played really well together. Year 10 played Corpus Christie Catholic High School On the last week of term, years and Our Lady’s Catholic High 9 and 10 went to St Cecilia’s st School. They beat Corpus first once again: On February 21 , years 9 7-3 however narrowly lost to and 10 went to play their first Our Lady’s 13-10. These Year 9 won their match against fixtures: results are fantastic and even St Cecilia’s 11-2. It was a good though they lost one match, game with the ball flying from Year 9 played Christ the King they played well as a team one end of the court to the Catholic High School first and considering the fact that it was other however they still beat them 6-2. They played freezing cold too. managed to turn the game really well as team and that around and beat them. showed in their second match th when they played Ashton High On March 14 , the year 7a team and 8b team went to play Year 10 played 2 matches. School and beat them 12-0. their first fixtures of the season: Their first one was against Their final game was against Broughton High School where Longridge High School. They The year 7a team played they drew 7-7 and their second put up a really good fight exceptionally well. They won match was against Ashton however in the end they lost two matches and drew the last where they beat them 8-5. All 17-4. Even though Longridge have a really good team, next match. They beat Corpus 10-0, girls played well and their beat Moor Park High School defence has improved a lot. time they are determined to 11-0 and drew with Broughton beat them. 4-4. These were really good Next term, they still have a few more fixtures to play and I’m Year 10 only played 2 matches. games and has proved that they are a team to watch in the sure they will win most of them. They played Christ the King future. Well done girls! Over the last half term, all the and beat them 16-4 however girls have behaved really well, lost to Longridge in their Year 8b didn’t have the turn out had fun and played well as a second match. They still team. Well done to all the girls played really well together and as expected however they who took part and for doing the their shooting was exceptional. played well as a team and really enjoyed it. First they school proud! th played Broughton High School On February 28 , years 7 Ellen and 8 were looking forward to and lost 12-0 and then they played Fulwood Academy and playing their first fixtures lost 8-2. They still had fun and however due to snow considering this is their first conditions, they were unable 17

Year 9 Battlefields Trip

Gate. This vast monument had a real impact on the way I think They say history is bound to about the world we live in and repeat itself if we don’t learn the people we live with. As I from it. At the beginning of approached the arch, I was year 9, all pupils were given overwhelmed by the sheer the amazing opportunity to stop amount of names I saw; an that from happening. unending list if those who gave their lives for our freedom. One grim October night, 40 pupils set of for Belgium, a The trip was organised so that journey that would take us we were able to be at the through the length of England, Menin Gate whilst there was a the channel and France, just to service on. A select few were arrive at our small hotel. also allowed to be a part of the ceremony: a huge Shortly after arriving, we accomplishment that not many hopped on the coach again people get to say they’ve been and started off on our a part of. expedition. Out first stop was at a large cemetery which was There are many tales told of completely astounding. During life in the trenches, many our stay, we visited many stories brought back from the cemeteries of varying sizes but front line. Perhaps the most the first one really hit every famous tale, is that of the single one of us because of it’s Christmas truce in 1914. size. Everyone knows the story and we had the chance to stand on We were allowed free time the ground where it is believed everywhere we went to try and to have happened. We were find family members or just allowed to look over the field take pictures and reflect. that serviced as no-mans land, Reflection was a big part of this see the trenches on the front trip, especially at the Menin line and witness a small

ceremony held to remember the truce. Out of the many cemeteries we visited, only one of them was for German soldiers. The contrast was incredible: instead of the white stones placed upright, one for every soldier, the stones were dark great, covered in dirty leaves, and there were many names on each plaque. This cemetery felt secluded, forgotten almost. At the far end, looking over everything, were two statues entitled ‘Grieving Parents’. This really added a huge amount of sombreness to the whole atmosphere. Nothing can describe what was felt if learnt during this trip except respect. Respect for the soldiers who fought, respect for those who continue to preserve their memories, and the deepest respect for those who are willing to learn from the mistakes made in the past. Jessica

History Film Club Tuesday lunchtime 1.20pm—2.15pm Room 25 See Mr Bretherton for a permission slip.


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