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How to support your child’s learning at home Please ensure your child brings their reading book every day. It is also still important that your child is listened to regularly at home. So that we can monitor who is reading, please ensure there are at least three entries in the ‘Reading Record’, each week. The expectation for a Year 5 pupil is that they should know all of their times-tables (2x-12x), including decimals – multiplication and division, by the end of the academic year. Please ensure your child practises these for at least 15 minutes per day. For additional advice about how you can support your child further at home, please contact your child’s class teacher, who will be happy to help.

Make sure you know your targets and are constantly striving to achieve them.

Homework Year 5 children are given homework every Friday to be handed in by the following Wednesday. This will be recorded in their home school journals. It must be completed to an acceptable standard, which means that it must be at least as good as the work children produce in class. Written tasks must be completed in blue pen. There will usually be a maths task, spellings to learn and an English or Creative Curriculum activity. Mr Heseldon runs a drop in homework club on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes for children who would like some help with their work. Alternatively, any child who is struggling with their homework can see their class teacher or teaching assistant at break or lunchtime on a Monday or Tuesday.

We have super new journals full of helpful tips to support work at home. Please ensure that journals are signed and handed in each week. Lomeshaye Junior School Norfolk St Nelson Lancashire BB9 6SY

Curriculum Overview Year 5 Spring Term 1 Miss Shaw, Mrs Mansell, Miss Embley

English: In English we will develop our language and skills around Greek myths. We are currently reading the book ‘Perseus and the Gorgon-slayer’ to enhance our understanding and have also used the film ‘Clash of the titans’ to explore common mythical themes and language. We aim to demonstrate our understanding by writing our own Greek myths!

Creative Curriculum: Ancient Greeks As part of Creative Curriculum, we will be exploring life during the Ancient Greek rule which spans from 700BC-146 BC. Significant events that took place during this time will be looked at in depth and plotted on a timeline. We will deepen our understanding of the Battle of Marathon and we will be looking into how Gods and Goddesses influenced society – and how they still do today!


In Maths, the children will be applying their knowledge of Place value including negative numbers and Roman numerals and calculating additions and subtraction problems, using written or mental methods. They will also explore length, mass and capacity within the area of Measure. Finally, they will develop their knowledge of Geometry, looking at translation and reflection.

History: Greek Gods During our Groovy Greek theme, we will be looking at Historical pictures of the Greeks, with particular reference to Greek Gods! As a WOW factor, children will be asked to come to school dressed as a Greek God and they will have the chance to experience the Greek cuisine!

Creative Curriculum: Geography During our Greek theme, we will be exploring European Maps – trying to expand children’s knowledge of where countries are situated. We will be comparing Modern and Ancient Maps of Greece to help identify the towns and cities conquered by Alexander the Great. We will also become travel agents – devising travel brochures to advertise modern day Greece! Can they persuade you to cross the Seas?

Science: Forces

Art and Music: The children will experience Art lessons with a skilled artist, enhancing their techniques in drawing and sketching Ancient Greek relics. Similarly, a skilled music teacher will focus on the topic of Ancient Greece and in particular, music related to the Olympic anthems, where children will practice their singing and keyboard skills on well known songs from the play.

Within our forces unit, we will be exploring significant scientists and their discoveries, such as Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei. First we will look at gravity, where we will use a straw to try and overpower the force of gravity acting on a ball. We will later move on to friction, air resistance and water resistance, where we will complete lots of interesting investigations!

Computing: Children will continue to develop their skills in ‘Data Handling’ and present date to a specified audience. They will also displaying their findings in other software E.g. Word and Spex World. .

Year 5 Curriculum Leaflet Spring 1  
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