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How to support your child’s learning at home SAT’s meeting for parents on Tuesday 17th January at 9am. Please try to attend so that you are aware of the organisation of the tests in May. There will be SATs revision guides for maths and reading available to purchase. We aspire for 100% attendance. This is particularly important over the coming months. It is very difficult for children to catch up on missed learning.

Make sure you know your targets and are constantly striving to achieve them.

Homework Year 6 children are given homework every Friday to be handed in the following week. It’s best to spread the work out through the week rather than do it all in one go. It must be completed to an acceptable standard which means that it must be at least as good as the work children produce in class, and written tasks must be completed in blue pen. There will usually be a maths task, spellings to learn and a Literacy or Creative Curriculum activity. Mr Heseldon runs a drop in homework club on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes for children who would like some help with their work.

Reading Records must be completed and all children are expected to read for at least 10 minutes at home every day. Lomeshaye Junior School Norfolk St Nelson Lancashire BB9 6SY

Curriculum Overview Year 6 Spring1

Miss Payne, Mrs Holden, Mr Heseldon, Mrs Malik


During our first half term back into the New Year, our work in English will be based around the book Journey to the River Sea, written by Iva Ibboston. We will develop a range of grammar skills throughout this topic, which will be applied throughout all our writing in school. This unit will end with the children writing their own story in the style of the book and will contribute towards their final SAT score.

Creative Curriculum: Magnificent Maya Our creative curriculum theme on the ancient Maya civilization will enable us to delve deeply into history to learn about the lives of people living in Central America from 2000BC through to 900AD. We will focus our learning around the Classic period from 250AD to 900AD as we discover about remarkable cities, number systems, writing and calendars.

Maths: This half term we are focusing on developing reasoning skills in preparation for the SATs. We will learn about sequences, coordinates, translation and reflection, statistics (mean), measurement (temperature) and calculating with fractions. Alongside this, we will be working to improve our mental arithmetic skills using the most efficient methods.

Science: This half term, we will be

studying the natural world, particularly how animals and plants can be grouped. We will learn about important scientists who developed classification systems for living things, with an in depth look at Carl Linnaeus. In addition, we will look in depth at the rainforest habitats in Central America and will research the different plants and animals found there.

Geography: We will consider the forest biomes (rain forests) of Central America and interpret climate data, as well as discuss environmental issues that affect these areas today. Our mapping skills will be enhanced as we look in depth at maps, atlases and online resources.


In History, we will develop our ability to question artefacts and to develop our thinking about how we can learn about the past from the objects left behind.

PE: We will start the term by trying out the Maya game of pok-ta-pok, where children play in teams to score points by hitting the ball (using only,knees, elbows and hips) into their opposing teams end zone.

Visitors: We are lucky enough to have a visit from Dr Diane Davies, the only Maya archaeologist in England. She will be telling us about her work and helping us learn through practical workshops. We can’t wait!

Year 6 Curriculum Leaflet Spring 1  
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