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How to support your child’s learning at home  Listen to your child read for 10 minutes every day.  Help them to learn their times tables.  Ensure that your child completes their homework.  Provide your child with a quiet place to work/read. We have super new journals full of helpful tips to support work at home. Please ensure that journals are signed over the weekend and handed in each Monday to be checked. Mrs Foote and Mr Heseldon run a drop in homework club on Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes for children who would like some help with their work. Don’t forget that Swimming is on a Wednesday. PE kits should be in school at all times. Homework goes home on a Friday and is due in by Tuesday. Spellings go home on Friday to be tested the following Thursday.

Adults who work with us: Mrs Foote 4 Sycamore Teacher Miss Hough 4 Chestnut Teacher Miss Robinson 4 Willow Teacher Mrs Shah Support Assistant Mrs Aslam Support Assistant Mrs Rothwell Support Assistant Mrs Sultana Support Assistant Ms Harvey ICT Teacher Mr Roberts PE Coach/Support Assistant Miss Birtwistle PE Coach/Support Assistant If you have any concerns about your child and wish to discuss them please contact us on: Lomeshaye Junior School Norfolk St Nelson Lancashire BB9 7SY

Curriculum Overview Year 4 Autumn Term 1 Mrs Foote, Miss Hough and Miss Robinson


In English this term we are focusing firstly on recounts, whereby children will be studying and analysing a variety of newspapers, identifying the key features. They will get the chance to produce their own newspaper article based on our Creative topic ‘Rivers’. Following this, they will be looking at various issues and dilemmas, this will give them an opportunity to share and discuss ideas within groups and come up with resolutions. In this particular genre, they will use story maps and role play to reflect their ideas.

Creative Curriculum:

We will begin the term with the topic of River Rapids. In this unit, the children will develop their knowledge and understanding of rivers. The unit will include UK and world rivers, features of a river and teaching about erosion and deposition. To support learning of this topic, the children will visit the RSPB centre in Lytham. We will then move onto our whole school theme of Diversity. Year 4 will be learning about Buddhism. They will work with our creative partner, Nicole, to learn the story of the Buddha through songs and drama.

Maths: We begin this term by rehearsing and applying our mental multiplication and division facts knowledge to measures and perimeter. We will then look at telling the time, with a particular focus on am, pm and converting analogue and digital time. The written method of multiplication will be secured when applying our knowledge to word problems. Knowledge of the number system will be further applied when investigating statistics. We will finally be developing our knowledge of place value in the form of negative numbers.


This term we are looking Living Things and Their Habitats. Work in this unit will help the children to gain knowledge and understanding about how animals can be grouped according to their characteristics. They will learn how living things can be grouped in a variety of ways and use classification keys to help them group a variety of living things. They will also learn about changes in the environment and the impact these can have on animals habitats.


To link with our science unit this term, the children will use the program ‘FlexiTree’ to create a branching database to help them to group and classify living things. They will observe animal characteristics and create yes/no questions to sort the animals accordingly.

Art and DT:

Children will learn about Claude Monet and how he loved to paint images of water. They will recreate work in the style of Monet.


During our music lessons this term, we will look at water as a stimulus for performing, singing and composing. We will look at various composers who use water as an influence. We will sing solo songs focusing on pitch and tone. We will learn to understand how time and place can influence how and why music is performed and written and we will also use a range of tuned and untuned instruments.


In PE this term the children will continue their work with FUNDA to take part in a variety of Dance styles. They will work together to create and perform a simple routine. Girls group two will be swimming this term. Goggles and earrings are not allowed.

Year 4 Curriculum Leaflet Autumn 2  
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