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Pupil Premium Expenditure 2016/17 Agreed by governors May 2016. Pupil Premium Governor Mrs H Zamojskyj Pupil Premium Allocation £121 821 Funding Priority

Total % spend

Outcome and benefits

Rationale e.g. Sutton Trust Toolkit

Review and evaluation

Homework/learning 3.2% support club.

To provide a suitable learning environment with appropriate resources and adult help.

Sutton Trust toolkit -studies tend to show that homework is beneficial; pupils who do homework tend to be successful schools.

Pupil voice, pupil data review.

Year 6 Booster Sessions

Targeted intervention including mastery. Class teaching & learning consolidated. Inclusion.

Sutton Trust toolkit - One to one tutoring +5 months moderate impact For pupils eligible for FSM with lower prior attainment, those who received tuition were more likely to achieve L4 at KS2 Sutton Trust toolkit - One to one tutoring +5 months moderate impact For pupils eligible for FSM with lower prior attainment, those who received tuition were more likely to achieve L4 at KS2 Education Endowment Foundation: Outdoor Adventure Learning – How effective is it (LOtC)? Studies of adventure learning interventions consistently show

Termly data reviews. End of year 6 progress data analysis.


 Online Maths tuition afterschool.


Intensive targeted tuition. Consolidation of skills taught in class.

Outdoor adventure learning- extra curricular i.e. Condover Hall


Collaborative learning experiences; problem-solving, explicit reflection and discussion of thinking. promotes positive behaviour

Data review after interventions using Provision Map

Take up, review Y6 data

and safety and provides a broad range of experiences that contribute well to the pupils’ achievement and to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

positive benefits on academic learning, and wider outcomes such as selfconfidence. On average, pupils who participate in adventure learning interventions appear to make approximately three months additional progress over the course of a year Sutton Trust toolkit -Enrichment activities may have positive benefits on attitudes. Benefits for learning appear to be more achievable with younger learners. This appears particularly true of developing skills in music performance when young children seem to gain in terms of their wider attainment.  Transfer of learning to the classroom is Sutton Trust toolkit - On average, reading comprehension approaches improve learning by an additional five months’ progress over the course of a school year Endowment Trust toolkit- Oral language interventions consistently show positive benefits on learning, including oral language skills and reading comprehension. On average, pupils who participate in oral language interventions make approximately five months' additional progress over the course of a year. Sutton Trust toolkit - One to one

Specialist musical instrumental lessons Years 3, 4 and small group guitar.


Benefits include attitudes to learning, well- being, encourages pupils to apply their learning from music participation to more formal contexts – music curriculum.

Accelerated Reader online resource


reading comprehension approach improves learning.

Speech and language therapist ( 1 day a week school SLA)


Targeted intervention to extend pupils spoken. language and vocabulary. Promote talk and social interaction.

 

Teaching Assistant


Early year’s intervention to

Pupil voice

Analyses of Accelerated reader take up. Reading age tests Tracking and monitoring of reading data Analysis of support -case studies. Impact study

Termly pupil progress meetings

(12) afternoon intervention sessions

  

Additional teachers to teaching and learning.


 

accelerate progress. Individualised/small instruction provides different tasks for each learner and provides support at the. individual level. Targeted intervention. Intensive tuition. Additional phonics sessions

Reduction of class sizes.Reception, Year 1 and Year 3 classes of 20 for literacy and maths will benefit attainment, behaviour and attitudes. Targeted intervention. Intensive tuition i.e. EAL pupils FSM.

Uniform costs FSM



Specialist external support for


Targeted support for pupils with social and emotional

tutoring +5 months moderate impact For pupils eligible for FSM with lower prior attainment, those who received tuition were more likely to achieve L4 at KS2 Phonics approaches have been consistently found to be effective in supporting younger readers to master the basics of reading, with an average impact of an additional four months’ progress. Research suggests that phonics is particularly beneficial for younger learners (4-7 year olds) as they begin to read. Teaching phonics is more effective on average than other approaches to early readin Sutton Trust toolkit -There is evidence that, when done successfully, benefits of reducing classes sizes to 20 or below can be identified in the behaviour and attitudes of pupils as well as on attainment, and that these benefits persist for a number of years

Sutton Trust toolkit-There is some evidence that in areas of very high poverty free school uniforms improve attendance Sutton Trust toolkitSocial and emotional interventions

including data and intervention reviews, provision maps reviews

Termly pupil progress meetings including data and intervention reviews

Review costing and take up. Parent voice.

Analysis of support -case studies, impact study.

vulnerable families; Caritas Social Worker Educational Psychologist

Pupil Premium funding including LAC.

  

Pupil premium funding £121821 + £3317 school budget total expenditure £125138.

needs. Engagement in learning. Targeted intervention. Early help for children and families

have an identifiable and significant impact on attitudes to learning, social relationships in school, and attainment itself (four months' additional progress on average)

Pupil Premium Allocation 2016-17  
Pupil Premium Allocation 2016-17