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Pre-enrolment task for 2014 entry

AS level Business Studies

Why do I need to complete a pre-enrolment task? The task is designed to allow your teacher to assess important skills at the start of the course, which they can use for planning student activities, identifying where support might be needed and to help in the assessment of your suitability for the AS level course. We have found that some students elect to take an AS level without recognising the skills needed to receive a high grade in an examined course; such students may be better suited to a vocational qualification, which is only assessed by coursework at this time. Your performance in the task will allow your teachers to support you fully to ensure you are on the right course to maximise your performance. When should I hand it in? You should hand in the task at your first Business Studies lesson in September. How will I be given feedback on how well I have done? Your teacher will collect in the work in the first lesson and mark the work. Feedback will be given in written and verbal form and will outline your strengths and areas for development. They may discuss your suitability to the AS level course.

Task In Detail 1. Simple numerical calculations, using a formula provided. 2. A written summary of a newspaper article.


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Course: A level Business Studies

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Pre-enrolment Task Section A - Self-review. This is used to help your teacher understand your background, your experiences and which business course might suit you best. 1. Did any of your school assessments contain coursework?




If yes, was it an enjoyable part of study at school?




If yes, did it support you in your work and support you



In achieving a better grade?

2. How many of the subjects you studied at school had coursework? 3. How many vocational (non GCSE) subjects did you achieve?

4. Are you happy to study a subject that is examined only by an examination? Yes


5. Do you prefer to have coursework as part of your study of business studies at college? Yes No 6. Have you achieved a business qualification in school, if so, what course was it and what grade did you achieve? 7. What grade did you achieve in the following: GCSE Mathematics GCSE English Language


Please turn over for the next task.

Section B – Calculations This requires you to complete the profit table below, using the following information. When you have completed the table, make a brief comment on the changes between 2013 and 2014. Company information Jazzy Jumpers is a small business creating individually knit jumpers selling through an on-line web site. As part of the accounting process the business must calculate its revenues, costs and profits for the year and then comment on the changes which have taken place between 2013 and 2014. Financial information Use the following information to make the calculations to complete the table overleaf. There are a. Calculate Sales Revenue for 2014. The sales revenue is the income earned from selling jumpers. To calculate this you must use the formula: Number of jumpers x selling price 4000 jumpers sold at a price of £30 each Sales revenue is: b. Calculate the costs Costs are the expenses a business incurs to make and sell the jumpers. Cost of Sales – this is how much it costs to make the actual jumper sold (materials and time). It is calculated using the following formula Number of jumpers sold x cost of making the jumper. 4000 jumpers were sold and it cost £12 to make each jumper Cost of sales is: Other/ Fixed Costs – these are the other costs of running a business, not directly linked to making each jumper and include costs such as rent, web site fees, bills and marketing. These other / fixed costs are £3,000 higher than the figure for last year. Total Costs – This is the total of all running costs for the business and is calculated by using the following formula: Cost of Sales plus Other Fixed Costs. Show workings for your calculation. Total costs are: Please turn over 3

c. Calculate the profit or loss for 2014. This is the aim of the business, to make a profit. A profit exists when the sales revenue is higher than the total costs. A loss exists, when the sales revenue is lower than the total costs. it is calculated by the formula below. Sales Revenue minus Total Costs. Show workings for your calculation.

Sales revenue is:

If the answer is positive it is a profit; if the answer is negative it is a loss. Profit Summary for Jazzy Jumpers In the table below, add the answers from your calculations. In the comments at the side, summarise the key change for each section. In the table below, write a summary of the financial performance of Jazzy Jumpers.

Sales Revenue

Business Costs Cost of Sales

2013 ÂŁ 105,000

2014 ÂŁ

Comments on the changes


Other (Fixed) Costs


Total Costs




Summary of overall performance.

Please turn over for the next task 4

Section C – Reading and Writing Assessment Current Affairs

The aim of this activity is to broaden your understanding of events happening in the UK and the world as well as being able to read and summarise extended text. This will help you to make links to the world of business and also to improve your reading and note taking skills. It is vital for you to keep up to date with what is happening, as this affects business, which is what you are studying and it will enhance your understanding of the subject.

Current Affairs Assessment This piece of work is designed to develop your research skills and for your teacher to assess your written work. Below, is a hyperlink to an article on music sales in independent record shops. You will need to download and read the article (by clicking on the hyperlink). Once you have read the article, you will need to answer the questions provided and then provide a written summary of the article. The written summary should be between 100 and 150 words, it must be your own work and it must not be copied directly from the article. Your work can be typed or handwritten.

________________________________________________________________________ Title of the article Date of the article Source of the article

Article Summary (use additional space if needed)


HNC Business Pre-enrolment Task  
HNC Business Pre-enrolment Task