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St Michael’s CE Junior School (Controlled) Governing Body Newsletter I am writing to provide information about the School Governing Body and what we have been able to achieve over the last year. Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the limited information you have received over the past year but we are aiming to rectify this situation moving forward To begin with I would like to tell you who the governors are; Rev Tom Moore Mrs Caroline Capper Mr Derrick Copes Mrs Lynne Hignett Rev James Martin Mr Bob Brown Mrs Sylvia Eaton Mrs Norma Francis-Crerar Mrs Gaynor Austin Mrs Nicola Hayhoe Mrs Tuba Sahin Mrs Helen Woodfine Mrs Rhainnon Ellis-Davies

Chair (and Chair of the Community and Environment Committee) Vice Chair (and Chair of the School Development Committee) Chair of the Finance Committee Head Teacher Governor Governor Governor Governor Governor Governor Governor Governor Governor

The best way to describe our role as Governors is to say that we are a critical friend to the School and we work with the Head Teacher and all the staff to try and build a school where each pupil receives the best possible education and preparation for the next stage of their education (within the limits and restrictions that are part of our education system). We operate three sub committees which look at various aspect of school life and report to the Full Governing Body. During the academic year 2012 - 2013 we have spent some time looking at and dealing with: • the membership of the Full Governing Body and our structures • some of the policies which we are obliged to put in place and keep update (and here we are having to do some catching up) • monitoring the finances of the school • monitoring health and safety in the school and our plans (and hopes) for developing the school buildings and the school site

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liaising with the Borough Council about traffic round the school making visits to the school (each non-teaching Governor is linked to a class and is invited by the teachers to come in to look at projects etc)

We encourage each of the non-teaching Governors to take advantage of the School Governors Training offered by Hampshire County Council Governor Services and the Diocese of Guildford and as such we are being better equipped to be more effective Governors. As a Church School we have a strong Christian ethos in all that we do and we are constantly assessing how that ethos can be enhanced and also be inclusive. We are proud of our School and at the end of each of our meetings we have a Good News item on the agenda and amongst other things that have come up under that banner are: • New windows installed • The games repainted on the tarmac in the playground • A new cycle shed • Wonderful and exciting trips for the pupils • New IT equipment in the school • Our amphitheatre • Staff successes • More than satisfying SATS results • Pupils displaying greater independence and creativity in their learning • Our Ofsted result …………….. And so the list goes on and on and on. It is hard work being a Governor and we, individually and collectively, put quite a few hours into our roles, but we gain some absolutely fascinating and amazing insights into School life. At our meetings we often have a heavy workload but we also have many laughs and many moments of pride in achievements within the School. We are a constantly evolving team of individuals who do our best for OUR School. And it is OUR School too, as well as yours and the children’s School. Kind regards

Rev Tom Moore (a k a Tom the Vicar) Chair of Board of Governors of St Michael’s Junior School.

Newsletter 2013 - 2014 Issue 1