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St. Michael’s CE Junior School Learning Values ◊

Team work



Emotional and Intellectual

September 2012

Engagement ◊


Thinking Our vision for THINKING

THINKING is about:

We believe that thinking enables us to make sense of the world and our





others’ thoughts.


We foster a safe and supportive environment that provides opportunities




We aim to give children time to reflect on their ideas, share their

Making decisions

Exploring ideas

place within it. We can make informed decisions by challenging concepts and evaluating ideas. This ultimately leads to personal and collective growth. We support children in exploring their ideas considering possibilities and reflecting on decisions. We encourage them to challenge their own and

for children to develop opinions and ideas free from judgement and

thinking and value the contributions of others.

Learners will… •

Consider what they already know in order to ask questions, make predictions and test their thinking

We will see… •

Creative approaches to the development of thinking

Opportunities for creative thinking skills to be encouraged

Use criteria against which their thinking will be tested, and then take steps to move their thinking forward

through creative challenges, thinking hats and concept maps •

An engaging and inspiring classroom which allows for thinking

Consider a range of options before making decisions

Use a range of resources to inform their thinking

Use of the outdoor environment to stimulate thinking

Use thinking skills to consider a range of possibilities

Opportunities for thinking to be integrated into all areas of

Have the ability to explain their viewpoints and justify decisions taken

to happen

the curriculum

Team work is about

Our Vision We believe teamwork is about working effectively together towards achieving a shared outcome. It is important that every child experiences being a part of a team and feel that they play a valued role within it. We encourage children to develop a flexible approach to working with others, in an environment in which everyone feels valued, and has an equal opportunity to contribute. We believe that it is important to establish a sense of community with shared values and goals. We want children to have effective communication skills, which they can apply with confidence, respect, honesty and empathy. We foster a community in which children are actively involved in the learning process with others; and develop a greater understanding of their role as a world citizen. We strive to ensure



Active listening




Community links

all children respect the contributions and thoughts of others, within the class, school and wider community. Learners Will •

Have the confidence to play an active part within groups of varying sizes and dynamics.

We Will See •

respected, allowing them the confidence to express

Understand their own individual

themselves fully in any group.

learning strengths and those of others and how best to use these to maximise learning. •

Listen to and value the contributions of others; learning to negotiate and

Recognise their own skills; know how to support others; and where to

Appropriate supports in place to ensure pupils are confident to participate fully.

Planning which includes opportunities for collaborative work across the curriculum and school.

compromise to achieve the end goal. •

A safe learning environment where children feel valued and

Displays celebrating collaborative work and outcomes.

Extra- curricular activities (including sports teams)

access support for themselves when

demonstrating the community and school working together towards a shared goal. •

Children demonstrating and applying effective teamwork skills.

Our vision for…

Creativity is about: • Individuality • Innovation • Inspiration • Imagination • Flexible thinking • Risk taking • Inclusion • Thinking outside the box • A variety of approaches • Freedom of expression

Creativity We believe each child should have the opportunity to utilise a variety of learning styles and approaches. We strive to use a variety of stimuli to promote the discovery of new ideas through exploration and experience. Children will have the confidence to take risks and explore alternative possibilities. They will seek out imaginative solutions to solve problems. We will offer inspirational activities encompassing special events and links with the community. We will foster an environment where creativity and individuality is valued and celebrated. We will offer child led learning in a rich inspirational environment which will help to further children’s imagination.

Cre a



Learners will… • Apply knowledge, skills and understanding in new context • Generate their own innovative ideas, seeing things from different perspectives • Be flexible in their approach to problem solving • Be prepared to take risks in their learning • Understand that inspiration come s from a variety of sources • Value all ideas, borrowing some to enhance their own work • Be prepared to take risks; to be aware of and accept that fact that there is not always a right answer

VISION We believe that each child should be given the opportunity to explore


range of experiences on offer

their own feelings and develop empathy for other's viewpoints. Throughout our curriculum we will offer opportunities for exploration and discussion which will enable the children to engage emotionally,

We strive to establish a sense of community through a culture of mutual

recognise and understand different positive and negative emotions in themselves and others

We support children in developing self-confidence, spiritual awareness and self-belief and explore their own qualities and those of others.

recognise that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that all opinions will be valued

respected and equipped with the necessary skills to deal positively with any situation.

have the confidence to make their own choices and decisions.

spiritually, socially and personally. We offer a secure environment in which everyone feels valued,

engage positively with the rich curriculum and wide

be able to share their successes with their peers, teachers and other adults within the community

respect and consideration. We will offer a rich and varied curriculum providing opportunities for children to explore and understand different faiths, cultures and values. EMOTIONAL ENGAGEMENT IS ABOUT…. WE WILL SEE…

awe and wonder

children engaged and self-motivated to learn


children communicating their feelings appropriately

a sense of self-worth

mutual respect between all members of staff, children and the


respect for others




risk taking in a supported environment

wider community •

children exploring different ways of achieving outcomes

children actively listening to each other and sharing ideas

collaboration between individuals, class, family groups and the whole school community

children engaging with wider issues that affect their



We believe each child should be supported and guided towards achieving their full potential, and given the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to become

  

independent and fulfilled life-long learners. We encourage each child to use their initiative in order to be self-motivating, reflective and adaptable in their learning, to give them greater self confidence and

 

sense of purpose. We strive to give each child the freedom to be a discerning and active thinker who will achieve their personal aspirations.

    

Ask their own questions and find their own answers Have the confidence to make choices, take calculated risks with their learning and challenge themselves Use the 5 B’s strategy (brain, board, book, buddy, boss) to assist them in solving their own problems or difficulties with their work. Manage their own time, actively participate in their own learning and access the appropriate resources Learners will know what resources are available for a task and ask for other resources that they may require if they need them Understand their individual learning styles and be able to adapt effectively to facilitate their learning Be involved in the setting of achievable, challenging targets Recognise when they need support, and know how to access the support they need Reflect on their actions and learning to make the necessary adaptations and improvements Have the freedom to choose the way in which they want to work towards an outcome, when appropriate


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Well organised and flexible classrooms which promote pupil independence and support learning An engaging and inspiring classroom environment which raises levels of pupil motivation, concentration and behaviour Planned use of adults and resources to ensure pupils are confident and achieving their full potential Celebration of independent achievements e.g. certificates Home learning which includes the use of Wizkid’s and topic related projects, with support at school i.e. home learning club A growing range of resources to promote independent learning for both planned and spontaneous activities A School Council focusing on children organising, planning and making their own decisions independently with list of achievements A wide range of high quality individual learning on display for all to celebrate, with a recognition that outcomes will vary in quality dependent on the individual child. Children from different year groups working within their ‘families’ to support each other’s learning.


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Personal achievement Decision making Self-motivation Reflection Self -sufficient Self management Initiative Freedom to explore tasks Confidence

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