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Pupil Premium Funding (PUPIL PREMIUM GRANTS: FOR PUPILS LOOKED AFTER, ADOPTED FROM CARE, SERVICE CHILDREN OR IN RECEIPT OF FREE SCHOOL MEALS) 2014 / 2015 The estimated income to Elm Tree Community Primary School from the Pupil Premium grant in respect of the financial year 2014/15 is £55,800. The amount is based on the January 2014 Pupil Census regarding FSM, Adopted, Service and LAC pupil numbers. 42 pupils should receive pupil premium funding (88% of total NoR). How We Will Spend This Money In 2014 / 2015: • Employ a Counsellor for 3 days a week • Employ a full time qualified teacher as Intervention Lead for Literacy & Numeracy The impact of these interventions will be published in July 2015 A Reminder to Parents: FSM - If applicable, please always register your child for Free School Meals. This should be done even if you decide not to use the Free Meal for your child and/or if your child is entitled to the Key Stage 1 Universal Free School Meal from September 2014. Adopted From Care - parents are requested to inform school if their child was adopted from care. School will not know this information unless informed by parents. For further information on the above reminder, please contact the School Office on 01695 50924. 2013 / 2014 Pupil Premium is spent on an individual and whole school level to provide appropriate support for all children. The provision allocated budget for 2013 - 2014 is £37,800. 40 pupils received pupil premium funding. In the Ofsted report "The Pupil Premium: How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement", HMI reported that "the best schools know what they want to achieve from their interventions...and also have well thought plans for building on success. Good schools are concentrating on the core areas of literacy and numeracy to break down the main barriers to accessing the full curriculum." At Pear Tree, alongside the importance of early literacy and numeracy, the areas of communication, sensory processing and strategies to maintain/improve pupil health are key to removing barriers to learning. At a whole school and individual level, we have identified the main barriers to pupil progress and implemented interventions with clear intended outcomes and costing.

The following interventions have been identified at a whole school level for the autumn term: How We Spent The Funding 2013 / 2014 • • • • • • •

Award strategies for pupils to celebrate high standards of attendance and behaviour Use of teaching assistants to provide one-to-one support in areas such as speech and language development Ipads for broadening computer skills and as tools for communication A subsidy to the March 2014 London Trip Provision for a Counsellor for 1 day per week Subsidised educational visits A full time Learning Mentor Role to act as support for social and emotional well-being for our most vulnerable children.

Elm Tree Community Primary School has long believed that the pupils who are now targeted for pupil premium funding require support to address their most basic needs. This work has always been done informally however we have now formalised the commitment. The Pupil Premium funding is currently focused upon: • • • •

Ensuring pupils arrive in class nourished. That pupils have access to a non-teaching counsellor when their emotional health and well-being is unstable. That pupils are supported in school to address their self-care and life-long learning skills. Programmes and informal support to develop self-esteem (including academic).

Pupil Premium