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Allocation of the Pupil Premium Grant St. Nicholas School, November 2012. Pupils who are considered as coming from Low Income Families receive an individual Pupil Premium Grant (PPG). The Pupil Premium Grant, introduced in April 2011, is allocated to all pupils from low incomes as part of the whole-school general budget. The grant is only available to pupils of statutory school age. 2 groups of pupils may be allocated a PPG they are:  those in who in receipt of Free School Meals (FSM), or  Looked After Children (LAC). This year the PPG is £600 per pupil. NB: if a pupil is Looked After and has FSM, the school will only receive one PPG allowance. The PPG allocation is paid direct to the school for pupils originating from Kent as the Local Authority. For LACs from Other Local Authorities (OLA), the school will submit an invoice to the OLA alongside the submission of progress and attendance information (if requested). The invoicing procedure is conducted according to funding rules set out by the home OLA e.g. one, two or up to three times per year. All schools are free to spend the pupil premium how they see fit, and are not obliged to follow the requests of OLAs of how they wish it to be spent. The school is accountable for how it spends the PPG to the families of those from low incomes.1 The Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body of St. Nicholas School has decided that the PPG from all LAC or FSM pupils is held within the general school budget and is used to help provide specialist literacy and numeracy programmes and resources. All students at St. Nicholas School have significant learning difficulties and, as such, these present their own barriers to learning for individuals; the pupils’ status as LAC or FSM adds further complexity to assessing progress. The school’s data analysis indicates that these groups are making good or better progress in-line with that of their peers. The PPG also is used to help towards funding the staffing cost of class TAs, curriculum enrichment opportunities, Creative Therapies team, the specialist teacher for Literacy and Numeracy support and the specialist teacher for pupils with more Profound and Complex Needs (Active Education). The progress of pupils from FSM, LAC and PPG is included in performance and progress measures. There are 64 eligible children currently receiving FSM and 17 Looked After Children on role – 2 Looked after children also receive FSM. The school therefore currently receives 79 Pupil Premium Grants. For each of these there is a detailed provision map which sets out the additional support the individuals receive which is wholly or partly funded by the PPG. NB: Service Premium – An additional premium is allocated to schools, in order to address the emotional and social well-being of families who are currently serving in the forces has been introduced. This premium is currently £250. St. Nicholas School has 1 pupil on roll currently able to be receiving this allowance.



THE PROGRESS OF PUPILS RECEIVING THE PUPIL PREMIUM GRANT Pupils who are in receipt of Free School Meals (School Definition of Progress) Name (anon) KC (PMLD) KS1 CD (SLD) KS3 CG (PMLD) KS2 JH (SLD) KS2 ZH (SLD) KS1 JK (SLD) KS3 LM (SLD) KS1 NR (SLD) KS2 CT (SLD) KS2

English P2i to P2i P5 to P7 P2ii to P2ii P6 to P8 P3ii to P4 P7 to 1b P4 to P5 P7 to P8 P6 to P5

Maths P2i to P2i P5 to P7 P2ii to P2ii P6 to P8 P4 to P4 P8 to 1b P3ii to P4 P6 to P7 P5 to P5

ICT P2i to P2i P5 to P5 P2ii to P2ii P8 to P8 P4 to P4 P7 to 1 P3ii to P4 P8 to P8 P5 to P5

PSHE P2i to P2i P5 to P7 P2ii to P3i P7 to P8 P4 to P4 P7 to 1c P3ii to P4 P8 to P8 P4 to P5

Pupils who are in receipt of Free School Meals (Progression Guidance) - % English - FSM English - Not FSM Maths - FSM Maths - Not FSM

LQ 46 38 51 41

Med (expected) 38 35 33 27

UQ (Above expec) Out+ (Exceed Expec) 10 5 21 7 13 3 24 9

Looked After Children (School Definition of Progress) - % Name (anon) CS KS2 CT KS2 CW (CLD) KS3 CM KS3 CD KS3 HS (CLD) KS3 JT (PMLD) KS4

English P7 to P7 P6 to P5 P8 to 1a P8 to 1a P5 to P7 1c to 1a P3ii to P3ii

Maths P6 to P7 P5 to P5 1b to 2c 1b to 2c P5 to P7 P8 to 2c P3ii to P3ii

ICT P7 to P8 P4 to P5 P7 to L1 P7 to L1 P5 to P7 1c to 2c P3i to P3ii

PSHE P8 to P8 P5 to P5 P8 to 1a P8 to 2b P5 to P5 P7 to L1 P3i to P3ii

Pupils who are Looked After (Progression Guidance) - % English - LAC English - Not LAC Maths - LAC Maths - Not LAC

LQ 47 39 27 40

Med (expected) 35 32 33 32

UQ (exceed expec) Out+ (above Expec) 18 16 13 40 19 9

Pupils who are receiving PPG (Progression Guidance) - % LQ

English - PPG English - Not PPG Maths - PPG Maths - Not PPG


49 39 49 45

Med (expected)

37 31 44 24

UQ (exceed expec) Out+ (above Expec)

11 17 5 21


5 12 2 11

Pupil Premium Allocation