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Berlin in Motion

Maya Loney

Artist's Statement

With this photo series I studied the complex, ever-changing identity of the city of Berlin by manipulating the photographs in a way that I feel mirrors the nature of Berlin's identity itself. Berlin is a city marked by its past, but it's also a city with a very relevant present and a very promising future, and it's difficult to characterize the identity of a city with such a complex history. During my two weeks abroad, I was repeatedly struck by Berlin's rich culture and vibrant personality. It is a city full of aspiring artists and young people trying to build a future, but also populated by an older generation still scarred by the city's very recent history. Berlin is a city characterized by its past - it possesses a torrid history embedded with war, oppression, and power struggles. However, despite its difficult and complex history, Berlin is one of the most alive cities in the world, a mecca for modern art and culture, and it possesses an extremely vibrant future. By capturing everyday aspects of Berlin life and culture blurred or in motion I hope to convey the idea that Berlin's identity is fluid and ever-changing, and with each year and each new generation the city's identity transforms and evolves, growing from the events of the past while still managing to honor their history.