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Alford Campus Consultation Workshops Storyboard - Day 1

09.30 - Badges - what is your favourite place? Aim: To start introductions and ask participants to reflect on their personal relationship with places.

09.45 - Journey - how did you get here? Aim: To start exploring the community for Alford Campus as a theme.

10.00 - Journey - in groups Aim: To continue group building and in particular asking them to negotiate different perspectives.

10.10 - Ground rules Aim: To explore the needs of individuals, different stakeholder groups and start to expose any fears/power issues and start to introduce the idea that group will be managing their own behaviour.

10.20 - Project theme introduction Aim: To brief the group on tasks relating to key themes for the consultation.

10.30 - Review of the group’s understanding Aim: To ensure there is a shared understanding of what we can achieve and to clarify what can be affected at this stage.

Alford Campus Consultation Workshops Storyboard - Day 1 continued

11.00 - Learning styles questionnaire Aim: To generate group reflection on learning styles and introduce the idea of individual learning needs and diversity.

11.15 - Presentation from architects Aim: To introduce the design team to the group and allow them to get to know them and their perspective on design.

11.45 - Communication for design Aim: To generate an understanding of how hard it is for architects to use information to create places and the need for users to communicate clearly.

13.00 - Architecture & Design Scotland images slideshow Aim: Introducing images as a resource and letting participants know that some spaces are achieveable.

13.35 - Rotation workshop 1 Recording Alford Aim: To explore and record Alford, both through memory and documentation.

15.40 - Evaluation session Aim: To allow the facilitators to review proposed plan for Day 2.

Alford Campus Consultation Workshops Storyboard - Day 2

09.15 - Presentation from CfE Officer Aim:To inspire and broaden the group’s understanding of learning, as found in CfE. To ensure that participants understand one of the formal parameters of the project.

09.45 - Rotation workshop 2 - Sensing Space Aim: To explore and record how spaces affect people.

11.45 - Rotation workshop 3 Experiences of Learning Aim: To explore and record different experiences of learning.

13.30 - Review all evidence Aim: Time for participants to reflect and consider all that they have looked at together and start to bring the four core themes of the workshops together.

13.45 - Generating ideas Aim: Working individually, participants use model making as a way of expressing everything they have considered.

Generating ideas continued Aim: As participants build a model, they engage in a personal, creative process where they negotiate, extend and prioritise their aspirations until they have a model built.

Alford Campus Consultation Workshops Storyboard - Day 2 continued

15.00 - Sharing models Aim: To create curiosity about one another’s models, celebrate the work and leave them feeling like they want to say more.

15.15 - Evaluation session Aim: To allow the facilitators to review proposed plan for Day 3

Alford Campus Consultation Workshops Storyboard - Day 3

09.15 - Trios Aim: Extended discussion promotes new meaning making and develops listening, leading to understanding of different people’s imagined learning spaces.

10.00 - Perfect day Aim: For group to share their ideas about their perfect day at the Alford Campus. This is a chance for groups to express their aspirations for Alford and generate briefing information.

11.15 - Priorities Aim: Encourages the group to reach consensus and prioritise the 5 most important things to them for the new Alford campus.

12.50 - Evaluation exercise Aim: To allow the facilitators to review how workshop days have gone.

13.00 - Preparing for stakeholders’ arrival Aim: Participants create presentation and tour of their journey over the three days to transfer information and ideas generated in the workshops to the stakeholders.

14.45 - Stakeholders’ presentation Aim: Formal presentation and tour of journey and evidence created.

Alford Campus Consultation Workshops Storyboard - Day 3 continued

15.00 - Stakeholder’s tour Aim: To introduce the stakeholders to the workshop process and outcomes/outputs and the value placed in it by participants.


Alford Campus Consultation - Activities Storyboard  

This storyboard provides images and a summary of activities undertaken during the 3 workshop days in September 2009, helping to give an over...