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SCHOOL OF LANDSCAPE PAINTING Artists Development Programme 2019/20

Exhibiting A Group of Work &

The Art of Colour

The Artists Development Programme This is a programme that is within The School of Landscape Painting. It is a theoretical and a practical foundation to painting and drawing related to landscape. It is also for artists already with a professional and academic background, to challenge and develop work with renewed inspiration and a deeper communion with the subject. The year includes monthly notes and podcasts, a field trip, studio sessions each month, individual tutorials with group critiques to support and inform your work and help fully realise stated aims. It is designed to provide a professional practice, inspire individual work and make unique connections to your subject matter. The ADP is a proven structure within which to work, it encourages a routine in which to develop your ideas. You will be able to set out clear aims over the year and have a regular discipline with other painters. The Artist Development Programme is a focus and a freedom in which to work and study. The ADP monthly sessions take place in three studios across Sussex and Hampshire, students are asked to choose one location that will suit them (See page 4).



ADP Monthly Sessions Venues and Dates 2019 - 2020 The ADP monthly sessions take place in three studios across Sussex and Hampshire, students are asked to choose one location that will suit them.

Monday 9.30am - 4pm

Burpham, Arundel, Sussex. BN18 9RR 2019 September 23th October 5th - 12th Field Trip November 4th December 2rd

2020 January 6th February 3rd March 2nd April 6th June 1st


Tuesday 9.30am - 4pm

Westerlands Farm, Graffham, near Petworth, GU28 0QJ 2019 September 24th October 5th - 12th Field Trip November 5th December 3rd

2020 January 7th February 4th March 3rd April 7th June 2nd

Wednesday 9.30am - 4pm

Stockbridge Town Hall, Hurford Hall, Stockbridge, SO20 6HE 2019 September 25th October 5th - 12th Field Trip November 6th December 4th

2020 January 8th February 5th March 4th April 8th June 3rd 5

Field Trip

St Davids Peninsula 5th October (4pm) to 12th October (12 noon) 2019

The field trip is a great opportunity for the students to begin research, gather material & ideas and meet other students studying the course.

Theme: Landscape & The Art of Colour. This is for ADP students. It is uninterrupted time for primary research in the spectacular landscape of St Davids Peninsula, gathering material for later work in the year. Particular focus will be on primary research and direct experience within the landscape. Talks and discussion will introduce this years’ theme; The Art of Colour & exhibiting a group of work.

Full details of the course will be sent nearer the time. Accommodation: There are excellent places to stay near to and in St Davids - details are available from our office. (accommodation is not included in the price)

Students will be expected to produce a group of paintings and drawings that can form a basis of research for later work in the year.

Enquiries email:

We have a dedicated studio and lecture room in the Graham Sutherland Landscape Gallery (see image below).

Every day at 9.30am there are introductory talks on painting ideas and working processes. Practical sessions and individual tutorials are held throughout the rest of the day. Students will be able to work in the stunning landscape and seascapes very close to St Davids.

Graham Sutherland Landscape Gallery, Oriel y Parc, St Davids 6

2019/20 Discussion Theme Exhibiting a group of work & The Art of Colour

“He who wants to become master of colour must see, feel and experience each individual colour in its many endless combinations with all other colours. Colours must have a mystical capacity for spiritual expression without being tied to the object.”

“The deepest and truest secrets of colour are invisible even to the eye and are beheld by the heart alone.” - Johannes Itten


Additional Courses

Monotypes 22nd, 23rd, 24th November 2019 9:30am - 4:00pm Venue: Binsted Studio, Nr Arundel. BN18OLH Fee: £520 (Deposit £100)

This is a very creative and flexible process that lies somewhere between drawing and painting and omits the labour intensive aspects of other printmaking processes. At Christopher’s studio near Arundel, West Sussex, there are two large presses measuring 3 feet by 2 feet, and plates of all sizes. It is a chance to produce a suite of quality prints over 3 days taught by Christopher Baker together with guest Master Printer Andrew Purches, providing advice and ideas of methods and the expressive potential of this medium. Course details and directions on booking.



The Art of Watercolour - Landscape Approaches to Form

7th, 8th, 9th February 2020 9:30am - 4pm Venue: Stockbridge, Hampshire, SO20 6HE. Fee: ÂŁ485 (Deposit ÂŁ100)

Materials & course details and directions on booking.


It is a sacrilege to try to penetrate the mystic shell of colour in search of form. Joseph Mallord Turner There are two distinctive approaches to form in watercolour. One is exemplified by Edward Hopper and Cotman, which we may loosely call classical; and the other by Turner and Nolde – expressionistic or Romantic. These 2 approaches are discussed in relation to your own individual vision and what can be learnt from both. We shall set in place ways of working that will take advantage of watercolours innate qualities and learn some of the structures within which to work; the best equipment, papers, pigments, and brushes. Watercolour has qualities of excitement and touch that are unique to this medium. This is a 3-day course discussing the materials and approaches to watercolour based on the subject matter of landscape.



Tutor Profile Christopher Baker has a wide experience of both North American and European traditions of landscape painting. He has travelled extensively to study and paint; as far as the High Arctic & Antarctic Peninsular, and his own locale as in ‘64 Days’. From this primary research he has created large groups of thematic works for exhibitions at The Royal Academy, London, Banff Centre For The Arts, Canada, and Pallant House, Chichester. He has a belief in a strong and intimate connection with nature and a passion that art, at its best, is one of the supreme manifestations of mankind’s ability to experience that which is both beyond and within. With this unique vision and valuable experience he is able to help artists structure and provide an individual developmental programme in the School of Landscape Painting – through the ADP.


“Throughout a long career his love of subject has been matched by a relentless determination to discover a consistent quality of newness in his understanding of the natural environment. He is not a ‘repeatist’ artist, indeed, there is a skill and freshness in the way he handles his subjects which is truly mesmeric. The paintings always work on two levels. They have a strong narrative and at the same time a powerful aesthetic appeal. It is a measure of his work that you do not need to look for clever phrases to respond to it. He articulates his vision so precisely, his method of doing so is at one with his love of subject and profound spiritual engagement. His audience sense that his pictures are right. Here is honesty and truth. They have all stood on a mountaintop or rocky headland with wind and spray in their face reveling in the joy of existence”. Professor David Carpanini. August 2016.



Landscape Painting The painting of Landscape has timeless values. Landscape can be the source of our best creative endeavours, and it reveals to ourselves and others an experience of being alive within its forces and spaces. Painting is more than an illustration of a landscape, it is the union of artist and subject, the record of an experience of a landscape, which can be transformative. It changes those who gaze upon it and allow themselves to feel that dynamic that embraced both the artist and subject. And that will allow us, for this moment of true attention to become part of this extraordinary world, to feel something of which we have never before encountered. In the School of Landscape Painting we are immersed in the landscape, we study valuable painting processes and traditions that will allow us to give form and expression to our experiences.

Key aims: 1. To grow in individual work. 2. Deepen a connection to landscape. 3. Set down a framework within which a group of paintings, drawings and prints can happen. 4. Expand and deepen work through the study of landscape, painting language and materials. 5. Bring together artists to inform and support.


ADP Course Fees

Price with Field Trip £1,398 8 Sessions & 6 Day Field Trip Deposit (to secure your place) £220 and £98.00 per month (12 payments)

Price less Field Trip £916 Deposit (to secure your place) £100 and £68.00 per month (12 payments)

Bookings and Enquiries Jill McLachlan 01344 314444

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Artist Development Programme 2019-2020  

Artist Development Programme 2019-2020