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TheZINE ‘TheZine’ binds the spit, sweat and blood of our work onto a canvas for you to view, embrace and maybe cuddle up to. This compilation draws together the various takes on space as a form, order and relation of various students in SP’s School of Design. We envisage you to think, picture and feel slowly as you move from one page to the next. As Aristotle would have you believe, goodness comes from within and is inherently good no matter its position. Perception is a topic which is far beyond this conversation but we’ll put it out there that anyone is only as good as the lens he looks through. Goodness, like light, can only be shone through where it is let. So let’s. Approaching the headiness of the Three Kings Prince (DID Year 3)

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a day in a student’s life

If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules.

Paul Arden

[ Written by Ellen Philpott Teo | Lecturer DID ]

James Dyson Foundation Workshop


ne would think that a workshop conducted by James Dyson Foundation would primarily be about engineering and high-technology design. But surprisingly the workshop had more to do with the creative thinking process behind product design. We were first introduced to the five things, which Sir James Dyson, founder of Dyson, himself thought was paramount in generating great design ideas. Thereafter, we were tasked to generate design ideas of a product that utilises one component of a Dyson vacuum cleaner and yet does something entirely unrelated to cleaning. I personally felt that not only was the workshop enjoyable but it was insightful. We were able to have professionals from the industry to share their experiences with us. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the workshop was a success.

[ WHAT? ] James Dyson Foundation Workshop by Mr. Matt Steel and Ms. Rachel Choong from Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd [ WHEN? ] 19 May 2010, 09:00am – 12:00pm [ WHERE? ] T542, studio, Diploma in Experience and Product Design

[ Written by Alvin Ong | Photography by Keef Chong | DXPD09 ]

The MAKE Workshop Y

ear Two of the DID (Diploma in Interior Design) students started the year with a workshop called: MAKE. The 2 week workshop allowed the students to explore construction methods, structural concepts and design through experimentation with common everyday materials. The students first explored the properties and possibilities of the materials and each student was asked to experiment with the materials based on research of plant structures. Each student then came up with a module based on their experiments and the best one in their group was then chosen to move on with for the final installation. Manufacturing the installations took the groups of students around 5 hours. The processes ranged from industrial style production line making to individual crafting and cutting out of materials. Each group put in a huge effort to complete the work and everyone played a key part in the making.

[ Written/Photography by Ellen Philpott Teo | Lecturer DID ]

Hive of the Party! A

s you walk down the corridors of T14, you’ll find vibrant multi-coloured wall-murals painted with fun and quirky illustrations of strange creatures and wonderful worlds – the fantastic inventions from the creative minds of students from the Diploma in Visual Communication and Media Design. Step into their Hive Studios, and you’ll find it buzzing with life, activity and art, all the time. Whether it’s lively studio lessons, guest lectures by prominent designers, or Hive get-together events, Hive is the place to hang out, to have fun, as well as to study. Why don’t you come down and see what the buzz is about!?

[ Written/Photography by Wong Fang Yen | Lecturer DVMD ]

Singapore/Korea Joint exhibition


t is the first joint exhibition by DGDD (Diploma in Games Design and Development) and Hongik University (Animation Department and Games Department) in August, 2010. They organized this exhibition to foster relationship, as well as cultural exchange between institutions and production studios.

[ Written by Jae-Eun Oh | Lecturer | DGDD | Photography by Arthur Leong | Staff Officer ]

SD Zine V1_2010

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‘TheZine’ binds the spit, sweat and blood of our work onto a canvas for you to view, embrace and maybe cuddle up to. This compilation draws...