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Grow your child’s love of reading Scholastic has been helping Australian families discover a lifelong love of reading for over 50 years.


A Market Leader In Children’s Publishing As Australia’s market leader of children’s publishing, and a recognisable household name in children’s literature, Scholastic has been helping Australian families discover a lifelong love of reading for over 50 years. You can find Scholastic titles in bookshops and major retailers throughout the nation. You may even have a Scholastic book on your bookshelf without realising, from Australian classic stories like Possum Magic to new favourites like Pig the Pug and global bestsellers like The Hunger Games and Captain Underpants. At Scholastic, we want to encourage a love of reading in every child that we hope will stay with them forever.


The Importance of 10 Minutes a Day Did you know that just 10 minutes of reading a day will change your child’s life? While that may seem like a big statement to make, numerous studies have consistently shown that 10 minutes exposure to reading materials each day is all it takes to positively shape your child’s future. And this doesn’t just include complicated educational texts— any reading materials, be it comic books, novels, picture books, recipes, the television guide or the back of food packets, all count towards your child’s daily reading goal. Reading any of these materials for 10 minutes a day exposes your child to more than 600,000 words in one year—interestingly, that’s more than double the word exposure of a child who only reads for 5 minutes or less each day. How can you ensure that you can comfortably set aside some time each day to help your child reach their reading goal? We’ve put together a




“Be a reading role model and let your child see you reading.”

few reading tips to help: • Look through Book Club catalogues with your child and talk about the books you would like to read together. Discuss what you think the books might be about. • Be a reading role model and let your child see you reading— for enjoyment, for news and for information in cookbooks, magazines, online etc. This way they see that reading is important for many reasons. • Assign a place in your home for your family’s books to show your child that books are special and deserve an organised storage space. Fill your home with lots of reading materials. • If space allows, create a special area for your child to dedicate to reading. Make sure your child puts aside phones, tablets and any other devices that may form a distraction. • Tie books and TV/movies together. For example, read about sea life after watching a nature documentary on the ocean. Or, connect books and experiences together. For example, after a school excursion to the zoo, read books about animals.






Welcome to Book Club 8


8 ISS UE 1 • 201


55 titles


With numerous studies finding that reading at home is a key factor in a child’s lifelong success, Book Club provides a fun and easy way of bringing books into your home.

@ $5 or






$ 002 Let’s NEW! Minecraft Zombies Build! Land of


land Build an entire g zombies! dedicated to battlin

001 & Ultimate Rocks Gems Collection

of Discover some minerals the rocks and Earth. surface of our that cover the

003 Super Bear NEW! The Very Bear

We believe that reading is for everyone, no matter their age,

Can The Very Super the from save the jungle monster? cranky, yellow 3+

AGES 24-pp hardcover. $12.00 $17.99 Club Price

64 pp. AGES 6+

interests or reading abilities. That’s why Book Club offers a wide


AGES 7+ $22.00 $24.99 Club Price

range of titles in each issue for your child, from popular fiction series and charming new picture books, to fascinating nonfiction $

004 to Laugh the Giraffe Loves y as she NEW! Celeste hilarious journe her Join Celeste on is that makes her unique. it finds out what 4+ AGES 24-pp hardcover. $12.00 $17.99 Club Price

005 Ball NEW! Wrecking renovating The Heffleys are their house!

224 pp. AGES 10+ $14.00 $14.99 Club Price

006 Show Time!


friends want Hotdog and his show, but the to win the talent tough! competition is 128 pp. AGES 7+ $12.99

titles and hands-on activities that stimulate creativity and

007 r NEW! Spectaculaly...) School Trip (Real stay

encourage problem-solving.

to Will Tom be able enough long out of trouble l trip? to go on the schoo 256 pp. AGES 8+ $12.00 $16.99 Club Price


Book Club catalogues arrive at your school up to twice a term during the school year, so make sure you keep an eye out for

008 s Collection Best Picture Book grow your family library and Read together uality books. with these high-qAGES 3+ pp. 10 books, 24-32 Price $25.00 $159.90 Club

009 r Superstar NEW! Spectaculaher dream tour

e Can Nikki surviv as her roommate! my with her frene

SAVE $134


368 pp. AGES 10+ $15.00 $16.99 Club Price



when it arrives home in your child’s school bag!

84% OFF

010 Christmas Jokes with over your giggle on Get g jokes! 300 side-splittin 96 pp. AGES 6+ $12.99

pm 26/9/19 3:22

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How Book Club Works

1 Book Club catalogues arrive at school up to twice a term and can usually be found

Your child’s order is then

hiding in your child’s backpack.

delivered to their class, ready to take home and be eagerly read.



2 Discuss and help your child pick the books

they would like to read Your school’s Book Club


Organiser will take care of the rest! Every order you place earns your school FREE books and learning resources.

then order online via our LOOP website or app. LOOP orders are linked to your school in an easy, secure online process.






Our Book Club promise to you ✔

$ 101 Can I Cuddle the Moon?

Carefully curated

87% OFF

ry A reassuring sto n a wee of the love bet child. mother and her

Each issue is specially curated and filled with age

102 me NEW! My Aweso Dinosaur Book

103 Thrill Ride


have another Team Hot Wheelsing up. Who will intense race com ur had big win on this thrilling track? osa din ch whi Discover tail, and who had 24 pp. horns or a club bananas! $5.99 teeth as big as r. 36-pp hardcove e $12.00 $17.99 Club Pric

24 pp.

appropriate titles that have been carefully selected


by our professional booklovers.

✔ Value for your money Your child can take home a book from as little as $3, because



we believe every child deserves to experience independent reading for pleasure. 105 ristmas The Crayons’ Ch the crayons,

✔ Quality publishing

, See how Duncan celebrate and their families Christmas.

Book Club gives you access to the best in children’s

106 e a Seesaw Friendship is Lik erstand the ups

Help children undndships and other and downs in frie relationships. 32 pp.

e $14.99 Club Pric

r. 32-pp hardcove $24.00 .99 Club Price



publishing from best-selling authors and illustrators from around the world.

✔ Reading is for everyone We include activity-based items because they help foster your child’s interest in the wonderful world of books, and further develop their reading confidence. 109 ack Pig the Pug 7-P

est Pig is the greedi ld. Pug in the wor to It’s time for him able learn some valu lessons.

.93 SAVE $76

24 pp. 7 hardcovers, each Club Price $125.93



Reward your school!

Wombat 819

d 8


Every purchase you make earns your child’s school Scholastic Rewards that the school can use to purchase valuable educational resources that benefit your child.

Families order from Book Club.

The school earns Scholastic Rewards.


The school redeems Scholastic Rewards for additional resources.

110 Play! NEW! Time to with do Fun activities to ily! fam Bluey and her 16 pp.






Activity-based reading fosters your child’s interest in the wonderful world of books, and helps to further develop their reading confidence. Reading success is not exclusively for children who are already dedicated bookworms. With some guidance, it is achievable for any child, no matter their interests or abilities. Your child may not be currently interested in chapter books and novels, but perhaps they’re a budding scientist with a keen interest in robotics? Maybe they love to paint and draw and create fun craft projects in their spare time? Maybe they have a flair for the dramatic and love engaging in some role-playing games, or going on spy missions with their friends? Using your child’s interests is a fantastic way to boost their reading skills without forcing them to read something that doesn’t interest them, and that could potentially turn them off reading for pleasure in the future. This is why in each issue of Book Club you will find a range of activity-based items for all ages and interests that cover the four key activity-based reading pathways: Communication, Investigation, Realworld/STEM and Creative Arts.

Look out for these icons on selected products throughout Book Club:






To find out more about how Activity-based Reading can foster your child’s interest in the wonderful world of books visit scholastic.com.au/growingreaders

Creative Arts


Scholastic Australia is committed to reducing the use of non-recyclable plastics and packaging We are dedicated to responsibly sourcing our paper and packaging; and while we aim to inspire a love of reading and learning, we are also committed to protecting the environment for future generations of Australian children. Scholastic Australia began looking at alternative plastics 12 months ago in November 2018; the process has not happened overnight as we researched many possible solutions and will be ongoing. Some alternatives have been sourced and we “We have are committed to removing the use of single-use harmful plastics in all of our embarked internal bundling and packaging while concurrently improving our waste on The NSW and recycling systems. With changing technology we will continue to look Environmental for the best products and practices available going into the future. We Protection have embarked on The NSW Environmental Protection Authority “Bin Authority “Bin Trim” program to maximise recycling and minimise waste to ensure a Trim” program circular economy within the business.

to maximize recycling.”

Did you know?

◆ Book Club catalogues

Scholastic Australia’s 2020 plastics and packaging commitments:

• Single-use plastics will be removed from our internal bundling, packaging and waste practices. • Internal bundling of packs and boxed sets will only use recyclable and biodegradable materials.

are printed on FSC certified recycled paper. ◆ Our AirPlus protective packaging is made from 50% recycled material and is able to be reused or recycled through

In lieu of biodegradable materials where not applicable, Scholastic is and will continue to make a concerted effort to use, source and manufacture products of recycled and/or recyclable materials.

We are committed to providing a safer and happier future for our children and are continually looking for areas to improve our environmental sustainability.

soft plastic recycler Redcycle.


Join Us for National Simultaneous Storytime 2020

Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator, is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country. Now in its 20th successful year, National Simultaneous Storytime is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy. Scholastic is once again proud to support ALIA in reaching a goal of getting 1 million kids reading.

ALIA National Simultaneous Storytime 2020 to be celebrated across Australia and New Zealand WEDNESDAY 27 MAY, 2020 Join us for National Simultaneous Storytime, register your family for FREE at


and get ready to read together

You’re sharing the joy of reading with kids in need. SCHOLASTIC

Every Book Counts

We believe that all children should have regular access to quality affordable books, especially during times of sickness, devastation or hardship. Every time you buy a Scholastic book you are helping us to help sick children in hospital, reach children in remote communities, get books into the hands of underprivileged children and help communities affected by natural disaster.

#everybookcounts #scholasticinthecommunity Find out more at




We’re always here to help. 1800 021 233 customer_service@scholastic.com.au scholastic.com.au

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Scholastic Book Club Parent Guide  

Scholastic Book Club Parent Guide