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The best spots in and around NYC!

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After-dark adventures for the whole family

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Ariane Goldman

On kids, baby bumps and her maternity fashion empire


October 2019

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FEATURES 10 | Technology What you need to know about TikTok to keep your kids safe 18 | Nighttime Adventures for Kids Awesome activities for kids to explore New York by night! 22 | Ariane Goldman: Maternity Style’s Game-Changer How this mother of two has brought the baby bump front and center

Stories & columns 4 | Editor’s Note Fall Fun - October 6| Smart Parenting Tips on getting through mom guilt 8 | Family Health The low-down on children and concussions 24 | Family Day Out: Pumpkin Patches and Picking Check out our guide to the best spots for pumpkin picking 30 | We Asked The beauty of fall in NYC

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Family fun 26 | Calendar Unmissable events in the Bronx and beyond for October

directory 12 | High School Listings Our picks for high schools in the Bronx.

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Fall Fun — October Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Growing up in a warm-weather climate, I appreciate the turning of the leaves and moving from t-shirt to sweater weather. A seasonal must for my kids is pumpkin picking. Luckily our guide to Pumpkin Patches and Picking (page 24) has all the best spots in and around NYC. With both holidays and school days coming up, our 32 Nighttime Adventures for Kids (page 18) is the perfect guide for evening fun for the entire family.

It was such a privilege to get a personal peek into the life and home of our October cover Ariane Goldman, The Designer Who gets Maternity (page 22). This mother of two has changed the game in maternity fashion and redefined how we all see pregnancy style. Happy Fall!

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Please join us Saturday, October 19, 2019 from 12pm to 3pm and find out how we're empowering today’s young women with a values-based foundation for lifelong success! October 2019 |


smart parenting

How to Deal With Working Mom Guilt We have all been there. Here are five tips to getting through it and not letting it rule your life By Donna LaDD


irst, let me just put it out there. The title of this piece should not be How to Deal with Working Mom Guilt; it should read How to Live with Working Mom Guilt. After ten years, I have yet to master complete balance in my life. My mom guilt can cause temporary paralysis of the senses, cause me to stand in the middle of a street in tears, cause me to rethink my profession and overall feel at a loss for words when I feel I have disappointed my kids. And every year, we hear some statistic or quote from a powerful woman, and we know we are not alone in experiencing working mom guilt.


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

I can list what my shortcomings are as a busy mom, but why even go there? The crazy part is I am a good mother. I go beyond to make sure my kids have a childhood that will provide them with structure and love that provides the tools that will result (I hope!) in caring and mature adults. Like any feeling, be it joy, sadness — guilt comes in ebb and flows. And as most moms can attest to, it is a work in progress not to let it take over and get the better of us. So I live with mom guilt, and I deal with it, and here are a few ways I do both. Know Your Worth Let’s go Zen Mama for a bit. Affirmations,

self-care, reading an encouraging book or following people on Instagram that lift you — this all helps. Being firm in believing that you are doing your best will help when the mom guilt sets in. Like all negative vibes, you can dismiss them as quickly as they hit or if there is a lesson to learn there, check in with that feeling, learn, then release. Be Particular With Who You Follow on Social Media Be realistic with yourself when it comes to how others live, primarily through social media. If following a particular person is making you feel you are not even close to having as good as life as this person then

unfollow or mute them. There doesn’t have to be any deep thinking into this. It’s okay if following someone who posts beautiful images is aspirational for you. It is also okay if it is not. Social media should be fun, not make you feel less than, especially as a mother. Set Boundaries in Your Life Saying no or simply shutting down negative situations is a personal challenge. In the last year, I have become much better at choosing things and situations that work for me and my family unit. I only have myself to blame when I allow in a person or situation that is negative. Boundaries. It is essential to know what is going to tip you over. And it’s fine. Whatever your threshold is, is good, as you do not have to measure up to anyone else. You are magnificent, and doing a great job. Say this to yourself every day. Believe it. The Kids Will Be Alright My closest mom friends and I frequently share how we feel that the more we work, the more intense the kids seem to get. The

Believing you are doing your best will help when the mom guilt sets in. emotions are a rollercoaster, and there have been sleepless nights, on both sides, especially when the day has not always gone as planned. Something I have started to do is step back or walk away to another room to not be reactionary. I have found that four out of five times I get an apology or a snuggle. Sometimes it’s my turn to apologize. And within minutes, we are all good. Depending on the disagreement or moment, it may be best to let it slide. Other times, talk it out, especially if your child is old enough and open to working through tough conversations. Accept or Ask for Help This is something of a work in progress for

me. I have a hard time reaching out and asking for help. Lately, I have been so busy that the offers to pick up one child or stop by early to take another to school have been a tremendous support in my day to day. Time to not carry every burden. If you have the means to hire more help, hire away. If your mother in law would like to visit and the worst thing she does is fill your dishwasher wrong, who cares — she provides love and hugs, so a win-win for all. Ask away. Reach Out to Friends. Know You’re Not Alone When it comes to mom guilt, it is essential to remember that most of us experience this at some point in our lives. Many seasoned parents have told me that especially when kids are young, we experience it more. Go out and get your nails done. Sit and have a warm latte, even if it is only for five minutes. Reach out to friends, whether in person or through a mom group. Supporting each other and sharing our stories is how we all get through these rough moments and most importantly, we’re all in this together.



(718) (718) 993-7700 993-7700 EXT. EXT. 901 901

95 W 168th St., 10452 629 Courtlandt Ave., 10451 95 W 168th St., 10452 629 Courtlandt Ave., 10451 St., 10460 899 E 180th 3044 Hull Ave., 10467 th 899 E 180 St., 10460 3044 Hull Ave., 10467 560 Concord Ave., 10455 2331 University Ave., 10468 560 Concord Ave., 10455 2331 University Ave., 10468 690 Westchester Ave., 10455 690 Westchester Ave., 10455

Cardinal Cardinal McCloskey McCloskey commumity services commumity services

Open House for Kindergarten and Prospective Parents November 13th at 9AM

Come visit us on our Magnet Mondays! Call the school and arrange a tour.

Ask about our amazing STEM partnerships and project-based learning!

For more information, give us a call at 718.239.7401 Address:

1560 Purdy Street Bronx, New York 10462

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family health

When It’s Not Just a Bump on the Head What you should know about children and concussions By Pramod Narula, m.d.

My daughter loves sports — any excuse to be on the field with a ball, she’s there. I make sure she has the protective gear she needs for whatever it is she is playing — be it a mouth guard, shin guard, or helmet. Yet, I still worry about concussions. Some of her activities are contact heavy, and I get nervous about her head and neck. How can I identify if she is okay after a big bonk to the head?


hildren fall and hit their heads all the time. But how do you know when the injury is serious? It’s important to learn the difference between a minor bump on the head and a serious concussion that requires a medical follow-up. Symptoms If your child hits their head in a way that concerns you, keep an eye on them for a few hours. If you notice any of the symptoms below develop, seek medical attention as soon as possible: • A headache that gets worse and does not go away • Weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination • Repeated vomiting or nausea • Slurred speech • A very drowsy look or trouble being awakened • One pupil larger than the other • Convulsions or seizures • An inability to recognize people or places • Growing confusion, restlessness, or agitation • Unusual behavior • Loss of consciousness Treatment The best treatment for a concussion is complete rest from physical AND mental activities. In some cases, a child may need time off from school in order to fully recover from a concussion. Your child should refrain from: • Contact sports or other activities that could increase the risk of another head injury • Physical activities that elevate the heart


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

• •

rate or blood pressure, and/or exertion that worsens or brings on symptoms “Cognitive” activities that require concentration and can worsen symptoms, such as class, reading, learning, or memorizing Media, such as television, video games, radio, computer, text messaging, and social media Late nights or erratic sleep Driving (due to the slowed reaction time)

Your child’s doctor will advise you when they can return to sports. The amount of time it

takes to heal from the concussion varies from child to child. Many concussion symptoms last less than 72 hours, and most concussions resolve in seven to ten days. It is crucial that your child does not start playing sports again if the concussion has not fully healed; another blow to the head during this time can cause serious brain injury. Your doctor can develop a schedule for your child’s safe return to activities, once all symptoms have disappeared. Pramod Narula, M.D. is the Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at NewYorkPresbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.

THE AECI SCHOOLNETWORK NETWORK THE AECICHARTER CHARTER HIGH HIGH SCHOOL AECIAECI Charter High School nowaccepting accepting applications for the Charter High SchoolNetwork Network is is now applications for the upcoming school year. upcoming schoolSCHOOL year. THE AECI CHARTER HIGH NETWORK APPLY ONLINE FOR OUR APRIL 1, APPLY ONLINE FOR OUR APRIL 1,2020 2020LOTTERY! LOTTERY! AECI Charter High School Network is now accepting applications for the upcoming school year.

popular demand, demand, AECI opened its doors in 2008 ByBy popular AECI AECI AECI opened its doors in 2008 OUR APRIL 1, 2020 openedFOR a second location in and currently serves APPLY 450 ONLINE opened a second location in and students currently serves 450 the south Bronx.The secondhigh in grades 9-12. Our south Bronx.The secondhigh students inopened gradesis 9-12. Our By popular demand, AECI AECI itsto doors in 2008 the school will servegrades school mission create a servegrades schooland mission iscollege to create a 450 school opened a second in currently serves 9-12 will and is a location Computer rigorous preparatory the south students in grades 9-12. Our andBronx.The asecondhigh Computer Engineering & isInnovation themed rigorous college preparatory academic program that 9-12 school school mission is towith createthat a school.will Theservegrades student body at AECI provides students Engineering & Innovation themed academic program 9-12 and is a Computer rigorous college preparatory is culturally diverse with a a foundation of the necessary school. The student body at AECI provides students with & Innovation themed academic program practical that Engineering population that is 70% Hispanic skills, knowledge, culturally diverse with a a foundation of the and necessary is school. TheAfricanAmerican. student body at AECI provides students with Both experience to pursue a path and 30% population thatdiverse is sports 70% with Hispanic skills, leading and is culturally a aknowledge, foundation of thepractical necessary include teams, to college and/or a schools AfricanAmerican. Both experience toin pursue a practical path and population that is 70% Hispanic skills, knowledge, after30%school activities and career the and architecture, sports and 30%include AfricanAmerican. Both leading to college and/or a schools experience to orpursue a path student-centered clubs. teams, The engineering, construction schoolsschool include sports and/or aafter school supportsactivities moral teams, and and industries. Ourcollege school graduation careerleading in to the architecture, after school activities and career in or the architecture, character development rate for 2019 wasconstruction 95% and ourstudent-centered clubs. while The engineering, student-centered clubs. The engineering, orcollege construction addressing every child’s students degreesschool supports moral social and industries. Ourpursue school graduation school supports moral and industries. school graduation and emotional needs. in CUNY, Our SUNY, privatecharacter while rate for 2019 was 95%and and ourour character development development while rate for 2019 was and the colleges.AECI has 95% earned addressing every child’s social students pursue college degrees students college degrees badge ofpursue Best Charter Schools for addressing every child’s social ONLINE emotional needs. in CUNY, SUNY, and and emotionalAPPLICATION needs. in SUNY, andprivate 2019CUNY, from the U.S. News &private Worldand FOR ENROLLMENT @ colleges.AECI has earned thethe colleges.AECI has earned Report. Only 40% of 21,552 schools badge of Best Charter Schools for across the nation qualified for badge of Best Charter Schools forthis ONLINE APPLICATION APPLICATION ONLINE 2019 from the U.S. News & World designation 2019 from the U.S. News & World FOR ENROLLMENT @@ Report. Only 40% of 21,552 schools or come to our main office: FOR ENROLLMENT Report. Only 40% of 21,552 schools across the nation this The culture of our qualified school is for driven 423 East 138th Street, acrossdesignation the nation qualified for this by our commitment to the 7th floor, Bronx, NY 10454 designation or come to our main office: school’s Core Values: or come to our main office: The culture of our school is driven 423 East 138th Street, Come visit AECI 2 by our commitment to the The culture of our school is driven 423 East 138th Street, 7th floor, Bronx, NY 10454 at our Open Houses: school’s Core Values: to the by our commitment 7th floor, Bronx, NY 10454 Come visit14th AECI school’s Core Values: Thursday, November 6:00 -28:00 PM



Approximately 12% of our students

Approximately 12% of our students LOTTERY! are English Language Learners are English Language Learners

and 19% of our students are and 19% of our students are Approximately of our students categorized as 12% students with categorized as students with are English Our Language Learners disabilities. school currently and ourOur students arecurrently disabilities. school has a19% 95%ofattendance rate. categorized as students withrate. In order achieve its mission, the has a to 95% attendance disabilities. Our school currently New York City High School the In order to Charter achieve its mission, has a 95%(AECI) attendance rate. Network committed New York CityisCharter Highto School In order to achieve its mission, the providing a rigorous college Network (AECI) is committed to New York City Charterenvironment. High School preparatory learning providing rigorous college Network (AECI)ais committed to AECI emphasizes science and preparatory environment. providing a learning rigorous effective college math proficiency, preparatory learningand environment. communication critical and AECI emphasizes science AECI and thinking skills proficiency, throughscience a standardsmathemphasizes effective math proficiency, effective based curriculum that and meets or communication critical communication exceeds the NewandYork critical State thinking skills through a standardsthinking skills through a standardsLearningStandards. based curriculum or based curriculum that that meetsmeets or exceedsthe the exceeds NewNew York York State Through collaboration with State LearningStandards. LearningStandards. industry partners and postsecondary institutions, students Through collaboration gain work-based experience with and with Through collaboration industry partners and and post- postopportunities. college exposure industry partners secondary institutions, students secondary institutions, students gain work-based experience and gain exposure work-based experience and opportunities. college

college exposure opportunities.

Thursday, December 4:30 - 6:30 PM at our Open5thHouses: Saturday, December 7th 10:00 AM -1:00 PM Saturday, 11th14th 10:00 AM- -8:00 1:00PM PM Thursday,January November 6:00 Thursday, December 5th 4:30 - 6:30 PM Application deadline: March 27, 2020PM Saturday, December 7th 10:00 AM Thursday, November 14th 6:00 - -1:00 8:00 PM Lottery date: April 1st, 2020 Saturday, January 11th 10:00 AM 1:00 PM PM Thursday, December 5th 4:30 --6:30 Registration: April 7th 6th -10:00 May 1st, Saturday, December AM2020 -1:00 PM Application deadline: March 27, 2020 Saturday, January 11th 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Lottery date: April 1st, 2020 Registration: April 6th - May 1st, 2020

Come visit AECI 2 at our Open Houses:

Application deadline: March 27, 2020 Lottery date: April 1st, 2020 Registration: April 6th - May 1st, 2020

October 2019 |



TiKTok: What Parents Need to Know Understanding why pre-teens obsess over this social media app for homemade music videos By Mia SalaS


e live in an age of rapid technology, with a new app, social media platform, or another way to connect emerging constantly. With the blur of Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Oovoo, Vine, YouTube, VSCO, Pinterest, and more, it’s difficult to stay up to date as a parent. You don’t want to limit your children entirely and take away their social media accounts, but you also want to make sure that they are safe. If you have tweens and teens, you’ve likely heard of the TikTok craze. We’ve explored and observed TikTok to keep you informed and provide you with tips for monitoring your kids’ TikTok usage! What is TikTok? TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short form music videos. You must be 13 years old and up to create an account. When you sign up, the first thing you do is enter your birthday, and if TikTok sees that you are under 13, the app will not allow you to create an account. You can choose from thousands of songs to create a video, along with filters, effects, and photos. However, many kids download TikTok to watch popular videos more so than create their own. The home page will show a feed of popular videos for you, based on what you’ve watched before, and videos from your followers. The discover page allows you to search videos and find new ones by trending hashtags. Users can like, comment, and share videos. Age Restriction There are a number of issues that arise from TikTok that parents should be aware of. First, for kids who are under age 13, they figure it out pretty quickly that all they need to do to create an account is choose an earlier birth year. Even if you enter in an age that is under 13 at first, but then enter an age that is over 13, TikTok will still let you create an account (very frustrating, we know!). The best way to prevent your pre-tween from downloading TikTok is to go into their iPhone or iPad and click on the following (for iOS 12): Settings, Screen Time, and then Content & Privacy Restrictions. Here, you can restrict certain apps from being purchased. Since TikTok is set for ages 13 and


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

older, you can simply restrict your kids from purchasing apps that are for ages 13 and older. The Consuming Nature of TikTok Much like with any social media platform, TikTok is a consuming and distracting app that can pull you in for hours as you watch video after video. TikTok can definitely be a distraction to homework, extracurriculars, and even social time with friends. Thankfully, TikTok has a system in place to prevent kids from getting stuck in the app for long periods of time. Under your TikTok profile, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, which is Privacy and Settings. Select Digital Wellbeing and Screen Time Management. Then set a screen time limit. Note that if your kids know their TikTok passcode, they can enter it after the time limit is up to keep using TikTok, so keep the passcode hidden! Exposure to Explicit or Inappropriate Songs and Videos While kids can make their account private so that only their friends can watch their

videos and send them messages, there’s not a whole lot of control on what other people post. On the Home and Discover pages, there are hundreds of thousands of public videos that can feature inappropriate ideas, suggestions, or images. A great way to limit these types of videos from your kid’s feed is to go back under Digital Wellbeing and select Restricted Mode. This setting does its best to limit the appearance of content that may not be appropriate for all audiences. Note that this feature turns off after 30 days, so you will have to go back in afterwards and set it up again. A form of exposure that doesn’t have a direct solution is the song list. Many songs are explicit, and there’s not exactly a way to filter these out. Self Image Suggestions TikTok wouldn’t be a social media platform if it didn’t have the iconic effects and filters that kids love to experiment with. However, one feature to watch out for in particular is the Beauty tool. When your kids create videos, they can turn Beauty on, which

essentially airbrushes their face to make them more “beautiful.” The implications of this tool are certainly not a message that you want your kids to pick up, especially for young girls. Again, there isn’t exactly a way to prevent exposure to features such as these, especially if your kids are also using Instagram and Snapchat. But monitoring screen time surely helps, and it’s important to have conversations about self and body image with your kids. They are likely seeing a lot of versions of what it means to be pretty or handsome from social media, so just keep the line of communication open on this subject. Duets and Reactions Another important feature in TikTok is Duets, in which two videos get placed side by side. If your Duet settings are public, then anyone can Duet with you, as in put their video beside yours so that other users watch the two simultaneously. To change this feature, go to Privacy and Safety and click on “Who can Duet with you” to switch it from everyone to friends, or turn it off altogether. Duets can be fun, but they are also a source of bullying, as kids make

Much like with any social media platform, TikTok is a consuming app that can pull you in for hours as you watch video after video. fun of others by placing a video next to their video that mocks the corresponding one. Reactions allow users to record their reaction to a video as they are watching it, and then share that reaction with others. This is another feature that feeds into bullying, but you can easily change the settings to restrict who can react to your videos to either friends or nobody. Profile Information One last thing to keep in mind about TikTok, or really for any social media platform, is the information that your kids share in their profile. On TikTok, kids can choose a profile photo, profile video, username, write a bio, and link their Instagram or Youtube. If this is your kid’s first exposure to social media, you’ll probably want to help them through creating their profile, or look it over after they are done. Make sure that they do not reveal any private information in their bio, such as their address,


school, or even last name. This could be a fun activity that you and your kid do together, while also a great way to monitor what your little one is sharing on social media. Not only are more social media platforms quickly arising, but kids are starting to use social media at a younger age than ever before. We understand that this is certainly a fear among parents of tweens and teens (or even younger kids). In order to best address these fears, just get to know the social media apps that your kids are using inside and out! TikTok is a fairly new app, but its popularity is skyrocketing among kids. Stay in the know with our detailed outline of TikTok and its many features. Despite TikTok’s parental concerns, it really is a fun and unique app to get creative and share a few laughs with friends. With our tips for how to monitor TikTok, your kids can enjoy the app in a smarter and safer way.

State of the Art Dental Facility • Kid Friendly


family favorites TO P 5 2019


We Welcome Little Smiles! Dr. Dionne Finlay, Pediatric Dentist Dr. Steve, Orthodontist

- Bilingual - Available 5 days a week from 8am - 6pm all year ‘round - Breakfast, lunch and snack provided Inspired early childcare with a holistic approach to working with children and their families. Serving the community for over 52 years Site 1: Site 2: Site 3: 940 EAST 156TH ST., 1997 BATHGATE AVE., 2167 UNIVERSITY AVE., Bronx NY 10455 Bronx, NY 10457 Bronx NY 10468 718-893-1512 917-259-7081 917-962-9720

2100 Bartow Ave., Suite 246 Bay Plaza, Coop City Behind Pathmark, Next to AMC & Bally’s

October 2019 |


high schools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement

Academy of Mount St. Ursula

cultivated and challenged.

333 Bedford Ave., Bronx, NY 718-364-5353 For over 164 years, AMSU has been offering an exceptional Ursuline education to young women in grades 9-12. They challenge students to respond to the call to scholarship, leadership and service. All lessons and activities are infused with the values of Catholic education rooted in the Gospels. The school is strongly committed to its programs in Academic, Arts and Service. Academics: The Classes of 2018 and 2019 earned nearly $40 million in academic scholarships and 100% were accepted to college. Arts: Classes in visual arts, music, theater and media are required. Service: Each student must perform at least 10 hours of service each year. They encourage all of their young women to be leaders in society!

AECI 2 - NYC Charter High School for Computer Engineering & Innovation

AECI 1 – NYC Charter High School for Architecture, Engineering & Construction Industries 838 Brook Ave., Bronx NY 646-400-5566 AECI offers an academic program that provides students with a foundation of the necessary skill, knowledge, and practical experience to pursue a path leading to college and/ or a career in architecture, engineering or construction industries. The school’s offerings are focused on providing a rigorous college preparatory sequence of classes while also preparing students for success on industry-recognized certification exams. All students receive double periods in Math and ELA in freshman year to prepare for long lasting success. All staff members are tasked with developing the whole child by working together to ensure that all academic, emotional, and social development is supported,


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

424 E. 138th St., Bronx, NY 646-741-7470 By popular demand, AECI 1 is proud to launch AECI 2 this school year. It is the AECI network’s second location in the South Bronx. The mission of AECI 2 is to create a rigorous college prep academic program that provides students with a foundation of the necessary skills, knowledge and practical experience to pursue a path leading to college and or a career in the computer, engineering or innovation industries. The second high school is a computer engineering and innovation themed school and serves Grades 9-12. Some of the classes they offer students starting in 9th grade are Intro to Computer Science Principles, Coding Circuit Design, and 3-D printing.

Aquinas High School 685 E. 182nd St., Bronx, NY 718-367-2113 Aquinas is committed to educating and inspiring young women for a lifetime of faith, learning and compassionate action for a more just world. It is a community of faith and learning rooted in the Catholic tradition and committed to excellence in the education of young women – mind and heart, body and soul. Since its founding in 1923, the school has welcomed each new wave of NYC’s population with a challenging curriculum, a broad spectrum of co-curricular activities and passionate community service in a diverse and nurturing environment. Today, 100% of their students achieve Regents endorsed diplomas and go on to attend a college or university of their choice.

Saint Raymond Academy

for Girls


Friday, October 18, 2019 from 5-8pm

For more information contact

718-824-4220 ext. 1052 or

1725 Castle Hill Avenue Bronx, NY 10462

TACHS code: 220

All Accepted A Community of Tuition Will Students Commitment, Faith, Remain the Same And Their Parents Respect & Learning for All Four Years! Are Welcome!


OPEN HOUSE November 3, 2019 • 11am–2pm PRESTON HIGH SCHOOL

2780 Schurz Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465 • 718-863-9134 •

October 2019 |


high schools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement


Cardinal Hayes

High School

Fai h 





Creativ Creative

Cathedral High School Midtown East 350 E. 56th St., New York, NY 212-688-1545 An Open House will be held Sunday, October 20, 2019 from noon to 2:30 p.m. Cathedral High School, a Catholic College Preparatory school of the Archdiocese of New York located in the heart of Manhattan, welcomes young women of all faiths and cultures. It is a community of students, teachers, staff, parents and alumnae committed to achieving excellence in education. They continually challenge their students to become productive members of society who will conduct themselves with religious and moral integrity in the pursuit of social justice.

Cardinal Hayes High School





Academic Excellence


Time: 10am-1pm Date: October 12th Place: Cardinal Hayes High School 650 Grand Concourse Bronx, NY 10451 For more info contact Craig Joseph at 718-292-6100 x 187 or visit


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

650 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 718-292-6100, ext. 187 Inspiring culturally diverse young men of the NYC metro area through spiritual growth and a rigorous college preparatory program of academics, extra-curricular activities and personal discipline. As a Christian community comprised of parents, students, teachers, faculty, alumni and benefactors, the goal of personal excellence and responsible citizenship is accomplished by embracing traditional Roman Catholic values. The high school believes: an effective education develops the whole person spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. Every student has unique talents that should be developed to their fullest potential. Every student can become a life-long learner. Every student and every background deserve respect and consideration. Every student has the right to safety, love, and a challenging and stimulating learning environment.

Cardinal Spellman High School One Cardinal Spellman Pl., Bronx, NY 718-881-8000, ext. 206 You can have it all - SMALL school friendliness and BIG school opportunities! This high school offers a program of studies and activities to prepare each student for personal success in college and in life. Many of the graduates are awarded college scholarships. In addition to providing a strong academic foundation for college, students are helped to further develop the social skills necessary for the demands of college life. Being a large co-ed school, students are offered a step forward toward a more college-like environment, giving them the opportunity to continue to develop their social skills beyond the small school setting they are leaving behind, while still receiving the full support of a nurturing atmosphere. If your student is in 8th grade, why not call for an appointment to Spend-A-Day?

Green Meadow Waldorf School 307 Hungry Hollow Road Chestnut Ridge, NY 845-356-2514, ext. 302 Green Meadow Waldorf School offers a cutting-edge, time-tested education that meets children at each stage of their development. Join them for infant/toddler and family programs, nursery through 12th grade classes that are led by experienced Waldorf teachers, and afterschool classes and summer adventures (both open to the public). As one of the oldest, largest Waldorf schools in the US, they serve about 230 students who go on to top colleges, fulfilling careers, and are known for their resilience and creativity. Green Meadow provides daily bus service from Manhattan, Riverdale, and Tarrytown. Attend an admissions event to see how they are transforming education.

“Technologists know how phones really work, and many have decided they don’t want their own children anywhere near them...A wariness that has been slowly brewing is turning into a regionwide consensus: The benefits of screens as a learning tool are overblown, and the risks for addiction and stunting development seem high.” –A Dark Consensus About Screens and Kids Begins to Emerge in Silicon Valley, The New York Times, 10/26/18

Informed by research, Green Meadow Waldorf School’s media policy limits screen time for children under age 11 and supports mindful use in older students. Our cutting-edge educational methods are based on nearly 100 years of child observation. Our graduates leave our closeknit community to go on to top colleges and universities, where they are known for embodying 21st-century capacities including curiosity and collaboration.


Does your child’s school have a media policy?

Now busing from Manhattan and Riverdale!

Belong. Believe. Become.



Join us and discover how we succeed!

Sunday, October 20, 2019 12 – 3 PM 350 East 56th Street, NYC

x State of the Art STEM Academy. x Medical Gateways Academy which includes a partnership with The Memorial Sloan Kettering Science Enrichment Program and Internship. x Business Academy which includes a partnership with St. Francis College for college credits. x Law Curriculum featuring internship opportunities and a Mock Trial Team. x Honors Academy in which students will take all honors classes along with obtaining an Advanced Regents Diploma and participating in qualifying AP courses. x Competitive Sports program and numerous extracurricular activities offered. x The graduating Class of 2019 earned over $27 million in college scholarships and grants with acceptances into top schools such as Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University and University of Notre Dame. x Prime Location - Cathedral is located in Midtown East and easily accessible by the 4/5/6, E, M, N, and R trains.

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high schools Directory | Special Advertising Supplement

Par�ner wi�h Us

The Montfort Academy

Preston High School

125 Birch St., Mt. Vernon, NY 914-699-7090 The Montfort Academy is unique as it is the only classical high school in The Bronx and Westchester. It is highly ranked for diversity, academics and college preparation. The mission of the Academy is connected to Ancient Greek and Roman learning, to invest in developing the whole student or homo en toto mind, body and spirit. The Honorable Richard Greco, Jr., founder and president of The Montfort Academy, says: “The aim of any education should be to help the whole person develop in mind, body, and soul. It is not just to help kids get into the best colleges or to be successful materially but also to help form young men and women who ask themselves daily about what kind of life they want to lead.”

2780 Schurz Ave., Bronx, NY 718-863-9134 Established in 1947 by the Sisters of the Divine Compassion as an independent college-preparatory Catholic school. They have a longstanding tradition of academic excellence and commitment to empowering young women to become compassionate leaders for change. They offer a broad and challenging curriculum, the support of a diverse, faith-centered community and a commitment to Christian service. The co-curricular program includes honor societies, service clubs, choirs and special interest groups. Those interested in growing artistically have many options including the school musical produced by the Preston Players. The Athletic Department sponsors varsity and junior varsity teams including soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading and softball (2017 division champions). Their goal is to help students become women of dignity, honor, respect and compassion.

Mount Saint Michael Academy

Want to reach engaged parents across New York City? Collaborate with the New York Family Media team to spread the word about your launches, promotions and news. Reach us by emailing or calling 718.260.4554 16

Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

4300 Murdock Ave., Bronx, NY 718-515-6400 Respect, integrity, perseverance, professional behavior and accountability are the five core values that guide the Mount Saint Michael Academy community, a Catholic, college preparatory school for young men, founded in 1926. Today The Mount has over 800 students of diverse backgrounds. It is the only grades 6 through 12 all-boys school in NYC and offers an excellent education, recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, at a fraction of the cost of other private schools. Their beautiful 22acre campus on the border of Westchester County offers over a dozen sports opportunities and includes batting cages, baseball, football and soccer fields, and the largest gymnasium in NYC.

St. Raymond Academy for Girls 1725 Castle Hill Ave., Bronx, NY 718-824-4220 St. Raymond Academy is a small Catholic high school for young women in an urban setting. They inspire their students to reach their God-given potential in a safe, supportive, and diverse environment. Through a state-approved curriculum and extra-curricular activities, they encourage their students to seek and value truth. By empowering them with an education that promotes a commitment to excellence, self-discipline and strong Christian values, they challenge their students to become successful and accountable in a dynamic society. To learn more about the school, they invite you to attend the upcoming Open House or schedule a shadow day.

7KHRQO\FODVVLFDOKLJKVFKRROLQ :HVWFKHVWHUDQGWKH%URQ[ ƙŃśśóŃơóĐĐĞƖƭŃŦķóƖƖśŃĐóƭŃŲŦơŦŲǎɍ ¦śĞóơĞĐŲŦƭóĐƭŲƵƙƭĞóŤóƭ ơƭƵėĞŦƭƙĞĐƙƵŃƭŤĞŦƭʻďƙŃśśóơĐľŲŲśơɐŲƙķ ĶŲƙŤŲƙĞŃŦĶŲƙŤóƭŃŲŦɐ  Ȑȍȏ1ɐȍȐȐƭľ±ƭƙĞĞƭɋ ƙŲŦǓɋvĞǎäŲƙŘȍȌȐȑȐ ȏȏȔ1ɐȍȐȒƭľ±ƭƙĞĞƭɋ ƙŲŦǓɋvĞǎäŲƙŘȍȌȐȑȍ ȑȌȌ!ŲƵƙƭśóŦėƭǍĞŦƵĞɋ ƙŲŦǓɋväȍȌȐȑȍ  ɢȏȐȓɣȎȓȏɮȔȐȏȕɉďƙŃśśóơĐľŲŲśơɐŲƙķ

Open Open Open House

House House

Sunday October 20, 2019 11:00 A.M.–3:00 P.M. Sunday October 20, 2019 Sunday October 20, 2019 &

A.M.–3:00 11:0011:00 A.M.–3:00 P.M.P.M. Wednesday & & October 23, 2019

6:00–8:00 P.M.

Wednesday October 23, 2019 Wednesday October 23, 2019 6:00–8:00 6:00–8:00 P.M.P.M.


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One Cardinal Spellman One Cardinal Spellman Place Place

Bronx, NY 10466 | 718-881-8000 Bronx, NY 10466 | 718-881-8000



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Where Boys and Girls with Dreams Become Men and Women of Vision

Where Boys Girls Dreams Become Men and Women Vision Where Boys andand Girls withwith Dreams Become Men and Women ofof Vision

TACHS Code 303

Code 303 TACHS TACHS Code 303

October 2019 |



Nighttime Adventures for Kids

By Danielle Sullivan


he city that never sleeps offers multiple activities for kids and families to embark on at night. Whether you have a night owl on your hands or are looking for family fun later in the evening for days off from school and holidays, there are unique escapades, entertainment, and excitement to be had all around the city as the sun goes down!

1. Climb aboard the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum and stay the night on the ocean. Operation Slumber lets visitors sleep on the ship’s hangar deck just like sailors do. Before that, enjoy a good flight simulator ride, pop-up planetarium shows, and flashlight-guided tours of the flight deck. 2. Take a relaxing and beautiful retreat right in the

middle of New York City with Collective Retreats on Governors Island. Enjoy the thrill of camping without sacrificing your comfort. Spend the night in outdoor luxury tents with real bathrooms, high quality linens, electricity and delicious meals while also enjoying favorites such as games, campfires, and community (or fully private) lounging. 3. Enter a whole new virtual reality right next to the Empire State Building. With over three floors of more than 50 different virtual games, films, and experiences, VR World NYC is the largest VR experience in North America. Naturally it gets crowded at peak times so night is an especially good time to go, particularly during the week. 4. Get spooky on a NYC Ghost Tour. Based on

historical facts, this one-hour tour takes you around nine haunted places in Greenwich Village while teaching about the historical background of each. 5. Tour the Brooklyn Museum the first Saturday of


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

each month (except January and September) which is opened until 11 pm. For over 20 years, First Saturdays kicks off the month’s new displays and best of all, it’s free. 6. Take a museum tour at the Whitney Museum of American Art and grab some dinner at the Untitled Restaurant or the Studio cafe. Museum is opened until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday. 7. See the gorgeous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

under the evening stars because the magnificent lights just do not look the same in the daylight. Then take in the aroma of hot pretzels while watching ice skaters below. 8. Or be a skater yourself … rent some skates and hit the ice until midnight under festive music and bright lights of Rockefeller Skating Rink.

9. From The Lion King and Aladdin to Wicked and

Frozen, Broadway has a variety of captivating theater shows for kids. Most start about 7-8 p.m. and run approximately two hours. 10. Try stargazing at the High Line that takes place every Tuesday, beginning at dusk, between April through October. Use high-powered telescopes view to see the latest constellations, stars and patterns.

the top artists, makers, and designers. Walk-throughs takes about an hour, open until 9 pm Friday - Sunday.

Illustrations by Elvia Caballero

13. Spend a fun-filled family night with the dinos in Museum Sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History. Tour the T Rex exhibition with a flashlight, watch a live animal demonstration, and then settle down beneath the 94-foot blue whale or the African elephants. 14. There’s nothing like a star-filled view from the

11. Drop your child off for a Kids’ Night Out at the 92Y,

where kids are treated to a night of games, gymnastics, arts & crafts, sports, pizza, and more . 12. Take a tour of the Color Factory, a 20,000 square foot collaborative and interactive art exhibit, which tells color stories and awakens visitors to the beauty of color in their lives. Installations are created by some of

Empire State Building at night. Visitors can climb to the top of the 102-story skyscraper until 2 am Last elevator up leaves at 1:15 am. 15. Science buffs can sleep in one of the city’s largest

science experiments: the New York Hall of Science. Grab some friends (groups only) and explore the secrets of science through 450 hands-on exhibits, a 3-D theater October 2019 |


three-level observation deck. This unparalleled view offers a true 360-degree perspective of the city. Opened until midnight, last elevator up is at 11 pm. 25. If your little night owl gains more energy as the day

goes on, try an evening rock climbing class at Brooklyn Boulders, opened until 10 pm. 26. Take a moonlit stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

show, and an outdoor Science Playground.

and see the city from a whole new view as you tour the elevated pedestrian walkway, opened 24 hours a day.

16. Meet everyone from the Royals and world leaders

27. Older kids will be fascinated by the adventures at

to the hottest celebs and fashion icons at Madame Tussauds. Rub elbows with your favorite wax figures from music, films, sports and television all night long. Last entry is at 10 pm on the weekends.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not, from the Relic escape and torture chamber to the Smash Dash game of reflexes and the Black Hole. Open until 11 pm. Sun.-Wed. and until 1 am on Thur.-Sat.

17. Visit the splendid St. Patrick’s Cathedral opened daily

28. Let your child loose in a pajama party at the NY

until 8:45 pm. If you’re interested in Christmas Eve midnight mass, you’ll have to enter a lottery via the website.

Kids Club while you enjoy a date night. Times vary and options include a Pets Pajama Party, Wonder Woman/ Superman theme, King of the Jungle, and more.

18. Older kids can enjoy arcade style laser mazes (think The Matrix), laser tag games, and a miniature bowling alley at Laser Bounce in Glendale, Queens. Opened until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, there is also a 3D motion simulator, an arcade, a bounce area and virtual games.

29. Watch the giant balloons inflate for the Macy’s

Thanksgiving Day Parade the night before the big day as SpongeBob, Angry Bird, Charlie Brown, Snoopy & Garfield, Hello Kitty, and Shrek get all the helium they need to make the long trek down Sixth Avenue.

19. Take in a ball game before the season is over at Citi-

field or Yankee Stadium and enjoy a brisk fall night at bat. 20. Enjoy a start-studded NYC ferry ride and see the city from the water’s view along the East River, Rockaway, South Brooklyn, Astoria, or Staten Island. 21. Have an enchanted night with a Taste of

Magic. This magic show combines fine dining and entertainment as magicians perform a magic show at your table between each course. 22. Check out the beautiful decorated windows of Saks

Fifth Ave, Macy’s Herald Square, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and Tiffany and Co. and sneak in a few for late night shopping sprees. 23. Watch the Brooklyn Nets’ kick off another season at the Barclay Center. 24. Go straight to the Top of the Rock and enjoy the


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

30. Get in the holiday spirit in Brooklyn’s bestdecorated neighborhood, and walk along blocks of beautifully lit houses in Dyker Heights Lights. 31. Take a moonlit stroll along the pyramid steps at

Domino Park to see the 88 magnificent and individually programmable water jets and lights. (Even in daylight the wooden platform is stunning and hosts events and shows.) 32. Grab some snacks and pick your favorite clear

and open spot (think the lawn at Central or Prospect Park, or even your own backyard) and join in on the worldwide celebration, International Observe the Moon Night on October 5th. Best times to view the moon are at dusk or dawn. Danielle Sullivan is a writer, mom of three living in New York City and is a proud Brooklynite. She is an award-winning writer who has won awards from the Parenting Media Association for ten years running. Follow her on Instagram @deewrite.

Clowns • Characters Face Painting • Balloon Art • Magic Games • Cotton Candy • Popcorn Paint Nites for Adults & Kids too!

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AUTISM SERVICES Your insurance pays, we provide.


provides customized ABA services and social groups (funded by your health insurance) to children and adults with autism in Manhattan, NYC areas & NJ. No waiting list. or 212.239.6200

For groups or birthdays call 866.642.9849

New World Stages 340 W. 50th St. G ill llii B bbl Sh

We work on social skills, language, play skills, self-help skills and academic skills at home, school and community. Supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

Call 347.559.6131 or email Private pay also accepted.

HAC Family Services Inc. Bridging the Gap to Education & Success

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- Childcare (2-years to 5-years) - Family EarlyLearn CACFP - Headstart - Pre-school Evaluations - Universal Pre-K - Pre-school Special Education - Family EarlyLearn (6-weeks to 4-years) - 3-K for All program For more information contact the central office located at: 880 River Avenue Bronx, NY 10452 2nd Floor Phone: (718) 992-1321 Fax: (718) 992-8539 James W. Nathaniel, CEO Nearly a half a century of service to the Bronx

Early Childhood Center III* 1399 Ogden Avenue Bronx, NY 10452 (718) 293-9196 Richard H. Mangum Early Learning Center 921 E. 162nd Street Bronx, New York 10451 (718) 590-0673 Marshall England Early Learning Center 800 Concourse Village East Bronx, NY 10452 (718) 742-2366/69 Head Start Program* 880 River Avenue 2nd Floor Bronx, NY 10452 (718) 992-1321 October 2019 |


Ariane Goldman

The Designer Who Gets Maternity How this mother of two has brought the baby bump front and center By Donna LaDD


f there is a type of clothing that can cause frustration when shopping, right up there with bathing suits or finding the perfect pair of jeans, mothers of the world know, it is maternity wear. We’ve all experienced that moment when you realize that the cute bump that was at one point manageable is now not. This is why finding the right maternity wardrobe is everything. Thankfully for us all, Manhattan mom Ariane Goldman created Hatch. While Ariane was pregnant with her first daughter, she found herself disappointed by the lack of stylish maternity clothing options available and set out to design her own line. Hatch is designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy, making the pieces a great investment. The looks range from flattering denim to scrumptious knits and billowy tops. For NYC mamas and a certain Duchess of Sussex, Hatch pieces serve as perfect anchor items that can be worn easily to both school drop-off or an evening event. Ariane truly designs for all stages of motherhood. I wore Hatch with my youngest, who I adopted. I carried him around until he was two years old, and found that Hatch is both gorgeous and functional. It is no wonder this New York City mom has a handle on what women want and need with her designs. While Ariane and her Cinematographer husband Max are now parents to two adorable daughters Charlie and Georgie (ages 8 and 4 years) Ariane’s other baby Hatch keeps growing. Cool collaborations with brands like J.Crew and Tenoverten have brought Hatch to a wider audience. Ariane’s beauty line Hatch Mama Beauty provides non-toxic, safe-for-mother beauty care that helps with insomnia, stretch marks, and thinning hair — YES, thank you, yes!


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

We recently stopped by Ariane’s boho family apartment in the West Village and chatted about being a working mother, her philosophy on child-raising and why creating a line that embraces a mother’s body and experience in pregnancy is what drives Hatch. I love your story on how Hatch was created. How did you go from Wall Street to bridal wear to maternity wear? When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2011, I couldn’t find timeless, stylish wardrobe essentials that I could invest in during my pregnancy. It was such an amazing, empowering time for me, where I wanted to celebrate my changing body, not hide it. I wanted to still feel like me. I realized there was a huge white space for well-designed maternity clothing, so I created Hatch. You created Hatch when the maternity niche was not well-served. In my opinion, Hatch is still original and unique in design and branding. How do you stay passionate when designing Hatch now that you have left pregnancy behind you? Our mission continues to inspire me. It’s easy to be passionate when we are creating real solutions for women during this incredible time in their lives. We’re also continually evolving by creating new categories where we can meet expecting mamas where they are, so it always feels new and exciting. Hatch is designed to fit many figures, is this important to you as the founder and designer? Absolutely. Every woman grows differently and experiences pregnancy in her own way. We want to create clothing and

beauty essentials that are inclusive and can work at any stage or with any body type. You have been collaborating with some cool brands. Can you share on these collaborations? Will there be more in the future for Hatch? It’s an amazing feeling to find likeminded brands that can contribute their point of view and solutions that can then fit into our world. When it works, it’s an incredible partnership. The coolest part about Hatch is that it is a gateway for women moving into motherhood, so brands from various categories are interested in collaborating with us to share this moment in a woman’s journey. We definitely have a few more collaborations coming up that we can share when we’re ready! We’re obsessed with Meghan Markle here. How excited were you about seeing her wear Hatch when she was pregnant with Archie? Was this something she did on her own? Yes, we had no idea she had even bought our Eliza dress! To see such a beautiful, inspiring woman in our clothing, there are no words. She’s the gift that keeps on giving. Okay so popular question for the busy mom, how do you juggle this all with two kids? With a dirty martini? Seriously, I don’t know that there’s such a thing as juggling. Some days feel balanced and some days don’t. I think having a great team around me at Hatch helps me focus on what I love doing while allowing me to be the mom I want to be. What is the best parenting advice you have ever received? There is no right answer. Motherhood is comprised of the highs and the lows and

City mom I wish I had more time for… School pick-up I always feel saner after… A weekend with my family at the beach. Favorite place to grab a bite to eat with the kids? Cowgirl in the West Village. Great kids menu. Cheap and cheerful and great martini. Favorite date night spot? En Japenese Bistro. Favorite dessert spot? Bar Pisellino. Favorite park? Central Park even though I live downtown. Running the Reservoir is sacred to me. Favorite fall activity with the fam? Saturday morning walks on an empty beach. Favorite family tv show/movie? America’s Got Talent.

insecurities and truths. Any which way you go about it, you can’t go wrong. Love, comfort, and support is the recipe for success. Do you have any words of wisdom for mothers who are looking to create a business while also raising small humans? Just go for it! There is never a perfect time. Life never slows down. If you have a vision, take the leap and go for it. What do you love about New York, especially as a designer who is based here and a mother raising her children in the city? It is endlessly inspiring and colorful and fun. I hope living here exposes my daughters to the beautiful differences among people. That said, I also love our home by the beach when the city gets to be too much. Photo by Ana Gambuto

Find Hatch at October 2019 |


family day out

Pumpkin Patches and Picking Search for the best pumpkin to carve into a jack o’lantern at these pumpkin patches! By- Katarina avendaño & Mia SalaS


718-347-3276 (40 min from Midtown)

umpkin patches are such a thrill for the younger ones. Let’s start with the fact that it’s a trip away from the city and onto a farm, which for kids, it’s a whole new world! If you are new to pumpkin-patch picking, it isn’t just choosing a pumpkin to bring home. It’s a whole experience! While you meander through the pumpkin patch, make sure to enjoy the farm’s baked goods, take a hayride, see farm animals and even try to find your way out of the corn maze. There is something that the whole family will love, and we’ve even included the travel distance from Midtown so you know how long the journey will be. So find a weekend, a take a trip to one of these pumpkin patches and experience fall to its fullest.

As the longest continually farmed site in New York State, Queens County Farm opens their pumpkin patch up again this October for families to enjoy. Pumpkin month at Queens County Farm is full of plenty of excitement with the autumn air, variety of pumpkins, New York history and farm animals. While the pumpkin patch is open primarily on weekends, feel free to come during the week to purchase pumpkins in the Farm Store. Open to the public from 11 am-4:30 pm on weekends October 5-26 and October 14.

Under One Hour

Pick your own pumpkins at Hillview Farms! On weekends in October, you and your family can catch a hayride that brings you through the farm, to the apple orchards and pumpkin patches. Don’t feel like picking out your own pumpkin? Maybe Halloween is around the corner and you need to quickly grab a pumpkin to carve? Pumpkins are also sold at the roadside market! Open 9 am-6 pm (field closed to the public at 5 pm), daily.

Demarest Farms 244 Wiermus Road, Hillsdale, NJ 07642 201-666-0472 (40 min from Midtown)

Demarest Farms offers a unique pumpkin picking experience for families, kids, schools, friends and groups from September to November. Meet and greet farm animals, taste delicious treats, hop on a hay wagon ride, browse Halloween decorations, and use pumpkin carving tools to turn your pumpkin into a jack o’ lantern! The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin is also available exclusively at Demarest Farms. Partnering with Spookley, PACER, and farms across the country, Demarest Farms raises awareness for bullying prevention. Don’t miss out on Pumpkin Picking Movie Night on October 4 and 11, 5:30-8 pm, to watch the Spookley Movie on the big screen as you navigate the pumpkin patch. The cost for general admission is $7, which includes free parking, pumpkin patch entrance, hay wagon ride, two petting zoos, adventure playground, corn box, photo display area and more. All pumpkins, no matter the size, are $10. Children 2 and under are free. Open to the public from 9 am-4:30 pm on weekends and holidays, and 3-4:30 pm on Monday-Friday. Queens County Farm 73-50 Little Neck Pkwy., Queens, NY 11004


Hillview Farms 223 Meyersville Road, Gillette, NJ 908-647-0957 (50 min from Midtown)

One Hour to One Hour and a Half Secor Farms 85 Airmont Ave, Mahwah, NJ 07430 201-529-2595 (1 hr from Midtown)

Take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch or corn maze at Secor Farms! You’ll pass by a pond, willow trees and fall decor on your scenic route to the pumpkins. After you pick a pumpkin and return on the hayride, feed the animals at the petting zoo, take photos in front of “How Tall This Fall,” and play with toy tractors in the corn box. Don’t leave before browsing the farm’s market, full of fresh-pressed apple cider and homemade apple cider donuts. Open 8-6 pm, daily. Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard 130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem, NY 10560 914-485-1210 (1 hr & 20 min from Midtown)

Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

Every weekend in October, head to the Fall Festival at Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard to pick pumpkins! There will also be hayrides, bouncy castles, live music, donuts, face painting, pony rides, BBQ food, brick oven pizza, kettle corn and more. Your pumpkin picking experience is sure to be an exciting one for the whole family here! Cash only with an ATM available in the farm store. Activities range from $5-$10 per person. Open 10 am-5 pm on weekends and October 1, 9, and 14 (pumpkin patch closes at 4:30 pm). Stuart’s Fruit Farm 62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs, NY 10527 914-245-2784 (1 hr & 20 min from Midtown)

Not only a fruit farm, Stuart’s Fruit Farm features the perfect pumpkin patch for families, and it is family-operated! Enjoy the autumn air and the farm views as you survey the pumpkins and choose your favorite. You can also buy pre-picked pumpkins and gourds at the farm stand if you don’t have the time to venture into the pumpkin patch. Don’t miss out on the weekend hayrides! Open 9 am-6 pm, daily. Cash or check only. Alstede Farms 1 Alstede Farms Lane, Chester, NJ 07930 908-879-7189 (1 hr & 20 min from Midtown)

Head to Alstede Farms to pick the freshest pumpkins with your family! There are plenty of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes to choose from: orange and white, munchkins, gourds, and assorted winter squash. Weekday admission is $8.99 per person plus tax and weekend admission is $14.99 per person plus tax. Admission to Pick Your Own fields and orchards includes tractor-drawn hayrides, access to mazes and live entertainment when available. Open 9 am-6 pm (last admission is 5 pm), daily. Apple Ridge Orchards 101 Jessup Road, Warwick, NY 10990 845-987-7717 (1 hr & 30 min from Midtown)

Looking for an educational and interactive experience in the pumpkin patch? Check out

Apple Ridge Orchards for some family fun with pumpkins! Take photos in front of the custom farm displays, such as an old tractor and portrait paintings. Enjoy the beautiful views, hop on a hayride, pet and feed farm animals, conquer the corn maze, learn about the observation hives, and taste sweet treats. All ages are invited to spend the day in Apple Ridge Orchards’ pumpkin patch. Pumpkin picking costs $10, which includes one pumpkin of any size with free admission and parking. Open to the public 9 am-6 pm, Thursday-Sunday and holidays. Lawrence Farms Orchards 306 Frozen Ridge Road, Newburgh, NY 12550 845-562-4268 (1 hr & 30 min from Midtown)

Not too far of a drive from NYC, Lawrence Farms Orchards has a pumpkin patch with a wide selection for families to choose from. After you find your perfect pumpkin, browse the concession stand, which features apple cider donuts, pies, cookies, chicken tenders, paninis, hot dogs, roasted nuts, fries, pizza, nachos, ice cream and more! Enjoy a morning out in the pumpkin patch and delectable lunch or snack afterwards to celebrate the fall season. Open 9 am- 4 pm, daily. Admission is $5 per person with a $2 credit towards produce purchases, children under 2 years old are free. Season passes available. Barton Orchards 63 Apple Tree Lane, Poughquag, NY 12570 845-227-2306 (1 hr & 30 min from Midtown)

Beginning in late September and running through the end of October, Barton Orchards

boasts a wonderful, family-friendly pumpkin patch. Barton Orchards started as an apple farm, but they have since expanded to include tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, squash, and, of course, pumpkins! Along with your day of pumpkins, if you’re looking for a more spooky experience, check out Rotten Core Manor, the haunted house recommended for kids ages 6 and up. There are plenty of other exciting activities to do food to taste during your visit, such as the various rides and games in Fun Park and the many places to grab a bite in the Midway Farm Area. Open 9 am-6 pm, daily. Fishkill Farms 9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 845-897-4377 (1 hr & 30 min from Midtown)

Fishkill Farms not only invites your family to their pumpkin patch this October, but they’ve kicked off their Harvest Festival Weekends! Every weekend through September and October features wagon rides, the corn maze, live music, fresh cider donuts, homemade mac & cheese, farm-fresh veggie meals and more! The pumpkin patch has both edible and decorative pumpkins to choose from, as well as gourds, squash, corn stalks and straw bales for your fall decor! Mark in your calendars Pumpkin Decorating on October 26-27, 10 am-4 pm, to purchase and decorate a pumpkin at the farm with paints, glitter, stickers and more. Admission is $5 per person and kids ages 12 and under are free. On Tuesdays, general admission is free for everyone. Admission includes wagon rides with additional costs for other activities and produce. Open 9 am-6 pm (last entrance at 5 pm), daily.

Over an Hour and a Half Bishop’s Orchards 1355 Boston Post Road, Guilford, CT 06437 203-453-2338 (2 hrs from Midtown)

Although Bishop’s Orchards may be a bit of a drive from NYC, it will surely be worth it once you’re making family memories in the pumpkin patch, which opens mid-September and runs through Halloween. These sphereshaped pumpkins are perfect for decoration during Halloween and Thanksgiving, or just the fall season in general! You can also prepare the pumpkins for meals or snacks, such as pumpkin seeds or pumpkin soup. Along with the pumpkins, browse the mums, corn stalks, gourds, squash, Indian Corn, and various other activities for kids and families to enjoy. Grab a scoop (or three) of ice cream while you’re there from Bishop’s Orchards’ new Creamery Ice Cream stand. Open 10 am-5 pm, daily. Hank’s PumpkinTown 240 Montauk Hwy, Water Mill, NY 11976 631-726-4667 (2 hrs from Midtown)

The name says it best, as Hank’s PumpkinTown truly is a pumpkin town with pumpkins of all sizes! Other fall decorations available include gourds, corn stalks, straw bales, Indian Corn, mums, Montauk daisies, door hanging and more. New this year is the Pink Tractor, which features pink porcelain doll pumpkins! There is also face painting and gem mining for an additional cost on weekends and an exciting wooden playground. The Market includes apple cider slushies, apple cider and pumpkin donuts, and more treats — yum! Make sure to stop by this pumpkin patch for a great time! Open 9:30 am-6 pm, daily. October 2019 |


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Great Kid-Friendly October Events in the Bronx By mia salas

2ND ANNUAL NEW YORK PIZZA FESTIVAL October 5-6 Hosted by Belmont Business Improvement District, the New York Pizza Festival invites your family to celebrate pizza at the largest pizza festival in New York. There will be tastings from 25 US pizza makers and five from Italy, with music to dance off all of the calories! Join US Pizza Makers, chefs, culinary personalities, and top pizza makers from Italy to taste delicious pizza and learn more about this iconic food for all ages. The festival benefits Slice Out Hunger, a local organization that supports American hunger relief and prevention initiatives through pizza-related events. Free admission, ticket costs vary for food and drink, 12-5 pm. Crescent Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458,

BOO AT THE ZOO: SPOOKTACULAR NIGHT WALKS October 5, 11, 18, and 26 Come in costume to this family-friendly, spooky walk! Prepare for an evening of Halloween fun and festivities with live animal encounters and Halloween-themed educational activities. Enjoy a pizza dinner before you head out on your night walk in the zoo to see what happens when the gates close and the visitors leave! $45, members $35, 5-7 pm. Bronx Zoo, 2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460,

FAMILY AFTERNOON MOVIE: JUMANJI October 12 When a mysterious board game comes to life for two siblings, an entire world of adventure unfolds. The brother and sister duo free Alan Parrish, who has been stuck in the game for decades. If they win the game, they can free Alan for good. But will they be able to conquer the giant bugs, monkeys, and rhinos in this jungle-themed game? Find out at this screening of Jumanji at the library, rated PG! Free, 2 pm. Morrisania Library, 610 East 169th St., Bronx, NY 10456,

HONEY AND HARVEST WEEKEND October 12-14 Get ready for a full weekend of festivities at Honey and Harvest Weekend! Your family will learn all about bees and honey with a live hive viewing. Sample delicious honey and honeycomb, and take home honey-inspired recipes. Watch cooking demonstrations, listen to music, and partake in the many workshops that this fall weekend has to offer. Included in All-Garden Pass, 10 am-6 pm. 2900 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10458-5126,

SCAVENGERS & DECOMPOSERS WEEKEND October 19-20 Learn all about decomposition at Wave Hill with your family! Explore the forest floor, handle reallife scavengers and decomposers, reassemble a skeleton in The Boneyard, and get lots of information about composting. The Family Art Project for the weekend is The Walking Snag, in which your little ones get to make wearable art and walk in the parade of decomposer crafts! $12 adults, $8 students and seniors, $6 kids ages 6-18, free for kids ages 5 and under, activities 10 am-4 pm, gardens open 9 am-5:30 pm . Wave Hill Public Gardens, 675 West 252nd St., Bronx, NY 10471,


Chow down at the New York Pizza Festival in Belmont on October 5 and 6.


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

October 21 Make your way over to the library for an afternoon of painting! Recommended for kids ages 5 to 12, Snack & Paint provides all of the

Joshua Bright

painting materials: all you need to bring is your creativity! Refreshments will be provided so that kids can munch on a snack as they craft their mini masterpieces! Free, 4 pm. Sedgwick Library, Community Room, 1701 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Bronx, NY 10453,

PUMPKIN PAINTING: BRONX October 24 Get crafty and creative this fall with pumpkin painting! GreenThumb will provide the pumpkins and paint, while supplies last, so all you need to bring is your imagination and autumn excitement. But feel free to bring any other supplies to decorate your pumpkin further. Pumpkin decorating is a wonderful opportunity for some quality family time, so bring your whole family to the workshop! Free, 3:30-5:30 pm. Enter at either United We Stand Community Garden, 627 East 137th St., Bronx, NY 10454 or 138th St. Community Garden, 638 East 138th Street, Bronx, NY 10454,

TRUCKIN’ WITH KRVC PUMPKIN DECORATING EVENTS & NORTH RIVERDALE CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENT DAY October 24 Featuring community beautification, street performers, crafts, and more, this exciting event brings Bronx families together. Spend the fall afternoon outside as you connect with friends, neighbors, and community members. Among the event festivities, little ones and their parents also get to decorate pumpkins! Free, 2-4 pm.

Brown’s Jewelers, 5690 Riverdale Ave., Bronx, NY 10471,

34TH ANNUAL BRONX HALLOWEEN PARADE October 26 All ages are welcome at this Halloween parade! The theme this year is Tim Burton in the Bronx. There will be special prizes for toddlers ages 4 and under, and cash prizes for kids ages 5 to 17, adults 18 and up, over 55 senior category, most creative, Tim Burton theme related costume, and best banner. The costume judging with take place after the parade, along with showcasing of bands and distribution of candy for children! Free, 12-3 pm, post-parade festivities 3 pm. Parade begins at Simpson Street, between East 163rd Street and Westchester Avenue, and ends at Tiffany Plaza in front of St. Athanasius Church,

Get up close with vultures and other scavengers and decomposers at Wave Hill on October 19 and 20.

FAMILY ART PROJECT: PRESERVING PAST AND FUTURE FOSSILS October 27 Learn about animals, plants, evolution, and climate change in this Family Art Project. Explore ways in which animals and plants have evolved since prehistoric times, and then time travel to the future to see how animals and plants are affected by changing environments. Little ones and their caregivers will use clay and imprinting to document how climate change impacts plants and animals. Free, 10 am-1 pm. Wave Hill House, 675 West 252nd St., Bronx, NY 10471, October 2019 |


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Events Around the City By Mia Salas

SUMMER ON THE HUDSON: LITTLE RED LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL October 5 Manhattan’s only remaining lighthouse deserves to be celebrated, so come on out for a day of festivities. Dance to live music, eat delicious food, and browse the various art vendors. There will also be readings of the eponymous children’s book, fishing clinics, and Urban Park Ranger presentations. Free, 12-4 pm. Little Red Lighthouse in Fort Washington Park, Hudson River Greenway, New York, NY 10032,

Lower East Side Partnership

Pickle Day October 6 As the world’s largest pickle festival, Pickle Day transforms three full blocks in the Lower East Side into the perfect fall festival for all ages! Enjoy all things pickled with more than 20 picklers, 30 local eateries, specialty ice cream surprises, pickles on a stick, and a giant, talking pickle mascot. There will be giant games, face painting, live DJs, balloon

NOSTALGIA RIDE: WOODLAWN CEMETERY October 6 Hop on the ride from Grand Central Terminal to Woodlawn Cemetery on WW1-era Lo-V subway cars! A guided tour will take your family through the history of Woodlawn Cemetery. Learn all about the famous businessmen, authors, artists, and musicians who reside there! Enjoy bring-your-own picnic lunches on cemetery grounds after the tour. $35 adults and $20 kids for members, $50 adults and $25 kids for general public, 12-4 pm. Woodlawn Cemetery, 4199 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10470,

GALAXY DONUTS WORKSHOP October 12 For your donut-loving little one, sign up to make these delicious treats together a the Galaxy Donut Workshop! Learn how to bake galaxy glazed donuts. Not only do they taste delicious, but kids love the colorful glaze. The workshop is designed for kids ages 5 to 8. $45 per child with


one caregiver included, 9-10 am. Taste Buds Kitchen, 109 West 27th Street, New York, NY 10001, tastebudskitchen. com

MAZE BY MOONLIGHT October 12 and 19 Sponsored by Con Edison, Maze by Moonlight is an exclusive, exciting event for kids and families! Bring your flashlight to navigate the The Amazing Maize Maze under the starry sky. Gather up your neighborhood friends for a group rate, available for ten or more people. Will you conquer the maze? Advanced Tickets: Adults $12, kids (ages 4-11) $7, door tickets: Adults $17, kids $10, free for ages 3 and under, 4:309 pm. Queens County Farm Museum, 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Floral Park, Queens, NY 11004-1129, queensfarm. org

Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

animals, carnival games, and lots of giveaways. Pickle Day resembles a time in the Lower East Side’s history, when its streets used to be lined with pushcarts. Spend the day with your family at this recreation of the original pushcart market! Free, prices vary for food, 12-5 pm. Orchard Street between Delancy and E Houston, New York, NY 10002,

THE POUT-POUT FISH October 12-20 Based on the best-selling children’s book series, this brand new musical is here to bring smiles and laughter to little ones in NYC! Pout-Pout the fish and Ms. Clam’s mystical pearl are swept out to sea, and Pout-Pout must gather the self-confidence to bring the gem home through the big, dark waters. Using musical theater elements and puppetry, The Pout-Pout Fish is an exciting performance for children ages 4 to 7. $25, times vary: shows start at either 11 am or 3 pm and last 55 minutes. The New Victory Theater, 209 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036,


October 13 Alma lives happily in her hairy world, until a hairless, button-nosed beast appears in her garden. At first Alma is scared, but then she realizes the beast is lost and misses her hairless home. Alma offers to help the beast find her way back, and the two embark on a fantastical journey. Kids will love the world that Shapiro creates for little readers! Learn all about friendship through this quirky and charming story. Free, 11 am-12 pm. Books Are Magic, 225 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231,

OPEN HOUSE NEW YORK WEEKEND October 18-20 Organized by Open House New York, a nonprofit organization that advocates for an open and inclusive city, Open House New York Weekend allows you to visit and explore historical and culturally rich places in NYC. Discover extraordinary architecture across all five boroughs as many sites that are normally private open their doors to the public for this weekend. Locations include museums, monuments, schools, theaters, private residencies, studios, factories, workspaces and more. Many sites offer family-friendly programming, such as tours, crafts, and other activities! Be sure to check the site listing to see

The New York Transit Museum

Travel on vintage subway cars from Grand Central to Woodlawn Cemetery on October 6. The New York Transit Museum’s “Nostalgia Ride” includes a tour of the cemetery grounds. all of the family-friendly sites. Free, additional cost for select tours, all day event. Various locations citywide, ohny. org

HALLOWEEN HOWL & HEALTHY HOUND FAIR October 20 Why should your furry friend have to miss out on the Halloween festivities? Dress your dog up in a Halloween costume, and make your way over to Carl Schurz Park for the annual dog costume event. Watch over 200 pups take the runway and show off their spectacular costume for the judges. Whether you have a dog or not, this is a must-see event! Free, 12-3 pm. Basketball & Hockey Court and John Finley Walk in Carl Schurz Park, East 86th Street and East End Avenue, New York, NY 10028,


Check out the Surrogate’s Courthouse near City Hall, just one of many sites that open their doors to the public for Open House New York Weekend, October 18 to 20.

October 25-26 Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Sesame Street with this show for all ages! Watch the muppets of Sesame Street, like Elmo, Bert & Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, and more,

perform alongside the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. See your furry and feathered friends sing classic Sesame Street songs: parents and older kids can reminisce on their Sesame Street days, and little ones can see their favorite show come to life. Ticket prices vary based on seating, $40-$135, 7 pm on October 25, two shows at 2 pm and 7 pm on October 26. Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater, Broadway at West 60th Street, 5th floor, New York, NY 10023,

SCARY BAZAARHALLOWEEN SPECIAL October 27 Grand Bazaar NYC transforms into “Scary Bazaar” for Halloween festivities! Spooky decorations will welcome you into the venue, and there will be over 140 vendors — many in costume! Enjoy delectable and scary sweet treats from artisanal food vendors, shop, browse, and spend quality family time together leading up to Halloween. All of Grand Bazaar NYC’s profits go to four local public schools, benefitting over 2,000 children. Vendor costs vary, 10 am-5:30 pm. Grand Bazaar NYC, 100 West 77th Street, New York, NY 10024, October 2019 |


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How Do You Enjoy Fall in the City? We love to head out of Manhattan to the Annual Jack O’Lantern Blaze at Van Cortland Manor. Seeing the displays of thousands of hand-carved pumpkins is mesmerizing for my kids. We make a weekend of it and stay overnight to explore Hudson Valley and see the beautiful fall foliage. @juliamclernon

Being new to New York, this is our first “fall.” Our 7-year-old son has said it’s his favorite season despite never having seen it! When we arrived in January after he had lived in Asia for all his life so far, he asked why all the trees were dead! We’re looking forward to the fall colors, pumpkin carving and winter wardrobe shopping which is a novelty! We’re also excited about the ice rinks opening again so we can get our skates on. Indulgent hot chocolates and luxurious lattes from the local cafe will warm our fingers and toes. @sadiedemps

Fall in the city is magical to me. It’s warm with smells of pumpkin spice and cinnamon, combined with huge arrangements of pumpkins on every block. Setting up holiday decorations is always my favorite time of the year, and as a new mother, I get to introduce it all to my little guy. Fall time is family time. @wickedriots147


Bronx/Riverdale Family | October 2019

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ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE 2020-2021 Come preview our school environment and tour the building to see our innovative programs for incoming freshmen students. Saturday, January 11th • 10am-1pm (Jan. 18th in bad weather)

Saturday, February 8th • 10am-1pm (Feb. 29th in bad weather)

Saturday, March 14th • 10am-1pm (March 21st in bad weather)

• Students are exposed to the careers of architecture, engineering, and construction while taking college preparatory courses. • Our partnerships which colleges such as Syracuse University and Metropolitan College of New York expose students to college level coursework starting in their junior year of high school. • AECI has a yearly graduation rate of 96% with many of our graduates attending top 4-year colleges such as NYU and Colgate University. • Students are highly encouraged to participate in clubs, sports, and internships to build their collaborative skills and enhance their resumes.

EVENTO ANNUAL DE PUERTAS ABIERTAS 2020-2021 Sabado 11 de enero • 10am-1pm (18 de enero con mal tiempo)

Sabado 8 de febrero • 10am-1pm (29 de febrero con mal tiempo)

Sabado 14 de marzo • 10am-1pm (14 de marzo con mal tiempo)

• Los estudiantes estan expuestos a las carreras de arquitectura, ingenieria y construccion mientras toman cursos preparatorios para la universidad. • Nuestras asociaciones con universidadas como Syracuse University y Metropolitan College of New York expone a los estudiantes a cursos de nivel universitario a partir de su tercer ano de secundaria. • AECI tiene una tasa de graduacion anual del 96% con muchos de nuestros graduados que asisten a las mejores universidades de 4 anos, como NYU y Colgate University. • Los estudiantes son altamente alentados a participar en clubes, deportes, y pasantias para desarrollar sus habilidades de colaboracion y mejorar sus curriculums.



F RIDAY, OCT. 18T H | 3:30 PM - 7:30 PM THIRD L EVEL FO OD COURT MUSIC AND FUN GIVE AWAYS WITH OUR FAVORITE DISC JOCKEY - DJ OMAR PUMPKINS WILL BE PROVIDED FOR FREE All supplies are safe and kid friendly under the guidance of our hosts.




Join us at The Mall at Bay Plaza for


THURSDAY, OCT. 31ST | 3:30PM TO 5:30PM

Come to the Mall at Bay Plaza for our FREE

HA LLOWEEN SH O W A ND C OST U ME C ONT E ST With our favorite disc jockey DJ Omar playing spooky dance music and Doc Shocko will make you laugh and amaze you with comedy and magic

THURSDAY, OCT. 31ST | LEVEL 1 Spooky Dance Music Starts at 3:00 PM Magic Shows at 3:30PM & 5:30 PM





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Bronx / Riverdale Family October 2019  

Bronx / Riverdale Family October 2019