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Alyce in Laughland

Westchester's own Alyce Chan of @momcomnyc on her path to comedy, how she carves out time for her creative work, and why her weirdness is her superpower

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Your Ultimate Guide to Apple Picking

What to know about the RSV shot approved for infants

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September 2023

We are focused on optimal oral health while providing a safe, comfortable, and FUN environment – come check out our submarine-

Our dentists have specialized training to work with special needs patients

Penny Resnick-Graulich,D.M.D

Emelie Preis,D.D.S.

Gabriela Ganoza Duron,D.D.S.

Fatina Shtivelman,D.D.S.

September 2023 | Westchester Family 3 100 Overlook Circle, New Rochelle, NY 10804 Thornton-Donovan School Individually Focused, Globally Engaged Co-Ed • Grades K-12 Thornton-Donovan will Embark on Travel for 2023-24: Waters in the Americas


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September 2023 | Westchester Family 5

Hey Alexa, Can you make school lunch?

Here we are; the sprinklers and ice cream cones are giving way to brand-new backpacks (or some fabulous hand-me-downs in my family) and sharpened pencils. While much happens in September, it’s hard not to focus on Back to School because it’s a big deal. This is why we have tips on page 8: Keeping yourself healthy as the kids return to school.

If you are searching for after-school programs or extracurricular activities, check out our guide (page 18).

And while BTS is the theme in September, other fun things happen this month. Many families’ favorite is to go Apple Picking (page 32)— we have a helpful guide of all the orchards you can visit.

Per usual, we have a bountiful calendar of family-friendly events this month as we head into Fall (page 36.)

With the kids returning to school, there is always a touch of chaos, so it makes sense why we gravitated towards this month’s cover, Westchester mom Alyce Chan (page 34). Her very popular Instagram @ momcomnyc usually has us in hysterics. Editor at large Cris Pearlstein chatted with Alyce on the path that led her to comedy (it’s unusual and inspirational) and how she makes room for family and creativity.


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September 2023 | Westchester Family 7 September 30 10 am - 4 pm at Chappaqua Train Station 180 Authors • Story Time • Activities • Crafts • All Day Fun • Food Trucks • And More! ccbfestival.org 914.636.6202 www.hudsoncountry.org EARLY SESSION FROM 7:30AM LATE SESSION UNTIL 6:00PM AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS ESTABLISHED 1972 | 340 QUAKER RIDGE ROAD NEW ROCHELLE, NY 10804 | WWW.HUDSONCOUNTRY.ORG 18 MONTHS - 8TH GRADE LEARN ABOUT OUR PROGRESSIVE MONTESSORI PEDAGOGY Our multi-age classrooms develop social and leadership skills and prepare students to achieve academic excellence. Our students learn to read and write at their own pace, discover science and geography and gain a mastery of math concepts beyond their years and level. SCHEDULE A PRIVATE TOUR TODAY!

Keeping Yourself Healthy at Backto-School Time

6 smart health tips for parents trying to keep it all together

School is back in session, and along with more structured days comes the task of organizing our kids’ schedules and everything that the school year entails. Not to mention, we have our own daily lives to manage, and even with our best efforts to find balance, there are moments when we start feeling worn out. And who is guilty of this one (me, I’m the problem )? Many of us parents strive not to take sick days -reserving these days for our kids; with many parents still working remotely or hybrid, we are working when we would have taken a sick day pre-pandemic and office life. And if you have kids in the younger grades – germs, sickness, and now Covid have become the norm. In short, we need to try and stay healthy.

Whether you’re juggling a full-time job or staying home to care for the little one and manage the household, as parents, we need to prioritize our well-being and happiness. With all the responsibilities on our plates during the school year, I encourage you to be kind to yourself and seek support to stay in a positive place. Yup, it’s hard and it can feel like work, but focusing on your mental and physical health can make this year more fulfilling and positive. Here are some easy tried and true tips.


Some of us may have vitamin C packs in our bags for when in a pinch. But other ways to get vitamin C in your diet are orange juice, tomatoes, winter squash, and green pepper, to name a few.


Vitamin C Every Day

Vitamin C may not stop a fullblown head cold, but consuming it will help maintain a healthy immune system Harvard Health Publishing states, “If you want the benefits of vitamin C, you’ll need to consume it every day, and not just at the start of cold symptoms.”

Consider the Flu Shot

Every year our children’s schools require students to get a flu shot, yet we, as parents, should also consider this shot. I have mom friends who believe in the flu shot and get the shot once the school year starts while other friends pass.

I am pro flu shot as I have found myself to be less sick when I get it. There are times when I have had a rough year of colds and viruses, and I think what shape I would be in if I didn’t get this shot?

For more info on the flu shot, check out our article Flu Shot Facts: Common Questions About the Vaccine at New York Family.


Add Probiotics to Your Daily Diet

When my youngest entered daycare a few years back, a tsunami of sickness hit me in that first year, it was brutal. To get on track health-wise – I took my doctor’s suggestions and started incorporating probiotics into my diet. Probiotic foods are simple foods that contain good bacteria.

Probiotics alone are not going to cure something like, say the flu — what they do is help you in overall health. Think of them as part of staying healthy by taking them in pill form or eating foods such as yogurt, kimchee, or kombucha.


Self-Care for the Win

Self-care has become a muchneeded movement, with moms sharing how they care for themselves,

8 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023
mom hacks


WHERE STUDENTS BECOME THEIR BEST SELVES. Grades 6–12 with 5-day boarding for 9–12 in Katonah, NY www.harveyschool.org/admissions

September 2023 | Westchester Family 9

especially by posting through social media. Why do we share with other moms how we care for ourselves outside of our daily lives as kids? Because it is freaking important! Spa, exercising, walking around the park, or hanging with your mom tribe benefits your mental health. This school year — make time for yourself.

Calm in a Bottle


If you have ever done yoga or have gotten an aromatherapy oil massage, then you know that the whiff of certain oils can calm the mind.

Since doing a tree pose or downward dog in the office is not always feasible try recycling a beauty bottle and mixing some calming oils, throw in your bag, or keep by your laptop and dabble a bit on when you need a bit of ease to your day.

Some oils to try:

Lavender: Known for its calming and soothing properties, lavender oil can help reduce stress, anxiety and promote better sleep

Chamomile: Chamomile essential oil is

excellent for relaxation, promoting sleep, and easing tension

Ylang Ylang: has a sweet and floral aroma that is believed to have aphrodisiac properties and can help reduce stress and anxiety

Bergamot: This citrus oil has uplifting and mood-balancing properties, making it helpful for managing stress and mild depression

Geranium: This oil is known for its balancing effect on hormones and can help ease symptoms related

Lemon: A refreshing and uplifting oil, perfect if more oaky oils are not your thing Sidenote: Remember, essential oils are potent and should be used properly. Additionally, avoid using essential oils on babies under six months old and use them sparingly around young children.

6 Sleep Is Non-Negotiable

Around 9:30 pm, my free time starts. Kids are asleep, and I can watch a silly movie and catch up on emails; it’s my time.

The problem with this is I should be sleeping. Easier said than done, as having this time to myself is gold.

But getting rest is essential, and the benefits are enormous. According to the CDC, “Getting enough sleep is not a luxury —it is something people need for good health.”

So as much as you want that free time to write your first novel or start that business, you have meant to get going, designate a night or two to do all this fun stuff, and reserve the rest of the week to catch up with muchneeded R&R.

10 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023
mom hacks Now welcoming Kindergarten and 1st Grade! The John Cardinal O’Connor School helps children who learn differently thrive. Call Sister Jeannie at (914) 591-9330 or email admissions@johncardinaloconnorschool.org to make an appointment today! The John Cardinal O’Connor School invites parents to learn about our affordable language-based academic curriculum for children in grades K-8 with learning disabilities, speech or language impairments or other health impairments. Our certified special-education teachers use multi-sensory teaching techniques and blended learning in small classes to help children thrive academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially in our supportive school community. JCOS is a Catholic elementary school that welcomes children of all faiths. Do You Know a Child with Learning Disabilities?
Whether you’re juggling a full-time job or staying home to care for the little one and manage the household, as parents, we need to prioritize our well-being and happiness.

As an independent day school for children with dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities, we believe difference is power. Through highly trained educators and evidence-based programs, we empower students in grades 1 through 9 with the skills and confidence to return to mainstream schools.

Committed to making a Windward education accessible for all, we award more than $8.5 million per year in tuition assistance.

Scan the QR code to learn more!



•Bilingual Pre-K through Grade 12 college preparatory program with an emphasize on sciences

•Two diplomas: NY State High School & German International Abitur

•Nature-based early childhood eduction program & 20 acre green school campus

•Brand new Science Wing and MakerSpace to explore fields such as design thinking, artificial intelligence, and life sciences

• Knowledge of German is not required in Pre-K and Kindergarten

September 2023 | Westchester Family 11
growth and positions them for long-term academic success. WWW.GISNY.ORG | admissions@gisny.org | 50 Partridge Rd, White Plains, NY 10605 | (914) 948-6513
a world of opportunities to your child with bilingual education in English and German at GISNY

RSV Shot Has Been Approved by the FDA for Infants

What parents need to know

In the fall of 2022, there was a rash case of RSV infections among young children. While RSV—respiratory syncytial virus—is a common seasonal respiratory virus of the respiratory tract known to be more severe in infants and older adults- it can be especially highly contagious to children. And many kids had to be hospitalized at the time. What worried most parents, besides the fact that we had all been put through Covid, Monkeypox, and now RSV, was this was all happening at a time when kids were getting back out in the world and had not been around everyday germs and viruses. It was not surprising the numbers were high for hospitalizations in New York and positive cases were up weekly at this time. With this rise in flu and Covid cases, health experts referred to the worrying increase in infant hospitalizations as a “tripledemic.” Once again, parents with young children and the vulnerable such as immune comprised individuals and the elderly, had to continue to mask up and tread carefully outdoors or in highly populated places. While vaccines against Covid and the flu were already available by that time, no such antibody protection against RVS existed for infants.

Some of the most vulnerable to RSV are newborns to children to age 5. RSV is the single most common cause of respiratory hospitalization in infants. It is estimated that about 1 to 3 percent of children under 12 months old in the U.S. are hospitalized each year due to RSV, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Now there is help. On July 18, 2023, the FDA approved Beyfortus from AstraZeneca and Sanofi, which protects infants and toddlers against the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. On August 3rd the CDC approved the shot. The CDC in a statement shared, "All infants younger than 8 months who are born during – or entering –their first RSV season should receive one dose of nirsevimab. For some children between the ages

of 8 and 19 months who are at increased risk of severe RSV disease, a dose is recommended at the start of their second RSV season."

What is Beyfortus

When our babies are young, we feel vulnerable about what we give them. While treatments are a relief, we all want to understand what we give our children. Beyfortus is a monoclonal antibody treatment, meaning it works by neutralizing the virus and suppressing its ability to replicate itself. Monoclonal antibodies are a type of protein made in a lab and can bind to certain targets in the body, such as antigens.

RSV infection rates typically rise in late fall and early winter. Though the virus usually presents with mild, cold-like symptoms, the infection is often more severe in babies under 12 months. It can lead to the development of lower respiratory tract diseases such as pneumonia and bronchiolitis.

Why this new shot matters

With RSV being the biggest respiratory threat

to young babies, it is understandable why this new treatment is a big deal for many parents. The new treatment is expected to be available to the public by the start of this fall RSV season. This means the school season, daycare, nursery school, and indoor excursions such as going to the movies no longer mark the same fear of an RVS uprising. Also, air travel and holiday time with extended family means less worry of a respiratory illness.

Of course, we recommend having a conversation with your pediatrician regarding your baby being given the RSV shot.

John Farley, director of the FDA’s Office of Infectious Diseases, shared in a statement. “RSV can cause serious disease in infants and some children and results in a large number of emergency department and physician office visits each year,” he also shared, “Today’s approval addresses the great need for products to help reduce the impact of RSV disease on children, families, and the health care system.”

12 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023
September 2023 | Westchester Family 13 BLUE ROCK SCHOOL Independent K-8 School in West Nyack, NY www.bluerockschool.org Kindergarten
Saturday, October 14 at 10am Four and five year olds are invited to visit for a morning of storytelling, crafts, and play while parents learn about our progressive approach to education infused with the arts, nature, and imagination. Attendance is limited, please RSVP GET TICKETS: NYCWFF.ORG PRESENTING AND OFFICIAL CREDIT CARD AND BANK EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER OF WINE AND SPIRITS TITLE HOSTED BY Choose from over 80 events at NYC’s premier wine and food festival. TICKETS ON SALE! Must be 21 or older with valid ID to consume alcohol. The Festival promotes responsible drinking. Photos: Courtesy of Getty Images | Sponsors confirmed as of 8.11.23 To order visit www.nycwff.org or call 800-764-8773.
Play Day

Exploring School Options

Advice for finding the perfect educational fit for your child

It may be Back to School time, but choosing a school to send your child to can happen any time throughout the school year. Whether your child is moving on from daycare, elementary, middle school, or simply a better educational fit is needed, searching for one can be a complicated decision. We all worry about whether we’re making the best choices in raising our kids, and one thing most of us fret over is whether our children are getting the best education that suits their needs. In many areas in the country, traditional district public schools may be the best option for kids. But living in the New York metro area, we have an abundance of choices in addition to great public schools, including charter, independent and magnet schools.

While one school option doesn’t necessarily provide a better education than another, each type has pros and cons for every individual family. It’s up to you to determine which school

setting best suits your child’s needs. What are the differences between independent, charter, and magnet schools, and which one is best for your child? Read on to learn more about charter, independent and magnet schools.

Catholic Schools

NYC Catholic Schools prioritize both academic excellence and Catholic values. Students are immersed in an environment that promotes respect, courtesy, and service to others, which are integral to their curriculum. These schools offer a comprehensive range of subjects, including Math, Religion, English Language Arts, History, and Science. Moreover, they have embraced modern technology in the classrooms and introduced STEM programs to foster a well-rounded education.

Recent New York State Education Department Examination results confirm that Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of New York have once again outperformed

both New York State and New York City schools regarding performance growth.

Charter Schools

The most important thing to understand about a charter school is that it’s a public school – but with fewer regulations. Charter schools are tuition free and receive money from local, state and federal funds.

“Charter schools do not have the same oversight as public schools, but they do need to be funded at least partially by a public government. They can also seek funding elsewhere,” Mary Miele, CEO, Evolved Education Company, explained. “Charter schools can set their own curriculum, but they will be evaluated based on testing, which the public school also gives (the NYS exams in grades 3-8) and so the curriculum does involve a good amount of prep for those exams.”

According to the New York State Education Department, a significant difference between charter schools and traditional public schools is that charter schools often focus on innovative curricula, new approaches to school organization or instruction, or another feature that traditional public schools wouldn’t be able to accomplish without the flexibility given by a charter.

But charter schools need to produce

14 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023

strong NYS test results in order to continue their funding, so many are more traditional in their teaching approach and teach toward those tests, Miele said.

Parents can learn more about charter schools, what a charter is and other information at nysed.gov.

Independent Schools

Also known as private schools, independent schools are primarily funded by tuition and charitable donations as opposed to taxpayer dollars.

“Typically, independent schools do quite a bit of fundraising, and parents may be tasked with organizing some of it,” Christine Hernandez, early childhood and parenting expert, and founder of Allo Saratoga in New York State, said.

And, their curriculum is not reviewed by a public entity, Miele explained.

The admission process for private schools can vary, but it generally includes:

• Filling out an application

• Visiting the school and doing both student and parent interviews

Explore more

Back to School is in the air, but remember that this is also prime time to plan for your child’s next step in their education.

Most schools are starting their tours and open houses now since enrollment periods often open up just after Labor Day, so check out your options and start marking your calendar!

• Taking an entrance exam, if applicable

• Sending in teacher recommendations and transcripts

• Writing parent and student essays, and submitting videos of the student (for the K process)

Magnet Schools

Magnet schools are NYC Department of Education (DOE) schools. They are tuition-free schools, in part federally funded by competitive Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant awards from the U.S. Department of Education. Magnet schools offer whole-school specialized

thematic programs (theme examples include art, architecture, engineering, civics, leadership, exploration, global conservation, STEM/ STEAM) which incorporate innovative curriculum and enrichment experiences designed to engage and inspire learning.

Magnet schools utilize diversified approaches to teaching which include inquiry and project-based learning with real world connections and authentic application of skills. Partnerships with colleges, universities, professional and community organizations, cultural institutions and Artists in Residency programs, provide professional development opportunities and supplement student and family experiences. The rigorous instructional foundation is supported and enhanced by instructional technology, dedicated spaces for arts and science such as maker-spaces, horticultural labs, broadcast studios, STEM/ STEAM activities, and special programs.

There is an application process for magnet schools, but there is no screening or testing involved in applying. For more information, families should contact info@magnetschools. nyc or visit magnetschools.nyc.

September 2023 | Westchester Family 15
CARDINALSPELLMANHIGHSCHOOL SUNDAYOCT.22NDI11AM-3PM TUESDAYOCT.24THI5PM-8PM OneCardinalSpellmanPlace,Bronx,NY,10466 718-881-8000x206IFax:718-515-6615 admissions@cardinalspellman.org TACHSCODE303 @SpellmanBX tinyurl.com/CSHSopenhouse2023 RegisterToday &SkiptheLine!

The Many Benefits of After-school Programs

According to the Afterschool Alliance, kids spend more than 1,200 hours in school every year. While that may seem like a substantial amount of time, school only accounts for 20% of a child’s time. This is why after-school programs and activities are a big part of our kids’ school experience. Programs and activities are essential in fostering social and emotional growth, just as important as academic reasons. For busy parents, particularly those juggling work commitments (#iykyk), these programs provide a space where children can thrive safely and productively, extending the learning and joy beyond the regular school hours.

Read on to discover more about why after-school programs are so beneficial to kids and their families.

Meet New Friends

After-school classes allow kids to connect and meet new people outside of school. Extracurricular activities help form a community and forge a sense of belonging as they hyper-focus on one activity. This can also benefit students who struggle with making friends in school, where they can connect with a different set of peers in smaller groups.

Encourages Physical Activity

After-school activities, like sports, encourage kids to participate in teamwork as well as offer physical activity, help with stress, may improve self-esteem, foster healthy habits, and may promote mental well-being. Kids who participate in sports may also forge longterm bonds that they participate in until the end of high school.

Expose Kids to New Programs

Many schools have limited programming within music and the arts. After-school programming allows kids to try these

programs and express themselves in a new way through acting, music, and/or learning a new artistic skill. They can also help unleash creativity, improve communication, boost confidence, and improve focus and concentration.

Programs are Fun

After-school activities are fun and offer a way for kids to do something exciting and engaging beyond their typical school day. This can be a release for students with a rigorous and intense course load and schedule.

Helps Support Working Parents

Here in New York, we have some of the best after-school programs in the country. Participating in an after-school program allows kids to thrive in a safe and supervised environment until a parent or guardian can pick them up.

Provides a Safe and Supportive Environment

After-school programs provide a safe space during times when some kids might be unsupervised. Under an instructor’s guidance, kids develop new skills and learn from a mentor/teacher who can help kids foster new passions/interests. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, “regular participation in an after-school program may also reduce risky behaviors and help kids gain college and career-needed skills.”

Academic Benefits

A supportive after-school program provides a well-rounded educational experience that can impact other aspects of school, such as improved concentration, reduced behavioral problems, and fostering new passions, helping lift kids’ moods and well-being.

16 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023

ALL YOUR FAMILY’S Favorites are at The Palace!

Disney Jr. Live on Tour: Costume


SEP. 19

Omnium: A Bold New Circus

SEP. 30

American Girl Live! In Concert

OCT. 1

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live: King for a Day

OCT. 17

Blippi: The Wonderful World Tour

OCT. 28


NOV. 2


NOV. 18



NOV. 30

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: The Musical

DEC. 3


BOX OFFICE: 203-325-4466

September 2023 | Westchester Family 17 “We specialize in beginners.” At Equalize Fitness GymCats Gymnastics & Birthday Party Center One Odell Plaza, Yonkers (Exit 9 off Saw Mill River Pkwy) (914) 965-7676 info@gymcats.net • www.GymCats.net GYMNASTICS CLASSES • Develop Strength, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination & Confidence • Ages 20 mos & Up • Boys & Girls • Beginner –Advanced • HOLIDAY CAMPS • Competitive and Non-competitive Team Program PRIVATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES All of our Parties are Private. Our interactive staff will make your child’s party a very special one. Obstacle courses, Trampolines, Airslide, Foam Filled Pit, Air Castle & More! Ages 3 & Up Book Early! REGISTER NOW FOR FALL 2023
goal is to build a physical and mental foundation for ALL sports and to promote athleticism and good
through participation in gymnastics. Ask ouraboutholiday camps!

5th Dimension vr

55 Church Street

White Plains, NY 10601




Unlock your child’s potential with our after-school coding program! Dive into the world of coding through popular platforms like Roblox, Scratch, and Python. Tailored for young minds, 5th Dimension VR’s courses foster creativity, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills. From building unique Roblox worlds to crafting their own applications, watch your child evolve from a gamer to a game-changer. Enroll now and let your child’s coding journey begin!

amadeus conservatory of m usic and theater

201 King Street Chappaqua, NY St. Matthew’s Church 382 Cantitoe Street Bedford, NY amadeusconservatory.com amadeusconservatoryofmusic@gmail.com


Amadeus offers private lessons in all instruments and voice for children and adults for all levels. Instruments include piano, voice, guitar, drums, strings, Suzuki violin, woodwinds, brass and early childhood instrumental classes for babies to age 5. Excellent teachers hold the highest credentials from the most prestigious schools. Teachers are experienced, nurturing, and give students a love of music. Classes include music theory, chamber music, and composition. Two student recitals a year and NYSSMA preparation. Summer musical theater camp. Lessons begin September 5.

b elle School of m usic

1088 Central Park Ave., Scarsdale 283 Tarrytown Road, White Plains

1537 Central Park Ave., Yonkers 914-961-5511


At the Belle School of Music, piano lessons are FUN! They have created a piano lesson kids actually look forward to! The dynamic Belle School of Music system has shaped together a carefully balanced program that will stimulate every aspect of your child’s musical development to achieve his or her personal best. FREE Consultations.

central park Dance

450 Central Ave., Scarsdale 914-723-2940


“CPD has expanded children and adult programs offering ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hiphop, belly dancing, Preschool, Tot & I, Fairytale Ballet, theater, and fitness for ages 2+!! Each has an extensive curriculum with various levels. For over 40 years, Central Park Dance continues to introduce new classes and provide impeccable customer service. 200 + classes a week!”

creative Wonders therapy center

470 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 204, White Plains 101 South Bedford Rd Suite 404, Mt. Kisco

914-421-8270 ext. 1


Creative Wonders is a pediatric therapy center with locations in both White Plains and Mt. Kisco. Seasoned occupational, physical, and speech therapists trained in specialties including sensory integration, PROMPT, Feeding, and evaluations including SIPT evaluations. Private speech and toddler rooms as well as a sensory gym! Strict cleaning guidelines and precautions as well as HEPA Air Purifiers in both locations.

crestwood m usic education center

870 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale 914-961-3497



18 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023 Activities d irectory | Special Advertising Supplement
centralparkdance Where Every Student is Special REGISTER FOR 2023/2024 PAY IN FULL BY SEPTEMBER 18 TH RECEIVE A FREE PAIR OF BALLET, TAP, OR JAZZ SHOES OR 1 LOGO DANCEWEAR! Westchester’s Highest Quality Program for Over 40 Years 450 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale 914-723-2940 www.centralparkdance.com Rated 5 Stars 200+ CLASSES A WEEK!

Belle School of Music

September 2023 | Westchester Family 19 LOCATED IN SCARSDALE 870 Scarsdale Ave, Scarsdale • 914-961-3497 info@crestwoodmusic.com crestwoodmusic.com Providing World-Class Music Education Since 1987 FOR ALL AGES One-on-One Private Lessons • Piano • Voice • Strings • Woodwinds • Brass • Guitar • Percussion/Drums A Premier Music School with over 600 Students • Hybrid, Online and In-person Lessons Available • Toddler Classes & Suzuki Programs • Instrumental Ensembles; Chamber Music, Rock/Jazz Groups • Music Production FREE Trial Lesson! Fall Classes & Shows Enrolling Now! Fall Classes & Shows Enrolling Now! (914) 946-4433 playgroup.org Make Our Stage Yours Acting Classes for Kids Family Theatre (Live) We’re honored. Thank you! Ages 4-17 Belle School of Music “Where Learning is Fun!” SPECIALIZING IN PIANO, KEYBOARDS AND VOICE 914-961-5511 www.belleschool.com Scarsdale: 1088 Central Park Ave White Plains: 283 Tarrytown Rd Yonkers: 1537 Central Park Ave Bring out the musical talent in your child! SPECIALIZING IN PIANO, KEYBOARDS AND VOICE 2015 WINNER TOP 5 2016 TOP 5 2017 TOP 5 2018 TO P 5 family favorites 2019 MUSIC LAND Ages 4-5 with parent participation. A delightful experience for Mozarts of the future MUSIC FOR LITTLE PEOPLE Ages 5-7 with parent participation. Unique Russian-Japanese method. Experience the Magic of Musi c. ADVENTURES IN KEYBOARD Ages 8-12. Tradition on a new note. Piano instruction for the child of the new millennium. TEEN AND ADULT CRASH COURSE Classical • Popular • Modern • Jazz c. c. FREELesson & Consultation Belle “WhereSchoolLearning SPECIALIZING IN PIANO, KEYBOARDS 914-961-5511 www.belleschool.com Scarsdale: 1088 Central White Plains: 283 Yonkers: 1537 Central Bring out the musical talent SPECIALIZING IN PIANO, KEYBOARDS TOP 5 2016 TOP 5 2017 TOP 5 2018 TO P 5 family favorites 2019 MUSIC LAND Ages 4-5 with parent participation. A delightful experience for Mozarts of the future MUSIC FOR LITTLE PEOPLE Ages 5-7 with parent participation. Unique Russian-Japanese method. Experience the Magic of Musi ADVENTURES IN KEYBOARD Ages 8-12. Tradition on a new note. Piano instruction for the child of the new millennium. TEEN AND ADULT CRASH COURSE Classical • Popular • Modern • Jazz c.
“Where Learning is Fun!” SPECIALIZING IN PIANO, KEYBOARDS AND VOICE 914-961-5511 www.belleschool.com Scarsdale: 1088 Central Park Ave White Plains: 283 Tarrytown Rd Yonkers: 1537 Central Park Ave Bring out the musical talent in your child! SPECIALIZING IN PIANO, KEYBOARDS AND VOICE 2015 WINNER TOP 5 2016 TOP 5 2017 TOP 5 2018 TO P 5 family favorites 2019 MUSIC LAND Ages 4-5 with parent participation. A delightful experience for Mozarts of the future MUSIC FOR LITTLE PEOPLE
5-7 with parent participation. Unique Russian-Japanese method. Experience the Magic of Musi c. ADVENTURES IN KEYBOARD Ages 8-12. Tradition on a new note. Piano instruction for the child of the new millennium. TEEN AND ADULT CRASH COURSE Classical • Popular • Modern • Jazz c.

Offering private lessons in piano, guitar, voice, strings, woodwinds, brass, drums and percussion instruments for students of all ages/levels. A world-class faculty provides premier music education; comprehensive ensemble/ group, orchestral programs, Music Together (for toddlers) as well as Suzuki and Jazz programs. Come experience their recital/broadcast performance hall. Register now for fall 2023, winter, spring and summer 2024!

curtain c all theatre arts

1349 Newfield Ave., Stamford, Conn. 203-329-8207, ext. 16 curtaincallinc.com

Curtain Call’s Theatre Arts

Classes: Act now to act out! Classes in acting for the stage, TV and film, musical theatre performance, improv, dance, AND MORE for kids grades K to 12 and adults, after school, evenings, and weekends. No experience re-

quired. Early registration discounts available thru September 1, 2023. Sibling discounts, payment plan options, and scholarships for those who qualify. Visit: curtaincallinc. com/workshop, email brian@ curtaincallinc.com, or call 203329-8207 x700.

Dance for Joy

Dance for Joy – the happiest place to dance!

1893 E. Main St. Mohegan Lake, NY danceforjoy.net


Dance for Joy’s ballet focused program makes ballet fun for everyone. Students progress at their own pace in a non-competitive, developmentally appropriate syllabus. BippityBop is the beginning, where 3–6-yearolds explore the world of dance through ballet and creative movement, culminating in their own separate recital. Full ballet classes start at age 7, with jazz, then

contemporary and modern as additional options. Add performing in our Nutcracker or other performance opportunities and your child will shine here!

Fancy Feet Dance Studio

1306 Unionport Rd., Bronx NY

1717 Crosby Ave., Bronx NY

1295 Allerton Ave., Bronx NY

567 Gramatan Ave., Mt.Vernon NY



For the past 43 years, the welcoming staff and loving teachers at Fancy Feet Dance Studio have created a family atmosphere where every student can feel comfortable expressing themselves and have the encouragement and direction they need to excel. Fancy Feet was voted Best of the Bronx 8 years in a row. They are dedicated to offering a high standard of technique, style, and performance because they believe dance

promotes self-confidence, artistic expression, hard work, a healthy body, and respect for themselves and others.

g tec k ids

Scarsdale, Larchmont, New Rochelle, Pelham vicinities




For over 40 years, Gtec Kids has been captivating inquisitive students and encouraging them to explore the outer limits of their imagination. The creative arts and sciences curriculum includes having your child create an animated movie, build a Roman arch bridge, simulate an archaeological dig, build a model lung, design and direct a TV commercial, and more. If your child is in grades 2 through 6 and has a passion for learning, Gtec Kids is the ideal after-school enrichment program!



20 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023 Activities d irectory | Special Advertising Supplement
Music Lessons in Chappaqua and St. Matthew’s Church, Bedford Fall Semester Begins September !
Guitar, Drums, Strings, Suzuki Violin, Voice, Winds, Brass Children and Renowned Amadeus Conservatory Faculty NYSSMA preparation
238 0388
Inspiring creativity through the arts
September 2023 | Westchester Family 21 Located at Sterling Farms, 1349 Newfield Ave., Stamford, CT 06905 Classes a�er school, evenings, and weekends beginning September 18 for kids grades K and up, teens, and adults in ac�ng for the stage, ac�ng oncamera, improv, musical theatre performance, dance, script wri�ng AND MORE!!! Early registra�on discounts of 10% off thru September 1, 2023! Discounts for siblings, payment plan op�ons, and scholarships for families in need! www.curtaincallinc.com brian@curtaincallinc.com 203-329-8207 x700 ACT NOW TO ACT OUT! in coopera�on with The City of Stamford For over 30 years, Curtain Call, Inc. has offered drama�c arts classes for young and old! Code with Scratch Code with Scratch CodewithScratch Roblox Game Design Roblox Game Design RobloxGameDesign ntro to Python IIntro to Python IntrotoPython YouTuber 101 YouTuber 101 YouTuber101 Stop Motion & Filmmaking Stop Motion & Filmmaking StopMotion&Filmmaking After School Program AfterSchool 55 CHURCH ST, WHITE PLAINS, NY 10601 55CHURCHST,WHITEPLAINS,NY10601 CALL: (914) 831 - 0081 EMAIL: INFO@5THDIMENSIONVR COM CALL:(914)831-0081EMAIL:INFO@5THDIMENSIONVR.COM REGISTER ONLINE: WWW 5THDIMENSIONVR COM REGISTERONLINE:WWW.5THDIMENSIONVR.COM Limitedspace-enrollNow! inspiring gamers to be creators inspiring gamers to be creators inspiringgamerstobecreators Ages 8-14 Ages 8-14 Ages8-14 Our Program: Our Program: OurProgram: katonahartcenter.com Classes are offered for a variety of ages 40 Radio Circle Drive Mount Kisco, NY 10549 914.232.4843 Explore your creativity KISCO

gymcats gymnastics

At Equalize Fitness

1 Odell Plaza, Yonkers 914-965-7676


They start their classes as young as 20 months and continue to challenge athletes into their teens. All of their classes are co-ed and they offer beginner through advanced level programs. When the local school districts are closed, you can look forward to their popular holiday camps. Their goal is to build a physical and mental foundation for all sports and to promote athleticism and good health through participation in gymnastics. Register online now!

h off- b arthelson m usic School

25 School Lane, Scarsdale 914-723-1169



At Hoff-Barthelson, students find a warm, friendly

music school dedicated to the highest standards of education, performance, and community service. We inspire and develop every student through excellence in music education with a commitment to creativity, collaboration, and community. Whether a child dreams of Birdland, Broadway or Carnegie Hall, the School provides every student with opportunities that are right for them. Offering lessons, musicianship classes, ensembles, performance opportunities, professional accompaniment, flexible tuition and financial aid.

katonah a rt center

Katonah Art Center

40-2 Radio Circle Drive Mount Kisco, NY 10549 914-232-4843



This fall, the KAC Art Center in Mt. Kisco is offering

a wide array of afterschool and Saturday art classes. Our working artist instructors offer a diverse range of talents, including Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Encaustics, Fused Glass, Pottery Wheel & Animation with classes for children, teens and adults. Register early to secure your spot as classes fill up fast. Don’t miss the chance to have fun and learn something new at KAC!

logrea Dance academy

2 Dale Ave, Ossining 914-941-2939


Beth Fritz-Logrea and Jean Logrea have provided quality dance training for over 37 years. LDA offers annual scholarship auditions, a boys’ ballet initiative, and special You and Me and Pre Ballet programs for children ages 3-5. There are extensive performing opportunities for children age 6 and up

including the Westchester Ballet Company’s production of “The Nutcracker”. LDA presents annual spring performances featuring ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and theater dance. Classes are enrolling now!

i9 Sports

SUNY Purchase in White Plains, NY Woodlands in Hartsdale, NY 914-556-1064



Experience the thrill of i9 Sports in Westchester! Their community-focused sports program offers kids of all ages and skill levels a chance to learn, grow, and play together. With a diverse range of sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and flag football, i9 Sports promotes skill development, sportsmanship, and fun. Join them and watch your child’s confidence soar as they make friends, stay active,

22 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023 Activities d irectory | Special Advertising Supplement
At Soccer Stars we teach the FUNdamentals of soccer in a non-competitive & nurturing environment. Our agespecific curriculum is specially designed to develop skills, teach teamwork & build self-confidence in every child.
September 2023 | Westchester Family 23 Developing potential, nurturing creativity, and fostering friendships www.hbms.org 914-723-1169 Scarsdale, New York Welcoming All Ages! Early Childhood K-12 Adults FALL OPEN HOUSES Learn more and RSVP at www.hbms.org Early Childhood Program September 9, 9:30 am Suzuki Program September 9, 2:15 pm First Instruments Program September 10, 1:00 pm Flexible Tuition Structure Financial Aid Available CREATING COMMUNITY SINCE 1944 GROOVE - MOVE - CREATE Fun & engaging classes for babies, toddlers, and elementary-age children • Movement and Dance • Science and Art • Birthday Parties • After-School Classes • Summer Camps • And More! • Parties • (914) 721-0151 365 Central Park Ave Scarsdale, NY 10583 Dance for Joy 1893 E Main Street, Mohegan Lake 914-526-4486 • www.danceforjoy.net The happiest place to dance for 30 years! Now Registering for fall classes. Open House 9/6 5-7pm & 9/9 2-4pm.

and become true athletes. i9 Sports, The Way Youth Sports Should Be!

m usical m unchkins Westchester



Musical Munchkins is happily celebrating 40+ years of music and movement throughout Westchester!

Live fun-filled classes taught by experienced nurturing teachers who engage children in joyful activities while building music skills using drums, shakers, props, puppets, creative play, songs, dance and more. Join our lively, upbeat classes this September.

play g roup theatre

One N. Broadway, White Plains, NY 914-946-4433 playgroup.org


The Play Group Theatre is preparing kids for every

stage of life while giving them the tools they need to succeed on stage today! Welcome to a fun-filled, noncompetitive performing arts program that provides actor training at the highest level while fostering friendships and building skills that last a lifetime.

r ising Sport Stars

280 Old mamaroneck road (@ Temple Israel) white plains NY 929-841-4500



Rising Sport Stars is one of the best basketball programs in Westchester County. They are recognized for their partnerships with the Junior New York Knicks and New York Presbyterian Sport Performance powered by EXOS. Their program is tailored to meet the needs of all levels from the beginners to the most advanced players. Their primary focus

is the kids having a positive learning experience and building their basketball fundamentals.

Scarsdale b allet Studio

10 County Center Road, White Plains 914-725-8754

info@scarsdaleballetstudio. com


Since 1992, Scarsdale Ballet has built a reputation for providing a nurturing environment focused on teaching classical ballet. All students, from preschoolers to teens and adults, receive personalized attention from experienced teachers, fostering technically accomplished and versatile dancers. Performance opportunities like The Nutcracker, along with collaboration with NYC coaches, enrich the experience. The studio’s dedication is showcased in its new state-of-art studios

in White Plains. Join SBS to embrace the transformative power of ballet!

Shake i t o ff

365 Central Park Ave

Scarsdale, NY 10583 914-721-0151

shakeitoffwestchesterny@ gmail.com


At Shake it Off, they strive to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for children to grow, learn, and have a blast. They offer a versatile range of fun & engaging classes for babies, toddlers, and elementaryage children including baby movement classes, music & dance classes, yoga, variety of science & art classes, and the cutest toddler princessthemed ballet class. Their courses are perfectly catered to facilitate early socialization and encourage positive learning experiences.

YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester is committed to providing programs and services that are as unique and diverse as the women, children, and families we are so proud to serve. Learn more about our programs and register! www.ywcawpcw.org

YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester is committed to providing programs and services that are as unique and diverse as the women, children, and families we are so proud to serve. Learn more about our programs and register! www.ywcawpcw.org

YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester is committed to providing programs and services that are as unique and diverse as the women, children, and families we are so proud to serve. Learn more about our programs and register! www.ywcawpcw.org.


Children's Learning Center


24 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023 Activities d irectory | Special Advertising Supplement
The YWCA White Plains Central Westchester is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
Gymnastics Special Programs GEMS (Girls Empowered through Meaningful Support)
The YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester is dedicated
eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
Children's Learning Center Gymnastics Special Programs Y Leaders GEMS (Girls Empowered through Meaningful Support)
is dedicated to eliminating racism,
women, and promoting peace,
freedom, and dignity for all.
The YWCA White Plains &
Aquatics Children's Learning Center Gymnastics Special Programs Y Leaders GEMS (Girls Empowered through Meaningful Support) Ballet • Jazz • Tap • Modern • Theater Dance For ages 3 – 18 Located in Ossining, NY Logrea Dance Academy TO P 5 family favorites 2020 Registrations being taken for the 2023-2024 Season LogreaDance.com info@logreadance.com 914-941-2939
September 2023 | Westchester Family 25 “This
year... year... I’m going I’m going to be strong!” to be strong!” Whether you are a beginner or experienced gymnast, an infant or a teenager, there is a class for you at World Cup Gymnastics. Call 914 Call 914--238 238--4967 4967 or register online at worldcupgymnastics.com worldcupgymnastics.com 170 Joan Corwin Way · Chappaqua · NY 10514 at WORLD CUP GYMNASTICS at WORLD CUP GYMNASTICS Discover Your Inner Champion Discover Your Inner Champion infant & preschool gymnastics, recreational gymnastics and competitive teams Free Trial Class Multiple Locations Easy Online Registration Ongoing Enrollment Baby, Toddler & Preschool Classes Music - Learning - Fun - Songs - Creative Play Instruments - Movement - Puppets Celebrating 40+ Years! Since 1982 www.musicalmunchkins.com (914) 771-7000 isfor isfor isfor isfor 277WhitePlainsRoad Eastchester,NY10709 (914)793-2799 studioboffice@aol.com studiobdance.com Budding Ballerinas Pre-Balletand HipHopHooray forages2-4 Ballet andPointe Performing Companiesand CompetitionTeams forages6&Up Boys AndGirls HipHop,Musical Theater,Jazz,Tap& Contemporary classes7daysaweek BestFriends Aplacefor communityand connections Thisiswhere youneedto e

Soccer Stars

Multiple Locations




Soccer Stars is Westchester’s most popular youth educational soccer program! For 23 years, they have taught the FUNdamentals of soccer using positive reinforcement. Players will learn skills, physical literacy, build self-confidence, and develop teamwork in every class. Trained, certified coaches lead age-specific programs with low kid-to-coach rations for children 1-12+. Weekly classes are available 7 days-aweek at 10 locations. Private classes also available – their coaches come to you! Save $35 on Fall Programs - Promo Code: NYFALL23.

Studio b Dance center

277 White Plains Road, Eastchester 914-793-2799


Studio B is the only dance studio in Westchester that is YPAD certified (background checks, CPR, and additional training in early childhood development). Professional, nurturing dance educators teach children ages 2 and up. Offering convenient classes for siblings, performing companies and competition teams. Open 7 days a week in their beautiful, modern facility.

Sylvan l earning centers

Sylvan Bronxville

850 Bronx River Rd, Bronxville 914 -327-2926

SylvanLearning.com/ bronxvilleNY

Sylvan Pleasantville

57 Wheeler Avenue, Pleasantville 914- 579-2584 sylvanlearning.com/ pleasantvilleny

Sylvan is the leading provider of tutoring to students in grades K-12 in Reading, Math, Writing, Study Skills and SAT Prep. Sylvan’s trained and

certified teachers provide personalized instruction to each student. At Sylvan, students develop the skills to do better in school and the confidence to do better in everything else. Get an academic check up for only $49 (online or in person) exp 9/30/23.

World cup gymnastics

160 Hunts Lane

Chappaqua, NY 914-238-9267


World Cup Gymnastics’ programs help to establish a solid fitness foundation for a healthy and active start to a child’s life and an opportunity for every child to discover their inner champion through the sport of gymnastics. Come join our mommy and me, recreational gymnastics, competitive gymnastics, or cheerleading classes. Participate in Kids Night Out, have a birthday party, or join our school year

and summer camps. No matter the skill level, there is a program for you at World Cup Gymnastics.

y Wca White plains & central Westchester

515 North St, White Plains, NY 10605 914-949-6227


YWCA Women’s Residence

69 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603


Strong alone. Fearless together. The YWCA White Plains & Central Westchester is more than just a gym: it’s a community. From the Children’s Learning Center, and after school programs; to The Women’s Residence, and The Westchester Center for Racial Equity; for almost 95 years, they provide transformative programs and services to the women, children, and families they are so proud to serve. Visit www.ywcawpcw.org to learn more.

Westchester's premier youth sports program! Our fun focused sports program o�ers kids of all skill levels a chance to learn, grow, and play together.

We o�er a diverse range of sports, including Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Flag Football, T-ball and a Mul Sport Introductory Program for kids 3 to 6.

i9 Sports promotes skill development, sportsmanship, and fun!

26 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023 Activities d irectory | Special Advertising Supplement
Dedicated to Excellence, Tradition, and Authentic Classical Ballet since 1992 Pre-K - Teens - Adults, ALL skill levels up to Pre-Professional COME JOIN US FOR A FREE CLASS AND SEE OUR STATE-OF-THE-ART STUDIOS! 10 County Center Rd, Suite 119 White Plains, NY 914-725-8754 SCARSDALEBALLETSTUDIO.COM WWW.i9SPORTS.COM Phone: (914) 556-1064
September 2023 | Westchester Family 27 •Occupational Therapy • Physical Therapy • Speech Therapy/Prompt • Home & Facility Based Services •Sensory Gym • Rock Climbing Wall • Feeding Therapy OUR FACILITY FEATURES: HEPA Air Purifier in both locations! WWW.CREATIVEWONDERSTHERAPY.COM Mt Kisco 914-373-6823 White Plains 914-421-8270 OPENINGS AVAILABLE Contact us to schedule an appt. Check us out Online! We’re the #1 print and digital lifestyle platform for engaged parents in New York Visit westchesterfamily.com to check it out and sign up for our weekly newsletters!

ask the e xpert

Post-Divorce Parenting

How to co-parent peacefully

Divorce is difficult, and it’s often hardest for children who tend to be caught in the middle. Studies have shown that divorce can have adverse effects on children’s mental health.

There are steps parents can take to coparent with their ex-spouse peacefully and, as a result, keep the mental health of their children in mind during the divorce process and after.

We sat down with Sabrina Shaheen Cronin, family law attorney, family coach and founder and managing partner of The Cronin Law Firm, to talk about the effects of divorce on children’s mental health and how parents can co-parent peacefully, especially over summer vacation.

How can divorce affect children’s mental health?

Evidence suggests that divorce can have a significant impact on the mental health of children and adolescents because of the large life changes that divorce often causes.

“Unfortunately, so many times it’s the result of just the overall disruption in the general family dynamic,” Cronin says.

This impact can manifest itself through things like depressed moods, academic difficulties, disruptive behaviors or anxiety. While some children may not experience any of this, “studies have definitely shown that there is an increased risk for all of those things,” Cronin says.

There’s also some variation in the effects of divorce on children’s mental health across different ages.

Cronin says divorce generally impacts younger children less because they have less recollection of the two parents as one family unit.

“If you’re young, you don’t remember,” Cronin says. “If you’re a teenager, it’s much more difficult.”

What can parents do to mitigate some of these negative effects before they can do

long-term damage?

Healthy co-parenting and communication throughout the divorce process is crucial, Cronin says. Parents should take care to not blame the other parent or openly display hostility because of the subconscious negative impact it could have on their children.

“On a subconscious level, these children think, ‘Okay, if they’re going to throw away the parent, are they going to throw away me?’” Cronin says. “Or, ‘if they hate this parent, I’m half of this parent: are they hating me?’”

It’s also important to remember that resentment and hostility can be expressed in ways that aren’t verbal– and children can pick up on unspoken tension.

“Sometimes, when you don’t even talk, the tension itself is enough to be disruptive,” Cronin says. “That’s extremely uncomfortable for the children.”

Cronin’s advice is to let go of anger or resentment you may feel towards the other

parent and keep discussions open, respectful and neutral.

While this may seem difficult at times, it’s important to stay motivated by the love you have for your children and the best interests of your children, rather than your disdain for your ex-partner.

Not only is this a good way to preserve your children’s mental health, it’s also a good way to keep a strong relationship between yourself and your child as they get older.

“You’re going to have a relationship with the other parent for as long as you have these children because, in my opinion, it goes beyond the 18th year,” Cronin says. “You want to be in your child’s life for the rest of your life, not just until they’re 18.”

Co-parenting can be challenging, especially in cases where the divorce wasn’t amicable. How can parents navigate co-parenting as peacefully as possible in these situations?

When it comes to co-parenting, Cronin

28 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023

says consistency is key.

Try to get on the same page with your coparent about things like bedtimes, discipline and rules about things like grades, homework and electronics. Doing this will give children a sense of structure, and studies have shown that children feel safest when there’s structure.

“A lot of parents think they want to be the fun parent, or they don’t want to have rules,” Cronin says. “But ironically, it’s the home that has the rules where the children want to be long term.”

It’s also important to respect your coparent, especially in front of your children. Regardless of how your marriage may have ended, they are still a parent to your children, and Cronin says it’s important to “respect them for their role in your life and in the children’s lives.”

Remind your children that their other parent still loves them and that they’re still family, even if things look a little different. Even if you don’t have positive feelings towards your former spouse, don’t let them influence how your children see them.

“You want to empower your children with healthy images and healthy feelings of the other parent,” Cronin says. “It takes a very strong person to be able to do that, to set aside their own emotions for the wellbeing of their child.”

Summer vacation can be a point of contention between divorced parents. What are some tips for co-parenting when kids are on summer vacation?

Parents need to be on the same page when it comes to activities for the summer. Discuss expectations for the summer, including things like daycare or camp arrangements, especially if both parents work throughout the summer.

This discussion of expectations also applies to summer rules around the house.

“Does one parent allow the child to be on their devices in their room all day and the other parent can’t stand that?” Cronin says. “There has to be some accountability for the parent.”

As your kids get older, include them in conversations about summer plans.

“The older children are, the more they have a voice,” Cronin says. “They should be able to express how they want to spend their summer, if they’re old enough to do so.”

Just like with co-parenting the rest of the year, your children should be top priority when co-parenting over the summer over any ill will ex-spouses may have between each other.

“There’s no selfish motive in parenting,” Cronin says. “It should all be about what’s in the best interest of the child.”

September 2023 | Westchester Family 29
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the New York area, including our
popular feature — our mom-generated nanny board — the best online source for parents to find vetted (by other parents), experienced nannies and childcare providers who want to work in New York City, Westchester, Long Island and Northern New Jersey. MommyBites.com We can’t wait to see you there!
While this may seem difficult at times, it’s important to stay motivated by the love you have for your children and the best interests of your children, rather than your disdain for your ex-partner.
expertly curated resources for all parents in
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FAll FestivAls

Try out one of these family-friendly delights of the season across Westchester County

Fall is in the air and we can’t wait to make the most of this season by enjoying the incredible line-up of fall festivals. From arts’ festivals to live music to crafts and rides, you’ll enjoy celebrating all things fall at these family-friendly events.

2023 Arts & Crafts Hudson River Festival

Saturday, September 2nd from 11:00am-5:00pm

Enjoy a celebration of arts and crafts at the annual outdoor Hudson River Arts & Crafts Festival. Located on Croton’s Senasqua Park, families can check out jewelry, pottery, sculpture, paintings, photographs, books, embroidery, woodworking, multimedia artworks, gnomes, and more. The event includes free admission and free parking. Senasqua Park, 2 Elliott Way, Croton-On-Hudson, NY. festival.crotonarts.org

Fall Crafts at Lyndhurst

Friday, September 8th-Sunday, September 10th from 10:00am –5:00pm, entry on the half-hour. Enjoy a weekend of fall crafts as you enjoy Lyndhurst’s 67 acres of lush landscape. Meet over 200 craftspeople and artisans who will be selling original fashions, accessories, and jewelry, ceramics, fine art painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography. The festival also has food trucks and tastings from local distilleries, wineries, and cider houses. Tickets are $12 for adults; $11 for seniors; $4 for kids 6-16 and free for kids under six. The event is rain or shine. Parking is free. 635 South Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591. lyndhurst.org/events/fall-crafts/

Mount Kisco SeptemberFest

Friday, September 8th-Sunday, September 10th, various times

Mount Kisco’s three-day block party and carnival offers fun and activities for the whole family. Enjoy rides, food trucks, live entertainment, a street fair, a beer garden, and much more! Downtown Mount Kisco, South Moger

Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549. mountkiscochamberofcommerce.growthzoneapp.com/ communitycalendar/details/septemberfest-23mt-kisco-s-biggest-block-party-870869

SeptemberFest Street Fair

Sunday, September 10th from 10:00am-5:00pm

Visit Nyack for their annual SeptemberFest Street Fest! Enjoy live bands, great food, and 200 vendors, selling handmade crafts, jewelry, gifts, and more. Rain or shine. Downtown Nyack, NY, Main St & Broadway, Nyack, NY. nyackchamber.org/septemberfest-street-fair

New Rochelle Street Fair

Sunday, September 10th from 11:00am-5:00pm

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the New Rochelle Street Fair with live music, crafts, food, and shopping from 200 local vendors. There will also be a Touch-a-Truck section, inflatables, and a beer garden. North Avenue between Winthrop and Fifth Avenues, with an expanded area on Hamilton Avenue to Beaufort Place. New Rochelle, NY, newrochelleny. com/995/New-Rochelle-Street-Fair

JazzFest 2023: White Plains Jazz & Food Festival

Sunday, September 10th from 12:30pm-7:30pm

Enjoy this fusion of music and food in White Plains. The event includes an impressive roster of featured jazz artists such as Westchester Center for Jazz & Contemporary Music, Richie Goods and Chien Chien Lu, Endea Owens and the Cookout, and Mount Vernon’s Mike Phillips. All music is free. Mamaroneck Avenue White Plains, NY 10601.

San Gennaro Feast of Yorktown

Wednesday, September 13th-Sunday, September, 17th, various times

Enjoy a delicious feast, live music, and a statue procession (on Wednesday, September 13th) at the San Gennaro Feast of Yorktown. The event also includes rides, games, wine, and beer. Commerce Street and Railroad Park, Yorktown, NY.

Oz Land Festival

Saturday, September 16th from 12:00pm-6:00pm

Follow the yellow brick road to the Oz Land Festival in Peekskill. The event includes a viewing of the classic film. Plus, dancers, live music, vendors, and more. South Street, Peekskill, NY 10566. ozclub.org/event/oz-landfestival-peekskill-ny

Hudson Valley Irish Fest

Saturday, September 23rd from 11:00am-7:00pm

Enjoy Irish music and step dancing on the beautiful banks of the Hudson River just steps away from Metro North Peekskill Station! Line-up includes performances by Shilelagh Law, Mundy, Aoife Scott, and more. Peekskill Riverfront Green Park, 50 Hudson Avenue, Peekskill, NY. hudsonvalleyirishfest.com

Toonerville Music Festival

Saturday, September 23rd from 12:00pm-10:00pm

The 3rd Annual Toonerville Music Festival features live music from the Spin Doctors and 12 other stellar acts, performing on two-stages. The event is a fundraiser for the Pelham Civic Association, an organization dedicated to supporting the community of Pelham. The event is $55 per person; $30 for seniors 65 and older and students ages 12-18. Admission is free admission for children younger than 12. Pelham Municipal Lot 7, 195 Sparks Avenue, Pelham, NY, toonerville.org

Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival

Saturday, September 30th from 10:00am-4:00pm

The 10th Annual Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival kicks off on September 30th. This year will be headlined by Mary Pope Osborne, author of The Magic Treehouse Series as well as 180 renowned children’s book authors and illustrators. The fun event includes book signings, readings, illustrator demos, with a percentage of proceeds going to literacy programs throughout Westchester and Metro New York. Food will be also available from gourmet food

30 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023
FamilY Fun

trucks and access to the nearby Chappaqua Farmers Market. Admission and parking are free and the event is held rain or shine. Chappaqua Train Station, Allen Place, Chappaqua, NY 10514. ccbfestival.org


Saturday, September 30th from 1:00pm-5:00pm

Enjoy a feast of German food and beer as well as cider and hot chocolate for kids. The fest also includes dancing to Bavarian music, live music, and more! Kingsland Point Park, 299 Palmer Avenue, Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591. visitsleepyhollow.com/plan/oktoberfest

Armonk Outdoor Art Show

Saturday, September 30th-Sunday, October 1st from 10:00am-5:00pm Art collectors will love exploring and soaking in a collection of art at the annual Armonk Outdoor Art Show. Celebrating its 60th year, view the original work of over 160 artists from around the world. The event also includes food and beverages and free children’s activities such as art lessons and interactive projects during the show. 205 Business Park Drive, Armonk, NY, armonkoutdoorartshow.org

Pound Ridge Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 7th from


Rock out in Pound Ridge at the annual Pound Ridge Harvest Festival. This year’s event has yet to be announced but past headliners have included Blues Traveler and Everclear as well as local artists who will open for the headliner. The festival also includes a root beer garden, rides, local vendors, inflatables, crafts, games, and prizes. Local restaurants, specialty food purveyors, and a craft beer garden add to the “Oktoberfest feel” of the event. Tickets are $35 per person. Pound Ridge Town Park, Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge, NY 10576. www.poundridgeharvestfestival.com

Nyack’s Famous Street Fair

Sunday, October 8th from 10:00am-5:00pm

Enjoy the ultimate family foodie festival at The Nyack Famous Street Fair. Located in downtown Nyack, the event includes 250 exhibitors with arts, crafts, retail, home decor, live music, shopping, and food. The event is free and held rain or shine. Downtown Nyack, Main Street & Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960, visitnyack.org/nyack-street-fair-schedule-2023

42nd Annual Outdoor Arts Festival

Saturday, October 8th-Sunday, October 9th from 10:00am-5:00pm

Held at the Bruce Museum, this popular outdoor festival features the work of artists

and craftspeople throughout the country. Here, you can view new works from artists such as handmade crafts, jewelry, wearable fiber, glass, furniture and housewares, pottery, and much more. The event also includes interactive demos and food. Admission for the festival is free. Check out the Bruce Museum’s website for the complete artist list. 1 Museum Drive, Greenwich, CT 06830, brucemuseum.org/festivals/

Fall Family Festival

Saturday, October 14th from 12:00pm-5:00pm

Enjoy a day of quintessential fall moments with a pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting, a bubble zone, and more. $35 per child; adults are free. The Barley Beach House, 95 Dearborn Avenue Rye, NY 10580.

Westchester Craft Crawl

Saturday, October 21st-Sunday, October 22nd, various times

This interactive crafting experience allows artists and art lovers to connect. During the course of the weekend, artists open their studios over the course of two where patrons can visit over 50+ professional artists at four tour stops located between Ossining and Croton. Check out their website for the latest on the stops and featured artists. Various locations, westchestercraftcrawl.com

September 2023 | Westchester Family 31

Apple Picking

Fun, family-friendly farms in and around Westchester

Can you believe it? Apple picking season is upon us. And while the start of the school year isn’t always easy, there’s something special about fun fall activities like apple picking that makes this transition a little easier. These farms in Westchester (and the surrounding areas) offer fun experiences for kids of all ages with delicious apple cider donuts, rides, animal experiences, and of course apples! Check out our list below of the best places to pick apples in the area!

Westchester county apple picking

Harvest Moon Farm & Orchard

Pick-your-own apples at Harvest Moon & Orchard starts in September and runs until October. Enjoy beautiful views of the Hudson Valley and fall foliage, families will also love eating their signature warm apple cider donuts and enjoying a BBQ lunch with live music in the background. After apple picking, be sure to visit their on-site store for local produce, pies, breads, and fresh baked goods. Open from Monday-Sunday from 9:00am-5:00pm. 130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem, NY 10560. 914-485-1210, harvestmoonfarmandorchard.com

Stuart’s Fruit Farm

A family-operated story since 1828, families will love spending a day at Stuart’s for apple picking, a hayride, and shopping at its farm stand to purchase apple cider donuts and homemade pies. Opens for apple picking on September 6th from 9:00am-6:00pm. 62 Granite Springs Road, Granite Springs, NY 10527. 914-245-2784. www.stuartsfarm.com

Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm

Wilkens opens for the season on August 19th in celebration of their 107th year of harvest. The pick-your-own apple season starts on September 2nd and runs until mid-October where you and your family can pick a variety of apples such as Gala, McIntosh, Baldwin, Golden Delicious, Crispin, and Fuji. Apple

cider donuts, pies, loaf breads, strudels, brownies, and more are available for purchase at the on-site bakery. Pick-your-own hours are 10:00am-4:30pm from Wednesdays-Mondays. 1335 White Hill Road, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598. 914-245-5111. wilkensfarm.com

Dutchess county apple picking

Barton Orchards

Barton Orchards opens for the season on August 12th where families can enjoy access to their tap room, petting zoo, dog park, playground, and on-site farm store. The farm is also undergoing some construction this year with apples available for picking in midAugust. 63 Apple Tree Lane, Poughquag, NY 12570. 845-227-2306. bartonorchards.com

Cedar Heights Orchard

This farm offers Cortland, Gala, Calville Blanc D’Hiver, and Yarlington Mills for picking. Stay tuned to their social media channels for the announcement of their opening date. 8 Crosby Lane, Rhinebeck, NY 12572. 845-876-3231. rhinebeckapples.com

Fishkill Farms

Reservations are required before you pick at this popular farm. Families can pick from over a 100 varieties of apples (depending on the month/when you visit). Apple picking starts at the end of August where you can find Earligold apples and Ginger Gold apples. In September, families can pick Fuji, Empire, Gala, Red Delicious, and more. However, their apple (and other fruit) offerings are constantly changing so check out their website and social media pages before you visit. 9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction, NY, 12533. 845-8974377. www.fishkillfarms.com

Rose Hill Farm

Rose Hill Farm offers tons of apples for picking from late-August to mid-October. There is also an on-site market, a tap room, music and special events, and regular pop-ups throughout the season. Additionally, this family-owned farm utilizes holistic growing practices with

a focus on plant and soil health. 19 Rose Hill Farm, Red Hook, NY 12571. 845-758-4215. www.pickrosehillfarm.com

Greig Farm

You can pick apples at this family-owned farm from late-August to early October. Here you can find Red Rome, Stayman-Winesap, Jonamac, McIntosh, Gala, Red Delicious, and more. There are also four-miles of farm trails for walking/exploring and a family of goats behind the market that your kids will love feeding. 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY 12571. 845-758-1234. www.greigfarm.com

Lawrence Farms Orchards

Find apples for picking from late-August to October at this farm. Varieties include Macintosh, Jonamac, Honey Crisp, Gala, Empire, Cortland, Red and Golden Delicious, Ida Red, Mutsu, Jonagold, Staymen, Northern Spy, Fuji, Rome, and Granny Smith. There is also a concession stand at the farm where you can get ice cream, apple cider donuts,

32 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023
FamilY daY out

milkshakes, and more. Admission starts at $7 per person from Monday-Thursday and $10.00 per person from Friday-Sunday. Kids under two are free. 39 Colandrea Road, Newburgh, NY 12550. 845-562-4268. lawrencefarmsorchards.org

Mead Orchards

Apple picking starts at the end of August where you can find Cameo, Cortland, Crimson Gold, Galam Querina, Pink Lady, RubyFrost, SnapDragon, and tons more. 15 Scism Road, Tivoli, NY 12583. 845-756-5641. www.meadorchards.com

rockland county apple picking

The Orchards of Concklin

This orchard is only open on Saturdays and Sundays for apple picking from 11:00am4:30pm. Every person who enters the farm is required to purchase a 1/2 peck bag for $16. Additional options include a full peck bag for $32 and 1/2 bushel bag for $60. The season kicks off on September 9th and may run until October

22nd, depending on the availability of crops. 2 South Mountain Road Pomona, NY 10970. 845354-0369. www.orchardsofconcklin.com

u lster county apple picking

Apple Hill Farm

Take a road trip to the Apple Hill Farm in New Paltz. The pick-your-own season starts in September where you can find McIntosh, Opalescent, Empire, Mutsu aka Crispin, and more. The farm store also sells apple cider and apple cider donuts as well as offers hayrides. 124 Route 32 South, New Paltz, NY 12561. 845-255-1605. applehillfarm.com

Hurd’s Family Farm

The season at Hurd’s kicks off on August 26th with a fall festival. Apples at the farm include Ginger Gold, Paula Red, Empire, SnapDragon, and more. All apples must be picked in a Hurds Family Farm Bag that is purchased before you start. The farm also offers rides and attractions for kids, such as a cow train, obstacle course, hayride, corn

maze. and a mini zip-line. 2187 State Route 32 Modena, NY 12548. 845-883-7825. www. hurdsfamilyfarm.com

Jenkins-Lueken Orchards

This opens on September 5th where you and your family can find over 500 varieties of apples. Some types of apples include Gala, Honeycrisp, Empire, Cortland, and more. 69 Yankee Folly Road, New Paltz, NY 12561. 845-255-0999. www.jlorchards.com/u-pick/ apple-picking

Kelder’s Farms

Apple picking at Kelder’s Farm runs from mid-August to October. Varieties include Ginger Gold, Jonamac, Honeycrisp, Empire, Rome, Crispin, and more. This farm is also known for their plethora of activities where you can enjoy corn mazes and farm attractions. Some popular options include a jumping pillow, combine slides, and mini golf. Kelder’s Farms is also home to the World’s Largest Garden Gnome, which is sure to be super fun for some memorable family pictures. 5755 US Route 209, Kerhonkson, NY 12446. 845-626-7137. keldersfarm.com

Prospect Hill Orchards

Pick apples starts early September at the Prospect Hill Orchards’ family of farms. This includes the Homestead Farm at Prospect Hill where you can find 15 acres of apples, along with a pond and picnic area; the Hilltop Farm at Prospect Hill with incredible views and easy-to-pick apples; or the Clarke’s Family Farm, a working farm. You can also enjoy a tractor pulled hayride, a corn maze, and the chance to hand press your own cider. 40 Clarkes Lane, Milton, NY 845-795-2383.


Wilklow Orchards

Open for apple picking from Labor Day Weekend until October 31st, Wilklow Orchards offers a variety of apples such as Macintosh, Gala, Cortland, Empire, Macoun, JonaGold, Mutsu, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Winesap, Rome, Fuji, Cameo and more. They offer a large or small bag for picking. The large bags hold 20-25 pounds, and get four people (ages five and up) in the orchard while the small bags hold 10-12 pounds and allow two people in. There are food trucks on the farm from Friday-Sunday where you can get pizza and fries as well as live music every Friday and Saturdays from 6:00pm-9:00pm. 341 Pancake Hollow Road, Highland NY, 12528, 845-6912339. www.wilkloworchards.com

September 2023 | Westchester Family 33

Alyce in Laughland

Alyce Chan (better known as @momcomnyc) on the roundabout path that led her to comedy, how she carves out time for her creative work, and why her weirdness is her superpower

Let me paint a picture for you: It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Not only was it not raining, but the sun was shining and it wasn’t too hot yet. I was sitting at the table on my patio drinking a cup of hot coffee. And though I was physically alone (read: no kids), virtually I was in great conversation with comedian Alyce Chan. You might know her as @momcomnyc, where her Reels about motherhood and parenting young children are comedy gold. Alyce was telling me about the round about path that led her to comedy, how she carves out moments for her creative work, and why her weirdness is her superpower. As a mom of two (including a newborn) the fact that I was enjoying a hot cup of coffee on a sunny day with someone like Alyce was downright idyllic. There’s nothing that puts me at ease quite like commiserating with another mom about the ups and downs of motherhood. Just as I felt my shoulders relaxing, as I shook off the exhaustion from the middle-of-thenight feedings, all of a sudden the door to my kitchen opened and a little voice from behind me interrupted our chat. “Mama, I have to go poop.” I looked at Alyce and we both laughed.

CP: I have to go poop. I mean, is that perfect material for you or what?

AC: Totally. I love it. I love that you’re in the thick of it. I’m a little out of it now, I don’t have to wipe. We just have to remind them.

CP: Yeah, I feel like that’s the next hurdle of her independence. I tell her she can go anywhere and do anything in life if she can wipe her own butt.

AC: Oh, I love that motto. Survival skills for sure.

CP: So, tell me about your family.

AC: I have two boys who were fighting horrendously this morning, nine and six years old. We live in the suburbs and my husband

works from home. I was born in California and moved to Canada when I was a baby, so I identify as a Canadian. Then I moved to New York. It was supposed to be a one-year stint, then it became 18 years. So I’m stuck here.

CP: How did you get your start in comedy? How did @momcomnyc come to be?

AC: I studied economics and I thought I’d go into either business or accounting or whatever. Then I worked at a bank for five years, and my parents were proud of that. And then I quit to do a one year intensive school in graphic design, web design and filmmaking. I moved to New York for a graphic design job, and then took acting classes. I was always kind of a lazy actor—I took acting classes, and I would do headshots, but only mail out like five or 10. You’re supposed to mail out hundreds to different agencies. But I also knew I’m in my late 20s, I’m Asian, no one’s going to hire me as the star of a movie or a TV show. I’d just be cast for commercials and that’s not my dream, so I quit acting school but I started doing improv comedy. I loved comedy, but I wasn’t good at improv. Someone told me to try standup instead, so I took a class at Caroline’s, at Gotham’s Comedy Club, and Comedy Cellar.

CP: So did your content change from those first open mics?

AC: I was wearing my baby. I started doing jokes about my husband, and about having two kids, about the babies. As you know, there’s so much content, so much material. Very soon all that old material took a backseat because that wasn’t me anymore. These shows were for parents so now my jokes have to relate to them. It forced me to really be present about my life. How can I make it funny and make fun of myself. For two years I went on every month, and it became a sold out thing. The comics I had in the show were amazing. They were always available because no one’s doing comedy at 10 in the morning, right? Comics that were on Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman,

HBO, they all said yes. It was perfect for everybody. And then the pandemic hit, we moved to the suburbs and it was over. That’s when I started my Instagram. Just write some jokes, do some memes. And then the woman behind @SnarkyBreeders asked me to join a shared group. I was very suspicious, I didn’t know what it was. But she shared one post and then my account started growing. Then other Instagram moms start sharing my stuff. And then after maybe two years @ScaryMommy asked me to create content for them. The pandemic forced me to do Reels, that’s when I started to create videos. I was trapped in a house, what else can I do to keep sane? I started making fun of remote learning, making fun of my husband working from home, just doing stupid silly skits. And it took off from there.

CP: Do you have any advice for parents when it comes to pursuing a creative field. Even if it’s not a profession and it’s just a hobby, just a creative outlet.

AC: Such a good question. I feel like first and foremost is to really get time to yourself. I know it’s a cliche but fill your bucket. Seriously, if you don’t have your bucket filled and you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re not going to know what you want in terms of your career, passion or even hobbies. Physically, I feel like you need to leave the house. You can’t force your family to leave the house, but you can get yourself to the train station. Take a walk, get in the car. Sometimes I’ll go grocery shopping and I end up in the parking lot for 40 minutes getting a lot done.

CP: That’s a great tip, even though it’s kind of sad (laughs).

AC: Oh, it’s so sad. But hey, you take whatever you can get. And enjoy every moment when you’re by yourself because you’re needed and wanted as soon as you walk in the house. The kids, they sense that you’re there. Even when you go to the bathroom, that’s not your alone time. No, you need to go to a public

34 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023

bathroom to get time. You need to drive to the mall, get into a public bathroom stall and then have your alone time in peace.

CP: (laughs) Set up your station and work.

AC: Yeah, exactly. Get a stall, that’s your co-working space now.

CP: I love that you referred to filling a bucket instead of filling a cup. Because I feel thinking of it as a cup, like it’s this pathetic little thing that we only get this much . I love the

idea of thinking of it as a bucket to fill, a giant bucket. A lot of your videos make fun of parenting in the 80s or 90s versus parenting now. I’m curious about your take on the concept of back to school. How has it changed from when we were kids to now?

AC: You know what? You just inspired me to make a Reel and that’s how it happens.

CP: I feel honored.

CP: Comedy is a creative career. How do you

foster that same creative spirit in your kids?

AC: I really try to let them see that side of me that’s always been labeled weird. When I was a kid, I was called weird and it did a lot of damage to me mentally and emotionally. But as soon as I became a mother, especially once I turned 40, I was just like, Who gives a shit about what other people think? That weirdness is really what makes you stand out from everybody else. I want them to know that if they’re ever called out about anything that makes them different, that they can embrace it. They see me be really stupid and silly and weird. I’ll dance in front of them and be really goofy. They’ve seen my videos, they understand what I do somewhat. Even my nine year old, I could sense he’s very creative, so sometimes I ask him for an idea, a concept that’s funny. But he needs incentive so I pay him.

CP: I love that. How do you think your “weirdness” and your creativity are linked?

AC: Being called weird will still triggers thoughts and feelings I had when I was a kid. But it no longer gets to me nor do I feel ashamed. Now, I really do embrace it because I truly believe that’s what makes me stand out as a comedian. Weird means non-conventional and not ordinary. Who wants to be boring? People describe people being weird when they can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but they know that person is different. Being weird got me noticed by popular parenting and online platforms, Scary Mommy, Vogue, PureWow just to name a few. They appreciated the comedy I was delivering. It was fresh and something new they hadn’t seen. If you’ve been called weird, it means there’s something unique about you. You have to find out what that is, harness it and express that in some art form. For me, having unique perspectives even on the most mundane things can be gold for comedy.

CP: What’s your advice for a parent whose kid comes home saying they were called weird at school?

AC: The first thing I would say is, “Wow I’m so glad they noticed you are different and not ordinary like everybody else.” Then I would ask how they felt. I think if anyone called my kids weird I’d want to hear from them what differences they think they have that makes them stand out. I would tell them it’s a good thing because that’s what makes you YOU. No one wants to be the same as everybody else. That’s boring.

This story was edited for clairy and brevity; read the entire cover story at Newyorkfamily.com

September 2023 | Westchester Family 35
Photo by Yumi Matsuo

We S tche S te R

For art lovers: hudson valley Shakespeare Festival

When : Through Sept. 17. See website for schedule.

Where: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, 2015 Route 9, Garrison ageS: 13 and up

What: Celebrate all things Shakespeare with an exciting lineup of plays ranging from the classics to modern interpretations, workshops, community events, and more.

Want to go?: Prices vary. hvshakespeare.org

lego DreamZzz: neW 4D experience – Z- blob rescue rush

When : Daily, 10 am – 5:30 pm, through Sept. 17.

Where: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester ageS: 3 – 12

What: Celebrate the release of the new & exclusive 4D LEGO Movie: ‘Z-Blob Rescue Rush’ with a dream creature hunt in MINILAND and a mashup build challenge!

Want to go?: $29.99. legolanddiscoverycenter.com

morning Farm chores: For kids

When : Saturday, Sept. 2, 8:30 – 10 am

Where: Muscoot Farm ageS: 6-14

What: Become a farmer for a day and join the staff as you feed, clean, and care for the animals.

Want to go?: $25 for a group of two. Muscootfarm.com

Struggles, triumphs & tragedies: Songs for labor Day

When : Monday, Sept. 4, 1 – 2 pm

Where: St. Paul’s Church National Historic Site ageS: All

What: Explore the history of the American labor movement, through archival recordings of songs about workers and unions, in recognition of the national holiday.

Want to go?: Free. nps.gov

yorktown grange Fair

When : Sept. 8-10, Friday, 4 – 10 pm; Saturday, 10 am – 10 pm; Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm.

Where: Yorktown Grange Fairgrounds

ageS: All

What: This fair spotlights hometown talent along with rides, games, great food and live music.

Want to go?: $10 per car. yorktowngrangefair.org

4th ossining hispanic Festival

When : Sunday, Sept. 10, 11 am Where: Market Square, Main

and Spring Streets, Ossining ageS: All

What: Celebrate Hispanic culture and traditions with food, live music, arts and crafts, singers- an event for the whole family.

Want to go?: Free. facebook.com

happy birthday World

When : Wednesday, Sept. 13, 3:45–4:45pm Where: Shames JCC on the Hudson, 371 South Broadway, Tarrytown ageS: All

What: Children will learn about some customs and traditions of the Jewish New Year and create a family intention for the new year. Want to go?: Free. (914) 306–9477, shamesjcc.org

yorktown Feast of San gennaro 2023

When : Sept. 13-17, Wednesday-Saturday, 5 – 11

pm; Sunday, 12 – 10 pm. Where: Commerce Street, Yorktown

ageS: All

What: This five-night street festival brings you traditional Italian food, drinks, carnival rides, games, and live entertainment.

Want to go?: Free admission. Yorktownny.org

cross county center oktoberfest celebration

When : Sept. 16-17, Saturday, 1–5pm; Sunday, 1–7pm. Where: Cross County Center ageS: All

What: Don your best Lederhosen and Dirndl Dresses for an Oktoberfest celebration featuring a Beer Garden with live music, dancing, food and fun. Want to go?: Free. crosscountycenter.com

blaze: hudson valley

When : See website for complete schedule

Where: Van Cortlandt Manor, 525 South Riverside Ave, Croton-on-Hudson ageS: All

What: Walk the immersive pumpkin trail where thousands of hand-carved jack o’lanterns, all carved by a team of local artisans, light up the night. Want to go?: $24-$42. pumpkinblaze.org

Step afrika!

When : Saturday, Sept. 23, 7 –8:30 pm

Where: The Performing Arts Center, Purchase College ageS: 5 and up

What: This performance blends percussive dance styles, traditional African dances, and an array of contemporary dance forms with songs, storytelling, humor, and audience participation.

Want to go?: $15-$65. artscenter.org

36 WestchesterFamily.com | September 2023
run Wild at Greenburgh nature center on s ept. 30 and oct. 1.

go the Distance Walk and Family Fun Day 2023

When : Sunday, Sept. 24, 9 am – 1 pm

Where: Westchester Medical Center

ageS: All

What: Walk to support Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and stay for fun family activities, food, and entertainment.

Want to go?: Free. give. wmchealth.org

mamaroneck monarch butterfly Festival

When : Sept. 30, 10 am – 1 pm

Where: Harbor Island Park

ageS: All

What: Arts & crafts, music, giveaways, and activities are all part of this day dedicated to the Monarch butterfly.

Want to go?: Free. village. mamaroneck.ny.us

run Wild

When : Sept. 30 & Oct. 1, 9 am – 2 pm.

Where: Greenburgh Nature Center, 99 Dromore Road, Scarsdale

ageS: 5-15

What: Make your way through an exciting 1.25-mile forest run and obstacle course with everything from climbing walls and balance beams to rope challenges and belly crawls!

Want to go?: $30; $25 members. greenburghnaturecenter.org

handcrafted octoberfest

When : Sept. 30, 10am–6pm; Oct. 1, 10am–5pm.

Where: Dutchess County Fairgrounds, 6636 Spring Brook Avenue (Route 9), Rhinebeck

ageS: All

What: The festival is filled with handmade goods, pumpkin carving, one of the STATE’S largest pumpkins, petting zoo and animal show, games, carriage rides, craft demos, and live music.

Want to go?: $4.50$13; free for children 5 and younger. quailhollow.com


Family garden tour and Seed mosaic

When : Sunday, Sept. 10, 10:30–11:30am

Where: The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Ave., Midtown

ageS: All

What: See plants important to the Lenape and learn about the life cycle of plants, how seeds are preserved, and participate in making a seed mosaic.

Want to go?: $13-$22; free for children 12 and younger. (212) 685–0008, themorgan. org

the Feast of San gennaro

When : Sept. 14-24, see website for complete schedule. Where: Mulberry Street, Little Italy

ageS: All

What: Head to Little Italy for this iconic event celebrating Italian culture and traditions. Want to go?: Free. sangennaronyc.org

Dig! plant! grow! the three Sisters

When : Sept. 12-Oct. 6, Tuesdays-Saturdays, 1:30–5:30pm, Sundays and Monday Holidays, 10am–5:30pm

Where: New York Botanical Garden, 2900 Southern Blvd. Bronx

ageS: All

What: Learn about corn, squash and beans—the Three Sisters—and the “fourth sister,” sunflowers, in our own garden and in Native American traditions and take home a seed craft.

Want to go?: $4-$35; free for members and children younger than 2. (718) 817–8700, nybg.org

pumpkin nights

When : Sept. 28-Oct. 29, Thursdays – Sundays, 6–10pm

Where: Bronx Zoo, 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx

ageS: All

What: This ALL NEW nighttime family Halloween event features an animalthemed illuminated jack o’lantern trail, games and treats.

Want to go?: $34.95; $24.95 ages 3-12; free for children 2 and younger. bronxzoo.com


WHERE: New Roc, Outdoor Courtyard 33 LeCount Place, New Rochelle, NY 10801

DATES: Saturday, Sept. 9, 10:30am–11:30am Friday, Sept. 15, 5pm–6:30pm

WHO: Families with Children

COST: Free. T-Shirts while supplies last. NewRocKidsSummerfest23.eventbrite.com


Applebee’s Performance Days Promo (New Roc location only): Up to 2 free kid’s meals with the purchase of an adult entrée.

Sponsored by:

Participating tenants include:




September 2023 | Westchester Family 37
high school that prepares you for the future and beyond Open House October 28 10:30 am
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The Kinfolk App

Changing how kids learn BIPOC history

Ionce attended a mom panel where most speakers were WOC ( women of color.) This panel shared many stories and the history of what Black women experienced during slavery. I had learned about slavery in school, but these stories, which went beyond what a school textbook or my college women’s history class ever sharedfloored me. This was the first I had known about these essential history lessons, and yet decades later, I was learning through something as old as time itself, storytelling.

Our Stories Matter

Many parents know there have been debates and discussions about teaching Black History in schools (Florida, we are looking at you). These discussions centered around critical race theory and diversity, eq uity, and inclusion in education, also known as Critical race theory (CRT.) In my opinion, this is not about being “woke”; this is simply that all students should be learning about America’s narrative, especially the history of Black and Brown people.

This is why Kinfolk, a platform co-founded by Idris Brewster (formerly at Google), matters. Brewster saw the lack of school curricula, cultural institutions, and monuments systematically and intentionally excluding BIPOC histories. Thankfully, this lack of BIPOC lessons may not be happening at your child’s school, but Kinfolk is, in a nutshell, a storytelling app that makes learning about Black and Brown stories either something extra or new. The goal of Kinfolk (with large supporters such as Netflix, Verizon and Google to name a few) is to shift the mindset of a generation and what better way then starting with our youth? Most importantly, the kids will love this part; it does not feel like homework. Students can dive into the platform and learn Black and Brown narratives using augmented reality (AR) experiences. It is designed to keep kids’ interest through an interactive and collaborative experience. Pretty smart. For example, have you heard of Los Angeles-born Beatrice Alva? Neither my boys had not nor had I (and I was born in Los

Angeles, California!). We learned Beatrice “Bea” was a tribal elder of the Gabrieleno/ Tongva people who dedicated her life to learning about her ancestry.

How Kinfolk works

Users can explore captivating narratives of Black icons while remaining engaged in the physical world. Through this interactive platform, students can select a historical figure from a menu, transforming them into augmented reality statues on a life-size scale. Kids can immerse themselves in their monument’s life stories, read their biography, and even delve into their playlists. The platform also offers many additional resources accessible through the Monuments web portal. From informative documents, historical pictures, and captivating

art to enlightening podcasts and hidden treasures, it provides a rich and immersive experience for anyone seeking more profound insight into Black and Brown history.

Kinfolk app can be downloaded on Apple apps for iPhone and an iPad, you can also learn more at kinfolkhistory.com.

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